Monday, July 28, 2008

The East being secured shut

Special security measures have been taken to protect the Eastern Province after sources indicated the region's vulnerability to small-group attacks as the Army advances northwards. Around two weeks ago, a small group of Tigers crossed the Thambalagamuwa junction. With that a total of around 150 Tigers maybe in hiding from Kokilai to Kataragama.

Two Special Task Force camps vacated from the Maha Oya- Ampara road will be relocated to their original locations. These were the Thirukkovil and Arantalawa STF Camps. The STF camps at Piyangala and Pulukunawa will remain the same.

The Sri Lanka Army, following its victory in the East, moved parts of its Brigade, including a platoon of the Special Forces stationed at Monkey-Bridge (on the Kantale-Trincomalee road) further north to Morawewa. This has further limited large LTTE movements. In any case, the LTTE is currently not in a position to move large numbers of cadres due to a shortage of men.

A new SLA Brigade will be established at Sithandy, along the Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa main road. This is in addition to two more Brigades established at Thoppigala and Vakarai/Vaharai. The establishment of these new Brigades is made possible by the availability of large numbers of fresh troops.

A large, 4-lane road is under construction along the Trincomalee harbour area connecting Sampur, Mutur, Kinniya, China Bay, Nilaveli, Kuchchaveli and the City. This road, once constructed, will be useful in mobilizing large numbers of troops in short notice to any strategic point in the Trincomalee bay area. Another large road is under construction from Seruvila to the Habarana-Polonnaruwa road. These roads are all being constructed by Army Engineers.

Due to constant raids by the military, Tigers hiding in the Trincomalee North area are facing a severe food shortage, captured Tigers have revealed. Currently, a military operation is being conducted in Kokilai, Kumburupiddi and Thiriyaya areas. Troops have so far uncovered 2 small habours used by LTTE to replenish cadres and stocks.

Meanwhile the number of LTTE corpses recovered from Vaunikulam went upto 38 over the weekend. 30 bodies have been accepted by the Tigers so far. At least a dozen more corpses have been collected in pieces and buried.


Unknown said...

LTTE (Liberation Tiger of Tamil Extinction) have to except every dead body what SLA delivers. Best part will how they will explain this to the poor people back in rebel controlled areas, most of them are very young and never enjoyed their childhood coz of one big maniac(s) who thought of carving out a separate country out of Sri Lanka. " This will be one of the biggest Stolen Generation in Sri Lanka's history, who forcefully taken out of their parents to fight for mirage (dream of few maniacs while they are enjoying luxury life overseas or back in Sri Lanka)". Sad part is that any one who was born after 1983 (which is under LTTE control areas) will only know few toy thats the AK47, hand grenades and bombs, war movies and songs and news which builds haterated towards the rest of the country specially towards the Sinhalese.

I am sure there will be uprising very soon against the LTTE (due to the inability prove that they are the sole rep for the Tamil people on rebel areas), it was proven otherwise in the east. This will be interesting to watch how things turn around against the suppression and aggression they carried out against their own people. When there are too many casualties thats when the tide turns around.

Hope this war will end for once for all and let every ethnic group live peacefully.

Kithul said...

Thanks DW, good one yet again

thiru said...

Tigers will definitely mobilize more troops to the east during SAARC, the east is at the calm before the storm, this is where there are going to be many battles in the next 2-3 months.

LKDOOD said...

good news DW


east must be fully secured

otherwise the LTTE will exploit the opportunity

LKDOOD said...

Blogger thiru said...

Tigers will definitely mobilize more troops to the east during SAARC, the east is at the calm before the storm, this is where there are going to be many battles in the next 2-3 months.

July 28, 2008 10:40 PM


lot of "talk" about LTTE

> attacking the east
> counter attacks in the north
> Tiger planes attacking
> Operation "red bird"

nothing is going on in the "Real" world


Bhairav said...

[LTTE to hand over dead body of SLA DPU soldier
[TamilNet, Monday, 28 July 2008, 15:44 GMT]
LTTE officials in Ki'inochchi on Monday said a unit of the Peoples Force of Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (PF-LTTE) had recovered the dead body of a Sri Lanka Army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) soldier who was killed following the recent attack in Kokkaavil where Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari Divisional Secretariat, Santhalingam Vimalakumar, was slain in a Claymore attack on Friday. Meanwhile, four of the thirty dead bodies were handed over to the LTTE through the ICRC by the SLA, were not identified as belonging to LTTE fighters, the Tigers said.

