Thursday, December 27, 2007

Update 4

It is now confirmed that one CDL manufactured Ultra Fast Attack Craft (UFAC) was destroyed and a Dvora MK.II FAC was damaged in yesterday's sea battle between the SLN and the Sea Tigers near Delft Island. Contrary to rumours, the damaged Dvora FAC was safely towed to the Kankesanthurai (KKS) harbour. The boat is in a repairable condition.

The UFAC (P413) completely disintegrated in the blast killing its 1IC Lieutenant Commander Lalith Ekanayake. His deputy (2IC) has gone missing along with 9 others. Two sailors were later rescued by Search and Rescue teams. Two more sailors are believed to have been captured by the Sea Tigers. Sources indicated that the LTTE maybe mum over this issue after failing to notify the ICRC of their capture.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a pre-identified Sea Tiger training base at Elamulaivikal in Mullaithivu. Damages caused to the Sea Tigers is still unverified.


NR said...


It seems that after a long lul LTTE has scored direct hits on two boats. Is it a case of LTTE overcoming the detterence measures of the Navy i.e. long range naval guns, SIGINT etc (which I presume gave a signifcant tactical advantage to the Naval boats in confrontations like this in the past). Or is it just one of those days where a tactical blunder proved to be too costly.

onecountry said...

This just tells you lack of coordination between Navy and SLAF or lack or readyness on the part of SLAF. If the fighting lasted for hours, why didnt SLAF provide air cover? Perhaps someone can shed light here.

Srilankan said...

One country..I think every soldier needs individual communication equipment badly.This lack of communication equipment is partly to blame.

Defencewire said...

Guys, Don't make it complicated. 16 boats, including 6 suicide boats near enemy coastline is not your average day at work. Imagine 16 boats having four GPMGs each (suicide boats may also carry guns to deceive SLN), with a total of around 65 GPMGs and RPGs thrown into it, all aimed at you and firing. Besides, imagine the SLAF gunships cautious of getting hit with the numerous 12mm, 14mm GPMG. Give a break to the fearless warriors of the sea.It was hard fighting and the guys made the most of it. Some made the supreme sacrifice. Its a battle with more damage to SLN this time, but there's a war to be fought. A war has many such battles.

Srilankan said... disrespect to the armed forces of Slanka.May the triple gem bless all our troops.

LKDOOD said...

i just have 2 questions

1. how many LTTE fighters are there
7000+ or less than 7000 ???

2. what is the size of the LTTE controlled area ?

londonistan said...

I remember a Commander Edersinghe who put his FAC in between on-coming LTTE suicide crafts, another Dvora whose engine had stalled (giving it precious tme to recover) and contributing to save the Jetliner transporter carrying 500+ unarmed police and army last year. Theese souls -the bravest of us- need to know that they were given the best support possible. Lessons must be learnt from yesterday's engagement; why were the FACS sent into a fight in which they were outnumbered; what happened to the recently acquired fire-control radars with the 30mm canons; wouldn't canons with a comparatively longer range capability be a preventative from suicide craft etc.

GoldenEagle said...


Have we installed 30mm cannons on all the FACs yet? Some say yeas some say no. I am asking you cause you give accurate info.

Defencewire said...

I think you are referring to lt. Cmdr. Prasanna Edirisinghe who died protecting Pearl cruiser in 2006.

As we reported some days ago, the upgrades are happening slowly. A Navy takes time up upgrade since there are no ready-made armaments. The canons require the proper fire-control system. We hav received some from UK with Belgian canons. Therefore not all Dvoras, UFACs will be retrofitted as of today. Its a slow process, slowed even more by some countries who deep down do not consider this a terrorist problem.

Defencewire said...

There's a problem in definitions of an LTTE cadre. There is also a problem in defining 'control' over territory.

There are no accurate estimates as things are pretty fluid. LTTE's regular cadres maybe around 5-7000 with auxiliary, intelligence, military and civilian admin, and civilian employees amounting to around 15,000. But again, this is our 'gestimate'. The territory is roughly a part of Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu District, some of Vavuniya, Jaffna (includes Pooneryn). However, this is a guerrilla/insurgency/terrorist movement. Hence there are no actual boundaries.

GoldenEagle said...


Thanks for answering my question.

Anonymous said...

Let me make few points.

