Thursday, December 4, 2008

10km to Mullaitivu

After several days of resistance, the LTTE today withdrew from the strategic Sea Tiger bases of Alampil and Chemmalai. With this withdrawal, LTTE is out of bounds from the Nayaru Lagoon, an area used extensively in recent times to infiltrate the East.

The Sri Lanka Army's 59 Division has just 10km more to go to capture the strategic Mulaitivu base. The division has only 2km to go to reach Nedunkerni. In the meantime Task Force 2 moved into Puliyankulam, a former hub of LTTE activity along the A9, which was subsequently abandoned by the Tigers.

Meanwhile the LTTE is building a new earth bund and trench-line from Iranamadu to Oddusudan north. According to intelligence reports, a group of LTTE cadres are undergoing a special training on counter-attacks in Kilinochchi.

The funeral of the late Major Lalith Jayasinghe was held at his home in Avissawella on Tuesday. It was attended by high-ranking SF officers, unit commanders and hundreds of civilians who all came voluntarily to bid farewell to a great hero.


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Achi said...

Tnx for the update..

Peter said...

Modayas, this is only a strategic withdrawal. Wait till 2009-Nov-27 to see what happens.. Modayas will always be modayas

Corey said...

vezapillai has fallen into a trap that has arisen out of the circumstances: he has pushed all his forces in to defend killinochchi.... To do this,he had to take away his warriors from the mullativu area, leaving it wide open and easy prey for the Sri Lankan Armed Forces...

Will mullativu fall before killinochchi? If it does, killinochchi will be completely cut off and isolated. Remember the 'starving' Iraqi soldiers who were completely isolated by the Allies? They even ate the vaseline they were given by the Allies to apply to their lips. Peelam warriors may face the same fate...

vezapillai must not be too good these days... the bastard will dissapear soon, to another country, and leave his brainwashed followers to starve and die at the hands of our Armed Forces:

Puran Appu said...

Is it true that several Dovras and FAC,s were badly damaged recently due to the thunder storms? I heard that they will be out of service for sometime. Is this true?

Corey said...

Hallucinating mahen says" wait till 2009 Nov 27th"


No, no, no... you'll have to wait till 3009, Nov 27th! and, speak for yourself: a modaya will always be a modaya!

Tee Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeee !!!!!!!!

Do you have the balls to face the reality of what's happening to your peeeeeeeelam????? - I don't think so....


Infinity said...

Updated map.

WM said... comes Mahen.

"this is only a strategic withdrawal."

Really...How nice.Are you sure about it.
Would they do the same in kilinochchi and Mullaitivue

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update.

What's the news about K'chi? DN says SLA entered K'chi while others claim K'chi is under SLA. What's your latest news?

MrBrown said...

100m to Kilinochi is over. Now again 10Km to Mullaitivu..

I dont understand why still we cant capture Kilinochi which has been few metres away for almost 2 months and now we started talking about Mulaitivu which is 10 Km away..

Anonymous said...


# K'nidi says Mana Mohana promised him to send Indian FM to SL te get a CFA. Do you know he is coming wearing clothes? OR Mana Mohana is doing 'kan kan booru' with TN monkeys?

# UNP has no balls to vote for the defence budget or emergency: simpley left the house.


1. Many people says LTTE has a massive build up in eastern Iranamadu. Is SLA ready for any counter attack from that part?

2. Any comments about Mongala's accusations about SLA and GenSF?

3. Can you update the casualty figures?

4. When do you expect next TAF tour?

Nishanthe said...

Regarding Maj. Jayasingha's death. Why did Army allow to expose assets like Maj. Jayasingha in the LTTE area. Personally I thinkarmy took un-necessary risk by exposing high caliber, high value and also high ranking officers deep in to LTTE territory.

Unknown said...

the next 'strategic withdrawal' of LTTE wud be VP moving from his bunker to his toilet pit.

Defencewire said...


What a lie! We have been told of this rumour mongering business by some people on the www. Kilinochchi Town would mean the bus stand, hospital, schools etc. This area is a few kilometers away.We are still in the outskirts of Kilinochchi. The floods are just subsiding. Fighting will resume once this happens.

More importantly you must realise the ground realities. If LTTE lost Kilinochchi, Paranthan would've fallen by now as many sites and blogs claimed it had fallen one week ago. The reality is, LTTE cannot give up EITHER Kili or paranthan. One would lead to the fall of the other and have a domino effect on Kilali and Muhamalai.

About LTTE formations in Iranamadu- Army is ready and actually wishes the Tigers would come out and fight, whether they come from Iranamadu or Tamil Nadu won't make any difference to them.

Casualty figures have been low due to alampil, chemmalai etc being taken without much of a fight. But it will increase as LTTE defenses become deeper in the coming weeks/months.

We do not wish to talk about politicians and their propaganda.

TAF's next flight- It never really matters now. Kilinochchi surrounded, 10k to Mullaitivu, what can TAF do? But a massive attack in the south is in the cards.

Anonymous said...

/I dont understand why still we cant capture Kilinochi which has been few metres away for almost 2 months and now we started talking about Mulaitivu which is 10 Km away./

If one can't understand this it is his/her inability and SLA has nothing to do with some person's dumbness. Also, SLA can't fight a war such a way every dumba$$ can understand.

K'chi is of less military value given the ground situation but still of high political value. In contrast Mulathiv is of high military value. But its good to see SLA gives priority to military targets rather than political targets. I really don't know what will be SLA next step. But I can see if K'chi is taken then SLA has to deploy troops there defending it from likely counter attack from Iranamadu/ Paranthan areas with most MSRs are blocked due to flood and rain. If Mulathiv is taken LTTE lose another sea tiger base and SLA can't be attacked like in K'chi. So as I see before taking K'chi its good to clear east of A9 and it will take time.

Defencewire said...


It is a great loss indeed. Many majors, even Colonels have gone on LRRP missions. Some still do. We are talking about the SF here. They are like that. Never want to be left out of any action. We have more from where Lalith came from.

Defencewire said...

You are correct. Army is not all that interested in Kilinochchi.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. That's what I thought. K'chi is 7 km town and unless whole area is under SLA we can't say its fallen, just becuz SLA entered into the boder.

/We do not wish to talk about politicians and their propaganda./

Well, the problem is GSL stopped issueing daily casualty figures. And this gave a chance to the enemy and thier propaganda elements a free hand which may affect our overall strategy. I think you should be tricky here; you can negete such propaganda by issueing true casualty figures and other rlevent facts without directly engaging with politicos.

Unknown said...

Asithri…I agree! [I write in response to your comment on the earlier DW post, which was a reply to Rana saying Sinhalese should share the blame]

I’ve just passed my 40th birthday and just like you grew up in Colombo [south] during the 70s and 80s, and attended ‘the’ most prominent Colombo school. My parents were both from Kandy, father from Galagedara area and mother from the Ampitiya area. When I say just like you, my parents too were well connected amongst Colombo’s society circles and several of my parents friends were Tamils. I actually, as is the custom in our land, referred to these Tamil folk as ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’, although they were not my relations.

My old man, rest his sole, worked for a prominent Sri Lankan mission and was sent around the world starting in 1956 to set-up branches of this mission, and with him, as his partner on all his overseas postings was a Tamil gentleman, that was very close to my family [an uncle of mine not through blood relations, but through friendship], who was also from a very prominent and well respected Colombo Tamil family. He is just one example, but there were many others counted among my dads friends who were well placed in government positions, banking, business, and across every industry.

When these people, mostly the diaspora, talk about discrimination against Tamils, maybe they should go and talk to the Saravanamuttu’s, Selvenayagum’s, Ponnambalum’s, Kasichetty, Chetty’s, Cadiramanpulle’s, Vishvanathan’s, Sooriyamoortty’s, Sriskandaraja’s, Arunachilum’s, Sarvanandan’s, Rajarathnam’s, Sinnathambi’s Nirmalingum’s and the numerous other prominent Colombo Tamil families.

I don’t remember any real discrimination towards Tamils in Colombo and in fact always thought of them as very privileged compared to other minorities. The real problem and the chorus of voices crying discrimination are only from the people who have been made to feel inferior, by their own cast systems.

The Tamil discrimination is largely amongst their own people, their silly cast system needs to be removed. Now most people will say that this is innate and cannot be removed from the masses, because high cast Tamils will always feel the need to discriminate their own lower cast people. This is a cultural curse of the truest kind.

Lots of people, including some of my friends believe that 1983 was the cause of our Sinhala racial hatred towards Tamils. This is far from the truth, because less than 1 percent of Sinhalese people participated in the 83 riots. Those riots were set-up by JR and initially with a mob of hooligans from Kiribathgoda [The same thugs Ranil still uses today, I believe]. The Cochikade heavy of the time ‘Obay’ who had killed his own farther and taken control was assigned to guard Sea Street, the main gold merchants bazaar of Colombo that housed large Tamil gold traders like Muthu Karrupan Chetty.

If anybody is to blame for discrimination against Tamils, it’s the high cast Tamils who used to treat their working classes as slaves and even beat them. The LTTE came along and made things worse because they gave the lower casts a voice, but a voice directed at the wrong side, the Sinhalese. They should have first directed their fight at their own high classes to abolish the discrimination amongst their own, then together work for all Tamils.

You cannot beat your own workers and then ask them to vote for you, or can you? I remember the SD [Sinna Dorai] on the estate a Tamil himself would call out the pluckers number [no name of people he worked with all his life] and place their salary in an envelope on the seat of his motorbike, without handing it to the worker.

Most of the top Tamil families I know are all well off because of the war, as they are using the foolish LTTE to make gains for themselves, while still discriminating their own. The ones, who have no direct gains, joined the chorus by shouting discrimination to gain refugee status in foreign lands. Diaspora Tamils are angry because they know deep down, that they will “never” be what a high cast Colombo family is. Not all the wealth in the world can buy them status amongst their own people, so what is their struggle worth?

Eelam the Tamil state is actually intended for all the low casts to have their own place and feel like kings there. Diaspora families are hoping they can move back and become the new rich elite of Eelam. No self respecting Colombo Tamil family will go and settle in Eelam, maybe a holiday home, but be sure they will feed off of it. They will still sit in Colombo and use their wealth and clout to enslave Eelam through investing heavily in Eelam’s local infrastructure.

Diaspora Tamils are a poor disillusioned lot. I pity the diaspora kids, because they have no idea where their real identify is. The poor chaps have actually been lied to by their closest authoritative figures, their own parents, who back home in Sri Lanka are/were poor farmers or government servants. Refugee status in foreign nations has given them a life and a whole lot of false hope, but they will never get their Eelam.

It’s all a very unfortunate situation that the LTTE and their supporters have brainwashed so many and instilled deep hatred in their people against the Sinhalese. It’s going to be hard to change the disillusioned in the diaspora, but Vanni and Jaffna Tamils are already seeing the benefits of peace and are currently swaying towards democracy. The fishing industry in Jaffna is seeing a boom, just within the last few weeks since fishing restrictions were lifted, and that in turn has seen the prices of fish drop by almost 50% in Colombo is some cases. It is said that the Jaffna fisherman are hauling 12 to 15 tons a day. Farming too will see a resurgence and communities will prosper as historically the Vanni people are hard working farming folk. The people who have lived through it all, will turn away from extremism and take a more reasoning stance in the future. Development, economic opportunity and education will play key roles, and they will get it all.

The “blind wall” Rana talks about, is a wall of elitist Tamils, and…

…You can’t change anything until you see and accept the truth..!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

My advance apologies for posting none-defence related material. Since the patriots and even none patriots of Sri Lankan origin would like to know the impact of the below, I though to share this.

In my view, following may have an impact to all of us and ultimately the Defence too, I am publishing the same. This is not written by me.
Why worry about the oil hedge Scam?

What is the impact?

1. My country's foreign reserves will shrink by a massive USD 400

With USD 400 million the government can provide the entire country 100%
FREE fuel for 45 days.

2.. With USD 400 million, I can fund the war for more than 3 months.

3. With USD 400 million, I can provide the population of 19 million
a subsidy of Rs 2,300 each month.

This includes for you and me.

4. My country has never been in need of foreign exchange more than

Recently, our foreign exchange position has depleted from USD 3.5Bn to
USD 2.5bn due to the intervention by Central Bank to maintain rupee

5. The biggest financial challenge for any Country amidst the
on-going global financial crisis is to save the own foreign exchange.

Not to pay for a scam.

6. If we lose USD 400 million, then the US Dollar against rupee will
move from 110 to 125.

The country will go into an economic crisis and this will be the
starting point..

7. Why not spend the USD 400 million, we can fund the new port or
the coal power plant projects.

We do not even get USD 300 million of foreign grants every year.

How Did CPC get exposed?

This was started by Standard Chartered Bank.

SCB operates in more than 65 countries and was awarded with the Global
Energy Risk Innovation Award for beginning this transaction in 2007 in
Sri Lanka.

This indicates no other country was stupid to buy such hedge products
except Sri Lanka.

SCB started selling unfair deals using unethical means (explained

Later Citibank and Deutsche and Commercial also followed the party
influenced by the greed for profits - "why not we also make money." was
the desire also for these banks.

The smart Bank of Ceylon and HSBC refused to enter into such agreements
as they understood the unfair structure.

Here are the reasons why it is unfair deal and why we should feel sorry
for the Government.

You decide whether you would enter into such a structure or even gamble
against such odds.

This is only a financial instrument and not a contract to buy oil.

It is a huge wrong gamble that oil price will only go up up up and never

The hedge was one sided in favour of the bank - meaning there was NO
floor for CPC to protect the down sided risk but, with a nice cap to
protect the banks risks.

Unfair, unfair and this is not even a gamble but a cheat.

2. Any benefits the banks pay only for 2 months but, CPC has to pay
banks for 12 months.

Sounds stupid but, it truly happened.

Again, not a gamble but, a cheat structure.

So, if oil prices went up even double, CPC gets peanuts USD 3 Million
per contract.

Amazing isn't it!!

So, how can CPC say if price went up I would get the blame for not

3. CPC pays for double the quantity hedged, if price goes down.

Whereas the bank pays only for half the quantity hedged, if price goes

Have you heard of such deals before?

4. Banks maximum exposure is USD 3 (THREE) million per transaction and
CPC's unlimited, as much as USD 400 million.

You decide if this is a good deal!

