Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Push for Mullaitivu to escalate

The Sri Lanka Army who are virtually swimming in flooded low-lying areas in the north, yesterday decided to capture the A-9 Road from Kokavil up to Mankulam.

The A-9 is relatively untouched by the floods in some parts, unlike low-level byroads in the interior. Until yesterday, the SLA was careful to leave the A-9 untouched to entice civilian movements. The decision was made to recapture the A-9 in Kokavil after facing a dearth of plyable routes. Many of the routes used previously by the SLA are now fully submerged.

Both the SLA and the LTTE have slowed down their operations in and around Kilinochchi. Administrative and logistical difficulties caused by the flooding will be on the minds of field commanders on both sides before they embark on the next round of confrontations.

In the meantime, the Sri Lanka Army has quietly raised another task force. Task Force-4, which will some day become the 64 Division is expected to be deployed in the northeastern region, probably in Weli Oya to assist the 59 and Task Force 3 to reach Mullaitivu. Fighting in this sector is expected to escalate with the Army getting ready to fight the final battle for Alampil. To reach Mullaitivu, the 59 and TF-3 would have to take a 16km path northeastward.


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pssu doble said...

thanks for the update. Can you give us information about Periyakulam. defence ministry claimed periyakulam is now in army hands.

Unknown said...

thanks dw for update

TigerKiller said...

Niyamai , Ohoma Yamu !!! Thava Tikai !

Thambapanniya said...

This move become obvious since 59 become active for couple of weeks...

they've been sneaking up on Mulativu while rest of the divisions keep Killi pinned down....

great move!!!!

DW is TF 4 will be deployed over "area of influence" in ORABT map?

Gringo said...

[In the meantime, the Sri Lanka Army has quietly raised another task force. Task Force-4, which will some day become the 64 Division is expected to be deployed in the northeastern region,]

Aha... Aha....

Simply brilliant.

These are the changes, bold determination and sheer courage needed to be displayed by Sri Lankan leaders... if they are true leaders.

The menace posed by Tamil terrorists have to be taken deadly seriously and it ain't no laughing matter.

Our small nation, if serious about our future and the suvival of the nation... must be able to fight with 50 million army, AND WIN.

Who knows... like what happened in Kuwait, if some monkey from Toiletnadu miscalculates and invaded Motherlanka?

Are we prepared? Going nuclear should be our aim in order to deter any monkey with a razor blade.

Suranimala said...

Gringo . I agree with you . we have to be strong . then every one will be our friend:)If we are weak all will be out enemies :))
any way we dont consider all tamils are our enemies . but does tamilnadu think Sri lankans are their friends?
Any way it is better to be strong .If we had this army in 1983 today we would be a another great nation in south Asia

Suranimala said...

DW thanks for the update .

Defencewire said...

TF3 is operating north of Nedunkerni, on route to Oddusudan along the A34. one Brigade of the 59 is heading towards Nedunkerni, south of the A34. In effect, each one is covering the flanks of the other. Another brigade from 59 is going along the coast and is now fighting for Alampil. The A34 leads all the way to Mulaitivu, Puthukudiirippu. Our sources indicate that TF4 will be sent in somewhere in between. It does not look like a holding Div. More like a fighting division.

WM said...

Thanks DW.
My guess for the place of deployment of TF4 becomes a reality now.but I would have much happier if they could attack with the new TF somewhere between EP and Mullaitivue.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Needs to bring some troops from Jaffna and deploy in Mullativ.

This will be a great strength to the existing battalions.

Annonymous said...

Great round up DW. Covered most of the concerned issues, briefly. Thank you.

I was just thinking how nice if we can bisect the line between Mula and Kili and reach the shore via Puthukudiiruppu. That will make the monkeys ponder till all their hair fall.

Now, as usual this Brown monkey will start his chanting of DW's name and Mahen/Peter will celebrate their victory of Nachchikuda. Navindran will ponder at least an asteroid can save his wonderland.

And I just read your story about Major Lalith Jayasinghe. Heartful of gratitude to the great man. I wonder why they didn't provide a chopper rescue at the first place? And why a pioneer who conducted Shankar ambush is still in the same act, instead of contributing as a top brass of LRRP with all his experience and knowledge. Anyway, I feel that LRRP matters are totally different to ordinary divisions.

Sam Perera said...


"Navindran will ponder at least an asteroid can save his wonderland."

Man, you summed up the psychosis of LTTE terrorists in one sentence.

Gringo said...

["Internationally, NPA has provided humanitarian and political support to help people fight for freedom and justice." ]

This mfking NGO is getting too big for its boots. NOPE... your job description does not include 'political support to help people fight for freedom and justice'.

Get out before we throw you out. We RULE here... and do your dance in Norway or wherever.

Gringo said...


[any way we dont consider all tamils are our enemies . but does tamilnadu think Sri lankans are their friends?

There are no permanent friends or enemies...only PERMENENT INTERESTS!

Our proud ancestors knew this before these big sayings were put by the westerners...

To quote them:

'kanna ona unama... kabaragoyath thalagoya wage thami penenne.'

We cannot outsource our security, while we have a distinct, clear threat. Only we are to be blamed if TN monkeys invade us without a warning.

Are we going to beg other nations to rescue us?

p.s. I have nothing against the TASSL brothers and sisters.

Peter said...

"Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins "

Still one mile from Killinochchi?


Annonymous said...

Yo monkey...

run out of alice-in-wonderland, peter is repeating.

Gringo said...

[We cannot outsource our security, while we have a distinct, clear threat. Only we are to be blamed if TN monkeys invade us without a warning.

The bitter truth is that... at least 60% of the weapons and war materials Tamil terrorists now use were smuggeled in from Toiletnadu.

Our Navy must aim to become a formidable force on the waters around the island.

Not a pin must be allowed to be smuggled in from Toiletnadu.

No blame games are needed.

peter ponnaya said...

"Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins "

Still one mile to VP's (Vesha Pakaya)'s Puka?

Pukama thama

Unknown said...

No hurry to take Giranika (Kilinochchi), capture as much land along the path of least resistance, exterminate as many terrorist vermin as possible. Minimize SLDF casualties, thats the motto.

Peter, just live in the Dream Kingdom of Eelam as you have always.

peter ponnaya said...

"Peter, just live in the Dream Kingdom of Eelam as you have always.

I am living in Vesha Pakaya's Peeelam.

Ha ha

Annonymous said...

Guys pls do not navindran here. This IF-TN-INVADE-US is a perfect navindran.

For heaven's sake, majority of TN want to mind their own bloody business and live, in fact they find this minding their own business and living thing also pretty tough. When Kamal Hasan and Rajini Kanth talks about going to SL and take its control by the duo alone, ppl make hooray like a film, but that is just the love they have for celebrities.

I think SL is specializing in war against terror. We should always think of preparing for the big war, yet a big war is way too deavstating. SL is in the middle of many big nations and we don't want to be the missile test ground of India/Pak/China. Moreover we're the only nation which all three regional super powers consider as friend and why would there be a war with us, of all nations.

Nevertheless small SL has/had enough charisma and power in diplomatic circles [and now many monkeys will start chaku buku buku about this for sure] that we don't need to fight with the foreign forces. We should use our head on such times.

We should NOT hate TN just because few monkeys made cat calls and cardboard heroes promised them navindrans.

Nevertheless, If Maharaja pays big millions Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan will come to SL to shoot best gay porno ever to hit the air, via people's channel. [BTW, it is another navindran]

PS: navindran is the latest noun/verb addition to oxford dictionary. I posted the dictionary entry in previous article. Simply it stands to impossible/hardly possible things and thinking/talking/expecting them. Also being over-confident but senile.

Colomblogs said...

ooooooh, we need to remind you agian. It is SLA decide "when" and "which" factors of liberating next location. VP has to wait and then defend the location selected by SLA.

Kili is not Strategicillay Important enough to liberate in a hurry. Kili is not the cake, but just an icing in the cake.

Now VP has to re-built the earth bund again from the mud and dug new mines. Which is very suitable work for PIGS!

Be patient, next phase will be played using different rules. It will be not SF or LRRP. But a different "low noise" version. I am sure some other bloggers also have same info of what I am talking?

Another reminder...! SLA is not in the Real Estate business. (unlike your brother Mahen who is working for an Estate Agent north of London!).

Unknown said...

By the way, too bad India could not deploy Rajinikanth and Kamalhasen in Mumbai. They would have killed the terrorists with paper clips LOL.

Annonymous said...

Here is the Oxford entry of navindran:


navindran: [nauv-in-dhra-n]
noun: navindran, verb: navindran-ed, navindran-ing, adjective: navindran-er, navindran-est, adverb: navindranly

navindran = nava-indran in Sanskrit dialects

Noun navindran literally means the showing of either nine suns or a new sun. Since both these are quite impossible to happen people had the tradition of saying, “hey that is only possible on the day of nine suns [i.e. day of navindran]”. The term has risen to English from internet social events such as chats and weblogs.

1. Nine Suns; the event of nine suns showing at once;
2. New Sun; the rise of a new sun;
3. Never; impossible or hardly possible event; A rain in Kalahari is a navindran
4. One who believes in such events; That navindran has stated seeing a dinosaur in his backyard
5. Too senile; Oldman in his nineties is a navindran to believe that he can satisfy his young wife

1. Believing or talking about a navindran event; Do not navindran, you will not pass examination with this little effort

1. Most unlikely; Bill Gates is the navindranest to suffer from poverty

1. Something happening against the extreme odds; That was the day when Afganistan Soccer team navindranly beat Brazil 10-0
2. Fake happening of an impossible; I was informed by police that my son was injured in Mumbai attacks, rather navindranly, for I do not have a son anyway

Contemporary weblogs and internet material

peter ponnaya said...

Ado Pakaless Amir,

where are you these Modyas attacking me come and help me, where are you Pakaya

Annonymous said...

I'd like to invite you guys to use the newest noun/verb navindran

Colomblogs said...

Where are you? In Nachchikudah? or Poonerin?

What you Intelligent tamiz never understood was that Sinhala people never ever wanted to live en mass in North. Intelligent tamiz could've lived there nicely without any fight as a majority. Simply becaue we don't want to live there!

After this phase and next Census truth will come out with actual number of Tamiz living in North. Who wants to give more powers to 200,000 people? You guyz fucked up nicely now!

You intelligent tamiz, stop sending money to buy toilet papers for VP (he is having non-stop Diareah after the floods and news of SLA advance). Just buy some lands in Poonerin or Mulaitv. You can buy now cheap..in years time you can sell with good margin.

Annonymous said...

Another one, since we have lots of poets here, I'd like to open a poem discussion on Peter, Mahen and [capturing] Nachchikuda.

I believe that we did not give fair attention to Mahen after his deadline elapsed.

Gringo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annonymous said...

Let me start one. but I am not the best poet around the town.

Mahenaya nachchikuda
Peetarage mole kuda
Amirge vena ekak kuda
Munge lokka veepee bada

Davsak daa mahenayaa
Antharjaalayata giyaa
Punnakku news soyaa
Bada pirenna kanna kiyaa

Bankar gatha Thelebare
News denne nehe nithare
Bomba visi vena athare
uu inne kakka bare

news nomathi duka denilaa
dennam mama veda kiyala
nachchikuda vata gahala
allami mahenaya kiyala

ehema deyak kiwwa misak
uu dan nehe eke vagak
nachchikuda kiyala gamak
uu dan nehe ehema ratak

podi ekage asaavata
vechcha punchi veradeemata
thada unaa lu telebarata
F vchanen banala uuta

"yako methana bankaraye
inne mama kata baliye
engalanthe tho joliye
indagena ayi pacha ariye?"

"hayyien padayak giyothin
vatenava jackpot guvanin
nachchikuda ohe giyaden
aan gihin nova punarin"

"tho oya vage booru katha
nokiyan h**ge putha
ivasapan tikak sitha
dennam maha booru katha"

eeka ahapu mahenayaa
hondatama vee hithe bayaa
vedipura ne mokuth liyaa
uge hulan behela giya

- Annonymous visin kavi karana ladee

Reeri Yaka said...

