Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weli Oya, slow but steady

LTTE in panic in Weli Oya have intensified its defence-in-depth. 'Col' Swarnam and a host of elite units have been called in to halt the Army's progress, which has been slow but steady. Troops advancing on its four Avenues of Approach are at Kalyanapura, Kiriibbanwewa, Janakapura North and Kokkuthuduwai.

The LTTE had 14 bases (hence the name 1-4) in the dense Mullaithivu Jungle, where Prabhakaran took shelter from the IPKF in 1987. Of these, one base with underground facilities was captured recently by troops.

Highly placed sources told this site that another 10 miles into LTTE areas would give the Army tremendous influence over Mullaithivu. An advance of 10 miles would result in the capture of vital LTTE locations such as Nayaru and Alampil. Currently Mullaithivu Town is within Artillery Range.

Special Forces and Commando Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) teams have also been quietly busy over the last few weeks. Today, despite the Poya Day, a Special Forces LRRP team ambushed an LTTE tractor at Nedunkerni, North West of Weli Oya. A team from 3 Commando (3CR) missed LTTE's Mannar leader Lakshman when they attacked his outrider due to a misunderstanding.

A host of LTTE 'Lieutenant Colonels' have been killed by LRRP units within the past weeks. These include an LTTE 'Lieutenant Colonel' from the Imran Pandian Regiment. Troops surrounded, killed and recovered the body of the 2nd in-charge (2IC) of the LTTE's Sothia Brigade (Women) north of Palampiddi recently.


Unknown said...

Seems with inching into their heartland,LRRP will be creating more Mahavirs in the comming monthes.
Slowly but Steadily....

Gringo said...

["Weli Oya, slow but steady"]


Great to hear this progress!
Keep up the good work and prove to the whole world how professional Sri Lankan troops really are!

You make all Sri Lankans really proud.

LKDOOD said...


great update !


LKDOOD said...

'Mullaithivu Town is within Artillery Range'

big news for the Artillery units

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Wouldn't we put our heroe's kith and kin at risk when we publish name's?

On the other hand when our heroes in the Northern front making progress, TID/CID in the South should also make progress by creating havoc in the LTTE terror networks deployed in the South.

One of the things that should happen is to keep secrecy over apprehensions. Recently I have seen that Police have been very eager to publish their apprehensions within minutes.

In the West, they publish results of their investigations after years, making sure after all the holes are properly dug. However, it seems like in Sri Lanka it is the otherway around.

perein said...

Thank you for the update DW.
We are all most there... Common boys.. get those terror out of country.

Sudesh said...


Please don't divulge special forces guys names. It will be a big disadvantage to us.

Gringo said...

[Please don't divulge special forces guys names. It will be a big disadvantage to us.

I quite agree with this. I don't think our professional soldiers are thinking like cheap politicians...looking for fanfare... but I'm more concerned about their safety.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger Sudesh said...


Please don't divulge special forces guys names. It will be a big disadvantage to us.

June 18, 2008 9:22 PM

i don't think DW is putting these names out for the first time

it must be that these names are known not 'sensitive information'

perein said...

As LKDood said, I do n't think those info is so sensitive.
If it's already not in public domain, DW would not have mentioned.

"Galakin Watrua Ganna lassi", than getting any sensitive info out of DW.

Renegade! said...

DW/ guys

seems that we are doing ok for the moment,just like we were doing around 4 months back,when the shit hit the ceiling with Debacles and heavy Troop losses.we should go at this tempo only,slow and steady with attrition of Tiger units a priority. Moreover, I would like to see good co-ordination among all the Forces.If the army is launching a large scale attack,obviously the SLAF must be in the knowhow.likewise,if the SLAF is targeting a tiger bunker or arti-gun,etc the SLA should be informed so that they can move troops into the area when the tigers are scurrying for safety(holding their tails behind back)..

perein said...

I'm not saying "Smelly thing" wont hit the fan, but these days taking some actions to avoid those getting repeated.
As you said, more coordination could improve utilisation.

lankanews said...

Thanx for the update DW,

There was an article in on 17th june saying,

3 LTTE members were killed by a claymore blast in Nadunkarni LTTE held area (21 KM from welioya) while they were traveling on a tractor at 8.45 A.M

Is that a typical LRRP attack?

Gringo said...

[i don't think DW is putting these names out for the first time

it must be that these names are known not 'sensitive information'

As an indvidual thinking along the lines of a hard-core terrorist (but never a terrorist)... I would put all information I find free... to database for future use.

For the LTTE... and its coolies... the 'plan B' of their agenda is to create havoc... and all that info would come handy.

Can anyone rule out the fact that some of those who ask info from DW could be from the LTTE itself?

Let's report and act responsibly... No one needs to twist our arms to remind us that responsibility.

Unknown said...

SF is doing what they are meant to do, Do not not mess with the best.God bless you,

Brother 2 Brother

WipeLTTE said...

I think you are very irresponsible when you publish names for LRRP members. Please do NOT do this!!!

WipeLTTE said...

You are putting all member in LRRP teams in jeopardy by publishing team leaders name!

Strategic Thinking said...

on other news did u see italy cracking down on the ltte etc... couple days after the support for Eezham rally.... ha about shooting ureself in the foot...

btw - i agree to the consensus that lrrp names shouldnt be devulged... maybe dw will clarify why he added them...

WipeLTTE said...

Our curiosity can wait a while until all the mission are complete and LRRP members are safely returned to bases before you publish anything about LRRP activities.


Unknown said...

we have been watching whats going on in SL closely. Hope SLA will move up from Western flank since its open land get it within arti range and move slowly open up the land route and take control of the west coast, rather than trying to move south from north, its not worth the cost of the well trained soldier, on the eastern flank hope they will get closer to the lake or the lagoon so its within the arti range. its not an easy task but i am sure its achievable.
On the other hand if they open up anther flank from the middle for the terrorist it will be hard to keep up all the fronts. i am not in a position to speak since i am not involved but its just an opinion.

Brother 2 Brother

Unknown said...

i totally agree with all the bloggers here do not not publish the names.
Its unethical they are not rules of engagement

We all have responsibilities respect that.

WipeLTTE said...

It is impressive the 25ft 1st layer and 50 2nd layer deep underground bunker LTTE created. There is for sure more bunkers like this created to be seen when SLDF approach Mulative district. SLA please be carefull about this kind of strong bunkers. SLAF should fly more bombing missions to destroy this type of bunkers. SLAF should use infrared imaging to locate this type of bunkers hidden beneath dense vegetation. polarized imaging can also help find this kind of bunkers not possible with visible light.

dhanushka said...

