Monday, October 6, 2008

Retired Ex Commando General assassinated by cowards

Brigadier Janaka Perera, Lt. Col. Gotabhaya Rajapakse (CO 1GR) and Lt. Col. Sarath Fonseka CO 1SR
Cowardly Tigers sent a suicide bomber to assassinate Maj Gen Janaka Perera at Anuradhapura today. General Perera, his wife and 22 others are believed dead in the attack.

General Perera was the OOC (Overall Operations Commander) and Army Joint Chief of Jaffna when it was about to fall in 2000. General Perera, along with General Sarath Fonseka ousted the LTTE from Jaffna and regained control.

Await further details.


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perein said...

RIP Sir.
May He Attend Nibbana !!

It's a shame that you could not be with us to watch the upcoming victory against the LTTE terrorists.

dhinuksha said...

he's one of the best Army Generals Sri Lanka has ever produced.. RIP

Moshe Dyan said...

why the fcuking history repeated itself. lucky algama in 1999, janaka perera in 2008. pro-LTTE fellows live perpetually.

pro-LTTE carion birds should not be allowed to feed on this.

at least now lets protect the half we have.

i dearly hope the other group has nothing to do with this.

Unknown said...

This is wrong. If he is no longer in the army, he should not be touched.

Sam Perera said...


You really got to be from Mars to think like this about LTTE. They have no moral codes and no ROE. All they know is how to terrorize civilians, just as they did today. Regardless, we will bring them to ultimate justice. If it is any thing, this will further strengthen our already hardened resolve to eliminate LTTE terrorist from Sri Lanka.

TigerKiller said...

May You attain Nibbana Sir !!! . You was a true HERO !!! . We will be never forgetten , the service you did in while you were serving in both Army and as a Diplomat .

but I am not so sure whether you took correct political decesion to join Pro LTTE UNP . at lease this pathetic UNP lot ( not all ) should support whole hertedly eradicate this LTTE menance from this soil

Boarding Guys said...

Here's the warning before the suicide attack on UNPers:

UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort
[TamilNet, Sunday, 05 October 2008, 09:02 GMT]
United National Pary (UNP) Senior Party Member and Colombo district parliamentarian, Ravi Karunanayake, accompanied by several of his supporters, visited injured Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officers at the Colombo Jayawardenepura Hospital and wished speedy recovery, political sources in Colombo said. The MP handed over essential goods to the injured, and complemented the officiers for the victories they have accomplished in the NorthEast battlefield, sources added.

UNP will continue to provide bipartisan support to the soldiers, Mr Karunanayake told the media after his hospital visit.

Mr Karunanayake added that the Rajapakse Government should not attempt to gain political capital from the battlefield successes of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added.

TigerKiller said...

The Great Respect that we can do to this leader ( and our hero ) wipe out LTTE from this Soil ASAP.

We know that was his dream too !!

Jaya2008 said...

Regardless of his status these cowards have no value for human beings.
All Tamil Diaspora from Western countries who funded these maniacs have blood on their hands, and hope that you can sleep well with your families because you
are safe in another country.

Hope you realise the pain and suffering those children had to go through when they lost their loved ones. Wake up and stop supporting these cowards.

RIP Janaka Perera and all other innocent people who killed this morning.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mr Navindran, I think you're mistaken for two things.

1. ideality of tigers. Hell, these vultures feed on anything they can find to score points in the minds of you ppl. They have no moral values.

2. JP was indeed a threat. Although he left army he's in politics, and if he went the distance and gained right political sense he'd be a future threat to them [if they last the time]. So why not eliminate him now?

Seems like that you dont know the party that you sponser. In fact you'll never know until they poke your butt with a T56. Send more money.

Navindran and all sensible tamil diasporah;

It would be a time of re-thinking for most of you diasporah supporters. Are you licking whatever the wounds you said to have got in 1983, and turn them into cancers? Or are you seeing the world new and reliving the life w/o bloody hands. The cuprit generation which you accuse are either dead or in death bed. Most of whom you kill were not even born at the time of 1983.

Do you yourself see a meaning of this nonsense? Can you tell somone that you hard earned penny of whatever currency has the blood of sinhala tamil muslim burger etc ppl of once your motherland?

Think twice.

Unknown said...

LTTE releases video on Vavuniya attack,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=54&cntnt01detailtemplate=view_video&cntnt01returnid=51,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=56&cntnt01detailtemplate=view_video&cntnt01returnid=51

Unknown said...

I guess the LTTE wanted to send a message to Sarath that regardless of the time frame they will still kill their enemies.

Sajiv said...

Janaka Perera should have never joined the UNP and campaigned for them. He is a traitor, a dickhead who tried to topple the current government while it is trying to corner the LTTE. The LTTE did Sri Lanka a favour with this attack. Only thing we can hope for is for the fuckwits in the UNP to wake up and realise that negotiating with the LTTE will not go anywhere.

IntelAttack said...

The instinct of a terrorist is to kill whoever they think their enemy at any given moment. It could be now, in 1 years time or even after 10 years.

Janaka perera did a great job serving Sri Lankan forces for many years. He's been in the LTTE hit list.

But nobody thought LTTE will try to get him now, as he's retired, was working for UNP and attacked MR and SF for some reasons as well.

As LTTE is losing big grounds to SLDF they needed a big target to get the propaganda up! At least to make some fuzz!

Since colombo VVIP targets likely to be highly inaccurate, they looked for a person with less attention (security comparing to other VIPs) + big fuzz if killed!

So they succeeded this time.

The best return for this would be to strengthen up the offensives and stick to the Wanni liberation plan.

It would be a tribute for Janaka as in his times he tried to liberate Sri Lanka as much as he could. Now its our time to finish the job!

Sam Perera said...


"I guess the LTTE wanted to send a message to Sarath that regardless of the time frame they will still kill their enemies."

You are a true clown and a clueless idiot. Yur LTTE tried kill Gen. Fonseka once and to our nations luck, he survived. In addition, we are not a nation who will run away like you think. We have survived for 2500 years and we will survive more.

Nevertheless, you may enjoy this kill by LTTE because this is good use of your hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

First Maj.Gen. I salute you Sir! He may attain nibbana.

Well again LTTE did the right thing. LTTE will not kill any ret.SLA top officers. But they remove potential threats. Unfortunate thing is we never leran from history.

Former defence minister LalithA was a easy target as RPremadasa removed all his security. And Premadasa was blamed on this and very few blame on LTTE. LalithA supposed to get power and LTTE removed the potential threat.

Ret.Maj.Gen.Laki Algama was in UNP list in 2004 parliment election and supposed to get a defence related post in UNF government. LTTE removed the potential threat. Due to lack of security given by CBK goernment he was killed. (Well even CBK was targeted in the same night.) Probably becuz of that no one blame for CBK for that.

