Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LTTE 'DPU' under attack

SF Unit Day. Source
On Binara Full Moon Poya day on the 14th of September, an LRRP team from Squadron 4 Special Forces was on the hunt for an LTTE Recce Team Leader in Mulaitivu. The group was lying in wait for the target near the Nedunkerni-Mulaitivu road.

Although it is customary for LTTE senior leaders to travel in double cabs, Pajeros and Land Cruisers, no such vehicle was in sight. On occasion, they would also travel on motorcycles, vintage cars and sometimes even in ambulances. As time passed, the team was wondering whether their target was going to show-up or whether the intelligence they had received was accurate.

Finally their patience paid-off. A man riding a motorcycle was heading towards them. He was clearly in disguise, but the LRRP team were fully briefed of his appearance. The LRRP team swung into action detonating a roadside bomb killing the man on the spot. Immediately, LTTE communication sets started crackling, inquiring what the explosion was. But by then the LRRP team was long gone.

This is how Ratha Regiment Deep Penetration Unit leader for Mulaitivu, 'Lt. Colonel' Ilamparuthi was killed. 11 days later, one of his deputies, 'Lt. Col' Nadesan was gunned down while attempting to breach the SLA FDL at Andankulam North. Ilamparuthi and Nadesan were exposed when an elaborate plan to infiltrate SLA areas from Weli Oya was foiled. Since then, the Special Forces have been on their trail.


MrBrown said...

hmmm what a stupid stroy.. They saw a target riding motor bike.. so target is alone or may be with his dupty.. I am sure LRRP unit might be more than 4. why cant these people simply gun down by fire arms or capture him alive... what a comic. do u have any logical thinking power.. good ..feed punnakku to ur

Unknown said...


These LRRP boys are amazing.still i am thinking,I am not that lucky.Great job boys.Keep it up, we are with you.

We bless you.

MrBrown said...

DO u have any brain to think ur self.. It is easy to traget single person with fire arms than a claymore.. why didnt they shoot him down.. it is bulshit man.. this DW is creating story after hearirng one incident..
if he hear a news LTTE leader was killed..thats enough for him.. DW will write what and how it happens from his bed..:-(

lankaputhra said...

Thanks DW

any news about air raids today?

koly said...
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MrBrown said...

[any news about air raids today?]

Pottu was killed 7th time today.

Defencewire said...


I'm really sorry to see you like this. What little sense of integrity you had in your answers has disappeared this evening. But you keep coming back.

TigerKiller said...

mrbrown ,
[Pottu was killed 7th time today.]

could you please do us a favour ? This is a Punnaku site and Not like truth telling TamilNet . so please let us to eat Punnaku here . Please don't visit this punnaku site again . Why do You visit punnakka again and again ? Don't You like TamilNet truths ?? :):):)

have a life buddy

Unknown said...


Do you have any idea about SF ops.These boys were in deep inside the enemy territory.Normal instructions given for them to destroy the target.Not to play around.Claymore attack is the best effective method use by DP units all over the world.
Brain is only not enough for these ops.They need training.

They have specific instructions when thay leave the bases for their missions.Capture him alive....Haaaah You have very good knowledge about LTTE DPU ops also.

And basic specific instructions for these boys are, Destroy the target and scape from the sense. Till today no DPU boys were captured alive by ltte.These boys are amasing.If you have slight idea about training they get.

For me your comments are comics.Whatever the thinking power you have,if you don,t have any idea about SF ops in the world,definitly you must be thinking about others are brainless. We can,t help much about your situation.

perein said...

Thank you for the facts. Looks to me Sept happened to be a bad month for Ratha Regiment DPU.

Anee Paww,... motorcycle ekkee Poyaa dawsee pansalee yana gamanda koheda .

Infinity said...

***Dictatorship of Elam/LTTE***
*Ethnically cleansed
*No free press
*No freedom of speech
*No freedom of movement
*No freedom of assembly
*No elections
*One party
*All tamils expressing dissenting views systematically assassinated
*Attacks civilians in order to to create ethnic hatred
*Racist ideology and racist education of the population
*Forced conscription and use of torture against deserters
*Child soldiers
*Use of civilians as human shields
*Numerous large scale criminal activities in other nations - and then demanding that the same nations should support the LTTE and reward its leader with a personal dictatorship
*No control or insight of any kind of where collected funds go - so safe to assume a large scale corruption and very large personal Swiss Bank accounts for LTTE leaders and their relatives and cronies
*Recognized as a terrorist group in large parts of the world

***Sri Lanka***
*Elected government and president
*Numerous political parties with very different views
*Freedom of speech
*Freedom of assembly
*Freedom of movement
*Regular elections
*Numerous ethnic groups living together
*Numerous newspapers expressing very different views often criticizing the government- like the Sunday Leader frequently quoted by the pro-LTTE websites
*Volunteer army
*Attacks military targets
*Many development projects, local elections resulting in democratic Tamil leaders, and settlement of almost all IDPs in the East
*Internationally recognized state
*Support or no serous condemnations from almost all other nations

Wannila Eththo said...

mrbrown huro,
motocycale manggachchanakota bolaye maha hurekuta makabeewenna thadibewa kiyaleiy me hith rujaawa. thawa dethung dohaking ithiri maha huroth makabeewenakota bolage papukeneththa ithiri weiyda bola

Unknown said...


Thanks for the very informative article.


IntelAttack said...

Dear MrBrown,

Well that's how 'Lt. Colonel' Ilamparuthi died.

We are waiting to see the remaining terrorists' final destination reports in coming weeks from DW. :)

MrBrown is filled with excruciating pain and screams with vengeance.

Can't help buddy! The only option you have is to Giveup!

IntelAttack said...

sala salang,
LOL! well said mate!

bornb4god said...

Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers lists 21,648 as fallen Heroes
Oct 2, 2008, 00:58 Digg this story!

By Charles Ratnam – TNS

Killinochchi - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in a latest release by their Heroes's department claimed that they have lost 21,648 cadres in their quest for a separate state for the Tamils in the Island nation of Sri Lanka.

The 21,648 cadres include 16,953 males and 4,695 females, Hero’s department further said. The period sited for the numbers from November 27, 1982 to 31 August 2008. The Tamil Tigers lost their first carder Lt. Shankar on November 27, 1982. That s the day widely celebrated by the Tamils as Heroes' Day.

The Number includes 360 Black Tigers as well. Among them were 262 male black Tigers and 98 Female black Tigers. 103 of them died in land operations and 257 died on sea operations, the release said. The Tamil Tiger sea arm, the Sea Tigers considered being an effective conventional arm capable of crippling Sri Lanka's sea operations.

280 auxiliary forces members, 47 Police personals who died on operational duties also included in the number. Another 496 civil society members who were killed by the government forces or the Para military forces for their commitment for the Tamil Cause also listed as Heroes, including 19 Mamanithar.

In 2008, the first Eight months the Tamil Tigers lost 1509 cadres, 1047 males and 462 females according to the latest release. Since the current space of the war intensified in 2006, in the north and east of the country, in 2006 the Tigers lost 1004 cadres, 745 males and 259 and in 2007 they lost 1196 cadres, 1037 males and 159 females, the release further said.

But the Sri Lankan government claim to kill over 6500 Tamil Tigers this year alone. “We never hide our numbers. As it’s happen we announce our heroes name over our radio broadcast. Further on monthly basic we release our updated figures,” said a person belong to the Hero’s department to TNS.

“While the Sri Lankan Armed Forces repeatedly exaggerate their successes and play down their losses, the LTTE generally gives a factual account of the battles. Even if it did badly in the battles, it does not try to cover up its failures. This is one of the reasons for the high credibility enjoyed by the LTTE's statements in the eyes of its cadres, the Tamil population and Diaspora abroad,” said a known Indian Analyst B. Raman in his recent article.

The Tamil Tigers also listed the District wise breakdown as Follows:

District Total Male Female

Jaffna 7716 5650 2066
Batticolla 5093 4600 493
Wanni 3535 2477 1058
Trincomalee 1882 1681 201
Mullaitheevu 1838 1311 527
Mannar 1238 954 284
Other Districts 346 280 66

Gringo said...


[... what a comic. do u have any logical thinking power.. ]

We don't want to think logically... Why should we... when we can think like great Velu?

We are honoring this great teacher Velu by multiplying his (terror) methods by by 10000 times.

Cannot you see that?

All thanks should go to the 'Tamil' cause!

Apino Dannachess said...


We can only thank you for your hard work in updating us in this Blog.

Fantastic news. Well done LRP!!!


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Perein,

you got some humor after all.

Wannila Eththo....fantastic man...I still cannot stop laughing after reading your post. Keep Em coming.


Apino Dannachess said...

Looks like the sea embargo is working and the Putty Tatts must be running out of stock:

News items:

22 GPS found in Wanni bound lorry

Explosives, batteries found in Wanni bound lorries - Vavuniya

Good job in detecting these.

Observer said...


Thanks for the article !!


As you can see you are getting closer and closer to your PeeLaam. Till you get there, clean more toilets sakkiliya!

Apino Dannachess said...

Check out the following from Wikipedia on Sri Lankan LRP....

"Other units known as LRRPs can be found in international militaries, such as those trained and used by the Military intelligence in Sri Lanka. That particular unit was very successful in covert operations against the LTTE in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Its members were so successful in assassinating key LTTE figures that many LTTE leaders refused to come out of their jungle bunkers before the 2002 ceasefire was implemented. After the resumption of hostilities, it is believed that the LRRP units are conducting operations in the LTTE held northern province.[2] The LTTE has accused the Sri Lankan Deep Penetration Units of launching attacks on LTTE leaders and civilians in their areas, although the Sri Lankan Government denies any involvement in these attacks."


