Saturday, November 8, 2008

The realities of a surface-based war in Wanni

By this evening the Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division was 6 kilometers from the Pooneryn-Paranthan road. Military tacticians will aim for this road, instead of heading directly for Pooneryn; a tactic we have observed numerous times in the recent past. Tigers will be forced to withdraw from Pooneryn but would have to avoid annihilation by the Special Boat Squadron and RABS boats deployed in the Kilali Lagoon. Their best bet would be to escape towards India rather than risking a perilous journey to Chalai in the northeastern coast. At least 40 RABS units are waiting for them from Kilali to Chalai.

As we noted many weeks ago, the Sri Lanka Army will probably checkmate the LTTE’s Kilinochchi stronghold, not from the current operation by the 57 but from the operation working its way towards Paranthan from the northwest. Military tacticians have long realized that there’s more than one way to take Kilinochchi. Currently, the Tigers are using maximum force to hold down the 57 Division at Iranamadu, Akkarayan and Kokavil general areas. They cannot afford the 58 moving towards Paranthan from the Pooneryn-Paranthan road. This would make Muhamale and Kilinochchi untenable.

But the Army is not going to stop at that. It’s going to crisscross the LTTE and dissect it from top to bottom, left to right and every other imaginable way possible. During a recent briefing, General Fonseka explained the role of the newly formed Task Force 3 claiming it would move from the west to the east from Mankulam. According to our analysis, TF-3 is heading for Oddusudan via Mankulam, Olumadu and Ampakamam and will probably join the 59 Division in a combined advance on Mulaitivu. TF-3 is being led by Lt. Colonels Perera and Welikala who are absolute daredevils with a cult-like following in the Army. The 62 semi-offensive Division is also quietly working its way towards Kanakarayankulam.

As soon as the 58 reaches Pooneryn, the 53 Division will break out from its hold. Muhamalai to Paranthan is flat, open road, which the Mechanized Infantry Division is going to relish enormously. If the 53 breaks out, it will only be a matter of time until the 55 Division breaks out. Both Divisions are under two tough Commanders, one being Special Forces officer (from the time he joined the Army) Brigadier Prasanna Silva. So you have 8 Divisions going at the LTTE in eight different directions. But there’s more.

If LTTE loses Pooneryn and retreats completely from the northwestern coast, the Sri Lanka Navy would have nothing to guard against along this coast. The Offshore Patrol Craft, SBS and RABS units currently deployed along this coast can all be withdrawn and redeployed along the north western coast. The only maritime area the SLN would have to guard would be the coast from Nayaru North upto Nagarkovil. The number of RABS units deployed from Pulmoddai to Point Pedro could exceed 100. This is in addition to the OPCs, SBS, Dvora, UFACs, Fast Missile Frigates etc deployed along the coast and in the high seas. The SLN could create a virtually impregnable security blanket along this coast that will completely halt any LTTE arms ship from even coming close to unloading its cargo.

So the obvious question is, what will the LTTE do while this is going on? But the more pertinent question is what can they do?

The answer to the first question is diplomatic pressure. Diplomatic pressure from Europe is not forthcoming to the extent LTTE might want. The best bet for diplomatic pressure to save the LTTE could come from India. But the Indians have a very limited say in this now. The Indian statement to end major operations in Sri Lanka by the end of December seems more of a publicity stunt aimed at appeasing sections of the Tamil Nadu politicians ahead of the 15th Lok Sabha Elections. But at the same time the Indian central government is cracking down on the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. It is our understanding that the Indians won’t push too hard this agenda on Colombo.

Why won’t the Indians completely back this threat with actual muscle? The answers to the above questions are as follows. The current President of Sri Lanka, soon after he came to power, has freed Sri Lanka of the Indian hegemonic mentality. Its one thing India under Indira Gandhi developing a hegemonic interest during the Cold war and another thing maintaining such in this new age. The former USSR is long gone and with it India’s power in the Warsaw. The new power in Asia is China.

President Rajapakse, to his credit, made sure that China was brought back into the South Asian region, especially to Sri Lanka in a big way. Today, China is the largest investor in Sri Lanka. They have invested heavily in Sri Lanka, particularly in the Hambantota port as a transshipment point to its growing export industries in the Far East and Africa. The Chinese will never allow their money to go to waste. China and Iran have also applied to join SAARC. Suddenly, India is not the only big player in the Indian Ocean region. The moment India exerts undue pressure on the Colombo government; the Chinese will react to save its investment in Sri Lanka. Even a single statement from the Chinese which is even remotely threatening could make India look not only weak but also foolish. A wise Indian government would avoid that.

Another powerful actor is Iran. Long before President-elect Obama underlined the need to negotiate with Iran, Sri Lanka had done it. Today, the Sri Lankan President is a very good friend of Ahamedinajad. Sri Lanka, as an insider with the Tehran government, could even become a small state mediator between the USA and Iran like Algeria during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

But what about the LTTE’s military capability and its ability to remove the leadership of the country? The LTTE has been very successful when it could concentrate its attacks on defeating a single military operation. We have had many such operations led by, at the most two offensive Divisions. Each operation was met with stiff resistance. The LTTE would deploy all its assets and manpower and focus all its strategies and tactics on that single operation and confront it head-on, flank it or allow defence-in-depth. International support and the ‘goods’ coming from the northwestern and northeastern coasts sustained the counter-attacks. The Tamils in the eastern province gave it an unlimited supply of excellent fighters. The sea tigers were strong and innovative with large number of fixed and movable assets and high morale. The counter insurgency and counter terrorism (CI and CT) methods of the state intelligence was ill equipped, inexperienced and improperly led to face that challenge.

But now, the Tigers have to spread their assets (artillery, mortars etc) thin to counter 6 separate offensive divisions, which could soon become 8 separate offensives. The population it controls is down to about 300,000 which reduced its recruitment base. The northwestern coast was lost and the eastern province was lost too. It has to now fight tooth and nail to maintain some control of the northeastern coast. International support is as low as it had ever been. The political and military leadership of the south is too numerous to eliminate. Killing just the Army Commander or the Secretary Defence or the President won’t solve the problem for the LTTE. For the first time in its history, LTTE must assassinate at least 3 leaders in a row or single blow. Even if one of these leaders survives such an impossible attack, the survivor would have to only maintain the current momentum to be a large enough threat to the LTTE.

But the LTTE will fight. It will fight till it can fight no more because that’s all it’s got. It’s been over 3 decades since the LTTE chose this path. It may be too late to change. The LTTE has achieved very little in such a long time.

Therefore an LTTE Victory at this point is seriously doubtful, although it seemed possible a decade ago. Defeat is what is knocking on the Tigers’ door today. Mere survival is insufficient. History has no place for losers.

dA and DW


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Kithul said...

great article and a great finish..

....Defeat is what is knocking on the Tigers’ door today. Mere survival is insufficient.History has no place for losers.

thank you dA and DW.

will Pooneryn be taken in days or weeks?

Peter said...

Modayas could only raise 94, 000 GBP in over a year.

Can't even buy a decent car for that money.

Although, I don't think that modaya maids get paid anything above minimum wage.

Sri Lankikaya said...

terrists have to be terrorists til they give up violence and can be rehabilitated.

Racists will always be racists, beyond redemtion.

londonistan said...

A well thought-through analysis guys... much impressed.

Peter said...

All arrangements have been made for National Heroes' Day events to be held in twenty countries. Modays don't even accept their farm boys' bodies, let alone commemorate them.

londonistan said...


Contributions were genuinely 'voluntary'.

Not the kind of 'voluntary' the TRO, BTF etc. 'fund-raisers' engage in; you know the kind where a tamil shopkeeper or two get killed for failing to pay up, where goons force innocent tamil expats to re-mortgage their homes to fund donations, lest they be run over, stabbed, beaten and set alight. Oh. yeah, all actual incidents documented by the London Metropolitan Police bucko. They even have a special unit for sri lankan tamil-on-tamil crime. You must be very proud.

Ares said...

peter peter peter... i feel sorry for you mate... you keep barking here and calling us modayas (which the last time i checked is a 'singales' word)... poured in money to get obama elected thinking that he would save that sorry ass in wanni...

well the news is that he is busy fixing the economy here and he couldnt careless...

and also GBP 94,000 were donations not 'taxes' and its collected to build houses not buy weapons or buy cars for that matter...

Ares said...

well, its sad sad year guys...
heros day is commemorated in 20 countries but not in the 'home country'... or wait you dont have a home country... i'm sorry i forgot...

you see i have a home country... so we tend to be inconsiderate...

Ares said...

bad bad me... i sorry for being so inconsiderate...

well on the bright side you get to live in... canada? and use the internet... and express your 'feelings'... there are 3000 odd people in wanni that dont get to do so...

Unknown said...

LTTE Heros day in twenty countries???

Man this is an ideal opportunity crackdown on this international Mafia! What an opportune time!

Let's get cracking. someone inform the FBI first. Activate the diplomatic channels! Let's make good harvest there too!

Sri Lankikaya said...

harvesting time, where are the patriots.

Unknown said...

Please accept my condolences Peter et. al..

We are really sorry about this, but what to do? Sansaare heti ohoma thama..

It's ok.. at least shout in here and let off your stress.

Bhairav said...

[All arrangements have been made for National Heroes' Day events to be held in twenty countries.]

Who wants to listen to that whiner, VP?

This is what VP will say...Oh Dear Tamils, successive Sinhala chauvinist governments continue to ignore our rights, MR is no exception...etcetera etcetera.

silentknight said...

B E A UUUTIFULLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

perhaps a lil bit too much info, but maybe just stating the obvious, im sure the tigers manning Nargakovil can hear the 53D boys revving their engines,

best case scenario - its gonna be tag team mayham.

worst case scenario - MR loses the budget,.....hope he doesnt.mind you , im a UNP'er who wholeheartedly supports mahinda's war effort.
unlike the previous leaders approach to terrorism, his is not half baked.

"GAME ON"!!!!!!!!!!!

Asithri said...

dA/DW thanks for an excellent analysis.

As for the question:

“Why won’t the Indians completely back this threat with actual muscle?” which you answered very well yourself, I would like to add the following from:

The very well spoken Joint Secretary, Foreign Affairs Committee of the ruling coalition, Dr. Ravni Thakur.

As you see, according to Dr. Thakur, LTTE simply overplayed its TERRORIST card and has lost irreparably in India!

Yes, it is this type of educated, intelligent, modern-savvy, and good looking “Hindian” gal that makes us feel proud to even think that we have a connection back to N India!

OaO Asithri

Unknown said...

I like the ending of defensewires article, "history has no place for losers" although I think it should be also written as "History has no place for terrorists"

hahaha !!

SRI LANKA BABY!! One Country, One Nation, All under One Flag!!!


Asithri said...

Bad news…real bad news!

MI believes LTTE MFs have been successful in landing an unspecified number of the latest, Chinese made T-99 battle tanks somewhere in Sri Lanka and they are now being inducted in the war theatre. Fortunately, one was neutralized by the SLA yesterday:

SLAF has been given special instructions to seek-&-destroy the other T-99s…

Await further details…

Real bad news as I said…

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Bloody hell yes…LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

Yes, talk about a crude, tacky/gaudy, takaran-army full of bata-slippered coolies going to war against one of the most formidable, mechanized, armies in Asia today!

These “Einsteins” simply do not know the extent of their folly!

Come and get liquidated filthy scum…yes toxins, come to poppa will ya?


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Yes, what an "Einstein" race...

Thought "thamileelam" carved out of the island of Sri Lanka was a sure thing....without realizing for a moment that "Hindians" had already decided that such was NEVER going to happen (given the "TamilNadu factor")...

Hooooooooo Hoooooo I am laughing so much that I am now in stitches!!!

Yeppie....what an "Einstein" race...!!!!

Do continue to sacrifice your boys girls in search of the White Elephant!!!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[Who wants to listen to that whiner, VP?]

What happened coolie-boy? Struck your head on a lamp-post by while waking forward turning round and admiring a white chick’s ass? LMSSAO!!!

Seriously, your type of half-sane mind must at least now ask LTTE to give is a horrific casualty count LTTE is experiencing in Wanni and the "finish" is not even here yet!

Why do you think all this pressure coming now from TN for "ceasefire"...???

Think think think...think beyond your own propaganda…

OaO Asithri

Peter said...

"However, given a chance, most Sri Lankan Tamils will be happy to live under a greater Tamil Nadu—comprising traditional Tamil areas in the North and East of the island—as Indian citizens."

Abkhazia, South Ossetia anyone?

Wise Gorgians thought US and EU would safeguard their "territorial integrity".

Rana said...

DW thanks,

You have confirmed most of the things discussed here lately by your lengthy report.

Your reasurences on foriegn intervention, specially from India is comforting.

However, I think most of the LTTE cadres now operating in north western area will join the cadres now operating in Akkarayan area. As you said some will try to escape to India. We must make sure that sea tiger units and assets are not taken to east coast.

SLAF must come to the foray with SLN hand in hand. We must stop them building another bunds along Pooneryn-Paranthan road.

We need to shut them off completely from the out side world.

TigerKiller said...


Excellent post !!

thank you

Asithri said...

Further proof of how capable our bravehearts are today at jungle-warfare.

Evidently, yesterday 58B dudes had infiltrated the LTTE position on Pooneryn-Killi/Paranthan road via the thick jungle and liquidate a minimum 20 maggots…this give further credence to what I said yesterday – that even if the LTTE MFs take to the jungles after Killi falls, they have no hope in hell of surviving given how jungle-warfare adept our boyz are today.