Now see this tamilnut article.
//UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort.//

//Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added.//

JP played a key role in UNP to support the GSL war strtegy. He was straight about that. Many UNPers look at him, despite his lost him as a potential UNP leader. He was the opposition leader in NCPC but if UNP government comes to power I don't think he will remain there but rather get some minister post. LTTE knew this future threat.

If LTTE ever knew GR is going to be def.sec. they kill him too before he get power.

Messege is UNP MPs should not support the war. Just follow the ponsy leader. Then you are safe. We can expect a statement from UNP blaming MR/GR for giving less security.

Funny thing hear is JP got some security via a SC order. CJ joker now should realise the number of gaurds he ordered to send was not enough and it is defence authorities should make such decesions not him.

By removing his security MR send the messege don't do UNP politics, join us or stay home. But braveness of JP brings the sucide bomber closer to him.

Rana said...

This shows exactly to the whole world the true nature of the ugly force that trys their best to destroy this small nation. However, still westners can go on blabing about human rights etc etc.

Gen's who are still in the force should not forget this and see that the vicious killer group is wipd out of SL soil forever.

May attend Nirvana.
Rest in peace Gen.

Sajiv said...


Sorry but Janaka Perera was a traitor. The asshole contested the provincial council elections trying to use his war history as a platform. What he was trying to do was bring down the current government by winning and saying "look! the people don't want a war!" And before you say he was being used as a pawn by the UNP don't forget he joined the UNP of his own free will. He was just a money hungry and power hungry fellow and certainly not interested in the welfare of Sri Lanka. I hope the government won't waste any public money giving this asshole a state funeral. Let the UNP pay for it. And spend the money saved on our REAL soldiers and their families.

FreedomFighter said...

I belive this is commited by Sri Lanka to get rid of one
of the most prominant critiq of the current military campaign.
Also a important upcomming polictical thread to Mahinth's Party.

He is a war crimal yes, tamils have no love for him, but the timming is higley suspecious.
I think sri lanka is tring this to defuse the gathering storm
in tamil nadu over tamils situation in sri lanka.
Only a serious investigation will uncomver the truth. Yet anothe false propaganda by govenment.

Unknown said...

I believe Janaka Perera has done great service to the country and I salute the man for the services he has rendered!

May you attain nibbana.

This is rather unfortunate. This could be blow to the morale of our forces. i.e. The same could happen to SF if power changes hands. So is this the fate that's going to befall those who serve the country well?

Apino Dannachess said...

Shame shame shame....

1. Country lost a good solder.....a politician? ...we will never know. May he rest in peace.

2. Party politics and betrayals...we need to rise above these and protect people who had rendered their service towards motherland.

3. Ranil and the clan will now go to town with this....creating further division among Sri Lankans....probably serving the LTTE agenda.

4. Long awaited rain for the drought stricken you might see the resurgence of these nuts in this blog with their usual "Pora Talk"

5. For lack of a better word, "F**K" the Western Politicians who are trying hard to whitewash the LTTE terrorist as freedom fighters etc. One again...LTTE exposes their true nature...indiscriminate murderers of civilians...."F**K" Roland Buerk & BBC too....wonder how they will air this story...I'm sure the word terror and terrorist will be missing in their reportage.

6. This shows the desperation of the LTTE....our leaders need to be careful.

7. Time to get the Mig 27/ Kfirs airborne again.

Cheers All

Apino Dannachess said...

See what I comes the DiAssPora....web Chandiayas...with their poratalk....may you have numerous wet dreams over this indecent.

Wonder where they were all this time...when the Kili was bomb to high heavens....


Apino Dannachess said...

Thambala...well said mate. If this is the treatment ( and protection) our ex-servicemen get....shame on the SLDF too....

Trust had to be told....


Kasun Tharaka said...

We 've lost another great LION. This is Hard to Believe..

Sir, You may attend nibbana ...

Louie Jacques said...

Gotabhaya makes terrorist(LTTE) happy !!!!!!!!
Ex Commando General and others were assassinated by counter terrorism unit of Sri Lankan army, under the direct guidance of Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
Obliviously ex general had lots of problems with Rajapakse government (Actually it is not a suicide attack according to the people witnessed this)

Anonymous said...


JP was hardcore UNP. I think he has this 'ego' problem. And he refused to accept common sense and current ralities. But I don't agree to say he was a traitor. He never oppose the war. Rather he critisise it saying war is not done properly. (I don't agree with that.) That was party politics. However just in any case UNP come to power until JP was here RW and other ponsys will not be allowed to lick tiger arse. That's what LTTE now removed.

Sajiv said...

Yes we lost another lion who grew stripes and a tiger's tail by joining the UNP. Don't weep too much for a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Even UNP said it was a suicide bomb......

Unknown said...

I hope both UNP and MR dont make this a political advantage of any sort.

RIP to the once killed.

Freedom fighter please remove your profile picture!! asap

reasonablytreasonable said...

Apino Dannachess - actually, the only person here who seems to be enjoying Perera's assassination is a government supporter (sajiv). It seems like they are enjoying this more than the pro-LTTE lot.

Indeed, I am sure there are many GOSL supporters who are secretly very pleased indeed with what has happened, given they designate the UNP has 'terrorists', 'terrorist sympathisers' and 'pro-LTTE', amongst other assorted epithets.

Rana said...

Well, I would like to caution rest of the army currently serving in the on going war. Please take all necessary precautions and security measures before you go to Gen. Janaka's funeral. this includes all persanel attached to ministry of defence too.

All eggs in one bascket is too dangerous for our future.

sudu271 said...

What ever his political view was, he was a great general. People in Welioya treat him as a god. One of the greatest Army ever produced.
This is a big loss.

අහිංසක said...

Maj.Gen Janaka Perera, a true son of mother Lanka ! National hero of our time. Your name would be written in golden letters in the history of Sri Lanka.

May he attain Nibbana !

Louie Jacques said...


Rani is the real architect of estern liberation……. Remember the Karuna extraction from LTTE. He is the real leader(using his brain)........

Sajiv said...


Janaka Perera was a CUNT, A TOTAL UTTER CUNT for joining the UNP, criticizing the war effort and trying to topple the government at the provincial elections. That's what he was trying to do - certainly not something in Sri Lanka's or the military's interests. His aim was to blunt the military offensive by towing the UNP line. This asshole didn't give a shit about our soldiers laying down their lives, just like he didn't give a shit about the soldiers when he was in command. The LTTE killed him because they could and especially for the propaganda value as Janaka has been dressed up as a war hero when he wasn't remotely even one. But in reality they did Sri Lanka a favour and themselves a diservice. The co-chairs, India, EU are not going to look kindly on a suicide attack killing another democratically elected individual. And Sri Lanka is free of a traitorous cunt.

londonistan said...