I wonder what the Blinkered DiAssPora pundits have to say about the above.....well certainly SLDF had not hacked the Wiki site...right!!


Unknown said...
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Gringo said...

[Its members were so successful in assassinating key LTTE figures that many LTTE leaders refused to come out of their jungle bunkers before the 2002 ceasefire was implemented.]

Good observation...

And the traitor Norway was given the task of saving the LTTE.

Boy... weren't they successful... not only in saving the LTTE but also discreetly arming and training the Tamil terrorists and through the DCFA.... Deadly Cease
Fire Agreement.

Unknown said...


I read it in wikipedia.Wonderful.Our boys are world class.


Read the link given by Apino.Remember if you want only.These boys will come on your ltte leaders heavily.

We feel your pain. We can't help.

Unknown said...


Though you were born before god,now you might need his help.Ask him.Don't feel shy.He will give you something.

Thundering typhoons......Haaaah

I saw the picture you were using.Its Buddha's pic.I am not so relogious,but i have respect for all religions.
Just after the Taliban blated Buddha statues in Afganistan,one of my collegue from Pakistan came with a Buddha's photo and gave some sarcastic comments.I told him the sin you have done,it will come to you.After few mobths he wanted to stayaway from me.FF as per my religion/mother natures law and Newtons third law you will get the same results.

Srilankan said...

Fully agree saman.k.
You dont need to "apologise" to anyone.Please keep your great posts coming.Will prevent us from going to that LTTE shithole LNP.

Unknown said...

Today is a very boring day as all the eelamists have gone for a walk *wink * wink.

All SL forums are deserted. Otherwise, I had a very important question I was going to ask them.
Feel like holding onto it till tomorrow, but then again I can't wait to ask it either.

perein said...

Saman K. / Srilankan-
We do not need to pray for those guys who bring down religions to get punnished.
They already lost the respect for them selves by brining the religion into this forum.
Let's hope they will have a better future !!!

Keep submitting your comments bro. I'm sure everyone enjoy those :)

Unknown said...

Hi Perein,

Thanks for posting on my space (you know where).


History said...

It is the leader that can make a difference.. I have no doubt that LTTE leader is a strong individual.. But how can Karna beat Arjun no matter how strong he is, or how can hector beat killi, or how can muusila beat gupthila.. it is just obvious, way before they meet each other, the end results had been defined.

So as the fight in-between Sri Lankan and LTTE, the history has already written the end.. The funny thing is that LTTE himself is creating, feeding and energizing their killer step by step. One worse thing they did was that they wake up two giants by trying to kill them with suicidal attacks. Can LTTE leader match the power of someone who got escaped from a brutal suicidal attack.. In another word, a one who beat the death? LTTE has no way out except the hell.. It is just a matter of when, the history has already writing their/ country’s destiny.. Those who join hand with the current movement will be ended up winning and other will be just buried inside me (History). This is not just limited to idiot coward Tamils who run around shitting in blogs but also to Sri Lankans and to Sri Lanka politicians….



You don't need to hack in to Wiki to edit something there.. anybody who has a account can do it.. But yes the original publisher/ or any other may remove if the information provided is not accurate.. Normally it is said wiki is about 70% accurate

Just by reading your comment I just thought to write this.. and I by any mean not intended to put you down..

Lion777 said...


This is something that cannot be forgiven. We should respect to All religious leaders. We have witnessed what Taliban did in Afganistan and end result was, they were chased out mercilessly.

Only time can tell budee.. Your results will be not far from that…

mulathiev TARZEN said...

dw dw dw!


oyath salli dunnada sakwithitaa

mervin saranaai!

ammaaa! old stories!

punnakku koththu++++piduru pittu!

Gringo said...

[punnakku koththu++++piduru pittu!

Who cares... So long as WE MAKE SURE.... that the Peelam continues to be a daydream in Techniclolor...?

Live in it boy... live in it... It's beautiful!

Cannot blame you LTTE coolies to much... Even Velu took that saying 'sinhalaya modaya'... very seriously....!!!!

hoooo.... hoooo... hoooooo... now you know!

Srilankan said...

Bro i know what your saying..Do you think that forgiving them will remove their presence from our minds.?.we have better things to focus on..than some EELam jackass on his tea break..

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Thanks DW, Road side Kaboom work again.

I am pretty sure some LTTE guys leak information....


Rana said...

Thanks DW,

I take your postings seriously and enjoy reading them too.

Please post anything related to MI and M actions regularly, even a old story like this.

Rana said...


There are lot of criticisms directed at Gen. Sarath Fonseka about his interview with Canadian jurnalist.

Today I found something in Lanka Guardian to illustrate what he has actually said.

“jaathiya ran wimanak we
aagama mini pahanak we
eya reka gannata melowe
samath wethoth putha numba we”… (Ven. S. Mahinda thero)

Which translated in to English would mean,

“The nation is golden territory, and religion, a jewel lamp. My son, if someone in this world could protect them, it’s you and nobody else ..”.

Gen. SF as the leader of SL Army has a duty to protect nation and religion. President and defence secratary also has the same duty.

Therefore I would like to dedicate the above sentiment from Tibetian Buddhist monk S. Mahinda to
MR, GR, SF and all other defence force personals b'cause it is their duty.

Blessings for brave sons of Sri Lanka to achieve what S. Mahinda have asked from us.

Anonymous said...

War front

Black Tiger major dead
Sea tigers in action in Jaffna

Anonymous said...

This explains many unanswered questions about the LTTE air strip

TropicalStorm said...

Whether killed or captured alive, either way the LTTE is losing front line leaders, who make the difference between winning and losing at operational level. So killing them is good enough, even though if they can be captured alive, they could be very useful.

However, MI is getting tons of good 'humint' (human intel) thru the other Tamil parties such as Devananda's sources in the Wanni area. Devananda is getting ready to become the Minister for that area and is in a hurry for Velu's funeral to be finalized.

SLA should even think of bisecting the Wanni upward, even if it calls for by-passing Killinochchi, so that the gooks in the Pooneryn area can be cornered. If that area can be cut off, it can be sanitized and that would form the backbone for the induction of fresh blood from the peninsular to take on the western sea-board.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Wannila Eththo , bola marvelous ! ha ha ha

Moshe Dyan said...


ela translation.

"“The nation is golden 'territory', and religion, a jewel lamp. My son, if someone in this world could protect them, it’s you and nobody else”

well done SF. when ANY terror group can be beaten in their own SPORT, they collapse. it was long established that the BIGGEST weapon of TERRORISTS is terror. now we have stolen that weapon from them. we have beaten them in their own sport. they will pull hares from the hat but if we continue the process of retaliation and proactive attacks as now, we will beat them in all the different sports they want to play with us.

Rover said...


In short (as I am afraid that I don't have much time to waste like FF here).

"According to your definition of terrorism, the Sri Lankan government is also perpetrator terrorism."

I am afraid not. Sri Lanka is a democratically elected government that is only tring to retain a portion of land that is illegally held by a terrorist organization. There is no political goal for SL, except retaining the land and the resources that currently belongs to her.

"The LTTE do not have a monopoly on terror in Sri Lanka, my good friend."

Ok, so you accept that LTTE uses terror. A democratically elected government can be thrown out if the people don't like it. But a fascist terrorist group can't be thrown out (VP has been the sole leader and he has killed most of the moderate Tamil leaders as well). So a govt. is taking a huge risk if unconventional methods are used. If the people aprove to the using of these unconventional methods to bring down a fascist terrorist group, you can't really do anything about it. Due to the extreme cruel nature of LTTE, this is what is happening in Sri Lanka.

"As a bare minimum, it should include the implementation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and abiding to the Geneva Convention. Both of these are routinely violated by SL, even though it is a signatory to the conventions."

And then why does the UN, who oversee world peace have a peace keeping force? And they do kill don't they? Would you call that terrorism as well? When problems do occur, why then do the Nations that cement the UN as an organization resort to unconventional methods? Eg. US, UK, France., ect. Why then can't the democratically elected Sri Lanka govt. defend itself, like their big brothers?

"As interesting as a discussion of the history of the concept of human rights is, I don't think it is appropriate here."

How sad my friend, this is the key to our discussion. If you do the research for that, I am willing to spend some time discussing this, if not, I will talk about this someday, when I have some time.

Toodle ooo, Rover

Rover said...

Apino, 4x4 in Killi, I like that!

FreedomFighter said...

The struggle for Tamil Eelam is about the democratic right of the people of Tamil Eelam to govern themselves in their homeland - nothing less and nothing more. It is about freedom from alien Sinhala rule. It is not about securing benevolent Sinhala rule.... An independent Tamil Eelam is not negotiable. But an independent Tamil Eelam will negotiate. It can and will negotiate with an independent Sri Lanka the terms on which two independent states may associate with one another in equality and in freedom. Sovereignty, after all, is not virginity...
- Nadesan Satyendra

Rana said...

Hi Guys,

Today I check with our book store to buy David Blacker's book "A Cause Untrue". It is not available where I live.

Could any body in SL help me to get a copy? I am willing to pay total cost including courrier charges.

FreedomFighter said...

some one wwo likes history..from the BBC..

Ruhunu Putha said...


History said...

Hey buddy welcome back (FreeDOM).. how is it going there??

How is your sister and mother doing..??

How is your a$$hole doing?? still feel lonely without having young carder to take care of it??

Moshe Dyan said...


at last something that makes SOME sense (if the word sinhala is replaced with sri lanka). that is bcos it is not your creation.

with the change above, i agree that this IS THE PROBLEM. it will NOT be solved IN FAVOUR of those who WANT it even if we win the war and the majority of the ACTIVE elements of the tamil die-ass-pora want this. also majority of tamil politicians want this. we know that, there is no need to tell us again and again.

only thing is they will NOT get it. remember, they resorted to war when all other peaceful means failed. IF WAR ALSO FAILS them, then they have to either go backwards or give it up.