LTTE's NGO and U.N. Liaison Officer M. Pavarasan has said that the faces of some of the identified LTTE fighters dead bodies were not in a preserved state.

The LTTE was making preparations to handover the dead body of the SLA soldier who was clad in LTTE uniform when he was confronted by the Peoples Force of the LTTE.

The LRRP of the SLA is known as Deep Penetration Unit (DPU).]

Finally LTTE finds the way to tackle DPU of SLA.

Srilankan said...

Nothing is going to happen to thiru.He is a citizen of a different country now and has nothing to do with us.On our part we have to look after the peace loving tamil peoples currently living in SLanka starting with the Easterners..their contribution to Srilanka has been considerable and we owe them so much.

Srilankan said...

very Well said!!.I hope there is no uprising.However the army has to organise their advance so that LTTE cadres get a chance to surrender.It is difficult to say the least and i cant imagine how the army will pull it off which they have to.I keep asking myself why they have to die if it is was not their intent to join a guerrila army in the first place in which case it is different.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Can anyone recognize these two photos?

Unknown said...

Niyamai katha pojja bola!

Thanks for the great work done on the arti detecting radar. Man! it detects the location even before the first shell impacts!

One little snag.. Isn't this for US version? Hope it's the same for the version we have acquired.

Guys don't get diverted by the LTTE cyber terrorists here. You can see they are swarming in here like a group of crows shitting around this way and that. If we look up and yell at them imagine what happens.

Keep focused, don't get carried away.

Srilankan said...

i hope you are wrong and praying that you are.Let me put it this way one year from now we will discuss this subject matter further.Thiru dont paint everyone with the same brush.

Srilankan said...

May help with the news

Unknown said...

Hi Thiru,

You said:

“Tigers will definitely mobilize more troops to the east during SAARC, the east is at the calm before the storm, this is where there are going to be many battles in the next 2-3 months.”

What about your unilateral ceasefire?

This is ample proof that you always call for a ceasefire when you need some breathing space.

You plan would have worked perfectly if SLA had fallen to the same old trap!

“do you know wat took place during the tsunami times in the tamil areas, i was there by the way for your information”

Please enlighten us, what happened?

“thambala, spoken just like a true racist singhalese, you dont even want to speak to a tamil with different views from yourself, this is the root cause of this war-suppression by the racist majority”

What is your definition of racism and what amounts to racism in thambala’s comment?

Unknown said...

LTTE Mobilizing more troop to Fight SLA onslaught

There is no troops to mobilized for LTTE, it means forcefully taking more children from their parents. It is so sad to see that the kids force to fight for a some one else dream.

I met few people (Tamil) and who are hardcore supporters of LTTE i have nothing against them been a supporter, i asked the same question and i am asking every LTTE supporter, u live happily in these countries and send your kids to the best schools have lots of toys eat the best food u can buy,
But none of you are sending your children to fight with the others poor kids.. Answer " Once we liberate the land need some one to rule and administrate so we have to bring our kids here"

You think they will send any of their kids back to administer??

Will leave it for the imagination

kuttu said...

"..if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.."

kuttu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kuttu said...

"The East being secured shut"

we will see


mottapala said...

we undwrstand your dissapointment and frustration in slowly realizing your dream of Thamil Eelam is nearing end. LTTE is the single organisation who metaculously driving the tamils to extinction by starving and killing them.Unfortunately people like you still find it hard to digest. People like you are physically, financially, at least psychologically accelerating the tamil extinction.

kuttu said...

army offensive repulsed in Paalamoaddai

kuttu said...

LTTE to hand over dead body of SLA DPU soldier

nice catch...hehe

kuttu said...

new reports of army going MIA

kuttu said...

nothing is going on in the "Real" world


July 28, 2008 10:45 PM


stupid dude

you will see very soon...

mottapala said...

kottu said,

"..if the disrespecting our occupying Sinhala forces,, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.."

