Monday, September 29, 2008

LTTE deploys more reserves to save Kilinochchi

The Army had closed in on the Mankulam-Iranamadu road (A-9) by last evening. In some areas, the former gap of 1km to the A-9 has been reduced to 300m due to ongoing operations. Fighting is ongoing in Kokavil area where LTTE units are being gradually encircled by troops.

Commanders have taken steps to maintain safe passage for civilians along the A-9. The 58 Division has also been gradually eating away at LTTE resistance along the Nachchikuda-Akkarayan road. The current lull in the battlefield is due to extra precautions to ensure safe passage for civilians.

Kilinochchi Town has now been emptied of civilians and only LTTE units move in and around the area, LRRP and intelligence units have confirmed. But all-out war for Kilinochchi could make the A-9 dangerously unsafe for civilians who are willing to escape.

Civilians have been moved to other civilian houses, schools and other buildings at Vishwamadu and Puthukudiirippu areas by the LTTE. 38 of these captives escaped via sea and reached Weli Oya recently but the large majority are yet to escape LTTE clutches.

While a cat and mouse game goes on with regard to civilians, LTTE units have been gradually recalled from Muhamalai and Nagarkovil lines into Kilinochchi for what intelligence sources believe could be the final push they have been awaiting. 150 more cadres had reached Kilinochchi last week.

Evidence of cadre movements were uncovered by ground troops on Friday morning when Army units conducting limited operations at the Muhamalai FDL discovered that some of the LTTE lines have been emptied of its cadres. Although it is usually the LTTE's practice to abandon the lines during daytime, it is unusual to empty them at night and in the morning. This trend is observed even at Nagarkovil.

Military commanders have continued with the small group operations in these areas despite the observation as large group operations have been vulnerable to indirect attacks several times before.

Meanwhile LTTE's insurgent operations in the east are still continuing primarily in STF controlled areas. STF was withdrawn from Batticaloa town following several attacks against the Security Forces by LTTE infiltrators. The Army filled in the void and sent in two Military Intelligence teams headed by two officers from Trincomalee. All infiltrators were systematically identified and gunned down. However unless similar steps are taken in STF controlled areas, insurgents may launch sporadic attacks. Possibility of large attacks can be largely overruled at this time.


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Tin-Tin said...

Thanks DW for the update

Tin-Tin said...

DW, is there any reason why 53 and 55 divisions are not pushing the FDL from Muhamalai and Nargakovil,respectively. Or will we see this happening in coming days?

Defencewire said...

Don't wish to sound condescending but do you want another 2-300 killed to arti and mortar?

Jaya2008 said...

See what our heros are doing helping IDP families:

koombiya said...

Thank you for the update DW.

I guess even though they are taking some carders from the north FDL their heavy guns are still pointed that way and I guess they dont have a shortage of ammo either.
The army should not be in a hurry to do anything like taking killi, doing what is necessary at the time should be the goal.

"Theruwan saranai to our troups"

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

I feel northern command is testing the oppotunities.But SLDF learnt some lessons from past experience. My idea is if we have to push D53 and D55 this time we need SLAF and SLN to give support.If we can capture Poonarin,its easy to give fire support from across the lagoon.SLDF can position MBRL's and Arty's.But do you think ltte will keep those units if Poonarin falls??? That will be a end of it.


You are trying to say that STF has some problems now???? Earlier they did a very good job under DIG Nimal Lewke in East.( though e is a UNP supporter.He was managing it very well.)Well i feel these things started, after Nimal got trasferred and some people tried to make him quite.Specially politico's whom having good shares from under world and drug traffickers. Make me correct if I am wrong.Same thing happened to DIG Pujth Jayasundara.

Rana said...

Thanks DW for up date,

I can't wait until I get next news item.

However, I think LTTE will fight hard for a while and then retreat for another day. If we mae them retreat this time, then there is no end they will rretreat all the way until they are finished. So this battle should tell us with certainity the out come of this war.

Good luck and blessings of the tripple gems to our brave boys.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the update.

"Kilinochchi Town has now been emptied of civilians"

with all due respect, i find this difficult to accept. by yesterday (contrary to the sunday observer report) it was DEFINITELY not so.

"Civilians have been moved to other civilian houses, schools and other buildings at Vishwamadu and Puthukudiirippu areas by the LTTE."

these areas have MUCH less facilities for civilians than kili suburbs. this is what we feared when kili was targeted than mula. anyway now we have decided and must move on.

a good HARVESTING opportunity awaits in kili. increased use of fuel/thermobaric weapons will help MAXIMISE the harvest. the cautious approach is good since we have come VERY close to kili.

tigers pulling MOST of its resources for kili means they are forcing a long war longer enough to extend to the wet season. but SLDFs will beat them well b4 november. slow & long planning followed by quick action will seal the MOST memorable SLDF victory.

tiger agents keen to hold on to anything now demanding SF's resignation. funniest thing is so called "moderates" are also in it.

God bless all SLDF personnel.

Unknown said...


I went for jogging this morning, and took few snaps of Calgary's natural beauty.
freshness of Calgary


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Last time I posted a comment I got in to trouble with the boys here with my “colour –full language”. Sorry about that! Now I am a “born-again clean mouth”! : ))

Thanks DW and DN for up-dates and keep up the good work.

Anyway, boys and girls (and anyone in between- nothing wrong with that anyway) hope u all had a good weekend! (HAWKS won AFL so I had a massive weekend)

1) I think guys should get off wijayapala’s back. I don’t think he is Pro-ltte. This is my gut feeling and I trust it. If u have had read all of his posts carefully u can see he is totally against LTTE. He may have his reservation when it is come to Sinhalese and nothing wrong with that!

2) priyashantha: long way to go for u my friend!

3) Apino: I Lost in Translation : ))

4) Athas, we should be able give constructive criticism on his work. When he makes a blunder like the “Indira” thing then yeh… spry him for sure.

I did an Open Letter to Mr. President himself and email it through appropriate websites.

Pls read below if u like.

Open Letter to: Hon: President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha

Congratulations and my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards you for your endeavor to eliminate LTTE terrorist group from Sri Lanka. All the best to Sri Lankan forces and the defense establishment, safe and happy return to loved ones after done the good deeds.

Intend of this open letter is to suggests an initiative that may give Sri Lankan government a considerable boost in national and international frontier and specially to win hart and soul of various Tamil people who think their being discriminated by previous Sri Lankan governments.

As you may aware, new Australian Government headed by Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd apologized to the “Stolen Generation” of Indigenous people of Australia. This was done to strengthen the reconciliation and to move forward as a one nation and word “SORRY” been used unlike previous Prime Minister John Howard who refused to say “sorry”.

As we all aware, LTTE terrorist group and LTTE Diasporas use “Black July 83” as the prime motivation to get more people and to collect funds and also to give Sri Lankan a black mark all around the world to the date. And also lots of moderate and neutral Tamils are still having reservation of a same event happening in the future.

I think it is the best time Sri Lankan government to organize a reconciliation process and say “SORRY” to the Tamil people who got affected by the events in “July 83”. And also give assurances to the Tamil people and the rest of the world that event like that will not happen again. This will effectively nullify (at least for some extent) LTTE terrorists and supporting Diasporas use of a single and unfortunate event happened 25 years ago. And I think it is smart politics to pro-active and show the world that we (Sri Lankan) as a community care for all.

I understand it is very hard to organize something like this while running a successful military operation against LTTE terrorists. I understand that it will not be likening of the some of the extremists elements in Sri Lanka and there will be lot of people (public) may reject the proposal.

I believe this is the best time to take such initiative rather than wait till end of military campaign.

There is some disturbing news appearing on media reports that few religious places in Sri Lanka being attacked by narrow minded and uneducated thugs. I am sure your government has taken quick steps to lock up and punish these tugs already. This is not a good trend to let spread in this crucial time especially when military wining and that’s why Sri Lankan government should start the reconciliation process now not tomorrow.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,

webmaster said...

Ltte will win the war.
We want tamil eelam.

Rana said...

Is it a good thing to do the obvious? Best strategy is to do the least expected thing at least expected time.

I don't mind going into Kili, if we could get desirables with minimum SLDF casulties. Time will tell us.

Progress in Mankulam is dissapointing. Mankulam is much more important strategically to me.

Tin-Tin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tin-Tin said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi

Thanks for sharing your letter to the president with DW readers.

Indeed, what you mentioned regarding the reconciliation is a great idea and it is something that we should do sooner. In fact, while I was listening to Mr. Kevin Rudd's speach I was also thinking GOSL should also do something like this in Sri Lanka. When you compare the two scenarios, 1983 black July in Sri Lanka and missing generation of aboriginals in Aus, the aboriginal issue is the more concerned one.

Anyway, it is good some one at least considered this and let the authorities made aware of it. I am sure there will be thousans of Sinhala Idiotics who would oppose to this.

Gayansphotography said...

Amma Gahai...I think ur is a good idea.... its always beter to own up to a mistake, But we must also be sure that we NEVER EVER expect the other side to do so as well........

But mind you, it requires a great strength of character and humbeless to own up on mistakes, and many people can't figure out the subtle difference between humbleness and bonelessness....they are miles apart...

Lets wait and see how the others respond to your comment.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

dukganna rala : machan,

yes it is not as big or significant as Stolen Generation. I was just giving an idea what we can do to make our self more appealing to wider audience. We don’t have to do the same but we can take a leaf out of it and do something similar/attractive and get a massive credit for it.

I believe in smart politics!

Anonymous said...

Regarding failure of STF;

1. Thier famous 'niyathai jaya' operation
2. Jeyaraj

I think STF should not be given the responsiblity of a large region. In fact, N and E should be totaly under SLA (not SLAF/SLN except thier bases.) And they should not be atachched to VIP security.

