Monday, February 8, 2010

Fonseka Arrested

Gen Fonseka was arrested a short while ago by a contingent of Army officers on charges of conspiring to kill President Rajapakse.


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දේශපාලුවා said...

Blogger Parrots of Pakisland said...

දේශපාලුවා, you are a good teacher.
hik hik

Remember parabhava sutta?

According to that, the friend who praises you often is actually a curse then the guy who speak against. The parrots can be hurting you in the long run since they agree for the sake of .....

So, be careful with fellow 'patriots'
-----------------------------------අනේ පලයo යන්ඩ උo ගෙ ඇති වැරැද්දක නැහැ, උඹ SL defence forum එකට යන්නෙ වැදගත්discussion එකකට නෙමෙයිනෙ, උන්ට මඩ ගහන්නයි, අවලාද කරන්නයිනෙ, උඹේ නමෙන්ම පේනවා ඒක, එහෙව් එකේ උo උඹට ගහලා එලවන එක අහන්න දෙයක්ද. ඒවුනාට, උඹ එතනිනුත කාලා, මගෙනුත් අම්බානට ගුටිකෑවට පස්සේ ටිකක් හැදිලා තියෙන බව පේනවා


What comes down to is:

You view arrest of SF as beneficial to SL.

- short sighted.

I view arrest of SF as harming SL.

- long term

You base your view since we have dirty laundry and you fear exposing them.


Wrong again, you still have not read my blog patiently.

I don not beleive we have dirty laundary, where do I say that in my blog?

I base my view on other evidence some of which I discuss in my blog. The west are angry that MR didnt listen to them and crushed LTTE, they are looking for an excuse to take their revange.

They will use any falsified crap to attack MR regime. This is evident by how they used

1)An annonymouse channel4 vedio to pressure MR regiem, there was no reliable evidence on when it was produced, how it was produced, where, or even who shot the vedio, a complete unknown. They hyped up that kind of unreliable evidence to attack us.
2)Then even before there was this channel 4 vedio, the UNHRC wanted an investigation. There was a vote and the vote was divided on civilication lines, all the western countires voted for an investigation while all the non western countries, voted against, again prooving west is looking for revange but not justice.
3)The other evidence of west falsely accusing us, is Hillary Clintons talk at the UN, where she innitially accused SL for using rape as a wepon, with no iota of evidence, and then seeing she had no evidence she retracted the story.

These and otherevidence show that west is looking to punish us for not listning to them, if they can hype up this kind of annonymose , unverified, incogitable information, its clear they would jump to what would come out of SF's mouth even if it is false.

In they assured they would do it by asking for explanations for "Gota ordered- Sunday leader story even after SF himself retracted it.

This is why arresting SF and nullifying is fale claims are good in the long term.


I don't fear exposing them. I'd say, let the truth comes out. Then few leaders will suffer, not all the soldiers or majority of people.

Then we fix issues that we are accused of, SL will becomes a darling nation.

That is how we benefit by letting SF speak.

See the difference. I am free spirited. You are possessive and controlling.


The difference is you dont base your ideas on evidence or what happened in the past, you have faith on the west like a creationism believer.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Then we fix issues that we are accused of, SL will becomes a darling nation.
Joke of the century, We had Ranil W, who bend over backwards for the west, he signed argeements with LTTE with Norway and other western agents beside him, he did everythig according to Norway instructions, he visited US several times in his short regim and met bush (in fact even Bush said that they are meeting more often than RW and Chandrika met).

After doing all what west has asked for, they didnt lift a finger against LTTE to help Ranil W, when LTTE was vilolating the ceasfire agreemnet and causing mayhem.

Give me an iota of evidence to show west trying to force LTTE to respect the ceasefire agreemnet and bring lasting peace through negotiations. All they did was just isseu statemnets that are of no value.

In fact this ineffectiveness of the ceasfire agreemnet caused the downfall of the RW regim. If western counteried wouldnt do anything to help their darling RW, they wouldnt even wink to help MR.

If you think when we prosecute our war heroes , we will be clear of all sin, you are living in utopia. They will not stop their, that will allow them to interfere more and more in our countries internal problems, and we will spiral into chaos.

That is how they have behaved in the past the evidence is overwhelming.

You just remind me of God father movie, in a scene there, Michael Corleone tells Kay Adams (his girlfried), his father is like any other poweful man like a senator, Kay says that is Naive as senators do not kill people.

Michale replies

Now who's being Naive

SL will becomes a darling nation.

Moshe Dyan said...

former UN "SPOKESMAN" is trying to assume a bigger role in retirement!!


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I am compelled to contribute to the unwanted debate of why a certain person [celebrity, does he thinks so?] is barred in a certain blog out of this space. Sadly it is eating space here, and I want to make just one comment of clarification. Pardon me for the unwanted diversion.


Usually in banquet times we tie Cacofonix the bard, whom, if allowed, sings absolutely horrendous tunes of complete cacophony.

Cacophony of logics, horrendously filthy and full of personal attack.

It is the same reason of those little Gaulish villagers that we are compelled to do it - distraction.

Further into his incest being:

We as a group represent different opinions. even the publishers of that blog do not share same opinion, if you follow our ideas on SF arrest you'd know. It needs not to be so.

But for heaven's sake we gotta discuss matters seriously, and be honest with our idea. It shud not divert in the middle to throw a bit of filth at another blogger whom disagreed with you for something about an year ago.

And it SHUD NOT read "I hate SL, I hate SL" between every two lines. Well, it can, but we won't just wait at that.

So we unanimously tied the incest bard. That suggestion came first from some non-author brothers. Before that no discussion was possible as inbetween important comments of others there would be 100 hate comments targeting various things starting from bloggers, SL, govt, culture, Dhamma, traditions etc etc.

If you wanna see his irritation he created see what he's doing here, and how little relevant his comments are to subject.

I read his mind and I know which clan he belongs to. We have ppl who make films [which get banned] on mother having sex with son in SL. Same group cries for tamil wounds and Sinhala guns. Or liberation and revolution. And they work hard on Trotsky's footsteps and plan for the global revolution in zillion years. [Further info on them - pls read this article]

I'm sure this lunatic sits well with the clan.

For some strange reason their first god, Leon Trotsky had his forhead axed... And I wouldn't talk about the second [Sun] God...


I pity DW reader base. How important is it for someone who reads about SF arrest and latest comments to know that certain [celebrity :)] blogger is blocked in some outside blog. Sadly we share the world with some proven lunatics.

Swarnajith Udana said...

I have a suggestion for Somawansa.

Write to Norway.

Better write Eric Solehim.

They will rescue you.

Guranteed, at least they will try. They did for VP.

Whoever promises to walk on the neck of our Nation will be protected by them. Try!

Analyst said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swarnajith Udana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Analyst said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swarnajith Udana said...

Mr. Hinawela don’t come here to paint a picture of saint for yourself. We know who you are from your writings as well as usual arse lickings!

This is a Golden statement for-

it describes the describer rather than what it has attempted to describe.

What an irony!

Analyst said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swarnajith Udana said...

Analyst or whoever I do not need or want your acceptance or anybody's acceptance.

I need only my acceptance. And I have it. If you have your acceptance then that is great but it does not show.

No further communication will be fothcoming on this matter.

Analyst said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swarnajith Udana said...


Jay said...

Gordon Weiss Interview

Jay said...

War crimes probe call reiterated

UN expresses hope that President Rajapaksa will respect his pledges
The United Nations have once again called for an independent international investigation over alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.
Navi Pillai, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has told a gathering in Dublin, Ireland that her office is in a clear understanding that national investigations "have not worked so far".

Speaking in Dublin, Ireland, she added that UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon is "seriously committed to getting President Rajapaksa to comply with the undertaking he gave to the Secretary General."

The High Commissioner confirmed that she recently met Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in Geneva.

HR minister

"It seems that everybody was waiting for the election to be over, and so that is what I reminded him," she said.

UN says the minister should work on probing all rights violations

"The position that Sri Lanka has the unique office of a ministry for HR I thought places a particular responsibility on the minister of HR should talk to his own government not only on post conflict rights violations but post election rights violations."

Expressing "disappointment" that the issue of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka was not properly addressed at the UN HRC, she said it is an important vehicle on which states can take measures on rights violations of another country.

Denying war crimes allegations, the Sri Lanka government says it will not allow any international investigations.

In an interview with the BBC, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said he would nto allow any such investigation as “there is no reason.”

But the former military chief Gen Sarath Fonseka has said he will testify at an international hearing.

Jay said...

Buddhist prelates appeal for release of Fonseka

The island’s historic chronicles have records of the Maha Sangha of that time stepping in to resolve conflicts among the rulers and others, state a media release by the Buddhist prelates of the Malwatu, Asgiri Chapters and the Amarapura and Rammanna Nikayas.

Writing to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the venerable prelates, pointing out the conflict of interests between King Dutugemunu and his brother Prince Saddhatissa, further state:

As recorded in our chronicles, during the conflict between King Dutugemunu (151 – 137 BC) who unified the island and his brother Prince Tissa, it was the clergy from the Dematamal Viharaya along the Okkampitiya-Maligawila road in the southern province who volunteered and defused the tension between the two brothers and saved the life of Prince Tissa.

Likewise, when our nation, race and religion were faced with crises and destruction, it was Venerable Welivita Asarana Sarana Saranankara Thera, Ven. Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thera, Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera among others who rendered a great service to the nation.