1.occupying Sinhala forces,-correction- Sri Lankan Forces. They can go anywhere in Sri Lanka

2. Good will of our nation - What goodwill. We dont accept goodwills from terrorists. We kill them.

3.Defensive action - Thats ok. i know what u meant. Leave the bata slippers and run for life.

kuttu said...


i don't need to reply

your name sounds familiar to me..

sinhalas = mottapala


Unknown said...


You are an idtio. On one hand you say you are not racist and on the other you post stuff like this:

“sinhalas = mottapala”

Unknown said...


We’ve got one very important lesson to learn from terrorists living abroad, it is patience!!!!

They’ve been waiting for Eelam for 30 years now and still kuttu is saying:

“you will see very soon...”
“we will see hehe..”

All I can say is “he he”…

Unknown said...


"..if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.."

First of all, as mottapala pointed out, this is OUR country and it is not possible to "occupy" our own country.

Second, take as much defensive action as you need, you’ll need all the "defensive action" you can take in the coming weeks!!!

Colomblogs said...

Guyz, you will see the true story of DPUs sooner. Until then, pl let Kuttu and team to LOL.

Let LTTE to list-out all their options. Even in the worst case (most beautiful dream of the LTTE), Army repulsed, Ranil will be in Power, Indian Govt failed, Obama in power....

Army repulsed :Even during the worst debacles (CBK period), army hold good ground and there weres till many freindly countries to help.

Ranil will be in power :Will others let him to do the same Ceasfire mistake? Will south let him to give the Eelam?

Indian Govt failed :Indian foreign policy decide by the Indian internal agencies and RAW.LTTE cant toppled the RAW. They have some unfinished business with the LTTE.

Obama in power :USA foreign policy decide by the CIA. And India/Pakistan will not allowed USA to take action against SL. If so it is natural SL thrown to China..not nice isn't it?

Even if all this happens can VP come-out freely? He will be a "Bunker leader". Live and die in a bunker.

you need another name to lead the organization. VPs son? Immediate uprising will be imminent from top senior carders. See all the permutations..LTTE can't survive in a war-less world. So this will be do or die game. Now, only few can help them in "do" factor. SLDF generously help them in "Die" factor!

LKDOOD said...

India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

An Indian soldier has been killed by Pakistani troops who crossed the Line of Control dividing the disputed territory of Kashmir. Shots were exchanged after an argument and firing had continued until Monday evening.


LKDOOD said...

thiru said...

abaran, mobilizing troops is not a direct violation of a ceasefire, the tigers have not and will not launch any offensives till after Aug.4th as they stated.

Unknown said...

there nothing called mobilizing troops there arent any, forcefully taking people to fight against their will.
I am not sure how its not a direct violation of ceasefire, on the other hand who declared the cease fire and why? SL gov said there is no ceasefire, but LTTE wants it, one thing it doesnt add up at all, its obvious to every one that when the tail is on fire LTTE needs a ceasefire to get some breathing space ...
Its old school now, whole world knowns about that, its amazing not a single country supported the ceasefire except the depleting LTTE.

LTTE will needs to broker some peace deal with its own people when too many gets killed and the hardship they have to go through coz of the this unethical war. I am sure you and i will not going through that coz i have no one living in LTTE held areas but u may be from that area living overseas, u may have relatives in going through the hardship check with them what they wants? i am sure they wants peace and not LTTE in power though no one wanna say that coz u will get killed. Any one who speaks against them get killed, too many examples.

Poor people who are under the claws of LTTE is suffering, its not by choice its by force. The poor kids are fighting a never ending war for the rich and who lives overseas to full fill their DREAM LAND..

hemantha said...

This a very good article (written by Col. Hariharan).

click here

Unknown said...


What I don’t understand is why you had to call a ceasefire in the first place!

You could’ve just waited as you’ve done for months!!

According to you, you have not actually done anything different on the ground as before the ceasefire you weren’t on the offensive anyway. So, why label your waiting game a “ceasefire”? After all, you’ve been waiting since Mavil Aru to “teach SLA a lesson”, haven’t you?

Bhairav said...


When is your red bird going to be airborne?


kuttu said...


“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

-Saint Augustine

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the reply.

"The WLRS can detect any trajectory weapon fired from upto 35kms. There won't be a way to hide them."

but our artilery can only strike less than 27km, isn't it?

in other words, LTTE arti and SLA arti have the SAME range. therefore if SLA were to attack LTTE arti pards using artilery (again!!), SLA pads must come within the reach of LTTE arti.

the maximum distance between them is the max range of their artilery.

so even if WLRS has a detection range of 35km it doesn't make things any better.

isn't so DW?