STF should be stationed island wide so that they can be called to assisting reguler police considering more vulnarable areas. They should be given more responsibility towards underworld thugs, drug deelers, illigel timber deelers, political thugs (mervin's gang) other illigel cases like 'kasippu' etc where reguler police fails.

My understanding was STF (police commandos) were parallel to SLA commandos but it seems they are now even below SLA reguler troops.

Rana said...

I agree totally about reconcilation but cannot compare what happened in 1983 July with aboroginal incidents.

our communal riots were done by hooligans while majority watched helplessly. GOSL did not make a concerted effort tostop it, that is the only problem with that. Again the incident was reactionary to the murder of 13 soldiers.

Aboroginal incident were government initiateives with any provocation from aboriginals.

Still, Amma G/G and Dukganna rala are corect. We need to reconcile and do it after taking Kili is good.

Jambudipa said...

Ammata G,

Bravo son. the reconciliation idea is good and needed.

Dukkanna Rala,

Most Sinhalese are a liberal minded lot. As usual the vocal extremist minority and corrupt have tainted the civilised Sinhalese culture. If not for LTTE and few Tamil politicians pushing their buttons the wrong way, 83 and any of the ugly incidents would have never have happened.

Unknown said...

I will still be suprised if the LTTE decides to attack now. After all lots of things are going in its favour in the international front. Firstly now it looks certain that Obama will be President. Next the BJP will be the next government in India with the help of outside their alliance parties help. Both of them are seen to be benificial to the LTTE.

The Sri Lankan economy will probabily be worst off in a few months and things are really becoming bad on the ground. I am guessing the date when the 5000 rupee note will come into circulation. Unlike Paulson, Mahindha goes to the printing press to get more money so there is no liquidity problem. I guess too much of liquids actually.

It has a widening trade defecit and still Asia's highest inflation. The central bank continues to slam credit agencies (maybe the central bank have their own Paulson and Banadike.)It reflects with the leaders calls for Killi to be captured today, tommorrow etc.

Central bank can try pushing some statement from this site.

Anonymous said...


You think what would be the best time to do that if GSL do it? (next July?) I think timing matters. Saying sorry GSL effectively can remove the black mark painted on sinhala people. Also, world will see the reaction from other side.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

thoughtful guy: ( r u popular guy too ? lol just kidding)
Thanks mate!
Yes, I have said sorry many times for my blues (doesn’t mean I make a blue every day)! And also I have never repeated them!
Yes, true other side seems very adamant that it is only our fault!

ILHAM - The Boss said...

27/09/2008 NDTV India
New Delhi: Defense Minister A.K. Antony said here this morning that the Indian Navy was keeping a close watch on the coastal waters to prevent any LTTE cadres moving into Indian Territory. He further said that all adequate steps have been taken to safeguard the coastal areas and there would be no compromise on the safety of the country.
Minister Antony was also asked about the air power of LTTE.
Minister Antony said "We are very much aware of the fact. At present,
It was little or no threat. But we cannot take chances.
We are closely monitoring the development."
"The moment we realise it is a threat to us, we will gear up fully to meet the situation. We are keeping an eye, monitoring and keeping the South India
Air Command on Alert”

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran :

Ur a f…ing muppet!

So, now ur waiting for uncle Obama to save u? ha ? what happened to ur uncle Paraba?? In a sh#t load of trouble??

Mate, wake up! Obama will have to clean the sh#t left from Bush and then Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, N Koria , Russia, China…. ect

And, u LTTE Muppets go and ask uncle Obama to kick MR then he will ask u idiots to go and jump to an open pit toilet!

Unknown said...

According to one of LTTE news organs, the Black Tiger unit infiltrated Vavuniya camp and that a soldier confronted them and asked the password. Not knowing it, they had to shoot him and thaths how the firefight started. I never knew tha these passwords were so useful. I guess the Prowlers/Guard Duty Personnel are often given rotating passwords. Always thought they were easy to detect.

On the plane, its said to take a sharp dive. Guess the LTTE radar point which was "destroyed" recently must be guide to the LTTE planes, including ground observations for informing the pilots of incomming fighter planes.

Its a Zlin for gods sake. It can do acorbatics.

The Zlin Z 142 was not designed as a fully-aerobatic plane, but it is equipped for inverted flying, and can be used for aerobatic instruction. The following figures are allowed:
Spins (normal and inverted)
Loops (except inverted)
Barrel rolls (except snap rolls)
Split-s slides and Tail-slides
Inverted flight

The LTTE article claims to have took something from the camp. Guess it might be the sign board. The LTTE knew that it was also a special forces camp. I guess thats why the planes tried a decapitation strike from air on one of the the commanding officers.

For all those who had negative comments on me thanks.

Unknown said...

Navindran is hoping against hope that the inert-national conditions will favor the LTTE . LMAO .

Never gonna happen . Even is obama is prez there will be absolutely no change wrf to the stance against the LTTE .

David Blacker said...

The STF is on par with Army special ops units like the Commandos when it comes to anti-terrorist and counter-terrorist ops, but unlike the Army units they haven't been beefed up to handle the almost conventional ops that the Commandos and SF handle. For example, the STF doesn't have the heavy support weapons that the Army special ops units have, like mortars and RPGs -- at least not in the same numbers. Army special ops units are sometimes used as shock troops or elite light infantry, the STF cannot handle that role. They're low-intensity conflict troops.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ninja: sorry I missed ur comments.

“You think what would be the best time to do that if GSL do it?”

Say sorry Now! As I said it is smart politics!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Just one more for Navindran :

Seems like ur worried about SL economy?? The facts is, it has never been good and may never get better! So, if u maintains the minimum then still good enough!

In proper economics sense “if u manage a sh#t economy consistently then sh#t becomes the standards”

And I bet u r not dealing in Rs. ?? So, u can breathe easy! Lol

OneSpirit said...

STF should be disbanded under Police and reformed under the Army. Would result in much better discipline and more effective war against LTTE terrorism.

We need to start planning now for the future. What is the need to have the STF under Police?

Jambudipa said...

STF is responsible for counter insurgency and SWAT type ops. The military is there to deal with external threats. Ideally, the Police/STF should be the unit that tackles LTTE. Clearly, things have gone too far. The Police struggles to keep even the minor traffic offenses in check these days.

The true state of the Police was revealed after the cock up in 83. While the riots and looting were going on, the Police stood watching. The Police must take a large portion of the blame for escalation of the conflict. The incompetency is mainly due to politicisation of the force. When a brave cop takes a stand against injustice, a corrupt minister transfers him out or serves the poor guy with a demotion. A recent example when the cop was investigating Rohitha Abeygunawardena MPs accounts for undeclared assets, the crooked MP transfered him to Vavunia. The DIG was scared shirtless to arrest any of the hooligans in recent elections. Essentially, the condition of the Police that failed the nation in 83 remains to this day.

The role of the 17th amendment and public services commission if I am not mistaken was proposed to tackle the politicisation of the public service. But then, some are proposing changes again to water this down.

Don't let this happen. The law-and-order, judiciary and the public service must work INDEPENDENTLY without any interference. When justice system throws Mervin Silva and his brood into jail we will know things have finally changed for the best. There is clearly a long way to go.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rana said...


Mervin Silva is not working alone, infact he was asked to do most of the things by others in the top.

That is why nobody can touch him.

Moshe Dyan said...


in 1983-july police was NOT given orders to tackle the situ EFFECTIVELY until 3 days elapsed (apart from few isolated incidents where specific orders were given to shoot, etc.).

17th amedment is NOT about depoliticising the public service although that is the STATED objective. it is to BYPASS democracy. so called "INDEPENDANT" guys will run the show and bribing them is next to nothing. similarly as long as power is concentrated with the executive president, he/she can do whatever.

what SL needs is a good constitution altogether not PLASTERING the fractured constitution AGAIN and AGAIN.

re: security in the east. STF/TMVP/SLA, etc. should again comb the jungles. monitoring jungle activities from air, etc. also helps.

Rajith said...


A news is spreading that LTTE have actually used a harmful gas (Not CS but a more dangerous one).
LTTE is also preparing for a massive attack in Colombo. (Which we are expecting for a long time now)

Is there any truth in this chemical attack?

B#1 said...

It is learnt that Sakvithi frequented Colombo casinos where he placed bets of over Rs. 200,000, often accompanied by a Police Inspector attached to the Mirihana station. This police officer has now been identified.

Last Monday, this officer along with men armed with clubs and bicycle chains had reportedly come in a lorry to the Sakvithi office premises and taken away items including computers, fax machines, photo copying machines, CDs, laptops and vital documents.

Jambudipa said...


in 1983-july police was NOT given orders to tackle the situ EFFECTIVELY until 3 days elapsed (apart from few isolated incidents where specific orders were given to shoot, etc.).

This is precisely what I meant. Why does a cop need orders to go and arrest a rioter. The role of the cop is protect and serve people. This should automatic reaction, not something that needs to come down the chain of command.

Jaya2008 said...

Visa cancelled of INGO kingpin who joined tigers

LankaTruth 29th Sep: 2008. 09.43 AM

The government has taken steps to cancel the visa of programme manager of ZOA, an Italian INGO who has joined tiger terrorist movement. He had been engaged in un-cleared areas.

When the government informed all NGOs and INGOs to leave the un-cleared areas the relevant programme manager had informed ZOA that he couldn't do so as he had joined the tiger outfit. As such the INGO has informed the government that their programme manager had joined the tiger outfit.

The government has taken steps to inform the Italian government regarding the conduct of this programme manager to Italian government through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Italy.

Pundeyeelam said...

Dukganna Rala said...
DW, is there any reason why 53 and 55 divisions are not pushing the FDL from Muhamalai and Nargakovil,respectively. Or will we see this happening in coming days?

The reason is it's an open terrain. even a cat or a dog can be spotted miles away.

B#1 said...

Anything happen in Pettah area?? Blast??

