Sunday, December 14, 2008

The real Tamil Eelam as experienced by Tamils in LTTE areas

Pro-LTTE websites are running the LTTE's desperate propaganda campaign to the maximum. The most recent and blatant of lies was the so-called killing of 120 SLA and driving them back to a place some Tiger sites identified as 'Malayalapuram'. We received many emails and comments asking us about this so-called fight that took place west of Kilinochchi. These reports are completely false.

SLA lost 23 soldiers in the fight to capture a bund at Thirumurikandi. 12 bodies fell into the hands of the Tigers. 56 soldiers were injured. This was the most recent 'victory' the LTTE had scored in recent times. Despite this, they lost the bund and Thirumurikandi to the 57.

But the LTTE propaganda went into high gear. But the facts cannot be concealed for too long with lies. If 120 soldiers were killed the LTTE should have captured 30-40 bodies given the nature of the bund and terrain like in Muhamalai 2007-08. But they had pictures of only 10-12 soldiers.

LTTE even claimed reinforcements were brought from the East when in fact SLA platoons are being re-deployed to the East from other areas. In fact an entire Squadron of Commandos were sent to Trincomalee recently to counter LTTE insurgents and guerrillas.

A team of crack Commandos from this squadron recently attacked an LTTE hideout in the Kanjikudiaaru Jungle killing 5 LTTE cadres and injuring another 7. This hideout was 600m away from the STF camp in Kanjikudiaaru. The STF leadership had nothing to say about the incident as their incompetence was exposed yet again.

Meanwhile large numbers of civilians hiding inside jungles between LTTE areas and SLA forward operating areas has slowed the pace of the ongoing operations. 33 civilians, mostly youth, were discovered and returned to government areas today from northwest of Oddusudan.

The LTTE does not have enough manpower to search these jungles. The SLA too is encountering them in their operations. This has slowed their pace down and in mahy cases, limited the use of heavy firepower.

The youth who were discovered today were malnourished and had very bad bruises on their skin and also body odors from living inside the jungle for weeks. There, inside the Muthiyankaddu jungle for example, 500-600 civilians, mostly Tamil youth, are in hiding from the LTTE.

These civilians have escaped their homes and have fled from LTTE round-up operations to push them into IDP camps. These camps are now the LTTE's sole means of abducting and forcible recruiting men, women and children into its fighting units as SLA attacks claim the lives of 20-30 cadres a day from the organization.

As youths escape these settlements and camps, the Tigers have now started recruiting men and women in their forties. This is the state of Tamil Eelam today.


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Unknown said...

DW thank you .

Have the rains stopped or are they still an obstacle for progress ?

Defencewire said...

Rains have mostly stopped

Rajaliya said...

Thanks DW!
Any comments about the news on TamilNut.
"Fein: Genocide charges against Sri Lanka officials ready"

Puran Appu said...

Thanks DefenceWire.

Defencewire said...

These people don't even know the meaning of Genocide. Genocide means to kill a whole people. Nothing of that sort has happened in SL.

tata said...

Fein: ...the teachings of Dharmapala...

Who is this Dharmapala? Is he someone like Siripala (from the jokes series)?

We need not take this 400 page document seriously.

Afterall, it's not meant for us. It's only meant for the die-ass-pora to get motivated to contribute more.

Sithsala said...

patriots that go after Asithri,

You are not doing any service to our motherland by trying to prove how filthy or what not he is. Colorful language is needed at times to castrate those that deserve it. Friendly fire is unavoidable if you decide to poke your head out of the wrong place.

He is an unwavering patriotic son of mother Lanka. How do I know? Not because I know him, but because I've been reading him for quite a while , almost all comments by him. I'm sure there are other bloggers that know him (that read him lot more than I did) will agree with me. Consistency is the key to figure out who someone is.

He does not go after someone without a reason, and language is not used unless he is pushed to that.

He had been fighting enemies of mother Lanka - of the entire spectrum as I see - for some time, probably much more than you and me. And I'm sure he had seen the subtle ways our enemies use to finish us with 100 cuts.

This would be my one and only post re. this. As I see most people jump into conclusions too fast. Give it a rest and castrate the monkeys, who were missing BTW. Only three posts from peter ratna dildo and some from Wijayapala for the last 95 in previous thread.

Sithsala said...

puran appu,

cool profile pic...

Sithsala said...

bungu, thambala

trying SF@LNP might be a good idea about informing shit fein's farting report.

maybe someone with an account at LNP can help - Sam u here?

Annonymous said...


How active are we in communicating with the forced cadres? I'm sure they're the front liners at most places. Have we taken any extensive measures to communicate with them.

We can use traditional methods like leaflets, also break in to their communication channels. Also we can do a radio transmission in tamil using Kokavil.

We are supposed to convey several idea.

- There is no point of fighting you're loosing everywhere

- We will not harm you, in fact we will help you.

- Leave the front lines and come to us.

- Revolt against the suppressing leadership.

We have to do this since the IDP camps will provide endless supply of sacrificial goats and they will die to save the fleeing real tigers.

perein said...

Thank you for the latest update DW.
What's the latest closer to Iranamadu area please?

Brave1 said...

Dear Guys,

This is in DEFENCE of ASITHRI even though I know he doens't need this. when you look at his survival over every thing I know my two cents may not count much.

But any writing notes of appriciations behlf of our BRAVE HEARTS I beleive we need to defend our Key Board Warrior.

Honestly...for me...LTTE was a fact we had no answeres. When I was just 10 years old (that was about 28 years ago..oh much of LTTE effects on me) onwards I was interested on this....and

I dreamt of only one DREAM suppressing these Tamil Speratism...finishing it of...and every victory in the battle front was sweet...and every was devastating....and till MR, GR and SF combination came about we had heros but no future... we were like an animal waiting with tummy up...waiting for the TIGER to jump....and we were only doing things to placate delay it...

In spite of these...I beleive there were this group of Sri Lankans who pationately beleived...about our independece...our...souvernity...our...proud history...and this crowd...number went up with every victory...number went down with each defeat...but there was this never..never gave it up...... today the number of pariots are.....many...many...I'm happy mean we are proud of what we are....this is exactly what I beleive SL needs to be strong..successful to protect its souvernity...

Please beleive me...this core group is a bunch of extremly pationate individuals.....who beleived about SL..and had no...whatsoever doubt about SL....and I think if not for them...MR would not be here...if not for them Mavil Aru would not have happened...these guys who has nothing to with our defence establishments.....gave..the spirits to our Brave Hearts...they....carried the flame till most oppurtune moment arrives....was involved with paving the way....

...and...GUYS for this core group...ensuring the complete only dream...and...sole dream....and one who try to dilute the victory is an enemy...we need an absolute vicotry...

And...for my long history of being involved in this I must say...there was only very very few far as I could remember who were...battling in ALL keep this...dream alive...and one of them is our AOA Asithri.....he is like one of our crack commnado....for him only defence is attack...and talk about when he want to attack...and he had fought in these forums when every one thought this is a lost cause...when every one thought we'll be blown to dust by LTTE....

So guys...for all othose who...have woken up...recently...and who has to talk about our rights...our destinity...ASITHRI is a one of the few who had lead the path....lead the pack

And I for one...respect ASITHRI and welcome his...comments....and love it....

TO..end this...I must remind you guys one early 80's or late 70's there was parlimentary debate about LTTE...and in that was mentioned that Mrs Amirthalingam as saying..."we should kill Sinhalese, We should make shoes out of their skin". If you doubt my claim this in the Hanzard and there is book called "KAVUDHA KOTIYA?"...about this debate...

I beleive Asithri never said any thing like that...for him...only LTTE MF are...the ones who are not palatable....and any one who supports them directly and inderectly...and I am also with Asithri...on that...till the dust is cleared....and...the BLOOD MONEY is compromise...

Guys be good....I'm thinking of how to do the celebration! It is time to start thinking of the it also....

Sri Lanka is a proud nation... a nation full of proud

Buster said...

Eelamists have bottled themselves and seeking venues to explore to avoid direct humiliation and defeat after decades of lies.Hence Eelam entertainent from Tamil Media and forcing civilians to man the front lines unwillingly is some of the tactics that would be deployed by rejects...:-)

Sithsala said...


We have so many to fight false propaganda these days, but how many were there to do it before these victories?

Brave1 said...


You are spot on....

Recent day...I was telling to one of my friends about a parriotic commnet made by one...then he remind me..very point blank...exactly the same thing

Macho...remember DARK DAYS fo 1994...when then governmnt was going after Amry and caling name at themmm.... tell me who were there to defend our army... I am proud to say I did my part those times...

We were proud of our mother-land...and I damn proud

සිසිර කුමාර said...

thambala, sithsala, last_mile and all patriots,

Big shots have been alerted re. Bruise Pain farting.

They are evaluating the potential threat of this.

Thanks eveyone!

Renegade! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renegade! said...

The STF leadership had nothing to say about the incident as their incompetence was exposed yet again.


How can u say the STF is incompetent?.it is they who have shown their vast superiority over the enemy in the east,not the SLA..They are,in my opinion equal to the German GSG-9 Police commando or the Russian Spetznaz.

Raves said...

Its not even worth it giving a wink to Fein. He is not any part of any government organisations. So dont need to get our big shots to get involved with him at all. All he needs is exposure and make others go haa hoo over his farts as some have called.

So far Kohona et al have played ball well when it comes to fein. So did Subramaniam Swamy by not going for the debate. I mean whose Fein to go one to one with established government officials or politicians.

If one is really craving for a head on challenge with Fein we should send someone like SL Gunasekara who holds no position in the current government.

Brave1 said...

CD... I see...

There are other guys...too...

SL is one of those core group....and there are others...
we could send whole plane load... my celebration mood...not tool early..definitly not!

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Disclaimer: I will not continue further discussions on this comment.