First blog post, although visiting the blog is the first thing in the morning and last thing before bed for quite a long time.... anyway.
DW - Salute for your service.
I have a question which is keep on itching! Let's assume in two or three or even 6-7 months time whole country is liberated (AH! not an assumption!.. a Definite!) and that fat pig is put before justice and punished! Is it practical to kill all the kittens? I don't think so... And these basterds are not ready for any political resolution either. What if these idiots switch back to more hit and run type warfare... I'm not a pessimistic guy. Just for precaution. Some examples showing up in Batty and near Vilpattu... Without going back square one (1983) what should be the contingency plan? We do have enough man power for a full scale war in a one corner of the country. But do we have enough man power to hunt kittens down in jungles and worst case among ordinary civilians whole east, north, north central and north west?


Annonymous said...


"We do have enough man power for a full scale war in a one corner of the country. But do we have enough man power to hunt kittens down in jungles and worst case among ordinary civilians whole east, north, north central and north west?"

White vans will be imported. If it is too costly, we can get a cheap locally assembled white micro MVP Junior.

Yeah man you make a point. Killing Thelebara and bigwigs won't finish this war. Monkeys will make chaku buku here and there, and the maniacs of die-as-buruwah will constantly send money.

My picture of tigers is more like a mafia organization, simply killing one gang leader won't finish it. As long as this contaminated lot of die-as-buruwah are alive [say 1-2 generation] there will be attempts for hit-and-run.

On a positive note, most of troublesome tamils have left SL. And tamils will soon join govt after the main war is over. So it will be more a tamil-vs-tamil combat. And we should always protect the right for self-annihilation for tamils.

Unknown said...


"yako methana bankaraye
inne mama kata baliye
engalanthe tho joliye
indagena ayi pacha ariye?"

Classic!! Keep it up!!

Why not try Sinhala Unicode?

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Very Good move from SL Army

NOw when army clear A9 Kokavil-Mankulam

I will send my Ratha Regiment and Charles Anthony Brigade to capture Borella-Fort high way. Also I will capture Parliment motorway.

My next move will be capture Fort -Wellawatta byway. Then I can have a easy subway to Temple trees.

Annonymous said...

Ado navindran,

men balapan thoge mahaloku obama:


_ ||_
_ ||||||
|||||||| __
|- -- -|/ /
\ / /
\ /

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Is anyone like to give some accomadation to Mathivani and Durga.

Place must be a Brothel.
These days she is in South Africa and very hard troubles with black thunder sharks.

Casper said...


Yes you have a point! But you should also not forget that it's virtualy impossible for a terrorist group to survive without the support of the community. There comes the political showdown. Winning hearts of the minority (not the minority leaders but mostly the village chaps) should be on the agenda. Politicians should start building trust among the people in liberated areas. They should be provided with food, health care, transport, entertainment eki meki noki siyalla! And I don't think people will opt to go back to slaving Terrorist. Tipping off their where abouts will be common and hunting becomes easy.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

After India now my only hope is United Baracke Obima and My saviour Hildery Clindon. I hope when they come Jan 20 they will call Mahindra Raja to stop attck me and ceasefire.

If Mahindra not accept that I,m sure Hildary will join my black tigre suicide team.

I can send Hildary to my next suicide mission to Colombo to attack Taj Samudra and Hilton and unlike Deccan Hildary team will kill 1700 unwanted mens, wemons, childrons.

Unknown said...

KAVI niyamai

Ra said...

To all day dreamers,

Remember you were asking us to wait and see? remember the hype made on jeyanthan brigade, raththi brigade, grandma brigade etc?

Nothing is happening as you were promised.

You were waiting hoping that Vezapillai would at least fart aloud before 26th Nov.

It is time for you to push LTTE to lay down arms and surrender.

Corey said...

I think the Army is following a great strategy these days. Vezapillai's tactic was to accumulate his 'good' cardboard warriors in killinochchi. For this, he had to move most of them from the other (mullativu) areas. Now, the Army is going for these weakened areas. This is strategically similar to how the Allied Forces trapped Saddam Hussien into thinking that they were going to attack from the sea. Saddam sent all his forces to the coastal areas, and the Allies came through the land, from way up north...., and you know the rest....

Vezapillai must be shitting in his pants more than usual these days. He has lost this war, and probably knows it. vezapillai needs fighters, and he will soon run out of them.
Innocent Tamils are now marching protests in the wanni itself, and in the presence of peelam warriors, who seemingly cannot do anything... hope of new recruits are fast fading for vezapillai...

Now is the time for the big peelam talkers in this blog to go to the wanni and show their true 'dedication' to peelam...... Ha Haaaa Haaaaaaa, I don't think so....

Anonymous said...

# Padaviya - Killing of family members of soldiers (wife and 2 kids of one soldier and a kid of another soldier were killed by cutting thier necks when they were sleeping.) -- Yana yaka korahath binda gena yama. Yes, LTTE have to do some thing to please thier diaspora and to keep their moral up. But GSL need to pay more attention for security of SLDF family members.

# After Mumbai Attacks. - We missed the chance to crush LTTP after 9/11 due to CFA and cunning Norway. We should now take maximum advantage of Mumbai attack - neutralising TN /India/ Obama/ Hilary and annihilate LTTP.

Mahen said...

Hey Anonymouse

If you want to insult someone, at least do so in a language we can all understand, not in some primitive chena boy veddha language (I am guessing).

tata said...

"at least do so in a language we can all understand"

I think the present govt. is talking the language you understand. :)

Annonymous said...

Look who we have here

Annonymous said...

Mahen Toiletboy;

[If you want to insult someone, at least do so in a language we can all understand, not in some primitive chena boy veddha language (I am guessing)]

Keep on guessing. Your guesses are very accurate and people are talking about your guessing skills.

See you toilet boy, it is ironic that you toilet boys are cleaning the end product of what we produce at Chena. What a foodchain !!!

Pala ponnaya yanna. Tho hithuvada methanath demalata sama thana illanna. Mokatada yako man thota therena basaven liyanne? Tho kedichcha ingirisiyen suddage puka hodana kota mona basawenda uu thota commands denne. Ethanath kiwwada oya kathawa. Man liyanne mata kemathi basawen. Tho theren nethnam nikan hitapan.

Kollane, muuva komiyata gaththe umbalata fun ekata. Muuta eka therunath ekayi nethath ekayi. Theren nethi unama ridenawa vediyi.

[Translation: Although we take Mahen for a joke, I suspect that Ratha CA and IP have already captured Nachchikuda. We never heard any news from the 58th]

Annonymous said...

Gotta go out guys. I woke up Mahen, pls don't let him sleep. Poets keep your poems coming.

Although I got worked up, let's not navindran too much. Mahen might not write as he is under strict vigilance of Thele-bara.

Corey said...

gon-peter thinks that after the election, the 'new' India will save peelam.....

yes.... yes.... yes....

Only in hallucination's world will peelam be saved now....

.... keep dreaming.... and feel better.....

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!!

Corey said...

"TN delegation meets Indian PM seeking SL ceasefire"....

Aney Pavu!!! This is the only hope for vezapillai now...

by the way.... where's the great peelam war IV these days??????




Rana said...

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know why TF2 is not offensive now? It is supposed to attack A9 west from Omanthai to Mankulam.

Defence.lk say the area is under army influence, then why TF3 can't move fast towards A9 and clear it then proceed towards Nedunkeni?

Are we missing something here?

Any thoughts on this puzzle?

Moshe Dyan said...


seems security has been further tightened around KAB. a good move. but they should think outside the box bcos LTTE MFs ARE thinking creatively.

re: OFABs.

toiletnet reports 16 of them and one had not exploded! the effectw ould be colosal NOT JUST 3 dead civilians and 20 injured!!! MUCH MUCH higher than that. the damage to terrorist assets got to be massive too.

good work SLAF. keep it up.

Rana said...


One did not explode! Can they drop that unexploded one in our teritory using the remaining Zlin?

Why, airforce is giving them bombs?

Ra said...

Hey guys have a look at this mockery.


"Note that the middle picture appears to be a parachute."

It appears to me a gunny bag used to carry bothal paththara. Those who take pictures didn't know what that was.. amazing intelligent demalas...

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Defence.lk say the area is under army influence, then why TF3 can't move fast towards A9 and clear it then proceed towards Nedunkeni?

Are we missing something here?


I just requested Pottu ammavuka regarding this matter and he just faxed me the report.

Pottu has sent group of battallion under pakkali ammavuka. This battallion contained monky weomen and man kideomen. You wont believe that no body come closer to them as it's hard to resist their sakkili smell. According to Pottu ammavuka no human or animal can live in area where this sakkili smell spread. It's so hard. We have put this group 3 yrs in sakkili basins. Hwever their nature is the same.

Saman said...


Good try. Is this idiot of an analyst "Peter Ratnadurai" is related to you? Or can I make an assumption,

Peter Ratnadurai = Peter-pan.

Fucking Sakkilias think India has no other business than appeasing toilet cleaners.

What can Man Mohan do now about Sri Lanka? Tell me in specific terms. All of TN is only around 8% vote base in India. Congress has around 4% block votes in TN no matter what. Man Mohan is not a mutt like this writer, Peter Ratnadurai= Peter-pan, who perceives 4% vote swing would justify a foreign policy blunder.

Man Mohan can meet any number of Sri Lankan LTTE MFs, but India knows very well LTTE will not have any political power after the war (a war they fought certain to lose) other than what we are prepared to give them. Well, LTTE to be blamed in bringing Tamils to this sorry state. They will not have any bargaining power.

What a bunch of toilet cleaners can do now? LTTE took Tamils beyond point of no return.

Any rebuttal?

Rana said...


Good analysis, bro.

LTTP is the number 1 enemy of the tamil cause right now!

Tamils should understand LTTP has become a massive liability for SL tamils.

As long as LTTP live and kicking SL tamils will suffer, no matter where they live.

Unknown said...

Defencewire nice writting, good for romance novels. He was careful not to touch her to entice....

"Until yesterday, the SLA was careful to leave the A-9 untouched to entice civilian movements"

Saman said...

Sovereign nations have right to protect against terrorism - Barack Obama (defence.lk)

US president-elect Barack Obama on Monday (Dec 1) had stated that "sovereign nations have the right to protect themselves" against terrorism, revealed the international news media.

According to the media reports, Obama speaking at a Chicago Press conference told the reporters that his incoming administration would be fully committed to wipe out terrorism.

''What I can say unequivocally is that both myself and my team are absolutely committed to eliminating terrorism,'' he had said.

''We cannot tolerate attacks based on twisted ideology of hate...we will bring the full force of our military, economic and diplomatic power to defeat this. I will be monitoring the situation closely", he had added.

Commenting on the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai , India in which more than 170 people were killed , including 6 US citizens, he had told that his administration would "remain steadfast in support of India's effort to catch perpetrators and bring them to justice" .

"I expect the world community will feel the same way", he had added.

Also, media reports said that Obama had telephoned Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the weekend and said that Americans would "stand with the people of India in this dark time."

"I'm confident they're more resilient than the killers who would tear it down", he had stated.

Speaking further on his policy towards global terrorism he had stated that crisis in South Asia would be among the first issues to be occupied by his administration.

"Terror cannot be contained by borders. Last week ,we were reminded of the threat once again", he had stated recalling the Mumbai tragedy.

"In the world we seek, there's no place for those who kill innocent civilians to advance hateful extremism," he had added.

ReJLoRd said...

Another task force? wow sla must be trippin balls. haste makes waste and soon times we shall see.
ready the sla body bags..en masse sil vous plait

Unknown said...

The Traitor=Ranil=UNP=liar has said that CPC is losing money. Its a lie like Minh air everything mahindha touches turns to dust sorry i meant gold.

I mean but a Maj Gen to run CPC like how pakistan run their coporations, I mean what a wonderful idea. Look at how sucessful Pakistan is. Even the IMF loans them money.

I knew a Pakistani guy. He is much senior to me then. He told me he was like district first and a top rank holder in his university exams. When he went to an interview for a job in one of the state coporations, he was turned down. Guess what someone with lesser capabilities got selected as the interviewer told him, he was NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Fortunately one of the general running the coporation was a person from his home village. 6 months later through family contacts he came with the general reccomendations. The same interviewer said, you definetely have a job as you are strongly recommended by one of our Founders.


Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

L = Lossing

T = tamilvesa

T = tangachchivuka

P = Ponnaiya

Is that what you mean as LTTP.

If so I recommended it to my Ponnabureau to consider hereafter.

Unknown said...

