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Navy's crucial innovation hailed a success!

The modern Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) recently celebrated its 58th Anniversary. We at DefenceWire would like to take this opportunity to discuss in detail a crucial innovation in the SLN, which may lead to successful maritime security operations around Sri Lanka in years to come. The Innovation is the RABS or Rapid Action Boat Squadron.

The beginnings of the RABS can be traced back to 2003 when a brief respite from daily operations came and the SLN started exploring options to counter the threat posed by suicide Sea Tiger boats to its most valuable assets, the Dvora, the Super Dvora and the UFAC.

The Fast Attack Crafts formed the front line of the SLN. Each vessel costs between $13 million and $15 million, depending on the armaments it carried. A Dvora also carried a valuable and often irreplaceable crew and for the LTTE, the FAC's 23mm and 30mm canons were like the tusks on an elephant.

But the Dvoras were limited in terms of quantity. SLN has only 30 FACs whereas the Tigers would set sail in clusters of 20-30 small boats with powerful OBM/Es. The cluster included 5-6 suicide boats carefully disguised as fishing boats or ordinary LTTE attack crafts. These clusters were often capable of surrounding the Dvoras and ramming them with suicide boats after dragging the battle closer to the shore.

The loss of a Dvora in battle meant over a dozen deaths, a loss of around USD 13 million and a low morale for the SLN. For the LTTE, a Dvora operating near the shore offered an opportunity to cripple SLN assets whilst gaining these assets for its own purposes like heavy machine guns (HMGs). It was also an opportunity to them to regain morale and to continue unhindered its arms, ordnance and logistics smuggling operations.

Until 2003, only the LTTE manufactured boats for its Sea Tiger wing. In 2003, SLN started making molds of captured LTTE vessels. The first molds were of large LTTE vessels like the Mirage. The boat proved unstable as the speed to fire-power ratio was off. The SLN also realized that the threat to the Dvora was not from large vessels, which acted only as Command Vessels directing the battle, but from smaller boats.

After the present Navy Commander assumed duties, a plan was set in motion to create a fleet of small boats for the Navy based on molds of smaller LTTE boats and other technology. The SLN also looked at boats given to the Special Boats Squadron by US Navy SEALS and the Marines.

By mid 2007, after months of carefully balancing the boat, engine, weapons and armour, the "Arrow Boat" was created. The weight and firepower were wonderfully balanced resulting in a highly stable, highly agile boat with maximum firepower. The boat appears lower to the water but has a higher overall floating effect. The name was given due to the arrow-like shape of the boat, which is found in many Navy SEALS' boat designs.

While the boat-building continued, SLN started a massive recruitment drive targeting able bodied sailors already enlisted in the SLN. The target was to station 2-3 sailors per boat. 60-70 sailors were chosen out of hundreds of volunteers.

The already experienced sailors came from Dvoras, SBS, IPC crews and were subjected to a grueling 3 month training run by SBS instructors. On all occasions, the new recruits trained with SBS units, thus increasing comradery between the two units. 6 batches of these sailors have passed-out already. Special allowances are being paid to these men like in the SBS, SF and Commando Regiments.

Initially, about 20 such units were deployed in areas like Kallarawa off Nilaweli in 2007. After the completion of 100 units, the RABS and the SBS expanded to cover Point Pedro, Kilali Lagoon, Nayaru and Pulmoddai.

As these units got deployed closer to land, the Dvora FACs were given special duties in the rough choppier seas. This way the SLN has created two layers of maritime security around crucial locations in the Island.

The true testament to these units is in their survivability in battle and their ability to overwhelm the enemy as was seen in over 5 missions in the recent past. Their tactical maneuvering and close resemblance to LTTE's own boats have confused the enemy moments before they are destroyed. Like in the Army, the Sri Lanka Navy has demonstrated how small groups of highly dedicated men can take on guerrillas once considered impossible to beat.


Peter said...

One mile from Killinochchi?

Defencewire said...

Still in Verugal?

Unknown said...


Thank you for this academic article. Would appreciate some battle front updates from you. Thanks in advance.

Puran Appu said...

Military re-commenced its push towards Kilinochchi. Heavy fighting is reported with heavy casualties on both sides. Tamilnut reports that LTTE recovered 12 SLA bodies.

Any hot news?

Gayansphotography said...

good question Tharanga.. guess now once the comments count(patriots and monkeys) goes near to 500 DW will give us a new article on Airbone brigade, or the Signal corps :-)

Rover said...

Dear DW,

Another fine article by you. Though most of the facts are not new to some of us, you did an excellent job in putting everything in perspective.

Why not tell a little bit about the unsung heros (the guys who developed these boats), and where it was done? (surely the LTTE knows about these facts already).

Dileepa Rathnayake said...

Nice to hear that NAVY is doing some design works, but I really don't belive that NAVY went after a captured LTTE vessel to get the hydrodynamically stable design. Any good Mechanical/Marine engineer can do that, and I have seen many expert marine engineers(doctors) and worked with them. All what NAVY has to do is to contact the right people.

Rover said...

"I really don't belive that NAVY went after a captured LTTE vessel to get the hydrodynamically stable design"

Navy didn't try out the LTTE boats to design our own crafts, but to find out the shortcomings of the LTTE crafts (this is insinuated in the DW article). For instance, navy found out that even the larger LTTE crafts can't have 30 mm cannons firing as the deck was too flimsy and the recoil from the big gun would capsize the craft.

Ra said...

We should explore the possibility of exporting this kind of crafts to other friendly countries.

Peter said...

"Kissing distance from Killinochchi."

What sort of kissing is this?

Renegade! said...

Unforgettable moments in Sri Lankan ilitary history..A salute to all who made the ultimate sacrifice!!!..may they R.I.P!!

Gringo said...

["Navy's crucial innovation hailed a success!"]

Looks like the implementation of Elaam Project got posponed to another Light Year!

he... he... he....

Kill More....Achieve More....

This magiacl formula is proving its worth in GOLD!

Welcome aboard.... Tamil terrorists!

Ra said...


do you know the meaning of the word "renawa" ?

Anonymous said...

/One mile from Killinochchi?/

LTTE elements can't stay away from 'defenceliar'. They have nothing to say but can't stop reading it.

Corey said...

Captured peelam policeman tell it all:

"LTTE is now in terrible trouble because they are short of fighting men and unable to resist the fire -power of the troops any longer. They are panicking and running in all directions since troops are closing in on LTTE strongholds from different fronts. When I was injured, three others with me ran away leaving me behind. Many more youth like me want to flee but Tigers won’t allow,’ the Tiger terrorist has further told the troops."

peelam hallucinators - enojy!!!

The end is neeeeeeaaaaaarrrr!!!

Anonymous said...


Good article for 58 annivasary of SLN.

# So SLN came up with RABS as a response to LTTE small boats. LTTE will come up with thier response too (theoratically).

# SLA will clear whole north soon. But still LTTE elements will operte for few years and sea-tigers will try sea born attacks probably hiding among fishermen, in contrast others will do hit and run attacks against SLA hiding among civilians.

# So it is importent to increase SLN strength both in terms of quantity and quality.

Anonymous said...

# Some one (shay?) told me RABS can't operate in night. Also, in the same way these small boats confuse LTTE, they too try to confuse SLN in the future attacks.

Corey said...

Origins of “the military solution” and its consequences*

The broadband of NGOs, Marxists, academics and assorted
intellectuals, who dominate the current discourse on public affairs, has been hounding the government accusing it of pursuing “a military solution” to the Sri Lankan crisis. This broadband of activists, however, does not point a finger, with the same emphasis, at the Tamil Tigers who have been pursuing nothing but a “military solution”. Their accusations are presented as if it is the Government that is bent on pursuing a “the military solution”
against the peace-loving Tamil Tigers.

Incidentally, there is nothing original in this accusation. Velupillai Prabhakaran, who has been prosecuting a relentless war
against his own Tamil people and the Sri Lankan government, too has
been accusing the government of seeking a “military solution”,
particularly after Mavil Aru – the point at which he started running
backwards. He has never admitted that he has relied exclusively on
“military solutions” to get as far as he did. On the contrary, he is
wont to pose as the irenic conciliator who attended peace talks and was the first to make unilateral declarations of peace.

Of course, he has never admitted that he is also the first to make
unilateral declarations of war. Or that he was the first to walk out
of peace talks. In his annual speech delivered in 2005 he is on
record saying that he was about to launch his Eelam War IV when he
was hit by the tsunami. His decision to wage a Eelam War IV (NOW IN COLOMBO! Tee Heeeee!!!) confirms that he had no intention of adhering to the terms and conditions of the Ceasefire Agreement he signed on February 22, 2002 promising to
keep the peace. His on-again-off-again peace declarations were mere
temporary breathers for him to recoup and pursue his permanent
military solution”.

Looking back it is clear now that he signed the CFA only as a temporary halt on his way to his next step of Eelam. Analysts have
refused to recognize that he powered his way to CFA through the
barrel of his gun. Successive governments were either reluctant to engage the Tigers militarily, believing in the myth of the Tiger
superiority, or were under national and international pressure not to pursue the “military solution”.

Prabhakaran, on the contrary was not restrained by any such
pressures. He succeeded because he flouted every known cannon of
national and international law and pressures that hindered his
”military solution”. Prabhakaran was certain that his chances of
getting anywhere were through “military solutions” and not through international agreements or international law. He brazenly ignored the agreement with UN not to recruit under aged children and he has
not stopped this war crime even after Secretary-General had reported
him three times to the Security Council. He tore up the Indo-Sri
Lankan Agreement because he did not want to end up as Chief
Minister. He shot the CFA to pieces because he was not content with
the limitations that restricted his ambitions of achieving his
elusive Eelam.

Having defied India and the international community led by Norway he
was confident that his “military solution” could not only bring
diplomats of the international community to his doorstep but also
dictate terms to them. He miscalculated the pressures forcing the
successive governments to restrain their “military solutions” -- if
they had any at all – as a sign of his military superiority and
invincibility. What was needed was a government that was ready to
take him on directly without yielding to his militarism.

