Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heavy fighting at Thirumurikandi

23 soldiers were killed and 56 others injured in fierce fights along the LTTE's heavily defended and well fortified earth bund and bunker line 4kms west of Kilinochchi in the general area Thirumurikandi yesterday. 12 bodies of Sri Lanka Army soldiers fell into the hands of the LTTE.

Casualties to the Tigers, according to monitored radio communications was 19 killed and an unknown number injured. The Tigers opened fire using GPMGs (12.7mm, 14.2mm) and HMGs (23mm and 30mm) at advancing small teams of soldiers from the 57 Division from well defended positions.

Meanwhile a new earth bund is under construction from Mullayawali to Puthukuriirippu to hold off the 59 Division from the strategic Mullaitivu town.


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Saman said...

Thanks FW.

I presume this is the our side of the story TamilNut has published early today.

hemantha said...

I am heavy hearted especially after seeing the photos. These good people are dying for their country.

I was always in doubt of where your heart is. It is not an excuse for using bad language since I am still not sure about it. If you are on this side then I apologize for using band language against you.

(But you went against Last_Mile with no good reason too)

CriMeWatCh said...

Change/ing Attitude towards Their ‘Enemy’

CriMeWatCh said...

am worried, sin sin poor ppl die while big boss on power hunger (MR)

DoDo said...

Bad day:(

wijayapala said...

Dear Saman,

"Well must be from history re-written by people like you."

What happened to "I will now on address or reject the openion but not the person"?????

"Political rhetoric is nothing but a mirror to future."

In that case how do you assess the JHU's political rhetoric? Or rhetoric from those hoping to make the entire country "homogenous?"

"Also, how come TN is happy that Hindi (only 33% speak) is official language in India."

Because TN has its own regional government where Tamil is the official language. You will be hard-pressed to find anything there printed in Hindi.

"If not for the "seeded" separatism within Tamil community how can you explain Tamil terorism as a response much lesser incidences."

Separatism was "seeded" around the same time that the Tamil militant groups began to form- it did not precede Tamil militancy but arose simultaneously. The TULF in turn adopted separatism as a means to win the youth vote bank.

The important thing to note is that these Tamil groups did not have any credible shot at fighting for a separate state before 1983. They were simply too small. I would similarly argue that the JHU is not a great threat to the minorities due to its lack of a constituency and organization, but the Tamils and Muslims will disagree with me.

"First separatist literature was confiscated during inspection of a boat used to smuggle items between TN/Manar in 1965 (Kuttumani's era). In 1963, after many concessions and applying butter, India managed to put a lid to K’Nidhi’s separatist cry for a short period. It is not a coincident that only 2 years apart (1965-1963) Tamil seperatism found it's fertile grounds"

You left out how Karunanidhi had Thangadurai deported back to SL in 1968. Or for that matter how MGR had torn down Amirthalingam's Eelam exhibit at the International Tamil Conference in Madurai in 1981.

Believe it or not, Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism was not very much influenced by its TN counterpart, contrary to all the Sinhala conspiracy theories where all the 70 million Tamils are in a grand plot together. The SL Tamils to a large degree (especially the politicians) looked down on Indian Tamils as illiterate and backward voting for movie stars as leaders. There were a few like Kasi Anandan who were inspired by the DMK but they were a tiny minority.

Even today the LTTE supporters consider themselves superior to the TN Tamils who could never create an army of their own.

"Sri Lankan Tamils were well infected with Tamil separatism (violent or non-violent means) well and truly come 1983."

Yet as I mentioned before, not enough to challenge the Sri Lankan state. Not even after the 1977 riots, 1981 Jaffna Library burning, or the DDC farce.

"As early as 1972 (11 years before 1983 and 7 years after first finding of TN separatist literature in SL)such a radical speech could not have been made otherwise."

If you're looking for radical speeches then you might as well go all the way back to Ponnambalam Arunachalam's talk about Tamil Eelam in the 1920s. But the reality is that nobody acted on it until much later.

"Further, I may add, if this is true, Anandasagaree, is not fit to have any opinion on this matter as he sat and listened to this garbage"

Anandasangaree wasn't there because he was not part of the TULF back then, smart guy.

"/Indian federalism is quite a bit more centralized than western federations./

QUITE A BIT - mmm - Oh yah, I believe because Wijayapala is saying so.

Since you clearly were unable to disprove what I said, I'm glad that you accepted my correction.

ReJLoRd said...

I thought the sla was within kissing distance of kilinochchi?

Look at all those dead bodies on Tamilnet.. saddening sinhalese youth with little education being conscripted for cash and being sent to the battlefield. Open your eyes, no one can defeat a determined enemy that has no fear of life or limb-esp one that is voluntary.

Now kilinochchi.. what next? The counterattack is gonna be an ass rape.

Viva la TamilEelam!

Nisal said...

Rata wenuwen divi dun ape viruvoo navathath apa atharama ipideeva!

Why SLAF cannot attack machineries used for constructing earth bunds?

wijayapala said...


"Sinhalese persons in Sri Lanka are genetically closer to Iranian and Afghan persons than to the other neighboring Mongoloid populations, such as the Chinese and Malays"

This doesn't say much about Sinhalese relations with S. India- only closer links with central Asia than E. Asia.

Forget genetics, only a blind man would argue that the average Sinhala resembles an Iranian or Afghan more than a Tamil.

Regardless of the genetic similarities, the fact remains that the Sinhala language and Buddhist religion survived in a largely Dravidian region, probably because the Sinhalese were isolated in an island (which also explains why the SL Tamil dialect remained distinct from the Indian). Therefore the most likely explanation is that Tamils migrated to SL at least over the last 2500 years and assimilated into becoming Sinhalese. Eventually their genes became dominant among the Sinhalese even though the culture originated in N. India.

Assuming this is true, a good question to ask would be why modern Tamils are not assimilating?

CriMeWatCh said...

till sldf reach A32 they didnt know about the earth bunds. Even now da same... Ape Pabala Hamudawa witharai weda karu. SLN SLAF Puss wedillak vitharai..

Army ethikaranneth owun nethiwenneth owun.

SLN ALAF Grrrrrrr

Sri Lankan said...

Guys dont be disheartened, DW atleast gives the correct figure unlike that TamilNut Blog.... by the way how come I have never seen this thing called TamilNet or Nut or what ever... i hear from Tamil ppl about it but hey its not there...

neway.... I think SLA is on the attack now and not afraid to give real figures... and NISAL / ReJLord..... Listen cowards.... if your not cowards lets meet up and discuss this in person :)..... or are you hiding in some Jungle with some stolen Equipment he he.... and mate.... you know that SLA is there in Killi.... not be in self denial... just like denying that Vessige Putha is your bastere father he he

Moshe Dyan said...

if a ground surveillence radar was used, most tiger movements could be detected before they could attack us from a SAFE distance.

seems that we don't have effective detection systems capable of giving SLA a warning, fast. surely LTTE MFs are avoiding our MBRL barrages and spinning into action when infantry moves in.

seems like a lot of close quarter combat.

SLAF could have made things less harsh for SLA.

hope SLAF will run a few rounds today. please.

wijayapala said...


Normally I don't comment on your articles except when I don't understand something or disagree, but I have to say that your last post on the RABS was excellent. I gained a much greater appreciation for the innovative spirit in the SLN matching that of the SLA.

The story of the Arrow IPC was fascinating- a hybrid of Sea Tiger craft and USN SEALS/USMC boats, with a uniquely SLN design. It's always interesting to see one learn from his enemies and thrive.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DoDo said...

There will be sporadic "victories" like this for LTTE, time to time. Large caliber MG are great defensive weapons, so as the offensive party no doubt the Army expects a certain amount of casualties to occur.

However, LTTE cannot hold on for ever. One day that bund will be breached.

Still digesting all these deaths are not easy.....

Sri Lankan said...

If you ask me... the tarrain in Killi is easy for the Tanks to move into... its time we move in the tanks and now solidify our ground.

As the SLA is not on war and on a humanitarian mission its important that we now position a competent police force along with Civil Army and SLA in the secured areas.

Then we must send in more DPAs and take out the terror chiefs.. likey that they dont have anymore trained Child Soldiers.... so it should be easy to kill but hard to spot as SLA wouldnt want to just kill ppl at site unless they fire first....

So GO SLA and win back the real SL land and chase away these terror chiefs to their home in India

Sam Perera said...

wijayapala the blog parasite said,

"Normally I don't comment on your articles except when I don't understand something or disagree."

So true. All other comments by him was to inundate the blog with his political garbage.

wijayapala said...


"It put Indian centre in a bad wicket and they can make things difficult for us.

Believe it or not I liked Fonseka's comments. He called a spade a spade and didn't give a sh!t about what anyone would think (I like that!). It's not as if SF insulted Manmohan or even Karunanidhi- he went after Vaiko and Nedumaran the jackasses of TN. Too bad that Gotabhaya apologized.

wijayapala said...

Dear Sam the Spineless,

I'm glad I had more to say on DW's post than you did.

Sri Lankan said...


Guess what guys.... this is all a publicity stunt. Mahinda and Sri Lanka dont bow down to any one and if you remember Rawana youll know that SL is more than capable of Humbling India just like we do in Cricket he he....

mboi said...

i really dont understand why the airforce can't destroy the earth moving equipment

Sri Lankan said...



priyashantha said...

Wesaballa or Wijayapala,

You showed that you still hold the ethnic superiority view of Tamil Nadu. You are a super racist.

"The ultimate goal, should be to create an ethnically homogeneous population throughout the country, one that thinks and acts as one people."

This is what our Sri Lanka needs.

You responded.

This idea will have to be flushed out, since it doesn't make sense in the current form.

Racism at its finest from Wijayapala. Listen you mother focker. This problem came because of rascals like you. All Sri Lankans are same, with homogeneous citizens rights. Don't create divisions based on your 'superior Tamil' mentality. If you can't live like an ordinary Sri Lankan just fock off from here and go eat shit in Tamil Nadu. Para sakkili haeththa!

Rana said...


Leave aside last_mile, let me settle it with him. If you go back and check carefull proceedings from my post about SF, you will that you draw the first blood, calling me moron for a normal post. That is why, I made a similar reply.

However, I repeat my position about anybody. I will not follow or praise blindly somebody because he/she doing better in the war.

I have my right to criticise MR, GR or SF any other for that matter, if they do wrong things according to my conscious mind. I will not throw it away for that easily.

My independency is not negotiable.

priyashantha said...

Wesaballa is trying hard to divide the good men.

He found the ideal trick. SF's comments. Patriots are divided over it. Even Gotabhaya and SF are divided. But they are gentlemen and can handle it nicely. They have done it.

Now the confusion has come here and Wesaballa is using self-popularizing tricks like the Karunanidhi sakkiliya. At the same time the shiteater is trying to divide the good men.

Wesaballa dumbass is very happy that 23 army guys have died and only 19 MFs died. The dumbass is laughing. Congratulated Defencewire for the post. If he liked the RABS and SBS post, he could have done it in that post.

Don't fall for his tricks. He is a parasite. Para sakkili haeththa!

Rana said...


mate, I also thought Gen.SF is correct about the comment, the moment I saw that.

However, he put GOSL in difficult position, and one editor was gone from his job and defence secretary had to bent with Indian high comm.
He also seems promised to take serious check/look into the matter.

