Monday, December 1, 2008

Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe

Some of you have asked us to write about the demise of the late Major Lalith Jayasinghe after a particular newspaper broke the news of his untimely death over the weekend. Here are the details of the demise of this brave warrior.

Major Jayasinghe was attached to 3 Special Forces. An experienced veteran, Jayasinghe and another 7 members of the 3SF LRRP team infiltrated an area 30km north of Oddusudan on the 14th of November. Several days later, they engaged an enemy target and was moving to a safe location when an LTTE team confronted them. The Tiger team was completely annihilated but not without any damages to the Long Rangers.

Major Jayasinghe was seriously wounded in the chest and leg. A team member trained as a medic administered a field dressing on the Major. The wound was too serious for a field dressing to cover. A main artery was cut open by a gunshot wound. Even with this wound, Major Jayasinghe and the team decided to engage another target. Unfortunately for them, the muddy soil was exposing their trail.

By the 24th, another LTTE team had tracked them down. In the second confrontation, the now seriously wounded Major was mortally wounded and succumbed to his injuries. Another soldier was also injured just above his foot. By this time a massive rescue operation was underway.

Fresh Special Forces reinforcements were landed to secure a perimeter. MI-24 and even Kfir jets were used to attack and divert the attention of the pursuers. The rescue mission managed to recover the Major's mortal remains and the other 7 men on the 26th and bring them to safety.

Major Lalith Jayasinghe was an unsung hero outside of the Army, but a very well respected officer in the Army due to his many achievements and temperament as a humble and committed soldier. Among his many achievements was the assassination of an LTTE 'Colonel' considered to be the LTTE's number 2 on 26th September 2001. The said 'Colonel' was the brainchild of both the Sea Tigers and the Air Tigers and was killed at Oddusudan, an area well known to Major Jayasinghe where he himself embraced death in heroic fashion.

Last week, another Special Forces LRRP soldier gave his life following a confrontation with a group of LTTE cadres. He was hit with gunfire which opened a main artery in his foot. The soldier died on the spot and his body was captured by the Tigers.


Apino Dannachess said...

Thanks DW for this update. May this valiant son/ brother rest in peace.

CodeRed said...

SLA should recomend him for Ultimate PVW Medal.

Sinhabahu said...

i salute him & may he attain nibbana

Unknown said...

These are the true sons of our day school text books will carry these heroic deeds.No wonder Sri lanka will achieve it's goals with heroes like this.

Dileepa Rathnayake said...

Stories like thise have to be given more publicity and heroes like this have to be remembered at all the time. Thanks DW.

Sam Perera said...

Untimely death of a great hero. This is a man who has to be accorded with a state funeral at the Independent Square. I can value this man more than all members of parliament combined. His name should be cast in in gold in the upcoming chapters of our chronicles. We will remember this great son of Mother Lanka until times end in the way we remember the 10 great warriors of Prince Gamini.

May he attain Nibbana!!

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Those outside of the military never hear the details of bravery. These stories them selves will be enough to recruit and keep the morale high. The defense establishment should take steps to publish these stories rather than providing inflated number of casualties.

Nishanthe said...

"Honor Is, For Those Who Serve Truly" - by Bill's Spirit

The honor which a soldier bears
comes not from badge at breast or lapel
but rather from experience of service to country
with life's very breath and heartbeat of action.

To be a one that safeguards the nation
and home and hearth, and family and friends
to stand at station though boredom and peril
Champions of Liberty and Freedom's Defenders.

The honor that a soldier bears
comes not from ribbons or medals adorned
but rather from experience of service to country
with life's very breath and heartbeat in action.

Presidents and generals decide where soldiers
live and die with guns that fire
and armor that may or may not protect
always with hopes that forces sent
will outnumber those which are to be met.

For the honor that a soldier bears
comes not from wins and losses paired
but rather from being in service to country
with life's very breath and heartbeat of action.

It's not whether battles are won or lost,
with open armed ease, or at horrendous cost,
true honor graces a soldier's brave service
beyond any taint or smudge from poor leaders
and even above loud populist cries.

The honor that a soldier bears
comes not from fame or hero's acclaim
but rather from being in service to country
with life's very breath and heartbeat at risk.

Fore Those Who Serve Their Country Most Truly
Honor Is Always Their's

Unknown said...

Maj Lalith. whole nation SALUTE you SIR for your sacrifice for the mother land.YOU ARE IMMORTAL./Dhammike

Unknown said...

Major Jayasinghe,

We salute you brave heart.As sam p said you are worth than whole dirty politicos in the parliment for us/whole country.
As DW said this also came out because of one news paper. I am pretty sure there are hundreds of more bave stories.
You attain nibbana

BlackPanther said...
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BlackPanther said...
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BlackPanther said...

speaking of war injuries.......

Are our heros getting the best of medical and surgical care? I strongly believe the medical system especially the health administration is not well geared for this situation. Injuries to arteries is one of the main causes of loss of limb and even more loss of life. Very few doctors are trained to deal with this type of injuries. Sometimes it takes more that 6 hours for soldies to get to Colombo. The situation of the Army hospital am told is no different. Due to many administrative problems very few doctors join the army. The emlisted doctors for this massive force is less than probably 500.

There is a severe shortage of surgeons in the country. Most of the hospitals are functioning with doctors who are not ideally consultants.

Many hospitals which cater to the operational areas do not have fully qualifies consultants.
But with better planning the minimum resources can be put to the best use.

Are we planning enough..........?

bystander said...

So Major Jayasinghe was the guy who got vaithilingam sornalingam who was better known as Shankar!

Wow! talk about unknown heroes I think this was THE first major LRRP operation conduced by the SL army

Anybody who dosent know who Shankar was can read about it here (Aricle by D.B.S. Jeyaraj)

Death of a Tiger

Isnt it quite ironic that this warrior probably died in the same area that Shankar died What a twist of fate

Major Jayasinghe may you live long in the memory of those on whose behalf you sacrificed your life!

Unknown said...

May he and all other valiant sons of Mother Lanka in Forces who gave their lives to her attain the ultimate blitz of Nibbana.

aqua said...

Thanks DW for informing us about the deeds and life of great soldiers like him who sacrifice so much.

lets hope we finish this off and get rid of the tigers so that his and our soldiers sacrifices were not in vain.

MrBrown said...

Major Lalith.. we slaute you sir for your courage. But its pity that people like you are giving up life..our piliticians and Rajapakse family are captitalising your death. While army comanders having a ride in 80m benz car and buying houses in USA you people are giving life selflessly. It is pity that some are saying you will be in the history book. Sad thing is you will be counted just a one with many thousnad poor soldiers death while statue will be erected for Rajapakse and other corrupted piliticians for bringing Namal to politics and for other one as navy officer who is enjoying privilages as navy officer in UK. Its really pity how ever i salute you for ur courage ..may your soul rest in peace

Unknown said...

They use AF also for rescue ops.Wow no womder they are that worth.Now i feel naked in front of these brave hearts.I am not that worth. What we do for our country?

Thundring typhooooons.Blistering barnacles.

Kollane umbalata yoda bala yoda haiya labewa.We are so proud of you brave hearts.

kevin said...

It is sad and unbelievable if true if Major Jayasinghe was not rescued or any type of help was given from the 14th to 24th.Where are those bloody helicopters used by the politicians when our brave soldiers are helplessly unattended for 10 days. Shameful!
My sincere heartfelt condolences to his family and may he rest in peace and’ WE WILL REMEMBER THEM’ At least they should have airdropped the appropriate medicals.

Rana said...

As I remember The news paper is "THE NATION", I read it yesterday and posted to the blog.

My deepest condolances to Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe's family.

Another fallen hero.

May he attain Nirvana

Unknown said...

Good Riddance...........

Unknown said...


Since the day SF started ops at Mahaweli Oya (Mavilaru) the tigers have been on the run, unable to regain even an inch (yes an inch) captured by the SLDF.

Who is "commanding" the other side? The bunker rat living off wasted diaspora dollars who has got his name in the Guiness Book of Records for the longest "tactical withdrawal".

When you have nothing else to say, a BMW is the best option.

Just see who the donkey is....

Unknown said...


No wonder you are relieved.

Most likely a keyboard warrior like you would have defecated before even seeing Maj. Lalith.

Suranimala said...
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Suranimala said...

He was a great son of mother lanka . Every time when we had difficult times, history produced this kind of great sons and daughters who can change the fate to our favour Maj.Jayasinghe.L ,you are a one of them .
Nation salutes you my dear brother .we will remember your name . Next generation will remember your name. they will admire your bravery .you are a true son of mother lanka.may you attend nibbana .

IntelAttack said...

This is a Video that will make LTTE Supporters So MAD!

Please check this out -

Do you think they are in a position to advice on Sri Lanka's problems?

Peter said...

This Jayasinghe SLFP farm boy is not worth a page on blogger. Why did SLA waste time getting his body? They should have left it to rot in Nedunkerni. At least in death, he would have been of use as fertiliser.

IntelAttack said...



IntelAttack said...

Now what you've got to say?

Unknown said...


Lets look at a classic Tamilnut propaganda blunder.....

June 29, 2008. Tamilnut shows a badly mangled body of a "SLA DPU Soldier".

The "same" "DPU soldier" nearly 1 month later. A pristine body. Looks like the dead man has grown a beard!!!!

LOL is an understatment.

After all anything is possible in the Magical Kingdom of Peelam

Unknown said...


Dude I have no idea what the hell you are talking about!

Whatever it is, these pigs are so called "national heros" responsible for killings of many tamil innocent civilians. No mercy for these pigs and don't deserve to be in this world. He was taken out for a proper reason

hemantha said...

A sea tiger who ran away with his family (video)
click here

Otiyamale (video)
click here

Unknown said...


Dude you have no idea how much you have been fooled!!!

Just look at this photo of a "cluster bomb", doesn't it seem funny how a cluster bomb fell and exploded but left a palm roofed hut unscathed????

Its the Tamilnut psycho war!
Tailored for the GULLIBLE(TM).

Just don't forget one thing.
To the LTTE "Tamil people" are just commodities.

They are worth alive when they need to portray "tamil suffering" (in Wellawatta LOL) and forcibly recruit child soldiers.

When they need to score human rights brownies, Tamil civilians are worth much more dead!