Though attempts will be made to make political mileage out of this (and is what the LTTE has been counting on), the War should be politicaly neutral subject. The Commando Regiment will, i'm sure, take a few LTTE migwig scalps for this i hope the SLAF drops a bunker buster on praba and pottu. Close your eyes and sleep tight... you may never wake up again.

Sajiv said...

Dear lasantha, is that what you UNP cunts keep telling yourselves? Asshole, the split happened because it was going to happen. Ranil didn't play any role in it. Infact, the pussyboy ALLOWED the Vanni faction to move through government held territory so that they could wipe out the Karuna faction. Our soldiers had to let them through. The Karuna faction was almost wiped out thanks to the UNP. The UNP thinking was that a united LTTE was better as then they would only be negotiating with one entity. Aney huke what do they teach people at Sirikotha these days? Ranil a mastermind? haha LMAO!

londonistan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louie Jacques said...

Dear friend Sajiv,

If U believe Rani is a pro-LTTE person, the Why LTTE asked all their people not to vote in favour of Rani, during last presidential election ?
(Only bcoz of that Mahinda won !!!!!!!!)

Rana said...

Please guys,

Please do not insult the deceased. Whatevr his political vission he is entitled to contest from any party he wish. Leave the rest, he was a good soldier and that is enough for me.

Please concentrate on how to get rid of this cancer LTTE and save mother lanka.

On second thought, all bombing done in past few days, we don't know the results. May be somebody at the very top of LTTE is gone forever to make them desperate to kill retired Gen.

Louie Jacques said...

Gotabhaya,why did you kill our leader ?

Gotabhaya makes terrorist(LTTE) happy !!!!!!!!
Ex Commando General and others were assassinated by counter terrorism unit of Sri Lankan army, under the direct guidance of Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
Obliviously ex general had lots of problems with Rajapakse government (Actually it is not a suicide attack according to the people witnessed this)

Sajiv said...

lasantha = lasantha wickrematunga

Try harder!! LOL

Rana said...

About Ranil,

I know about Ranil and his father too. Both of them born without balls. Therefore we can forget about them and concentrate on the job at hand. Take out Pottu and the Fat arse, then I can sleep with peace.

Louie Jacques said...

Gotabhaya makes terrorist(LTTE) happy !!!!!!!! 1

Ex Commando General and others were assassinated by counter terrorism unit of Sri Lankan army, under the direct guidance of Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
Obliviously ex general had lots of problems with Rajapakse government (Actually it is not a suicide attack according to the people witnessed this)

Louie Jacques said...

U and ur brothers are escaping from all the issues by placing a an iron cotton called “war again terrorism”
But, if terrorist recapture any areas….U all must committed sucide

Sajiv said...

Hi lasantha, please get Ranil and all the UNP fuckwits to commit suicide first as they gave official recognition to "LTTE controlled areas"

Funkey said...

After all LTTE have caught General alone without Ranil...!!

V4Victory said...

He was a greatest leeader of SLA in military front eventhough he was the notorious leader who led Chemmani massacre in Jaffna.

Our nation as a whole should condemen this attack whoever did it because innocent people were also killed. But MR or Ranil can not condemen this attack after failing to condemn of assaination of our political leader SP TamilSelvan.

my condelence to those who sacrificed the lives in the attack in the name of war.

Anonymous said...


//the only person here who seems to be enjoying Perera's assassination is a government supporter (sajiv).//

Any one can create a profile and post. Unless you are sure about the identity don't be in hurry to make conclusions. (in the sense, if one posts using a single nick name for quite time you know his veiws. egsample moshe dyan, sam perera, navindran etc) But you suddenly see a new profile (sajiv, lasantha), (specialy after this kind of shocking incedent) and post like a profesional blogger chances are high him to be some old guy here coming with new name pretending some one else.

We know today is a happy day for diaspora. Even diaspora is worrying why VP killed JP as now he ret. and UNP. But that's how VP works. After so many maidn overs LTTE scored two runs. Diaspora is happy becuz two runs but unhappy becuz it was not six.

It is highly unlikely a true MR suporter (i.e. war supporter) being happy about death of JP.

Sajiv said...

Hi ninja,

Actually I am a war supporter and am not sad about the death of Janaka Perera. The man was a turncoat. He was dressed up as some "war hero" when he was nothing of the sort. But the LTTE miscalculated when assasinating him. The UNP is the most LTTE friendly party out there and this assasination is bound to harden the views of the party and many of its supporters. Secondly the international community is watching and will not look kindly at the LTTE for its suicide bombing.

Louie Jacques said...


U all will realize soooooooon, what Mahinda and co are doing except filling their bank accout by money.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

One of the BEST & well respected military personal in the Sri Lankan history. Even though he joined hands with wrong people in the latter part of his life that doesn't underestimate his ability and the his love our motherland.

Dear Sir, I don't want you to attend nibbana soon, please come back to serve our motherland again.

Your death is destroyed our last hope to have patriotic opposition in Sri Lanka.

Bhathiya said...



Louie Jacques said...

Furthermore Mahiner's son bought a car worth of 40 mill(Rs)...Where he get those money ?

actually the money allocated for defence. if there is a war only they can earn a lot....for that he selling the blood of our brave Armed forces...........

reasonablytreasonable said...

Actually, most of the international media reports are strongly alluding to Perera's war crimes.

For example, the lead BBC report right now ( states:

"The Tamil community accused him of being responsible for hundreds of deaths and the torture of Tamils in the region during the period.

The human rights group, Amnesty International, also raised similar concerns...

More than 300 Tamils protested outside the Australian parliament accusing Gen Perera of "war crimes""

Louie Jacques said...

Mother lanka had a good name when it was ruled by Royal people....

Now we are ruled by a IRC kind of person. even we are having a leader who don't know how to where a tie ?

Sajiv said...

"most of the international media reports are strongly alluding "

Nope, just the BBC.

Don't believe me? Search google news.

Sajiv said...

"even we are having a leader who don't know how to where a tie ?"

yeah, wearing a tie is a sure sign of brains huh.

Another sirikotha teaching?

Like getting jeans and suits for farmers?

B#1 said...

And we have a blogger called Lasantha who doesn't know how to write wear (where)?

Apino Dannachess said...

echolalia ,

This incident, the events that led to it ( I will not open a can of worms here) and some of the reactive comments being written in this blog illustrate how immature we are as a nation. We have a long way to go my friends...and I sure hope we will complete that journey soon....

Gen. Perera is a sunk cost now. But we should make sure that we reap the maximum out of this incident, both locally and intentionally.

Remember the priority should be to wipe out LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka and leave no room for resurgence.

Locally, we should use this to galvanize support rather than resorting petty political bickering ( at least on the surface).