Pakistan Army Link to Mumbai Suspects May Hurt Zardari Pledge

Since there is a new task force it shall be Pakistan alone as she is really helping. 59-3 becomes just Iran.

59-3 Brigade Iran lover Sri Lanka.

ReJLoRd said...

Dear Simple,
I must say your name states your mental standards quite remarkably.
If you sinhalese do not wish to live in the North.. then why the fuckin bodhi tree are you guys fighting for it? More payroll puppets waiting for their death sentences. RIP sla.

Moshe Dyan said...


a zling can't carry 515kgs!!!

may be it's explosives are "wasted" so it won't work again.

Unknown said...

Gringo, can you start your own blog. The Ltte will pay you to write such things.

"Are we prepared? Going nuclear should be our aim in order to deter any monkey with a razor blade."

Moshe Dyan said...

last mile,

parachute???? it looks like waraka's choot!!! (hindi)

Moshe Dyan said...

tiger supporters are shitting with fear just when they hear about TF4!!

imagine how the LTTE bunker whores are shivering in fear of TF-4's cox!!!!

Rana said...


What I heard is Zlin can carry 1000kg easily.

If the bomb is unrecoverable, it is fine.
Otherwise all those unexploded bombs are potential danger to south.

Unknown said...

I do thank all the bloggers for their outward love for me.

I do ask you guys to volunteer to fight for the Sri Lankan Army. To have a feeling, take a set of army uniform, something in the weight of 5kg slung over your shoulder to stimulate the rifle. Ensure that your hands are always on that "rifle". Carry a bag with about 10kg in weight. Have one water bottle of water full and do not drink from that. Leave your house at 12 in the noon and do a slow walk for 4km and carry on till you hit 24km.

After the blisters on your leg, sores on your thighs and you still want to serve in the army, then go dig a foxhole. It should be such that your shoulder height. Stay in the hole you dig for a week with a stick pointing outward. You can do it with you friend.

Rana said...

Rejected Lord,

Instead talking about SLA, try to say something about LTTP. Vesapille zakkiliya kneeling and begging to T'naadu and India. His f***ing eelam cry is reduced to less than 1% teritory as at present. Sea tigers are fighting in the land because of the fear of SLN.

Vesapille hiding behind aunti brigade while pussycats are deserting their positions.

Why don't you ask your leader to lead his pussycats from the front without hiding 60" under ground.

Can you MF talk about those things without barking about SLA.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Looks like a Grand Chessmaster is playing at MOD(aya) Central.

Oops! I let the cat out of the bag boyz. Now the Peelamists know what Modaya really means and that we've letting them use this all this time.

MOD aya = Guys at Ministry of Defence.

Sh*%, Cr%#, F#$k

Anyway well done Chess Master. We could read between the lines and know that Killi was aruse. Sakkiliyas fell for it. They are really bewildered now.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) is another LTTE front organisation.

According to reports, it is just a hut with a small board hanging, used to be in Killinochchi, but has washed away now.

North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) is run by one of the infamous father who supplied kids to LTTE.

Rana said...


It seems LTTP high powered communication centre near Katunayake Air port is exposed and three youths from Jaffna have been arrested.

These must be the basterds who inform LTTP when fighter jets are air borne.

Arrested zakkiliyas will reveal lot of things about colombo operations.

I am worried about their bones!

Good show by SL police.

ravana said...

when three front coming towards kilinochchi.then LTTE doesn't have that much of fire to protect this north of gajabapura.when 59 move to nadunkarni,they have completely surrounded.then there are more SLA's than ltte carders.
target is Tf2 will be move simultaneously with 59 towards A34.
it will easier to 56 t clear this area.for me i think TF4 will be operating in coastal side mulathiv.
now the face of the war is very slow due to mud and the stiff resistant.

now the MI feel that the second pane airborne not from the vanni..its from unknown location at mannar.

ravana said...

again to mumbai attack guys.now its clear terrorist who hit the railway station used Incendiary grenades.that move we have to think seriously.since our stations are very much smaller to the Indian station we have great risk.i think SLDF need to educate people more to short out this type of attacks.pretty sure ltte will not attack civilians they have more matured than Taliban.but they will attack our camps or economic centers.or example if they attck on our world trade center....

Rana said...


Thanks mate, for update.

But few questions:

1. They can't hide Zlin in Mannar or the air strip. If SLDF thinks, it came from Mannar, they should have some info which we don't know.

2. Strategy to capture A34 by encircling tiger land by TF3, 57, TF2 and 56 is good but it has to wait until TF3 meet 57! Why don't we use offensive TF2 in the mean time to take A9 from Omanthai to Mankulam.

3. If they do that we have a robust supply line up to Kokavil which will be least affected by floods.

Do you have something to say on the above, bro?

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, ZLIN cannot carry more than 800kg with fuel, pilot/s, cargo. definitely it cannot carry a heavy bomb due to gravity centre/handling issues.


an extract from a blog (can't remember sorry). this guy had put the TAF ZLIN143 matter to the company (now bankrupt).

"I decided to take a shot in the dark and sent a questionaire to the Czech firm on the recent LTTE attacks. I didn't expect them to respond, but they did. Their Head of Sales, Josef Pavelcik, wrote back, and here's the interview in full:

Q1. What are your reactions to the LTTE's use of your products for such actions?

The aircraft pictured certainly appears to be an old or an illegally home-built Zlin-143 model. We were surprised to see a Zlin aircraft being used for the purpose of attaching and dropping bombs - most definitely not what the aircraft was designed or sold for. In addition to the obvious dangers to any people that would be the target of any bombings, this miss-use of an aircraft also opens up other real problems. Including for those people that might be located below a given flight path - and in addition the miss-use would even also be dangerous for those people operating the aircraft outside of its safe design limits. Zlin aircraft are simply not designed to have any items of weight attached to the under-carriage. To do so is to dismiss all of the aircrafts originally designed safe operational limits. We never have and never will design or sell any of our Zlin aircraft to serve as bombers. This miss-use of one of our products can be seen as directly analogous to the common miss-use of 4-wheel-drive trucks around the world - when people attach machine guns and various other military equipment onto these type of vehicles. Here too this is not what these truck products were designed or sold for, but nothing that say Toyota etc could reasonably be expected to do to prevent such miss-use.

Q2. Is your company investigating the route through which your products could have reached the hands of a banned rebel group?

We are exploring various options in this regard, but is not clear if we as a just a normal private company can in fact do anything. This is a new circumstance and we have no precedent for dealing with it. All aircraft sold by any manufacturers are uniquely numbered and are certified by each of the national aviation authorities. Therefore the original purchasers of each aircraft can easily be identified. Similarly, each aircraft that might then be legally and properly re-sold by its owner continues to be certified - and therefore any new operator would also be identifiable. However, without knowing the registration number of an aircraft, or at least knowing say its original engine's identification number, then it is impossible to identify a specific aircraft. In the case in question the aircraft's original colours and identification has been painted over, by camouflage colouring. Making identification impossible unless one had access to the aircraft. Obviously our company does not have access. Over the past 72 years we have sold almost 6,000 aircraft in total to 60 countries. Including to Asia. Selling these to individuals, civil flying schools, air force flying schools and sales agents. It is at least possible that the Zlin-143 aircraft shown on the web etc could have been given to/sold by its last legal and certified owner, to the LTTE. Or alternatively the aircraft may have been stolen. Or it could even have been assembled from a variety of aircraft parts and spares. In such a case these parts and spares too could have been given, sold or stolen. The possibilities for how an old or an illegally home-built small aircraft could come into the hands of an individual, or of a group, are many. It is unlikely that we - as a small private company in the Czech Republic having no investigation authority or jurisdiction - could reasonably expect to be able to investigate and achieve any meaningful answer.

Q3. What action, if any, is your company taking, since obviously you must have some procedure to keep a check on who is using your products?

As highlighted above our company - as is the case with all the aircraft manufacturers - is legally required to accurately register, record and report to the authorities, whenever and to whom we sell aircraft. We have always completely complied with all such regulations and we will continue to do so. Obviously no company has any procedures that enables it to track the movements of secretly miss-used, or stolen, or illegally home-built products- be they aircraft or trucks, or any other product. On every level we are surprised and disappointed to see an aircraft being operated for anything other than its properly certified and safe correct use."

"Other similar attacks with other planes.



The Time Mag article from 1969:


The plane Van Rosen used to bomb the Nigerians in 1968:


Ananda-USA said...


I agree 100% with you on the need to reject devolution of power. I only said that issue will come up, and must be settled permanently, immediately after the war before all the "peacemakers" who opposed this war of liberation by the GOSL get together to tell us how to "divide the country peacefully".

I have written for over 20 years that devolution of power to regions on an ethnic basis is a recipe for the destruction of Sri Lanka.

All I implied in my post was that I anticipate that the issue will be raised by those pressuring the government to implement the Rajiv-JR agreement and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. These are the same "war cannot solve the problem, it must be settled through negotiations" folks, both inside and outside Sri Lanka. I have always been opposed to that agreement which was imposed by force on a defenceless Sri Lanka by India, that then abrogated its own responsibility and walked away from the battlefield leaving a very much strenghened LTTE occupying the land. Agreements that victims of crimes are forced to sign under duress are not enforceable in most systems of law in most countries. Was the partition of Poland by the Germans and the Russians on the eve of WW-II valid? How about the grabbing of the Sudetenland from Chechkoslovakia by the Germans, under duress and with the compliance of the Allies (a la "Peace in our time" speech by Chamberlain)? All of these were crimes inflicted by the powerful against the weak.

Equal rights for all citizens whatever their race, religion, language or caste is what must be ensured by the GOSL, throughout the land. That does not require permanently embedding ethnic divisions in the country by devolving power to regions created on an ethnic basis, or infringing on the powers assigned to the central government to maintain security. That will only yield in peace to the LTTE supporters what they failed to win in war. Local government of districts, cities, towns and villages, on the basis of one-vote for each resident, should be enough for empowering the people at a local level.

Besides, as a Sinhala Buddhist, I would like to buy and live in a seaside cottage with a lovely view in Nachchikuda. I should be able to that in complete safety, just as Tamil people can do in Mount Lavinia. I would not be able to do that in a Tamil-only Northern Province that would treat me as an undesireable alien.

Rana said...


That is exactly my position from the begining. No division in the country by race or religion.

What we need is an amendment to the constitution to safegurd equal rights to all sri lankans regardless of ethnicity, if it is already not in the constitution.

SL is a small country to have devolution of power or federal system, even provincial councils also a waste.

One central governing body with single police force and single defence body will do fine.

If anybody does not like it, they should look at available alternatives themselves, example leave the country and settle somewhere else.

ravana said...

Sling can hide any where even in the 40ft high cube tank.actually what they did..there are so many marshlands there.
2.do not compare the face of the war with the past performance.now all the hardcore fighters and every one in very little area.resistant will be high.they use every other tings to stop the SLA.
3.we need to block the mulahtiv coast
and this fucking food supply.this is hilarious why we want to send food ask them to come.every ones hurt of this war not only wanni people even south has suffer.so many sla against this move but they hvae nothing to do.feeding and hitting completely different

can you send your and MD email add then i will send you few pics not today with in few days.

Ogre said...

We are back.

Kili was perhaps the toughest campaign ever we had to undertake, and despite all the difficulties we managed to kill and capture a large number of LTTE terrorists.

As I have said...we need more help in terms of divisions. Please see my previous posts. We need at least another division to complete this task. We are fighting against a group of people (bodies) approximately 12,000 and about 1200 hard core terrorists. 12,000 should be countered with at least another 3 times the number for an effective attack, and the 1200 must be countered with at least 5000 special ops forces.

DIV IV - once raised will help us complete this Job. Thank you My friend Sarath for paying close attention.

By the way many inroads to Kili were made and most parts captured, but LTTE had a sizable contingent ready east of iranamadu to launch an attack and holding Kili is like holding um say Nugegoda soo many entry points and that would not have the desired affect in terms of our priorities of killing the terras.

Let me say, we will not repeat a Mulativu, Mankulam like devastation. Our goals are clear, lot of our brothers are hurt, and I urge my brother who are abroad, and loving kind hearted people to help the many who are injured.

Lot of money needs to be supplied towards military needs, but there are so many needs after military life, and making sure the injured are healed back to norm will help us a lot. So I urge my brother and sisters who are abroad to freely contribute towards the many programs implemented to help them. Go to Defense.lk



The money that comes in is free of Political handling and NO one GETS A CUT ! ! ! ! make sure you do your part as a Sri Lankan!