Following the examples set in the past, the present generation too has requested our intervention to settle certain conflicts that have arisen in today’s context as well. This can be understood by the number of written requests and the verbal appeals of those who visit us.

Hence, following the age old traditions, we make this request from you (President Mahinda Rajapaksa).

“Nahi verena verani, Samantheeda kudachanan. Averena cha sammanthi, esa dhammo sananthano.”

“Hatred never ever begets hatred in this world. Love alone begets hatred. It has been a principle in existence from time immemorial, the Buddha has taught.”

According to the Buddha’s preaching quoted above, the conflict and misunderstandings between General Sarath Fonseka who played a major role in the defeat of terrorism from our motherland and Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and you (President Rajapaksa), we feel is becoming an obstacle to the forward march of our nation.

We wish to bring to your notice that we do not condone the arrest of General Fonseka and those who were working for him during the run-up to the presidential election on the basis of several utterances made on political stages and other actions.

We urge you (the President) to release and also provide the necessary security to the persons including General Sarath Fonseka, who laid their lives on line for the protection of the motherland in similar way that the government does to Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan (Karuna) and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan (Pilleyan) who are being provided all facilities and security after being taken into the government side. They have been responsible for the massacre of our bhikkus, maiming and killing of military personnel and civilians and the attacks on the Sri Dalada Maligawa and the Sri Maha Bodhiya.

We inform you to show the same or more leniency to General Fonseka and the others who worked for him and release them soon and also to provide them with their required security.

The statement is signed by Prelate of the Malwatu Maha Viharaya Most Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera, Prelate of the Asgiri Maha Viharaya Most Ven. Udugama Sri Rathanapala Buddharakkitha Thera, Prelate of the Amarapura Nikaya Most Ven. Dawuldena Gnanissara Thera and Prelate of theRammanna Nikaya Most Ven. Weweldeniye Medhalankara Thera.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Sujeewa Kokawala from PakisBlog said...

[ I am compelled to contribute to the unwanted debate of why a certain person [celebrity, does he thinks so?] is barred in a certain blog out of this space. Sadly it is eating space here, and I want to make just one comment of clarification. Pardon me for the unwanted diversion.]

If you are talking about barring me from your PakisBlog, that is fine. My opinion is very different from yours and you feel that I talk nonsense. But there are other pakisos who talks even worst nonsense and you never bar them.

It is like this: You folks arrested SF not because he is corrupt or did something wrong, simply you did not like his guts. The explanation to arrests were just faked justifications.
If you don't like someone, you never give that person the daylight. That is our culture: Bar None.

There are other folks in your camp write more crap than me on your pakis blog, they are hailed.

That is where your hypocrisy comes in. When you do that, I cranked up my volume and now that you have become a laughing block that no one wants to go there and publish anything.

I will nullify any of your views elsewhere on the web. In fact I was able to ban few of your posts already.

We got people, we got the bandwidth. Web is not for fools who worship warlords and Talibans.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Can anyone answer,

Why Pakisland needs to double the army to defend herself?

Why Pakisland needs arms worth $300 Million to defend when Pakis leaders says LTTE has practically wiped out?

Why the Pakis general is in prison while other criminals and thugs are roaming free?

HiCorp, sorry for hurting your feelings. Too bad you got zero commission out of the $300 Million deal with Russia. I am sure another Pakis general will make another defense company to milk Sri Lankans out of their money.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Iranian government has learned a thing or two from Pakis Politics.

1) Arrest opposition candidates before the election.

2) No equal democratic rights for opposition.

3) Disperse their rallies using violence.

People in PakisBlog believes we have a democracy.

Hik hik

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Sujeewa Kokawela says

**** I pity DW reader base. ***

We pity DB reader base as well, specially those who want read Verbose of Ananda-USA and his twin brothers like Asithri/Sam.

If anyone wants to have a useful discussion, go to the forum run by expatriate academics of Sri Lanka.

Anyone who support Sri Lankan government or opposition passionately is an ignorant fool or doing it for personal gain.

Expatriates in USA have started joining that bandwagon for perks for their ego than serving a nation.

If Sri Lanka is a free hooker, word 'patriot' is the condom.

Jay said...

In Nov 2009 i attended the Sri Lankan Expatriates Forum held at the Presidential Secretariat and GFH.
MR & Bogolls effort to rope in significant section of the so called affluent Sri Lankan diaspora miserably failed and the Sri Lankan foreign missions had to go out of the way to scramble a group of Sri Lankans (including henchman to inflate the numbers) to attend the highly publicised development meeting held on 14/15 Nov in Colombo.

I have to admit it was a fruitful networking session held at GFH in between being accosted by many “planted” BR henchman promising me easy access to the Powers that be (sic) that could be beneficial to all sides.

One of the themes that was high on the agenda of various henchmen was to recruit expat Lankans to promote MR, lobby,counter any Rajapakse negatives including setting up Patriot (sic) blogs and be vociferous in their host countries and western media.

I wonder if a certain Gentleman has taken this task too litereally?

Jay said...

New head of TRC cracking down on social sites:

UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekara alleged yesterday that the new director general at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Palpita had been appointed to that post to crackdown on the news and other social websites.

“Palpita has been sent to the TRC mainly to monitor and hunt down news websites. They have blocked and banned certain news and local blog sites from time to time. They are trying to make news websites in the country operate according to an internet protocol address provided by the TRC,” Jayasekara said. According to him the TRC is trying to crackdown on social media sites that disseminate information that doesn’t appear in the manipulated mainstream state media and the self censored private media.

They are closing down and sealing media organizations and now the government has gone to the extent of depriving the public of their opinion, Jayasekara said. These social sites witness free opinions on heated and controversial topics, he said. “Social websites are no longer entirely free and are beginning to show signs of government interference ever since a few people were arrested for taking a stance on Facebook,” he added.

Social sites for status updates, social networking and blogs have come under the radar since they are a vital tool for reaching out to the people in Sri Lanka where the media is under threat, Jayasekara said. These sites are essential since the local channels are forced to wipe out or play down stories such as the time when General Sarath Fonseka was arrested and CNN and BBC reported it faster than our local channels, he said.

Meanwhile Anusha Palpita said that the TRC has no plans to regulate social sites. “We are not on a crusade to crack down on social sites and we certainly have not set up a special team to block news sites,” Palpita stressed.

Is Sri Lanka Guardian still blocked in SL?

Tamil Savior said...

Ado “Analyst” para wesabala,

Pala huttho, pala gihin gahapan umbey paiya umbey ammagey pukey.

This “Analyst” is an undercover LTTE agent and he must be addressed as such.


Nobody loves a TERRORIST today silly!

Tamil Savior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parrots of Pakisland said...


[Is Sri Lanka Guardian still blocked in SL?]

That is what Ananda-USAsshole doing here.
Chop anyone speak against the government.

He is the paid government agent collecting anti government intelligence on blogs.

Tamil Savior said...


LTTE baadu, ennoda poola oombuda… sathia moorthy naay poola umbu…

This Jay is also another LTTE hardcore whoredog.

He pretends to be a moderate here but his goal is to act as a cancer from within and convert Patriots here against MR GoSL and then bring in the LTTE sympathetic RW=TNA=LTTE=ManoG=SF clan into power so that finally he can get his eelam on a platter.

Do not be misled by his posts Bloggers.

Tamil Savior said...

Parrot Pako


Looks like you finally identified yourself.

I hear you are the biggest Asshole in NZ.

Howz the sex with your married daughters these days?

I have seen the younger one posting in Defence Forum and boy, I must say I love her arse in the pic she has on her handle there!
Looks like daddy has "well-peddled" it to me.


Tamil Savior said...

Pro-LTTE Rana's younger daughter Anushka loves to suck dicks of horses in New Zealand. Like daddy gets nourishment from supporting LTTE terrorism, she gets nourishment from that.

Sam Perera said...

Pissu Rana aka Kuruppuge D. Somatilake

You need to medicate yourself ASAP. BTW, you used ID 4799865272381888262 (Analyst) under the handle "Peace@Last" also. Pretty soon,Google will run out of user IDs to meet your needs.

Tamil Savior said...


LTTE Parrot Pako aka Rana, where are you?

Ran in fear as usual with your puny dick up your own arse?

Come out pro-LTTE para-wesa-balli, come out and let me chop off your rotting donga.


Tamil Savior said...

"Kuruppuge D. Somatilake" will not go beyond the Immigration desk at KIA.

Most hardcore LTTE whores don't make it beyond that point now I am told.


Tamil Savior said...

SC had one other request of the GOSL.

That is on urgent request from SF, GOSL was to ensure that never mind where she went during the day, Anoma was to go and sleep at Mangala's house at night.

This request was not given publicity. I wonder why?

Tamil Savior said...

CID probes Danuna's accounts

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) today probed bank account details and safety deposit boxes maintained by Danuna Tilakaratne, the son-in-law of Sarath Fonseka being maintained at a private bank in Colombo, CID sources said. Danuna Tilakaratne had allegedly earned money through commissions from weapons procurements he made for the Sri Lankan military. It is reported that the CID had probed the account and the safe for more than three hours

Hehehe...and Sarath Fonseka, the pro-thamileelam paraya-dog was shouting CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION at election time!

Silly us, as we thought he was talking about MR GoSL!

දේශපාලුවා said...