5. Finally, the deal is CPC paying for double the quantity, for 12
months with no floor to cover the down risks.

For the bank, its half the quantity, for two months with a cap on the
upside payment.

This is not gambling but cheating.

Because, CPC is betting on a card pack where all the cards in there
favour are removed from the pack.

6. This structure was called zero cost.

Actually the banks should have paid an up-front premium to CPC for
entering into such transactions.

Alternatively, the banks have reported more than US dollar 35 million
(3.6 billion rupees) in profits from such transaction and the head
offices of these branches have earned more than USD 52 million. (5.4
billion rupees.)

Central Bank and published financial records will indicate that these
banks have already repatriated more than 27 million dollars during the
past 9 months from the country to their head offices.

And the big payments have not started yet....SLR 40 billion.

How Did CPC get scammed?

Good question and we all wonder why?

You decide, if these are ethical practice and good governance.

1. The Chairman of CPC and a top decision maker travelled to
Singapore, Dubai & USA several times on first class.

The tickets were purchased by the foreign bank.

The CEO of the foreign bank also joined them during these visits for
entertainment and the travel never related to do with hedge.

Although Mr. Asantha De Mel told recently at a press conference that he
travelled globally to learn about hedging.

Dubai and Singapore are the most entertaining places in the world and
you can imagine the fun.

It's a shopper's paradise with lots of other activities.

2. The expenses during the travel were millions of rupees for
entertainment plus - plus -plus.

These were paid locally and also via the foreign branch offices.

A scrutiny of the local bank records will reveal this.

One of the marketing head responsible for selling this product in a
foreign bank is the local pimp to the foreign CEO.

He was given a handsome bonus including a vehicle for Rs 25 million,
which he even travels today.

Additionally, he was promoted as Head of the Corporate structure despite
his own records for fraud in the bank.

3. Accounts were opened to the local decision makers in Singapore
(Orchard Branch) and Dubai (Al Mankhool) which is the usual practice to
say thank you for very large deals by international banks.

As a matter of fact government officials were employed by the bank.

4. The bank not only employed government officials but also their
family members.

Miss Stephanie De Mel the daughter of the Chairman of CPC was provided
employment at the Standard Chartered Bank dealing and Forex room a
highly restricted area.

The Petrol hedge product was developed in this room.

Central Bank can verify this.

5. The losses started to build up in July 2008 and we all know that
the derivative contracts are mark to mark on a daily basis by the banks
and it is also a regulatory requirement.

However, the banks did not inform and advise CPC to exit timely given
the greed to grapple extensive profits and bonuses for CEO.

6. It is industry knowledge that a few officers who had patriotic
feelings towards the country raised the unethical practice within the

But, these employees were treated un-fairly and terminated without any
reasons and justification.

A few of these employees have filed litigation.

More Violations!

1. There are violations to Central Bank directions and guidelines on

2. The Sri Lankan cabinet never approved this transaction.

It was also mis sold to the cabinet and the Cabinet never knew about the
unfair structure and the exposure to CPC.

3. The Attorney General Approvals were not obtained for signing the
any documentation including the ISDA Derivatives Contract.

4. The Board of CPC did not know the facts or approve the

5. The Central Bank did not know the facts or approve the

The situation now!

1. The CPC is exposed to payment of USD 400 million.

CPC is defending the banks, see why above.

2. The CEO's of the bank are putting pressure on the government,
Central Bank and CPC to pay.

If CPC fails to pay, they will loose their jobs.

No one has interest about the country.

3. The CEO's of the banks are pushing to re-structure the debt
claiming this is sovereign risk and willing to provide discounts and

This is not sovereign risk as the Central Bank & Treasury did not
approve the transaction.

It is not like a loan or bond.

It is a speculative instrument that has gone wrong like in the USA.

4. If restructured, it will only serve to regularize the scam and
still hundreds of millions of $ will have to be paid.

Central Bank should declare transaction NULL & VOID.

The foreign banks are attempting to tarnish the image of the country by
putting fear that this is sovereign default.

It is not.

5. Some patriotic citizens are expected to file a fundamental
rights case.

The legal fact!

1.. CPC need not pay a single penny since this was miss selling.

2.. There is ample evidence for miss selling.

3.. There are ample court cases where court never favored mis
selling and have pronounced that these transactions are null and void.

There are legislative laws in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and various
other countries against such acts to protect governments and its

Can the foreign Banks help the country for future foreign Debt?

The CEO's of foreign banks are putting undue pressure and fear on the
government and the Central bank saying that this is a sovereign default
and the government will not be able to raise any debts in the future.

1. The current global financial crisis is expected to continue
for atleast for the next two years.

In this situation several foreign banks are getting bankrupt and in
fact, the governments are helping them with bail out plans.

2. Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank shares have crashed by
over 60% and they are looking for help for themselves to survive from

They have no liquidity and risk appetite.

3. The three foreign banks involved in this transaction have
no commitment to the soils of Sri Lanka. The proof is that all of them
do not have a single branch outside Colombo although they have been
milking the country for over 100 years.

4. The recent debts raised by the foreign banks are in fact,
international syndicate loans and these banks only acted as brokers and
there participation is less than 5%.

The Government can do the same structure with other local banks as well
as other foreign banks.

5.In the present global financial crisis and Sri Lanka's low
credit rating, it is anyway not possible to borrow more overseas at
acceptable rates.

So, better save the reserves you already have.

6. Why should the government pay USD 400 million which had no
benefit to the country to repay a new USD 200 or 300 million of debt.

First, save what you have in your hands.

What should the Government Do!

1. Appoint an independent committee to investigate into the mal

2. Central Bank has started investigation but, there is severe
external pressure on them to close their eyes.

3. The Bribery and Corruption Department and the CID to investigate.

4. Legally punish for the offense and save the country's foreign

5. Do not allow the opposition parties with vested interest to take
advantage and include the government also a party to this scam.

Government didnt know.

6. Do not allow the foreign banks to take shelter under sovereign

This is not sovereign risk but mis selling and scam.

Standard Chartered was involved in a similar case (Harshad Mehta) in
India in March 1992.

The Government of India took a serious stand against unethical practice
and Sri Lanka should do the same.

We should communicate to the international world that we cannot be taken
for foolish financial rides.

7. Take serious action against any institute, person that try to
tarnish the sovereign image of this country to shelter from mis selling.
We are a trustworthy honourable country.

8. The Government should not under any circumstance agree to any
re-structure or hair-cut thinking this is sovereign default.

The Government has no obligation as per proven case laws to oblige for
mis selling and corrupt deals as per international laws and practices.

If you love your country pass this on to put pressure to government not
to pay out our precious dollars on this treason scam


Mohammed Zubair said...


I know a lot about hedging, sctructures and mis-selling as I work for a major multinational bank in London. I completely agree with assessment of the writer above, it is a clear cut case of mis-selling. Standard Chartered is a UK headquartered bank and is subject to UK regulation. The UK regulator i.e., the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has very strict laws about mis-selling and they can and have fined the banks large amounts for mis-selling. The govt. should complain to the FSA about this deal. FSA will launch its own investigation. If the FSA finds that fraud was involved, Stan Chart is in for serious trouble. Also we should get the Foreign and Common Wealth office involved.

Unknown said...

Looks like Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) is looking for a stage buddy, currently he has a few promising prospects,

1. Mahen
2. MrBrown
3. Thiru
4. Navindran
5. Amir

Who is your pick?

Mohammed Zubair said...

NOLTTE = Peace

If you have contacts with the govt., please ask them to complain to the FSA. I can help in getting you the relevant contact details.

Puran Appu said...

US$400 Million????? We would have bought a couple of F22s'?

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Sorry for harassing you with these questions, but T'net states daily casualties for STF. Is there any truth in these numbers, and if so, why is STF strugling in a way unheard of before?


Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

And you right SF is such whatever rank they don't hesitate and cannot stay without work.


Well said article. I can see people have realized what happened in the past and what is happening now.Espacially the new generation,we want to finish this bloody war and stay peacefully.As i always said equel rights to everybody and throughout the island.Not one race/province/area getting extra rights. If it happens another fight will start by others.So best thing same equel rights for everybody and everywhere.

Unknown said...


i am bit worried here.

forget 10km to Mullaitivu. What happened to 1Km to Killinochi?

Corey said...

real, you moron:
This is what's happening:
vezapillai has fallen into a trap that has arisen out of the circumstances: he has pushed all his forces in to defend killinochchi.... To do this,he had to take away his warriors from the mullativu area, leaving it wide open and easy prey for the Sri Lankan Armed Forces...

Mulativu is more important for vezapillai since he is hiding there and has an easy escape route via sea: Will mullativu fall before killinochchi? If it does, killinochchi will be completely cut off and isolated. Remember the 'starving' Iraqi soldiers who were completely isolated by the Allies? They even ate the vaseline they were given by the Allies to apply to their lips. Peelam warriors may face the same fate...

We are protecting valuable lives of our valiant soldiers this way.... while vezapillai sends his fighters to doom... and runs out of them...

go join them.

hemantha said...

Thanks for the information. Some people should go to prison for this.
I am a critic of the Chief Justice. But in this case he might be the savior.

lankaputhra said...

Thanks for the update!
I hope country will never forget Major Lalith Jayasinghe...

I always thought that Killinochchi drama is just a propaganda and nothing els ..I do not believe that there is any military value in Killi..I think Killi story is just to keep LTTE busy in Killi and to give a hot feeling to general public. SLA is well planed this time and they know exactly where they heading to. If you analysis the SLA strategy you will understand their aim so far. This is the way it should do.
Good leadership
Planning and implementation in any condition
Objective is to give maximum damage to LTTE and not capturing the land.
So far strategy is working well ..some said monsoon will make harsh condition and they will trap inside LTTE area ..yes conditions are harsh but well experience SLA doing good job..
But we must admit final stage of this war you can also see casualties because remaining LTTE carders have no option but to fight in their own territory.

Corey said...

Mullathivu vulnerable: Colombo

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thankyou for your post my lovely brother. Sallaam Allaykum.


Haaaa, Haaaa

Do you remember the scene in the Monty Python movie "The Holy Grail"?

The two Knights fighting and the Buruwa gets his arms chopped off. He is all talk and no skill. So he keeps coming back and gets his other arm chopped off. Then he says "Come here, and I'll kick you...". It goes on and he is left with no arms and legs and he says, "Come here you coward, and I'll bite your knee caps off!"

I think these guys would make good clowns no matter what era they belong to.

Peter said...

"Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins"

Race? Lol!

hemantha said...

Another cyclone. We better be ready this time.

"Deputy Director of the Meteorological Department S. R. Jayasekara said that this depression which occurred in the seas 800 km off the East coast could result a cyclone. "It might pass through Sri Lanka coming days,” he said. "
-Lanka Page

Rana said...

Moshe, brother,

I am sorry, about my outburst last night even after bidding good night!
I should have gone to bed instead.

However, read following statement from Asithri's final post which made me pissedoff, yesterday:

//(including the undercover ones who masquerade here under Sinhela sounding names)...//

Undercover ones!

I know most people take wijayapala as a undercover LTTP agent, which I do not agree, who is trying to drive a wedge between patriots but Asithri indiacte more than one such agents.

I am ready to apologise and gracefully withdraw my whole posting, if Asithri was not accusing me as a double agent or a traitor.

Equaly, I am ready to have couple of rounds in the ring with him, if he is trying to portray me as LTTE supporter.

I think you will see clearly where I am coming from.

I definitely agree with you on, Asithri as a rockhard patriot. I don't think any body will doubt that but perhaps too solid be tolerant and accept views of otthers. I have my respect for him and his ideas. He also should be able to respect others and accept/reject their viwes without trying to lable them as traitors.

I always believe respect cannot be demanded but has to be earned.

I will never ever try to split patriots. I will give you my word for that.

If Asithri can clarify his posting clearly, then there is no fight.

Even if he opted to stay with the same position categorising wijayapala and me as LTTP agents and traitors, ther won't be a split in the camp.

As I said, we will have three round friendly fight in the ring and shake hands afterward, that is all.

Rana said...


//vezapillai has fallen into a trap that has arisen out of the circumstances: he has pushed all his forces in to defend killinochchi.... To do this,he had to take away his warriors from the mullativu area, leaving it wide open and easy prey for the Sri Lankan Armed Forces...//

Good point, mate. It is inevitable, tigers cannot defend complete FDL with same ferocity.

We must attack where ever their defences are loose. That will be a goog game with a bounty.

Unknown said...

Corey you dick head!

your commnets don't make sense at all and is the same as others.

If tiger forces are moved to defend Killinochi, then why the fuck its taking time for the SLA to move in to Mullaitivu? or atleast they can dropped inside the territory?

And the main question is if the LTTE is short of carders then why Prabaharan wants to defend Killinochi, than defending his own back Mullaitivu.

hemantha said...

"The Army Headquarters on Wednesday came out with the new appointments to the newly formed Task Force IV to be deployed to the Mullaitivu front.

According Army Headquarters Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi from the Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment, the Deputy General Officer Commanding of the 59 Division has been appointed as the Commander of the Task Force IV whilst Lt. Colonel Priyantha Wijegunawardena is the Colonel General Staff."
-Daily News

Rana said...

DW and Ninja,

If Kili falls, Paranthan and EP falls. If Paranthan false, Kili and EP falls.

So, they are complementing each other. That is why it is difficult to take either of them.

Difficult but possible. I think Paranthan will/should be the first one to bag.

Rana said...


Mate, I respect your position and views.

However, Read my postings carefully. I was not talking about discrimination, I was talking about armed violance against innocent neighbours for some thing happened in elsewhere.

In 1983 vesapille personaly killed 13 soldiers. They were militants with handful of members. Then in south 3000 tamils died and more than 100,000 were in refugee camps. Even the figure is only 1000 or less, who can justify killing innocent neighbours for 13 soldiers.

You must try and understand the difference between killing armed soldiers and killing unarmed neighbours.

That is much more than discrimination, then only vesapille got this massive support for his selfish goals.

That is how diaspora was created. Western countries accepted all tamil refugee after watching grusome actions by sinhala thugs against innocent people.

That is why diaspora sent money to vesapille.

I hope you will understand, what is the root cause of armed struggle.