Moshe Dyan said...


we are on the same wave length.

going a bit forward..

a good constitution (my suggestion is to COPY a good one from a developed ASIAN country) would have ENFORCEABLE rights (than the present one) for each individual. enforcing the law in a given situ would therefore be one such right.

in that case EVEN IF the law enforcement doesn't work properly, an individual will be able to petition court or otherwise get their arses moving.

we should NOT depend on ppl too much (especially when it comes to law and order) instead should depend on systems.

replacing the executive prez with "INDEPENDANT" jokers is not the solution. nanda mathew was one pet of JRJ, soththi upali RP's pet, another was DBW's pet, douglas pieris(??) ranil's pet, sonna boy CBK's pet, mervyn MR's pet.

it will be worse with the 17 amendment "INDEPENDANT" jokers. THEY WILL BE SOMEONE'S PETS/POODLES AND PPL WILL BE TOTALLY STUFFED. even elections can't change that thereafter!!!

apparently sakviti sir had used edwin ariyadasa (??) subtly for his adventure. SL has ENOUGH prominenet persons who don't have even the calibre of him. systems, systems, systems; not fallible humans.

PHANTOM-X said...

Special Task force was exceptional until 2006. In 2006 I went to Kumana, pothuwil, panama, Lahugala, and Kanchikudichiaru. Everything was in-place and they were doing a yeomen service to the people of that area. Nimal Lewke was in-charge of STF. they were so dominant and all LTTE bases in Kanchi was under STF control.
Then everything turned upside-down...Lewke got kicked, some STF camps removed, LTTE infiltrted...

guys, they are the ones who liberated the whole Ampara and some parts of batti, and Trinco from the LTTE. These guys are are trained to do both military and civilian duties. They don't have a good leader (thats the problem), there morale is low, even normal army soldier is better then STF.

another thing... we give all the credit to the three armed forces but we fail to give enough credit to STF. API WENUWEN API is also for army,navy and the air force. GOSL should intervene and do something about this before LTTE becomes a force to reckon in the east and before STF gets evaporated.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear All

Its good to see all brothers back to normal mode....guess once in a while all of us strays a wee bit.

DW, thanks for the update.

Dear Amma Gahai/Gahawi

Ref. 3) Apino: I Lost in Translation : ))....what tread what comment of mine were you referring to?

Anything I wrote in Sinhala or are you referring to may BAD ENGLISH ?

Most happy to translate it


Apino Dannachess said...

Agree with PHANTOM-X on his prognosis of the STF

Speaking of STF, here is latest news from

Police Commandos thwart terror infiltration bid - Ampara

Police Special Task Force (STF) commandos thwarted an LTTE infiltration bid at Kalawanchikudi in Ampara district this morning (Sept 29).

>>>>>>According to the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) an STF patrol has detected a suspicious boat moving in the Kodamadhu lagoon around 5 AM. ...............<<<<<<


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Nvaindran,

Ref. my previous request, I'm counting days mate and gathering facts. Hope you are too.

While I don't agree on your views, I thank you for posting them in a gentlemanly fashion.


Apino Dannachess said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi

Good suggestion and its a move towards the right direction.

I only hope our politicians have enough "testiculus" to act on your suggestion.


mulathiev TARZEN said...



Apino Dannachess said...

Check out the following link on the SLAF's acquisition of Mig29

You may also read whats expressed by some of the bloggers there....similar to some us had said about the mig 29's ...

Gentleman, sorry I don't mean to start another discussion about the validity of procuring mig29. Its a sunk cost now and now we should make the best of it.

Few question though:
a) Are the mig 29s already partaking in missions? If not when?
( because I believe what SLAF got is multirole version, thus capable of bombing runs too)
b) Is there any truth to the Vet-lease arrangements?


Apino Dannachess said...

Here is an update on the Malwatta Road blast:
A Minor explosion in a public car park - Colombo

A minor explosion occurred in a public car park down the Malwatta road in Colombo fort at around 1230 pm. Hospital sources confirmed that one female has been admitted to the General hospital, Colombo.

According to the available information six vehicles have been damaged.

More information will follow.<<<<<

SORRY TO disappoint all the blood thirsty LOT: looks like another misfire from the Incredibles.....LOT of BANG & NO Real Damage...May DiAssPora....have some entertainment over this...KO WADA MALLI

Kithul said...

assasin... you barbarian. your attitude to an explosion is nothing but the hallmarks of a macabre murderer. cowardly bombing of innocent civilians is nothing to gloat about and no way a trophy. this is why the f***ing LPPE'rs should be sat on a sharp point on the Galle face green like the good ol kings did.

guys I do apologise for responding to a MFer but the post was such that none can ignore.

Widana said...

aa don't worry, ranil mama just farted near malwatta road.

Srilankan said...

"After all lots of things are going in its favour in the international front"..Are you sure?..I think your assessment is way too simplistic w.r.t to this situation..Well if LORD GOD IC is going to help the is the time..Of course there is nothing stopping the omniscient canadians from issueing visas to everyone in the north similar to a previous incident..why are they not doing this?..

Apino Dannachess said...

Here I go again ( last time I wrote something like this some of the Senior bloggers reminded me this is War and Not Hollywood)

1. Some of the bloggers here expressed that there is lack of communication between the front line forces and the SLAF to obtain real time information

2. If that's the case why not give them low-tech eyes in the sky

3. Suggested solutions:
a. locally developed UAV with fit for purpose Gimbal camera system:

Please check the following link

b. System should be operable by a purpose trained average front line solder.

c. Limited endurance

d. Inexpensive construction

e. Hand launched/ catapult lunched

f. Operating radius: 2 to 3 miles

g. Live video feed to field commanders to provide real-time info on enemy activity, topographic conditions etc.

h. Get the number advantage: being inexpensive and easy to operate we can deploy more units close to the front. Reduce the number of links in the chain of communication and thereby increase response times.

You may also check the following links:

By the way this is reality in other countries...

Just and Idea only....


Srilankan said...

All these bombings have a very sinister motive..That is to provoke the thoughtless/easily provoked among us to start another riot akin to 1983.Can you understand that these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons still think we are "modayas" with an outdated frame of mind..We have to just grin and bare all this..We can start laughing when more of our citizens start getting jobs overseas....

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear PHANTOM-X, Shan

Please don't respond to the dimwits who make occasional forays here.

But by all means respond to DiAssPora who express their opinion in a civilized manner.....


Widana said...

A hallooo I am very happy when you respond to me. Please please, I am lonely, so please reply.

Anonymous said...

LTTE don't like thier uniform anymore

LTTE show in Canada

Is this for real?? Check the last pic. Diaspora can do better protest in 'lipton watarauma' if they come to Colomo..No cages.


6 cars damaged. LTTE need to destroy some thing..if not human lives...any thing. Even if LTTE break a glass in SL I think now that's also a big thing diaspora to be happy. What to do..vezapillai has to make them happy or money...


Ass-in-rajiv la denna, paththe...koheda hitiye...keep posting your annoying and funny ads...otherwise our people here get tired and write crap....

David Blacker

After looong time....


BTW, I didn't forget great service of STF from 80s, 90s until 00. But some thing is wrong right now, with them.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


sak-withi saranaai
ranige phitaai
gonta bhdu weewaa!

yagha daa wen pahara gasa muhuda debaa keruwalu kollooooooooo!

wali mirikaa wathura gath-thalu kollooooooooooo!

zlin ekakuth bima dammalu kolloooooo!

piribhaa wath maruwalu kollooooooooooooooo!

ammapaa munta barideyak nahanee!
labai, laabai,laaaabaai! punnakku-koththu laabai!piduru pittu laaabai!..

nachchikudaa wandala duwana mee nadeeta kilinochchiyedi kichi-keliyaai! aggala kan "dong" puthaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

"panty-tom-x" umbata suck-withi saranai!
ammapaamung wagee "han-gorak"!

PHANTOM-X said...

Ado ASS-IS-IN-Rajive

Thaaththa pissekda...???

Kithul said...


yep agree on that point, the motive is well understood but what go my pecker up with that arsehle is the attitude to the bombing sounds as if won a trophy.

I don't respond to these idiots 'cause it only encourages them and takes the discussion away and that's what they want. I actively campaign here and in DN not to respond but this ass in mouth was too much

Kithul said...


i have a very strong feeling this mouth-to-ass idot is a sinhalese considering the language he uses, very conversant with sinhala language ,phrases and dialects. read a few carefuly and you'll get what i mean.

please please leave this moron alone and don't respond and I I do apologise for being caught off guard just once

PHANTOM-X said...


LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

i see the jokers are back..LOL

Jaya2008 said...

At last peace is emerging for our beautiful motherland. May God Bless our war Heros and their families.

Unknown said...


"The Sri Lankan economy will probabily be worst off in a few months and things are really becoming bad on the ground."

Can you explain us how it will become "worst" in few months time ?

"I am guessing the date when the 5000 rupee note will come into circulation."

What makes you think that SL will need a "5000 rupee note" and how will that happen ?

"Unlike Paulson, Mahindha goes to the printing press to get more money so there is no liquidity problem."

When exactly did Mahinda "printed money " to overcome "liquidity problem" ?

Please enlighten me with some facts, figures and things that really happened and happening in SL And i would really appreciate if you could add your solutions to these issues as well --> this is, of course, for my knowledge

priyashantha said...