දොන් ජුවන් ධර්මපාලගෙන් පසුව ජාතිෙද්‍රdaහීන් කොතෙක්‌ සිටිය ද මෙයට වඩා පාවාදීමක්‌ කළ ජාතිෙද්‍රdaහියකු තවත් දකින්නට නැත.

බටහිර පිනවීමට ජාතියට නියවීම !
මහචාර්ය නලින් ද සිල්වා

Jay said...

DBSJ is on a roll..

Anyone go fly fishing?


Parrots of Pakisland said...

[In Nov 2009 i attended the Sri Lankan Expatriates Forum held at the Presidential Secretariat and GFH.
MR & Bogolls effort to rope in significant section of the so called affluent Sri Lankan diaspora miserably failed and the Sri Lankan foreign missions had to go out of the way to scramble a group of Sri Lankans (including henchman to inflate the numbers) to attend the highly publicised development meeting held on 14/15 Nov in Colombo.

I have to admit it was a fruitful networking session held at GFH in between being accosted by many “planted” BR henchman promising me easy access to the Powers that be (sic) that could be beneficial to all sides.

One of the themes that was high on the agenda of various henchmen was to recruit expat Lankans to promote MR, lobby,counter any Rajapakse negatives including setting up Patriot (sic) blogs and be vociferous in their host countries and western media.

I wonder if a certain Gentleman has taken this task too litereally?]

I did not get to read before my last response. You are hinting Ananda-USAsshole. He too attended one of these events and wrote about on a blog. I have a feeling that this close to retire dude is going after MR for a lavish career.

One of the attendee of that event was a young woman from USA with her family. They are nice people, not affluent at all. There she got to ask questions from MR. So, they go to USA, show the pictures to friends, publish them on facebook, that is about it.

Your observation is very correct on this one.

One day Ananda - USAsshole can become the Ambassador and Sam Peretha will drive his limousine, Asthri will be his personal thug.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

[දොන් ජුවන් ධර්මපාලගෙන් පසුව ජාතිෙද්‍රdaහීන් කොතෙක්‌ සිටිය ද මෙයට වඩා පාවාදීමක්‌ කළ ජාතිෙද්‍රdaහියකු තවත් දකින්නට නැත.

බටහිර පිනවීමට ජාතියට නියවීම !
මහචාර්ය නලින් ද සිල්වා]

Very surprised about his comments. He is kind people like දේශපාලුවා. Never criticize MR regime, always find the justification to protect them and criticize others.

How come no one pause for a moment and think who made SF the most hated man among 'patriots'?

The traitor could never have got the passion to get rid of LTTE.

In face, we all are traitors. Sri Lanka is full of traitors. Traitors with power suppress traitors without power.

The justice for SF is hypocrisy since if the same justice applies to many leaders, they deserve to be locked up somewhere as well.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Let me criticise MR.

He is so bad he destroyed Genuine True SUn God the First.

Now he is obstructing the divine work of Genuine True Sun God the SEcond.

How corrupted is this MR?

priyashantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
priyashantha said...

Pissu Rana aka Kuruppuge D. Somatilake

We can totally ruin this booruwa if we can get hold of the ass. Cominist Pimpiya from Pera Uni. Now we have a name.

This is the same incest sick fellow once in the news.

Kuruppuge Somatilake pawulata kelawiyan.
Kuruppuge Somatilake pawulama ledawiyan.
Kuruppuge Somatilake pawulama makabewiyan.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Priyashantha mercy is like a drop of rain comes from the sky to soothe the hearts in fire.

I do not hate SF but despise him.

I want to see him in jail but I still can feel maithri for him.

If somehow SF gets out then I want to see him destroyed because the welfare of the Naiton is paramount, but still I do not hate him just despise him.

Swarnajith Udana said...

In the above destryed means "politically"

But I rather prefer law will apply to him he never escapes from law.

Bhairav said...

[One day Ananda - USAsshole can become the Ambassador and Sam Peretha will drive his limousine, Asthri will be his personal thug.]

Priyasantha will be Assithiri's pit-bull :)

No wonder why Priyasantha never add values into any conversation here - he has hardly been walked by his handlers.

Bhairav said...


By the way, have you got the rehabilitation for your childhood abuse -some monks sexually assaulted/raped you?

You still sound like a broken record.

Swarnajith Udana said...

By the way, have you got the rehabilitation for your childhood abuse -some monks sexually assaulted/raped you?

You still sound like a broken record.
The spirit of this statement decribes the person who wrote it rather than than whom the statement is attempting to slander.

Mercy on you too!

Swarnajith Udana said...

I know that was not Real Bahirav

Bhairav said...


It's me da real one :)

I would like to say "sorry" for taking cheap-shot on you.


Swarnajith Udana said...

Thanks Bahirav.

Moshe Dyan said...


you won't believe this!!

you will simply not beleive this!!


as you know tamil elam racists around the world launched a boycot SL campaign.

the first to respond were SL spice shops owned by tamil elamists. most tamil shops are owned by tamil elamists as they get a cut of LTTE fundraising which was channeled through them.

BUT they ALWAYS bought SL goods from tamil elamist exporters in SL!!

almost NOTHING from "chingala" companies.

you may have noticed this in their crap shops.

now when the boycot came, they stopped buying.

who suffered????

tamil elam exporters in colombo-11. now the buggers are going cursing to mano gonason!!! lovely.

now most of these dubious tamil elamist SL spice exporters have gone bankrupt!!

but non-tamil elamists shops always stocked sri lankan goods including those from non-tamil elamist exporters in SL.

e.g. MD brand, araliya, etc.

they are doing well.

you should do your bit to ACCELERATE their total downfall.


boycot spice, etc. stuff from dubious colombo-11 exporters sold in your asian spice shop.

this way we can TOTALLY drive them out of business.

Moshe Dyan said...

Sinhalese direct Tamil education in East
[TamilNet, Sunday, 14 February 2010, 02:01 GMT]

this crap toilet report is not true. it says 90% of schools, 90% students, 90% teachers in eastern province are tamil speaking.


according to 2007 population estimate.

s - 22%
t - 41%
m - 38%

mind you this was based on info BEFORE the LTTE wipeout in 2007. also a sizable number of boat ppl, etc. left the country from batticaloa.

plus colonization schemes started in 2009. these changed the above statistics which are actually based on the 1981 census +/- other available info for trinco and batti.

anyway EVEN IF the above numbers are assumed correct, there is a HUGE move in the EAST (and the north too) to learn sinhala. to do business, to pass from checkpoints, to do business with other parts of the country, sinhala is essential. especially muslims are VERY VERY keen to learn.

this is why the govt has to put the sinhala teaching infrastructure in place in the east.

if 75% of muslims in the east start speaking in sinhala, the east becomes a sinhala speaking province. that will SOON happen.

38% * 75% = 28%

22% + 28% = 50%

this happened in colombo too.

e.g. in 1970s 90% of colombo zahira students were studying in tamil medium.

today almost 95% of them study in sinhala medium.

its the same thing spreading to the east.

toiletnet is looking at everything from a racist pov. but their days in the east are truely numbered now.

Moshe Dyan said...

my above explanation is even easier to understand by looking at the PE results in the east.

SL nationalists - 41%
tamil elamists - 59%

this 59% is actualy not fully tamil elamists. SLMC block vote unfortunately went into this shitt.

anyway even with it, the shift required is ONLY 9%.

this is nothing especially now the LTTE is no more.

Robert said...

Your complaints about Rana's mental health should be addressed to Anuahka

Jay said...

The following was posted by me on SLDF and it disappeared without trace.

[Response by Sinna Siththar to
Ananda-Sinha on

You haven't read all my comments; therefore your understanding of what I have been driving at is not only a puzzle for you but an anathema.

I take exception when you use Buddhism to cover your narrow nationalistic and dictatorial tendencies as does your much praised much loved "National Leader". Buddha renounced state power to become a Sadhu. In your case, anything goes as long as the ruler is sustained irrespective of all forms of violations. In my case I continue to object to all forms of killings and human rights violation irrespective of caste, ethnicity, and religious affiliation. Therefore I thing I am not in agreement with you. The most important thing is your blind loyalty and attachment to impermanent. Follow the eightfold path, not the path of your leaders who continue to bring Dukka to themselves by their own aversion to wisdom, ethical conduct and Mental Discipline.

Physical destruction of people and properties which you may consider the path to liberation or unification which are diametrically opposite to eightfold path. Further you may be talking about Dhamma one of triple gems, but most of us who were born in the island have been practicing it every single second of the day except the politicians and their lackeys who lack the knowledge of Dhamma. Therefore please first you make an effort to learn Buddhism in its entirety practice it realise some form of wisdom and teach your leaders who are in permanent Dukka causing death and destruction. A spell in the forest might help you in this endeavour. If you need help I am happy to join you. Preaching Buddhism is for those who believe in Thiri Karna Suththi (purity and harmony of mind, words and action) not who are permanently in Dukka.

You may have heard about Buddhism but please stop pretending being a Buddhist. You need a lot of learning and practice to become a good Buddhist, I can wait until then to discuss Buddhism with you. You have stated your opinion, when will the Buddhist voice their concerns?

People in the island are and have been united in their culture, shared history, economic activities until your leaders put the whole country to chaos with their twisted sense of belonging and narrow nationalism. Time to time there had been class caste compromises which did not take into account of the primary concerns of the people or their well beings.