The success of Mahinda Rajapaksa government was due to its
unswerving commitment to plan, organize and direct its “military
solutions” to match Prabhakaran’s militarism. The Rajapaksa
government provided the most determined leadership against
Jaffna-centric militarism which opened the way for Prabhakaran to
take over the leadership of the Jaffna Tamils. Prabhakaran has
managed to get as far as he did because the previous governments did
not have a matching “military solution”. Prabhakaran’s illegal
violence succeeded because the legal violence of the state was not
organized or prepared to challenge his “military solution.”

By the time he came to Mavil Aru he had territory, resources,
goodwill of the international community, power and political
prestige to dictate his terms and conditions. Mavil Aru, he thought,
would be another cake walk that would add glory to his “military
solution”. His overall plan was to go beyond the boundaries defined
in the Ceasefire Agreement to his elusive Eelam. He had already in
his pocket Kaddaiparichchan, Mutur and Sampur. – all key points in
and around the mouth of the Trincomalee harbor. He was in a
commanding position to cut off supplies sailing from Trincomalee to
Jaffna where the troops were stationed.

It was in Mavil Aru that he met his Waterloo – literally and
metaphorically. He was aiming to cut off the water supplies to
farmers down stream. It was then that President Mahinda Rajapaksa
decided to take “military solution” as a serious strategy to meet
the persistent and unrelenting “military solution” of Prabhakaran.
For the first time two “military solutions” met head-on, each
testing the other. The pro-Tiger pundits never dreamt that the
Mahinda Rajapaksa’s “military solution” would win. Even at this
eleventh hour the pro-Tiger lobby is hoping that Prabhakaran would
pull a rabbit out of his hat. They are baffled as to why Prabhakaran
has run out of rabbits. If Prabhakaran can produce a “military
rabbit” now they will not object to it. In fact, they will produce
excuses to justify it. It is only when the Security Forces are
winning that they oppose the “military solution” and prioritize the
“political solution”.

The crisis in Sri Lanka has dragged on primarily because neither
India nor the international community has been able to make
Prabhakaran abandon his “military solution“ and join the democratic
mainstream. But the propaganda barrage has been directed against the
government, almost exclusively, for seeking a “military solution.”
But is this argument based on historical realities or is this
argument based, like most of the arguments of this broadband, on
convenient political myths. Who really are the fathers of “the
military solution”? Was it “the Sinhala state” that sought “a
military solution” or did the “military solution” originate in a
non-Sinhala community? And if so where and when did the “military
solution” originate?

Even a cursory glance at the political and military history of the
post-independence period will reveal that it was not – I repeat NOT
-- “the Sinhala state” that launched “the military solution.” It was
first formulated, organized, propagated, financed, directed and
manipulated nationally and internationally, by the Jaffna-centric
political class/caste when they collectively passed the Vadukoddai
Resolution in 1976, calling upon the Tamil youth “to flinch not till
the goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached.” It was a
direct declaration of war by the Jaffna-centric political
class/caste on the rest of the nation. No other community or
government had taken this drastic step of officially declaring war
on another ethnic community / communities.

The “military solution” is spelt out in the two concluding
paragraphs of the Resolution. The battle cry is couched in soft but
clear terms: */“This Convention (held in Pannakam, Vadukoddai, the
constituency of the leader of the TULF, S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, on
May 14, 1976) directs the Action Committee of the TAMIL UNITED
LIBERATION FRONT to formulate a plan of action and launch without
undue delay the struggle for winning the sovereignty and freedom of
the Tamil Nation; /*

*/“And this Convention calls upon the Tamil Nation in general and
the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves
fully in the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the
goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached. “ /*

In hindsight it is abundantly clear that it was the biggest mistake
of Jaffna-centric politics. At the time only M. Tiruchelvam, one of
the leading lights of peninsular politics, saw the inherent dangers.
Perhaps, he may have had some inkling of separatist politics leading
them to a dead end – literally and metaphorically. But though he
shared some of the feelings of what Malini Parasarathy of */The
Hindu/* called “Tamil chauvinism” he was shrewd and sensible enough
to gauge the limits of the power of Jaffna-centric politics. Ram
Balasubramanian states: “He was opposed to the 1976 Vadukoddai
Resolution that demanded a separate state of Tamil Eelam and advised
Mr. Chelvanayakam against it.” ( p.5 – */Senator Tiruchelvam’s
Legacy,/* edited by Ram Balasubramaniam, Vijitha Yapa publishers,
November 2007)

By the time Tiruchelvam rushed from Colombo to intervene it was too
late. According to Prof. A. J. Wilson, who wrote his biography,
Chelvanayakam had combed the wording in the Vadukoddai Resolution
minutely and scrupulously and approved it. The rest is history, as
they say. The consequences that flowed from it were unstoppable.
Prabhakaran is the child that was born out of this Resolution. A
whole new crop of militant groups rose to power on the full force of
the endorsement granted to violence in the Vadukoddai Resolution. At
the height of the separatist movement, 37 separate groups were
operating in Jaffna. ( p.126 -- A. J. Wilson, */Sri Lankan Tamil
Nationalism: Its Origins and Dvelopment in the 19^th and 20^th
Centuries,/* CBC Press, Vancouver.) The Vadukoddai Resolution was
like providing ladders to leaping monkeys, as they say in Sinhala

Prabhakaran had already signaled the direction in which he was going
to take his war by taking the scalp of Alfred Duraiyappah in 1975.
Not a single “Gandhian” in the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF)
expressed any horror or condemnation of the assassination of
Duraiyappah. They were privately jubilant that the Tamil youth, whom
they had brain-washed with the politics of hate, were meting out
punishment to the Tamil traitors. The Tamil elders of Jaffna, who
were in command of the peninsular politics at this point of time,
had entered into a symbiotic relationship with the Tamil youth. When
they called upon the youth of Jaffna to take up arms and never cease
until they achieve Eelam they handed over power, which they held
tightly in their fists throughout the feudal and colonial times, to
the restless Tamil youth.

The Vadukoddai Resolution unleashed all the mono-ethnic hate
politics of Jaffna-centric leadership that had risen to a critical
point to demolish the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic polity of the
nation. The unambiguous political message contained in the
Vadukoddai Resolution was that the Jaffna Tamils were opting out of
the tried and tested framework of parliamentary democracy and
committing themselves unequivocally to “an armed struggle”. In
passing this resolution the Jaffna leaders were deliberately
accepting and endorsing a “military solution” to achieve their goals
embedded in mono-ethnic politics.

The consequences of this decision were disastrous to the nation as a
whole and to the Jaffna Tamils in particular. The “military
solution” was a choice made by the Jaffna-centric leadership and
they have been pursuing it relentlessly since then. The
responsibility of making that choice and pursuing it should be laid,
fairly and squarely, on the leadership of Jaffna Tamils only.

perein said...

Thank you for the historical info.
Can we please have some current ground situation info?

Renegade! said...


whats that?

Renegade! said...


Nice article as always..The pix appears to show these craft carrying 23mm or 30mm thats really neat for a craft of that size..was expecting it to carry at most a 14.5mm or 20mm gun!!!

Renegade! said...

On a side note, can anyone confirm whether both SAAR-4 missile boats are in operating condition??

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Ignore this offender

Vajira said...

Monkey Alert!

Unknown said...

What has gone wrong with Sarath Fonseka ? Is he“Nuts”?

By Malladi Rama Rao

Generals are not jokers. Nor do they brand politicians they don’t like as jokers. Because, the generals know they cannot hope to get away with such disparaging remarks.

General Sarath Foneska appears to be an exception. He is on a one year extension — some thing rare in the annals of military history. And the government of the Rajapakse troika is reposing trust in his ability to deliver Pirapaharan dead or alive. Yet, Mangala Samaraweera, a senior politician and former minister, opines that this ‘highly’ decorated soldier qualifies only as the head of the Salvation Army, not as the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army.

Samaraweera is not alone in holding a mirror unto the General. All because he suffers from Foot-in-Mouth (F-i-M) disease. Generally, politicians are afflicted by the disease the world over in these days of ‘sound byte’ journalism and 24x7 live TV.


There is the outgoing President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, Junior, who has enriched the political lexicon with his guffaws. Bushisms as these ‘gems’ have come to be known have provided comic relief, lifting the mood in a depressing economic scenario.

India has its own share of senior politicians who suffer from F-i-M. S.B. Chavan, whose son Ashok has just taken over as the chief minister of Maharashtra, belonged to this tribe, though he had earned the nickname of headmaster for his no-nonsense attitude as a chief minister and then as a union home minister.

Leader writers poked fun at his F-i-Ms but he remained unmindful till the end, prompting a wag to remark that such leaders are a necessary adjunct of the political system to make it alive and interesting. As far as one can make out, this F-i-M syndrome has not hit the bureaucrats and generals in India and the US as they prefer to carry out their tasks far removed from the glare of TV lights.

Defence secretary

The Lankan Army Chief, General Sarath Foneska has been shooting his mouth wide, indeed very wide, with every passing day. The Defence Secretary should have pulled him up by now.

But that gentleman refuses to forget that he was a junior army officer till his fortunes turned for the better and he became a part of the ruling Troika and its self-propelled TINA ( there is no alternative) syndrome. Any how, the Secretary is no stranger to F-i-Ms, and has been landing his government in hot water from time to time with loose comments that have a bearing on relations with India and on events in India.

Either the President’s Office or the Foreign Office should have stepped in to ‘set the record straight’ since tiny Colombo cannot afford to ruffle the Delhi feathers. It did not happen.

Obviously, Colombo believes that it can get away with whatever it does because it has perfected the art of playing the Pak-China card against India and Iran card against the United States.

Super powers are like sleeping jumbos and can afford to take things in their stride. But only up to a point.

Anyone familiar with the pachyderms knows one home truth and it is that when a jumbo gets up, it walks majestically, trampling upon whatever comes its way. Sisupala in Mahabaratha learnt this the hard way.

Any how, bravado has a limited shelf life. General Foneska should know it better. Discounts for military speak notwithstanding.

Rajapakse Troika

When his army and the airforce fail to act on the Indian managed radar alerts, he should know it is time for him to keep his trap shut and stop offering pious platitudes like, for instance, ‘If we are supported by India we also could finish the LTTE faster than this.’ This gem is a part of the interview he gave to the Sunday Observer (December 7), which will form a classroom text for generals for an altogether different reason.

