Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LTTE posters inside IDP camps

Mysterious LTTE posters have appeared inside several IDP camps threatening the inhabitants and the Sri Lanka government.

The posters, mainly hand-written on pieces of paper contain the following messages:

"Our National Leader (Thalaivar) is not dead. How can anyone kill him? He is invincible. The Army is lying. Anyone collaborating with the Army will be severely dealt with. The Eelam struggle still continues under our leader."

A careful investigation of the source and origin of these poster messages indicates a huge blunder in the administration of the IDP camps. In some cases, inmates under observation as LTTE suspects have even escaped the camps.

In addition to the civil administration in place at these camps, an Intelligence and Counter-Insurgency/Terrorism function was assigned to the camps due to heavy infiltrations by LTTE cadres.

In doing so, the various IDP camps in Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar were divided-up among the various intelligence agencies.

These agencies included the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), The Terrorists Investigations Department, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), the police Special Branch etc.

Based on our observations it was evident that the posters were coming up at Non-DMI administered IDP camps. Many outstanding Intelligence Officers we spoke to were somewhat alarmed at the proposition of smoking-out remaining terrorists when so many agencies are in charge.


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Defencewire said...

Before anyone comments on this, we wish to congratulate DefenceColumn on his new life. Thank you for all your hard work and all the very best to you and your bride. This and a new post was long overdue. Please excuse the inexcusable delay.

Thank you

DW Team

kevin said...

You will pay the price for wide scale corruption in the island.Over the months many have escaped to south and some ended up in EU and how come?We see fresh faces faces that just come from the burning tropics at the demos herding the diaspora.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Do not disturb Defence Column; he is in Cloud 9 these days :-)

Well, the hurry and pushing of overseas LTTE making to release IDPs as soon as possible is relating to getting their cadres out before detection.

Lot of their investment is now confined to these IDP camps. They are sleepers, and soon they are out, they will resort to no good.

Two prong strategy is needed.

1. To implement measures to change their minds and come to normal life

2. Put maximum pressure letting them know that they would be severely dealt with if they resort to any LTTE activity

The carrot and stick! Most of them would want to be normal people for sure. The odd idiot would learn the lessons.

CASC said...


Many thanks for your latest update.

KP has spoken to India Today, and seems to confirm what you reported earlier about the demise of the LTTE hierachy.

KP claims to be in contact with Ram who is still at-large some where in the eastern jungles. Why has it been difficult to apprehend RAm and his small group of followers ?

Sam Perera said...


Did you have to postpone your "new life" in the past due to the war? Congratulations!!

CASC said...

This year the Madhu festival will be held in Sri Lanka free of the LTTE. While I am not a Catholic, I understand the significance of this event to our Catholic bretheren. During the past two decades many southern Catholics were prevented from participating in this event due to LTTE terrorism. During the CFA period, one of my aunt's who is a devout Catholic managed to attend the festival. The LTTE while making money off the pilgrims forced the devotees to accept to LTTE identity cards issued by them.

hemantha said...

Prisons and IDP camps are breeding grounds for terrorists. After an insurgency is crushed the toughest problem the remnants facing is the reorganization. IDP camps and the prisons act as a favorable medium for quick growth and spread of terrorist tentacles and simplify their organization problems.

I was going to write about this months back and wasn't able to. I think it is too late now.

Following are two golden rules to follow when dealing with terrorist remnants.

1. The LTTE is crushed. The prison can be the womb, the birth place of a new monster or the place of rebirth of the same old monster. If you have Identified them separate them from the civilians (The government is already doing that). And separate them from each other (not happening). Do not let them live together or communicate with each other. Keep them in separate cells. When you let them out of the cells during the day time do not let them mingle together. There are 10,000 LTTERs captured. Make 10,000 cells and outer spaces to keep them separate. It would be expensive. But it would block the reorganization effectively.
(The current and past detention camps do not follow this rule. They keep the prisoners in wards, between 50 – 150 in a single ward. They have ample time and opportunities to reorganize during the night time. There is security on the outside. But they would not have any control what is happening inside. Terrorists inside would organize, vigilant and will grow in strength and would start acting like a Mafia. They would crush any opposing views quickly and would take control of the ward in no time.
During the day time they are out and can mingle with the hundreds (or thousands) of others detained in other wards. Within a short time they would form an ‘under world Mafia web’ and would control the whole camp within. We know that Gota and SF are very smart people. But it is irrelevant how smart you are this process is bound to happen. It happened in the past and it will happen in the future. The only way to avoid this is the ‘10,000 –solo-cell’ solution.)

2. IDP camps: Inmates are considered civilians. But there are unidentified terrorists living inside. They will remain as sleeper cells at the beginning. Some will give up with time. But others would gradually start their activities. Initially they would be vigilant. Yes, the starting point would be a few hand written posters. Then they will be watching the responses of the other inmates. They would note who can be immediately recruited and who would be the long term prospects. Then they will make note of people with opposing views. One of them may end up getting killed by strangling or hacking (would be a great time for NGO’s and the diaspora). Their organizational abilities will grow with time. When they are out they will have a good organization, feared by many civilians.

The way out: Keeping a good intelligence within the camps and identifying and crushing such elements at earliest (Which is not easy, considering the western and UN pressure to transfer the administration of these camps to civilian hands.)
The only option: Use all the resources we can gather to unearth the weapons hidden and finish de-mining as soon as possible and then send the civilians home. This will make recruitment harder for them. The civilians will be less vulnerable and will have more things to involve their minds (such as their economy). Our intelligent agencies will have more freedom to operate with less UN and NGO’s to bother.

hemantha said...

I forgot to mention about the rehabilitation camps. In this case the task is less problematic even though there is a small threat. Here the Administration can keep a watch on the individual behavior of the inmates, which is a big plus. But the government should avoid letting rehab. camps grow. 200 should be the maximum for any.

(I am hearing that 1.5 laks of rupees can get inmates of IDP camps freed. But I am not sure how true the rumor is.)

Goolge said...

Time to re-organise the intelligence structure vis-a-vis the camps? Each camp can have DMI team leaders with the other agencies making up the rest of the team. Besides, this kind of situation can't be the province of agencies like the CID, can it?

CASC said...

Given the sheer number of people involved this is a herculean task for any country. The police simply don't have the expertise to vet people in everyday situations (like people working for ministers) let alone such a large number of refugees. It is best for the govt err on the side of compassion and humanitarian reasons and let most of these people go rather than alienate them by too stringent security conditions.

I visited several of the refugee camps in 83 after the riots and I believe the govt's bad handling of that situation no doubt contributed to the rise of the LTTE.

The civil institutions in Sri Lanka simply don't have the resources and organizational capability to handle this situation. The Govt has done the right thing by having Gen Chadrasiri and the Army run this operation.

wijayapala said...


"Why has it been difficult to apprehend RAm and his small group of followers ?"

Poor intelligence.

wijayapala said...

If you want to track the terrorists, you will need trackers belonging to the same ethnic community as the terrorists, OR you can learn their language.

Sam Perera said...


"If you want to track the terrorists, you will need trackers belonging to the same ethnic community as the terrorists, OR you can learn their language."

What is the basis for you to make these assertions? SLA has enough Tamil speakers. Do you have any idea how our Long Range Reconnaissance and Patrol unit operate and lived in the tiger den? While I agree with the idea of increasing Tamil speaking members in our forces, I will not attribute not-quickly capturing Ram to lack of Tamil speakers in MI.

Goolge said...

New look DefenceWire?

Chinthana4Lions said...

hi all,

after long time,,

Ram is not dead, wow hard to believe this small group is still alive,

lets see, we cant be that bad at all, after winning the war.....can we?

Sam Perera said...

Way to go. Strengthen our commercial ties with friendly countries like China rather than meddlers.

Moshe Dyan said...

"In some cases, inmates under observation as LTTE suspects have even escaped the camps."

i told this on june 9 in DW and emails to MoD and GR. for some reason GR now rejects my emails with a message something like, sender not in reference table.

you don't need ANY FCUKING TAMIL KNOWLEDGE for that. i came to know it.


it is STILL happening. some have even gone to AUSTRALIA!!!

this WESAPALA sakkiliya has come up with TOTAL CRAP bcos the mother raped sakkiliya wants to cripple the REAL solution.

MOST of our secret service men can speak tamil. we have TID, CID, directorate, MI, SFI, PI, CTD, AI, NI, AFI, etc., etc. they ALL can gather info from tamils without ANY FCUKING problem.

the problem is corruption, political interference with IDP camps, poor security at some places and other issues.

we MUST arrest these things.

NO TAMIL in IDP camps are going to voluntarily come up with info. they were threatened.

i hope govt will not HASTEN the process of resettlement by undue haste.

THOUROULY check them, abduct suspects without keeping an eye on them, bribe those who are willing to take it, START A COUNTER LTTE POSTER CAMPAIGN!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


re: referendum

the problem is not the outcome of the referendum.

it is the FALLOUT that become EVIDENT in the voting pattern.

we should not do anything that will DISPLAY negligible divisions in the society.

if tamill areas want 13 and sinhala ares don't want it, that is enough ammunition for interferers to make our journey DIFFICULT which is UNNECESSARY.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

well done!!

from tn.

"Sri Lanka military personnel opened fire Sunday morning on detainees in an attempt to stop them making way through the barbed wire fence separating Ramanathan camp and Anandakumarasamy camp located in Cheddikulam, killing two of them and injuring more than two, in a confrontation that developed Sunday morning, sources in Vavuniyaa said. The killers had taken the two bodies away and their identities are not available at the moment, the sources added.

In the beginning when a fence was erected separating Ramanathan camp and Anandakumaraswamy camp it was constructed with barbed wires running straight, parallel to the ground. The detainees from both camps had made a stile through the said barbed wire fence so that they could visit their family members held separately in these camps."

how OFTEN have we seen LTTE terrorists doing this??? PLENTY of youtube clips!!!

civilians are not capable of doing LTTE STUNTS!!!

tigers are very intelligent to display their COMMANDO skills.

Moshe Dyan said...


isn't this a dream come true!!

from TN. since it is from toiletnet, a bit of shit comes with it.

buddhist and hindu collective to destroy the EVIL tamil racism.

1. Two years back a private TV channel was inaugurated in Colombo by Mahinda Rajapaksa to preach Buddhism in Tamil. This venture of telecasting in Sinhala, Tamil and English was funded by a Tamil-Hindu, Muhundan Canagey,

2. On the occasion, Sri Lanka president’s secretary Lalith Weeratunga was reported saying: “the coming into existence of this channel is symbolic of the inalienable and irreversible ties between Sri Lanka and India”.

3. Reflecting such sentiments of culture and imperialism, a Chennai-based retired professor of South Asian Studies, now in the national security advisory team of the Indian Establishment, recently said that Sri Lanka got everything of its culture from India.

4. Meanwhile, BJP, the leading opposition of India, viewed as the champion of Hindu nationalism, is said to be hatching a new programme based on the promotion of Buddhism for the electoral advantage of luring Daliths on its side.

5. Narendra Modi’s Gujarat is the epicentre where the state government is initiating a World Buddhist Conference in the MS University of Baroda.

6. Sections of BJP media, especially originating from Kerala, have already started claiming how Hindus of India have saved the Buddhists of Sri Lanka from 'Tamil terrorism'.

7. News about Buddhist connections between Colombo and a political party in Tamil Nadu has also surfaced in recent times. Some political circles supportive of the Eezham Tamil cause are now reportedly advocating for not insisting on Eezham Tamil nationalism.

8. In the meantime, Mahinda Rajapaksa government, after killing 20,000 Tamils and incarcerating the rest in concentration camps and open prisons, is appealing to Buddhist countries to support its agenda.

9. A diplomat of a far eastern Buddhist country is recently reported to have attached credibility to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ‘vision’ for Tamils to resolve the conflict.

10. While all with vested interests use terror and con for the annihilation of even the basic right of Eezham Tamils to assert to their secular nationalism, Buddhism seems to be imperceptibly emerging as a popular political lure in the service of the axis of imperialism in Asia.

tamil secular nationalism??? MY ARSE!!!

secular?? that's why they chased away the sinhalas, muslims, all other minorities!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

tamil nationalism can be destroyed by DESTROYING TAMIL NATIONALISM.

multi ethnic colonisation of the north is the ONLY way.

that cannot stop tamil nationalism in tamil madu which is not at all a problem for us.

india is a collection of nations with unique histories. SL is not.

Hang Praba said...

Acid attack: attempted murder charge

July 1, 2009 - 12:43PM

Police have charged a 25-year-old man with attempted murder in relation to a violent attack on two Sri Lankan students in which they were splashed with acid and stabbed.

A group of men allegedly forced their way into the students' Westmead home around midnight on May 17.

Jayasri Watawala, 22, was seriously burned after the men allegedly threw acid at him.

Chathurika Weerasinghe, 27, who was also burned with acid, was also stabbed in the stomach and broke his ankle.

Two men were arrested after the attack.

The 25-year-old accused of attempted murder, from Girraween, was also charged with failure as an owner to disclose the identity of the driver or passenger of a vehicle.

A Hebersham man, 26, was charged with concealing a serious offence.

Today's charge came after the 25-year-old presented himself to Merrylands police station this morning.


CASC said...

Some Curious facts about Prabhakaran's father's origins

According to M. R. Narayan Swamy's biography of Prabhakaran "Inside an Elusive Mind: Prabhakaran" Tiruvenkatam Vellupillai, Prabhakaran's father, was born in Singapore in January 1924 where his father worked in the postal service. Prabhakaran's father moved to Sri Lanka in 1947 at the age of 23 when he married Prabhakarn's mother, Vallipuram Parvathi.

He was a government servant during his working career and retired as a District Land Officer.

According to a 77 year old woman in Kerala, Janaki Amma, Prabhakaran's father is her maternal uncle, and he had financially supported her mother, his sister, till her death by sending Rp 50 a month.

She has a post card in her possession dated 18.12.1953 that reads: R Velupillai, Vale Beeda Store, 224, KKS Road, Jaffna.

If this story is true then Prabhakaran's father would be a Keralite by birth. This is all irrelevant at this time but makes an interesting story.


CASC said...

wijayapala said...

"Why has it been difficult to apprehend RAm and his small group of followers ?"

Poor intelligence.


I don't think Ram is a threat to Sri Lanka's national security. At some point malaria, dysentary, dengue feaver or some other tropical disease will get them assuming they elude capture.

During the JRJ regime the largest clear felling of forests in Sri Lanka was carried out due to the accelerated Mahaweli Program. The Govt should give timber concessions to some of the large Malaysian or Indonesian timber companies. They have the capability to clear fell the Wanni within a short time leaving no hiding spaces for any potential terrorists in the future.

Unknown said...

Dear Moshe, CASC, etc. etc. etc.

Glad to see that you are keeping the torch burning.

We have now cleared the ground. To reap a good harvest we need to burn the ground to rid itself of weed seeds, parasites, moulds etc.

I take a similar attention as Moshe about what's currently happening.

Now about this RAM bugger. I am not sure about the facts regarding this issue.

But CASC we should not take it lightly lest this bugger be another pirabaharan.

What's happening with this bugger? Why aren't we mounting an operation to nip the problem in the bud?????????

Moshe Dyan said...


glad to hear from you.


LTTE torpedo. half a meter in diameter and 8 meters long!!

SLA should use metal detectors to detect ALL hidden treasures.


can't figure out why we don't get mobile ground surveillence radar. with a detection range of 25km for an individual, this can pin point to LIMITED areas to focus.

in future we need to monitor jungles. there is no need to send soldiers.

Moshe Dyan said...

unintelligent intelligence gathering.

we have ENOUGH intelligence units. there is no country that uses regular troops to gather intelligence on it own citizens of an ethnic group at times of peace. soviet union may be the exception. no need to create a KGB state.

streamlining, geting rid of corruption, better co-ordination can do the job BY THOSE RESPONSIBLE/TRAINED/SKILLED TO DO IT.

may be it is not a bad idea to revive our BALLOON idea to check out for any BAFFOON activity over unguared coasts, highways, tamil madu infiltrators, etc.

Jambudipa said...

the problem is now more a law-and-order than any other. this is why the police have to step upto the task.

i don't believe the police is ready for anything yet. the criminal prosecution rate as it stand now is around 6%. this means the criminals are winning. this is the best you can expect from this impotent, corrupt and incompetent police force.

this police needs a complete overhaul. police needs to be broken up and each province get control over law-and-order under its own IGP.

police forces from each province will then compete with others solving criminal cases. central govt then publish results. hopefully competition will improve effectiveness of the police.

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Dear DW/ Thanks for the updated.

Do keep us posted on these proceedings.

Really appreciate your efforts.


CASC said...

I am on a group mailing list that has a bunch of older Sri Lankan gents. Many of them are decades older than me.

The latest email that I got from them talked about a brilliant Tamil math teacher that they had at Royal College in the 50s and 60s. His name is Arasaratnam. He taught math up to the GCE "O" Levels at Royal College. In addition to being a brilliant teacher he was a charitable person too and conducted free math classes for non-Royal students on Saturdays. One of his beneficiaries is the current IGP, a student of Thurstan College. Apparently, when the IGP met his old teacher recently he worshipped him in the traditional Sri Lanka manner. A number of his former students, who now happen to be distinguished academics and other professionals, have done the same as they attribute their academic achievement and their success in life to his dedicated teaching.