Dear Patriots,

STF is doing a good job in East. I agree with David Blacker. He should visit here often. East is in news everyday. mokak hari jalbariyak. STF has to save TMVP guys. They have failed to do anything to save them. I think GR-SF should think of changing the plan for East. General Janaka Perera controlled the East best. GR-SF can bring him back with a good position. GR-SF will find Janaka's experience valuable. You need people support in the East. There are Tamil, Mulsim & Sinhala people. Everyone suspects the other. UNP has a bigger support base in the East than SLFP. UNP support in the East should be taken in for a security plan. Janaka can do this. Atleast Janaka should be consulted about the East. He will join the army if he is given a good post. I think some TMVP guys are working with LTTE. There are illegal businessmen working in East. They get guns from LTTE. East security is very sensitive. Janaka's experience becomes important. He has done this before.

mage sochchama.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

preema piti saranaai!
shell-gass pihitaaaii!
pawsige oil saranaai!

aneee i-thing thopi roth-thataa mee thung saranee saranaai!

balla rataa! rata ballaataa!
ranil ta jaya weewaa! sakw-thi budhu weewaa!

how far did u say to "ki-chi" by now!
is this sak-withi a "kotiya"??
sinhala koti koo?
gahanakota duwamuda? duwanakota gahamuda?..that`s the stratergy!!

umbala okkama la wada koranne "kothalawala defence academy" ekee kussiyeda? maara "Analise"ne umbala kilyanne!
ammapaa pudumai! eeth boru!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..mahin air! sorry kollanee!i mean "NAHIN-air" is about to start it`s buisness next monday!
it lost 12 bilion us dolles,and this "weera seeyaa" duu-shitha "sundara" have sold 7 acer land in colombo for 10,000 rupees for a big comany!..ammaaaa umbalata jayawee waaa!

shay said...


Don't expect terrorist supporters like Navindran to produce any facts to support their arguments. They're clutching at straws and will have more dreams in the months to come.


"The Sri Lankan economy will probabily be worst off in a few months and things are really becoming bad on the ground."

How would you know, you like the rest of di-ass-poras don't live here. Todays business confidence index is at the highest level in about two years and I guess facts and statistics don;t matter much to your type.

"Unlike Paulson, Mahindha goes to the printing press to get more money so there is no liquidity problem"

Oh really you smart ass. What qualifications do you have to talk about monetary economics?? The fact that the current mess in the US is caused mostly by loose monetary policy (money printing if you like) is probably lost on you. I guess Paulson is going to pullout the USD 700bn for the bailout from his ass, instead of loosening monetary policy further.

The fact that SL's monetary policy management has been improved and is now operated as quasi currency board system with over 130% backing of foreign currency for the currency in issue by the CBSL, would also probably be lost on you.

Keep dreaming loser.

Jambudipa said...


i agree with you, the entire system needs a complete overhaul from exec presidency downwards.

TropicalStorm said...


I thought the SLDF had a program to develop indegenous UAVs, and some of them even flew.

The only problem was said to be low endurance which is typical with light weight craft. It had been a flight time of less than 1 hr per flight.

IntelAttack said...

Russia's Thermobaric bomb (Most powerful non nuclear bomb of the world) -

Srilankan said...

We have to keep in mind that this blog and others are witness to comments by LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons only during their "breaks".It is a "game" of "fun".Here you have an LTTE buffoon posting what he thinks is a "provocative" comment to the "moda" singhalese and we the "modayas" spending the entire day "responding"..Shan so we are the fools.There is only one aspect that will hurt these Di-ass-phora LTTER's.That is when more of our peoples get jobs overseas..then they will be forced to see our their "security zone" the..west..where nothing "bad" can happen to them...We HAVE to take this fight to them via education..Just imagine us poor folk giving these rich LTTE di-ass-phora's a very wide grin whenever/whereever we run into them overseas..However it appears that once your overseas the attitudes of the LTTE di-ass-phora are subject to a kind of "metamorphosis"....when they try to gain your friendship/confidence.. how odd

mulathiev TARZEN said...


ammapaa han-gorak1 haamirak..!

umbalata sak-withi la wadi wadiyen ma labeewaa! poluma kaapiyaw! wali mirikapiyaw!

how far did u say ki-chi from here?

KDA walinda mallilaa igena gannee??

Srilankan said...

Piyashantha right now we have to minimise civilian casualties in the EAST(that includes the TMVP) till such time that this LTTE filth is eradicated.In the meantime we have to provide them with all the facilities we can and do our best to restore some semblence of a "normal" life for them which is very hard given what they have suffered.I am sure Gen Fonseka will do the needful.Consider that right now dozens of people could be butchered on a daily basis in the east and young children forcibly conscripted to the LTTE.Dont forget what that ICON of "human rights" Thaamilselvan and that guy who died of serosis(Bala)-(thankgod) promised us...10,000 body bags for the forces and a bloodbath in the south..

bandaralk said...

Amma Gahai said...''As you may aware, new Australian Government headed by Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd apologized to the “Stolen Generation” of Indigenous people of Australia. ''

Yes, your sentiment is fully appreciated. I am sure you agree that there can not be any comparison to what happened to Indigenous people of Australia and the Sri Lankan Tamils.
The vast majority of Sinhala people had nothing to do with black July in '83. It was the UNP thugs who carried out that unpardonable act of barbaric violence. However, this does not mean that Sri Lankan Govt. should not tender an apology to that incident. Better late than never. It is an excellent suggestion.

What happened in Australia was part of the biggest land grab in the history of mankind by systemic murder of Indigenous people by white people. It is pity that so called “human right'' champions of European descent took more than a century to realize the barbaric nature of their act. What right do these guys have to preach human right to us?? Plain hypocrisy to me.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


wali kollanee! how is u r day!..
punnakku-koththu tasty? what about piduru-pittu?..

"intelligent chief must go home"--sarath.N. silva!

"chief of police is no good for public service"--chief justice S.N silva!

ammmaapaa umbalge "cow"-the nee-thiya rakinnee!!

unu-th ekaii
munu-th ekaai!
thoi-th ekaai!

mulathiev TARZEN said...


wali kollanee! how is u r day!..
punnakku-koththu tasty? what about piduru-pittu?..

"intelligent chief must go home"--sarath.N. silva!

"chief of police is no good for public service"--chief justice S.N silva!

ammmaapaa umbalge "cow"-the nee-thiya rakinnee!!

unu-th ekaii
munu-th ekaai!
thoi-th ekaai!

Srilankan said...

For starters..I am speaking about the LTTE supporting thaamil diasphora..not all tamil diasphora..You can think of me as an extremist is up to you..but i really dont care either way..I wont say that i dont give a shit..
What i want for ALL(Tamils in east/north,sinhalese,muslim) peoples of SLanka is to "enjoy" those facilities that have been "exclusive" to the taamil diasphora extremists for a while thats you get it now?..

shay said...

Enter the thermobaric weapon. Nightfox's review of the nation article which stated that SLAF are now using fuel-air weapons.

Srilankan said...

At a guess where you are..i have seen(with my own eyes) what i say happen (in the past) contrary to what you say.Yes there is no "fixed mode" of behavior.I have to tell you how i know which i wont since this is a defense blog and not a tea party.Remember:You reap the seeds you sow..dont forget it..No your no extremist..but if it is good for you..then it is also good for ALL the peoples of SLanka...and thankgod the Govt has this in mind..

Srilankan said...

"most tamils give money thinking that some of the money will go to the poor tamils".this is very true..but i think they are happy if the "majority" of funds go to the Tamil population..and yes it depends on WHO is collecting it..Has it done those good people in the north and east and good..i mean provided and benefit to them?
As for these 30 yr old grudges..what does that tell you..

Srilankan said...

Instead the money has gone to "support" the LTTE..There is also the behavior of peoples...very important..

FreedomFighter said...

yes 2-300 more dead soldiers would be nice. even better if ltte can round them up like they did you know where and not even tell any one.

Shit will hit the fan whe these modoys step in to the road to fucking hell. Only a blood bath will end this . And you when ltte boys hit they hit hard and sihala mothers will weep for the reset of their lives.

FreedomFighter said...

I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is,I do not know when u guys going to understand that no matter what SL do or achive in the war, the freedon strugle will go on until freedom is achived. Freedon strugle has faced lots of chanlges in the past, its grown stronger every time.

Good news is Sri Lanka ruppes will
hit record level by end of October.
And you racist people can fuck those army widows for few dollors.

Gayansphotography said...

Freedomfighter -
yes yes..."reset" of their lives they will cry... :D

I can understand why you called it the road to fucking hell....I pity you guys having to live in "hell" all this time...

PHANTOM-X said...

some LTTE boys are very good at hitting hard...Thats why Vezapillais wife went abroad...abandoning the great Pheadofile...child molester...!!!

Ha Ha Ha....Hoooooooo


Now it is proving, that we can win the war no matter what and also let's assume that we can win the faith of the tamil communities as well but when it comes to getting all greedy Sri Lankan (specially politicians) to act together, that is where the real fight going to start. Unfortunately as it stands today it is going to be a fight in between Sinhalese vs. Sinhalese. Who is going to support which side in this war??

man.. It is going to be an interesting future... But at the end if north settle down to a provincial council unit. It is no matter who comes to power in Eastern or North, those two chief ministers are going to be the government most loyal ministers. That is given that weapon used by ltte would still be hang around every corner of these two provinces..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi: Let's not try to celebrate a victory, which we haven't gain yet.. I think there is a long way ahead..

PHANTOM-X said...

Poor freedom fighter/s is/are fighting a keyboard war...!!!

Ha Ha Ha...Hoooo Hooooo
Get a life u stinky piglet...!!!

karan said...


FreedomFighter said...

phantom-x do u call you self like that becuase you are x rent boy ?
or is it x SLA run a way ?

I am sure hell is much better place
then Shit Lanka.

Unknown said...

Does any of the self proclaimed pundits here know what happened to the Armenian Resistance Force during the Ottoman Empire?

I mean many people seem to think LTTE are great soldiers etc. and they talk about the sacrifices made by people like Thileepan. But they forget that throughout history this is common among all resistance forces such as the Armenians. If you read carefully countless Armenians sacrificed their lives for thier so called "struggle".

But that didn't stop the Turks from annihilating them to the ground. Today Aremenia is an unknown phenomena and the same will happen to the fake Eezzam.

Nothing should stop us from continuing our "mission" * wink * wink.