I have observed following features of Asithri,

- Never make racist remarks

- Always been against racism in any form (Sinhala/ Tamil)

- Goes after selected set of peelamists

- He has been here for a long time and was always making colorful comments. It never was a problem for most of us, until recently few found him too offensive.

I see no reason for patriots to go after him. After all this is the cyber war against next generation terrorists. Too little we can do with a key board. ;-)

Sithsala said...

Wasn't there some non-SL guy (American?) keeping tab on shit fein???

I remember reading an article some time back.

Raves said...


[ I see...

There are other guys...too...

SL is one of those core group....and there are others...
we could send whole plane load... my celebration mood...not tool early..definitly not!]

Im not getting this at all? Can you rephrase it please?

Unknown said...

Sithsala Brave 1

patriotism is not writing a bunch of filth in the cyberworld . If that is the kind of patriotism that is needed why not ask the JVP to run the country .

I dont know if this bastard has even shed one drop of blood for the country other than be a keyboard bastard . Dont know how many of has family has served other than for the JVP .

He threatens people he does not know over the other side of a keyboard . This is the type of intolerance that ruins a country . If the military MR / GR are fighting this war to convert our country to burma this is the perfect type of bastard you need .Knowing the politics of MR I have no doubt that such is not the case .

I bet the bastard it a complete coward when it comes to real action .

anyway I dont have a inferiority complex like this keyboard filth generator has so I will not longer reply to the bastard .

Brave1 said...


You are very correct...(you cann't sense the acent I say this) no the commando we have on this forum...

..untill...some woke up from their slumber....and for them he is too

Believe this very same group...our forces...who would be returning from the battle after delivering what we wanted..will be too rough...too...un-civilized... ( of Vietnam veternas flashed accross me).....they'll turn the very same competencies they used to relise our dream...into issues...for not giving work..not giving jobs...not giving a proper place in the society


Any way we are a proud nation...full of heros...even the guy who had to fore-go his meal...becuase of high prices...and still smiled...knowing..our ultimate dream is a hero.

Raves said...


[I have observed following features of Asithri,

- Never make racist remarks

- Always been against racism in any form (Sinhala/ Tamil)

- Goes after selected set of peelamists]

Are you kidding me? Not racist? and against racism? and goes only against peelamists? And his language colorful?

Brave1 said...


I just wanted to remind you that there is a whole bunch of people..who deserve to answere the BF (can I pronouce it BEAF).

SL...I remeber coming to our 1994 to defend our add power to our voices

In the same-time....there are tohers too...please don;t forget...
we should be glad that they also stood...there ground...very very firm..and some of them ate quite quite responsible for the current status of afair...

Unknown said...

You people are funny - keyboard commandos . what a joke !! .

wonder what the real commandos think of yall ? They are probably laughing their backsides off !!

Brave1 said...


See you also...jumping up and down...and making abig mistake...

I'm not AOA...

I was someone who was watching u people going at AOA...and felt enough is enough...

Please...NOTE..your assumption is wrong...

Raves said...

Patriotism doesnt have to be the BULL IN A CHINA SHOP trying to castigate each and everyone who goes against the views as a traitor/sakkiliya/terrorist/or eelam supporter.

Patriots doesnt need to go down to the level of the donkeys. Its a very well known fact how the LTTE treats our soldiers once captured like what happened to Sergent Pathirana, but that hasnt made our soldiers go down to the level of the ltte.

In that sense Im so glad the GR/SF combo has brains. But yet, here we have some of our own residents who thinks they know better than 30+ year old veterans.

Brave1 said...


It is an anologue...

In a difficult sitatution....still getting at what you wanted...inspite of the oppositing...thats the commando spirit...and it is applicable to even the cyber...

Unknown said...

I have almost no doubt these are JVPers .

Fuckers . unfortunately they were not finished off . That will be the next job ..

Brave1 said...

sudden inlfux of people...who has the brain...who knows what is right..who knows how to text in this blog...

I have only one vision based on this...

There is a subtle movement to smother the the victory...and to...may be lead to a... possible second round...

Rewarding TAMIL a it will lead to another round down the line....and the start it self would be worse than the start of this round (Elam War 1).

So...please recall all the stages we have gone through...recall...and then check your position.

Brave1 said...

[Ali said...
Fuckers . unfortunately they were not finished off . That will be the next job ..]

I'm with you on that thought...but ensure u utlize the same set of words on LTTE MFs.

Thank you.

Brave1 said...


[Patriotism doesnt have to be the BULL IN A CHINA SHOP trying to castigate each and everyone who goes against the views as a traitor/sakkiliya/terrorist/or eelam supporter.]

Yeah there are different shades of patriots....for some RW is patriot...agree?

For me...the real patriot is the one who....stood by the country...what may who was ready to lay their life for it....

But...there are guys who come here act..patriots...and then say things undermining SL.....or say things....favoring LTTE MFs...then he is no patriot how ever loud he says so.

...and going at them is very fair!

Ra said...

OK. Now we have lost the focus of the blog.

Mission successful Wijeyapala ?

Raves said...


[say things....favoring LTTE MFs...then he is no patriot how ever loud he says so.]

Forget ranil, he is fast becoming a political discard.

Here's another way of favoring ltte, by being blind and looking away of our own faults that still linger on. I think we all know the level of corruption prevailing in the country today. If this corruption wasnt in place, we might as well gone for the MIG29s last year. We might as well have had at least 2 more missile boats for our navy. Look at how much we've been losing with the hedging deal and the Mihin.

Thumping away on a keyboard and showing deragotary remarks against fellow citizens is exactly what the LTTE wants. It thrives on racism. it feeds on racism.

And mind you these blogs arent read onlt by us. The other day I saw a guy with a name bombjack talking of US special stuff. And we've got our own Mr. Bailey. So we'd better behave.

I dont mind an arguement, but in a proper way.

Brave1 said...

Correct strategy is the main reason that state troops are on a winning path in the war against terrorism, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said.

The failure in the past mainly due to lack of men and material been fulfilled now. Furthermore the battle against the LTTE had been continued without a break and this strategy had weakened the Tigers, he said.

"The war won’t last long and the LTTE is on the run" the Defence Secretary said.

-ISLAND online

Words of THE expert.... but didn't we knew it before..didn;t we allow.... people like MANGALA to demoralize our forces...allowed them to drive a wedge between us and our BRAVE HEARTS....stop recruitements....

...ALL that happned becuase we were told that PEACE was good...we were told fighting for our rights was not good....

When we are fighitng like nothing..putting our best effort on all fronts..fighting LTTE MFs and fighting HR MFs ...some one brainy...tlaks about WHITE VANS...and he then says he is a patriot...and then he needs explain his position...beucase those are traitors words..only.

Vajira said...

[How can u say the STF is incompetent?.it is they who have shown their vast superiority over the enemy in the east,]

Spot on mate! Although the current scenario should be investigated closely STF cannot be termed as "incompetent" in any stretch of the imagination. If so they would never be invited to assist foreign law enforcement agencies with planning major events to deal with possible terrorist threats. They were even involved with the Beijing Olympics security planning.
Even during the Eastern liberation their highly successful "Operation Niyathai Jaya" was the main contributor. Capturing bases such as Stanly Base, Janak Base,Jeewan Base and Diana Base cannot be undermined.

The worrying factor though is after the removal of DIG Nimal Lewke from the top seat the operational success rate usually associated with STF has been missing. Its high time for DIG Sarathchandra to roll up his sleeves.
Because Sri Lanka needs the STF to be in their usual best in the future!

Brave1 said...


I beleive you are in early twenties ...or please correct me...

NOW....what did u do when there were corruption charges against other rulers..or general...

.....and our sole agenda today is FREEDOM to our land...and we'll talk every thing esle afterwords...there is a time and moment of every thing.

Belive me...there is only one group who would be happy to see these..things right now...thats LTTE MFs....

And you want us to behave...please...I tell you... mind your business.... you amy not be good enough to tell me or others to behave in blog is a free place...and mostly patronized by able people who knows what is right and they don;t need your wise wisdom thoughts on behaving...

..and bahve becuase there are supperpowers looking at this... oh shit... man... we are going through this because all of them..and u want us to put a show are making even my slf annoyed.....

Mind..only a proper argument...u sound like LTTE...."we negotiate only under our coniditions" and who is going to decide on this nature of "properness"....

Brave1 said...


I have great regard for STF...but I have a worry...and distant feeling that they are not the same STF....I want me to be wornd on this...

But when u look at them...their equipment look old....they have strated to use T-56...

Their MP5s look worn-out...

STF is important as they are a unit of POLICE they are better suited to operate within civilina contextes....isn't it?

Bhairav said...

Assithiri da dumb fuk vs Rana da potato fight will stimulate the economy in DW by adding directly related jobs and the supporting jobs from the lobbyists who favor either one of the chena boys. The real winner will be DW aunty who will hardly care about what should be her next thread whether pilots of SLAF work only 9-5 shift or hollywood movie type of rescue missions from the deep down enemy lines, knows that it will take at least 500+ posts.

Anyways, we are anticipating this fight for days between these chena boys, finally we got the wish. Stay tuned for more cheap entertainment. Either one of them lack any knockout punches, so the ultimate decision will come down from the Sujeeva's so called expert review panel.

oh man, no day is boring here!

Sithsala said...


[The other day I saw a guy with a name bombjack talking of US special stuff]

How much do you know about bombjack, who did not post anymore than 3 comments. You want to believe he knows US special stuff? He can be a 15yr old jumping from blog to blog.

[our own Mr. Bailey]

our own??? man, you better keep your mind open.

re. corruption.
Can you name a country without corruption???

First things first. KILL ALL LTTP, MAKE HELL FOR THEIR FUND RAISERS AND PROPAGANDA MACHINE. We can handle other things in due time.

bystander said...