For you the country is unified, but for the people the island is divided as has been in the past 100 years. The division was engineered by your leaders in various stages of post independence political machination. The division is temporary but the politicians and your leaders forced it on people so that they could enjoy the trappings of state power at any cost.

Respect for “unity in diversity” is the only “middle path” to unite the people, and not your leaders’ past and present ways, which brings only “Dukka” to themselves.

Jayawewa to which Sri Lanka?

Militarist, Terrorist (both Sinhala and Tamil), Facists, Nationalist (both Sinhala and Tamil), Murderers, those who pawned the country to child sex tourists, thugs who are ministers and in parliament, corrupt officials and politicians who made wealth from merchants of death, I am not sure which Sri Lanka you are referring to.

"Buddham saranam kacchami.
Dhammam saranam kacchami.
Sangham saranam kacchami."

Please let me know if you want to learn the meaning of the above chanting. I am only too happy to oblige.]

To coin a favourite song of mine..
Everybody Hurts...

Moshe Dyan said...

a lesson for fonseka????

"An 86 year old man in Ambalangoda today sat for the Buddhist Dhamma school final year exam with students over 60 years younger than him. The retired worker, P. Richard, is himself a Dhamma school teacher but had not sat for his final exam."

Jay said...

Please no tear gas on the 18th.

Moshe Dyan said...

a good read on gonzeka's affair and his hidden god fathers (or dog fathers)

Moshe Dyan said...

dayan jayatileka once again is preoccupied with the happenings in cuba and tries to apply those to gonz case.

he is OBVIOUSLY concerned about what WILL happen to rahul castro the military man SOON.

he sees letting gonz escape is like letting the castros get away when ppl and the law takes charge of cuba pretty soon.

DJ is good in analysing matters WITHOUT any CUBAN resemblence in his mind.

Moshe Dyan said...

well said tamilnet, for once.

never hesitate to congratulate the enemy when he speaks the truth.

"Theological premises of Maha Sangha raise questions
[TamilNet, Sunday, 14 February 2010, 10:24 GMT]
The Sri Lankan government should overlook the alleged crimes committed by General (retd) Sarath Fonseka, as the government has taken in its fold 'criminals' such as Karuna and Pillayan, who 'massacred' Bhikus at Aranthalawa, launched a bomb attack on Dalada Maligawa and killed Sinhalese civilians and military personnel. Hence the government should overlook the alleged offences committed by the Sri Lankan Genreal (retd) Sarath Fonseka, who almost lost his life to 'safeguard the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka' and so it surely can overlook the alleged offences committed by him, said a statement signed by the chief prelates of the four chapters of the Buddhist Maha Sangha. Tamil circles question whether the statment outlines the principles of 'practical theology' of the Maha Sangha in the island.

The government surely can overlook the alleged offences committed by a man who made enormous sacrifices to unite and safeguard the territorial integrity of the country, the statement said.

“We cannot accept the arrest of a brave officer who played a major role in eradicating terrorism, due to petty political differences,” Buddhist prelates have stated in the letter.

The letter signed by Most Ven.Tibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Mahanayaka Thero of Malwatte Chapter, Most Ven. Udugama Sri Rathanapala Buddharakkitha Mahanayaka (chief prelate) Thero of Asgiriya Chapter, Most Ven. Dawuldena Gnanissara Thero, the chief prelate of Amarapura Nikaya and Most Ven. Weweldeniye Medhalankara Thero, the chief prelate of Ramanna Nikaya, was sent to the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

I found the reason for disappearance of our family puppy.

It was Sarath Fonseka.

priyashantha said...

Kuruppuge Somatilake,

Did you guys lose a puppy or a pussy?

Anushka Somatilake's hairy pussy is with me if that helps.

General Sarath Fonseka has a dog named Jefry. It only obeys Sarath bites all three pussies.

priyashantha said...

Bhahistrav (Excreta),

How do you do? Toilet cleaning finished? Plan to visit home in Kilinochi? Poda pundaiyandi.

Ananda-USA said...

My Comment at The Economist

Sinna Siththar,

Actually, the original Pali word is not "kacchami", but "gacchami"! Your way is how Tamil people usually spell and pronounce that word. The literal meaning of the triple

"Buddham saranam gacchami = I seek refuge in the Buddha
Dhammam saranam gacchami = I seek refuge in the Dhamma
Sangham saranam gacchami = I seek refuge in the Sangha"

every Buddhist knows, has studied, and lives to various degrees, according to his wishes.

I am not going to debate Buddhism, or the deeper meaning of the above words here with you, except to say that you should GIVE UP trying to use Buddhism to emasculate and make defenceless the majority Sinhala Buddhist community of Sri Lanka, to prevent them from defending their nation and their people from destruction .. by military means if necessary.

As I have said before, Buddhism, like most other major religions, are ideals that people seek to achieve and are guided by, but in the imperfect world that we live in cannot always comply with if we want to survive. Turning the other cheek also, when confronted with unmitigated evil hellbent on destroying everything one loves cannot be overcome by religion, but by applying counter-force. For example, the Christian Allies who defeated the Nazis and the Japanese in WW-II by using massive counter-force, the like of which the world had never seen before, were fighting for their very survival .. no amount of Christian homilies or Buddhist sermon's would have saved them. Please don't offer me Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence as a counter example; that worked against the British, but would have failed disastrously against murdererous people like the Nazis, Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, or the LTTE.

In Sri Lanka, our leaders allowed various pseudo-bleeding hearts from all over the world having with their own self-serving agendas to divert them away from the hi=ghest duty to their people, and discourage them from SOLVING THE SEPARATIST PROBLEM quickly MILITARILY, as Abraham Lincoln did in the US Civil War. They fiddled with it until 100,000 people died. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapaksa came to the rescue .. and solved it QUICKLY the only way it could be solved, after giving the LTTE a short period to settle it peacefully.

I believe and practice my Buddhist religion under normal conditions, but I am not so impractical to think that under extraordinary conditions I would survive if the forces of law and order which maintain a safe environment for me did not exist. Because I am practical enough to see that, like millions of other practical people, I support a STRONG DEFENSE and the FORCES that maintain LAW & ORDER. Without our support, neither they, nor us, can survive.

Your arguments are typical of the impractical fools who think you can do away with all security forces and rely on religious ideals to save you; they never have and never will. These people continuously preach to those brave souls who make it possible FOR THEM TO SURVIVE, until violence pays them a visit in person, then realism sets in. But, that is like closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen.

You have no idea of why every nation maintains armed forces and police forces, do you? Well, let me give you a hint: ask any of the relatives of people who were bombed to pieces by the LTTE in Sri Lanka .. they will tell you. In fact, ask me! Ask any man in any street in Sri Lanka today whether he feels safer today than last year, and whether he realistically expected to return home from work two years ago.

In fact, your purpose here is not to even to preach Buddhism to all and sundry, but to undermine the reputation of Sri Lanka, and its defensive posture. I HAVE READ your comments; they are uniformly Anti-Sri Lanka. They attempt to disparage and undermine all that is good about our Resplendent Isle.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Keerthi Warnakulasuriya of Divaina stated the following in his Sunday Defence column.

මෙරට ජනතාවට හෙළි නොවූ තොරතුරු රැසක්‌ අද අපි හෙළිදරව් කරන්නෙමු.

වන්නි යුද මෙහෙයුම සමයේ මේ බොම්බඩියර් කණ්‌ඩායමට වන්නියේ ඕනෑම ස්‌ථානයකට පිවිසීමේ හිමිකම ලැබිණි. එවන් හිමිකමක්‌ වෙනත් කිසිම මාධ්‍යයකට ලැබුණේ නැත. වෙඩි නොවදින බොඩි ආමර් කබා සහ ආරක්‍ෂක හිස්‌වැසුම් පැළඳගත් මේ මාධ්‍ය අඳබාල කණ්‌ඩායමට ඕනෑම ස්‌ථානයක ඡායාරූප ගැනීමට ද ඉඩ ලැබිණි. මොවුන් ආරක්‍ෂක හමුදා ක්‍ෂේත්‍රය තුළ තම අණසක කොතරම් බරපතල ලෙස මෙහෙය වූවාද කීවොත් ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ හමුදා නිලධාරීන්ට ද සිදුවූයේ නිහඬ වී පසුගිය වසරේ ජනවාරි මාසයේ හිටපු ජෙනරාල්ගේ නිවසේ පැවැති සුහද හමුවට පැමිණි මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ගේ අනන්‍යතාව පවා විමර්ශනයට ලක්‌ කළේ බොම්බඩියර් කණ්‌ඩායමේ මාධ්‍ය අඳබාලයෙකි. එA වන විට වන්නි මෙහෙයුමට සම්බන්ධ විවිධ ඡායාරූප ලොව පුරා විකාශනය විය. 2008 අප්‍රේල් මාසයේ දිනෙක මේ බොම්බඩියර් කණ්‌ඩායමේ සාමාජිකයෙක්‌ යුද හමුදාවේ මීළඟ මෙහෙයුම අලිමංකඩ යෑයි කියමින් යුද රහස්‌ කොටින් වෙත විකාශනය කළේය. එපමණක්‌ ද නොවේ, හමුදා කණ්‌ඩායම් භාර නිලධාරීන්ගේ අනන්‍යතාව ද අනාවරණය කරනු ලැබීය.

මෙම අලිමංකඩ මෙහෙයුම ක්‍රියාත්මක කරන කර්නල්වරයා කවුරුන්ද යන්න පවා හෙළිදරව් කෙරිණි.