Internationally, this should be given wide publicity to highlight that the LTTE terrorist are indeed indiscriminately murdering the civilian population.

I sincerely hope the "BulathHapaya" politicians and Sleepy Foreign Missions are up to the tasks.

Use this as reactionary excuse to target some of the LTTE locations....deterrence in disproportionate quantities. ( We can learn from the Israelis )


His leagence to UNP, should not be used to defame a successful military career and the service to the nation.

Anonymous said...

I think MR/GR/SF need to revise their security plans. If LTTE is sure about killing MR, the hard target, it is wise to eliminate JP, the easy target, who is sure potential threat.

When LTTE killed Premadasa, the hard target, few days before they killed LalithA, the easy target.

Unknown said...

guys leave the LTTE bootlicker navindran alone
It's pretty obvious the bugger is a major LTTE fan...

Apino Dannachess said...


Ali Hang Perawa Gatha Rila Motek, podi sellang dekak thunak dammata ochchara ganang ganda epa!

"Rilawata Computerayak Hambawuna Wagei"

Let the primate entertain us!


B#1 said...

Earlier what LTTE did was what they need

now what LTTE doing is what they can

and finally LTTE could do something and now the time to send some funds.

Apino Dannachess said...


Well said mate.


Srilankan said...

"I guess the LTTE wanted to send a message to Sarath that regardless of the time frame they will still kill their enemies".
Navindran there are 2 sides to this story..This applies to the LTTE as say 10 yrs..make it 20 yrs..during a LTTE diasphora wedding(when a member of the LTTE diassphoras children are getting married) an ex-LTTE cadre(whose parents were murdered by the LTTE) may just kill her....anything is possible once you loose the will to live,attend dinner parties,etc..
The more sinister motive here is to provoke a backlash.THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN EVER EVER AGAIN.may have something to do with the recent "human rights" conference at the U.N...The "overseas" people have to be pleased at all costs.

Louie Jacques said...

I think rajapaksha is still a barbarian. Not fully civilised yet. That is why we lost more than 3000 brave soldiers in this year only…. If Ranil became president we should be able to save all those lives
Remember a terrorist organization will be compact when there is a war only

Srilankan said...

BRO..This wont help the LTTE at all because i think
1)More brave young men will join the forces
2)More U.N.P supporters will visit soldiers and attend to their needs...
These LTTE buffoons have strenghtened the Hon Presidents hands inadvently i think..
at least i hope so

B#1 said...


Thanks mate. BTW, is this the latest version
"Rilawata Computerayak Hambawuna Wagei"
LOL :)

Louie Jacques said...

Pro-Mahinda guys,

How u insulted our General when he was alive but now you all are acting. Mahinda will be extremely happy bcoz of this incident(more that ltte fans). I’m sure.

Moshe Dyan said...


when lucky algama, gamini dissanayake, lakshman kadirgamam, t maheswaran, raviraj even premadasa was killed the present URINE PEE leadership headed by that PONNAYA DIDN'T UTTER A WORD OF CRITISISM against the LTTE.


bcos ranil has vezapillai's cock stuck in his (should be its) TONSILS!!!

were there ANY ATTEMPTS (just give ONE example) on the lives of ranil, jelalath, ravi, joseph michael, mano gona-sung AT LEAST from the socalled LRRP teams let alone the LTTE???????????



during ranill's time MORE soldiers died than now comparatively DOING NOTHING.

you use this chance to create a rift within the community so that your dear friends MAY be off the hook.

Moshe Dyan said...

we critisiced JCP bcos of THIS. we knew this coming.

we knew that RANIL and VEZAPILLAI (through ranil) will use him like a TOILET PAPER and throw away after using. they did the same thing to lakshman algama, premadasa, amirthalingam, rajiv ghandi, etc.

JCP made the worng POLITICAL choice of jumping into the hands of his potential killers.

B#1 said...


Yes, but small correction to be done in your previous post,
"if Ranil was not in the power (2002-2003), we could have save all those 3000 lives"

DENT said...

First Of, Please stop attacking Maj Jen JP. He is entitled to his views and so is every one else. But from there to calling him a traitor is a huge leap. SO PLEASE STOP IT IF YOU HAVE ANY REGARD FOR PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT FOR US AT LEAST ONE TIME OR ANOTHER.

Secondly, its a war lasantha, solders are going to die and I think the number you mentioned is bit too high. Also, they didn't just die. They died fighting unlike in the past,( at one time 1200 at one go) were slaughtered. This could only be described as a waste. Please Keep your political views away for a moment and support the cause. Dont play the tune or if we were there we could have done it better or differently. You are not there so get over it, and help the country. Calling defence secretory a traitor in the middle of the war, doesnt help any one. Even if they brought cars worht 40 million or how ever much..they are still our people. We have a law in the country to deal with such thing. But we cannot do so with terrorism...

After all this is done.. go back to what you believe as it is essential that you do so...

Anonymous said...

B#1 You said it mate.

MD don't waste time on tigers.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys see "lasantha" and "sajiv" are like the two sides of the same coin?

Louie Jacques said...

I’ll come in a logical way. See the greatest leaders in the world history. They all are natural and simple, See our Mahinda, he doesn’t have a single black hair but see him, always with pure black hair and with full make-up; that says it all

Other thing is, see the words used by pro-mahinda people in this page. I think, they are following their leaders way.

DENT said...

Please name a single leader we have had, in the past in our country, that fits your description...

DENT said...

I mean a great leader... as you say.

Srilankan said...

Well said mate..very well said..

Louie Jacques said...


see out Hon(lat)D.S.Senenayake,Ranil,...etc

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro B#1

It used to be "Wandurata Dali Pihiya Dunna Wagei"....with change in technology...I have reworded the old saying....he he he:)

Have to keep up with the changing times.....

Cheers Mate

V4Victory said...

Only our leader decides who to govern the island until he achives his goal. MR is a patirotic man in some sense so he should be good president of Sri Lanka and a good enemy for Tamil Eelam. But Ranil would have played double game and confused some of us in the middle path.

I dont think MR would have any threats from LTTE, but Gothapaya and SF definitly will be on the list for military reasons. So long as MR there, LTTE strategy will be justified for known reason.

Louie Jacques said...


Did u ever attend the funeral of army solider(at his house) ? Do u know the pain of his mother/father/ and siblings ?

We all hate terrorism. It should be wiped-off. What u r trying to do is to fighting with a deadly animal. What we r telling is to isolate the deadly animal by put that in a cage and cutting down its all supplies. (recall in one speech VP was very angry against Ranil )

V4Victory said...

Hi Lasantha

you got the trick ha.

Unknown said...


[What we r telling is to isolate the deadly animal by put that in a cage and cutting down its all supplies]

In case you haven't noticed, this is exactly what SLA is doing in north.