Who killed Alfred Doraiappa, Keethish Loganathan, Neelan Thiruchelvam, Dr. Rajini Thiranagama, Lakshman Kadiragamar etc. etc.? Martians?

Get the point?

Unknown said...

The LRRP aka Mahasohon Brigade is there to take out scumbags not innocent civilians.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Bless the memory of Major Lalith Jayasinghe and his family. He and others like him will be etched in our hearts and minds forever.

Riemann and others were technically accurate and came up with the mathematics which the great visionary Einstein used to tell his tale about the Universe and its nature. Among his great insights were to place time as a dimension equivalent to other spatial dimensions and to permit magnetic force to be equivalent to electric. Later, he demonstrated that space itself is curved. He did not quite go fat enough in realising that what we call space-time, fundamental particles and the Universe itself are all part of a vast chaotic pattern.

This chaotic pattern called the whole of existence itself is non-existent. There are mathematical insights which, like anicca, anatta ... which are irrefutable and point to this fact.

IMHO, this is what the Lord of Light, the greatest son of Mother Earth called Nirvana.

Major Jayasinghe and many others have etched brilliant regions in the multidimensional fabric I would call Nirvana. Our memories of him and others are only an aspect of that.

With his deeds which would have been primarily influenced by the need to protect (motherland, family) he has left his brothers now to provide protection for his family.
In their hearts and ours, his wife is a Queen of Lanka and his children prices/princesses.

His Karma is our eternal gratitude (not that "eternal" has much meaning in our scheme of things).

Anonymous said...

According to Mrs.Brown we should build statues for all our SLDF heros. Fallen heros - 25,000 but others also heros.. so in total 250,000 statues in SL. And IF all other countries- China, india.. follow his logic will be full of statues only. Ha Ha


Please see what LTTE terras - peter and thaya have to say about fallen SF soldier. Thier anger.. fear.. all says how great is our LRRP/ SF boys. No more proof needed!

Unknown said...

Mate Ritigala!

you missed Hon. Jeyaraj Fernado Poulle in your list.

They were all in need of severe punishment for being traitors for our race.

Dr. rajini Thiranagama was gunned down by EPRLF, if you dont know the history and truth.

who killed Joseph Pararajasingam, Yogeswaran MP, Raviraj MP..........and the list goes on. Dont you see these people as prominant tamils?

You only have the count of the tamil dogs licking Sinhala pigs arses.

Sorry mate!
get ypur facts right before posting your comments.

DrJones said...
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Ra said...

All soldiers who lay their lives for the unity and territorial integrity of this country are always to be remembered in our hearts.

Lets make sure their untimely deaths strengthen our goal.

Our goal is to end Tamil separatism and terrorism.

Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe, Sir you played your part very well! We salute you!

warriorking said...

such are the worriors of mother lanka..proud and no wounds on their back...HAIL THE ARMED FORCEC OF MY MOTHER ''SRI LANKA''..

DrJones said...

RIP, brave warrior. A true son of the soil. You owe no debt to the motherland.

Anonymous said...

/Dr. rajini Thiranagama was gunned down by EPRLF, if you dont know the history and truth./

/Dr. Rajini Thiranagama (nee Rajasingham) (February 23, 1954-September 21, 1989) was a Tamil human rights activist and feminist who was shot dead by Tamil Tigers cadres after she criticised them for their atrocities.[1] At the time of her assassination she was the head of the Department of Anatomy at the University of Jaffna and an active member of University Teachers for Human Rights, Jaffna branch of which she is one of the founding members./

/No one has officially claimed responsibility for her killing and several attempts have been made by those close to the perpetrators to deflect blame elsewhere. Despite these moves the people at large know who the killers were though not many dared to say it publicly. A decade and a half however fails to erase the indelible memories of Rajani among those who knew her. Her brutal murder has not been forgotten. Whenever the human rights violations of the iberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are referred to in detail her name always crops up./


who killed Joseph Pararajasingam, Yogeswaran MP, Raviraj MP..........and the list goes on./

Answer: LTTE

/Dont you see these people as prominant tamils?/

That's the punishment when they try to become more prominant than some grade 5 drop out thelaivar the sooriya thevan.

/They were all in need of severe punishment for being traitors for our race./

warriorking said...

Another one like the ''major'' will emerge..brothers..dont worry...its not the 19th centurey...that 'great veerapuran appu '' had to say ''if my mother had two like me''...these days...there will be many more like the great major....i salute my brother...we may born together again in a united ''MOTHER LANKA''.

Moshe Dyan said...

he didn't die in vain. he is with the Creator.

30km north of oddusudan is a very interesting area either in the kili or mula districts. may be they had travleed through oddusudan but it MAY be closer to 57 positions than oddusudan. anyway there is little avenues for a LRRP team to move to and fro from those positions.

the team had been there for over 10 days; seems too long with SERIOUSLY injured soldiers.

mi-24s could have been used NOT ONLY to divert attention but also to attack and annihilate the LTTE party. subject to the availability of communication systems.

as the area under the LTTE shrinks in size and as the tiger density per square kilometer increases, LRRP teams need to adopt different tactics. using disgruntled vanni civilians (present and past) to carryout decapitaion/demolition attacks may be an option.

vezapillai made his fears well known when he said that the govt is creating divisions among the tamils. that points to what to do!!!!

Srilankan said...

RIP Major Lalith Jayasinghe..May you attain nibbana...and may god guide us to victory over this LTTE filth with the minimum of casualties.

Unknown said...

I did like the story. I mean with a main artery cut open you leave a blood trail. Further, they will not engange in a new target. The fact is that they were running for their lives and you turn it into a romance of heroism.

Its irresponsible for a commander to instruct his men to take out another target even when he is injured. You may argue that their thought process was such that they would believe they were so deep in, lets engage the target. However unless he cannot think, with the first strike, they already knew they were detected. For missions like this detection is a failure.

Anyway most special forces are trained in 2 roles. Usually there are 2 medic trained personnel. Signals, explosives etc etc.

If you ask me Hasalaka Gamini Kularatne is one who would be a hero. I do not have much respect for LRRP/DPU etc. Sneaking and attacking whereas the coporal ignored the danger and rushed forward and virtually was one of the key reason for elephant pass being saved at that time.

Its sad that now that Hillary will become secetary of state and this commander dying that someone its the omen for the begining of an end for the Sri Lankan prusuit.

Unknown said...


[who killed Joseph Pararajasingam, Yogeswaran MP, Raviraj MP..........and the list goes on. Dont you see these people as prominant tamils?]

Here is your answer in advance......the LTTE

[ When they need to score human rights brownies, Tamil civilians are worth much more dead! ]

You can include Tamilnut editor Tharaki in that list as well!

Just remember, there was one other thing all of them had in common. They ate rice from Sri Lankan soil, enjoyed all the priviledges courtesy of the taxpayer like free education but committed treason against the country that nourished them.

We have a nice saying in Sinhalese for such people "කාපු පතේ පහරන‍වා" which translates to "defecating on your dinner plate".

Too bad the very darlings they honked for (LTTE) killed them for political brownies.

TropicalStorm said...

Navindran is correct. Once detected, their job would have been to pull away and survive to fight another day.

A bad judgement call cost us two very valuable lives.

Rana said...


There is a error in DW's report. It has to be 30km inside enemy teritory, not 30km from Oddusudan.

I read the original article which was first given in "the nation".

About rescuing and air lifting:

They were operating in dense jungle with few other units at different places. Rescue by helicopter is out of the question in Mulative jungles.

These LRRP units know exactly what they are doing, they do not expect emergency evacuations. Once they enter into enemy teritory, they are their own to survive.

If we are to walk in Mulative jungles avoiding tigers and booby traps, you cant do more than 10km for a complete day. If you are injured, depending on injury, you mat not do more than 2-3km per day.

Rescue bu rushing into the sceen is out of the question. LRRP missions are the most dangerous act performed by SLA. Once you are in odds are highly agaist you to come back without harm.

Unknown said...

"There is a severe shortage of surgeons in the country. Most of the hospitals are functioning with doctors who are not ideally consultants."

This is thanks to racist sri lankan government. I guess you reap what you sow. A few from Singapore a shown who are of Sri Lankan descent. Not even going to other countries and only in Singapore. These guys make US$500000-US$1000000 a year easy. Now thats real terrorism.

E/Prof Shanmugaratnam, K is the finance minister of singapore' father

Dr Euan Murugasu, Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon

Prabhakaran Krishnan

Dr Thomas Paulraj THAMBOO

Tambyah, Paul Anatharajah

Emeritus Professor Sittampalam Shanmugaratnam (who died)

Prof Ariff Bongso - Dr Ariff Bongso holds several patents and has 430 research publications in internationally refereed journals, conference papers and chapters in books. He was one of the founder scientists of Embryonic Stem Cell International (ESI), a Singapore registered Biotechnology Company. He is currently Research Professor and Scientific Director of the Assisted Reproductive Technology programme at the NUS Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is also Principal Investigator for In Vitro Fertilization and human embryonic stem cell research at the NUS National University Hospital. He is a Sri Lankan Muslim.[2]

A special Malaysian mention and not a suregon:
One doctor known famously as the flying doctor is Mani Jegathesan

Rana said...

I am angry because I can't do much about f***ing zakkiliyas insulting on our fallen hero.

I am sad, I can't do anything to reverse it.

I am more than angry with LTTP for creating this abominable situ in SL.

However, you know what I did finally, I decided to take all this anger from f***king tamil diaspora. From hereafter, if I see any fucking diaspora member in any public place, where I roam, he/she will be a dead meat!

Srilankan said...

We are going to have a lot of these
emeritus professors..dont worry about it..when this LTTE filth is weakened..dont worry about it..who have completed their education in paradise..

Sam Perera said...

Navindran the LTTE terrorist,

As always, you are a clueless idiot about Sri Lanka in many aspects. It sems that your pea size brain wants to attribute every problem in Sri Lanka including shortage of doctors to racism. Has you pea size brain got any idea of the number of Sinhala doctors migrated to other countries? Do you assume that no Sinhala doctor has ever moved out of Sri Lanka? Based on your past statements, I am pretty sure that you have no clue at all in many aspects about Sri Lanka. Please learn ABCs of Sri Lanka before you pretend to be a pundit here next time.

Srilankan said...

Thats not good for you.You have to wait till these di-ass-phoras make a move on you and then inform the police where ever you are...

