Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavy fighting. 50 SLA KIA. 120 WIA

The total SLA KIA in four days of intense fighting in Akkarayan, Vannerikulam and Murikandi rose to 50 with another 120 soldiers injured, mostly walking wounded. The worst unit affected was 4 Sinha Regiment (4SR) under Lt. Col. Ravipriya, which suffered stiff resistance at Akkarayan north.

4 SR forms part of the 571 Brigade. A total of 29 bodies were captured by the Tigers in the fighting and these displayed to junior cadres and civilians in LTTE areas as a morale booster. The Brigade Commander of 571 and Battalion Commanders remained unmoved over the incident. But the 4SR maybe out of action for a while.

The Tigers have thrown all its firepower and experienced fighters at this unit, which has performed a yeoman service by supporting 571 from Madu to Uylankulam and now Akkarayan. It seems that several small teams from 4SR failed to link-up with the main body of the 571 during the confrontation and got surrounded and bogged down further by the terrain.

A Special Forces team on an LRRP mission was also detected north of Weli Oya today but managed to return to base safely this evening. LRRP units were on the trail of a top LTTE leader when they were detected.


Malin said...

Thanks for the info DefenceWire

Do you know LTTE death toll.. I ve heard its around 50-60 can you veryfy please.

Unknown said...

Thank you DW.

120 WD?

Can you please break it down?

PHANTOM-X said...

May the Brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives attain Nibbana, Rest In Peace for Christian brothers...

onecountry said...

looking at the amount of ammo they captured, we may have walked into a trap.

MrBrown said...
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MrBrown said...

[ The total SLA KIA in four days of intense fighting in Akkarayan, Vannerikulam and Murikandi rose to 50 with another 120 soldiers injured, mostly walking wounded ]

U sound like BED time stroy writer. when over 50 KIA how can u expect most of them with walking wound.. U people are writing bed time stories from 100s of miles away from the battle field

thiru said...

wat happened defencewire to ur 75 sla KIA, are u crazy comment? u started with 12 killed and now ur sarcasm has turned into a more concerned tone. It's pretty funny to see u guys eat ur words. That being said i still give u guys more credit than those pansies at defencenet who are in self denial and don't have the balls to admit a loss.

IntelAttack said...

This is the post that most terrorists and terror-supports have been waiting for.

Release the pain you held for so long from East liberation to Mallavi.

Come dance! dear friends, because the beat won't last for long.

Infinity said...

Troops enter Murikandi


Map of situation on August 29

It seems quite a lot of land has been captured during the last few days.

Apino Dannachess said...


Well said....Kakuluwan Natanne Watura Rat wenakang thamai

The noise being generated by Kakuluwas, its evident the heat is on....

PHANTOM-X said...

Eeelam is a dream that will never gonna happen...let them dance...Prabha's die is cast...

Sam Perera said...

Bless the brave sons of Mother Lanka who sacrificed their lives for our tomorrow. Bless and protect the lives and limbs of other brave soldiers who are fighting tirelessly for my homeland. As I understand 571 is one of our best brigades. I hope that 4SR will be replenished soon.

Ruwani said...

Hi all,

Please go and read the tribute I made to our brave soldiers.

Ruwani said...

sorry, try this link:

perein said...


"A Special Forces team on an LRRP mission was also detected north of Weli Oya today but managed to return to base safely this evening. LRRP units were on the trail of a top LTTE leader when they were detected."

Matter of minutes before all those so called terror leaders vanished to hell.

koombiya said...

May the brave guadians of out mother land attain Nibbana.

Heavy fighting will come in the future.

The terrorist dead would be higher than SLA.

when pushing on to terror FDLs like this I dont think that the small team tactic is appropriate. from the articles its clear that its the small teams that got traped and out numbered. I hope the COs will concider this, I know they know whats best anyway.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Thanks DW for update!

I am sure everything is going as planned.

Rover said...

I hope the LTTE maggots swarm Nachikida and keep attacking us so that we can get them.

Raves said...


[What is the big deal about intercepting Zlin? You know which direction they are coming from and you also have a pretty good idea which direction they will head back.]

This is a ridiculous statement. Just because you know what direction they are coming doesnt allow you for a successful intercept. If you didnt notice the sky is a 3D space and is huge. This is what makes the air radar vital to know WHERE the zling is before intercepting.

And then there's the question of speed. Even though the F7 in this case took off 20 mins AFTER the attack it still managed to get to where the Zling was. Can a WWII type aircraft do that? and in the middle of heavy rain?

And most importantly know where the zling is?

[Circling the airspace in a tight loop was all that was needed for interception.]

And circle blidly? for how long?

Like I've mentioned the sky is a massive 3D space.

The sea too is a massive space but its 2D, but still the Navy needed specific intelligence to intercept the ltte ships. Like you say the Naval craft didnt circle the seas hoping to catch the ltte ships. In SLAF's case they dont have ANY clue as to where and at what height the zlings are flying unless an aircraft with a suitable airborne radar is sent scrambling.

What you say is absurd and impractical. Hope you see the sense.

Ares said...
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Ares said...


we have suffered casualties... more than any time in the wanni front.

couple of things i like to underline is the place where the battle is taking place... we are now knocking on the rat hole's door... the other thing is when 50 or 75 according to TN dies, an equal or more number of tigers die as well...

so i think before you celebrate, there is a lot to do...

lets see... i dont know where to start... well lets start by

1) reestablish your supply routes

2) (i'd hate to be a tiger commander)

Rover said...

Yes, CD. If we launch about 20 Pucaras, we may just have a chance, that is if they don't crash into each other!

Defencewire said...

There's a difference between 50 KIA in 3 locations and 75 SLA KIA in one location. Get it?

Rover said...

It is now only that 50 got killed, in three locations. Not two days ago in one location.

Srilankan said...

What were the LTTE casualties.

Defencewire said...

The casualties on LTTE side is actually less than that. We believe it maybe in the 30s. And yes, 4SR kind of fell into a trap. But this is one battle and one battle Tigers have won in many months so it is a big deal for them.

The Army thinks otherwise. It knows its a small price to pay to get at the hardcore of the LTTE who have been running for the most part. They either get them now or later. Now is a better option, don't you think?

The numbers here are the total casualties in fighting for four days in three locations, over half being from 4 SR meaning several teams lost. But 571 is a BRIGADE for heavens sake, not a platoon. So it has 4SR, 10 infantry etc battalions. This is why the field commanders are not worried.

Achi said...

Ruwaani that is old post can u write a newone and show us.I doubt u can.

Rover said...

"This is why the field commanders are not worried."

Yes! they are playing into our hands. It is a win win situation of SLA anyways,

Available options:
1. We get Pooneryn without LTTE sacrificing their cadres.