In the course of the interview, Fonseka harps on his 37-years of service in the army. That long stint should have taught him some dos and don’ts and one of the don’ts is not taking on the political class at home.

Surprisingly, he not only takes on the political class at home but also the political class in Tamil Nadu, going to the extent of calling them ‘jokers,’ ‘mad’ and ‘corrupt.’

In his considered view, ‘Mangala Samaraweera must be working on a contract given by the LTTE and the anti-war people in the south who want to see the army losing the war and the LTTE winning it.’ And the allegation that the security forces of Sri Lanka don’t have concern about civilians is made, ‘only by corrupt politicians in Tamil Nadu who have been bribed by the LTTE.’

Reading these remarks and noticing the ‘Mauna Vrata’ of the Rajapakse troika, one is tempted to ask what has gone wrong with the General and his political bosses? Has he gone nuts? By extension his political masters. More so because gloves are off against them too with every politico gearing up for a battle of wits and nerves.


It is Fonseka’s privilege to get locked in a slanging match with political leaders currently out of favour with the ruling dispensation. But what business has he got to indulge in mudslinging on politicos of a neighbouring country?

It is not that they (TN leaders) are paragons of virtue and are lily white. Whether they are or not is not the concern of a General who is part of an administration which has its own quota of corruption and bribe scandals that range from the December 7 disclosure of a massive foreign liquor racket to the weeks old Rs. 2.5 billion muddle in import of Chinese rail coaches. In between there are millions of dollars worth of Pakistan imports that have hurt Lanka’s war machine and have become subject matter of a battle with the media.

From the turn of events, it is clear that General Foneska has become a one-man pack of sledge-hammerers to wreck India-Sri Lanka relations.

He knows and admits that the ‘Indian government cannot just look the other side when it comes to Tamil sentiments’ and yet holds out a homily to Tamil Nadu politicians, going, in a manner of speaking, beyond the call of his duty. What else should one construe from the remark: "The Indian government has already expressed its stand on the Sri Lanka issue and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has enough problems after the Mumbai terrorist attack… Nothing in favour of LTTE would happen."

General Fonseka has enough problems on hand. He should concentrate on addressing them. For instance, his casualty figures and the LTTE toll don’t match. The military claims to have killed 11,000 LTTE cadres since July 2006 though the estimated strength of the Tigers in mid-2006 was 10,000. The current guesstimate of LTTE cadres is under 5,000 and they are being pursued with all the might of nearly 200,000 Sri Lanka forces.

Army desertions

Another issue that should grip his attention is what the ISN Security Watch says; ‘the deaths and desertions’ of the Sri Lankan army.

Also about the likely blood bath as ‘Eelam War IV’ reaches full-throttle for Kilinochchi.

There are about 150,000 civilians currently trapped in the battle zone. ‘If the Tigers force the civilians to flee in all directions then the army will not be able to separate 15,000 or so Tigers from civilians. This may lead to a bloodbath and help the LTTE to escape to another part of Sri Lanka,’ says the ISN assessment.

Generals, particularly serving army chiefs, even on extension, are expected not to become jokers and mavericks and thus become a laughing stock. Will someone advice Gen. Foneska?

He has no need to worry about India and its Tamil dilemma, even if they appear to him from a distant shore as impossible and ‘Damned if we do, damned if we don’t’ category. India and Tamil Nadu know how to take care of themselves. No gratuitous advice needed!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I did not mean that they should or should NOT sell property here or buy from there etc. I don't care about how they manage such stuff. What I meant was not at all a favor. They can handle their resources in anyway they like. There is nothing wrong in living there or here, physically or mentally. Most expat patriotism cannot be extended to next generation for fair reasons, and that again I do not take as bad. Let's take every fact of human nature as just all right.

But, if someone wants to serve for the development of mother lanka, it is nt the wisest idea to come back here. It was a [socialist] myth that we should stay in SL and serve our nation. Worng. If you have a chance it is better to go. First recover yourself, and improve to a position that you can serve the nation. Bring an investment.

I cannot agree with TG a lot in calling expats back. We're calling everyone to SL as if we have a glorious plan to develop the country, the only missing person is you [expat]. So as soon as possible leave the foreign lands and come back. [I am a victim of this myth personally]

Crap. We have no active development plan. We do not have any manner in which professionals like many of us can contribute to development in a big way. Don't call war as reason, but the prolongation of war is a symptom [in a way]. Reason is that we do not have a development plan as a nation and willingness as a nation.

The best way to develop this type of a country is by sending investments not money. Money will be again wasted. Industrial development, initiated by private sector will not. Only asset we have in offer is higher level of work force, due to quality education. That is the main reason why many of our expats are also achieving well abroad.

It is tough, but Indians managed that. India with all its defects has gained some economic dominance, notably in high tech and outsourcing sector thanks to this.

Most of SL IT companies are created by expats. But SL IT sector is not yet a significant factor in economy. We want more such entrepreneurs. We want to see it moving towards other sectors. Basic theory should be that the venture is focusing on production for offshore market. Sadly some expats find SL as a good market for thrown away items in foreign lands.

Hats off Ananda, glad to have one role model here. I'm just discussing the kind of good work that you has done. Note that everyone need not to invest themselves, but intermediating investment interests of outside firms/people in SL is equally a good deed.

Again this is a detailed appeal with a kind heart, I'm not saying that this is a MUST.

Vajira said...

"Either the President’s Office or the Foreign Office should have stepped in to ‘set the record straight’ since tiny Colombo cannot afford to ruffle the Delhi feathers. It did not happen."

Did Delhi try to put the record straight when the 2 jokers vaiko and Nedumaran tried to challenge Sri Lankas sovereignty??? Go screw u'r self! All hail Sarath Fonseka!!!

Peter said...

After kissing... comes

What is this SLA trying to do to Killinochchi soil?

Gringo said...

[What is this SLA trying to do to Killinochchi soil?


LTTE, having this great fighting ability, never asked for any CFA... They are formidable... can easily get back all the real estate they lost.

This stupid Vaiko, Knidi, Nadu are simply upsetting the apple cart... by asking for a CFA!


p.s. Aiyya... Remember to keep the photos in a safe place... we'll need them in a few months / years time to show once again to our herd of cattle!

Ra said...
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onecountry said...


It looks like we had some casualties in the latest battle. Do you have any update?

Ra said...

These photos show latest technology of LTTP bin commandos.

They are good at one thing for sure.. it's digging!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Talking about entrepreneurship, SL can/should have thriving war related industry.

Same failure though - too much of socialism, where private sector expects the govt sector to conduct production, govt sector is suspicious, skeptical and bureaucratic on private entrepreneurs, and public is speculating controversy whenever govt sector encourages individual private sector entrepreneurs.

It is a shame that we do not produce most of small arms and other light war material for foreign market.

Sinhabahu said...


Sinhabahu said...

nilavan said...

What has gone wrong with Sarath Fonseka ? Is he“Nuts”?

(By Malladi Rama Rao)

Generals are not jokers. Nor do they brand politicians they don’t like as jokers. Because, the generals know they cannot hope to get away with such disparaging remarks.

Nilavan i know this is not your article but by putting it here i think you endorse what contained in it so here goes

Millitary teaches them to speak the truth and to be fearless when telling the truth and standing for truth .Calling a joker a joker is nothing wrong .Let me put it in generals own words “People who sew cloths should not do military analysis because they have no experience in it in the same way I do not go to advice people who sew cloths on how to do it “ spot on isnt it

Mangala is a joker no two words about it.

Quote from the article

Defence secretary

the Secretary is no stranger to F-i-Ms, and has been landing his government in hot water from time to time with loose comments that have a bearing on relations with India and on events in India.

India messed up big time let me tell you this if you have forgotten the past India nurtured the LTTE terrorists in its infancy and burned its finguer trying to clear the mess it created. if they are incapable of doing that let them at least learn from us how to do it .We have being very effective so far in eliminating terrorism don’t we? so learn from us nothing wrong with that

Quoted from article

Obviously, Colombo believes that it can get away with whatever it does because it has perfected the art of playing the Pak-China card against India and Iran card against the United States.

Well that’s called diplomatic relations at its best all the countries do it and its no difference when Sri Lanka does it .well some body is quiet upset about the Diverse Relations of SL .We meant no harm but we will make sure that no body points the big stick at us and dictate terms on how to run our own country just because they are big .

[b]Quoted from article[/b]

And the allegation that the security forces of Sri Lanka don’t have concern about civilians is made, ‘only by corrupt politicians in Tamil Nadu who have been bribed by the LTTE.’
Correct & absolutely spot on name one conflict in the world at the moment which has lesser civilian casualty figures . Should I say more

Quoted from the article

General Fonseka has enough problems on hand. He should concentrate on addressing them. For instance, his casualty figures and the LTTE toll don’t match. The current guesstimate of LTTE cadres is under 5,000 and they are being pursued with all the might of nearly 200,000 Sri Lanka forces.
Correction well we have not committed all over forces to the offensive yet even if we can commit 1MN it’s our decision isn’t it .Some body is really worried. Let me assure you of some thing SLA casualty figures are no where near the estimated casualty figures at the start of the offensive

Quoted from the article

ISN security ???

The ISN is an online project of the Center for Security Studies (CSS), at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). It is jointly funded by the Swiss Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) and ETH Zurich.

Well what a reliable source to analyse SL defence. Do they know where adampan, Nivil ,alampil & Nayaru is ? and the other dynamics of the conflict

quoted from the article

There are about 150,000 civilians currently trapped in the battle zone. ‘If the Tigers force the civilians to flee in all directions then the army will not be able to separate 15,000 or so Tigers from civilians. This may lead to a bloodbath and help the LTTE to escape to another part of Sri Lanka,’ says the ISN assessment.
What a joke so the LTTE is keeping the civilians because other wise the military would be confused to find the terrorists to shoot at .Yes LTTE can mix up with the civilians but they have to leave their weapons behind in order to do that its good isn’t it they can be a chief minister if they do so don’t you think its better than getting killed & killing people.

Corey said...

