Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bishop removes statue through LTTE checkpoint

A group of Catholic priests from the Thevankutti parish have taken the Our Lady of Madhu statue to Vellankulam, 50-60km from Madhu Church claiming that they had no alternative but to escape through the LTTE checkpoint in Vauniya last evening. The Mannar Bishop, Rayappu Joseph has claimed that the statue would be returned to Madhu after the fighting is over.

The Bishop has also confirmed that the Sri Lanka Army was less than 1km from Madhu Church at Pandivirichchian. His statement indicates that Tigers infiltrating the church premises were attempting to engage the Army in a fight. The Tigers, according to the Bishop, had informed that they are not to be disturbed as they are trying to prevent the Army from entering Madhu Church.

The Army also confirmed that the LTTE was shelling Army units in the Madhu church area incessantly and planting booby traps trying to delay the Army's advance. As the Army closes in, Tiger units will soon have to abandon or destroy their artillery and escape, just like the parish priests did through the LTTE's Vavuniya checkpoint.

The Army says it is in no way responsible for the shelling, as some media have indicated and will not be responsible for any damages caused to the Church.

Senior officers of the Army told DefenceWire that it is amusing to note Bishop Joseph not taking the trouble to take the statue to Army areas even after they came so close to the church last evening. "If the Tigers told the Bishop to leave them alone, shouldn't he have asked for our help to protect the statue?" they queried.

They claimed the Bishop was aware of strict instructions given by Task Force I Commander Gen. Jayasooriya not to shell the area or damage the church with own artillery . The fact that the Bishop still moved the statue to LTTE areas clearly indicates his bias, military analysts pointed out.


perein said...

Looks like you are working on a face lift for the site :)

As for the below comment, sounds like SLA was in few yards away from Madu church? Can you clarify this.

"Senior officers of the Army told DefenceWire that is is amusing to note Bishop Joseph not taking the trouble to take the statue to Army areas even after they came so close to the church last evening."

Moreover it's a well know secrete that the Bishop is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.
Some one should write to Vetican and force them to remove terrorists like him.
These people use the religions for terror activities.

dhanushka said...

Bishop is tarrorist himself.. otherwise why wouldnt he take the statue to Govt controlled area instead of LTTE controlled area..

LKDOOD said...

Army, LTTE trade charges on church


tikira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

Bishop Rayappu Joseph is stealing cutural heritage of Sri Lankans, which he has no right or whatsoever.


Return what you stole from Madu to the rightful custodians of Sri Lankan heritage, the GOSL. Otherwise, you shall be taken in to custody by armed forces of Sri Lanka, the safekeepers of our nation.

Anonymous said...

So what importent is only the statute? not the church premises?

Man, this new look of DW is good for some arts blog not for a defence blog.

LKDOOD said...


nice new look :)

Defencewire said...


Main force is less than 1k from the church but small teams can easily infiltrate upto the church by last evening. If a SOS was issued by the Bishop, either firing or fighting could have been ceased to bring the statue or even a small team could have come and taken charge of it.

Last night tried to change the layout but abandoned half way. Cannot find a suitable template. A little technically challenged as well.

chamal said...


"As the Army closes in, Tiger units will soon have to abandon or destroy their artillery and escape,"

What are the artillery and mortars they have in the church area? Has SLA covered all chancs of taking them back to LTTE held areas?

Sam Perera said...


I love the picture of the SF soldier in the front page. Their heroics and beavery restored our dignity in Sampoor. Matter of fact, I carry that photo in my wallet.

hemantha said...

"troops are now operating just a kilometre away from the South of Madhu Church and 10 kilometres North of Madhu Church."

-Army Commander

To me, the important one is the activity at 10 km north of Madhu church.

Vibe said...

That Bishop is a terrorist. Hope he steps on a landmine.




LKDOOD said...


Sri Lanka military says heavy fighting in North killed 15 Tigers:

Sri Lanka military said today clashes between the troops and Tamil Tigers across the northern battle fronts killed 15 Tiger cadres and a soldier.