මේ අයුරින් ක්‍රියා කළ බොම්බඩියර් ඊදපඉaරාසැර ඨරදමච අවසානයේදී ලොකුම විනාශය කළේය. එA ආරක්‍ෂක ලේකම් විසින් එවකට බ්‍රිගේඩියර්වරයකුව සිටි ශවේන්ද්‍ර සිල්වාට යටත්වීමට එන කොටින්ව ඝාතනය කරන ලෙස නියෝග දුන් බව හිටපු ජෙනරාල්ට පැවසීමය.


It is more than clear that this particular gang whom he calls as traitors are few known to us by their names. It is interesting to know whom they are.

Defencewire [DW] any clue about this?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Last time we heard from Mahen was 4th February. EFT is under new management he said [looks like a very lousy management].

Anyone knowing what's happened? Any theories...

නිසල් said...

priyashantha revealed?

නිසල් said...

Chuuti Sadu, I am so horny

Asithri = Priyashantha = Sadu Fucker

Moshe Dyan said...

we were the first to highlight danuna's mother's involvement in gonzeka's illegal business.

that was more than 3 months ago.

at last the CID is doing something.

"The CID this morning (Monday Feb. 15) had opened the safety lockers in the presence of Dhanuna Thilakaratne’s mother, Asoka Tillkeratne and had found around 525,000 US dollars and some Sri Lankan rupees as well. Dhanuna is Gen. Fonseka’s son-in-law.

When the CID had wanted to record a statement from Ms. Tillkeratne mother, she had claimed that the cash belonged to General (Retired) Sarath Fonseka and that she had agreed to deposit it in her safety locker.

Ms. Tillkeratne is reported to have helped Gen. Fonseka’s wife Anoma to operate a hair dressing saloon within the Panagoda Army Headquarters premises on behalf of the Seva Wanitha Unit of the Sri Lanka Army. Asoka Tillkeratne had ceremonially declared it opened."

Asithri said...

Kuruppuge Somatilake aka "Rana" aka නිසල් aka 1000 other handles:

Ado wesaballa, you are TOAST!

Try entering the KIA next time. You are in the blacklist of hardcore LTTE sympathizers I hear.

btw, how is the pussy of Anushka Somatilake?

I know Jefry the dog did not lick it becos his master is enjoying SLN hospitality?

ha ha you think you got OaOA and Priyashantha's ID's uh?

ha ha ha...satisfied? okay, now you can take your finger out of Anushka Somatilake's anus.


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Jay whore

[Please no tear gas on the 18th]


Why "tear-gas" when some had enough tears to drown even big cities like London, Paris, Toronto, etc. on May 18th.

ha ha ha...

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[Bhahistrav (Excreta)]

Good one!

ha ha, I fell off the chair laughing!!!

OaO Asithri

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


The ID 13664279713372198331 appearing as Nisal in above posts "revealing" [or so attempting] PriyaS and Asithri has appeared as Robert and GulaNataKeema in the past. There had been a different and well respected blogger Nisal in the past.

On top of this, Rana was the first and only one to claim that Asithri was Akila Weerarathna, where he "handed over" latter to tamil eelam terrorist Mafia to take revenge for being a patriot [Asithri laughed at it at his best].

A suspected Rana handle recently cooked a theory calling Asithri is PriyaS.

Above Fake Nisal handle has been re-iterating these, apparently in retaliation to the exposure of his name by several patriots purely in the need to convince of his need for immediate medical attention to his own people.

I do not mind seeing Rana vs Asithri and PriyaS round. I will leave it for the two seasoned bloggers to say happy birthday to Iskuruppu Sour-ma-hilake.

But I cannot stand this MF abusing the good names of former fellow bloggers such as Nisal. MF is absolutely mad at most of us catching his attempted rear entry blogs, and hence faking the lesser dangerous known names.

Shoot him at will. Do not mind the waving of white knickers.

Manju said...
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Manju said...
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Sam Perera said...


FYI: I posted this elsewhere.

Multipolar Drama in DW

Rana to New Friend Parrot P
Rana said...

Dear Parrot P,

Mate, I have tried my best nearly two years to educate parrots in Pakisland or more appropriately Wonderland without any success.

I have realised some time back that educating them is an impossible task because otherwise people like Premadasa, Chandrika, Ranil, Mahinda and Sarath will have no hope getting anywhere with voters.

Our politicians need Parrots to stay in power and do all wrong things to the voters; without parrots it is not possible.

I am sorry that some of the most stupid parrots here and there accusing you with my name. They are so stupid they don’t know even international time differences properly.

PS: I think you and I share common school of thoughts, bro.

February 4, 2010 1:11 PM

Parrot to Never Seen Rana
Parrots of Pakisland said...

Hello Rana

Nice to meet you finally. Apparently you have hit parrots too hard and they are now like 'gini penellen bata ka ponnaya wage, kana maderiyatath bayai' - the men who got beaten by the fire stick is now so intimidated by the lightning bug.

Thanks for your service during the last two years trying to educate these sub humans.

The sad part is that they now think you are talking to yourself.

Yes, we have similar ideas. We must have had some good upbringing.

Have you noticed when going gets tough Asithri becomes Priyashantha?

Look forward tackling tough issues related to Sri lanka.

Here is some rice for parrots:

Anyone claiming Rana is me should be prepared to bet either $100,000 or his testicles (if you are broke) that I am him. I will take that bet.

Any challenges?
I don't think so. Even Ananda-USA will shy away from that.

February 4, 2010 7:30 PM
Yep, they just met but Parrot already knows Rana's past two years of service.

Anushka to Rana
Anushka Gonawala said...


Glad you are fighting these cardboard patriots. We can't have peace because of these fools. Why do they call you multipolar?

February 5, 2010 6:17 AM

Anushka Gonawala said...

අනේ අයියේ මගේ comments මකන්න එපා.

මම අනුෂ්කා.

රනාට පිස්සු හොදටම පිස්සු.

අපි specialist psychiatrist කෙනෙකුට රනාව පෙන්නුවා.

Everyday blog කරන්න කිවුවා.
රනාට හොදටම පිස්සු.


Parrot Responds to Anushka on Behalf of Rana

Parrots of Pakisland said...

True Sinhalese Buddhist culture never allow trashing a dad using his daughters, unless of cause if that culture is morally bankrupt.

None of the forum members of Defence Forum speak against derogatory remarks made to a father using his family.

I guess that is the pakisland culture. Since they all agree with each other, we got bunch parrots living there.

February 5, 2010 9:29 AM

Oops, Rana and Parrot just greeted each other but Parrot already knows about "dad and daughter" story.

Manju said...
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Chut Malli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuti Malli said...

I read here occasionally to find out what is happening in Sri Lanka and outside point of view.

Lately, I have been reading mostly fight among expatriates.

Just like fight among Sinhalese leaders.

So sad.

Anushka Gonawala said...

Ane Asithri ayye ape Rana uncleta baninna epa. Uta hondatama pissu.

U uncle witharai. Uge lamai denna uge nemei. Unge thaaththa wena thaenaka.

Meet me in Facebook. My maiden name is Somatilake. Street name is Gonawala.

With kisses and hugs

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is the guardian of SL that we have....


උ./නැගෙනහිරට පොලිස්‌ හා
ඉඩම් බලතල දීම ප්‍රතික්‌ෂේප වේ

කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය

උතුර සහ නැගෙනහිරට පොලිස්‌ සහ ඉඩම් බලතල දීම රජය විසින් ප්‍රතික්‌ෂේප කර ඇත. ද්‍රවිඩ සන්ධානය විසින් මෙකී බලතල ලබාදෙන ලෙස රජය වෙතින් ඉල්ලීමක්‌ කර තිබිණි. මෙලෙස පොලිස්‌ සහ ඉඩම් බලතල ලබාදීම යනු උතුර නැගෙනහිර වෙනම පාලනයකට නතුවීම යෑයි ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ ආරක්‌ෂක නිලධාරියෙක්‌ පැවසීය.

මෙම බලතල ලබා දෙන්නැයි ද්‍රවිඩ සන්ධානය විසින් ඉන්දීය රජය වෙතින්ද ඉල්ලීමක්‌ කර තිබිණි.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Game is on...


All Ceylon Muslim Congress and SLFP to contest Jaffna, Vanni under UPFA

February 16, 2010 04:29 pm
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The All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) are preparing to contest the Jaffna as well as the Vanni electoral districts, under the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the upcoming General Elections.

Abdul Risath Bathiyutheen, Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services speaking to the Asian Tribune said he has already contacted the UPFA leadership and told that he intends to nominate two Muslims to contest in the Jaffna Electoral district, and in the Vanni district he will be leading the UPFA team with four Muslims and five Tamil candidates.

Minister Bathiyutheen further said that in total, there are 30,000 Muslims registered as voters of the North and are living in the Puttalam refugee camps.

These were the people who were chased out of the North by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhkaran in 1990, he said. These Muslims are now languishing in the Puttalam refugee camps and they are all registered voters of the Northern Province.

He said that he himself was a refugee living in Puttalam but contested and won a seat from Vanni in the 2004 parliamentary elections.

He said out of the 30,000 registered voters, 6000 are from Jaffna and the balance 24,000 is registered as voters of the Vanni electoral district.