BBC exposed:

"WFP apology for BBC falsehood on Sri Lankan IDPs
World Food Program (WFP) country director for Sri Lanka , Mr. Adnan Khan today (Dec 10) apologized to the Sri Lankan government over a story filed by the BBC Sinhala service calling Sri Lanka a Somalia.

The BBC Sinhala service paddling on its not so hidden agenda, had quoted a comment made by one Mr. John Cambell, a WFP representative in non-liberated areas that "conditions for displaced people there are as basic as in Somalia".

Mr. Khan meeting with Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today at the Defence Ministry treated with disdain this diabolical lie disseminated by the BBC Sinhala Service and said he would launch a special inquiry to the matter. Also, he said the WFP would issue an official statement clarifying the facts in the near future.

Meanwhile, the BBC with its known complicity with the Goebbelsian propaganda of the LTTE terrorists, or the "Tamil Tiger rebels " has further distorted facts by coloring the story with a brief introduction to Somalia.

"Somalia has been without an effective central government since President Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Years of fighting in the African nation between rival warlords and an inability to deal with famine and disease have led to the deaths of up to one million people", says the BBC story.

The calls this an abominable attempt by the BBC Sinhala service to mislead its intended audience that Sri Lanka too has identical conditions.

The truth that is deliberately concealed by the BBC Sinhala service is that the sufferings of the civilians are artificially created by the LTTE terrorists to win international sympathy for their cause. In reality, these IDPs are the human shield held by the terrorists for the safety of their psychopathic chief V. Prabhakaran. The 'rebel held area" in BBC's terms is not more than a hiding place for the terrorists. All public services including health, education, transport, banks and administration are maintained by the central government. Even the terrorist chief is fed on food sent by the government. It is the medicine sent by the government that keeps his diabetes torn body alive.

While acknowledging the dictum that facts are sacred and comments is free, believes that responsible journalism should strive to piece together a fuller picture of the issue. The BBC's story on Sri Lankan IDPs has obviously been filed with vicious intent to tarnish the good image of the country and the government, without any basis in fact.

To all discernible people who might have been influenced by this diabolical lie, publishes the following pictures, that show civilians who had sought refuge with the security forces yesterday (Dec 9). They had escaped the LTTE run mono-ethnic hellhole in the Wanni at the risk of their lives. Do they by any means portray hapless figures of the particular country mentioned by BBC?

Finally, we request all interested in Sri Lanka to make a thorough study on the conflict as well as on the nature of the LTTE terrorists when making assumptions on our country. Assumptions made on a cursory glance, often based on one-sided stories filed by the international media would certainly make you victims of their hidden agendas."

Hoot!!1 Hoot!!2 Hoot!!3

Corey said...

bipolar peter is finally having a real good time (after a long time) after seeing three SL soldiers in tamilnut.

To make you happier : we are 10000 miles from killinochchi, the great peelam war is causing havoc in Colombo, and a golden carriage with white horses have come to take the sun goat to heaven!!!


BTW, where are your psycho pals brown, gonta, thiru (thiru was exposed recently... he's married to a Sinhalese Modaya Girl!!! apparently he couldn't find an intelligent peelam girl anywhere in the world) Tee Hee!!!

Gringo said...

["WFP apology for BBC falsehood on Sri Lankan IDPs ]

ha ha ha ...

Corey... thanks for the post...

I take the pride in humiliating the BBC on this report yesterday... right here DW... not once... twice!

Who knows... they would have read Defencewire!

lankaputhra said...

Sri Lankan govt has public backing for war on Tigers: survey

COLOMBO (AFP) — The Sri Lankan government has overwhelming public support for its war against the Tamil Tigers, and most people believe the rebels will soon be defeated, an opinion poll published Wednesday shows.

The privately run research group TNS Lanka said close to 75 percent of people questioned said they are "firmly in favour of military action, seeing it as the only route to wipe out terrorism."

More than half the respondents also believed the war -- which has been raging in varying degrees of intensity since 1972 -- will be over by the end of next year.

Some 91 percent of those polled did not believe the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) represented the minority ethnic Tamil community.

The group questioned 500 people living outside the northern conflict zone between October and November.

The result will be greeted by the government as an endorsement of its decision in January to pull out of a Norwegian-brokered truce with the LTTE and escalate its offensive.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse has said he will not accept anything short of the rebels' total surrender.

The LTTE has admitted losing ground to government troops but their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, vowed in his annual speech last month to fight on.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Cooray

Peter will be actually happy, because "Over 90 SLA soldiers were killed in yesterday's fights in Killi.

Please see TamilNut link below.

සිසිර කුමාර said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohammed Zubair said...

Hey Maggots,

This is what a crouching tiger looks like, rather wet isn't he?

Rana said...

To All Peelam Lovers,

Go to and see how our commendable kind hearted sinhala boys treat injured tamil tigers.

I am really proud of SLA and its attitude because of this exemplary attitude they are winning the war for us.

I am proud to say I am a sri lankan sinhalese.

Can any one of peelam lovers say you are proud to be a tamil who support LTTP?

Take my challange and come forward and identify yourself!!!

hemantha said...

"They’re no jokers but criminal confederates

----On this score, we cannot but subscribe to his view. Nay, we fault him for having been charitable and fought shy of calling a spade a spade in describing those terror backers. Why did the battle hardened soldier pull his punches?"
-Editorial (The Island)

click here

Pansilu said...


You are the most interesting character in the blog. You don’t have to reply, I can study your character from your postings. Though you hide behind a name of a one eyed general, your true character is quite different. You are shy, fearful and easily alarmed but opportunely.

Sam Perera,

I would like to drop you from my list but learn to overcome unnecessary fear for trivial things.



Very complicated, some times like a violent storm, after a while serenity is over pouring and most of the time calm and collective. Are you taking tranquillizers to overcome anxiety? You are not moved that much on my presence but careless answer.



I am not an academic and you have slight multiple personality problem. Take a deep breath and think about two different chairs before you sit down.


Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

Sorry, friend, I am not interested in your behaviour patterns. Your approach to badminton is also quite normal to me. Though you are showing some form of mental sickness, it is not serious but cannot reveal it, in a public forum.


Unknown said...

to Rana and Gringo!!

"Go to and see how our commendable kind hearted sinhala boys treat injured tamil tigers.

I am really proud of SLA and its attitude because of this exemplary attitude they are winning the war for us."

I wish the SLA can show the same kindness and attitude towards innocent tamils in Srilanka as they do with the captured and injured LTTE members.

As an inoocent tamil civilian i wish i had some training from the LTTE, so i can have the pleasure
and the previlage of the great SLA's treatment when captured.

And not to forget!

I am proud to be a Tamil who supports the cause and braveness of the Tamil Tigers.

Rana said...


You asked:

//Are you taking tranquillizers to overcome anxiety?//

Oh, yes, two fingers of Johnnie Walker (black label) with a 330ml Heineken bottle. Why don't you, take two of those and try to examin your own charactor first.

Rana said...

not so real,

I just want to add that your or their cause is a fraud.

Rana said...


news, 75% of SL public support GOSL's war on terror outfit LTTP and 91% believe LTTP is not representing SL tamils.

ha ha ha

MR will win the next election with 2/3 majority and changed the constitution to eradicate silent seperatist for ever.

Rana said...

not so real,

Go to mama and show my posting to her, if you can't understand. I am not here to educate grade 5 drop outs, you MF.

Unknown said...


was this survey conducted among the tamils in the north and east?

I doubt it.

Gringo said...

[I am proud to be a Tamil who supports the cause and braveness of the Tamil Tigers.

You are not alone... there are many Eskimo Tamils... German Tamils... Tamil Swedish and Tamil Somalians... now fighting for this 'Tamil' (fake) cause... because it generates hot cash!

Don't deny it!

PS... I had a sneak preview of their modus operandi in the US... Three words sum it up...

MLM...Multi-Level Marketing.

Ra said...

"was this survey conducted among the tamils in the north and east?"

Gon thadiya!

Survey was to see if all Southerners support it!


Rana said...



Southerners will decide next election out come!


Do you also need a red hot iron treatment for your sorry arse?

Unknown said...


You dont need a survey for this.

As we all know, all modayas from the south has been brain washed by the "Mahinda Sahotharaya Samagama"

so this is a waste effort.

Rana said...

sorry arses,

Finally come to senses, don't tell me now,"PUKA REDENAWA" or 'I have pain in my arse'

Ra said...

"The group questioned 500 people living outside the northern conflict zone between October and November."

Ok give me hot iron treatment!

Ra said...

Now I realize why this bugger was bashing Asithri and took side with Wijepala.

tata said...

You always give us an unique perspective of various things.

MLM! Wow, definitely the closest definition of Peelam.

Peelam is just another scam like Gold Coin.

10 people became rich (and migrated to other countries) after selling this Peelam scam to 1000 others who will suffer.

Good work, keepp it up.

Rana said...


Go and get a piece of barbed wire and make it red hot, if you arse have a stove, rest is easy!

as I said before, don't tell me again,


Unknown said...


Do you think todays photos from the battle front were photoshopped as usual?

Rana said...


Sorry for my friendly fire but I thought you deserve it for posting link to show corpses of our brave hearts. You shoudn't have done that. You are short sidedly helping them with propaganda.

Gringo said...


[MLM! Wow, definitely the closest definition of Peelam.

This is not a joke or an invention.

One has to look at the extreme power and positives sides of MLM.
and then think (like a terrorist) how it can work to LTTE's advantage. Some of these operatives have joined the millionaires’ club.

Believe me these up-lines would fight tooth and nail to protect their investments, income and power... Isn't this evident when one analyzes the bizarre distortions and lies these LTTE coolies put out against our country, its people and their leaders?

I was galvanized to my chair when I witnessed this in Baltimore, MD, couple of years ago.

Our leaders have to be tougher, bolder and smarter...and create conditions to not only extend the long arms of law-enforcement to catch these criminal entrepreneurs.... but lay hands on their fortune... $$$$$$

USA and Canada have been their playground.. but lately the fortunes are fading... due to exposure of their activities... and our fight against the LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the article; loved its math content!

this brings to what we discussed a few times.