FreedomFighter said...

gruesome, terrorist attack by a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) on a civilian bus travelling to Paalampiddi from Madhu at 2:25 on 29 January 2008. The attack killed 20 people, 11 of whom school children, and injured 14, eight of whom were children.

History said...

There is know one (including professional coward bloggers) here talk about "History" other than me, I am the HISTORY

If you like me.. then read this..

Prince Vijayabahu sent three armies to attack Polonnaruwa. One was sent along the western shore to Mahatittha and Polonnaruwa, another from the east across Magama and the third and main force across Mahiyanga.

Any one who follow the war today knows that it is repeating the same way... good thing is that it is among the same groups.. so the result will be the same.. let's wait and see..

Anonymous said...

This is about enough crap from you

This is not only your homeland VP's bitch, this is the homeland of Sri Lankans, like tamils there were many who lived in the northern province, a Sri Lankan has the right to keep his feet and stay anywhere accross the island, this is one of the virtues and principles of being Sri Lankan...

This is one country, one peoples, outsiders like you fund war lords to cause pain and suffering to the tamils will die in whatever country you are in, with a knowledge that you do not have any tyes with the peoples of Sri Lanka, not from the east to the west, from the north to the south, we Sri Lankans denuonce any tyes, legacies, bonds you have with this land..

Haraam Saadhe to you..

History said...

Want more.. from history.. check these's_battle_plan.png



- Thanks for all these image owners

FreedomFighter said...

" I have been struggling in my mind against the conclusion that the SL government is trying to kill or terrorize as many Tamil people as possible; that the government is trying to keep the conditions of the war unreported internationally, because if those conditions were reported, the actions of the military would be perceived as so deplorable that foreign nations would have no choice but to condemn them. And this would be embarrassing to everybody. But it seems now that no other conclusion is possible... " Professor Margaret Trawick

Rana said...


My support:

King Vijayabahu I was one of the greatest kings who recaptured and ruled the whole of Sri Lanka during 1055-1110 AD. He was the grandson of King Mahinda V the last king of Anuradhapura, and the son of Prince Moggallana who had not ruled according to history. Also he was related to King Manawamma’s family.

After the Cholas captured Anuradhapura, Prince Mugalan took refuge in Ruhuna for some time, but was later taken into custody in Ruhuna by the Cholas. But patriotic villagers of Ruhuna protected Prince Kitti, the son of Prince Mogallana, from the Cholas in various places of the jungles of Ruhuna with great difficulty. During that time the Prince Kitti was only 12 years old.

Within three years Budal Samy recaptured the whole of Ruhuna from the Cholas, recruited forces and handed over to Prince Kitti to recapture the rest of the country helping him in his great invasions.

According to history he stepped into the battlefield with Budal Samy at the age of fifteen and recaptured the whole country when he was 38 years in 1055 AD. He established his first kingdom at Kataragama and subsequently shifted to various places in the country and finally made Polonnaruwa the capital of the country.

Lets hope MR can do the same.

CASC said...

An article by Victor Ivan, editor of Ravaya. For those who may not be familiar with this colourful figure, Victor Ivan was one of the top leaders in the 1971 JVP insurgency. At that time he was known as Podi Athula. He lost one his hands while making a bomb. In this article he makes an impassioned plea to Tamils to give up eelam and join the rest of the country.


Arguing with the heart instead of the brain
A reply to Kumar David

by Victor Ivan

I am pleased that my article titled "Mahinda Rajapakse’s Anti LTTE war & the future of the Tamil people" published in the Ravaya newspaper on 17th August had attracted public attention and become a subject for open dialogue. A Tamil translation of article appeared in the "Sudaroli" newspaper. An article written by Dr. Kumar David in response to my article appeared in "The Sunday Island" together with an English translation of my article.

Gamini Viyangoda too, had criticized some of my ideas in a column written by him. However, the present article serves as a reply to David and not to Viyangoda. Nevertheless, certain ideas expressed by Viyangoda too, have been subjected to review in this article. A debate on the major issues of the country is an essential prerequisite - a sine qua non for the nourishment of the social perception on such issues.

Gamini Viyangoda needs no special introduction to Sinhala readers. But I feel it is necessary that I make a brief introduction of Kumar David.

Kumar David is a scholar, scientist and a Marxist intellectual who belongs to the militant second generation (represented by educated people like Wickramabahu Karunaratne, Sumanasiri Liyanage and for some time by Nalin de Silva) of the Samasamaja Movement.

Despite being a scientist, Kumar David appears to argue from his heart rather than from his brain. His approach is more sentimental than logical.

I developed my thesis on a few major points. They are briefly as follows;

1) Obviously, the demand for a separate state is not a type of demand that could be won through negotiations. It is a demand that has to be realized only through war. Yet within the context of the existing world reality and the reality of geopolitics, winning a separate state by war is not a possibility.

2) The LTTE appears to seek an objective which cannot be realized either through negotiations or war. Nevertheless, the LTTE is not prepared to give up this objective. Not only have they engaged in a futile war to achieve this objective, but also had made the Tamil people directly, indirectly or informally the partners of the war.

3) Therefore this war is unavoidable so long as the LTTE domination exists. This war has not only made a destructive impact on the lives of the people of the country in general, but also to a greater degree, had affected the Tamil people in particular. Under the circumstances my argument was that it would be more favorable for the Tamil people to defeat the LTTE militarily (even if the victor would not grant anything new to the Tamil people) rather than being trapped in a protracted war, the end of which is not clear.

What do I mean when I say that the defeat of the LTTE would be to the benefit of the Tamil people?

Presently the Tamil people are forced to live under the control of a dual power. That means they are compelled to live between two diametrically opposed forces contending for governance. It is only naked power that could prevail under a war situation. The conditions under which the Tamil people are compelled to live today are more or less similar to those that the Sinhalese people had to face during the second uprising of the JVP. At that time, the Sinhalese people too were locked up in a control of a dual power. A dual control necessarily entails the operation of a naked power within it. Even if no other benefits are accrued, it would be a great victory for the Tamil people if they were to rid themselves at least of the domination of the dual control which operates with the naked power as its intrinsic adjunct.

The LTTE & the JVP

Though they belong to two different ethnic groups, to a great extent the social background of both the LTTE and the JVP is more or less similar. While the LTTE becomes a minority group on account of its members being Tamils, politically, the JVP too, could be considered a minority group despite being a constituent of the majority Sinhalese community. Both parties had reasonable grievances which deserves attention. JVP being a party of Sinhalese youth launched an armed struggle to capture state power while the LTTE being a Tamil organization propelled an armed struggle for a separate state.

During the JVP insurrection, it won the love and the sympathy of the people who belonged to the less privileged rural social strata that it represented. They derived a certain pleasure by the atrocities perpetrated by the JVP. Just as much as the Tamil society treated the LTTE youth as their boys, the Sinhalese people of the less privileged social strata represented by the JVP, treated the JVP youth who took arms against the government as their boys.

During the JVP insurrection the security forces had to fight with the Sinhalese boys and not with the Tamil boys. The army did not manifest a milder approach when they dealt with the Sinhalese boys than they have manifested in dealing with the Tamil boys in their fight against the LTTE. During the JVP insurrection both parties resorted to a competitive killing spree and assassinated their rivals as well as those who appeared to be rivals. Disappearances and abductions went up to a record height. The number of deaths occurred during the two and a half years of the JVP insurrection was almost equal to the number of deaths that occurred during the thirty years of the LTTE war and the counter war. At that time the Sinhala South was dotted with temporary army camps set up in various places. People were compelled to live with the fear of death.

The JVP insurrection was defeated by the security forces unleashing terror that exceeded the terror unleashed by the JVP. Considering the manner in which the JVP launched their fight, the security forces did not have any other alternative except resorting to extreme terror tactics to combat the insurrection. It eventually became a competition of unleashing the maximum cruelty against each other as victory was possible only by unleashing the maximum force which exceeded the cruelty unleashed by the opposite group.

Since the JVP was defeated in that cruel struggle, the Sinhalese of the South were able to rid them of the control of the dual power which was characterized with the element of the naked power. Consequently, the freedom that they enjoyed prior to the insurrection was restored. Collective assassinations, abductions and disappearances came to a complete stop. Temporary army camps set up through out the country were removed. The Sinhalese of the South were able to breathe freely and lead a life free from the fear of death.

Freedom from the Naked Power

Once the LTTE is militarily defeated the Tamil people of the North will no doubt be able to enjoy the freedom which is very similar to the freedom that the Sinhalese of the South enjoyed after the JVP was defeated .In short, the Tamil people of the North will gain freedom to live without the fear of death. Isn’t that alone a valuable freedom that should be won at this stage, even if they do not get any other new rights?

What matters most to a human being who lives under the constant fear of death is to be free from that fear. But for Gamini Viyangoda and Dr. Kumar David, such freedom is of no use. They are of the view that the life that the Tamil people lead amidst the fear of death at the moment is better for them than making them free from it, provided the existence of the LTTE could be preserved.

It is naked power that operates in any war. It is the same naked power that the security forces and the LTTE are unleashing against each other in competitive fashion. The people surrounded by the naked power are forced to live with the constant fear of death. Bertrand Russell defined the naked power as being the loyalty enforced through the infusion of fear disregarding all traditional beliefs and social approval under a situation when two or more fanatical creeds are contending for governance and when all traditional beliefs have decayed.

When the naked power dominates, could there be any other freedom that could be placed above the freedom from the naked power?