In Jaffna, in the late hours of Friday troops launched a series of attacks and destroyed seven LTTE bunkers ahead of the Muhamalai forward defense lines. Media center for National Security said the offensives inflicted heavy damages to the Tigers.

In Mannar, Air Force MI 24 helicopters targeted an LTTE mortar position on Friday afternoon in the Andankulam area destroying the target and killing two Tigers.

Five Tiger cadres were killed during confrontations in Welioya and troops recovered 218 anti- personnel mines during the search operations conducted in the area. One soldier was also killed and another was injured during the confrontations.

Meanwhile three soldiers were injured due to anti personnel mine explosion in the general areas of Madhu and Puliyankulam in Mannar.

Casualty figures cannot be verified independently as the access to the region is restricted. Sri Lankan government has stepped up its military campaign against the rebels since they called off the 2002 ceasefire agreement in January.

LKDOOD said...


Muhamalai FDL heavy fighting :Army destroys 7 bunkers

The Army between the wee hours of yesterday (04) between 3.00 until 9.00 in the night launched a series of fierce attacks continuously and destroyed seven (07) LTTEr's bunkers ahead of the Muhamalai FDL's in JAFNA.

Troops believed that they inflicted severe damage to the LTTE

any more info ??

Defencewire said...


When the Tigers retreat, they retreat in huge groups to challenge the troops waiting to surround them. This confrontation must be handled properly. A loss of large number of soldiers in an engagement like this could boost Tiger morale.

Rover said...


I think the Bish running away with the statue, into the LTTE controlled area, has something more than that meets the eye.

Now they can create the same situation that existed in Madhu, in a different place and a different time, using the statue as a bargaining chip. Perhaps even allowing VP to escape.

If the Bish does not return the statue to Madhu as soon as the region regains normalcy, he should be tried for treason.

Rover said...


"When the Tigers retreat, they retreat in huge groups to challenge the troops waiting to surround them."

Isn't this strategy counter productive? If they move en mass, wouldn't they be more susceptible to arti-fire and mortars?

Walimuni Abeysekera said...

Hey, Arayypou joseph
Life Threatning Accidents can happen even in madhu area, so pundey take care you basterd.

serendib said...

"Hey, Arayypou joseph
Life Threatning Accidents can happen even in madhu area, so pundey take care you basterd."

Don't worry,
God works in mysterious ways.
If Jose palying a game here He will definitly pay for this.

hemantha said...

I thought that the Commander was talking about the formation moving towards Palampiddi (I may be wrong).

hemantha said...

It looks like the beach craft is operating again.

Defencewire said...

15 LTTE KIA, 15 WIA. I SLA KIA in fighting in Mannar, WeliOya and Muhamalai.

Troops are now between Sinnapandivirichchaan and Madhu church. There are trappings all over the place, in houses, churches, trees, bushes etc.

Commander's statement was correct. Two main Madhu access routes including the palampiddi -parayankulam road is in Army hands. This does not mean that LTTE will use main roads to evacuate their artillery.

Although its a large team moving, they don't move like in a drill formation but move in scattered teams ready to regroup in one command. They can moving through the cover of the Madhu sanctuary. Arti or mortar will not penetrate some of these areas. they will hit trees and explode (one of the favorite trees to take cover from mortar is siyambala tree). arti correction officers apart, the army would have to challenge them, gtoup by group. there's nothing like good manual labour.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...


I'm thinking the same way. Rayappu immediately moved the statue 50-60 Km rather than moving it further 1-2km to Army controlled area, because he can then play the good old game again and supply LTTE or fat pig a safe heaven again in another area. When that time comes, we should burn them BOTH.

LKDOOD said...


More than 300 Tigers are occupying Block B and Block C used by the priests, which were given out to pilgrims during the festive seasons, and the bunkers used by the clergy.

Military Matters

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka's disappeared: Gang demands Tamil exiles pay ransom for kidnapped relatives


hemantha said...