We must try and divide tamil naadu opinion. Only Jayalalitha is silent, we need some more ally's to keep centre at balance.

priyashantha said...

There are good days and bad days in war.

This is just one bad day. Pull things up guys.

Worse things happen.

Many "experts" talk about SLAF without knowing the reality.

Give SLAF intel and then talk.

They are professionals.

They can't go bombing every jungle and earthmover.

Have some patience with your keyboards.

Nisal said...

Sri Lankan said...

... and NISAL / ReJLord..... Listen cowards.... if your not cowards lets meet up and discuss this in person :).....

Why do you label me as a peelamist? Did I said any thing wrong?

Anonymous said...


Rana was subjected to attacks from me, SamP and AmmaGG from his very first few posts. And later he said he was drunk.. May be now too ha ha

Last mile posted a tamiznut link. Its not a big deal. Anyway every one, can we avoid these 'pissu fights' please?

I don't have battlefield experiance but I think carrying injured in a battlefield can't be any strange. However, taking pics of carrying injured rather than killing the enemy kind of strange (to me). click hereRana, this is from monkeynet and please don't attack me. (..kidding) If we plan to kill their best we have to fight with them and own casualties can't be avoided.. I know its sad.. but no other option. (Its always sad to hear SLA deaths, but its better than hearing SLA walk into some land without any fight, though this is nice to ears.. not nice for brain as it says danger is postphoned by the enemy. If we need see an end we have to go through this sad part too, when annihilating LTTP.

TRO/INGOs have "fully developed" the whole tsunami affected Alampil. TRO must be waiting for next tsunami for thier next fund raising. click here

Bad news for fish in northen seas Ha Ha click here

According to these news source Navindran seems correct.

Vaiko Gopalaswami is a 100% serious politicion

Post-Mumbai Obama on freedom fighters

See also,
Story behind the Germen tamiz

DoDo said...

Heavy clashes in Kilinochchi troops reach Therumurukandi junction

Looks like our boys managed to breach the bund after all?

Unknown said...

I think SLAF has to somehow find a way to increase UAV patrols to spot heavy construction equipment and send either hinds or jets to take em out... Judging by the clearences ahead of the bund, the razor wire fence on top of it makes it a lot difficult to breach without suffering losses...
We can laugh all we want about these bunds but they are causing significant lossses to our troops..
Every little edge LPTE gains by these bunds and every single soldier who gets killed trying to breach these are a huge loss...
Obviously it's very easy for LPTE to defend their bunds while it's lot harder for us to take em out...
ANd also lpte seems to have HMG's in strategic locations also making it even tougher
godspeed SLDF!

Sam Perera said...


"I'm glad I had more to say on DW's post than you did."

Yes, more of wijayapla blathering.

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

Atleast we know something.You always give us something to breath.Yes we felt heavy hearted when we see the photos.But this a war not a picnic to vanni.And Rawana's people defended this land through out the history.

We are here talking about peaceful Sri Lanka,everybody in our mother land need peace.Except few die ass poras,NGO backed suckers.But look ethnic hate we are spreading in this blog.As i always feel we need a country with equal rights to everybody/every inch in the country.Nobody/noplace should get unnecessary extra attention which others feel bad later on and lead to another shit hole for future generation.This should happen regardless of the race/religion.After that we can take care of the corrupted/greedy politicos.

Sujeewa K,
Yes i agree with you.This investments should not go to greedy politicians and their business friends hands.And those should based on developing local product.Unlike after 77, free trade policy many local products vanished from the market.


I have great respect for SF as a worrior.I also feel he should stay away from politics at this juncture.Thing is truth hurts.That's what happened in TN.WE have more political jocker in this country than anywhere else. Gota must have done the damaged control before it goes out of control.


I don't understand why we don't know about these earth bunds till we reach to location.Why SLAF cannot see them.They have recci planes up in the sky everyday and some times in the night.What hapened to the Beechcraft and its high tech equipments? Don't tell me these things cannot be seen from the sky or lttp doing night shifts.

Puran Appu said...


Are you talking about the earth bund which is in the photos released by TamilNet?

Unknown said...

Losing our boys in battle is indeed a sad thing.

The LTTP is trying with all its might to delay the capture of Giranika (Kili) because once this falls, the psychological blow would cause irreplacable damage to the LTTP cause.

There is no way the LTTP can turn the tables militariliy. They are only hoping that pressure from abroad will succeed to get the government into negotiations (another daydream!!).

As with always since Mahaweli Oya (Mavilaru), the SLDF will always prevail!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

"hope SLAF will run a few rounds today. please.

December 11, 2008 9:31 AM" @ 12/11/2008 10:47:28 AM.

Mi-24s have attacked tiger positions BEFORE.

so 1 SLAF attack today. another one, please!


we are not experts. but we can get somethings right! we have a knack of things now.

you can laugh at us bcos you never contribute anything defence related. don't worry things will work is NOT defence related!!!!

no hard feelings.

Unknown said...

Sorry I'm not a military expert.
But what do the SLAF do ?
I think we don't have enough air power to confront with tigers. Is that the main reason why we had so many casualties recently ?
Why can't we just blow up their earthbunds ?

Unknown said...


The SLAF bombs the strategic locations at earth bunds (MG posts etc.) this is what happened in the Nachchi-Akkarayan EB. Bombing EB's in advanced is just a waste because once the sorties end, rebuilding can start again (the USAF tried desparately to bomb the Ho-Chi-Min trail during the Vietnam war but always the Vietcong got it up and running within 24 hours). Bombing of EB's should take place when the SLA is near so that it can be breeched.

Trench warfare always results in high casualties. Considering how armies performed in the past (WW1 and WW2) where neraly 1,000+ soldiers would fall to Arti,MG fire in trenches, SLA performance is exceptional in terms of minimizing casualties.

Widana said...

Nayana, ask Moshe.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Why can't we just blow up their earthbunds ?"

they won't GET "blown up".

when SLA approached the eartbund which is a 2-way obstacle. the trench and the bunt. this momentarily creates a bottle-neck where a large number of less mobile soldiers flock. tigers attack this flock.

also they let soldiers come into the trench and then attack them. due to the obstacles, only a few can make it either way.

so in many ways the trech-bunt combination is a death trap.

best way is to bypass it. but it is not possible always. what should happen is IDENTIFY LTTE positions ACROSS the bunt, and attack those positions while troops are moving forward.


i don't think UAV footage is that very helpful. if you check photos of MFs with HMGs, etc., they are hiding under tress, etc. also they can change positions quickly.

a ground surveillence radar and communication to front troops is the way to go. also if troops at the front can (like tigers do) give feed back to the rear for arti/motar fire correction, that will be very valuable.

Puran Appu said...


What news on Kilinochchi Western front (Oottuppulam, Puthumurippu)??? , this is where the LTTE released photos of the captured bodies.

Thirumurikandi is in the Southern part of Kili below Iranamadu.

Anyway looks like their next target will be to take over Iranamadu Junction?

DoDo said...

Puran Appu

I meant the Thirumurikandi Bund.

According to Thirumurikandi junction has been captured, which means that the Thirumurikandi bund has been breached after all?

The pics in TN (with SLA dead bodies) seems to be the Puthumurippu bund....

BTW, here's some more action

Twin air raids targeted LTTE strong points - West of Iranamadu

[December 11 2008]

Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 Helicopter gun ships carried out two air sorties targeting LTTE strong points observed in west of Iranamadu area last evening (Dec 10) and this morning (Dec 11).

Puran Appu said...


You got it man.

Pierre said...

You face minor setbacks in war. Doesn't mean those heroes who sacrificed their life should be treated with a shrug. They did not die in vain. They did for a supreme purpose.
Was the LTTE known for building so many earth bunds in their hey day. No. They are resigned to the fact that they are fighting a losing war. They talked about taking EPS, Mullativu, Pooneryn etc during their supposed glory days. Now they are in the process of giving EPS, Mullativu, Pooneryn etc (not voluntarily though)

ReJLoRd said...

From the looks of it, sinhalese people have high education standards, just look at the dude 'sri lankan's comments.

No fucking wonder you guys had to raise the entrance marks for Tamils.. otherwise it wud be a 90% Tamil ratio in all the universities.

Give up, join the army.. and come back home in a body bag :) That's what your mommy wants.. a son in exchange for a few thousand rupees and a shanty house.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

moshe said:

"best way is to bypass it. but it is not possible always. what should happen is IDENTIFY LTTE positions ACROSS the bunt, and attack those positions while troops are moving forward."

why do you suppose this hasn't happened, moshe?

Sanath said...

ReJLoRd pakaya

gon buruwa dnt tell lies cow..

university marks are high for COlombo.. Jaffna GAlle Kandy Kurunegala and Mathara whwre majority of the students frm big schools enroll to university. there NO RACE is considered. ONLY the marks are considered and few marks are given for extra co activities.
wesa balla dnt tell lies.
according to uni grants commission Jaffna marks generally gets 3rd higest .The highest marks are always frm colombo distict.
DNT Write crap. gon sakkiliya
body bags are ready for kili defenders.
Do u knw that arnd 700 odd bodes were burnt inside few houses in the past months by SLA? becos redcross was reluctant to accept such numbers and govt was worried abt the south inidan involvement.
entire columns of pink or white or tigers were wiped out in the last counter attack attempt that was decimated by 6 RM 70s firing simultaniesly? do u knw that?
mind wahed bootliking sakkliyas dnt knw anything..

Unknown said...

@ReJLoRd Anna

Please not so loud!

Mulaitivu, Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Mannar have the lowest A/L cutoffs in the entire island. Even in Jaffna our children would never make it had they not written the 'OM' on top of their answer scripts.

The 'OM' tells the examiner that the student who answered is a Tamil. So unless it was a Racist Sinhaloid or Muslimoid marking the answer script getting good marks is guarenteed (regardless of what the answer is).

We must somehow get more Tamils into SL Uni's so we can get more PR points (for the Degree). All degrees thanks to Free Education funded by the majority Moda Sinhala taxpayers.

Sanath said... of the jffna dudes who was studying electrical engineering degree in the Uni of Moratuwa escaped after blowing a bus packed with passengers and killing more than 30 passengers. thats hw they trat singhala govt for giving free education.

Rana said...


Usually I don't like to discuss things which I don't know much but when I see those fallen brave hearts my chest is burning with pain.

12.7, 14.2 23 and 30mm HMG's can fell down a fair size tree. It is deadly when mounted behind a earth buns cum wide trench.

However, they protected this bund in regular intervals, say every 50 or 100m. We should use CS gas grenades over the bund becuase they don't hace gas masks. Then keep firing similar size guns just over the top of earth bund before sending small units with hand grenades and small arms.

Taking over a well fortified defensive position always make high casualty figures. Only other answer is heavy bombing. Due to some reason SLDF do not have bunker busters, I don't know why?

If you go back to those tamilnut pics you will see this newly built earth bunds do not have builtin bunkers similar to Akkarayan bund but behing the bund they have concealed cadjen huts.

Frankly, somebody has to kick SLAF back for not getting what we realy need. They were asking for mig29 while what we want is more heavy duty helicopters.

If we have 20 - 30 heavy duty helicopters with 20-30mm HMGs earth bunds are nothing.