As Moshe pointed out cool seperatsm is differnt from armed seperatism.

Corey said...

I honestly don't know the answer to your first question- war tactics consist of surprises, spreading false rumors about planned attacks etc, so only the Army brass will know - but just jumping into mullativu is not easy... unlike Killinochchi, all the wanni civilians are held hostage there.. so the ltte will use any attack to spread lies that civilians were attacked.

second question: "And the main question is if the LTTE is short of carders then why Prabaharan wants to defend Killinochi, than defending his own back Mullaitivu"

-remember he said that "killinochchi will never be taken", and he knows that if killinochchi falls, the war is essentially over, because the morale of his people will dip below zero. That's why he is defending killinochchi with all his might.

Either way, he is going to be well short of fighters soon... and with the wanni civilians now openly disregarding the ltte, I don't think he has any option but delay the inevitable, and to send his remaining people to their deaths... and then flee the country.

If you love the innocent Tamils, now is the time to think without emotion, and to act wisely to save them from their impending doom.

Widana said...

Aliens from Mars have announced their support for Velupillai Prabhakaran and Tamil Eelam. After Vaiko and Obama, Aliens are the latest in this series of bad omens for the Sri Lankan forces. This is a sure sign that Eelam is just around the corner. So modayas, rejoice in these minor victories - your celebrations will be cut short when the Sri Lankan economy collapses, when Singapore invades Sri Lanka and when the Aliens finally land here.

Ra said...

Aliens... Dinosaurs... Monkeys...

Wrong genes Navindran... wrong genes...

No wonder no country!

Unknown said...

Singapore invading Sri Lanka? Please don't insult Singapore.

Luxumberg with an army of only 630 will invade Sri Lanka to help Tamil Eelam!

In fact India will help us by sending a single soldier to decimate the racist Sinhaloid army....

His name is Rajinikanth (Kollywood Superman)

Rana said...


You have gone completely mad now, straight jacket is inevitable, if you decided to go on like this!

Unknown said...

යකෝ පිට සක්වල ජීවින්!

කොයි ලෝකෙන්ද? බවත්‍රා ලෝකෙන්ද?

අනේ පව්
මුන්ගෙ මොලේ මැටි කියන එක මැටි වලට කරන අපහාසහක්

අපේ වීර හේවාකාරයො ළඟදිම ඔය කොටි හැතිකරය සුනුවිසුනු කරලම දායි!

Rana said...


Good show by 59 and TF2. Alampil and Puliayankulam is very valuable strategically.

Nedunkeni got so much pressure now! Soon cats will be withdrawn to Oddusuddan!

Nihara said...

Is there a truth in Managala Samaraweera's comments about Disabled Soldiers being sent to operational duties in north and about the "Api Wenuwen Api "Fund ?


Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Are there any cats in significant numbers in Nedunkerni?

Cheers mate, for you and I shared the importance of Oddusudan and closing the leaky bottom. SLDF is doing it at best.


Those of you, who are struggling to "undertsand" why the 1km to Kilinochchi is not moving, firstly, it has become 0 km to kilinochchi. Now it will remain so until we evaporate the pussycat herd there. [like water temperature rising 0-100 and stay at 100 until evaporation]. However my guess is that this kili and para are two baits in the gigantic Chak-gudu [or Kabadi] game. SLDF try to charge and hit them in multiple places, but actual push will come at one place.

I like keeping pussycats occupied at kili-para. We can afford for that.But letting them to hide in jungles of Puthukuduiruppu, nedunkerni, oddusudan etc is a bigger risk.

There are so many suggested ends to pussycats. I think most likely is that Fatpig flees to other country and some pussycat leaders surrender with clan. We have to provide them white vans to give free rides to the rest.

However SLDF has to have a direct link to Met dept. Last one was a perfect blunder to hit the city when storm hits.

Widana said...

අඩෝ බුරම්පිආතා අඟහරු ලොකය තියෙන්නෙ පිටසක්වලද? මොඩ කතා කියන්න එපා බන්.

Ananda-USA said...

Rana, brother,

I am replying to your post of
December 4, 2008 12:35 PM .

I come from a family that sheltered Tamil neighbors and protected their property for several months after the 1983 riots. This was a very common occurrence all over the Sinhala south. I have no animosity towards Tamil people, and have many Tamil friends who concur with and support my views.

However, I am totally opposed to the LTTE and any others who demonize the Sinhala people in their quest to demoralize and enervate the Sinhalese as a pre-requisite to dividing and destroying Sri Lanka. I remember only too well just a decade ago when the Sinhala people were brainwashed into believing that they are in fact demons, and should give up their motherland to expiate their imagined sins. The responsibility for this lies not only with the enemies of Sri Lanka, but also vast numbers of our own leaders who hoped to profit from that con-job. They went around convincing gullible villagers that in implementing affirmative action programs we had discriminated, that the 1983 riots were a reflection of some inherent racism in us, and that peace at any cost, including dividing the motherland, was the best thing to do.

My vision for the future of Sri Lanka is that of a land in which all of its people, irrespective of race, religion, language or wealth can enjoy equal rights and live harmoniously together. To that end, I oppose all attempts, overt and covert, peaceful and violent, to undermine Sri Lanka's unity and security, and reject all attempts to embed ethnic divisions in the governing framework of Sri Lanka.

Born in 1948, the year of Sri Lanka's independence, I am probably much older than most of you patriots; nonetheless the patriotic flame burns just as brightly in my breast as in yours. In the 1983 riots, I too witnessed the violence inflicted against Tamil people, and read of the similar violence against the Sinhala people in Tamil areas. As you all know, this riot was triggered by the killing of 13 soldiers, but many of you don't know that nearly 4 years of hit-and-run raids against Sinhala people and government officials preceded it. It was done deliberately to provoke this kind of violent reaction, so that the Tamil community could be weaned away from the Sinhala people and from loyalty to Sri Lanka, and the Sinhala people demonized for it. I do not condone any violence against innocent civilians, but you have to understand that people are imperfect and the pot does boil over after repeated prodding. Those who keep abreast of racial, religious and caste violence in India, know that the fuse is much shorter there and the events much more frequent. Whereas the reasons for communal violence in India are many, in Sri Lanka it is invariably related to threats to the integrity of the country. This is the red flag to the Sinhala bull. While communal violence for any reason cannot be excused, I cannot equate that to racism or genocide in the case of the 1983 riots: those who deliberately set fires should expect to be burnt; even innocents.

I also distinguish the violence of this LTTE engineered communal riot from the largely manufactured charges of systematic discrimination and racism that Tamil separatists level against the Sinhala people. These charges form the pretextual basis for demanding a separate state. I have written at length in this blog as to why some of the affirmative action programs instituted by the GOSL were necessary to uplift those segments of the population historically disenfranchised under British Colonial policies, (and continued under the pre-Bandaranaike UNP governments), that privileged segments of the society lose ground when they are enacted, but that they are necessary in countries breaking free of colonialism. Recognizing the need to uplift Scheduled Castes, Tribal Castes and Other Backward Castes, India has instituted affirmative programs; so much so that one Indian Supreme Court judge stated that "in no other country in the world do communities struggle so hard to be degraded in solcial status to gain access to government benefits"! Therefore, it puzzles me why Indians object to affirmative action in Sri Lanka, and consider it to be dricrimination inflicted on the Tamils. Those policies in Sri Lanka laid the foundation for the high level of social equity we enjoy in Sri Lanka today in stark contrast to India, and has yielded high literacy, equitable labor laws, decent heathcare, cheap transportation, rural electrification, housing and widespread land ownership. This wave of enlightened policies lifted the boats of all needy people, irrespective of whether they were Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. Some Tamils only see this as discrimination, and loss of priveleges they enjoyed under British Colonial rule, but ignore the benefits that have accrued to all needy people including their own.

It is this view that I reject in its entirety, for had we not done so, Sri Lanka would remain the cauldron of illiteracy, intolerance and violence that is India today. If India and Tamil Nadu thad not been pitted the Tamils against the Sinhala people, today Sri Lanka would have joined South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong as an engine of economic growth.

Given that India and Sri Lanka attained independence at about the same time, ask yourself why Sri Lanka has progressed further than India towards social equity. The answer is that the Sinhala Buddhist majority community of Sri Lanka, unlike caste-ridden, religiously backward majority of India, was progressive and actively implemented enlightened laws to uplift all of its people. In every country, it is the politically dominant majority community that sets the agenda for social progress. If that community is backward and feudal in outlook, progress will suffer. Do you see discrimination on the basis of caste among the Sihalese? Yet, in Tamil Nadu caste-discrimination is endemic. Do you see Brahmins burning themselves in the streets of Colombo to deny government mandated benefits to poorer people? Do you see women denied benefits and education that men enjoy in Sri Lanka? In Sri Lanka the literacy of men and women is high and about equal; yet in India the literacy is low, and women are only half as literate as men.

I attended school and university in Sri Lanka; I did not see any discrimination between Tamils and Sinhala people, or between the rich and the poor. What I did hear of was that the lower caste people among the Tamils could not get access to the Brahmin run Hindu temples. I worked as a university lecturer and a government engineer; but nowhere did I see discrimination against Tamils. If the Tamils of Sri Lanka go to Tamil Nadu to live, they will experience what real discrimination is. So where was this discrimination by the Sinhala people against the Tamils? In fact, it is misrepresentation of an affirmative action program for university admission, built up from a molehill into a veritable mountain, and posed as intolerable discrimination that threatens the very survival of Tamil community of Sri Lanka. Lies...all Lies, manufactured to justify wholesale land grab in the eyes of the world! A land grab enabled by military and political support from Tamil Nadu and India.

My appeal to patriots here is not to buy into the allegation that Sinhalese have inflicted intolerable discrimination on Tamils. People who initiate violence must expect retaliation, however regrettable and misdirected against innocents that may be. It is not institutionalized racism, or genocide. Do not dwell on the tress and miss seeing the forest.

kevin said...

You sound odd.

Widana said...

Odd as in weird or odd as in queer? Are you a homophobic sinhaloid trying to penetrate the Gay Tiger homeland?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Rana Asithri Freetrade,

Regarding July thug-crime of 1983.

There is a simple truth of human nature which makes you all correct at once.

Today's injustice is a reaction to yesterday's

So the chain continues.

1983 killings were WRONG, UNFAIR, and CRIMINAL, but they were not purely based on imagination. It started when fat pig and co shot dead 13 soldiers, which was again bad and wrong. Why fat pig got this motivation, some ministers burned Jaffna library ad rigged the polls. And why was that, there was a risk of separatist movement getting power, why separtism had so much power, Sinhala ony rules in SL administration made them feel alienated, why that, because Sudda and tamil suppressed sinhala, etc etc.

Forget scale, but see the chain. Some injustice is quantitatively different to other, but mere simple philosophy is the same.

Having denounced the total mayhem of 1983, I stand strong that it SHOULD be left alone now. May be a public apology, but NO WAY we shud take that as a reason or reasoning for today's proceedings. Otherwise we may have to file cases against everyone who lived in this land for past 1000s of years for their whatever share for every problem of today.

Anyone still conducting injustice due to 1983 should be regarded as a criminal, and 1983 should not be mentioned in that conviction. This is 2008, and crimes of 2008 stand absolutely and independently in 2008.

Rana said...

Sjeewa K and Ananda-USA,

I have great respect for both of you, brothers.

Ananda, I agree with you and infact with Asithri too but if we are gracious enough to accept our wrong doings, that will not lower our level at all. That is also not going to undermine racism and radicalism show by some high class jaffna tamils.

Instead, we will have bright future in SL by calling everybody as brothers or sisters.

What I don't like is "extreme prejudice" against all tamils, ironically Asithri use this word "EXTREME PREJUDICE" too often to attack ant tamil.

That is where, I do not agree with Asithri, otherwise he is fine young man and I like him lot.

Rana said...


Agree with you without reservation, brother.

I am fully supportive of the war and complete destruction of LTTP and the leadership with armed seperatism.

What I am talking is after the war, what we should do!

We must ensure that communal violance is a thing of the past and not for future.

The moment we guarantee that to all minorities, we have won 90% of the cool seperatism battle.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Regardless anything, this communal bullshit violence of 1983 stands unique. It was more of a JR-violance.

A gang of thugs can kill 10 ppl of a race or religion or any other classification anytime in any country. But state sponsorship is essential for that to extend to 3000 murders.

Fuck JR. I mean it.

You are talking about JR, under whom paramilitaries were grown to hack entire villages of SINHALA race when a military vehicle or MP is attacked from nearby woods. I'm talking about 87-90 era. We have a lad called Polwatte [assuming ambalangoda] here, and he must be knowing one example of this sort.

Again Fuck the idiotic leader JR. He is one of the main reasons for every problem in SL.

Anyway as you can see, donkeys are spread all over the races at any time. Eliminating their sadistic thoughts is impossible. But the extent will be very small and their actions are even completely avoidable if state takes right action.

wijayapala said...

Mayilravana Aiye,

"But the genetic data the history of the collaborative relationship between Pandyas and Sinhala speak for themselves."

You mean the genetic data on the close relationship between the Sinhalese and the Tamils as a whole. Genetically the closest people to the Sinhalese are the Tamils- not the N. Indians and especially not the Bengalis. The Pandyans don't have a unique genetic stock.

"Why don't you speak a bit more Kunu Harapa in Sudda Sinhala?"

Normally I don't like writing Sinhala using English letters. I once did tell Mushe "Kalabola venne epa" but he did not listen to me.

"Regarding Eelam call. I think you should read KT Rajasingham's series on "Sri Lanka, the untold story". The call for Eelam came in 1919 according to him. They were at it before the Sinhala nationalists."

You are referring to Ponnambalam Arunachalam's statement where he first injected the term "Tamil Eelam" into SL politics. Actually if you look carefully, he does not make any reference to Tamil homeland. Instead he seems to be talking about Tamil people and identity. Nothing about the N or E.

Rajasingham for his part claims that the CNC was taken over by "Sinhala militants." I do not agree btw with Rajasingham, but the controversial issue of communal vs popular representation revealed a key flaw of the Sinhala leadership that has run through to the present: the tendency to make promises that *cannot* be kept. James Peiris and EJ Samarawickreme had promised a seat in Western Province for the Tamils but did not follow through. If they were honest leaders, they should not have made that promise to begin with.