I think MOST of the ppl here are old enough to make up their own minds abt Asithri

Its pretty simple if you prefer a singular dictator like society where only one set of ideas are acceptable and alternative ideas are forcefully buried with force (well bullying and indecent language in the case of Asithiri) you should be honorary disciple of Astihiri mode of "thinking"

I read here a lot that Asithiri was carrying the fight almost handed in the past. fight what "fight" if anybody thinks replying to tiger supporters in internet blogs and sites is a fight they need to seriously get a hold of reality. keyboard commandos indeed! what a joke its a disrespect to the word commando.

What the hell has typing comments in internet blogs actually really achieved for the War fought by the Army! SL forces guys if they are reading these blogs must be laughing their guts out at our "keyboard warriors" and some of the theory's put up by the local "experts" here.

So all i say is take this in its context we are just writing comments on an internet blog no body should be put up on a pedestal and worshipped because he/she/they were typing comments in blogs for years. nobody has the right to tell other posters that there posts are accepted here or not except for the Blog admin.

This blog is sure interesting these days with a lot of alternative ideas coming out unlike follow the leader herd mentality that was evident here in earlier times.

Sithsala said...


be careful about your replies to renegade!

sometimes his motives were questionable, in the past.

Raves said...

[And you want us to behave...please...I tell you... mind your business.... you amy not be good enough to tell me or others to behave in]

LIkewise. I too have the right to express my views without harrassment.

This all began with the debate on whether the SLA should be downsized with the number of personnel wise and give the economy a boost. The resident experts didnt agree and voila a LTTE supporter is born.

Brave1 said...


Thanks for the thoughts...we can handle every thing afterwards....

...and after the round of celebrations....hehehehehe.

I for one don't live for others.....what a joke...we are fighting for our indepence...and someone us to debate isn this blog to please supperpowers...shit....and he is a patriot...

Raves said...

[re. corruption.
Can you name a country without corruption???]

dude, our own central bank posted some time back the country is losing thanks to corruption.

[Mr Bailey]

Well, yeah. he used to post here as well. But hell, I suppose he too was chased out.

Instead we have a bunch of nitiwits who thinks thumping away filth on a keyboard and chasing as much as fellow bloggers and eelam folk out of the blog is PATRIOTISM.

Pissuda? hatida?

bystander said...


"Can you name a country without corruption???"

Can you name a country in limited economic resources that is fighting a major war that has allocated 600million rupees in its budget to setting up a budget airline!

Raves said...

[You want to believe he knows US special stuff? He can be a 15yr old jumping from blog to blog.]

Well, yeah, at least the teeny post he put up made sense with the Indian mumbai fiasco.

So what should I make about you then? A similar 15 year old that worships someone who spits venomous scorn over anyone who doesnt agree with him?

Brave1 said...

Downsize SLA?

No...compromise..I am with you..if you are agaisnt downsizing..

:)... I love you for only for that.

I beleive we need to convert more of our brave heart into MI-Commndo...types... keep the a deternce to all the would be there would be no fools.

You like me for this?


bystander said...

Imagine what 600 million could do for disabled soldiers and their families.

Asithri said...

Bungu, Sithsala, Brave1

Greetings bros…thanks for the well-balanced, kind words…yes, see the kind of “5th column” undercover, surreptitious, anti-SL “thamileelamist” and "RW=thamileealmist” mother-doers (such as “green Ali-ya” “Constipated Derelict” “Wijayapala aka Wesaballa” etc.) who come here now…now that we are just about the bust the Tiger’s arse!

Yes, where were these motherfcukers with "helpful advice" on military matters (lol) when the going was tough for us? Oh yes, I forget, they were quite happy then!

Proves we need to be on guard…I for one, after seeing these stealthy MF’s in action, have now adopted a “zero tolerance” approach when I respond to one of their cunning, anti-SL posts!

Yes, at times “colorful” language it will be, especially when a traitorous Bitch dishes it out first to me!


OaO Asithri

Raves said...

[Can you name a country in limited economic resources that is fighting a major war that has allocated 600million rupees in its budget to setting up a budget airline!]

With that 600 million we could have bought those MIGs easily. Ok even if we dont need migs we could have built another Rana viru sevana. At the moment the number of beds available for rehab purposes hardly meets the requirement. Of course our resident 'patriots' dont care about such behind the scene stuff.

Sithsala said...

superpower mentality:

'Api mona balloda, americawe ballone ballo!!!'

brave1, nice talking...
celebrations, of course.
and there are many trying to downplay this victory, too...

i'm going to log off.

Raves said...

[Downsize SLA?

No...compromise..I am with you..if you are agaisnt downsizing..]

Downsizing personnel wise and not equipment wise. We can easily create a reserve force just like Israel making compulsory military training or cadet training to youth at a certain age.

The current expenditure of the SLA is mainly as wages and not for equipment and its maintenance. At least this is what Ive been told.

Raves said...

[Yes, where were these motherfcukers with "helpful advice" on military matters (lol) when the going was tough for us?]

So you show off your military prowess and know-how with filthy words?

Kadima hadiyawa...Ohoma yamu...

Brave1 said...


I beleive u have been a bystander for too long!

But I bleive u have seen the comments on all forms of blogs...right through must have seen the blog comments by LTTE MFs...

Do you think they do that for fun? and we are responding for nothing? What do u think we are? Do u think people who do bloging here has nothing else do?

We blog here becuase it counts.

For one example...ELAM WAR 4 was not started due to one single was started due to long list of activities which happned outside the battle feild...if that is the case our focus should not be only battle feild....

This is not a the...the battle near Mulativu or Killinochchi....this is fight to form support opionions..form ideas..and support ideas....and then again...u get people who had been doing this agisnt all odds....and then he is a COmmando in this form of the battle.....

...if you want to knwo form of should recall comments given in LTTE MFs... Those are quite colorful...

onecountry said...

Looks like there are many comments for and against use of some language against eelamists. This is my suggestion. Defencewire should delete or ban all eelamists from this thread. If defencewire is too busy, give someone the authority delete postings from eelamists. I have seen many times that they hijack this forum. That is my suggestion.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Dharmapala?? Isn't there a Dharmapala in Kopi Kade? BF must be referring to him.

Last_Mile: Couldn't agreed with you more, Wijayapala mission accomplished, he set out to divide the bloggers here and he succeeded.

Brave1 said...


Who allocated the 600 million...MR's gov...right?

And you are jumping up and down on that....

tell me why you r silent on other corruptions...sellingof Insurance corp...selling of CPC assets for form CPSTL and IOC...and...there ra enough...and more..examples..

and then again why did u select it becuase u have a short term memory...or...u like MR tool much?

I for one don;t like corruption since it reduces the efficieny of the country... but for that craving has takne a backseat... there is only one craving..thats is to liberate this land from cructches of LTTE Mfs...

And till that moment...we'll talk Fucking LTTE MFs...nothign else.. nothing to weaken this gov which is taking us to our dream of liberated..SL...

..and Ibeleive knowing the straight bat MR & GR has used for the war...I bleive they'll be going after corruption... parliment number are not favoring such regorous process.

So..get the things done through the team...and then..lets fight corruption.

Unknown said...

Verbal commandos .

That is a nice new term ! Please dont make this a comedy forum . I am here to find out unbiased news when I have free time . Not to look at verbal ponnayas .

You donkeys think it was your keyboard worriering that got MR GR SF to start this war you have another thing coming .

LMAO .. Bye bye verbal commandos . hope you have put on your camouflage before you log onto the site .. Hik hik hikz ..

Jet said...


good job defencewire

working hard spreading propaganda

keep posting

these jokes are very good for the keyboard heroes

onecountry said...


Bro.. I know you all the way from LNP and admire what you do against the eelamists on this forum.

Onecountry (not two)

Jet said...

An important reality has emerged from more than one year of fighting in the Wanni. That is the fact that the guerrillas have been able to so far, despite the shrinking terrain they hold, offer heavy resistance to the troops. To do so, it is no secret, that their supply lines through the high seas still remain intact. That is how they are able to replenish stocks to direct artillery and mortar fire at troops. This is how they are able to obtain ammunition for their assault rifles, machine guns and explosives for their improvised devices. Therefore it is not an over estimation to say the guerrilla threat still remains. They have lost large tracts of land but are yet to lose their military capability fully.

Asithri said...

See how the monkeys are advising on what to do AFTER THE WAR when we have not even finished the war!

Premature "Downsizing the SLA" is of course one of their primary goals - so the the next "thamileelam" insurgency can take root and ruin our motherland again!

Hey Constipated Derelict, you speak like someone who has "Downsized" his dick! I see your pains about "SL economy" while the war is still being! How very typical of a RW-UNP="thamileelamist" MF!!!


OaO Asithri

Brave1 said...


U may be right..but how can I be a bystander when someone who had been a backbone of the pro-SL stance gets attacked...

Jet said...

On Sunday December 7, the security forces were within "kissing distance" of the outer defence lines Kilinochchi, announced the defence spokesman. On Monday, December 8, it became "Troops in Kilinochchi are targeting the town and they are in the vicinity of the town." However, by December 9 it seems the security forces' strategic focus had shifted from Kilinochchi to Mullaitivu according to the defence ministry. This contradicts what the army commander Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka said in his Sunday Observer interview on the same day; he said "after capturing Kilinochchi the security forces will definitely capture Mullaithivu...

In military parlance, this kind of shift in 24 hours takes place only in tactical rather than strategic focus. Somebody is not getting the terminology right or the army is facing major problems in turning the "kiss" into reality in Kilinochchi. Its two pronged offensive on Kilinochchi by Task Force-I from the west and by 57 Division from the southwest was reported facing very heavy LTTE resistance. Could this have compelled them a change in the security forces' strategy? The defence spokesman had acknowledged this at least on the Task Force-I front. In the Muhamalai sector also there appear to be no substantial progress in spite of 53 Division's claims of having captured 800 m long and 8 km wide line of defences there. All these bits put together would indicate stalling of offensive.

