Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dovra sunk as 2 suicide boats rammed in

A Dovra fast attack craft of Sri Lanka Navy were sunk after 2 LTTE suicide boats rammed in to it,during a fierce sea battle broke out seas off Delft Island in Jaffna,navy sources said.
There were 14 sailors on board when the Dovra was blasted,it is learnt.They all feared dead,but rescue mission is underway to find missing sailors.
Navy engaged with a flotilla of LTTE boats later this morning while serching a suspicious merchant vessel for driffting over seas off Arugambay since last night.
Two of LTTE deadly suicide sea tiger boats rammed in to an Israli made dovra after an hour long intense fight with naval gun boats.
Russian made MI24 helicopter gunships were also called for the assiatance according to navy.
Senior Navy officials in Colombo say at least 04 tiger boats were destroyed during the attack.They believed that the sea tiger boats were giving escort to Tiger arms shipment,from Indian waters,the charge canot be verified independently.
Meanwhile fierce fighting going on Adampan area,in Mannar since this morning according to reliable information.
At least 39 army soldiers who sustained injuries in the fighting, were air lifted from battle field this morning,army officials said in condition of anonymity.


Sanath said...

Thnx DW for the prompt update says
The damaged boat is now been towed towards the Kankesanthurai harbour, by Naval sea units security sources said.

TomCat said...

We are still not sure what type of Dovra it was, if it was an Israeli built one or a local one.

Sam Perera said...
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Sam Perera said...


LTTE tried to gain something out of this attacks. Any thoughts on their objective in this attack?

I can list some possibilities.

1) Morale boost for LTTE
2) Tried to take over Delft
3) Provided cover to another operation, perhaps, a diversion for smuggling arms in or smuggling an injured VIP out.
4) ?

Please comment.

Upul said...

It is good DW makes clear that it is high ranking Navy officials who think 04 Tigers boats were destroyed.

Translation: None were destroyed, but lets try to make the Sinhala people happy by claiming mythical successes.

Here is another reliable coverage of battle:

JAFFNA (TE) -- A fierce sea battle erupted at around 11.30am on Wednesday morning, when five Dvora fast attacks crafts (FACs) of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) attempted to advance from the Jaffna islet of Mandaiteevu towards Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) administered Pooneryan region

A flotilla of 20 Sea Tiger gunship intercepted the Sri Lankan movement, shortly after mid-day. At around 1pm, a Black Sea Tiger craft smashed into a SLN Dvora, sinking both crafts.

By 2.30pm, the remaining SLN crafts were chased towards the Delft islet by the Sea Tigers.

Initial reports say that the ill prepared SLN crafts were 'overwhelmed' by the number of Sea Tiger crafts engaged in the battle.

During the ensuing battle, two of the four Dvoras were also damaged.

Finally, just after 3.30pm, MI24-helicopter gun ships arrived in support of the SLN, and the two fully functional SLN crafts retreated, towing the two damaged crafts.

Several SLN bodies were also seen scattered in the sea. They could not be recovered due to unfavourable tides.

It is believed that at least 12 SLN personal were onboard the Dvora that was sunk.

Two Sea Tiger cadres, including a Black Sea Tiger, died during the defence of Pooneryn.

Upul said...

DW, H.L. Mahindapabala diatribe is out of frustration, that his tasteless lankaweb, that onced advocated "genocide" against tamils is loosing popularity for its day in day out of BS.

Defencewire said...

People believe what they want to believe. You are no exception. The damages to Sea Tigers is probably more than what pro-LTTE sources claim. It could also be less than what government claims. We don't know that for sure and here at DW, we don't give 'gestimates' or try to make some party look good over another, because you can not fool all the people all the time.

The other issue is that you have reverted to filthy language again! You must realise that you are against the odds in this blog because many oppose your opinion openly. The best way to approach this, therefore would be to talk fact and with an open mind. If this is not possible, we would have to moderate your comments, which is against our policies.

Moshe Dyan said...

Upul got a point there about the attack.

Tiger boats did outnumber the SLN easily. According to govt. sources there has been 16 tiger boats; out of that 6 were suicide-attack boats.