Widana said...

aah ruwani nangeee,
aney hukey, umbai mai danna armenian.
may, nikan danna deyak gana katha karapan.

Unknown said...

Fifedom farter,

Do you best. Sinhala modayas don't know when to stop either.

Another one admitting imminent defeat..

Mung hithagena hitiye ada eelam, heta eelam kiyala. Den nari vaadan pallen berenava. Maath hithuve ne api vetila hitapu adiye hetiyata mewage jayak labai kiyala.

Den mun aluthma sinduvak gahanava..
Api freedom satana atharinne nelu. Ehema kiyalawath hitha hada ganimu neda...

mulathiev TARZEN said...

watch what u say! do not insult our enamy!haven`t u already forget what our poddu said? "let them insult them self, we have better things to do for our struggle"
"annia okeimuthi"!!remember!

FreedomFighter said...

And Keybord war. Just started. After seeing how funcked up some of the people here are.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


kollaneeeee! let`s "mirikamu" same "walee"!

ammapaa! sakwithi saranaai!
merviya pihitaai!

how far to "ki-chi" now?

Widana said...

aney ithin mama hithanne anith unuth mama wage modai kiyala.

Widana said...

ranil mama mata eeye ra thisse hondatama ariya. ekai ada tikak pana avilla thiyenne.

lankanews said...

Wanni meheyuma video

Murukkandi railway station which hold unforgettable memories about "Yaldevi" captured by SLA.

LTTE had blown up the Yaldevi (Jaffana bound train service at that time) train which left Jaffna fort on the 20th of may 1985. 9 coaches out of 13 of the train were blasted by LTTE.

7 Tamils and 40 soldiers who were returning to Colombo for their vacation were killed in the blast. After that the Railway station was neglected for 23 years until brave soldiers capture the area few days ago.

FreedomFighter said...

I am sure sihala do not know when to stop thats why theyre killing tamils for 30 years then telling them belive there is one nation called shit lanka.

I am sure shit Lankns love their country so much they keep on dieing.
And renting their kids to forigners.
I see the effect of this , see so many of u like young boys and like talking about anel sex. you must have been abused by those forign tourists.

Unknown said...

fifedom farter,
Paradinakota godak dukai thamai.. monava karannada?

Nikang boruwata puppanne nethuwa thamange pavul pansal balagena indapan.

FreedomFighter said...

if u use stuppud sinhala langauge then I want funkindunderdtsnd.

Onuku oru priya kalli eduth thailel potal nala irrukum. Mala odum illi enrue enku theirum. Ethkeum oruke
odichu patha nalathu.

Unknown said...

Dear Freedomfighter,

Yes, we love our country very much. Unlike you fellows we love being Sri Lankan. You fellows will never realize that because you fellows haven't had a country to call your own for the past 2500 years.

It is a shame to have 70 million people of your fellows and yet never have the joy of nationhood.

As far as living in our nation, you fellows ought to do as we please because it is us who govern this country.

Gringo said...

[Onuku oru priya kalli eduth thailel potal nala irrukum. Mala odum illi enrue enku theirum. Ethkeum oruke
odichu patha nalathu.

Side effect after eating sour grapes...

So sad to see... brave freedom fighters getting culled...

Don't cy for me PEELAM....

Widana said...

aney nikan palayan 'ruwani' yanna. umba ara mrbrown karana ponnayama kiyala hamoma dannawa.

Unknown said...

Yo I see some F..kd up ass called Freedom watever stikin his weenie in the wrond spot.You see thats thhe problem with you,last week I saw tamils in tamil Nadhu calin Sri Lanka there home land, dudes havent even been here,INTERNATIONAL COMMUNTIY!what do you call wheenies who dont belong here,calling this there homeland, when they have not lived neither have there ancestors in this land..leave Sri Lanka alone you Gypsies.

Unknown said...

Me fifedom farter yakata wena wedak nethda? Booruwa wage thappu gahanne?

FreedomFighter said...

You can love shit lanka as much you like. Its still shit. We will make sure it will stays like that as loong as you people think with that attitude.

ltte started with only 20 boys in 1983 just rember that. Remember how much damge they have none to your dear loved country.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..endu waleichi waa?

FreedomFighter said...

people who thing tmail do not belong here. must be stupid. 3 minllion in north :) and 2 milion in right in the middle of funcking South. Do you think can move us ? Just funcking try.Wait until the problem start in central province of shit lanka.

This is not 1983. You cant go around buring tamils and kiilng children. Every signle tamil will hit back. And 70 million tamil india will join in to. Oh man wait until they show how they use the
"Arrival" .

Unknown said...

Hey the Gypsy king has something to say, anyones gotta rubber inflaitable duck, to send him to other shore with a flag,so that he can leave "Sri Lankans" and go play I am tiger with maybe Mugabe

Unknown said...


The question isnt the number of Tamils in this country, neither is it of their legiitimacy to live in Sri Lanka, as Sri Lankans, but to those Hypocrites who have no ties to this country and its people and claim the right of a country within a country, to those people who beleive all 5 Million stand behind Vesa Pillai Prabhakaran and his move for Vesa Eelam, reality is the Tamils are driven daily by force of arms deeper and deeper because of 1/4 of the tamil population the other 3/4's suffer,my question is is that just.

FreedomFighter said...

is Gringo some kind dog name ?

I do not belong in Shit Lanka..I belong in eelam.

ever wonder why shit lanka looks like Tear drop ? its a riddle.

Answer is Shit Lanka looks like a Tear drop becuase is just piss.
Shit and Piss thats all.

Unknown said...

Does the fact that 1/5th or 10% of the Sinhalese population that caused Chaos in the 1980's decide the fate of the rest of the 4/5's of Sinhalese who had nothing to do with it, does the war give you the right to conduct genecide against the Muslim populatio or to cut out water to an entire villages people, now does it?

FreedomFighter said...

whats sort shit question is that ? who is aksing you for eelam ?

90% people voted for indepedent tamil stae 1977 election, thats more then infough. if there was free and fare election under UN monitoring allow expats to vote then eelam will be the choice. Ltte hava tmail mandate for creating a seperte state. That what will happen. I think u been reading tomuch of MahaVasa or maha vamsa.

GoldenEagle said...

Guys, I have a question...

Is the main gun on the arrow boats a 20mm or a 14.5mm gun? wikipedia says 20mm, but I am not sure of wikipedia as a source.

I know that a handful are fitted with 23mm guns, but what do the vast majority of them carry for a main gun?

FreedomFighter said...

In 83 its the failure of the stat of shit lanka to stop that riots.
That made tamil youth see true
colors of sihala lanka. Those are the people joint ltte.

Also 4/5 sihala people failed again and again to stop the opression of the tamil. so we hava no choise but to sepearte.

Again You cant really pin those accusation of geneside aginst tamils. World knows. Whats happeing in Shit Lanka.

You can fool sihala people, whoe are blinded by race hate, but
not the whole world.

Unknown said...

Expats dont live in the North, let them decide the future, not people who have been dong pot, see the consequences today, of what you people are doing, funding an insane war, you own people are dying,your give money to maniacs who rip children of innocent mothers from there houses, give then an AK47 and put them on the battle field, are you people going to ever realise that.

If some of you come down to degrade Sri Lanka as such, leave it to me and the rest of the Sri Lankans, This is the land I was born and bread in, no one can rip it apart!

A UN mission, yeah then let Solhein and his goons come in, Im sure there finding a place to put you, with their nations suffering with high unemployment, easy isnt it to just land you back here so at least some of there nationals get a job.

Gringo said...

[....Wait until ....]

Madayan FF...

Is waiting the favourite pastime / hobby of LTTE coolies... 30 years not enough to whack a small bunch of modayas and get the Eelam?

I thought Velu was the greatest fighter ever born to create the peelam through fight... and terror!

But we fkuced the fat pig’s daylights out! And the last time around, I heard him making a silly noise... I saw him begging the IC... to intervene....

Why... why... why?

Oh you assholes…. Just ….Wait... wait... and die...!

Are you ready to piss and shit in your pants...

No... no.... no.... not when all Tamil terrorists get wiped off... but when all North and East land get … yes….SRILANKANIZED... and all our defence HQs are relocated to ALL SRI LANKAN NORTH....

Now keep right hand on your heart, you mfking LTTE coolie...and sing 'namo.. namo matha.... '

You SIMPLY have no other choice.

Unknown said...

[/quote Remember how much damge they have none to your dear loved country. /quote]


I am not surprised at all about what the LTTE has done to our beloved country. The LTTE hasn't done anything new, this is what we have suffered for thousands of years since the days of Chola invasions.

This is our karma of being near sewerage that produces millions of savages.
Yes, I am calling Naadu the sewerage. And I am labelling all eelamists as savages.

This is because eelamists are violent creatures by nature. Haven't you seen a Naadu Movie? Once my husband brought home a Tamil movie. It started and all of a sudden we saw blood all over the road in the Movie. To see Kamalasan was cutting and chopping another sewerage dweller.

My husband immediately took the Movie back to the video parlour and hit it on the head of the eeleamist who was at the front desk.

This is why I say eelamists are savages.

PHANTOM-X said...




Unknown said...

Again Freedom Fighter 1/5th of the Snhala Population.

Well most of the 4/5s, sheltered tamil people, protected them,what has made you people blind, every race has the good and the bad, yours mine and all,these are facts, but when the majorty stands against, that majority represents that race.

Oh so now shall we ask a Muslim brother here who chased and created genoecide in the east with the muslims, see all you guys do pot and it has actually got to you. you think thats a solution, see how far it has got you, where are you today, from where do you sit and access this blog?

Sithsala said...

Did someone hit the b@lls of pyter with a baseball bat?

Seems to be in real pain.

Gringo said...

[....and all our defence HQs are relocated to ALL SRI LANKAN NORTH....