In Afganistan Russian built Hind with 13mm HMGs took taliban fighters like nothing in similar positions until Americans gave them stringer missiles which when fired goes to the exhaust outlet of the hind.

Performance of our SLAF is very dissapointing, good air cover could minimise SLA casualties.

Unfortunately SLA soldiers have become sacrificial lambs due to inefficiency lack of forethought of SLAF.

hiru said...

"Europol seminar addresses countering LTTE"

"TN Coast Guard differs Police report on LTTE infiltration"

will Tamil Nadu Polical Jokers stage another demonstration

hiru said...

sorry Political Jokers

Rana said...

Attack is the best defence,

You said he escaped after....

How he managed to escape after carnage? Could you give more details on whether it is suicide attack or not?

Rana said...

I think Devananda and Ananda Sangaree are not doing enough to contain Tamil naadu jokers.

I also know that they are hiding because of threat to their life. Still, I think GOSL should organise something for them to go and mingle with tamil naadu jokers for few weeks. If they can organize few more jokers against Karuna budi and Psycho basterds, that will help immensly.

Moshe Dyan said...


it happened many times, mate. not in kili.

as you can see from a map, there aren't any alternative routes to kili aparty from a west-east route. may be n-w, sw or w directly.

but there can be some limited opportunities to bypass parts of the bunt/trench.

Rana said...


Macho, you are also drinking, like me, I see lot of spelling problems.

Mate, this f***ing war is driving me crazy, specially when I saw/hear bad pics/news.

I think, I should take rest for few weeks.

Moshe Dyan said...


no, mate. i'm almost always use my mobile, not a computer.

BTW did a bit of research on what douglas said. he said SF had executed many tigers/suspected tigers on 29 november.

here are the results.

1. 13 days from 29/11 - 11 killed on our side.

2. 13 days b4 29/11 (exclusive) - 23 killed on our side.

the improbvement is unmistakable. more than 50% improvement in security!!!

well done (if true)!! do it again and again to keep the area clear of MFs.

DoDo said...

Europol seminar addresses countering LTTE

lolz. Poor suddha buggers are now worried, after sucking up to their terror loving Tamil diaspora voters for more than 30 years.

European messiahs of peace have suddenly woken up from their romantic dream with Tamil diaspora and find they've peed on their pajamas's...lolz

Once LTTE is annihilated in SL, the remaining overseas operatives will mutate the vestigial terror network in to an independent criminal empire of its own, criminalizing the very countries that gave these sickos shelter!.

Those countries that gave these terrorists shelter will find their hands well and truly bitten off:)

Worried now are we...lolz


Ra said...


Accept your apologies. Lets pretend it never happened.

Ra said...


I had changed the image before your post your comment... Have a look and enjoy the skinned tiger.

Ra said...


I remember how these students from Jaffna who got high marks in ALs performed at the University.

We always suspected cheating going on at the exams and also paper marking.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Lovely pic!!!

The best tiger is a flat tiger

Unknown said...

Dear Sri Lankan and other guys!

All of you, do not know and dont want to know history at all.

The Tamil are ancients of this Island. You guys were criminals and were exparitated from India. You also married to Tamil girls from Tamil Nadu. Its all from your Mahavamsa.

for your information, during the Mahvamsa time, shinhaleese had not developed to 'written language' stage.

Now, Its like war between Tamils(eelam Tamils) and Tamils(Tamil Nadu Tamils).

In Negombo, chilaw and even some other areas, Tamils have been converted into Sinhaleese. Now they have sinhala names.and speaks sinhaleese. Ex: Jeyaraj Fernando pulle

One more information, Tamils are the first budhdhists

Unknown said...


If Tamils were the first inhabitants of SL how come no (ABSOLUTELY NO) archeological evidence?

[for your information, during the Mahvamsa time, shinhaleese had not developed to 'written language' stage.]

Ha ha ha! Probably the Sinhalese stone inscriptions from Anuradapura were made by people from Timbuktoo.

The Tamils came to SL in two waves, to work the tobacco plantations under the Dutch, then as plantation workers during the British. Under the British divide and rule, the pets of the British Tamilized the Sinhala place names in the north and east.

Just Click Here!

Unknown said...


True bro!

Soon they may tactically relocate Tamil Peelam in London, Oslo or Toronto!

DoDo said...

Troops capture Terumurikandy junction

PIC's just come in...

That came at a heavy price. Let not these supreme sacrifices be ever forgotten....

PHANTOM-X said...

To puli da Tiger...!!!

Give me three archeological evidence showing Tamils were here before the Sinhalese...?

Hey Crime Watch...

why don't you join Mongal Samaraweera's defencewatch...?
It's also called ponna will get to meet like minded people...!!!

N said...

Amma Gahai/Gahavi

'Human Behavour Pattern by Prof: AmmaGahai Phd: Down the road Pub University'

Prof. AmmaGahai PhD (Pretty huge D--k) Right? Ha Ha.. just pulling your leg mate! Ignore Pissu Pansilu, he seems a mental case.


Mahen said...

Major offensives by LTTE commandos have reversed SLA advances in Kili, SLA has been completely driven out from Akkarayankulam. This is the just the tip of the iceberg, more intense and devastating waves are expected. Suffer suffer suffer, chena boys!

Puran Appu said...


Thank you for the update. I hope you just got up after along sleep.

Unfortunately, our troops captured the Thirumurikandi junction. Iranamadu junction will fall next.

PHANTOM-X said...

Priyashantha said...

Racism at its finest from Wijayapala. Listen you mother focker. This problem came because of rascals like you. All Sri Lankans are same, with homogeneous citizens rights. Don't create divisions based on your 'superior Tamil' mentality. If you can't live like an ordinary Sri Lankan just fock off from here and go eat shit in Tamil Nadu. Para sakkili haeththa!

Way to go Dude...!!! This Wesaballa is trying to create division...!!!

Patriots and new bloggers...

Beware of People like Wijepala (Wesaballa)...! They are all hired and specialized bloggers...! people who come here often know who this bugger really is...! He wears a patriotic mask, He is very shrewd, His motive is to poison unsuspecting patriotic new people with Eelamist, separatist, and racist ideology.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Puli sakkiliya,

"Damila" is a word invented by Sinhalas.

We gave you your script (Brahmi) which moved from south to north.

There was no Tamil identity until late 19th century.

Sinhale and Lanka have been the names of the island for time-immemorial.

Anuradhapura was the largest city south of Uiijan in ancient times.

Just because we are related does not mean that we called ourselves "Tamil". On the other hand we called you guys Hadi Demala (meaning Ugly arch enemy) and you decided to call yourself that. Some guy found a term which sounded like it in the Sangham literature and decided to build a mythical land of "Tamilnadu".

Hey , just because our ancestors insulted yours you don't have to call yourself the same name. Oh! I forgot, you guys are BURU(aya). All you know is to chant:

Tamil- Heee Haaw Heee Haaaw- Eelam (meaning sinhalam)- Heee Haaw Heeee Haaw- Beautiful Tamil- Heeee Haaaw Heee Haaaw- VP's arse- Heee Haaaw Heee Haaaw.

I guess you think that if you chant long enough it will become real. In the meantime we have built the greatest engineering project on the other side of the 19th century (ask Rana). Where do you think the sinhala language came from sakkiliya? Out of thin air, like "Tamilakam"?

Don't try and steal our history. Keep your filthy hands off it; and we won't destroy your mythical dream. Ummm, strike that last comment. No deals.

PHANTOM-X said...

I am having a great time reading Tamil diaspora comments...!!!
Ha Ha Ha...

PHANTOM-X said...


Have a look and enjoy the skinned tiger.

Ha Ha Ha...
I'll use it to wipe my feet...!!!

Unknown said...

mr mairavana!
you quoted "There was no Tamil identity until late 19th century."

If thats true, could you explain Where did King Ellalan came from and fought with Toothegemunu, so he earned his name? as the great king of sinhalayas?

Ra said...

There is a new update at DefenceNet.. and as usual Peter started toilet cleaning early in the morning.

Ra said...


Elara was not a demala! was a south indian invader

hiru said...

"Troops capture Terumurikandy junction
That came at a heavy price. Let not these supreme sacrifices be ever forgotten...."

Quite True Macho...

Check the updated map

Dan nam Peterayage maila rath wela athi

Mohammed Zubair said...

I agree with the comments about Wijayapalam. Beware of this guy, he tries to shift focus of this blog from defence discussions to totally irrelevant blatherings about Tamil identity and Sangam era crap.

I have observed a pattern from Wijayapalanthan. Everytime there is a new article on DW or DN, he drags a discussion thread from a previous post and gets the others to reply to his crap by posing pseudo intellectual question. Never once does he actually discuss defence matters.

Beware of Wijayapalan guys. Do not reply to his crap, that will encourage him more to post.

WAATS said...

Peter and all the PEELAM BEGGERS

One mile or thousand miles away Sinhalese will always rule Sri Lanka. That is a Historical FACT...

Other than a couple of dacades of tamil rule in north and east can you point out any time in History where you can produly say you ruled Sinhalese....

I am sorry to say tamils are meant/made to collect Garbage around the world. Examples: - Tamil nadu, Malaysia,Indonesia, Europe ,Canada list is endless...

You will never acheive anything from this..... FOOLS

Mohammed Zubair said...

Breaking news: Rasiah, the missing "rebel" spokesman has been found in a well:

hiru said...


ela ela......haka haka haka

Selva said...

Appeal to all Eelam citizens:

In this hour of need, when a war of aggression is thrust upon our homeland by invading foreign forces, I appeal to all of you to contribute men, materials and money to our cause. Contributions can be routed through the usual channels in the network. Please remember our fallen soldiers in your daily prayers.

Thanks all

deco said...

Form both sides the youth of srilanka is dying. But in the government side they have a good cause. But in the other side i doubt what is doing on. When the war is finally won let the peace have its effect. And all true soldiers go to haven. The following article shows the what the anti war campaigns do today.

View article

Mahen said...


I wholeheartedly agree with you.  You are the only sane voice in among this ship of modayas.  You have correctly concluded that Eelam has been in place for several millennia, and that the original inhabitants are Tamils.  Also you have fairly assessed that Tamil is linguistically and culturally superior.  What I admire most is that you have drummed into these modayas that they are nothing but 40% Tamil, 50% native veddha and 10% swamp cousins from Bengal.

I applaud you for standing up to these dimwit chena boys

Sanath said...

sakkili mahen...boru nokia pala gal ponnaya

Lalith Kuruwita said...

SF & SLA have been kissing (or F**king) Killi (or Thangachchies) for last few months meantime LTTP f**ked 90 soldiers in the A**holes.

I am really upset.

Why didn't take air support? Something is missing in the strategy.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

I am thinking that SLA should try to capture Tiger without killing because they are now experts in building earth bunts in no time. We can use them to build 1000 lakes in the future.

WAATS said...


"Eelam has been in place for several millennia"

When and where was this is it something like NEVERLAND, I have never seen this written or spoken about anywhere. This is just a illusion fed into Die ass pora. TAMIL EELAM IS JUST A FICTON.....

"that the original inhabitants are Tamils" - Tamils came to SL as slaves nothing more, they migrated from tamil nadu where they do slavery to India

Also you have fairly assessed that Tamil is linguistically and culturally superior. - Who says ???? this is what you think and this is what everybody around the world thinks they treasure and value there culture, it is nothing about your superiority you DIMWIT

ReJLoRd said...