After the capture of Pooneryn on November 15, crossing Akkarayankulam bund on October 31, and capture of Mankulam on November 17, it is a month. Evidently since then, momentum of advance has been stalled due to adverse weather on a few days, and stiff LTTE resistance that had been progressively increasing. This would contradict repeated Sri Lankan assertion that the LTTE was on the run. If this is not so, what is holding up the troops?

Jet said...



Guys the total number of SLA KIA is 50+ (this includes casualties incurred from yesterday's fighting as well).




SLA lost 23 soldiers


Unknown said...

Asthri JVP bastard .

Go fuck your self mother fucking jvp whore bastard . .

may be you dont even have a real dick you retarded mother fucker that is why you jack your self in front of you mother fucking sweetie the CAR . what a retarded fucker .

Ponna verbal commando - do you put war paint on your cunt too .

Ra said...

Talks on downsizing can result in lowered morale among soldiers.

It is as same as what Wijeyepala has done to this community.

Right now there is no plan to downsize anything but Veza's dick peelam.

obama said...

Down sizing SLA army
Need of the hour is to make SLA more efficient. We still go by the British system with regards to administration. Lot of money and time is wasted on unneccssary administrative work. Millions of letters are typed for even simple things that can be done by a simple phone call.
Morale is high among the troupes. But if you speak to them at the ground level they are have a deep sene of insecutrity regarding what happenes if something happenes to them. This is an area army is very weak.
Even in The british army there is very high rate of retirement for many reasons mainly medical and disruption of family life, lack of adequate compensation in the event of injury.
Anybody have a slightest idea how long it takes for a poor mother of a soldier to get some compensation or the pension of a dead soldiers. How many visits they have to make to meet officials, and beg to them? Years! If they are misiing in action, nothing happenes.
This feeling insecurity is present not only among soldiers but even among high rankers including Major Generals!

Jet said...

SLN troops assault fishermen, confiscate fishing pass in Jaffna lagoon

Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) patrol troops from Oorkaavatturai (Kayts) assaulted more than 135 fishermen Friday and Saturday while they were fishing in Jaffna lagoon and confiscated their fishing 'pass' issued by the Sri Lankan military authorities, according to complaints made by them to fisheries societies. The SLN troops in their patrol boats attacked the fishermen with rifle butts and batons and sent them back to the shore, fishermen who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retribution said.

The fishermen attacked are from Paasaiyoor, Kurunakar and Kozhumpuththu'rai areas who had gone fishing in more than 75 boats.

SLA had issued fishing pass to them to fish from 6:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m daily using outboard motors on their boats for an unlimited distance from Jaffna shore up to Poonakari waters.

SLA had permitted day time fishing in Jaffna lagoon following the capture of Poonakari by the SLA.

The fishermen have appealed to their respective fisheries societies to help get back their fishing passes.

This indiscriminate attack by the SLN on fishermen who were allowed by the SLA to fish has caused discontent and anguish among the fishermen.

Brave1 said...


U have forgoten about CFA...did u?

U believe LTTE was running a cruiser operation out of Mulativu?

...U bleive all those Cement sent to N+E was for Housing?

U think LTTE will not use that occassion to stockpile weapon? to buil excelent under ground bunkers to store them?

If they are still using sea born supply runs we'll be seing weapons and ammunition of differnet kinds.

Or else u were trying to tell us that all the defence matter we have been discussing had been onlt fiction?

bystander said...

"I beleive u have been a bystander for too long!"

Agreed! no arguments here since i am not part of Army,navy,Air Force or Police

"Do u think people who do bloging here has nothing else do?"


"We blog here becuase it counts"

Really where?

"For one example...ELAM WAR 4 was not started due to one single was started due to long list of activities which happned outside the battle feild...if that is the case our focus should not be only battle feild...."

I fail to see how this is an example or connected to us blogging here

"This is not a the...the battle near Mulativu or Killinochchi."

My thoughts exactly no bunkering down in water logged bunkers in waterlogged clothes and boots or knowing when a hot meal can be enjoyed next and guarding against an actual enemy (no keyboard warriors there) coming to kill you

"this is fight to form support opionions..form ideas..and support ideas...."

Oh i didnt know majority of the Sri lankan voting public read internet blogs and understood the lucid points made by ppl like Asithiri and decided to vote for Mahinda Rajapakshea as opposed to Ranil Wickramasinghe at the last presidential elections! My apologies if this is the case

"and then again...u get people who had been doing this agisnt all odds...."

What odds? finding an internet connection and knowing the choicest sinhala "kunuharupa"?

"and then he is a COmmando in this form of the battle...."

well i'll have to quote Asithiri on this one LMSSAO!

and then he is a COmmando in this form of the battle....."

Asithri said...

Ali-ya (“green thamileelamist”)

[I have almost no doubt these are JVPers . Fuckers . unfortunately they were not finished off . That will be the next job ..]

Aha, I see your pain. It was the JVP votes in parliament that crashed your RW GOSL in 2004 – just at the verge of RW Ponnaya getting ready to give the LTTE the “thamileelam” aka “ISGA”…ouch! I bet that hurt!

Hey more bad news for you MF, fyi, today a section of the JVP is with MR GOSL…yes, the “Weerawansa Clan” and they are 200% with Gota/SF to eradicated ALL anti-motherlanka elements…including traitorous whores like you!


OaO Asithri

Jet said...

Western province Police high official involvement in abductions disclosed

A high police official of Western province, involved in abduction and shady deals were disclosed.Police arrested police official who was responsible for the special police activities in the Western province along with three others.
They had been arrested on the allegation of having connection with the Tamil Eelam Liberation tigers. According to Terrorism Detention Unit, the police officials had been threatening the businessmen in Colombo for large amount of money.

Further the said police official was involved in car theft, and had dispatched robbed vehicles to the liberation tigers, controlled areas, was stated by police media spokesman Ranjith Gunasekara.

Brave1 said...


Beleive me pal...why do u have to placate Wijeypala... dodn;t talk about him/her

Brave1 said...


My are not using your choiciest words on LTTE Mfs...why?

Ra said...

Brave1, yes mate

Jet said...

Asithri is Moshe Dyan's gay friend

Brave1 said...


Somawanse, Herath and every JVP are PONNAYas...

...and I am happy..I have atleast one thing common with...u...

But thats not a big issue..right now...and u r...a traitor..since u r only bringing this up...and drawing the attention to somewhere else.

Asithri said...

I won! I love it!

I got this Ali-ya ("green thamileelamist") to NOT let go of OaOA!!!

Come to poppa whore-bitch...have you started "bleeding" once again? Told you to go easy on your nightly "for rent" activities ...did I not?


OaO Asithri

Brave1 said...


Not good enough...
u r anti LTTE punches are not as strong as your anti JVP punches...


bystander said...


"tell me why you r silent on other corruptions...sellingof Insurance corp...selling of CPC assets for form CPSTL and IOC...and...there ra enough...and more..examples.."

I am silent on this i was responding to your reply with regard to constantin bringing up corruption of the present regime. so arguments/responses has to to be connected to each as other wise there is no coherency to our comments to each other.

By the way corruption is corruption dosent matter if it is done by MR or RW

"and then again why did u select it becuase u have a short term memory"

I selected mihin because it is the most simple example any dimwitted idiot could understand okay for you i will make try to make this more simple.

* Sl fighting war
* everybody including you saying that should be the priority even overlooking other problems
* why waste 600 million on an airline when SL alread has an airline run by it. when even other established airlines are fighting it tough to make ends meet.

I hope you understood this i can make this more simpler!

"...or...u like MR tool much?"

I think we can all figure out who loves MR's tool from brave1's and my postings

Asithri said...


[Asithri is Moshe Dyan's gay friend]

Hey "thamileelam" whore-bitch...are you also here to offer your fly-ridden mother as sacrifice to be "utterly violated" by this humble OaOA Chingalaya?

I really must tell you whore-bitch "no thank you" and that I will take a pass...already there are too many undercover "thamileelam" monkeys here who made that offer to me today and I am trying to decide whether I should bypass them all and instead just settle for a field cow which might be a better bet!


:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Brave1 said...


""...or...u like MR tool much?"" is a typo...sorry..sorry..mate... I know neither you nor MR would like that commnent. :)

Corruption is a corruption..but if u want to discuss that this may not the right BLOG...this BLOG is to discuss the DEfence Matters.

Corruption is a nice topic.... chandrika used to stiffele development...and now u can use it to tople governments...and hence avoid it.

MathaMathica said...

bystander ,

What the hell has typing comments in internet blogs actually really achieved for the War fought by the Army!

You see, the SLA cant sustain war without the support of the SL population and the global community. It is extremely important to be convince and also convince others that LTTE ideology and the diaspora propaganda/fund raising are the most lethal dangers for the Sri Lankans.

What Asithri and many others are doing is to contribute in that direction. They might also be doing much more than just writing…

I’m really surprised to see how the people who belong to UNP can collaborate with LTTE to beat the present government.

It happened that the UNP was the party of the capitalists. But today, most patriotic capitalists find SLFP policies are more apt to defend National interest than 100% open market policy practised by JR which led us nowhere. ( Be reminded that USA & UK the most orthodox capitalist are now nationalising the banks in crisis!)

I wish that our people will put the interest of the Nation before anything else.

Also, the capitalist class and the managerial folks having UNP sympathies do a grave error if they were to sabotage the Govt on the economic front.

MR was able to reorganise the SLDFs to make it a winner. It is also his responsibility to find suitable persons to run the economy though it is far more difficult a task because of the hurdles created by these technocrats/business divided on party lines.

One good thing that the Korean military regime was able to do was to mobalise all the National intellectual resources to bring the country to the level it is today. In Thailand, the military is closely associated in determining the destiny of the country.

Anyway, MR has to assure that at least the new Mihin Air will be making profits in the shortest possible time and the hedging deal is fixed appropriately.

Discussing such matters & setting trends are certainly going to affect the success of the SLA, because everything is linked to everything.

bystander said...


I know "neither you nor MR would like that commnent. :)"


"Corruption is a corruption..but if u want to discuss that this may not the right BLOG...this BLOG is to discuss the DEfence Matters."