CASC said...

Thambala and Moshe,

No substitute for boots on the ground. The Army had to grow from 11,000 to nearly 200,000 for this war to be won. I am not sure if this small group roaming around are the die-hard types or those simply trying to survive. DW earlier mentioned that some part of the group was trapped and killed by trickery. Newspapers earlier mentioned that Karuna was trying to negotiate a surrender but I suspect he was told to back-off as the SLA has no interest in taking into custody any of these hard core cadres since some of them have been involved in massacres as recently as two months ago.

I don't think there is any reason for undue alarm because of a small group. We will be discovering arms caches for decades to come. Also, no doubt some of the hardcores could survive in the jungle for years to come still believing that Prabhakaran is alive.

There are some strange stories from the aftermath of world war II of similar situations. In 1974 a former imperial Japanese army intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda was found in the jungle on the Philippine island of Lubang. He did not know of Japan’s surrender 29 years earlier. Another former soldier, Shoichi Yokoi, was found on Guam in 1972. In 2005, two elderly Japanese soldiers were reportedly found in Mindano, a Philippine island, 60 years after the end of WW2. They were unaware of the end of WW2 and were reportedly afraid that they would be punished for desertion.

CASC said...

Looks like Karuna jumped the gun.

"No Tamil regiment says Gotabaya"


Goolge said...

Why India should thank us for ethnic integration:

- One less issue for the Tamil Nadu parties to blackmail Congress or BJP.

- Reduce the likelihood of a greater dravidian nation.

- One less unstable country in its backyard.

Goolge said...

Ethnic Integration

To balance things off in the eyes of the world, for multi-ethnic integration in the NE, I suggest that some citizens of the NE be given the chance to settle in the south.

This then cannot be "colonisation" of the NE, but a proper mix of peoples to the North, East and the South.

Goolge said...

Perhaps the term should be Multi-Ethnic Itegration

Goolge said...

I'm beginning to see the point of the 13th Amendment (I hope). As Moshe says, it is totally irrelevant to us, so perhaps there is no harm in having it? And if Multi-Ethnic integration is successful, the existence of the 13th Amendment will be totally unnecessary and even more irrelevant sometime in the future.

It is also imperative that we have India's goodwill for our well-being, especially in the current climate when powerful nations are ready to screw us. Even if all other nations are friendly towards us, all it will take to subdue us may be Indian military might. Just like Russia walked over part of Georgia, who might stop India doing the same to our North East?

CASC said...

Dayan Jayatilleke has written a nice article on the need to implement the 13th amendment.


He argues in favour of internationalism as opposed to isolationism.

I think there is a need to implement it at least for international PR consumption.

I re-read the Indo-Sri lanka agreement. Its a very short document full of generalities. (copy can be seen here).


The Govt can always defer the onerous provisions such as the referendum on the N-E merger and the land provisions. Police powers can be watered down to a point where the provinces focus on things like traffic matters.

The implementation exercise should be done as a public relations undertaking with the aim of currying favour with the international busy bodies.

Sri Lanka travel info said...

India ...


Sri Lanka travel info said...


Afghanistan's Dirty War ---
As the US apologises for the recent killing of civilians in air strikes on the Farah province of Afghanistan, Dispatches examines the effect these military operations are having on US-Afghan…

Sam Perera said...


"It is also imperative that we have India's goodwill for our well-being, especially in the current climate when powerful nations are ready to screw us.

Can't emphasize enough on this matter. However, this is a very tricky business in the presence of Tamilnadu.

Even if all other nations are friendly towards us, all it will take to subdue us may be Indian military might. Just like Russia walked over part of Georgia, who might stop India doing the same to our North East?"

This is the million dollar question we need to find answers as soon as possible. Of course, the best is to make sure that we don't get to this point with the help of our modern day cousins of Ancient Magadha Kingdom. Periodic cultural re-pollination with Magadha cousins through cultural events, special emissaries to Magadha lands, invited guests from Magadha etc. shall be continued.

However, we should always be prepared to act if India influenced by Tamilnadu tries to dictate the terms. That is one of the reasons why some bloggers here including myself and Ananda-USA promote improving size and quality of our forces. If you read between lines of the proposed improvements to our forces MOD, you may find traces of our proposal there.

In addition, we should continue to have our great relationships with China, Russia, and Pakistan. They were there for us in our darkest and greatest moments and we shall be with them as far as we can go. It is also important to improve our relationships with other not so far neighbors in the east and the west.

In summary, we try our best to have good relationships with India. However, we shall be always prepared to face any eventuality.

Goolge said...


Loved the bit about Magadha, and thanks for the link.

I too have seen stuff from this blog being taken up by the powers that be, so that is heartening.

We have given an area for busines for Chinese companies, according to a news report today. Giving major business interests to China and other friends would be one deterrent against future problems from India. Hmm.. our leadership seems to be well on the ball.

CASC said...

I nearly fell off my chair while reading this article. As Pentecostals would say "born again" came to mind. I can't imagine what caused Karunanidhi to be born again, especailly his change in attitue towrads the Sinhalese. What ever the reason, it bodes well for Sri Lanka.

From Daily Mirror

Tamil govt will be formed in Lanka: MK

Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Wednesday expressed hope that a government led by Tamils would be formed soon in Sri Lanka. He also said that the ailing Tamils in the island nation could at present get respite only through the Mahinda Rajapakse government.

Replying to a special call attention motion in the Assembly over the plight of Tamils in the neighbouring country, he said the conflict in Lanka between Sinhalese and Tamils was taking place for more than five decades now.

‘I am the one who is aware of this problem since its beginning. I had even penned it in a detail way in my novel Pandaraka Vannian,’ the Chief Minister said and added: ‘Both the Union and Tamilnadu governments are keen to help the Lankan Tamils.

A Lankan delegation met me recently and asked to send a committee to take stock of the situation there. I told them that the Centre should give clearance to take further decision and a formal invite should be extended from their end.’

Stating that former Chief Minister C N Annadurai had to give up the ‘Dravida Nadu’ demand due to various reasons, Karunanidhi said there was nothing wrong in changing stands for the welfare of the people.

‘The Centre is now respecting State governments thanks to the pressure from our side on various occasions. Likewise, a Lankan government respecting the sentiments of Tamils should be formed,’ he said.

The Chief Minister further said: ‘Like how Barack Obama from the oppressed community became the President of the United States, let us hope that a government led by Tamils would be formed soon in Lanka.’

He however said that the only way to help Tamils in the present situation was through the Rajapakse government. ‘In order to help our brothers and sisters in the island nation, we should not come out with hard hitting remarks against Sinhalese. Because, in the present scenario, we could only reach Tamils through them,’ he said.

CASC said...


Thanks for the link on Magadha. The Gupta empire of Magadha, had a tremendous impact on the art and archtecture of ancient Anuradhapura

hemantha said...

13 th amendment was proposed based on Tamil homeland concept and was forced on us by India. (Now it is being forced on us by both india and USA). This is enough a reason to reject it.

Goods in 'Captain Ali' was sent by LTTE diaspora and the intended destination was Mulathivu, which was under LTTE. That is enough reason to reject those.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, the case of WW2 is a bit different to the SL case. in our case the REMNANTS are WELL CONNECTED to the LTTE INTERNATIONAL.

they are not isolated elements operating in the jungle.

nevertherless, i agree there is no need to panic. situ is under 90% control. but the SLDFs should also look for terrorists OUTSIDE the camps.

over 1,000 ppl have illegally left the country in the past 3 months. i bet a significant number of them are tigers.

hemantha said...

I do not know the following is a good remark or not (only time will tell). May be Karunanidhi is changing (or what if Rajapaksha is changing).

"Chief Minister Karunanidhi said only by working with the Mahinda Rajapakse government could one hope to ensure proper rehabiliation for the displaced Tamils and also secure Tamils of Lanka justice and adequate say in governance."

Moshe Dyan said...

sam, goolge, casc, hemantha,

looks like the 13 amendment is something capable of dividing the patriots.

in SIMPLE CRUDE terms it is about rajapakshas' (international) survival verses SL national interests.

so far we NEVER had a situ like that but now we have it.

we have to choose between rajapakshas and SL.

there is another UGLY thing emerging. that is our maharajaneni is SLOWLY becoming a LITTE BIT power greedy. due to that he is even willing to disregard those who stood by him and REASON/SANITY.

sorry to sound like a BITCH but that's what it is.

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

I never agree with Dayan Jayathilake on power devolutions. He used to back all types of power devolutions suggested in the past (a son of devolution). He was the one who included "13th amendment" in the recent UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka.
He is a very smart fella. (But, he is 100% anti Israel. 100% pro devolution.)

hemantha said...

Agree with you 100%. If it is Rajapaksha vs. Sri Lankia (I hope we do not come to this) everybody has to take the side of Sri Lanka.

What Sri Lanka needs is not kings or henchmen. We need
1. Freedom (expression included)
2. Equal opportunities for everybody

There need to be a good discussion about the 13th amendment (which is not happening right now). It is unfortunate that our opposition is so traitorous and idiotic.

hemantha said...

"President is ready to devolve power beyond the 13th Amendment if that is what the people and the political parties want. The Mahinda Chinthana policy framework on which President Rajapaksa elected to power in 2005 has clearly mentioned the methodology on how he is going to resolve the ethnic conflict once and for all, he stressed."

"“The 13th Amendment is in the basic law. It may be a piece of legislation forced down Sri Lanka’s throat under the circumstances at that time. But we must not forget that it is in the Constitution approved in Parliament by 2/3 majority and then by the Supreme Court.

We must accept it whether we like it or not,” Minister Lakshman Yapa emphasized. "


CASC said...

Nirupama Rao, a former Indian Ambassdor to Sri Lanka, will be the new Indian Foreign Secretary. She is currently the Ambassador to China where this joint cultural event with the Sri Lanka Embassy was conducted.


Jambudipa said...

dear hemantha,

There need to be a good discussion about the 13th amendment (which is not happening right now).

you appear to oppose the '13th amendment'. can you please state in detail your reservations to the idea of devolution and specifically the 13th amendment?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CASC said...


No need to worry about the 13th amendment or Rajawansa Dharmadeepa Chakravathi. I have every confidence President MR will do good by the people of Sri Lanka as he has done in the past. I grew up during the JRJ era and saw every president since that era. I'll try to give a one word or two word characterization of each head of state through my eyes:

JRJ: dictatorial self-preservation
Premadasa: Paranoid Schizophrenia
Dingiri Banda: Simpleton
Chandrika: Mentally unstable
Rajapakse: Visionary

There are several stakeholders/participants in this process:

within Sri Lanka

business community
urban people
rural people
upcountry Tamils
Jaffna Tamils
Eastern Tamils
armed forces
Muslim community
ruling party constituents
opposition elements

outside Sri Lanka

Tamil diaspora (including Western, South African and Malaysian disapora)
South Indian Tamils
TN state government
Indian central government
western governments

I think it will be very difficult to have a process where everyone is pleased with the final outcome nor is it necessary. President MR seems a patient and consensus type person who will probably have an outcome where some of the concerns of each group are addressed perhaps in a small way without compromising on the territorial integrity and unitary status of the country.

Sleep well !

Sam Perera said...

CASC and Goolge,

Our culture has inseparable ties with Magadha Kingdom, ethnically, linguistically, an religiously. We need to rejuvenate and maintain our ties again.

You may like these titles also.
List of Indo-Aryan languages
List of Indo-European languages

Ananda-USA said...

Please help to rebuild Sri Lanka

July 1, 2009

Sri Lanka just emerged from a devastating war that was fought for three decades amid innumerable economic and social hardships. The war has drained the recourses of the country that was already battered by a destructive tsunami not too long ago. Now that it is slowly trying to recover from the catastrophes we must offer our utmost support to rebuild the country.

As most of the Sri Lankan as well as international aid agencies have focused on the dire situation of the Internally Displaced Persons languishing in the welfare centers of the North, the resources that support various welfare programs in the rest of the country have diminished.

Nearly one-fourth of Sri Lanka's population who still lives below poverty line, children orphaned by the tsunami or the ethnic conflict, teenagers who become mothers due to sexual abuse, families of soldiers killed, or missing in action, soldiers disabled by the war, abused women, and mentally ill rejected by the society are some of the unfortunates who need our support.

Foundation for Rebuilding Sri Lanka (FRSL) is a non-sectarian, and non-profit organization based in the United States. Our goal is to direct funds to various projects with the corporation of government institutions, ministries, banks and even security forces to get them completed in an efficient and a timely manner. We have outlined several projects that you can help to see the completion. Some are ongoing needs and others are just one time necessity. There are some immediate needs that we currently hope to address. Please visit frsl.org to see how you can help.

Please help us to bring hope to the lives of the less fortunate. Let us make your generous donation work where it is needed most.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

"you appear to oppose the '13th amendment'. can you please state in detail your reservations to the idea of devolution and specifically the 13th amendment?"

When I said that we need a discussion on 13th, what I meant was that we need a national discussion with the participation of constitutional experts. Anyway, here are some tits and bits of my five cents.

To me the only positive of the 13 th amendment was making Tamil an official language.

Devolving power to Provincial Council would shatter the unitary nature of the constitution. When the powers are devolved it would be impossible to reverse them and if tried the consequences would be unpredictable and most likely be disastrous. Especially, when the power is devolved along the ethnic lines.

It talks about alienation and use of land to be a provincial subject. Provinces are given responsibility over land is through the establishment of an institution called the National Land Commission. Nobody knows how it will be implemented.

It devolves police powers to a certain extent on the provinces and also provided for the establishment of Provincial Police Commissions.

In last year’s meeting of Chief Ministers, a resolution was adopted to push for land and police powers to the provinces.

[“"It is impossible to devolve police and land powers fully in a small island nation like Sri Lanka," Former Chief Justice]

I totally agree with him.

During the aftermath of the recent eastern Provincial Council elections we experienced how communal elements behave in such environment. Political teams were formed based on ethnic lines and positions were claimed based on ethnic lines.

And recently, Pillayan was able to scuttle the government’s proposed local government Reform Bill, using the powers vested in him under the 13th amendment. This means that it not an easy task for the parliament to amend anything related to the subjects devolved unless the PC’s agree with it.

And the 13 th amendment is closely tied to the history of separatism. Pros and cons must be seriously weighed before any implementation or tinkering process. Foreign powers who are forcing us to implement this (US, India, EU) can abuse the system undermining the central authority. We are not India. Other powers can screw us.

It is not the faith we need at this moment but the Critical thinking. (Rajapaksha’s performance on war was great. But his performance in case of the ‘hedging deal’ was terrible. Please do not tell me that Asantha was to be blamed alone.)

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Better safe than sorry.

And this could be another good experience for SLDF. Quelling scattered post war remnants. Also could be used as good training for new recruits of the forces.

We need a Sarath Fonseka IGP for the police. Turn the hierarchy in its head and effect efficient policing of the country while serving the common general public.

Ananda-USA said...

hemantha said...

[ "“The 13th Amendment is in the basic law. It may be a piece of legislation forced down Sri Lanka’s throat under the circumstances at that time. But we must not forget that it is in the Constitution approved in Parliament by 2/3 majority and then by the Supreme Court.

We must accept it whether we like it or not,” Minister Lakshman Yapa emphasized. " ]

Hemantha, brother

I beg to differ with the Minister Lakshman Yapa, and to declare his position ARRANT NONSENSE!

A contract imposed upon a victim under duress IS NOT ENFORCEABLE in law. So, if you force me to sign a document that transfers a property to you under the threat of bodily harm, without my free and voluntary consent, that is not a LEGAL document and does not give you legal ownership of the property.

India FORCED Sri Lanka to ACCEPTING the 13th Amendment and embedding it in our CONSTITUTION under the threat of DISMEMBERING our country...that is, UNDER THE THREAT OF BODILY HARM to our nation it forced us to give up a sovereign right of the PEOPLE...so it is an ILLEGAL law in that respect.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka is a SOVEREIGN country, capable of amending its constitution to suit the wishes of its own SOVEREIGN people. At face value, we are required to comply with the illegal 13th Amendment "because" it is IN THE CONSTITUTION. However, the sovereign people of Sri Lanka are also empowered to DELETE that Amendment, complying with the wishes of the people determined either through a referendum, or a majority of members of parliament IN COMPLIANCE with procedures SPECIFIED IN THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF for amending articles of the constitution.

This need is PARTICULARLY COMPELLING with respect to an ILLEGAL amendment inserted into the constitution under the compulsion of a FOREIGN POWER!

THEREFORE, Minister Yapa is just being a "GOOD SOLDIER" supporting his boss MR's position on implementing the 13th Amendment, but his statement is VERY MISLEADING in that it implies that we have to CONTINUE accepting it and HAVE NO OTHER RECOURSE. His statement will be accepted at face value by many gullible people who do not think these things through.