Rana said...


Thanks mate, use following email address:


I agree with you about sending food, medicine and other essentials to uncleared areas. That is why civilians are not coming to cleared areas.

They are eating free while our people has to pay double for the same. It is a joke of the century!

However, political pressure is too high from India and IC to do otherwise.

Rana said...


You are back safe and sound! Wonderful mate, thanks for update.

We have done and will do our part continuously, brother.

There is no need to capture anything, if we are harvesting at good rate. So, Kili is a good trap for LTTP to sacrifice numbers.

That should be our aim.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Communication with Czech guy. Good job bro. All of us need to do our little bit. Does anybody know how the Australians managed to ship aircraft parts to the LTTE. Perhaps this should be traced as well. I would be willing to contribute to any fund which will act as an umbrella to carry out class-actions on behalf of Sri Lankans who have been affected by the actions of any overseas organisation, Government, NGO.


Heh Heh,

navindranayak daala me blog eke.

Navindranaya = goo-liyak (heh heh)

Me Navindranaya kiyala, mama hithanne, Mutthek nemey. Oo, cadet kenek. (oota badu ussala karagati avilla!)

Ha Ha. hee

(Translation for Mahen- Navindran mama has given a good bait to he of nacchikuda fame and he has swallowed it whole! MOD-aya have gone right down the throat- Mahen, please spell correctly next time- MOD-aya, there is no need for an s at the end. It is superfluous. Oh sorry, superfluous means like "too much " of something- e.g. down the throat)

Someone made a good point about TN people being too busy to be worrying about SL. Too true. Most Tamil people are actually decent and just want to get on with thier lives.

But that does not apply to dieass-pol-Buruwas who go "Hee Haw" every time VP clicks his fingers, nor does it apply to the Acting Hanuman Monkeys of TN.

As an example of their super-acting talents see the video below (courtesy- the Rael Tamilnet)


For more entertainment go to Tamilnet Videostore:


I am now working on my next instalment of "What the white man really thinks of the brown-nosing Sakiiliyas". Out soon.

Ananda-USA said...


Thank you: we are of one mind!

When India comes to pressure Sri Lanka about the Rajiv-JR agreement, we should ask India two questions:

1. Is the Indian union, based on federalism based largely on ethnic regions, free of terrorism and separatism now? If not, do they have any clue about how to solve their "problem"? And if not, what makes them think that the Rajiv-JR solution based on devolution of power to ethnic regional provinces based on the Indian Model will ensure peace and integrity of Sri Lanka?

2. If India persists in asking for implementation of the Rajiv-JR agreement and the 13th Amendement, we should ask when India will be implementing parallel solutions for Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir, and for the local concentrations of 200 million Muslims living throughout India. We should volunteer to oversee the implementation of this "political solution" in India. Sri Lanka will implement the same solution, after we see how well it works in India!

The issue of a "homeland" for Indian Muslims was suppoesed to be solved during the partition of British India in 1947 in which Pakistan was carved out as the Moslem "homeland." Well, apparantly, there is more carving out to do. Similarly, the only "homeland" for Tamils in this world is in TamilNadu. Every where else, in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, UK, Germany, Norway etc etc, they are minorities living as part of a larger society of non-Tamils. Those Tamils should not aspire to the racist dream of a Greater Dravidian Nation espoused by the likes of Prabhakaran, Vaiko, Karunanidhi, Ramadoss, etc. but should be loyal citizens of their respective countries living amicably with the larger host communities. In that way, they will secure a safe and prosperous existence for themselves.

The notion of Tamil Nadu claiming to champion all Tamils all over the world will reduce Tamils to a suspect community whose allegiance is to a foreign enity, that threatens military action on the country they live in, on their behalf. This is like Hilter who wanted to integrate all Germans wherever they lived into the German Reich. That demand laid the basis for the union with Austria, the prying out the Sudetenland from Checkoslovakia, the Danzig corridor from Poland, half of Poland later, and land in the present day Ukraine, etc etc ad nauseam. Wherever a local concentration of Germans existed, it became a part of Germany; the rights of the majority communities of those countries simply didn't matter.

Aided and abetted by short-sighted rabble-rousing politicians, TamilNadu is moving along this very same dangerous path, that will ultimately destroy Tamil communities in other countries, and create enormous problems for India as a whole!

Nihara said...

Thanks for providing information in regards to 'donations'.
It's good to know that it goes directly, to help where it's needed the most.

Nihara said...

oh Ogre,
sorry I forgot to mention earlier,
glad that, you are back home safely, after a job well done!

Ananda-USA said...

Repost of a comment I made 2 weeks ago regarding the Vanni military strategy:

In the Vanni campaign, threatening frontal attacks on established defenses at Kilinochchi to tie down the LTTE fighters, while the SLA attacks and makes significant gains elsewhere has been a frequently used strategy.

Have faith and patience; I think you will be very pleased by what is achieved by the SLA during this period. It will, however, not be what is trumpeted to the media or what everyone is expecting!

hiru said...

DW and Ogre
Thanks for the updates

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


From here on I propose that the Peelamists refer to the rest of us as MOD-aya. (The illiterate Buruwas which is 60% I think?- will continue to mis spell and be ungrammatical)

In return when we reply to them we can sign:

Don't sign unless they spell correctly! Instead address them as BURU-aya


I understand there is a real department in imaginary Peelam called thus.

You are welcome to think up other acronyms!

Heee Haaaw

CASC said...

President Rajapaksa's visit to Turkey is very prudent. SL needs to develop relations with a variety of countries to fight the LTTE menace. With hysteria growing in India over a possible Pakistani involvement in Mumbai, a ground war between India and Pakistan could cut off armament exports from Pakistan.

Also, there is a need to diversify SL's arms supplies and Turkey has a large domestic armaments industry.

On another note, the head of the Indian Navy said in an interview that there is no way that the Indian Navy or Coast Guard can stop and search every fishing vessel along the coast because there are 150,000 registered fishing vessels in India with about 30,000 off the western coast alone. He has suggested that all Indian fishing vessels be fitted with transponders for identification. It must be pointed out that during the reign of the previous BJP Government, the then Defence Minister of India George Fernandez,sacked the head of the Indian Navy, Admiral Vishnu Bhaghat, the first service chief to be sacked in post-independent India. According to Admiral Bhaghat (see article in Hindu) this was because he defied Fernandez's orders to leave the LTTE vessels alone. In a sense India has reaped what it has sowed.


"Still more damning are Bhagwat's revelations on the nexus between the political establishment and an arms smuggling operation that flourishes in the Andamans Sea, with a direct nexus to insurgents in India's north-eastern region. In February 1998, the Navy had along with the Army and the Coast Guard launched a major operation to interdict a shipment of contraband in the Andamans area. The operation yielded a rich haul of arms and narcotics. Surveillance and seizure operations have since continued in the maritime region around the Andamans.On July 27, Defence Secretary Ajit Kumar conveyed Fernandes' instructions to the service commanders. They were that the interception of vessels suspected of carrying narcotics and arms should not be done without the prior approval of the Ministry. ....... But the sequence of dubious interventions leads the former Navy Chief to a question that perhaps cuts Fernandes rather close to the bone and suggests a possible reason for his undue interest in the Andamans operations: "Why are LTTE, Burmese and the northeastern rebels operating from the house of the Defence Minister?"

Asithri said...


[I am not with you in supporting the devolution of power to one minority in any shape or form. Tamils are around 10-11% at this stage (through attrition, war and voluntary departure)]

You are right mate.

Except today SL Tamils are actually around 4% based on the US intelligence reports. The reason? Almost 5% of the SL Tamil population has fled SL to go and claim “refugee” status in the gullible West and the rest has died in this unwinnable war thanks to the Grade 5 drop who claimed one day that he is the “sole representative of Tamils” !!!


Says who?

We say so…the masses who dumped Ranil the Ponnaya and elected the MR GOSL into power by accepting the principles of Mahinda Chintanya which stands for ONE Sri Lanka!

Any motherfucker here (be it that the bitch is from LTTE or UNP or TNA) who doesn’t understand this is cordially invited to read my lips!


OaO Asithri

Saman said...


Many thanks for clarification. Your last line triggered my response. Now, it seemed to me as taken out of context knowing your position.

Glad to see we are on the same track.

I enjoy your write-ups. Keep posting - if I may call you Brother.

Saman said...


/today SL Tamils are actually around 4% based on the US intelligence reports/

This is news to me my friend. Given 56% of Sri Lankan Tamils are now claimed to be living outside so called peelam including liberated Jaffna and East and IDP's around 300,000 in Vanni, numbers does not stack up. Any thoughts?

But with 4% my argument (as well as Ananda-USA's) stands better.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ado Kollo,

Me Batalluwen passe, Diga Yuddhayak thiyenawa, Booruwan ekkai, Hanuman Wanduro ekkai.

Navindranayata thawa therumak thiyenawa: Methana (Thala) thel berala thamai oya Karagati avilla thiyenne. Samaharawita Puke-gedith thiyenna puluwan, Mahenta. Oooooh!

(Translation for Mahen: Navidran anna is great. He is better than Hanuman! When he bathes in Sesame Oil he gets that look and look out Mahen. Oooooh!)

Api balanna onay mung monawa karrnai kiyyannai patangaiyda kiyala.

1) Ona Ottuwak munge sudu gal tika avilla "Current Affair" program Dai. Eke kiyayi, "Onna, nidahas kara kiwwata, me minnisunta hungak hiri hara karanawa kiyala"
Ekata Utthara thiyenna onay.

2) Unge mamala, Bappala ehema diyanna puluwan me ratay Arthika thathwaya bohoma adu hatiyata- Kamak Nehe- Apita (expatriates) puluwan methanin hugak udaw wenna.

3) Unge nidagena inna Bhuthayo innava hungak Pitarata Sangvidana vala. Ung patan ganiy nahayen andanna.

4) Unge oya loku rakshawal karana minissu ratata apahasa karanna puluwan. Ehema karala ahu wunoth, lassanata katha karala okkomalage issaraha oowa lajja karrana one.

Mama me kiyanne uthuru-basa katha karana minnisu pamanak neme. Ape Jathiye yakkuth innawa mehema. Habay unta hungak Siyabasa beha.
Thawa dewal wenna puluwan mama liyapu nethi. Mewa okkoma adahas ekethu kerala danna one podi (manual) ekak munta gundu arrina.

Mokoda Kiyanne?

(Translation for Mahen:
We need to ask about the four pronged strategy used by the Peelamists and plead with them to stop it:
1) Bottom is smelly why even bring it to a "Current Affair" programme.
2) Up to now they (the dieasspora) have wacked us (expatriates) at brown nosing. We should tell them that our envy is too much to bear that it is bursting at the seams.
3) Rectal treatment by their uncle/s (white and black) is well known. How can they expose our virgin eyes and hearts to such brutality.
4) Uptake of our Northern bretheren in overseas jobs is dropping off because the white-racists are now discriminating against them. So they have a plan.

This could mean that we will have to give up our jobs for them if they return. Perhaps people like (Manuel),Martiya and Jamis can give up their job climbing coconut trees.

What do you say? )

Moshe Dyan said...



MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Good one bro. Very important intelligence. I don't think that the Indian Defence and security establishment is a stupid as they have been made to look.
There must be a lot of very frustrated officers over there.
Don't forget how corrupt the Sri lankan security establishment has been in the past (e.g. Katunayake attack).
It may be a good thing for India if a Nationalist BJP comes to power. They may have a lot more in common with the current SL establisment than the Thal-Buruwas think.

Once the indian security forces have been released from their bondage by a Government which thinks South Asia first, then we will see results.

It cannot be over-emphasised the great danger there is to India from the Actors of TN. More of this later.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes. turkey is ESPECIALLY important.

1. the turkish president hailed MR sometime back for his anti-terror drive

2. turkey is engaged in PKK seperatism and terrorism

3. it is relatively a "liberal" country on many aspects unlike many other islamic countries

4. it is a NATO member if i remember right. so access to contacts and gadgets.

hopefully the armenians won't be cross with us and start allowing weapons from former SU to LTTE!!!!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Very insightful about the Hitler-Karunanindhi comparison.