I understand people being upset for putting names.. but we have to think, LTTE probably has better ways to find the names of these guys than logging in to DefenceWire..

Sudesh said...

dhanushka said...

I understand people being upset for putting names.. but we have to think, LTTE probably has better ways to find the names of these guys than logging in to DefenceWire..


May be, but we should not assume anything. If they want it, let them get them in the hardway. In any case (not trying to be harsh) it is highly irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why RW/Mongal/CBK/UNP all shouting.

ravana said...

what the hell this DW doing?? hey f..... dont publish names..are you giving security to these braves.if you have nothing to say just shut up??

Srilankan said...

Good news indeed.Particularly happy about killing high rankers?? of the malathi brigade.
I still find it hard to believe some of it not because it is not true but because i suspect some horrid event is around the corner and 20+ years of this LTTE norge bullshit.No point rushing in like fools.Slow sure and steady the best policy.we have to make these LTTE scum shit in their pants and not get anytime to sleep.sleeplessness may give way to recklessness hopefully.This is a war and the LTTE must not think of this as attending a job according to office hours.hope there is some good news about the 6 goons caught in colombo

Srilankan said...

speaking about our U.N forces in appears that the U.N prefers srilankan troops who are supposed to have raped kids? very could be that the head of this U.N dept is a closet pervert.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the article.

i think its better not to publish names when secrecy is the key to the typ eof operations concerned.

very happy about LRRP op.s
i thought (going by the conduct of previous govt.s) after terrorists bomb civilians we MIGHT stop these. had we done so it would have encouraged the LTTE to do more. great to hear that we are not folling the OSTRITCH approach.

LTTE is forced to deploy its elites to defend mulaitivu and surrounds. this is the opportunity to HARVEST them. another thing i've been crying about has come true.

totally 2 BIG happy news.

May God bless Sri Lankan forces and protect them. Bring them safely to their loved ones.

Srilankan said...

Theruwan saranai to all our forces.May god bring them home safely to their families after the end to this 20+ yr old LTTE filth.

Peter said...


Malin said...

Guys war is not over. We are happy about what going on now but LTTE will do its best to bring terror. SO lets give your suppport to SLDF and be watchful as ever..

Bhairav said...

Who is the X-factor in this Wanni war for SLDF?

Choose the appropriate answer here!

a) Cheer leading of Assithri and the grumpy old men on DW/N.
b) New Brigade of 61
c) LTTE's tactical withdrawal
d) Terrain - dense forests which favor SF's actions
e) Lack of LTTE commitment into this front.
f) SLDF are in cheap drugs
g) None of the above.

Bhairav said...

Prematurely born kids prematurely celebrate the Wanni OP.

Moshe Dyan said...


the war is far from over. in fact a GREAT chapter of the war has JUST BEGUN!!

Defencewire said...

About exposing names of 'LRRP' in this column.

Do not panic. Any military officer appointed to a unit of this nature is known to LTTE eventually. Most military appointments are known publicly or at least within the administration of the Army. This is true for the other side as well. For example there is very little we do not know of LTTE leadership. We don't necessarily know where they are at any given point or everything they are doing, but we know they are there. LTTE does a much better job at this than us unfortunately. As soon as an officer excels against them, Tigers open a file for him and starts collecting information about him. When the first LRRP Operations started, they knew Nisam was involved in it. But they couldn't get him because they didn't know where he was or what he was doing. Same this applies to Kapila Hendewitharana. These two officers mentioned in the post were under study since the two named operations (Thoppigala and Kattaparichchaan). We knew this for a long time. They have taken the necessary precautions. The identity of those officers and men who go in and come out is however known only by a few. This is because these units volunteer and are not 'appointed'. No papers exist. No medals are given. Not even an acknowledgment is given even posthumously. NOW if we mentioned these information, then THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SENSITIVE! But we are not doing that are we? You will not get it from us either, even at the pain of death!

Observer said...

DW, Respect your views and thanls for the update. It would be great if you do not publish these names. Or at least try to use some other names for illustration purposes.

Our SLA heros should be protected at all costs.

Even now is not too late to erase or change the names oif you dont mind..

Defencewire said...


As you wish!

Gringo said...


[Do not panic. Any military officer appointed to a unit of this nature is known to LTTE eventually. Most military appointments are known publicly or at least within the administration of the Army.]

Although I respect your view, I have to point out that we do not need to 're-confirm'... even by accident, what is already known to LTTE.

LTTE is in the business of collecting personal information for future use, making huge databases. (from credit card fraud, to extortion to 'visas' to terrorist attacks to assassinations.)

I also believe that defence ministry also seem to have lot of loopholes... including loose mouths... putting our fighting forces at high risk.

I just cannot understand the need to give out names of the 'Defence' officials... The word 'defence'... to me, means 'protection'.

Well I know one thing for sure.... those folks will mature one fine day.... if they are around!


Observer said...


Thaks a lot for the prompt action mate !!

Srilankan said...

Many thanks for the clarification.Well said observer however Gringo has a very good point there.
Step one:eliminate this murderous LTTE filth from srilanka and save ALL our peoples.
Step two:Educate ALL our peoples so they can get jobs overseas and compete with these LTTE buffoons earning $110 PH.there is nothing like competition for jobs overseas specially in Canada-(god IC).The best way to attack an LTTE buffoon overseas is to compete with him for jobs overseas and ensure he worries about his job on a daily basis.

perein said...

Good to see you are back in action mate.

Roaring Roy said...

Guys, I do not know what you mean when you say that DW is publishing names. The only names that i can see are of the ltte. Or am I missing something?

Achi said...

DW plz edit the officer's name in your comment too.Even though ltte can get these names, let them do it in hard way.surely they have to spend their money and time then.

tangara said...

Scenario for an LTTE counter attack

Here is what my 2 cents idiot brain tells me..