Today, as it was in 1987, Sri Lanka is under duress by that same foreign power [now joined by a host of other western powers as well (US, UK, Norway etc, ad nauseam)] who forced us to accept the 13th Amendment.

Yet, it is still ILLEGAL, still CONTRARY to the SAFETY of the nation and the WISHES of the VAST MAJORITY people of Sri Lanka. NOW, as it was THEN, it places Sri Lanka's future as ONE NATION in grave jeopardy.

In my view, if the PARLIAMENT led by the GOSL cannot summon the COURAGE, and the VOTESof its members, to REMOVE the 13th Amendment from the Constitution, they should place it before the people in a REFERENDUM.

I have NO DOUBT that the PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA understand, at a gut level, the threat it poses to the INTEGRITY OF SRI LANKA and will VOTE IT DOWN.

They, the PEOPLE, will have the COURAGE to take the RESPONSIBILITY for ELIMINATING it, and incur the BLAME and the WRATH of foreign powers who want to do favors for their foreign friends by dismembering our country.

If the LEADERS don't have the COURAGE & VISION to do it and face the MUSIC, let the PEOPLE do it!

hemantha said...

Well said. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Interesting your post about the dedicated teacher.

digressing again...
We need a subject to be taught in school "how to learn and succeed".
Because a dedicated teacher will be able to teach a single subject and the students may succeed in that subject. And some brignt students may pick up a few tips from such teachers and apply them to other subjects and life and make a grand success.

But most students need help in "how to learn effectively, efficiently and face exams effectively" etc. etc. With methods, mental exercises for studying, understanding and discipline of mind etc. etc...
blah blah..

Ananda-USA said...

Continuing my post on the 13th Amendment:

The acceptance of the 13th Amendment was conditional upon two things: 1. India ensuring that the Tamil separatists agree to the provisions of the agreement accompanying the 13th Amendement...this they failed to do, and 2. The Tamil separatists, the LTTE in particular, laying down arms and complying with the provisions of the peace agreement...this they failed to do.

So, out of the three parties to the "peace agreement" that fell apart, only the GOSL and the Sri Lankan people are now bound by its provisions, and must accept the 13th Amendment.

Where in the world is a "failed three-party contract," abrogated and abandoned by two parties to the contract, required to be "honored" in its totality by the third remaining party?


DoDo said...



Put two and two together, and you have a clear explanation as to why, even to this date, LTTE enjoys covert backing among US and EU govts and their media

Destruction of LTTE has laid bare the real puppet masters of this 30 year old war

LTTE was, at the end of the day, merely persisting with the the cultural genocide set in motion by their white masters from colonial era

TT said...


Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

CASC said...

[Looks like Karuna jumped the gun.

"No Tamil regiment says Gotabaya"

http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=4094 ]

Also looks like Karuna MISUNDERSTANDS the path forward and is trying to setup ETHNIC fighting units with an eye to the future.

The PATH FORWARD should not include "Sinhala Regiments", "Tamil Regiments", "Muslim Regiments", "Burgher Regiments", "Buddhist Regiments", "Christian Regiments", "Hindu Regiments" etc etc ad nauseam, but only "SRI LANKAN REGIMENTS" including people of all ethnicities, religions and other demographic classes in proportion to their numbers in the population.

Just as ETHNIC INTEGRATION of POPULATIONS is the defence against the threat of disintegration of Sri Lanka into communal enclaves, ETHNIC INTEGRATION of the SLDF at the smallest unit levels (platoon) is the insurance against warring communal units emerging in the armed forces.

The formation of ethnicity-based fighting units would be a GRAVE DANGER to the security of the country, and special measures must be taken to prevent the emergence of such groups in the SLDF. They have the potential to be the nucleii that could catalyze the recrystallization of separatism in the country.

I LOVE Gothabhaya Rajapaksa dismissing Karuna's request out-of-hand. He not only UNDERSTANDS the THREATS, but also the MOTIVATIONS of former separatists to resurrect their vanished agendas! When Greeks come bearing gifts....

hemantha said...

I never had any soft spots towards JHU or Wimal weerawansa. But one has to accept that they were always on the correct side regarding the war on terrorism. If president Rajapaksha actually made the following utterances then I do not know where he is heading. (Ratata anthimedi Gotagey SFgey pihita thamai wage)

"Asserting he was not working under any pressure, much less of India, he rejected their demand outright to scrap the 13th amendment.

‘It is a part of the country’s statute. Anybody who is opposed the Government stand to fully implement the 13th amendment Plus 1, they are free to leave (the government)’, the President made it clear.

All lawmakers have entered Parliament by taking oath of allegiance to the constitution and by swearing to uphold the statute.

Eye witnesses to the Presidential outburst say that he was particularly harsh on Wimal Weerawansa and a JHU minister."

-Asian Tribune

click here.

priyashantha said...

Who jumped the gun?

Edagena nema.

wijayapala said...

'Tamil unit' for Sri Lanka's army:

Following the tradition of naming the regiments after SL heroes, I propose the name "Kurukkulattaraiyan" for the Tamil regiment.

June 30, 2009 12:05 PM

Ayyo ayyo. Mu kata ariyoth guu theliyak uge kate.

Jambudipa said...

dear hematha

Devolving power to Provincial Council would shatter the unitary nature of the constitution.

no it wont. PC govt can be dissolved by the powers vested at the center. therefore its still unitary.

When the powers are devolved it would be impossible to reverse them and if tried the consequences would be unpredictable and most likely be disastrous. Especially, when the power is devolved along the ethnic lines.

because first assertion is wrong, everything that follows it also wrong.

Provinces are given responsibility over land is through the establishment of an institution called the National Land Commission.

the center has the right to dissolve if titles to land are misused. this is unitary remember?

This means that it not an easy task for the parliament to amend anything related to the subjects devolved unless the PC’s agree with it.

why do you make the assertion palliyan was wrong here? as the chief of east p. does he not have the obligation to look after interests in this region?

And the 13 th amendment is closely tied to the history of separatism. */

that is only partially correct. demand for separation did come before grievances. however these areas were neglectet by left-wing slfp govts too. just like southern areas precipitating 71 uprising. this then justify power distribution to periphery since the center was not competent. but then why worry? if problem arises parliament still have the power to dissolve becuse it will remain unitary.

hemantha said...

I think you do not get what I mean.

Now, as a country we can not repeal or amend this (13 th) as we wish and we are acting on others (super powers) demands. And after everything is done (power devolution) you expect us to believe that we would be able to dissolve such councils as a need arise. In such eventuality the same super powers will have a bigger say and we may end up in an extremely hot soup.

Better safe than sorry (Thanks Thambala).

And power devolution on ethnic lines is racist. National integration should be the correct path (as I understand).

Jambudipa said...


Now, as a country we can not repeal or amend this (13 th) as we wish and we are acting on others (super powers) demands.

i dont think you realise what the country is up against.

the forces acting on SL are partially based on perception of discrimination of tamils and others historical realities that you simply cannot ignore.

everyone wants this monkey off their backs. india to calm down its southern states, western nations for their own electoral compulsions and worried about refugee inflow. these other countries whether you like it or not have a stake in this issue.

they obviously feel they kept their side of the bargain ie. managing TN and going after LTTE arms dealers and proscription of LTTE. now SL must keep its side of the bargain as promised. its the honorable thing to do.

what will be at stake if SL fail it hold its end of the bargain? US already influencing IMF against SL, stopping western tourists from visiting and latest dug up the case where SL soldiers misbehaved in Haiti. this is only the tip of the iceberg.

confrontation with the west and india can be very costly. to have an idea what US can do to a country have a look at cuba. can we do a chavez without oil? what is SL going to do? leverage on china? china will weigh in but at what cost? either way you lose. the damage incurred is far less if PC is fully implemented since it law already anyway. its simply a case of realpolitik than insisting on immature idealism that will ensure the country does not jeopardize what was won with great sacrifice.

DoDo said...


Yes the 13A was forced upon us by India. Following the 83 riots, the Tamils successfully managed to sell their bogus grievances to IC which was ever willing to swallow the mumbo jumbo, hook liner and sinker. Therefore 13A is now cemented on the minds of IC as the "basal level" or "minimum level" requirement for addressing these "grievances". We cannot change that impression, whether we like it or not. What is done is done. We can only blame our past leaders who warmed their seats while the diaspora propaganda machinery hoodwinked the world.

If we reject the 13A now, we stand the danger of international isolation, even amoung our friends! Whether we like it or not, we cannot progress without the help of India. We need our allies.

I think MR knows that we have no choice in this.

However, as Panhida said, 13 A should not pose danger to separatism as long as the contitution remains unitary and that the executive has the overiding power to veto any harmful decisions!

Moshe Dyan said...


dissolution is not a way out.

1. it happens AFTER the event
2. it defeats the who purpose of devolution, regions
3. there will be CONSTANT friction between the PC and the govt.

it is like taking an employee to court if he is found to have stolen company funds.

agree with hemantha that power devolved along RACISM is not going to work.

EPC is so far ok bcos it is run by govt henchmen. but what WHEN that ends????

the NPC WILL be a nightmare without DD as the CM. even with DD as the CM it will be chaotic.

within 2 terms, the racist "T"s (ACTC, ITAK, TULF, TNA) that won in 1947, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1977, 2000, 2001, 2004 will take over the north.

there will be a BLOODY battle between "M"s (SLMC, possibly MULF, etc.) and "T"s (TNA, TMVP,etc.)in the east.

the bottomline is RACISM has not be dealt with by the 13th amendment. it LEGALISES racism in an attempt to INDIANIZE SL.

we don't need any of these.

what we need is EQUAL RIGHTS and multiethnic COLONIZATION of NE.

thereafter even 13+ is ok for me.

Moshe Dyan said...

"it defeats the who purpose of devolution, regions"

should be corrected as,

"it defeats the whole purpose of devolution, regions"

Jambudipa said...


there are risks both ways.

if there is no devolution, then the govt must be prepared to handle hostile forces outside of its control and jurisdiction. there absolutely no positives here.

however there are positives with devolution. it has a good chance of settling political problems that have plagued the nation. the govt is in a position to manage the situation considering these areas fall under its writ. this means dissolution of PC if things go bad or send in the army if things get worse. but then why would tamils would want to unsettle the ship anyway? they lose too if they do.

Moshe Dyan said...

just bcos we are doomed with the 13A does not mean we should fully implement it or should not scrap it.

it is like you bought a pizza and there is a maggot in it. if you think of the money you paid and eat it, you are done! OTOH if you regret the mistake and throw it away, you save good health, med bills, heaps more.

two mistakes don't make it right.

india NEVER helped us win the war at the start. only after india was convinced that we are winning, crappies started helping us get rid of their own enemy - LTTE.

when india said "we decide what weapons SL should use" in 2007, we told them to go fly a kite. that's how the war was won. if we agreed, we would be still fighting.

Moshe Dyan said...


it is not tamils' fault. it is the fault of the 'system' that separates them from sinhalas, muslims.

the IC will be THOUROULY convinced after the 13A is fully implemented that only a federal structure can "solve" the problems. never forget, as far as the IC is concerned, "tamil aspirations" is also a problem needing a resolution.

IF we dissolve the PCs, then this conviction will be even more.

what problems the 13A can resolve??? nothing.

look at the JMC election. even at a municipal level ALL the parties other than UPFA & UNP (but including some candidates) are not trying to concentrate on development. they are after tamil aspirations ONLY.

the 1982 district development councils is a better framework than the 13a. that is also in our law.

Jambudipa said...


the IC will be THOUROULY convinced after the 13A is fully implemented that only a federal structure can "solve" the problems.

for the govt it was easy to convince LTTE ideology was bad because they themselves did not help their cause with violence. but even on this score the govt was struggling initially because western govts was convinced LTTE was a freedom fighting and did not help combat it.

its all about perceptions. protagonists of federalism have made a convincing case in front of the IC yet again as in the initial stages of LTTE. the case made by antagonists are weak. this is what it boils down to. if someone thinks devolution is not the answer, then you have to prepared to convince why it is so. not only the IC you have to convince tamils themselves why the status quo is beneficial for them than having some space to conduct their own affairs to a certain degree of freedom. even in my mind the 'freedom' they seek is justified because even i do not want to live in the corrosive, toxic and corrupt environment that prevail there today.

Ananda-USA said...


Recently Karunanidhi started kissing the hand that he FAILED TO CUT OFF, saying that the demand for a separate Eelam State is now not feasible, they must depend on MR-led GOSL to deliver autonomy to the Eelamists, and not insult the Sinhala people...now.

My assessment is that this is NOT A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF HEART on principle to honor and respect the territorial integrity and unitary status of Sri Lanka, but a bid to salvage something out of the situation TEMPORARILY by getting the 13th Amendment implemented NOW, EXPLOITING what they perceive as the overwhelming POLITICAL STRENGTH of MR to GET IT.

Once that is achieved, THE TUNE WILL REVERT BACK TO THE DEMAND FOR A SEPARATE STATE, using a series of events ENGINEERED on the ground, like the 1983 riots were used. The CURRENT STRATEGY will be ...TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME...to put in place the NOTION of DISTINCT TAMIL ONLY GEOGRAPHIC REGIONDS. Devolution NOW, Separation LATER.

KP recently enunciated the "political goals" of the "new" LTTE: 1. Recognition of a Tamil Nation in SL, 2. Recognition of a Tamil Homeland in SL, and finally 3. A Separate Tamil State. The exact quote is "The LTTE would not participate in the elections until a political settlement is reached based on the principles of Tamil nationhood, homeland and right to self-determination." WHAT MORE DO WE NEED TO HEAR? They hope to win in peace what they lost in war!

Furthermore, many western powers are now PUSHING not only for implementation of the 13th Amendment..but also on the MASSIVE return of INGOs to SUPERVISE its implementation...and HERE we go again towards FOREIGNERS running the country and telling us how we should govern and protect it! Little by little they will chip away at our sovereignty and political unity until Sri Lanka can no longer summon the will to defend itself! The door MUST BE CLOSED against INGOs and local NGOs closely monitored for unpatriotic acts that undermine the nation.

If our esteemed leaders fail to see this coming and BLOCK all these attempts NOW by making a FUNDAMENTAL change towards a POLICY SUSTAINABLE in the FUTURE, Sri Lanka will again be in jeopardy. We MUST implement ETHNIC INTEGRATION as the POLICY NOW to supplant DEVOLUTION, dissolve all PROVINCIAL COUNCILS, and eliminate ALL ADMINISTRATIVE regions larger than a DISTRICT.

There should be NO ACCEPTANCE of ETHNIC HOMELANDS for different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, now or in the FUTURE.

Devolution of Power on an ETHNIC BASIS to Tamils in Sri Lanka under the 13th Amendment goes a long way towards satisfying 1 & 2. These two FORM THE FOUNDATION for 3: a Separate STATE for Tamils to be achieved Later.

Once we have given in on the notion of ETHNICITY AS A BASIS for regional power, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to prevent ALL ENCROACHMENTS that stem from that concept, and the unravelling of Sri Lanka will begin again.

If the GOSL moves along this path and implements the 13th AMENDMENT, ALL of the sacrifices of our people in the last 30 years will be in VAIN.

Ananda-USA said...

My Comment on :Centre determined to crush violence in Northeast"

Let India follow the same advice that Tamil Nadu leaders offered on LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka!

VEHEMENTLY criticize the Indian security forces attacking ASSAMESE TERRORISTS.

These are FREEDOM FIGHTERS with legitimate grievances...aren't they?

The Indian Govt should NEGOTIATE a PEACEFUL Power Sharing AGREEMENT with them...isn't that so?

Hey, if they were demanding an INDEPENDENT ASSAM...GIVE IT TO THEM, after all every community, no matter how small, has the right of SELF-DETERMINATION ...don't they?

By confronting the Assamese terrorists, INDIA's security forces are PROVOKING THEM and DELIBERATELY INFLICTING civilian casualties.

What, the terrorists gun down innocent people, you say?

Well, we have to break SOME EGGS in an FREEDOM struggle, DON'T WE?

BOYS, will be BOYS. Forgive them, don't be harsh.

Now, about the civilian casualties caused by the SECURITY forces...Quite REPREHENSIBLE, Don't you think?


[Centre determined to crush violence in Northeast]

July 2, 2009

NEW DELHI: The Centre is determined to put down violence perpetrated by insurgent groups in the Northeast, Home Minister P Chidambaram has said in the wake of attacks on Hindi-speaking people in Assam.

"Paramilitary forces and state police are vigilant. But despite their best efforts, incidents like this (killing of Hindi-speaking people) happened. We are determined to fight insurgency. We are determined to put down violence," he said yesterday.

Reacting to the reports of fresh violence in Assam, he described the killing of non-Assamese there as a matter of concern while expressing regret. "As long as insurgency in the Northeast continues to prevail, incidents like this will happen. But such incidents, when they happen, are deeply regrettable."

NDFB ultras yesterday killed four Hindi-speaking people at Rangapara in Assam's Sonitput district.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Based on our observations it was evident that the posters were coming up at Non-DMI administered IDP camps."