The sinking of one (1) UFAC is agreed by both parties.

Govt. allegations of 6 LTTE casualties may relate to the 6 suicide attack crafts. This means none of the other 10 LTTE boats were damaged.

If we believe SL defence authorities, the SLN with the assistance of SLAF has achieved a pathetic success rate of =6/16 = 37.5% or a failure rate of 62.5%!

The fact that SLN also suffered casualties makes the success rate even less.

This was a sure LTTE victory after a long lapse. We must accept it and move forward.

From another point of view, the remaining LTTE boats were allowed to escape inspite of a Mi-24 Hind joining the fray! Something is really wrong with the SLN/SLAF operations against LTTE boats.

I have my serious doubts that the govt. still wants to follow a "chase-away" strategy for SLN and SLAF than an extermination strategy adopted by the Army.

Coming back to Upul, his TE source also contains complete nonsense where it tries to give the impression that the LTTE habitually guards their controlled area of the sea which is untrue.

Probably the LTTE was upto something big here which was thwarted by the SLN. Since it closely followed Christmas, I see a close connection between the ceasefire request by a pro-LTTE Bishop and this incident.

I do not believe in coincidents; especially about the SL conflict.

Upul's alegations about Mahindapala and Lankaweb is absurd. None of these promoted genocide; what may have possibly happened is a counter threat to Tamilchelvam's threat of genocide of Sinhala and Muslim people in 2006. This confirmed his notorious reputation - "the smiling assasin" This has its basis in the fact that Sri Lanka's war is mostly propoganda. In this regard, had Tamilchelvam's genocide threat gone unthreatened, he would have actually carried it out not knwoing that the attempted genocide of Sinahala and Muslims will also result in a Tamil genocide!

I request upul to keep his personal assertions and emotions out of DW which should be preserved ONLY for intelligent analysis. However, I completely appreciate his contribution from TE which is an essential related story to this news article. We must look at both sides of the affair.

Thank you DW for the timely news item and for allowing upul's TE article.

Upul said...

and we know mahindapala runs lankaweb, so its safe to assume this mirrors his sensitivities to the lanka's problems

Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

Moshe, you claimed Thamilchelvan called for genocide.... I want to see reliable sources saying that otherwise your credibility is zilch.

Moshe Dyan said...


please refer to

BTW I couldn't get into the web link you provided.

If you can please stop posting filth to DW, we all can read your write-ups.

From another pov, if you spit fire and hatred that shows the utter desperation you have; we all agree that the LTTE is not going to get it's Tamil Elam even if 80 million people back them. They are fighting a losing battle. Please accept this reality.

You are inadvertantly promoting mahindapala who is nothing but a journalist not capable of murdering a single living creature; therefore his associated websites make no real threats apart from the pov of the propoganda warfare. I agree with anyone who counterthreats the aggressor to defend their people.

If the tigers think only they can kill, they must think again.

However, I appreciate your participation in the blog; we need many more dissenting views. But please do not write filth; and be grateful for DW for providing a good platform to discuss the most important issue affecting not only Sri Lanka and Israel, but the whole civilised world - terrorism.

Upul said...

Moshe, since I trust you have difficulty getting into the site:

I have included the web link again, so it should be completely visible on one line.

I am still waiting for the Tamilchelvan quote, unless if you would like to honorably retract your baseless accusations.

Upul said...

We are inventing new meanings for existing words are we ???

Bloodbath doesn't mean genocide or anything close. So please either correct your original comments or honorably retract it.

Moshe Dyan said...

Yes, i found it. It is written by a nobody and has little importance.

However, the smiling assassin's bloodbath threat is definitely equal to genocide especially when made at the height of the mavil aru attempted genocide. (blocking waterways in order to do ethnic cleansing is genocide)

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, religious or national group. While precise definition varies among genocide scholars, the legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2 of the CPPCG defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."


Upul said...

"It was written by nobody and has little importance"

Well not according to Neil DeVotta (see page 46 of PDF link below, 32 of hardcopy), a preeminent researcher into SL Conflict done by US based East-West Center in Washington DC and close confidante of US republican lawmakers Its a well published fact now.