BTW: Ranil did the exact opposite during CFA.

Louie Jacques said...

I can give u the precise plane formed by Ranil & co. But still some of them are being used by our SLA intel – I don’t want to feed the secrets to tiger-fans here

MIA said...

Those who criticised Major General Janaka Perera just 2 months ago are now weaping. Many fake nationalists appeared from nowhere to demand his head. Now they have it.

Janaka Perera made the right political choice (He always made the right choice while a military man). He realised that the ethnic problem facing Sri Lanka needs a political solution; not a military one. Many monkeys who jump up and down here have been too scared to go to the battlefield.

Janaka went through it all and realised the truth. If you had been involved in this war either as a soldier or a reporter, you would have developed an enormous amount of respect for the enemy (LTTE). This is a different force from what we see around the world. It is not a business, it is a armed group backed by a large number of educated, liberal minded people from around the world.

The solution Sri Lanka needs is a political one. But to come there a few military strengths are required. This was the plan of Ranil and Janaka. It was not open and obstinate warfare with bogus promises and downplay of own casualties.

Now fake nationalists will jump up and down and call me a terrorist. I don't care. They called Janaka a traitor.

Sri Lanka needs the support of the international community to win the war and win peace. Ranil and Janaka were doing that slowly but steadily. Janaka was always a strong UNPer. But he did whatever that was assigned to him very well. Look what the Rajapaksha administration has done?

They ridiculed the international community and still think they can beat the LTTE without the support of the international community. They don't care to give a political solution. How can you blame the LTTE if they are not given an alternative?

Tamil people had more faith in Janaka Perera than Gotabhaya Rajapaksha or Sarath Fonseka. The duo lost all support thanks to their short sighted thinking. Dr John Pulle was the best friend Janaka had in the recent past. How can you win the war without those who run the war getting the support of the Tamil community?

You can't.

Janaka didn't want defected LTTE cadres to take east. He didn't want clandestine operatives to attack the LTTE in its territory. He fought very hard for over 800 innocent soldiers killed by Karuna Amman in 1990.

Janaka captured Rohana Wijeweera in 1989 but didn't kill him. He was a deciplined man. When you think something, he would have thought ten steps ahead. That is why he was barred from entering army camps by the government.

Janaka did everything right and the country lost him when it needed him most. My only worry is that there is no capable individual left to salvage the country and its armed forces.

DENT said...

D.S Senanayaka.. I have my views, but I will grant you that. Ranil? How can a leader who is incapable of winning an election,and doesnt even have the vision to see that young blood is needed to ensure the survival of the party be a great leader. Every one is saying he is a great thinker but if he doesnt even have " what it takes to win an election " how is he going to defeat a murdering band of thugs that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Great leaders as you say " Churchill, or Hitler( all things a side, he has his people doing his bidding with out force) had charisma. They were great leaders because they had people following them as one nation for one cause. Ensure the interests of the country and fight to the last breath. They gave good leadership and people trusted them to lead the nation to glory. What ever the out come may be, ( ofcourse one side had to loose) these are the Characteristics of a great leader. In the recent past we as a nation are beginning to believe we can end this thing. A single minded determination is coming through. I dont think its necessary MR being a great leader but lot of other things coming together. But the point is, most of the people in the country are willing to put aside, cost of living and other things to achieve a goal. We are starting to believe this is our country which is some thing that only existed long time ago. Please dont destroy that sense of unity, embrace it, if you love our country, no matter what party you are from. Only problem UNP and other parties are worried about is, if the current government wins this war, which I sincerely hope they would do, no one else will get back in to power for the next 30 years...

Louie Jacques said...

"My only worry is that there is no capable individual left to salvage the country and its armed forces"

Excellent man…………….. really great

razor lk said...


can u explain da millennium city incident?

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro B#1

It used to be "Wandurata Dali Pihiya Dunna Wagei"....with change in technology...I have reworded the old saying....he he he:)

Have to keep up with the changing times.....

Cheers Mate

lankaputhra said...

Dear Lasantha,

You are trying too hard to convince some people here imagine that they were born yesterday…why don’t you stop writing this blog and join with some media in Sri Lanka …you might get some support…I mean some cash as well...

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro B#1

It used to be "Wandurata Dali Pihiya Dunna Wagei"....with change in technology...I have reworded the old saying....he he he:)

Have to keep up with the changing times.....

Cheers Mate

Bhathiya said...


Well said....
Thumbs up bro .....

Louie Jacques said...

"can u explain da millennium city incident?

That is purely bcoz of lack of communication.(then all engeged in that realized)
if u have doubts ask any high profile SLA person

DENT said...

Are you saying that publishing information of informants, intelligence officials, killing Muthalif and all other DPU people was because of lack of communication. I think there was bit too much..

Louie Jacques said...


it is easy to sit in front of a computer and write but if u really like war go to battle front n see.
(two of my brother are still serving SLA and airforce)

Unknown said...

So Lasantha your brothers are resenting the decision to join Sri Lankan armed forces?

Peter said...

So many people here appear to have not heard of the word justice.

For the thousands of Tamils chased out of Mankindimalai to create Janakapura.

For the thousands of Tamils buried in Chemmani.

For 25 years of refugee life.

There is justice.

Louie Jacques said...

they love thier job and their mother land. Do u think is correct to die for short political gains ?

razor lk said...

Ranil - Only addresses to sri lankans who r really inteligent(tel da reality in a more long term view)
not more than 30 percent of sri lankans

Mahinda - addresses to all the dumb sri lankans and make fantasies in their minds.only tells about short term benefits.
60 pecent of sri lanka population

this is just an brief explanation abot mahindas winning formula...
Using of such strategy in a country like SL is not a very bad thing to do...
i personally think LTTE should be defeated while providing a solution to tamil people

but in 2005 election mahind didnt say any thing abt political solution, he never mentioned about appointing pillean as eastern province minster.. thats how it goes... good luck MR

Peter said...

What is Nibbana? Sounds like a seedy three stars hotel in Colombo.

Apino Dannachess said...

Guys, I think a DiAssPora Kotiya is taking everybody for a ride in the guise of a well meaning Sri Lankan.

V4Victory said...

Nibanaa means Plese god, forget about what he did wrong, but provide a seat in heaven. like that.

Shyam said...

v4victory said...

Nibanaa means Plese god, forget about what he did wrong, but provide a seat in heaven. ...

Heaven ..? are you killers need to go heaven . ... Killers are only allowed to go Helll....

Unknown said...

Ho ho ho!

And guess who has the balcony seat in heaven while Janaka Perera goes to hell!

None other than Velupillai Prabhakaran!

Louie Jacques said...