Again i bought this up because you posted the following

"name one counry without corrupion"

"Corruption is a nice topic.... chandrika used to stiffele development...and now u can use it to tople governments...and hence avoid it."

i repectfully disagree no matter how hard the fight is if all that we are fighting for is looted where will we be even if we win that fight?

Brave1 said...


I never said "name one counry without corrupion".

Asithri said...


[What Asithri and many others are doing is to contribute in that direction. ]

Thanks mate.

As for me, it is even more than just contribute here...

See, I am aware that there is a concerted effort to defeat MR GOSL and install RW-Ponnaya GOSL by this corrupt, opportunistic segment of UNPers and the filthy "thamileelamsits" who now see their dream vaporizing rapidly.

As such, although I am not into SL party politics, at the last PC elections, I personally visited SL and volunteered my time and a money to assure that RW-Ponna UNP would not win and we were simply elated when the results came!
We were a group of guys/gals from many countries including the US, UK and EU who did this and we feel we have contributed our part tangibly (not including the charitable work we get into for "api wenuwen api" and "ranavira seva" etc) to assure that RW-Ponna would not reverse OUR boys' gains.

OaO Asithri

Rana said...


This wesa-balla has come gain to shit here.

Boys chop his balles before he says, must run now.

His days are numbered.

Brave1 said...

These guys who talk about corruption...let RW. Chandrika and Teams sell all those...and these corruption charges are the hook.

For them...they are concerned about...after war situation...
and may be thats why they talk of SLA Downsizing....even before the last MBLR is fired....

They want to tlak of corruption even if it had a negative impact on the war...even if that talk could weakne the MR gov and land RW in power.....ridding corruption is required...but not now...bro...I beleive u'll get your chance very soon.

I beleive once there is a general election after the war....there would be a very realistic gov...with a smaller cabinent...and less corruption...

Till then....winning the war..fucking the LTTE is the priority.

bystander said...


"You see, the SLA cant sustain war without the support of the SL population and the global community. It is extremely important to be convince and also convince others that LTTE ideology and the diaspora propaganda/fund raising are the most lethal dangers for the Sri Lankans."

Do you really beleive that typing posting internet blogs has made SL population and global community think differently?

"What Asithri and many others are doing is to contribute in that direction."

How can writing about having sex with other posters mothers contribute to that?

"They might also be doing much more than just writing…"

might be but might be is a very big word

"Also, the capitalist class and the managerial folks having UNP sympathies do a grave error if they were to sabotage the Govt on the economic front."

What the hell is there to sabotage I think Cabraal and mahindas other apointees are doing a terrific job in this regard

"In Thailand, the military is closely associated in determining the destiny of the country."

look what has happened to Thailand today so there is no gurantee that what is successful in one country will work he same way in another country

"Anyway, MR has to assure that at least the new Mihin Air will be making profits in the shortest possible time and the hedging deal is fixed appropriately."

How can anyone with a rational mind belive that Mihin Air will make a profit? even if there is no corruption and Mihin is running at the optimum level do you honestly think it can break even much less make profits in the current economic scenario? and what is this fixaion with an airline is this Sri lankas no 1 priority who will answer for the2-4 billion in accumulated losses certainly no Sajin Vass who is STILL the co-ordinating sec of Mahinda

"because everything is linked to everything."

Spot on totally agree with you

Brave1 said...

Lik we required a srong DEF sec to fuck LTTE we need a strong President to stop or limit corruption..... head of a minroity/coalision gov.....will not be able to takle corruption.

Asithri said...


Now there's a brand new word uh?

Let us honestly determine in which GOSL have we NOT seen corruption!

The difference is the previous GsOSL were not only corrupt, but they all totally fcuked up the war and allowed the LTTE MFs to become militarily strong (especially the GOSLs that RW-Ponnaya was either in an important or chief role).

The difference is this GOSL too has corruption (I have no doubt about it as I have come across situations myself) but when it cames to the country, it was determined to safeguard it with all its might and then right royally fcuk the LTTE who refused to sue for genuine peace!

Now that's the difference in the context of this word "corruption" as far as I am concerned.

OaO Asithri

Rana said...

Ado "arse on fire"

garandi pakaya, key borad hero, take your smelling rotting arse and run away before I kick your sorry arse again.

Brave1 said...


"because everything is linked to everything."

shows that u r really going after MR.


Rana said...

Arse on Fire,

Is the only wesa-balla in this blog.

bystander said...


"I never said "name one counry without corrupion"."

Sorry i mixed you and sithsala my apologies :(

"I beleive once there is a general election after the war....there would be a very realistic gov...with a smaller cabinent...and less corruption..."

i seriously doubt it but lets hope so

Brave1 said...


If you really want us to win this war...over the LTTE and to win the war over Corruption....I beleive we'll talk of fucking LTTE right now...and afterwards fucking all who swidle our resources....don't be impatient....your coming very soon....pray that war will be over soon.....

bystander said...


shows that u r really going after MR.

How did "everything......." comment determine that?

Rana said...

Arse on Fire,

Gone on your knees now? wesa-balla.


Brave1 said...


Chum.....Go through your text again..all your accusations says that...all that stops with MR...thats why I said that....

Weera Puran said...

DW, Thanks for your news update.

We are hoping for the best to our country while our Army is planning for the worst.

Rana said...


wesa-balla iwarada?

Asithri said...

Drunkard Ole Bitch

[wesa-balla iwarada?]

Neha...umbey amma thawath illanawa!


OaO Asithri

bystander said...


the Verbal commando aka spoilt brat coudn't stay away for long touched a nerve did i?
I normally wont reply to you but
seriously you should look at these mother issues by seeing a Psychologist remember also tell him about your fascination of enjoying watching dead bodies after going home after work I am sure any psychologist will take you on Pro Bono case as looking at some of the the deep seated issues you seem to be having

Sam Perera said...


It seems that the tigers have spawned a new group of anti-Sri Lankans in this blog recently. In the past Navindran pretended to be neutral, ever dissing Karuna, Pillaiyan, and TMVP. His patriotism was very high up to ask others if we have ever visited Cprl. Gamini Kularathna's home. As time passed by and our soldiers went pass Mallavi, he lost his sheep clothing and now you can see Navindran in full stripes.

Now we have the dynamic duo of Wijayapla and CD carrying on the same agenda. Wijayapala is a master of disinformation and subtle distortion of history. In addition he is a parasite who tries to turn this defence blog into a political blog. CD is a more hidden version of Navindran yet to reveal the stripes.

If you ever speak to increase the size of our military or for that matter to maintain the size of the military, these naysayers get very aggressive to bring up many counter arguments on why we can't and why we shouldn't.

These bunch even try to pit us against each other even in the blogs. Terrorists incognito like Pansilus, who are in his own world of racial and intellectual superiority, try it at every opportunity.

Today, all of a sudden it is about Asithri. A new breed of terrorists incognito have spawned under various blog names with another wave of anti Sri Lankan propaganda. Regardless, what I couldn’t quiet comprehend is the timing of this wave anti Sri Lankan stooges. Why are they here today instead of past weeks and months? What exactly is the issue they are grappling with right now? Are these reincarnated Peter Ponnadurai’s?, very intriguing indeed. Perhaps, it will take a few weeks for these monkeys to show the stripes. Hopefully, in that time, there won’t be an Eelam to talk about at all.

Rana said...


wesa-balla=one mother=100 fathers!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

DW good Article, thanks!!!

If everying that; tamilnutter says is true, by next month stupid LTTE will get their Eelam.

shit load of tamils already dead because of this never happen eelam, few more to go, soon tamilnet domain will rename to troublenet

Ohoma yan, Thawa Dingaie

Brave1 said...


SAM the man...nice ending...I love u only for that....perfect...

bystander said...


"Chum.....Go through your text again..all your accusations says that...all that stops with MR...thats why I said that...."

ok from all my posts you can say that i thought specifically that sentence led you to determine that no worries

I am afraid the buck does stop with MR he is the president after all He has hedged his whole political survival on the war front Luckily he has Gota & Sarath Fonseka Lets hope he has hedged right (unlike the CPC) or else not only his political survivial but we (well at least ppl in SL) will be in a deep shit hole

MathaMathica said...

brave1, bystander: corruption

Things you might not know: It was JR who introduced wholesale corruption and thuggary into SL society. In my opinion both JVP and LTTE were piloted by our former colonial master and gave JR to bring the Nation to its knees.

How dare did he remove the civic rights of a former PM to block her from competing Presidential elections.

So, thuggary became the norm of the day for the whole society including the political parties. MR who might have preferred to have lawful men around him had to associate with people like Mervin Silva to survive.

So we cant count on the govt to weed out the corrupt element.

It is the duty of the civil society who are not linked to any party politic to serously clamour for the elimination of corruption.

In the immediate, each of us must do our best to not to participate in corrupt practices to get the things done.

Nations are built with blood and sweat. 60 years after “independence”, we have just begun the building of the Sri Lankan Nation.

Bystander, you are most welcome to show the mismanagement done by our Govt/society on all forums. Nobody should waste National resources, specially when the Govt depends greatly on the money coming from the poor women folks toiling in the middle east.

Give us details of any serious studies about Mihin Air / CPC affairs. Show what are the mistakes of Cabral. Give links to all serious studies.



Why not let the corruption be exposed. It is JR’s legacy. We must root it out as the 2nd priority.

Brave1 said...


I bleive your colour is coming be careful...

Agian you are only creating doubts about the best president we had...who galvanized the entire country to go after LTTE....

So..u r more or less supporting LTTE...for the time being...
if you tlak of this after Kilinochichi...or that war is in its last few days...I wont mind..may be I'll support you...until then u r a me.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Another Elada Bra Video Ekak

Rana said...

ARSE ON FIRE = lump of shit

wijayapala= good natured solid patiot

Asithri said...