1.0 Flying low

It is known MIGs and Kfirs fly low and slow to take the targets most of the time. Also SLAF attack atleast once a week on avarage for number of years. Thus LTTE AA gun operaters have enough experiance. Given the fact that 1 MIG was hit by AA fire on pra-bra incident SLAF should seriosly rethink on flying low and slow.

2.0 Under water

Only after tigers flied and bobmed we think about air defence systems. Now it is said LTTE has a submarine or under water skooter. SLN should not make the same mistake and need to be prepared.

3.0 No Dying for our see - Let them die for it.

It is clear now SLN FACs were out numbered by 16 see-tiger attack crafts. Even though that shows the braveness of our grate navy I beleive SLN too need to copy SLA's slogan ; no dying for our land-let them die for it. It seems it's not SLN was boxed by see-tigers and hit rather SLN started attacking knowing the number of enimy crafts. Had they withdrawed (assuming it was an option) we could have saved lives.

4.0 Dora vs Life

It is not possible to fight a war without losing lives or matariel. However I was wondering even though the dora was hit why the sailers were unable to save their lives. (2 did) May be they had only few seconds after they knew it was gonna hit. Doras can be built again later. But SLN need to come up with a strartgy to save lives in such an incedent. I think this possible. Training should include not only dying for country but also saving your life for country.
At the same time our media need to say about heroic brave SLN as normaly SLN get less space in media compared to SLA.

5.0 Blue water navy

Next time LTTE might use more advanced (more range) whepons fixed on their next vessels. And try to get SLN closer and attack. I hope SLN has a method for such a trick.

6.0 Communication, Estimation & Risk

It is true communication is a must in a war. Most of the tiger casualties are uncovered by their radio messeges and SLA beleives that numbers. (SLA spoksman once said it is more reliable than ground based sources and it is 100% accurate. Dnet also has same veiw.)
However in any case if SLA were misled by this radio messeges SLA is seriously under estimate enimy and probably walking into a death trap in wanni. Jayasikuru is a big lesson to SLA and must learn every hting from it.

7.0 What next?

Finally, there are some rutine tiger treatments we didn't get recently. Claymores for soldiers going on leave, high ranked VIPs, AAB type ones and some thing new...

LTTE has not given up. And there is no question LTTE will be more determined in 2008. Also so far LTTE never used thier maximum capability in any of the battles.

Observing SLN movements and come up with more power (by simply increasing number of crafts) so that they can beat atleast one dora is not a some thing surprising. Unfortunately SLN was not prepared for this "increased preparedness" of LTTE. It's the same stratergy LTTE used in all the unceasing waves for which SLA couldn't find an answer. I hope SLDF consider this very common LTTE stratergy atleast now.

Unknown said...

how was it that 2 slailors were caught? I dont understand. They just swoop the sailors off after they blow up the UFAC? SLN will definetly get their payback for sure. I think SLN needs to find a way also to capture sea tigers as well.

TropicalStorm said...

The lesson the LTTE will take from this would be that saturation attacks still have greater success in the shallow seas. This will probably lead to increased small boat numbers operating over a large swathe, with the idea of 'pulling in' naval ships which will have lesser chances of surviving a concentrated sea-tiger attack if similarly cornered.

This could also lead to the LTTE either commandeering/manufacturing a couple of hundred fibre glass vesels each with explosives in an attempt to chase down and sink a few naval ships within a short time. That would also create a psy-ops advantage and a window of opportunity for arms smuggling until the SLN manages to re-assign its meagre resources to plug the holes.

This kind of situation can only be countered by increased air detection and capability to attack with a stable platform similar to a Spectre gunship. Sri Lanka needs to invest in either acquiring or converting some of its heavy air assets for an aerial assault role anticipating the day a few hundred suicide boats hit the waves.

There is also increased need to identify where the sea-tigers boat building factory is now located. Considering the importance of keeping the sea lanes open specially on the Mannar side, it is logical to assume that manufacturing has already commenced even though the earlier location was destroyed.

Rajaratasurfer said...

Well... sl this attack happened between 12pm & 3am which makes things v. complicated for our navy brothers ! We won the battle cuz, SLN disrupted a seatiger terror op ! You said the capture of our 2 saliors....not hard, heat of battle terrorist are like hyenas they go for anything ! It's all propaganda value !

We kicked their butt and that's it ! We need to keep harassing those morons every day ! Dont let them sleep at all ! SLAF & SLN did well, with whatever the situ provided !

Illegal.existence said...

"Or is it just one of those days where a tactical blunder proved to be too costly."