In any case, the Tamil politicians did not follow up with "Tamil Eelam" until 1949 when Chelvanayagam created ITAK. In the intervening years, the Tamil Congress led by GG Ponnambalam demonstrated the ability to work with the Sinhalese. Contrary to what Dumb-Arse claims, GG did not *demand* 50-50 representation for the minorities; he did not make any threats of separatism or terrorism, and when the British ruled against him the Tamils didn't make any agitations. GG even participated in the 1st post-independence government.

"TammOy = Mother"

The old Tamil word for mother is "thay."

"Is it not conceivable that stimulated by Dandidn's work and by Jain Buddhist presence, the Southern Indian and SL intellectuals began a simultaneous focus on the vernacular languages?"


"Tamilakam as I have pointed out is a territory in all probability much smaller than say a Nadu or Desa even though an evident group identity had been assigned to such a territory."

Evidence please. As I told you before, the Tamil literature specifically includes what is today southern Andhra Pradesh down to the southern tip of India, including Kerala. The temple traditions in these regions (such as Sri Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh, one of the 5 elemental Siva temples in Tamilakam) also confirm this.

"Culturally there is very little difference among the South Indian "states" and Sri Lanka. Certain distinction between the regions can certainly be identified and to be noted is that the cultural practices in modern Tamilnadu are very similar to people of Jaffna (as I understand)."

I beg to differ. Genetically we are very similar but culturally there are large gaps even between the Jaffna and S. Indian Tamils, who parted ways about 700-800 years ago and developed separately. Jaffna Tamil language has retained certain features from 13th century language but has lost others. For example, in SL the 'l' in Tamil is pronounced as a regular l instead of a 'rl' sort of sound (which some old scholars erroneously put as 'zh').

"It is interesting that while we may be so interested and curious about the Tamil identity and even fascinated by its relationship to Sinhala, none of the Peelamists here are in the least bit interested. I would propose that this is because they are not interested in such an identity at all. Most them are English educated Thakkadiyas or LTTE educated Thal-Buruwas."

I would agree with this.

"1) I have realised that the Tamil leaders were much more blatant racists than Sinhala leaders ever aspired to be."

I would disagree. What is your evidence?

"2) Until very recently I have not seen any Tamil publicly acknowledge the wrong done by Tamil leadership to SL and to the Sinhalas."

You haven't read much of what the moderate Tamils have stated. Look at UTHR's publications and Anandasangaree's open letters.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Oh boys boys, mud throwing started ha? Just like the fcking stupid politicians in SL!

Hopefully, once Asithri comes to batting he won’t start swinging his bat like Sana!

If I want to challenge some one then I’ll make sure to challenge a monkey for a fight!

Some one like Mr.Brown Hole who said “ I dont understand why still we cant capture Kilinochi”, Because ur stupid silly!!! Ha h ah ! Not only I can bash the monkey, I can get monkey do a dance before get bashed!

Anyway, I am keeping low until boys sorted out differences!

One thing to remember, unite and win or get fcuked!

Moshe Dyan said...

chief justice did the RIGHT thing again.

well done.

his task is to interpret the law, etc. not to MAKE laws. there is a HUGE gap between legal requirements especially on terrorism and the parliament is not doing anything other than passing the emergency every month.

all our anti-terror and anti-seperatist laws are PRE-WAR!!!

all POST-83 amendments only reduced the strength of earlier laws!!!

this is on top of complete inaction from the part of the govt to seek legal remedies against separatists/terrorist supporters.

in the midst of all this shit, CJ is doing great.

Moshe Dyan said...


glad you are still with the patriots.

w-pala agrees that he is not a SL patriot. that is perfectly alright.

but creating divisions among patriots in the process of saving him is not good.

anyway, i think you will always remain a patriot MISSILE!!!!


Rana said...


I am not boasting and correct me if I am wrong. During 1983 and after, I was very close to Lalith Athulathmudali (National security and trade minister) and my minister was president JR himself (energy minister) and I was colombo south CEB engineer incharge.

I also knew Tiron Fernano, Anandathissa, CV Goonarathe and Sunethra Ranasinghe very well.

It is not JR or Lalth who betray the country during 1983 riots. It is the police department who did not take any preventive meassures against hooligans.

I remember participating into a high level meeting with JR, Lalith and Gen. Syril Ranathunga just 03 days after the riots, as govt officer for essential services.

Very clearly JR and Lalith asked Police and army clam down on hooligans without mercy but it was only after 03 days and by the time damage was done.

Army couldn't come earlier for civil riots, it was the police who looked elsewhere or even encouraged unruly elements in the south.

wijayapala said...


"I was not talking about discrimination, I was talking about armed violance against innocent neighbours for some thing happened in elsewhere."

You clearly have a greater understanding of what made things turn out the way they did. It was not so much "discrimination" (which affected more the elite Tamils, as FreeTrade pointed out) than the **violence** particularly from 1977 onward.

In that story we have 2 main villains: A. Amirthalingam who was the LTTE's patron until about 1980, and JR Jayawardene who unleashed the JSS thugs first against the leftists and then the Tamils. Amirthalingam helped set the stage for things by calling for a separate state in 1977, but his actions did not affect ordinary Sinhalese the way that JR's actions harmed ordinary Tamils, whether rich or poor, high caste or low caste, Estate Tamil or Jaffna Tamil etc.

I agree with Sujeewa that we should not fixate on this, because we cannot undo the past. The problem however is that there are "low level patriot bastards" who believe that everything is the fault of the Tamils. They are basically arguing that the way to defeat Tamil nationalism is to kill Tamils until it disappears. These Mushes and Dumb-Arses bring up Ponnambalam through Amirthalingam to justify their Tamilphobia. That is why I am bringing up the history in this blog.

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

Yes, brother, I am looking for a big enough bush to hide when Asithri comes off with flying bats. LOL.

Do not worry, I still can handle couple of Asithries in any given time.


I will never leave people like you, amma G/G and many other patriots to fight alone. I promised to be in the front shoulder to shoulder with you all for any situ, brother.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with you 100%.

i read somewhere about how JRJ conducted PRE-1983 and POST-1983.
will send the link, if i find...


(what i remember)

1. 1977 onwards - started bashing tamils - the "bucket" campaign

2. 1977 onwards - completely fcuked the SLFP, communist parties. killed hundreds of political activists.

3. july 1980 - sacked, killed, screwwed, attacked, etc. over 100,000 strikers.

4. 1982 - the most 'fantastic' election rigging campaign was launched.

5. he had 5/6th of the parliament


after all these, which IDIOT will believe that he couldn't stop less than 200 rioters. the looters are different; they only scavebged. they could not have done anything without the rioters.

just 200 rioters WITHOUT GUNS, BOMBS!!! what a joke???

PLUS no curfew for 3 days

to top it all displaced ppl were sent to jaffna!!!!


1. jvp went on rampage; JRJ didn't do anything

2. slfp went on rampage; JRJ didn't do anything

3. ppl started to strike; very little was done to stop them

unfortunately the same WOULD have happened in previous (SMALLER) riots.

Moshe Dyan said...


all this happened immediately after the 1977 TAMIL ELAM manifesto that won in tamil areas!!

this was enough fertilizer for sakkiliyas.

they had however started their campaign in 1972. first kill in 1976. the shitt child of tamil terrorism was born by then. it ate the 1983 shitt (including the hatred towards the sinhalas more than the 1983 acts itself) and grew.

wijayapala said...


"It is not JR or Lalth who betray the country during 1983 riots. It is the police department who did not take any preventive meassures against hooligans."

Sujeewa is correct- JR and his Cabinet were directly responsible for the violence. The police did not do anything for 3 days because there were government Ministers like Cyril Mathew who were directly participating in the riots or openly backing them, like Gamini Dissanayake giving Mahaweli Authority vehicles to the thugs.

JR was thinking of "limited violence" along the lines of previous anti-Tamil riots in 1956, 58, and 77 but things went far beyond that. It was only after several days that JR realized the extent of what happened but it was too late by then.

The mentality was "if we give those Tamils a good knock, they will learn their lesson and shut up."

Rana said...


After all, we all wants united sri lanka for every body's sake and beat shit out of LTTP and the bloody leadership.

We may have small differences how we do it and what paths to follow.

That is why I am not only with sinhala patriots but with all patriots sinhala, muslim, tamil or bergher.

When we fight we fight like brothers then shake our hands like brothers.

Only vesapille went out of the way, that is why we are asking for his blood.

Widana said...

Me jayapalan ta nang Sinhala behe wagey. "Kalabola venne epa" kiyala kiwwe? Sinhala puluwan nang kalabala kiyala ne kiyanna ona? Mata penne demala wage.. ekata prashnayak nehe, kiyana deyak kiwwata kamak nehe habei moo kiyana hama ekema boruth poddak thiyanawa.

Rana said...


Yes you have a point, brother.

However, we cannot go on like this bringing 1983 always to justify this or that. We better burry the hatchet wich is 25 years old, before we cut ourselves.

We must look forward and beat this LTTP menace once and for all.

As some body in the blog got his name:

No LTTP = Almost PEACE

onecountry said...

[forget 10km to Mullaitivu. What happened to 1Km to Killinochi?]

Stupid LTTE modayas. Killinochchi is not a point, it is an area. We are already in killinochchi. Distance to killinochchi is now Zero. Got it???

wijayapala said...

"after all these, which IDIOT will believe that he couldn't stop less than 200 rioters. the looters are different; they only scavebged. they could not have done anything without the rioters."

Moshe is correct. The common term for the rioters back then was "Jathika Thug" or "Patriotic Thug." It is for that reason that I hesitate to call myself patriot, because SL history has given us many different examples of what "patriots" are.

Some patriots are risking their lives in the Wanni jungles to destroy the LTTE. There are others like Kadirgamar and Ketesh Loganathan who did not fight with guns but with diplomacy and sacrificed their lives. I consider Anandasangaree to be a patriot but some self-described "patriots" here call him other names.

And then we have Dumb-Arses and their less-literate counterparts the Jathika Thugs who believe that true patriotism consists of murdering innocent people by the thousands. If they are supposed to be "real patriots" then I would rather be called "traitor."

Bhairav said...


glad you are still with the patriots.]

LOL! Mosquito is on his defensive end now. The constant bugger da potato "Rana" would be hard opponent unlike WP whose fluent knowledge of Tamil history puts him always in the bubble among the modayas who think that he is Tamil as what a modya can think.

Mosquito was a reasonably good blogger here even though he was from other side of the camp, and the addition of Assithiri put everything out of perspective. The weaklink of Mosquito is that he melts when he is cornered by real points. These low level insecured folks needed a safety net whose main purpose was that to back them in good or bad times, so came the patriotic club. However, in assithiri's case, patriotic club is more depended on him than what he gets from it since he is on his own using the foul language to get more attention. Stay tuned for more Assithiri's history knowledge as he says Sinhalese were massacred by Tamils in 50s, 60s, and 70s riots etc.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, avoid the "Stone D#ck" who try to piggy back Wijayapala because he don't know his own history except 83! his time is up!

Unknown said...

I do believe normally the collaegues of a slain officer come voluntarily. However the uniformed services have a bad habit. To show people that somebody is important, example if his mother, mother in law died, they force the men to attend the funeral. In the army there is little chance of saying no. As there are so many rules they will wait for the opportunity and charge you for something.

Unknown said...

The UNP buggers are smart. They know what Sri Lanka is going to face in the comming months. Yet they do not want to appear unpatriotic. Like the BJP saying their not going to politise the mumbai attacks. Everyone knows that the bjp is going to sweep to power thanks to the mumbai attaks. UNP knows the problems that going to come. However all the way they were against and branded LTTE Lovers. Now they are Pro War and when the attacks from the economy,weather, foreign influneces etc come and Mahindha crumbles in his own vomit, UNP will be there to reap the benifits.

Bhairav said...

Where is AGG? He hasn't answered my q yet as what the message Sinhalese derived from Buddha's sex and city files. Did Buddha really say that you can have sex with one partner at a time by having n # of partners or one partner with n # of times.

Widana said...

I am outside my house, waiting for the Aliens to land and rescue Thalaivar.

Unknown said...

"Kilinochchi surrounded, 10k to Mullaitivu, what can TAF do? But a massive attack in the south is in the cards."

Defencewire do you really think with all the international support comming this will happen. I mean Sri Lanka needs to continue the propaganda its winning the war and end up losing it.

Bhairav said...

It looks as navindran id is stolen.

Widana said...

I am also waiting till hell freezes over to walk on the sovereign territory of Peelam.

Widana said...

Bhairav anna, thanks. I am suffering from Schizophrenia these days.

Unknown said...

Nish do you think Maj. Jayasingha sits behind a keyboard and cheers and moans when things are reported. He is a soldier and thats his job to go in and do the things he needs to do. He was lucky at times but unlucky this time. In special units ranks dont matter. The only option for him would be to become a training school instructor.

Do you know how boring is that. OF course if you like to teach and see young men mould into something, its fun. However you lose the confidence and there is just that much training you will do as an instructor. RUn 5 km evey other day, gym etc.

There are people not only in the army but in other industries who cannot sit and just do paperwork. Their office and comfort zone will always be the feild. Plus if you want to get reconigsed and promoted and do not have Mahindha or the likes as family or friends, then you need to go and earn your rank.

Unknown said...

You are correct. Army is not all that interested in Kilinochchi."

Oh my god Revelation 10:17, i must check the bible and see whether this was foretold. Real Losers.

Rana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

/ real said... i am bit worried here. forget 10km to Mullaitivu. What happened to 1Km to Killinochi?/

Nothing happaned, it is still there. Go there with a foot ruler and massure and let us know if any cm is reduced.

/ Nihara said... DW/GUYS, Is there a truth in Managala Samaraweera's comments about Disabled Soldiers being sent to operational duties in north and about the "Api enuwen Api "Fund ?/

As I know part of the cost of the house is taken by the fund and the other part is paid by the SLDF members. I can't remember the break up. Thus similar to a housing loan I guess monthly amount will be deducted from his salary. I like this: In this way two families can have two homes with partial payments rather than one family getting one house with no payments and the other familiy gets nothing.