Sup sinhaloids?

----------GREAT NEWS!!-------------

Sign up for the army and get your body bag free! That's true, just a few days after passing out, you get to return home via airplane- you heard it right! AIRPLANE!!

You will be given your free personal business class body bag along with seatings beside your best friends.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and earn 1000Rs. per month for your family - and we add in metal sheets to reinforce your family home.. absolutely FREE!!!

Call now to register and ask the army phone operators about the special offer of choosing where you want to die, ie. K'nochi, Mullaithivu, A-9.

Our professional call centre operatives will be more than happy to assign you on the front lines of all major brigades.

JOIN NOW and attain nibbana FASTER than anyone else in your shanty village!

Lalith Kuruwita said...


I said I got so upset when I see 90 soldiers were killed.

Vajira said...

Dont pretend to be upset. No 90 soldiers were killed. More and more LTTE cadres get killed consistently. If anyone thinks you can perform a war of attrition by not having casualties (especially being the offensive element) is from Mars. UAV's cant get ground footage due to overcast conditions, same goes to close air support. Only limited time frames have been available to conduct raids during last couple of days.

Puran Appu said...


Why do you want to go by Tamilnut reports?

We are not even sure whether 90 SLA participated in the particular operation.

Observer said...

Lalith the Spineless coolie sakkiliya..

We indded got air support from your wife ! she will tell you more about that. Ask her about that will you ?

Vajira said...

Puran appu,
This chap Lalith appears on certain stints in this blog. He always pretends to be a patriot then after winning the trust of patriots he feeds in LTTE propaganda to undermine SLDF achievements. Hence creating negative sentiments amongst the patriots. When he gets exposed he's just another monkey like Mahen, ReJLoRd etc.(when he looses his cool.)

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...


Machan, these people (Mahen, Peter pan, Lalith)are like Wedi kaapu uuro (Pigs) now.

We wont be seeing them for along time machan. These are their last days.

But, I hope Mahen will still be here in this blog (I hope you know why)

Puran Appu said...


This is a war. It's not a game. We should expect casualties, and from here onwards, we should expect more of this.

LTTE will throw out everything they got (even stones at last) at our forces to defend Kili, Mullaittiu, EPS and Paranthan.

My point is that;

Say 90 SLA were killed. (As Tamilnut says)

Still are forces can bare it because, unlike those days we got the numbers now.

But for the LTTE?

If the LTTE loose 9 of it's carders, it'll equal to 90 SLA becoz LTTE is having a big problem with it's numbers.

(We all know that LTTE is loosing so many carders each day. The bodies recovered each day by the SLA proves this)

WAATS said...


Sup peelamists?

----------GREAT NEWS!!-------------

Sign up to the peelam fight now, you have no where to go and no brain to think only thing you can do is die as a dog.

We will give you a stick , to chase the SL Army JUST LIKE YOU DO WITH YOUR CATTLE....

Your family and friends doesn't get anything bcause none of them have a BRAIN .....

SO Join now and become a peelam fighter, YOUR LIFE WOULD NEVER BE WORTH LIVING

Gringo said...

['They’re no jokers but criminal confederates'
Dec 11 (Island

Well said island.

Unless we stand up and highlihgt these actions, we will look like a spineless bunch of fools on the international arena, and sure to be kicked around.

This is the positive role the readership expects from the media to play.

Vajira said...

Puran Appu,

"But, I hope Mahen will still be here in this blog (I hope you know why)"

Sure do! ;-)

"This is a war. It's not a game. We should expect casualties, and from here onwards, we should expect more of this. "

A super realistic comment machan, more the FDL ring gets smaller more casualty ratio we will have but it will not effect the military balance at all. LTTE is doomed!!

"If the LTTE loose 9 of it's carders, it'll equal to 90 SLA becoz LTTE is having a big problem with it's numbers."

They cannot afford casualties nor loosing territory. V.P must be hearing a FAT LADY SINGING.

I think if we get freaked out by casualty figures and consider our heroes sacrifices for battle progress as "sacrificial lambs" (as someone in this blog mentioned) we will be falling in to the hands of Lalith/Brown consortium.
Thanks for highlighting these things to the boys.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Ha ha ha ha, another classic one from Tamilnut. Heading says "two youths", then the story says one of the youth threw hand grenades. So I guess these are innocent youths who just happened to have hand grenades, they are super 100% innocent, definitely not LTTE.

Unknown said...

I don’t know if there is any meaning of answering you since there is no any scientific basis on your arguments. You just collects some non scientific and archeologically rejected matters and put them in a sort of academic way and try to convince people that Sinhala people descends from Tamils. Unfortunately you are using a site which is dedicated for something else for your cunning purpose. Since there are some who believe you I would say a few things.
First it is completely a rejected theory that Sinhala people are descending from Tamils. All DNA studies have shown it is nonsense. As Mahawansa pointed out all recent studies proves that Sinhala people are Aryans. I don’t know if you have ever seen an Iranian. I am working with an Iranian for a many years. He has same features as us and if I put him in SL nobody would believe that he is from Iran.
Secondly, there is not a single evidence to support that there were Tamil civilization in SL. Tamils were living in temporally in certain parts of SL for some periods. If you need any evidence please read Prof. Indrapalan studies. Until 11th Century there were no permanent Tamil settlements in SL.
Finally, it is a real joke if somebody says that it is South Indian who protected Buddhism. It is the completely opposite. It is the south Indians (SI) who did there maximum to destroy the Buddhism. Every time when they invaded SL they did their maximum capacity to destroy Buddhism in areas they captured. SI never tolerated any religion and this is the main reason SI destroy all evidences of the presence of Kalabhras (who are either Buddhist or Jain).
It is not our problem that Tamils has no country or no properly written history (except some yarn called Sangam). You people always condemned Mahawansa since you have no such document to prove your history. When it was discovered Harappa civilization people are darker than north Indians Tamil racist historians jumped up claiming Harappans are Tamils. But all those claims are refuted in later scientific studies.
I hope other readers and DW would forgive me for using DW blog for this discussion. But what Wijayapala doing here is misinterpreting things and quoting LTTE and Tamil racist paid publications. Please don’t believe him.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Vaiko, Nedumaran, Karunanidhi alliance provides shelter and medical treatments to the injured LTTE terrorists, and secretly transfer them to other states for treatment and avoid detection.

Indian authorities should investigate this racket.

WAATS said...


Why posting the same comment twice got upset by the peelam ad for recruitment...

Tamils are the third class citizens in SL no one else..... and yes it is possible to be born in a country and be a thrid class citizen....

Your peelam fighters are brainwashed and forced into fighting ... they f***ing wouldn't do it if they have any other option , PITY ALL OF THEM WILL DIE UNTIL VEZAPILLAI DIES.....

Puran Appu said...


Well said dude, Hats-off.

Gringo said...

[Unlike SLA, our fighter sign up knowing that death is imminent and we got the balls to admit it.

OK OK... All-volunteer chena boys are signing up for a picnic and kidnapped school-children of LTTE fighting for a 'cause', right?

But why these Tamil terrorists continue to lose the balls as well as the real esatte...?

Sitting on your brain? Be careful!

Puran Appu said...

Please note that almost all the military training schools are full at the moment. Expect, More and more Battalions and special squads in the future.

I think this is the first time our forces got the correct leadership that it should have got long time ago. They really did their homework right.

We should be damn grateful to our defence secretary, our army commander and to Mahinda Rajapakse for this.

We saw, at the time they started beating the LTTE, people laughing at them saying that they are fools.

But now?

I have seen to my eyes, whom were like that, are now looking at defence maps for hours, cheering.

It's a miracle that our hero's did.

Puran Appu said...

Looks like the LTTE, have fixed thier GPMGs & HMGs which were fixed to their sea tiger boats before to their front line bunkers, because there is no so called sea tiger wing now.

Gringo said...

[This is so typical of the modaya mentality.]

Get out of the Modayaland... and embrace all-perfect Elaam in the north pole. Don't even try to change our modayas' specs.

Wijayapala is the only singhala guy who is not afraid to speak the truth,]

Deepthroat him.

[ So typical of the banana republic failed state sorry lanka policies]

Hurry up and leave it by land, sea or air... they are open 24/7.

[Shut up any dissident opinions and carry them off in white vans.]

Government warning:
Engaging in terrorism in Modayaland...covertly or overtlay could be extremely injurious to your life.

Vajira said...


"So typical of the banana republic failed state sorry lanka "

With 16 million population we have at least that (in u'r opinion)! with 60 million population u have nothing!!


Puran Appu said...


Why don't you all go to Tamil Nadu and start your struggle for a separate land there. You all can join with your loving Karunaniddi, Viko and the gang and fight for it, because there is enough and more land there than here.

All tamils who loves to stay peacefully with us can always stay here. We would love to have them here in Sri Lanka.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Tamils for Obama is conducting a poll. Click here if you want to cast your vote. In the end they ask for your name and email address to “activate” your vote. Once activated you get to see the results as a percentage and the total number of votes cast. My vote was the 87th. Majority voting there are LTTE supporters.

ravana said...

so far the 14 missing,,we have been circled and they know we ae going with smaller groups.some parts in kili they have more man power than us due to this smaaler team coming weeks we will definetly changing this method.
however now LTTE needs 100 attack like this to scrubled more tha 14 3SF teams gone pass kili..theres no kili now only pilling.
we have never used our big guns so far specilay in kili area we cant use MBGL and MBRL due to obvious reasons.deep snake method of SF may be inactive these days most of our men are suffering with post flood sicks.

ravana said...

you can hear the sweet of paranthan falls in next week...after that it will be EP are wonder SLA nevr want to take kili.they need to give as much as damage to theire hardcore outfir in kili,.that the prime reason.they cant hold.even in last week small operation took in kilali have suprissed by seen their FDLS.all abnaded.

ravana said...

moshe and rana realy sorray mates ..busy in this hell will send you the pics ASAP.

ravana said...

againa in this week we have lot one of our best COp. in 4SF team deep in oddusuadan.these guys highly vulnereble to attacks.cuas enow they very smaal ground to defend.only option SLAF.which doing greater changes these days secretly.

Vajira said...


"only option SLAF.which doing greater changes these days secretly."

Enter thy "Fulcrum"!!!

Corey said...

Finally, tamilnut get a field day, and goes gung-hooooooooooooo!!!!!!



Corey said...

From Wanni With Love

Do not be under the spell of yarns churned out by the spin merchants, of a life in misery for those who lived under the LTTE administration. There are many aspects of the terrorist rule that appealed to them before life became intolerable, a recent phenomenon. The ending of the CFA accelerated the process. Those Tamils who made the crossing from the uncleared areas to government controlled areas retain mixed feelings of the days under the rule of Prabhakaran. It was a bitter pill with a sugar coating. With the sugar having melted, capsule tastes more like cyanide.

They breathe air of a fresh life style in more relaxed surroundings, in temporary accommodation off the beaten track on the road between Mannar and Medawachchiya. The journey was long and harrowing through jungle paths with minimum sleep. They did it for their children; to give them freedom, to bring them to safety. Some are affluent by northern standards- to bring their live assets to safety was paramount – the fixed assets paled into insignificance. The short story is Prabhakaran touched a sensitive spot of a community that lived for their children. There lived an ogre who stole their children. That split the umbilical cord by which Prabhakaran held them.