...because the south is tiny bit crowded... if you know what I mean.

Hoooo.... hoooooo.... hoooooo!

Unknown said...


It is because of my debating talents. Time and time again I have proved at LNP that no one could win a debate with me. Especially an Eelamist.

If ever an eelamist gets out of control or starts getting a fit, just let me know. If will send them flying back to Naadu. LOL!

Srilankan said...

mee yakkunta meka maha vihiluwak..mun mehe enne kisime deyak nathi welavata..ape minissu me yakunge ratavalwalata yanna ona..

Sithsala said...


sure, i'll let you know of every peelamist that i come accross, i'll give your address to each of them too. don't disappoint them.

Srilankan said...

i am looking forward to your the "teabreak/lunchbreak" over then..damn shame men..what to do..

Srilankan said...

sala salang,
I have a better idea.why dont we publish details of these peelamists in the paper..only rich ones family at a their home address,the work addresses of the parents overseas..including the number of children they have the kids names and what schools they attend overseas..

Gringo said...


[I have a better idea.why dont we publish details of these peelamists in the paper..only rich ones though..]

There's a good deatled database already maintained of these LTTE coolies, who the we hold responsible for murdering 70,000 Sri Lankans.

The moment these coolies set foot to the great land of Sri Lanka activities start...

The list is getting regularly 'updated'... as and when new names are added and old ones Eelamized.

The 'books' on these fake but deadly "Tamil cause" will be, and must be 'balanced.'

Bring it on... LTTE coolies.

Srilankan said...

Many thanks bro.The Hon president needs to use these LTTE di-ass-phora eelamists to motivate ALL our peoples to better things in life..I wonder what would happen if we publish details of one RICH EELAMIST di-ass-phora family per month in the local newspapers after this is over.Say only good things of recriminations..just for all to know..just information...

Sithsala said...


fuel-air stuff seems to be really hurting.
have u seen the stupid comments made in NightFox@LNP's article?

way to go SLDF. remove one nail at a time.

sooo sorry

Rana said...

Hi Guys,

Please leave rubbish to the bin. This blog is more valuble to us than replying to those destructive elements.

Could somebody shed some light on latest defence news from the front lines. has nothing much to read. We are dying here to get latest updates.

Thanks for those are serious about this blog and post valueble info for others.

Srilankan said...

sala salang,
I went to LNP twice mate..didnt post anything.that is one shitty site.I haven't mate..don't plan to either.Sala who the hell wants to read the ramblings of sritharans,mahahanamutta..or that women in Australia..whats her name laskhi bala something..that women who keeps writing letters to the Aussie govt
As for these bombs.I can a guess they explode by sucking the air in that vicinity.So if a cadre is there heshe will get his/her lungs blownout....I want the cadres to surrender..However these are people who are so incredibly brave among farming villagers where they murdered people in style as i remember....hope they are equally "brave" at the receiving end..

Sithsala said...


agree about not posting in LNP.

however, NightFox78 has posted some interesting articles.

Here's the link to a recent one, which i think is a Nation article, but the illustrations are good
(also posted above by shay)
couldn't help noticing so many rants for this one

Rana said...

Sala Salang,

Thanks for the link.

Interesting. We should use this with bunker busters to get the LTTE hierarchy without delay. Good groung info will help to locate them.

If we can get VPO and Pottu rest is easier.

Anonymous said...

Fasting in Canada This is really good for thier health, weight loss etc. Now please don't get confused with

No barriers any more

No barriers any more 2

CJ ordered to remove all the barriers in the Galle raod, including along temple tress, as it creates traffic jams.

I think if VP complained to him saying SL citizens' rights getting violated due to wanni operation he will order to stop wanni operation too.

I am happy to see SLDF removing all the barriers and people drive in Galle road without traffic jams. LOL

Wajira Abewardana (MP/Galle-UNP)- the new challenge for Karialla

----Freedom Fighter-----


He is fighting for his freedom in defencewire. How nice? What's the problem with that? What if all the LTTE cadres find it is easy and safe to fight for the freedom in internet rather than wanni? We are done, no? Let's encouarage diaspora to waste time in these blogs writing crap. I guess it might reduce their fund collection time and hence the income.

Srilankan said...

sala salang,
Many thanks for the link..

Anonymous said...

One more

Too good soldiers dying for too bad people This soldier was lucky to die rather than living with this kind of neighbours

Ogre said...

The quality of posting has deteriorated which I think is unfortunate

lot of newcomers posting old 1 year old information now.

Mig 29sm are not new...they are undergoing trials in SL, and perhaps dropping a ding on LTTE ... regardless it's all cool. In due time we will see the real reason why they were bought!

On the front...LTTE is leaving Kilinochchi and now fortifying another large trench with arty support north of town.

They are also building another trench parallel to A 9 but on east side

The evacuation of National front by LTTE is one is there. but LTTE still has 120's directed at those coordinates

LTTE's main aim now is to build up the insurgency in East, but this would be addressed soon! 12,000 training...

I think now is the time to move sough to EP..but we will lose a lot of boys before we get there...once EP is held then poonaryn will fall which would be the end for LTTE west.

The real target is still unknown....kili is a distraction boys...

should also remember that LTTE (prabhakaran)is always good against stationary targets....
but very poor against mobile targets...

remember LTTE has only few people...they cant be there at once...they need to get help from a lot of civilians to keep the machine going....and they success is mobility...

Nochchi kuda is a target but we need more units to go in to holding positions south of it and west of it...

LTTE will make the triangle encompassing A35-A34-A9 the last point of defence...

Big guns are moved to the dirt roads along these areas in the triangle.

We are good in forest and better in jungles attacking they don't want to even venture in there...I wonder how LTTE plans to put this off...

We must think globally and should build more local manufacturing plants as the global recession will prevent further aid from friendly contries reaching sri lanka ... you know what I mean...

GR .. if you read this ... i hope you know what i mean sir!

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Corey said...

The Dow crashed today, and the US is in a deep crisis. Many think the US will soon become a 'former' superpower, and will become like the UK and the post-Gorbachev Russia (not the Russia now). It is very interesting to see if the US political leaders have what it took the Russian leadership to get back their country back up from a total mess - I don't think so. The LTTE supporters here are reaching deep into their pockets to fund Obama. He is sure to come into power, but as someone has said earlier, he will have to get out of this mess first, and then look outside. But this will take many many years, especially with the US political bunglings as we have seen from the Bush era. By that time, Sri Lanka will be a terrorist-free solitary state, and even if the US makes noise to please their campaign supporters (LTTE), it is likely that, by then, no one would take any notice of the barking by the US. LTTE disapora - save your money. It can be put into use in much better ways.

Moshe Dyan said...

shay & sala salang,

thanks for the intersting link.

FreedomFighter said...

Oh I am not finish with you lot. Whe I go do not say bye , becuase you sihlaa racist not worth that.

Rubawhini.. Your arguments about violance see you only watch moive about tamils.

I saw what shit lankan soliders did to 13 years old boy after killing him and his father. I know every sihalees fear is the chola history will repeat it self.
Thats what we want.

Rajah said...


"in 1983-july police was NOT given orders to tackle the situ EFFECTIVELY until 3 days elapsed "

Actually police and SLA given order to protect Hooligans. they have arrested people fight against them. i have seen this in my own eye. it's a state sponsored riot.

Thanks to Sinhala families who save Tamils during riots. my family also saved my a sinhala family.

Rana said...

Good Morning Moshe,

Is there any news on fuel/air rockets incident at Mankulam targetting Bhanu?

If anybody else have something related to above please post it.


Unknown said...

Dow lost 7% yesterday and European Market is going to collapse. I guess even the Garment and Tea Industry will not be able to help Sri Lanka. The LTTE is always lucky even when they are losing. From Poomalai to this now.

Maybe some people might want their IOUs paid now.

FreedomFighter said...

Some of the sihla people , who think they can still create unitled lanka.
What a stupid dream. When people are divided you cant do anything.

Tamils will not forget or forgive all those crimes against us, untill justice is given. Which will never happen in shit lanka. we have go to UN tribunal and get our justice.

Rana said...


You are forgetting all the crime committed against sinhala civilians by the LTTE.

Try to have balance thinking, even now for the sake of future.

Rana said...


Forget about the economy. First thing first. We can rise after eliminating tiger clan once and for all.

Moshe Dyan said...


with you mate 100%. politicos, politicos & politicos.

i was lucky enough to grow up (until a certain time) in multicultural wellawatta. never did i see any intolerance between ppl of the THREE races.

race is IMMATERIAL apart from cultural activities. but unfortunately i had to face some trouble at school bcos i (partly) belonged to an UNKNOWN ethnicity in SL!! but that was only teasing, nothing more.

there is some good news that in SL, 'that' ethnic group has become active since 2007 culturally. they plan to build many cultural places in colombo.


Moshe Dyan said...

morning rana,

last saturday's attacks was of that type. not sure still about the attack on banu. will post if i get anything.

FreedomFighter said...

eliminate tigurs ? ya. you can pray butha about that. see how long it took for you to capture east. But ltte is still there in the east doing what it does best.

you need more and more troops another 150,000 every corner of tamil home land. And the cost will be for poor sihala people to pay with starvation.

And as long army in visible to tmails eye they will feel like
prisoner. So total effect is
tamils will be still be wanting
tamil eelam.

Unknown said...

Navindran ,

yah the LTTE is indeed lucky , lucky they are getting incinerated daily . LMAO ..

Rana said...

Well FF, more than 9000 already resting in peace and another 4000 is waiting in the queue. No trouble boys will do it.

After that white vans! think about it, save yourself while you can.

FreedomFighter said...

ltte boys are the most courageous and dedicated freedon fighters in the world. And shit lankan are worth
ever armed force with rapist and
child molesters and modyos.

Rana said...

Well, well,

it seems MIG 29s have been delivered. Version is called FULCRUM.