Srilankan said...

what you are looking for is creating a criminal record for these LTTE di-ass-phora coolies..which will help them immensely with employment.

Sam Perera said...


I know how you feel. What you see here is the scum of Tamils from Sri Lanka. I have met enough great Tamil Sri Lankans who deserve every bit of our respect. They shine thousand suns compared to candle lights of the LTTE scum here. Please make sure to treat good Tamil Sri Lankans like your brothers and the LTTE scum as just scum when you meet them.

Rana said...

Sri Lankan, Sam perera,

my heart is crying, mates.

Why our patriotic brave hearts are cut down like vegitables depriving their wives, children, relatives and friends from a loving husband, loving father and all loving mates have to suffer so much?

I really hate the name "tamil" just now.

F***ing diaspora, you are really digging your graves now! By the time this is over, we will make you all suffer 1000 times more than what we had to undergo.

CASC said...

In the attached video the head of the Indian NSG claims that they wanted to minimize civilian casualties. Hence the 60 hours. What an incredible fairy tale. Given that the terrorists were killing people randomly, as time went on more civilians got killed. According to this video, only two NSG commandos lost their lives. It looks like the strategy was to minimize their own casualties.

DW has posted a nice picture of two SL SF soldiers dressed in typical SF attire and equipment. I noticed in some of the TV shots that the NSG chaps were not wearing any trigger gloves, which seems standard attire for even the regular army soldiers in Sri Lanka today. As for the poor cops in Mumbai, they were no match for the terrorists. They were holding the Indian made version of the venerable Lee Enfield No 1 Mk3 also known as the Ishapur Riffle in India (invented more than 100 yers ago and before WW1) and the Indian Version of the FAL, which is a semi-automatic weapon.

Most of the initial batch of soldiers who descended on this chaos in army trucks were smartly dressed with crisp uniforms, and sitting neatly in rows. My dad who is an older gent who was at one time part of the SL Army commented that these soldiers looked like smartly dressed cadets.

Hopefully, from this tragedy, there will be a better appreciation
in India for Sri Lanka's fight against terrorism.

India’s NSG Commandos return to Base

Jaya2008 said...


All of us are angry with Tamil Diaspora who supported these thugs (LTTE) in Sri Lanka. I can understand your frustration and anger but please do not create an issue for these scum bags (LTTE Supporters) to score points. I know for a fact my neighbour a young Tamil family was forced to pay every month because they had relatives in Sri Lanka. After few LTTE supporters were caught in Melbourne, they no longer get hassled by them. This is the truth.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks mate.

that makes more sense.

Moshe Dyan said...


HILARY would not mess with us.

if she does, she may end up,

HIL(ATA)ARY!!!! (screw in the hole)

Moshe Dyan said...


i'm a bit worried about deserters who escape camps.

this mongala got to be stopped. he has some respect (STILL, unfortunately) among the poor in the southern province which is a BIG recruitment ground for the SLA.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Cool it brother. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

There is a problem with the word "Tamil" as I have outlined before. But that is not the fault of the majority who speak "Tamyoli" nor should we be targetting all such people.

We will target those who require it.
In the meantime please vent your frustration and anger in safe way brother.

"Jathiyata ninda karanna epa".
This is said with love, brother. Please read my eulogy to Major Lalith Jayasinghe.

Saman said...

Jaya siha namin nam kala me viruwanan
Siha jaya wethata thama ruhiraya piduwaven
Sama dina ape sith thula ohu randunaden
Budun dakeemen nivanata vadiyaden

Mevan puthaku bihikala mawa wethata namee
Karanemi piduma lesa aye mage mawun wanee
Mewan putheku lath Siri Lak mawuni damee
Upadinnata pathamu Jaya siha puthun mehee

Karana rataka samarum puhu minisunta
Dakina witadi des paluwange wikata
Asana witadi oba divi dun hati ratata
Aswala kandulu kelesaka api wawamda.

Moshe Dyan said...


ehud barak also criticised the indian commandoes. he was a top commando during his hayday.

as we discussed, the heli landing and the blasting of the door should have happened at the same time.

Moshe Dyan said...

saman & mayilravana,

good work guys.

this crime MUST BE REVENGED. there's no two words about it. at least we dropped a few of OFAB500 on them.

Saman said...


The Tamil literates you have mentioned here would be crossed if you drag their names and profiles to promote dying doctrine of mad Vezapulle.

You have no right to do that.

I suggest you take those valuable Tamils out of fucking LTTE list. I personally know one person of this list of doctors.

Unknown said...

It is time we rewrote our history books with these heros like the good major , cpl kularathne , capt Aladeniya col lareef etc . they should take their place with the dasa maha yodhays and all the heros in Sri Lankan lore

Rana said...

Saman, brother,

I am still crying mate, 100s of tissues gone to the bin but I just can't stop it, mate.

Thanks for your fitting verses, brother but I am devastated from yesterday.

Do you know why? The book "A cause untrue by David Blacker, wrote his novel around a guy called "Dayan premasiri" a LRRP commander similar to Lalith Jayasinghe, I loved that character.

The moment, I heard his death, something happened to me, brother.

I think, I am going to snap, from here.

Saman said...

Rana Bro,

How about poetic four lines to get focussed.

Unknown said...

Navindran pakaya ..

Dr Arif Bongso is a malay not a tamil . there are many Sri Lankan tamil doctors in singapore were educated in Sri Lanka . thanks to your uncle vezzapillai the number of tamils who are educated have dropped ten fold .

ReJLoRd said...

I doubt the LTTE team was 'annihilated'. With radio and satellite communication sets, a LTTE team can easily call for backup when encountering a substandard infiltration unit of the SLA. If this guy had a torn artery he would have bled to death in a matter of hours. Come on sinhalese people, use your fuckin sense a little. This SLA team was discovered and fired upon as they ran back into the jungle. They prolly tried to hide there are rest whilst waiting for helivac but were soon discovered again and cleaned up. maj lalith was just another sinhala fighting a losing war to feed his family. God bless his family for they shall not even receive half of what they were promised by the govt after his demise.

Saman said...

Rana bro,

I did not know them by name as you do. But, every time I hear about these guys commitment, their pictures in the jungles and then see lossing them makes me upset. These guys worth a world to me. Until I join this blog and put my first 4 lines together, I did not realise how quickly ideas and words come to me.

I am no poet by any standard but feelings to words through keyboard means my love and respect for these heros.

Lets hope their sacrifises (in thousands) are not in vain.

Ruslan said...

Yesterday was the funeral of Late Major (Now Lt Colonel) Jayasinghe. it was a simple Funeral at Avissawella cemetery. got to tell you guys there were huge crowd gathered to pay last respect for this war hero. may he attain Nibbana!..

Asithri said...


Pull yourself together brother...I DEMAND SO!

You, me, and most of the patriots here hail from a 2500 year old proud warrior class, an “unrelenting” lot..get it?

Your fore-fathers and my fore-fathers likely fought in the same battle field and died too as brothers, protecting our beloved Motherlanka! My ancestors have told me enough stories of sheer Sinhela bravery and yes some are very gut-wrenching, supreme-sacrifices that our lots have rendered over the centuries...and I will always carry them with me as inspiration wherever I go!

So, my Indo-arya Sinhela brother...calm down…take a deep breath and say to yourself "we shall overcome"...okay?

As for the Diaspora mother/father fucking bitches/bastards, rest assured malli that yours truly here is on a personal agenda to ensure that these sons/daughters-of-whores will be "cherry-picked" long after the last LTTE bitch has been grenade-blasted in the arse! Of course, the moment they land in SL they will have a "warm" reception - even if it takes 50 years, but that alone is not the point! I can't elaborate anymore me brother!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

fore-fathers = forefathers

a minor typo...but the sting of the message was intended and remains the same!

OaO Asithri

CASC said...

Hello Moshe,

You are right.

As DW has also pointed out, it is a dismal failure by any standards.

I believe the initial batch of the NSG was trained by the West Germans in the 1970s. It seems that they don't have the specialization that Sri Lanka has developed over time. Despite the small size of the SLA SF relative to India, SLA seems to have developed a variety of specialization among the SFs.

The more visible NSG commandos are with VIP security. I don't think they have ever been called upon to take on any other role.

The most pathetic situation in this episode was what happened to the city's top anti-terror cop. He strolls in front of the TV cameras, puts on his flack jacket and steel pot, walks into the Cama hospital and is shot thereafter in the head along with two of his colleagues. I guess no one told him on his police radio that the hospital was under attack by terrorists.

Mumbai’s Top Anti-Terrorist Cop Killed Video

Asithri said...

May Lt. Colonel Jayasinghe attain nibbana!

No disrespect to him, but we have had scores of brave officers who have sacrificed their life for Motherlanka (from all sections of the Trivida Hamudawa)...and yes, we have grieved their loss and we do respect and hold them in veneration.

However, please think that the last thing Lt. Colonel Jayasinghe would want to see is us Motherlanka patriots becoming demoralized at this stage - this stage where we are about to shoot the tiger up its arse with a RPG!

OaO Asithri

Saman said...


Thanks bro.

Surely LRRP teams are made of crack commandos and probably the best, enduaring and the bravest.

With Maj. Jayasinghe we also lost wealth of terrain knowledge, the team strength as they would miss him.

I don't think with such elite soldirs moral would be an issue, most probably their resolve would have been hardened to take revenge, if anything to go by. In my view that would make them take unnessasary risks through anger. According to the report 5 others, major's remains and an another injored were brought to safety. Do you know how does it works - do the rest go to front and that team is replaced by equaly crack unit.

According to this report Major Jayasinhe was fighting with his injuries and apparently the unit was traked down because of muddy conditions left their tracks visible. Could, that have been avoided? Well, that is war I guess. A hero like him would never let his men down. Apparently the second attack was fatel. I wish team was evacuated when the leader got injourd.