..This line solves the riddle of the posters?:))

Make a case (for IC)to continue keeping the Tamils in concentration camps, destroy remaining trust in LTTE( since IDPs know VP is dead),sow the seeds of fear amomg IDPs, rally the Sinhalese back to war mentality --but while safely maintaining MI's own name;))
This also may indicate where DW comes from:)
Ok, that was just an educated guess. Yours is as good as mine..

Observer said...

Interesting Article

Sri Lanka Conflict a Preview of 'Hybrid War'

War is Boring: Sri Lanka Conflict a Preview of 'Hybrid War'
DAVID AXE | BIO | 01 JUL 2009

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Hemantha, Ananda, Sam, Moshe, Panhinda, Phoenix et al,

You guys are absolutely on the right mind!

This 13th amendment is the Elam War 1.5 that is going to be forced up on us by India, and the West. It has no relevance whatsoever to Sri Lanka in the present context, and would not solve any issue whatsoever either!

Mahinda should have balls or if he has not got the balls to repel the pressure put up on us, then we should pressure JVP, JHU to go to the courts to bar it from happening.

JVP went to courts to separate North and the East, in a very critical moment and it happened for the best of the country.

There is NO NEED whatsoever for Sri Lanka to implement 13th Amendment as it would further create issues.

President might be betting on Gota and SF to hold the country together when 13 is implemented. Gota and SF won't live forever, and this 13A etc., would pave the way for easy Eelam. After 13a, it would be a call for Federal. Then it would be the call for Eelam.

As you guys have have clearly identified, equal opportunities, language facilitation, and ethnic integration would solve any of the minor issues that anyone would face relating to ethnic lines.

Keep up the good work guys!

Sam Perera said...


Honestly, I have not read the 13th amendment well enough to comment inteligently. However, I believe that is is something that was forced through our throats on 31s of july, 1987. I still remember the day the entire nation except for Eelamist got to the streets to protest. However, things have changed since then. We need to look at the 13th from a fresh set of eyes. Either way, I believe that this amendment shall be subjected to a referendum. All interested parties can canvass for or against it and finally we can let the people decide on it. Regardless, I am ready accept a power devolution system explicitly prohibits ethnicity based units. In addition we need to provide explicit constitutional guarantees to all rights to all citizens in all corners regardless of the creed. No special laws like Thesavalamai shall not be allowed in any devolution plan.

mithra said...


Certainly, integration of all communities into the Sri Lankan fold is a must. The island should never be demarcated on ethnic lines.

However our National flag is demarcated ethnically, a big paradox.

Isn’t it better to promote the flag of President Rajapaksa to head the integration campaign?

Jambudipa said...

this will be a historic opportunity to settle this problem.

the only way is TO IMPLEMENT THE 13 AMENDMENT FULLY without NE merger.

or the country risk isolation and even intervention. far worse, the sinhalese will be known as unreliable and dishonest. they tool advantage of its allies with the promise of devolution. the word must be kept.

13th amendment is a 'stepping stone for eelam' is the most childish comment anyone can make.

CASC said...


The entire North-east of India is a complete mess and a great accident of history.

First of all, it is connected to the rest of India by a 100 mile corridor amd the ethnicity is mostly mongoloid types in many of the NE states.

The British deliberately broke up Bengal when they created India and Pakistan (East Pakistan before 1971and Bangaldesh today)

Before 1973, there was one gigantic state called Assam. Today Assam is a smaller state and parts of it have become 6 other states (7 sisters).

Out of Assam more ethnic based sates were created. Megalaya for instance has laws that prevent outsiders from buying land. Therefore, even Indians from other states can't acquire property there. This is very backward social and economic policy.

The original Assamese secessionist movement was about Bangladeshi people encroaching. Today many of villages in upper Assam have large Bangladeshi immigrant populations
who have lived there for two generations (in some instances). Its like Prabhakaran's father coming from Kerala to Sri
Lanka and becoming Sri Lankan. The mainline political parties have dropped their demands against the immigrants as the immigrants have become a hugh vote bank.

The original secessionist movement went mainstream like the JVP getting into politics but was thrown out of office because of various curruption issues. Non-mainstream remnents of that group are supoposedly in the pay of Bangladeshi intelligence according to India (probably not true).

In 1962 China and India had a major border war were China thrashed India. Chinese army was about 150 miles from the capital of Assam. Arunchal Pradesh, today a new north eastern state, is claimed by India and China. India made it a state under Rajiv Gandhi to give it legal status.

Some lessons for Sri Lanka from the Indian experience:

1) Immigration and emmigration restrictions need to exist between bordering countries otherwise there are mass migrations of people to more economically developed areas that cause political and social issues problems.

2) Indian federalism has lead over time to smaller and smaller units of administration that are not viable economic entities.

3) Indian type federalism has lead to backward social and economic policies where people from one state can't live in another state or acquire assets such as land in other states.

4) The state governments in India are extremely currupt and put our Sri Lanka politicians to shame. This is a significant disincentive for foreign investment. It is better to have one layer of curruption than to have multiple levels of curruption.

5) Indian state governments are also very inefficient. There are many instances where teachers and state government employees go without salaries for months. This type of situation is unheard of and not tolerated in Sri lanka.

5)State Governments where the central government's party is in power are generally favoured by the central government in the allocation of resources and infrasastructure projects. Others are treated like step-children.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


You have commented,

this will be a historic opportunity to settle this problem.

the only way is TO IMPLEMENT THE 13 AMENDMENT FULLY without NE merger.

or the country risk isolation and even intervention. far worse, the sinhalese will be known as unreliable and dishonest. they tool advantage of its allies with the promise of devolution. the word must be kept.

13th amendment is a 'stepping stone for eelam' is the most childish comment anyone can make.

The 13th Amendment Should Follow Democratic Will of the PEOPLES of the country!

It is not something Sinhalese could give or Tamils could get!

It is more Childish to pull ethnic lines of 'Sinhalese/Tamils etc' when talking about something of 'National Importance!'.

This is not about Sinhalese or Tamils' it is about Sri Lanka!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

News has it that the 13th Ammendment is to be implemented.


It is indeed a stepping stone to a future eelam.

"Devolution now sepaeration later"

Unknown said...

Hello chaps...Glad to see a few "old" handles still around and a lot of new ones too.

Wish there would be more "defense" related dialog on these blogs (about lessons learned, the future of the forces, upgreads,wish list etc) than political chatter.

anyway..thanks for keeping DW alive.

Good luck

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


This is like going for critical life threatening surgery when there is no actual serious illness. It is not the patient who needs the surgery but the Doctors who have vested interests.

At least in this blog, no one has been able to point out the Tamil specific problems that exist in SL, serious enough to go for any drastic action like this.

I am reminded of the Sinhaha saying: "Kiri kalayak dovala goma binduwak demma wagey."

The solution is going to worsen the problems of Sinhalese as well as Tamils. Only a few politicians, mainly Tamils, would benefit from this. Others would all suffer.

Where ids the home grown solution that MR was talking about?

Goolge said...

Until recently, I've had an intuitive reservation about the 13th. Now I've actually started reading it!

But like CASC, I too have faith that MR will do what is right for the country. He has always said he would go for the 13th, so I think he has all along had a plan.

Whatever is implemented, the final outcome should be irreversible multi-ethnic integration.

Something else that has made me less uncomfortable about distributing functions to the provinces is, the borough system in London. Significant aspects of policing, health, and education are, I think for the most part, beyond the prerogative of the borough (I could be wrong about the health bit!)

Sam, thanks for the additional links.

Goolge said...


i'd say our flag is representative, rather than demarcative. Not even the Indian tricolour represents Tamils.

CASC said...


The 13th amendment less the N-E merger is already operational to some extent in Sri Lanka through the provincial council system. The Supreme Court has said that the basis for the original merger is illegal.

Police powers need not be a threat.
Like the Indian police, any provincial police system should be emasculated (the Indian cops still use WW1 and WWII 303 rifles and semi-automatic SLRs). Such a force would not pose a threat to the security of the country.

Given the current economic situation, the provinces will be economically dependent on the center for many years to come. They will not have a revenue base to survive or operate independently.

This fact coupled with a strong executive is the best security for Sri Lanka

More than the 13th amendment what is important is the role of the executive. Under the Presidential system, we have a strong executive and in a sense a dictatorial position that has been good for the country. Parliamentary systems are inherently unstable as we have seen with the coalition governments of India.

I believe President MR will act wisely. He is a consensus type person unlike some of his predecessors. He will consult with everyone concerned and build a consensus before implementing any major reforms.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

13th Amendment is certainly a huge burden and major major cost to the country as a whole.

There is no issue whatsoever in Sri Lanka to introduce such drastic acts.

The whole Sri Lanka would have to pay for this in its entire future.

The best thing the GOSL should do is to 'define the Problem' -if there is a problem(s). .. and then come up with 'solutions' to address those problems.

Someone should bring a motion to the Supreme Courts to abolish implementation of this 13A. The circumstances where the 13A was brought in over 20 years ago is now irrelevant and none existent.

What a waste of resources!

CASC said...


Thanks for the links

CASC said...

Development and Reconciliation All Party Committee


mithra said...

[google : i'd say our flag is representative, rather than demarcative. Not even the Indian tricolour represents Tamils.]

Sadly, a Tamil may insist on demarcation. It is possible that each time a Tamil looks at the flag, he feels a separateness.

The beauty of the Indian flag is that it represents all its peoples through the tri-colour representing common values: orange : spirituality, white: truth & peace, green: fertility. The Ashoka Chakra in the middle is a further unifying force.

Neither the Chinese flag is representative of any ethnicity.

I know that this is a taboo subject but it is the right time to discuss such matters.

It is the time for real nation building. Future of generations to come will depend on the decisions taken now at this crucial moment.

hemantha said...

Yesterday I was complaining about the lack of awareness of the 13th amendment and the lack of a discussion about possible resulting scenarios if implemented.
I am glad to see that the Editor of The Island, Prabath Sahabandu has taken the first step. I may not agree with him 100% on this. But his comments are eloquent, saner and balanced as usual. Thank you Mr. Editor.

"Putting the cart before the horsePresident Mahinda Rajapaksa seems to be finding victory more problematic than war. On the one hand, he is under pressure to fully implement the 13th Amendment (13-A) in keeping with the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord and, on the other, he has had to quell a mutiny onboard of sorts and make some coalition allies averse to his devolution project fall in line.

President Rajapaksa is in an unenviable position. The UNP-led UNF government committed the country to a federal solution by being a signatory to the so-called Oslo Declaration and thereby giving the hounds of separatism a chance to taste blood. Ever since, they have, ably assisted by some members of the international community, been clamouring for federalism not as the final solution but as a starting point! They have even gone to the extent of establishing a government in exile! On the other extreme of the political spectrum is a coterie of President Rajapaksa's coalition partners to whom devolution in any form is nothing but anathema. Now that war is over and the once mighty Tigers are resting in peace, these elements are calling for zero devolution.

The President's attempt to find a via-media by enhancing devolved powers under the 13-A on the lines of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord, too, has run into stiff resistance from his allies like the JHU and the NFF, which backed him to the hilt in war. These two parties which have thrown in their lot with the UPFA should have known better than to play to the gallery by striking a discordant note only to eat humble pie in the palace.

President Rajapaksa's knee-jerk reaction to the JHU's threat to pull out in case of the full implementation of the 13th Amendment was to tell the outfit in no uncertain terms that it must either comply or depart. Yesterday, we quoted Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene as having told the media that the President would not tolerate any dissent in implementing the 13-A project the way he had prosecuted war. The President may know better than anyone else how to handle his allies but any attempt to railroad dissenters into falling in line or to ram a fait accompli down their resentful throats will be counterproductive. It behoves President Rajapaksa to act with restraint in handling so serious a matter.

The 13-A is part of the basic law of this country and has the blessings the main Opposition party, the UNP, which was responsible for slapping it on us in 1987. The Provincial Council system has come to stay and it has not led to the division of the country. It has only become a white elephant. Therefore, it may be claimed that 13-A is time-tested and poses no danger. However, it is being argued that it has not yet been fully implemented and granting police and land powers to the provinces will be a journey into the unknown, which might lead to disaster. Hence, there is fear in some quarters that enhanced devolution will negate the positive outcome of the war for which thousands of troops sacrificed their lives.

If it is a consensual approach that the President seeks, his task is to allay this fear which is being compounded by an anti-Sri Lanka campaign by expatriate LTTE activists, Tamil Nadu politicians and some members of the international community. They are only perpetuating the siege mentality of Sri Lanka and providing some justification for resistance to devolution.

ctd. on the next post

hemantha said...

The "Island Editorial"

"It may be a mistake for anyone to believe that devolution will be a panacea for Sri Lanka's strained ethnic relations. It is only one strand of a solution to be adopted. More than one half of Tamil people live outside the North and the East and therefore the question being asked is whether they would benefit from devolution of state power to that part of the country: How would devolution solve the problems of Tamils living among the majority community as well as in the central hills? Sri Lanka's problem is far too complex to be solved through devolution alone and our preoccupation with only that aspect of the solution in trying to eliminate the causes of the conflict has led to many other unwanted problems including a bloody insurgency in the late 1980s.

Sri Lanka cannot afford to ignore India's sensitivities and in 13-A India has spelt out the degree of devolution Sri Lanka should grant to the provinces. It is being argued by the anti-devolution lobby that though India has prescribed devolution as a solution to Sri Lanka's problem, even quasi federalism has not worked in India if the number of secessionist movements operating on her soil and ethnic violence are any indication. None of the Indian states has spun out of orbit in spite of the various centrifugal forces including secessionism, it is said, as the centre remains militarily powerful and economically strong thus exerting a tremendous pull on the periphery besides the constitutional safeguards: Sri Lanka is without such a strong centre and it is feared that if the 13th A is fully implemented, separatist forces waiting in suspended animation in the aftermath of the LTTE's defeat will have some political space to resume their sinister campaign. This fear, too, needs to be allayed.

New Delhi ought to act cautiously without imposing its will on her neighbour recovering from a painful war to appease its Tamil Nadu allies who are struggling to shore up their crumbling images and dwindling political fortunes at Sri Lanka's expense. The Sri Lankan democracy is a frail patient in the intensive care unit and it must not be made to perform devolution gymnastics at this juncture. It is too early for experiments with devolution. Wounds of war are still fresh and bleeding. What is needed urgently is a humanitarian offensive of the same magnitude as the successfully concluded war to help the war displaced return to their homes, put their traumatic experience behind them and rebuild their lives.

The cart must not be put before the horse!"

Ananda-USA said...
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Ananda-USA said...

CASC said...

[ 3) Indian type federalism has lead to backward social and economic policies where people from one state can't live in another state or acquire assets such as land in other states. ]


My comment on the ExpressBuzz.com article on Assam was obviously an exercise in SARCASM deployed to expose Indian/TN DOUBLE STANDARDS.

I agree with you on the history of the North Eastern states of India, including the state of ASSAM.

I particularly want to comment on your statement above and its relevance to SL.

The DEVOLUTION OF POWER to Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka on an ETHNIC BASIS that recognizes special rights of Tamils to those lands, will have unintended consequences. It will PERMANENTLY EMBED IN LAW the POWER for those provincial governments to prevent the free migration of non-Tamils into those lands, and to utilize land-based resources of those areas for the national good. For example, it will not be possible for a GOSL led development scheme like the Mahaweli Development Scheme, or transformation of the Trincomalee area into a Shipping & Industrial Hub for the BENEFIT OF ALL SRI LANKANS, where all Sri Lankans can live and work on these projects in the area, irrespective of ethnicity, to be implemented.

The former separatists will use their local police and administrative powers to make things VERY UNPLEASANT and NON VIABLE for non-Tamils, discouraging their presence and converting these provinces into Tamils-only provinces...while we watch and fume. We have ALREADY SEEN how the LTTE used their power to do this. And so, we will have gradual legally-blessed ethnic cleansing leading to a DE-FACTO TAMIL-ONLY state.

The Devolution of Power on the basis of ETHNICITY must NEVER BE ALLOWED or IMPLEMENTED, under the 13th Amendment, or ANY OTHER LEGAL/CONSTITUTIONAL provision.

hemantha said...

There is a possibility that the presidential system may go out of the window. And if implemented 13 th amendment may stay.
What if a new government comes into power in India with expansive mentality?
What if weaker leader holds the presidential chair? (We were so lucky to avoid such an eventuality in 2004 thanks to stupid LTTE).

Before jumping the gun we have to consider every possible outcome which could arise even in the distant future. One man (or even a king) should not be the sole authority of such decision. The future of the whole nation can depend on it.

kevin said...


I LOVE Gothabhaya Rajapaksa dismissing Karuna's request out-of-hand. He not only UNDERSTANDS the THREATS, but also the MOTIVATIONS of former separatists to resurrect their vanished agendas! When Greeks come bearing gifts....