Caldwell and other founded the Aryan-Dravidian myth (Aryanism was already prevalent in Europe boosted by their desire to be linked with the oldest known language- Sanskrit - at the time) to firstly to find commonality with North Indians whom they saw as close in looks to themselves. Secodly they chose to put wedge between the Indian groups by inventing the "Dravidan" race who were identified as down-trodden "natives" (blacker you are more native you have to be- it must be the "whiter" races who civilised you) partly because they did not wantto identify with the latter and also because they would be fodder for Caldwellian Conversion programme.

In the meantime the Germans rolled on to thier own national disaster:

Aryan= German super race
Nazism= the ideology of the above

The rest is history as they attempted to build on the super-race, acquire territory and attempt genocide.

There are very close parallels with Dravidians of India (notice that Indians in general have rejected Aryan race theory).

Dravidian= South Indian (native) mythological super-race
Tamil= Thier ideology

Their goal is to create a World spanning Dravidian Nation (it is in plain English on Tamilnation.org) considering that they are the ultimate, most ancient yet most evolved (an oxymoron), native people anywhere in the World. All others should be considered inferior, invading scum. Genocide has already been practiced by Tamil ideologues in Sri Lanka. It is only a hop-step and a jump to India.

Nazi-Aryan-Germans ~ fascists ~
~ Tamil-Dravidianist-South Indians.

If the Indians do not take some steps to quell what is simmering beneath it may explode one day. Subramaniam Swamy has already taken note. I think he has also learnt to be a bit more respectful of SL capabilities.

I think there has to close collaboration between future SL and Indian Governments to ensure security of the region.

Asithri said...


OaOA said:

[today SL Tamils are actually around 4% based on the US intelligence reports]

to which you said:

[This is news to me my friend. Given 56% of Sri Lankan Tamils are now claimed to be living outside so called peelam including liberated Jaffna and East and IDP's around 300,000 in Vanni, numbers does not stack up.]

Actually the precise number is 3.9% as per the US CIA “The World Fact Book”


Scroll down to the section “People” and see under “Ethnic groups” and you will see that the number of SL Tamils is actually 3.9%.

OaO Asithri

P.S. Do not confuse “SL Tamils” 3.9% figure (from N and E regions, the regions from which “thamileelam” racists sprang from) with the “Indian Tamils” who are in the upcountry region, who actually are Indian indentured laborer-descendants and they were considered officially “Indians” until not long ago!

Unknown said...

talking about army and millitary issues is not enough. LTTE has a propaganda that goes around the world spreadding a fake ancient tamil history, claiming that they have roots in our country. Our historians should show the world what is the true history is.

Ananda-USA said...


I knew it was much lower than the pre-diaspora 10% or so, but I never imagined it was as low as 3.9% SL Tamils and 4.6% Indian Tamils. The key here is, or course, the breakdown of the unspecified 10% .

I am listing below the numbers taken from the cia factbook webpage that you referenced, for the edification of others.

These numbers are from the 2001 census. Can we get more recent numbers that also give a breakdown of the u"unspecified" 10% ?

Good job, Asithri!


Sri Lanka Demographics:

Sinhalese 73.8%, Sri Lankan Moors 7.2%, Indian Tamil 4.6%, Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9%, other 0.5%, unspecified 10% (2001 census provisional data)

Buddhist 69.1%, Muslim 7.6%, Hindu 7.1%, Christian 6.2%, unspecified 10% (2001 census provisional data)

Sinhala (official and national language) 74%, Tamil (national language) 18%, other 8%
note: English is commonly used in government and is spoken competently by about 10% of the population

definition: age 15 and over who can read and write
total population: 90.7%
male: 92.3%
female: 89.1% (2001 census)

Sinhabahu said...

Rana said

If they do that we have a robust supply line up to Kokavil which will be least affected by floods.

you don't keep your supply lines(MSR) close to a line of control for obvious reasons.

Asithri said...


[LTTE has a propaganda that goes around the world spreadding a fake ancient tamil history, claiming that they have roots in our country]

How true!

Even the US CIA's "The World Fact Book" site that I noted earlier clearly states that:

"The first Sinhalese arrived in Sri Lanka late in the 6th century B.C. probably from northern India."


"Buddhism was introduced in about the mid-third century B.C., and a great civilization developed at the cities of Anuradhapura (kingdom from circa 200 B.C. to circa A.D. 1000) and Polonnaruwa (from about 1070 to 1200)."


"In the 14th century, a south Indian dynasty established a Tamil kingdom in northern Sri Lanka."

Shows what vicious and false propaganda the racist "thamileelam" motherfuckers have spread to further their racist, fascist separate state!

OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...

For comparison,

India's Demographic Data

Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% (2000)

Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 13.4%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.9%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.1% (2001 census)

Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%

definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 61%
male: 73.4%
female: 47.8% (2001 census)

Asithri said...


[These numbers are from the 2001 census.]

True. If the SL Tamils percentage was 3.9% in 2001, then you can imagine how much lower it might be today (with more "refugee" migration to the West, death due to war/disease/Tsunami, etc.)...this is why once the N is liberated the whole world will know the truth, once another census is taken.

As they say, you can deceive some people some time, but not all the people all the time!

OaO Asithri

Unknown said...

Again one of my dreams. Anyway is it a dream that Pakistan Sri Lanka Bhai Bhai.

Many Indian policymakers have adopted a hardened posture against Pakistan in the belief that its state agencies, such as the shadowy Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI), were behind the attacks, which have killed nearly 200 people, including 28 foreign nationals.

Conservative commentators have unleashed what is fast becoming a media campaign to demand that India takes serious punitive action against Pakistan for the attacks --to the point of striking at terrorist training camps which Indian spy agencies claim exist across the border.

Sri Lankan said...

I have a different opinion. Looking at this breakdown what I see is that there should not be a problem in this country. Sinhalese or Muslims or Tamils or Iraqis or what ever are not born evil. And everyone practices what is right. But certain cultures might have different practices. For instance in Sri Lanka Budhist are given a holiday on Poya and as this is a majority Budhist country its only right that Poya is made a holiday. But as it doesnt hurt anyone to have additional holidays we shouldnt worry.

But if Sri Lankan Sinhalese were harassing and abusing tamils then a majority rule under singhalse wont be good. But hey who said that happens.

This is one country and it should have only one gvt. Parliament also should represent the breakdown of the community and religious representation. But when it comes to abolishing some practices in the Parliament on that community or religuous practices then the power that community or religion has in parliament should be more.

WHat do you think

Rana said...

Dinky Winky,

Mate, if could elaborate on your obvious reasons, I might be able to show you what I said about A9 is correct!

Asithri said...

OK patriots time for me to fly off into the night...

Need to visit MOD and take a peak at the pics showing the latest pile of LTTE dead bodies - to unwind after a hard day's of work!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...


Of course you may call me brother. I am your brother in mind and spirit; in our shared love for our motherland.

CriMeWatCh said...

loosing tigers tamil eelam is known as...LTTE

Moshe Dyan said...


we should move away from "TRIBAL" politics and parliamentary representation.


i'm quoting from dr john pulle; lankaguardian.

tamil ppl have ALREADY found the shape of the solution!!! they have integrated with the rest of the countrymen.

this is THE solution.

it is true. in colombo for instance ppl don't kill eachother. they are interdependant.

if this model can be extended to WHERE THE PROBLEM IS, we will solve it.

LTTE DELIBERATELY spoilt this by committing genocide against the sinhalas and muslims.

Moshe Dyan said...

the census couldn't be held in mula, kili, mannar, parts of jaffna, vavunya, batti districts.

so the real tamil population is higher than 3.9%

there is another way to GUESSTIMATE this percentage.

SL population = 20m
1981 NE tamil pop = 12.6%
present NE tamil pop in SL and in die-ass-pora = 12.6% (assumption)
number of tamils migrated after 1983 = 800,000 (estimate)

= 20,000,000 x 12.6% - 800,000
= 1,720,000

=1.72 / 20 = 8.6%

this seems more likely.

the 800,000 is rapidly rising. so the 8.6% is fast falling.

Saman said...


Thanks for good data.

Asithri, yes I was talking about all Tamils in SL (including Indian decent).

I was also shocked to see only 3.9% in 2001. Well, that puts things in to perspective even better.

I normally go by archaeological evidence. There is nothing to suggest what peelamists’ claimed over the last 30 years. We have Buddhist archaeological evidence all most every corner of the country but not Hindu temples. Of course LTTE used churches very well in their propaganda to drive Sinhala/Buddhist chauvinism as the catalist of the problem. Churches never existed before Portuguese arrived. One of the main reasons (apart from TN invasions) that we moved southwards was malaria epidemics. And what peelamist called Ealam in 2001 was nothing but – based on this 3.9% of population scattered over 2/3 of coast line and 1/3 of land in small village in the middle of jungles and coastal fishing harbours.

I did not like at all the way GoSL web maps demarcated (in red) uncleared areas. It is playing in to LTTE propaganda that these large land masses are being dominated by Tamils at one stage of our history. It is a much distorted picture to go on record to lift GoSL political capital. But that is a very naïve and short sighted blunder. In fact we could/should have indicated as red dots scattered among large patches of jungle areas and irrigation tanks/areas. Hope that these demarcations of GoSL (exactly matching LTTE demarcation) will not come back one day to bite us. Bloody Norwegians and Indians can “urage malu urage ange thiyala kappanna thibuna” had they intervened.

DoDo said...

Aiyyo Saami....Still no Peelam:(

Rana said...


I think back in 1981 our population is not 20m, as I remember it was around 17m and 12.6% is equivalent to 2.14m.

Migrated during last 25 years to Australia, UK, USA and Canada alone is more than 1.0m.

Therefore present tamil population cannot be more than 1.0m.

Therefore present percentage should be around 5%. This is not far away from CIA estimates.

However, when war is over, refugees in T'naadu will come back, estimated to be around 200,000.

The problem is influx of Indian tamils may come with actual refugees, implying they lost identity cards etc during the war.

We need to be really careful when they come back to admit only genuine refugees and throwout economic refugees.

Around 5% of minority, we don't have to give any special status!

Sinhabahu said...

Rana said...

Dinky Winky,

Mate, if could elaborate on your obvious reasons, I might be able to show you what I said about A9 is correct!

A MSR close to is not suitable as a line of control as it is vulnerable to attack & sabotage so it make sense to keep supplie lines from the rear of your front as much as possible

This is the main reason why SL army moved along the cost first you have two possible supply routes and extraction routes in an contingency

So as of now A9 is not the ideal but given the disruption of other routes due to floods yes it has gained importance

Sinhabahu said...


sorry mate a little mis up the 1st para should be as

A MSR close to a line of control is not suitable as as it is vulnerable to attack & sabotage so it make sense to keep supplie lines from the rear of your front as much as possible

Rana said...

Dinky Winky,

I agree but if we can clear more than 2km from the road, then only they can do arti shots. Military conveys have good communication systems and they can get real time ground conditiond along the route.

They also not operate continuously.
Think about speedy evacuation of injured soldiers along A9 to Vavunia and Anuradhapura hospitals.

We are talking about 40km section of a road which can be guarded against DPU type attacks by establishing commad posts close to the road.

Malin said...

40km strech with 2km buffer zone would be impossible to guard against.. LTTE will have field day knocking out vehicles moving through that road.. Having guard posts along the high way will make them vanurable to LTTE attacks with large number of cardres.. like small SLN observation post that got attacked by sea tigers whiles ago..

Rana sorry mate dont agree with your assesment

Rana said...


02km of buffer zone, what are you talking about. When our FDL is 2km away from A9 road, do you know howment thousend of sodiers inbetween the FDL and A9 road.

When yoy have 5000 army attacking in streatch of 10km FDL, only about 1000 fighting, all others are resting and providing logistics.

You are talking like between FDL and A9 there are nobody and deserted. No man that 2km will be full of army!

wijayapala said...


"There are very close parallels with Dravidians of India (notice that Indians in general have rejected Aryan race theory)."

Tell that to Dumb-Arse:


You, me, and most of the patriots here hail from a 2500 year old proud warrior class, an “unrelenting” lot..get it?

So, my Indo-arya Sinhela brother...calm down…take a deep breath and say to yourself "we shall overcome"...okay?

Or Mushe:

in addition, sinhalas should forge closer ties with other INDO-ARYAN communities.

(interesting that they want us to move away from "tribal politics" at the same time!)