So Mon-gal / UNP "una vikaren dodavanava" in this case. I assume the same for the second case.

Rana said...

Bhairav de peanut,

Don't worry about Navindran, he has just switched from bipolar to omnipolar!

Unknown said...

I do not accept the mistreatment of the lower caste by their higher caste people. My dad always says that people without anything of their own lean on such things and actually show their of low self esteem. The LTTE has encouraged inter caste marriage. Its the karava and other low caste as you say who suffer in the war regardless of whether they are tamil or sinhalese. Thats why you have had Rohan and Prabha.

They both come from a bit more wealthy background. Their fight for injustice in their caste communities became a more wide spread notion for their communties. Its the elites and kandyans and colombo chetties who turned it into a racial wars. First to prevent the JVP uprising to spread to the tamils and next using the tamils to prevent a southern lower caste uprising.

First ask why are the still advertisments asking for goviyma brides or grooms. Should not this be banned. There is no palce for caste in buddish and it was an offset of brahminic domination that was followed by sinhalese when they were hindus. As much as the lies and manipulations you elites try to propagate and still carry and spread your colonial masters religion to the world.

I mean they can become buddisht yet Sarath Fonseka cannot become Sarath X or Sarath jayasinghe. Malcom X did it so did Muhamed Ali. First becomming Casyess X. They dropped a family name they got due to being a slave with the family. How many sri lankans with such names from the elite groups will do so. Dona Mahindha will?

Not matter how much money a dog has if it stands of it hind legs and trys to bark like a human talking, A DOG WILL ALWYAYS BE A DOG.

Moshe Dyan said...


hows brintha, the IPKF screwwed slutt sister of yours??

now don't go into hiding.

just say hi to her.

Moshe Dyan said...

pranab is going to come down to SL to press for a ceasefire.

this is serious.

if india is trying this type of crap, SL should immediately get the chinese army. a symbolic presence of a few is enough.

rest assured, india will not have anything to do with SL until they are there.

can't think of any other alternative. pleasing them with adjustment to the battle plan is unacceptable.

Rana said...


mate, MR have called repeatedly to LTTP for lay down arms and come for peace talks.

LTTP cannot do that. So, only option for India is to force LTTP to laydown arms.

SL should ask India not to give any other concessions to LTTP other than peace talks by surrendering arms.

Then LTTP leadership is kapoth and civilians are saved! or the war will do the same but many more civilians will die.

CASC said...

Interesting cockpit video of the JF17, which was jointly developed between Pakistan and China

Nihara said...


thanks for that info.


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, sad news! Navindran seeya blew the gasket!! Yep, I even heard the ambulance siren! : ))

A DOG WILL ALWYAYS BE A DOG! Navindran seeya, r u talking about that “Stone D#ck lover puffta”??? ha ha ha

priyashantha said...

Not much news apart from the Long Ranger's blog.

R.I.P. Navindran!

Wesa-balla aka Wijayapala,

You said, "The common term for the rioters back then was "Jathika Thug" or "Patriotic Thug."

SakkiliyO, Jathika is not equal to Patriotic.

Jathika means national.


Now everyone knows you are a fc*king pretender.

You are affected with cronic inferiority complex. Why pretend to be a Sinhala when you are a Tamil?

This may be the 100th time I have exposed you. But you come here like MD said an unpaid prostitute.

What happened to your other avatars, MIA, echolalia, peacebetoall?

You are pathetic shit Wesa-balla. A disgrace to the Tamil community.

Asithri said...

However, first things first…I need to do some “clear the fog” first….


[including the undercover ones who masquerade here under Sinhela sounding names]

No mate, I did not include you when I made this statement.

I am surprised that you in your wildest dreams would think so! I don’t think you have given me a reason to suspect you are an undercover Tamil racist agent here…unlike the ones such as “Wijayapala” "Upul" “Bandara” etc. (who were the ones I was referring to when that statement was made)…

So, now how about following up on:

[I am ready to apologise and gracefully withdraw my whole posting, if Asithri was not accusing me as a double agent or a traitor.]

OaO Asithri

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ahh… I am glad ! Asithri is playing sensibly ! not like Sana but more like Sanga! : ))

Hey mate, can u leave Wijayapala for a while and give us some news from Colombo if u have any?

Asithri said...


This is the same undercover racist bitch who asked Moshey to:

“Kalabola venne epa”


Ugey ammata…para wesa-balla…uta kiyanna beha “Kalabala”…LMSSAO!!!

OaO Asithri

Rana said...

OK Asithri, Brother.

My appology! Just be a good boy and forget my last post (last night after few drinks).

Any way, how about a two rounds in the ring with gloves on but no head cover!

Asithri said...


[Asithri is playing sensibly ! not like Sana but more like Sanga! : ))]

Greets brother…this truly made me laugh!

[give us some news from Colombo if u have any?]

No special news as my key source(s) are actually in “friendly countries” right now clicking the deal on “some things” I am told…

OaO Asithri

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

Asithri is more like a bowler to me than a batsman.

Very similar to Malings putha with wild run and sling shot arm, nevertheless effective delivery!

CASC said...

The attached article below is written by an eelamist whose dreams are about to be shattered by the Sri Lanka Army. Some of what is said is far fetched. Nevertheless, there is an element of truth with regard to the geopolitics of the region. Sri Lanka is in the backyard of a big power. Big powers are always in the process of destabalizing their neighbors. This is a means of indirect control.

Whether it is Russia with the NIS countries, or India with Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Big powers have created countries (as in Panama to build a canal), destroyed countries (like what happened to Yugoslavia), annexed countries (like what happened to Sikkim which is now an Indian state), formented civil wars by creating so called national liberation movements(like what India did in Bangladesh by creating the Mukti Bhani and by creating the Maoist movement in Nepal to oust the monarchy), fought wars to preserve their strategic and commercial interests (like what Britain and France did when the Suez canal was nationalized). India's attitude towards Sri Lanka can be seen in this context.

Balance of power: West v East

Seda Punkt - 4/12/2008

World dominant is in question. West, namely, US, EU, and Canada are on one side, East-namely, Russia, and China, are on the other front, where India is increasingly aligning itself with Russia.

The breakup of USSR was one of the US's major foreign policy achievements. Now, the lone Russia with Chechnya, is not much of a threat. Tibet, and Xinjiang can give long term headache to China, but breaking up Russia and China is very difficult. But India.

Powerful India is a growing trouble for the West, and the solution is breaking up India.

India is very similar to Yugoslavia; the 30% of the Hindi speaking are dominating the rest of India.

Let it be clear: India was never a friend of the USA. India and the Indians are opportunists. When USSR was in downturn, India opened its economy (supposedly), and the West fell for it; started to invest in India heavily. India's economy started wheeling. As soon India realizes that it can stand on its legs, and the re-emergence of Russia, it renewed its existing tie with Russia.

Without divulging in detail, any-one can see the trouble India is in: Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, not to mention Nagaland, Maoist rebels, etc. The new trouble for the India is the West-created hub of India's Silicon Valley (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka). I prefer to call this new dimension, a Dravidian Federation. These four states have much to gain from siding with the West than sticking with North India.

NSC- National Security Council, should plant the seed now. The US should support separatism in the Indian Sub-continent. There is a long running civil war in Sri Lanka. North-East of Sri Lanka is only 18-miles from India. A new Tamil Eelam will fuel the existing separatism in India. West should take this opportunity to support the creation of Tamil Eelam.

India will never allow a separate independent state for Tamils to be carved out from Sri Lanka. India knows well that the new state behind its backyard is the beginning of the end of India. India will do all it can to prevent a threat from the Tamils of Sri Lanka. It will provide all necessary supports to Sri Lankan state. In 2000, when Tamil Tigers were about to drive out the Sri Lankan Army out of Jaffna peninsula, India offered its Navy. Currently, the military ties between India and Sri Lanka are growing. Sri Lanka is fighting India's war in the North-East.

India wanted to dominate South Asia. After the war with Pakistan over Bangladesh, India determined to have Sri Lanka, and Maldives under its control, so it would deny Pakistani access to Sri Lankan bases. It started training Tamil-militants of Sri Lanka in the 1980s, and that let to the 1987 Indo-Lanka peace accord. India sent 125,000+ strong army to Sri Lanka under the cover of IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force). Indians were able to capture 95% of the Tamil-homeland. IPKF could have eliminated LTTE's leadership long time ago, but still was "fighting", so it can stay in forever.

While India was in Sri Lanka, its next move was hatching: Maldives. Indian army trained 60 Tamil mercenaries belonging to the left-wing People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), one of the five major Sri Lankan Tamil guerrilla groups of that time. These Indian backed mercenaries were sent to Maldives, and they attempted to overthrow the President Gayoom regime on November 3, 1988. Waiting Indian Paratroopers "intervened in time" to help Maldives.

India was successful in establishing a permanent base in the Maldives, but in Sri Lanka. India thought it could have a permanent base, but with the help of then Sri Lankan President Premadasa, LTTE denied a base too. India lost the war to the LTTE, and finally withdrew in 1990.

India's Southern Naval Command (SNC), headquartered in Cochin (Kochi) is ready to cross Palk Strait to Sri Lanka with a moment notice. This was evident how ready Indian Navy was, when Tsunami stuck Sri Lanka in December, 2004.

Here is the Indian version of the mission:

"INS Sandhayak, a survey ship, and INS Sukanya, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, arrived at Trincomalee on 27 Dec. Three truck loads of dry provisions and medical supplies were handed over to the district government agent and the Sri Lankan Navy. One Medical Officer was deputed to the Trincomalee civil hospital. The balance of the medical team, along with Sri Lankan Navy, set up medical camps at outlying areas around Trincomalee."

"INS Sharda, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, arrived on 27 Dec 04 off Galle harbour. The ship established contact with the Sri Lankan Navy Detachment and launched an inflatable boat with divers and helicopter for reconnaissance. The ship undertook setting up of medical camps ashore in consultation with the local authorities. Barges were arranged by the Sri Lankan Navy for offloading relief supplies supplies from Sharda."

"INS Sutlej, a survey ship, arrived off Galle on 28 Dec 04. The ship carried out sounding (measuring of depth) of the channel using the ship's boats and providing assistance for salvage and clearance/survey of channel to render it safe for navigation."

"One naval Dornier will medical teams and medical supplies landed at Colombo at 1917 h on 26 Dec 04. The medical teams have been deputed to the District Hospital at Hambantota and are attending to the casualties."

"A second naval Dornier sortie was launched from Kochi on 27 Dec 04 with 400 kg of medical supplies and 300 litres of water embarked onboard. The aircraft landed at Colombo (Ratmalana Airbase) at 1900 h. The aircraft returned to Kochi after disembarking relief supplies."

India was busy securing Sri Lankan harbors with more than five Navy ships and Aircraft carriers, and the only international airport with its Air Force, while its own people from Tamil Nadu was to get any sort of relieve from its government.

India went one step further in Trinco. It not only prevented the US Navy from entering Trinco harbor first, but also made it off-limit to all other foreign militaries by blocking the entrance to the harbor. The West's anger was first felt, when Italian Navy, a G7 member, and an US ally, made direct contact with the LTTE. Sri Lankan government was irked. The Government has reportedly rebuked the Italian Embassy in Colombo for sending humanitarian relief directly to the affected Tamils and has made it clear that all governmental assistance from other countries should be routed to the Tamils through it.

Then, the US and India were dating, a sort. It was also the post 911, where all the insurgencies were wrongly labeled as terrorists. India used this opportunity to have its agenda advanced in Sri Lanka. India wanted to suppress the insurgency and separatism on the Island. After the fall of well fortified Elephant-Pass Sri Lankan Army garrison to the LTTE, India was convinced, if no intervention, LTTE would achieve its goal, Tamil Eelam soon. It hurriedly crafted, now infamous, Cease Fire Agreement – CFA, between the LTTE and Sri Lankan Government. India skillfully netted the West to agree to the "United Sri Lanka" concept, and to the CFA. You might still hear the "United Sri Lanka" song from the West, time to time… it was the Indian lyrics.

The CIA equivalent of the Indian agency called, Research and Analytical Wing, RAW, started carrying out its plan, before and after the CFA was singed in 2002. First victim was the Col. Shankar, head of Tamil Tiger Air Force. This was achieved by its Tamil mercenaries now working with the Lankan Army. RAW also played a crucial role in splitting the then Eastern commander, Col. Karuna from the mainstream Tamils.

RAW systematically almost got Tamil Tigers under its wrap. About 12 Tamil ships were intercepted by the Navy. In some cases, the US willingly or unwillingly supported Indian goal, and supported the Lankan Navy. This was the worst-time for the Tamil Tigers. Most of the weapon smuggling rings were dismantled. At least one of the Tiger Aircrafts which was carrying weapons, was shot down, probably by Indian Navy off Mannar. Mean time, East was re-captured by the Army after 14 years. The US, France, UK, and Canada started arresting Tamil-Tiger sympathizers in mass. Every single Tamil, living in the West, was in the danger of stamped as Terrorist. No just, but politics that governed Tamil issue. Many innocent Tamils were also arrested, and their community TV-Networks was shutdown in Europe. Everything was going the way, RAW wanted.

Tamil Tigers maintains its power by strategically withdrawn from the East, so its man-power is not lost. Tigers are now more powerful than they were ever before. Arms they stockpiled are enough to sustain major battles. Tigers may lack modern weaponry to deal with the growing threat from the Russian made MIGs, and the Navies. This doesn't deter its power. Tamils are currently defending the Wanni stronghold fiercely. India is patrolling both countries' coasts, and waiting Delhi's order to land in Mannar, Trinco, Kankesanthurai, and Point Pedro.

This is where the current Sri Lankan conflict is, a stalemate a sort. This would go either way, West or East. It all depends on Tamil Eelam. If the West is succeed in creating a nation at the backyard of India, then, it can weaken India, and still dominate the world.

To prevent India from militarily intervene, during the next stage of battles, the voice of Tamils in India should be encouraged towards the grievances of Tamils of Lanka. There is a silent majority of LTTE sympathizers in Tamil Nadu. These people should speak up, protest against the military intervention, and aids to the genocidal Lankan State. All Tamil Nadu Politians must come together for the Tamils. All actors, movie directors, and other public figures take the cause to the streets all over Tamil Nadu, and beyond. DMK must pressure the central government. Failing to do so, must result in the next new front in Tamil Nadu politics. The new party must be supporting the Tamil Eelam. DMK has a final chance to do something while in power. It is time to get rid of Brahmins from Tamil Nadu politics altogether. All the anti-Tamil figures in Tamil Nadu are Brahmins.