2. We get Pooenryn after LTTE sacrifices a significant number of LTTE cadres.

I like the second option better, as we then don't have to engage all these scum in the midst of civilians.

Unknown said...

What is the big deal here. This is a WAR against most ruthless terrorist in the world.
LTTE was dieing 20-30 every day. We lost only one day. We should expect hundrads in comming months and if the kill ratio even to 1:1 , this war will be over with 5k sacrifies from SLARMY.
If ARMY able to do that, less than that KIA, it is a double win.

We bit lost element of surprice and LTTE has learned all our movements.
SLDF need rapidly deplyable well traind teams armed to the teath to coverup such type of situations.

Rover said...

Carl Von Clausewitz who is attributed to the famous sayings such as "best form of defense is attack" and "blood is the price of victory" is however, most famous for his nine priciples. The first of these is
Mass - Human waves can be considered as mass. The Russians in WWII, who fought with poorly trained solders who came from various backgrounds (farmers, blacksmiths, shepherds ect.) used human waves effectively. LTTE has also used this tactic effectively, many times; they too use the poorly trained kids, farmers and women to implement this strategy.

Human waves are effective where defenders rule. For example in WWI, where trench warfare was the norm, human waves were pretty much the only form of attack to breach enemy defenses. Tanks also pretty much emulate human waves, they are most effective when used as a group and many great tank commanders used this strategy to shock and awe their enemies.

I think that we were defending the areas that we we captured too vigorously, using men, for the LTTE to have launched such a human waves type of attack. In other words, we were turning the front line into a conventional FDL (but this is usually the way the less specialized infantry units fight, and indeed the deaths reported are from 4GW, a non-specialist unit). We should have used spotters in tandem with MBRL and Arti to defend the FDL. Though,the casualitie are not high enough to worry us, or to change the direction of the war, I hope our commanders will adapt/change tactics according to the situation to reduce our casualties.

Wicky said...

so LTTE took SLA bodies with them..and left their own cadres bodies behind..hmmm..interesting..

hemantha said...

I think the following comment (today) was made by a brother of a prominent general (SLA). But I don't know how accurate it is.

"There isn't much left to decimate as SLDF 571 is fighting it's way through small pockets of Eelam Tamil resistance.By the end of the week there could be battles in Pooneryn,while northern battalion will begin to decimate their fronts.
Nachchikuda is all silent as remnants of Eelam Tamil Terrorists trying to escape in small numbers,but getting fired upon by SLDF who has surrounded the area with occasional MBR's"

Srilankan said...

Is it not a good idea for the SLAF(MI-24) to engage these battle hardened cadres (if the terrain permits).I think the best way to kill these guys is when the forces are engaging the enemy.I assume there was a lot of mortar fire..

hemantha said...

Defence Column-Daily Mirror

click here

Infinity said...

Daily News, Defence Column: More fierce battles expected as troops close in on Kilinochichi, Mullaitviu

Map collection:
Non liberated and active areas before Nov 2005
Situation as at 13th Aug 2008
Kilinochchi Town and IDP sites
Map of Western situation on August 29
Map of Eastern situation on August 29

Nihara said...

DW, where did you get these figures from?
it can't be real!

Unknown said...

There are over 200 `guest houses' in the Badulla district.

About 200 `couples' visit one guest house per day and people can see that some couples wait in queues to get a room.

Way to go, this is where the singhala country is headed!

Anonymous said...

//About 200 `couples' visit one guest house per day//

What? Is LTTE planning to attack using those guest houses? 200 elite LTTE couples??

Moshe Dyan said...

we had a fantastic chance to HARVEST 'senior' LTTE cadres and we lost it again.

i'm disappointed of the SLAF. they could have turned the tables on tigers in nachchikuda.

there were more than 10 air raids around nachchikuda for the past 6 weeks, but no air raids when this particular battle broke out!!!

what matters is the number of LTTE cadres HARVESTED (FIRST priority) NOT THE SQUARE KILOMETRES captured (a NEXT priority).

in the north, we have ONLY captured less than 40% of LTTE controlled area. now tigers are resisting as they are thrown at the wall. this is how the rest of the battle is going to be UNTIL tigers are substantially ANNIHILATED. there is no point capturing land after the tigers had 'bolted'.

SLDFs should better get ready.


war from 1983-1994 killed 50,000. on average 4,500. had fcuking IPKF not intervened SLDFs would have done much better in the long run.

war from 1984-2001 killed 15,000. on average 2,100. but there were on average MORE MASSIVE operations. so what happened? biggest military debacles (mulaitivu, EP, jayasikurui, etc.)

TF bodycount is what matters MOST. the war is between an army of 170K and band of terrorists of 25K (max). at the next level, SLDFs are backed by over 18 million people while the LTTE is only backed by 350k ppl.

SLDFs MUST reap the benefits of numerical advantage. how to do it? maximise the killing rate.

LTTE cannot sustain it. ppl who are supporting it cannot sustain it and ppl who are forced to put up with the LTTE cannot sustain it.

TropicalStorm said...


We do understand that some of you guys envy the Sinhalese' excessive libido.

Vitamin K may help you some..if that's an issue.

TropicalStorm said...


When close quarters fighting breaks out, aerial strikes become tricky. In order to avoid friendly-fire, attack craft need to fly at lower altitude and that's inherently risky. Very same reason why artillery obviously wasn't used in counter-strikes.

Attacking a well entrenched enemy is always fraught with danger. Though the initiative lies with the attacker, good defensive positions can cause heavy casualties to the attacking force, as happened here.

Still, the attacks penetrated the defences, and caused similar or even higher casualties to the LTTE.

However, northern parts of K'chchi are expected to be much harder than anything we've seen so far.

Unknown said...

The LTTE did overrun the positions of the SLA. The clue is that firstly they recovered bodies, secondly they got ammunition like the gerendaes which were still in their containers. Hence they captured a mini ammo dump for the unit or group. Hand grenades are stand issue, 2 per soldier. Hence finding them with their containers imply they were not collected from the dead bodies alone.

GPMG are platton support weapons. For 2 to fall to the LTTE implies at least 1 platoon were wiped out.

I hate when people comment that a loss is accetapble. Yes if you look at the big picture its okay. How about individuals who lost their lives at the FDLs. How to they feel to be killed.

As a commander at the section then platoon then company then battalion then brigade level feeling for the individual man sometimes can be dimished as they seem distant. However an officer who feels empathy for every soldier is often the best.

This is becuase his man will follow him wherever he leads them to. You never gain respect with the rank. You need to earn your rank. If you really honour the sacrifices of the soldiers , then do something for their families and you yourself should volunteer for the army.