The invitation to express opinion frankly and be coaxed to speak openly was a bizarre experience to a generation that was suppressed. Except for the undergraduates – not even college students- free expression was an unknown realm; the initial diffidence was obvious, it was satisfying to watch the metamorphosis of a silent society moving towards an open society. Hitherto they exercised the freedom of speech within a limited circle of friends and relations; the open discussion initiated was a freak event- it began as a drip, became a trickle, enlarged to a flow and ended as a splurge. Once confidence was restored and bona fides were established, Tamils and Sinhalese become one people.

To them LTTE had done much good in the early days, corruption was eliminated comprehensively. It was a relatively clean society with equal opportunity of limited facility until the cadres began extracting benefits and for their continued retention opportunity had to be bestowed with more perquisites. (So are we!). Alcohol and drugs were out of reach for the youth, smoking was severely curtailed and these prohibitions were strictly enforced unlike in our loose legislation. So was entertainment-no cinema music not even of their patrons in South India. With no electricity, power evolved around the battery; a single cell costing Rs 750 many peddled a bicycle to activate a dynamo to listen to the news cast on a transistor radio in information hungry homes. Names of the heroes who died in battle were read out on the terrorist’s radio, most names were withheld from the death list in fear of declines in recruitment. Often this was the only notice homes received of an obituary of its youthful occupants. The daily news cast was an emotional event-such was life! Radio was used sparingly in an environment that denied entertainment except the glorification of the LTTE. Otherwise it was a permanent blast of LTTE songs, which was hardly music to the ear when played perennially. No dating for the cadres in a society where love was under license, sex was under punishment.

In true Taliban style visits were not encouraged to temple or church for their cadres but the rule was relaxed to the civilians. The only god was the God Man himself. No holy ash on the body of a military cadre on off duty- could only invoke the protection of the Great One in times of fear and stress which was hardly comforting. The poor were better cared than the affluent which was a welcome novelty in these days of western liberalism. The non Vellalls became stake holders in society- the most penetrating. formidable and devastating achievement under the LTTE in breaking the social fabric of the pseudo brahamin echelons in the Penninsula; now visible in the refugee camps as people of a former caste ridden society share common bathing spouts provided by the International Red Cross. They have come from a moral society over disciplined, over regimented to infringe on the freedom of the individual. The breaking through the cadjan wall is perilous as vaulting over the Berlin Wall or creeping through the Wall across Jerusalem.

The inspirational appeal made by the LTTE was the cry of Tamil patriotism with pride of place to its culture and civilization. It was indeed tempting. An invitation to become a partner of an epic journey to a promised land to create a nation state, to a community that previously lived on staple diet of flabby South Indian cinema idols chivalrously slaughtering villains was an attractive proposition. Here he was, in flesh on your own soil before your eyes, presenting a live option and delivering results. The hardship, endurance and sacrifice were bearable but not for 25 years and with time the distant dream was becoming more distanced.

Most crossings take place because, Prabhakaran, the prime child snatcher, made a fatal error when he began to hold a parent in hostage until a child was offered. A child had to make a selfless offer to free a parent, often mothers. This was humiliating to the people of the North to whom children are the most treasured possession, where the child and parent relationship is sacred. The parents hid in jungles with children to save them from being abducted and meals were carried from the village to selected sites. There were the green eyed informants whose children were forcibly carried away reporting on other children located in hide outs in the jungle. It was endless months of playing hide and seek with the local LTTE chieftains and other jealous parents. Sun God became the god of hate in the minds of the captured children. The isolated man probably did not get the feed back of the backlash he was encountering and making an ugly image of a ‘goni billa’, which permanently erased the limited goodwill he had earned.

With the depletion in the cadre ranks, the new recruits after a month of training, was pushed to the front line as human fodder with a battle tested veteran to lead, to give the second line of defense consisting of experienced fighters a breathing space to be in a state of battle readiness. Most parents knew of the strategy and are bitter, as they realize, the child snatched is a human sacrifice. This gave rise to dissension within the cadres, where bouts of shadow boxing between the new recruits and the more experienced loyal hands, often takes place. The forcibly recruited children were given four days an year to be with their parents (too dangerous to desert) and two sittings per year for parents for visitations. However, once a child is sacrificed the rest of the family had the privilege of an easier life style; they could cross the border in search of employment- a problem arose again only if there were more than 5 children-a search party comes for the second child. Only married cadres received a payment for work.

There was a time when youth flocked to join the cause - Prabhakaran lit the lamp of Tamil patriotism with his string of victories which was an inspirational factor not sustainable due to his own stupidity and the military tsunami he faced. Foreigners in the guise of NGO activists – in truth, tourists on shoe strings were made to feel important –allowed to hibernate around the organization, awaiting to be a part of history in a cause of an underdog, desiring to practice the campus taught vision of western liberalism which welcomed forms of terrorism unless and until it affected them. The Northern hospitality and the genuine goodwill of the people overflowed to these traveling ambassadors which impressed them immensely (give a meal to a hippie and watch him glow!) and were unofficially accredited as LTTE ambassadors at large and made to feel good and look important. These hired white skinned Foreign Service personnel were often rewarded with delicious fresh sea food meals cooked with skills of the northern cuisine by LTTE cooks. These hungry diplomats traveled on their belly but was convincing to another white man.

If a family reduced by one was unbearable, the next nifty stroke was more devastating -to disposes entire families of their homestead without a warning. Instead of a journey to a promised land, proud householders were forced to leave home and towards destination unknown to provide human shields. Overnight householders became wandering nomadic tribal people. Kanakarayakullam has not been reached by Sri Lankan Forces (until 5th Dec) as I spoke to them in the last week of November 2008 but the LTTE ejected the people from their ancestral homes on 4th August 2008 and have made them pitch tent on different turfs making them live lives of gypsies. It seems Prabhakaran has mastered the art of making enemies and driving people to the bosom of the central government in an exercise which make him, his own enemy. There is a limit to tolerance and that made them move.

The LTTE had driven home the message the Armed Forces (they torture boys, rape the girls before killing-so cyanide capsule is comfort death) are historically cruel, Sinhalese are genetically evil. Those walking across the Wanni, yet, feel more safe and secure among the Sinhala people and believe now more of the stories their mothers related- Sinhalese are like us. Whether they are happy is too early to predict.

- Asian Tribune -

Aathaboothan said...

"Troops capture Terumurikandy junction - Kilinochchi "

peelamists are digging.... digging.... digginggg..... trenches for the SL Army... (see the pics:

Thanks for the hard work!

Mahen said...

You guys actually think that you understand the Tamil aspirations and wish that we will peacefully co-exist with you? That's never gonna happen chena boys, we will stop nothing short of seperation and withdrawl of your non soldiers.

Corey said...

""There is no state without a Tamil, but there is no state for the Tamils." World Confederation of Tamils (2006) ("

-this is the problem... peelamists have a massive inferiority complex because they are trying "everywhere" but still no one wants them in their alley!!!!

the bipolar depression of tamils have made this an impossible situation...

...maybe they'll set up peelam on the moon, one day...




Corey said...

Sicko mahen:
"we will stop nothing short of seperation and withdrawl of your non soldiers."

No, Really?????


Unknown said...

[You guys actually think that you understand the Tamil aspirations and wish that we will peacefully co-exist with you? That's never gonna happen chena boys, we will stop nothing short of seperation and withdrawl of your non soldiers.]

Well like Tamil Eelam it will always be a dream. People like you will always live stateless and die stateless. Indeed we must be very, very grateful to countries like Britain and Canada for accepting garbage like you.

Just don't be ungrateful to them, the way you were ungrateful to Sri Lanka for providing free education.

Vajira said...

Air Marshal Roshan Gunathilake is appearing on ITN in 40 mins. He will disclose a few important info. I hope Moshe wil get hold of the interview.

Gringo said...

[You guys actually think that you understand the Tamil aspirations and wish that we will peacefully co-exist with you?]

Nope... 'Tamil' aspirations are almost non-existent and insignificant in front of humongous 'Sri Lankan' aspirations.

Go ahead... realize it the hard way or get on board a bus going to Toiletnadu.

ConspiracyTheory said...

Sri Lankan Tamil MP Sivajilingam ordered to quit India

Sri Lankan Tamil MP Sivajilingam ordered to quit India

Mohammed Zubair said...


No access to ITN here :( Hope you can summarise what he said here. PS, it is about the Fulcrums :)

Aathaboothan said...

mahen, who lives in a glorified schizoprenic world by himself (and other peelamists) says:

""we will stop nothing short of seperation and withdrawl of your non soldiers."

... at the least, learn to spell "separation" correctly, you donkey!!!

Gringo said...

[Sri Lankan Tamil MP Sivajilingam ordered to "quit India', may seek "political asylum" in Chennai]

This is how the Indians can earn the respect and love of Sri Lankans.

India should simply ask all Sri Lankan 'Tamil' leaders... busily licking their feet...(I know, the feeling is great!) to settle their issues with the elected Sri Lankan government and not to drag Indians for the slightest sneeze.

If those 'Tamil' labeled leaders cannot find ways and means to talk to GOSL... there is a problem with them... not with the GOSL.

Suranimala said...

Koti lingam is out of India .:))HAKA HAKA :))nOw what?if we also deport him?:))Will he shout in Canada?:)))

Vajira said...

Mohammed Zubair ,
Will summarize it 4 u, no probs. He wont mention the Fulcrums today, just some elaborations of routine operations. But things will heat up wihin the next fortnight 4 sure with SLAF!

Mohammed Zubair said...

Cheers Vajira.

silentknight said...

@ vajira,
no offense mate, but its really annoying when guys like you, ogre, ravana and co know something about whats really happening , but wont tell us- the guys who dunno, but wants to know, whats GOIN ON!!

hemantha said...

Vaiko is a terrorist. See his comments after a suicide bomber tried to kill President Kumaranathunga.

"She needs to be lucky every time, but we need to be lucky only once!"
click here(read the second article) .

Now this filthy terrorist is asking for SF's apology.

Mohammed Zubair said...


There is a valid reason why we don't know, its because of national security. We can't expect SLDF to tell us the battle plan in detail, we have to learn to accept a need to know to basis.

hemantha said...

Not the second one. You go to the correct one.

Anonymous said...

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Mohammed Zubair said...

Hey Peter,

Still thrawting SLA at Mavil Aru are we?

What happened to "we won't let SLA advance an inch in Mannar"?

hemantha said...

Lion flag hoisted in Terumurikandy (video)
click here.

hemantha said...

The army enters Kilinochchi city (limit)

click here.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Fernando, Wijepala,

Wijepala said,

Regardless of the genetic similarities, the fact remains that the Sinhala language and Buddhist religion survived in a largely Dravidian region, probably because the Sinhalese were isolated in an island (which also explains why the SL Tamil dialect remained distinct from the Indian). Therefore the most likely explanation is that Tamils migrated to SL at least over the last 2500 years and assimilated into becoming Sinhalese. Eventually their genes became dominant among the Sinhalese even though the culture originated in N. India.

Assuming this is true, a good question to ask would be why modern Tamils are not assimilating?