"Zvebil is a renowned Dravidophile. The fact that such a person has said this is evidence to suspect the honesty of anyone who promotes the mythical Dravidian or Tamil identity when no such identity has been acknowledged by either within or without the South Indian culture except by Sinhala Buddhists and once in the Sangham literature."

In case you missed my last message to you, click here.

Neither Zvelebil, nor Abraham, nor Monius nor anyone else you've brought up have claimed that there was no Tamil identity before the 19th century. The very word "Tamil" is one of the oldest words in that language's vocabulary and has a specific meaning ("sweet"). The Sangam literature does not make "one" reference to Tamil identity and the body of literary evidence Abraham cites backs that up.

Likewise there is no evidence that the Pandyan civilization was the same or an outgrowth of Sri Lankan civilization. As I told you before, the oldest inscriptions in southern TN (Pandya Nadu) are in a different language (Tamil) than the ones at the same time in SL (Sinhala Prakrit).

It is one thing to trash the half-baked theories of the Tamil nationalists but it is quite another thing to invent your own theories about Tamil culture which don't pan out with the evidence.

velluprabhakaran said...

all the funds that ponna tamils gave obama was to get them banned longer. HOOOO ha ha ha!

April 1st = April fool's day
November 27 = Tamil fool's day.


wijayapala said...


"I normally go by archaeological evidence. There is nothing to suggest what peelamists’ claimed over the last 30 years. We have Buddhist archaeological evidence all most every corner of the country but not Hindu temples."

The problem is that while the "peelamists" have one set of unsubstantiated claims, Sinhala nationalists go to the other extreme of saying that there weren't any Tamils in SL in ancient times or that they were an insignificant community. The likes of Nalin de Silva and his ilk maintain that the Tamils were nothing more than foreign invaders threatening the "Sinhala" nature of Sri Lanka.

The same sort of archeological evidence for Tamil Hindu civilization will not be the same as Sinhala Buddhist civilization. The Hindus did not have structures such as dagabas to venerate their gods. Their temples originally were very simple affairs, usually a simple single-room brick building to house the god.

It is for this same reason why Tamil Nadu as a whole does not have the same archeological finds as Sri Lanka or even neighboring Andhra Pradesh which had a strong history of Buddhism. Kanchipuram for example used to be a center of Buddhism but today there is no evidence of it.

The language of the Nagadipa inscription made by King Parakramabahu should give an impression of the people who were living in Jaffna nearly a 1000 years ago.

Rana said...


Brother, thank you for kind words. I knew that you are a humanist from your first two posts, I read.

I can over come problems but suffering time to time from things that could have been avoided, is different story.

You too brother, take care.

Sinhabahu said...

Rana said...

I agree but if we can clear more than 2km from the road, then only they can do arti shots.


2 km is not enough defence in depth but yes as SLA move on to the jungles of iranamadu and clear the mankulam oddusudan road at least up to the road running parallel to A9 yes we could use A9

at the moment not the best possible option

Look at the way Army has moved so far these divisions move in support to each other so once the frontier moves away from the A9, yes mate it will be used

Rana said...

Dinky winky,

Agree, brother. I am not a military or defence expert but think as a ordinary man with rational thinking.

However, thanks for your contributions, mate.

kappetipola said...

"April 1st = April fool's day
November 27 = Tamil fool's day."

ha ha ha its funny man. but make sure not every and each tamil speakers.

Mohammed Zubair said...


As we get closer and closer to Kili, your tiger stripes are becoming more and more visible.

Keep fooling the gullible bloggers here. Those of us who have been blogging for a while, and Asithri in particular has exposed you for what you are.

Unknown said...

I copy this from LNP because i thought its good viewpoint from a neutral tamil Yarlan.

The Final War & and Why Ranil Wickremasinge was Defeated in the Presidential Election.

The Final War as planned by the LTTE chief is not about grand set-piece conventional battles. I suspect that the late Janaka Perera began to understand the true nature of the type of war Prabhakaran was waging. Many Sinhala war drummers failed to learn from the Jayasikuru operation in the Vanni. Holding real estate in asymmetric warfare is very costly to a guerrilla army such as the LTTE. Even though they possessed the capability to wage to conventional warfare, that capability was limited and paled in comparison to their capacity to wage asymmetric warfare. The LTTE planners mostly likely anticipated the type of operation undertaken by Sarath Fonseka. Sarath Fonseka s formula for success is predicated on the raising of new army divisions to confront the LTTE at multiple fronts in the Vanni and then hold the captured territory. And support these formations by way of punitive air strikes on enemy concentrations and its critical assets. The only problem with this strategy, probably crafted by the Pakistani military advisors, is that the enemy already anticipated such moves by the SLDF. Faced with an army that has superior man power and fire power, what would you do? Fight a defensive war and make it very costly to hold territory it captures. Also, preserve your critical assets and withdraw if needed (not even waging a defensive war as necessitated by ground conditions). I am sure Sarath Fonseka must have read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. But, his egos must have had the better of him. Many of you may not even realize it. But, this is very similar to the strategy adopted by the Iraqi military commanders when they knew it they couldn t afford to have direct military confrontations with the superior American military power. So, they made it very costly to occupy their lands (i.e., Sunni dominated Anbar and Diyala Provinces and parts of Baghdad itself) while at the same time the Shia militias attacked the supply conveys.

What Sarath Fonseka has accomplished, is the re-playing of the Jayasikuru offensive of which he himself played a role, on a much grander scale. Now, President Rajapakse has to find the means to maintain an army of occupation, with supply lines stretching from Vavuniya to abandoned towns, villages and military encampments, and spread out over a territory with hostile population. If you contrast this situation to the challenges the LTTE faced 20 years ago, in their confrontations with the IPKF, then you will come to appreciate what could be in store to make this occupation as much costly and painful to the occupier as possible.

Unknown said...

This brings me to the question of why Prabhakaran preferred Mahinda Rajapakse over Ranil Wickremasinghe. It was part and parcel of the strategy behind the Final War. It was not the alleged international safety net he feared in Ranil. No, the Indians were already on the hunt. It was what Ranil Wikremasinghe embodied for Sri Lanka. I still remember that immediately after the CFA was signed in February 2002, Ranil went to Jaffna and attended a puja in the Nallur temple. What was remarkable was that he respected the local traditions and went inside the temple, bare-chested. Prabhakaran knew what would happen if someone of such caliber ascends to the Presidency. Instead of the Final War, he might have to face the possibility of signing a peace treaty on a final settlement of the ethnic conflict. Based on what I know he did and what he tried to do, I believe Ranil envisioned rule of law and a Constitution reformed to suit the needs of a multi-cultural society such as that prevails in Sri Lanka. Fortunately for Prabhakaran, as much as he feared the Federalist approach promoted by Ranil, the JVP-JHU leaders feared the threats to the Unitary State even more.

In order to achieve the final objective of Final War, he wanted someone with a mindset of Srimao Bandaranaike. The Tamil intelligentsia in the Diaspora wanted to show the international community, what they perceive to be the true face of the Sinhala nation, and to demonstrate in very clear terms the ethnic biases and prejudices entertained by the Sinhala leaders in Colombo. That, President Rajapakse has delivered. He not only exceeded the expectations of the popular base behind the LTTE, but even shocked the senses of many Tamils who still believed that reconciliation and a peaceful coexistence with the Sinhalese was worth pursuing. Now, their voices had been silenced by the virtue of unleashing of terror on the Tamil populace under the guise of fighting LTTE terrorists. This war didn t have to happen. But, it happens to countries lead by men who can t think beyond their ethnic mindsets and heed the advice given on statecraft by religious leaders. This is why, my friends, you are where you today. And why Ranil has been demonized in the vernacular Sinhala press as a traitor to the nation ( Sinhala nation ). If only the average Sinhala voter has the sense to see through the politicians call to stir up Sinhala patriotism, then he could one day grasp at the possibility, which is that Prabhakaran s LTTE doesn t operate in a political vacuum.

Unknown said...

Too many people, for far too long, have suffered. This war must be brought to and end soon. We have had enough destruction to last another generation. I don't speak for the well-heeled Tamils in the Diaspora or the wealthy Sinhalase in Colombo and abroad. I write with the interests of ordinary men, women, and child in Sri Lanka, at heart. It is not just the ordinary people who are suffering in Sri Lanka, I have seen firsthand how the elderly are coping with the existence in a foreign land (i.e., Canada, and USA). I have been following this stupid war for far too long. This war has achieved nothing. Whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese, it doesn't matter. There is plenty of blame to go around. But, in the end, the ultimate loser is the common man on the street (or the dirt pathway in Vanni). Sri Lanka is a not sub-Saharan African country with very limited access to food, water and shelter. We have all of it and more. Let us not squander away the resources of our land and people to foreign interests (who wouldn't mind keeping this war going on for another 20 years). As for the Tamils in the north of the country, they don't want parippu from India. They want to be able till their lands and fish in their waters (versus the rights being exercised by Indians).

Unknown said...

Now some counters to his arugument were raised and I would like to answer them here from Bassa:

"the sldf has become quite competent at fighting asymmetrically against the ltte....example the lrrp, the dpu etc...small teams engaging in 'guerrilla' attacks against the enemy."

Well that's likewise the same for the LTTE. In such a protracted long conflict both sides continue especially when given a break thanks to the CFA will brush on their weakness and their tactics. The LTTE has taken their DPU to the air and had been able to launch raids and return safely with them. Agian as the conflict drags on both sides counter the other.

Example the DPU Major getting killed. Likewise the LTTE not having earlier luxury of having close proximity of launching their Air Unit.

Unknown said...

Next Point:
"i think that the assumption that the ltte have unconditional support in the local population is a stretch"

True. However after the bombing etc plus the abductions and abitary killings etc, the local populance have been pushed back to the LTTE. I guess thats what has brought the tamilnadu tamils to their side. It will also be the reason for the BJP and the US to support them.

Unknown said...

"this is a war of attrition....the kill ratio is overwhelmingly against the ltte and so are the absolute number of fighters "

Well it work both ways. I mean why does the army want to keep their numbers down. The LTTE regularly updates their people with their personnel losses. The LTTE can still win the independence as long as they have a thousand left. A negligent LTTE allows India to have greater sway in Tamil Eelam.

Unknown said...

"there is now limited time, place and equipment for the ltte to train"

Well after Jaffna's fall and Jayasuriya, they still managed to launch ceaseless waves 3. One must be able to diffrentiate proaganda from the facts. LTTE cannot reveal her weapons else the army can prepare for it. The army needs to show her strenght for the populance.


The former Deputy Minister of Defence , Gen Anurudhha Ratwatte in the Jayasikuru (Victory assured) operations hoped to meet Prabhakaran and shake hands with him after opening the A 9 Road stretching from Vavuniya to Jaffna. He told this to the Foreign media when he summoned them to his residence. He could neither open the Road nor shake hands with Prabhakaran.

Unknown said...

This is what happens when someone who is not elected, ran from his country and worked in 7/11 talks. Its sad that people believe him still

In similar fashion, on the birthday of Prabhakaran on 26th November 2007 , the present Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared that he will not leave room for Prabhakaran to celebrate his birthday in 2008 , as he is going to destroy him before this day. But, Prabhakaran is still alive and celebrating his birthday today.

Unknown said...

"the ltte are themselves facing major logistical problems in acquiring supplies"

Again another major propaganda assumption. If the LTTE are getting weapons some other way are they going shout out and say so. It will be felt in the battlefield.

Unknown said...

"ltte lack indian and international support and credibility....."

What prabha lost mahindha regained for him. Tamils in tamilnadu are backing him openly. HRW is dead set against Sri Lanka. India hinestly which would have only turned pro LTTE is forced to do so now thanks to tamilnadu support requirements to stay afloat and a tamil home minister.

Next the BJP with an hatred towards pakistan will want another revenge attack. You can always depend on them. I guess Sri Lanka will pay the price for being pakistans ally.

Lastly many try to interpret obamas sppech on terrorism and say this and that. Look Hillary already pulled out the LTTE from the terrorist list. Bush after sept 11 when with anybody as long as they supported them.

Al qaida loved him. More resentment more fighters and sucide bombers. Now they call obama a house negro like malcom x did. WHY? because now obama will be doing the opposite.

You all understimate US politics.

Observer said...


Good copy paste job !

In summery here is what the original poster has to stay..