Moshe Dyan said...


col. karuna surely knows LTTE's desperate measures!!

if SAARC related stuff is going to stop SLAF attacks for 11 days (IF), that will be a massive boon for tigers. apart from arti moves, they can also rehash their defences beyond the areas of active war. try that when SLAf is active, tigers are dead meat.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the input mate. very intersting.

hope i clarified it??? if i didn't.....

WLRS stationed 35km away from LTTE arti launching pad

A. LTTE arti falls (closest) approx. 7 km away.

B. SLA arti falls approx 7km (max) away from LTTE arti launching pads

C. as a result of A & B, neither party's arti pads are damaged

WLRS stationed 27km (or less) away from LTTE arti launching pad

A. LTTE arti (depending on accuracy) falls on to the WLRS and SLA arti pads.

B. SLA arti. smashes LTTE arti. pads

C. depending on LTTE arti accuracy (they are notoriously accurate) both parties will suffer

if LTTE does what SINGLE mentioned (very likely) (bring a few pieces forward), and use arti from both locations, they will have a higher hit rate. also their forward arti pads will get a beating.

WLRS stationed 27km-35km away from LTTE arti launching pad SLA ARTI WHICH ARE CONNECTED TO THE WLRS within 27km. for this to happen there should be some sort of a link spanning a long distance which i doubt.

A. LTTE arti (depending on accuracy) falls on to SLA arti pads
WLRS is wintin a safe distance

B. LTTE arti pads get smashed

C. depending on LTTE arti accuracy (they are notoriously accurate) both parties will suffer

if LTTE does what SINGLE mentioned (very likely) (bring a few pieces forward), and use arti from both locations, they will have a higher hit rate. also their forward arti pads will get a beating.

however WLRS systems will be safe.

so anyway we run the same risk they run.

only variable is RELATIVE accuracy as reach is same for both parties.
the test of relative accuracy comes at the same risk as b4.


TropicalStorm said...


The LTTE answers to none. Under the guise of special priviledge, the bodies are buried in cemetaries kept for the LTTe, whcih prevents them frombeing taken to the villages. The tipping point you are referring to will arise from the people gradually falling behind the army's advancing lines. Teh LTTE knows this and will do its best to move them closer to K'nochci to build a thick human shield.

Obama in power - changes nothing. a lot of Sri Lankans misjudge the American commitment to wiping out terrorism. No matter what these guys say in public to get elected, once in the White House the policies will remain the same re. terrorism. Obama also needs to prove that he will not budge to terrorists, or the Us will be seen as weakened udner attack. That is a strategic blunder he will not be permitted to make, by the lawmakers.
No matter who wins, you can expect the US policies to remain unchanged.

Colomblogs said...

If LTTE moves the Arti inside a Village (as they always do),it will be impossible to hit back (even if we pin-point it)using SLDF Arti.

So using the System to find the target, and destroy by a surpise.

In summary LTTE will move the Arti to a close village to SLDF line. It will open up a closer range for LRRP.

When they close one always open-up a new one.

When LTTE send the carders to East for attack, they lose some in North. That is the last thing they want. They cant re-capture the East now. So to utilize resource just for publicity stunts make the North more vulnerable for LTTE. And safegurad of the leaders.

What you guyz think? except for publicity stunts and keep Disapora happy what is the point sending LTTE's scare resources to East?

chamal said...

"Special security measures have been taken to protect the Eastern Province after sources indicated the region's vulnerability to small-group attacks as the Army advances northwards."

I have a feeling they'll be targeting civilian villages as before. Hope they are secured and support troops are ready to be sent immediately to any place where an attack occurs.

Unknown said...

I think there will some kinda resistance from the local population, and i agree that LTTE is forcing civilian population to moved towards uncleared areas. so there will be a few civilian deaths too, LTTE can be big cry babies and tell the world that SL Gov is killing innocent people,

If Obama comes into power that will not help Sri Lanka at all, coz he has been approached by the LTTE lobbyist and he will pressure SL Gov and will force the other countries to put pressure on SL, in which way its yet to determined

If McCain comes into power it will be a different ball game.