Maybe digging a foxhole or a shell scrape everytime they move forward will tell you how hard their lives are in the FDLs.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree that it is difficult. but that is EXACTLY the challenge for the SLAF.

according to sources, tigers had surrounded an army unit. there should have been a VERY large tiger contingent that could have been EASILY targeted by the SLAF.

also in the aftermath of the battle, when LTTE cadres were retreating WITH weapons, SLAF could have pulverised them.

TECHNOLOGICALLY SLAF is poised VERY WELL to meet that challenge (Mi-24 upgrades, Mi-35s, F-7s, laser-guided missiles, cluster bombs, fast(er) (than b4) response time as seen in mulaitivu TWICE, etc.)

BUT the actual execution is also important. there is no point having gunships/air-support jets that are not of ANY USE DURING a major battle.

to repeat for the umpteenth time, SLAF operational command structure MUST change for PROACTIVE STRIKES. this is NOT there now!!!!

ALL (almost all, 95%) SLAF attacks are carried out BASED on identified/verified/confirmed/approved/authorised targets. this is a good thing to MAXIMISE the number of flying hours, limited resources but it DESTROYS PROACTIVE moves.

SLAF should build this PROACTIVE capability.

the planes and gunships are equipped with adequate gadgets to do it.

Moshe Dyan said...


soon the north will be same. many MIXED ethnic 'couples' will creep inside old bunkers for a quickie!!

imagine the beauti of maalathi brigade pulaan devis getting pumped inside old bunkers by gajaba dicks!!!

badit queens will become bandicoots!!!

BTW gajaba mean ELEPHANT size (arms, etc.) FYI.

Unknown said...

it is sad to see people live in overseas thinks that loss of people is exceptable. it so unfortunate we have to goto work every in fear and under white banners everyday.
there is a famous shinhalese slang "katin bathala kola hitawanawa"

i am sure some of you will take the shit out me for saying this.

Sam Perera said...


What makes you to think that all of us are living in foreign soil?Who said that loss of life is acceptable? However we all agree that loss of terrorists staring from Veza-pillai to bottom line LTTE scum like Sharp is highly desirable.

Nihara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

don't worry about ltte civilians, just keep the hammer going.

unless you do that don't send SLA in to death trap.

howmany times do i have to tell you this?


Nihara said...


It seems you're frustrated as you're not getting any...
We pity you for that!

Rover said...

The SLDFs are now working against a deadline, not political one, but a natural one, the NE monsoons. It is predicted that NE monsoons will hit us in October (hopefully late Oct), SLDFs is hence reaching the height of its capacity to do war, and this will be sustained until our objectives are achieved. In the next few days, we will witness how expensive the decision by the LTTE not to leave Nachikuda is going to be.

wijayapala said...


"I hate when people comment that a loss is accetapble. Yes if you look at the big picture its okay. How about individuals who lost their lives at the FDLs. How to they feel to be killed."

I also hate it. But the reality is that winning a war requires the ability to send young people to their deaths. I guess that's why people like you or me would never make good generals.

TropicalStorm said...


In a microcosm, everything matters, each human life does count at family and village level.
Yet given the body count of this unending process for over 20yrs, the fact that it is coming into a decisive settlement ( force marginalization at least) the dead and injured is less than previously estimated and that makes a lot of people think of this excercise as affordable.

In life, everything is relative, nothing is absolute, and perception is 99% of reality.

alibaba said...

Wonder what mr brown characters agenda is

admin said...

Daily Nes and Daily Mirror defence columns

Unknown said...

Feel really bad..

We need to look after the kith and kin of these boys..

May they attain a higher world according to their wish..

MD agree with you, has the forces forgotton the harvesting/attrition motto? Or is there a different strategy? e.g. Anticipating monsoon.. Capturing of land in my humble and ignorant opinion should be to increase the opportunity to harvest.

Anybody interested in the talking about the trench strategy of the LTTE?

Unknown said...

wijayapala the best generals avoids wars and wins them without shedding blood. this war is due to politics.

Moshe Dyan said...


"best generals avoids wars and wins them without shedding blood."

100% agree with you. in fact this is a quote from sun tzu's the art of war.

BUT the war is not aboult politics. it is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

for Christ's sake dont' divide the ppl along racial lines and say this racial group dislikes war; this one likes the war, etc.

ACCEPT the will of the ppl. if they want war (for good reasons), they get war.

Unknown said...

wish SLAF will use incendiary weapons on ltte lines before monsoons sets in...
burn those maggots out...

Moshe Dyan said...


"Capturing of land in my humble and ignorant opinion should be to increase the opportunity to harvest."

exactly. its an enabler ONLY. the land is anyway LEGALLY ours.

the monsoon is one reason no doubt. tigers' trench digging has increased lately. tigers force ppl to dig trenches at a rate. when rains come treches and the displaced earth become even more DEADLY!!!

that's why i want SLDFs to DISLODGE the LTTE from mulaitivu b4 the rainy season. but the govt is prioritising kili. kili has not strategic military value than mulativu.

i love to see displaced tigers with their leaders desperately digging new holes to hide in the soggy earth; moving their explosives, communication equipment, radars, planes, boats, cadres... in tractors in muddy roads.

Unknown said...

monsoons will work against ltte too like you say but i suppose it's worse for us cos it might limit air surveilance, air ops and also rapid movement of armor, big guns, mbrls etc etc

Moshe Dyan said...



you slightly missed my point, mate.
what i want is to AT LEAT EQUAL the RELATIVE disadvantages of the monsoon between the LTTE and SLDFs.

better still, make it WORSE for the tigers by dislodging (chasing away) from mulaitivu (the only instance i support a chase away due to time constraints).

the NE monsoon has MUCH less rain that the SW monsoon (which affects colombo from may to september, etc.) but the crappy infrastructure in the north makes its effects BIGGER.

shay said...


To carry on from the previous thread, I see some bloggers have already answered you. You don’t seem to comprehend 3D air space and the complete impracticality of trying to find a small aircraft at night without using radar in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

Trinco was not a complete failure for the SLAF. Jets were scrambled within 20 minutes (a short time for any aircraft) and did intercept the Zlin (by radar even though there was no visual contact). It was just unfortunate that bad weather (and the limitations of the small Pulse Doppler on the F-7G) prevented the pilot from getting a lock. COIN aircraft under the same conditions would not have been able to do anything even close to that.

Before you make comparisons with WWII, please learn a little about the air war by at least watching Memphis Belle or Battle of Britain. You cannot compare this situation to WWII. Do you know how many air raids/air movements there were during WWII and are you trying to tell me they were all intercepted??

In a typical WWII mission, fighters would escort large groups of bombers (often in daylight) to the target (depending on their range). They were not trying to sneak in and out for a propaganda stunt, they were coming for a fight. Given the large numbers of aircraft involved they were often detected by ground based radar/spotters and fighters would be sent to intercept (they would be directed to the approximate quadrant). Actual interception would depend on visually acquiring the target, but given the number of aircraft involved in each raid this would often happen (although not necessarily in each and every case). This is nothing similar to SL.