The naked power is possible only in a war situation. With the end of the war the naked power too will come to an end. If the war could be ended through negotiations, that is the best course of action that could be adopted. And there could be nothing better than that. Yet, the LTTE is not prepared to give up their demand for a separate state and their recourse to war as a mean to realize it. Under the circumstances, if the LTTE is not defeated militarily and is allowed to continue their existence, then the Tamil people will be compelled to live amidst a protracted war, the end of which is not known. That means the Tamil people will have to live under a naked power for a long period. However, if the LTTE is defeated, the war will come to an end and the naked power too will cease to operate. Then even if the victor does not grant anything new to the people, the freedom from the threat of naked power alone will be a great achievement.

Then in the absence of an armed rival group to fight the security forces, the need does not arise for physical suppression, maintenance of high security zones and for the security forces to get involved in the management of day to day matters. Along with the cessation of war assassinations, disappearances, abductions and arrests will cease. The need for being loyal to two opposing authorities and payment of ransoms too will come to an end. People will be able to live without fear and having to wail over the deaths of their loved ones. The democratic outlets which were hitherto closed will gradually be opened. The freedom of expression will be restored. They will get an opportunity to carefully review the issues pertaining to their struggle and assess the reasons that led to the defeat of the Tamil struggle, comprehend the true rights that they should fight for and the right course of action to be adopted etc. The representatives of the Tamil people who have presently become the puppets of the LTTE will get an opportunity to serve as the true representatives of the Tamil people.

Separate state

Dr. Kumar David admits that the separate state is a dream that cannot be realized. What he does not admit is the logic that the LTTE will never relinquish this idea. He maintains that to insists that "the LTTE even if given a devolutionary moon will never give up the separatism hardens a probability in to an absolute certainty". He further states that nobody knows today "where the chips may fall tomorrow".

He does not have a clear answer to the question whether the LTTE will give up the separatism or not. He is not sure of that. That is why he says that a probability is hardened in to an absolute certainty.

When does the change that Kumar David predicts will really come? Nearly three decades have lapsed without any change. How many more decades must the country and the Tamil people wait for that change to take place? According to him the LTTE should not be defeated till that change comes. Even if the security forces are capable of defeating the LTTE, they should not defeat the LTTE. The Tamil people should live under a naked power until such time the LTTE will become a good boy.

Kumar David had shown my article to a leftist professor and quoted his comments also in his article. The professor had commented that most of my analyses are correct except for two or three errors. The professor holds the view that the LTTE genuinely agreed to a federal solution with internal self determination. Dr. Kumar David also holds that view.

I was in Oslo when the Oslo negotiations were held. Sivaram (Taraki) also was there. Two Ministers (Professor G. L. Peiris and Milinda Moragoda) who had gone to Oslo for negotiations called me to their room prior to releasing the agreement reached to the press. They discussed the decision reached on a federal solution with internal self determination. As far as I know it was not an agreement reached honestly and after careful discussion and debating. Norway and the representatives of the government of Sri Lanka wanted to make a declaration to the effect that they had reached an agreement in order to ensure public support for the peace talks. It was not an agreement reached with the consensus of the representatives. The declaration was issued on the insistence of Norway and the government representatives. Later, I learnt from Sivaram that Prabhakaran had seriously blamed Anton Balasingham for giving approval for such a declaration. After some time the LTTE officially declared that they did not reach such an agreement in Oslo.

FreedomFighter said...

"...Against partisans backed by the entire population, colonial armies are helpless. They have only one way of escaping from the harassment which demoralizes them .... This is to eliminate the civilian population. As it is the unity of a whole people that is containing the conventional army, the only anti-guerrilla strategy which will be effective is the destruction of that people, in other words, the civilians, women and children..." Jean Paul Sartre 'On Genocide'

deborak said...

To the freedomfighter,

In case (will never happen) if eelam is granted, will tamilnadu and tamileelam becomes a one country? Because
Tamileelam=tamil (part Sri Lankan territory)

Awaiting your response.

You said:
[Sovereignty, after all, is not virginity...]...Your wrong here and will answer this after you response.

FreedomFighter said...

JVP and Ravaya has racist ideoloy speialy against tamils their sole objective is to makse sure tamils are eleminat therte are the extremist of the racist sihala people.

FreedomFighter said...

Who wants the this ?

Democrazy Sri lankan style

Anonymous said...

Oh dont worry

You guys are the Krauts

Moshe Dyan said...


that is very intersting!

anyway the CHOLA empire has become CHOL(ER)A (pronounced KOLARA the disease) empire with sooo many dead bodies scattered everywhere and LTTE not having proper toilet facilities and drinking water.

FreedomFighter said...

As long as there is no accountability from sri lanaka for Genocide
commited on us, There want be peace.

Moshe Dyan said...


(the other of popular MF)

if your type of guys are ACTUALLY GENOCIDED, there WILL be ABSOLUTE peace!!

if genocide, there can't be any left, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

If there were Grnoecide how come th army aswell has so many tamils Kraut, you see this is not a Genoecide against tamils, but a struggle of a handful. You as I say do not represent anyone, neither the di-ass-pora, neither the LTTE.

FreedomFighter said...

Sinhala Army compels Tamil civilians to act as human mine detectors

"The Batticaloa (Tamil) civilians are being used as Claymore mine detectors by the (Sri Lanka) forces. The farmers in the Vantharamulla area are being forced to walk ahead of the soldiers and sometimes even asked to dig with bare hands for buried mines, the Batticaloa TULF M.P. K.Thuraisingham told the 'Sunday Leader'.

"On the 2nd of May I complained to Brigadier Igadagolla who is in charge of the Kalkudah district about these human rights violations... Also some farmers reported to me that they were forced to feel the ground for hidden mines through a hooked wire, a routine task for the soldier.

What this means is that it is easy for the soldiers to blow up the whole group of people should there be a landmine, he added. When the M.P. complained to a subordinate that four civilians were missing, he pooh-poohed it as the work of the LTTE. "Meanwhile another TULF M.P. in Batticaloa, Joseph Pararajasingham said that since the truce ended the civilians are being subjected to untold harassment. At least four youths have been killed by the Special Task Force... "When the Sunday Leader raised this matter to the military spokesman Brigadier Sarath Munasinghe.. the spokesman said he was certainly not informed of these incidents. He was also tight lipped about other instances of civilian harassment by the forces." (Sinhala owned Sunday Leader published in Colombo, 7 May 1995)

deborak said...

Don't try to minse words, O.K answer the 1st question

Will eelam and tamilnadu will be a one country if in case eelam is granted. A simple question.

FreedomFighter said...

debrok , answer is no. tamil nade is
peaceful as its and have no conflict or experiance the same genocide like us in tamil nadue.

FreedomFighter said...

true sri lankans it must be The Shit lankan DPU..

Other day they try to stop UN food convey by placing a C4 in lorrys.

Anonymous said...

In a statement, the UN reiterated that humanitarian operations and personnel must be protected at all times, in line with international humanitarian law, adding that it "acknowledged the actions of the Government to meet this responsibility."

deborak said...

To Freedomfighter:
[answer is no]

Have you got the power to avoid, in any case if eelam is granted, tamilnadu won't invade Sri Lanka, how can you decide on that matter. What guarantee you have? Becuase the history says so, even though defeated by the Lankan kings.

FreedomFighter said...

Exile is not primarily a geographical location, it is a state of mind through which one becomes what one has left behind. In the Tamil case many actually become what they have fled from. Between the extremes of the warrior and the victim the refugee must carry out his 'bricolage', assemble the pieces and carry on. For many this life project takes the form of internalised martyrdom, the fight for Eelam being replaced by a longing for Eelam which grows into a constant part of the personality and becomes a counterweight, the counterweight, to the vicissitudes of exile...

Exile, it is often said, is the nursery of nationalism. If so, then the yearning for a homeland has a long history.."

Anthony D.Smith in*Chosen Peoples: Sacred Sources of National Identity, 2004

FreedomFighter said...

tamilnadu which part of india can't invade sri lanka. There is international Law against that.

Anonymous said...

Well well, so is it just that the people up there have had enough of the war, enough of the violance as all Sri Lankans and want to be as one, like at the times before that, but the few in exsile are treating them like pawns on a chess board, by not letting them reunite with the rest of Lankans as one, in a place where each race and culture is nurtured and is allowed to grow, dont say that isnt so,you have actually caused the oppoeite.

Is it just that because of a handful one whole people should suffer.

deborak said...

To Freedomfighter:
[tamilnadu which part of india can't invade sri lanka. There is international Law against that.]

How do we know that if in case eelam is granted, tamilnadu too will start fighting for independence with the help of ltte. ltte's ungreatfulness to India is well recorded by killing RG.
Also why are the tamilnadu politicians is asking the Central Gov: to get the kachchative island back to India. There was a reporter who dared to enter to Sri Lankan territory illegally.

History said...

Wandurata deli pihiya hammba una wage

no noo.. kotiyek blog ekata awa wage (I copied this from previous blog)

History said...

Hi All,

I think we should ignore the messages posted via the name "freedomfighter", there are professional bloggers. You can buy them for cheap dollars, (in US one of such guy told me that he spend his day with 2$, can you believe that) who in profession is willing to burn their asses posting blog one after another under different names, and also using multiple language styles..

I bet that this a$$hole is one of such.. let's ignore him..

"It is said that history repeats" - only for those who think, what is happening

FreedomFighter said...

Kaththivu originaly belong to India and was give a ways to SL part of an agreement, now sihales killing TN fisher man they want it back to secure their own people.

Tamil Nadud is most fastes growing region in india, they have all the power they need as long they are happy there want be any need for sepearation. Also as long central gov listen to concerns of TN about
tamils all around the world. Everything will smooth.