You have indicated that SLAF's activeness lately. Their activeness - dropping OFAB500 you have mentioned now and in Jaffna FDL - apart, is SLAF operating in a reactive or proactive mode. I can't find evidence of that. I feel they are still reactive. Love to be wrong on that.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the vid.


i'm not in favour of a pro-active-reactive division. as far as ground attacks are concerned MOST SLAF attacks are actually proactive.

proactive in the sense, SLAF strikes b4 the SPECIFIC target hurt us in a battle. the bad side of this is SLAF is unable to punish tigers in the battlefield as the battle rages. Mi-24s have ONLY PARTLY filled this void.

retaliatory attacks, although on the face of them look reactive, are not necessarily reactive to the extent the attack is concerned.

of course when the OVERALL situ and timing is concerned, it is reactive.

did i confuse you????

e.g. on 25 april 2006 AFTER SF was attacked by a suicide whore, SLAF raided tiger camps in trinco district. OVERALL this was a reactive piece of work, if you may so call it.

but the attack itself was a proactive one which happened AHEAD of the govt's plan to clear the trinco area first so that the north and the east will be seperated and can be seperately handled.

foolish tigers thereafter (in july 06) made the govt's plan easier by drawing them to mavil aru!!!!

Mithura said...

"obata niwan suwa labewa"...

DoDo said...

You make us all proud to be Sri Lankans!

You are our Hero! You are immortal! In our Hearts you never died!


wijayapala said...

Hi Navindran,

"There is a severe shortage of surgeons in the country. Most of the hospitals are functioning with doctors who are not ideally consultants."

This is thanks to racist sri lankan government. I guess you reap what you sow.

Then how would you explain the phenomenon of Jaffna University med school graduates who will do anything to live and work in the south, thus leading to an acute shortage of physicians in Jaffna?

Saman said...


Thanks for the response bro. In good intent, you have confused me a bit. Your example (a good one) but explanation where I got confused. Let’s get our terms right so that we talk the same talk- Pre-emptive, Proactive, Reactive(retaliatory).

26 Apr 06 event is, to me, a retaliatory action (reactive), but happened to be a good precedence for East operations. I would not give credit to SLAF but will take it. May be, at best, I call it pre-emptive action. I will never call it proactive.

To me proactive means SLAF has a strategic plan based on intelligence and they execute it according to their plan – whether or not MF’s kick our ass here or there. To me SLA, under SF, is currently proactive.

In your example, SLAF had the intelligence but has not acted, until MF’s kicked us. In my mind this was the most fundamental error in dealing with a ruthless group like LTTE for too long by all previous governments as well as military. My question to you was, do you see SLA is currently opperating on a strategic plan (in addition to coverage they provide to advancing SLA) and methodically and strategically eliminating the threats imposed by LTTE and more importantly enhancing protecting capabilities of our skies.

To this end, I am not convinced. I have seen many reactive actions appeared to me as sitting on their ass until something has happened. If you look at the SLAF military assets LTTE managed to taken out of SLA my point can be well understood. Much more than SLA and SLN military hardware Even Thamil Chelvam’s case appears a retaliatory (reactive) action to me, which yielded a fantastic outcome quite unexpectedly

Hope you got what I am getting at.

merandy said...

Brave son of Mother Lanka
May he attain Nibbana!!

Anonymous said...

Whole famil (wife, 2 kids) of a soldier killed - Padaviya

LTTE team also in Padaviya/ A'pura.

Latest tactic of LTTE??

Sinhabahu said...

rejLord Said

"If this guy had a torn artery he would have bled to death in a matter of hours. "

True but not exactly that is if you dont do anything about it and where the wound is also matters.

There is something called direct pressure & indirect pressure in basic emergency medical care to deal with situations like this

Lack of medical facilities in SL

Well my brainwashed tamil brothers ( Who have not sighted a hospital in SL for a decade ) please visit the national hospitals, Anuradhapura hospital,Jaffna Hospital, of course they may not be able to cope up with a sudden influx of casualties in 1000's but better than in your homeland hospitals (Well thats tamilnadu) well for the record we (GOSL) maintain the Killinochchi hospital & the mulative hospital too so your misguided youth will have medical attention when they need it the most

When killinochchi falls you(LTTE) have a bigger problem where are you gonna treat your wounded only mulative is left . Well even to that 10km to go (59 div does it ring a bell?they are knocking at your door step and soon the task force 3 would also be there)

One option left do not bring the tamil popuation to a single digit(11% as of now)in SL.Let those misguided youth have a life surrender while you can

Unknown said...

[Whole famil (wife, 2 kids) of a soldier killed - Padaviya]

bloody cowards! they are too pusssy to fight SLDF and can only take out soft targets like these...
SLDF too should use dirty tactics when possible and kill all these ltte scummies..
for instance...when they fire CS gas at us... we too should fire a few at them bastards...
good thing SLAF is using frag bombs

Srilankan said...

Your method may not be the best way to hurt these LTTE di-ass-pora fellows.what do these fellows parents want the most for them? have a good job and money which they can show off to the poor sinhala modayas in srilanka in style.So the key here is education..what do you think is going to happen if there are a lot of people applying for these di-ass-phora coolies jobs..?Dont feel sad..develop yourself academically as much as you can.

B#1 said...

The best way to hurt LTTE di-ass-pora is "let LTTE to recapture small area of land". Then the pro-LTTE media will report it as ealam is to be establish soon. :p

Then Mahen, Thiru, MrBrown, Crimewatch, Shyam, Peter etc. will send as much as funds (ata deka ugas thiyala hari) to the LTTE.

hak hak ha..... :p

Moshe Dyan said...



but you only look at the TIME factor. there are other factors as well.

e.g. the 25/4/6 attack cleared the way for subsequent SLA action.

TF although from the TIME dimention it was a reactive strike, from the pov of the destruction caused to LTTE MFs (and the advantage it gives to SLA), it was a proactive/preemptive strike.

most SLAF daily (or weekly) attacks are preemptive/proactive. UAV footage--------> attack. no other "trigger".

there are retaliatory attacks that are VERY VERY important in any terrorist war. TERROR is the biggest weapon of terrorists. in retaliation, we are essentially playing it against them. it has a MASSIVE psychological impact.

so SLAF should have the RIGHT MIX of proactive/preemptive attacks (as regards TIME) and retaliatory attacks (which are preemptive/proactive attacks as in the example).

but as you said, "reactive" attacks is not an excuse for "sitting on it".

Moshe Dyan said...

"Whole famil (wife, 2 kids) of a soldier killed - Padaviya"

a similar attack took place in 2006 without the soldier part.

it was VIOLENTLY retaliated (+ a bit of sexx too) in mannar which became an iconic retaliation that stopped the tigers from CONTINUING with this type of attacks.

it is unfortunate that tigers ONLY understand this language. but IF we are to communicate and tell them that "this is bad, stop it", we MUST talk in that language. otherwise no matter how good our intentions are, nothing will happen.

Sri Lankan said...

Go Sri Lanka and to hell with these rodents in the jungles of Wanni..... SLA will most definitely find it difficult to search for rodents as they usually are well disguised just like their bastard father VP (Vessige Putha) as he would have collected Thamil the Barbber Selvans sperms and injected them to the women saying its his own he he

Indika Athukorala said...

Thanks for your updates.
Maj Lalith, heros like you, will end this Terrarium. Salute you and our war heros!!

Unknown said...

If you have time, you should read the blasting the Kerela Chief Minister got from the public and treatment from the father of the dead NSG commando Major,curpg-1.cms

So the commando’s father asked them to go back. “I have lost all respect for you, VS,” he said. Later, he clarified that the politicians arrived after he repeatedly said no and admitted that he “responded badly.”

Talking to Times Now, Achuthanandan said: “I have respect for Sandeep, his mother and father. If it had not been Sandeep’s residence, not even a dog would have glanced at the house,” he told the channel. “I did not expect such a reception.” There is widespread outrage among politicians of all shades over the Chief Minister’s comments. BJP state president P K Krishnadas said Achuthandanan has become a disgrace for the state. “VS inflicted wounds on that bereaved family. He should quit the post,” he said. “When People’s Democratic Party leader Abdul Nasser Madani was acquitted in the Coimbatore serial blast case, three ministers of the Left Government turned up for the reception in Thiruvanananthapuram. The CPM has proved that the party would honour anti-nationals and insult those who have sacrificed their lives for the nation.”

Horror for Terras said...

Dear patriat srilankans, Though I am a new to contribute, i am reading this blogg for long time. Latest in is the updated map.

Unknown said...

By the way the CM belongs to the Elavar community. One school of thought says they came from Sri Lanka and another says they went to Sri Lanka. The former sounds more logical as people from a place are called elavar. The LTTE wants the tamil majority areas of that eelam so Tamil Eelam.

By the way some say Onam is celeberated because the Keralities switched from Buddishm back to hinduism although they talk about a good king etc. Siddarth etc are still common malaylee names.

Horror for Terras said...

RW is giving threat to daily mirror editor, shows his real color

Unknown said...

Sam Perra and Ali as usual clueless. Read my words, i did not say tamils. In Singapore and malaysia most tend to be tamils. Most tamils left before 83. Prof Krisnakone is also from Sri Lanka, he has a nickname called snake doctor as he is a venom specalist. Ofcourse he is of origins of kerela and probaily 2nd-3rd generation now. Depending on the time he would be tamil or sinhalese like mahindha mama.

"A few from Singapore a shown who are of Sri Lankan descent."

Unknown said...

Diලිパ said...
"Stories like thise have to be given more publicity and heroes like this have to be remembered at all the time. "

Really wanna bet whether any of these guys will be remebered. How many years later and how many are remembered in Sri Lanka.

B#1 said...

BBC ThamilOsai/Sandeshaya going to STOP very soon... :p

B#1 said...


What is this "Area of Influence" in the Battle Progress Map??

Malin said...


I have no idea who are Elavar but one thing is certain even if they came to Sri lanka or came to india from Sri lanka they were tamils.. so no wonder how they behave..

we have our own roten tomatoes in political system but please keep ur shit to ur self. Sri Lanka has nothing to do with CM of kerala if they elect dogs then dont expect them to be sheeps.. Take care of your own shit,

Unknown said...

Singapore and Malaysia split in 1965. Malaysia has emnormus resources like rubber and tin on independence. After the 70s they went into palm oil, timber and is a net oil exporter. Yet the Malays in Singapore a richer per capita then their malay neighbours. This is even though there is standardisation (qoutas) for schools, employment etc.

In Singapore its virtually impossible to bribe a government servant. Even a minister commuted suicide after he was found corrupt. Can you say the same for Sri Lanka. I mean do you jokers really belief Sri Lanka can prosper. I can tell you even when the tamil areas break away, Sri Lanka will still be a shit hole.