LTTE will mount a massive counter attack on the SLA lines where the current fighting is NOT taking place..SLA needs to be very vigilent about this scenario.This will trap battle hardned SLA men behind enemy lines. SLA needs to think about the plan B in case that happens.They need to check the assets already over used during the last 2 years in the North and East.They need to prepare for the LTTE' elite formations(whatever left of it now) for a counter attack. SLA is in LTTE's back yard and are more vulnerable to LTTE attacks. LTTE knows every inch of the land they previously occupied.Therefore it is possible a massive LTTE counter attack will reverse the last 1 and half years of gains in matter of days.History prooves that this happened not only to the SLA but other superrior armies in the world. As I said its time for SLA to take stock of the strategy, assets, battle preparedness of the men. Of those, the latter matters most.It is those valient men who will save the day for us. These valient men will face fresh LTTE fighters who will die for Velu. It is time for the SLA to think before the next big push..We need more intelligence on LTTE plans.They need to find LTTE's appocalypse scenario.SLAF needs to more proactive..SLN needs to counter LTTE attacks..They can't keep loosing their vital assets.

One more thing that kept coming at me is the following..

It is possible LTTE might use
secret underground tunnels built in Wanni to infiltrate the SLA lines.Their is a possibility LTTE will attack the SLA from front and behind. That is the worst case scenario.

In the South all must be vigilent for any LTTE attacks.

I just wrote what I came to my mind.

Sorry for the repeat of the same thing, again and again.

tangara said...

Here is the strategy page..

[Blood and Sympathy
June 19, 2008: So far this year, about 4,700 have died in the fighting, 85 percent of them LTTE. Those are the government figures, but the LTTE is less forthcoming with numbers. The LTTE are taking a beating, as their front lines are pushed back week by week. There are casualties from this, and most of them appear to be LTTE. That's because the free press in Sri Lanka would make a big deal out of massive army casualties, especially deaths. Morale in the army is up, deserters are returning to work, indicating a general attitude that the military is winning. In response, the LTTE is using bombings, including some suicide bombings, in an attempt to terrorize the government into backing off. That's absurd, but the terrorists also hope to get some international sympathy for their cause as well. This is also unlikely. Murderous terrorists get headlines, not sympathy.

June 18, 2008: In Italy, police arrested 33 Tamils and accused them of belonging to the LTTE (considered a terrorist organization in Italy). The LTTE fund raisers and smugglers are becoming more energetic, and desperate. That means they become more visible in the foreign countries where Tamils live, and more vulnerable to police investigations. As a result, the LTTE has less cash, and increasing difficulty moving military supplies to the LTTE fighters in Sri Lanka.

June 11, 2008: LTTE commandos attacked a navy radar station on a small island off the northeast coast. The navy says they fought off the attacks, the LTTE says they succeeded and destroyed the radar (thus making it easier for LTTE smuggling boats). Hard to tell which way this fell, although the navy sent three patrol boats north as a result of the attack. But the LTTE is desperate to restore its flow of supplies (weapons and ammo in particular).


Gringo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gringo said...


That's the way I think too.

LTTE terrorists are busy 24/7... looking to destroy us... and claim they are winning a 'liberation' sturggle.

We CAN fight them and win, only if we understand this agenda.

Also full credit to our defence folks... I'm sure they know their 'onions'.

We must be 10000 times 'better' in LTTE's own game.

Moshe Dyan said...

the high powered defence team from india is a bad sign, i think.

india should not be allowed to save vezapillai again. any ceasefire at this stage is the dumbest thing to do. lets finish what we started.

anyway it is too early to tell what exactly these guys are doing here in an UNANNOUNCED TOUR.

LKDOOD said...

The latest clashes have raised to 4,335 the number of rebels reported killed by security forces since January, while 399 security personnel have died in combat in the same period, according to the defence ministry


How many more LTTE ?

anybody have any idea ?

Gringo said...

[How many more LTTE ?]

I guess when killing mosquitos... we need not keep a count...

To safeguard us from possible attacks, we need to ensure availability of enough DDT to kill about 2.1 Million, if necessary.

That's the prudent, scientific move.... just in case...

Unknown said...

Bruce Fein has served as associate Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice; as counsel to then Congressman Dick Cheney on a joint House-Senate investigating committee; and, as an author, newspaper columnist and broadcast commentator on every significant issue confronting the United States and the international community for four decades.

With his 40 years' experience as the ultimate insider in Washington and a network of several hundred that spans all branches of government, the media, think tanks, and academia, he is uniquely gifted and experienced to give expression to the Tamils' grievances in the corridors of power in Washington and electronic and print media.

He is well versed in the oppression that afflicts the Tamils under the current government and their legitimate aspirations for a separate state after grim decades of pervasive and odious discrimination.

Mr. Fein's international experience is unsurpassed, especially in the area of federalism or new statehoods, for example, Kashmir, Cyprus, Spain, and Sudan.

TropicalStorm said...

The war IS over.

THE WAR was a war of ideologies. It has now been established conclusively that the value system behind the ideology driving Tamil Terrorism is nothing less than racism and an inability to relate to an inter-dependent, pluralistic world in which borders barely exist. That pre-empted the entire concept for the violence and left it without any credible justification.

What is continuing are the thrashings of a wounded, nevertheless highly dangerous and destructive beast, in the last throes of death. The snuffing of the death throes can happen today, or Time can be allowed to wipe it out.
The first choice offers best results; so that the tamil minority can retake its place with dignity and carve its future in a pluralistic society.
The second, will decimate the remaining potential for the tamils over the next decade and completely wipe out their socio-cultural impact on Sri Lanka thru a gradual qualitative and quantitative decimation.
While some of our Southern chauvanists would rejoice at the prospect of all tamils being put into the category they always considered 'acceptable' [only the dead tamil and the tamil in a picture are good tamils] we as a larger society would stand to lose in that outcome.
It is therefore imperative that Sri Lankans across the world unite to defeat the tribal racist terrorim of the LTTe and allow for the blossoming of true pluralism within our society.
It is do-able and within reach.

Moshe Dyan said...

i was following the india-china affair re: SL in the hawaiiandaily?, lankaweb, spacewar (the best among the lot), xinhua, strategypage?, lankaguardian websites. few things to note.

1. ALL THE NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES OF INDIA have teamed up with china

2. maldives and sri lanka haven't

3. china's attempts to build a port in south SL (subject to its happening??) will complete what was termed a 'neclace of beads'.

4. whenever china is involved, india has quitely withdrawn.

5. if india tries to interfere in SL too much SL should plead china/pakistan/bangladesh/indonesia to set up bases here. upon an invititation it would be VERY difficult for them NOT TO DO SO.

6. anyway excpet SL and maldives all the other india's neighbours have done so already. it's no big deal.