Watchout FreedomFighter:

the MiG-29 incorporates much larger and deeper leading-edge root extensions (LERX) for good maneuverability at high angles of attack. A series of auxiliary intakes are mounted on the upper surface of the LERXs allowing the engines to draw in air when the two main inlets are closed. These features are used during ground taxiing to prevent debris from being sucked into the engines. The large nose of the MiG-29 houses a single-seat cockpit for the pilot as well as a large pulse-Doppler look-down/shoot-down radar, laser rangefinder, infrared seeker/tracker system, and a helmet-mounted target-designation system. Though initial production models were not equipped with a fly-by-wire control system, the MiG-29 Fulcrum has shown exceptional agility that has earned great admiration in the West.
The MiG-29S model was upgraded with new avionics moved to the upper part of an enlarged fuselage. This modification allows a greater fuel capacity. One of the most advanced variants is the MiG-29M that includes a fly-by-wire control system and a more advanced HUD plus glass-cockpit displays. This model also disposes of the auxiliary engine intakes on the earlier models to make room for additional fuel, short range being the primary disadvantage of initial variants.

peelam nightmares will start soon. As peelam get smaller and smaller every day, it get easier to deliver fuel/air present to VP with a bunker buster.

Nihara said...


CASC said...

Seems like the Chief Justice who is know for his idiocyncracies has now gone completely bonkers.

Supreme Court of Sri Lanka orders removal of all barricades in Galle Road

Monday, September 29, 2008, 17:19 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Sept 29, Colombo: Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva today ordered the removal of all barricades and road blocks on Galle Road from Kolpitty to Galle Face.

Chief Justice issuing this order to Inspector General of Police stated that barricades and road blocks violate the people’s right to move freely.

His Lordship also ordered to stop the one-way traffic movement in Duplication Road which also violates the easy use of public transport services and to regularize the services.

Observing the ‘no parking’ signs installed in the Colombo City, Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva also ordered the Colombo Municipal Council, City Commissioner to appear before the Supreme Courts on Thursday.

Observers question removing the road blocks in an area where so many highly sensitive establishments are located including the President’s residence while an intense military campaign is in full gear in the North and at least one bomb explosion a day rocks the rest of the country, is a wise decision.

Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva is known for his controversial Supreme Court decisions. There have been many complaints against the Chief Justice's conduct and abuse of authority.

Srilankan said...

Very well said mate.just ignore these LTTE buffoons..dont you wonder what they have to do with "shit lanka"..after all this time now that they are foreigners?..probably nothing else to do with their tea break/lunch break time ??

TropicalStorm said...

Amparai area is again apparently under threat from random strikes against civillians. Civillians apparently gather into schools and temples in the area at night, with STF protection. This will be a short term fix until teh remaining 10-15 tigers are hunted down. MI is on the job.

Sam Perera said...


It is a very dangerous situation with Sarath Silva. He seems to be getting in to the habit of issuing orders in the areas he has little or no knowledge. National security and traffic most certainly are two things Sarath Silva has very little knowldge about. Pretty soon, we will hear him ordering doctors on medical procedures and engineers on highriser design. Regardless, this man must be contained before he steps beyond his constitutionally assigned duties. Further drastic steps will be needed if he gets in to national security matters.

Bless Sri Lanka!!

Defencewire said...

Dear Readers,
We have noticed a rise in sinhala nationalistic sentiment in the comments made by some of you. We appeal to you to refrain from treading this path. A win in the war does not justify domination, harbouring of ill sentiments regarding fellow countrymen, no matter how misled you may think they are.

Please help our nation overcome racial and ethnic hatred by first changing your own ideas.

Thank you
DW team

Rana said...

Last night around 11.00 PM SLNavy SBS attacked two LTTE attack boats killing 08 tigers and destroying both boats.

Well done boys!

TropicalStorm said...


The powers of the Supreme Court are limited to interpretation of the constitution and as a court of final authority.

I am uncertain whether the SC could order any civillian before it without due process thru lower courts and also whether it has jurisdiction over matters dealt by officials elected via popular vote. In a democracy, the vote is as powerful as the SC, if not more so.

Thea ction you refer to may be outside the SC's authority and therefore an abuse of power. Since there's no higher authority in the judicial system, this could lead to a direct conflict between the Presidential and Parliamentary authority versus the judiciary.

No matter who wins, the fallout would not be good for the country since it would set a very bad precedent.

Rover said...

Sri Lanka never made any real sacrifices for its freedom. This is one of the reasons, why the previous generations (since independence), didn't value our freedom that much. But the genesis of the LTTE, and its evolution of one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations, with the incompetencies of successive governments, have once again stoked the fires of freedom in most Sri Lankans. This is why MR's popularity ratings are so high, despite the hardships faced by the hoipolloi.

For the alarmists:

You have to remember that GOSL also feeds the displaced Tamil population in the Vanni. The Tiger terrorists, can only herd the innocent Tamils from place to place, but they can't even provide anything for the masses. And ironically, the diaspora keep pumping money for VP to build more cemeteries, which are the "Temples of Eelam", to bury all the Tamils. Finally, there will only be LTTE supporting diaspora to make annual pilgrimages to see all these Temples.

Even if we have to suffer, due to the lethargic economy in the west, we will win this war, and also take care of the IDPs. Already, a group of my friends are getting ready for the IDPs, advising the ministers concerned and laying the foundations to house them. We will prove to the world, that we are no Nazis. There is also another group of economists, who are gathering data on the IDPs to find out the best ways to put them back on track, and to get the country on the path to prosperity as soon as the war is over.

About "shit lanka" comment: There should be enough to eat for people to shit! So we are a prosperous race. Remember once in a UNICEF art competition, the first place was won by a person who drew an arse with a cobweb on it (meaning the person depicted on the drawing doesn't have enough to eat, so no shit has fallen out for a long time, and hence spiders have been able to make cobwebs on the arse).

Unknown said...

Singapore's mos famous Sri Lankan has passed away. He died of a heart attack. His son Kenneth is a LSE gradute and a Sword of Honour Winner for his Officer Cadet Batch (even though his father was an opposition man). Philip, the youngest is a cambridge/harward full bright scholarship winner and was also Singapore's youngest President of the Singapore Law Society

He was born on Jan 5, 1926, to a Jaffna Tamil family that had settled in Malaya. His father was with the Johor Public Works Department. But Jeyaretnam was born in Sri Lanka because the family had returned there for a holiday.

They had two children, Kenneth, a London-based economist and Philip, a lawyer/author who resides in Singapore. (As a proud father, J.B. was unable to resist adding that both his two sons achieved double-firsts at Cambridge!).

Rana said...


Good one mate!

Moshe Dyan said...


SL would have had MANY JBJs (and his sons) if a section of the country put their brains to hardwork than to racist demands.

unfortunately it was ponnambalam arunachalam who was one of the MOST EDUCATED and intelligent guys(he did the first census of SL which even the SL govts couldn't do properly for the past 37 fcuking years with so much money/resources at their fcuking disposal) who invented TAMIL ELAM in 1927 (or 1925???). this was recently in some news.

singapore guys found a DEFINITE DEAD-END in seperatism while SL guys thought it was always possible.

convince SL guys that seperatism IS A DEAD END WITH NO CONCESSIONS towards it, they will start behaving like in sing. give them hope that seperatism is possible, they work towards that.

frackster said...

Amen about the racial thingie....

Moshe Dyan said...

oh shit! he had died in 1924. so the year should be b4 1924.

FreedomFighter said...

I said i do not want belog to racist shit lanka yes. Becuase every reader of blog can see that for last few year the how racist sihalese are.

Rover I am happey that u agree that shit lanka suitable name for your country.

Why most Shit Lanka's Leaders like Gen Sarreth Ponsaka and Gothboya Rajapachai are forign citizens them self ? do they agree that country is shit.

FreedomFighter said...

I feels so sorry for moderate sihalse
people thing after all the killing we going come take care of the poor tamils. That story line is just bull shit. in last 10 yeasr of occupuy jaffan what has been achived ?

only killing of innocent young tamils
and rapes of tamil women. Destoruing our ecconomy. Where where the do gooders during that time ?

FreedomFighter said...

Rana, did u do runner ? after eelphant pass defeat ? or you just runner fromyou shit lanka ?

I just do not know why those patriotic racist sihalse go abroad. I can under stand tamils do it becuase they forced out
by war. But shit Lanka's must be
be do it for some good reason.

If they love their counntry why can't you live there ? is it becuase Shit Lanka is failed
state ?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Truly said.

In the event of LTTE being defeated from static territorial control their PlanB could be either of these two:
I)Continue guerilla warfare as LTTE for as long as possible, and when the South/IC lets their guard down, try to retake territorial control and rebuild.

II)Disband LTTE, the military leaders go on exile, let a new Tamil organization take over the guerilla campaign ,but constituted by a large chunk of mid to low level former Tigers. This would make it much more legitimate, and Diaspora would support any org that takes on SL.This org has better chance of success than plan A, but it would require political acumen from present Tiger leaders which is sorely lacking.

The South would have no problem handling planI, but plan II can be foiled only if the Sinhalese let go of racist rhetoric and accomodate Minority concerns.Sometimes that takes some amount of sacrifice from the majority.
I presume the majority of bloggers here form the cream of Sinhalese society( because they claim to be in US, UK, Canada, Engineers,diplomats, or, claims to talk to Generals and ministers).But the level of political maturity expected for this crowd is missing.This even includes General Fonseka who has now twice claimed Sri lanka belongs to Sinhalese. Sigh.

FreedomFighter said...

What sort of country is shit lanka,
when the leader like Gen Sarth Poseka and PM Ratnasriy Wickrmanaaika can open comment that Shit Lanka is Budist country.

That make so clear to LTTE has been always right about motivation of sihalese to commit gencide on tamils.