"There is no way a Minister can avoid investigations and a trial if there is evidence to support one".
- then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, quoted in the Straits Times, Jan 27, 1987
He was investigated for corruption by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau for accepting two bribes of $500,000 each in 1981 and 1982. In November 1986, the prime minister of Singapore approved an open investigation on his alleged corruption, however, the papers were issued to the Attorney-General on December 11. Though he maintained his innocence, he committed suicide before being charged for the offences, on December 14.[1][2]

In his suicide note, Teh wrote

I have been feeling very sad and depressed for the last two weeks. I feel responsible for the occurrence of this unfortunate incident and I feel I should accept full responsibility. As an honourable oriental gentleman I feel it is only right that I should pay the highest penalty for my mistake.[3]

Unknown said...

Even there is no escape for corrupt army officers in Singapore. In Sri Lanka on ex officer has his US passport and then other realised that he did want the escape route so soon. I am talking of gota and Sarath.
Ong Beng Leong, a Lieutenant Colonel in the SAF, was the Commanding Officer of Training Resource Management Centre (TRMC) from 1st April 1999 to 14th December 2001. During this period, he knowingly accepted fictitious quotes submitted to him by the sole-proprietor of Sin Hiaptat Construction. According to financial procedures, he should have sourced for quotations from other contractors. Ong had then gone on to award contracts to the Sin Hiaptat Construction. He was later charged and convicted for using false documents to deceive his principal (i.e. his employer in this case), an offence under section 6(c) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Cap 241. He was sentenced to 1.5 months' imprisonment.

Sithsala said...

Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe, may you attain Nibbana.

Sting of the message went deep down...
it made hair on my neck stand on their ends.

මුන්ට අඹරන්න ඔනෙ address නැතිවෙන්න, වුනෙ මොකක්ද කියලවත් හොයාගන්න බැරිවෙන විදියට, හීන් නූලෙන්...

Push said...

@ Naveendran Aka the LOOSER

He was sentenced to 1.5 months' imprisonment.

ඉතින් අපිට පුකද?

Ananda-USA said...

Should Sri Lanka collaborate with India in Sanskrit learning? The 7th Sanskrit university in India is to be created in the state of Karnataka. article:

Revered abroad, dumped in its homeland

Express News Service First Published : 29 Nov 2008 04:39:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 29 Nov 2008 11:29:20 AM ISTBANGALORE: Considered the mother of all languages, Sanskrit is popular in many countries, but for its motherland. Foreigners who take to yoga and Ayurveda learn Sanskrit to get a better grip of the two. Indians settled abroad seek it for their wards so that they may remain rooted to their culture and ethos.

In sum it means Sanskrit teachers are in demand abroad. Vasuvaj of Samskrita Bharati, Bangalore, explained that the interest abroad is not just for Sanskrit as a spoken language, but for scholarly reading and writing in that language too.The School of Philosophy, a non-profit organisation, runs spiritual courses for people in Toronto. The organisation also runs 11 regular schools for children at various places, including the St James Independent School for Boys in England and John Scootes School in Dublin, Ireland. Students here learn Sanskrit as a compulsory subject.

Samskrita Bharati conducts short-term courses for students studying in these schools. The Vice Principal of John Scootes School, Rutger himself is on a year’s study leave - learning Sanskrit.

Many countries across the world including Israel, France and Russia have published Sanskrit books.

In contrast, the scenario here seems to be quite the opposite. Sanskrit is taught as first and third language subjects in high schools in Karnataka. Sanskrit scholars say that though there is a huge interest for learning the language, many government schools do not have Sanskrit teachers. There is not a single teacher to teach Sanskrit as third language.

A handful of them are available to teach it as first language.

“Many students in government schools are forced to opt for Kannada as first language because they don’t have an option,” a retired Sanskrit teacher said.

Sanskrit lecturers too are few in number and many government colleges go without them. The few students who study Sanskrit in high school are therefore, left without any option when they enter college.

Making of Sanskrit University

It looks like the dream of having a Sanskrit university in the state is on the fast road to becoming a reality, with the appointment of Mallepuram G Venkatesh as special officer for the Karnataka State Sanskrit University. The government had earmarked Rs two crore for establishing the varsity, in the 2008-09 budget.

In India there are only six Sanskrit universities and the one in the state will be the seventh.

Venkatesh told The Express that the varsity was still in the fledging stages. The first phase of discussions with scholars is over. “We will visit other universities across the country to study the pro and cons,” he said.

The basic idea of the university is to bring all the existing Sanskrit colleges under a single roof.

However, when contacted, Chandrashekharaiah, president of the State Sanskrit Teachers Association, said that so far none from the university had contacted him.

“They should taken our suggestions too,” Chandrashekharaiah added.

Ramachandrapura Mutt had plans to establish a private Sanskrit varsity in Hosanagara of Shimoga district. But, it is yet to become a reality.

Moshe Dyan said...


its time you wrote your suicide note!!!

your leader vezapillai has already done so.

Rana said...

saman, brother,

for the honour of beloved late Maj. Jayasnghe the hero of heros,

Lalith jayasinghe namaya hela wansa pothe
Liyannemi ranin purawa kandulu nethe
Mathu yam dineka oba samarana sohon kothe
Malak pudannata aditan kalemi sithe

your supreme sacrifice for the mother land will not be forgotten

--- rana ---

Ananda-USA said...

Here is food for thought:

There has always been accusations in India that Sonia Gandhi is anti-Hindu and favors Christians, but I have never read an article that accuses her so directly as a danger to India as this article does. Does anybody know who the author Francois Gautier is, and what his agenda and connections are?

Is this the beginning of an avalanche of fingerpointing, and political mudslinging that is about to unravel India in the wake of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks? Does the LTTE have a hand in this? A recent news article says that India has investigated LTTE linkages and, so far, has not found a connection.

These developments may have impact on Sri Lanka. For example, Pakistan is threatening to move 100,000 troops from the Afghan border to the Indian border and is preparing for a possible war with India. Pakistan's own military needs may impact our weapons supplies; Sri Lanka should anticipate this and arrange for alternative sources of weapons now.

I had written some time ago, about the need for Sri Lanka to become self sufficient in basic weapons and ammunition, and to undertake military R&D to manufacture advanced weaponry. I think the unfolding events underline the urgency of those needs.

Ananda-USA article:
Sonia’s presence in Delhi is costing India dearly

François GautierFirst Published : 02 Dec 2008 02:37:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 02 Dec 2008 10:20:05 AM ISTIn 1898, the French writer Emile Zola wrote an open letter to the then French president in the newspaper L’Aurore, titled j’accuse (‘I accuse’), where he accused the French government of anti- Semitism towards Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer unfairly condemned for treason.

Now it is time for the people of India to say openly that which many, including within the Congress, think secretly and may utter in the privacy of their chambers.

It is not about Manmohan Singh, it is not even about Shivraj Patil, the fall guy; it is about that one person, the Eminence Grise of India. She who pulls all the strings, She whose shadow looms menacingly over so many, She who holds no portfolio, is just a simple elected MP, like 540 others, but rules like an empress.

Sometimes, one’s very physical presence at the top is enough to move things, to influence the course of events. One word from Her, a glance, a frown, are enough to put the whole heavy, inert, unwilling machinery of India’s bureaucracy and political system in full motion. Sometimes She need not say anything: in the true tradition of Bhakti, Her ministers, Her secretaries, interpret Her silences and rush to cater to Her western and Christian identity.

Nevertheless, she has said and acted enough so that one day she may stand accused on the pages of History for what she must have done to India.

I’accuse Sonia Gandhi as being responsible for the tragedy of Mumbai, having emasculated India’s intelligence agencies by stopping them from investigating terror attacks in the last four years, including the Mumbai train blasts. She has also neutralised the ATS by ordering them at all costs to ferret out ‘Hindu terrorism’, which if it exists, has wrought minuscule damage compared to what Islamic terror has done since 2004. Did the US send a warning to India that there may be an attack on Mumbai and that the Taj would be one of the targets? Were these ignored because the ATS was too busy chasing Hindu ‘terrorists’ on Sonia’s orders? I accuse Sonia and her government of having made the NSG the laughing stock of the world. How many times did the NSG (who took ten hours to reach Mumbai) claim that it had “sanitised the Taj and that the operation was over” and how many times did a bomb go off immediately after? For the last 20 years, the NSG has guarded VIPs and has become soft. See the comments of Israeli terror specialists, who said the NSG should have first sanitised the immediate surroundings of the places of conflict, kept the bystanders and press (who gave terrorists watching TV in the Taj rooms a perfect report of the security forces’ whereabouts) out of the place, gathered enough information about the position of the terrorists and hostages before taking action, instead of immediately engaging the terrorists, and ensuring the deaths of so many hostages.

I accuse Sonia of having let her Christian and Western background, in four years, divide India on religious and caste lines in a cynical and methodical manner.

I accuse Sonia of weakening India’s spirit of sacrifice and courage, so that 20 terrorists (or less) held at ransom the financial capital of India for more than three days.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of always pointing the finger at Pakistan, when terrorism in India is now mostly homegrown, even if it takes help, training, refuge and arms from Pakistan; of not warning Indians of the grave dangers of Islamic terror for cynical election purposes.

I accuse Sonia of being an enemy of the Hindus, who always gave refuge to persecuted minorities, and who are the only people in the world to accept that God may manifest under different names, in different epochs, using different scriptures.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of taking advantage of India’s respect for women, its undue fascination with the Gandhi name, and its stupid mania for White Skin.

I’accuse Sonia of exploiting the Indian Press’ obsession with her. She hardly ever gave interview in 20 years, except scripted ones to NDTV, yet the Press always protects her, never blames her and keeps silent over her covert role.

I’accuse Sonia and her government of trying to make heroes of subservient and inefficient men to hide the humiliation of Mumbai 26/11. Before going to his death, Hemant Karkare, the ATS chief, was shown on television clumsily handling his helmet, as someone who uses it very rarely. Why did he die of bullet wounds in the chest when he was wearing a bullet-proof vest? Either Indian vests are inferior quality or he was not wearing one.

How did the terrorists who killed him and his fellow officer escape in the same vehicle used by the ATS chief ? Why did he and his officers go into Cama Hospital without ascertaining where the terrorists were? We honour his death, but these facts say a lot about the ATS’ battle-readiness.