See for yourself:

As for TS's rant, well it appears no else but you are making this spectacular assessment.

Moshe Dyan said...

Neil de Votta - a nobody who proposes the same old ill-fated interference policy. It is unlikely that the US will breach its War on Terror policy on little Lanka.

Anyway by the time they interefere, there won't be a living tiger in Lanka.

"driven by the sword, dead by the sword" Exactly one year after TS made the threat he perished!!

Did you notice?

26 December LTTE attack will only attract more retaliatory attacks from the security forces.

The bottom-line will be as follows.

1. 1 UFAC of SLN sunk
2. 15 SLNs dead
3. few more SLN FACs demaged
4. More than 46 terrorists dead
5. 11 LTTE boats sunk
6. LTTE arms shipment didn't land
7. 1 LTTE boatyard destroyed
8. Many more retaliatory attacks in the days to come by SLAF
9. battle for Pooneryn will intensify
10. LTTE will lose Pooneryn
11. SLA will land in Vanni mainland in the North for the first time after 8 years
12. battle for Vanni will turn in favour of the SLA
13. LTTE will perish fully

Sanath said...

JAFFNA (TE) -- A fierce sea battle erupted

JAFFNA (TE) ??? what the hell is TE ?
UPULAM , this is not the place where to bash mahinda uncle or lick the boots or fat pig uncle or u r not suppose to bash DW when he reports tiger casualties or say good abt him when he reports SL casualties or this is not a place for fantasies and fantasy kingdoms as well(TE .... LOL). DO u see any one speaks abt the disny world or wonderland . THIS IS A DEFENCE BLOG

Sam Perera said...

upul aka Revy,

Check this link for TS talks.

For your convenience, I just copied a few lines.

"We are aware that the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has amassed military hardware close to Manalaru in preparation for a major offensive towards Mullaitivu area. Consequence of this offensive will be a catastrophic bloodbath across Sri Lanka," said Mr. Thamilchelvan, Head of LTTE Political Wing, speaking to TamilNet after meeting the Norwegian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Hans Brattskar and Norwegian Embassy official Erik Nuremberg, in Kilinochchi Monday."

Srilankan said...

I think this LTTE lunatic..should actually go to Slanka and visit those poor tamil families in the north whose kids are being forcibly conscripted against their will after being stolen from their homes..instead of living in Canada and writing all this bullS**t.He should actually ask his parents how they would feel if he is forcibly sent to the front line by Vp.But no he is here because he has nothing to do during this holiday.School is closed.

Srilankan said...

moshe dayan the army needs to take some old lorries and automate them,fill them with explosives captured and use them as remote controlled suicide craft..what do you think?

tangara said...


Keep up the good work...

Great analysis...

My heart goes to those brave men of SLN,SLA who lost their lives recently...

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Moshe Dayan,

Your contribution is exemplary. Keep up the good work!

Upul said...


Dream on.

SLN as always being badly beaten.

Now with fireworks in Pakistan, let see how long your incompetent arm forces will have an arms supply.

US will take action for Sri Lanka linking up with terrorist states like Iran and arch enemies like China....

Don't worry actions speak louder than words. Rajapakse is doing all the right things at the right time.

Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

listen sam:

Guess again, there are million Revies in the West.


You seem to implicate a Catholic bishop to this incident, how low and shameful can that get ?

Next you seem to justify the call for genocide from lankaweb by saying its just a counter threat, when clearly you haven't demonstrated any such calls by the LTTE.
and whats more 3/4 of you in here seem to be very supportive of your despicable pro-genocide comments.

This attitude of you and your friends clearly indicates why an arm struggle of the current ferocity or more is necessary to prevent mass killing of tamils. We will not let another 1983 or worse occur.

Upul said...

Mervyn Silva and conduct of ruphavahini thugs is the symbol of the perversive criminalty of the sri lankan government and this evident in every aspect of sri lankan life, including the army, navy, police, airforce.
so its perfectly justified countries in the west treat sri lanka armed forces as criminals, who will be deported on sight.

Japan made some donations to make ruphavahini a positive contribution, but why give a coconut to street dog. hmm.....

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