A better comparison would be Special Operations Executive for example using small planes to fly in low at night over occupied France to drop off/pick up spies etc. These air movements were obviously not intercepted on many occasions due to the primitive radar/interceptors that were available at the time. So going back in time is not going solve any of the problems.

Unknown said...

How about a Mi24 hover above Trinco when the external radars detect zlins. The radar guys can give exact details about approach through radio to Mi24.

Mi24 pilot or gunner can use some infrared binculars or something similar to latch on to the incoming flight. Don't ask me how does the pilot hold the binoculars and fly at the same time. This is where a little bit of innovation is needed (provided the idea is feasible). Fix the bloody BC to the helmet with only one eyepiece with fibre glass or somewith with lowering and raising capability.

Even the point and shoot digital cams are able to detect IR. Why can't we try these things out? Do some simulations and see whether this is possible.

Unknown said...

What I meant was even digicams that do not have IR capability specified in their specifications can detect IR.

Unknown said...

can't we start building some radars?

MrBrown said...

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MrBrown said...

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Unknown said...

mr brown,
You seem to be an ultra modaya to comment on an absolute modaya.

nuff said..

Unknown said...

Bloody Defencewire lokka,
Where are you???

Look here stray dogs have come to your domain and are foaming at the mouth and elsewhere in a rabid frenzy!

Clean up your blog!

MrBrown said...

[ thambala said...
Bloody Defencewire lokka,
Where are you???

Look here stray dogs have come to your domain and are foaming at the mouth and elsewhere in a rabid frenzy!
It seems u have read all.and u want new...ah? thats why u ask lokka to clean up.. i understand buddy..will post as soon as get time and new..wait for me..:-)

IntelAttack said...

Hey people,

See all the crappy/ porn comments that eelamists have posted here?

Just think what will happen if VP is given to rule eelam?

These comments show the limit of knowledge + level of education the eelam psychopaths have.

Please don't delete the comments!

MrBrown said...

[IntelAttack said...
Hey people,

See all the crappy/ porn comments that eelamists have posted here?

Just think what will happen if VP is given to rule eelam?

Please don't delete the comments!

September 5, 2008 2:15 PM ]

It seems u havent finished reading yet. dont worry even if DW delete it i will post for u again. take ur own time and enjoy reading word by word.:-)

IntelAttack said...

All Eelam psychopaths,

Since DW's news is false and inaccurate, why don't you start your own blog/ news site and post 'true and accurate' news on your own!

I remember DW/DN has earlier even agreed to add a link in this blog to such site, so that you will have more visitors.

What do you think about that?

Don't you think you should counter these false news items and info by your own sources?

MrBrown said...

have u ever had wet sex..? Go and try buddy..that would be worth than reeading DW ..why dont u join with u will meet all smart people..except few dumbs like berty

Firerain said...

wow thats a huge amount of ammo the LTTE collected, of course there is the possibility that the LTTE added some of their own ammo to make it more impressive.

@ Navindran
GPMG's would be targeted by the enemy forces by both sides as they have the greatest firepower, and also the other soldiers in the platoon will not be in a position to recover the weapon especially when they are also coming under heavy fire. Never the less we can not afford to have such sevre losses of men.

MrBrown wtf?

IntelAttack said...

Oh.. MrBrown,

You've been mistaken! I though otherwise!

This is a blog related to defence related matters. Not a porn site.

You have too many windows/ tabs opened. That's why you are getting hammered from the wrong blog! ;-)

Close this browser window and post the comments on the other window (porn site).

That will make you feel good!

Feel sorry for you. Poor fellow can't figure out on which window to comment.

MrBrown said...

Okok Now i understand u fisnihed reading:-).. ok ill post new item soon..pls wait patiently..

IntelAttack said...


Await incoming artillery fire! ;P

Unknown said...

I sent you mail some time ago please be kind enough to send me a reply.

MrBrown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MrBrown said...

Let me know once u r done.. U are reading very slowly not like others.. anyway let me know..ill update it soon.

Unknown said...

I fail to see why this porn scavenger is spamming the blog like this? I thought the LTTE was having a bit of success after a long time.

I can understand them spamming the blog when their sorry arses are getting kicked.

This prompts me to think despite what is being made to believe the international pariah Tamil Terrorists have infact suffered a great deal under the covers during the current ongoing battles.

Why otherwise this illogical spamming of the blog?

Unknown said...

Ok, this modaya feels like posting some more moda ideas.

Guys any comments about mi 24 role in intercepting zlins as I posted.

Also any body have any comments on the trench warfare.

Apino Dannachess said...

Gentleman...please don't respond to off the topic nice to others and don't ruffle feathers unnecessarily....this blog/ web is big enough for all of us, our egos....and peculiarities..
This is one place/context you can forget about ..."Offense is the best for of Defense". I think we can afford to look the other way....and make allowances.
Cheers and smiles

Apino Dannachess said...

Aiyo Lamaine, Kiyana de ahannako........Podi lamai wageine....Focus...Focus....oya maduruwek dekek kawa kiyala ochchara gananga ganna epa....

Jambudipa said...

Apino, Rover and Shay

The Mig29 is due in November and it will take another 4 months for training and preparation. This means for 7 months they can potentially hit any location within Sri Lanka. Ports, power stations and military installations can be targeted. It seems you have confidence in the current stratergy for countering TAF. I hope you are right.

wrt to yesterday's losses, was it a momentary loss of concentration by Lt. Col. Ravipriya or is mental fatigue taking its toll? Some of these field commanders have seen action continuosuly for nearly a year. MoD should orgainse some RnR and some down time if its needed.

Unknown said...

Guys has updated site for thursday's battles and incidents

Shall we try to understand where we stand now?

Unknown said...

Hi MD and thambala

I am really enjoying your posts and brilliant ideas bringing into this blog. MD I specially like your Harvesting Strategy.

But I am little worried about the way you guys criticize SLAF.

If you take close air supports to ground troops, it needs lot of coordination between ground troops and the pilots. The AC MI24 for an example cannot hover over or fly over 50 feet above enemy and fire at them. Most of the time MI24 fire rockets to an area requested by ground troops. Most of the time, Mi24 engages the targets without seen the enemy but to a location/area as advised by ground troops.

Further the AF does not have any means even to listen to what the ground troops are communicating with their higher command. Simply, the way of communication over radio is also different (I mean the way army communicate is different from the way SLAF communicate over radio).

Just imagine the way a pilot sees the ground from the sky, it is different from what a soldier sees from below. (Bit of first hand information here to clarify the whole thing. Once a pilot in a Heli advised his gunner to use hand signals to communicate with a Navy boat in a search operation because the pilot did not have any other way to communicate with the boat. But both the heli and the navy boat were in the same search operation off Palali Sea).