"Lessons must be learnt from yesterday's engagement; why were the FACS sent into a fight in which they were outnumbered"

londonistan and nr, what do you suggest? The LTTE is trying to smuggle in arms and the navy should be like "oh no, we're outnumbered. Let them do whatever the fuck they want, let's not get involved". The Navy exists to curtail the LTTE's naval and that's exactly what they did yesterday.

It's about time people learnt that you can't win a war without suffering loses. You want to prevent such incidents in the future? Just give Prabhakaran what he's fighting for and shut him up. Will it be great if we can wipe out the LTTE without loosing any men or equipment? Sure. But that's not happening.

The loss of 1 FAC is going to cripple the navy as much as the Air Force was "crippled" after the Anuradhapura air raid. Tamilselvem learnt how "crippled" the Air Force was didn't he? And LTTE supporters will be hoping they don't learn how the navy is affected by this confrontation in a similar manner.

This has been the first major engagement in the seas for a few months now. The last major confrontation was in June when the Navy destroyed a bunch of LTTE vessels and captured one of them off Jaffna. Since then the LTTE has tried not to get involved in such confrontations with the navy cos they know they suffer the most from such incidents. The reason they are forced into such engagements is they are desperate to smuggle in weapons they need.

Even if the Navy looses 4 or 5 FAC's an year, which is more than was lost this year, it's made up for by the way the Navy has curtailed the LTTE's activities. It's not ideal, but we can afford it. But over a long period, the LTTE can't afford what the Navy is doing to them.

Illegal.existence said...

"One country..I think every soldier needs individual communication equipment badly.This lack of communication equipment is partly to blame."

Srilankan why? So that the gunner on board the FAC could have radioed home and told his friends that an LTTE suicide craft was approaching?

Moshe Dyan said...

There is another big lesson SLAF must learn from the incident.

SLAF needs to upgrade Mi-24/35s with 30mm guns replacing its original 12.7 mm guns.

Mi-24/35 P version onwards (and the K version)are fitted with a 30mm gun.

The upgrade can be done though I doubt it can be done by locals.

30mm from 12.7mm means a three times more fire power that can make all the difference. All new attack helicopters are fitted with 30mm guns - Apache, eurocpter tiger, etc.

Quoting the real Moshe Dyan - terrorist warfare is best met with helicopter warfare.

Defencewire and friends, can anyone please shed some light on this issue: if a conventional mortar (eg. 120mm or 152mm) is dropped from the air, will it explode hitting the target or will it get just destroyed?

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Indian Fishermen from tamilnadu were going towards the scene when the Indian Navy radioed them to go back to India. The fishermen interviewed on Sun TV said they witnessed the suicide boat smashing into the Navy Vessel and the vessel totally disintegrating.

Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

I love the sight of dvoras exploding in the morning.

Charlies don't swim.....

jiffy said...

im no naval expert, but i think it comes down to weapons. fire control radar would make each round count for more (i believe?). but what we need is a weapon that can target a flotilla of small vessels over a large area. a weapon with some kind of steel rain capability. this of course is pure fantasy given our budget, but given that the ltte attack in packs, we should have something equivalent to the land mbrls at sea. the mbrls stopped unceasing waves..maybe something like this can also work out at sea. secondly, air support needs to happen when its needed. whatever we got needs to be airborne, PRONTO.

onecountry said...


I can only imagine how hard it is defend against swarm of boats. That is not my point. I was questioning why SLAF did not play a bigger role in this battle. Specially when we had time to intercept them. Perhaps we could not prevent loss of precious lives. But, we could have sent all of the terrorists to a watery grave.

Upul said...

"The attack by Labor Minister Mervyn Silva, who has repeatedly been accused of threatening reporters, underscored accusations about endemic corruption on this island nation (Sri Lanka) and the brazen behavior of senior officials who believe they are above the law."

Rupavahini's unprecedented live coverage of the minister's detention was the first such unrest at the station since its inception in 1982.

But as police escorted Silva to his car, members of the surrounding crowd pelted him with stones and sprayed him with paint and urine, according to witnesses.


A sign of things to come, rising COL, MR goon squad harassment, average people backlash... fed up with MR family's mass corruption and plundering/hoarding of wealth.

It was MR who selected Mervyn Silva as a national list MP, he was never voted in by the people. Such thuggery runs the place...

MR recently paid excess of 100,000 pounds of tax payer's money to be guest of honour at son yoshita's graduation.