Very well said!
Just got into read in this debate after a brief absence.
What 13th amendment and I rather make the 13th famous steps to the gallows for some terrorists and ex terrorists who thinks that they can get to power through the back door.
After murdering thousands and sacrificing our young what devolution? None of the Diaspora wants to come back to SL.I met a few in Brussels today at a café and all in unison said that they will never wants to come back and they want their kin in sl settled in the Western countries and then we are left with about two hundred thousand who may not want to be separated from the rest. So what is there to talk about any devolution?
I say as Ranjan W said ‘winner takes all’

Moshe Dyan said...



full implementation of the 13th amendment is TESTING THE WATERS for a future federal (a racist-federal) solution.

the problem lies in the hurriedly crafted 13. it does not have provisions to resolve problems pertaining to SEPERATIST moves.

dissolution is NOT a method to handle such problems which comes from OUTSIDE the system. it also KILLS the PC system, NOT CORRECT it.

for 13 to stop SEPARATISM, there should be a logical process WITHIN the systems created by the 13 to settle the matter. there is NONE!!

i agree with power sharing 100%.

but 13 is NOT about power sharing. IF the govt geniuinely wants to share power, we should go back to the electorate system of parliementary elections. power is then EFFECTIVELY given to the 160 electorates. and mind you this is the HIGHEST POWER in the country bcos the representative is from the PARLIAMENT - the highest authority!!!!

and look at how SPECIFIC and DEVOLVED the power is when given to the electorate level.


agree with you on the doctor patient example. this surgery is performed not bcos the patient needs it, but bcos the DOCTORS want to do it.


ok. now i agree that a referendum can do MORE good than the bad it does.

ppl should DEMAND a referndum. the IC can see clearly that DEMOCRACY is against the 13. and that becomes the new law.

from the BILLIONS that gets released by not having PCs, we can give MORE power and MONEY to PS, UC, MC to do development work.

or it is even worth just to give away the money to ppl FREE to start up businesses!!

Moshe Dyan said...


13 amendment is VERY MUCH defence related. (though it is NOT a military matter).

SLDFs will have to function within the PRACTICAL obstacles placed on them by,

1. regional administrations

e.g. large army detachemtns, check points are HIGHLY unpopular. this can potentially lead to conflict of interst between the NPC and SLDFs.

2. power struggles between the govt and the PC.s
e.g. 1989

3. matters in the hands of the PC with defence implications
e.g. water and irrigation is a subject in the hands of the PC but mavil aru, ETC., led to war.

4. matters of conflicting regional and govt interests.

e.g. tamil nadu agitations

tata said...

This 13A is a wild goose chase.

What will it solve?
It will solve only the pressure exerted on SL by foreign forces.
This is a minor problem. MR should find other diplomatic means to address this.

Actually what is the "real problem" we have?
The real problem is having a fertile ground for Eelam to take root.
(Thankfully we have passed those aspirations, grievances BS now.)

So, what is the answer to the "real problem"?

Ironically, I think MR is about to make a similar mistake as Prabha.
VP overestimated his military strength and underestimated his enemy’s strength.

I think now MR is overestimating his military strength and underestimating “Eelam Project’s” inertia.

“Elam Project” seed need only a little space to take root. Even on a desert it’ll flourish.

For us 13A would look like a barren land. But for the Eelam seed it’s green house!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

one BIG reason for MR to pursue the 13 AGGRESSIVELY is bcos he thinks he can win the NPC also.

there is a long way for the NPC election. but if he is convinced that he cannot have a friendly NPC, he will backtrack the process.

for that we might have to team up with STRANGE bed fellow thangachchis with DIFFERENT reasons to oppose the 13!!!!

a hebrew proverb goes, "my enemy's enemy is my friend". (for the purpose of overcoming the enemy)

of course there is no reson to overdo.

Moshe Dyan said...


well said.

to add to that, LTTE has GIVEN up on violence (temporarily) to achieve tamil elam!!

LTTE is now playing baseball while MR is STILL playing elle with ghosts of former opponents.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

War has been won on the ground but the Mother Land is yet not free of harassment.
13th ammendment's faults have been well outlined by many people and we can agree that it is not the ideal solution for SL. Village based and a water catcment based system has been argued to be more scientific. Besides ,racist caluses within the constitution which puts "Tamils" as an ethnicity above others poses a significant threat to future integrity.

Having said that we must keep in mind the reality of a samll country like SL surviving among the International bogeys. I think Dayan Jaythilake understands (very well) the balance between these dialectically opposed positions.

So far SL has managed to manipulate the big guns very well. It has to continue to do so. If India had permitted SL to continue with its original vision of a linguistically identified unit, then by now SL would have come to the point which it would be ready to be a state of India. Instead India intorduced a "mini_India" model for SL which puts it on a par with India politically. Thus its sovereignty is even more assured (ironically) after Indian intervention.

We must read between the lines about what the Grand Chess Masters of Lanka are planning. "Devolving beyond the 13th ammendment" may mean many things to many people. There is more than one way to skin a cat : ) (say no more).
WRT "Tamil Regiments", GR is absolutely right . Let us not have racially based units. Some others here have outlined similar concerns in another context related to DW's article ;).

Moshe's proposal of ethnic integration is an absolute must for the prosperity and survival of the island. That is the only way to disperse the ghetto mentality which persist in other lands which calim to be multicultural. Instead SL is truly multicultural where each of the four main religions are represented prominently throughout the country. There is much more to the rich cultural fabric of SL than meets the eye. This can only be preserved by ensuring protection of rights of all right down to individual level. That cannot be achieved through racially motivated legislation. I think everyone is wary of that.

Finally Sam, abou Elu, I was surprised to find that 'Dam" = Dhamma is an elu word! My goodness! I was wrong when I was arguing with Wijayapala about the origin of the word Damila. So instead of pali then "Damila" has an elu origin. Thus it was not an invention of the Buddhists but the Helas themselves!! Beautiful irony.

I love the synonym for elu= Helu. Thus stands our original identity proud and bared of all subsequent clothing (heh heh).

Unknown said...

Moshe Dyan,

agreed! I hope such political enactments, if taken will be ammended to keep the military from been constrained in discharging their duties.

Moshe Dyan said...



even the law recently passed re: CDS position that is responsible for the strategic direction of defence of SL does not award ANY right/power/authority for the CDS to handle direct and INDIRECT problems ADEQUATELY a regional authority may throw.

a simple example of what WILL ACTUALLY happen.

a NP councillor will complain that SLN checking for smugglers affects fishermen and therefore the scale to reduce. (assume no vested interests. practically there will be PLENTY of vested intersts too!!!)

3 options.

1. the council disagrees. no impact on defence. but the "TNA" member who brought the matter will become a celebrity and sweep the election next time. then they will force SLN to do it.

2. the council agrees and SLN/govt also agree. national defence is stuffed.

3. the MOST EXCITING option! the northern council and SLN/govt at loggerheads over a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY!!! OMG! fantastic. we are totally stuffed.

the matter is not even disputed (there is no dispute over defence powers at the moment)!!

this can made spicier with police powers to the council!! then the police and SLN will have a showdown.

Moshe Dyan said...

latest addition to TAMIL GRIEVANCES.

inability to FCUK in private.

"It's hard to know whether it's coercive or not, but there is an average of three families living to a tent and it can be extremely difficult trying to get privacy."

- toiletnet

how stupid. if a kundi in a IDP camp is fucked, the whole menik farm will see it!!!

then more contradictory BS.

"A UN official said yesterday many families remained separated in the camps and that men and women believed to be Tamil Tiger fighters were being removed with "no due process or proper documentation, like arrest receipts, given to parents or guardians"."

IF 3 FAMILIES live in a tent, which idiot says men & women of families are seperated????

of course, LTTE MFs were not allowed to get married!!!

the kundis in IDP camps are SOOO PRETTY that SLA guys are tempted to fcuk them!!!

or is it the IDPs are SOO POOR after depositing 1,100,000,000 rupees in banks that they do prostitution with each other!!!

or is it that tamilnet is jealous bcos ppl are now free to fcuk.

what BS!!

"Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Palitha Kohona described the claims as "absolute rubbish", but confirmed the government was investigating the reports, the paper said."

when the hell did that happen???

Moshe Dyan said...

navil pillai MILF goes aanal!!!

this is one bitcch who has a big grudge against SL for the treatment LTTE got.

Moshe Dyan said...

govt should arrange private fcuking facilities for IDP ppl. otherwise they will become Intercourse Deprived People (IDP) which is not very healthy.

it may happen like the story.....

once mr & mrs wilson wanted to fcuk on the couch. but their little son john would not leave them. so they tell him that he can play in the balcony which he LOVES.

suddnely, into the act, mr & mrs wilson were horrified to hear john yelling, "the smiths are fcuking too".

mr wilson shouts, "how the hell do you know?".

little john replies, "pete (smith) is also playing in the balcony!!!!"

Ananda-USA said...

No special regiments for ex-rebels: Govt.

By Sandun A Jayasekera
July 2, 2009

The Government yesterday said that there will be no room for ‘alien regiments’ within the armed forces, for former rebel cadres as suggested by some former militant leaders who are now politicians.

Responding to a question raised by a journalist on the remarks allegedly made by National Integration Minister Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan to the effect that ex-LTTE cadres who fled the militant movement with him would be absorbed into the Army as a special regiment

Media Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardana said the government has no plans to establish ‘special regiments’ for former militants.

“It is wishful thinking but a youngster has the opportunity to join the armed forces as a law abiding citizen subject to proper training and fulfilling other basic criteria. I do not see why even a rehabilitated militant cannot join the security forces after renouncing violence, he said.

Dismissing the remarks made by UNP spokesman Lakshman Kiriella that 192,000 persons had lost employment in the last few months, the Minister said while 192,000 lost jobs another 203,000 had received alternative employment in the agricultural sector.

“It is misleading when Mr. Kiriella has not mentioned the number of people who had received employment,” he said.

Commenting on the shut down of factories he said, while some factories were closing down many others have been opened. The economic turmoil in the country is due to the global economic melt down and low demand for Sri Lankan products, the Minister said.

On the dwindling foreign aid received as alleged by the UNP, he said situation was not as gloomy as the UNP was trying toportray.

The Chinese government has pledged US$ 90 million for the second and third stages of the Norochocholai power plant project. Agreements will be signed shortly to resume the construction of the Galle -Matara express way, he said.

Ananda-USA said...

Mr. Karunanidhi said, “No one will be happier than us if a democratically elected government of Tamils, which includes the majority Sinhalese, rules Sri Lanka.

What is this SERIAL JOKER mumbling about? What does a "democratically elected government of Tamils" ruling Sri Lanka mean?

Unknown said...


Some of you may hate me for writing this. Don't take it wrong, I am the fan of no body but honestly I admire MR for all he has done.

But I have also heard this story, where MR under unbelievable pressure from IC wanted to stop the operations and have a ceasefire. We saw evidence of this in things such as 24 hr ceasefires, no use of heavy weapons etc. But thanks to Gota it was opposed vehemently and things went through. We can thank providence that a strong willed person like Gota was there and he happened to be MR's bro. I cannot see even SF managing to do a thing like that.

If you study Gota you see a highly focused professional who has an unwavering no nonsense attitude. He is not a diplomat and has no hesitation in calling a spade a spade. But now that the war is over Gota is not going to interfere to the same extent in matters political.

What I am trying to say is, I don't have full hopes that MR will not to do something harmful to the country if the pressure great enough. And there is no one stop him.

This may be blasphemy to some. But I am really concerned.

Jambudipa said...

buddy moshe,

it may surprise you that i also want same thing you want.

i like to make things clear with an analogy. we invented pinch hitting with cricket where first 15 overs we blast the ball in every direction. we also won the world cup as a result. but later everyone started emulating and got used to our approach. we lost the edge which brought our winning streak to an end.

even with the war, bull in a china shop like approach worked. the element of surprise worked in our favour. we won the war with similar tactic. Israel was jealous we somehow managed when they failed with hezbollah and hamas. however sri lankan govt tactics have now become predicable.

we need to constantly evolve and change if we have to maintain the edge over our opposition. if necessary make some concession now for better than expected result in longer term. i.e. lose the argument win the sale.

we have to emulate Aussie cricket. boring but consistent. it means we keep winning for longer period. no extreme highs and lows.

Moshe Dyan said...


99% agree (except the israel part!!! lol!).

"boring but consistent."

i think along the SAME FREQUENCY about the SOLUTION.

(how come?? did you copy what i said b4???)

it MUST be very boring & consistent, UNEVENTFUL, PREDICTABLE, like clock-work.

so boring and monotonous that those who want THRILLS & FRILLS lose interest in SL!!! (and leave us in peace)

Moshe Dyan said...

"Nandana Gunatilake was sworn in as the Minister of Tourism development

Milinda Morogoda was sworn in as Minister of Justice and Judicial Reforms."

1. filling the vacancy is a necesity

2. giving a portfolio to NG is also a necesity

3. NG has NO SKILL in tourism. doubt if he can even speak english!!!

so this means the only instance discretion was to appoint MM as the JUSTICE & JUDICIAL REFORM minister.

boss is upto something BIG here appointing the former PEACE minister to do justice & judicial reform work.

Moshe Dyan said...

death in office of national leaders.

3 have died while holding office within EXACTLY 3.44-4.44 years.

in the case of MR, the danger period started on 27/04/2009 and will end on 28/04/2010.

long live MR
long live his proper sense of right/wrong

(so far the best we had)

Unknown said...

does 13 A allow a province to award citizenship to foreigners?

Suranimala said...

Bros and Sis
This is off topic
If this is true,we should think twice about our schools


Unknown said...

If this is true those Bastards should be hanged!!!

Unknown said...


This a highly summarized version.

(Ref: http://www.island.lk/2009/06/03/features1.html)


by Neville Ladduwahetty

Ban Ki-Moon warns that if the grievances of Sri Lanka’s Tamil population were not addressed "history could repeat itself".

The implication: Sinhalese enjoy rights that are denied to Tamils.

However, attempts to identify these specific grievances or rights have not been successful!!!!!

Ways of devolving POLITICAL POWER:

1) Based on group identities.
2) Based on religion or ethnicity
3) Based on Geographic distribution of the groups

Concentrations of groups in defined territories seek territorially based arrangements such as devolution or federalism. When tensions exacerbate under such arrangements the tendency is to seek separation.

On the other hand, non territorially based but more dispersed groups seek different ways for sharing political power are different.

While territorially based groups seek structural arrangements such as devolution/federalism, non-territorially based groups seek distributive arrangements such as equitable distribution of resources and equality of rights.

Structural arrangements for the Tamil in the Northern Province and distributive arrangements for the rest make no sense. This would be equally so for the Sinhalese in regions of concentration and for those in regions where they are a minority.


The 13th Amendment would result in Tamil majoritarianism in the NP but but deny political power to the larger segment dispersed in the other provinces.

Two serious issues arise.
1) it would solidify distinctions within the same ethnic group be it Sinhala or Tamil, where some would have political power and others would not. Such distinctions could cause inequalities before the law.

2) Second, the Tamils in the Northern Province would want to retain their majority status by restricting freedom of movement for only non-Tamil communities in Sri Lanka thereby violating Article 14(h) of the Constitution which states: "Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of movement and of choosing his residence within Sri Lanka…".


The IC advises devolution. Thus they endorse group rights and recognize Tamils as a group distinct from the rest. Devolving political power under such conditions would pit Sinhala interests/rights against Tamil interests/rights causing tensions to simmer indefinitely, reflected in the statement "we want what Colombo has".

This would suit the objectives of the IC.

Devolution to the NP addresses only the rights of a smaller segment of the Tamil community, while the larger segment of the Tamil community resident elsewhere in the country would benefit from distributive arrangements. Natural justice calls for emphasis on individual rights. By shifting the focus from group rights to individual rights every individual whatever the ethnic identity and wherever domiciled would be protected and rights assured.

The focus therefore should be on individual rights.


At this defining moment in Sri Lanka’s history ensuring the rights of the individual is the right thing. The focus today should be to evolve a comprehensive Bill of Rights where Sri Lankans see themselves as a community of individuals united in common endeavour with equal rights for all, and not as a collection of communities with distinct identities.

Ananda-USA said...
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Ananda-USA said...


Your post "A MUST READ FOR 13th AMENDMENT ENTHUSIASTS" hit the nail right on its head.

I am glad this article was published in Lanka for everyone to read and understand the flawed arguments and confused thinking driving DEVOLUTION, and its logical consequences for Sri Lankan citizens if implemented.

It will perpetuate divisions between the various communities in Lanka.

This is EXACTLY what MANY OF US have been saying here at DW!

Well done!

Ananda-USA said...

A RARE balanced Article from Canadian Media

Sri Lanka: view from the ground

By Padraig Colman
[Le monde, Canada]
July 02, 2009

Even those Sri Lankans, including Tamils, who were dubious about their government’s decision to pursue the military option against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), are relieved that the venture appears successful. They also are surprised at the reaction to the victory by nations such as the US, the UK, India and Israel, and the sharp criticism about civilian casualties and displaced people.

From Sri Lanka, it feels as if the Tamil diaspora in the UK, Canada, US and Australia has overly influenced the media in those places. People in the West seem to believe that all Sri Lankan Tamils were confined to a narrow strip of beach under shellfire from government troops, and are now herded into concentration camps. I do not wish to downplay the suffering of those in the north, but the reality is that Tamils are spread throughout Sri Lanka and many are prosperous and influential.