7. at least india should be told that we will do so UNLESS they keep their dirty hands off SL.

8. there is a possibility that LTTE becomes china's cat's paw to screw south india. china already finances maoist rebels in india through nepal and burma. NORINCO a chinese weapons manufacturer has HEAPS of sales to the LTTE. this indicates that SL cannot rely on the present RELATIVE diplomatic importance it places on india and china. we have to manage them right. losing military ties with china or losing military ties with india will be a choice SL will have to make SOON, i think. if we make the wrong choice, even our existing friends, pakistan, bangla, etc. WILL desert us.

am i wrong? anyone?

Moshe Dyan said...


BUT not after basil ACCEPTED that LTTE DOES REPRESENT a section of tamils AND SL should talk to the LTTE to solve the conflict no one else.

this is a VERY powerful statement from a VERY influencial guy.

moshe dayan the real said, "if you want to negotiate properly you have to do so with your ENEMIES not with your friends". because you have NO CONFLICTwith your friends!!!

i dnot' know whether basil accepts LTTE as the SOLE representative or not. but he seems to accept that LTTE is some represenatative.

TropicalStorm said...


Political foreign policy decisions are driven by what's right for you and not the other guy. There's no permanent policy, only permanent interests. That's what needs to be kept in mind.

India cannot manage the LTte. Not even the die-hards in RAW would belive it squarely, even though they can be used as a balancing act for short term dirty work such as assasinations etc. Nothing useful can come out of an involvement with an international terror group, and India now carries the mantle of 'The' big league in international diplomacy, at least in our region.

Soon, she will become one of the major global policy drivers, as the US and the EU continue to stuble without credible leadership qualities that can earn respect internationally. Given the present visionary leadership shown by India, even the US will soon ask their approval for engagement in the Indian and Pacific ocean regions.
The fears expressed by you seem too insignificant due to the impractical, if not completely disadvantageous nature of the possible outcomes to India in pursuing a policy of undermining SL.

TropicalStorm said...


It is good policy to talk to anyone and everyone, especially your enemies. It provides you a very dependable line of feedback, a 'feel for things' especially in time of war.

hemantha said...

-The Island

click here.

Moshe Dyan said...


if you had followed the recent discussion still raging between india and china involving HIGH ranking defence authorities you will know that this is VERY SERIOUS and the chinese are quick to reject any such thing BUT the indians take it VERY seriously. they know actions speak louder than words.

india is gaining worldwide policy significance no doubt. BUT CHINA IS GAINING EVEN MORE SIGNIFICANCE!!!

some of china's former enemies now take EXTREME precautions not to antogonise it EVEN SYMBOLICALLY.

plus. india can NEVER get into the security council as a permanant member as long as china doesn't allow it. this is the RELATIVE significance of china OVER india.

mark my word. this subtle battle is GOING to increase in years ahead and we will be increasingly pressured to rethink our stand (although within friendly terms of course as both india and china hate confrontations) about being either MORE pro-indian or MORE pro-chinese. certainly NOT BOTH!!!

Gayansphotography said...

just a small comment(as a regular reader of both DW and DN)

Sometimes I m at a loss to figure out whether its DW on DN.... most of the comments are copy pasted in both and both DW and DN feels the same....
Although I understand the need to have a good conversation and discuss important topics, the way its going some time soon we may actually not need two blogs...

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Tamils for Justice is clearly a front organisation of LTTE, and US Justice Department should ban it too.

LKDOOD said...

India against military solution to Tamil ethnic problem


LKDOOD said...

Air attack, 8 LTTE killed


LKDOOD said...

28 Lankan fishermen held: India


TheTruth said...

DW can I get some clarification?

There is an incident about 15 sailors in Tamilnet...about a group suicide or summin???

Can you claify?

LKDOOD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LKDOOD said...

Bomb detected on Kandy rail track



The STF defused a 6kg claymore recovered by workers cleaning a cannal in Kettarama, Colombo this afternoon.


TropicalStorm said...


China has not propped-up or caused significant political impact in any other nation for centuries. It's such ambitions appear to be limited to acquiring Taiwan and consolidating Tibet, and is unlikely to venture beyond that limitation.
Unlike China, India never quit her greater international influence ambitions. India will continue to remian actively involved in solidifying her sphere of influence, and fortunately or otherwise, we sit right on that door step.
In a larger context, I tend to believe that India's designs for SL will be beneficial for us purely due to multiple coinciding factors. Over the next century, it may not be infeasible to visualize a re-united Greater India; in the context of a borderless India-Pak-SL-B'desh-... union.

GoldenEagle said...


In a 100 years time a greater India is clearly possible, but before we go there can all desi in subcontinent get along despite their religious, cultural, language and caste diferences? That is a greatest hurdle.

I think Lanka will mostly likely independant and our greatest problem at that time period will be our catastrophic population decline. Already our birth rates are below replacement level.

Moshe Dyan said...

does SL gives a flying fart about india's UNDUE interference?

india: Visiting Indian delegation hopes Sri Lanka will find political solution to its conflict


SL: SLAF MI-24 helicopters raid LTTE gathering - Mannar

this shows where each party stands relative to the other! actions have spoken louder than words, again.

Kithul said...

way to go... way to go.. very well done.

Bhairav said...

[In a 100 years time a greater India is clearly possible, but before we go there can all desi in subcontinent get along despite their religious, cultural, language and caste diferences? That is a greatest hurdle. ]

Northern Indianers continued to get best out of slave Tamilnadu Tamils who are vital part of Indian economy and TN is number one industrial state in whole India, meantime these northerners treat Tamils as trash, most of the blame should go to scumbag politicians of TN which was lately ruled by mega womanizer MGR, then come the one of his mistresses and hoe, Jeyalalitha, then senior citizen Karuna who now grooms his rapist son to throne TN CM position. Lately Hindi is also mandatory course in many TN schools.

If the Hindi speaking folks force the Tamils to their own backyards, I would say they should look for Tamil separate land in India.

hemantha said...