TN will have bargaining power with center if there is eelam next to it. Thats about it, TN will always lead the ecconmic development of india.

Gringo said...

[debrok , answer is no. tamil nade is
peaceful as its and have no conflict or experiance the same genocide like us in tamil nadue.


FF will be around to make ensure this happens and all is well!

sin aney...

History said...

Hi All,

I think we should ignore the messages posted via the name "freedomfighter", there are professional bloggers. You can buy them for cheap dollars, (in US one of such guy told me that he spend his day with 2$, can you believe that) who in profession is willing to burn their asses posting blog one after another under different names, and also using multiple language styles..

I bet that this a$$hole is one of such.. let's ignore him..

"It is said that history repeats" - only for those who think, what is happening

History said...

Hi All,

I think we should ignore the messages posted via the name "freedomfighter", there are professional bloggers. You can buy them for cheap dollars, (in US one of such guy told me that he spend his day with 2$, can you believe that) who in profession is willing to burn their asses posting blog one after another under different names, and also using multiple language styles..

I bet that this a$$hole is one of such.. let's ignore him..

"It is said that history repeats" - only for those who think, what is happening

Apino Dannachess said...


You are welcome and will do.


Thanks for the comment on Wiki.


deborak said...

Could you please clarify "history" who am I and from where I post comments. Anyhow,
To History: I am posting my comments from Japan, you can contact DW and verify it personally. I don't know from where freedomfighter is posting his/her comments. This too you can contact DW and verify it. Allow me to have this dialog with Freedomfighter. He seems to be writing without facts and without knowing the history. We have to correct those and get to our side. We have to creep into their minds and see why they (tamils) hate sinhalese, why don't they want to live as a one nation.

After all tell me, if we win this war with the LTTE, most probably,
are we to throw the tamils altogether? Souldn't we accept tamils as our equal citizens. If so tell me, I will getout from this blog, we have to fight for ONE NATION ONE COUNTRY, for that fighting a war is not enuf, we have to have a dialog and make them understand. CONSTRUCTIVE POLICY is my path.

Apino Dannachess said...

Yeah Yeah....big support from TN.

>>>>>Discreet` crackdown on LTTE to prevent TN emerging as hub <<<<<

Amazing how these dreamers expect India to come to their rescue after blowing Rajive G to high heavens.....too late for that....while Tamil Nadu politicos might do some occasional stunts, the Central Govt is wise to know that LTTE should be eliminated at all cost.

However there is a good side...all these fasting might improve the health of the Fat politicos....he he he....

So after all there is something to be happy off.....DiAssPora bros.


History said...

"They have manage to exist even afetr invasion after invasion tamil kings"

Since this middle earth began cooling itself, allowing life to blossom, there is one and only one instance, where it records a TAMIL Kingdom (not many it is just a one).. don't try to teach me, you ask ME if you want to know the history.. this includes any coward idiots who do posting here for cheap LTTE's dollars..



Apino Dannachess said...

Looks like Good intel is flowing in constantly....way to go SLAF....

>>>>>>>>* Sri Lankan Air Force destroys LTTE Charles Anthony headquarters
Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 11:35 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Oct 01, Colombo: Sri Lankan Air Force fighter jets attacked the LTTE's Charles Anthony regiment headquarters and a female Tiger base in Kilinochchi district this morning.

According to the Air Force spokesman Janaka Nanayakkara, the fighter jets have attacked the Charles Anthony headquarters located 1 kilo meter north of the Kilinochchi hospital at about 10:25 a.m.

At the same time fighter jets have destroyed a female Tiger base located in the same area, Air Force spokesman added.

Pilots have confirmed that the target was accurately hit. <<<<<<<<

Come come ...DiAssPora cousins....don't you cry fowl now over the collateral damage....don't your Heros/ Guardians know better to keep innocent civilians around their office....tsk tsk come the photoshop artist.

KB said...

Boom goes the tiger monkey
Boom goes the tiger plane
Boom goes Killinochchi
Boom goes Eeelam


deborak said...

To Freedomfighter:
[Kaththivu originaly belong to India and was give a ways to SL part of an agreement, now sihales killing TN fisher man they want it back to secure their own people]

Completely wrong, and you can read the the full acount of Kachchathive in the Asiantribune, why India had to give Kachchathive islands to Sri Lanka. India had to accept that KTHV exclusively belongs to Sri Lanka. The only mistake India did was, that India did not pass a resolution in the "LOC SABA" (spellings may be wrong sorry) regarding the KACHTV case.

Tamil Nadud is most fastes growing region in india] May be, this is not the point, then in 1987 how could India violate our air space, why did India trained the terrorists in India. Don't you smell it is indeed a kind of an "INVANSION".

FreedomFighter said...

For militray annalyst. History will reapat it self see this.


see similaritys bettween now thhen.
Not much differance.

History said...


I am not against any Tamil, in my very same team half a dozen are Tamils.... read all my comments you will know that..

Do you know that almost all his post deleted by DW yesterday, since he is using that image to discriminate Buddhism??

Apino Dannachess said...

Like I Said here's what TamilNut had to say about that attack

>>>>>Sri Lankan airstrike targets civil administration in Vanni
[Wed, 01 Oct 2008, 18:41 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets Wednesday evening attacked the Secretariat of Tamileelam Civil Administration, located in Paarathipuram south of Ki'linochchi. The officials atttached to the Tamileelam civil administration, which coordinates the administration in Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam controlled areas in almost all civil activities, ranging from ensuring the availability of drinking water to the maintanance civilian infrastructure, told TamilNet that noone was wounded in the attack as they had taken necessary precautions. The attack, which destroyed the building complex took place at 2:40 p.m. Full story <<<<<<<

Hope you noticed "noone" above....guess they were spindoctoring this in a hurry.....ooops got to type this fast before another bomb falls on us.......


Apino Dannachess said...

One look at the TamilNut site and one would realize why all the DiAssPora juveniles and senile are raving in this blog.....

TamilNut is parched as Kalahari ....there is hardly any entertainment there for the Photos....No Victory Tales.....Not even a Tamil Literature classes about Eezi-ham and Eely-Am.

Guys, lets be our ancestors .....let them have some fun here....Go on My DiAssPora your old record...and we will dance to them. Do entertain us....we will listen your "Tales" and "Myths"



//**deborak said... DW, Could you please clarify "history" who am I and from where I post comments. Anyhow,**//


This is a online blog, where you can create your own blog for free. The DefenceWire is one of such blogs, you and defencewire has the same privileges. He by no mean has any control over your account, nor he can verify your/ mine/ anyone else’s identity. The owner of the may.. but that is not defencewire.. I am not sure who own the main blog site, but I do know that Google account holder are by default get registered with this blog.. Only privilege that DW has is, he can delete your post if you post it to a blog created by him..

Just thought to share this thinking that it may help you in some way..

FreedomFighter said...

Watt can India will do if Sri Lanka try sleep with India enmeys like China and US(cold war). soas sri lanka does make enemy of it big brother thing will cool as cucumber.

deborak said...

To History:
[since he is using that image to discriminate Buddhism??]

True, but as the majority we should have the courage to bear those, I guess. In sinhalese w "dharana shakthiya" and I saw it and I wanted to come to this point. We should attack through true facts. This is why I posted him question after question. Can you read his comments, he is writing without facts and wrting from his heart, not by his head.

After all if you have heard about Rajan Hoole, whom I had some respect, has told in a seminar "that they prefer to be in the INDIAN ORBIT" rather than assimilitiang with sinhalese. They learn from our poor peoples money 'free education" and shiting to the plate who gave them that plate to eat. Their main concern is "MINORITY TAG" not discrimination. They (tamils) want to be the Majority.

So to freedomfighter, I have no time, and to you I say is NO WAY, NO EELAM, if you like it or not there is only one lanka, and if you don't like PLEASE GO TO TAMIL NADU, as you say India cannot survive without Tamilnadu then of course you can have a nice life their.

if soveriegnity is not virginity, then of course why are you worried about a non-existence eelam.

FreedomFighter said...

debrok, i see you intention. but tamil never ever hate sihales..

its sihales wh have been destorying
us see this history


As child i saw what what sri lanka did to our people, my fellow child hood friedd and his father gunn down, my naigbours blown a way by shell fired from SLA. On their wedding day.. I have a big list
which i am witness to.

FreedomFighter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deborak said...

[Watt can India will do if Sri Lanka try sleep with India enmeys like China and US(cold war). soas sri lanka does make enemy of it big brother thing will cool as cucumber.]

Why is India worried when we sleep with anybody. Can you atleast grasp why????? India thinks Sri Lanka is a threat to India. We sleep with whom we like and we buy our arms from where we like. After all if we feel that India is monster to our existence, then there is nothing wrong we get the help from where we can. India is hypocrypt...And who say India is the big brother? That is only a mis conception, and that is also they claim that their army is the 4th largets army in the world. , but history says that during the war with China, the "indian soldiers ran like goats". Indian 4th largets army was no match to Chinese army.

FreedomFighter said...

soveriegnity is not virginity becuase its something people can take back. its not lost for ever.
i.e look at former Soviet Union people who lost soveriegnity(u say virginity ) they gained back.
Example Kosvo. Sri Lanka its gained they soveriegnity forn Britin.
Now tamils wanted it back. simple.

FreedomFighter said...

I can't defent india, one i have been always say ing to indian friends that do n ot trust sri lanka,
becuase exact fact you told here.

Even if there is a united lanka it will always fear india and there for be close to its enemys Parkistan and, China etc. So its much better for india to let eelam emerge as it
will be the counter weight to the srilanka's double crossing policys.