Kithul said...


according to DW this is the type SLA has acquired.

Unknown said...

"Finally LTTE finds the way to tackle DPU of SLA."

well bhaiarav...seems like you guys have nothing to worry about then eh?
from here onwards all the so called "dpu" attacks by the army are all false allegations cos hell our deep battle space folks are now vulnerable to all new and improved ltte tactics :)

Unknown said...

"A barrage of heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) fire from the Northern Front was launched by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Sunday and Monday into Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) controlled territory in Iyakkachchi, Pazhai and Vadamaraadchi East villages despite no provocation from the LTTE side, sources in Ki'linochchi said.

"no provocation" hoo hoo hoo...bloody effing hilarious... don't these ltte rats know that their sheer existence is enough reason :) :) :)

Unknown said...

Guys stop the unecessary name calling and fighting.

People expect Merrill Lynch/UBS to be soon under Singapore Control. Another sign why mutli racialism works. Singapore owns nearly as much assets in Australia then the Australian Government.

Singapore's Temasek confirms Merrill Lynch stake

Recently Malaysia lost an island called Pendra Banca to Singapore by the court at the Hague. I told the malaysians that they were working with one hand beind their back as non malays were not allowed to top post.

Singapore was represented by the deputy prime minsiter and former dean of the university jayakumar and law minister (no yet then) shangmugam.

Unknown said...

In TamilNet

Jul 28 15:44 LTTE to hand over dead body of SLA DPU soldier

-Can we see some pictures please?
-Also interesting is the PF-LTTE (Peoples Force of Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam). What is this? Any body in the know?

Jul 28 15:19 SLA offensive repulsed in Paalamoaddai - LTTE

-Says 5 solidiers killed. Nothing much to jump for joy about is it?

Jul 28 14:48 SLA fires artillery, MBRL from Northern Front

Seems Jaffna front is hotting up. Also mentions that jets / UAV hovered over Giranikke (Killinochchi)

Moshe Dyan said...


welcome back mate. good points.

but i recon it is good to keep within the topic of defence.

Sam Perera said...

thaka thiru,

Please reveal more ZTTE battle plans coming from your deep inside connections to Veza-pillai. We will follow your advise like gospel, to take precautions against ZTTE master plan. Fear not, your Eezam is closer than ever, probably 10^10000000 years. Until than, please keep revelaing the ZTTE master plans.

Unknown said...

i'm guessing this PF is the same as makkal padai or civilians with arms training...
the t net article however says that PF found the dead body and nothing about them actually killing the alleged "dpu" trooper
probably another Tnet stunt to shore up failing morale of the ltte supporters by saying "oh look here, our makkal padai can tackle SLDF elites now" :) :)

san said...

Israel cancels military exports to SL? ANY TRUTH ABOUT THIS NEWS ITEM?
COLOMBO: The United States, Israel and India are seriously concerned on the recent proximity between the Iranian and Sri Lanka regimes, Cursor agency reported, adding that due to fears arising from the close relationship the Israeli Military Industrial Complex (MIC) had cancelled exports of military technology and armaments to Sri Lanka. Recently, Iran becam a main donor for Sri Lanka, investing considerable capital in economy and defence. The report said President Mahinda Rajapaksa does not hide his close relations with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, his Iranian counterpart.
The report further said Israel, although one of the main suppliers of military technologies to the country for a long time, now fears that Iran will get information on new Israeli armament and military technologies from Sri Lanka.
Defence deals with Sri Lanka amounts to several hundred millions of US dollars every year. Israel supplied Sri Lanka with Kfir aircraft, upgraded with new navigational equipment, rocket ships and unmanned aircraft, system of night vision, complex of artillery fire guidance in the sea and land, Gabriel sea-based missiles and systems of their induction, as well as, 155 kilometer-artillery facilities.
Proximity between Iran and Sri Lanka began in 2004. Since then Iran has become the first assistant of this country has been investing about half-billion US dollars in its economy annually. Iran, for example, financed the construction of a new high-capacity power station in Sri Lanka.
The report said Israel had officially cancelled a defence delivery to Colombo except spare parts and components to the delivered equipment. However, private companies continue cooperation with Sri Lanka and may continue delivery of the very latest military equipment to this country.