MR Brothers, Gothabaya and Basil bought new palaces in Los Angles, California all courtesy of lankan tax payers money.

Is there really a point for soldiers of SLA, SLN to loose their lives to defend Mervyn's freedom and his son's right to rampage through night clubs using tax payers money ?

Upul said...

MR Brothers paid in excess of 5 million usd each, that is 1000 million rupees for pleasure homess in los angles courtesy of lankan tax payers money.

MR and his 50+ entourage (paid for by tax payer money) to visit JPL (utterly pointless) and then checkout his brothers homes.

Mihin lanka is running in the red since it started business. It owes many millions of dollars for fuel. It was spun as low cost airline, but has been regularly used for MR personal trips.

Srilankan said...

Rajarata..about the 2 sailors..i hope the navy did not retreat with the damaged FAC on the assumption that all the sailors on the destroyed boat were dead WITHOUT A COMPLETE CHECK FIRST .What is going to happen is those 2 sailors are going to be murdered in cold blood (which will conveniently forget)in the most brutal manner after all the info they have is extracted.The tigers grabbing sailors in the heat of battle is unlikely as they would be too busy saving themselves/boats.

Upul said...


If two sailors were indeed captured, then will be well taken care off, with hot meals, kiribath and pol sambal (no joke). In fact they will be in the safest situation for the remainder of the war.

Soldiers detained by LTTE during war time came back during ceasefire and donated truck full of aid to LTTE. What does that show ? That shows the soldiers were taken care of well. LTTE is well aware the average sln or sla joins not because he wants to defend MR families corruption or JHU/MR genocidal agenda, but just to feed his family, so no hard feelings.

Sanath said...

DW, for ur attention Mahinda and mihin lanka has no connection to the defence matters that is the key discussing factor here...
and reminding all about the last major sea clash between the navy and sea tigers where a big tiger craft was destroyed (indumati or something..) it was a night attack and it;s said that sea tigers were weak and vulnerable to night attacks and this clash happened in the mid day where the day light might have an edge and most of the factors such as firepower speed and number of attackers were to the advantage to the tigers.
ANY comments?

Sanath said...

we all know wut happened to the captured 30 soldiers in muhamalai and 150 in the mulathiwu attack and the captured 40 soldiers in close proximity of thoppigala in 1995 where they were killed by hitting thier heads with axes to save ammo.
he he ..... pirabha is such a nice man is he eating human flesh to get this much fat?

Upul said...

Time to time, sla spins sorry stories of so called enemy brutality of captures soldiers. This has been repeated throughout history. The reason is that politico hand picked SLA generals fears its men will treat LTTE as fellow human beings.
Its not in LTTEs best interest to assault, torture or despicably kill those that have surrendered. Many of the captures soldiers have in fact joined with the LTTE. LTTEs howitzer capability was entirely gained from experience from captured sla troops who willing trained LTTE personnel in using them. Many similar stories occurred with captured soviet troops joining the Afghan Mujaheddin.

Illegal.existence said...

Attack is the Best Defence, I don't think the LTTE is entertaining requests as to which times they should smuggle their arms. If the Navy detects an LTTE movement during daytime, they will have to engage it during daytime.

Fortunately for the country, although so many people here don't seem to be able to understand, the Navy aren't cowards who wait until it is perfectly safe to come out.

Upul said...

prabha - eating human flesh,

Please, now you show the irrationality of an ignorant mindset.

You don't know how many sinhala people support the LTTE willingly.
I assure there is a sizable population that is supportive of the LTTE struggle for various reasons and yes they even have patriots of your country as well. Doing both is not an oxymoron.

How is that LTTE knows every major plan of sla attack ? There is a network of sinhalese in all walks of life willing and supportive (at some price) of the Ltte.

Sinhalese men and women form an integral part of LTTE the organization (even the black tigers). One of the main delegation members of the ltte during peace talks was sinhalese.

Thats why there is also sinhala language edition of all of lttes broadcasts.

Sam Perera said...

Somebody, please give me a hanky. I am so moved by Revy's portayal of LTTE. Man I was wrong to believe that LTTE is a terrorist organization. He is so convincing. He is a genius. I will go to Vanni and hug every one of them for the great human qualities of LTTE. Can't wait to hug and kiss the tigers.

upul aka Revy,

Please take your fantasy land stories back to LNP. If you want to convince how great LTTE is, you are at the worst place. Please don't make a buffoon of you any more. Consulting a psychiatrist will be very helpful. Meanwhile, consume some fish-oil; it is very good for your retarded brain as well as depression.