[Asithri, Why not let the corruption be exposed. It is JR’s legacy. We must root it out as the 2nd priority.]

I am okay with it bro. But not for the reason of these "RW-thamileelamists"...they want to dump MR GOSL and install RW-Ponnaya GOSL that will see them getting "thamileelam" on a platter!

OaO Asithri

bystander said...


"Not needed. Your whore-mother is my teacher...she told me her dad is also your father!"

Really can you do better than this are the only insults you know mother related ones?

and this from the great "chingalaya" Dont we deem the mothers most sacred of all our family members

You are one disturbed dude. i feel sorry for what ever happened in your childhood my sympahies

Brave1 said...


I actual terms...for me list of priorities,

1. Fucking LTTE
2. Development (with no corruption I don;t think this will happen/still at reduce levels)
3. Corruption

Talking of corruption will help RW..and thats not good....we need to keep him away till the situation stabilizes and the future political model is orgnized.....RW's ideas shall not be allowed to influence that.

Rana said...


Mate, this bugger doesn't know anything else. He knows only about his mother and every time he remember his mother:


Asithri said...

By-product (aka waste)

[Really can you do better than this are the only insults you know mother related ones?]

Oh yes I can...why are you trying to tell me that your father is also into whoring too?

Take your pick Bitch...mother or father...I don't give a flying fcuk who it is when it comes to insulting undercover "thamileelamists" in this blog...!!!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

OK Rana the Drunkard Ole "thamileelamist" kissing Bitch...

Yep, here, the blog is yours to rave, rant, and puke undigested liquor all over! LMSSAO!!!

Bitch, I really must go now (duty calls - a bunch of "thamileelam" sympathetic whore-mothers, including yours too, is awaiting for their 200,000KM service)...LMSSAO!!!

Do not despair...I will come back tomorrow to "lovingly" talk to you - like how I did today okay...


OaO Asithri

bystander said...


"Give us details of any serious studies about / CPC affairs. Show what are the mistakes of Cabral. Give links to all serious studies."

Where were all this time in mars?

just google and get the articles on the Nation newpaper abt the 4 Billion Rupee loss of Mihin air and CPC hedging deal really if you dont know such a basic thing like this where we would have been forced to pay 400 million dollars of not for the action of the courts
i dont even want to argue with you

Rana said...


I will be ready any time wesa-ballo!

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...

[Looks like there are many comments for and against use of some language against eelamists. This is my suggestion. Defencewire should delete or ban all eelamists from this thread. If defencewire is too busy, give someone the authority delete postings from eelamists. I have seen many times that they hijack this forum. That is my suggestion.]

Can someone explain why this idiot always asks for banning pro-Tamils here? Without Tamils, this blog will be more of inbreeding. This is what happens when you give airtime to a grumpy old man like onecountry, he always whines when things do not go his way. It looks as no limit for absurdity from the chena boys here.

Rana said...


//Talking of corruption will help RW..and thats not good....we need to keep him away till the situation stabilizes and the future political model is orgnized.....RW's ideas shall not be allowed to influence that.//

agree totaly, mate. We need stable SL untill tiger clan is completely dead.

Bhairav said...

[You are one disturbed dude. i feel sorry for what ever happened in your childhood my sympahies]

Well, obviously, Assithiri was victim of his childhood abuse as his father, Buddist monk, who used to give only few dozen coconuts and few kilos of rice as monthly allowance for screwing his mother, so what you expect from a person when he had this kind of background?

bystander said...


"Take your pick Bitch...mother or father..."

Mother or Father hmmmmmmmmm.......!

The fixation on insulting family explains a lot. really asithiri i can only pity you. the abuse you must have gone through must have been dreadful to have such a warped view of family
As a first step of being normal please try to remember that not everyone was abused like you so they have a different outlook on life in general

No wonder you have such a But if you keep in mind that this is not normal will help!

kevin said...

I am baffled to know what side of the argument you are in when you comedown so hard on Asithri and even called him a JVPer?Either you are an elaamist or a misguided supporter of the UNP,perhaps you are even a supporter of the present government.
Per haps I will use your anti JVP comments to judge you.
You seems to hate the JVPes for not allowing the Indians for meddling in our affairs that will save the tigers been annihilated by our forces thus making you a tiger supporter.
Then by going and speaking against the JVP not supporting the UNP in toppling the government in power makes you an UNPer.
Then you may be another Mervin Silva of the present government who may think of a CFA for some reason and knowing that the JVPers are dead against it make you govt supporter but not a patriotic SLFPer like me who wants this terrorists done with and keep the island at any cost as ONE country without ever talking bs of giving any kind of devolution to any one.
Though I am an SLFPER since 1965 we were happy when the JVPers joined us and we can’t just cast them a side, because they touch a cord in me. I don’t like corruption stupidity, taking BS about our unknown history which has no relevance to our problem solving, about politicians elected by a particular mandate and then changing or supporting a different mandate thus undermining the confidence of the voter who elected and the new JVPs are non of them and they are long way from the dark past thus embracing the finer values of democracy.
I know as a fact that Mr Somawansa did his duty by meeting a tiger supporter MP here just to express his displeasure and to request his support to appeal to EU to get back the GST plus, which he had personally lobbied to his mates in EU and this good MP was a notable absentee in the recent tiger events.
Also it was the JVP that was honourable enough to ask their sitting MP to resign over some matter in Japan and that has to be admired and welcomed and in a true democracy they have the right to agree and disagree with the government in power, just as the SC. These are the checks and balance we have in the country to safeguard our democracy and our freedoms. Good night!

bystander said...


You are going away? why i thought we were making such good progress abt your deep seated abuse scars!

Ok we will talk later!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"Badboys badboys whatcha gonna do?when they come for you ? Link

Wanni Operation original videos Sri Lanka ArmyLink

Purely speculative and could be true said...

Hello Everybody:

I have been reading this blog for some time now. I thought I might put my sincere thought for your consideration.

I had a theory. It was just speculative. I thought it could just be true. Now I think it is true.

This Aisthiri could really be a hardcore LTTEer or some filthy expert (who has no respect for human decency-in fact who believes in the motto, more the indecency-more the value and more the respect) paid and hired by LTTE. His job is to masquerade as a patriot and paint all Sri Lankan Sinhalese patriots as ignorant, filthy loving, unreasonable, insane and cruel, sexually violent people who practice or threaten to practice violent sex acts against any sort of opponent or opposition. LTTE may be planning to quote this “patriot’s” threats of sexual violence as a character of Sinhalese nature. UN might just intervene. What a service rendered by this patriot to Mother Lanka?

I am sure that if this patriot has children, his lessons of language skills include utter filthy words. He would start teaching his kids filth from the first day. We will have an army of great warriors of filth who can even fight against powerful aliens coming from heavens. He will teach his kids sexual violence as a valid form of attack against any idea that he does not like.

I am surprised at the number of people who came to defend this “filth duals”. This only verifies how sick our society is and how ignorant the society is about its sickness.

In my mind filth can be uttered by only spiritually and mentally, intellectually and socially sick people.

With this post I stop reading this blog any more. If a blog is crowded by who has no any ethics and or blog ethics then that blog does not deserve any attention.

This should not be only directed at Asthiri only.

Any filth comes in my direction will be returned to the sender without opening and the sender will have to eat their own filth and enjoy it. Enjoy it.

bystander said...


Sorry forgot you for a bit there but i thought Athisiri's need was greater abuse and all that i hope you understand

"So..u r more or less supporting LTTE...for the time being...

This is Classic Asithiri disciple thinking i cant put it better mself

Your ideas are not the same as mine but i cant make a rational,coherent argument against you but i can label you a traitor and try to discredit you

Rana said...


You are spot on, this bugger is suffering from his childhood trauma and emotional shock of abuse by parents.

He always pick mother to fight and make all mothers whores.

Feel sorry but we cannot let him disrupt the blog every time.

All his posts are very similar, same vocabulary, same rage, all the time.

bystander said...


gotta go please post anything i will try to respond tommorow

kevin said...

Purely speculative and could be true
Don’t leave this blog as we need your contribution that will be positive and matured in substance. Good night again.

Rana said...

purely spec....

I would like to give you bouquet of flowers, brother.

I know what I did is wrong, I was avoiding this for last so many weeks but I thought finally some has to standup and get rid of bad rubbish (GROBR).

Moshe Dyan said...

asithri & ali,

IMHO and to the extent i know.

ali - a patriot
asithri - a patriot

so, stop it both of you.

aren't the sri lankans divided as many have pointed out?

MathaMathica said...

bystander: corruption

Please tolerate my ignorance of CPC & Mihin Air affairs and also of Cabral.

All the same, thank you for the little info on CPC. So MR govt is not as corrupt as it seems. The hedging is under investigation by Courts and that is a + point for MR. If it was JR/Ranil it could have ended like the civic rights of Madame Sirimavo B.

Now how about some serious documents about Mihin Air unfeasibility?

And Cabral, what is wrong with him ? Any court proceedings envisaged?

I’m neither pro UNP nor pro SLFP, just pro Sri Lanka. As Teng said it does not matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the rat.

Rana said...

purely spec....

I agree woth Kevin, please stay with us, this is a great place to converse and share info. If all good people decide to leave, we will be left out with rubbish only.

Moshe Dyan said...

jet the son of a rapist,

if i were gay i would not have screwwed 13 (unfortunately the 13 remains same for a long time)northern region girls/women. few were forced entries (they were too scared to go to the chingala police! lol!)

i would also go after ranil the ponnaya, if i were like you!

for your information only.

Rana said...


If you go back and read thread again, you all will see that Ali and toughtful Guy did nothing wrong!

It is the time to stand against disruption!

Moshe Dyan said...

moratu saman,

thanks for the clip, mate.

i will be getting the complete one.

Moshe Dyan said...

many new profiles are emerging of whom we know very little.

one thing is certain about them. they have no credibility or history.

i request them to continue in the blog for sometime b4 commenting on others, please.