1) Sarath Fonseka is repeating Jayasikuru.. SLA is gonna loose !!

But please please please stop the operations !!!

2) Vesa pissa still wants Mahinda to rule the country as he did not make any mistake by blocking UNP votes during last prez elections.

But please please please please please stop the operations !!!

Mohammed Zubair said...


If you want to post BS, go and post in tamilcanadian or some pro ltte site, don't poo poo here.

Unknown said...

Do you know why the 3 big car companies are in trouble now. Simple they lobbied against fuel efficency regulations and supported Iraq invasion so that oil will be at $10 a barrel.

Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton. In 1988 he bought dresser. However dresser came with an unkown liability called asbestoes. Halliburton had to set a 4 billion dollar fund and go into chpt 11 bankruptcy to save themselves from being sued further by some ambulance chasers or opportunist.

When Iraq was invaded, Halliburton got NO BID contracts and charged US6 for a US 1 hanky becuase they put their logo on it. Likewise their truck drivers got US 100K per year while their escorts, the soldiers made far less. Likewise the ex Sri lankan meccenaries.

Hence do not underestimate coporate america as well as what and what not america will do. One must realise that Obama grew up as a minority in the US. Honestly his white grandmother is an inspiration. Moving up from a secetary to vice president and bringing up a coloured kid. Obama's wife michele is probabily more inteligent.

Last time the US president had a smart women was with FDR. It was FDR who took them out of the depression.

Unknown said...

Like Sam before the elections a white American challenged me to a Dinner treat if Obama won. He told me I did not grow up in the US and did not understand them and they would never vote for a black man. He is a hardcore republican and a texan.

The problem with people is that even when they are out of the well they look for comfort by looking back into the well. They only want to continue wherever they are to assosicate with people from their own community.

I agree when overseas and alone you can want home. However you should also learn to take in different viewpoints. I still have not got my dinner. Immediately after the election he told me that they we could go to a cheaper place as now his TAXES WERE GOING TO BE HIGHER.

Unknown said...

One last one for the road..

“...We trounced them. The LTTE ran for life. That will be the trend for the future also..” Sinhala Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka to State Controlled Sri Lanka Sunday Observer, 13 August 2006

"...Linking of the land based Main Supply Route (MSR) to Jaffna through Killinochchi would be achieved by February 4, next year - I will shake hands with Pirabaharan after we defeat him" - Sinhala Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister, General Ratwatte, 14 December 1997

"The IPKF got rid of the hard core elements. What is left (of the LTTE) is the baby brigade of young boys and girls. They will wet their pants when they meet my armed forces..." Sinhala Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijeratne, 15 July 1990

Navindran said...

I have to go now.

Hon. Prabhakaran, has invited me to his bunker. He is going to show me his red bird followed by a nice glass of Thalaivar juice. You don't know how sweet is the juice of the Thalaivar, fresh from our leader...

Moshe Dyan said...


you got confused.

1981 population was around 14mn.

that is not the point. the assumption is when the tamils (NE ones) in SL are added to the die-ass-pora tamils, the total still remains 12.6%.

this should be applied to today's population of 20mn. then,
20mn x 12.6% = 2.52mn.

of this 0.8 is in the die-ass-pora.

that leaves (2.52 - 0.8) 1.72 mn in SL.

= 1.72 / 20 = 8.6%

got it???

Moshe Dyan said...

"April 1st = April fool's day
November 27 = sakkili fool's day."


BTW sakkili fools day ought to have been celebrated in sakkilinochchi.

Navindran said...

We celebrated sakkili fools day here in Toronto.

I dressed up as a donkey (people have always been calling me a donkey) and the little tamilian brats (soon to be elite child soldiers) were blindfolded and made to pin the tail on me. The winner gets a fresh glass of Thalaivar juice... wink wink :-)

We also had races for the fastest testicle withrawal, eating the cyanide etc.

Ananda-USA said...


You beat me to the punch in making your estimate of the Tamil population %. I too came to the conclusion that the 2001 census must have left out the LTTE occupied areas.

I think your estimate of the SL Tamil population as 8.6% is nearer the truth than the 3.9% in CIA Factbook that excludes the contribution from the "unspecified" 10%. Therefore, about 4.7% of the "unspecified" 10%represents Tamils residents of the LTTE controlled areas, with the balance 5.3% being Muslim and Sinhala people.

A countrywide census should be undertaken immediately after the war has ended to assist in formulating government policy on an objective basis.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree, 100%. a census is a must and is long overdue. (almost 28 years) makes SL one of the least informed nations of its OWN population!!!!

love to read your posts. keep them coming.

deco said...

way to go

Moshe Dyan said...


is there a way to share photos?

the tinyurl thingy is not the ideal. anything else???

Moshe Dyan said...


thank god you are sober now!!!

join the party, mate.

BTW he is in singapore; can never celebrate sakkili fool day there. may be that's why he travelled all the way to toronto to celebrate it!!!

navindran, don't get too drunk next time. i'm telling you while you are sober!!!


Unknown said...

Ogre bro

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your service and bravery

Moshe Dyan said...

from SLA website,

"KILINOCHCHI: 57 DIVISION and Task Force-I troops now nearing the door-step of KILINOCHCHI were ably supported this morning (3) at about 9.45 a.m. by the aerial power of the Air Force fighter jets while valiant troops were fighting in the north of ADAMPAN and UDIMURUPPUKULAM tank areas.

On precise information, provided by committed ground troops, fighter jets struck those two Tiger strong points in ADAMPAN and UDIMURUPPUKULAM tank areas in support of the resisting troops. The targets were successfully effected."

well done SLAF. bring back the glory of september 2008 (the highest number of air attacks EVER).

lakshmi said...

India will teach lesson

සිසිර කුමාර said...


Try PhotoBucket

Make sure your photos comply with their policies ;-)

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks bungu.

Moshe Dyan said...

the type of active air support SLA needs

podi eka said...


What would happen if a MP in India or other country do the same thing ???

I think GOSL should stop these traitors..

Moshe Dyan said...

another instance with tanks

CASC said...

Bruce Fein, paid lobbyst for "Tamils for Justice" and an unofficial ambassador for the other side in the USA, is trying to gain respectability by writing an article about possible presidential pardons in the USA by the Bush administration. I believe his purpose is to gain respectability as a constitutional law expert and to ingratiate himself with the new administration with the hope of getting some kind of appointment. I would be grateful if patriots on this forum educated the newspaper readers on Bruce Fein's true credentials. You can leave comments below the article. Please don't use any profanity.


Many thanks

Mohammed Zubair said...


In any other country, the MPs will be charged with high treason. The penalty for high treason is death, even in countries which have abolished the death penalty, an exception is made for high treason.

I think our government's reaction to this has been weak, they should say that we stop using cluster bombs when they stop using sucicide bombers and human shields.

Moshe Dyan said...

pix from the 1967 YK war.

Ra said...


Aren't we getting that type of air support?

Gringo said...

[TNA MP urges global community's awareness on Sri Lanka's use of cluster munitions - Tnut]

...and what should the Hotel Intermational Community do about Chemical Velu?

I have and idea. Let's issue a statement that there is no military solution to terrorism in Sri Lanka and GOSL must negotiate with Tamil terrorists...

Until next time... that winds up today's aganda.

he he he... As if proud Sri Lankans cannot deal with the Tamil terrorists!

Mahen said...

I am planning to start a blog to discuss current LTTE strategy. Will let you know the details of the blog soon. Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side. Eelam supporters and chena boys will be allowed to comment.

Ra said...

And what are u going to call it? ThaleiWire?

Mohammed Zubair said...

SF guy is still maintaining that Kili is captured:


Gringo said...

[Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side. Eelam supporters and chena boys will be allowed to comment.

I don't care even if the sun doesn't shine... flowers don't bloom... or the earth stopped turning... so long as... the Tamil terrorists are hunted and killed like stray dogs... and the Peelam map has shrunk like Velu's d*ck...

Tamil terrorists are now offering golden opportunites to Sri Lankans and I'm glad to observe that a few of them seem to have realized (at last) the 'positive' side of the Tamil terrorism.

Earthbund said...

Sri Lankan soldiers and their families speak to the WSWS
By our correspondents
28 November 2008

Reporters from the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) spoke to a number of soldiers and their family members over the past two weeks about the war and its impact. Their names have been withheld to protect them from possible victimisation and reprisals by the military and associated chauvinist thugs.

The actual number of army casualties is likely to be far higher than the government or military spokesmen acknowledge. The WSWS found out from its sources at four hospitals—the National Hospital, a military hospital, and the Colombo South and Jayawardanapura hospitals—that about 200, 400, 60 and 200 patients respectively are injured soldiers. These hospitals are in and around the capital of Colombo.

At one hospital, our reporters saw 20 soldiers—some without legs and others without hands. Some had lost their sight and others their hearing. Many of them had been engaged in the fighting for Kilinochchi. Most were reluctant to talk, but one soldier gave a glimpse of the ferocity of the battles.

“We can’t say what the final outcome of the war will be. The LTTE has been weakened, but they are still able to attack. A group [of soldiers] came towards us smiling. We thought they were our colleagues, but suddenly they attacked us. Several of us were killed and I was among the injured. Many will die or be injured. Many will join the queues of disabled,” he told the WSWS.

Our reporters spoke to a family member of a dead soldier who used to live near Bandarawella. He was just 21-years-old when he was killed in fighting early last month. Most soldiers are economic conscripts—young men and women, mainly from rural Sinhala areas, who have joined the military because of the lack of jobs and educational opportunities.

The dead soldier was the only son in the family and had two younger sisters. One is married and other one is still studying at grade 10 level. His father had heart problems but works as a driver because of the family’s economic difficulties. The soldier’s mother explained that she had only agreed to him joining the army reluctantly. She said he had told her: “Do not worry mother we will not be put straight into the battle.”

“Several army officials came and asked us to sign some forms. My son only finished his training and passed out July 5. He had been involved in military operations for only a few months. Now our child is lost because of this war. Though they promised to pay his salary nothing has happened. We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US100] for the funeral.

“All this happened because of our poverty. We were able to build just two rooms of this house from the earnings of my husband. What can we do now? My son told us with his salary we could start to build from next January. If he didn’t join the military, we would have built the house somehow. I do not know how we will live without him.”

A neighbour summed up his disgust with the government and the war: “The war is for their survival. What has happened in the East? Now it is being given to Pillayan!” Following the army’s “liberation” of the eastern province, the government has installed S. Chandrakanthan, also known as Pillayan and head of a notorious paramilitary outfit, as chief minister.

WSWS reporters also spoke to the family members of a young soldier from Ambalangoda who was killed in northern Killali this month. He joined the military in mid-2004 and had already been wounded once. He died on the day he had promised to come home. His mother was heart broken. “How can I bear this sorrow?” she exclaimed.

His father said eight soldiers were killed along with his son. His brother, who is also in the security forces, said that he had 10 days leave to attend the funeral. He said he had flown from the north in a plane carrying 20 injured soldiers and two more bodies. Every day injured soldiers and bodies are flown from Palaly airport on the northern Jaffna peninsula to Colombo.

The family is poor. His father is a carpenter, but unable to work because of poor eyesight. He was urging his remaining son to find a way of transferring out of the war zones.

Thousands of soldiers have deserted the military as a result of harsh conditions and abuse. One young soldier, 22, who joined the military in February 2007, fled because his officers refused to approve the leave for his marriage.

The military police raided his home early in the morning on September 14 and detained him at the Boossa detention camp. When his wife visited she was only allowed four minutes to speak to him. She is four months pregnant and is now staying with her brother at Kurunagala because she has no means to live. It is a tiny house—one room, a veranda and a kitchen.

Her husband is now being held at the Kuruwita camp, about 75 kilometres from Colombo, with 120 other deserters. He has managed to speak to his father and told him to tell his cousin not to join the military. Like so many others, the family is very poor. His mother left him when he was a small child. His father had little work. He quit school after grade four, then joined the army.


Mohammed Zubair said...

Hey True Blogger,

Do you really believe WSWS when they say "We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US100] for the funeral".

RS 100,000 is about US$ 1,000. What exchange rate did they use, Pluto's?

Please change your name to False Blogger.

Ra said...

Anyone from Bandarawela knows about the infamous members of WSWS. They should be given a ride in a white van.

Ra said...

Reporters from the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) spoke to a number of soldiers and their family members over the past two weeks about the war and its impact.