Will someone in the Congress, someone who feels more Indian than faithful to Sonia, stand up and speak the truth? Who said, “Go after Hindu terrorists”? Who insisted on putting pressure on BJP governments in Karnataka or Orissa for so-called persecution of Christians, when Christians have always practised their faith in total freedom here, while their missionaries are converting hundreds of thousands of innocent tribals and Dalits with the billions of dollars given by gullible westerners? Who said, “Go soft on Islamic terrorism”? Who wants to do away with India’s nuclear deterrence in the face of Pakistani and Chinese nuclear threats, by pushing at all costs the one sided Indo-US nuclear deal, which makes no secret of its intention to denuclearise India militarily? I am sure Sonia Gandhi has good qualities: she probably was a good wife to Rajiv, a good daughter in law to Indira and by all accounts, she is a good mother to her children. One also hears first-hand reports about her concern for smaller people, her dignity in the suffering that befell her when her husband was blown to pieces, and her courtesy with visitors.

Nevertheless, she is a danger to India.

Her very presence, both physical and occult, open the doors to forces inimical to India. Even Indian Christians should understand that she is not a gift to them: her presence at the top has emboldened fanatics like John Dayal or Valson Thampu, who practise an orthodox Christianity prevalent in the West in the early 20th century, but no longer, to radicalise their flock. Indian Christians should recognise that they have a much better deal here than Christians or Hindus have in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

Under Sonia’s rule, Indian Muslims, too, have been used as electoral pawns. They have been encouraged to shun the Sufi streak, a blend of the best of Islam and Vedanta, for a hard-line Sunni brand imported from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For the good of India, her civilisation, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia Gandhi has to go and a government that thinks Indian, breathes nationalism and will protect its citizens must be voted to power.


hb said...

[Peter said..
This Jayasinghe SLFP farm boy is not worth a page on blogger...

Peter, its due to Major Jayasinghe and the likes of him that the LTTE are made to go on a non-stop tactical withdrawal since 2005. Its heros like him who made Prabakaran to declare "we do not want war. We do not favour violence..." in his birthday speech. They are the ones who are on a mission to bring peace to Sri Lanka enabling all Sri Lankan Sinhalaese, tamils muslims, burgers to live in harmony. Last but not least these are the heros who would make the LTTE disapora, including you, never set foot again in this glorious nation.

hb said...

How to sponsor a Ranaviru Child

It costs less than US$20 a month to look after the education of a Ranaviru child. The process is transparent. The donors can verify every single detail themselves before sponsoring the child. Please email to and I will forward you the sponsorship form along with a detailed description of the procedure. After submitting the form, the details of the recipient will be sent to you directly by Army Sevavanitha, and you can verify every sinlge detail personally before commencement of sponsorhip.

Let us please show our gratitude towards the armed forces and their family members who have sacrificed their future for us. Lets show them we appreciate their sacrifices. Thank you.


Saman said...


Well compiled verse brother. Hope, with that promise you got rid of some sorrow out of your chest.

You may remember a small story I wrote some time ago how heroes live in commoners' hearts more so than elites'. They will make sure Major Lalith Jayasinghe lives much longer than rest of us.

Saman said...


Thanks for this post. It is very impotant for us to keep track of these developments. Here is a link for Francoice's profile. Obviously he must be a very brave journalist to do what he has done. Some aspects I agree with him and some I feel as driven by his living in India for last 30 years and married to an Indian.

Such views would help BJP to power. We should also remember Man Mohan is Indian PM only because Sonia did not accept the offer. I think perpose of his write-up to expose Man Mohan as a weak leader than Sonia. We also know Hindu extremism, since Gandhi's era, oposes congress. With recent developments, anti Muslim sentiments and therefore BJP would come to power.

I only hope we finish-off LTTE completely before that.

My view

Ananda-USA said...


Thanks for the "gautier" link...need to research that.

I too feel that it is essential to capture all uncleared areas, and define the policies with regard to devolution of power before the next elections in India.

Peter said...

Any dead Sinhala is a good Sinhala in my book.

Maybe this Jayasinghe will go to Nibbana, but most likely he'll end up in someone's banana plantation as fertiliser.

Sanath said...

peter pakaya is the one who will be fertilizer for grapes plantations in jaffna.. oh sorry u salliliyas are nt even suitable as fertilizer..toilet cleaners fron toronto..jobless becos canadians dnt trust u buggers and they have felt secured to wash their own toilet becos u idiots will nt wash it properly and u might bargain a part of their toilet space and establish an eelam on top of the commode. u toilet cleaners have the capacity to steal other s lands and wealth so this cn be a problem in torronto..poor toilet cleaners..

hiru said...

Attack is the Best Defence

mun toilet clean karanawa witharak nemei guuth kanawada koheda? sounds like moley guu

Sanath said...

peteraya..topita eelama labenne toilet wale witarai danaganin gon buruwa yako maruna minihekutawath respect karanna danaganinn uguduwa..tope eelama ivarai kakkussak hodagena hitapiya canadawe indan gon wassa ...

boruwata blogs walata salli nasthi karanna epa..gonoo..topita me udde ivara unama akulan enne wenava meheta ai all the asylum seekers will be thrown out of canada. ..awilla jeewath wenna wena nisa salli ituru karapan.

Infinity said...

Sri Lanka GSP+ extended by 6-months: official

In six months, at the very latest, the LTTE will no longer have a conventional military capacity and will be reduced to fugitives in the jungle, teenage diaspora armchair romantics, and diaspora organized crime profiteers.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


Oh my diaspora amma vuka brothers you will wonder as a amma vuka chief of Liberation Tiger terrorist why salute enemy soldier. In fact I was lived today thanks to this kind of men. If bloody son of the prostitue Shankar has lived today he and Paravesa Tamil selva would have kill me and my family. I had tipped to LRRP through secret way about these bastards. Pottu Ammavuka did the job. My thanks to him.

Some of my vesa brothers complaining here about Jayasinghe family. As we all know when soldier of Sl dead his family get his salary. This is one reason they join Army. Family wont have any problems.

But my case different. When ammavuka vesa tiger dead. I give him good post and send his wife to brothel in Tamil Nadu. I et a commission and also each client Karunanidhi get a commission. Last days alone I earned millions sending these whores to Tamil Nadu. What a wonderful thing!!!.

This is the difference between SL Army and Ammavuka Tiger vesas. So Diaspora can you contribute more money if you like our fallen vesa ammavuka heros wives to remain in SL. So I can build some brothels here in Wanni if you send me more money.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

who killed Joseph Pararajasingam, Yogeswaran MP, Raviraj MP..........



Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Peter

Please read the following link

kappetipola said...

May Lt. Colonel Jayasinghe attain nibbana!

guys ,

any news about Rasayya Ilantharian !!

looks like he is missing or killed or met DPU attack.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

"And seriously, you shud get a new book of insults cos the 'insults' your trying to dish out just makes you sounds really really retarded"

- so said the grammatically correct and highly intelligent ReJLoRd.

heh heh

Saman said...


I am not with you in supporting the devolution of power to one minority in any shape or form. Tamils are around 10-11% at this stage (through attrition, war and voluntary departure). My reasons are,

1. The beginning of this mess is the Tamil separatism. It originated in India, planted in Sri Lanka by RAW. Since, British has given best educational opportunities to Tamils discriminating Sinhala majority Tamils got spoiled and their Oxford educated lawyers and inner circles to British could implant the idea 50:50. After 30 years of war, still we were to play into this nonsense country will go down the drain.

2. Logic of devolution comes from the original argument (which is politically manipulated) that "a minority living in an area of majority subjected to discrimination". This is bull dust. If that is the basis, how on earth segmentation of a country such that Sinhalese and Muslims become minorities in Tamil areas and Tamils and Muslims become minority in Sinhala dominating areas would ever live. This nonsense is never to buy in to. If true, can be easily managed (if that continues) using an anti discriminatory law of the land. You can make institutionalised discrimination a crime. You can even see through developments in the East - TMVP is playing the blame game on the government and already starting agitation. Muslims and Sinhalese are feeling insecure. If we do this we will be opening many cans of warms.

3. Like in many progressive countries on the planet – asking race, religion and age can be avoided and pedigree can be replaced with merit. Such a society can be built without giving in to this crap.

4. Apart from Tamils, it is west and India wants this. We do not need to buy that. We must build a modern society where no one feels as minority. If he/she has a dream to live, dare to try we should not care where they live, which race they are from.

5. That right is now with GoSL after winning the war. There was a concept called blood money in war. The winning party determines how we progress. Not the loosers. Not the countries supported and trained this scum. But I want GoSL to be fair to Tamils, Muslims and all others as they are to Sinhalese. But we should never ever dance to the tunes set by West or India. Definitely, not Tamils until Tamils earn our trust. 30 years of war created generations from both sides who do not trust each other. That is where nonsence politics should take a back step and let the law and order should take over until this hatred is subsidised. MR is at this stage on the right track and can provide the leadership and the framework. I do not want child soldirs deteminig the future of this country. That would be a desaster.

kevin said...

I suppose you are from the Tamil background and what you say about Singapore is absolutely correct. Singapore being a very small place with no recourses except intellectual human resources their only lifeline is to attract foreign investors bake that place corruption free to maintain that country as a financial centre so they have no option but to be squeeze clean. Therefore there no room for corruption nepotism and inefficiency.
Sri lanka was like that decades ago but for the pseudo nationalist of both divides ruined it. This is one reason people like Sir John Kothalawala left our shores. There was mass migrations to other lands and we must blame our selves and your lot in particular.
Now no one have the confidence to invest in the country until these ills are eliminated and mustn’t wait for the war to end.

Suranimala said...

DW. same time I remember another worrier who made supreme sacrifice to our mother lanka . His name was maj.lal hemantha not the journalist :) As I remember he was shot in tiriyaya jangles in nineties but I don't remember the correct date and time .his men brought him so many km but he passed away . Our country had many great sons and daughters like Maj.Jayasinghe.L.

Apino Dannachess said...

All Patriots,

Please don't yield to these Thalathel drenched monkeys.
This is the only way these Garlic smelling scumbags can get back at us.....hiding behind their keyboards.

So let them be


Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Kevin

I do agree with you.

SL will not be a peaceful place if the corrupt polititians continue to run the government.

Lalith Kuruwita said...


I ahven't heard anything ffrom TN for last few days.