Sam Perera said...


"wijayapala= good natured solid patiot"

Very interesting.

Moshe Dyan said...


brother (still), PLEASE stop this with asithri. i'm sure he will stop if you stop. i know he started it!!

when i started in DN & DW he called me a MF, etc. bcos i used to bitch about SLAF, etc., etc. ALL THE TIME. but i never went for a fight with him bcos he IS a patriot 9you can see from the FEW points he make!)

on the otherhand, ppl like SHARP a heavy LTTE supporter complimented me. wesaballa called me "dear"

but i have the ability to seperate personal insults from pat.s and their defence related concerns.

read your mail, bro.

bcos of this fight, many patriots shun DW (while traitors have a field day) which is even bad.

motherfckers will blame me for bridging two patriots (rana and asithri). you know i don't care.

rana, can you stop it for my sake?
asithri, can you stop it for my sake?

true friends don't enjoy when their friends are fighting.

Rana said...

Sam Perera,

Mate, I have a great respect for your views. My view on wijayapala remains same because, I know some thing which you don't. I cannot reveal it without permission from a third party whom I know very well.

However, we can agree to disagree and remain as friends.


I am ready to stop this nonsense but asithri should stop behaving like a 12 year old rotten brat and not to attack people calling their mothers with filth.

Mother is second only to Lord Buddha according to me, how can he insult people like that and expect respect from others?

Rana said...


We have say in SL:


Go back and see hoe he insulted "bystander's" mother and father both.

It has to be stopped otherwise we all should quit leaving the blog to him.

Moshe Dyan said...


thank you brother. your mother is noble to have a considerate son like you. (your wife too to put up with a drunkard like you!!! lol!!)

i will take care of asithri. leave him in my hands.

Ananda-USA said...

When I was a lad of eight, I had memorized sections of the book "Rohini" by Martin Wicremasinghe, the literary giant. He brought to life the King Dutugamunu's Dasa Maha Yodayo imprinting in my mind an indelible image that remains to this day. I also remember his fabulous hero Athula whose father Mitra fought for Elara.

In Martin Wickremasinghe's memory I present to you the ten giants:


1. Nandimithra - the hard drinking strong son of Mitra
2. Suranimala - expert swordsman son of Samgha
3. Mahasona - the strong palm uprooting son of Tissa
4. Theraputthabhaya - the pious monk
5. Bharana - the fleet footed son of Kumara
6. Gothabhaya - the strong son of Rohana
7. Gotaimbara - strong imbara tree uprooting son of Gota
8. Vasabha - strong handsome son of Matta
9. Velusumana - the expert horseman son of Vasubha
10. Phussadeva - the expert archer

Moshe Dyan said...


brother, please stop this and drop a mail at...

i have a method of verifying bothways. so don't worry. but you can use a secondary mail for a start.

Rana said...


Brother, "Rohini" what a great story, I remember Athula and Rohini very well after almost 40 years.

Could you remember Nayayananda and Neelamani (W A Silva)?

SL4Ever said...

I read this blog all the time and never post, but thought Moshe Dyan's post right here makes a lot of sense. The more people like Asithri publish filth, it makes all "true Sri Lankans" look bad, because I do think he's a true Sri Lanka, just someone without class I guess.

The less useless chatter and the more productive conversations, the more for all.

What's most frustrating is that I can see idiots like Peter laughing all about this so let's not give them a moment's happiness in their dark lives.

Ananda-USA said...

Sam Perera said...

[If you ever speak to increase the size of our military or for that matter to maintain the size of the military, these naysayers get very aggressive to bring up many counter arguments on why we can't and why we shouldn't.]

You are spot on, brother! They spout arguments like "if man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings." For them, the glass is always half empty, whereas we see it as half full. For us, nothing is impossible, or beyond daring, where the security of Sri Lanka is at stake.

Rana said...


I can't read my emails from the office server. I will read it later, when I go home and send a reply to you, brother.

අහිංසක said...

For All The Asithiri Attackers,

Leave Asithiri along....We don't enjoy or wellcome your comments attacking Asithiri ! Infact we see you in the same lot as filthy DIE-ASS-PORA asses.

Asithiri has defended these blogs for long time from the DIE-ASS-PORA MFrs.

Save your energy to counter attack ZTTP supporters if you are a real patriot or keep putting your bullshit here if you are fighting for Vezapillei's dream !


TigerKiller said...

I am also reading Asithri's comments from previous LNP , Asian Tribune , an here . He is a real patriot . He is not a racist . He use colorful language whenever necessary . I admire him his consistant patriotisam

Unknown said...

BBC did a very intresting piece on Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell somehow fortelling the fools are meant to repeat their mistakes.

"We are in the thick of violent agitation and we feel anxious… the underlying thought is out with the infidel."

And then: "The country between Diwaniyah and Samawah is abandoned to disorder. We haven't troops enough to tackle it at present."

A month later: "There's no getting out of the conclusion that we have made an immense failure here."

Unknown said...

I do not have to tell the number of idiots including fonseka who have made these comments recently.

"Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators"

Lt Gen Sir Stanley Maude in Baghdad, 1917

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

No matter what tamilnet and diaspora says, here we are, we almost there Watch

it will be a tuff one, but we gonna have to do it...guys stop fighting within us, lets focus on the dinner table...

once that finished then we can start blame game or like..

Unknown said...

As there has been some doubt when I try to say people that people are of Sri Lankan origin. I will make it easier. If they are from Eelam, tamils, they will be of Eelam origin and the rest will be of Sri Lankan origin. Its like Eire and Northen Ireland.

I think there is no need to differentiate the region from now ownwards by calling it tamil eelam since eelaam is more associated with the north east and Sri lanka for the remaining regions.

Eelam would do well to follow the principles of Singapore and practice meritocracy. On the onset Singapore and Malaysian People of Eelam origin and dispora from the world can go on to take more senior roles. Example for the financial portfolios it could be Tharman, JYP Pillai.

Both have were the MAS or singapore central bank which Lanka Bussiness Online raves about.

At present JY Pillai head the Singapore stock exchange and also heads the UN Pensioners investment fund. Hence alot of expertise to tap. He set up the Singapore airlines and DBS bank. The list of his experiences are too much to list.

Another is Malaysia Economic Czar who is one of the few civil servants to earn the title which is conferred on retiring prime ministers, Tan Sri.
Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam

There is a legend about this man in Sunway City- the Sun Shines in Sunway City is because Ramon's Mind Shines.

I believe that as much as a new nation can get help it should. Else Eelam will face the prospect of becoming another Sri Lanka.

Api wenuwen Api said...

To all the patriots,

Please don’t get caught up with Peelamists organised method of SL supported blog crashing theory . Appearing as SL supporters,/Patriots. .

Okay ..

Thank you for update DW.

First, sorry i can’t write like our well educated polished, patriots . I only passed O/L, went to Ampara central and learn English after joining the hotel school. so i am with out much of a base. Im a hotelier(cook) and live in London. (came here to earn a bit of more money, live in east ham. next door guy is Pelamist who worship pukakaran 3 time a day. Till end of 2005 every morning he use to ask me ... Anna how is lanka army doing?. That time tamil nut news is with full of victories... all peelam wesaballas here in London thought they will have peelam passport soon. They were the internet kings.. propaganda masters and won peelam trough media. . But people like Asithri , sithsala, moshe, turn that around as war was turn around by GR and SF. They were in every blogs, discussions forum and kill every peelamist wesaballa ‘s one by one. Today all wesaballas never come near to these pros. Only ponnayas like peter and( cant remember as i don’t give a shit on them ) love to get their ass fucked by big long sinhala dicks come on and off just as pukkakarans latest offensives... D. (PS. This applies to few Sinhala ponayas like Ranilp and mongala and sucking company.
today i ask my next door guy how is your pukkakaran doing...not only him many East Ham peelamist suddenly became anti war and think war is bullshit... when i here those comments everyday in the tube... i laugh from my ass.

in London almost all of the Srilankans (sinhala, Tamil, Muslim) read and follow this blog as this is one of the true and very informative site which give us latest news and info. i personally know some lttp wesaballo, got organized in order to divert and destroy the blog. this is becuse some of our real commandos are hammering inside out to all sakilyas.
few so called decent srilankan posh patriot's try to be nice here and talk rubbish. So called this posh MF are the one's fully responsible for the 30 year of war.
So if u find you get pregnant when you read Asithri, go and open up nice place , invite all peelamist and have a nice discussion on get fuck on the ass should be guys can agree and disagre on that issue and we dont give a fuck. Leave this blog alone. Don’t make true Patriots pissed off. I have no rights to call myself as a patriot as i haven’t done fuck all to my country other than i love that land’s every inch. Why pelamist fuck us earlier was "we were tooooooooooo nice. we should have kill the fuckers 30 yers ago and piss on their body’s. If this sound too racist. Gott’a problem with human rights and bla bla bla.. fuck yourself. I support our hero’s. whatever they do, there is no clean war, you cant kill someone nicely,
so Asthiri Bro..
we all in London(true Sinhala , Tamil, Muslim's) love you and you are doing a great job. so as many others. we love you all but Fuckoff all lttp pansy pussies.

DW give us latest news and battle ground updates. We are so behind and depend on this site. you rock sir...
All the top ranked war veteran’s... dear Sirs... please educate us with theories , science and art of the warfare. as i have no clue whats so ever on this subject.

All the other motherfuckers.. Please disappear.
Sorry for the terrible grammar and spelling mistakes , if all ponayas got the massage.. then mission accomplished.

Truly LMSSAO!!!

jaya wewa

hemantha said...

My point was: Your preaching (about Fascist state and democracy) and your plans are quite different.

Anyway I don't want to drag this further. Because I believe you are a person dead against these separatist terrorists even though you forgot your goal (I guess) and jumped in to this pit head first. (And nor I have time even if I wanted).

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Api Wenuwen Api,

Great post mate!

You have said what I want to say too...