Can anyone explain to me why government reduced the security of our general very recently ?

lankaputhra said...

so what? Ask them (you brothers) to leave the job if they can't serve the country...I do what I can you don't know who I am..but I will never post some crap to manupilate the just talking crap a do the same as I do in front of computer but different way..
My friend this country belongs to all of us end of the day we all need peaceful life..VP will never change so you need to get rid of him for the sake of all who love thi country..

Louie Jacques said...


I would like to know who u r ?

perein said...

You are spot on bro. This wont help at all for LTTE.
Infact this would help world to see the rutless terror in Sri Lankan which keep targeting the innoncent civilians.
End is so near for LTTE.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Peter,

Let me answer your question on Nibbana quoting an all time Jazz greats

Man, if you have to ask what it (jazz) is, you'll never know.
~ Louis Armstrong


Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pottu Amman said...

To all who 'think' that Janaka Perera commited war crimes; the following will be useful;

Following is the answer from Mr Downer (

The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)Yes, I am aware of the report.

(2)I understand that end-use certificates are normally signed by the Commander of the Army or Master General of Ordinance. Major-General Perera has occupied neither position.

(3)The RPO-A Shmel is not a chemical warhead, but rather a thermobaric weapon.

(4)The use of thermobaric weapons is not prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) or any other international instrument, including the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW).


(6)No. The allegations that the end-user certificates for the RPO-A Shmel Rockets were signed by Major-General Perera do not warrant further inquiry because the use of such weapons is not prohibited.

(7)Yes. The use of the weapon in question is not prohibited.

Note: This link does not work now even though it worked way back in Sun Oct 16, 2005 4:29 pm. Appreciate if someone can dug this link back and put an end to this nonsense.

B#1 said...

Peter, Shyam, Lasantha etc.

You guys never going to get into the title "Weera Wanakkam" if you stay like this. My advice for you all to join LTTE. Then very soon you all will get under that title. :)

Now OR Never :)

Unknown said...

"Can anyone explain to me why government reduced the security of our general very recently ?

You tell us

Sandun Dasanayake said...

When Ranga Sirilal reporting about Janaka Perera's assassination for reuters why he put this phrase in between. Only to get more dollars...

"Every government since independence from Britain in 1948 has been led by the Sinhalese, and Tamils for years have complained of marginalization and broken promises, which helped spark the LTTE-led war in 1983."

As more than 74% people are Sinhales there is no surprise about the fact that Sinhalese dominated the governments. It's just plain mathematics.

V4Victory said...

As it is expected, I have received reliable inforamtion, it is LTTE who did this attack.

I had thought why should LTTE kill JP at this point of time as it apperared that JP was giving headache to MR. But the truth finally came out.

JP was in the process of recruiting soldiers after failing to secure the last election.

Jambudipa said...

Hello mia,

The solution Sri Lanka needs is a political one. But to come there a few military strengths are required. This was the plan of Ranil and Janaka.

Ranil had his chance with a political solution with the LTTE. While he entered the process with an 'international safety net', backing of India and the Scandanavians with genuine intent, there was no intention on the part of LTTE to come to a negotiated settlement. The only reason LTTE entered 2002 CFA was to lie low during 9/11 consequently establish control firmly on the East capturing Trinco. If they overran Trinco, supplies to the north would have been crippled and we would have had to eventually give up Jaffna sealing the entire NE firmly in the hands of LTTE. It was mother nature who stood in the way of this plan. The boxing day Tsunami pre-empted the 'Final War' with over 13 boatloads of weaponry they had smuggled during this period. When the army took them over the Mavil-Aru issue, they took a gamble and finally went ahead with the so called final war with the little they had. However, Tsunami and Karuna breaking away took the edge off the final war. What we saw at Sampoor with LTTE firing artillery at the Trinco port was the remnants of the final war they had been planning since the beginning of 2002.

Its true there is a political element that needs addressing. But how the fuck would you do this, if these cunts only pretend they are interested only to take some R+R and then throw it back at your face? Can you remember ANY TAMIL being angry with LTTE when they broke off talks with Ranil? This is the nature of the savage. There are not 'liberals' in this camp. If there were, there would be no child soldiers or suicide bombing civilians. For crying out loud, get this into your thick fucking head. Ranil's experiment failed and trying it yet again would only be a waste of time and resources unless you can outline something better than 'the international safety net, Indian backing and third party mediation.

Peter said...


I see a pic of your Maj Gen's shoes lying around.

Why don't you go and fill them?

After all, it is the SLA that is on recruitment drives.

Anonymous said...

//Guys, I think a DiAssPora Kotiya is taking everybody for a ride in the guise of a well meaning Sri Lankan.//

Time will tell. It takes more time for some to see the 'kotiya' under the wrapped 'sinha' skin.

JP is gone and you can see now LTTE feed the thrilled diaspora of some 'vavunia attack', while int. media whitewash LTTE.

We need to
1)concentrate on other possible targets and prevention.
2)make this a oppertunity to put pressure on IC/
3)make this a opertunity to get united between SLFP and UNP which took a U turn recently on the war

Other aspects, insulting JP saying he was anti-MR or blaming on GSL both diversionary tactics. When get into this trap you missthe main point. Now you are blaming on MR/GSL and UNP and LTTE is safely kept aside.

Pottu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pottu said...

When did you escape from the rat hole.
You have been a good rat hole digger. I order you to start diggin

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Ninja,

Fully agree mate. If we can come up with the Magic Portion that can unite all Sri Lankans over and above the party politics, then LTTE is history.

So my fellow bloggers, if you are patriotic Sri Lankans....then lets not pow-wow about a dead man.....good or bad. Lets unite and go after the common enemy...Racist DiAssPora and their local representatives.

Civilians death seems to draw the DiAssPora Blood Worms out of the woodwork....see how they are active today.

Cheers All

Peter said...


You want holes to bury Jannaka?

Don't bother. Just feed him to the stray dogs in Anuradapura; that way he is guaranteed a place in Nibana, with the rest of the pile that the dog will eventually 'poop' out.

Anonymous said...

Ha Charles Anthonies' Step Brother is again back Peter Pan.

Wander who his mother his.he..he..,

Anonymous said...

oh yeah he comes from Neverland right

Pottu said...

Peter is my son.
I could not give him or Charlie my last name due to official reasons of the unofficial facts.

Anonymous said...

Oh so Charlie Chaplin is your relative, man the guys a actor..

Apino Dannachess said...

DiAssPora Koti....lanuwa denda withary one.......

Ape Atho...balldiya hoyala, lanuwa geta gahagena....adagena Naagannwa!!!!

Angapura Nagannawa....

perein said...

Did you find any details about those 40 which got mentioned By Rana?
I could not find any at all.

Jambudipa said...