The news about the popping of minimum 20 maggots is towards the 2nd half of the clip…


OaO Asithri

Rana said...

One last thought,

LTTE can move arti's in Pooneryn to Periya Paranthan and guard Muhamalei and Kilali area without giving free hand to 53 and 55 to come down. It will also be an additional threat to our troops in Kilinochchi south.

What do you think about that?

TigerKiller said...

Nadesan is crying asking a ceasefire :):)

Liberation Tigers Political Head B. Nadesan, when contacted by TamilNet on Saturday, following reports of Tamil Nadu leaders seeking clarification on LTTE's stand on ceasefire, said "there is no hesitation on our side to reiterate our position that we have always wanted a ceasefire." It is the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) that unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire, Mr. Nadesan said and added that the Tigers were only fighting a defensive war since Colombo has thrust upon Tamils an aggressive war

Dear Nadesan ,

You could have think about ceasefire before attacking Mahinada Mama , Fonseka Bappa and Gotha Pappa :):):)

you guys make us very angry by killing 200+ soldirs just after MR selected .

so this now pat time for your crimes baby .

ONLY WAY You can save your ARSE by just put down your weapons . Surrender to army !!! . come to the democratic like Karuna , Pilliyan

otherwise your days are numberd . even OBAMA can't save you now !!

Asithri said...

Peter peter my elongated-pumpkin eater….

[Abkhazia, South Ossetia anyone?]

Aha, now this proves what happens when you let these presumptuous “Einsteins” hijack the agenda for a whole community! LMSSAO!!!

No, maggot, it is not the same. Primary reason:

AbKhasia and South Ossetia were never anti-Russian and they never wanted to form their own separate states outside the influence of Mother Russia! Whereas, the communalist/racist minded, backward, TamilNadu, from the time of Indian Federation, hated the North Indians and even campaigned – at times violently – to breakaway from India and form a TamilNadu sovereign nation (which the Hindians squashed mercilessly as we all know). In addition, TamilNadu was the only state in India that refused to accept Hindi as the National Language of India and forbade the teaching of Hindi as a compulsory subject in TN schools….so maggot, given this anti-North Indian climate, no, it is highly foolish to think that the Hindians will help the horrific, Tamil separatist-terrorists of Sri Lanka to amalgamate with the TN Tamils, to form a “greater TamilNadu” as you call it!

When your neighbor’s dog has rabies, no, you do not invite that dog to your own dogs’ kennel….get it?

Sorry to burst your imaginary “greater TamilNadu” bubble maggot…

So, you maggots are still trying to suck up to the Hindians – like how your “Dr” Bala the Paraballa did like a stray-dog uh?


OaO Asithri

Rana said...


Thanks for your link, bro.

A good one.

hemantha said...

"LTTE killed our Obama!"
-By Thomas Johnpulle

click here.

Asithri said...


You are welcome bro....

Cheers, OaOA

Asithri said...


Scummie, it is a fact that yes, I am single and these days I am dating a TMVP hottie...

But that is no reason to call me



OaO Asithri

Rana said...

DW please answer,

You said

/As soon as the 58 reaches Pooneryn, the 53 Division will break out from its hold. Muhamalai to Paranthan is flat, open road, which the Mechanized Infantry Division is going to relish enormously. If the 53 breaks out, it will only be a matter of time until the 55 Division breaks out./

If 53 is held by Pooneryn arties, if LTTE shift them to Periya Paranthan will have a similar effect on 53. OR, can 53 over come that threat and continue to come down?

Mahen said...

DW banda dreamed up this fantasy during his daily bog. Who do you think we are? The salvation army? You don' know what is heading you way mateys.

Assithri, do you find the Singhala girls reprehensible? Is that why you are dating a TMVP girl?

Annonymous said...

Hey Peter buddy,

Where are your answers? I gave you much homework in last post.

And tell me where is your bum-buddy Motta Mahen?

Peter baby your idea of South Ossetia and Greater TN is fantastic. What a dissapointment. What a total loss of hopes. Yako before combining all your separate "homelands" try save few asses in Kilinochchi. First you have to take Norhern SL under your ctrl before you combine it with India. You are way way futuristic. Oh wow !!!

Your dream of India sending army to join TN and Northern SL must have been quite an exotic one that your bed is wet with you-know-what. Hey dingo, would russians have invaded georgia if South Ossetians killed Putin? Or spoiled the Russian side ossetians to utter rot about separate "North Ossetia" as well.

Hey you Kumari Kandam descendant HomoDravidian who had faught with dinosaurs for your "homo-land", your bloody pig head just keeps you in the shit bucket. Why did you kill Rajiv? What a beautiful mistake. Why did you spoil TN?

Learn to beg. You don't go down with the begger tin and tell passer by, hey you bastard give money or I hit you with this tin.

Looser, get a life. And wish that in that life you are not tamil.

As you stated, you like being sinhala, but for the belief of punarbhava it will take another zillion Kalpaya for that to be. And by biology it will never be. A homo-dravidian - a primitive being existed before even apes - cant turn a human like Sinhala.

Let's make it gradual. So wish that you will be a Chimpanzee in next life. That's better as they don't carry shit buckets.

hemantha said...

"DW banda dreamed up this fantasy during his daily bog. Who do you think we are?"
Monkeys. The dumbest type.

Annonymous said...

Mahen Mahen, so you're back from the "earth bund construction site".

You have been predicting an imaginary retaliation. You are lucky that you started posting about few days ago. But hard-screwed tiger representatives here have given up this idea. You can talk about the "surprise" for a week or two, but it is not humanly or homo-dravidianly possibly even for your cheating arses to keep on warning about a non-existent counter attack for months.

As a result of this dilemma each tiger supporter ended up in different types of madnesses. Peter boy for an example, sends out short answers with words modaya, mahavamsa and chingala in them. They mean nothing. The bastard has been sliding from my direct questions for some time. And when he posted about something meaningful he exposed his hopeless mind daydreaming about TN combining your "homo-land" and creating the Greater TN, which will be later combined by lads of moon, for the greater lunatic-land. That is the fate of one homo-dravidian.

Bhairav has had enough and shown his fat arse to Thele-bara. Yeah man, enough is enough. Thele-bara send maveerer punnakku last time which gave high hopes and wet genitals for Bhairav. The shit lot of words have never resulted a single crow shot in the benefit of thamileelam and now the bugger has lost hopes in ready-to-be-delivered maveerer punnakku this year.

Navindran mama is a funny case. He never distributed thele-bara's punnakku. But after consuming thele-bara's punnakku Navindran mama produces his own. Those are pretty innocent. Obama punnakku daydream, Global economic crisis punnakku daydream, India+TN punnakku daydream, SL economy collapse punnakku daydream etc etc the list is endless. Last one he's brainstorming these days is "asteroid hits colombo punnakku daydream".

Rest of homo-dravidians such as Kuttu Shyam and few others vanished after warning us for a wide variety of things.

History will decide where you will end up. Not only history but also your balls. That is because your balls will decide how long you can repeat a meaningless warning. Meanwhile SLDF will decide both the path of history and the burial places if balls of your tiger race.

Until then enjoy.

Rover said...


Good write up again, except for the rhetoric on Iran and China (especially Iran).

"Another powerful actor is Iran. Long before President-elect Obama underlined the need to negotiate with Iran, Sri Lanka had done it. "

Aw, come on. MR negotiated with Iran only because he wanted money to carry out the war (which was not forthcoming from western sources).

President Obama is hoping to negotiate with Iran to stop them from building a nuclear bomb, and to stop Iran's support to terrorist groups.

These two objectives are not the same, and Sri Lanka did it for a different reason.

"Today, the Sri Lankan President is a very good friend of Ahamedinajad. "

What is the point of being friends with a fruitcake? How can you guys, while striving to demolish a terrorist organization, endorse the leader of a country that supports terrorism. We need to be serious and be faithful to your major objectives, or Sri Lanka could end up being something like North Korea or Zimbabwe.

MR payed a cunning but very obvious card. That is putting pressure on the Western nations by threating to align with Iran. But Iran is not a country that we need to look up to as an example for our development. So accept the MR tactic for what it is, and please don't try to blow the Iranian link out of proportion. We could end up looking very silly.

I do not agree with MRs move on Iran, as Iran is a state that supports terrorism (that is killing of unarmed civilians to achieve a political objective). We can't both eat and have the cake can we?

Annonymous said...

Further on Mahen's warning.

The famous Apinodanna Live Program had the following short drama.

One rusty looking man parks his foot bike and walks away. When he comes back the bike wasn't there. And he started screaming very violently.

"Adoooo, mokaada mage bike eka gaththe. Genath thiyapan methanin. Nathnam man naraka miniha kiyanna epa harida? Maligawaththe karapu de thamayi methanath karanne harida?"

After a total silence [in scare] a frightened man approaches and asks,

"Mokakkda maligawaththe kale?"

To which our hero says [bending down crying and begging] "Ane budu mahaththayo jeevath wenna thibbe ochcharayi, Daru pavula bada ginne. Ane mage bike eka denna".

May be your surprise is of the same class.

Annonymous said...

Mahen said;

"If you stop shitting, we won't have to carry shit buckets."

We'd consider this, but can you survive w/o carrying out the holy duty? And do you think that your homo-dravidians can find any other job?

BTW, there is a BIG plan to automate this process such that the entire load of SL toilet drain will be diverted into the km long underground tunnels of your rat race. And after that no need to carry the bucket.

Don't worry it won't take long for us to capture the rest of the ground polluted by your monkeys and start the project.

Till then it will be your duty to carry the bucket. Enjoy the content.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the good post. I like to discuss few points.

/..a tactic we have observed numerous times in the recent past./

/As we noted many weeks ago, the Sri Lanka Army will probably checkmate the LTTE’s Kilinochchi stronghold,../

Its said in military affairs attack your enemy at a place where he doesn not expect you and a time when he does not expect you. However, in this kind of offensive it seems the "best available strategy" for SLA is quite predicabale for LTTP. This is hard to avoid in this scenario and still it is quite difficult to predict LTTP moves. I think this is one advantage LTTP enjoys right now in thier losing battle.

/..the Sri Lanka Navy would have nothing to guard against along this coast./

I think SLN still need to guard all our coast line. LTTP may attack Jaffna islands from tamiznadu. I don't know how many assets SLN need to protect all our sea. But we should continuously increase SLN strength in terms of man power, assets, technology, intel and every thing.

/The population it controls is down to about 300,000../

I think it might be as less as 200,000. GSL get these numbers from officers (grama sevaka/disapathi etc) and NGOs but all of them are LTTE so obviously overtsated.

However, I beleive LTTP still have about 30,000+ cadres which is 75% of the initial estimate given by defencenet. (For the inteligent diaspora, initial DN estinate was 40,000.) So long way to go. For sure if SLA continue thie operation LTTP will be over but SLA need time. LDTP expect SLE will not get time they need due to political, economical, international and diplomatic reasons and try to survive until then.

BTW, what about TAF???

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

You crack me up bro.
Always hitting the "Tamil superiority" theorists where it hurts.

I tend to take a more middle of the road because it is important to remember they are (at least in Vanni) our misguided cousins. It is important convert at least some. You were wrong about Karuna and he turned out to be an asset. Mind you I am not beyond hitting them hard, especially when they reveal their terrorist-racists-casteist nature.

Please don't change your style bro.I really enjoy it. I also enjoyed it on AT. BTW did KTR ban you from there or did you get bored?

I have also noted that Black Pete and Mahason follow each other. Mahason is not as clever as he thinks. Notice he used the adjective "reprehensible" to describe Sinhala Godesses. The guy has no poetic flair, even in the language that he evidently worships.

BTW, I have enjoyed Nangas and Thangacchies but have settled on a really delicious white lass. How do you find the hot Afro-American gals?

Anonymous said...

/Tigers reiterate consent to ceasefire/

/.."there is no hesitation on our side to reiterate our position that we have always wanted a ceasefire."/

Nadesan crying in tamilnut. I hope next time Nadesan will say this by standing by his head. HA HA

Anonymous said...

Some LMTP (Liberation Monkies of Tamizzz peezaam) jokes...

/Welcome to Mankulam Chena Boys. We have a surprise waiting for you./

SLA is still waiting at Mavil Aru for the 'surprise'. Also, in Sampur, Vakarei, Thoppigala, Madu, Mallavi, Thunikkai, Viduthalathiv....HA HA

PS Its so funny that monkies think 'chena boys' is some thing bad. Ha Ha

/PS, see the roads in Kili are much better than main streets in the South. Just shows how much we can achieve once we establish Eelam./

Hak Hak Ha Total joke - K'chi street build by GSL...used by cyclists...Any pic from up looks like same Ha Ha 'Once we establish peezaam'...Ha Ha

/At least we "monkeys" and "toilet cleaners" do not send our girls and boys as housemaids and houseboys to be molested, tortured and killed by rich arab Alla worshippers./

Ha Ha their boys and girls get it in the "home(less)land". (Sad..) Totaly free, (funded by TC diaspora) and garanteed unlike 1% rate for other Sri Lnkans go abroad.

PS Nothing wrong with toilot cleaning. Keep up the good work.

