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tikira said...


Srilankan said...

A very happy newyear to you and your team.May god protect the lives of all our brave heroes.

Peter said...

Defencewire said...

Actually the Army IS in Madhu now. Small units have gone in and come out of the 4sqkms of the church already.


Thanks Defencewire!

perein said...

Mee Awurudeee Keri Etirennee...

Suba Aluth Awrudake Vewa Oba Samta!!!
Pirunda Nale Wale karudu !!!
Wish you all a very happy Sinhala Tamil New year !!!

Rover said...

DefenceWire and others,

Wish you all a happy new year! Hopefully we will see an end to the terrorism that plagues our land. Where I am, there is not even Kiribath.....

Rover said...

Oh, and DW, thanks for the amazing job that you guys are doing.

Moshe Dyan said...

A happy new year to DW team, all the bloggers and readers.

LKDOOD said...

DW, bloggers

suba aluth auruddak wewa

Unknown said...

Suba Aluth Awurudak wewa to you all! Keep up the good work DefenceWire!

Jayasri to our brave men and women at arms

MathaMathica said...

Arakshaka Hamuda Saha Obe Sameta

Subha Nava Vasarak Weva !
Iniya Puththandu Vaalththukkal !
Happy New Year !

Peter said...

TamilNet wishes its readers a Happy & Prosperous Tamil, Malayala & Sinhala New Year!

What a great dig at the shameless Sinhalese trying to portray this day as Tamil-Sinhala New Year.

Even though Sinhalese follow the lunar calendar with their Poya they have decided to steal our New Year and add a "Sinhala" in-front.

LKDOOD said...



Lt.Col.Jagath Ratnayake, Commander of the 4th Gemunu Watch division of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) responsible for the Forward Defense Lines (FDLs) at Muhamaalai was seriously injured by sniper fire of the Liberation Tigers, Sinhala daily Lankadeepa reported.

is it true ?

Unknown said...

lkdood..its not serious i dont think

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

What happened to army assurance that Madhu would be captured 'by new year'?

One report was posted 2-3 days back.
The other report saying it would be captured in a week was posted 2 months back .I was then roundly ganged-up on & abused for suggesting such predictions are counterproductive.
Not to mean the SLA cannot capture it, just making a point.

Sam Perera said...


Where is SLA now? What is the strategic siginificance in capturing boobytrapped Madu Church? Did you read the DN or DW posting a month or two ago with various milestones for 57 and 58th divisions? I hope you get the idea here?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


One of my abusers then:))

You are clutching at straws pal.The statement made by SLA sources was clearcut..i.e. SLA will capture Madhu in a week(approx1-2 months back) and SLA will capture Madhu by new year(few days back).
Capturing Madhu means Madhu church settlement,otherwise it is one large area.I am not discussing the strategic importance of Madhu church or the lack of it, but the SLDFs bombastic culture of rhetoric.The bottomline is--Madhu is still in LTTE hands.
I am not criticising DW here at all--they are just reporting what their sources said.I am criticising the SLDFs culture of bombast.
Similar things were said about capturing Adampan.And destroying LTTE by mid-year(i.e.June),August,end 2008 etc.
And LTTE numbers being only 3000(official LTTE KIA figures now approaching 2800, so very soon we may have a negative kill rate .i.e. killed twice over)

I hope you get the idea here?

Moshe Dyan said...


STD got a point.

look at the following facts,

1. the war is not reported by independant reporters unlike in israel-palestine, iraq where CNN, BBC, AFP, reuters have reporters IN WAR ZONES.

2. due to number 1. above we rely on the assessments, news released by the SLA, LTTE. If SLA (which is the more realistic one of the two) makes hilarious claims, it leaves us in the dark

3. the public has a right to know what the hell is going on because it is their money, sons & daughters, friends who are fighting the war.

SLDFs must only make realistic assessments/statements/claims. We know how much credibility the international media/IC even locals place on MoD. its very low. why should they further make a mockery of themselves and (more importantly) those who believe them ?

let me add some more,

4. SLA has been UNABLE to secure significant land gains in the north in the operation that started in 2007. of course we are fighting a cautious battle where the killing rate is the key.

but WHAT IF even that (LTTE casualties as reported) is incorrect?

mate, there is a good possibility of that happenening as our news come from a party to the conflict (MoD).

in that event WE ARE STUFFED. and it will be FAR TOO LATE for any other action.

this is the importance of realistic news/claims. else the govt. should allow journalists access to the war front like in iraq, israel, palestine, lebanon, etc.

popular beliefs on commissions, corruption, etc. further fuel a loss of credibility of the MoD.

B#1 said...

DefenceWire and all,


Sith thosin popiyana,
Hada nivi sanasena,
Pathum mal poodina...

Suba Aluth Auruddak Wewa...!


san said...

suba aluth avuruddak wewa!!!

LKDOOD said...



tangara said...


I don't see your point in killing the messenger.

I think we have to live with the "lies" or as you wish walk in to tiger trap in Wanni and die like mosquitoes.

Attrition must continue. GOSL must maintain the status quo.

That is the only way forward.SLA has done enough to keep the LTTE murderers at bay.There is no point putting presure on the SLA to wipe out LTTE scum of 30 years in no time.

Moshe Dyan said...


'killing the messenger' that's exactly what the govt. and ltte have done!!

i agree with the military strategy. attrition is perfect.

but SLDFs should not make exaggerated claims that lower their credibility.

my next argument is this; WHAT IF (only a scenario) the numbers that we get from MoD were inaccurate?

that's all.

there is a chance of that happening and it has happened before. i can't forget premadasa's time when every friday there was a program on TV about SLA advances with BIG trumpetting. now we know that nothing happened then.

i want to avoid that type of a situ. this time. rushing into anywhere is not the option.

however, the govt. must consider allowing access to media (not just rupavahini) into the battlefront. the reality about the war, human rights, child soldiers in battle zones can be straightened once and for all.

Defencewire said...

Thank you to all who made those well wishes. May our motherland be blessed with peace and prosperity!

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