Srilankan said...

illegal existence..the navy men are by no means cowards.However in the heat of battle people forget the obvious due to more pressing needs especially if it is your first battle.My point here as before is that every soldier should have their own communication eq to co-ordinate attacks as a unit.
DefenceWire..(when you have the time)..when 12 FACs are engaging Sea tigers is communication maintained FAC to FAC during the engagement? or is it turned off due to security reasons.
Pls dont respond if it affects their security.

Upul said...

sam (aka larry from larry, curly and moe)

For the last time, I am not revy and I dont know who he is.

you seem to have sidestepped my point about sinhalese men and women form an integral part of the ltte organization.

Are you denying that, tell me ?

Upul said...


are you denying there was a sinhala member in ltte peace delegation ?

are you denying sla men helped form ltte's howitzer group ?

Please clarify...

Sam Perera said...

upul aka Revy,

"you seem to have sidestepped my point about sinhalese men and women form an integral part of the ltte organization.

Are you denying that, tell me ?"

Man, your points are extremely convincing. Please be nice to yourself, don't consume hallucinating drugs anymore. Save whatever is left of your retarded brain. Go back to LNP please. I beg.

Upul said...

sam dude,

why is it so difficult for you to deny what I said ? Maybe because its true perhaps ?

You all are I am sure smart enough to know the truth out of all this.

Sanath said...

no no u upulam guy u r correct LTTE is the most kind hearted organization the world has ever seen. THEY R NOT THE ONCE who did the anuradhapura massacare in 1985 where over 150 pilgrims and bhikkus were killed and in aranthalawa too...
hw abt the the crime of killing unarmed policement who surrendered (over 400) karuna did this under vp;s orders and nw UK is hoping to file a case under war crimes for this. I THINK UK IS CRAZY....
BTW makkal padei is not a gud name for ur best trained force. hw abt palekart clown clan......

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

i don't deny unarmed policemen were killed in east by Karuna. But you don't have any evidence to say VP ordered it. Karuna was running east as his fiefdom, till he was going out of control particularly with finances when there was an effort to take him out in 2004.

anuradhapura incident was in direct retaliation caused by sla rampage in valvettiturai, where more than 200 elderly pilgrims were holed up in building and massacred.

Sam Perera said...


I am extremely convinced. You are second to none in your ability to convince the world. Didn’t I say so? Ok, please go back to LNP. Man, you are so cool, I like your jokes.

Upul said...

in fact it was the karuna incident in 1990 that caused the collapse of the ceasefire, so now there are doubts as to who karuna was working for even then.

It was Karuna fiefdom that also recruited child soldiers, all which was bringing a black eye to Tamils.

Sanath said...

he he yes very true .... good jokes u saved my 200 ruppes that i was keeping to watch a comedy. thnx mate for providing such an entertainment karuna is bad nw he he he was the supremo commander when he led the EPS attack he he .... poor guy upulam i guess its too cold in norway these days ...these things do happen in cold worries long live
makkal padei aka palekart clown clan or imran pada.. clan and all.....

Upul said...

so I am not denying the said incidents happened, but that hasn't altered the opinions of the sinhalese joining LTTE, so surely there must be something else to this no ?

Upul said...

karuna was never a supreme commander of eps attack, please show me evidence (please dont show me karunas crap he has every reason to lie)

as for makkal padai, they have not been active recently so there is no need to comment on them...

Sanath said...

upulam.. u like to come to sl.. mate there is a serious problem here we don;t have good jokers for our films so there is a golden opportunity plus u know hw to tell lies creatively as well u dont do well in defence related things so hw abt my offer ..

Upul said...

after sri lanka is bankrupt and dismembered, I'll come on tourist visa donate some foreign currency to help the starving souls.

Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

Brian Seneviratne is case and point, he is CBK's own cousins and is more supportive of LTTE than most tamils.

Illegal.existence said...

Can you guys please stop entertaining this clown? Everytime someone like this pops up, people say just ignore him, but there are always a few who just can't resist messing up the threads. Come on, leave this bs at LNP forums.

Srilankan each member of the crew has a set of objectives they should fulfill. During a battle, the main objective of a gunner should be to fire at the LTTE crafts. They shouldn't have to worry about which direction the FAC is been steered to or the status of air support. Same goes for most other positions. It's the officers duty to coordinate with the other FACs and decide on how the operation should be going. I'd be surprised if FACs didn't communicate with FACs and naval bases during battles.