/Just shows that even our cuisine is superior to yours./

Ha Ha This will fool will say next time "even our crap is superior than yours". Oh ya..tamiz crap is superior than any other human crap than in this earth...Enjoy..HA HA

/Time to stich some white flags chena boys!/

Nadesan is already doing...Ha Ha

Peter said...

When modayas try their hands at hedging:

Infinity said...

Hm, is LTTE starting to collapse already with morale breaking down and the leadership losing control? I had expected this to occur later but this looks really bad with very rapid movements for the army now on the western coast.

"By yesterday the 58 Division troops cut off the links of the LTTE cadres operating in the Vallaipadu, Kiranchi, Devil’s Point and Palavi areas with Pooneryn after cutting off the last land route they used to keep ground contacts with Pooneryn. With this move, an area exceeding hundred square kilometres located in the West of A-32 road between 16th mile post and the 8th Mile post were deprived to the LTTE, leaving room for them to withdraw to Poonery only through sea routes."

"The 12 Gemunu Watch Battalion under the command of Lt. Colonel Nandana Dunuwila is now operating just two to three kilometres South of Pooneryn Paranthan road"

Defence Column, Sunday Observer

Also updated map, but still several days old, from November 5:
Click here

Helavikum said...

As most of us can agree, LTTE cannot withstand another year for a war of current magnitude. Proving the President's 2009 has the highest so far allocation for war, it seems government is keen on going after them. So I can see LTTE has three options.
1. Diplomatic pressure as explained in the article. I think still it plays a BIGGER role than the defencewire expects and China or Iran will not be our white knights. And with our renewed lean to China, Iran and especially Russia in recent months its unlikely USA will choose us as a preferred ally. So LTTE can hold up till someone come and rescue them.
2. Getting back to guerrilla tactics after dissolving the conventional army. I am pretty sure this will be their last resort as it will tarnish their image and put them 15 years back. After all image is what keep them live.
3. The most probable tactic of them would be trying to unstabilise Colombo. The moral will be the key to SLA forces to carry on for another year. If LTTE can take lives of President, Def. Secretary or the Army commander it will be major setback and will make a dent in the moral of current operative fronts.
4. Well actually there may be 4 ... Given the world financial crisis, disabling economy can be another strategy. Therefore places with economic importance should be safeguarded and should be vigilant on tactics like currency Counterfeiting.

Vigilante said...

Top notch article. I would say. As usual Moda Peter has shown his stupidity.

Ela Harakek Mooo Na'm.

Rana said...

"Diye gilenna yana miniha piduru gahath alla gannawalu"

Peter, mahen and brown are exactly same. They are still counting on remote chances of India, Obama, EC and TN interventions or economic disaster will save their peelam. If not black tiger units will make a miracle in colombo.

Above all is possibilities for them, however the problem is they are over estimating every things based on past glories.

This the problem with supporters of terrorist groups.

Rana said...

VP is right now thinking about Mahaveer day wich falls on 26th Nov, instead of the on going war and fast shrinking peelam teritory.

Now, he has very few options:

1. Either to pass Mahaveer day without a speech blaming the SLA offensives.

2. Still to go ahead and make moral boosting speech of not giving up the fight.

3. Organize TAF or black tiger attack to win diaspora again and post a written speech to the tamilnut.

What ever he wants to do, I am sure he is preoccupied with that right now.

Most of his cadres do not know the exact situvation in other fronts. Civilians also kept in the dark purposely.

Vp is using more and more children and elder civilians as cannon fodders and these lambs and sheeps are cut down by SLA like banana plants.

What a tragedy which is forced upon on tamil people
by this selfish basterd.

We sinhala people promise to all tamil people that we will punish him and Pottu to the maximum extent with or without the help of law.

Saman said...

You beauty !!! One of the best articls I read covering both military and political standing at present.


Peter said...

The only battle DW ever won was the one against DN.

Rana said...

Saman, Mate,

SL Muslims will never wage a war against sinhalese. Why? they have lot to loose. After all, sinhalese are their clients and they always good at looking after their clients.

Having said that, I also can't believe some our sinhala raksha brothers who cannot show tolerance and compassion. After all more 2500 years of listening to Buddhist "BANA" some minority in SL still behave like "BULL in the CINA SHOP".

Peter said...

“We already have a war in the north and such statements, if they continue, will only create another one in the south.”

Rana said...

Saman brother,

"You beauty !!! One of the best articls I read covering both military and political standing at present."

I have my reservations on the above. The update battle fronts and strategies are almost the same we have already discussed in the blog during last few days. I myself Moshe, Panhinda, History, M.Rawana, Ninja and you were involving in those discussions. Our projections were almost exactly the same.

Political side even bizzare. I will not agree with DW on Iran and China factors. Specially Obama will try to use SL as an ally to form close ties with China and Iran. MY experience on international poiltics says, that is a wishful thinking which is far away from the reality.

Asithri said...


Thanks for the kind words bro...I am only humbled by them!

A couple of words of clarification though...

1) The moment Karuna broke away from the LTTE, I am on record saying that GOSL/SLDF must give him protection and try to get him to join in our fight against the LTTE...(I have written so in AT, LankaWeb, etc.)…however, I am only too sad that CBK the Stupid & Docile Cow could not think strategically and allowed a good number of TMVP cadres to be slaughtered by the LTTE (i.e. the “Verugal massacre” where TMVP was pathetically outnumbered and slaughtered, with some TMVP females gang raped before their genitals were mutilated and shot by the LTTE!). Yes, Karuna was given “life" by the present politico/military establishment under Gota/SF and yes, that has paid handsome dividends (yes, the liberation of East was made that much more easier because of the "Karuna factor" and no denying it).

2) I too would like to see LTTE cadres surrender their weapons and seek amnesty instead of getting slaughtered by our far superior SLDF. In this very thread, I am on record making this "plea" to Bhairav. As such, I agree with your viewpoint that yes, if there are any LTTE ordinary, especially forced recruited cadres that need to be saved/rescued from the Fat Black Ugly Pig, then we must do it with all sincerity.

However, I say there must NOT be any mercy on the LTTE terrorist leaders - they must be caught burnt alive on tires! No ifs and buts re. that as far as I am concerned!

Mate, as for my contributions to the AT, yes, I am not active there currently as I did get bored with the heavy-handedness of one of the Admins (they have a couple there) who was trying to tell me the usage of the word "moron" was uncivilized and unacceptable!!! Fcuk, as if I care for his bloody warped sense of the English language! LMSSAO! No, I have not been "banned" or "proscribed" from least not yet! LMSSAO! Anyway, I will return in due can bet on it!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[Assithri, do you find the Singhala girls reprehensible?]

No Sakkiliya, I do not find “Singhala girls” anything like that…as my bro Mayilravana rightly said, I consider them to be Godesses that have produced the bravest of the bravehearts over the millennia, the bravehearts who have kept SL a free, sovereign nation (instead of it today being a sub-province of shit-everywhere, sakkili Tamilnadu! LMSSAO!)…

As for

[Is that why you are dating a TMVP girl?]

Not your fcuking business, but now that you twisted my arm, aha well, let me tell you the reason…well, the truth is when making love, there is nothing that keeps me “rigid” more than listening to stories of how TMVP “popped” LTTE whore-bastards/bitches in the East!



OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

OK Sat night fever in my neck of the to run…

Got to run and assure the GPS are in place at the earth-bund construction site for the Kfirs/MiGs to pay a courtesy-call visit!


OaO Asithri

Rana said...

Asithri, bother,

Love every word you write, mate. You are realy a true patriot and most of all well balance entertainer. it is a pleasure to read your postings, brother.

Leo Sadeepa said...

DW , now what's the impact of their demands for a ceasefire ?

That will draw lots of attention from IC and will SL be forced to a cease fire ?

Anonymous said...

--LTTP ceasefire--

What LTTP really want at this time is a ceasefire. You can see how much love LTTP has for the CFA given by RW on a silver tray. (Well, LTTP did some work at KAB/EP/Jayasikuru also to earn it.)

Main point is finish the game (i.e. take the break) when LTTP having a final victory. Almost all earlier attemts in south (TAF tours/ black-pink tigers...) were total waste. However IF they were successfull I think next immediate step would be CFA with IC/tamiznadu presure.

This is all time chalenge GSL need to avoid with hard work and constatnt vigilance.

Whenever LTTP cry for ceasefire SLDF should be more vigilant.

tharu22 said...

Last time I checked Obama raised more than 700mn USD for his campaign. A terrorist leaning group named 'Tamiles for Obama' apprently gave him a couple of thousand bucks. They're the stupiddest people in the world if they thing this tiny bit can have a policy shift in the US -Sri Lanka relations. Dream on terrorists, dream on!!

tharu22 said...

Last time I checked Obama raised more than 700mn USD for his campaign. A terrorist leaning group named 'Tamiles for Obama' apprently gave him a couple of thousand bucks. They're the stupiddest people in the world if they thing this tiny bit can have a policy shift in the US -Sri Lanka relations. Dream on terrorists, dream on!!

Jambudipa said...

Although highly committed, Vezha has only one simple tactic as strategist.

deceive -> make alliance -> betray

He applies this predictable pattern in all kinds of situations. It goes without saying people such as A. Amirthalingam, Premadasa, Rajiv Ghandi, Rohana Wijeweera (1987), Chandrika Kumaratunga, Ranil Wickramasinghe, Manmohan Singh (2002 CFA) and finally with assorted Scandanawians during 2002 CFA were treated with this well worn, predictable Tammizh "diplomacy".

His habitual betrayals has left him with no friends. He was getting ready to re-apply the same pattern with the Indians. However, he has become predictable and the tactic stale. Fortunately for us, he took the mantle of "Tamilzh cause" along the journey. He took it with the blessing of many many Tamilzh and tainted it with his betrayals and incompetence.

Mahinda however appears to be a far more versatile player. Although it appeared to be simple diplomacy with China, his moves appears layered, multi-faceted and has surprised most with his skill in diplomacy. Its important that we have something as insurance but let not go gung-ho and wave it in a threatening fashion to India.

Some conclude alliance with Iran short sighted. I don't hold this view. To us, the alliance has value more so because its an important source of no-strings attached capital, crude on line-of-credit and as an important trading partner buying most of our tea. Iran is a source of black gold and alternative fuels have not hit mainstream, this alliance has strategic value to others. The west will be forced to negotiate with Iran on terms dictated by it because they are unlikely to be in a position to afford another campaign after Iraq and Afganistan. I feel Iran will get its nuclear reactor possibly with agreed monitoring. The objective of our alliance with Iran is "understood" by the west not necessarily as being anti-west or Israel but for our own strategic interests. Although demonised by the west, most people of Iran is in fact a highy educated espousing modern values. Indians have made in alliance with Iran as us with these strategic objectives in mind.

ravana said...

hi all,
just log ont o give some updates but after reading this wiped my idea.let everyone to enjoy this.



Apino Dannachess said...

DW, many thanks for this write up.

Bros Asithri,MayilRavana ....good monkey bashing brothers. Keep it up.


hb said...

Hi, this is my first comment although I've been reading DW for a long time. Frequent news of military victories would have already made Peter, Mahen, Brown etc down. On top of that they are being constantly targeted by other readers, and might not be able to take it anymore and disappear from DW forever. Let’s not lose these valuable resources which give us insight to the current mindset of the LTTE diaspora, which is trying to come to grip with the reality of losing the Eelam (Eezham??) dream.

Unknown said...


Thank you for the good article.


Thank you for the good humour.

hemantha said...

Utube video
Troops March Forward Towards Pooneryn and Jaffna Lagoon. Wanni Operation 8 th of November 2008

click here.

Defencewire said...


What is this LTTP? Its in no one's radar. There's a war going on.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

While TF1 is concentrating on Poonaryn-Paranthan road, the Navy SBS could land in K-Point and clear the tip of land around Poonaryn. Navy in this sector must be pretty much idle these days anyway. There wont be much resistance around Poonaryn. Amphibious landing should be subject to reliable intelligence. The TF1 can then save time moving directly to Paranthan front.

GoldenEagle said...

This article is good.

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter Pumpkin eater, why u so far from ur home called Never Land Peter Pan, duuk balla, apu gu walata aiye paleyauw

Saman said...


bro I was out for a while. In response to your comments mate,

"SL Muslims will never wage a war ......"

My concern is not about a fully fleged war or the qualities of moderate Muslims you are talking about. My concern is JHU providing condusive enviorenments for race based political unrest in south which is not warrented at this stage. Muslims are far removed from war, at least on historical ground. But there are enough anti-govenment Muslims/Tamils/Sinhalese who can STAGE a mini 1983. This JHU scum can provide the reason. Let's not foget - history provide evidences of igniting sinhala/Muslim race riots is not that hard. Galle had a big one long time ago. When I say southern politic, that includes Muslim parties in the oposition. UNP has a large Muslim vote base too. If this JHU scum get too excited about Muslim kids wearing a "hajab/berka" to school and before 6.00am prayers and make them priority issues, while being payed by the Tax payer things can get out of control. In fact a reasonable protest was organised in very short notice against the above. The only hope LTTE diaspora is having now is brnging SL to "failed state" status. Also, there is an article today suspecting an armed Muslim group is probably behind TMVP members' deths. Current hot spots suggests, Muslim Fundamentalism is spreading South-Eastward from Afganisthan. What is happening in Pakistan, Asam, South of Thailand need to watch carefully. I heard, some three years ago that evidences of Muslim fundamentalism being rooted in south west and East of SL. You know well, it does need much to ignite a commorsion among struggling masses.