Most of the Indian politians are corrupt, and rich nations should use this weakness as well. Here are some anti-Tamils from the South: Jayalalithaa Jayaram, Subramaniam Swamy, Cho Ramasamy, Narasimhan Ram, B. Raman, S. Gopal, Dr. S. Chandrasekharan, C.S. Kuppuswamy, M K Narayanan, to name a few.

The West should increase clandestine ties with the Tamil Tigers further, keeping in mind India is watching. Kosovo type solution is time consuming, and India won't let it happen.

The West should provide military and political assistance to Tamil Tigers. All Tamil political prisoners should be released from the US, Canada, and the EU confinements. West should start de-proscribing the LTTE, and elevate them as Freedom Fighters. West should create a conduit for the creation of Tamil Eelam. West should recognize Tamil Eelam within a year. It is a signal to India that it should fall in line with the West, or else…

Asithri said...


[OK Asithri, Brother. My appology! Just be a good boy and forget my last post (last night after few drinks).]

Yep, what happened brother? Did you finish the whole 80-proof 1L bottle in one sitting? LOL!!!

[Any way, how about a two rounds in the ring with gloves on but no head cover!]

I am into Thai KB, so only if vicious kicking is allowed I will partake! And oh, btw, please, no biting okay…as I will have a hard time explaining those to my TMVP cutie!!! LOL!!!

No hard feelings brother…you are a true patriot and I hold you in high regard for that!

OaO Asithri

hb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rana said...


I don't know whether you are serious or not but I will give you explanation for why wijayapala used term "JATHIKA"

During JR's time UNP trade union is called "JATHIKA SEVAKA SANGAMAYA" (JSS) which had some thugs working for Syril Maththive and others.

Syril Maththive used these JSS thugs against tamil population in Colombo and Jaffna in the name of patriots.

That is why wijayapala used the term "JATHIKA PATRIOTS".

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Asithri/Rana, boys’ important thing is wining the match! Especially when umpires are biased! We have to be extra cautious not to be given out on a front foot LBW!

Play safe brothers! Have fun!

Rana said...


//No hard feelings brother…you are a true patriot and I hold you in high regard for that!//

Same goes with me too, brother. I have very high regard for all our patriots who are working so hard to free our mother land from malignant LTTP cancer.

Asithri said...

DW, please bear with me...but a few "Worth Repeating" excerpts are in order and they are from none other than our well-spoken, cultured (yes, almost like OaOA here? LMSSAO!) Ananda-USA and I will do them in a couple of multi-posts for clarity and effect.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[However, I am totally opposed to the LTTE and any others who demonize the Sinhala people in their quest to demoralize and enervate the Sinhalese as a pre-requisite to dividing and destroying Sri Lanka. I remember only too well just a decade ago when the Sinhala people were brainwashed into believing that they are in fact demons, and should give up their motherland to expiate their imagined sins. The responsibility for this lies not only with the enemies of Sri Lanka, but also vast numbers of our own leaders who hoped to profit from that con-job.]

Very well said Ananda-USA! Good job!

Asithri said...


[In the 1983 riots, I too witnessed the violence inflicted against Tamil people, and read of the similar violence against the Sinhala people in Tamil areas. As you all know, this riot was triggered by the killing of 13 soldiers, but many of you don't know that nearly 4 years of hit-and-run raids against Sinhala people and government officials preceded it.]

Very well said Ananda-USA! Good job!

Asithri said...


[Whereas the reasons for communal violence in India are many, in Sri Lanka it is invariably related to threats to the integrity of the country. This is the red flag to the Sinhala bull.]

Very well said Ananda-USA! Good job!

Asithri said...


[My appeal to patriots here is not to buy into the allegation that Sinhalese have inflicted intolerable discrimination on Tamils. People who initiate violence must expect retaliation, however regrettable and misdirected against innocents that may be. It is not institutionalized racism, or genocide. Do not dwell on the tress and miss seeing the forest.]

Very well said Ananda-USA! Good job!

hb said...

Peter said...
"Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins"

Race? Lol!

You are right, Kilinochchi which has symbolic importance is well defended by the tigers neglecting the other strategically important bases such as Alampil sea tiger bastion.

Do you see any signs of Velupillei being outwitted by the forces? Lol

Too bad the Sinhala modayas are not in a hurry to capture kili and taking advantage of the held up tiger resources to capture other areas :)

Asithri said...


[Guys, do not fall for this tiger in Lion's mane. As Asithri suspected, he is one of these high caste faffna tamils with a superiority complex who got right royally buggered by the fisherman caste, they have lost all their power and influence.]

Thanks brother. We have been deceived it is time to call a Spade a Spade and ram the Diamond up their (Tamil racists') arse!


OaO Asithri

Anonymous said...

/No hard feelings brother…you are a true patriot and I hold you in high regard for that!

Same goes with me too, brother./

Ha Ha Bad day for Bahirava ... Now go and watch some third class tamiz-nadu film...

Asithri said...


Greets brother...given your deep sense of patriotism I feel, good to see you post here...pls. do more often.


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

[Ha Ha Bad day for Bahirava ... Now go and watch some third class tamiz-nadu film...]

I think it should be “third class tamiz-nadu porno film”…like the one that was titled not long ago “Karunanidhi does Jayalalitha’s Double-Bubble”…!!!

OaO Asithri

priyashantha said...

Greetings Asithri and Rana.


Machang, he didn't call them Jathika Patriots, he called them Jathika thugs translated in his little Sinhala knowledge into Patriot thugs.

I too can remember the word Jathika "Marayo" but can't recall any Patriot thugs or "Deshapremi Marayo".

Macho, this is not the first time he attempted translating Sinhala words and went wrong.

The Deshapremi Janatha Viyaparaya was not patriotic. Those sakkili were trained in Madurai with LTTE sakkili to kill family member of army guys.

Kollo, this Wijayapala is not a patriot, he is an idiot. he he!!

(take out p,a,t,r and replace with an i,d )

But I'm sorry if he had suffered in 1983 like many innocent Tamils suffered. My appachchi could have saved him as he did to many families. Sadly, they were very ungrateful. That's their choice. We did "pin". That's for us to keep!

Asithri said...


[ironically Asithri use this word "EXTREME PREJUDICE" too often to attack ant tamil]

Bro, it appears you have misunderstood me…

Whenever I use the term “with extreme prejudice” it is always against the LTTE MFs (and their agents) and not against peace loving Tamils. Here the usage of “extreme prejudice” is in the same context as “extreme hatred/loathing” and no, it is not a hatred/loathing against any race, but rather against terrorists/terrorism.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

OK, my TMVP "commander" is in town and she just came in the to run and tell her that LTTE male-whore Bhiarav has the hots and wankers thinking about B'cloa cuties!

Catch you patriots later...

OaO Asithri

Saman said...


I was on the wings reading/thinking - what on earth is going on? Serious bloggers (from both sides) are pretty much saying the same things with marginally out of line to each other. My views,

1. The biggest joke is - “rana” is a double agent and not a patriot.
2. The biggest blunder is – Sinhalese should not take the responsibility of crimes against humanity in 1983. Yes, we should. We must get this reminded every year if we can so that we will never ever repeat that blunder - even if Ealam is created by VesaPulle.
3. Many communal/race violence’s have happened sponsored by thugs from Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims alike prior to 1983. But they were localised and fuelled more by ignorance than organised racial hatred. Trigger’s were few individuals taking kathi, polu agaist the other for petty issues.
4. However, first time in the contemporary history of our land, 1983 crime was state sponsored. Rana, my jaw dropped when you tried to white wash JR/Lalith etc. I could not believe you said that. In my books, JR is the worst leader in failing my country. JR was the architect of the UNPs most powerful era – 1977-1995. He had a mandate to make this land to one of the most progressive South-Asian countries. But no leader, I repeat no leader, got both domestic and foreign policies wrong as JR. Results are clear to see, no wonder where we are today.
5. Please do not argue - who started first? That does not count when it comes to crimes against humanity.
6. Yes, Rana is correct when he says - we Sinhalese do have to share responsibility. As mentioned in item #2, we as a proud nation should be upfront in acknowledging our mistakes if we are not to repeat that. Denial of an error is the weakness not the acknowledgement of it. We do not have to shy away. Not only Sri Lanka many human right merchants today such as USA, Australia, UK, Germany, India committed this crime. But learnt from it.
7. 1956 Sinhala only policy or 83 crimes etc., are only excuses but Tamil separatism which got momentum in early 1900’s in India is the reason why we are here.
8. Singhalese have proven without a shade of a doubt we are not racists and that they took the responsibility. Quietly remorseful and shocked to what they have witnessed in 1983, they did not repeat it in the most gruesome provocations they have seen against a majority anywhere in the world. Had what LTTE did to innocent Sinhalese majority Tamils would not be living in anywhere else other than Wanni. Thank God, we have said “Sorry” in the best possible way for 1983 over the last 25 years. Credit must be given to Sinhala masses. IC is blind to this very fact.
9. Wijepala’s matter has come up in several times. As Rana, I respect this person for his shear knowledge and contribution to this blog. To me he is a nice person. Moshe’s doubts are reasonable too. Moshe is very clearly on his stand – he hates separatism either through violence or non-violence (politics). Me too. I have no right to judge Wijepala as a person, but for blogging preposes only - Wijepala wants Ealam. But he is uncomfortable Sinhala and Tamils achieving that. He would be happy if we give it on a platter. I love to be proven wrong by Wijepala clearly declaring what he stands for (so that no speculative insulting continues) so that bloggers have a chance to scrutinise his future views. But, he must promise he is not come on another name for us to trust him.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thankyou for clarifying who were responsible for lack of secuirty for people during the 83 riots. This has been my thought also.
There has been a (politically motivated) tendency latterly to blame it entirely on JRJ. This is stupidity. Sri Lanka is in the current predicament because of this tendency to behave like hyenas rather than Lions.
We should not accuse our presidents past or present of deeds without good proof. This only brings down the image of the country and its people in the eyes of outsiders.
I have said it before and I reiterate it here.
As far as those riots go we can never afford to forget them and as Sinhalas we must stand steadfast to prevent such events happening again. So, you are quite correct.
By the same token, it is also true that the Tamil leadership played the ethnic/race card much earlier and with much more propensity than the Sinhala leadership.
It is only in recent years that there has been any backtracking by the likes of Anandasangaree.

Just as the Sinhala representatives should (and have) apologise to any grief caused to the Tamil community, the Tamil leadership needs to apologise to the Sinhala and Muslim communities. This reciprocity must occur clearly and unambiguously. The lies which have been spread about SL, its defence forces and Sinhala in particular have been blatant and numerous.

We are now beginning to see some courageous Tamils coming out and rescinding those lies. The fact is that it was not just Tamils who spread these lies. It was Sinhala traitors as well. These dogs will never rescind. At least the Tamils, I respect for having the integrity to do so. Two communities have stood out as shining beacons as loyal sons and daughters of Mother Lanka. They are the Burghers and Muslims. I will always have affection for them and they will have my gratitude.

Moshe Dyan said...

rana, saman, mayilaravana,

allow me to differ.

sinhalese are NOT responsible for the 1983 riot.

1. nowhere in the world, sinhalese were blamed for it. only terrorists and their cathes do so.

2. IF sinhalese were responsible, they would be branded like the serbs, hutus, dayaks, etc. this has NEVER happened.

3. how many sinhalas were involved. i would say maximum 500. that is,
= 500/10,000,000 (assuming sinhala pop was 10mn)
= 0.005%!!!

blaming the remaining 99.995% of the population for a crime they NEVER committed is wrong.

come on mates, you have a better chance of winning lotto than sinhalas becoming responsible for july 1983.

it is fcuking unfortunate that the perpitrarors were NEVER punished for OBVIOUS reasons. the judiciary, legislature, the president and rioters were in the same LOT!!

4. of course MOST rioters were sinhalese. BUT MOST sinhalas were NOT rioters!! the exact opposite is true.

5. the number of sinhala ppl who helped tamils during the riot is MUCH HIGHER than the number of sinhala rioters. what does that mean???

6. IF it was done by the sinhalese, there is no fcuking reason why it should stop after 1983. IF they did it, they had ALL THE REASONS to repeat it MANY TIMES after 1983. but that didn't happen. why? bcos it was political thugs. they are now fully leashed against this type of stuff.

it is like this. it is MOSTLY men that commit rape. but that does not mean all men are rapists!!
JRJ as usual transfered the blame to the sinhala ppl and since then all our politicos did that to save their sorry arses.

sympathising for the victims TO THE EXTENT of the grief is OK. but accepting responsibility for a crime the sinhalas never committed IS A CRIME IN ITSELF!!

it is time to THINK, THINK and THINK.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

as jotipala said........

eka makunai lamayo kanne
ayi okkoma makuno maranne!!

Ananda-USA said...


Bravo! Great explanation...
[sympathising for the victims TO THE EXTENT of the grief is OK. but accepting responsibility for a crime the sinhalas never committed IS A CRIME IN ITSELF!!]

This is what I have been arguing at length too!

Just like the NGOs and INGOs who make a handsome living off the Eelam conflict in Sri Lanka, there are many Sinhala people who make a living out of demonizing their own people!

They wring their hands and beat their breasts in anguish, apologizing on our behalf for a crime that we Sinhalese AS A PEOPLE never committed...but in the process tarring and feathering us forever as racists!

This is the unkindest cut of all!

Rana said...

Saman, Mayilrawana and Moshe,

We are all correct in one way or the other.

Saman's blame on JRJ

Mayilrwana agreeing with me

Moshe's theory minimal sinhala involvement in communal riots.

We differ each other marginally only.

However, LTTP's well oiled propganda machine gave the opinion majority sinhalese attacking minority tamils in communal lines.

That did the damage.

Any way past is gone and we can't do anything about it. Tamils and sinhalese need to understand that and look forward to make long lasting amendments, during and after the war.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Do not put shame on the nation by casting aspersions on the father of the nation. Please read a more accurate version of history than you have.