As we all know, communication is one of the most important aspect in a war.

tambala, your idea of having IR bynos is very interesting. But with the equipments Mi24 are having it cannot even hover at night, unless the AC is very closer to ground. Hovering is mainly done with relation to a stationary object. But circling is possible. And sadly no one will allow you to do these type experiments on improvised equipments.

I cannot believe Zlings were flying very low at night over sea. It is simply not possible to fly below 50ms above sea level at night more than 2 mins. It needs lot of effort and concentration. If it over ground, 100m.

So there are lots of things to improve specially in Communication space.
Ground troops, especially junior officers and pilots have to sit down and talk their requirements and what they expect from each other. It is not happening at the movement. But the senior commanders are having meetings all the time. It is not sufficient.

Thanks guys

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi There Panhinda

I hope its a wet lease allowing us to use Ruso pilots to do the fist missions.....till our lads are primed and ready to control the new now Shay, spare me the vitriol, coz my imagination running wild here.

If what the LNP say is true, then the Zlins wont be able to reach all targets at will ...but like they say a terrorist need to get luck only far they have been bloody purely on probabilities there luck should run out fast...

As far as the recent troop losses are concerned, I'm sure military planners would have anticipated such losses and made allowances in their strategy. Realistically we will see more in the time to come.

While it has been the cause for so many premature ejaculations for diaspora dreamers, I don't think we need not worry too much (I don't mean to devalue the loss of human life)

Cheers Mate

Apino Dannachess said...

One more thing Panhinda,

I'm not a proponent of Mig29's and have raised the same question: i.e. will the migs arrive little too late to be a solution to the Zlins?

Yet to see an answer from our friends


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Roy,

Thanks for tackling a real practical issue...interesting.

Firerain said...

"I cannot believe Zlings were flying very low at night over sea. It is simply not possible to fly below 50ms above sea level at night more than 2 mins. It needs lot of effort and concentration. If it over ground, 100m."

If the pilots are foreign mercenaries they will we skilled enough and have a steady hand to keep the plane under 50m over sea, during world war 2 the famous dambuster squadron flew Lancasters at extremely low levels,over 100kms of German territory. When you compare that to a Zlin for 10-20 km its realtively simple.

However when they fly in so low the accuracy will be extremely poor as they will not be able to dive on their target.

Unknown said...

Hi Apino

I can remember you posted some info about Tucanos. SLAF was planning to acquire some Tucanos way back in 1999. I think they are too old for present day role.

It is not the AC type that matters most but the Avionics like 3D radar that the AC is possessing / can be fitted with. As some one in the blog said we can use Mi24 to soot down Zlings, yes true they can cruise at 350KMPH.


Unknown said...

Hi firerain

"Lancasters at extremely low levels,over 100kms of German"

Were they flying at night? (Sorry I don't know much about that story you mentioned).

Apino Dannachess said...


Ref. you comment on thambala, agree to a certain extent...while the solution suggested by thambala may not be practical, its good to see Sri Lankans trying to think out of the box and going for indigenous solutions.....mere attempt is a breath of fresh air while our normal approach would be to cut/ paste all knowing Sudda methods to the local context. Most of the time ending with an overkill.
kind of reminds me a story I heard as a school goes like this..."Ape Adi Sinhalayo karatha rode hadapu kale Suddo Guhawalata gihillawath naha, habai Sudda handata rocket ariddi, apita karatha rodewat hadann baha"...sort of summarize the backward trend in SL.

And we Sri Lankans are famous for mocking our local talent while we happily pay and get expensive foreign stuff...( don't get me wrong here gentleman, not suggesting we build few dandumonra's to go after the Zlins)

Where we can benefit from Sudda stuff, by all means use it for good effect : UAV's, guided munitions , satellite imagery ( by courtesy of Uncle Sam, to name a few....

As a country that has been fighting a terrorist war for almost 30 years...what have we indigenously developed: few unicorns, gunboats, grenades, injection molded covers for mines ...most of that too is reproduction....thawa monawada???..."Suddage De Siri Sapa De"

What a contrast one would see in Israel...UAV's, Uzi, Cornershot close encounter weapons few examples among many...all developed locally to meet a specific local threat...

How many Sri Lankans we have sent packing to overseas countries, who could have provided much needed local talent...even when these expats offer their help our locals gives give them the finger.....

Ok, I give up

C ya

Moshe Dyan said...


very intersting. thanks for your valuable contribution.

communication is something we had not discussed in that detail as you pointed out.

hopefully MoD will look into improving communication (the technology element) within a hybrid grid.

there was much ado about a centralised command structure. (communication - the structural element) dunno what happened to it.

BUT mate, Mi-24s can be effective with ATAKA or SPIKE ATGMs. its guns are also not that bad. i have seen youtube footage a Mi-28 (havoc) spraying bullets on ground targets. its the same gun on Mi-24.

apart from Mi-24s, MiG-27s are also ground support aircraft. these must be used for the role they were manufactured.

Moshe Dyan said...


your concerns about talent has been addressed by MoD in their "share your knowledge" initiative in regards to defence matters.

perein said...

I do see your point/s about local talent as well as innovation ideas.
To innovate something new, we need to make sure some one pick up the final bill.

Main issue is with current war, do we have enough money to innovate ideas to it's practicality?
On other hand using the local talent to duplicate the for foreign innovated products is not a bad idea !!!

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Moshe,

Thanks, well noted. Have you ever tried writing to them? Got any timely responses? Or know any results generated by this initiative? Don't get me wrong my friend, all i need to know is whether its working or is it just another well meaning zero-result exercise....

Ex. On the propaganda front, technology exists to track and home in on the scum who uploads crap to tamilnet...mostly done from university computer labs I'm told....Local talent exists to counter these ...but have we done anything...Nah...too busy...


Unknown said...

Hi Moshe

I am not saying that Mi24 cannot be used for this role. But I was trying to explain the problems that the pilots are facing during the CAS role.

The worst thing a pilot can here is that he had hurt own troops. You know what I mean.

So we need more and more combined (Army/Navy/AF) training and understand each others requirement.


Hi apino

Here is another true story.

One Gentleman who is very good at making remote control AC (small recreational ACs) offered his service to SLAF, free, in 1995 or 96. He wanted to develop some sort of UAVs for SLAF. But it was turned down.

The UAVs are using wooden (the all model) propellers with less that 200 flying HRS life span and SLAF is spending 1milliion Rs for each of them.

MrBrown said...

I can see some real smart people here like Roy.. I must admit that U guys know betetr military and technical knowledge than DW. I kindly ask you guys to join with LNP
if u r banned memebers for various reason ealier u can send me a mail @

Unknown said...