Buring of the Jaffna Library is clasic example of this. No boody except Hitler did such thing in the human histry.

FreedomFighter said...

Defeat the army at the gates of Killi drive them back. That will make sure they will never return to wanni. Thats my favorite.

There is some this fundermentaly wrong in shit lanka. Thats called
racisit ideology of sinhales due to Mhavamsam Mentality.

Unknown said...


So that legitamises the Bomb of The Central Bank yeah...

Dude, Sinhalese are having to leave because of the economic chaos you and the rest of you peelamists have created, blood shed, I remind you that the only people who are within your territory raping and decrementing the status of your people are the LTTE.

Sometimes mate, you take the good things of what the people have to say and leave the rest out..the majority in this country are Budhists and Sinhalese, but they have never questioned the right of Muslims,Burghers, Sri Lankan Tamils from living here.

Unlike you who detest our country an yet try to grab a peice, the Sinhalese who leave this country, would love to come back to thhere homes, not being afraid to get on a bus and go to where they want, to know that there lives are safe, as Sri Lankans on that day.

There are some of us who live here, get on a bus and fear for our lives, not knowing if we would ever live to see a tommorow, why is all of this, well it looks pretty simple and obvious, because sumone wants a peice of this land.

Unknown said...


Ohhh hooo,I think you know too much about Mahawansa.Ok don't talk about Mahawansa.Because it's wrtten by Sinhala people.Let me asked you this where the hell you tamils have written history.Don't read Mahawansa.Read Mahabharat which is written by Indians and see where you so called clolas were.Nicely screwed by many sinhala kings and taken as slaves. What are you talking about???

You say you are not belonged to shit lanka and you are belonged to peelam.Where the hell does it exist?? In the hell????
You have compared this tear drop to piss and you fuckers asking a piece from that piss.No wonder some of the bloggers called it is peelam.

And one more question, where did you study? In shit lanka with free education. My my you fucking tamils you have real complexity.

You know what happened to you tamils??? your problem is you don,t know how to live with other races peacefully.

You talk about some shitlankan tamils in Singapore.I am happy about it, after all it is a shit lanka connection.Gene they got from here.You know how many sinhala people around the globe with more capacity than what you are talking. Proffessor Chandra in NASA.Do you want more....???.You ask this tamil you talk about from them in Singapore Uni's how many sinhala people are there????proff/lecturers.

When i visited friends were in Peradeniya uni.Most of the tamils never go out for social gatherings or see a movie/have little fun to release the stress. You know the reason, they cannot take their legs out from the water basins.You came to the Uni's cheating and affraid you would fail and keep studying.Because uni's studies with English, you guys cannot leave answer papers blank to invigilators/examinators to fill and give you As.So where you guys have time to get along with other races.Evev some of my Canadian friens(not shitlankans) say,they feel your race is more lonely than others in shit lanka.You know if all sinhala students also do the same thing what you guys do where/what your gradings will be.We are not abnormal like you people.Sinhalayas need a normal life.

Let me tell you little more about cholas in past.Except king Elara others got shit everytime they tried.King Elara had some success because that time we had a king like ranil.But only differance was he got kids(hhaaha).where as ranil doesn't.His son did the job( King Dutugamunu).

Aahaaa,interesting develoment and it shows less knowledge about what's happening in SL.Oooohoo you are talking about central province, you still don't know it was taken care by white van.Haah what a tragedy??

See you tamils not only in SL,all over the world 60 milliom don't have a country. You want to create a country.You thought SL is the weakest point. Nooope you chosen the wrong place.Go to chola(tamilnadu)and ask a seperate country.You will my dear,but not a country but you know.......?????

You are talking about SL economy.That also shows lack of knoeledge.I am living out side the country two days before when i went to the bank, to my surprise i saw SL currency is stronger than last month.Even if you fight another 30 years.You cannot damaged it.Money has pumped to the SL economy by China,Iran,Japan and evev India for last few months is more than enough for next 3-4 years.If you want more info find somebody in central bank andask him you will get the correct statistics.


You got good statistics about MIG 29's. She is a powerful bird and absolute beauty.Night mare for ltte bastards.

freedomfighter and other ltte suppoters,

What we want is to live peacefully.As i said earlier no exception for any race.Equel rights.If agree yes,if not find another place.Don't dream here.SL is not the weakest point.

Nihara said...



FreedomFighter said...

Atlesst you are accepting u'r country siutation is very bad. Even sihalese fear the boombing. Just imagine siuation of tamil.

-they do hot have buses for start
-they are boombed by Mig's K9's
-no human rights
-properties destroyed
-face disaperance in white van
-face rape and toture at the hands of SL army
-face shelling by army

So that give engough reason for eelamist to do what ever it required. Counter attack on ecconmic targets. If Shit Lanka can't follow UN convention then
why should Eelam do it.

Nihara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FreedomFighter said...

You made good point about
tamil student want go for social gatherings with sihla racists.
They probably have to study hard then
shit lankans. Who only have scored
20% lessage then students from tamil area to enter the Uni.

Also thats show that there is funderment divide exist.

Sanath said...


today leave da? no work @ office it seems... kakkussi hodanna giye nadda ada.. ur job.... canada wala kakkussi okkoma automate karalada if so peelam is going to bankrupt. no job no donations poor talavir ....

FreedomFighter said...

I know shihalese envy tamils becuase their coloseness with Tamil Nadu. And they envy tamils for achiving better education, wealth.

Thats the start of the problem. Some people thought they wanted reverse this and began systamic destruction of tamil a soon they gained power after british rule.

All you posts clealy show this envying of tamil still exist.

May becuase tamil have achived the militry power after 100's of years.
You are unable to defeat it.

perein said...

Why do we keep forgetting the golder rule?

FreedomFighter said...

moshe... u sound like your growing hair in your ass. Check it out with
a mirror ? ur lover will have dificult penetration...

Sanath said...


today leave da? no work @ office it seems... kakkussi hodanna giye nadda ada.. ur job.... canada wala kakkussi okkoma automate karalada if so peelam is going to bankrupt. no job no donations poor talavir ....

take a brak and fly a kite.. peelam is history and fat pig too. get back to ur job stop wasting money for cyber cafes. poor dude..

perein said...


"Defencewire said...

Dear Readers,
We have noticed a rise in sinhala nationalistic sentiment in the comments made by some of you. We appeal to you to refrain from treading this path. A win in the war does not justify domination, harbouring of ill sentiments regarding fellow countrymen, no matter how misled you may think they are.

Please help our nation overcome racial and ethnic hatred by first changing your own ideas.

Thank you
DW team"


DW does not need to request these. He / They are doing lot more than trying to request for avoiding racism and ask us to keep our own decipline.
Can we please do our part by making sure keeping the racism away from blog as well as from our lives.
Do not give another chance for terrorists, it happened in 83 and they took the chance...
Let's avoid the racism from every where.

FreedomFighter said...


Am I terrorrising you ? or are terrified of the truth i am telling here ? must be latter one.

shay said...


I see we have a new stinky black sakkiliya on the blog called freedom f**ker.

Don't bother trying to reason with this toilet cleaner. These animals don't have the required level of intelligence to be reasoned with. If you ignore them these beggars will go away, they crave attention and recognition, its a psychological problem stemming from the fact that nobody recognises their so called peelam.

These sakkiliyas will dissapear in the months to come as LTTE keeps getting thrashed. So ignore them for the time being otherwise they will defecate all over the blog (remember they're not civilised enough to use toilets, they only know how to clean them).

Besides, does anyone really care about their so called tamil injustices/sob stories etc?

Sanath said...

no toilets to clean today for freedom fighter (fu**er) so hes stressed...

Rana said...


Listen mate, Sri Lankans go abroad for more money and better life. whether it is tamil or sinhala, there is no difference. Out of 800000 tamils migrated to Canada, howmany do you think are genuine refugees. Almost none. All tamils who didn't have any problems exploited the 83 situation to get refugee status.

Realy affected poor tamils are still suffer in SL. While you lot paid handsomly VP to make their life even miserable than prior to 83. I don't think you know all this, therfore ask your mama for the truth mate.

Where ever, we are, as sihalese we are helping our country in every possible manner.

Tell me one good thing you all did or do for sri lanka, other than ruining our image internationally.

Not only that mate, weare civilised enough to say this without insulting any body with filthy words. Good day mate.

Unknown said...

Hey lookie lookie,

So it seems you are funding a war for a seperate state, to some war lords, and then think of the innocent people trapped because the war lords you fund dont let them cross the line to safety, where does your logice stand, I think this is the tiger stepping on its own tail.

Sithsala said...


'Sri Lanka never made any real sacrifices for its freedom. This is one of the reasons, why the previous generations (since independence), didn't value our freedom that much.'

Couldn't agree more.

I always thought that we need a good war to develop this country. A war provides a good opportunity to rally together as a nation.

Even though we had a war for 25+ yrs, we lacked the right leadership that ppl can trust. When they saw the genuine interest of the leadership, everyone flocked en masse.

Some ppl argue that MR is selling the war. He can, he deserves it, as hes doing what others couldn't.

Whats important is to keep the national movement active even after this war is over.

Next obstacles would be the corrupt officials in all government related/controlled institutes.

Sithsala said...

there are two ways to deal with morons.

1. ignore them
2. call in the doubles ;)

FreedomFighter said...

I am happey to hear how civilised you are. Does not matter how you put the storry line of tamil diaspora.

How they do not do anything for Sri Lanka. Why do u think is that mate ?

Becuase of what this country did to them thats all. What Image Shit Lanka has is that its failed country booming and starving its own people. (soon to be neighbors)

FreedomFighter said...

Logic stadds at that we diaspora tamils stand by ltte. call it what ever u like. But they make the call
to peace or war. We had Peace process with wich we satisfied that
LTTE engaged with whole heart.

But its been a failure by Shit Lanka.
And we do not have no choise but support the push for seperate state.

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