Defencenet and Defencewire has been on attack by organised peelamists for some time.. they come in different costumes.. and quite a few get a thrill by getting their back holes bored too..

Whether we satisfied them here or not, SLDF is doing the right thing through great leadership...

We are now seeing what LTTE and NGOs have done for their people and through the vast Tsunami funds... (nothing! Our Navy sent 10 shiploads to the bottom of the sea)..

and we see the state of Killinochchi Technical College and how LTTE has maintained it in the recent videos. It shows that LTTE had no intention whatsoever to look after education and welfare of Tamil people.

In my opinion, someone who wants to destroy Tamils in Sri Lanka has created a Master Plan and created the LTTE many years ago. Whoever who has drafted that master plan has achieved at least 60% of it by now.

Now after thirty years, Mahinda is trying to reverse it. Results of Mahinda's effort would be the prevention of extinction of Tamils from this island and its mainstream.

Yes, we need Tamils to have a life as with any other citizen of Sri Lanka, and we support Mahinda. Look how Tamils in the East are getting their destroyed futures re-built inch by inch...!

hemantha said...

"Yes, we need Tamils to have a life as with any other citizen of Sri Lanka, and we support Mahinda. Look how Tamils in the East are getting their destroyed futures re-built inch by inch...!"

Good point my friend.

Unknown said...

Api wenuwing api .

I am not gonna apologize for the education I had or the good jobs we have now . It did not come easy . we worked our butts off to get the education we got and our parents sacrificed everything . It is not our fault that we have what we have and we dont owe a fucking thing to you .

I am as patriotic as any body and Sri Lanka is my country as well as yours . So I have a right to comment about my country as well as you .

Asithri said...

Api Wenuwen Api

Thanks for the kind words brother...yes, it is a known fact that these "thamileelamist" motherfcukers have organized themselves into bogus "patriot" types and are now frequenting the demoralize us patriots and make us bring down the MR GOSL that is kicking their arse in N SL!

Yes, their first step is to cause disharmony amongst us patriots and unfortunately, some of us stupid morons are falling prey to that ploy!

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

p.s. Extreme and Tigerkiller - mates, thanks for your kind words...but more importantly, do not give into these undercover "thamileelamist" MFs as your truly OaOA will not be around 24/7! Cheers!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Ali is the same Renagade!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thanks DW

The stench in here!

LTTE-Kaakko avilla wage minee-mas kanna.

What a relief to see Moshe here.
Hey AGG I miss your light-hearted comments bro.

Moshe, if you don't mind I'll write to you from a totally undercover ID (after the initial alarm, you will hopefully have a laugh).

BTW, do you think you should be revealing your real identity until you have developed a method checking people out?

If you would like contact please post an OK.

Rana said...


Well said brother, I have already posted simlar thoughts twice in the past.

Nobody is going to decide what we should do or say here, other than us. End of the matter.

Asithri said...

Ali-ya (green thamileelamist)

Still harping on what JVP did to your "master" Ranil the ponnaya? LMSSAO!!!

Wait till the war is over...the JVP "Weerawansa Clan" in the MR GOSL has an agenda for your type of traitorous, sankara whore-bitch! Save this post!


OaO Asithri

Puran Appu said...

Dinamina Reports that troops Liberated Nadunkerni.

Rana said...

Puran Appu,

Please give us the link, mate.

KB said...

Dear Patriots,
Looks like the wretched eelam fellows are prowling around this blog pretending to be SL patriots. These wretched goons can be easily spotted from the poof comments they make here and the excuses they make up for LTTE Simians.

I must say our dear chap, Asithri, goes after these ghastly buggers with gusto until they scream like little tarts. I can see why several of them have gotten their knickers in a twist over his rough handling of them and their striped mates.


Moshe Dyan said...


brother, can you please take a moment to drop me a mail at....

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks bro. keep away from arguments for a few hours, please.

Gayansphotography said...

hey guys..... I m totaly with moshey's idea.... lets call a truce..... we all have our own ways of reacting to certain situs. and some times our ways may not be agreeable to someones else's way..and if I keep on using that same method, then I may irritate the other (who may have been observing me for a long time, in to standing up against me..thus a fight will ensure)....

I m sure Asthiri has been countering any LTTE propaganda over the years in blogs and forums(in his own unique way)...and no one can discredit him of that fact..although we may "laugh at" the term cyber-warrior..we must not forget that although seem distant and not related to the ground level battle grounds, these blogs and forums are a integral part of any war, specially today, when some wars are won and lost at the hands of news-casters and other media outlets..thus the need for a "cyber-warrior" to make sure that the supporters(online) for the enemy are "managed",so it wnt result in a snowballing effect.... cos sometimes shutting down the enemy's propaganda channel is equaly or more effective than tolerating it in the sake of "freedom of expression and trying to counter it with our own propaganda.....

BUT at the same time one must understand that the same tactic applied in all situations irrespective of the changing times can be as much counterproductive as much as it was productive earlier.... and friend or foe there are certain places and modes of attack that shud not be used in the sake of decency (let us not forget that although the # of people who write this is a handfull man hundreds even thousands visit and read the site, thus if we give the wrong impression, it can damage us quite a bit, like the rippling effects of a butterflies wings..), and what ever said and done, most people hold special respect and love for ones family/parents, and insulting them will be a major irritant for many.....

So as moshey has said, there shud be a compromise, as all parties to this fight are friend and not foe, A bit of fighting within the ranks is natural and to be expected,but the important thing is to learn from them and refine our methods, and our approach and our respect to the others fighting besides us (in what ever way he is using), and to harden our resolve against the common enemy...while not becoming so hard in our resolve that we seem like brutes...

lets use a axe to chop a tree and use a round table when its called for... what ever said and done, the objective shud be
1)to defeat the enemy (thus the need for the axe)
2)to make sure that the final remnants of the enemy does not get support to become a threat again (thus the need for a round table and discussion)....

Rana said...


I will honour my word, brother.

Asithri said...


I will drop you a mail later... Bro, I cannot write emails without alerting certain "authorities" in this jurisdiction as due to LTTE threats that I have had, any email I write on this issue, to where ever or whoever, are monitored by I believe they are on the tail of those LTTE bastards.

I will explain later...when I do get to write to you.

Cheers mate...

OaO Asithri

Unknown said...

I will be off if the ponnaya will be too . lol

Remember I did not start this . I tried to be reasonable as possible . If that doesnt work all bets are off .

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks thoughtful guy.

one needs real courage not to fall into "the mob mentality", other similar "cheap sensations" and "reactions".

lets clean this mess.

Unknown said...

Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip

So Funny, well at least it beats Sarath Fonseka slapping himself with a shoe and punishing the journalist who reported it.

Moshe Dyan said...


ok, mate. i had a similar setting when i did a small assignment for a defence related entity a few years back.


Rana said...


I second your sentments, bro.

Rana said...


Brother, give Moshe some time and see whether we can bring normalacy into the blog for everybody's sake.

Moshe Dyan said...


your beloved thalaivar will not get the shoe treatment. he will get hot shitt on his face from INTELLIGENT (those who can think) tamils pretty soon.

call it pongal and feast upon it!!

Unknown said...

ok Rana Moshe . I will desist .

Unknown said...

Defencewire there is a desperate need for your master mahindha to start economicwire. Pro LTTE loving press are abound and need to be censored and punished for Mahindha's mistakes. See this article, they are saying Sri Lanka like Zimbabwe are lying. Instead they should report thousands of rupees captured in ongoing economic liberation excericses. Minh Air to be next SIA to prove that not only Eelam people but hambota buffalo farmers also can run the best airlines in the world.

Rana said...

Puran Appu,

I checked DINAMINA web site but nothing there about Nedunkerni!

Unknown said...

However one has to give kudos to the central banker of sri lanka. Instead of allowing the sri lankan rupee to collapse, he is delepting the reserves to gentely collapse the rupee. My suggestion to mahindha mama is when the rupee starts having many zeroes, he can start the minh rupee. I minh rupee equal to a million sri lankan rupee. Eventually you can name your children minhratne, minhnayke etc etc.

Unknown said...

As Sri Lanka is beggining to collapse on all fronts. I would challenge the PATRIOTS in this forum to transfer all your money to help in Mahindha mamas 'war' efforts to ensure that he and his hardworking brothers get all they need. I mean so what is there is a lack of foot powder which is a basic necessity, i mean after spending years in the water logged fields of Hambota mahindha's feet are okay why can't the soldiers be likewise.

Widana said...

I am feeling happy again today. Finished the toilet cleaning shift early, so came here to poop a bit on the blog.

Widana said...

I am very disappointed after the GSP decision. I am paying all my toilet cleaning wages to LTTE, but they can't stop Mahinda mama getting GSP again!?!

priyashantha said...

I too support Mr Dayan's efforts to bring normalcy to the blog.

It's time to seperate men from boys. We will soon see who are men and who are still (over aged) boys.

Keep it up man.

Rana was the first to exit the mess of fighting. Well done.
Second Ali. Wish Asithri is next. Then we have no problem.

If anyone thinks maturedness is weakness, he is still a boy (not grown up yet). He should immediately go to a doctor.

I must also add that nobody can decide what we do here. We should fight here, talk about cricket or NRL, anything. But fighting over personal insults is useless.

Moshe Dyan said...

now the real navindran is talking.

one good thing about real navindran is that he doesn't talk about singapore bullshit.

he talks to the point!!

Rana said...


//It's time to seperate men from boys. We will soon see who are men and who are still (over aged) boys.//

I like that, mate.

Asithri said...

PriyaS and Moshey

[Wish Asithri is next]

You two guys are two of the patriots I respect/admire here...So I will suspend my RM-70 volleys!

;-) ;-) ;-)

OaO Asithri

Brave1 said...


RANA & ALI... your comments are not different to comments by NAVIDRAN....

See my may want to be patriots...but your not....

If you align your action with your intentions...we all are happy.

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