This DW's ground analysis part appears to me straight from Saman Kumara Ramawickrama's 8th of November report from the front.

You are also correct, perhaps my overexcitement came because it is exactly what we have been discussing over the last couple of weeks in this blog.

However, bringing China-Iran factor to the equation is a master stroke from MR. I was shitting in my pants when I saw MR has invited Iran president to visit SL(GB's axes of what ever). I thought for a moment we are making the same historical blunder- JR did by rubbing Indira on the wrong side. I agree with you - this SL mediating US/China/Iran relations is bull crap and well over the top. But apart from that DW has written it well. I see MR's move has now more validity as you can see India is not the same bully it used to be and also recent interest in Russia helping us in our war efforts. Do not foget EU is not very happy with us and still supporting LTTE behind the screen and at the same time EU also not happy with what Russia did in Georgia. Russia has this habit of using such observations to affect. i.e. Russia is happy to show EU the finger when it comes to safegarding her pride. What ever said and done Russia is still a force to recon with.

Hopeful we can win the war and find a solution to the national question. Exciting times mate,

Thun Hele Kale Thula Sinha pataw natha un rata athara gosin...

Jambudipa said...

Good question here

Mahen said...

ninja / DW,
We do not want ceasefire. We never requested one either.
We have our necessary plans and those will become activated soon.
At that point Chena Boys can start practicing for the next Olympics. Ninja can hand hold with DW and start to write some Disney like stories during that time.

Do n't forget to include Astiri the main clown too. He's good with late evening dancing.


You are right , TMVP girls are not our business, they are like our family who are belong to the same Tamil nation. So keep dreaming about them or Tamil girls. I would advice you to stick to some Coconut tree rather than looking around for a female.

Amavi said...


1. Modayas are the people who fund for a lost cause
2. Modayas are the people who collect other people’s money through credit card scams, illegal drug/people smuggling, and think they can get away with it.
3. Modayas are the people who think LTTE still has a chance.
4. Modayas are the people who have gone to other countries because of the support of the LTTE and other NGO's (unlike other people who are accepted by those countries because they are highly skilled or educated).
5. Modayas are the people who think karunanidhy and CO are really concerned about the LTTE. Whoi don't knw that they are currently concerned only about the tamilnadu votes.

PS: Intelligent Tamils go about their business as usual, in peace with all other communities. They have gained success with in the country as well as other countries, whilst these modayas like peter are still day dreaming.

TropicalStorm said...

More hardware from friendlies...

The LTTE may be defeated, and it is a good thing they'll fight to the finish. Finish is a good place.

Terrorist + finish = Good news.

TropicalStorm said...

LTTE will not even try to touch any Indians.

The IAF has a tacticle nuke they've been dying to test on someone...

They'd simply love to fry the tamil hyenas in SL.

Amavi said...

I dont think the west coast (Mannar-Pooneryn) will be totally isolated. There will/should be a division together with 61st for clear up operations. (Depends on the pressure from other counties and the time frame given to finish this off, once and for all)
Or may be the SLN can have another post at NACCHIKUDA.

Having said that lets see If the so called LTTE leader will come out of the Rat Hole. Highly unlikely, he will make his speech inside the Rat hole. November as you al know is the "Month of the Dead". Will we see another Terorist join that list?

Rana said...

Saman, I agree with you the most;

JHU is a ludicrous crap which is utterly wrong from the begining. However, they have a right to express their opinion. I will fight any time for that freedom.

Similarly, muslims also made lot of noises when Gen.SF said that sri lanka belongs to sinhalese thing.

What Imeant is muslims far far grown up community and they are looking forward all the time, not like our tamil brothers.

In sri lanka most wealthy people are muslims and their behaviour is far better than most sinhala chauvinists. I also dislike some sinhala christians for their western worshipping culture, they always let down our buddhist peasants.

hb said...

Mahen said
"We do not want ceasefire. We never requested one either..."

LTTE political wing leader, Nadesan said
"there is no hesitation on our side to reiterate our position that we have always wanted a ceasefire...

hemantha said...

Some of you are trying to shoot the friendly messenger (wittingly or unwittingly). That is quite dumb.
This article covers all aspects of the problem. Of course there can be parts you don’t agree with. Deal those without being disrespectful. Overall it is a good analysis.

Anonymous said...


Peter is an example for some set of tamils. I have many tamil friends; good, bad, educated, uneducated, inteligent, stupid, rich, poor, pro-LTTE, anti-LTTE etc. (Almost all of them pro-UNP.) Basicaly there is no difference when I compare them with sinhala people apart from one thing relating to some of the tamil people. i.e. Some really think they are some kind of ultra-inteligent.

Actually, such a person is usually an 'educated' person. But they think just becuz they were born tamil they have some super inteligence. It is their maximum satisfaction to say sinhalese are stupid or modayas. It is very disturbing for them to see sinhalese perform any better than them and they think some thing unfair is there favouring sinhalese counterparts. (As it contradicts their tamil superiority.)

According to my findings explanation is; british found that tamils were obidient to them, trusted and choose (Jaffna) tamils for administration. They were given english education and given government jobs. At the same time majority of sinhalese were farmers. SL tamils were less than 20% of population but they had more than 80% of government jobs aka civil service and this is regrded as some high level thing.

This happened for generations and later sinhalese found that it was extremly difficult to enter into this 'high level' status. "Western education" was also considered as some 'supreme' knowledge at the same time, (even now). Thus some set of SL tamils were enjoying all the laxury together with some "high social status" until british left.

Then SWRD changed things into sinhala and the rest is history. Basicaly, its the anger and humiliation of those 'high level' tamils who lost their status due to 'sinhalization' made the foundation of current peelaam war.

Thus peter's 'modaya' is not just a personal weakness. You can see many of tamil diaspora on the web use same word. Its hard to find similar thing among any other race who are fighting a war with another.

It is peter's and many other diaspora's ultimum satisfaction to call sinhalese as modayas. It gives some pleassure to them relating to thier 'tamil superiority'.

Best thing would be to ignore these clowns; unless you need some fun and have time.

perein said...

Thank you for sharing the youtube link.
As mentioned there, interesting to see next SLA move is to Paranathan area or not. When get Paranathan, Kili city would be all most surrounded as well as some options get open towards EP too.

Reaching Devil's point should not be rushed, Surely only way out for those would be jumping to sea (Moya Katte thamai pannina wenne).... However should be careful with some time to time counter attacks from that side too.

LTTE days are out numbered. Looks to EP would be sooner the SLA target rather than Kili.

Current map in is out of date. It should be updated by relevant people.

Rana said...


You are suggesting a dangerous operation. Our SLN is not US marines, they are not capable of tactical ground asaults and holding them for a while.

However, I may agree with you, if they make a attack when Pooneryn is under siege by 58.

hemantha said...

"Mahen said
"We do not want ceasefire. We never requested one either...""

Why waste your time on this monkey? He doesn't even understand what his police chief monkey is saying. So don't expect him to understand your language. Mark my word. He will comeback and vomit some different BS.

Anonymous said...

Updated Map

# It seems 58D has almost cut off the supply root from Palavi-Navaladi.

# Very close (<1km) to Sempankundu.

# 5km to Poonaryn (junction) along A32 from Sempankundu.

# 4km to Sungupidi from Poonaryn.

# 4km to Nallur from Sempankundu (via jungle)

So SLA is just about to;
1) Open land supply rute to Jaffna
2) Clear west of A9
3) Attack EP/ Paranthan/ K'chi/ Mankulama/ Puliyankulama axis.
4) Fight in east of A9
5) Civilian influx (once K'chi falls)

Unknown said...

Gimme gimme gimme a ceasefire dear sirs
Won't somebody help me chase the SLA away


Gimme gimme gimme a ceasefire ammmo!
I'll lick any suddas feet to get a little breather

Onna mahathwaruni balaganda! LTTE eke Powerrrrrrr! eka...

Ananda-USA said...

MY RESPONSE to article on Discrimination against Dalits in Tamil Nadu

Hinduism is a great religion...the problem is that many upper caste Hindus ignore the teachings of Hinduism by discriminating against the lower castes; even preventing free access to their own temples! As a Sinhala Buddhist from Sri Lanka, I offer two solutions. First, you can convert to the religion founded by the greatest son of India, the Buddha, as Sri Lankans did over 2,500 years ago. We Buddhists have eliminated caste differences entirely, and freely worship side by side in Sri Lankan Buddhist temples. Second, adopting the demands made of Sri Lanka by Vaiko, Ramdoss, Karunanidhi and other LTTE supporters, you can demand an independent separate state (i.e., "homeland") for each discriminated caste in Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, you can have a Dalit-only state, a Vanniyar-only state etc etc, walled-off from each other like Bantustans, and blissfully live in mono-caste wonderlands! article:

We need freedom from Hindus, say Dalits

P KrishnaswamyFirst Published : 08 Nov 2008 05:18:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 08 Nov 2008 08:28:27 AM ISTMADURAI: Though the country attained independence 60 years ago, the Dalits are still not free. We need freedom from Hindus, as we have no access even to the temples and are not at liberty to celebrate our festivals”, the Dalits of E Kottaipatti, said on Friday.

Ezhumalai, Uthapuram, Kottaipatti and Pallapatti are a cluster of villages 70 km off Madurai and with a 10,000- strong Dalit population.

R Murugan, a DMK party worker, minced no words in condemning the politicians, none of whom had even condoled the death of Suresh, who was killed in the police firing on Tuesday. “For them, we are only a gullible vote bank and not human beings,” he alleged.

The deceased Suresh’s uncle, V Sundaram said that a consensus was evolving among the Dalits of Uthapuram that they should convert to some other religion like Islam, that would recognise them as individuals and not bar them from their places of worship.

He said that they wanted the wall in Uthapuram demolished not to show their animosity towards the Pillaimars but only for the erection of bus stand with a shade at the spot. The caste Hindus in the village were not prepared even to concede this minor demand, he alleged.

Speaking to Express after the visit of the twomember team from the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, the Dalits of Kottaipatti said that they have decided to boycott the ensuing Parliamentary elections and give a ‘fitting reception’ to the politicians who come to their villages to seek votes.

hemantha said...

You are welcome my friend.

"LTTE days are numbered. Looks to EP would be sooner the SLA target rather than Kili."

I agree with you there. But taking Paranthan is not going to be that easy. Firstly, it is a bare land without many trees. Secondly, it has sufficient time to make new defences unlike in case of Pooneryn. I think we may try to reach Nallur+immediate west of Nallur first. Most probably LTTE will withdraw most of it's resources in Pooneryn before that, leaving few sacrificial lambs to delay our advance. Even towards Nallur, last few kms would be tough since it is mostly a bare terrain and there are some natural defences too (river).
So, without securing Pooneryn I don't think 58 would try to take Paranthan. But if 1-2 regiments of 57 can join 58, then we can go for Paranthan first. That might be indeed the case. One never know.
(Koti SF ge guliya niyameta kawa. I can remember the way he smiled when he said "next we are goint to attack Kilinochchi". He gave the same smile when he said "we will make the line and then will go from West to East. I wonder why?)

My two cents.

perein said...

Thank you for helping us with the updated map mate.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...


There is a report indicting LTTE in this area "in disarray". It sounds like their command structure around Poonaryn has collapsed. Another report said they have withdrawn the 3 artillery pieces from k-point to the east possibly Paranthan.

If this information is reliable, then an amphibious/other operation by Navy/SBS into Devil point and K-Point will free TF1 to proceed towards Paranthan. The LTTE around here can be cleared leisurely while the main thrust moves forward. Obvously the 58 must guard its rear if this is the case.

Anonymous said...


You are welcome mate.

Perein, Hemantha

I think it will be kind of difficult to get the first town in A9 whatever it will be. Once A9 is cut off from one point I guess LDTP can either retreat to east of A9 if they prefer fight in jungles with saved cadres or they will still resisit if they want to slow down SLA.

Yep, SF use media in some kind of way. When he speaks to media most of the time he will be subjected to critisism mostly from UNP, and even us. However, I guess his statements have some hidden objective- at least to confuse the enemy. (Some he said - SL belongs to sinhalese etc too may be military/ polical wise calculated ones.) We see some negative signs but positive signs should be greater - and worked, though we miss to see.

Rana, Panhinda


Its clear that JHU/JVP do even right things in stupid ways - (trademark). At this time. its for the best of SL, if JHU keep thier mouth shut.

Jambudipa said...


I think when I said "amphibious" you got worried. It doesn't have to be, but just take over from TF1 to clear these coastal areas since they will eventually need to setup bases here anyway.

Saman said...


Thanks for the link to updated map.

Looks like they would bisect Nallur and Parantan and position them before moving towards Poonaryn. That would segment West of A9 well enough to take them on the sea or lagoon and land withdrawal is almost cutt off.

Yes, not far from creating a long enough corridor, around 80km, to create intrutions for civilians to come out safely. If that happens then SLA can hopefully reduce Killi to rubble.

That would do well until rain goes away in 2-3 weeks time.

I also read MR is going to India with APRC recommendations.

Whats happening in East is a bother to me.

Anonymous said...


You are welcome.

/Whats happening in East is a bother to me./

I guess min(50) to max(250) well trained cadres are active in east - both among civilians (intel-cadres) and in jungles.