"Sri Lanka's experience with all foreign monarchs has been bitter. Indian kings apparently made a sport of invading Sri Lanka in ancient times. The Portuguese, in the name of their royalty, committed heinous crimes against Sri Lankans. Places of worship were destroyed and their assets removed by the cartload. Wanton destruction of life and property characterised their rule. The persecution of Muslims was so brutal that King Senerath had to intervene to shelter the victims in the Kandyan kingdom and later settle them in the Eastern Province. (Thus, it may be seen that Sri Lankan kings practised some kind of R2P centuries ago against the invading armies of the Occident to protect human rights.) The Kandyan king also rose in defence of the religion of the Portuguese, which the Dutch were all out to wipe out. He kept Catholic priests in his kingdom to save them from the Dutch rapiers."
-Editorial, The Island

One can find the article at

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

All LTTE stooges,

What happened to the total attack on Jaffna front with 2,000,000 force on 19th and 20th? Please keep us updated about how ZTTE took over entire Eelam or Eezam in a few minutes with university student's help. May be I should talk to soldiers who withdrew in a hurry from Jaffna to find more details.

LKDOOD said...


1 killed


LKDOOD said...

Lankan children at a Tamil Nadu refugee camp

were being used to stitch clothes for a huge fashion store in Britain. Primark has already sacked three of its suppliers last week after an investigation for the BBC’s Panorama and The Observer uncovered children labouring in Indian refugee camps to produce some of its cheapest garments.


Moshe Dyan said...

another massive dissappointment for LTTE supporters.

india while stating the RHETORIC that there is no military solution to the SL issue, has ended up increasing military ties with SL!!!

why? oh why?

India to expand military ties with Lanka

extracts (due to its HIGH relevance)
NEW DELHI: India is likely to further bolster military supplies to Sri Lanka, alarmed as it is with the way Colombo continues to turn to China, as also Pakistan to some degree, to obtain weapon systems and platforms.

The arms supplies will be "largely" defensive in nature, in keeping with the policy to supply mainly "non-lethal" equipment to the island nation, said sources.

India believes there cannot be a "military solution" to the bloody ethnic strife in Sri Lanka, and is concomitantly pushing for a dialogue process and devolution package for the Tamils without disrupting the country’s territorial integrity.

The need for renewed political efforts was, once again, conveyed to the Mahinda Rajapakse government by the high-level delegation led by national security advisor M K Narayanan, which also included foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon and defence secretary Vijay Singh, to Colombo over the weekend.

But at the same time, India cannot ignore the deep inroads being made into its own strategic backyard by China, which is providing Sri Lanka with a wide array of "cheap" arms and ammunition to bolster its ongoing battle with LTTE.

"The story of Myanmar is being repeated in Sri Lanka. China is already all over the island nation, with a flurry of arms deals, oil explorations and construction projects like the Hambantota port," said a senior official. Sources said the Narayanan delegation also expressed India’s disquiet over Sri Lanka continuing to source weapon systems in a major way from China and Pakistan.

........Both China and Pakistan have gleefully jumped into this vacuum in recent times to quench Sri Lanka’s thirst for weapons with "offensive capabilities", much like what happened in Myanmar when India ignored the military junta there in the 1990s. Colombo, for instance, has signed a $37.6 million deal with the Beijing-based Poly Technologies for a wide variety of arms, ammunition, mortars and bombs.

Sri Lanka is also getting some Chinese Jian-7 fighters, JY-11 3D air surveillance radars, armoured personnel carriers, T-56 (a copy of the famous AK-47) assault rifles, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and missiles. ........

SL is playing its cards very well. this is like a NASA operation. a few years back NASA planned to orbit a satellite around the SUN, which is almost impossible due to its EXTREME gravitational pull. so what they did was first send the satellite towards jupiter (the largest planet in the SS) to a point where the gravitational effects of the sun and jupiter were in opposite directions and cancelled each other. from there it was spun to an orbit around the sun.

india can retain its only friend as one article stated, OR lose it ALSO to china!! but just to keep its TN worshiping clowns happy it has repeated its rhetoric AGAIN (which has no value whatsoever!!)

TropicalStorm said...

Unlike earlier years, I think a firm global consensus has developed regarding how to combat terrorism, and the LTTE obviously has put itself firmly in the cross-hairs. At this juncture, it is not even for India to demand a respite for such a prominant terrorist outfit, and they won't.
India's concerns obviously have to be connected to the absence of a viable devolution proposal, which will be manipulated by the T'nadu nattami circus to create chaos demanding at least a boycott of the SAARC summit. The Indian strategists' visit has to be to formulate a proactive strategy to deal with a number of such probable scenarios.

TropicalStorm said...

Re; T'Nadu politics-

Even though the visible political leaders from time to time play to the gallery, the behind the scenese 'king makers' in T'Nadu are closely affiliated with the MR clan. Some very big puppet masters who bank role the TN politicians and orchestrate their rise and fall periodically are behind the lack of animated or cohesive and effective resistance from the region to the military campaign.
It is good to be better friends with your enemies friends.

Unknown said...

Guys who are advising DW on sensitive info...
Give DW some credit folks...He knows more than any of us how important to to keep things in wraps when they need to be. Whatever info he puts out here is deemed safe by an expert so let the man make the call what's safe and what's risky to publish.
We're all here to get an insider's insight to what goes on in the war front cos almost all other media have alternate agendas...
Please stoop insulting DW team's intelligence

Unknown said...

that's very interesting developments mate. LTTE clowns were all up in arms thinking india had sent that delegation to save their sorry butts :) should've seen the activity at LNP, the terror hive :)

Moshe Dyan said...

yes ranil; interesting indeed.

LTTE clowns were jumping like deprived deperate maggots on a lump of hot shittt.

BUT something that i noticed, you probably noticed it too, was that LTTE didn't jumpt on the bandwagon; not even Tamilnut. normally when outsiders with their desire to interfere (UN, HR crappies, EU, no-way, etc.) fart, Tamilnet goes to town with it. they are silent now. of course it has carried a news item about one of their own TNA crappies, but that is from the this side of the waters!

this is an EVEN MORE interesting development!!!

Unknown said...

chances are...ltte knew the true story behind that delegation.
great to see things are working for the best after all all this suffering and waiting...

Kithul said...


a good detailed update of the state of wanni operations with three maps on

Unknown said...

to all the tamils, non-sinhalese, non-sinhalese wannabis visiting this blog

please visit

and donate

The objective of Tamils For Justice is to retain the services of Bruce Fein, an Attorney in the United States who specializes in constitutional and international law to advocate:

The Deproscription of the LTTE, and Statehood for Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

Bring to justice the three US citizens (Sri Lankan President's two brothers Gothabaya and Basil Rajapakse, and Army Gen. Sarath Fonseka), who clearly are subjected to US law and jurisdiction and are believed to be guilty of gross violations of humanitarian laws, crimes against Tamils, and other serious offenses such as money laundering.