Interesting point. I hypothised few ideas sometime back. You are getting to that. Assimilating happened when small groups of tamils came to majority sinhala regions and settled down. Anuradhapura/Polonnaru era are examples. Also many facts can be found for tamils/south Indians migrating to SL in past millennium.

After Anuradhapura came tamil orgasm of Sri Vijaya kingdom. Those invaders and their successors like Kalinga Magha destroyed sinhala that they had to run to south. This is the reason why today's tamils are not assimillated.

Subsequent wars in past millennium may have reduced sinhala population a lot.

Biologically it is bit hard for an entire ethnic group to have stronger genes compared to another. I seriously wonder the testing here. i.e. how many ppl were subjected, what regions etc.

Unknown said...

Revy coolie,

Where are you?

Rana said...

Good day brothers!


Brother you said:

//Accept your apologies. Lets pretend it never happened.//

Thanks for your generosity mate, I owe you one.


Thanks, mate, but sorry to hear about fallen 23 brave hearts.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks vajira for the heads-up about the interview.

hemantha said...

Army formed the Task Force 4 last week.
"The Army Headquarters is now in the process of forming another Task Force which is going to be the Task Force V"

click here.

Moshe Dyan said...


"KILINOCHCHI: MI-24 helicopter gun ships of Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), in support of advancing ground troops of the 57 Division, conducted two air attacks on LTTE resisting points in IRANAMADU area Wednesday (10) around 6.00 p.m. and Thursday (11) around 9.00 a.m..

Two more air raids were conducted this morning (11) between 10.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. by SLAF fighter jets on two LTTE positions about 2 km southwest of IRANAMADU junction.

Again, Air Force fighter jets conducted three air raids on an underground bunker line of the LTTE east of IRANAMADU tank bund between 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m..

Pilots conformed that the attacks were successful. "

SIX raids yesterday!! wow! didn't i beg for them? lol!

this may come close to 'continued support' for ground troops. don't know whether those were provided DURING SLA advances/attacks. as we discussed b4, that INCREASES the casualties to LTTE cowards by a BIG factor. otherwise these cowards are hiding underground or scattered across a large area in fear!!

hemantha said...

"The Task Force IV which was officially formed last week, appointing Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi as the Task Force Commander is due to commence their operations next week from Oddusudan on the Mullaitivu front ---."


Rana said...


As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, public enemy:

#1 vesapille pukeharan
#2 potta pakaya
#3 vaiko saiko nariya

SLA will deal with first two.
GOSL should deal with #3 seriously.

We need to use LRRP beyond our shores to take out public enemies. If #1 and/or #2 goes to south india, we must do the same.

Taking out #3 will give our boys some practice which will be useful very soon.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Yes i agree with you.This investments should not go to greedy politicians and their business friends hands.And those should based on developing local product.Unlike after 77, free trade policy many local products vanished from the market.

Most SL businesses were aiming to sell to SL. And they wanted govt to stop importing long before they reach the level of fulfilling the market demands. Moron govts sometimes made that decision and people of country ended in long queues.

And still many talk about "svyanposhitha veema".

What SL needs is export oriented industry, high tech preferred. This is what I wanted to see happening. Only way to do this is via expats, since investments are mostly made on personal trust. Time for expats to think.

Anonymous said...


DW said K'chi is 7km town along A9. About 1km north of K'chi it is Paranthan and and any thing beyond that can't be refered as K'chi (town). Thus, the siad town area shoud be south of the 'point' located in the maps as K'chi. If so 7 km southwards comes upto Thirumurukandi junction which was captured by SLA yesterday, and they have advanced few km towards Iranamdu too. So in some sense SLA has entered K'chi town. To be declaed as K'chi liberated I think SLA has to clear all A9 closer to Paranthan.

MathaMathica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Media reports wanni civilians coming to GSL areas daily and some of them are having motar/ gun shot injuries and its said it was due to LTTE fire at escaping civilians. However, SLA need to be carefull: LTTE may be sending thier injured cadres with other moles.

MathaMathica said...

Sujeewa Kokawala ,

Why Tamils are not assimilating now

When the smaller group is at the mercy of the larger group, the assimilation happens automatically. This is the case with most migrants to EU & USA.

Singhala was one of the most venerated countries of the old world. Talk with Thais, Burmese, Bengalis or Kashmiris, they still are in awe of Singhala. Also, it is certain that Singhala maintained close links with North/Central India and even into central Asia, before the Moghul occupation. Also the Nayakkers Kings might have deliberately destroyed any trace of those links.

Tamils may have come to SL as immigrant workers to this then prosperous island and it was a honour for them to be assimilated.

If SL is not to be absorbed into TN in the future,, we have to revive our ancient links with greater India and the rest of the world and become a strong nation.

hemantha said...

I meant the same thing.

Rana said...

EU has decided to extend GSP+ for SL for another three years.

Well done GOSL!!

Sam Perera said...


"EU has decided to extend GSP+ for SL for another three years.

Well done GOSL!!"

Hmm, more bad news for Navindran midnight toker. I am waiting for Navindran's next economy collapse scenario.

Rana said...


I don't think LTTP can afford to loose injured tigers like that, they are trying their best to get more men. If they can walk, they should be able to fight soon by staying with the clan, isn't it?.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Elara was not Pandya nor Chola (I doubt that the latter even existed at the time). He was the general of a King from further north who devastated your "Beautiful Tamil country".

He was called "Damila" by the Buddhist monks who wrote Deepavamsa (based on Atthakatha). I don't know about you but any modern sinhala would recognise what "Atthakatha" means. For the Buddhists the term merely meant someone who is an enemy of the faith. Elara was a just king but did not protect Buddhism. There were a number of Kings from Indian origins who were adopted as the rulers of the Sinhala dynasty but they were never called "Damila" or "Demala".
Even Mahasena was not called Damila.

To qualify for that name, you had to be of foreign origin and an enemy of the faith.

If you idiotic sons of mother Lanka want to call yourselves "Tamil" that is fine with me but just don't try and convert "Sinhala History" into "Tamil History".

Annonymous said...

Rejected [to university] Load [of you know what];

"No fucking wonder you guys had to raise the entrance marks for Tamils.. otherwise it wud be a 90% Tamil ratio in all the universities."

Who said we have a cut-off mark for tamils. Monkey, listen. The mark is for each district, and fairly dividing the university entry quota with every district. In your description the tamils from other districts are subjected to Jaffna cut-off, is it? You know it isn't.

Yes Jaffna gets relatively higher cut off, but not the highest. However you brain-in-butt monkey fail to see that most other tamil majority districts have very low cut-off and only thanks to district based system they get a chance to enter university.

All fair district based system is interpreted into a race based cut-off by your ethnic cleansing, i.e. all living in some districts are tamils as tamil tigers killed or chased other races. This is typical story coming out of your ass. You conduct utter violation of human rights, and you create isolation on your own. Then you complain for alienation and discrimination. Get lost.

BTW, No fucking wonder why your species is producing murderers in the place of doctors, bomb experts in the place of engineers, credit card thieves in the place of economists? Is that all because of district population based university entrance system?

You moron, your homo dravidian species is plagued with a monstrous mayhem called LTTE, and THAT is why the educational excellence has diminished.

Go fuck VP and clan for all these. It is his fault not ours.

Ananda-USA said...

My post at

Data culled from a article.

1. 1947 - Mohammed Ali Jinnah refuses to help Naicker create a Dravidasthan
2. 1955 - Hindi became the National (official) language of India; DMK rejects Hindi as unifying language
3. 1956 - States reorganized on language basis; Naicker abandons Dravidasthan goal for a smaller Tamilnadu separatism goal
4. 1957 - Tamilnadu election - Independence demanded
5. 1962 - DMK Election manifesto with Dravidasthan Socialist Federation goal and Independence demand
6. 1962 - Kamraj changes the state name from Madras to Tamilnadu; wanted Madurai (Pandyan capital) as state capital.
7. 1963 - Separatism proscribed from Indian politics by Nehru; Tamil separatists relocate to Jaffna, Sri Lanka
8. 1968 - Independent Tamilnadu national flag hpoisted at student strike.
9. 1978 - Separatists return to India, which backs SL separatists, after Indira Gandhi- SL President Jayawardena disagree
10. 1985 - Tamilnadu Liberation Army (TNLA); TN Retrieval Troops (TNRT), and Thamizhaka Makkal Viduthalai Padai (TMVP) formed.
11. 1985 - Rajiv unsuccessfully requests Perunchiththiranar to stop Independent Tamilnadu movement
12. 1991 - Rajiv Gandhi killed by LTTE suicide bomber
13. 2000 - "She needs to be lucky every time, but we need to be lucky only once!" boasts Vaiko re attack on SL Pres. Kumaratunga
14. 2002 - Vaiko and Nedumaran arrested by Jayalalitha under Prevention of Terrorism Act for making pro-LTTE speech.
15. 2006 - Balakumaran, Prabhakaran advisor, declares "We are helping Tamilnadu to achieve self-rule"
16. 2006 - World Confed. of Tamils ( "There is no state without a Tamil, but there is no state for the Tamils"

Annonymous said...

Pulli gona's take on Mahavamsa and SL history comes close to the entertaining jokes by AmmaGG. Mate AmmaGG, you're soon loosing the title of "best entertainer" to a homo dravidian primate.

These bastards seem to hate Mahavamsa, but can't keep it out of discussion either. The reason is because it is the basis of historical myths created by descendants of chola invaders around 1000 years ago. That is why Mahawamsa becomes so important for them.

Homo Dravidians in SL, have no written or archeological evidence for their so claimed existence of more than 2500 years. They only have evidence for around 1000 years. Which is so, mainly because that is the true period of their existence.

So they try to re-write history in the style how they re-write news in tamilnet. For any acceptance they have only got Mahavamsa as evidence - that totally unrealistic folklore myth of Suppa devi and lion provides some room for undefined indigenous population in SL.

Still, there is NO evidence for it being TAMIL. And everything suggest it is Sinhala who lived in this island long before when Suppa had honeymoon in lion's den. Vijaya is an invader who ruled SINHALA and became king of theirs. I'm talking archeological facts not mythical folklore and 20th century fictions, OK?

Primates know the missing links in their imaginary tale. They satisfy themselves with even more imaginary folklore such as Kumari Kandam and Homo Dravidian [copy right bro AmmaGG] who fought against dinasaurs for the right of Homoland, and fathered chimpanzees.

Don't worry guys world is full of conspiracy theorists [aka navindrans]. Some even think that man never went to moon and good old Neil bounced fake in Arizona desert.

Pulli Gona, keep them coming. F**king hilarious indeed.

Rana said...

Mayil Rawana,

Mate, I never had a chance to study history deeply but my childhood education and experience gave me the idea of several types of "demallu".

1. Demala
2. Hadi demala
3. kochchi demala
4. sakkili demala
5. parangi demala
6. andara demala

Now famous SL teledrama about "Bogala Pathala" gave us actor Jackson Anthoney as a kochchi demala who was working on down south railway line near Panadura. They were from Cochin so they became a kochchi demala.

Similarly I thought andara demala came from Andra Pradesh and parangi demala came from Goa.

So, my idea is we named them according to the area in India they belongs to.

Hadi demallu is the worst because they were the people who fought with us.

These different type of demallu had different features too. Sakkili and kochchi demallu were small people compared to others while hadi demallu were big and strong. Parangi demallu always were known as sick people.