FreedomFighter said...

I belive the fundermental cause of racisam and facisam, even saxiisam is Fear. Fear of the other. (Obama)
I think it is right in the case sighala people of sri lanka.

deborak said...

[I belive the fundermental cause of ]

Then there is no debate here. Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka, and there will be no eelam, whther you like it or not you will have to accept it.

But I firmly believe that TAMILS should be equal as SINHALESE. Rights of course if you go to a southern University, you can see they have all the rights, unlike the sinhalese are not able to see the colour of the Jaffna University. So whose rights are violated.

B#1 said...


Please can you remove your profile Image and put something else??

FreedomFighter said...

debrok, so you did bother to see the
atrocities committed by shihala racist.

I do not belive that tamils will get tnything from sihalese. Only bombs and mass graves and starvation.

FreedomFighter said...

I am sure shihala student will never come becuase of the fear of punishmeent they will recive for sins commited by their for fathers.

FreedomFighter said...

B#1 why u do not like the Loard or his principlse ? What would u like to see as my prfile image ?

Unknown said...

You know what I agree with the point the government is giving freedom, so much so that I heard sum time back that the so called tamilnut was run from Moratuwa campus, and the bomb they landed accross the road, you see the government payes for there free education, subsidises almost everything that goes in there and then there are these few who take the equipment given by the government to insult,cause harm, I say the armed forces should be given the right to raid every university, and take those few eelamists out, so that breeding grounds withing our country for these parasites be taken care of.

FreedomFighter said...

debrok u missed the point

Fear cause racisam which is what shailese have in their mind therefor
carrying out genocide against tamil.

Unknown said...

We do not intend to break anything for tamils, we dont want the blood shed of innocent civilians accross the road, and we do not want our tax money to be spent to bring up pageants like you

FreedomFighter said...

G4K does not know the extra judicial killing is aginst the internationl law same as Impunity for those who commits these crimes must be punished.

FreedomFighter said...

Impunity means freedom from punishment. During the past five decades and more the Sri Lankan security forces, para military groups and Sinhala goondas have violated the rights of the Tamil people, have killed, tortured, raped and massacred with impunity, free from any fear of punishment. The pattern of behaviour established by the Sinhala Sri Lanka government's refusal to adequately investigate the crimes committed against the Tamil people and the overt statements made by Sinhala politicians from time to time expose the true nature of the assimilative agenda of Sinhala Buddhist governments.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dont blame the very things the organisation you support has been doing for 3 decades.

Anonymous said...

you have conducted Mass Genoecides, what if the UN boy were to see the evidance of this, what if they saw pictures of every bombing you have cast on this nation, what if they had seen the pictures of tamil children been dragged from there homes and put on the battle field,what if they had seen everything the LTTE has done to Sri Lanka, what if they knew how you brain washed children,hey by the way there a nice video of an LTTE rape scene also on one of the Sri Lankan adult content websites, congrats on getting there first.

FreedomFighter said...

Pinisher,do u punish tamil civilians
its whats called collective punishment by UN.

Let UN monitors in if what u say is true, which i do not think enyone will belive.

Unknown said...

Hey FF.. the refuge in CANADA. (a country, lot of people trying to migrate)

No one can hide even a single death in SL due to freedom of press. You can say , no one can go to batle field of rebel held areas. But TAMILNUT from the other end reports even a small cut to a civilian with tons of picture.

Do not just bark here. not acrocities done to tamils by LTTE in LTTE hel areas, are not reported in any press.
When the SL ARMY, capture the whole north, you will see all hidden real genocide done by LTTE.

FreedomFighter said...

freedom of press .. he he what joke.
do not you news papers, so u know what happens journalist's in sri lanka
if they are pro Govenment, they get paid if not they get jailed
like Tissainyagam.

FreedomFighter said...

Lanka uses prpaganda to justify its
genocide against tamils. Just let the un humann rights monitors in now so they can be there to see this.

The reason for sir lanka not allow UN is to hide its shamefull acts genocie which haunt sri lanka history for ever. Its been documented well and it will last for many many generation.

FreedomFighter said...

In Sri Lanka, the security forces have been responsible for tens of thousands of "disappearances" ... "Disappearance" appeared to be used for two purposes: it facilitated torture without accountability and it concealed the killing of prisoners. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, there have been virtually no reported prosecutions or convictions. Impunity for these crimes continues.

FreedomFighter said...

20 April 2008 Sri Lanka Army Assassinates Father M.X.Karunaratnam, Chairman of NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR)
6 March 2008 Jaffna TNA MP Sivanesan killed in DPU Claymore attack
6 March 2008 'Disappearances' by Security Forces a National Crisis: International Human Rights Monitoring Mission Urgently Needed - Human Rights Watch
1 January 2008 Maheswaran MP assassinated in Colombo\
30 December 2007 Mano Ganeshan, Colombo District Tamil parliamentarian fears for his life and decides to leave Sri Lanka
21 December 2007 UNP candidate in Jaffna shot dead
15 March 2007 Mutilated body in Punguduthivu
15 March 2007 Mohamed Ali Nanthakumar murdered and dumped in Jaffna town
14 March 2007 Kandasamy Manoharan murdered in Vavuniya
12 March 2007 Lawrence Mariyaselvam shot dead in Manipay
11 March 2007 4 disappearances, 4 abductions in 48 hours in Jaffna

FreedomFighter said...

the list goes on and on. The failed state of sri lanka will ramin that way as long they continue the killings

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ah.... karamba it works, oh VP's bitch, VP says he is horny...he is looking for you, go sit on it

B#1 said...


[In Sri Lanka, the security forces have been responsible for tens of thousands of "disappearances"]

Tel me why LTTE killed thousands of Tamils???

David Blacker said...

Rana, you can get A CAUSE UNTRUE from Vijitha Yapa's online here:

If you live in Europe, it might be easier to get it from these guys:

Thanks for the interest.

AUS said...

I have been reading your blog quite some time.
Pl. remove the profile picture of so called Freedom fighter. It is sad to see that the way he edited the photo with blood.It seems he wanted to insult the religion as well.
This is a blog for discussing the war matters and I feel like he is much worser than the Taliban.
If you can not remove the picture, Pl. remove this guy from this blog.

Unknown said...

Mr. FFF,
You are Quoting from TAMILNUT, the mouth peace of LTTE.

Tell me onething Mr. FF,
When LTTE murder/chase out all sinhalese and muslims from north,

how do you call that.

Rana said...

Thanks Shay,

I have already sent an email to Vijitha Yapa. I will ask them to courrier it to me ASAP.

I also read three pages of the book from a web site, seems to be a good thriller.

Thanks mate!

FreedomFighter said...

Other List....
Prominent Tamil Leaders Assassinated by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka
A T Duraiyappah [SLFP Mayor for Jaffna]
A Thiagarajah [Ex ACTC MP for Vadokoddai who later joined the UNP]
K T Pulendran [UNP Organiser for Vavunia]
A J Rajasooriar [UNP Organiser in Jaffna]
Mala Ramachandran [UNP MMC for Baticaloa]
Gnanachandiram [Ex District Judge, Point Pedro and Government Agent, Mullativu]
C E anandarajah [Principal, St Jones College, Jaffna]
B K Thambipillai [President, Citizens Cimmittee]
V Dharmalingam [Ex TULF MP for Manipay and Father of D Siddharthan, Leader of PLOTE]
Alakasunderam [Ex TULF MP for Kopay]
P Kirubakaran [Primary Court Judge]
Kathiramalai [Sarvodaya Leader]
Vignarajah [Assistant Government Agent, Samanturai]
Anthonimuttu [Government Agent, Baticaloa]
S S Jeganathan [Assistant Government Agent, Baticaloa]
Sinnadurai [Assistant Government Agent, Trincomalee]
M E Kandasamy [Principal, Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya]
S Siththamparanathan [Principal, Vigneswara Vidyalaya, Trincomalee]
S Wijayanadan [Distric Secretary, Ceylon Communist Party]
Velmurugu Master [TULF Organiser and Citizens Committee Member, Kalmunai]
Rev. Father Chandra Fernando [President, Citizens Committee, Batticaloa]
Rajjshankar [President, Citizens Committee, Tennamarachchi]
S Sambandamoorthy [Ex TULF Chairman, District Development Council, Batticaloa]
V M Panchalingam [Government Agent, Jaffna]

the list goes on and on. The failed state of eelam will ramin that way as long they continue the killings

Rana said...


I agree with Aus, Please this FF is a log headed basterd without any skills to understand and change. His strategy is to occupy space and deny the purpose of this blog to others.

Nobody can teach anything to a jackass moron like FF.

FreedomFighter said...