Utilizing his extensive network in the Media, Congress, Senate, and Executive Branches of the US Government, would aggressively persuade everyone to understand and support Tamil Statehood, which for half a century has never been advocated effectively.

* The Project will be in two Phases.
* First Phase of the Project $90,000.
* First Phase duration 3 months.
* Based on the First Phase Progress, Tamils for Justice will determine if the second phase is to continue.
* First Phase to start immediately.
* Second Phase, if continued, will cost $180,000.
* Second Phase duration 6 months.
* Tamils for Justice will provide progress report regularly on this website.

Unknown said...

Is this something within the jurisdication of USA?
If it were a UN court in geneva or something its ok.But If this is allowed then Many Presidents Of USA would also can be charged with simmilar type of allegations (I think...)

Lankapura said...

Start-of-week humour:

I like the part "I accuse that the Government of India supplied radars to the Sri Lanka Air-force which is strafing and bombing by which innocent Tamil people are brutally killed, the glaring example is Sencholai massacre."

So the radars are used for bombing?? Tamilnut is becoming a comedy website.

LKDOOD said...

Bomb Blast

Three Police constables were killed and another injured when a bomb exploded within 400m distance of the Ayithamalai Police post in Batticaloa Monday evening, Police said.

The three constables had gone for a bath to a nearby lake when a time bomb had been set off by suspected LTTE cadres who had infiltrated the area, police said.

The injured identified as PC Amila was rushed to the general Hospital at Batticaloa.

Since last month 11 police personnel have been killed in Batticaloa.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Re the now regular claymores and ambushes on securitymen in the East, are these done by LTTE pistol-groups, or, are they done by fulltime cadres who stay in forest camps(even if temporary) etc?

If it is the latter then I see trouble ahead for SLDF.Even if it is the former, it shows at least some Tamils still gives food, shelter & intelligence to LTTE inspite of Pillaiyan & co. It would be interesting to see whether this is an aberration or will grow with time.
As many are saying, the next 3 months will be crucial to both parties--after that the monsoons.

Raves said...

well sun tszu that is where your analysis goes down the garbage bin, because during the last month or so more civilians and more bombs have gone off/found in Colombo and its suburbs than the entire East.

Now we know colombo wasnt under LTTE control don't we?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

CD, you are entitled to your opinion. But i have nothing to say if you think bombs going off in colombo and claymores/ambushes in East have same implications for the future security of respective places.Colombo does not have pure & contiguous areas of Tamil population without other ethnic mix, nor it is thousands of square kms vast with huge chunks of poorly patrolled forests and lagoons.Dont jump, nobody implied the ltte is in control,or even threatens East;)
Better safe now than sorry later?
What is the latest situation in Yala?

LKDOOD said...

31 LTTE cadres, two soldiers killed in Lanka clashes


LKDOOD said...

Karunanidhi, Vaiko protest attacks on Indian fishermen


Raves said...

sun tszu,

latest situ in yala? well you tell me. the ltte very well knows with such ambushes it aint going no where military wise. A random claymore here and there is not going to change the ground situation. So what keeps them doing such things and risk exposing its sleeper cells like happened in Colombo? it can easily keep its diaspora 'happy' and keep its warchest getting filled up. the LTTE is a business venture. Just like NGOs releasing statements here and there with no substance, the LTTE too will blow up random bombs with no real significance.

What is going to change the situation for them is a ceaseless wave type attack by taking hoards of land and military hardware back like they did in 2000. When the East was captured I still remember 'analysts' beating drums that it will be a baathist Iraq, haha. How the soothsayers have gone wrong eh?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"the LTTE is a business venture"

you sure?

"How the soothsayers have gone wrong eh?"

On the other side, some soothsayers were predicting wiping out LTTE by August.So it kind of balances out the silliness?

LKDOOD said...

Air forces raids LTTE's training base - Oddusuddan

Sri Lanka Air Force launched air sorties targeting enemy positions in Oddusuddan and Andankulam areas this evening, June 24, Air Force spokesperson said.

SLAF fighters raided LTTE's training base located 3Km north of Muthiyankaddukulam Tank in Oddusuddan around 5.45 p.m.

Meanwhile, MI-24 helicopter gun ships attacked at an enemy bunker line located 2Km north-east of Andankulam area. The air attack was launched around 6.30 p.m in support of the ground troops in Mannar front.

redblitz said...

Constantin Demeris:
What is going to change the situation for them is a ceaseless wave type attack by taking hoards of land and military hardware back like they did in 2000. When the East was captured I still remember 'analysts' beating drums that it will be a baathist Iraq, haha. How the soothsayers have gone wrong eh?

How can we be so sure such an attack isn't already in the making? It took nearly two years for the response to Jaya Sikiru to settle in. We've yet to pass the two year mark with the start of this operation.. let alone the trigger the start of an LTTE offensive. It will come, just be patient ;)

redblitz said...

When the enemy advances, withdraw; when he stops, harass;
when he tires, strike;
when he retreats, pursue.

Mao Tse-Tung

We are going to reach the 'tires' soon ;)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


but is the ltte ' tired' too? I feel the biggest constraint to an LTTE offensive is lack of ammo, rather than arms,manpower,money or morale all of which it seems to have.

Gringo said...

[We are going to reach the 'tires' soon ;)]

Defence expert:

LTTE is not getting tired these days, right?

Use your brain... at least sparingly.

Bhairav said...

[I feel the biggest constraint to an LTTE offensive is lack of ammo, rather than arms,manpower,money or morale all of which it seems to have.]

I would say they have some concern about the manpower. Since the beginning of the year, they have lost 3,000+ cadres in the last 5+ months, that's about 20 cadres/ a day. Lets say that even if they have killed 10,000+ SLA personnels in last 5+ months, but losing 3000+ cadres for defensive effort is devastating. Some wanni reports say that by the time of TC's death, LTTE had trained 80,000 men and women, of them, how many were full-time cadres and auxiliary forces unknown.

I'm very skeptical about the latest LTTE strategy which until today failed big time. Pro-LTTE tamils would say that I'm under the clouds of government propaganda, but you can not hide the cadres lost here since they announced the maveerar death toll at 18k+ last Dec, now it stands at 21k+.

LKDOOD said...