The news; 5 STF killed in Amapara, 3 TMVP shot dead in Baticlo etc is music to diaspora ears. It is very importent for LTTE to keep the diaspora happy and east is a cost effective way for LTTE.

Its hard to find 100 cadres in hundred thousands acres jungles in east. Also, this few hundred cadres are enough to block severla thousand SLA troops in east -i.e.They are not coming to wanni. OTOH its not hard to shot few civilans, set up a claymore (as in Colombo). Even though it seems LTTE do this with some hard work, I do beleive STF is not doing their job in east.

Rana said...


No, I did not misread you bro, we need to take the safest route, that ia all. I don't like to see our vallient boys dying un-necessaritly. I know we have limited time but giving awai one single precious life away is foolish.

Having said that, I will leave that for our military leaders, they know better than me, ground condition and MI.

After all what we want is speedy conqur with minimum casualties, brother.

We are all with hand to hand in it supporting our priceless heeros in SLDF.

I know tomorrow is better than today and day after tomorrow is much better!

Thanks mate, I am leaving the bolg for well earned dinner and sleep!

Good night, my brother.

hemantha said...

"I guess his statements have some hidden objective-"

Exactly. The dumb Prabha is still bullshitting about saving K'nochchi. (Idiot is boasting about his pecker while his pants are on fire)

Moshe Dyan said...

da & dw,

excellent article; agree with everything.

killing MR will accelerate the suicide of the LTTE bcos most like a VERY hardcore hawk will assume office.

so mahaveer crap will be held in 20 countries except SL?? same with punnakku tamiz wasn't it?

if you want to find where the tamil homeland is, now you know where to look.

Rana said...


Just before, I go to sleep, don'n dissapoint us tomorrow morning, all fronts are active and exciting, you must give us a similar update tomorrow.

We all appreciate your effort mate, don't think you are tired or exhausted, give us a mouth watering account tomorrow to keep our appetite at tye maximum. That is your duty soldier!

Sorry if I try to make you mad, mate.

good night brothers, keep it up till tomorrow!

Mahen said...

Chena boys, our leader has told us the plan through the information network, we don't get this news through third parties, it is word of mouth, first hand sources. We know whats coming your way, you don't, wait for it Singhalas!

Saman said...


/Even though it seems LTTE do this with some hard work, I do beleive STF is not doing their job in east./

Also, fucking Pilleyan must wake up get organise few white vans. I am not sure, but I expected intelegence seems lacking too. I guess, that is the plot - TMVP activists taken out regularly so that information flow is stemmed and fear phycosis among general public.

Karuna and Pilleyan is not loking eye to eye and can be a drag. I think MR should mediate and get their act together.

Ananda-USA said...


Thanks for letting us know SLA's need for Lotrimin antifungal foot powder for the soldiers. I sent as many as I could.

The best price ($5.94 for a 3 oz bottle) is at . They don't charge for delivery or sales tax.

PHANTOM-X said...

Excellent Article...!
Keep up da good work...!

Saman said...

"Don't abandon the Tiger"

I thought Tigers are invincible, here is another dick licking Indian balls to get Vezapulle bailed out - by his own theory. Calling him-self scholar.

/Don't abandon the Tiger. A Sinhala-dominated Sri Lanka is not in India’s interests, writes T S Gopi Rethinaraj, a Singapore National University scholar/

FUCK OFF T. S. Gopi Rethinaraj (ma ke puil) wesa balla.

Unknown said...

This site, one of the best websites in the world (in terms of presenation of information and participation of the audience)

At present, Most successful, efficient and strtegic President and the Army Commnader in the World.


Detail full, accurate article..

Once, it is said that LTTE is unconquerable but now no one claims that..

Once, it is said that the final battle will be fought on sea, now no body bother about it.. the LTTE's naval wing has been almost neutralized by our SLN (Sri Lanka Navy).

However I still worry as we always worked only toward what was shown to us but not toward the hidden plan. In this war, sea-based-war is LTTE’s plan A. So then what is their plan B, which no one bothered to find? Even today, I am not sure how many of us have recognized that a war on air has already begun. Remember... realization that a problem exists is the only way we can ever reach a solution. Understanding the problem is the key to the formulation of a good solution. I am convinced with our diplomats, SLA, and SLN.. but SLAF, we need to aggressively fix the leak of our air umbrella..

Gringo said...

[Twin Air raids target LTTE positions - Kilinochchi
Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets have launched two air strikes targeting LTTE positions in Kilinochchi this afternoon (Nov 9).

Again... excellent show of consistency.

This is how to eat an 'elephant'. One small bite at a time.... until the whole elephant is gone. One by one. Nope... we can never take the whole elephant in one bite.

If anyone is asking where the Killi Express is... they can find the answer in the question... "where is the "Elaam Boulevard."

What's the rush for us now? We can take all the time in the world. Let’s Eelamize the entire gang of Tamil terrorists and their coolies hiding behind civilians, one at a time.

The focus of all proud Sri Lankan ‘team players’ now should be on the requirement to unite under the mission and not to deviate from the path we have taken because or sensational fairytales brought in by BBC, AP, Injuns, bankrupt politicos and of course 'Sri Lanka experts' born is Eskimoville.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

To all LTTE chimpanzees listed in my CollapseComments list,

LTTE terrorists in Paranthan seem to be virtually indestructible as displayed in in this Tamilnut story. All what SLAF bombs could do was to injure five civilians despite turning a concrete (not masonry) building to rubble. (For other readers, the blocks you see in the linked photo are solid concrete blocks). The destructive force that brought down such a strong building have only injured 5 civilians in this populated area of Dharmapauram. Either the people in the area are very rich to have a maximum of five people in nine concrete houses or lot of Terrorist made it to Eelam ahead of Velu. On the bright side, citizens of Eelam seem to be virtually indestructible. Please get you LieTTE to cook up stories with an average human being in mind since the others have better brains that LTTE terrorists.

PHANTOM-X said...

Mahen said...

Chena boys, our leader has told us the plan through the information network, we don't get this news through third parties, it is word of mouth, first hand sources. We know whats coming your way, you don't, wait for it Singhalas!

One of LTTE agents thought I was one of them and gave me da plan. According to the source...

There plan is to swallow Run-Rat
( A common pesticide used for killing Rats and Mice ).

The Thalaivar has ordered NOT to swallow Cyanide...!
The remaining stocks are made in China.

The source further stated that it contains high percentage of Melamine...!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


"However I still worry as we always worked only toward what was shown to us but not toward the hidden plan. In this war, sea-based-war is LTTE’s plan A. So then what is their plan B, which no one bothered to find? Even today, I am not sure how many of us have recognized that a war on air has already begun. Remember... realization that a problem exists is the only way we can ever reach a solution. Understanding the problem is the key to the formulation of a good solution. I am convinced with our diplomats, SLA, and SLN.. but SLAF, we need to aggressively fix the leak of our air umbrella.."

Well, following is the two cents worth from a keyboard warrior regarding plan A and plan B.

Whatever was said as the plan A [by pro-CFA hawks], pussycats learnt the lessons during war in east. In the war in Wanni plan A [as I see it] was to save the better trained cadres. Although their cadre strength is bound to controversy, I'm with the impression that they have around 5000 well trained rascals. Saving this lot [in expense of the mere population which they claim to be protecting, huh] seem to be plan A for the Pussycat super supremo.

This was done with the hope of coming back hard on SLDF at a right moment. In fact current military leadership is exceptional in not giving them the slightest chance to come back and win a single battle. The plot of reserving the hardcore cadres for future attacks is fueling the motivation in diaspora. The endless prediction of a counter attack [warnings, surprises etc] is a result of that. Diaspora is heavily hopeful that super supremo is hiding some black magic under the sleeves, and will party when the next Maveerer speech is aired with similar hints.

It looks to me that despite all hopes given to diaspora super supremo is in a severe dilemma. One option is that he can use ~5000 strong cadres in one attack with the risk of loosing ~2000 of them. Other is to postpone this move for a future day. First option needs a yielding point for him, but that is exactly what he never gets. So he is compelled to go with second option.

[And that means we ought to commend our great forces at the highest, for not allowing the rascals a single chance.]

Apart from this direct retaliation I see no other battle front options for them. TAF is a real pain, but they cannot provide a major battle support, at least so far. [nevertheless SLDF, especially SLAF has to make sure its end soon]. Sea pussycats are really ineffective, and that was supposed to be so anyway. Pussycat propaganda and pro-cFA hawks stated otherwise, but come on, stolen trawlers and fishing boats can not overwhelm a well built up naval force.

If you consider the matters out of battle front, they tried decapitation of the big leaders, and will continue. Both GR and SF were saved for our luck and MR shud think more about his safety. A loss of big leader can cost us some months in battle planning and maybe that can be utilized by pussycats to materialize a retaliation.

Another option is spawning a political turmoil in south. In killing JP they attempted one. Southern opposition leaders like Ranil SB etc shud be protected well. As you can see we can't afford for a southern turmoil. The fact that Ranil looses every election is a good reason to protect him as long as the war continues. During last budget they tried their best to use opposition for govt change, but this time no news of any operation Gnanakone. Maybe the work is currently underway secretly. SL Govt shud think of preserving its votes during budget. Last thing we want is a govt change.

The other options include invoking international, notably Indian, pressure, about which we have read a lot.

I don't think pussycats have a second plan at battle front. Even the first seem to be primarily withdrawing the cadres. However, supremo may give his best for Paranthan as the fall of this junction leaves supremo with not many options but flee.

I think that unless SLAF is lucky in getting the rat-hole pounded, Super Supremo will get away from SL. If so that will turn pussycats into a conventional mafia organization conducting crimes worldwide and small terror acts in SL. We will have to use counter terror methods for another several years for the menace to finish. It's a pity if he gets away. Supremo may live nicely in a foreign land and die peacefully with lots of millions of ransom and fraud money running crimes under his name [unless we get full international corporation in catching the fugitive]

May our great soldiers be protected from harm and may we see lion flag at Paranthan junction soon. All patriots, it will be a party time when we get there.



That is one good writeup, and I don't have much to say against you except about TAF..

TAF is a real pain, but they cannot provide a major battle support, at least so far. [nevertheless SLDF, especially SLAF has to make sure its end soon].

Yes, with TAF I also don't expect them to give direct *battle* supports, but as you also have recognized, it is not something that SLAF can alone resolve.. What we see with TAF may very well be the tip of a ice burg..

Other than that.. I am with you as a whole..

Thank you for that nice lengthy writeup..

BlackPanther said...

I totally agree with you. TAF can be a considerable threat. Dropping bombs may not pose major problems. Imaging three zlings loaded with 250 - 300 kgs of explosives as flying bombs simultaniously diving at MR, GR and SF.

We should never under estimate the enemy. We have not yet won the war. It is still on. As long as it is still on, the threat of defeat is there. I am not pessimistic but realistic.



I am impressed.. this is what you called "Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together"

In my blog couple of hours ago I wrote..

"...The Z-143 is a light aircraft, famous for pilot training. It is easy to manure and can fly at night or (in) low visibility conditions. However the most important but ignored factor here is that it can take a pay load of 1000kg (2200lbs). But have we seen them carrying 1000 KG of explosive in any of the recent attacks? What we have seen is, it only carrying four bombs. So it seems to have a fair bit of unused space to carry more weapons. Now the million dollars question is, was it just the tip of the iceberg? Think about couple of modified zlin-143s storming to Colombo with 12.7mm four-barrel, chin-mounted, rotary gun; four 32-round packs of 57mm or four 20-round packs of 8Omm unguided rockets; and four AT-2 Swatter antitank, guided missiles, four bombs together with decoy flares (or radar jammers) for self-protection (it is like a Mi-24, yes I know it is bit of a work to get a zlin-143 modified like this). What do you think the outcome of it would be? If we have not accurately read the strength of our enemy yet, we must improve our military intelligent wing and find answers to these sprawling questions before it is too late..."

When I read the blog here, you are talking the same..

I would love to have you read my blog Gun gown TAF with their "Low Flying Aircrafts"

TropicalStorm said...


There's no chance of the tincans getting anywhere near the top targets, today or anyday ever. There's still the possibiity of them hitting some undefended place. Given the ground realities, the war is over, only the fighting remains.
As long as the LTTE remains opposed to the idea of co-existance, all is good and SLG can pursue its extinction. There'll always be the monkeys who believe the 'grapewine' crap which makes 'em cough up blood, to finance the terrorists and pay for their luxury life and their kids' overseas education.
Once Paranthan and Pooneryn is taken, the game will change so fast, that you won't want to blink.


hey tropicalstorm,

nice to see you here buddy.. I watch that movie that you have posted in your air force blog..


Observer said...

Defence Column and others,

With regard to the newsitem "Wheel-chair near LTTE chief"
This wheel chair probably belongs to the LTTE mgot called Castro. This does not belong to Prabakaran himself I think.

I think this Castro terrorist is handling some internationation frauds.

Could somebody

Observer said...

Could somebody enlighted us on the works of terrorist Catro if possible ?

Observer said...

Sorry about the massive amount of typos in my previous two comments guys :-) dont have a proper keyboard :-)

aqua said...

epically written dA and DW

keep up the great work..
Thanks for all your efforts to give the rest of us a more accurate picture of the situation than any other source out there.

Unknown said...