Unknown said...


How is our fire finding system protected against LTTE fire? I understand that for it to be effective, it needs to be within LTTE artillery range. What measures are being taken to prevent a specific or random LTTE round falling on one of the units and damaging it?

Moshe Dyan said...


"rocket ships......... Gabriel sea-based missiles and systems of their induction, as well as, 155 kilometer-artillery facilities. "

i don't think SL was given these in the first place.

sorry no idea of such a cancellation. if true it surprises me!

Colomblogs said... get about the Israel technologies from joking...! Israel not selling thier state-of-art units to anybody. What they sold to us and the information on them can found on any internatinal defence blog.

India and Iran has one of the best relationships. So why they worrry?

BTW if Obama becomes USA president, his best freind going to be Iran (as indicated). So we will be buddies...

we will also need to pay attention these articles where they publish and who write it. That solve the credibility questions!

If Israel not selling us...lets talk to China.Get some money from Arab..Keep all options open, rather than putting all our eggs in Israel basket.

Objective is to get any available support (rather than worrying about non-avialabilities) and destroy thy enemey!.

Kithul said...


how reliable is this site?

you should take these new items with 'a kilo of salt'

if i may pinch a page from qrious' book

Unknown said...

Moshe Dyan,

I think they mean the SAAR class by the term "rocket ship" lol,

Man i would love to see a 155kilometer arty wont you? :)

they might be referring to 155mm howitzers, but i don’t think we have them. We’ve got the Chinese 152mm, may be we got an FC system for the guns ?

We didn’t even buy the Israeli 160mm mortars which they had offered the STF, because the Army Artillery Boys and brass wouldn’t hear of it.. too bad, the 160mm is a nasty grand slam mortar, if the boys called the 120mm mortar “Arty’ mortar” just guess what response the 160mm would have got from the tigers!!

And yes, Israel would not sell us sensitive hardware, that is the cutting edge stuff they have& use now! Kfir's are not even in the IAF in active role anymore, and all the remaining SAAR 4/4.5 classes have being upgraded. And we had already reassured them that the Pakistanis & the Chinese wont get to inspect their (Israeli) systems already. Same goes for the case of Iran.

Kithul said...

Nemesis and Moshe Dyan

more info on SAAR 4 ships at

link is courtesy of tropicalstorm from one his older posts at

Pigzy said...

"LTTE has violated it own unilateral ceasfire by firing ati rounds from poonaryn towards muhamalai"

Moshe Dyan said...



i read your interesting comment about vessels, etc. preferably manufactured/assembled in SL.

keep them coming.

"I think they mean the SAAR class by the term "rocket ship""

...very much possible. i have never heard SLN had used Gabriel missles. SLN has not displayed land attack capability either.

how will it be if SLN could attack LTTE positions in the national front on april 25 from the sea???

i proposed in DN a primitive way of doing it by carrying onboard an OPV a MBRL!!! later came to know that 107mm mortar launchers are fitted to some of our crafts.

Moshe Dyan said...


as usual another VERY informative link. thanks. read it in one grasp!!

BTW you didn't say what you think about my reply on WLRS and atri.

simply put it...

although WLRS can detect oncoming arti from 35km away, our arti should stay within 27km to attack LTTE arti pads. isn't it?

kuttu said...

shan said..

yes that's true. LTTE has broken its own unilateral ceasefire and is attacking the Muhamali defences with Artillery

Tv channels are just breaking the news

July 29, 2008 5:52 PM


"..if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.."

sinhala army continues to attack not respecting the goodwill gesture of the tigers

tigers are taking action

kuttu said...

LKDOOD said...
10 attacks on the FDL

July 29, 2008 5:55 PM


more on the way...hehe

san said...

SLNS Nandimithra (P 701)
SLNS Suranimala (P 702)
Fast Attack Vessels
The Fast Attack Vessels (FAV) were added to the SLN in 2001 when two Israeli Saar 4 class missile boats were acquired. These vessels which referred to as the Nandimithra class and equiped with Gabriel II anti-ship missiles, they increased the SLN's conventional warfare capability and provide a multi-role platform for different operations undertaken by the navy


chamal said...


Don't get your hopes up too soon.

Moshe Dyan said...


re: gabriel-2

that's news to me. thanks.

any instances SLN used them?