...inmasat modem is capable to send data and transfer pictures at high speed. LTTE has several inmasat modems. From this inmasat modem, Praba and his wife have video chats with their daughter in Scotland..


Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"I'm very skeptical about the latest LTTE strategy which until today failed big time."

I would say, given the circumstances it is brilliant.A division strength force, with war-stocks & money drying up ,fighting conventionally with a 200,000 force armed with every weaponry in abundance and preventing them from swamping you is not to be surpassed elsewhere.
Just to gauge the LTTEs difficult situation imagine this--if the LTTE had 200,000 cadres and the SLDF 10,000 how many hours would the LTTE need to wipe out SLA?
If the LTTE is able to pull out a successful counterattack under the present scenario it would be a military miracle.In my opinion, if LTTE does not do so by the next 6 months, its military sun will set by attrition.If on the other end SLA does not dislodge it from physical possession of territory during same duration, the war can go into stalemate ?

Moshe Dyan said...

the art of READING BETWEEN THE LINES. it is said that when your enemy is making a mistake, don't disturb him. i'm a nobody in a blog and i'm not disturbing them.

from tamilnut.....


What is the exact role being played by these gentlemen of the delegation in Sri Lankan and Tamil affairs, what was the real purpose of their visit and what actually transpired in the talks may not be known to us for the time being. But, that is not important. (REAL MEANING – IT IS DAMN IMPORTANT!!)

Perhaps the Indian establishment can’t help it, as its coalition structure and the nature of the ruling Congress Party do not permit the emergence of statesmen or visionary politicians to deal with the Indian outlook in a manner prestigious and magnificent to the size and gravity of India. (REAL MEANING - BLAME THE STATESMANSHIP OR LACK OF IT OF INDIAN POLITICIANS, LOL!!! )

It now seems that as long as the Congress Party is in power in India, ideological or political approaches towards the struggle of Eezham Tamils and towards the plight of the island of Sri Lanka may not be expected. The BJP may be much better in this regard as there are parallel politicians and enough room for the role of politics in it. (REAL MEANING - SO NOW THE CRAP LTTE IS GOING AFTER THE BJP HOPING FOR A CHANGE!! )

The nature and structure of the Congress establishment is such that the political part of the government has become a dummy, especially when it comes to the question of Eezham Tamils.

Bureaucrats have been chosen and are assigned with a specific agenda, close to the heart of the establishment, in the pursuit of which they are not accountable to the people of India and need not be answerable even to the parliament. In a way it is a shadow military operation and a military option aiming at dismembering the Tamil National question as well as controlling the entire island. (REAL MEANING - SO THE WHOLE INDIAN CONGRESS ESTABLISHMENT MUST CHANGE FOR THEM TO SUPPORT THE LTTE. SHOULD IT CHANGE BECAUSE THE LTTE WANTS IT CHANGED? MY ARSEE!! )


The Tamil National question in Sri Lanka is a wider ideological issue of a people facing genocide and it involves the prestige of 70 million Tamils living all around the world. (REAL MEANING - OMG!! THEN TAMIL NADU FELLOWS WOULD COME DOWN TO VANNI AND FIGHT FOR THEIR SURVIVAL, DON’T THEY? )

The negligence and negative approaches shown by the International Community towards the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka and towards the Tamil diaspora are allegedly more due to the Indian attitude than due to pressure from the Colombo government. (REAL MEANING - SL GOVERNMENT HAS EXERTED ENOUGH PRESSURE ON THE IC TO ACT AGAINST THE LTTE. THIS MUST CONTINUE) How to expect the IC to back the rights of the masses facing genocide in Sri Lanka, when their brethren in India are not voicing for them?


The Eezham struggle has now come to the stage of dealing with the International System. As a government, Colombo is in a better position to tilt the balance in its favour. The Tamils, even though a global community, don’t have a government of them to handle the situation. The Tamil Nadu state is the only legitimate body. (REAL MEANING - BUT TAMIL NADU IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AS THE IC IS CONCERNED!!! )

Of all the states in India, Tamil Nadu has a unique status having a global diaspora. (REAL MEANING - OUR DIASPORA IS YOUR DIASPORA, ALTHOUGH THEY DON’T SEND MONEY TO YOU!! ) It has special perspectives and responsibilities in this regard.

What about the Tamil Nadu Assembly passing a resolution, upholding the right to self determination of the Eezham Tamils, and announcing a policy of supporting it, confining to the purview of the Indian constitution and laws. (REAL MEANING - WHEN THE HELL DID TAMIL MADU BECOME A NATION? I THOUGHT IT IS STILL WITHIN INDIA? )

Like the Vaddukkoaddai declaration of 1976 (REAL MEANING - FUCKKING HELL! LIKE THE CRAP VADDAKUNDI RESOLUTION TAMIL NADU SHOULD ALSO DECLARE VIOLENCE AGAINST INDIA? ), overwhelmingly mandated by the Eezham Tamils for their self-determination, such a declaration from the Tamil Nadu assembly will provide legitimacy to Tamil National question in any international forum and is of immense help to safeguard Tamil rights in any negotiations.


The reality is that Sri Lanka today is deeply divided beyond reconciliation. Even anyone who harbour a desire to see a united Sri Lanka has to now think of first separating the warring parties than allowing the oppressors to achieve the 'unity' through genocide. (REAL MEANING - LTTE IS TALKING ABOUT GENOCIDE!!! THAT’S HOW THE DEVIL CAME TO PREACH THE SCRIPTS!! )

Engineering and abetting a genocidal war (REAL MEANING - HO…HO.. THIS MEANS THE WAR IS DOING REALLY REALLY WELL. IT MUST BE MAINTAINED AND INCREASED.) in Sri Lanka has to be stopped immediately. (REAL MEANING - IMMEDIATELY!!! HOW DESPERATE? )

Secession of the sufferers who are graduated as a nation is a time-tested international remedy. (REAL MEANING - THEY HAVE MIGRATED TO CANADA, ETC. FOR PUNNAKKU THAMIL CELEBRATIONS AND DON’T NEED ANY NATION)

Those who cast doubts on the viability of Eezham often talk of the practicality and mechanism of secession. They cite the case of the Muslims and Tamils living in the Sinhala areas.