In the meantime, Velmurugu Thangarajah, the SLFP Chief Organiser of the Jaffna district, said that they have decided to contest in the Jaffnaelectoral district under the ruling UPFA ticket. He said along with him he has decided to nominate the leading SLFP Party members of the district to contest from the Jaffnadistrict.

නිසල් said...

If Rana is the problem, go after him, not his children.

By not speaking against those who abuse his children who have nothing to do this will risk exposing other forum members and their love ones.

Ananda USA, Sam Perera, and Asithri Akila, watch out.

Sam Perera said...

K. Don Somatilake,

If Rana is the problem, go after him, not his children.

See a doctor without any delay.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

[A statement is being recorded from Mrs. Asoka Tillekaratne, the mother of Dhanuna Tillekaratne by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), police spokesman SP Preshantha Jayakody told Daily Mirror online a short while ago.

He added that he was not sure if she had volunteered or the CID had called her to record the statement. Cash worth 75 million rupees was recovered from several safety lockers belonging to Mrs. Asoka Tillekaratne yesterday, police has said yesterday.]

Oh man, It's not much money at all, lets say $750k US? Either way culprits are brought into justice but what about the bigger killers and corrupts like MR and his brothers?

If you look into MR and his brothers' bank accounts, you would find fortune there.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

I am asking all expatriate to think twice investing their hard earned $$ in Sri Lanka.

If safety deposit boxes can be opened this way, it is a matter of time and finding out who has what deposits in Sri Lanka and get their money as well.

The lawlessness in Sri Lanka continues.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pakis Buruwa's hatred to SL continues...

Bhairav said...

[If safety deposit boxes can be opened this way, it is a matter of time and finding out who has what deposits in Sri Lanka and get their money as well.]

If you deposit into MR or his brothers' safety boxes, you would be fine :) Guess what? They have their own in off-shore accounts, possibly in Bahamas than notorious ones like Swiss accounts for criminals and corrupts.

Bhairav said...

Trivia time!

Can you identify this woman?

Robert said...

Parrots of Pakisland said...
I am asking all expatriate to think twice investing their hard earned $$ in Sri Lanka.

If safety deposit boxes can be opened this way, it is a matter of time and finding out who has what deposits in Sri Lanka and get their money as well.

The lawlessness in Sri Lanka continues.

Hey Gon Rana don't put the cart before the horse, this safety lockers are opened under court order, so before bark at least read the news carefully.

Moshe Dyan said...

good news from toiletnet!!

"Three-pronged Sinhala colonization in Mannaar
[TamilNet, Monday, 15 February 2010, 04:52 GMT]
Ko’ndachchi-Chilaavaththu’rai, Thalaimannaar Pier and Madu in Mannaar district are being particularly targeted for Sinhala-Buddhist colonies by the colonial government in Colombo, news reports from Mannaar said Sunday."


the report says a monk is spearheading this good work. is there any way of knowing who it is and contacting him?????

this is a worthy cause to get involved.

Moshe Dyan said...


that money has NOTHING to do with investment!!!

never heard of a situ where INVESTORS keep foreign currency in safety lockers for indefinite periods of time under other's names.

Moshe Dyan said...

bloodyrav the old fart's name is back in action. comments are hidden though.

weren't tamil tigers exterminated??????

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Who owns the court, who owns CID my fellow Kangaroos?

hik hik

I don't think Danuna is guilty in SL, perhaps in US. SF may be guilty, however he is a presidential candidate.

If president can steal, so does SF.

Fair game?

Rajaratasurfer said...


Here we go again Banana Republic Mentality ! Where's Gen. Fonseka'shis freedom to live in a democracy ? If ya cant take his reputation or his status, dont arrest the Gen.& insult the guy ! No wonder we have conflicts in Lanka... take 5 step forward , we drag back 4 ! Stupid.....What goes around comes back around baby ! It always does...there's no excuse for stupidity.....I'm v. patriotic & dont tread on my freedoms !

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Birth of a Dark Era


Exporters to the EU, mainly clothes manufacturers, said the move would make their goods less competitive. "There will be a price increase to the customer," Rohan Masakorala, secretary general of the Joint Apparel Association Forum, told Reuters.

Around 60 percent of Sri Lanka's garments are sent to the EU. Those exports accounted for over 46 percent of total exports of $7.08 billion last year.

Analysts and economists said the withdrawal would have no impact on the stock exchange as major apparel firms are not listed. But low revenue from garment exports could increase the trade deficit and overshoot the fiscal deficit.

Analysts say the withdrawal could hit post-war economic optimism that helped propel the bourse to become one of the world's best performers with a 125 percent return last year.

"It will hit investor sentiment," Hussain Gani, associate director at Asia Securities said.

Economists said closure of some garment firms in the face of competition after the loss of trade may trigger job losses and compound hardships for poor women in rural areas."

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Anyone wants to buy my Garment Factory in Kuliyapitiya?

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Sri Lanka doing 180 to what US and Barak Obama did.



February 15, 2010 at 7:00 am · Categories: Colombo, Elections, Peace and Conflict, Politics and Governance, Post-War | by Dayan Jayatilleka

“All my life I have been a gentleman to my adversaries, even in war situations surrounded by death. I’ve never humiliated, offended nor wreaked revenge on a single prisoner, not even in the case of the Bay of Pigs while my comrades lay mortally wounded or dead around me…One must be honourable.”

- Fidel Castro ( May 1st speech, 2002)

"Joseph Nye, distinguished professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, has in a recent article on the New Public Diplomacy, stressed a point that helps us understand the depths and dimension of the damage Sri Lanka is doing to itself internationally."

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Dyan Jayathilaka should be the next President of Sri Lanka.

That is kind of like electing a Barak Obama like.

Smart, honest, educated, non violent, and civilized.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Most Venerable Prelates (Athi Garu Maha Nayakawaruni)

It is an extremely rare opportunity that happens once in an eon that one gets to witness an act of such infinite and unconditional compassion. I am simply speechless to talk about piety and reverence I felt by reading your recent letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksha. The letter is an epitomic gem of universal Maithri. Upholding of this centre pillar concept of Maithri by you, most venerable prelates, deserves extolment made in eloquence of Ama Wathura.

Buddha preached and practiced infinite compassion and Maithri in a non-selective manner. He did not stop there. He also transformed people like Angulimala and Alawaka to be dharmika (nonviolent and well principled). And only then he accepted them. Buddha’s limitless compassion did not mean that Angulimala was allowed to do whatever he was doing. It meant stopping him doing the crimes he committed. Then he knew that there were people who were nearly impossible to be rehabilitated; for instance consider Devadatha. Then again Buddha’s infinite kindness did not permit Buddha to rule that cause and effect was invalid in Devadathha’s case since he had royal blood in him.

Most venerable Prelates, your infinite wisdom appears to me as asymmetrical and is applied only in a selective manner. This is the only issue that I have with your infinite compassion. Buddha might have different notion of egalitarian application of Universal Maithri. For instance, cause and effect in Buddhism has no selective basis and it applies to everybody and everything.

Nevertheless you may have your own way of non-selective egalitarian application of this principle of universal compassion. In that case, you simply do not need to worry about contravening Buddha Dharma as there is already a precedent from the Buddhist Temple. As you know really well, a part of Buddhist Temple has ruled that Buddha’s idea of caste is being irrelevant to a person’s conduct, is irrelevant, invalid and outdated. It is the humble opinion of this mortal that there is enormous room for you to improve non-selectiveness of application of your Nahi Verena-Verani-Maithri principle.

To do so, I do not ever dream of asking for you to renounce your veneration of Mr. Fonseka and his sins since it might not fit with the agenda whatever there is. However, it is imperative to be seen as you apply your infinite compassion to everybody in egalitarian manner. Otherwise, you will earn a great deal of ridicule and at the end your infinite compassion could go wasted without achieving your goal for Mr. Fonseka.

This is my proposal. Why do not you write to President asking to release all the rapists, murderers, drug dealers and all other forms of criminals from jails? To strengthen this universal and unconditional compassion you should also demand immediate disbanding of police and courts.

People might object here. They might argue that Mr. Fonseka has not yet tried legally and these criminals have been convicted by courts of law. Isn’t this the crux of the injustice? I implore you not to fall prey to such Fonsakist logic. These criminals are in jails since they were investigated and tried. This means that a great injustice of colossal magnitude has already happened to them since they were investigated. For this reason it is evident that your universal and unconditional Maithri has not been applied to them. Most Venerable Prelates, you need to adamantly demand the Government to release all criminals. This is the only way to compensate for this huge blunder that infinite, unconditional kindness which you apply for the angel Mr. Fonseka has not been applied to these criminals. If this infinite Maithri has been applied to them these criminals would not have been jailed. This is an injustice of untold cruelty. We are very pleased with you, Prelates, since you have come forward to rectify this injustice. Now, in Sri Lanka this new form of justice must apply to everybody, not just to Mr. Fonseka; don’t you think so?

To be continued

Swarnajith Udana said...


May I ask you one thing more, please? You need to extend your compassion to the President too. The President is condemned by Ranil, Mangala, the West and the Angel Mr. Fonseka because he did not show infinite kindness and compassion to the LTTE and Separatism. Can you apply your infinite compassion to Mr. President too, just to look impartial?

Most venerable Prelates, I am expecting you to make an announcement demanding the Government to disband police and courts and release of all criminals from jail. Furthermore, I trust that a statement of forgiveness for Mahinda Rajapaksha would also be forthcoming for his crime of defeating the LTTE.

