Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update 3

CDL-built UFAC III in action
One Ultra Fast Attack Craft (UFACII) was destroyed and another damaged in the fierce fight that erupted between SLN Patrol Craft and 16 Sea Tiger Boats Between Delft Island and Mannar this morning. The cluster of 16 Sea Tiger boats included 6 suicide boats and were en route to a Sea Tiger hideout in Nachchikuda, Near Veduthalthivu- Mannar. One suicide boat managed to ram into the CDL manufactured UFAC destroying it completely. At least 12 officers and naval ratings were on board at the time. The body of one officer was later recovered while two ratings were rescued alive by Search and Rescue teams. The objective of the attack was to destroy a Dvora FAC or a UFAC. Further details will follow.

Meanwhile further confirmation of the injuries to LTTE Leader Pripaharan is revealed in the logs maintained by the pilots who flew the mission over Kilinochchi on the 28th. According to them, unusually heavy AA resistance was experienced during the raid over the Kilinochchi suburb. Contrary to a civilian defence columnist, no SAM missiles were fired at the supersonic jets that made a dive-bombing run on the safehouse. The tail of one of the jets was slightly clipped by AA fire when the jet reduced speed to about 600kmph for the dive. This unusual resistance from AA batteries has further confirmed the presence of Pripaharan. It is only customary for the LTTE to station such batteries near his safehouses in fear of aerial bombings and decapitation strikes by the SLAF. The other material proliferating about Pripaharan's purported transfer to a foreign country for medical treatment is largely unverified.

DefenceWire has also received information that the civilian vessel seized off Arugambay on suspicion of arms smuggling has been released following thorough investigations.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Navy should receive more air-support than what is being given now.

It is pathetic to spare even a single LTTE craft to escape, when we have an airforce.

Something is severely wrong somewhere in getting close air-support for the Navy.

How could there be only one Mi 24?

Why there is no swooping coordinated action by both the Airforce and the Navy when this kind of skirmishes taking place?

This is history repeating itself and I am totally not happy that we have not effectively filled this gap.

Unknown said...


I'm confused. How many Navy boats destroyed? Is it one Dovra and one UFACII or just a UFACII craft? Could you pleas shed some light to this? Thanks.

Srilankan said...

noltte=peace.. 11 sea tiger boats destroyed mostly by airforce.The airforce has bombed the boats when they came ashore/

admin said...

Srilankan said...
11 sea tiger boats destroyed mostly by airforce.The airforce has bombed the boats when they came ashore

Unknown said...

the boss google "tamil blood, brain, dark skin, toilet cleaners due to LTTE terrorism"

Unknown said...


SLAF raids major LTTE facility - Mulaithiuvu
SLAF super sonic MiG-27 and K'Fir combat fighters made dashing sorties this morning (December 27) at a major LTTE facility at Vellamullavaikkal, North of Mulaithivu, at around 6.10a.m.

Air force fighter pilots have acquired the target successfully destroying the LTTE facility during precision aerial sorties, Air force sources said. According to sources, the aerial raid was launched following ground surveillance and real time air reconnaissance information. Defence sources citing reliable 'intel' said, LTTE were conducting a special training session at the facility which was continuously functioning since 2001.

More information will follow...
courtesy of

Unknown said...

Looks like Our military intelligence has increased drastically. Thanks to certain...people as well as UAV.

Srilankan said...

Sl we are not addressing the main problem here which is the production facility of these boats (i assume fiberglass)..They lost 11 craft which they will replace very easily and cheaply unlike us.We need better intelligence.However these limited trusts by the army are a real winner because it is forcing the "invincible" LTTE army to disperse their boats.

Renegade! said...


why indeed was there only one Mi-24to provide close-air-support? the SLAF afraid of Tiger handheld-SAMS or what?..& anyways,sending one Mi-24 is not at all good tactics..if one helo gets hit,for instance there wont be any covering fire for it..use your head,SLAF!!

Renegade! said...


Why dont we use napalm to deny the tigers tree-cover? it illegal,& if so,what are the consequences of using them?..i know,the americans used them during vietnam,but if we use it,will human rights-groups cry foul?..

Unknown said...

renegade, dont hide your true colors.

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