Others were simply low level labourers brought by our foriegn invaders and kings.

correct me, If my theory is wrong, brother.

Annonymous said...

Mahen said...

Major offensives by LTTE commandos have reversed SLA advances in Kili, SLA has been completely driven out from Akkarayankulam. This is the just the tip of the iceberg, more intense and devastating waves are expected. Suffer suffer suffer, chena boys!

Next is Nachchikudah, hooray. Mahen is back alive. Time to ROTFLAO.

Annonymous said...

Lalith said...

SF & SLA have been kissing (or F**king) Killi (or Thangachchies) for last few months meantime LTTP f**ked 90 soldiers in the A**holes.

I am really upset.

Why didn't take air support? Something is missing in the strategy.

Sometimes I wondered whether you will raise similar concerns every now and then based on numbers published in Punnakku channel.

"LTTP f**ked 90 soldiers in the A**holes" ... hmmmmm

Only guys who said such stuff was Mr Brown. How closely related are you to him, Lalith? And why is he missing in action? Maybe he's your ethnic cousin in the other side of cyber dimension.

Be careful anyway.

sk said...


Its true over 56 sla were killed...the northword trust suffred...

sk said...

who is cooking the numbers ?

many families are suffering

truth will come out someday

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Brothers, I want to make it clear what I think of this so-called Tamil-Sinhala conflict.

Hopefully I will show you the danger of considering that South Indians are somehow genetically different from us.

1) There is deep envy associated with the "Tamil" view of Mahavamsa and the culture and history which goes with it. Thus they firstly invented a mythical and glorious history purely based on literature which claimed an incredible dynasty which could not have existed. Furthermore, such a dynasty was never called "Tamil" by the original artists. This bonding of the name "Tamil" with such a dynasty and its amalgamation with a territory which transformed from tiny hamlets to a large state was all done in the 19th century.

2) The above false sense of self (identity) was never satisfactory as any narcissist like Pansilu will tell you. So they had to find a real identity to incorporate within their false "Tamil" identity. Thus began the subverting of the "Sinhala" identity. This was achieved in stages and not necessarily consciously at first:

a) British downgraded "Sinhala" into an ethnic group. This provided the opportunity to apply the divide and rule policy and further enhance the comprador class created already by the Portuguese and the Dutch. (The words of a British official outlining the plan to convert such a class of natives is well documented)

b) Ponnambalam Arunachalam wrote a hsitory of Ceylon basing himself on the translation of Mahavamsa, but very clearly altered the identity of soe kings to "Tamil". Where the hell was their "Tamil identity" in Mahavamsa. It was a figment of P.A.'s imagination.

c) Ponnambalam Ramanathan (the brother of above) reinforces the idea of "Tamil Eelam" to the jaffna Youth at the time he was fighting tooth and nail against Universal Franchise.

d) Jayratnam Wilson (SJV's son in law) who in his thesis in the 1960's actually finds evidence contradicting "Tamil" presence in Jaffna in ancient times and acknowledging Buddhist culture their, does an about face post 1983.
The idea of an ancient "Tamil Kingdom" is reinforced in the latter period.

e) Contemporary "Tamil" leaders even quote Dutugemunu beating 32 Damila Kings in his campaign. (Bloddy Hell, minor Kings have always been present in SL; they a "Damila" becasue they were under Elara. Furthermore, they cite evidence of Shiva worship in ancient Lanka as evidence of "Tamil" identity. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Hey stupid, sinhalas worship Kande Kumara the son of Shiva. Just because we share religious beliefs does not mean that somehow the mythical "Tamil" identity came first. Sinhalas and Malayalis developed thier own culture and language and still worship Skanda (Kande Kumara) and Vishnu (in contrast to Tamilnadu).

I don't mind sharing a common ancestry which I think is real. But don't try and steal sinhala history to prop up your false sense of self.

We must be very clear about this strategy. By buying into the idea that "Tamil" are genetically different from "Sinhala" and considering a legitimate "Tamil History" you guys are falling into trap laid at least 100 years ago.

If "Tamil Eelam" was achieved then the next stage would have been to convince the Sinhalas (using propaganda) that they were actually "Tamil" who acquired this name "Sinhala" many years ago. That the histroy is a "Tamil" one and that it is time to revert to it. Soon, Tamil Eelam would have enveloped the whole island (by stealth) and then Greater Tamilnadu would be hop step and a jump.

I would suggest that , instead it is better to see a different reality from our perspective. Yes it is only logical to think that people who are in close proximity would share genes. But to say that they have the same identity is a totally different concept. I have two cousins, one in the Air Force and the other in the Army. They share genes but come form quite different although similar defense cultures. They do not have the same defense identity.

Brothers, please see deep beneath the surface to understand the psyops that are carried out against our identity. From a long term perspective, there won't be a "Sinhala" identity in a thousand years. But while we still remember it I am willing to fight tooth and nail to preserve the memories of our ancestors.

Thus for me there are two priorities:

1) Fight against the harassment of Mother Lanka which has being going on for 8 centuries. For the first time in that time we are about to achieve true and complete independence from foreign interference.

2) Fight against the attempts at subverting the Sinhala identity in order to fulfill agendas of those who want to create a World Spanning Fascist state (Tamil Nation) at our expense.

They should have let sleeping dogs like us lie. By nature the Sinhalas are easy going and will make room for anyone. But pulling the rug from under us was a big mistake.

Annonymous said...

Rejected Sperm Load;

[["Open your eyes, no one can defeat a determined enemy that has no fear of life or limb-esp one that is voluntary."]]

Easy to say from England of Canada. Come back and see these "determined" school children running after say, fifth bullet fired.

You may be uttering the inevitable chimes in the back of your mind about SF of SL, your "determined enemy that has no fear of life or limb" who can never be defeated by you.

sk said...

government thinks we are stupid

war is a joke for people here

i know the pain

i lost my brother in the war

how many here are in the force ?

how many people here have family members in the force ?

Widana said...

Ada Obama, where art thou? Why GSP to Sri Lanka? Why Why Why? Ada Sun Dog, where are thy powers? Ye Gods, stop this I pray!

Widana said...

Ah Kumudu thangatchhi, I am here for your all time. You are wise like me. Please come and see me.

Pansilu said...

Hello sweeties,

Sam Perera think I am a nitwit that makes two nitwits in the blog.

sindu rana, boru ninja, ammata baya putha and appriyashantha think, I am a nut case, so that makes total of five nut cases.

Not bad for a days work.

sindu rana is thinking, there is a bottom attached to the basin which he is holding to cover his arse.

boru ninja can't pee straight and always end up in wetting every thing down from his nuts.

ammata baya putha is trying to balance a peanut on his unusually small urinatory organ (penis).

appriyashantha always become so angry after quick masterbate which he does almost half dozen times a day.

Well I should not forget the trying to be academic mayil rawana. This fellow has a inferiority complx in addition to his split personality problem. He always think his knowledge is no way near to others.

well, well, what about general moshi, now he really thinks he is better than any living generals. In fact he is wearing eye patch when he is alone. Before soon he will end up in the vacant bed next to me.

cheers for all siko's

Anonymous said...

/truth will come out someday/

Day on which Mon-gal's next defence watch: He will give the true figures - 10,000 SLA KIA, 10,000 SLA MIA, 20,000 SLA WIA

/i lost my brother in the war/

Very sad. After his death didn't LTTP order you to join?

Annonymous said...

[[ Kumudu said...

government thinks we are stupid

war is a joke for people here

i know the pain

i lost my brother in the war

how many here are in the force ?

how many people here have family members in the force ?]]

Let's assume your bro was in SLDF. You lost your bro in war as some maniacs have taken up weapons to kill innocent ppl. And SLDF die trying to stop it. Many have died. more will die for the great cause. If they do not do that sacrifice, many many more will die in a horrifying magnitude.

That's enough to the assumption. Now comes my prediction. It will be interesting to see how Lalith, Kumudu, Ruwani and Brown co-exist. It is not easy to share one k/b.

All the best Kumudu.

Anonymous said...

/EU has decided to extend GSP+ for SL for another three years./

Any one knows how Navindran predicts economic future in SL? By reading lines of mathivadani's palm or counting 'miles' in vezapillai's a$$?

Widana said...

Pansilu brother, good analysis. Send all to Angoda.

Anonymous said...


Add pon-silu also to your list.

Annonymous said...

Pansilu said... [another nonsense].

Sounds like Ass is in Rajive to me.

Let's leave it with him to reveal. Pansilu, you did a great insult. Why not describing Annonymous? How did I get dropped from your "elite" list?

Widana said...

Boru Ninja, are you already in Angoda?

Moshe Dyan said...

great news about GSP+.

thanks for every patriot who contributed to the discussion in believe it or not influencials read popular comments too.

by 3 years this war would have ended.

Ananda-USA said...

Large "Earth Bund" defenses are being constructed by the LTTE even as the fighting goes on. The latest one reported is being constructed at Mulliayawali near Mullaitivu. How is that being done so fast undetected, and why is the construction crew and equipment not attacked by the SLAF? The answers to these two questions may include the following:

A. They are probably being constructed after dark with minimal lighting. This prevents our attack helicopters and fixed-wing fighters from locating and destroying them. If large noisy and heat generating earth moving equipment is being used to accelerate this construction, we should buy and deploy sensitive sound and infra-red detection and targeting systems for this purpose. Of course, when they hear aircraft they will stop work, turn off the lights, and even coverup the engines/exhausts to hide the thermal signatures.

B. Even when construction activity is detected, the SLAF may be reluctant to bomb the location to avoid civilian casualties among the forced-slave-labor used by the LTTE. If these people die in large numbers, it will create a propaganda opportunity for the LTTE, that will provide additional ammunition for the LTTE supporters in Tamil Nadu.

C. Using bunkerbuster bombs during daytime, like the US army did against the Taliban in Afghanistan, and against Saddam's forces in Kuwait during the Desert Storm, may be a solution, albeit an expensive and potentially unavailable to the SLAF.

D. Finally, small units operating at night, using Bangalore Torpedoes to blowup sections of the earth bunds can be a good, inexpensive solution.

E. The Egyptians used high-pressure water jets to "relatively quickly" cut paths through earth/sand bunds built by the Israelis in their very successful assault across the Suez Canal. This can be useful for cutting paths for armored vehicles and logistics supplies, but is too slow to be useful for the initial assault against the bunds.

F. Quickly landing a large force of troops by helicopter behind the earth bunds to attack from behind, simultaneously with using Bangalore Torpedoes to destroy sections of the bund, and assaulting in front of the bund to tie down the defenders, may be the best way, especially if the operation is carried out at night.

G. Finally, the way to win battles is never to do what the enemy expects, and to attack locally in overwhelming strength. By now, the LTTE has analyzed and dissected our standard small unit strategy in great detail...we should change our tactics from time to time, and from place to place, to keep them off balance and be as unpredictable as possible.

General Fonseka has an enormous range of attack options available over a very wide front which cannot be defended by the LTTE in strength everywhere. There will be larger casualties than in the past, as the front defended by the LTTE becomes smaller...that cannot be avoided.

A propaganda campaign using air-dropped leaflets, directed at the LTTE cadre to demoralize them, and communicating to them that they can safely surrender and be rehabilitated for return to a fruitful civilian life, can hasten the collapse of the LTTE defence.