Upul said...

The point is most of your poor souls have been fed on state television and radio propaganda mulch for all your lives, I don't deny, all what I have said will appear spectacular for you, although its true..

This was the case for all the people behind the iron curtain fed with patriotic soviet propaganda all their lives, till suddenly in 1991, the country and its military went bankrupt.

Moshe Dyan said...

Most boastings in the Lankan camp is not supported by military action. I bet the PM would unleash a more deadlier campaign on the LTTE than Rajapakse.

Even now the LTTE and its subjects are fed by the govt. wasting tax payers' money. If the Lankan economy os to suffer the worst sufferers would be the LTTE and those living under them.

LTTE is much more corrupt than the government. If the LTTE uses part of its USD 300 million in Vanni without sending to Swiss bank accounts, people will vote for them. The tsunami and reconstruction is a good example while the south recovers amidst corruption, the North is cursed with a TRO that channels money to buy weapons. It is estimated that more than 50,000 still live in tsunami campas in Vanni. How easy to manipulate them against the LTTE is anybody's guess.

There is no doubt that most DPU members are Tamils; this is in addition to TMVP, EPDP activists.

All in all there are more armed anti-LTTE Tamils than the LTTE!!

More and more Vanni fellows are providing info to government troops and help lay bombs targeting LTTE leaders.

Surely tigers are fighting a losing battle. But the most exciting times will come after the war!!

Srilankan said...

Moshe dyan..dont waste your time person here are trying to find your "trigger point" not to mention waste your time.Dont let them.

Renegade! said...

Defwire,guys(a little off topic)

Why dont we use Napalm to deny the tigers tree-cover? it illegal,& if so,what are the consequences of using them?..i know,the americans used them during vietnam,but if we use it,will human rights-groups cry foul?..after all,we do use thermobaric weapons,which are banned by the UN,rite?..

Renegade! said...


Don't the Mi-24's have armour-proof against guns upto 25mm caliber?..& why on earth was just one Mi-24 sent out to provide fire-support????

defenceAnalyst said...

napalm is a tactical weapon to burn trees and other natural cover. Its essentially a fuel bomb. I am not sure of its applicability against small boats in open sea.

Srilankan said...

illegal.existence..thanks for your input.Your points are well received.

TropicalStorm said...


Are there any smaller 'phalanx' type radar controlled anti-missile weaponry available in the market that would fit on our FACs and larger ships?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Illegal Existence,

Personal communicators would help Navy personnel on board Dovra's to effectively communicate with the Craft's "Bridge" or the "Cockpit", and coordinate with each other.

Now what happens is all the people shouting as loud as they can to be heard, and rely on relay communicators to communicate to Dvora's cockpit. This is not an effective communication mechanism.

If a gunner observes suicide boat cutting in from around or behind, the gunner should be able to communicate it to the command. But, that communication has to go through several intermediaries to reach the cockpit. It has many flaws.

Every Dvora crew should have their own personal communications kit to communicate with the cockpit and each other. This increases coordination. These comm sets should use encryption and wipe out technology (i.e. if a comm set went to the hands of LTTE, it should be able to disable itself).

Airburst RPG type weapon attached to a laser Range Finder would be awesome, if it could be used while being on a deck of a Dvora against any oncoming suicide craft.

" One thing the Afghans figured out was how to use the self-destruct device in the warhead to turn the RPG into an airburst SA missile. See, the RPG comes with a safety feature designed to self-destruct after the missile's gone 920 meters. So if you fire on up at a chopper from a few hundred meters away, at the right angle, you get an airburst just as effective as SA missiles that cost about a thousand times more."

One thing to note is, LTTE's use of multiple Suicide craft against Dvora's. We can reasonably expect that LTTE would use multiple suicide craft to ram into Dvora's in future too.

The best long-term strategy is for us to develop our own Missile to counter such threats. What requires is some initiative. A Super Dvora MKII cost around USD 4M, and half of that amount was used to develop our own missile, we should be able to save our fleet and lives.

Srilankan said...

Blaming Karuna for this rubbish is hilarious.Karuna by "defecting" did the right thing.His defection is like stabbing an LTTE lover in the heart with a 12'' knife!!.If i was him i will write a book ..he will make millions of $$$$$ possibly because it is the first book written by a terrorist??.

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