1. SLA has been VERY successful with MANY, SMALL teams (LAND)

2. SLN has been VERY successful with MANY, SMALL teams (SEA)

3. why not SLAF? or put it appropriately, what not the air wing of our forces? (AIR)

conquring the sky is difficult than land and sea. that is why the first flying machine was invented centuries after the first boat was invented (wheel was invented b4).

but we must get into this. SLAF, SLN or SLA should get into cheap (relatively) flying machines that can be populated in numbers.

these can be cessnas, zlins, other similar planes, cheap copters. these can be deployed to monitor liberated areas, areas prone to infiltration and even in battles. a few explosives dropped at the right spot maximises the harvest than most MBRL barrages with a low cost.

of course these cannot replace our jets and gunships. it's like the ARROW boats; they are not substitutes for DEBORAHs but they can RELIEVE DEBORAHs to do more exciting stuff.

our air borne attacks systems need an intermidiary layer like the SLN. it should be cheap in unit cost, more "disposable", helps the "MANY, SMALL TEAMS" strategy which has been a SUCCESS STORY in the war on terror.

i'm sure other countries will also follow this MANY, SMALL TEAMS strategy into areas they haven't ventured into still.

it is fair to say SLAF "invented" "dive-bombing". (they didn't but they mastered it than any other AF in the MODERN world using similar craft). it's time for the next LITTLE invention.

cc: mod(aya) (TM)mayilravana

Saman said...

DW, do you have any details from our side on the claim made bt TamilNut head story.

Moshe Dyan said...


i havn't forgotten the SLN thingy. the DW post sets the tone for that discussion.

have to fact check b4 write.

Rana said...


defence is blocking that info, I was really, sorry to see those pics. That is why I lost my gascut in the morning with last_mile for posting it here.

Annonymous said...


On Rajapaksa Brothers brain washing southerners;

This is a fundamental feature of one's brain wash, to believe that everyone else is brainwashed. This is how they reason the fact why others are not believing in the myth inserted to their brains.

If you have ability for factual analysis, Rajapaksa's party never got more than 60% votes in any of the elections held under him. Now 40% not supporting him. Does it look like brain washed?

Yeah mate, it is. In fact not only us everyone is brainwashed with myth. Obama recently started brainwashing americans. They use schools and religions for that. They teach us to be good, not killing, be generous, democratic, think of other one etc. All of this is a brain wash. Homo dravidians who live in natural homo dravidian form kill people, torture them, steal children force them to war hack children to two and THAT is natural way of life for your species, not at all brainwashed. You barbarian.

You are not only brain washed, they have used water out of toilet pit to wash your brain. And it is now full of sh*t. That is the problem here.

Get a a life moron.

Moshe Dyan said...

ananda singari,

(if you are reading or if your arselickers are reading).

your response to tamil Madu is good. but as usual you try to save the sorry arse of your "thambi".

"With that the war comes to an end and lives of several thousand young boys and girls of the LTTE who are in the war front also can be saved. The LTTE can then sit and talk with the Government along with other representatives of Tamils and Muslims."

few defects.

1. there is no need to save THOUSANDS of them; they UNFORTUNATELY are cancer cells. they deserve to be dead. but those who can supply SLDFs with valuable info AND those who genuinely give up TAMIL ELAM AND WAR (BOTH) are ANYWAY accepted by SLA with LOVING CARE!

2. LTTE can NEVER sit and talk because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO TALK!!!

3. what do you mean by "OTHER" representatives of tamils and muslims???? the word "OTHER" is COMPLETELY unnecessary!! LTTE only represents ITSELF. by using "OTHER" you accept that LTTE is a representative. LTTE may "represent" (wrong word though) a group of ppl NOW bcos they keep ppl in jails and we have no direct access to them but when the war ends, it will not be the case when the war ends!!

4. how about sinhala representatives and how about sri lankan representatives???? forget them and you can forget about ANY solution.


tigers are boasting about a battle in sakkilinochchi.

a good screww best served without consent, just like the way she joined the LTTE. SAVE THEIR BRAINS OR FORGET ABOUT THEIR CUNTS!

Annonymous said...

Mates and Primates,

Off for the day.

Unreal, on a final note. Get a life and wish it is not homo dravidian.

Maybe wish it is pig. Pigs do not kill other pigs, they only play in the same medium as yours. Yu not only play in sh*t, but kill others.

Cheers unreal.

Moshe Dyan said...

rana & lastmile,

what can you do when two brothers are fighting???

1. you don't like it
2. you can't help anyone
3. but you want to stop it.
4. can't pull them apart also! one's in **** and the other's in ****!!!!!

Saman said...


The concept of ARROW boat development falls in to my category of native defence mechanisms (I love it more so as a strategy than the technology and maths). A very successful venture by any standard and smart thinking too - as a direct response to a threat.

/conquring the sky is difficult than land and sea./

You may have written this as a preamble, but in our case there is nothing to conquer in the sky. It is our ability in taking ground targets with absolute precision on real time intelligence what is lacking and required in future. Israel is on the top of the world in this area who target very localised attacks in crowded places.

/get into cheap (relatively) flying machines that can be populated in numbers./

Love this point. As a strategy after the war our air surveillance and response mechanisms are crucial. Also, it is absolutely imperative to be able to stop any illegal constructions on their tracks. Low flying air strikes should be the most efficient way to go. I am shocked how efficiently LTTE has managed to built their defences (bunkers, trench lines, bunds). Structurally they are very sound. They are on the open ground in many cases (but well concealed of course). For example, felling and transportation of teak logs to Killali, Mahmulai area (80-90 km) could have been easily visible to low flying aircrafts.

Rana said...


My fight is a quick relese of the anger for his link to tamilnut.

I was greatly disturbed by those photos and when he posted it to the blog, I got pissed-off but I didn't say anything, then he poke my affair with real, that is all.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

G’Day boys and monkeys!

Sad to c all these photos in TN but it is life!

Not many monkeys around??? Must be doing double shifts while their white masters enjoying the X’Mas break so they can keep sending money to SunGoat!

I don’t reply to clowns but when a clown pretend to be some thing else, then u got to tell them that the truth is out there!

Pansilu said...
Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

Sorry, friend, I am not interested in your behaviour patterns. Your approach to badminton is also quite normal to me. Though you are showing some form of mental sickness, it is not serious but cannot reveal it, in a public forum.

Pansilu, here is my reading about ur behaviour patterns. U r a fake!

Ex. When Rana and Ananda-usa claimed they are Engineers and it is true. (I have proof for that). But u are not studying any human behaviour patterns and u have no idea about any behaviour patterns. So, ur a fake looking for cheap thrill and 5 minits of fame.

There is no different between Pansilu and Meeharak mahen! U both r …hmmm…how I can say with out hurting u… say “silly”!

U r not only a fake ur hiding behind a grand name/historical figure like Pansilu to cover up ur lack of creativeness and lateral thinking and ur lack of humor and ur sorry arse.

“Your approach to badminton is also quite normal to me” ha ha ha u have no idea mate!

“Though you are showing some form of mental sickness. it is not serious but cannot reveal it” oh why not? Would u like to Email it to u can make up something or u can Google it!

I know what is ur condition/ mental sickness u r suffering. It is called “Retarded” and “my wee wee is too small to wear a speedo to the beach”! ha ha lack of confidence ha? Lonely and miserable too??

Get off the computer and go out have some fun! I know, u can’t! u have no confidence! No female to give u r hand? Ha ha I mean give u hand while ur down. Ha ha Opps, sorry u can not give u a hand when ur down(all the time)!!! : ))

Buddy, world is not miserable as u think! Have some sense of humor and faith! Enjoy the ride while u can!

Next time when u feeling like “studying human behaviour patterns” go in front of the mirror and give ur self a hmmmm pat (or hand)! Ha ha ha

thiru said...

well well welll, what do we have hear, another debacle on the killinochi front? a good "harvest" i must say, using the words of some modhayas in this blog....90 Mf's sent to hell in one day and another 180 sent home not being able to fuk their whore wives, ah well more the merrier for my tamil cock!......sooo modhayas asj urselves what happened to the much fanfare of the capture of killi?....the fact remains that although the tigers do tactically withdraw from areas of their choosing, the tigers still retain their military personel and assets to lay a beat down on the time of their choosing as well, 4 divisions of pussies and they still can't get thru to killi?, there's 10 sla for every tiger and they still can't achieve it? You guys are still seeing only the defensive effort of the crouching tiger to tire the invading modhayas and when fatigue takes over the much awaited offensives will start with MR begging for a ceasefire, and guess what modhayas, the tigers have done such a good job internationally to change their image and with a political change in America, India and Canada, no one is gonna be there to save the sldf.....Why do u think the tigers haven't started the much awaited offensives and the destruction of colombo?.....Is it that they can't infiltrate or are there cells waiting to destroy vital installations and vvip's as soon as the world has new leaders? This is a scenario to ponder for u modhayas, we as tamils know the answer to this and u will soon find out!

Unknown said...

The LTTE had assumed that the shrapnel in the attack against fonseka had added some brain mass. However they realised thankfully that he has proven to be the fool he is.

What a humiliation and punishing the messenger. Typical shameless politicians and their hencemen. How is the newspaper guy supposed to know that he is talking to an idioit. He reported what he heard and got punished.

Looks like the joke is Sarath Fonseka. I mean the jokers in tamilnadu got the defence secetary to apologise. So Shameful. However you will come up with some other bullshit to divert the attention.

I have now added fonseka to task force 4 in Sri Lanka's collapse

Unknown said...

"Diplomatic pressure from Europe is not forthcoming to the extent LTTE might want. The best bet for diplomatic pressure to save the LTTE could come from India. But the Indians have a very limited say in this now."

Qouting from a previous article. I guess now that the Sri Lankan army kneels down to india and you say that. I knew you were smoking the guys here. I rebuked you then. Guess again your lies have been exposed.

Ananda-USA said...


[Origins of “the military solution” and its consequences*]

Excellent analysis! Love it! You should submit it to some patriotic website to make it permanently available.

How about Defence Column or ?

Unknown said...