DSS were among those who were arrested not because they were rioting against the Muslims but because the British Governor took the opportunity to round up those he considered were a potential threat to the empire. One youn Sinhala man from a well to do family went on his horse and shot his gun in the air to disperse rioters who were looting. He was trying to do the right thing.
For this (i.e being an impertinent darkie) he was arrested placed in the same prison as DSS and then tied to a chair and shot.

The British did this. DSS and others were witness to this. They knew first hand what the white man was capable of. They did not need the history of 1818, 1825, or 1848. It was happening right in front of their eyes!

Do not try to white wash 1983 by absolving us of the responsibility of never letting it happen again. This war must be fought with that single purpose in mind. We are responsible to never let it happen again. In order to compeletely eradicate our guilt we must find the perpetarors and ensure that they are punished. Otherwise we do a disservice to the barve sons and daughters who have died in the cause of protecting the motherland.

Moshe, We must be very clear in our minds about fighting the good War. It is about protecting the innocents throughout the country and to make the land free for all citizens no matter what colour, creed, ethnicity, caste etc. to live anywhere that they can afford and to go anywhere they please.

If we don't have the courage to be noble about it then it is not worth fighting the War. We might as well pack up.

I am getting impatient with those who keep repeatedly blaming the leaders of this country (SL) for everything that has gone wrong in it. Let us focus on who the nemey really is. Stop nit picking. Be men. Accept what was wrong was wrong and resolve to never let it happen again.

I am proud of the Sinhalas (the majority) who did protect Tamils. I am proud of the Sinhalas who have not disparaged thier mother land. A proud sinhala should not give excuses to foreigners about what happened in 1983 nor attempt to show them pictures of the carnage that is caused by the LTTE. It does not cut with them.

Let the traitors do that but be ready to expose them. Do not fall into the trap of the traitors by placing blame where it does not belong. The police were responsible to protect citizens and they neglected their duty. The perpetrators have not been punsihed. That's all there is to it. Until the negligent police officers and perpetrators are punished it will not be over.

You can mark my word that after this War it will not just be the Tamil traitors that people like I will be after. It will be all traitors.

Saman said...


Sorry my brother.

I understand your frustration but I can not take your analysis seriously (0.005%)to bail us out. That sin is ours as a nation. Why? You provided me the answer too.

/it is fcuking unfortunate that the perpitrarors were NEVER punished for OBVIOUS reasons. the judiciary, legislature, the president and rioters were in the same LOT!!/

Exactly. That is the reason. Not even the subsequent elected governments have attempted bringing perpetrators to justice. That was the only legitimate way out. When democratically elected governments ignored such responsibility nation has no where to go but to carry on the sin. Not even a public apology by any subsequent parliament. Finally future generations have to say "SORRY".

Don't you think Jews are being blamed even today for Christ's crucification. Surely, ordered by a small panel and executed by few.

Murder of Aborigines - Majority of Australians were ready for a public apology. Harwad government refused. That was one of labour government’s election promises and to their credit, carried out.

Still Americans are saying sorry in many different ways in Red Indian issue.

Late Kadiragamer has acknowledged this mistake in many of his subsequent missions in clearing our name. It took nearly 12 years of hard work and his good office explaining the background we know well in International forums in clearing our name.

We must have a remembrance day for that event and get our young ones educated never to repeat that. Similarly, in a reconciled Sri Lanka right thinking Tamils must also do that for heneous crimes LTTE has done. Two wrongs do not make right.

Study, reconciliation process/model adopted by Tutu/Mandela for SA racial reconciliation – a way of saying Sorry.

Saying “Sorry” is the only viable tool available to mankind when elected governments, judiciary failed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

I am comfortable with that.

Rana said...

Saman, brother,

You are simply brilliant! mate.

That is one of the best posts, I have read recently.

Carry on brother!

deco said...

way to go SLA. Think the tigers will have to strategical withdraw to the ocean.

Rana said...


you too brother, I am sorry I read your post after saman's. came from the bottom.

I am very happy some consensus is emrging from us, after painfil two days dialogue.

Carr on, brother!

Saman said...


I disagree fully.

/Just like the NGOs and INGOs who make a handsome living off the Eelam conflict in Sri Lanka, there are many Sinhala people who make a living out of demonizing their own people!/

I have to say the above does not reflect my perception (in good sense) on you.

I do not make a handsome living doing what NGOs do. I am comfortable demonizing my own people if truth needs to be told. Yet, I love my people, their heritage and my inheritance. To me, I feel more Sinhalese and Buddhist when I acknowledge our errors and determined never to repeat them. Isn’t that our culture and heritance?

Can’t even feel why there is so much fuss when deep in our hearts we know what happened in 1983 was utterly wrong.

Unknown said...

God Speed SLDF! Keep up the great work!!!!
Entire nation is behind you!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Yes, we never want a 1983 happened again. But compared to 1983, the atrocities that LTTE unleashed against Sinhalese, Muslims, and moderate Tamils are several thousand times bigger during the past three decades.

Compared to LTTE atrocities, 1983 acts are just child's play.

LTTE wants people to conveniently forget their utter terror and brute, but wants to remember 1983. How convenient?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hmmm lot to reply.

In a brief run, Rana, taking actions after 3 days alone is a key failure. It shud have be preventing measure before the mayhem, as current rulers jollywell do.

But this "kill your oponent" philosophy is invented by JR, and he did it with might after winning 1977, he practiced it first with SLFP. And his hooligans extended it to 1983 tamils. No wonder police kept silent.

JR did not stop there. He pulled JVP into it and invented a rebellion. At small scale he applied same hooligan theory in 1983+ mulgirigala election when a young Mahinda rajapakse replied in same language and finally got jailed.

JR is a megalomaniac. Many rulers are fools, but this bastard had brains but always used them to manipulate other stupid politicians and groups for his own benefit.

You may not see this in his presence or acts as he is not a fool. But when you look back at 1977-1988 that era is the fat old mother of all the problems.

JR had the best cabinet and as a man he's one of the brainiest rulers. He had the greatest chance to make SL a heaven. He converted ordinary SL into hell though.

Moshe Dyan said...


ok; i withdraw the stuff about DSS which i said "ALLEDGED".

it was wrong for me to build a theory based on allegations.

it is like blaming the sinhalas for the 1983 riots EN MASSE based on allegations levelled by none other than the PERPITRATORS!!

Moshe Dyan said...


brother, i agree with saying sorry.


bcos, wether the sinhalas were part of it or not, it happened.

it is like saying "my condolences or i'm sorry at a funeral". but that does not mean i killed the deceased!!

my parents say how how sorry they were for the vinctims of july 1983.

we MUST say sorry.

as i explained b4, our "sorry" is different to that of australia / US where PEOPLE organised themselves and killed the rightful owners to grab their land/women/kids, etc. REPEATEDLY. EVEN missionaries were involved in FORCIBLY converting kids after they robbed them from parents!!

in SL this never happened in 1983.

and MOST tamils understand this. they actually don't want us to apologise for it although they are happy for a sorry.

however, for RACISTS tamils, 1983 is like the beggar's wound.

this govt in its tit-for-tat strategy exploited this very well.

the mavil aru story is an exact copycat job to start wiping out the LTTE irrespective of a (bogus) ceasefire!! well done!!

Moshe Dyan said...

sorry for the spelling mistake, i meant Saman.

Moshe Dyan said...


"The police were responsible to protect citizens and they neglected their duty. The perpetrators have not been punsihed."

exactly. plus the leaders who betrayed their positions of power.

but ppl were not involved in the riot apart from the guys you identified correctly.

saying sorry is a different thing as i explained to saman.

putting the blame for july 1983 on the sinhala community, is a crime in itself.

Saman said...


/JR had the best cabinet and as a man he's one of the brainiest rulers. He had the greatest chance to make SL a heaven. He converted ordinary SL into hell though./

Could not have said any better brother. His brain was well wired for manipulating through system in bringing him-self to power. However, when he was given that in 1977 in abandance, he exposed his brain was wrongly wired in using that given power. Yes, he had one of the best front rows when it comes to open economy (I think, SWRD's first row had better potential. Unfortunately, he had been assassinated before that potential was matured).

I am not sure how many are aware,

1. On record JRJ was the first one to propose Sinhala only language policy in Lok Sabha in 1936. As a very young politician he was sharp enough to see emerging political pressure from Sinhala masses. So, on record, Sinhala only policy was a brainchild of UNP (of course SWRD was part of UNP at the time)
2. When, SWRD sniffed DSS grooming DS to become next leader SWRD defected and formed SLFP and stolen JRJ’s thunder in his campaign to power – Sinhala only + sanga + govi + guru + weda + kamkaru. (inclusion of commoners in to the political movement could have been influenced by left, Kolvin, NM, PK trio)
3. When SWRD tried to cousion the impact of Sinhala only language policy on Tamils people through Bandaranayake-Chelwanayagam pact, young JRJ organised a protest march to Dalada Maligawa. SWRD stopped short of implimenting it.
4. Then as the executive president (who said all I can not do with the mandate is to make man a woman) he let the country burn in 1983 and did not act for 3 days which took 7 days to subsidise.
5. JRJ rubbed Indira (India/Russia) on the wrong side by a foreign policy only his mum could explain.
6 It was an irony, that he has to sign a pact with Rajive - in 1987 – for a much more than what he protested against SWRD/Chelva.
7 He put his five potential heirs (LA, RDM, RP, GD, ?) to a dog fight. Dog fight was so bad, it created a political vacuum (with the help of LTTE) by virtually taking out all five potential leaders out from Sothern politics. LTTE could not have asked for more.
8. Which created weak Sinhala leaders like RW, CBK.
9. CFA gave enough time and resources which our brave hearts now have to overcome.

That is why I said JRJ has got both foreign and local policies wrong than any other leader in contemporary history. He would go in history for wrong reasons.

Saman said...


I take Samana. Most of my closest friends call me samana. I did not know you felt that close :-).

Look mate, I know your position on 1983 - respect you views.

Lalith Kuruwita said...


The uneducated power hungry corrupted Sinhala politicians were the main reason for the problem. 99% Sinhala people did not want to harras, kill or bully tamil people.

After 1977, we had district council election. UNP wanted to get the power in Jaffna. Cyril Mathiew with his thuggers like Lokuge, Srinal De mel & JSS went to Jaffna by 20 - 30 buses with arms. Then they rigged the polls and burned the world best tamil liabrary.

I am a Sinhalese and I have a lot of tamil friends in my batch. My room mate in the last year in the uni was a tamil medical student.

I know a lot of JSS thuggers who went to Jaffna. I was working in Ceramics and Sirinal De mel was the working director. I personally know some of the people went to Jaffna. Since then tamils suspect corrupted politician and Sinhal government. Unfortunately Unfortunately poor Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim people are still suffering. Only 1% of Sinhala corrupted politician did it. A lot of Sinhal people protected their tamil friends.

Saman said...


/LTTE unleashed against Sinhalese, Muslims, and moderate Tamils are several thousand times bigger during the past three decades./

Of course brother. No comparison.1983 was three days+ with no fire arms. LTTEs brutality 30 years with 30,000 trained to kill brain washed idiots. That is why we want to kill every one of them. No trials. Just shoot. Even if they lay down arms we will hunt them.

I am not arguing this case to provide LTTE with convenience. Not even tamils compare '83 and LTTE's war only as a retaliatory attack.

What we are talking about is not the war. But a Sri Lanka after crushing LTTE with our brothers and moderate tamils. We must acknowledge where we have gone wrong with all sincearity.

It is no harm others having a different view.

BTW: I like your very creative name.

Saman said...

Guys, Over and out. Away during weekend and will be back Monday.

Keep punching.

Rana said...


This is very healthy, superb and timely.

This on going dialogue is really what wanted from the begining.

Keep talking brothers, untill next LTTP bastion is taken.

Now, as a forum, we are on the right track.

Try and speak your heart than the brain, we need lot of hearts resolve this burning question.

If views are differnt try and accommodate or adjust but don't be scared to speak loudly your hearts.

This blog is lovely now!!!

Thank you brothers.

Rana said...


Look at the orbat map ( peelam shrinked like hell. A9 is almost in our hands.

TF1 closing on Paranthan, Bloody hell, if I can fly to B69 now and join TF1!!!!!!!!!!

Or joing 59 at Alampil!!!!

Gen. SF is the grand master of the chess board, he f**ked the queen (Pooneryn) and now about to check mate the F****ing KING (Kilinochchi).

Veasapille is suffering from "JALASANNIYA". Please don't ask me what is jalasanniya becuse I don't know. My mother used to mention it during my childhood. All I know is Jalasanniya is a serious medical condition.

Rana said...

Saman Brother,

Have a nice and enjoyble week end, mate.

Ananda-USA said...


I didn't think my comments applied to you personally. I am sorry you don't agree with my statements, but I defend your right to disagree.

I stand by my assessment that the Sinhalese AS A PEOPLE are not responsible for the 1983 riots, and have no reason either to apologize for it, or take responsibility for it. That tit-for-tat violence was regrettable, and was deliberately provoked by over many preceding years by the terrorists who precipitated it as their objective. It was just a matter of time before retaliation set in.

By the standards you want to apply, people of practically every country that has multiethnic populations and friction between communities would have to bear the cross of being labelled as racist and genocidal.

I lived through this entire period, and have thought deeply upon it. There is a deliberate well-refined terrorist strategy at work here that is designed to separate communities from one another, and generate a captive constituency of supporters, that no democracy can fully control: not the US, UK, France, Germany, or India to mention a few.

I write in the hope that people will read, think, analyze and understand, if they so choose. As my long departed mother summarized in journalistic prose "you can take the equus quadruped to the element aquatic, but ingergitation is automatic."

Puran Appu said...


Troops reach Kanakarayankulam.

Puran Appu said...

I heard that they have crossed the A9 from Irananamadu as well. So basically upto Iranamadu, we have another main supply route.

Await.... for all the ball suckers of the LTTE. The day where you all will have to Swallow the balls forever is not that far....

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

From Army'lk:

MULLAITTIVU: VALIANT 14 Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) troops in 59 Division, just a few hours after their entry into ALAMPIL town on Thursday (4) evening were shocked to find a huge LTTE boatyard with a few hundreds of Sea Tiger boats in the yard.