So where is the conclusion? A proper analysis should have a conclusion. Not just few quotes of family members of a dead soldiers.

tata said...

"We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US100] for the funeral."

I am sure the rest of the 'story' is as true and verified as above fact.

ps. Rs.100,000 ~= $1,000

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Glad to hear from you. May you and all your brave hearts will be protected from all hanuman traps.

I have been [and few others here] talking a lot about the importance of leaving Kili in their hands for a while. I wish to state that again, for the real warriors like Ogre to confirm. In fact my post is a coment of a layman and you and other battle harden brothers should pardon me if I speak utter nonsense.

My opinion is that we should leave Kili to be busy with 1200+12000 pussycats and capture most of its surroundings. I'm more than happy to hear about the stretch of Kokavil-Panikkankulam, and can't see why we should not continue further towards Puthukuduiruppu. Also if there is any chance of a breach in or around Paranthan we should make it all the way towards Chalai, and perhaps connect to the other one. Meanwhile we all welcomed a much waited move of TF3, and the westward arm of 59th moving towards TF3.

It seems like pussycats still have great love for Kili. In fact the region spanning Kili, Vishvamadu, Iranamadu etc seem to be their hotspot [must be due to the poor "livestock" of IDP]. However for us, this region seem to be least important and hardest to take. Equally, I'm sure that Mula town is heavily guarded.

Many debated of a "Kili or Mula" sometime back. I think it should be none of them. We should look at in between. It is more important to secure the jungle and rough areas which is almost left alone.

This is why I think SLDF should leave aside the heavily guarded kili-vishva-irana region and Mula town. And try going around it. 58th from above, 57th below kili and TF3/59th via Nedunkerni/Oddusudan. Let them protect their BIG cities, and we take the rest of the land making them prisoners there.

This idea is not purely mine. I have seen several lads of my class [k/b warrior] stating this for some time. For an ex Rana, Anonymous, Moshe etc.

Some people say that we have great harvest at Kili. NO I do NOT agree. See Ogre's numbers [which I also guessed closely]. In Kili they have 1200-12000 ratio of hardcore to civilian [meaning forced, little trained, no direction etc etc] cadres - ratio 1:10. And of the dead this must be 1:20 or worse. So if we're gonna kill ~500 hardcore we need to go at ~10000 of other cadres. This is why the concept of harvest does not apply. Fatpig won't let the hardcore die, we've gotta accept it and plan accordingly.

And also regarding the rescuing of IDP, I do not think it will be easy. It is a sheer nonsense to expect IC or India can pressurize the bastards to release them. Best option is to leave the highly populated areas aside and make the periphery as close as possible for them to flee. Again, if we go round kili-voshva-irana this can happen.

Also, as someone stated before, we ought to start a way to educate the 12000 civilian cadres and 100000+ IDP prisoners such that they will loose faith in pussycats and rise against them.

Hope my long writing has some meaning. All the best dearest bro Ogre and all his colleagues. Hope you'll be around for some time before your next adventure.

Earthbund said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ra said...

I can't believe the mindset of some people ( includes some soldiers and their family members).

Why would someone join the Army? Is it considered as a job once you join you live happily ever after?

Earthbund said...

Thanks for pointing out the mistake guys.. in the source its correct .. its an email forward so wanted to share this .. i have habit of providing the source .. so please read the source .. its says 1000 there ..

Mohammed Zubair said...

Mr False Blogger

In Sri Lanka, RS 100,000 is adequate to provide a decent funeral. Don't want to get into the details as it is demeaning, but the casket is already provided by the Army, its only the rest the family has to pay for, RS 100,000 is sufficient.

Annonymous said...

Who is this ViKoSa monkey extracting from the daydream site WSWS? These monkeys are really dreaming even worse that tiger monkeys. I wrote once a long one about them.

Simply they're so weak in maths that they think that they can turn the entire world into one socialist republic through democracy while getting ~100votes from an electorate.

Get lost WSWS. I prefer reading any Punnakku source than this. In my view we should a reason to declare war is anyone takes the losers of 4th International and their WSWS as a reference material.

True blogger yako tho hithuvada api boru bloggers la kiyala.

tata said...

In the article:
"We received 100,000 rupees [less than $US1,000] for the funeral"

Wow! Now, that's respecting the dead. Rs. 100,000 only for the funeral?

This shows two things:
1. trueblogger doesn't have a clue about the ground reality of SL. Maybe he should change his name to 'paidblogger'.

2. The original author of the article is either trueblogger himself or a similar paid coolie. :)

Aathaboothan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Corey said...

mahen says:
"I am planning to start a blog to discuss current LTTE strategy. Will let you know the details of the blog soon. Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side. Eelam supporters and chena boys will be allowed to comment."

hey mahen: name your blog as "Bipolar Hallucinations of a Peelam IV Loser"....


Suranimala said...

Rs100 000=$100. oh shit .:)ane huke .$1=Rs1000 .not in Our Sri lanka may be in imaginary peelam .
according to this 1 Euro should be Rs 1400 . :)))))

Earthbund said...

Sorry guys .. i think i post the item in the wrong place then .. its seems some of you are more concern about the money, than the rest of the article and most of you are not believing anything wrriten against the army..

Along with your comments i have sent a feedback to WSWS asking for any audio proof .. hmm who cares.. there will be people suspecting the audio itself too ..

thanks ..

Mohammed Zubair said...

Hey False Blogger

We suspect both the ulterior motives of WSWS and what is written againts the army.

Gringo said...

[US Government donates $100,000 for flood relief

Colombo, December 2, 2008 – The United States Government will provide $100,000 for emergency relief to assist people affected by the flooding in the North and the East. This action comes in response to a request for assistance to USAID from the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Centre.

The US donation will be used for non-food relief items and targeted to victims in Jaffna and in the Vanni, where particularly serious flooding has occurred in recent days. UNICEF will administer the donation in coordination with local authorities. Ambassador Blake requested funds from the US government after Major General Hettiarachchi of the Disaster Management Centre asked for American assistance.

“The United States Government is eager to respond to this request for assistance to provide relief to the thousands of Sri Lankans who have been displaced and affected by this disaster,” said Robert O. Blake, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka. “With more than 400,000 individuals in the North affected by terrible flooding, it is imperative that we respond quickly to this situation and work together to keep people safe.”

In Jaffna, 10,000 families have been displaced to 135 camps because of the floods. More than 2000 houses have been destroyed and another 6,000 have been partially damaged by the flooding. In the Vanni area, more than 21,000 families have been affected, with 1000 permanent homes and 6,000 temporary shelters damaged. -T'nut]

Spot the word contest... Where is the word 'Tamil' in this text?

he he he

Kill more.... achieve more.

Annonymous said...

choo blogger said...

[ Sorry guys .. i think i post the item in the wrong place then .. its seems some of you are more concern about the money, than the rest of the article and most of you are not believing anything wrriten against the army..

Along with your comments i have sent a feedback to WSWS asking for any audio proof .. hmm who cares.. there will be people suspecting the audio itself too ..]

I would not read content of a WSWS be it about rupees or anything else. I do not read as they are driven with extreme inner motives and they have no ethical limit in fabrication. And they're so Trotsky-blinded to believe it. Punnakku media have one difference that their news creators know the truth, but fabricates it deliberately in order to satisfy their sponsors of die-as-buruwah. But WSWS are pure daydreamers. Or rather pure navindrans.

So you can have your XXX audio tape and enjoy whatever it contains. We will not believe in maniacs be it homo-dravidian or Socialo-Trotskian.

BTW FYI, Rs 100000/= is one hell of a money for a funeral with all the other payments are already done. However I do not go with any number to equate the sacrifice of our brothers.

Ra said...

I remember Vikosa guys once contested for Bandarawela pradeshiya sabha election. Their leader got only one vote.

Even his wife didn't vote for him.

Who cares about such nondi people?

Unknown said...

I was watching a movie called Downfall. Its about last days of Hitler and how he thought about German civilians and youth brigade(baby) and Stainer attack on Russian red army.That reminds e about our lttp mahen and the band talk about tactical withdrawal and counter attacks later against SLA.This stainer attack reminds me about so called charls anthony and ratha units of lttp dreaming of. Hitler was talking about same like vezapille.Guys you should see this movie. This is a true story about Hitler's personal assistant whom from Munich.She was telling all about last minute about Hitler.

Last minute Hitler was telling,

If the war is lost,Then it is no concern to me if the people perish in it.I still would not shed a single tear for them,beacuase they did not deserve any better.

This exactly match what is happening in Vanni. Vezapille or Die ass pora do not care about innocent tamil civilians kept forcibly by lttp gun point and getting killed.The sin done by tamil die ass pora,destroying their own kind blindly you will pay another generations to come.

Guys you must see this movie.Its in German and with English subtitles.

Unknown said...

[I am planning to start a blog to discuss current LTTE strategy. Will let you know the details of the blog soon. Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side. Eelam supporters and chena boys will be allowed to comment.]

Wow! I didn't know Alice in Wonderland wanted a blog!

I'd love to suggest a name
pick your choice

Moshe Dyan said...


"Aren't we getting that type of air support?"


1. we do get very limited mi-24 support WHILE fighting is going on.

2. jet attacks rarely take place at the time and place of a raging battle. all jet attacks are either time seperated or carried out further away from SLA operations. these are good no doubt, but lack that extra bit of being at the same time at the same place (like in the pic).

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Paul Harris has started showing interest on Sri Lanka again.

We love this man... and want to hug him for the service rendered for Sri Lanka before Ranil the PWP banned him from SL on the request of LTTE.

Paul is one of the great human beings who fearlessly spoke truth about Sri Lanka, when all the other media was dancing to the LTTE tune.

Welcome Paul, please come and stay in Sri Lanka again!


hemantha said...

This is an excellent article.

click here

Anonymous said...

/I am planning to start a blog to discuss current LTTE strategy./

Current LTTE strategy :

In generel: How and when to withdraw tacticaly

Specificaly: Taking Nachchikuda on Nov 27, 2008 - So its about time machine or some thing. Ha Ha Lot to discuss

/Objective is to counter utter crap written by DW and DN and reveal info from the LTTE side./

What is there to counter in 'crap'?

/lakshmi said...
India will teach lesson/

Only Navindran can write more than one sentence. Ha Ha


/Sorry guys .. i think i post the item in the wrong place then .. /

If you wanna copy past from WSWS you are posting probably in the WRONG WORLD!

/most of you are not believing anything wrriten against the army../

Well, peter, mahen, navindran do ...

-World Socialist Web Site
-Sirithunga Jayasooriya's Samajawadee Samanatha Pakshaya: Eevry one in SL knows how many vote for them
-Out of 200,000 SLA they have found:
1 injured soldier (he was not complaining)
2 dead soldiers family members and a neighbour

(To find negative comments from these 4 people how many they did interview? I guess 100+.)

(And neihgbour seems to be Mon-gal himself!)

And they don't say any thing new: Mon-gal told the same.

# Thousands dying
# Thousands injured
# Thousands missing
# Thousands desserted
# No isurance
# No jobs. So join army
# GSL hide info
# People dying for Modapaksha (should be better than dying for Mon-gal guy)

Now Mon-gal + Kar-alla don't shout about MR-VP secret pact!

WSWS and true blogger better say these things to aome one born after, say 2006.

Anonymous said...

# MI now belived TAF took off some where in Mannar - OGRE

Well, TAF need some 300 meters tar road. But as I know whole Mannar is under SLA. It is highly unlikely LTTP take such a risk of hiding tincans in SLA areas. Anyway if TAF come they have to be unlucky!

# K'chi has fallen. (SF/LNP, Vajira, Ogre, DN)

# Nedunkarni also fallen!

# LTTE has high numbers in east K'chi - Iranamaduwa area. This means it is likely a massive counter attack.

# GSL says SLAF attack west of K'chi. This contradicts K'chi falled claims!

# GSL need maximum propaganda from K'chi. Thus delay the announcing. If this is the case LTTE will do some thing to counter the GSL propaganda. If K'chi is already fallen both sides know this and both sides should be working on propaganda and counter propaganda.

GSL - posters, banners, media coverges...
LTTE: TAF, suicide attack in Colombo or some thing new..

hemantha said...

Good points.
I agree with DW. I too think K'nochchi is not captured yet.
SF wrote some BS. Others may have copied it.

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