The precursor to RABS goes back to the early 1990's (just prior to the official formation of the Special Boat Squadron) where locally manufactured shallow draft water jet boats (as against propeller driven boats) manned by a small crew were deployed for harbour defence and to patrol shallow waters such as the Kilaly lagoon. If I am not mistaken, it was the late Admiral Clancy Fernando who initiated this. Of course his idea has been improved upon but due to these units patrolling the Kilaly lagoon (from their base at the Nagathivanturai Naval Detachment), the LTTE supply routes were severely affected. This prompted them to assassinate the late Admiral and to later attack the naval detachment and the Pooneryn military camp. I recently read an article written by Shamindra Ferdinando which confirms the above.

Pansilu said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

You have displayed you exact sickness in reverse order. Look at again what you wrote, take exact opposite meaning of that, you will find description of your sickness.

Unknown said...

The real reason behind the rubbish fonseka spewed is beacuse of the CPC deal. Everyone knows that this could bankrupt Sri Lanka once for all. Hence he says some rubbish, tamilnadu politicians say something and the idiots who thnk they are patriots come out and defend him as they have. Hence the rape of Sri Lanka and impending disaster is forgotton.

The title progress in all areas and Sarath bullshit reveals that you are actually desperate as the soldiers are suffering in the front.

Unknown said...

From the same article another set of lies. Mahindha mama and his family were specially selected by god to help Sri Lanka. Hence all are of super human quality. Even Pol Pot did not have such family memebers.

"Mihin Air is a government budget airline set up two years ago which has been swirling in debt of more than 50 million dollars and was forced to suspend operations earlier this year. It is to be re-started this month with a fresh injection of millions of rupees from the Treasury Department.

Allegations of widespread corruption has dogged President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government, centering around his three brothers, Chamal, Gotabaya and Basil. Chamal is aviation and ports minister, Gotabaya is defence secretary and Basil is presidential advisor."

Unknown said...

I ask like mahindha can i call myself sinhalese and bluff the people. I will go round saying that sinhalese are disadvantaged. If someone wises up and says you are not sinhalese but tamil, I will convert to buddishm and promote it. People can say your not sinhalese but they cannot say your not buddisht right. It does not matter if my name is navindran. I mean i at least will be abit sympathetic to the stupid masses whom i am duping and change my name to navindra or do you think navinratne whould be better. I mean if Percivial mahindha, Fonseka are buddisht names, why not navindran.

In Malaysia mahathir a malaylee called himself malay and used to tell the Malays that they are exploited by foreigners for centuries. I will then want to become a minister. Karuna has should become minister of the police. I mean who else to better take care of them.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Pansilu said...
Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

You have displayed you exact sickness in reverse order. Look at again what you wrote, take exact opposite meaning of that, you will find description of your sickness.

Pansilu, sorry mate, never meant to hurt u! u r just lost for words ha?

Anyway, r u still standing in front of the mirror??? Giving ur self a pat (or hand) ha ha ha Pissu kolla!

Sorry again for playing with ur emotions! Fake is a fake but loneliness can be overcome!

Get out of ur ghetto and go to the nearest pub and have more than one drink and try to pic up the fattest chick! U might cure ur loneliness for the day! Ha ha ha

I am not sure how to cure ur retardness! May be, read “Way of life” by ammagahai. : ))

Saman said...

Moshe Bro,

Anandasangaree's open letter to TN MF's must be given due credit. This is as good as a leader of a Tamil political party (I repeat as a leader of a political party) can write within the country. We also do not have a contemporary in this man. This does not mean I agree with all he says, but this is as good as any one can reasonably expect from a TAMIL politician. Can you feel how LTTErs and TN Monkeys would be boiling within?

Settle down mate.

/"With that the war comes to an end and lives of several thousand young boys and girls of the LTTE who are in the war front also can be saved. The LTTE can then sit and talk with the Government along with other representatives of Tamils and Muslims."/

Not only he MR has said this too, not in exact words but in spirit my friend. Lay down arms, surrender then he is ready to talk. We can not argue we need them killed. Well, I argued with you we must fight strategically to harvest as many as we could while fighting (before surrendering). But not after. If LTTE surrenders we have to protect them. (Except those who are leaders)

#3 and #4,

When he said “Government” that means all with Government of SL (technically when you write to an outside country that includes all elected - opposition), when he said “other” Tamils, and Muslims who are opposing LTTE but not in government. Let me re-assure you, if LTTE ever surrenders (I do not think they would) that is end of LTTE as a political movement. After 30 years of armed insurrection of this intensity and with so many Tamil kids being sacrificed, with surrender and no Ealam they are history. For example, JVP's entire polit-beauro was murdered (even after Wijeweera surrendered and appeared on the TV), they are still struggling to be a strong enough political force. MR will only listen to them if Tigers without nails and teeth would politically campaign on his side - do not worry about that. He is a master of disguise.

Unknown said...

I mean many Sri Lanka politicians have taken many trips to learn many things. Heard chandrika might be taking a permanenet overseas study trip.

"A senior banking industry official, who declined to be named, expressed the view that impropriety accusations in the hedging agreements entered into with SCB and CitiBank are valid. "If it is a proper commercial transaction, you don’t need to take the CPC chairman on foreign trips," one official said."

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran seeya has been discharged from the ICU/hospital! Welcome back! How r u going seeya?

Die-ass-pora clowns are out of the hiding after 3 photos in TN! Welcome back clowns too! How r u clowns?

Unknown said...

I would have put the title as desperately publisiced and propaganded MIGs burns away.
SRI LANKA: Oil Futures Gamble Burns 300 Million Dollar Hole

Market analysts said that the two main foreign banks have hedged these instruments with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). "Any default to the NYMEX by the banks will be perceived as default of a sovereign debt which will be disastrous to the country's international rating and jeopardise Sri Lanka's standing internationally to seek foreign commercial loans," one analyst said.

Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,

[But, if someone wants to serve for the development of mother lanka, it is nt the wisest idea to come back here. It was a [socialist] myth that we should stay in SL and serve our nation. Worng. If you have a chance it is better to go. First recover yourself, and improve to a position that you can serve the nation. Bring an investment.]

I fully agree with you: that investment can be in many forms.

There are patriotic Sri Lankan professionals in every field of endeavour in the US and in other developed countries: in industry, in government, and in academia, who would love to help Sri Lanka, given the opportunity.

They can invest in existing Sri Lankan ventures as passive investors. Sri Lankan financial experts can launch a Sri Lanka Mutual Fund or a Sri Lanka Venture Capital fund.

On the other hand, Sri Lankan scientists, engineers, doctors and entreprenuers can start ventures abroad and undertake the manufacturing or service operations in Sri Lanka as I am doing, or they can setup the entire business in Sri Lanka.

If they are university teachers, they can accept Sri Lankan graduate students, launch collaborative research projects with Sri Lankan professors and their students in Sri Lanka, sponsor sabbaticals abroad for Sri Lankan professors, and spend a few sabbaticals teaching at Sri Lankan universities.

All of these people represent an enormous untapped resource that the GOSL should actively solicit to help develop Sri Lanka and help defend the country. What is lacking is a government sponsored framework and a network to achieve this goal. While Sri Lanka embassies are a good resource, they can't devote sufficient resources to it; it must be staffed and run by volunteers, like Obama's election campaign.

When defence news is lacking for us to discuss at DefenceWire, perhaps we can address how to do this.

Unknown said...

You jokers really need to thank mahindha. I mean high petrol prices and you are actually contributing to his and family retirement funds. Do you really believe things will change without the LTTE. I mean all these problems came only because of inept politicians and corruption. Do you think anyone but you jokers will pay and YES PAY for their looting. This is the best link between corruption and you paying for it.

Nobody will pay for this except innocent people like the journalist. People will have no avenue for their suffering, then you will have Petrol Price Liberation Front. Sri Lanka is in full collapse.

Anonymous said...


Spot on mate...

/studying human behaviour patterns../ Ha Ha .. But that guy is smart enough not to include "monkey behaviour patterns" among his "human behaviour patterns". Ha Ha Anyway at least now our guys should 'behave' at least get the 'free certificate' from puk-silu. Ha Ha

So many fighting withing the camp..Are we done fighting with the monkeys..?

Whenever tamiznut put some pics with xxx SLA dead (NO maaveerers! huh) all the monkeys come here from no where and start lecturing. Ha Ha

Unknown said...

Diලිパ do not contradict defencewire's punnaku, there are alot of Sri lankan dispora who need to believe their remmitance is not been sqaundered away and read this and be happy.

Last mile I know why you choose the sheep as you embelem.

" last_mile said...
We should explore the possibility of exporting this kind of crafts to other friendly countries."

Anonymous said...

/I am not sure how to cure ur retardness! May be, read “Way of life” by ammagahai./

Ha Ha

This is good, I think, for Navindran too. Ha Ha Navindran should be writting another book - Good Governence: Tamiz peezaam - A model country. Ha Ha

Unknown said...

Yup petrol prices are high because the LTTE is on the run right. WHo is hallucunating. I mean would you believe the same if it came from a captured SLA soldier. Even the LTTE does not waste time doing this. Media relations is not the SLA strong point AKA Sarath. I Guess you need to keep jerking off to what keeps you happy.

"Corey said...
Captured peelam policeman tell it all:"

Unknown said...

Vajira in most countries a military commander will be removed for embarassing the government like this. Its not the duty or need for a military commander to talk like that. However after doing so he has revealed that Sri Lanka is nothing more than India's Lap Dog.

Did you forget the CPC losses and rally behinhd Mahindha. When you pay more at the pump or things cost more say India is against sri lanka and thats why you are suffering, not because of mahindha and his hencemen and their corruption.

If you feel uncomfortable to that. Go back to whats been used since JVP was no longer the fall guys, the LTTE and the tamils. Everytime you blame the LTTE or tamils when you pay more for fuel.

Sarath is saying he is winning the war. Hence he needs a new avenue to dicert the people attention.

(PSST defencewire maybe the muslims have not been used yet. After all like the JVP and LTTE, those buggers are also of Karva stock mainly).

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

This Pansilu guy seems to be a decent enough nut case. May be writing from mental hospital because he has nothing else to do. He can't sleep also, so he reads blogs. I think he is going to be there for a long time.

Widana said...

I am feeling better today after my toilet cleaning night shift. Have to go donate my earnings to Thalaivar.