Are they still trying to do more protests? I know Vaiko was in London.

Does anybody saw any news about TN please give me the link.

Apino Dannachess said...

As for that adolescent monkey or the podi Wandura....I guess everybody knows who I'm referring to here....please spare him. After carefully analyzing all its post I have come up with the following profile:

* Probably aged between 12 to 14 undergoing growing up pains
* Probably confused with hyper hormonal activity
* I can imagine him to be a lonely geek....with over sized /thick eye glasses + dental braes to keep his protruding teeth in check....
* Above looks probably explains why the little monkey spends lot of time in this blog....with looks like that can one expect him to have any luck with the opposite sex
* Seeking attention in any way it can to overcome its loneliness
* Possibly low IQ given the quality of statements posted here
* Physically weak or challenged person ( at best suffering from asthma) , thus spending more time with a keyboard
* May be suffering from collective amnesia cum depression…hence the wild claims ranging from Nachchikuda to Cables and MRT systems in Wanni
I sure hope this little kid soon discovers the favorites past time of all adolescent kids……that should take most of the stress and depression out.
KIDDO, if you by any chance got even got a little thing hanging between your legs, there is more to it than just peeing.

Lalith Kuruwita said...


I found this article. I can 100% agree with it.

"LTTE to India is Taliban to US. It is no secret that Taliban was fed and provided with all the logistical support by US Intelligence Service in the early years. This is not because US cared for the Afghans or they sympathized with the Talibans but US had its own political and military interests against the Russians at that time. Now the tables have turned and US is having to destroy the very group that they once nurtured.

Similarly, Indian government in Indira Ghandi era had its own agenda when they created and nurtured tamil militant groups a couple of decades ago. Obviously the SL govt’s embracement of western policies and affinity to US and other western allies at that time were seen as a threat to India. India at that time was not quite the country that we see today in terms of economic and social progress. It was not in India’s best interest to have a western commercial hub in its back door (i.e in SL).

Having nurtured the Tamil militant group it still wanted to control them so as not to pave the way to an eventual separate Tamil state in Tamilnadu. The ultimate goal of then Indian govt appeared to be to keep the SL govt in check and to halt the fast westernization or a “Singapore” in its backyard. Certainly, India’s support of LTTE was not out of pure love and kindness towards the tamils in Sri Lanka as the writer seems to suggest. There were (and still are) millions of Indians who are socially and economically oppressed inside India if India really was on a humanitarian mission when they provided material support to LTTE at that time.

In fact, had India not meddled, Sri Lankans of all ethnic groups would have reaped economic benefits. This could have addressed some of the grievances of tamils and marginalized Sinhalese and Muslims in the remote Sourthern areas.

Prabhakaran, in fact was no fool and played India in trying to achieve his own political ambitions. He did use the Indian cover to eliminate other competing tamil militant groups. He tasted the power of dominance and wanted to keep it that way like any other power hungry dictator would do. Only difference was he was more ruthless, more organized, and had a personal vendetta to justify his cause. His greed however came at a price to both Sinhalese and tamil populations in Sri Lanka. The power hungry Sinhalese politicians in the south also did not help the cause and as usual took advantage of the situation at the expense of its people.

Now that India is in a different path to success and certainly a Sri Lankan in a turmoil is not in its interest. That will only attract unwanted guests (Chinese, Iranian, and Paks) in its backyard. I can only hope the politicians of both countries will understand this work for the best of the people of SL. Unfortunately, I don’t see how this could be accomplished without taking Prabha out of the picture. I hope the journalists and analysts of the situation could explore on the points highlighted in this comment. "

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Apino

You mentioned about yourself.

Ha Ha Ha

Saman said...


The lerycs used in this song, if I remember correctly, are from a poem written by one of our brave hearts. The paper on which this was written recovered on the field but author's name is unknown to date, and considered KIA.

Enjoy his work.

kappetipola said...

Navindran , Please machan we dnt want hear abt your bullshit abt Singapore.we knw what about Singapore .you might be stuck in Singapore as refugee .but we been in around the world and we studied whats their Political Structure and Financial Structure. There are lot on Non Tamil Sri Lankans do better than Tamils in Singapore.

hope you like to Work like slave in Singapore once its forcibly separate from Malaysia.

and it was oppurtunity Tamil Prostitution in Singapore . you think How many Tamil Womens do prostitution in Singapore.(20,000 - 30,000) yeh no matter what happen in Sri Lanka Tamils are safe here mate.

if your Canibble Prabakaran choosed Political path Sri Lanka is developed more than Manhattan.

Man if i am a really tamil racist i support LTTE. i give them money to make more suicide tamil womens. so no more grow. no more education if u continue this another 10 years thats it man.....

Sinhabahu said...

ReJLord Said

An artery is an artery. Arteries have the most blood pressure in them. And as mentioned by dw it wasnt dressed properly and thats cos it can't be unless you get to a hospital.

Proves one thing

You dont have any knowledge about firstaid.

Artery or not you can control the bleeding with direct & indirect pressure thats a fact but you should do it quickly SF teams are trained in firstaid unlike LTTE we do not give them a cynide pill to bite .The human body can sustain a blood loss of 1/3 of its normal capacity until you consider it a dangerous condition (But the degree of difficulty depends on the location of the wound if it is on a limb its comparatively easy than other parts of the body

You have not seen a SL government hospital for a decade

Remember Tsunami (Tee manner which the hospitals handled the casualties was remarkable did we have any epidemics like other countries NO BROTHER it speaks volumes of the standard of medical care we have at SL

Wounded LTTE idiots should thank the GOSL since it is we who stuff the so called hospitals with required medicine not because of the LTTE scum bags but because of the innocent people your idiot war lord dosenot spend on civilian welfare if he had spent extortion money from tamil economic refugees for the people wanni would be in a far better shape today time to wake up from your elam day dream

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


Naveendra ammavuka
Mahen ammavuka
Peter ammavuka

Please find and bring him to vanni asshole.


Since Karuna betrayed us he can still use Amman. I wish all are happy about our decision.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

If the bloggers permit me, given the distasteful way the Peelam mythologists have behaved, I will take the liberty of exposing their myths, what their white sponsors think of them, their duplicitous nature and their lack of a true identity from time to time. It is time to take the psyops war to another level.

here is a comment from

Companion Studies to the History of Tamil Literature
By Kamil Zvelebil

"When we try to distinguish between works which are authentic, which are doubtful and which are spurious, we should remember the words of Cicero: “Dicendum est, sed ita ut nihil affirmem, quaeram omnia, dubitans plerumque et mihi diffidens”. I must speak, but in such a way as to affirm nothing; I sahll search into all things, doubting most of them and mistrusting myself.” Unfortunately, the attitude of the Tamil literaray histeriographer, commentator, erudite scholar and (so-called) critic has usually been the very opposite: he would search into very few things, believe most of them, trust himself implicitly, and affirm everything."

Zvebil is a renowned Dravidophile. The fact that such a person has said this is evidence to suspect the honesty of anyone who promotes the mythical Dravidian or Tamil identity when no such identity has been acknowledged by either within or without the South Indian culture except by Sinhala Buddhists and once in the Sangham literature. Even this author is clear that language and literacy spread south to north in the peninsular and that Jains and Buddhists predominated up to the 8th century when Bhakti took over. The Sangham literauture has clear Jaina origins and refers to Tamilakam (Damilagam).
None of these authors appear to step back and look at the largest city south of Uijjan in the pre-Common Era. That is Anuradhapura. If there is any other city then it has to be in the Palk Strait. There is certainly not a comparable civilisation in Southern India comparable in archaeological antiquity to Anuradhapura.

It appears obvious to me using common sense that the Pandya civiisation was a Lankan one which spread northwards. Lanka as well as South India accepted Buddhism and in the case of latter Jainism.

While I accept that there was an ancient language with probable common roots with Sinhala, the modern evolution of it has been called "tamil" and identified with a geographic region only in the 19th century.

The identification of Pandya, Chera and Chola as "tamil" has been a modern trend. There is no evidence whatsoever, that they called themselves that nor that others (Indians,Romans, Chinese) called them as such. Even when Pandyas or other Indians invaded Lanka, the monks only called selected individuals "Damila". Not every invader was called Damila; only those who were considered enemies of the faith. The Cholas were definitely Damila. The word Dravida is used to generally describe the Peninsular people. I am not convinced about so-called etymological conection between Dravida and Damila to Tamila.

Let's face it. It is one of the biggest hoaxes of the 19th century. Creating this identity and attempting to give it great antiquity. I would say the people who speak the language should revert to calling it "Tamyoli" meaning "mother tongue" and stop flagellating themselves with the Sinhala insult "Demala".

However, if they wish to be called as such, so be it.

The mythological state is not only "tamil eelam" (Eelam literaly meaning Sinhale), but "tamil nadu" as well. There was never a "Tamilnadu" in sense of a country. "Tamilakam" (Damilagam) clearly refers to a little territory such as a village (obvious to a sinhala).

While Nadu was a Pandya concept, it appears to be subordinate to Desa (e.g. Cheradesa) and certainly there is no "Tamilnadu" cited in ancient literature (in the 19th and 20th century forgeries may be).
Tamilnadu does not officially emerge as a state until 1968 when it is created out of a part of the Madras state.

Thus the modern, fascist Tamil movement finally destroyed the last vestiges of reference to the ancient Pandyans; Madras state which harks back to Madurai Kingdom.

So, why would such a fascist movement want with a brand new identity and state. Well it is obvious to the Sinhalas but it appears to have caught the Indians completely unawares. They want to create a World Spanning Dravidistan, stupid! Just visit the and you will see evidence.

It is time that India put a stop to the threat from the South to its integrity. They are far more insidious and dangerous and than the Deccan Mujahhadin (who were no doubt fostered and trained by our friends). They will wag and rotate their heads every which way and say "Yes sir , no sir" whilst at all time holding the knife with which to stab you.

As long as this fascist creation Tamilnadu remains in control of its fascist actor politicians neither Sri Lanka nor India can be comfortable. Something has to be done.

40% Tamilnadu have non-Tamil speakers. Then there are the Dhalits. These groups need to be awoken to the myth of this Tamilnadu, the subversion of the Pandya history and the evident lack of provision of the riches and resources down to the poorest while blaming SL for their ills. Just look at the literacy rates of neighboring Kerala and SL in comparison to TN.