A distinguished Tamil journalist based in Canada, DB Jeyaraj, wrote: “The Tamils need to remind themselves that the LTTE, despite its prolonged campaign, has ultimately achieved nothing for the Tamil people. If the LTTE had converted the military strength it once enjoyed into bargaining power at the negotiating table, the Sri Lankan Tamils would have been much better off. It did not and in the process has brought misery and despair to the Tamil people.”

Dr Noel Nadesan, editor of Uthayam, a Tamil newspaper in Australia, wrote: “The Sri Lankan president deserves the congratulations of all Sri Lankans regardless of their ethnicity. More than any other community, the Sri Lankan Tamils owe him their thanks for ending their misery.”

As a Tamil blogger remarked: “I hold no brief for the Sri Lankan government which, unfortunately, is growing more despotic by the day”, but he wondered why Sri Lanka should have agreed to a ceasefire when it had the Tiger leader trapped; it was unlikely that, in similar circumstances, the US would let Osama bin Laden escape.

Hillary Clinton has criticised Sri Lanka for being too tough on the Tamil Tigers — and Pakistan for not being tough enough on the Taliban. (In Swat there are up to two million displaced civilians. There is a shortfall in humanitarian aid and NGOs are pulling out.)

The current Indian government promotes reconciliation and a just settlement for Sri Lankan Tamils. Memories of India’s previous interventions are still acute in Sri Lanka. Indira Gandhi’s government funded and armed Sri Lankan terrorists, including the LTTE. In 1987 an Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) tried and failed to disarm the LTTE. Tamil sources asserted that more than half of the victims of the IPKF 1987 offensive were Tamil civilians and Brigadier Manjit Singh admitted: “We could not differentiate between the LTTE and the civilians.” In October 1987 Indian troops stormed into Jaffna hospital, throwing grenades and firing, killing 70 doctors, staff and patients.

Michael Roberts, a Sri Lankan historian, argues that the Sri Lankan army had similar problems recently, noting that “the category ‘civilian’ is an ambiguous category”, because the LTTE command-state integrated civilians into the front line. Roberts makes a comparison with the end of the second world war, when the Allies insisted on unconditional surrender and carpet bombed civilians (and exploded the atomic bomb) to attain that goal.

The Sri Lankan government was taken by surprise when Israel, in spite of or because of, its actions in Gaza, accused Sri Lanka of indiscriminate military action and violations of human rights in fighting LTTE terrorism. Israel supplied military hardware and expertise which were probably significant factors in the LTTE’s defeat.

Ananda-USA said...

Canadian article...continued...

The writer and journalist Neil Ascherson has written about the way the British delude themselves that they built and divested themselves of their empire in a decent fashion, although, in fact, “In the detention and work camps, and the resettlement villages, the British created a world no better than the universe of the Soviet Gulag.” The British foreign secretary, David Miliband, was involved during a recent visit to Colombo in a shouting match with Sri Lanka’s defence supremo, Gotabhaya Rajapakse, who felt it necessary to remind Miliband that Sri Lanka was no longer a British colony. Miliband has been complicit in US rendition and torture and Britain continues to allow the US to use the British colony of Diego Garcia, from which it expelled the inhabitants, for those purposes.

A recent report by Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, found that accountability in the US has been "deplorable"; few would doubt that the US has killed civilians and used torture in Iraq. In Britain, Miliband proposes that an inquiry into the UK’s involvement in Iraq be held in secret, but Air Marshal Sir John Walker, the former head of Defence Intelligence, said: "There is only one reason that the inquiry is being heard in private and that is to protect past and present members of this government. There are 179 reasons [179 dead soldiers] why the military want the truth to be out on what happened over Iraq." Major General Julian Thompson said that the military wanted to be heard in public “the allegation that a British government manipulated intelligence to take part in an illegal war.”

Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lankan ambassador to the UN has said: “Sri Lanka is not the case of an army of occupation invading and occupying another country. Sri Lanka’s army is a military that serves a constitutional democracy, a military that fought a war strictly within its recognised borders against a separatist, terrorist militia, with whom the state had tried to arrive at a peaceful settlement on numerous occasions. Therefore, we will not have forced upon us formulae and paradigms derived from entirely different contexts.”

Because those accusing Sri Lanka of war crimes are not free of guilt themselves, should the issue of war crimes in Sri Lanka be ignored? Some would argue that a full investigation of war crimes would be a distraction from the reconciliation process; others argue that reconciliation is impossible if war crimes are not investigated (perhaps more bitterness is felt among the diaspora than among Tamils in Sri Lanka).

The reconciliation process in countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Chile and Northern Ireland have been cited. There is no doubt that Sri Lankan Tamils have suffered discrimination and there has, in the past, been horrific anti-Tamil violence. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka is not an apartheid society like South Africa, Palestine or even Louisiana. The government was fighting terrorists, not trying to wipe out the Tamil population. In Sri Lanka a democratically-elected government increased its popularity with voters by overthrowing a de facto unelected, totalitarian military dictatorship in part of its internationally recognised sovereign territory, and intends to restore democracy to that area. In Northern Ireland peace was achieved through long negotiations when both sides became exhausted and accepted that neither could win. The IRA gave up its arms and put its goal of a united Ireland in abeyance. The LTTE went into any “negotiation” with an uncompromising demand for a separate state of Tamil Eelam.

Ananda-USA said...

Canadian article...continued 2...

There are arguments that the government must blame itself because of inept PR and censorship. Certainly, the news has been manipulated under the cover of “prevention of terrorism” and press freedom will continue to be threatened. Anti-terrorism laws (perhaps not as draconian as in the UK or US) remain in place and many investigations into attacks on the media remain unresolved.

President Rajapakse’s reputation is high with the Sinhalese majority and he should now have the political capital to reach out for the hearts and minds of the Tamil community and bring them within a unified nation without fear of backlash. It is to be hoped that other governments and the international media will help the nationbuilding by supporting reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Unknown said...



What this talks about 13th Amendment boss? I not very educations man, boss. But me know one thing. 13 not good number. 13 unlucky boss.

What this giving government to North and East boss. This sure not good. Me not think with my head like you gentlemans boss. Head thinking problem boss because use only books and what some other pandithaya teach.

Me boss, me think with my kitny - kitny and hart. Me man with good kitny and hart boss. So my thinking good for small mans like me.

What this talks about problem of Tamil mans boss? Tell me what problems? I know many small Tamil mans. They my good friends. They have same same problem me boss. Not ispashal problems.

Before the Sinhala – Demala kachal too much Tamil shop in Maradankadawala bajar. Demala Mudalali good business mans. Not like our Sinhala mans boss. Sinhala mudalali only money boss. No kitny thinking. You go to their shop they look at you like you came to steal. Another problem boss. They not give credit.

Demala Mudalali not like that boss. They say “A komada Jamis Aiya? Kohomada Menike shaneependa?” My wife not menike boss. She simple Jane Nona. But Demala mudalali say menike. See boss? This good business talks. Demala Mudalali give credit when mans in trouble. They put in book. They know end of month small mans always pay back boss what is put in book.

Now this koti problem gone I hope Tamil mans come back to bajar. We kitny good people not keep angry long boss. We forget bad thing. Remember good thing.

This 13 something no good boss. Again we start problem. This not good for small Sinhala mans and not good for small Tamil mans. This only good for Sinhala politician and Tamil politician. It good for Tamil politician because they become Ministers, MP and get big salary, Intercooler, houses. All that from Tamil and Sinhala mans money boss. It good for Sinhala politician because it make white mans country happy. They go trips and holidays and make big talks have big meetings, boss. Also with our money.

We Sinhala and Tamil small mans want only one thing boss. Earn some money. Live no fear. Eat some rice. Drink some Kitul Ra or Thal Ra. Sleep with our woman. Have few childrens. Take them to some good place. That all we want boss. We not want big meetings, Inrecooler and go other country. We simple mans boss.

What I say boss. Leave us alone boss. Leave Tamil mans also alone. We work and get these things. We not need politician help boss. We know they never help us. Only help themselves. Small Tamil and Sinhala mans not fight if politician leave us alone boss. We live with good kitny boss.

Maradankadawala Jamis

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

This article on separation and alienation of Hindus and Muslims living in India UNDERSCORES why we must not follow the path of ETHNICITY-BASED DEVOLUTION of Power in Sri Lanka. Such Devolution ENABLES communities to live APART without any interaction ..it just EMBEDS and EXACERBATES such divisions. This happened under LTTE control and brainwashing of the Tamil people of North and East of SL over the last 30 years to such an extent that they instinctively mistrusted the SLA troops!

INSTEAD of POWER DEVOLUTION, we need ETHNIC INTEGRATION to bring different communities into contact with each other to promote EMPATHY & HARMONY between communities.

News Article:

'Muslims, Hindus don't know about each other'

Vishnu Makhijani
July 02, 2009

ASTANA: Tensions exist between India's Muslims and Hindus because the two communities do not know enough about each other, an Indian delegate at the global faith conference here contended Thursday.

"Yes, tensions do exist but they exist because Muslims and Hindus don't know about each other," Zafar Yunus Sareshwala, the CEO of Mumbai Stock Exchange-listed financial services provider Parsoli Corporation, maintained during the plenary on "Solidarity specially in the period of crisis", on the concluding day of the third Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions here.

"We live in the same country but Muslims don't know about Hindus and Hindus don't know about Muslims. That creates tensions," he added.

Sareshwala illustrated this with an example.

"Take the case of the Azhan. During our prayer, when we say 'Allah-o-Akbar', we mean 'God is Great'. Some Hindus, however, take it as a sign of an attack, which it is certainly not.

"Others say: 'Why do you remember this (Mughal emperor) Akbar five times a day?' When I explain things to them, they express surprise and say 'Oh, is that so? I didn't know that'," Sareshwala said.

"That's the level of ignorance among many Hindus about Muslims. Similarly, many Muslims know very little about Muslims," he added.

Suranimala said...

Thambala .
yes .they should be killed . I know only one this type of incident in my school . One vice principle use to hit one boy (his father was a teacher in same school)so many times very badly for simple things and finally boy got psychological trauma and did not come to school any more .
Same man tried to do it to another one and he left the school .After few weeks he joined another school and became the team leader of the baseball team and went to abroad also .My school lost the pride . he has not touched me but till today I really hate him just because as a medical practitioner I know how bad those things are effecting to the child's mind . They should know that they are dealing with future of our country .They can make a street gangster instead of producing good scientist

Indian said...

//In October 1987 Indian troops stormed into Jaffna hospital, throwing grenades and firing, killing 70 doctors, staff and patients//

That is blasphemy as usual.But the Tiger's,I hate to admit,were the master's of propoganda war and even now few Western media writer's,who know nothing of the ground reality,swallow it.

The fact

As the battle of Jaffna progressed the LTTE was smart enough to know that inspite of having its hands tied, the IPKF would win - so it started preparing for an exit strategy. IPKF officers believe the plan was as early as Oct 7, 87.

Note the LTTE leadership was still in Jaffna (big P, Mahathaya, Pottu) - The HQ was moved in the vicinity of Jaffna hospital because the dharmic IPKF was not allowed to fire on the hospital ie. it was a NO FIRE ZONE - (does that sound familiar??)

This was based on an intercept of a message on Oct 16th a message which also indicated 30 Indian troops were killed in the vicinity.

Interestingly IPKF officers WERE NOT ALLOWED access to the hospital exchange room by Jaffna civic officials even as late as Nov 87.(one excuse was the key could not be found) One wonders why??

Not only was the hospital used to shied the HQ but it also had VIP patients (either Pottu or P or both)This was per Narayan Swamy who said the the IPKF was not aware that the one of the LTTE leadership was injured in the Jaffna univ raid was shifted to nearby hospital. Jaffna hospital was the logical choice

Then on 21st Oct intercept from Mahattiya to move additional mortars to the hospital as it will be safe there. Meanwhile LTTE cadres continued to occupy the hospital firing on IPKF troops, and eventually getting them to fire back.

The LTTEs last plan was a scorched earth retreat which would result in IPKF taking the blame. It was to the credit of the IPKF that it managed to prevent it

The LTTE radio intercepts at this time started the info warfare. Cadres were told to shed uniform and merge with doctors and nurses. Women and children were asked to now become "civilian" supply runners.The intercepts noted wildly increasing numbers

The messages made many claims - it was 100 killed than 250 than went to 1000 which someone realised was too wild so pat came the reply to make it 130 of LTTE and 150 civilians and 9 nurses molested and 5 doctors killed.then the stories of shelling, and troops storming and killing indiscriminately.

Took this from bharat-rakshak forum.Ironically it was the very same Rajani Thiranagama,who made Mountain out of molehill,on the Jaffna hospital episode was gunned down by the very same Tiger's once IPKF left shores.

gladiator said...

BBC 'Sinhala' webside doesnt have sinhala language facility but they have tamil.those Sinhala MFs who work there must be blind.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Thanks for publishing Neville's article. Neville is an enlightened person on this issue.

It exactly tells what should happen for the BEST of the COUNTRY and PEOPLES.


At this defining moment in Sri Lanka’s history ensuring the rights of the individual is the right thing. The focus today should be to evolve a comprehensive Bill of Rights where Sri Lankans see themselves as a community of individuals united in common endeavour with equal rights for all, and not as a collection of communities with distinct identities.

Mahinda has been fed so much Punnakku by endless spin-doctors and he may not be seeing the woods for the trees when it comes to 13th Amendment.

Lets all pray that Mahinda read that article and act accordingly.

Saman said...


On the issue of 13th amendment based devolution of power to NE. Many good points were presented by you all. To me, the most discerning fact is that the key objective of enforcing the amendment on Sri Lanka remains unchanged. That is the INDIAN factor. Only obstacle to that objective so far was the very person groomed by India in achieving that goal. Now 22 years and many sacrifices later, we seem handing that objective on a plate.

Do we have a choice? If so what are our options.

My main worry now is not Tamils within or separatism within. It would take a while to re-grow. But if MR moves on this under pressure without proper constitutional safeguards I feel that could spell out disaster. He may want to keep his credibility as a leader (especially with IC), which is important too, but he needs to be stopped or blocked. I still trust he knows what he is doing and regard him as the best leader we had to have.

I do recognize JVP’s and JHU’s opposition to the above as I can explain it to my-self than I can justify MR’s rush on this matter. The other important issue is that “Tamils are currently within a political vacuum”. They neither have a proper political leadership nor do we have a trust worthy Tamil political ally. Well, Karuna and Pilleyan are no political figures. I do not believe Tamils are ready to accept moderate Sinhalese leader as their leader. They would rather have a bad Tamil leader than a good Sinhalese leader.

I feel the advantage we have gained through an unexpectedly speedy conclusion to the war against LTTE can be reversed by rushing at a political solution.

After all, if MR offers a more than acceptable package to Tamils at this point I am sure credit would go to those who sacrificed for “freedom struggle” and its architects rather than benevolent leadership intended by MR. LTTE, separatist ideology and the screwed-up Diaspora do not need any more oxygen than that. Seperatism will sweep to power, if not in this run, but in very near future. If the federal structure is already established by other for them, their comeback (remember they are no part of that and refused it vociferously) will be unchallenged. History will bound to repeat at a much larger scale.

This is a worry.

Ananda-USA said...

Hi Indian,

Your comment "That is BLASPHEMY as usual" is quite appropriate. Yes, it is TamilNET crap at its best.

The LTTE perfected the art of outrageous lying, using civilians as a shield to demonize security forces, against the IPKF.

The general technique was so successful in putting security forces on the defensive, demoralizing the Indian government, and gaining the sympathy of unthinking western do-gooders sympathy at the same time, that they had great faith in its efficacy even this time...to their chagrin...because their enemies had finally learned also how to counter that ploy.

The 20,000 killed in the last phase in Mullaitivu CLAIMED by the LTTE in 2009, using doctors, nurses and civilians as pawns, is just as big a BLASPHEMY as the claims made against the IPKF in 1987.

Regarding Rajini Thiranagama...I fully agree with you; she clutched a venomous snake to her bosom espousing "Tamil Nationalism" thinking the only victims are Sinhala people and Indian jawans, and was bitten hard by that same snake. Both Thiranagama and Prabakaran share one characteristic; they outsmarted themselves!

Unknown said...



by Somapala Gunadheera

A Sinhalese and a Muslim were crossing a flooded river in a boat when it capsized half way through. The Sinhalese, started praying to God Kataragama for his salvation.
He was making a vow that he would offer seven pots of milk rice, seven fruits and a statue to the God if he was saved.

The Muslim who was clinging on to the other end of the boat took a cue from his friend, although he had no faith in Kataragama. He started making a vow himself offering 700 pots of milk-rice, 700 fruits, 700 gold sovereigns, 700 elephants……….

The Sinhalese could not suppress his inquisitiveness even at the point of death. He asked his friend, "Are you mad Nana How can you afford all you promise?"

The Nana replied, "Don’t worry Iyyah. Damn the vow after we are ashore".

The following observations are made on the understanding that the promise to resolve the ethnic crisis after the war, was not influenced by the Nana.