A principled secession based on the right to self-determination is only a first step. Proper political thought, agenda and development in both sides of the island can sort out many practical problems and eventually may bring in reconciliation. (REAL MEANING - SO THEY WANT SEPARATION FIRST? TAMIL NADU SEPARATION FROM INDIA OR VANNI SEPERATION FROM SL) The desired unity may come sooner than one expects. The case of Malaysia and Singapore and the successful model of ASEAN need to be cited here. (REAL MEANING - MALAYSIA? TAMILS? MY ARSSE!!. MALAYSIA LOVES TAMILS THAN TAMIL NADU, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HELD VEZAPILLAI’S PLACCARDS LAST YEAR)



1. SLA is doing very well. many LTTE cadres are dying; the level has reached genocidal proportions. So the figures in MoD are reasonably correct
2. LTTE’s international operations are HEAVILY affected
3. india has deserted them
4. tamil nadu, which is infested with UTTERLY DUMB POLITICIANS, is the only hope
5. LTTE is getting more and more desperate. may resort to further barbaric attacks on civilians. Barbarians will classify policemen, school children, office workers, farmers, politicians, etc. as military targets.
6. this will FURTHER isolate the LTTE in the IC!!

Bhairav said...

[I would say, given the circumstances it is brilliant.A division strength force, with war-stocks & money drying up ,fighting conventionally with a 200,000 force armed with every weaponry in abundance and preventing them from swamping you is not to be surpassed elsewhere.
Just to gauge the LTTEs difficult situation imagine this--if the LTTE had 200,000 cadres and the SLDF 10,000 how many hours would the LTTE need to wipe out SLA?
If the LTTE is able to pull out a successful counterattack under the present scenario it would be a military miracle.In my opinion, if LTTE does not do so by the next 6 months, its military sun will set by attrition.If on the other end SLA does not dislodge it from physical possession of territory during same duration, the war can go into stalemate ? ]


Ifs and that never work in reality. When you had 4 year honeymoon to build a great Tamil force, then you can not complain much about it after you started the war. We can not think like a typical sports fan who thinks that his team won many championships and became a dynasty team aka LTTE, so we believe again that it will win the championship every year, even though the leauge got make over in the off season with new rules like TF1,2, and DPU in action while our team is loaded with aging stars and have to cope with very strict salary cap for manpower, ammunition, and money.

Whatever it is, the move which we made can not be pulled back given the circumstances, which may ultimately kill us, so we should think about the lateral movement which is about clocking the wanni fronts with gun and run tactics until we get favorable period.

Moshe Dyan said...

"so we (LTTE) should think about the lateral movement which is about clocking the wanni fronts with gun and run tactics until we get favorable period (pansy Ranil at the top)."

well said!!

this is the exact reason why i harp on an ANNIHILATION strategy. as long as the LTTE has numbers, it is a force to recon. but the present strategy (compared to previous ones) is about an eventual total wipe-out.

for the first time LTTE has started to CONTINUOUSLY refer to the war as a genocial war. this proves it. it is simple numbers that vanni has a negative population growth. the end is inevitable IF THINGS CONTINUE LIKE THIS.

SLDFs especially SLAF should target more cadres than now and ATGMs should be used more frequently to blast hideouts.

anyway now the fighting is closing in on areas of HIGHER LTTE concentration and casualties will skyrocket.

Unknown said...

You have summarized the Current situation.
This is exactly the reason the ltte is opting to slowly withdraw with land mining & IED setups to Slower the Advancing troops. But for How long is the question? With All fronts ready to Advance, Ltte can only be on the defensive, as the shortage of trained personnal restrict them from making an offensive.If they draw their caders to one front to Attack then there will be Huge Advances in the other fronts..
hope for the Best,with International intervention to be Rescued from an Slow desperate Death....

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


good to know that there are naysayers in LTTE.Your points are well taken.
As Colin Powell said--you break it, you own it.I am also of the opinion that should LTTE have continued with CFA it would have not been outlawed & ganged upon by IC, Karunas effect would have been less, its legitimacy solidified & military strength enhanced.
All these would have helped in shortening the conflict--as the Sinhalese majority would have settled for Federalism than risk war & separation.
But having wiped out naysayers LTTE is feeling its side effects only now;helped by Sinhalese hawks waiting for an excuse for war.
Now the Sinhalese-controlled GoSL have nothing to fear -- and can offer bananas or perpetrate human rights abuses & and there is diddly sqat Tamils/LTTE can do about it.

londonistan said...

Guy, have you read the defence article in today's 'The Bottomline' paper?

Most interesting bit- Praba and Wife uses inmasat high-speed modem to speak to daughter in Scotland:

'Veerakathy Manivannam aka Castro is the Head of the LTTE and International Secretariat. He has appointed leaders in each and every country. He communicates with those leaders using satellite phones and via e-mail. He is using inmasat satellite modem, to communicate on the Internet and using this modem, he can send email and surf the net to watch LTTE videos and view pictures. This inmasat modem is capable to send data and transfer pictures at high speed. LTTE has several inmasat modems. From this inmasat modem, Praba and his wife have video chats with their daughter in Scotland. It is a high powered medium of communication, which the LTTE possesses. This kind of sophisticated devices help the LTTE, to smoothly run its international networks, acoording to reliable sources, from Kilinochchi.'

The rest of the link is a good read/informative:

Is there no way of extracting the source of the signal and sending one of those american anti-taleban cave-busting bombs!?!

Raves said...

[On the other side, some soothsayers were predicting wiping out LTTE by August.So it kind of balances out the silliness?]

if you listened to ITN where Fonseka's new year message was telecast he only said to his men to DETERMINE themselves to finish the war in this new year. how is that a deadline? we wish each other on new year for prosperity and happy life etc but does that mean we are going to be happy all year around?

likewise the other deadlines. find me a link where the general has said so HIMSELF. all these deadline hype is based on heresay.

Gringo said...

[150 LTTE cadres including child soldiers killed in one month - LTTE posters reveal?]

Excellent... Excellent... Excellent...

All along... I was (and am)a firm believer that LTTE barbaric terrorists can be totally obliterated if we Sri Lankans have a the correct policy and the will to go with it.

Let the soothsayers and pundits say anything they want... our security in our hands... and our objective is to get rid of the terrorists killing us 24/7.

Nope... we should not waste any time linking historical root causes...blah...blah... blah... to terrorists giving them credibility...

Our job TODAY... is to invent novel methods to make sure that maximum number of LTTE terrorists and their coolies are BBQed as quickly as possible.

Now... today is a great looking day to surprise cordon-off to nab is Wellawatte / Bamba area for hiding LTTE cowards.

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