Prominent Tamil Leaders Assassinated by the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka

Part II

K Pulendran [Assistant Government Agent, Kopay]
A Amirthalingam [TULF Leader and National List MP] (see details)
V Yogeshwaran [Ex TULF MP for Jaffna]
Dr (Mrs) Rajini Thiranagama [Lecturer in Anatomy at the Jaffna University and co-author of the "Broken Palmyrah"] (21 Sptember 1989)
Ganeshalingam [Ex EPRLF Provincial Minister for North and East]
Sam Thambimuttu [EPRLF MP]
Mrs Thambimuttu [Wife of EPRLF MP]
V Yogasangari [EPRLF MP in Madras]
A Thangadurai [TULF MP for Trincomalee]
Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran [TULF Mayoress for Jaffna]
Pon Sivapalan [TULF Mayor of Jaffna]
Canagasabai Rajathurai [EPDF Member for Jaffna]
Veerahaththy Gunaratnam [PLOTE member of the Pachchilaipalli Pradheshiya Sabha (PS) in Jaffna] (5 May 1999)
Razick, [Supremo of the EPRLF’s armed wing] (30 May 1999)
Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam [Leader of TULF] (29 July 1999)
N. Manickathasan [Vice President of PLOTE] (Tamil Political party working with the Sri Lankan Government)
Kumar Ponnambalam [President of All Ceylon Tamil Congress (5 Jan 2000)]
Vadivelu Vijeyaratnam [Point Pedro Urban Council Chairman] (14 Jan 2000)
Anton Sivalingam [EPDP's Municipal Council members in Jaffna] (1 March 2000)
Kanapathipillai Navaratnarajah [TELO member of Arayampathi, Batticaloa - on 7 June 2000]
Rajan Sathiyamoorthy [Tamil National Alliance parliamentary candidate Rajan Sathiyamoorthy was killed by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on 30 March 2004.]
Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar (Foreign Minister in Sri Lanka) [Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Peace Secratariat, SCOOP] (12 August 2006)
T Maheshwaran Former Minister shot dead on 01 January 2008] (New Years day)
Minister D M Dissanayake [LTTE Tamil Tigers Assassinate Minister D M Dissanayake; 12 people Injured; Another Person killed] (03 January 2008)
K Sivanesan [Jaffna TNA MP K. Sivanesan killed in an accidental explosion of a LTTE Tamil Tiger Claymore mine in the LTTE held area] (05 March 2008).
Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle [LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's Suicide Bomb Attack killing Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and 12 civilians] (06 April 2008)
Rev. Father M. X. Karunaratnam, [Chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR), a Catholic priest attached to the Jaffna diocese] (20 April 2008)
Ms. Maheswary Velautham [Attorney –at-law and advisor to the Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare, Douglas Devananda shot dead by the LTTE Tamil Taiger terrorists on 13 May 2008]

Rana said...

Thanks David Blacker,

Today I tried both book store chains where I live. They do not have it. I have already sent a email to Vijitha Yapa asking them to courrier it to me ASAP.

I am sorry about my outburst yesterday with out knowing you. It seems that you have done great job.

Thanks for the effort.

I am myself is a non stop reader and I can't wat until I get this one.

Peter said...

Once a upon a time, little red Sinhala boy was standing by the street.

Then came big bad Pottu Amman, riding on his ambulance.

Little red Sinhala boy said: "Ohh, what lovely ambulance you have"

Pottu's ambulance exploded at the sound of the voice, which had earlier been blessed by the triple gem.

--For More little red Sinhala boy stories, visit

Achilles said...

Dear DefenceNet/DefenceWire

How to ban a person from your blog

You can install a visitor meter, and track your visitors. Once you know the IP address of a problem reader, you can install a product like IP Address Blocker (free).

Blocking them, though, will never be 100% effective. Even with the ability to block by IP address, you'll be wasting your time. Any anonymising proxy server provides any determined attacker free access to the Internet. Anybody who is so uninformed about how to Google for "free proxy server" will likely have an Internet service with dynamic IP addressing. If you block one IP address, you may get your one problem some of the time, and at other times you'll be blocking someone who doesn't care about your blog. Sometimes, you'll be blocking a potential new reader.

And all of this addresses direct access to the blog, through the browser. Besides browser access, anybody can subscribe to your blog feed, and read through a syndication feed reader.

The only effective solution, unfortunately, is for you to moderate all comments. Sorry.

All that said, you're welcome to ask Blogger for IP blocking, or you can install IP Address Blocker.

I hope this helps

Sanath said...

freedomfighter and peter...not washing toilets today.. do they have automated all the toilets in canada thus making u ppl all jobless poor poor peelam is going to

Unknown said...

Mahindha Mama looks set to do another print run
Sri Lanka hikes war budget

BJP looks set to play its Hindutva game again and looks like even Jayalalitha now joins in the bandwagon, as the AIADMK realises it needs to play with the BJP/MDMK stance.
BJP plea to Karunanidhi on Sri Lankan issue

Unknown said...

I liked Defencenet, how they keep changin their stance. First they say LTTE airstrip not detected by UAV. Later question by a blogger they said they knew all about it but only did not know where. Later they edited their story like LTTE edits their black tiger and do photoshops. Honestly I hope Raman is wrong and those guys are not military intelligence.

Apino Dannachess said...

* UN deplores targeting of food aid trucks to transport explosives ....

Hik Hik hik....Grow up UN and IC....these guys have taken you for a ride for the past 30 years....

DiAssPora is copulating with the IC while their pants are still on......

Watch out...Canada, UK, Scandinavian countries (Malaysia??)....soon the DiAsspora will start repaying your hospitality and courtesy...expect more Credit Card Scams, Teen Shootings, Gang Violence, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking....and they might even try to rewrite you history too!!!

Unknown said...

The Wall Street Journal calls JBJ A Singapore Hero

Look at the comments Pro and Against and see how all communities respected him.

Go to any street corner and ask who is JBJ and they will tell you. Ask them some of the former/present minsiters are they might not know. This goes with the Chinese, Indians and Malays. He won as in all wards in Singapore with a chinese majority support.

Likewise the soldier like Hasalaka Gamini Kularatne should not be forgotten. I always have a soft spot for often officers are looked upon. I cannot understand why propoganda should come into the site. Also I do not agree why assasinated commanders should be given the nations highest honours. You mean a soldier who gets blown by a mine is any lesser. They should not hide their mistakes by awarding acts of bravery to cover inteligence screw ups.

vvlrrp said...

have a look at this if you want to IGNORE people like freedomfighter...
so that you wouldn't see there comment any more... :)


Apino Dannachess said...

Recently I noticed the Putty Tatts are trying to smuggle in lot of GPSs.....first that black Sheep of a preacher who was caught @ KIA, then this 22 GPSs in a Kilinochchi bound lorry.....

Is this a indication that the Mighty Putty Tatts have realized their conventional existence is at end and consequently getting ready to disperse in to the wild ????

Putty Tatts seems to be doing full circle while their benefactors are making all the war cries .....

GPS would be really useful for hit & run guerrilla existence.

Then what is going to happen to that Eeelam administration....the Airforce, the Runways, The Police, The Banks, The Navy, The Space program ( hic)....well most probably they will amalgamate all the above in to one new department called Forest & Bio Diversity conservation Force....well they might get few Carbon Credits....


perein said...

Cool. Will give a try mate.

Achilles said...


Does it work with googleblog too! or only for WordPress??

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear vvlrrp....don't be so cold hearted Bro....your suggested remedy is like Fuel Air Explosive to the Putty Tatts......

Show some mercy guys to these lost souls who happen to manifest in this site under different forms.....

Come come, don't chase them from here too....contrary to their outburst...they love all things Sri Lankans....that's why they again and again return to this blog.....

Try to put yourself in their shoes....

a) No place to call "my country"
b) No place to call that's my "Ancestral home"
c) Probably in Western country where they are 2nd class citizens
d) Educated & qualified but doing menial jobs playing 2nd fiddle to the Sudda
d) Missing all the Vadai & Doasi treats back home
e) Inability to see their loved ones....worst loved ones dead
f) Contributing to Cause, but no ROI recently....grounded TAF , infective Suicide bombings, failed Desperate Penetration Unit (DPU)attacks ...not even motivating pictures in TamilNut and Videos in Utube...

Need I say more....we Sri Lankans are compassionate people....

Paw Ane...let them be


Apino Dannachess said...

Bloody Hell....Budu Ammooooo

Here we go again.....

>>>>>Kilinochchi district LTTE military headquarter bombed <<<<

Now let me guess what the TamilNut will have to say about this
* SLAF bombs Eeelam Zoological Gardens killing many engendered and animals...some of the perished species are endemic to Vanni....
* Eeelma Arts Academy located closed to the above also suffered damages. All cultural training programs are postponed indefinitely.
* 10 innocent civilians killed and 20 injured

Cheers Weva

kuttu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
perein said...


Bro i know what your saying..Do you think that forgiving them will remove their presence from our minds.?.we have better things to focus on..than some EELam jackass on his tea break..

Bro, key board terrorists are not new to you and me for long time. All I'm asking is to avoid responding them as well as ignore the pain they trying to push all of us via religions.
We seen the terror comes in diff faces, one of them by pushing via religions.

As you said "we have better things to focus on"
Let's keep focus.

perein said...


Bloody Hell....Budu Ammooooo

Here we go again.....

Ballage passa patthata petrol damma wage thamai duwanna wenne :) ...

Does n't matter which ever the way they run.... LRRP goes ... "Boooooo" :)

kuttu said...

Lot of brothers were asking me what has happened to my Red Birds, Now there are really active. Latest operation by RED BIRDS,

Kilinochchi district LTTE military headquarter bombed

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed the LTTE's military headquarter complex in Kilinochchi this afternoon (Oct 2), Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said. Fighter jets launched from Katunayake carried out the air strike at 12.40 PM targeting the LTTE headquarter located 2 km northeast of Kilinochchi town, he added.

Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources revealed that the target was engaged on real time ground intelligence on a meeting of senior LTTE cadres at the location. The LTTE has maintained the targeted camp complex as its main military coordinating centre, the sources added. Elaborating further on the air strike, the sources said that the targeted camp is situated at Paravipanjan in Kilinochchi.

According to the Air Fore spokesman the target was accurately engaged. However, the exact damage caused to the terrorist has not been verified yet, he said.

Defence observers say that the recent string of air strikes on LTTE nerve centers located in the heart of Kilinochchi would soon create a huge problem for LTTE in maintaining the outfit under a centralized command and control mechanism.

hi hi.

Apino Dannachess said...

Sorry wenda predictions were wrong......

This what TamilNut had to say....