Acually in the begining Mahinda ignored India and was getting help from China,Pakistan and Iran.India was marginalised and realised that Sri Lanka is slipping away.Then India got worried and started to help without giving publicity.Mahinda is keeping India at bay and he will continue his agenda.India is powerless against Manhida's tactics.He is a born leader.Hurah-At last we got a King from Ruhuana.



Mahinda is keeping India at bay and he will continue his agenda.India is powerless against Manhida's tactics.He is a born leader.Hurah-At last we got a King from Ruhuana.

I think MR knows to pick the right guy to get the job done.. He is having some good people around him, I don't know who they are.. but I am utter convinced that it is not just MR and GR.. there are plenty of good brains them behind them.. Which is good for us after all..

Colomblogs said...

Mahen/Bahirav/Peter and Sun tzu,

What you think of the "Modayas" helped to save one of LTTE girl?

If she was your sister, do you still call the Army chaps as "Modaya"?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Here we open the old debate of tin-cans.

I thoroughly agree with Nirosh and BP. When tin cans are allowed to fly freely, anything can happen.

TS, you're right that they will find it pretty hard to reach the residences of top core. But these bigwigs often make public appearances. There is no point in protecting temple trees with whatever AA guns, whereas MR goes out of Col and stays in Meda Mulana or Kandy. Since air-pussycats have shown interest in flying in day hours, it opens a whole new dimension. During the day time Mr President can be anywhere.

In my view, although many would disagree, downing one of these tin-cans is extremely hard with the existing technology. Note that the first one always happen by chance. But now they know that we have air-to-air capability with radar locking and heat sensed missile technologies. So they seem to have modified it.

Moshe warned [and practically prayed that he shud be wrong] that parliment may have been a day time target on budget day. They have detected daylight blips of tin cans on previous day, so I also suspected very much. Just imagine what chances we have if it happens to be so. I'm just following possible proceedings of such an event at my imaginary best.

- Sea pussycats start a dare devil run on Trnico of KKS. Heaps of suicide boats and SLN is heavily engaged.

- Vavunia detected a blip flying out of SL air space off Mullativu in day light.

- This is about five hours before MR appears in some public event [say parliment]. I doubt that flying off mulathivu will be interlinked with MR in the back of a serious battle in the sea.

- Some bombs dropped in the naval battle site, supporting Sea pussycats.

- Kfir, and F7 fly straight there.

- several hours later tiger planes enter from modara along kelani river, in clear daylight. It can be same one, or a diff one to what dropped bombs at naval battle.

- SLDF detect them off shore, but remaining F7 are unable to radar lock [I dont know what happened last time, but I have no faith that it is one off event]

- From detection at Modara to parliment there is less than 20 km. Flying at 200km/h, it takes 6 mins to reach there. Yeah mere 6min. MI24, even airborne just after detection, still can't get there from current location.

- So everything will depend on remaining F7s being able to lock in mere 6min and engage. Cant miss too many. Only 6min left even for most efficient pilots, who gets airborne immediately.

- In a termination attack, they can spend 5 hours to get to col and a distance of 1000km, and that is fair enough to leave mullathiv, bomb KKS move to deep sea and enter from Modara.

So I'm very much with you that this is a tip of the ice-berg.

But do you guys see the difficulty in squashing the mosquito with current technology? Our equipment does not match the task at all.

I have this funny idea, and throwing here for you guys to play with. [I'm no defence specialist so it is OK to take it for a joke].

Why dont we spread ground forces, say shoulder mounted gunners [even SA-missiles]. We can have these gunners everywhere need to be protected and can have a mobile team for VIP protection. The cost is lesser compared to the high spendings of SLAF. We can even have a brigade of 500 of them. Have them directly linked to radar centers in coded communication. Get them night vision and keep them 24x7 ready [by keeping 2-3 men per each gun]. So any node can be alerted upon detection and the operative is ready to engage immediately. Fire 100 shots to miss but get one in, it is worth the effort. I just wonder why this whole hell of fuss for Mig, MI24, F7, radar locking, heat sensing etc etc continue.

Go back to basics as we're always in WWII type warfare.

Rapa said...

How long can the govt sustain this war. Has anyone seen where our econmy is heading? Economy is vital to fight the war and never vice versa!

Forces have acheived alot. Good luck to them..



/* Here we open the old debate of tin-cans. */

lol, good to see you are having the same old spirit remain.. In general we miss that.. after very few attempt, when we don't see the solution we get tired and stop working toward it..

/* Go back to basics as we're always in WWII type warfare */

Nothing else needed to be said on this regards..

In early 80s an American war veteran wrote about how to protect American Sky from low flying Russian aircraft such MI-24 and Cruise Missiles. I am positive that we can apply the same technique here against this TAF low altitude threat.. That is what I used as the basis to write my blog post.. Good to see you thinking along pretty much the same lines..

Asithri said...

Def Col...thanks for that link mate. The following caught my eye and in my view, it needs a reprint:

[Army Commander Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka, who has easily outperformed the LTTE in this strategy of matching their tactics, declared last Monday in Anuradhapura that, “within a matter of three weeks, we were able to eliminate 488 Tiger cadres, while recovering 60 of those bodies. Never in the history of the Army have we fought the enemy face to face nonstop like this. Prabhakaran has boasted that, the capture of Kilinochchi
by the SF, is only a daydream of President Rajapakasa. It is not a daydream, but will be a living record. We will attack the enemy day and night. Despite these terrorist boasts, no one can undervalue the Army’s victories.” He was speaking at the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Gajaba Regiment.]

Bravo Lt. Gen. SF...As Nirosh rightly said, it is not just one person who has ushered in our imminent victory over the LTTE terrorist scum!

Charge toxic waste...charge at the SLA toxic waste…run and cluster where the next RM-70 40 rounds are zeroing on...filthy whore-bastards/bitches, yes, it was your type of toxic waste that bashed Sinhela infants' skulls on concrete walls, hacked open pregnant Sinhela women's wombs and hacked captured SLA, wounded-unarmed soldiers to make them bleed a slow death prior to killing them and mutilating their bodies (like during Thoppi op, how Sergeant K.G. Priyantha Pathirana was captured wounded and then hacked to death and then his head was cut off and exhibited on a pole at the Thoppigala junction!).

No, you toxic waste, you have no place in a civilized society and our SLDF bravehearts will liquidate you whore-bastards/bitches mercilessly day-noon-night – till our sacred MotherLanka is rid of you toxic waste!

Yeah, do I hear a cry of sigh from all those slaughtered infants/pregnant women/hacked SLA bravehearts?

You bet I do!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[Could somebody enlighted us on the works of terrorist Catro if possible ?]

I would not worry too much about these LTTE honchos mate…pretty soon the Kfirs/MiGs will make all these filthy leader-scum a thing of the past…the intel for SLAF in this regard today is “par-excellent” I am told and it is only a matter of time before all these so called “Lt” “Col” and “Captains” all get vaporized…even if SLAF does not get them, our “other force” (yeah, guess hard who! lol) will liquidate these bastards/bitches and simply burn them to ashes in the thick jungles (that way, no “maaveeraras” for the Diaspora to worship!).

End of a dark chapter in MotherLanka’s history is almost here!


OaO Asithri

hemantha said...

Alankeni junction is situated on the Pooneryn-Parnathan Rd, may be a km towards west of Nallur. If this is the same place mentioned in the above video, then
LTTE maggots,
It is time to say Bye Bye to Pooneryn.

Unknown said...

I think Army also should adapt to local realities. In north and east jungles, there are no leechers.
We shouls make our shoes according to environmental conditions to give more comfort to the soldiers, while giving enough protection from venomous snakes common in those jungles.
Special shoes should be made with enough ventilation achive it.

Mahen said...

You have lost it before your forces. Earlier you
had a dreams with a Tamil girl, now thanks to the coconut trees you have lost your virginity.
At least we do something to support our heroes, wait for boss Anna's speech soon.
We will broadcast live from our Capital. Closer to date will publish the web link. Why do n't you release your postal address, we will post you a two copies of CD's. One to watch and other to keep it safe.

Now rest of you all,
Take a deep breath.... and keep taking.... We are witting for boss Anna's green flag.

Lankapura said...

Mahen, I heard GOSL has accepted Nadesan's ceasefire offer.
Only one condition, Piribaharan has to come out naked and kneel before Sarath Fonseka.

Jaya2008 said...


Regarding the article”
Majority of the The Tamil-Diaspora who supported the war have no morale values, so they are not able to see human side of the story. There are lot of knowledgeable and intelligent people (namely few: Moshe, Hemantha, Amma g, Rana, Corey, Anonymous etc.) write in this blog, and it is interesting read them because these people have a direction that is to achieve peace in our country. People like Mahen and Peter like to attack whoever criticised their so called leader (VP and thugs) because they only know one path (war), and do not like to face any constructive criticism and act like their supporting their own people. At the end of the day they are safe in another country they do not care what happened to these poor Tamil kids and their future. That’s the truth.

Moshe Dyan said...


tx for the compliment mate. will keep you 'entertained'.

Rana said...


Now everything seems to be in the right track, we are wining battle after battle! All fronts are inching forward, 58 is the best, 57 is as good as it gets. We havn't seen much from TF3 probably they need some time to settle.

I have always said 56 also should be offensive, at least to a certain point to keep terras stretched more and more.

So we have a waiting game to see battle updates as they come.

However, I have a nagging question of innocent civilians including children, women and old folks who are forcibly trapped by LTTP in Wanni.

We need to solve this problem quickly, as the peelam teritory shrinking day by day, this is going to be a huge problem in coming days.

GOSL should be proactive on this without delay. They should ask help from international organisations that are protecting human rights etc etc.

Independant and internationally recogniced organisations should come and help SL to save the mass who has no say in this matter.

If they can shout from distance and blame democratically elected lawful government, GOSL should ask them to shoulder some of the burden. GOSL can organise food and medicine with so called India's help.

If we do not act swiftly and decisively on this, we may have to stop offensives any way, pressure from India, TN and IC could stop the war.

I see a major danger to our liberation atempts on the above.

What are your opinions on this:


jaya2008, humble thanks for your compliment, bro. I will try my best to help SL to get rid of LTTP cancer.

Saman said...

DW, time for a new posting.

Rana said...

Further on the same matter:

If a ruthless terrorist organisation like LTTE can launch propaganda attack on GOSL, we should respond with our well connected diplomatic core.

We must attach civilian problem as a pre condition to any type of halt in offensives.

LTTE must be forced through their political wing to release civilians other wise we should make guys like Nadeson to shut his trap.

We must take hardsihp of innocent civilians that are forcebly trapped by the LTTE to the world stage without delay.

War has to be conducted on all forums.

Saman said...


I am 100% with you on this. Civilian issue is extremely critical. GoSL knows that. In that regard GR's sholders got a good head on it.

We need to be proactive here.

I think at the same time MR calls for lay down of arms he must call for release of civilians. Infact better to have two conditions annexed.

1. Release civilians and 9000 children under training immediately
2. Lay down arms and surrender

I think what needs to happen is to formally call every forign mission and then "request for help" on item number 1 to their governments (including India) on the grounds that LTTE is no longer in a position for "duty of care" to quarter of a million people.

At the same time, this must be organised to a political movement from those who live outside LTTE control area especially with other moderate Tamil parties (in fact that is the duty of the hour of sinhala opposition too UNP/JVP/JHU.

As I mentioned responding to Ninja, time is just right (given 80kM A9 is a good evacuation platform. for such a mass political movement to show the world LTTE is no longer the sole representatives of the Tamils. Then Die-Ass-Pora can be effectively taken out from the formula. Because every foreign mission should be educated of the ground realities and the risk LTTE running through this forceful detension. Truth of the matter is one needs only one ounce of brain to undertsand LTTE IS NO LONGER THE CARE TAKER OF 250,000+ SRI LANKAN CITIZENS. That is clearly (as per international law) the responsibility of GoSL. At least government must establish, it is LTTE holding to civilians is putting them in danger NOT the GOSL.

Of course earlier we could not do this as IC thought they can give protection. But now, it is not the case.

Saman said...

Rana, I just read your last post almost identical what I was on about, probably writing at the same time.

Unknown said...

I do not know where the hell you guys get material to write from. Mahindha mama brought China to this region. My god I should look up to see whether this is a revelation in the bible.

H"e will come from a broken Island and help mend fences with Iran." I honestly and getting tired of trying to weed out your bullshit. I guess you do have a select audience and I will let them enjoy your rubbish.

They just killed few chinese engineers in Sudan, I hope the Special Forces will go to China's help there. I guees the economy is chaos and the war is going nowhere so you need this propaganda. All the best.

Moshe Dyan said...


LTTE is a cancer no doubt.

tamil aspirations - tamil nationality, tamil right of self determination, tamil homelands - are other cancers.

also RACIST political parties is another cancer.

there is a VERY STRONG possibility of cancers #2,3,4,5 can remain without cancer#1.

a good example is ananda sangari.

although he doesn't have cancers #1-2, he is seriously affected with #5, 4 and a little bit of 3.

like ELECTRICITY, he is a good servant, never a good master. TF we should never never never do what he says but should always get him to do what we want.

govt is doing this.

i'm REALLY WORRIED that he has visited jaffna recently and will give a report to the govt soon. i bet the fcuking report will have matters of military implications.
govt MUST totally disregard these and concentrate ONLY on other matters.

this fcuking bastard is trying to find fault with devananda who is not affected by any cancer (you can cheack 1-5 above). noticed devananda doing ALOT of good work recently?????

govt should never allow the TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL united liberation front leader to screww the elam peoples democratic party's leader.

on a shit note.... very few are shrewed enough to see this difference.