Corey said...

navindran, the 'inferiority complex' guy is hallucinating as usual:
"People will have no avenue for their suffering, then you will have Petrol Price Liberation Front. Sri Lanka is in full collapse."

Such hallucinations seem to be the only way for the peelamists to be happy these days..... Or, read tamilnut.... and be happy of how wonderful peelam is..

Corey said...

Peter will be actually happy, because "Over 90 SLA soldiers were killed in yesterday's fights in Killi.

It is tamilnut saying this !!!!!!!!!!


moda lalith; are you a peelam jackass or a sinhala traitor????

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ninja, remember we used to have a Yellow guy calling himself a Defense Expert??? His expertness didn’t last long and end up as a big fcuking fake!!! I think he died lonely in his 1 bedroom flat and no one still found his body!

This Pissu Pansilu guy who call him self a Human Behavior Pattern Expert ( HBPE ha ha ha ) did not last 3 posts before end up as a big fcuking fake! And most probably will die lonely in his 1 bed room flat too! He better find a dog or a b#tch soon to alert next door old dude before it is too late! : ))

These die-ass-pora clowns are same as all these athletes using Performance Enhancing Drugs/ Human growth hormone! Hey Pissu, any chance u r a expert on this too?! Ha ha ha

Normally they are retarded (including this Pissu guy) , slow and lacks performance. But, when they got their Performance Enhancing Drugs thanks to TN, they comes out like fcuking BEN JOHNSON !!! and then crawl back to the cave after pee in to a jar!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


Amma G/G,

This Pansilu guy seems to be a decent enough nut case. May be writing from mental hospital because he has nothing else to do. He can't sleep also, so he reads blogs. I think he is going to be there for a long time.

Ha ha ha Rana, u r almost there but not exactly! “May be writing from mental hospital” No, he just escape from the “mental hospital” ha ha ha

“I think he is going to be there for a long time” again , No, they (mental hospital security) looking for him and will lock him up soon! Ha ha ha

Anyway, it is good to have these “self proclaimed experts” time to time. They are as much as fun (stupid) as die-ass-pora clowns!

Any more experts like to announce their expertness?? so we can bang u and pissu can take a break! Ha ha ha

Moshe Dyan said...


"Anandasangaree's open letter to TN MF's must be given due credit."

yes, mate. my bad. i'm sorry. yes; he deserves a big thank you.

but i stick to my charge. the "other" part is a bit awrkward as the word "government" is also there; agree.

i agree with the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey AmmaGG

Actually I was thinking about that yellow guy – sexually transmitted decease and also Navindran when I saw pansi-lu’s posts… but he may be different guy.. I m not sure.
BTW, after reading Navindran’s 100% non-boring posts I was motivated to study about perfect people and countries… Found two books
1. Good Governance: Tamiz Peezaam – A Model Country By Prof. Navindran
2. Perfect Leader: How to kill as you like By Vezapillai Puke-aran.

I ll let you know if I find more.. Ha Ha..

/Anyway, it is good to have these “self proclaimed experts” time to time. They are as much as fun (stupid) as die-ass-pora clowns!/ ha haaa

SL Worrier said...

Hi Defencewire,

Would you know any thing about the battle that Tamilnet reported this morning. Clarification would be appreciated

Ananda-USA said...

Good! Even Col. Hariharan is puzzled.

Let us continue to keep everyone guessing, until we are ready to strike. Way to Go SLDF!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

"You are not alone... there are many Eskimo Tamils... German Tamils... Tamil Swedish and Tamil Somalians... now fighting for this 'Tamil' (fake) cause... because it generates hot cash!"

Ha Ha Ha Ha; way to go bro.

Moshe Dyan said...

t douglas,

from an earlier post you said 50(??) have been executed by the SLA.

again like most of your arguments, 2 scenarios.

1. it is not true - matter ends.

2. it is true. results speak for themselves. east has been RELATIVELY clam after that. just check TN and about the east now!!!!

we need results. the only obstacle is the law (local and international) and we abide by it. our skills to skin cats creatively is not illegal. we will continue to do so.

there is no point in screwwing millions of ppl just bcos of a few thousand lunatix.

innocents may also die accidently which is sad. but it doesnt warrent further violence bcos if you do, more will die AGAIN.

never forget that sri lankans want peace THROUGH WAR. war is the only way, unfortunately. and in MOST wars more civilians have died than combatants.

hemantha said...

"Vajira in most countries a military commander will be removed for embarassing the government like this."

Navindran wants to remove the Army Commander. No wonder Fat pig wanted the same thing around two years back. He sent a pregnant suicide bomber and failed and now running from bunker to bunker keeping his tail properly placed between his legs. Navindran is luckey. He ran away many many years back.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ninja: Hey AmmaGG

Actually I was thinking about that yellow guy – sexually transmitted decease and also Navindran when I saw pansi-lu’s posts… but he may be different guy.. I m not sure.

Machan, they HAVE to be different guys.


Collective Dumbness (CD lol) of Yellow, Navindran and Pissu Pansilu is so big, it can not possibly exist in one body-mass! Ha ha ha

Moshe Dyan said...

Vezapillai is looking in to the future with hope!!

just look at how healthy the fat VP arshole is. curse his good health.

the photo may be old; MAY BE new! may be experts in SLDFs can trace the landscape and check for recent movements in the area. weather can exclude a few days and narrow down the possibilities.

Rana said...


There is a good article in the lanka guardian today.

"India digging her own grave" by an Indian adderssing PM Manmohan Sing.

Lovely, have go!

Rana said...


If it is the one with bino, then, I saw it, it is an old one, at least 5-10 years.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Collective Dumbness (CD lol) of Yellow, Navindran and Pissu Pansilu is so big, it can not possibly exist in one body-mass!"


----> STD
\_____ PP CD > BM of a HSS
-----> N

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Heh Heh Heh

Well, well;

Rana-ge redda gallewa wage kiwwa widihata.

Ado AGG, oota deepang machang. You'are right onto this fake.

So, mayilravana has multiple personalities. Ha ha ha; heee heee

C'mon baby, do me some justice. When you are going through the second hand DSMIII manual couldn't you find a better label? I am a bit miffed that you didn't find "manic".

Be careful what you write. Because the guys here will work you out even without any Psychology Diploma from a corn-falkes packet. AGG's already on your tail.

Hoooo, Hoooo; Heeeee Haaaaw.

Rana said...

Re:Gen.SF's joker comment,

//The Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka promised to look into the matter and conveyed regrets should any such comment have been made,” a spokesperson of the Indian High Commissioner said on the conversation between the High Commissioner and the Sri Lanka Defence Secretary//

So, position is weakened, I think SF should concentrate on war leaving politics to the govt.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

I had to reply to the latest Narcissist on the blog before commenting on DW's article boyz. Sorry about that. Entertainment comes before ummm... more entertainment.

Thankyou DW about the "mould" revelation.

And thank you LTTE coolies for doing the preliminary research on behalf of SLDF. We appreciate your service in helping us build the most efficient armed force in the World right under the nose of the Big Bully (wink wink).

Heeeee Haaaaw (hope BURU(aya) can understand that).

Hey Pansilu,

Analyse that!

Rana said...

Ado Mayil,



wijayapala said...

Ananda-USA wrote:

"While a high-tech component is needed to confront conventional forces in the modern age, the most pressing future problem in Sri Lanka will be to prevent the re-emgergence of an internal insurgency, where small groups of terrorists can destabilize the country. We have already had an object lesson in how that was done in Sri Lanka, using a combination of terrorist and political strategies, against a numerically small ill-equipped SL Army.

Here is how David Blacker answered this point awhile ago:

"Sam & Golden, saying if we had 150,000 troops in '81 things would be different is inaccurate. In '81 we had more than enough troops to deal with the situ. The separatists were just a few hundred shotgun-carrying teenies on bicycles. We just handle it badly. If we'd had 150,000 troops, we would have handled it just as badly because the brains in the leadership would've been the same."

With the destruction of the LTTE, the SLA (~200,000 strong) and home guards will have to be sustained for a few more years at around their current strength to pacify the N-E, dismantle the LTTE's infrastructure, and prevent it from making a comeback. We probably won't have the resources to sustain a force of even that size for a longer time without taking away funds earmarked for reconstruction and development.

By that point, whatever is left of the LTTE would have a long way to go to become a threat again. That is why a SLA of 50,000 would be sufficient to meet it, assuming we have proper leadership that doesn't make the same mistakes as in the early 1980s.

The main threat to SL by then will have to come from outside. That is where the need to develop the SLN and SLAF, as opposed to maintaining an overly-large SLA comes in.

The SLA does not necessarily have to be high-tech. It should however be well-trained. It will be easier to maintain high standards in a small force than in a large one. The US Marine Corps motto, "The few, the proud, the Marines," is relevant.

Wrt the lessons of Iraq: it is important to note that the US never planned on maintaining a large force there indefinitely. That is the key difference between the Iraq example and Sri Lanka.

Wrt lessons of Vietnam: the consensus of military historians believe that the war was unwinnable. Fortunately for us the LTTE is not the Vietnamese Communists and we are not distant Western colonial powers.

"All of these requirements dictate the need to have a very large SLA, having a high-tech capability against conventional enemies, a large omnipresent low-tech capability against internal insurgencies based on a comined SLA-National Guard, and high-tech naval and air forces, and a coast guard, to protect the borders of the country."

You won't be able to have all of the above- you'll have to prioritize. I choose small-to-mid-sized but well-trained SLA and a large, multi-ethnic (or at least multi-lingual) police force. Building a high-tech SLAF and SLN will take time and more importantly will require a much higher technological/industrial base than we currently have.

"The ultimate goal, should be to create an ethnically homogeneous population throughout the country, one that thinks and acts as one people."

This idea will have to be flushed out, since it doesn't make sense in the current form.

"There are many ways by which the SLDA can be set up as an economic asset to the country instead of an economic burden."

That is not possible while maintaining an overly large organization. In fact there is no example of a developing country which had used its military to drive development successfully. On the other hand there are plenty of examples of militarized economies which have sucked nations dry, such as Pakistan and Burma.

If you want a 1st-class military, economic development must drive military development, NOT the other way around.

hemantha said...