Kithul said...


getting back to the WLRS

your scenarios are based on ltte attacking SLA arti positions and vice versa

the situations is more that either side will attack wherever they want and the opponents artillery will not neccasarily be at the same location but may be miles away. nonetheless both arti can still be within range of each other.

WLRS meanwhile may be in a different area and still within range of detecting.

in such a scenario, which is more common, the ltte arti can be taken off. communication between the WLRS and Arti command will be by Radio so no problems there, WLRS will provide the precise data.

quote from document (courtesy DW)
"Locations of enemy weapon positions are automatically corrected for altitude ifferences, using computer-stored digital maps, and presented to the operator in northing, easting, and altitude coordinates."

"Signal and data processors test each track to filter out
birds, aircraft, and other unwanted returns, giving the
AN/TPQ-36 an extremely low false-location rate and a very
high probability of location. Once the computer establishes a target’s validity, it smooths the measured track data,deriving a trajectory that it extrapolates to establish the target’s firing position and impact location. Those data are displayed on a visual map and printed out in
map coordinates."

"Compact and highly mobile, the AN/TPQ-36 supports rapid deployment of forces and close combat. It can be positioned and ready for operation in 15 minutes. It can be readied for movement in 5 minutes by a five-man crew.
Because it can move quickly from one position to another,it is typically located close to the forward battle line in direct support of brigade operations"

"The AN/TPQ-36 comprises an antenna-transceiver trailer,a generator, and an operation control shelter that contains
processing equipment, the weapon-locating unit, and communications equipment. For the U.S. Army, the
2,500-lb shelter is carried on a HMMWV or a 2.5-ton truck; however, it can also be carried by other tactical vehicles. The manned operation control shelter can be
located as far as 50 m away from the unmanned antenna trailer."

on another question posed by you

"The AN/TPQ-36 can detect and report the positions of up to 10 different weapons in seconds,"

so it's a very versatile piece of equipment

Thanks DW for poviding all this info to us. chpicest blessings on you and the team to be able to continue to bring us this info.

Kithul said...

The Army says the LTTE violated the unilateral ceasefire announced to coincide with the SAARC Summit by firing at least 10 artillery rounds from Poonaryn to Muhamalai this morning injuring two soldiers.

kuttu is all fired up already.

Unknown said...

[more on the way...hehe]

oh my god... run run... might tigers are coming... :) :)
hoo hoo

Kithul said...


does the arti and small arms fire at Muhamalai look like a pre emptive to delay a possible thrust from Jaffna?

Unknown said...

Moshe Dyan,

Your welcome,

The Navy has mounted 107mm MBRL on some of her boats, this was revealed some time back on several blogs sometime back,

About the Gabriel Mk-2, we have never used it, now both FMVs, have their compliment
Of 4 missiles removed and have replaced by gun armerment, So I guess one cannot call them Missile boats/vessels any more. They have been given two 23mm cannons on both starboard & port sided mounted Typhoon mounts.

I have seen them having two 40mm AGL’s maned by two crew at the stren, by the way the two AGL’s are placed, it looks like an awkward which could mean that we don’t use the OTO Meral 76mm much (I hope I’m wrong). This could be a tech/spare parts prob or lack of 76mm NATO ammo (the once the OTO use are not cheap i hear)

So I guess she (the Nandrimithra Class) uses her 40mm and the 23mm for combat most of the time, and they are like all SLN craft blistering with 12.7mm HMGs and 7.62 PKMs :)

I have seen some old soviet ships, and some ships in the PLA Navy being armed with 107mm to 140mm MRLs, Chinese have placed 122mm 40 tubes ones on several new ships and in some of the old, the DPRK Navy and the I.R.I. Navy also have begun to place 107mm and 122mm MBRLs on many small and medium patrol and attack boats.

Defencewire said...


The gabriels are useless against LTTE vessels. It was not designed for this war.

Unknown said...


right on mark about the Gabriel ASM, they were built to take on large surface combatants (with a reasonable dtw like a Osa or a Corvette/Frigates & destroyers. And not 40-50kt small (less that 20m) low radar crass section boats like the sea tiger crafts.

thiru said...

parakrama, u asked abt the tsunami time, well in areas under tamil tiger control there was close to no funds given by the government to the ailing people, all the relief effort was coming from the tamil diaspora, if ur government doesnt want to help us why don't you just agree to separation and we'll take care of ourselves, i remember how the hardliners in the south in galle were partying as the tsunami struck mullathivu by lighting fire crackers, have you forgot that?