Hello Roy,
Welcome to the blog. Would appreciate a bit of background
on yourself.
I did not literally mean to attach IR binoculars to a
pilots helmet. I am a bit lazy to write a long post detailing
precise details.

But with regards to Mi24, yes circling is sort of what I meant.

Let me try to put it down without making many assumptions here.

Ok. Zlin takes off for an attack on Trinco Harbour.
Ground radars make a detection. Also naval radars. There is one
or two (or whatever appropriate number) of mi24's parked in the harbour.
Ground radars and naval radars alert all stakeholders about the detection.
Mi24's get airborne.(lift off time should very minimal here right? May be 5-10 mins?)
There is some mechanism with which Mi24's can
voice communicate with ground and naval radar. They circle at
appropriate positions in a predefined perimeter and based on positions
related by radar communications. The Mi24's fine tune their position
based on ground radar regularly. We purchase or design some sort of IR
optics that the Mi24 pilot and gunners can use to target the zlin.
(could we mount a 15X optical zoom digital camera with IR capability for the
gunner. Is this viable. The zoom factor can be increased by using
and additional lens, but with IR it's a bit trickier. Can we not purchase
IR products in shops that we can use to improvise for this purpose. )
This is a key component in this tactic. If IR is not possible or feasible
only other thing may be some radar.

OK so if the zlins are approaching Trinco Harbours way Mi24 using
IR or radar engage the zlins and hopefully take them down outside
the harbour. Or better still if it's possible follow them and take out
the plane and ground staff too at the same time.

(We may need additional Mi24's but I guess thease are much more affordable
than Mig29's. How many Mi24's could you buy with one Mig29?)

Apino Dannachess said...


Agree...but funds can be located if the relevant authorities have the will and supported by clear national policy initiative....

Look at our big brother neighbor India....see how they have progressed from a country that could not get a rubber beading in a Tata car straight to a country that has satellite launching capability, indigenous Stealth tactical copter program...and the list goes on.

Few years ago we Sri Lankans were laughing at the crude Indian stuff.... their RRR accent and all.

We have missed the buss and soon we will be sending our blue collar labour force to India if the current trend continues.

From the time we got our so called Independence we Sri Lankans got busy with finding excuses to our problems...

perein said...


but funds can be located if the relevant authorities have the will and supported by clear national policy initiative....

Agreed to some extend. However when we talk about military innovations, not sure we will get support from big investors.
Other point is India happened to invest on IT as a start good few years ago. As a result rest of the world started to depend on them and money flowing towards them.
They do use that money for other innovations.
My money is to get Indian IT companies to have some IT houses / call centers in Sri Lanka. That will bring India government to make sure Sri Lanka is a safer place for their businesses in Sri Lanka.
Also that will help to tackle the unemployment as well as money will flow as the first step. Then in long run could use the money towards further developments.


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Roy,

A good example indeed...and I have heard many more, but don't want to put them down hear as the details are foggy.

To venture further, lets forget about capital intensive projects, but we can very well use locally available talent on subjects like counter propaganda, IT(this can be developed to another war front), financing and banking networks, scenario & contingency planning cum simulation, spin doctoring to name a few.... I wonder whats happening in KDA ( not a sarcastic question, but a genuine one)...

Apino Dannachess said...

Perin Agree, all because our policy makers ( if there is a such breed in SL) and pavement hawker politicians got short time do I win the next election...what do I have to do fort that...why should I initiate something that will benefit somebody else...thats the mentality in SL.....their creative part of the brain is smaller than their appendix....I can write more, but got to go for game of badminton...

perein said...


their creative part of the brain is smaller than their appendix

Moreover appendix size brain only works with selfishness.

Lankapura said...

Helicopter gunners already have night-vision equipment for intercepting Zlins.

This is a good article for mrbrown and the other morons:

Unknown said...

Hi thambala

OK I can add more to your comments,
1. We can station Mi24s in China-bay AF camp, just one minute flying time to Tinco harbor.

2. We can divide the ground area into sectors like sector A, B and ..., and pilot and Radar operator know where the sectors are

3. Radar operator can communicate with the Pilot directly (secure Communication Obviously since zlin pilot does not want to hear anything). Radar Operator passes info to Pilot Sector Name, flying direction of zlin and HEIGHT of the zlin flying. Is this radar capable of detecting the height, I do not know but will be able to find out.

4. Provided pilot has all required information, it can find where the zlin is and shoot it down. (Just five shots of .50 or 20mm cannon rounds mate).

5. One more point need to be added, the fixed wing AC cannot be landed without lights, sort of runway lights. So we can have sectors divided in the uncleared are and assign each sector to an AC. And 5/6 aircrafts are circle around till zlins are approaching to land, AFTER the mission. If the AF ACs are operating at about 10000 feet there is a greater chance of detecting the lights illuminated for zlin landing.

Unknown said...


SLAF has got enough Mi24s.

Moshe Dyan said...



you being an expert CODER, i assume you can decode well too!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with your comment.

Achi said...

Mr brown can u prove that u are the real Mr Brown from onething just send me a email to from ur't bother about spamming this email ID i've just made it for u)

kappetipola said...

Prominent Tamil brothers doing their Part on the net. See how are they racist. it is good us to keep LTTE with them forever so they will waist their rest of life with brutal terrorism.

PHANTOM-X said...


This is the post that most terrorists and terror-supports have been waiting for.

Release the pain you held for so long from East liberation to Mallavi.

Come dance! dear friends, because the beat won't last for long.

well said bro...

shay said...

Thambala, Roy and others,

Yes, you can use a Mi24 to shoot a Zlin under certain conditions. It has a FLIR system (no need to selotape a digicam to the pilots head) and can even carry very basic AAM.

We will forget about your implications for the time being, namely spliting up the No. 9 squadron of its dozen Mi24/35, depriving the ground troops of CAS and wasting assets on air defence when we already have better air craft for the job (F-7G for the time being).

The rest of your assumptions are all false. Where does it say that we were tracking the Zlins for 15-20 minutes before the atack. Also what makes you think that Trinco is the only target??? They can atack any target within SL (especially coastal targets). Are you suggesting we station Mi-24's all over the country??

As for trying to find a target at night by cirling, try taking a look out of your window next time you fly at night. Tell me if you can see anything which doesn't have lights on it especialy near the ground.

The sequence of events states that the Zlin was spotted for a few seconds soon after take off when they flew high to bank. At this point no one knew where they were going (i.e it could have been Trinco, Colombo, Kandy or anywhere). They were next seen on radar for a few seconds by a FAC close to Trinco a few minutes before the attack (this was the first indiaction it "might" be Trinco). They only reappeared on radar (2D Indra) when they gained altitude over Trinco to attack. Although AA gunners were ready for them by that time no one ever made visual contact because of the weather.