Corey said...

mahen, peter, and other ltters pls read this:

A Sinhala soldier noticed an injured 17 year old female cadre, gave her saline, food and emergency medication, and helped her live.

Previously, a Sinhala soldier found with serious injuries was treated inhumanely by even female ltte cadres and beheaded in public...

- shows the rage and turmoil that is boiling within the ltte. It is blind hatred, instilled into their minds by a lunatic leadership. You should be more concerned about the innocent Tamils in Wanni if these maniacs turn to politicians with the devolution of power.

You diaspora can send a message to the ltte leaders that this is not the way, but your guilt-ridden conscience (of having conveniently left for greener pastures) won't let you do so?

Unknown said...

For all your dreams, the LTTE killed Janaka Perrera with your blessing. I guess they just need to wait till the government change. Then the UNP's defencewire and defencenet will surface and they will allow the 3 to be killed.

Rajinikanth called the Sri Lankan soldiers cowards becuase they could not defeat the LTTE for 3 decades. I guess we know why hes the superstar there.

Anyway I think Obama will want to neturalise Iran ASAP. As its a bit difficult to call a man who is black and with a middle name of Hussein a infidel. Secondly as Biden said within 6 months he could be tested and all fingers are pointing to Iran. Ofcourse in all things said and done, According to you they will look for Sri Lanka and not India.

By the way Bill Clinton might be special envoy to Khasmir and probabily Sri Lanka. I guess you are paid to save Mahindha mama's stupid foreign policies.

Do not tell this people that China hates Iran thanks to their support for the Ulghirs. Anyway there are so many things happening in the world including the financial crisis. I guess you are the Joe the plumber for Gita mama.

Saman said...


/do not know where the hell you guys get material to write from/

You do not have to know. May I ask you to piss off without spoiling my day.

Rana said...

Thanks Saman,

I hope that GOSL will combine both when they discuss things with India. Also hope they will be proactive on civilian issue. If majority of civilians cross over to cleared areas then things become much easier for SLDF and to the govt.


As I have been away for almost 20 years now, my knowledge on Sangaree and Devananda is almost nill.

I know Devananda as militant connected to PLOTE those days.

TULF is the master who tried hard to manupulate LTTE dog at the begining, but things changed and the dog attacked the master.

That is all, I know.

However, if LTTE falls then there will be a vacuum and we must be very careful who will be right man or organisation to give govt help.

Unknown said...

Last but not least, I guess eventually the Sri Lankan economy will go bankrupt. I just love the Central Banker and his lies. I guess just like George Bush and his team of misfits, you fits into mahindha mamas fix. Obama will start reversing many of Bush Executive Orders very soon. Even the so called war on terror has been played down by the senior members of the republican side. Opps some guys talk economy fixing was 101 for Obama. In American politics its called Christmas Tree.

Its where the tree comes with all the ornaments (unrelated policies/bills) are attached to the main bill. Its like defencewire spin doctoring to divert the attention of the selective audience.
Obama could reverse Bush orders on drilling, stem cells

In a way its sad for Sri Lanka that Sarah Palin did not get elected. She would have given Mahindha company for being idiots.
I guess mahindha could see the world from hambota.

This is an article from Raman. Of course he lied about defencewire=defencenet=the truth. Hence do not read.
For Eyes of President-Elect Obama Only

I hope some people really take the trouble to educate yourself on alot of the issues and get a neutral prespective.

A girl once told her teacher in during soviet times that her kittens that were born were communist. Her teacher was so happy and praised her infront of the class. Couple of days later the girl told her teacher that the kittens were no longers communist. The teacher asked why, the girl said "BECAUSE THEY HAVE OPENED THEIR EYES" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saman said...

Navindran wrote,

A girl named, Huthie Mail Bala from Killinochi, once told her teacher in during LTTE times that her kittens that were born were Tigers. Her teacher, Ms. Make Puil Sudu Vela, was so happy and praised her infront of the class. Couple of days later the girl told her teacher that the kittens were no longers Tigers. The teacher asked why, the girl said "BECAUSE THEY HAVE OPENED THEIR EYES"

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Goooood morning to all Sri Lankans and Obamajaculation for Intelligent Homo Thamiza monkeys! Ha ha ha I thought u guys have gone to extinction!!! seems like few left!

All the bet to SLDF!

Boys and Girls, thanks for the Monday fix! Highly enjoyed ur comments here!!! TMVP b#tches are one of the best!!and any one in between (nothing wrong with that anyway) ex.Peter Ponnayar and Monkey Mahen thanks for clowning around and make a monkey out of gr8 Thamiza People!

Uncle Navindran back! Saman, mate pls go soft on oldies mate!

Navindran seeya, once a girl told me her p@ssy is communist!

I said, victory to the revolution!!! Let my member to enter the central committee!

So, I entered and after 2 hours girl said “ my p@ssy is no longer communist”!!

I asked why?

The girl said “because it has opened up so much I think it is Open Economy now”

Ha ha ha Navindran seeya, have u got any more “rasa katha”???

Rana said...


Smart twist to the story!

Good on you, mate!

dutugamunu said...

Excellent Report DW and DA
Lets wish our brothers Triple Gems Blessings…!

"Our hearts are with you my brothers"

Here is something to read about our brave and great brothers of war.

Army human element saves teenage cadre's life

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

As always with good humer!
Thanks, bro!

dutugamunu said...

Today’s Tamilnut headline – “Five wounded, SLAF bombers attack again civilian targets in Paranthan”

My answer to them is “Stop the BS” and release the civilians to the cleared areas if they really do care about them. There is no war without civilian casualties given SLA having maximum effort to minimize it. Can’t any one with a brain of a chestnut see the meaning of this heading? SLAF drop bombs on civilians but only five wounded and no one killed. Even when USA bomb Iraq they had hundreds of casualties (may be they missed or may be the main target was to kill civilians). But with SLAF bombings? Great Accuracy!!!

Jaya Sri SLDF.

Saman said...

Good one Amma/G/G.

If Navindran wesa balla is old enough, then Huttha = Muttha

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana, lol thanks mate! Thank u for fighting solo on the FDL of Australasia over the weekend! : ))

Criket not bad ha? Just like the LTTP myth Aussie myth of metal advantage and champions BS going down the drain!

I wonder those old one eyed commenters like Richie" Benaud and Bill Lowry (who never had a positive thing to say about SL cricket) would say now??

I still remember when Marven Attapathu got out in a match just like Hussy’s got out on this match, Richie" Benaud blasted him with “poor cricket”, “not smart”, “lacks confidence” blahh blahh.

It is ironic little bit pressure from IND and so called Champions making the same mistakes now!!

But, tighten ur belts Rana, NZ going to get trashed this time over here! Have u seen the test squad? Only Ross Taylor got a century against Aussies!!!


Obama has array of questions pilled against him, I heard news today, both parties want him to succeed to bring America to normal..

However as nothing else to do .. our ambassador to America must improve his people skills and need to get close to Obama..

Saman said...


/However as nothing else to do .. our ambassador to America must improve his people skills/

Not only that brother, our guys must better what LTTE die-ass-pora can do in that front. The myth, that LTTE is on about "a norbal freedom struggle" and "the sole representative of Tamils", must be broken (Photo exhibition going around in Europe seems to me a good example).

If people put pressure on him he has to act.

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

I was not fighting bro, I was holding the fort from this end.

Yes, Indians have done well in all departments, Aussies look bit rusty, must be due to cold winter.

Richie Benaud fellow couldn't wake up for last 20 years or so, he is still living in the 60s. Look at his hair style with cream colour jacket etc.

Aussies very rarely face overwhelming pressure from opponents, when they do they crack. Remember 1996 WC! or the disastrous england tour.

I am not a Bleck Cap fan, bro, but for all blacks, Auckland Blues and Warriors any time, mate!

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

Sorry I forgot, In cricket My team is always SL team.

When SL is not playing I am with anybody who are playing against Aussies!

Anonymous said...


After Balasingham's death vezapillai is looking for some one to write his 'mahaveer' speach. If you have time, please help him. (Vezapillai is totaly upset with the guy who wrote his speach last time - Heroes day speech 2006 - the liberation struggle would be determined by WAR. (this was while LTTE was in CFA.) Ha Ha

I also like to help him but as you can see my english is not so good. However, if it is written by navindran, peter, shyam or assinrajiv I can easily find it. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...


--Events coming November--

# Poonaryn to be fall

-So LTTP should do/show some thing to balance it at least propaganda wise...what do we expect?? TAF tours...(oh I am sure our SLAF will give another new excuse...)

# B'day party of vezapillai

-Nadesan needs ceasefire to prepare the birthday cake.. Ha Ha

BTW, any one knows what happened to irasaiah illantherian?

Rana said...


Probably this will be his last Mahaveer speech, if he survive until 26th.

If so, most probably he will pat himself as the mahaveer of all. He knows very well, when he is roasted by SLA, no body is going to even remember him.

However, history books will record there was a pariah dog named vesapillei who used to live in a dark rat hole met an untimely death by his own cadres.

Ra said...


Illanthirian is suspected to have joined TC. Incident was never reported officially.

V4Victory said...

Hi Guys,

After a small break, i am back. As per DW statement, LTTE story is ending. What I have heard from there is totally diffrent story.

LTTE do not want a situation like 1999 when LTTE had moved to destroy all the military complex in Jaffna, India wanted to give Oxgien to SLA. Now LTTE want to make sure the indian side not to give a finger in such eventuality.

Another development, new battalian has reached from Batticalo for the first time in the eelam war iv this much cardres only had come in 1999.

Some other side also are working well in the favor of tamil people I cant put all that out for known reasons.

We will see some good news.

Have a wonderful day.

Ra said...


Battalion my ass :-)

Moshe Dyan said...

where is Moma-A-fcuked-up-HEN aka MAHEN????

busy canvassing for a ceasefire?

Saman said...


/After a small break, i am back. As per DW statement, LTTE story is ending. What I have heard from there is totally diffrent story./


/LTTE do not want a situation like 1999 when LTTE had moved to destroy all the military complex in Jaffna, India wanted to give Oxgien to SLA. Now LTTE want to make sure the indian side not to give a finger in such eventuality./


/Another development, new battalian has reached from Batticalo for the first time in the eelam war iv this much cardres only had come in 1999/


?Some other side also are working well in the favor of tamil people I cant put all that out for known reasons/


We will see some good news.


Unknown said...

Just to let you know, you know why Vaiko was released after Obama's election. Well funny that Vaiko's daughter lives on the same street as Obama in Illonios Chigaco.

Too bad Gota oly had brains to run a 7/11. Anyway now I understand why the LTTE has come out to ask for a ceasefire. Guess you did not hear about his links with William Ayers, a founding member of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground.

Anyway they suspect Ahmajadien to be one of the hostage takers during the iran hostage crisis. Never proven. Of course mahindha mama is going give his shawls to both sides to come to a comprimise. Still gives me a laugh.

No Guesses to see where the LTTE is going with all of this.

Gringo said...

[...Well funny that Vaiko's daughter lives on the same street as Obama in Illonios Chigaco.

hoooo....hooooo... hooooo...

Didn't you idiots once bet on that tiger tattoo displayed on the a*s of a former powerful secretary of state to get your fake struggle look genuine?

Bring 'em on baby! We are ready.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran said...
Just to let you know, you know why Vaiko was released after Obama's election. Well funny that Vaiko's daughter lives on the same street as Obama in Illonios Chigaco.

Navindran seeya, r u saying that Obama humps Vaiko's daughter?? Ha ha ha

So, they r in the same street and when Obama do the morning jogging Vaiko's daughter do a quick flash of her jugs from the window? And then Obama do a detour and enter Vaiko's daughter’s house from the back and do a quick hump?

Oh, Navindran seeya, u old pervert!

TropicalStorm said...

The following urgent request has been released by the MOD seeking help from overseas based Sri Lankans on behalf of our Armed Services.

The Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka has made a request through the Foreign Ministry, to all Missions abroad, to supply a medicine required to control foot infections caused by fungi and bacteria to overcome foot infections. The product should ideally contain a potent anti-fungal/anti-bacterial compound, the main ingredient of which contains 1% Triclosan. The Defence Ministry has indicated that the current product used by them is under the trade name Irgasan DP - 300. The trade name is indicated here for purpose of information only and these products by any other trade name is also in order. If you are unable to find the above product in USA, please try Clotrimazole 1% under the brand name LOTRINAN. We are kindly requesting you to contact all concerned Sri Lankans to assist our forces in their time of need.

All donations could either be delivered to the Consulate Office or to the nearest temple in your locality. If you wish to contribute money all cheques should be drawn in favour of the ' Consulate General of Sri Lanka ' for which a receipt will be issued by the Consulate. Your generous contributions towards this noble task is greatly appreciated.

With kind regards Ananda Wickramasinghe Consul General Consulate General for Sri Lanka - Los Angeles Suite 1405, #3250 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. USA 90010
Phone: 213 387 0213 Fax: 213 387 0216

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Naveendran seeya, so, Vaiko's daughter going to be next Monica Lewinsky?