The specialforces dude in LNP has already spilled the beans over lapses in security of the President. I also saw all three forces chiefs togeather recently at a sports event. Why take such risks? If Fernandopulle can be assasinated, there is nothing to stop them taking others in the govt. They only need to be lucky once. Lets not be too cocky.

V4Victory said...

Apino cool down,

umbala 6000 sarayak mahansi unamath karanda baha...

munla the thun sarayen karai.

It happened it will happen anyway

Apino Dannachess said...

Dude v4victory

I'm cool man....

Honestly I don't remember which camp you are in.....with all these ramblings I have lost track.


Anonymous said...

eiy anna muta the mathakwela, aney pouw, the kadeyakwath na mu inna rate, shike...Lankawata wareng the witharak nemeiy biscuituth dennang.

V4Victory said...


you dont know who is your right man.

It was Ranil who made the rift between VP and Karuna. Without getting karuna your side, do you think you guys would have been able to take over east.

It was Ranil who deceived the intel community and get them in your backyard till now.

You guys never understand the truth.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Perein,

Same here....Rana may have got inside info as he claimed....but both sides mum about it ....even if it really happened. Specially TamilNut will go to town with it: photos, captured weapons etc.

Really strange...I read in, that SLA lost 8 or 12 solders in this battle.

That's all I know.

Something is really really wrong with the Putty Tatt side of things...unusually silent....hope the truth will come out soon.

Coming week, our brothers ( both Civi as well as SLDF) will have to be extra vigilant...Putties will do some stunt to wrestle the attention back to them....strategic or otherwise.

Government/ SLDF should use today's attack to their advantage and go for an island wide CAT hunt screening all migrants new and old from north. We should strike while the iron is hot. Make lot of noise about this civilian killings in the international media and then go all out to screen the migrants.


Anonymous said...

Payed of...

So how do you think the whole east went against the north, how come you had to send pussy cats from the north to create some kind of stability, yeah come on..please...

of course the comming of Karuna revealed allyour military positions, thats a strategical advantage, but since the wanni operation you have had time to change every critical position of yours in the north, do you think that the ranking officers of the Tigers would keep these same positions, unless there are some nore tipping the army off, and now there is no way to control the outflow of info..guess thats the real problem.

Pottu Amman said...

Dear Apino Dannachess,

Why only screen migrants from the North? GOSL should screen EVERYBODY whom they suspect immaterial of ethnicity for they all can be LTTE terrorists. This move will also put pressure on the underworld too.

Pottu Amman said...


Whether its MR or RW; what we need to identify is that LTTE is responsible for this and they (LTTE) must be completely liquidated. Please don't look from political glasses. LTTE is our true enemy (other one being corruption); so focus your strength on destroying the LTTE.

Later on, we can get together and bash our favourite political opponent to our hearts content. Until then, please hold your peace and unite against the common enemy.

Jambudipa said...


It was Ranil who made the rift between VP and Karuna. Without getting karuna your side, do you think you guys would have been able to take over east.

Karuna went on the peace delegation to Europe and saw for himself how the world outside lived. He simply lost interest with the movement as has others in the East. Him taking part in the talks wasn't Ranil's plan. So how can Ranil have anything to do with the eastern mutiny? Ranil was about appeasement and appeasement only. He went so far as getting legal advise from the British govt to hand over ISGA to LTTE when they rejected federal. Why would this weasel take any risk to earn the wrath of Vezha?

I however agree that he had a plan. I concede this route would have also made LTTE irrelevant as time went by. However, this would have taken another 10-15 years of slow grinding process. Equal number of lives would have been lost. The economy would have improved somewhat. However, not to its highest potential since the uncertainty with the resumption of hostilities would stop people from investing. He took it the furtherst possible distance. Its now redundant however.

History said...


Janaka Perera!!!

May he attained Nibbana

Apino Dannachess said...

Flash back,

Before the the fall of the east and Thoppigala...these Net-Terrorist were shouting kudos to the PuttyTatts and how the East can never be brought under control.

What happened? We sent them packing and reduced their existence in the east to mere nuisance attacks.

Now that we are at the doorstep of their pseudo state, and about to obliterate it, once again the Net-Terrorist are playing the same old song.

Have patience my bros. We will overrun their quasi heartlands in due time.

What will happen then?? Will they be silent. No. They only know one song and they will continue singing it. And mind you they know it well! LA Ti DA Ti Da!!!!

Do we mind it. Hell NO. Let them create havoc in their adapted heartfelt sympathies to the indigenous populace of such countries.

This plague will continue till the world realize what they really are....but in the meantime, lets end the plague in our motherland.


Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Pottu Amman

Yes that's even better. I only hope these things happen. Otherwise its folks like you and me typing our frustrations away, while the terrorist goes blowing up everywhere under the guise of innocent civilians.


History said...

This attack can very well be a trick to increase the speed of the offensive operations. They (LTTE) wanted Army to come fast, I think we should delay them as long as we can.. There must have some kind of a trap.

On the other hand, we should increase the security of the important figures of the gov to protect them from future attacks like these..

If someone think that by killing Janaka Perera LTTE can threatened SF, then they are day dreaming..

Apino Dannachess said...

>>>>>>>>>* TMVP leader Karuna to be sworn in as a MP in Sri Lanka Parliament

Oct 06 (CP) Colombo- Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) leader Vinayagamoorthi Muralidaran alias Karuna will be sworn in as a Member of Parliament representing the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA), according to a gazette notification under Article 64(5) of the Constitution, the government announced today.

Karuna will be filling the seat left behind by Marxist party JVP MP H.M. Wasantha Samarasinghe to contest the North Central Provincial Council election on the JVP ticket.<<<<<<<<

5S principles: everything's got a place and everything should be kept in that allotted space. Don't allow things to go astray. Good work.

History said...

If anyone wants to know "v4victory" is from which side, ask me.. I am the history I know the past better than all of you,, that bugger is pure LTTE.. :-))

koombiya said...

Sri lanka lost a good man, may he rest in peace.

I got some info on some Tamilnut pics,

The house destryed by the SLAF bombing(3rd pic) is actually a civilin type house but NOT USED BY ANY CIVILIAN, and its used by the LTTE intelligence units. and it's said to me about 10m away from the UN office in the first pic.
Only the roof tiles are shaken in the UN office which is now abandoned. and the tiger house is in hell.
This is great accuracy by SLAF.

Sam Perera said...

Ok mia,

You are back with another load of crap. Once again, you little nitwit, how do you know that people here have not been to the battle field? Is this your military insider telling you or is it just your imagination? It seems that you have lots of information about JP’s counter insurgency ops as if you have seen it with your own eyes. You openly claimed that you weight Sri Lanka and LTTE equally and now you are trying to be a nationalist? Let me tell you something, along with your garbage pieces of situation reports and undying efforts to demoralize the Sri Lankans against our own survival, your acts almost border line on treason. So far you have not attempted to answer my question as to why you cooked up the story of “Indira Radars” and the need to fess up to other fabrications you did in the past. As I told you last time, you are destined to be in the garbage bins of history.