By the way, I have some differences with the President. Even though you apply infinite maithri to Mr. Fonseka I will not apply infinite kindness to Mr. President since my equality and non-selectiveness are different from yours. This is not merely because magnanimity does not reside in my heart but precisely because we mortals expect our President to be a just and competent leader. One may ask what I expect from the current opposition politicians. My only humble answer to the question is that writing about them to the most venerable Prelates in this letter is beneath my dignity even though it appears like that safeguarding the interests of these politicians as the crown of dignity of the addressees of this note.

So I will ask the President to apply the law equally and non-selectively to all. I demand Mr. President that the protests of the Opposition not attacked by using party supporters. Even if he does not encourage such abuses since they happen under his nose he should bear responsibility. The law order must apply to everybody in a justifiable manner, regardless status or power.

Thank you very much for your time.


Parrots of Pakisland said...

warnajith Udana

Have you heard the person thought pig is an elephant and wrote an essay about the Elephant?

It is ironic that you are asking things with reference to Buddhism from a Venerable Mahanayake who is not following it anyway.

Then again you try to justify a corrupt regime asking right questions from Buddhism from this monk.

If monk says all the right thing to the corrupt government, they you say sadu.

If monk goes against for whatever reason, you make them SF ball lickers.

That is why I call the parrots here stupid assholes.

You guys are like frogs in a shit hole and have no idea how other nations work.

You try to justify everything around you saying the shit hole is utopia.

GET a LIFE!!!!

Swarnajith Udana said...

As a person who has a life I get on with mine rather than asking others to get one.

I suggest people read the article carefully without jumping into quick conclusions and making illogical statements through their own biases or choosing to advance their own agendas bor non-agendas.

If I feel one's respons is worthwile(really and meaningfully challenging my point of view or crticising it or contributing to it) to be responded then I will =respond.

Otherwise it is a waste of my time and is beneath my dignity.

This is a general reminder of my policy.

Bhairav said...

Guys..why don't you give a break to Rana who just like anyone has the right to say anything he wants? After all, comment is free. It's not your banana republic to go after anyone who has different opinions than you.

After all, he hasn't done anything bad at all. I do not support nor go against him but the way you gang bang him shows your typical Sinhala moda attitude.

Last post from Parrots of Pakisland resembles the writing style of "ReallyCold" who, i guess, blogs from East Coast of US.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Bahirav are you aginst racism? Otherwise why do you write racist things. "Typical Moda Sinhala).

There may be typical "LTTE or UNP or Patriotic behaviour.

Do not all groups act almost similarly in the same set of circumstances?

Just consider.

Swarnajith Udana said...

It is not Rana's ideas that have created concern among the bloggers but his behaviour. Using different handles one after another seemed to be palying different roles.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

If a Tamil says to you guys "Typical Moda Sinhala", it is racism.

However, I can say you parrots are "Typical Moda Sinhala" being a Sinhalese.

Anyone praising our corrupt criminal thuggery political leadership by not keeping them accountable for their failures are "Typical Moda Sinhala".

Anyone who is accusing children of a citizen just because you don't like his views are "Typical Moda Sinhala".

Those who supported LTTE unconditionially are "Typical Moda Demala"

"Typical Moda Sinhala" meets "Typical Moda Demala" ==> you get Typical Moda Sri Lanka.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

[It is not Rana's ideas that have created concern among the bloggers but his behaviour. Using different handles one after another seemed to be palying different roles.]

There are many parrots on Lanka Depence Porum using duplicate IDs.

Typical Sinhala Moda don't see that.

Then again, personal abuses are not acceptable for that behavior.

Bhairav said...

Trivia time again!

Since no one answered this question, I put it again.

Can you identify this woman?

Swarnajith Udana said...

Even if Sinhalaya says"moda sinhala" it is self directed racism.

It may be sometimes an affectionae insult.

In general it always contains an element of racism since its tie behaviour with race.

My stand point is that all racial gorups almost alwys act almost the same way in almost similar circumstances.

So German's support of Hitler is not just German origin majority of Sinhalease would have done the same thing given that Sinhalease had faced the same circumstances.

Many Germans risk their lives to savy Jews live.

Many sinhalease will do the same.

In Tsunami some Sinhalease raped victims. These are garbage of humanity.

Then in ths USA after the cyclone Some Americans did the same for women who were already suffering enormous mental and physical pain.

These are not typical race behaiour but human behaviour extremes.

I KNOW that some tAMILS WOULD HAVE RISKED (caps by accident) their lives to save Sinhalease and some Sinhaleae would have done the same. They are the cream of humanity.

Parrots of Pakisland said...


[Most venerable Prelates, your infinite wisdom appears to me as asymmetrical and is applied only in a selective manner.]

Don't you do the same?

Since you asked me to read your your post, I went and read your garbage again.

The person having a pile of shit on his head is looking at others and tell you have a little piece of shit on your hair.

I don't know how to teach you. Your views are somewhat half blinded. You can't apply yourself the rationality you apply to others.

How often you see your friends do something wrong?

How often you speak out when your friends do something wrong?


That is because, you have no spine.

You are like a pathetic Tamil addicted to LTTE.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Parrots of Pakisland:

One's understanding of an article depends on the article and the resourcefulness of the readers mind. If one has seen the garbage that may be the garbage that is in the article or in the readers mind of the reader.

Saltiness of the salt belongs to salt and and the taster both, or salt alone or the taster alone, perhaps neither.

Since you claim to possess superior inteeligence (perhaps belongs to a different species) I will not respond to your rantings and you can interpret it any way you can.

You can rant as much as you like but I do not hear you or see you until I choose to do so.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Swarnajith Udana

You are a Buddhist Taliban or a Buddhaban.

That is the lowest form of insult anyone can give you.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Other people cannot choose a relligion for me as I mysel have not chosen one or chosen not to have and even my parents failed to choose for me.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Insult is valid only if the intended takes it into mind. Otherwise the insult finds way back to the insulter himself.

Whatever we utter about others also utters something about us. This is true for everybody including me.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW; Any light on recent changes in SLA ranks?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Computer manipulation allegation not in petition – Tilvin

The computer manipulation allegation was not included in the election petition filed by Rtd. Gen. Sarath Fonseka because it was difficult find evidence, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said today. Yesterday Rtd. Gen. Sarath Fonseka filed a petition today through his lawyers in the Supreme Court challenging the result of the recently concluded Presidential Election.

He added that more clear evidence was available on other allegation and because of that the computer manipulation of the election result allegation was not included in the petition.

Moshe Dyan said...

gonzeka has made a statement to CID on his corrupt arms deals.

this has to happen concurrently bcos after the bugger is put behind bars bugger will not co-operate with any investigation.

Moshe Dyan said...

manar colonization although still at an early stage is a very good sign.

if more and more private participation can be achieved as this, it would be lovely.

a govt-private competitive approach suits best.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Swarnajith Udana

If you don't have the backbone to criticize your friends, then you have no backbone and whatever you write to Mahanayake are just ganda.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

[CID arrests Danuna Tilakaratne's mother
Feb 17 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested Mrs. Asoka Tilakaratne, the mother of Danuna Tilakaratne who is wanted by the CID for his alleged involvement in a multi-million dollar arms deal by his company, Hicorp Inc. ]

I don't really care about the motherfucker. I don't however think there is no evidence to arrest him. Sarath is more guilty of awarding him contracts than Danuna doing his business.

This sends a chilling report to however any foreign investors in Sri Lanka.

You can't just arrest selected bad guys. The law should apply to everyone.

Danuna has mastered the art of scamming out the own nation more so than our politicians.

I was also told most of the top Millitary leaders in SL are corrupt this way.

In the past none of the police and millitary top leaders did not have enough wealth to send their kids abroad for higher education.

How many current military officers have sent their children abroad from the stolen money form poor Sri Lankans?

The Buddhabans are silent on that.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Did Fonseka pose a threat to topple the government using a coup?

No in a million years.

That is because most military leaders are mostly self serving.

[Even Rajiva Wijesinha, secretary general of Sri Lanka’s peace secretariat and a staunch defender of the Rajapaksa government, admitted in an interview this week that “the timing could have been better,” adding that “it might have been better after he lost so badly to let him go.”]

Crackdown Provokes Fears for Sri Lanka’s Democracy]

Idiots don't understand that since they drive decisions by unfounded fear.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Time to short sell Sri Lankan stocks?

Since SF arrested, stocks are spiraling down.

When I said foreign investors will pull out, some laughed at me.

More dark days are ahead of us.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pakis buruwa is doing a self revelation of his hatred against SL. Eevry system in SL will soon collapse as per him. We had one Navindran, but his posts had more artistic value thn naked posts of PB.

When I see the hatred he has against this country I am not surprised why he bahaves in this fashion. He's against the very nation taht fed him, brouught him up, educated and allowed him to leave SL for his personal pursues, and didn't even tell, "send me a post card".

It is that mother lanka this arsehole is defaming. A real MF he is.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


It is that mother lanka this arsehole is defaming. A real MF he is

Yes, this defines Kuruppuge D. Somatilake in a few sentence. This is very typical of all 4th International and Vikara Korananage Sangamaya.

Bhairav said...

[Gota should have a sock in his mouth.( Another Chemical Ali)
Damage limitation to the extreme!]

They can't do any damage limitation anymore.

It's matter of time before people think whether burying these war-criminals up to their necks in the sand and ask the women to stone them.