She will definitely raise the bar! I mean literally raise the bar on sucking a president. Intelligent Tamils are such good at sucking the master. But this time it is not ur typical white master one of ur women have to suck but bit of a black one! Good news is u can bet for a bigger Cigar this time! ha ha ha

Navindran seeys, I am a president too! President of the United Pussyologist of Pussyoland. Can u fix Vaiko's daughter with me? I have a massive Cigar! Ha ha ha and shhhmokingggggggg too!!! ha ha ha

Unknown said...

[Too bad Gota oly had brains to run a 7/11. ]

Navindran the LPTE boot licking moronic buffoon

oi you talk about gota and insult the mans intelligence like your ponna VP is any better eh?

FYI there's nothing wrong in running a 7/11 or a dosai kade for that matter... It's far better than recruiting other people's kids and sending them to their death with only a Cn capsule as back up..

You foreign LPTE boot licking morons deserve a very slow painful death... a death by a thousand cuts...
I hope you live to suffer for you support to LPTE and also you live to see the bloody brutal end of LPTE along with it's supporters like yourself...

Rover said...


I will be very brief.

What is it that is really bothering you? I thought you were anti-LTTE, but you look like someone who bankrolls the LTTE.

When SLDfs were winning battles here and there, you always compared Sri Lankan economy with that of Singapore (to gain some solace from it, I now realize).

Now on the brink of an imminent LTTE defeat, you are coming up with all possible theories of how the LTTE can be saved from destruction. Who exactly is the audience of your wild theories?

Remember the good old days when you used to strategize, bringing in examples from military history ect.

Now what you write is total nonsense. You just want to see destruction of Sri Lanka at any cost, and you are just writing stuff to keep your hopes up, while contributing to the war to continue.

For me, people like you are more dangerous than the kids who are fighting the SLDFs in the front lines; because you are the kind of vermin that push those kids to be what they are.

Perhaps Amma GG is right, you are becoming a senile old man (a seeya).

Saman said...

Nade-san, grade eight graduated Political Leader of LTTE, seems going on knees - over and over calling for seacefire,

Must be part of the Vezapulles Ealam IV battle plan, I guess.

What we must do is to ask Nade-san to prove his sincerity as a precondition by release civilians kept hostage by the LTTE military wing. I am sure Vezapulle will cut his balls and feed the dogs.

Saman said...

Rover, don't waste you time on this wesa balla Navindran.

If you have time ask him to piss off.

Saman said...

Task Force 1 troops crossing marshlands of Ponneryn

Apparently, crossing 2km wide x18km long area of marshland is the last hard bit before land accss to Jafna can be established.

I am sure that would be part of Ealam War IV battle plan and the waiting surprise promissed by Sakkiliyas here.

wijayapala said...

"this fcuking bastard is trying to find fault with devananda"

Unfortunately we have "fcuking bastards" in our own community who will remain unnamed (hint: begins with M-, ends with -ushe Dyan) and think that the best way to fight the enemy is to make your friend into an enemy.

If the govt. has asked Anandasangaree for a report on Jaffna or some other area of the N-E, it is probably due to Mahinda's belief that Sangaree will provide more unbiased information than he would get from Tamils who are part of the government.

Any leader with half a brain would understand the importance of obtaining information from multiple sources (fortunately for us, "half-brain" Mushe is not a leader).

I hope Mushe isn't a little jealous of the thought that "Tamil racists" like Sangaree (who risk their lives by publicly opposing the LTTE and face much more dangers than armchair strategists like Mushe) get more attention and don't have to whine about unanswered emails to the MOD.

Saman said...

LTTE supporters are enemies of India: Union Minister Elangovan

Tied is changing. Must be part of the promissed surprising package in waiting.

Rover said...

Why should Nadesan ask for a ceasefire? If the LTTP is genuine about it, should not it be their sun dog who should ask for it?

President Obama was very clear in what he said in his victory speech.

"And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of our world - our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand. To those who would tear this world down - we will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security - we support you. "

So terrorists (again those who use violence against unarmed civilians to achieve a political goal), will not have a chance.

We need to be faithful in our goals (that is to defeat terrorism where ever it exists), and not hail disproportionately a cunning plan, to get at a proximate objective.

Rana said...


people like Navindran, Mahen, Bhairav or even peter and mrs Brown cannot change within few months, this what they have thinking and doing for years.

I don't blame them, they are playing there part and we are playing our part to a varying degree.

However, to me, real culprits in this game is Ranil W and his henchos, I will put Ranil and his clan even below the above crowd.

These monkies are tamils and we can excuse them, but how we can tolerate our third degree opposition people who cannot support our own govt in a national crisis!

Ranil is not only a ponnaya, he is a bloody traitor and should be stripped from his position in the parlimant before chased out from sri lanka.

wijayapala said...


"Guys this peter hides in bunker when we get on to him. And when he finds that no one is around he starts to dance. If you ask a question he slides away.

Pete used to attempt answers when he first appeared on DW a few months ago. Then he left on a trip to an "oil rig" (I think he meant that he is Thalaivar's personal Oil Boy) and since he returned he can only make a few potshots here and there with no consistent or coherent argument.

Methinks that somebody had slapped Pete pretty hard recently and now he's babbling like a broken record.

I tend to see Pete as sort of a team mascot- something you keep around like a good luck charm even though it's pretty useless. Appreciate him while he lasts; if the LTTE keeps on traversing down its long road to ruin, he'll disappear eventually.

wijayapala said...

"And you call us farm boys of chena boys. Look here we're in the two sides of the "food chain" [no no not the conventional one]. We chena boys are making what people eat, the crop or teh food."

I don't think Mahen or Pete quite understand that chena is practiced by Sri Lankan Tamils in the Wanni and Eastern Province. I guess living far from the ithayabhoomi doesn't do much for their depth of understanding.

Rover said...

"However, to me, real culprits in this game is Ranil W and his henchos, I will put Ranil and his clan even below the above crowd."

I guess it depends on the situation. Ranil will probably not be a good war president. But he could be a better non-war time president. Something that we discard as being an anathema at a given moment is often embraced with passion when situations change.

wijayapala said...


"On the other hand the bastard sons of our aunties claim that they have a history based on complete legend and myth."

Actually the LTTE supporters tend to have a very dim understanding of Sri Lankan Tamil historical literature, as Pete's comments have often shown. They tend to avoid their own literature when they pull their "Tamil nation" theories out of their posteriors because it is rather inconvenient.

Medieval and early colonial SL Tamil literature has clearly been influenced to an extent by the Sinhala historical tradition (as the latter had in turn been influenced by Tamil legends). That is why both Jaffna and Batticaloa colonial texts made reference to Vijaya as the first king of Lanka.

There is a possibility that these Tamil texts have some information that the Sinhala texts had at one point but lost at a later date.

"They base their narcissism on circular argument about the antiquity of the so-called "Sangham Literature"."

They would be quite stupid to do so, since the vast corpus Sangam literature makes extremely few references to Lanka, as well as inconvenient definitions of the Tamil homeland ranging from Venkatam hills to Kumari (i.e. the current Tamil Nadu state plus Kerala and some parts of Andhra Pradesh, but NOT Lanka).

If the LTTE supporters want to make a case for "separate Tamil nation," they would be better off talking about the current hardships that the Tamils in SL face rather than trying to fabricate something from the distant past.

"BTW do you know who were largely responsible for the content of the Sangham literature?
They were Budhist and Jain monks (Sangha).

Not true. The term "Sangam" refers to gatherings of Tamil poets patronized by particular kings centuries ago. These poets were probably not Buddhist and Jains because they wrote at a time when neither belief system was dominant in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Buddhists and Jains however did play a major role in writing epic literature (long stories) which borrowed conventions from the earlier Sangam poetry.

Tamil literature is very interesting because it has been influenced by very diverse sources; a bit different from our own traditions which focused almost exclusively on Buddhism and the preservation of Buddhism.

Saman said...


How are you mate?

1. Aananda Sagaree became a good man and our friend, only after Tigers snapped TULF hand which fed them off it's wrist.

2. Do not foget, when Amirthalingam first declared seperate state concept and openly seeked mandate from Tamils in 1977 (first time mono ethnic TULF became the opposition party) Mr. Sangaree was part of the mob.

3. Moshe was spot on when he said what he said. This guy is advocating a federal system for merged North and East, which I totally oppose.

4. As far as he helps us that is fine, but A.S. has more influence on Indian Central government compared to Devananda. I would rather pick weak link with India to get things done.

5. MR was smart enough to realise Devananda's resolve against LTTE compared to old "gentleman" approach by A.S as a good ally. When Devananda was appointed Chief of North Development Taskforce A.S. was bit pissed-off about it and objected it publicly.

In a 30 year war one has to be very careful. MR is not a mut.

Having said all that, I consider Ananda Sagaree as a good humenitarian who opposes violance in achieving political goals. As you call me - he is not a racist like my-self :-)

Anonymous said...


/..Vaiko's daughter lives on the same street as Obama in Illonios Chigaco./

WOW, do you also live in the same street? Ha Ha


/Another development, new battalian has reached from Batticalo for the first time in the eelam war iv this much cardres only had come in 1999./

Thanks for the "info". SLA confrmed that the whole battalien was air lifted by TAF to wanni. Ha Ha


/How long can the govt sustain this war. Has anyone seen where our econmy is heading? Economy is vital to fight the war and never vice versa! Forces have acheived alot. Good luck to them../

Man we are a 'patriotric' nation; we ate "bajiri" to fight a 'suddas' war. And still we eat ham-baken-soasages!! According to tamiz ezaam economic expert Dr.Navindran (FCRAP) our economy will collapse "next year". (every year - next year) So don't worry.


/We do not want ceasefire. We never requested one either./

Please tell this to CPI leaders, Y-ko, Nadu-moron, Nade-sun and also to OBAMA. Ha Ha


Please don't use the term "wesa balla". I don't have a problem with the "wesa" part. But my dog get 'offended' and insulted when you use his race (balla) to refer terrorist. In fact, my dog told me dogs are considered more superior than both the tigers and monkies. Ha Ha


Why did you ask difficult questions fron peter? Ask easy questions so that he can answer. Example: What is the radius of vezapillai's arse hole?.

Rana said...


You said, Peter and mahen cannot understand Chena (farm) boy.

Well, When it comes to Peter, Mahen
and most of other tamils who frequent here show that not only chena but they cannot understand most of the other things also about sri lanka.

Unlike you, Most of them don't want to have a meaningful dialog at all!

Unknown said...

If the WAR is almost over then why do we need a such a big allocation for defence for next year?

Ra said...

Gangas... we are going to capture a part og tamil-nadu next year.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Peter, Naveendran, Mahen et. al.

You guys looks out of place mate.

I'm sure you will feel at home in the following website, and your contributions will be most welcome there.

Guys, this is real website for lovers of all things Toilet.

They have various programs ranging from research to training.

May you go where your forefathers have gone before.

With best wishes.

Moshe Dyan said...


you put it in a more decent way.

"Having said all that, I consider Ananda Sagaree as a good humenitarian who opposes violance in achieving political goals."

fully agree. i must appreciate that too.

SLA is crossing the marshy lands close to poonaryn according to latest info. SLAF should neutralise LTTE arti positions NOW. an arti "gun salute" from palali would also be ideal.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Gangas... we are going to capture a part of tamil-nadu next year."


like what king gajabahu did! went to TN, released SL captives and enslaved 25k(??) more of TN ppl.


on a serious note, LTTE is still in mulaitivu area in very large numbers. we have to exterminate them as well.

propoganda is part of war. don't rely on it to challenge facts. most part of war will be over with killi, but nobody said war is OVER.

when the end is near, MORE energy is required for the "final push". be it ejaculation or war that is what it is.

Rana said...


I think my post is not very clear to you. I was using general feeling of our usual blogers as a base to express my self about Ranil W.

I will elaborate it futher now:

I am not talking about his siging of CFA. If he thought at that time CFA is good for SL, as PM he has every right to do it but the manner he did it was wrong. He should have consulted president and his cabinet before signing the agreement. Not only he gave 2/3 of coastal area and 1/3 of land area to VP exclusively. MF balasingham openly said Ranil is not their PM.

VP and Bala have drawn up a nice plan to exploit CFA and fortified their defences while preparing for a fourth peelam war in Colombo.

They also had the intention of amulgamating upcountry also into the peelam. Not only that they had a master plan to hurt south severely whenever there is a clash. They wanted sinhalese to kneel and beg for mercy. That is what Ranil failed tp fore see, in his agreement.

Still, I will not call him ponnaya or any other name for the above.

Then, Why I condemn him now:

1. He can criticise the govt as a opposition leader on corruption, inflation, freedom of press or any thing but when MR and co is trying their best to eradicate most dangerous enemy of the nation, he should have supported it. Instaed he is trying everything in his power to discredit this govt as much as possible. In fact he is directing murderous acts of LTTP (murder of Gen. J P) towards the govt.

He is also acting even worse than jayalalitha towards this GOVT in the case of Indian and T'naadu concerns.

Those are my reason to call him as a ponna traitor. he will not have any political future in SL, mark my words about that.

Saman said...


/saman, Please don't use the term "wesa balla". I don't have a problem with the "wesa" part. But my dog get 'offended' and insulted when you use his race (balla) to refer terrorist./

My sincere apologies mate. Seriously, I did not know that your dog could read English. Now on I have to be careful.

If you don't have a pig, I can call Navindran a Wesa pig.

Bhairav said...

It looks as AAG, Rana, Saman, and other village boys are having multiple orgasms as they are collecting browny points by using mere patriotic buzz word.

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