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks shan, nemesis, DW.

very intersting.


TN reported SLA shelling the EASTERN part of the northern FDL yesterday. they have only responded by attacking muhamalai. if SLA planned for a movement from naragkovil, palai or east vadamarachchi, they may land in trouble.

this seems a defencesive move by the LTTE. today morning they had shelled again and stopped.

it is correct to say that SLA provoked them to shell and then called that they (tigers) violated their own ceasefire.

Bhairav said...

Someone asked earlier for the picture of dead DPU you go

How to be effectively identify the DPU!

People force, please take a note

1. Most of the LTTE recruits are between 18 and 25, so you have to be always alert when you see group of men in LTTE uniform( max 6 members) with their looks show their ages bit higher than upper limit I mentioned above.

2. Most LTTErs are bit skinny, so whenever you see someone who is above 170 lbs, you should pay extra attention.

3. It is always good to inform local authorities regards to any suspicious activities including your fellow neighbors suddenly having lavish lifestyle.

Kithul said...

san and moshe

the two SAAR4 vessels sold to Sri Lankan were INS Moledet and INS Komemiut in the Israeli Navy.

if i rememebr right tropicalstorm wrote in his article at that the Gabriel missiles were removed when the ships were sold to Sri Lanka

TS can you please enlighten us, your article is no more on lankanavyblog only the link

Kithul said...


you are right

the gabriels have been removed from FMV's - they were never given to us, as i've read.

Kithul said...


"it is correct to say that SLA provoked them to shell and then called that they (tigers) violated their own ceasefire."

so two can play the same game. it's always been the ltte who di it now they are getting almost all of their games played back at them.

Colomblogs said...

Dont insult general Tamils inteligence..
- So guyz, if you are skinny and looks like 25 year old, you may be a DPU member. This is one of the advantages being fatty and old like VP...


Bhairav said...

Sinhala men usually have chubby facial features while Tamil men have sharp features.

Kithul said...

Nemesis and Moshe

There was a rather long discussion on either DW or DN on the possibility of MBRL's on SLN vessels. Someone, I think it was you nemesis, explined at length why it can't be done.

in laymans lingo the reason was that the insability, ships by nature cannot stay stable which was a requirement for accuracy

anyone rememebr this thread, any of you computer geeks can find it for us

Unknown said...


Let me tell you what really happened!! I know this as I was at Gatwick airport in London on my way to SL when the tsunami struck and I landed in Sri Lanka within 24 hours of the event.

I personally know doctors from A’pura hospital who were airlifted to areas which were then controlled by tigers for immediate relief work.

I’ve never heard about this firecracker business. Here’s the timeline of the tsunami:

8:27 AM: Tsunami Hits Kalmunai
8:55 AM: Tsunami Hits Trinco, Batticaloa, more
9:30 AM: Tsunami Hits Galle, Kalutara, more

It came unannounced and on boxing day, may people were still a sleep at it happened very early in the morning.

I think this is another one of your attempts to gain some propaganda points.

I even know instances of Buddhist monks carrying bags of rice on their backs to be delivered to “un-cleared” areas. I personally saw the amount of traffic headed towards “un-cleared” areas on A’pura – Trinco road.

You are sooooooooooo ungrateful and would try to turn anything to gain a few propaganda points, you should be ashamed of yourself.

kuttu said...

word is out

sinhala army is going to move from Jaffna

kuttu said...

sinhala army move on EP is imminent

kuttu said...

fire finders, fire dragons, fire elephants, fire crows

sinhala army has magical weapons....hehe

with a robocop army & magical weapons even god can't defeat the sinhala army......hehe

Unknown said...

What do you think of the picture here at

So the Peoples force has internet access too? he he..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Mate, don't twist the facts! U r just sick mate! I am from Galle and proud of the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim ect. people living there. People in Galle didn't had time to party hard as they were washed out to the sea just like people in Mullathivu. Ofcoz, all of them would have been happy if VP was washed to a island some where in Pacific so he can declare his Ellam and people in SL can live in better conditions!

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