Sam Perera said...

Bhairav the LTTE Terrorists,

Please spend the remaining good days of your life in a manner not harmful to the humanity.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Sujeewa Hukawela

I am not defaming SL. Defaming is making up lies. I am showing the ground reality.

You parrots are the bunch who does the defame to SL and other members the most.

How come you blame Rana when our group publish something against you Buddhabans?

Look at the way you degrade him and his family.

This exactly you are doing in Sri Lanka for your ex War Hero Sarath Fonseka.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Sam the Sinhalese Taliban

Please spend the remaining good days of your life in a manner not harmful to the humanity.

See my point, whatever you preach to LTTE Terrorists can be preach t yourself as well.

Consider I am your mirror.
I reflect your bad side with the help of misguided Tamils.

hik hik

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Our mission is to liberate Sri Lanka from both Al Quaida and Talibans.

We have defeated Al Quaida. We are strengthening Talibans.

Fighting against Sri Lankans Talibans (Buddhabans) are not a fight against the nation.

Anyone worshiping Sri Lankan politician is a target.

Understand our difference if you brain allows.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Kangaroos got things right.

[A court in Sri Lanka on Wednesday freed 14 men held on suspicion of plotting a coup with opposition leader and ex-army chief Sarath Fonseka, an official said. ]

Parrots of Pakisland said...

I urge Sri Lankans to make next election personal.

Vote every ruling party members out and elect the opposition.

This is how you send a message to a dictatorship in the making.

Obama made a gold standard showing how to run a fair election and how to elect a diverse fair qualified cabinet.

We should follow that direction, not a chinthanaya with no wisdom.

Sam Perera said...

Kuruppuge Don Somatilake aka Rana aka Pakisburuwo,

All what a mentally sick day dreamer like you can do is just dreaming about the world revolution. You neither have social acceptance nor political acceptance. You are just a worthless old loser fart like Boorubahu. Please take care of your children and grandchildren in this sold age. May be it is the time to study the latest developments in Power and Machines.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pakis buruwa;

I don't give rat's care to know who you are. I only see your vicious ideas. And whoever you're I know which clan you belong to. And my response is for that.

Defamation is indeed lying about your nation, which you have been doing all over teh blogs.

Tell me one person following your bullshit.

Ordinary WiKoSa can handle teh fact taht they dont get attention. They think it is due to the stupidity of teh society. But you are special. You seek attention like a crying baby. This is why ppl hate your presence.

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Let's talk about lying about the nation:

Where are the evidence for a coup?

Yesterday a white van came and drag the two dogs mating at the junction claiming they were preparing for a coup.

Those who trash nations have premature elections.

They then arrest opposition candidates.

These actions make western nations angry and impose penalties upon us.

That makes trade is impossible.

People loose money and dreams.

All I do is yell, you support administration bringing curse to our nation.

Sam Perera said...

Yesterday a white van came and drag the two dogs mating at the junction claiming they were preparing for a coup.

Go to be the daddy dog and daughter dog incest pair.

Chuti Malli said...

Where do you guys have time to write garbage like this?

Parrots of Pakisland said...

Ado, calling devil the devil is not writing garbage on my part. It is Sam and Sujeewa dump their garbage here.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

:) :) :) hik hik hik

I think I agitated multi too much.

davinda_knox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
davinda_knox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
davinda_knox said...

Parrots of Pakisland -

My comment here was deleted here before by some parrot. Don't listen to this Sam Perera boruwa, you are right about what you say.

You have not seen me here before. This is because I'm a silent observer. The problem with having an opinion is that there will always be an idiot trying to argue with you do and take it on a personal level.

I say let these parrots chirp all day sitting on their jobless farty old bums in front of a computer their children has set up and preach others.

davinda_knox said...

Moshe Dyan wrote:

another dream come true!! gonseka arrested.

show him no mercy. send him to LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

charge him for WAR CRIMES too.

one thing i noticed in gonseka is he blames others for his crimes ALWAYS.

that means he has committed war crimes.

make this his END.

Moshe, you're a retard who bites the hand that feeds you. Typical sinhala style.

Diyasena said...


Please refrain from posting on DW for a week or two, and stick to Defencefourm..We need to cure multipolar ran gona of his ailment...He is nothing but a bitter dole bludger with an internet connection..I guess he is desperate nowadays as his daughters are rejecting his advances..Spewing venom at other bloggers and the country of his birth are his only solace..So I say leave him and his multiple avatars to converse with themselves for awhile..Maybe just,maybe he will realise he needs help...No matter how much he insults you on DW do not respond (either on DW or DF)

davinda_knox said...


Ain't you the pathetic fool to iterate what I said about you sitting on your big black puka and typing away as you can't get any these days even from your dog.

Go and eat some more parippu you jobless piece of gandagahana kunu malu natta.

Anushka Gonawala said...


Don't call me dog. Rana is a dog but not me.

Boys if you ever come to Wellington please visit me. Only few Somatilakes in NZ so you can easily check in the directory. I'm at Rana's place. He is too boring old man.

I'm waiting for you. I like doggie style best with strangers.

Anushka Gonawala said...


Naughty boy. You make me horny.

I'm Rana's daughter. Have a look at my picture. If you like it lets do it tonight baby.

Anushka Gonawala said...

Moshe Roshi,

Hello girl. You are a she right? Stop pretending to be a man. Don't be shy meya.

Shall we meet tonight for appa gahanna?

Ask about Anushka Somatilake from any lesbian fix around Wellington they will lead you to Rana's home where I stay.

Ape akka bandinna issella api hondata appa gahuwa. Den eya bandala lamai innawa. Oyata experience nethi unath baya wennepa. Mama shok ekata train karannangko.

Anushka Gonawala said...

Sujeewa Cock,

Sujeewa ayya api set wemuda?

Mama haree asai oyage ane manda. Mokadda wagei ane.

Anushka Gonawala said...

Ananda ayya,

Mama harima asai patriotic kollanta. Egollo harima shok bed ekedi.

Api meet wemuda ayya?

Wellington awilla Gonage gedara ahannako. Ranage gedara thamai mama inne. Rana nakiya paw. U adaheta kapothi wennai inne.

Anushka Gonawala said...

Bye meyala.

Anushka Gonawala nee Somatilake.


wijayapala said...


Hope you see this. If you'd like to chat, come by

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Go back in comment list.

In order to tease with Pakisa I stated "Tell me one person following your bullshit" and three clones suddenly woke up.

Some have been silent readers lu... hik hik hik.

What deception, how obvious. This guy is good to scare a toddler as wee willy winky at most.

Let's follow Diyasena and levae the blog for Pakisa's fantazy for several days. Maybe DW shud come up with some news after all. We're bored here anyway.

davinda_knox said...

Sujeewa cockawela -

I hear you're sitting all day refreshing this DW page waiting for another post so you can jack off to the comments written by your gay parrots. What a lifeless piece of turd you are. Even the tapeworms inside your guts have more balls than you. If you want to start a war, go and join your sereppu friends in Pakisland, you can eat parippu all day and night, drink kasippu till you can't tell between your gay son and your lesbian daughter. GET A JOB A-S-S-H-O-L-E.

davinda_knox said...

oh wait, sujeewa pakawala YOUR JOB IS DISTRIBUTING THE LOCAL PAPER I forgot you pathetic loser. You come to Australia to give your kids a better future and screw the same people who you call "patriots". You don't love your motherland you dumb curry eater. You're an imposter. You probably live in some old poor suburban house with a computer your son connected up you with, you call your son every other second to ask him to show you how to start your computer. You call your parrot relatives back in Lanka and boast about what a great job you have in Australia (doing paper rounds). I pity you. BTW you will probably die while you're doing your paper rounds, just drop dead on a poor suburban street. Your daughter is probably a prostitute too. Wow it feels great to live in Aussie doesn't it? :) Muhahahaha

Sam Perera said...

Multipolar is not far off from jumping off a cliff. Hmm, do we have a doctor around?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

he's taken his life story and replaced his name with mine. Age, liefstyle, country, profession, actions, family BG, children etc all fit his story.

I did something wromng, by playing with a mentally sick man. I feel I shud not done that. We shud leave this blog in the memory of him and leave thos space. Even DW does not pay much interest. So let's leave this place in the memory of great multipolar.

Andrea Ulicna said...

I am the white whore from Slovakia saying hi to all patriots.

Asithri, where are you?

Don't say anything to Rana Aiya's daughters.

Andrea Ulicna said...

Chi Akila, I did not know you were that naughty. Wal kolla.
Can't wait to get your hands .... ha ha, you know where.

[ Asithri said...

Kuruppuge Somatilake aka "Rana" aka නිසල් aka 1000 other handles:

Ado wesaballa, you are TOAST!

Try entering the KIA next time. You are in the blacklist of hardcore LTTE sympathizers I hear.

btw, how is the pussy of Anushka Somatilake?

I know Jefry the dog did not lick it becos his master is enjoying SLN hospitality?

ha ha you think you got OaOA and Priyashantha's ID's uh?

ha ha ha...satisfied? okay, now you can take your finger out of Anushka Somatilake's anus.


OaO Asithri]

Bhairav said...

This is what happens when the hand-to-mouth race gets the internet access.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Caco-Pakis-foinix the multipolar bard and Bhairavus Ille-Eeelmus the heavily beaten roman terrorist are kept here to keep company with each other throughout banquet times in SLD Forum.

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