It is time to wake up the discriminated minorities of TN who probably make up the majority.

Tamil Eelam in SL was the hope for the fascists to commence their campaign of World Domination. When it fails spectacularly, then we will see some tantrums elsewhere. But not in Fiji (they speak Hindi) or Mauritius (they speak French or English) nor in the West Indies (English) but maybe in Malaysia (will be ruthlessly quelled) but certainly in TN. India, wake up before your beds burn!

In my next installment I hope to describe how the dieasspora are likely to spread further lies to ty and undermine the new found independence of SL. (remember the dieasspora traitors are not just Tamil but Sinhala as well). I will suggest some ways of countering such lies.

kappetipola said...

Navindran ...

why your Singaporian Thamil desent President dont claim Singapore as Thamil Ealam...

is it because 40% of majority Buddhists ????

Unknown said...

A Cause Untrue

ravana said...

if any one knows oddusuadan and the rest of area than Maj.lalith it would be definetly nizaam(sldf site).he is so called warrior in the ranks.idol of many of the guys.
wanni war fronts heats up.its very many moves with short time of one undrstand the SF's tactics.even top ranks have their mouths in the ears when they heard few out standing orders by Genarel SF.

seems to me last week cluster bomb gives shivering exp. to form the scene is be this is the last few days ltte seen their muhammalei front.
..sorry guys will come back sson..

jiffy said...

be wary noble lion cubs!! our political and intellectual enemies watch over us and will take any opportunity to confuse and separate us!

the danger we face brothers is not from tamils with guns...but those who wish to elevate themselves above the common man under false pretences, appeals to conscience and historical fabrications. there is one such person here, whose stripes are all too obvious now, but who first spoke with such heart wrenching gusto for the "sinhalese war hero" that many of us were fooled. this person still occasionally mentions names in the false hope that naming the names of these heros will make his racist bile more pallettable to the rest of us here. it should now be clear to most regular readers of this blog who this "person" is!

concern for sri lanka and trying to defend the actions of racists and opportunists who fled the country after 83 are not the same thing. we should not care what these opportunists are doing outside of sri lanka, because such naval gazing is of no use to sri lankans IN SRI LANKA. let singapore and malaysia deal with this plague in due course! this is not our concern.

but OUR CONCERN, my brothers, should be squarely on OURSELVES. we should not let these sinhalese sacrifice be in vain. we must honor the dead by conducting ourselves properly as a people. the good name of our people must not be allowed to be tarnished through our public actions or deeds. we must live as role models for our people wherever we go, particularly those us living abroad. think what our conduct says about who we are!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I met then 2nd Lt. Jayasinghe on one of my visit to Kuruwita Army camp, and had the pleasure of having dinner. Then again, I met him when he was a Lt., in a huge traffic jam in Colombo. I was in a low-deck private bus near a window, and when he saw me he got off his cab and came and say hi.. He was that humble. Last time I met him was in Maduru Oya..then he looked very matured, but same smile and same down to earth calm and collected man.

The brace hero, you will not be forgotten.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

@ all,

If you have any comments/complaints about BBC Sinhala please email Mr Behrouz Afagh - Head of Asia Pacific Region, BBC World Service. Email address is behrouz(.)

I have complained about BBC Sinhala NOT covering the LTTE "Mahabooru" Event in London. The head of Sinhala service came back with some pathetic excuses; a 10 year old could give better excuses that that. I have no option but to write to the Head of Department in the hope of getting a credible reply.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kevin said...

I beg to differ, as SG has a deliberate policy to integrate the communities by law. When they build a condominium the occupants are given tenancy on ethnic lines to stop exclusive areas to a particular racial group. Still in places like Malaysia and Singapore there are ethnic divisions and SG is taking near draconian measures to stop that and good luck to them. While Malaysia is still favouring their boomi puthras by official policy. Recently a SL student was racially attacked and was fatally wounded. But they are approaching this problem by having very liberal policy only the Malays are subject to a hash moral code by their religious cops.
We need bring in the SG model and being an island we may be able to control our social patterns by a draconian way to bring harmony to the island. One will have to take very painful steps and the politicians must live by example and they have to sort themselves out first. Electoral system has to be changed to stop the unelectable idiots getting in, thus diluting the democracy of the island or the people will lose confidence in the electoral system and it looks like Sri Lanka and some of the third world countries are reinventing the democratic process to cling on to power.

You are absolutely right.

BADTNC said...


ill write dis in sinhala...

maokada mata wachana na english walin liyanna..

sinhala walinuth puluwan weida danne na..

mea wage ratata ardare karana rata wenuwen diwi pudana ape shahodara wiruwanta niwan sapa labenna ona... thaman giwithe prarthana karapu hamadeama ea widiyatama sidda wenna kiyala prarthana karanwa...

ape rate idiri anagathe hadanna thamange jiwithaya parithyaga karana minihek.....
thamange paula gana thamange daruwo gana thiyana mathakaya amathaka karala rana bime maruwa ekka satan wadinna yana wiriwek....
thamnage giwithe eka athakinuth maranaya anith athinuth aragena jiwath wena wiruwekkk.........

wiswasa karanna puluwanda????? ada mea ratata ea wage wiruwek ahimi wela..
thaman gana nohithana, rata gana hithana udara lak puthek mea lak deranata ahimi wela... . habai thawa dahas ganak mea mau bime ea wage udara wiruwo bihiwewi.......
mea rate mea LTTE eka iwara una dawasata mea hama wiruwongema nam lak ithihase ran akurun liyawei......

Ananda-USA said...


I agree 100% with you on the need to reject devolution of power. I only said that issue will come up, and must be settled permanently, immediately after the war before all the "peacemakers" who opposed this war of liberation by the GOSL from getting together to tell us how to "divide the country peacefully".

I have written for over 20 years that devolution of power to regions on an ethnic basis is a recipe for the destruction of Sri Lanka.

All I implied in my post was that I anticipate that the issue will be raised by those pressuring the government to implement the Rajiv-JR agreement and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. These are the same "war cannot solve the problem, it must be settled through negotiations" folks, both inside and outside Sri Lanka. I have always been opposed to that agreement which was imposed by force on a defenceless Sri Lanka by India, that then abrogated its own responsibility and walked away from the battlefield leaving a very much strenghened LTTE occupying the land. Agreements that victims of crimes are forced to sign under duress are not enforceable in most systems of law in most countries. Was the partition of Poland by the Germans and the Russians on the eve of WW-II valid? How about the grabbing of the Sudetenland from Chechkoslovakia by the Germans, under duress and with the compliance of the Allies (a la "Peace in our time" speech by Chamberlain)? All of these were crimes inflicted by the powerful against the weak.

Equal rights for all citizens whatever their race, religion, language or caste is what must be ensured by the GOSL, throughout the land. That does not require permanently embedding ethnic divisions in the country by devolving power to regions created on an ethnic basis, or infringing on the powers assigned to the central government to maintain security. That will only yield in peace to the LTTE supporters what they failed to win in war. Local government of districts, cities, towns and villages, on the basis of one-vote for each resident, should be enough for empowering the people at a local level.

Besides, as a Sinhala Buddhist, I would like to buy and live in a seaside cottage with a lovely view in Nachchikuda. I should be able to that in complete safety, just as Tamil people can do in Mount Lavinia. I would not be able to do that in a Tamil-only Northern Province that would treat me as an undesireable alien.

Asithri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asithri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kasun Gayal Lunugama said...

How I unfortunate to here this,what's use of our life these are the patriotic sons of our motherland
We salute you brave heart.

මහේෂ් දිසානායක said...

U are a great hero for motherland..
I salute him

Lanka Weeps said...

He's been killing leading Tigers since 2001 and was still a Major when he died, in an army that's full of Colonels, Brigadiers, and Generals?

sanath said...

These are the ture Heros in Sri Lanka. Apparently this is the same reason why LTTE lost its prestige and confidence on the self rule. Because of handful of these brave Sri Lankans who morally sacrificed their lives to the loved nation we could open a pathway to threaten the LTTE and we are still doing it well.
Can you believe that you can live for 10-15 days in LTTE held territory not just reckaeing but confronting and terrorising them to the highest level can be. This is the single most reason why we are winning this WAR. It is the highest level of trainning and sacrifice which the whole world should appreciate.
He one of the true sons of the nation. tribute to SF and sri lankan armed forces.
May Major Lalith attain Nibbhana!

PHANTOM-X said...

We salute you sir...!!!
you gave your today for our tomorrow...!!!
may he attain Nibbana...!!!

ශ්‍රී said...

Rest in peace sir....WE missed another brave lion..

Pubudu said...

SL Lions Salute Brave son of mother lanka

Unknown said...

රණබිම මැරුනේ සිංයලයෙකු නම් පපුවේ වෙඩි සලකුණු ඇ‍ත්තේ.....
සතුරට ළයදී මිස මැරුනේ නැහැ ලේ පැල්ලම් නෑ පිට පැත්තේ

රණවිරුවණි ඔබට නිවන් සුව!

Unknown said...

Nirosh says-thanks for the information.What the Americans do in their films our brothers do it in the "real battlefield".Keep it up brothers.

Mallawa said...

59 Div troops enter Alampil sea tiger bastion ..

The other battle formation of 591 Brigade, advanced northwards of Kumulamunai, has cut-off the Mullaittivu - Alampil main road in a location a few Kilometers north of Alampil and moved southwards with an effective thrust on Alampil.

According to the defence sources it is said that the Mullaittivu has become untenable as the fall of Alampil would facilitate the assault on Mullaitivu.

Mallawa said...

"59 Div troops enter Alampil sea tiger bastion"

Sea to sea, Anaconda is squeezing in all the Monkeys are dancing until the Anaconda opens the mouth and swallow them.

T.Douglas said...








Unknown said...

His promery objective was to eradictae terrorism in Sri Lanka. May Lalith born in our soil again

asanka balasuriya said...

left.col. lalith jayasinghe you were the best of the best, we love you for ever lalith ayya, we know your wish to end this war and we also wish the same, you always inour hearts me,rajee,yasanga, and dilari wish you may attend nibbana, love u bro,

C-London said...

It was nice to know him. Always he was being very sincere and loyal friend. Never talked about his military life in public.
A great warier with unbelievable braveness.
Sad to loose him to the entire country in every angle especially when a time he mostly needed.

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