Have no fear, this will happen, one way or another!

Saman said...

Samadenatama Aubowan,

/"She needs to be lucky every time, but we need to be lucky only once!"/
Good one mate. I agree 100% that we need to have balls to give back what we get from this scum.

Rana brother, G’dai (in Aussi style)

I would put,

1. K'nidhi (in 87 Vezapulle was cornered, he was saved by this scum)
2. Viko & Ramdas (2008 - Vezapulle cornered - doing their best to save him. If not for Rajeev assassination, they would have succeeded. Still they have a outside chance)
3. Vezapulle (VIko/K'Nidhi have the will and the capacity to make many more Vezapulle's in time to come)

Pottu is just a monkey. There are millions of such monkeys who would make my list if I am to include him as our enemy. Every one of them can be turned to Vezapulle by #1 & #2. Many Sinhalese MF’s too, can be included

That is why I do not wish to read too much in to SL Tamil's so called grievances and distorted history. As long as we read in to it we will be doomed. I am more than convinced voiceless masses among all races in my country have far greater grievances who are not asking for so called “political solutions” (we may need milions of political solutions in that case). These sums must be dealt with an iron fist.

Moshe Dyan said...


they didn't die in vain. hadn't they died, million will have to die eventually.

think of the long term. don't get bogged down too much in the short term.

some of us are/were in military service (of whatever designation). it doesn't matter what country it is.

if your "brother" was a coward like you, he would not have joined SLDFs

Moshe Dyan said...


they didn't die in vain. hadn't they died, million will have to die eventually.

think of the long term. don't get bogged down too much in the short term.

some of us are/were in military service (of whatever designation). it doesn't matter what country it is.

if your "brother" was a coward like you, he would not have joined SLDFs

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Rana Brother,
Thanks for your classification of "Demala". I was not aware that the sinhala had developed such an extensive classification.
I recall when I was at school reading a poem from the middle ages which referred to "Parangi Demala". May be my memory serves me poorly. Maybe it was not from the middle ages. But the distinct impression I developed from this was that Parangi Demala actually referred to the Portuguese soldiers. Maybe it was a verse from "Parangi hatana" that I recall.
You seem to have a collection of poetry. Maybe you can look this up.

That is why I think that the word "Demala" assumed special significance in the middle ages. Transformed from "enemy of Dhamma" (monks perspective) to "Enemy of the sinhala people". Michael Roberts makes a good argument in favour of a "Sinhala Consciousness" developing through the middle-ages. It is only understandable that such a consciousness would develop following the Chola and Magha devastation.

BTW, we are all likely to have a mix of blood not only from the natives of the deep past but also various settlers on the island even up to recent times. Apart from the Kotchi, the most prominent such group were the Malayali group of royalty who settled on the Western Seaboard at the invitation of the King in order to protect the island.
They would have probably brought their entourage with them as well. These Patabendi families are an integral part of the Sinhala identity and produce the greatest patriotic sons and daughters even today.

I have no problem at all with the sinhalas having much foreign blood. In fact I am proud of our "mongrel" nature (which I believe gives us access to a broad gene pool). I am all for spreading our seed far and wide and vice versa. However, I have a clear perspective on the culture of the land. "Sinhala" is the only surviving native language of any significance. This must be preserved. Sinhala was the name of the dynasty from late 1st millennium BC. "Sinhala" was the self-cosciousness of the people for at least a thousand years. The incredible engineering feats achieved continuously through a period of the thousand years prior is clearly identified as belonging to the works of the "Sinhala" dynasty. This dynasty had clearly established the "Rajakariya" system thus giving common ownership and responsibilities from the cntre down to the village level. This culture is well established and belongs to the "Sinhala" people.

The region which we call "Tamilnadu" today also had village tanks and irrigation culture associated with it. However, there is no evidence of organisation to the scale seen in Lanka. I resent any attempt at subverting this identity or ownership.

I believe in treating Tamil speakers as brothers and special recognition of the "tamil" language and the group of people who identify themselves as such on our ancient flag (the oldest continuous national emblem in the World). But I would rather share this ownership with them. After all it is most likely that at least on maternal descent, the "Tamil" and "Sinhala" speakers have deep native blood.

I would be accepting of our common ancient ancestry (prior to Sinhala) to be called Hela, SivuHela, Raksha and even Pandya. But don't call it "Tamil" the invented identity.

My solution to the Tamil speaking brothers is to just be Sri Lankan. You can be a Jaffna Sri Lankan or a Batti Sri Lankan or a Trinco Sri Lankan or a Matara Sri Lankan. You may speak Sinhala or Tamil (soon all will speak both) but you will have one identity which holds ownership of a common history. Just don't call the creators of that history false-names.

Such an approach would have the added benefit of freeing them of the desire for a Pan-Tamil Dravidastan which even the Malayalis do not want. I have made parallel comparisons between Aryan-Nazi-SuperRace-Fascists and Dravidian-Tamil-SuperRace-Fascists before.

The Dravdian Fascists have to realise one thing. You cannot win this one. Just give up and be at peace.

Anonymous said...

/Open your eyes, no one can defeat a determined enemy that has no fear of life or limb-esp one that is voluntary./ -Rejected Monkey Lord

Anonymous said...

CrimeWatch will show up again after the next tamilnut celebrating news.

Saman said...


Good write up. If I may add,

H. Although bunds had couple of drawbacks in attack they may have proved to be a tremendous asset to SLA when captured. These bunds are well thought about by a smart enemy who is known to use ground conditions excellently in defense. These bunds have defended/protected large open territory with minimal man power. SLA have the same advantage in defending cleared areas (in short when all the access roads are sealed are they building their own traps).

Anonymous said...

Few observations

1. Just after any celebrating news from tamilnut (xx SLA KIA, TAF tour, JP killed..) many new names appear. Very soon they will disappear after few posts.

2. Peter was lecturing us some time ago and after he found Wijayapala he writes one/ half sentence only. That's also first one in DW/DN news. (But he still writes essays in other good places.)

3. In the same way LTTE avoid SLA, dumbasspora avoid us: When DW had less hits they came here and wrote crap, avoided DN. Now, when many blogging in DW they avoid DW and write in DN.

4. Even regular LTTE di-ass-pora clowns who show up just after a tamilnut punnaku dose will disappear for few weeks and come back when they get another dose from tamilnut/ other pro-LTTP media.


# If you are tamil and you like to use sinhala names its your choice - no problem. Also, if your agenda needs writing anti-LTTE or pro-SLA/SL stuff in the beginning - no problem. But your agenda will fail - same as your peezaam project.

Moshe Dyan said...

ananda-usa & saman,

agree with most part but cannot agree with some. we have to analyse what are the tactical advantages/disadvantages of the t-b (trench-bunt) combination.

1. it acts as a bottleneck for advancing troops

2. 1 above exposes them

3. it reduces speed allowing enemy to position

4. allows enemy MANY hiding places.

5. allows enemy safe and fast movement. this is not to SLA who are MOSTLY outside the bunt.

there are not one but a number of t-b s in some areas.

we should understand that the t-b is NOT the BIGGEST enemy. LTTE positions should be identified and straffed by arti/mortar/HMGs/LMGs/RPGs/other.

after neutralising tigers, soldiers can move in large numbers continuing the attack. for this to happen we need to IDENTIFY tiger positions.

crossing the t-b is VERY dangerous. troops get trapped inside which is EXTREMELY difficult to cross.

imagine climbing the bunt from a trench!!! almost impossible.

this will be a bigger exposure than the other way round (climb the bunt from the eart level and land in the trench).

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hehe heh heh,
Oh Dear, Punchi Silu appears to shrunk into a shell. Not as confident as he appeared before. Shrinkage is considerable.

Let us anal(yze): it looks like he is not revealing the Freudian theory he learnt on the Corn Flake packet. Hmm lets see:

Freudian stages of development:

Oral-stage: the earliest phase of development. everything is experienced orally. If Punchi has regressed this far then that would make him a Co%*-Sucker.

Anal-Stage: this is the toddler stage in which tantrums are thrown. Anal-retentive struggle for control tendencies occur at this stage. If Punchi has regressed to this stage then he would be taking it up the Ar$3.

Genital/Oedepal stage: Oedepus f*%ked his mother. At this stage, the boy is supposed to consider the father to be a rival for the mother's love. He is so tiny that he is also scared of getting castrated by Daddy. A typical Jaffna-LTTE boy syndrome. Given that these guys are always trying to f*%k mother Lanka then this would make Punchi a Mother F*%ker. When there is no mother to f*@k they become wa#@ers

I think he started off being a MF wanker but very soon regressed to being a C*@k sucker when attacked. Poor boy.

BTW Punchi. I am not afraid to admit when I am inferior in knowledge to someone else. I don't mind deferring to those with more experience in their field (with always a critical eye on what they claim). It is unfortunate for you that you have been caught out with your amateur attempt.

Can I suggest a remedy. Get rid of your identity. Start a new one and come back. This time start off being a little more modest. It might work.

Pansilu said...

Well, I really have to think of few others too.

Navindran has given up on his usual dream and buying 50 cent lotto thinking, he will be a millionaire soon and live close to Hilary and Obama in NY.

Rapid Ejaculating Lord has spent too much time on blogs and end up getting short on his uni entrance marks. He is now blaming every thing else for that. His ejculating time has come down further and now lasts only half minute.

Peter has only one mile left, all other miles gone due to age and bad handling. So, he can't think of anything else. Last time, I saw him walking down in a pavment muttering "one mile".

Not so real is thinking seriously about Wanni and joining the eelam but every time he thinks, his knees are hitting together uncontrolably giving so much pain. He shudder every now and then thinking about SL army.

Fakes, Ruwanthi and Kumudu thinks their 50% on hitching is ready but real Ruwanthi and Kumudu yet to know about this. So, fullstop to there progress from 50%.

bye sikos.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ananda_USA, Saman and Moshe,

Enjoying your informative discussion. There is a lot more that meets the eye in the strategy of the Grand Chess Master.

Anonymous said...

/Can I suggest a remedy. Get rid of your identity. Start a new one and come back./

Hak Hak Haaaaaaaaaa But M-R, this is what probably ha has already done Ha Haaa

Moshe Dyan said...


there is some worrying news from jaffna. TN seems correct. the recent rains/cyclone have caused extensive economic damage.

this affects the poor most. this can lead to a big security problem.

hope our policy makers take this into account. help in cultivation is the way to go. welfare - no! no!

Saman said...


One of the best posts I have seen in this blog. Sincerity is written all over it.

Thelengu is the closest language to Sinhala. It is because Thelengu consists of 70% Pali, I was told by an expert in Telengu who is a colleague of mine from Hyderabad. Pronunciation and letters of Thelengu alphabet is almost identical to ours. I have another colleague from Kerala we have lot of discussions on this subject. Although I am an engineer my pass time is reading in to these things.

Seems like you dream the same dream I do w.r.t. our motherland. Keep up your good work.

උදාන said...

משה דיין,
Nope I’m not Moratu Saman. I’m Melbourne Yakada Pancha.

Tamilnut announces 120 SLA Soldiers dead in recent battles. Is this true? I think Tamilnut using one of those mathematical formulas they got.
6*(X– 3) where 20<X<30
I thought only 23 soldiers died in recent battles?

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