Activating the 13th Amendment
The most favoured formula for national reconciliation is the consolidation of the 13th Amendment (Amendment) because it is already in place in the Constitution.

The purport of the Amendment is decentralization of power and decentralization is intended to facilitate cultural differentiation, an essential tool for multicultural democracy.

Ladduwahetty in his article on, "Group rights vs individual rights in the context of devolution" (The Island of 3rd June) questions the validity of this approach.

The inherent inequity does not end there. What about the group rights of the Tamils in the Up-country or the Muslims in large concentrations in the East and elsewhere? None of them would get the opportunity to ‘conduct their affairs within a common cultural background giving expression to their shared aspirations’ in an exclusive environment as in the case of the North.


The Amendment is supposed to grant a voice minorities. The realization of that depends on the demography of the concerned country. The states in India are sizable and each state contains a preponderance of members of a particular tribe or race and that homogeneity renders the grant of self-rule meaningful.

On the contrary Sri Lanka is a tiny nation with its minorities thinly mixed and dispersed, a conspicuous exception being the Northern Province. For that reason devolution based on the prototype of India finds little relevance here.

The space for the minorities has to be built up from the village level through a structure that reflects the kaleidoscope of public opinion up to the top. That leads one to the Gramarajya concept of our past.

Securing individual rights
The Amendment is only a response to group rights, though individual rights of the minorities are more important. The principal rights involved here are those pertaining to,

• Language
• Religion
• Equality
• Dignity
• Freedom

It is known that the JHU, JVP and the NFF are opposed to the implementation of the Amendment on the argument that it would lead to dilution of power at the centre and disintegration at the periphery. That is a political objection whereas Ldduwahetty’s argument against the Amendment is functional.


These infirmities call for a more robust and foolproof mechanism to ensure individual rights. The answer to this demand appears to be a Bill of Rights (BR), as hinted by Ladduwahetty at the end of his essay. The purpose behind a BR is to protect the rights named therein from infringement by the respective organs of government.

Unknown said...


Further points by Neville Laduwahetty (Summarized)


The approach of the APRC has been to evolve a new and in their view an improved version of the Provincial Council (PC) system under the 13th Amendment.

After two decades, consensus is that the PC system’s costs outweigh the benefits. Would current provisions in the 13th Amendment assure fairness and impartiality in its dealings with Provincial Police Commissions.

Provincial Police Commissions (PPC)

Appendix 1 describes powers relating to Law and Order.

Clause 4: the PPC is to consist of three members: the D.I.G. of the Province, a person nominated by the Public Service Commission and a nominee of the Chief Minister of the Province.

Clause 6: "The I.G.P. shall appoint the D.I.G. with the concurrence of the CM of the Province. When there is disagreement, the matter will be referred to the President, who, after due consultation with the Chief Minister, shall make the appointment".

Clause 11.1 states: "The D.I.G. shall be responsible to and under the control of the Chief Minister in the maintenance of public order …".

Thus 2 out of 3 members of the PPC would be likely to have political affiliations which would make them lean towards the "interests" of the Chief Minister. To expect fairness and impartiality under such provisions is to be naïve.


Unknown said...


Any amendment to provisions in the13th Amendment requires conformance to the procedures set out in Article 154G:

154G (1) "Every PC may...make statutes with respect to any matter set out in List 1…"

(2) No Bill for the amendment or repeal of the provisions ...shall become law unless such Bill has been referred by the President....

(a) where every such Council agrees to the amendment or repeal, such Bill is passed by a majority of the Members of Parliament present and voting; or

(b) where one or more Councils do not agree to the amendment or repeal such Bill is passed by the special majority required by Article 82.

Thus it is unlikely that a President would initiate action unless there is a public demand. This means that the public would have to organize themselves to make such a demand.

Assuming a President agrees the process involves drafting appropriate legislation, Gazetting, circulating it to the PC for comment. If even 1 out of the 9 Councils objects, a 2/3 majority of the Parliament would be needed before it could become law.

Since no PC would agree to relinquish the advantages it possess ...it is certain that any amendment in respect of Law and Order would require a "special majority" meaning 2/3 of those present in Parliament voting for the amendment. Thus the public may not succeed in securing the 2/3 majority to redress a provision when it comes to provincial matters. Would that not compromise the sovereignty of the People?

Thus.... it is unlikely that the People would experience a sense of security under the current provisions.

154G (3) relate to Bills in respect of any matter. It is the same here...... If one or more PCs request Parliament to make law on any matter, the passage of such a law by a simple majority would apply only to those Councils making the request. This too would foster asymmetrical devolution.


The Government is under pressure to implement the full provisions of the 13th Amendment. If Police powers as required by the 13th Amendment are devolved the Law and Order situation in the country would be politicized .....

The suggestion may be considered by some or even many to be too late in the day. The question to them is how familiar were they of the existing provisions relating to Law and Order. ....

Repealing the 13th Amendment is justified because it is a byproduct of a political intervention by India following the Indo-Lanka Accord. Real independence and the right of true self-determination require that all Sri Lankans are governed by Laws of their own making and not by what is imposed. Therefore, the Government has a moral obligation to its People to create the necessary conditions for them to decide whether to accept or reject the 13th Amendment. Only then would their long denied democratic rights be restored in full measure.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


් ෙබාම ස්තුතියි ෙමවා ෙහායලා දානවාට!

අපිට ඕනා අෙප් ෙද්වල් මිසක් පිටින් බෙලන් පටවපු ෙද්වල් ෙනෙමයි!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Real independence and the right of true self-determination require that all Sri Lankans are governed by Laws of their own making and not by what is imposed. Therefore, the Government has a moral obligation to its People to create the necessary conditions for them to decide whether to accept or reject the 13th Amendment. Only then would their long denied democratic rights be restored in full measure.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

13th Amendment will promote Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing!

If a Province has a governing body that has hidden underlying motives (i.e. Vardaraja Perumal led North East Council), they will deny any land rights to none Tamils, and suppress them in a way that it is difficult for them to live or habit the parts they govern. They will drive Police in a way that Police is inactive or act not to uphold the people's constitutional rights, but only the political agenda of the people attached to the governing body. If LTTE raised its ugly heads in the shadows, Police which is under the shadowy figures of the governing body will not do anything and conceal the acts until it is too late.

Those are simple examples of how 13 Amendment can be abused under the very nose of Central Government.

We can remember how the Tamilnadu Police acted under Karunanidhi on LTTE matters. Do we want that?

This will be the same with the other areas too i.e. education, healthcare, land, job opportunities, industry promotion etc.. etc.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Robert D. Kaplan - a BIG time "Economic Hitman" has talked about Sri Lanka here,


How misleading!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I have been following Dr. Dayan J., for over 20 years.

He is very gifted! No two words about it.

The conclusion - he is can bat in any turf in any condition, according to the agenda given to him. Do not count on HIM to come with an INDEPENDENT OPINION!

He will ONLY bat according to what he is given up on! Nothing more nothing else. Every time when he tried to form his own opinion, he got stuck his horns in some a&se, he had to retract.

So, count on people like S. L. Gunasekara if you want to. Such people never had two minds!

For that matter, just listening to Neville would enlighten you. We do not need to seek guidance from big names!

Unknown said...


I am small fry compared to a stalwart and intellectual ike Dayan Jayatilake. But I cannot let him get away with the following comments.

[The why of it is that 70 million Indian.]

So we are supposed to sacrifice the independence of our motherland out of fear for these Indians.

[Look at the intervention or counter-intervention of Russia on behalf of the South Ossetians in the face of a Georgian military offensive. (The Indian conduct of 1987 was a perfect precursor of this). ]

Again more fear tactics. I am reminded of the Goni Billa stories I heard from my Mom when she tried to push some unwanted medicine down my throat.

[Sovereignty not only has to be asserted, it has to be defended and defensible. Sri Lanka cannot defend its sovereignty against all comers from all points of the compass, North and South, West and East.]

Having instilled fear in to our hearts DJ now tries to eliminate the last vestige of patriotic resistance. Again reminds me of my Mom. Having failed to achieve her objectives through Goni Billas she tells me “I am going to push the castor oil down your throat. You cannot stop me doing that”.

[Attempt at erasure of the 13th amendment will only lead to greater concessions because we are dealing with a globalized world and the Obama factor as well. ]

Obama factor? So DJ wants us to fear the almighty Obama, eh? My Mom says “Yama Rajjuruwo will punish you if you don’t...” Yama is certainly more terrible than a run of the mill Goni Billa.

So if Bush was in power things would have been hunky dory, eh DJ? Unfortunately for us Obama vanquished him.

[In short, it is better not to re-open the issue of the 13th amendment because we could find that the point of equilibrium stops above and beyond it. ]

Equilibrium point? Now I am on grounds that I understand better than DJ. So what DJ says is that the equilibrium point will shift to another. You know what will happen if we do as you say DJ? There will never be a Equilibrium point. It is called unstable equilibrium or total chaos. So you decide which is better.

[There are minority grievances and there are minority aspirations.]

The key words ‘grievances’ & ‘aspirations’ are here.
[The latter are neither imaginary nor unwarranted. Every civic group needs political and cultural space. ]

Ok. Now I got a neat answer why Eelam is desirable. To have space. That is why they don’t want others in NP. To have space. Pure and unpolluted Tamil space.

[Tamil grievances remain from 1951, Senator Nadesan voiced his dissent over the National Flag. ]

That your prime grievance DJ? A flag?

[I cannot think of any state in the world, and I work among 193, that does not hold that Sri Lanka’s Tamils deserve and require equal rights in practice, as well as some autonomous political space]

Yaeah, Yeah, we know all about your great work. You know 193 countries but you do'y know our Bandas, Silindus, Jamis's, Velus and Nanas.

So the IC is demanding the space for Tamils? That is rich. IC are asking for it and we are supposed to pack our bags and leave so they can have their space.

[If someone could name a single Tamil political party or leading personality who is willing to settle for anything short of the 13th amendment, I would be pleasantly surprised.]

Having worked with 193 countries DJ has also acquired the art of reading others minds.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


It looks like after a great achievement of defeating the LTTE, we are going to sell ourselves to pennies for nothing!

What a shame Sri Lanka.. What a shame!

We need all the patriotic forces of Sri Lanka to rally against this 13th Amendment for the sake of all the peoples of Sri Lanka and for its future!

What wrong has got up on to President?????

Just because Robert Blake and Indian Government pushes it, do we want to give in?

Where is democracy? Where is the respect to the 'will of people' of the land????

Are we bowing because it is a condition to give IMF loan?

Unknown said...


Dear Patriots,

Dayan Jayatilake's article was the final nail in th coffin of the 13th Amendment as far as I am concerned. The reasons he gives are so pathetic and silly that they are an insult to the intelligence of the people whom he is trying to convince.

Just a few points more about it.

1) None of the reasons are concerning the people who live in Sri Lanka, except for the very dubious 'need for space' argument. I may be wrong here, but this is the first time such an argument is being put forward for a problem of this nature. Perhaps he is thinking of reservations like those for the Native Americans?

2) All reasons are attributable to other countries like India and Western countries.

3) The Obama factor! He really wants the US to decide for us doesn't he? Why not the Hilary factor, which seems to be available for a price?

And why didn't he insist on the Obama factor when the war was going on?

To kell with Obama I say and to hell with Hilary. We are talking about the survival of our Motherland.

4) No genuine grievances even from him except for the flag? If the flag is the problem why is it necessary for the 13th. It doesn't mention the flag as far as I know.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Dayan J., is bullsh*ting to the core, just pushing someone's agenda?

Is it President's? That's my worry is!

The reasons that he has given do not worth the paper it has printed them on. What a pathetic string of excuses for something which has gigantic implications?

Whom are we going to fool here - 20million people who think that President would do the best for them?

If this is how President thinks about Sri Lanka, may GOD BLESS BLESS HER!

Obama or Hilary has no clue whatsoever about Sri Lanka. India thinks that she has sinned and the best way to wash her sins is to push 13th Amendment.

Just because Dayan's tongue can turn to justify anything that he was given to justify, we should not be buying the bullcr*p.

All the patriots should get together and pressure the government to listen to the 'will of the people of the land' than giving into external pressures.

We must unite under one voice! It is to ask President let the people decide!

mithra said...

Indian policy seems to be to create as many states as possible and give them separate identities . The centre is so powerful with its army that no separatism will succeed. Also, the Brahmins are a formidable solidifying force of the Indian Union.

All separatist movements in India are managed blood lettings. Ultimately, after long years of suffering, the separatist see that there is no alternative than the Union. Ex. Punjab/Huriyana & AkaliDal, Tamil Nadu.

But the situation in SL is totally differnt, there are no binding Brahmins. Also there is the factor of 60 million neighbouring Tamils and 1 million diaspora in the West. TN separatist frustations with the Indian Union will be vented towards little SL.

SL, must find its own solution. Any solution which accepts a separate Tamil Nation and Tamil Homelands in NE will lead to a little euphoria followed by continuous catastrophes.

IMHO, the Sri Lankaisation of all communities under a single flag is the most prudent solution. While we discuss 13A as a means of mutual understanding among communities – not the content of 13A -, the integration should be in full gear. Full integration can be achieved in one generation, not more than 25 years.

Hope Indians are wise enough to not to retry the use Tamils in its pressure tactics on already friendly Sri Lanka.

Thanks to the Great Ashoka, real Lankans will always be sensitive to India’s reasonable interests, not to those who want to be white Sahibs.

hemantha said...

" the forces of the evil-axis have raised their ugly heads robustly demanding the government to grant what they call political concessions, end discrimination, cease maltreatment, grant self-rule etc, etc., They claim that if prompt and meaningful actions were not taken to solve these disparities and denial of rights even the deities would not be able to prevent sprouting hundreds of Prabhakarans with more vigour and ferocity."

click here.

Unknown said...

[ NOLTTE=Peace said...

We must unite under one voice! It is to ask President let the people decide!]

Agree 100%. We have to do something soon.

According to

"http://www.toplankanews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=90&Itemid=8" pointed out by Sri Lankan, his mother is a Tamil. Is this true?

Anyway his article shows that:

1) He is barking for a price. Who is paying we don't know.

2) He doesn't have the guts to tell MR what to do. So he is just saying things that MR wants him to say.

3) If it is a plan to arouse emotions and then scuttle the whole project on that excuse it is OK. But how can we be sure? Above all, can we take the risk that it is so?

The boys of the Armed Forces have done their job. Now it is up to every other patriot to take the public opinion battle forward.

Unknown said...


Dear fellow bloggers,

We have all had a harrowing time discussing the notorious 13th amendment and its possible effects.

Now it is time to have a little fun.


Just spend 5 mins of your time and see this and I assure you that you will not be sorry.

It also may give an indication of how to do things transparently and still manage to hoodwink the onlookers.

I hope MR will pull a stunt like this on the IC.

No_MESS said...

We do not advise against travel to the following areas in the east: Trincomalee Town, including the A6 road corridor to Trincomalee; Block One of Yala National Park; areas of Ampara District south of the A4 road including Arugam Bay; areas of Ampara District, west of the A25 and A27 roads.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office,
Travel advice – SRI Lanka 03 July 2009

Followed by Tamilnut.de
Britain maintains warning against travel to Sri Lanka’s North and East

Monkeys have taken over the FCO…..

Suren said...

I predicted during the war times that MR would come under tremendous pressure from IC & especially India once he wins the war and the only way to STRENGTHEN his hand is to elect him & his party at the elections but NOT with a resounding victory;as soon as he gets two third majority he cannot wiggle out of outside pressures;patriots should elect JHU & JVP in significant numbers which I think MR would secretly love to have.You are right that DJ is now seems to be on a mission writing almost daily campaigning for 13th.We need Wimal ,JVP & JHU in significant numbers though some may not agree with their other issues.
As Moshe Dyan said quite rightly the only way to prevent future terrorism is to settle all ethnic groups in the NE together to live peacefully;if this can be acheived in the rest of the country leaving the NE only for tamil settlements under pressure,beats the very purpose of this so called national reconciliation and the problem will linger on.Asking over 70% majority to learn Tamil is just another non practical blunder and is an eye washing move.If a small minority refuses to learn overwhelming majority's language there will never be a national bond & link.Tamils have to be honest and open before we plunge into over the moon benevolence.

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Following is a comment made By Dayan Jayathilake

"One of the silliest arguments against the implementation of the 13th amendment is that it is a stepping stone to or somehow related to the Tamil separatist cause. If that were the case, Prabhakaran would have accepted it, not rejected it and gone to war against the Indian Peace-keeping Force, damaging his relations with India and culminating in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, an atrocious crime for which he paid this May."

This is an extremely silly comment made by him. He argues that since Prabhakaran rejected the 13 A there should be no evil in it. Let's apply his logic to some other situations.

1. During the cease fire period Balsingham and Karuna agreed for a federal solution during the talks in Brussels. But later Prabhakaran angrily rejected it. So, according to Dayan's logic the 'federal solution' should be all hunkey-dory with no evil. (then why stop at 13 A. Let's give federal.)