Brave troops went on expanding the area amalgamating another 1 km patch of land in the north of ALAMPIL when they came across this boatyard of Sea Tigers, maintained in total secrecy inside a thick coconut grove, about 600 m away from the ALAMPIL sea border.

It is believed that Sea Tigers had apparently kept those boats hidden in the area to avoid being observed by Air Force jets when Sea Tiger boats sail there for anchoring. Those boats would have been taken along MULAITTIVU-ALAMPIL main road and other by-roads before they are kept covered.

Valuable houses with tiled-floors, used as bunkers, hideouts and for other clandestine operations provide ample evidence over the prosperity civilians have enjoyed before those areas fell to terrorists. Most of the boats sans engines show that terrorists, anticipating their imminent defeat in the face of brave advance of the troops have made all boats defunct and abandoned before fleeing the area.

Further search and clear operations are continuing.


[thanks macho for sending this via mail, if you read this comment]

Puran Appu said...


Did you all know that the LTTE have built a dummy Colombo some where in wanni during the ceasefire?
They have spent around Rs.700 million to build this, purely to train their carders to attack Colombo. This was revealed while questioning a top LTTE leader who got caught to the Military in Colombo some time back. I don’t know how true this is, but I heard this from so many parties.
May be we will be able to see this Colombo in Wanni very soon, as the massive boat yard @ Alampil we are seeing today.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Exactly how many Kulams and Purams are there? The person who named these towns had either writer's block or a total lack of imagination. Was it one Wiyapalam's brilliant Sangam era poets?

Navindran said...

I have written a christmas carol in honour of our great leader and his red bird... wink ;-). Here goes (sung to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer):

You know Bala, and Pottu, and
Balraj and Soosai,
Bhanu, and Sornam, and
Shankar and Nadesan,
But do you recall
the most famous terrorist of all

Prabha, the red-knobbed terrorist
had a very shiny knob.
And if you ever saw it,
he would try to put it in your gob.

All of the other terrorists
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Prabha
join in any terrorist games.

Then one horny Christmas Eve
Santa came to say:
"Prabha with your red bird so bright,
won't you let me bugger you tonight?"

Then all the terrorists laughed
and they shouted out with glee,
Prabha the red-knobbed terrorist,
you better get checked for H.I.V!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Brothers; its been too serious lately. But I guess 83 was serious. As brothers it is good to be able to disagree and clear the air. That's what it is like living in a democracy. This will never happen in a Fascist Tamil-Dravidianist state.

So how about returning our attention to the enemy again.
Wow Navindran needs a shot of olanzapine. Maybe not; he is better entertainment being Mad as opposed to the Sad case he used to be. Who ever took over his soul did well.

The Grand Chess Master has the pawns cornered and the Queen will be inevitably taken. There is nowhere to turn.

I wonder how Mahinda Ayya will treat the Indian FM?


I have already given you the reference which critiqued 'Tamilakam' concept.

When? roughly in the era around 500 CE.

I have read UTHR and Anandasangaree. I have my own opinion about them.

BTW, you have an interesting debating style. I have seen this sort of style in old History articles I've read. You haven't been tutored by Prof. Thambaiah, have you? Or is it the style of Colombo/Peradeniya faculties?

MathaMathica said...

JR did not stop there. He pulled JVP into it and invented a rebellion. At small scale he applied same hooligan theory in 1983

It is very much possible that the US/UK/Dutch oil companies took revenge on SL people for nationalising petroleum refining/distribution etc by using JR.

This man also destroyed all local industrial initiatives and introduced thug culture in politics.

Sam Perera said...


You are as erratic as ever these days. We know that you are/were a tiger always and you put forward a bogus SL face. However, unlike other terras, you could write a few sentences. Nevertheless, you don't have to get this low to pretend that you are neutral.

Mahen said...

Massive LTTE commando build up west of Paranthan. Expect surprises chena boys!

Ra said...

15 Migs just dispatched!

Thanks Mahen for valuable intel!

Ra said...

And couple of B2s as well.

Moshe Dyan said...

saman, mayilravana & rana,

as you know i too fully respect your views.


saman, what a coincidence! i consider you a close friend, though unseen!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"Army Task Force 2 (TF 2) have stricken a huge blow on the gates of the LTTE run mono ethnic Wanni hellhole by reaching Kanakarayankulam this morning (Dec 5)."

fantastic MoD!

i love that phrase "LTTE run mono ethnic Wanni hellhole"

that specifies the problem and THE SOLUTION too!!

well done MoD; keep it up.

Puran Appu said...


How many Innocent child Soldiers and women in your Massive LTTE commando build up?

Mahen said...

Pukan Appu,

As an independent state, we abide by the UN conventions on non recruitment of child combatants. Unlike you lot who use internationally banned cluster bombs, we abide by IC rulings.

Puran Appu said...


Check this out.

It's a latest picture taken @ the Paranthan front.

Look what our Commando at the front is carrying? It's the Milkor MGL-140 grenade launcher baby.

If you dont know what this is read and find out.

Link :

I Feel sorry about your LTTE commando build up.

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

/As an independent state,.../

Hak Hak Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

As SLA advance further and further inside the mono-ethnic wanni hellhole peezaam become more and more independent... I hope once SLA liberate 100% of the hellhole diaspora will celebrate and declare peezaam is achieved...Ha Ha

/'Thanks for food, but help to win our rights,' Vanni IDPs urge Tamil Nadu/- tamiznut

Don't worry IDPs... Col. Mahen just informed us LTTP commandos are just about to retake pooneryn and Nachchikuda on this Nov 27, 2008 (Ha Ha) and your suffering will be over in few hours. -Tmaiznadu

Puran Appu said...

I am wondering why Karunanidhi cant take back the 200,000 tamil civilians who are trappen in Wanni, retain by the LTTE as a human shield, to Tamil Nadu is he is so worried about them, than asking us t stop the war against the LTTE.
If he is really worried, this is the best thing he can do. They can live happily with the 60 million tamils in Tamil Nadu.

Puran Appu said...


Can you tell me how long is Prabakarans Dick? Does he have one in the first place? It must be covered to his stomach no?

Mahen said...

Hukan Appu,

Tamil Nadu is not our homeland, Eelam is our homeland. Eelam is north east Ceylon and parts of western coast, the rest is chena boy and veddha girl land, we accept that. Tamils in Tamil Nadu are our distant cousins, just like your distant swamp cousins in Bengal.

I have no interest in knowing how big and long VP's dick is. I have no interest in male genitalia unlike you.

Lalith Kuruwita said...


I know how long a dick is?

Suranji said...

we proud or heros !

Defencewire said...

About Kilinochchi march,

Well, this is what makes things all the more interesting. The plan is in SF's head. He will decide where to go and where not to go.

puran appu,

We have described these weapons in detail before.
The weapon is Milkor MK. 1. The 40 stands for 40mm grenade.

Peter said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems Navindran is at least partialy correct regarding Mahen. His famous Nachchikuda retaking on thaleivars B'day was also should be to insult LTTP and thaleivar. No real LTTE suppoter say such stupid things. But Mahen can be christian tamil and if so above arguement may not be valid. BTW, I know tamils have some thing to do with shivalinga. Have they now replaced shivalinga with vezapillai-linga? Sorry to drag relegion stuff which I don't like to discuss.

Peter said...
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Anonymous said...

/About Kilinochchi march, Well, this is what makes things all the more interesting. The plan is in SF's head. He will decide where to go and where not to go./ -DW

Well, that's all we need. I mean SLA doing things as they want not as politicos want.

MR/GSL, SLFP politicos expect quick march to K'chi and they arw waiting to capitalise on the propaganda. Thus UNP want to damage the propaganda and they have already started insulting SLA/ MR/ GR/ SF using Mon-gal. This is being pre-active. Negeting possible benifits which SLFP get via K'chi victory, even before it happans; and keeping hopes alive for a good battle in any coming election. Note at the same time UNP use thier other elements to convince mass they are anti-LTTE and back SLA.

So despite all this if SLA can make decesions by their own its just great. It seems SLA has mastered how to fight the war in with our stupid politicos.

Peter said...
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Peter said...

I REPEAT as an independent state, we abide by the UN conventions on non recruitment of child combatants

Modayas will always be modayas.

Moshe Dyan said...

Mahen said...
"Massive LTTE commando build up west of Paranthan. Expect surprises chena boys!"

"( Lanka Air Force launched two air strikes in support of Army Task Force 1 troops marching steadily at Kilinochchi built up this morning (Dec 5).

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkra speaking to said that the first of the two air strikes was carried out by MI-24 helicopters at 6.45 AM. The target was an LTTE strongpoint located in the Adampan area, west of Kilinochchi town, he said.

The second air strike was carried out by fighter jets located in the west of Paranthan around 8.15 AM, said Wing Commander Nanayakkara. He added that both attacks were successful citing ground sources."

now what you say sakkili MF-hen?????

Anonymous said...

Peter said...

Oil is going at $42 a barrel.

SLFP farm boys. Haha!

I'm not Bhairav said...

I fully agree with you Mahen, we never have and never will use child combatants since we always abide by the UN conventions

Modayas will indeed always be modayas.

Peter said...

Puran Appu,

Tamil Nadu is not our homeland, Peelam is our homeland. Peelam is north east Ceylon (now Ceylon is relocated in Sri Lanak)and parts of western coast, the rest is chena boy and veddha girl land, we accept that. Tamils in Tamil Nadu are our homo cousins, just like your distant swamp cousins in Bengal.

'Thanks for food, but help to win our rights,' VP (Vesha Pakaya) urge Tamil Nadu

Puka ridenawooo

peter ponnaya said...

Oil is going at $42 a barrel.

VP (Vesha Pkaya)has two barrel in his ASSSSSS

Corey said...

Mahen said...
"Massive LTTE commando build up west of Paranthan. Expect surprises chena boys!"

Mahen, are those "commandos" older than eight years?

"According to the defence observers, with the liberation of Mankulam, Pulliyankulam, and now Kanakarayankulam townships located on the A-9 road; the LTTE has severely lost its grip over the Wanni civilians. The liberation of these key towns on the A-9 will trigger off an exodus of civilians that would speed up the certain demise of the terrorist outfit, they add.

Meanwhile, 6 males have sought refuge with troops when they moved into the Kanakarayankulam Township. According to the sources, the refugees have told the soldiers that the people in remaining LTTE hiding areas in Wanni were jubilant over the tiding that Army had reached Pulliyankulam. Citing the refugees the sources added that the people in large numbers would enter to the cleared areas from Wanni in near future. "

... looks like not many "commandos" left for vezapillai........

Anonymous said...

/are those "commandos" older than eight years?/

Well it is said, the leader Lt.Col. Kurappapdikai is 14.

peter ponnaya said...


I handover it to you,

carry on PETER(14808)

Mahen said...

Do I hear some one started to go fishing in Irranamadu tank. Did the boat sink or once in boat sinked?

Peter said...

I am quite amused by the antics here.

thiru said...

The ltte has conveyed the msg that they are ready to launch devastating counter attacks on the invading singhala forces....Our political head Nadesan has indicated that this will happen soon and the losses to the security forces are going to be much higher than the oyatha alaigal operations of the nineties....mahinda, gota and fonsy boy are going to eat their words.....from what i am hearing these counter attacks are going to be like nuthing before seen, many locations are going to be attacked.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

News - xxxxxxx Captured

News - xxxxxxxxxx Captured

Di-ass-monkey : Hi anna, what you did with all the money I send? WTF you do until singhala army invaded our homeland?

Nade-sun : Don't worry brother. Our counter attack will come soon.. We will kill all the singhala army. Work hard..Send the money.., ok.

Peter said...

Even now LTTE administers more areas that it needs to survive as a military force.

So, I think it would be better to allow the SLA to go a bit deeper in to Vanni.

Places like Oddusuddan and Nedunkerni are not needed for military operation.

The more SLA that pour into Vanni, the more SLA that will get killed.

I think it will be better to let another 20, 000 SLA enter Vanni and then launch counter attacks.

thiru said...

ninja, if if my memory serves right, didn't u modhayas come deep inside vanni in jeyasukiriya to only to leave after getting ur asses raped in a matter of 5 days....i think that's abt right, and after that wasn't oyatha alaigal 3 launched in which elephant pass fell along with 2000 more modhayas going to hell?

Mahen said...

I have it from a credible source that the boat sunk at Iranamadu tank was carrying IDPs fleeing the fighting. Over 20 men, women and children were shot in cold blood and drowned. Nice one SLA chena boys, keep shooting innocent civilians, that way you can win our hearts and minds!

PS, if any one doubts what the average Wanni civilian is feeling, go to Tamilnet and see the video clips of the interviews, this will give a you flavour of the feelings of the Eelam citizens.

Corey said...

gon peter, mahen, thiru and other hallucinators...

Read the following article and see if this feels Familiar to you:

"What does Prabhakaran dream (hallucinate) of?",%20Prabhakaran,%20Tamil,%20Nadu,%20Chief,%20Minis

Corey said...

gon-peter's becoming a real "brave" cardboard peelam warrior these days:

"Places like Oddusuddan and Nedunkerni are not needed for military operation.

The more SLA that pour into Vanni, the more SLA that will get killed.

I think it will be better to let another 20, 000 SLA enter Vanni and then launch counter attacks."




Corey said...

thiru says:
"The ltte has conveyed the msg that they are ready to launch devastating counter attacks on the invading singhala forces....Our political head Nadesan has indicated that this will happen soon and the losses to the security forces are going to be much higher than the oyatha alaigal operations of the nineties....mahinda, gota and fonsy boy are going to eat their words.....from what i am hearing these counter attacks are going to be like nuthing before seen, many locations are going to be attacked."

- big talk... no action... let's wait and see. We are getting a little tired of just big talk.

- by the way has the great peelam war IV reached Colombo yet???




Mahen said...

Ok, now (winner of propoganda site of the year awar)has published a story that they attacked LTTE build up west of Paranthan. Now do you actually believe that my sources are credible, I reported on the LTTE build up way before the story!

PS, no LTTE actually die in your air raids. All you manage to do is kill a few stray cows, mangy dogs, burn palmyrah trees and kill and maim innocent civilians. Air raids are never a threat to LTTE.

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