So as per the above scenario, the radar operators did not know where the airctaft was heading, and they did not know the altitude (its only 2D radar, we don't appear to have 3D). That is not nearly enough information for an aircraft without radar to be guided to the target within the available time frame (15-20 minutes at most), even if it happened to be hovering around.

F-7G which were deployed to the area did manage pick up the Zlin on their radar and made several passes to try lock on (in other word they succeeded in intercepting). You can take my word for it that if a dedicated interceptor couldn't get a lock using his radar (has a much greater range than a FLIR system, 30km in this case), a helicopter would not have been able to do anything. Please read at least the nightfox article on LNP and try to "understand" what you're trying to discuss here.

When people dont bother to research what they're discussing you cant have an intelligent conversation.

Yes, buying more Mi24s will be cheaper than Mig29. However it will not help you intercept and we already have F-7's which can.

However, if the Zlin's had come for a suicide atack on Trinco, in the absence of a missile defence system (not talking about MANPAD's)we would have been totally screwed.

perein said...

Surely some locations closer to landing points of those Zlin must have spoted by our FDL?

thiru said...

4 stf killed and 12 injured in an ambush in Amparai.

Ruwani said...

Hi all,

Today all day I have been sitting on our balcony and watching the Galle Road to see if there are any eelamists walking with a Gas Cooker or a Gas Cylinder so that I can report to the Police.

We are in the "Nuclear Phase" of this conflict and Colombo could see a Hiroshima-Nagasaki anytime soon by the eelamist barbarians.
So I am doing my part to defend my beautifull Motherland.

Unknown said...


you are one in a million clever bitch. keep up with your cracking job.

make sure your skirt does not get blown away by wind from galle face, incase that ealamist see your knickers drop the "nuke" right in front of you.

coz i cannot think of this blog without your crap.

Achi said...

Ruwani instead of sitting in your balcony go and stand near a gas station so u can catch more:)

Unknown said...

Ok shay,
you are probably right.
I am just trying to come up various ideas. I really don't have much time to research on that level.

Ruwani said...


What have you done for to defend your motherland?

But these dark eelamists with moustaches make me and my little son very scared.

Things used to be very hard for me and my niece during the peace talks when Anton Balasingham was alive(my Son wasn't born then). My niece used to have scary dreams after seeing AB on TV those days.
Finally, we had to take her to a priest to rid her of the daemons after seeing Balasingham.

Tin-Tin said...

Guys, This is one suggestion to avoid comments from people like MrBrown: I always click the "collapse comments" link once the page is fully downloaded. Then I can read/select the comments written by people I want. That way, you can save time as well as can also give a some satisfaction to distressed people like MrBrown.

Ruwani said...

dukganna rala,

Thanks ayya.

Achi said...

Hey Ruwani y did u ask to delete your account in LNP?(if u are the same Ruwani)

Ogre said...

the last few days have been tough for all of us. But I think mostly LTTE lost the largest chunk of their cadre when they were attacking in waves.

LTTE seems to be sending 10 at a time with pre set objectives and another 3 more backing that objective in waves.

Right behind this is a LTTE leader giving instructions on the target point and sending more to back up each wave.

so lets say, one cadre has to take the machine gun point, they instead send 5 at a time to the same target b/c it is more important and another 25 more backing that objective alone. While they send another 8 more to separate targets with 24 more backing 8 targets in three waves.

each 4th cadre carries a RPG, and almost 5th has a SAW.

LTTE defense fortifications south of Kokili is difficult because now they have this ZIG ZAG formation. WE got the goods to take those out!

on the south east of Nochchi kuda LTTE is keeping a large force about 1500 mixed leopards and IPDs

LTTE recently trained 700 strong cadre to be inducted in to fight, the increased fighting is due to this.

when in doubt side step the obstruction

Go around around watch out for ambushes
Cut off supplies
When strong point needs a lot of force apply all the time preserved tactics to avoid our boys from dying.

remember our goal is to make sure the other bastard DIES for his eelam.


Ogre said...

Any attack east/west of Puliyankulum is fatal as this is low ground flanked by jungle!

by pass puliyankulum/stop LTTE from reinforcing flank east of malavi-
and keep Mulativu pressure up.

We need at least another 12,000 more soldiers to supplement the battle attrition and future operations.

three divisions should remain in reserve to preserve any problematic situation.

Ruwani said...


Yes I did. At first, I thought LNP was a nice place to be. But then it later appeared that it was full of low IQ ignorant people (Gaja, Tigress, DVD), perverts (nale, PULI) and self-confessed neuro surgens (Piyal, Potta Levinson).

Besides, my Husband wanted be out of LNP.

However, today I repent my decision of having "resigned" from LNP because of one factor. A new member called "Devindaf" has joined there. He seems to be a very knowledgeable young man and I think I would have been able to have a decent conversation with him.

Devinda at LNP is like an oasis in a dessert.

Got to go ach, it's nearly 11PM here. Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to Angununmitiyawatha (Matale). It's a beautifull place. Have you been there?

I may post some photos in my profile when I get back to Mount.

IntelAttack said...

More LNP maggots screaming here shows that they know the credibility of DN and DW.

They know TamilNet is lying! That's why they come here! :-)

DW, Keep up the good work!

Ruslan said...

Spot On Shay, if the weather was good at that night, pests would be in History for sure!. about the pilots for the MIG29s. i guess our pilots for the MIG29s get trained in India at the moment as we speak (I don't think SLAF will sit back and relax until we getting the toys in our hands). this has happened for the MIG27s when we first received them.

Here's Details about F7G Operated by SLAF
:Courtesy by NightFox78 LNP

Ares said...


tamilnet speaks of a 89 death toll, are they still referring to the previous clash or is this a new confrontation?


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Moshe

Yyy looks some what like it now

Don't get it bro....

I'm an expert alright, but not at decoding or anything to do with the subject matter of this blog...just an average dude trying to do his bit... Thats all...

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Good points... Seems like you have been there and done that.

I am asking the same question, where the hell are those Mig29s and some decent CBMs?

We need the Migs right now.

I am in favor of short-distance MBRLs wondering whether there are any MBRLs that can fire 120-150mm for 2-5Km distances in volleys.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...tamil net`s latest claim!!!!

85 sla kia.!! 180 wounded..!!

is it true..???

kiyanakoo aththa anee ai da inne thawama balaaa??

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...tamil nat says....

85 killed , 20 bodies recover!!
anee ai ee?..cow-the boru kiyannee??

Ogre said...