I think "The nation" explains our military strategy in a more sensible manner. The big noise about Madhu is just a smoke covering the actual intensions.

"The military advancement into Mannar and north and northwest of Madhu, is expected to seal the western coast, to completely cut off supplies from India.
Even though the political powers may want a political advantage by securing Madhu, the Army has its own plans to penetrate the jungle areas north of Madhu, to eventually get to the coastal town of Vidatilativu, where the LTTE has a large Sea Tiger Base.

That is why the Army has emerged 10 km north of Madhu and is fighting in Palampiddi, forcing the Tigers to retreat. The aim is to ultimately wrest control of the western coastal line, to block arms and ammunition coming in from South India."

LKDOOD said...

dailymirror:Government Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle died

Unknown said...

Jeyaraj dead

Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was killed following the blast in Welliweriya this morning. The blast occurred when he was about to flag off a marathon run as part of a Sinhala New Year celebration.

-Daily Mirror-

Rover said...

Sorry to hear about JF's demise, but this is nothing new, we'll have to endure these things until we have VP and his gang of kllers six feet under, or smeared all over Vanni, like ketchup!

Rover said...

I had a bad feeling that we may be getting complacent about the security situation in the rest of the country after the recent spate of arrests of tigers.

LKDOOD said...

Gampaha Division SSP Hector Darmasiri was also seriously injured

over 50 people were admitted and more casualties were been received at the moment.

Unknown said...

Sri Lanka minister killed in bomb attack: official
12 minutes ago

COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lanka's highways minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was killed in a bomb attack outside Colombo on Sunday, a government official here said.

The minister was presiding over traditional New Year celebrations in the town of Weliveriya when the blast occurred, the official said, adding that at least 10 other people were also killed.

Sup said...

I don't know why would they attend to sorta festivals like this... knowing they are the prime targets of LTTE.

LKDOOD said...


very good point

new year marathons are easy targets

LKDOOD said...

My condolences to all the families who are affected :(

National Athletic coach Lakshaman De Alwis, Sri Lanka’s ace marathon runner K.A. Karunaratne has also died

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Have you guys read this

Looks like another LTTE terrorist writing here in the disguise of a Sinhala name.

It looks like LTTE are saints and all the fault is with the Sri Lankan government.

Read how this guy has spun the whole article out of total LTTE terrorist propaganda.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


You are spot on!

Rayappu Joseph is a Wolf in deed in Sheep Clothing!

LTTE is their military-wing!

They are working hard for a Christian/Catholic Eelam!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Another Tamil hero of our time has been killed by the vicious LTTE terrorists!

LKDOOD said...

Bomber came as a marathon runner:

The LTTE suicide cadre who targeted Minister Fernandopulle had come in the guise of a marathon runner participating at the New Year sports event, Weliweriya police said. Over ten people have reportedly been killed in the blast.

LKDOOD said...

at least 12 people were killed and over 90 injured in the explosion

3 civilians were also admitted to the general hospital at Ragama and one was reported in critical condition, according to Ragama hospital sources.

LKDOOD said...

Iqbal athas on CNN(video)

LKDOOD said...

impossible !

lucky sirasa people

the camera was so close to the explosion

LKDOOD said...

FACTBOX-Sri Lankan leaders, long a target of rebels


LKDOOD said...

Child says he saw a parcel thrown at the minister:

Weliweriya police which initially said that the attack was triggered by a suicide bomber, said a while ago that a child marathon runner giving evidence to the police has said he had seen a parcel being thrown at Minister Fernandopulle by a person who came from the cemetery side. However the Police still don’t rule out it being a suicide attack.

Unknown said...

No matter how good or bad Jeyaraj was i think it's a shame that we gave an opportunity to the ltte to kill one of our ministers who was supposed to be given tight security.
had the usual security checks been carried out properly, ltte would've had very little chance of achieving what they have achieved..
Somethings cannot be avoided but i think this is not one of those instances...

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