2. During the 1995 peace talks stupid Chandrika offered the whole Northern Province to Prabhakaran on a platter for ten years, without any elections. Prabhakaran rejected it by exploding two ships docked in Trinco. So, according to Dayan's logic, giving ownership of part of the country to a terrorist organization for 10 years is ok. There is no evil in it since Prabhakaran rejected it.

3. During the 2005 presidential elections Prabhakaran rejected Ranil W by blocking Tamil people from voting in the north and east. According to Dayan’s logic Ranil W must be an angel and his boss MR must be a complete evil.

kevin said...

That travel ban will be removed.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Great observations on Dayan J's comment!

tata said...

So, as you guys said earlier, there must be some force behind DJ. Who/what is it? Or is this his own garbage?

Is MR behind DJ? or DJ behind MR?

Ananda-USA said...


I echo NoLTTE=Peace's kudos on your refutation of DJ's arguments.

Even able people sound foolish when supporting flawed untenable positions.

Good work!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Will focus on a small aspect of the 13th Amendment - Police will operate under the Chief Minister of the Provincial Councils.

Now, we do not have that system officially. However, we have to send Special Teams of Walana Anti Narcotic unit to apprehend culprits in many districts? Why? The local police in those stations are not apprehending the culprits on advice of the local politicians.

Now, think about the situation when it become official. You can not even send a team from Walana or any other central unit to apprehend the culprits.

With the current system even we can not police one system not to be corrupt. How are we going to make sure that 9 such systems to work like clock-work?

[above is a simple example]

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


[ tata said...
Is MR behind DJ? or DJ behind MR?

Just like a Disk Jockey, DJ is just a hired mouth. He is very smart and a good speaker and a writer. There is no way that DJ is behind MR while the other way is possible.

I thinks he is just the Goebells of MR.

In any case DJ seems to be someone without any principles.

The beauty of the whole thing is that DJ's articles expose the bankruptcy of the 13th Amendment as clear as daylight.

If DJ cannot give a single good justification for it the darned thing is dead.

There was a move to remove him from the Geneva position. Now with hindsight there could have been pretty good justification for that.

It was MR who checkmated that move. Goes to show the bond between the two. Anyway we needed his mouth at that time.

Unknown said...


It is quite clear that we have very good minds in this blog. One of the things we could do is to analyze every bit of the 13th Am and comments made about it just the way Hemantha has done. (Great work Hemantha.)

This will acheive the following:

1) Convince us of the evil nature of the 13th. Though we already suspect it, there may be some degree of doubt too that we may be wrong. At least I have. It is good too keep in mind the possibility that you may be wrong as in Sceince.

2) Our analyses will convince others.

3) It may lead to some sort of concrete action.

Moshe Dyan said...

it is a pathtic scene that apart from just 8+ MPs, there are no MPs with a backbone and patriotism.

all others are only interested in arse kissing MR or VP/KP.

JHU + NFF should give a deadline to put into action their threat.

we ALL knew this coming. only problem is we couldn't mobilise any support from powerful sections.

for a start the initiative should come from politicians.

meanwhile patriots should write to websites (come to think of it only a VERY FEW REAL patriotic websites exist) denouncing the 13.

SL diaspora groups like SLUNA, etc. should take the lead. we should also write to MoD, nevermind they publish or not.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with you on 1 & 2.

disagree with # 3.

DJ seems to have strong arselicking ambitions. he NEVER cite REASONS apart from name calling!!

Unknown said...


(Summarized Excerpt from Hi! Diaries)

Why is it that in Sri Lanka, we Sri Lankans wake up in the morning to find that suddenly we are a party to an Indo- Sri Lanka Accord, or a C-EF-A, and various other life-changing, country-altering deals that we, the People of Sri Lanka were totally unaware of!

I must confess that I am totally confused as to what the 13th Amendment is...And all my research into finding out what the 13th Amendment means points out just one crucial point -



[Here the author refers to Neville Laduwahetty's article]

In huge countries like India, power can be shared on this reasoning. Tamil Nadu We have 70 Million Tamils living in Tamil Nadu! We have over 3 million Tamils living all over.

What works for a huge country with a population in billions may not work for our tiny country. always been a pluralistic society - ....

More than half the Tamil and Muslim population live outside the North and the East, most in the Western Province. The way things are, maybe, we will have to end up power sharing right here in the Capital!

The Indo-Sri Lanka Accord took place back in 1987. Now, it is 2009. The ground realities are very different now. ....

Maybe we should ask the people who live in the North of Sri Lanka, who lived under terror, who sacrificed their children, whether they want the full, plus, minus or any implementation of the 13th Amendment at all!

Moshe Dyan said...


13 amendment is published in lankapatriots.


it is ABSURD to talk about the 13 without the provincial council act. that is also published.

will publish 6 amendment and PTA in future.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

UPFA as a minority gov. or less than 2/3 majority requiring JVP/JHU support....
Sounds like a good plan. Just the way the Grand Chess Master would script it.
That would be a win-win for mother Lanka. Why change a good script.

BTW, Sajith waits in the wings. Too early for him yet. Be patient with MR; we haven't seen the whole act unfold yet.

I have always thought that LTTE would be the easy part. Corruption would be much harder to fight. This includes corrupt politicians (not excluding the Tamil ones).

MR or others must come around to realising that the billions of expatriate funding will come when the safety of Sl is assured with appropriate political process is in place to protect individual rights.

Unknown said...


I have always had doubts that the Indian version of Ramayana was not the true version and had been distorted to suit the strategic and political interests of that country. After extensive research, I managed to work out the true version, which is given below in summarized form.

Well, you know how it started. Rama and Sita are a nice couple but despite outside appearances Sita was not sexually satisfied with Rama. Thus she started to flirt with Ravana, a visiting royalty from Sri Lanka. Things ended up with Sita eloping with Ravana to Sri Lanka. To maintain his reputation, Rama had to do something and he invaded Sri Lanka with his monkey army headed by Hanumakaran the Monkey God.

Now here is the distortion. Despite the thermobaric and nuclear weapons used indiscriminately by Hanumakaran and his army, Ravana could not be defeated for 30 years and in a final epic battle the Monkey army was destroyed completely, together with its leader, Hanumakaran. All this time Rama was not doing any fighting and kept well behind the front lines providing logistical support only.

After final victory, Ravana did an unexpected thing. He handed over Sita to Rama and said "Ok now you can have her". He did not even consult Sita about her real wishes before doing so. This surprised his army and the people in general. Here is a sample interview:

Journalist: Why are you doing this after so many sacrificed their lives for the cause?

Ravana: Well, you know, I don't want any trouble from that country in the future.

Journalist: In that case why did you not give her back at the beginning and avoid the death and destruction of war?

Ravana: You see, I wanted to prove a point. They tried to kill me and my kith and kin. I taught them a lesson, didn't I?

Journalist: What about the feelings of Sita?

Ravana: The reality is that she does not belong here. Her big family is there. Anyway women can never be satisfied. Why don't you guys look at the bright side for a change? Look around. Mission accomplished. No monkeys.

Moshe Dyan said...

"The trawlers from the South continue to stay and fish in the Northern seas including Vadamaraadchi North, East and areas from Point Pedro Munai to Valveddiththu’rai, the sources said."

so what the fcuk??

there are no southerners, northerners anymore. its all sri lanka.

if anyone has a problem just commit suicide, bloody sakkili.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet reports that a SLA soldier was killed by LTTE terroists in bati.

IF true..

there may be LTTE remnants. we need white vans PLUS some claering op.s

get all the info from the captured MF BY ALL AVAILABLE MEANS. hunt and kill the rest.

Unknown said...

[ Moshe Dyan said...
"The trawlers from the South continue to stay and fish in the Northern seas including Vadamaraadchi North, East and areas from Point Pedro Munai to Valveddiththu’rai, the sources said."]

They want a little maritime space. Next it would be air space. That is all even before they got their landspace that DJ wants us to give.

Sam Perera said...


"there are no southerners, northerners anymore. its all sri lanka.

if anyone has a problem just commit suicide, bloody sakkili."

That post in Toiletnet is giant leap for those who talked about the neverland Peelam. Instead of their usual garbage of Sinhalese fishermen invading Tamil Peelam, it is about northern and southern fishermen. Of course, still it is about armed forces occupying the peninsula.

Anyway, I will not expect these Tamil racists ever to get out their Peelam myth. Let the Peelam live in Cyberpunks live in their Lala Land as long as they want. Lets decimate all separatists while helping our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters living in North to get on their own feet.

Sam Perera said...


Please visit srilanka stocks blog and watch for economic hitmen like Robert D. Kaplan and Michael Totten for perpetuating terrorist lies.

susantha said...



visit our blog and join our facebook groupp...against power devolution in SL

mithra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mithra said...

DayanJ on Daily Mirror :

The defence dimension of devolution

My comments (may or may not be there) :

Certain ethnic composition at a certain time gave birth to a mono ethnic defacto state in SL which cost the lives of more than 100 000 people. However, the ethnic composition of Sri Lanka is not carved on stone and it is perpetually changing.

As the Brits brought in indentured Tamil labour from Tamil Nadu and changed the ethnic composition of the hill country, the Dutch colonialists changed the ethnic composition of Jaffna by bringing in Tamil Tobacco cultivators from the same Tamil Nadu.

Thus man made change of ethnic distribution is not new to Sri Lanka. In the last 500 years, it was done by the powers which wanted to weaken and exploit SL. Now the time has come to use it to the betterment of Sri Lanka.

The experience has it that the Tamils in large numbers are able to live in perfect harmoney with the Singhalese majority in the down South since 30 years, no riots, no hate mongering . One may say that the South is foolproof against riots now and is an oasis of cosmopolitanism. This Tamil/Singhala/Muslim/Burger intermixing is a major factor for SL’s stability.

Tamils in ethnically cleansed (by LTTE) Jaffna and the North live in isolation except for the military camps. This is a great destabilising factor, bombs may explode again at any moment.

It is clear from the Southern intermixing experience that the same should be repeated in the North with the Govt. Sponsorship since the time press and we can not play with the security. Also, the North is sparsely populated compared to congested 300 persons/Km2 population density in the South. The poor Southerners lack the means to move into the harsh lands in the North. So the Govt. sponsorship is a must.

A large scale migration of other communities towards North should be organised as a matter of highest priority to bring social harmony and peace to Sri Lanka.

hemantha said...

Ananda and Noltte,
Thanks for the compliments. But, this is not fun at all. Two months back, I never thought we will have to counter Dayan so soon. This is an unfortunate situation.

I can understand that you not agreeing with me on 3. But I strongly believe that is being the case. Anyway it is irrelevant now.

hemantha said...

See what Douglas Devananda is asking for now. They always have an unending wish list. Anything given would merely be a first step for them.
click here.

Sam Perera said...

An Interview with a Scum of Sri Lanka

Vajira Abeywardena

Where was Vajira Abeywardena when his party did not take action against gangs who killed innocent civilians in July 1983? Where was this Vajira Abeywardena when JRJ government robbed ballots at Jaffna Pradeshiya Saba elections in 1982. Vajira Abeywardena being a scum of Sri Lanka still is not willing to accepts that his terrorist pal Velu amassed weapons during the CFA. It is the patriotic duty of the people of Sri Lanka to get this Green terrorist lover out of politics. I hope that Sri Lankans will exercise their rights soon to send Vajira Abeywardena to garbage bins of Sri Lanka soon.

hemantha said...

Grievance, fantasy and the prerogatives of changed circumstancesby Malinda Seneviratne

My friend Dayan Jayatilleka, who I believe should be more of the academic that he can be and less of the politician he is, after his excellent work in countering anti-Sri Lanka moves in the international arena, has now focused his entire energy to defending and justifying the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. "

click here.

Jambudipa said...


those were my own thought! :)

no seriously, the 13th must be implemented fully. ethnic integration will happen whether some of the exremist tamils like it or not. it will mostly be humane and non-hostile integration. towns such as trincomalee and mannar will become cosmopolitan. so problem of ethnic enclave does occur.

i dunno why some of these patriotic lions so scared of tamils like this. stench of their fear is spreading. some don't know the difference between unitary and united. but they are scared shitless.

tri-factor of failures with unitary on social, economic and political ground happened under mrs. bandaranayake regime. someone has to pay for those failures. its a reforming of unitary. this is what happens when you elect uneducated village fools for sentimental reasons. hopefully the failures arent repeated.

Ananda-USA said...


Your "new Ramayana" story is apparently incomplete.

I heard from Galkisse' Carolis Banda that Sita was returned to Rama carrying Ravana's quintuplets. That is why we were Umbilical Cord Brothers of our Indian cousins, even before Vijaya's conquest of Lanka!


Jambudipa said...

Following President’s directive:
Four-pronged operation against crime


sri lanka police wakes up on presidential directive then goes back to sleep again.

sri lanka police only ever does anything with political interference. a normal joe can also wake it up for a few rupees.

Ananda-USA said...


Where did you get the draft copy of the 13th Amendment you published at SriLankaPatriots blog?

Its formatting made it unreadable, so I separated out the major sections and made the heading font bold. I hope you don't mind my doing that.

Curious, from what I can see...this draft does not define the powers reserved to the GOSL and to the Province clearly. It mostly talks about finances.

From what I can see, each Province is going to have a VAST Provincial Bureaucracy supported by taxation...the LAST THING our poor people need...lots of beekeepers harassing the worker bees.

At a time when most countries of the world are hurrying to pare bureaucracies and overhead, desparately trying to become leaner and meaner to compete in the global marketplace, we are creating additional layers of government administrations and petty Maharajahs living off the people in this small country of ours, as if it were vast nation spanning multiple time zones!

This is Ridiculous and the EXACT opposite of what we need!

I plan to analyze this document in excruciating detail.

Ananda-USA said...

Visiting the Vavuniya IDP camps: an uplifting experience

By N. Ram
Hindu.com, Colombo
July 04, 2009

The photographs by Thilak Bandara – taken during our visit on July 1, 2009 to some of the Zone 1 IDP camps on the outskirts of Vavuniya town in Sri Lanka’s mainland North – speak for themselves. They are testimony to the Sri Lankan government’s efforts, with international assistance, to care for a brave and resilient Tamil community, which will be resettled and rehabilitated in the next few months through an ambitious programme.

The last phase of Sri Lanka’s low-intensity military conflict saw the elimination of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as a military force. It simultaneously witnessed a poignant human drama in which some 300,000 Tamil civilians were rescued by force of arms from a terrorist organisation that, claiming to fight for their freedom, had no compunction in using them as a human shield.

Most of these internally displaced Sri Lankans are now housed and cared for by the government in transitional relief camps located in five demarcated zones of the 1500-acre Menik Farm on the outskirts of the town of Vavuniya in the mainland North. International concern has been expressed over the present condition and the future of these Tamil civilians, who include a large number of children, women, and senior citizens.

Following a three-hour conversation, including a recorded interview, with President Mahinda Rajapaksa at ‘Temple Trees’ in Colombo, I had, at his suggestion and thanks to the helicopter and other facilities provided by the Defence Ministry, the opportunity of seeing for myself how the Tamil IDPs were being sheltered and cared for in the camps. It was an uplifting experience, which is reflected in some measure in the photographs by Thilak Bandara published on this page. The sight of tens of schoolchildren returning from makeshift schools and of the distribution by the Controller of Examinations and his team of preparatory material for the A-level exams, which will be taken in a month, was special.

What became clear during the visit to Anandakumaraswamy Village in Zone 1, through glimpses of other camps in the vast IDP relief complex, and in conversations in Tamil with some of the displaced people was this. Conditions in these camps are much better than what has been depicted, mostly second-hand, that is, without visiting the camps, in western media reports. Moreover, they are visibly better than conditions in Sri Lankan refugee camps in India, which are still mostly inaccessible to journalists, researchers, and other outsiders. Basic needs, including education for the schoolchildren and vocational training for older boys and girls, are being met by the Sri Lankan government with assistance from the United Nations, a number of countries, including India, and more than 50 INGOs.

Ananda-USA said...

Visiting Vavuniya IDP Camps...continued...

Hearteningly, the best hospital in the Menik Farm IDP relief complex is the one staffed and provisioned by the Indian Medical Team with its eight doctors, four nurses, and overall strength of 60, including senior and junior paramedics. After this highly skilled and dedicated medical team, led by Dr. K. Vasantha Kumar, moved to Settikulam from Pulmodai (in the East) in March, it has treated close to 13,000 Tamil civilians and performed several surgical operations.

In his interview, which will be published in The Hindu on Monday, President Rajapaksa claimed, without exaggeration, that “the condition in the camps is the best any country has.” He admitted some “shortcomings,” chief among them being a lack of “freedom of movement.” But he also emphasised his responsibility for the security of his people and pointed to the need to speed up the work of de-mining in the heavily mined Wanni, which needed to be certified by the U.N. He reiterated his personal commitment to resettle all the Tamil civilians speedily.

The Sri Lankan government is now confident that the President’s 180-day resettlement plan can be implemented. This confidence would have been boosted by the unexpected success of the first meeting of the All Parties Committee for Development and Reconciliation, in which all parties, including the Tamil National Alliance, promised cooperation and support to the project of reconciliation and development in the North.

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