>>>>>>SLAF attacks LTTE Peace Secretariat, Political Head Office
[TamilNet, Thursday, 02 October 2008, 08:25 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force on Thursday attacked the Head Office of the Political Section of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelalam and the LTTE Peace Secretariat, both located close to each other at the heart of the Ki'linochchi town. The attack, reported around 1:00 p.m., also caused damage to nearby houses and the roads. Two civilians were killed and five wounded in the air-strike, according to initial reports............

.........At least one of the civilians killed was at his house in the vicinity. Most of the bombs missed their targets and the SLAF bombers disappeared from the sky as they came under LTTE anti-aircraft fire. However, the buildings have sustained heavy damage as each of the buildings were hit by at least one bomb. <<<<<

Interestingly TamilNut failed to mention any Putty Tatt Causalities....even when the buildings suffered heavy damage.

Since TamilNut is always telling the exact truth....makes one wonder where all the LTTE guys were....already runaway and crouching under trees much for the fully functioning Civil Administration......


Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Perein,

Fantastic example....when you put it like that I can really imagine how the Putty Tatts must be feeling...that's because I have actually seen how such a dog acts....

When we were kids, during a family funeral, one of my elder cousins did this to a dog ( I don't advocate animal now DiAssPora don't go adding that too to your list of crimes committed by Sinhala Racist).

The poor creature wheeled like a trail bike standing up on its hind legs...made a beeline to the carpet on which the casket was kept......and started rubbing its posterior on the carpet to the amazement of all the mourners....

Run my little heroic putty like your balls are on Fire:)


perein said...

I'm sure all those are part of the growing up mate.
It's kind of fun, as you said we do not approve those now... as adults.

However I love to see a video clip of how the LTTE terrorists running similar way :)

Apino Dannachess said...

Guys, just thought of sharing the following with you: I got it on email today. May be nothing to it and crap from PuttyTatts to create fear psychosis in south....but better be safe than sorry.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please inform everyone you know in
Sri Lanka.

Dear All,

Please take all possible preventive measures on the interest of security in your work places, homes, markets, schools, banks, vehicles, trains, bus stops, temples, churches or where ever you move out. It may be on the road during your day to day business in the future because, information has been received that very serious calamity is been planed out by the LTTE to cause in the south or central, in the coming period.

Take care of your children more than any other times and educated all inmates of homes, office,schools or else where.

Special attention have to be taken for those in the security services and their homes etc.

Please educate all your friends and relations on this to take adequate care to avoid mass escalations to human lives and their properties.

if any suspicious person even a beggar is noticed by you, take steps quickly to inform security authorities and the people around.

See mail below for your interest.

According to latest Intelligence reports, the LTTE has decided to
attack both military and civilian targets in the South to disrupt
civilian life as much as possible. MI warns of an LTTE plan to attack
several major cities simultaneously including Colombo and cause
widespread panic and fear among civilians.
Buses and Railway
Kandy-bus stand and railway station

The WTC twin towers,
harbor and
the city of Kandy are said to be among primary targets of the LTTE.
According to MI, LTTE intelligence cadres 'disguised as beggars',
differently-abled people and sales representatives have already been
deployed to gather intel on these targets...

Send this to all your relatives & friends in Sri Lanka and inform them
to be alert.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Apino Dannachess said...

YEs Perein,

I too would like to see such a vid .....UAV's can capture these....

May be a year ago I saw one vid captured by a UAV ( verry first to be published @ where I could actually see the Putty Tatts ruining amok after a bombing....

Cheers Mate
P.S. A small voice at the back of my head reminds me that these are human beings ( misguided of course and some being at the wrong place at the right time) at the receiving end. I sure wish we can bring an end to this soon...nobody should suffer like this bro ...not even our enemy.

BADTNC said...

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed the LTTE's military headquarter complex in Kilinochchi this afternoon (Oct 2), Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said. Fighter jets launched from Katunayake carried out the air strike at 12.40 PM targeting the LTTE headquarter located 2 km northeast of Kilinochchi town, he added.

Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources revealed that the target was engaged on real time ground intelligence on a meeting of senior LTTE cadres at the location. The LTTE has maintained the targeted camp complex as its main military coordinating centre, the sources added. Elaborating further on the air strike, the sources said that the targeted camp is situated at Paravipanjan in Kilinochchi.

According to the Air Fore spokesman the target was accurately engaged. However, the exact damage caused to the terrorist has not been verified yet, he said.

Defence observers say that the recent string of air strikes on LTTE nerve centers located in the heart of Kilinochchi would soon create a huge problem for LTTE in maintaining the outfit under a centralized command and control mechanism.

Apino Dannachess said...

DW and all

Ref. the GPS units captured, can we not back track going up to the culprits who are bringing this in to the country.

Like somebody else said earlier, there are ways to make the people talk...and the lorry driver and the cleaner should be given a bit of friendly talk shall we say....meting similar treatment to all the people along the chain should bring us to the kingpin.....

I hope as we speak this is happening....

Such action may avoid so many innocent civilian deaths in the East and deep south.


Achilles said...

Blasteelamers users...

add this ID to the script!!

var terras = new Array();
terras[0] = "00491643194712962581"; //shyam
terras[1] = "09058343743584927925"; //bandara
terras[2] = "05637654847363237471"; //mr.Brown
terras[3] = "16785811111358092037"; //assassinrajive
terras[4] = "16339893614664521553"; //freedomfighter
terras[5] = "16877388889244119062"; //navindran
terras[6] = "09008397586569019159"; //peter
terras[7] = "";

perein said...


P.S. A small voice at the back of my head reminds me that these are human beings ( misguided of course and some being at the wrong place at the right time) at the receiving end. I sure wish we can bring an end to this soon...nobody should suffer like this bro ...not even our enemy.

Aggreed Bro. Sooner VP get hit by sky god, answer will be there. Could be only some hours left...

Sithsala said...

looks like vvlrrp has beaten me to it.

i had been developing a firefox extension my self for the same purpose.

i couldn't finish the preferences management ui due to time constraints.

will see if i can get it finished.

due to the nature of the stuff, its better to check the source of these third party apps if you can, to make sure unauthorized personal details are not seeped out. from what it looks vvlrrp's code looks ok.

History said...

Hi All,

I think we should ignore the messages posted via the name "freedomfighter", there are professional bloggers. You can buy them for cheap dollars, (in US one of such guy told me that he spend his day with 2$, can you believe that) who in profession is willing to burn their asses posting blog one after another under different names, and also using multiple language styles..

I bet that this a$$hole is one of such.. let's ignore him..

"It is said that history repeats" - only for those who think, what is happening

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

about getting LPTE folks to talk... Lets say MI folks and SLDF has mastered that art quite well..
Some hardcore LPTE leaders have even been trained to sing :) :)
They only hold up for a max week or two...then the singing begins...
everybody has a breaking point... It's just a matter of exploring and finding it with patience :)

mulathiev TARZEN said...


mervia saranaaai!
sakvithi pihitaaa!

kollo set wenne kilinochchi yanna wageeeee!..ammapaa! honda adahasa!
in your deams! , kollone in u r dreams!! how far yet to "ki-chi"?..anyone planing to hijack thalivarr`s maaweera speech whilst he doing it in ki-chi?...


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Ranil,

I like the singing part....I hope we can put this smuggling bust to good use.

Cheers Mate

mulathiev TARZEN said...


try my rofile!

History said...

assassinrajive's morning shitting round..

make sure to wash your mouth..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

wat`s up? bro!..have i insulted u?
did i talked to u recently?

Apino Dannachess said...


If you can check out the photos of SLAF bombing results @ TamilNut...Putty Tatt Peace secretariat is in pieces

Run my Putty Tatts.....Runnnnn


Apino Dannachess said...

Kotinta Api Gahanawa

Api Kotinta gahanawa....

Hayyyy Koti... Ko Wada?

mulathiev TARZEN said...

prima saranai
shel-gas pihitai
powsige oil saranai!

anee i-thing thopi ro-th-thata, meee thung saraneeee saranaai!!

yagadaawen paharagasaa muhuda debaa keruwalu kolloo!
wali-mirikaa wathura gath-thalu kolloo!
zlin eke kuth bima dammalu kolloo!
pribha wath maruwalu kolloo!( ha-th ata paarak)
"ki-chi"th yanawalu kollooo!

ammapaaa! munta bari deyak nahanee!

sadu.saaduu saaaaaaduuuuuu!!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

thopita sakwithi laa wadi wadi yen labeewaa!

...!meervin gen wadi wadi yen kanna labeewa!

haada morak! haami-rak!

kilinochchi express eka koooooo!

Vigilante said...

LTTE bunkers goes up in smoke

dsk said...

kollo set wenne kilinochchi yanna wageeeee!..ammapaa! honda adahasa!
in your deams! , kollone in u r dreams!!
kilinochchi express eka koooooo!
already there boss,watch news,mayb u can rcognise the places. u sound more like an UNP than pro LTTE(not that all UNP ppl are like this,don't get me wrong)

aKa said...


Why are you calling KUTTU, he has double crossed us, you were telling about clearing of assassinrajive’s ass. Ok I will do it don’t call KUTTU for that.

kuttu said...

Hi hi

Both of them are mad. Pot is boiling. Poor guys (I mean Pigs) hi hi.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Honourable VP..

Look at how horny u get...nice work of art admit it

PHANTOM-X said...



bandaralk said...



Absolutely correct.Please do not allow anybody to insult races and religions. Why allow all bullshitts that are way off the point under discussion.

Unknown said...

Mr, Brown,

May be the LRRP isnt interested in capturing the guy alive. Why should they?

Wannila Eththo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wannila Eththo said...

hebeewa bola hebeewa,
panakenda pojja ekka kudalagena awuding kotaabaanna weiy

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