LTTE tamilnet it seems is repeating the story over and over again...this news is not new.

if you think our losses are high you might want to see the SOS calls in donation mandatory in all IDP think of forcibly taking blood from young women and girls who are anemic to start with

LTTE losses are above 300's during the last two weeks. The injured is 3 fold higher..
for a smaller population this is a disaster.

the vanni meat grinder has is going to get tough and we need to make sure every LTTEr is a dead maggot!

we also need to make sure at least 10 LTTE per one brother who died in battle!

Unknown said...

"85 killed , 20 bodies recovered!!
anee ai ee?..cow-the boru kiyannee?"

Mate its now obvious the Srilankan "COW's" boru kiyannee about the battle in Vannerikkulam.

This has been the case since day one. First its denial about any battle, then say LTTE penetration over-powerd,then saying inflicted high casualty on the LTTE side and minimise the SLDF as much as possible.

When Tamil net bring the figures out people say all sort of things about its authentication and as days go by when the poor SLDF bodies arrive in plastics, strat to belive the reality and the severity and not to forget, people in this blog come to real world.

then back to square one as usual. start trusting Gov of SL's shitty properganda and go back to the fantacy world of SLDF winning every single battle.

How much more we have to put up with this?

tata said...

Yeah real, I am with you!
As a mark of protest let's stop reading this blog.

Unknown said...

Finally some of you are coming to some sense... this is what we have been telling you for the past years! More to come, wait!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Anyway we expected some losses, as it is inevitable under LTTE desperation.

The gains and pressure that the GOSL has put on the enemy is more than 100 fold compared to the recent losses.

LTTE is in utter panic and dire-states right now scrambling for any and every lifeline.

LTTE losing about 200 - 400 in the last three weeks is a bloody blow to the dying maggots.

And they are in utter panic and disarray and try to create a Human Catastrophe by not letting civilians to leave the conflict zone.

They are cheap b*stareds who are capable of going into any lowest level.

Unknown said...

Here you go again... your source for 200 - 400 are again from the same government that has been lying to you all these years...

so you again have no creditibility all you can do is just dream ... and send more of your youths to die for the lies of your government

anyways, nothing is finished yet, the coming days will tell more...

Moshe Dyan said...


there is an intersting macromedia based document in

the work is impressive. however, there are a few errors.

when highlighting liberated areas in the past, it colours a larger area than really liberated.

the percentage calculation also raises some questions.

but great effort by

tata said...

Welcome to the "Not reading DN or DW anymore" club.
I am just here to recruit new members to the club. Hope not to see you in here again.
3 members and counting....

Bhairav said...

Ruwani said:
Today all day I have been sitting on our balcony and watching the Galle Road to see if there are any eelamists walking with a Gas Cooker or a Gas Cylinder so that I can report to the Police.

We are in the "Nuclear Phase" of this conflict and Colombo could see a Hiroshima-Nagasaki anytime soon by the eelamist barbarians.
So I am doing my part to defend my beautifull Motherland.

Blogger Real's bomb:

make sure your skirt does not get blown away by wind from galle face, incase that ealamist see your knickers drop the "nuke" right in front of you.

Ach's sarcasm:

Ruwani instead of sitting in your balcony go and stand near a gas station so u can catch more:)

Oh man..this is fun as it gets.

wijayapala said...


"the best generals avoids wars and wins them without shedding blood. this war is due to politics."

Can you tell us how we can win this war without shedding blood?

Sam Perera said...


You need not elaborate if it is sensitive; do we have a strategy to counter LTTE earth bunds at 100m spacing. Do(have) we revise(d) our plan after the latest skirmishes? I guess that slow attrition is the best strategy to weardown LTTE hardcore mostly with deep battlespace operations along with SF and LRRP ops. Please keep us enlightened about the general direction.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

UAVs should watch for Heavy Earth Moving Equipment and SLAF should bomb them. That would stop 100M earth bunds.

TropicalStorm said...


SLAF started taking out heavy construction equipment abt 2 mo's ago.

Unknown said...

for those of you who want contact information for tamilnet is some info

Piriyan, Thamil
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Phone: 570-708-8780

Technical Contact :
Gill, Shan B
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Phone: 570-708-8780

IntelAttack said...

LTTE Air Attack : Exposed

ranilb5 said...


I read several guys saying this loss is not a big issue. Yes, it is not a big issue strategically but we Sri Lankans worry even about a single SLA die in teh battle field. Unlike, LTTE terrorist cadres for LTTE loser leaders, our soldiers are not disposibles!!!!

I am honestly upset to hear this news. But this is no reason to discourage as we are marching towards the future without this kind of mishaps..

IntelAttack said...

A classic example of the desperation of LTTE can be seen from below text of TamilNet;

'Despite military hospitals in south getting full of SLA soldiers with serious injuries, the Rajapaksa administration is intent on continuing the war, the sources further added.'

You show us the reason to stop the war!

we say 'it is NOT the reason for this war'!

the reason is NOT 'casualties' the reason is 'extinction of terrorists'.

You also know 'in good old times, operations were abandoned due to casualties.' But now the problem here is SLDF has done tremendous job by killing several thousands of tigers + territorial gain. All these facts have supported for most LTTE supporters to inevitably understand the EELAM IS A DREAM. They know that LTTE is now just playing their last cards after which they will loose.

So, it is not logical to show us the wrong reason to stop the war! Guys... show us a real logical reason to stop! ;)

Moshe Dyan said...


well said mate.

tigers' desperaion is clear. they had EXPECTED to cause a big blow to SLDFs hoping that it will either stop the war (temporarily or permanantly) or delay the operations (rainy season is due).

UNFORTUNATELY for the LTTE, neither is going to happen!

Firerain said...

@ roy
Yes all of the low level raids had to take place at night as the lancaster were modified without a dorsal turret so they were easy targets to night fighters.
The operation i'm talking about is operation Chastise.

Lankapura said...

Not to worry, we have calm heads in the correct places. Don't forget there have been setbacks before. No panic, take stock, analyze the enemy, change tactics, no falling in to the same trap again.
Jaya Apitai Lankawe!

Vigilante said...

Thanks for the link..

Nice analysis by nightfox @LNP.

PHANTOM-X said...

lankapura said,

Not to worry, we have calm heads in the correct places. Don't forget there have been setbacks before. No panic, take stock, analyze the enemy, change tactics, no falling in to the same trap again.
Jaya Apitai Lankawe!

My comment...

This is the way to tackle the Vesapillai Ponnakaran and the Eeelamists...well said mate

LKDOOD said...

Blogger SL said...

for those of you who want contact information for tamilnet is some info

Piriyan, Thamil
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Phone: 570-708-8780

Technical Contact :
Gill, Shan B
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Phone: 570-708-8780

September 6, 2008 7:05 AM


tamilnet is hosted by Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a US company

LTTE is banned in US

why are they still hosting ??

Unknown said...

Guys .. One Takaran down .. LMAO ..

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