Before 2005 when things were being royally fucked up for 15-20 years where were those advisors?
Now after SF turned around everything advisors are being born in bunches.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe: wow!

----> STD
\_____ PP CD > BM of a HSS
-----> N

Ha ha …thanks for the illustration!

Collective Dumbness, This is my biggest achievement in my entire Academic/re-search/oncology/gynecology Life! Ha ha ha

I might nominate my self for Nobel Price next year! Lol wining money will send to Peelam fight!

MayilRavana, “Psychology Diploma from a corn-falkes packet” Good one!
and he found a Pokeman sticker too!

hemantha said...

I agree with Last_Mile. You must be an LTTE bitch. Yes, your sinhala is incredible.
From the day one you came here you were dividing people.
You are the monkey who started elite-non-elite arguments few months back.

This is not the first time you talked against SF.

Rana said...


I write what I think is correct, like you. If you don't like my writing, ignore it.

I am not prepared take any body as perfect or greater becuase they excel in the war against terror.

I can't be blind like that.

Rana said...


Sarath's brother Sisira Fonseka (electrical engineer) is a very good friend of mine and we worked together in CEB. I am not against SF, I appreciate his efforts in war but to make a controversial political statements is not good for army commander.

That is what I thought when Gotabhaya was placed in a difficult position with Indian high Commissioner.

priyashantha said...

Wesaballa or Wijayapala,

You showed that you still hold the ethnic superiority view of Tamil Nadu. You are a super racist.

"The ultimate goal, should be to create an ethnically homogeneous population throughout the country, one that thinks and acts as one people."

This is what our Sri Lanka needs.

You responded.

This idea will have to be flushed out, since it doesn't make sense in the current form.

Racism at its finest from Wijayapala. Listen you mother focker. This problem came because of rascals like you. All Sri Lankans are same, with homogeneous citizens rights. Don't create divisions based on your 'superior Tamil' mentality. If you can't live like an ordinary Sri Lankan just fock off from here and go eat shit in Tamil Nadu. Para sakkili haeththa!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Pissu Pansilu, let me finish u with a lecture in Human Behavior Pattern.

Human Behavour Pattern by Prof: AmmaGahai Phd: Down the road Pub University

I don’t have a Phd but I interact with Human a lot (and some time with monkeys too lol).

U may have a Phd (from a CornFlake pack) but ur a lonely fcuker. U have no idea about Human Behavior Patterns, because u r a fake and a fairdinkum tosser.

Humans are animals and we still have our animal instincts and we hunt and fight as a pack (unless cornered by a pack back to the wall).

U, for ur dumbness, ignorance and sheer stupidity and lack of respect and knowledge in Human Behavior Pattern took the bait and attack a pack thinking ur the man! Or SunGoat!

What happened? Ur were tracked, hunted and cornered and attacked by a pack of human with animal instincts.

Now, that is the Human Behavior ! and this pattern will continue to the eternity! Now that’s the truth!

If u want to study how human behave in different circumstance, then go out of ur lonely cave and interact with them or come out with me for a beer! But make sure to talk sensibly when ur in the pub! Because, there are lot of drunk “animals with human instincts” (yes… lol) in the pub! : ))

CASC said...


General SF's comments were perhaps not very diplomatic in that he called a spade a spade. The problem is with the Indian establishment that treats some of the smaller neighboring countries with a colonial mentality. The Rajapakse Government has dealt with these types of issues very skillfully in the past, and I am sure this issue will disappear soon.

See article below about another bogus dispute that Indian diplomats are trying to create with Bangladesh.

Agence France-Presse
Dhaka, December 10, 2008
First Published: 16:19 IST(10/12

India fumes at duplicate Bangladeshi Taj Mahal

India's embassy in Bangladesh on Wednesday voiced its displeasure over a life-size copy of the Taj Mahal, saying it would investigate to see if any copyright laws had been breached.

"You can't just go and copy historical monuments," fumed a spokesman at the Indian High Commission in Dhaka.

"Someone will go out there and have a look. The reports we are reading say it is an exact replica. This is a protected site we are talking about so we need to find out if it really is the exact size," he told AFP.

Bangladeshi film director Ahsanullah Moni unveiled his $ 58 million replica, located about 30 kilometres (20 miles) northeast of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, this week.

Moni began building it five years ago but came up with the idea in 1980 when he first visited the real "Monument to Love" in Agra, India.

He imported marble and granite from Italy, diamonds from Belgium and used 160 kilos (350 pounds) of bronze for the dome.

"Everyone dreams about seeing the Taj Mahal but very few Bangladeshis can make the trip because it's too expensive for them," he said.

The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth in 1631.

Saman said...


DW new post,

23 soldiers were killed and 56 others injured in fierce fights along the LTTE's heavily defended and well fortified earth bund and bunker line 4kms west of Kilinochchi in the general area Thirumurikandi yesterday. 12 bodies of Sri Lanka Army soldiers fell into the hands of the LTTE.

Casualties to the Tigers, according to monitored radio communications was 19 killed and an unknown number injured. The Tigers opened fire using GPMGs (12.7mm, 14.2mm) and HMGs (23mm and 30mm) at advancing small teams of soldiers from the 57 Division from well defended positions.

Meanwhile a new earth bund is under construction from Mullayawali to Puthukuriirippu to hold off the 59 Division from the strategic Mullaitivu town.
posted by Defencewire at 8:29 AM on Dec 11, 2008

hemantha said...

I was always in doubt of where your heart is. It is not an excuse for using bad language since I am still not sure about it. If you are on this side then I apologize for using band language against you.

(But you went against Last_Mile with no good reason too)

Rana said...


I agree, However, this point of time stiring already boiling tamil naadu is not good. It put Indian centre in a bad wicket and they can make things difficult for us.

Rana said...


I know, mate, I had a bad day. From early morning after seeing those pictures from TN, My mind was really upset. Then last_mile posted the link and without knowing, I cliked it to see those pics again, got angry with him for posting, then I read his another post as a inter ference to my conversation with real.

That is why I said this is a bad day in office.

You may still be not sure about me. but I am sure about you, brother.

Take it easy time is the best healer. I will deal with last-mile tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Rana was subjected to attacks from me, SamP and AmmaGG from his very first few posts. And later he said he was drunk.. May be now too ha ha

Last mile posted a tamiznut link. Its not a big deal. Anyway every one, can we avoid these 'pissu fights' please?

wijayapala said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

AGG, Rana


Huk Huk Huk

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

some SLN crafts at the boatshow2008...
there are some closeups of a IPC water jet and 2 arrow boats fully loaded with weapons including grenade launchers

Ananda-USA said...

My post at

Data culled from a article.

1. 1947 - Mohammed Ali Jinnah refuses to help Naicker create a Dravidasthan
2. 1955 - Hindi became the National (official) language of India; DMK rejects Hindi as unifying language
3. 1956 - States reorganized on language basis; Naicker abandons Dravidasthan goal for a smaller Tamilnadu separatism goal
4. 1957 - Tamilnadu election - Independence demanded
5. 1962 - DMK Election manifesto with Dravidasthan Socialist Federation goal and Independence demand
6. 1962 - Kamraj changes the state name from Madras to Tamilnadu; wanted Madurai (Pandyan capital) as state capital.
7. 1963 - Separatism proscribed from Indian politics by Nehru; Tamil separatists relocate to Jaffna, Sri Lanka
8. 1968 - Independent Tamilnadu national flag hpoisted at student strike.
9. 1978 - Separatists return to India, which backs SL separatists, after Indira Gandhi- SL President Jayawardena disagree
10. 1985 - Tamilnadu Liberation Army (TNLA); TN Retrieval Troops (TNRT), and Thamizhaka Makkal Viduthalai Padai (TMVP) formed.
11. 1985 - Rajiv unsuccessfully requests Perunchiththiranar to stop Independent Tamilnadu movement
12. 1991 - Rajiv Gandhi killed by LTTE suicide bomber
13. 2000 - "She needs to be lucky every time, but we need to be lucky only once!" boasts Vaiko re attack on SL Pres. Kumaratunga
14. 2002 - Vaiko and Nedumaran arrested by Jayalalitha under Prevention of Terrorism Act for making pro-LTTE speech.
15. 2006 - Balakumaran, Prabhakaran advisor, declares "We are helping Tamilnadu to achieve self-rule"
16. 2006 - World Confed. of Tamils ( "There is no state without a Tamil, but there is no state for the Tamils"

Peter said...

One mile from Killinochchi?

WAATS said...

One mile or thousand miles away Sinhalese will always rule Sri Lanka. That is a Historical FACT...

Other than a couple of dacades of tamil rule in north and east can you point out any time in History where you can produly say you ruled Sinhalese....

I am sorry to say tamils are meant/made to collect Garbage around the world. Examples: - Tamil nadu, Malaysia,Indonesia, Europe ,Canada list is endless...

You will never acheive anything from this..... FOOLS

TropicalStorm said...

If only Gen. Fonseka would keep his finger on the trigger, dick in his pants and mouth shut, he'd not only do this country a great service, but may even have a political career later.

He has a habit of missing out on the little details.

TropicalStorm said...

SL Navy builders should try to market the indegenous 'Arrow' and the FGB type boats to the Indian coast guard.

TropicalStorm said...


Wanni Tamils were known to be clever boat builders, who for many years practiced smuggling as a domestic industry. These talents did come into play in the initial stages when the LTTE depended on domestic expertese to provide them crafts capable of taking on the slower, obsolete SLN crafts. These succeeded, and the next generation of boats acquired by the SLN from Israel beat them in the late 1980's.
It was then that the LTTE captured 5 water-jet type boats from the SLN in a cool operation without firing a single shot, and used the technology to build their next generation of boats. These boats such as the 'Muraj' became a major threat to the Navy's FSGs, and Navy casualties started to mount.

Around that time the research work began to build boats capable of dealing with these crafts and led to numerous innovations to imported as well locally built craft. The Colombo Dock Yard built a few really good very Fast gun boats which even out perform the Israeli Dvoras.

The new 'Arrow' seems to derive its stability from the deeper fore-hull to length ratio, which may provide greater stability at high speed, leading to gun accuracy. Without a doubt, they seem to have built a winner.

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