Hey lasantha,

It seems that you are trying to fish in troubled waters. Your overt motives here are strangely similar to that low life scum Lasantha Wickramatunge or LTTE propaganda wing member. If you are the LW, then consider you to be pure human garbage destined to be in the what?, yes garbage bins of Sri Lankan history. It seems that lasantha as usual saw another opportunity to be himself and coming up with all funny stories of how RW did Karuna spilt etc. We all know the kinds of stupid strategies RW followed including the LRRP millennium treachery. Instead of acting sensibly by standing behind our forces in this crucial moment, scum like you choose to act in a despicable manner to demoralize our force. Remember, this is a no holds-barred place for anybody to open mouths. This is not your news paper; you will get scrutinized to the end. Please tell your stories to the gullible audience, perhaps Sunday Leader of TamilNet. Readership here is more attuned to your garbage and shameless acts.

Who is v4victory,

On a side note to other readers, v4victory is very likely to be a LTTE low level financier who is utterly disappointed by any tangible LTTE terrorist action. Of course, with the today’s kill of 28 civilians, he is jubilant. That is how LTTE terrorists keep the diehard blood thirsty base happy.

perein said...


I hope president can read what you have written as below.

5S principles: everything's got a place and everything should be kept in that allotted space. Don't allow things to go astray.

Sam Perera said...


Unlike you little scumbag, Gen Janaka Perera has a very special place in our history. Don’t ever insult a great hero of Sri Lanka like this.

Defencewire said...


Don't pass judgment on someone you have no idea of! Understand?

Corey said...

Lasantha and others trying to tie the SL Govt to this murder:
The ltte warned the UNP a day before on tamilnet. See what Boarding Guy said:
Here's the warning before the suicide attack on UNPers:

UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort
[TamilNet, Sunday, 05 October 2008, 09:02 GMT]
United National Pary (UNP) Senior Party Member and Colombo district parliamentarian, Ravi Karunanayake, accompanied by several of his supporters, visited injured Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officers at the Colombo Jayawardenepura Hospital and wished speedy recovery, political sources in Colombo said. The MP handed over essential goods to the injured, and complemented the officiers for the victories they have accomplished in the NorthEast battlefield, sources added.

UNP will continue to provide bipartisan support to the soldiers, Mr Karunanayake told the media after his hospital visit.

Mr Karunanayake added that the Rajapakse Government should not attempt to gain political capital from the battlefield successes of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added.

Pottu Amman said...

Dear all,

Please remember that whether Janaka is a UNP supporter (accordingly to Sajiv, he's a traitor due to that action lone) or not, he was a civilian and the LTTE killed with him; around 28 civilians and maimed close to 100. This is what LTTE does best. So work together to fight this plague. FOCUS people.

JP should have been more security conscious... however, no point discussing it now. Our hopeless politicians will NEVER learn and the entire thing will be forgotten until the next suicide attack.

May you and your followers rest in peace my dear JP.

Defencewire said...

Dear All,

Some of your comments have sunk to an all-time low with all decency and respect expected of humans completely being ignored! We are deeply saddened to see another man in Uniform die and be humiliated by this shameful party partisan politics. General Perera to us was a man who, whatever his political affiliations after retirement, made perhaps the most prominent contribution to the Army in the early 2000s and even before in defending with all his might Jaffna and also nurturing many young officers under him. General Perera's contribution to the Independent Brigade, the putting down of a communist insurgency in the south etc will someday make sense to newcomers to this world. Historians will give him the credit he deserves.

perein said...

Unfortunately we are belong to a nation who has very short memory. For a fact short memory is not a excuse to behave none human format.
Let's hope those will wiser sooner or later.

Gringo said...

["Retired Ex Commando General assassinated by cowards"

Oh... Janaka... why did you ever underestimate a bunch of known bunch of mad killers?

With all the great achievements and colorful feathers on your cap... what made you see that you could defeat LTTE by joining the sitting-on-the-fence weak-birds in the UNP?

We all SHOULD know by now... whether it's war or peace... LTTE and their coolies have designs in place to kill our leaders.. then (conveniently) us.... IS ANYONE DOUBTING THIS PLAN B OF THE LTTE?

The #1 item on our list of priorities is to seek and DDT every single LTTE terrorist and their sponsor. Don't give whimsical excuse, get divided or tell that it cannot be done.

May JP attain nibbana.

Defencewire said...

Unknown to many who support the LTTE and Eelam, General Perera was also advocating very strongly for a political solution (alongside a military weakening of Tamil militancy). Like during his days in the Army, general Perera went to battle for what he believed and for the side he chose and ended his life for that belief. Few of us would get that choice in life.

He wouldn't have regretted to having ended his life in this manner. After all, this type of threat was always following him.though he has been out of the uniform for around 8 years, he was still very much interested in the Army.

LTTE definitely has an axe to grind with him. His Special Forces recce teams were the first to detect LTTE teams preparing an assault on Janakapura. Along with Maj Gen. Wajira Wijegoonewardene, he managed to trap and kill 800 Tigers that night. This is the largest debacle the LTTE has ever faced.

Defencewire said...

Janaka was not the last officer to face this humiliation. I remember many years ago civilians talking about Wijaya Wimalaratne being a traitor. A false story was made-up by a woman and the whole country believed it. Many officers, who after all have the right to their own political opinions, felt completely disillusioned.

Colonel Jayavi Fernando and Lucky Rajasinghe left the Special Forces due to political disgruntlement. Janaka had faced the same too. But do we judge these men based on their political opinions in private life or do we respect their achievements, seniority, bravery, outspokenness and commitment to duty?

Our appeal to the readers is to leave the politics behind and to celebrate the man in his original glory, as a Great leader, tactician and lionheart!

MrBrown said...

[ LTTE definitely has an axe to grind with him. His Special Forces recce teams were the first to detect LTTE teams preparing an assault on Janakapura. Along with Maj Gen. Wajira Wijegoonewardene, he managed to trap and kill 800 Tigers that night. This is the largest debacle the LTTE has ever faced. ]
Again pusvedi by DW..
It was around 185-200 LTTE were killed buddy.. SLA captured around 150 bodies and did the worst disgracefuk things to LTTE females fighters body..Even they cut their breast from female bodies. I wont be surprised if some of them had sex with female daed bodies..what a low life bunch of thugs in SLA: Are u one of them DW

V4Victory said...

Hello History

I dont know your are the true history. but anyway for the poor guys, you cant play the same game outside Sri lanka.

Cool down tolerence is important when you live in outside sri lanka.

I cannot find any diffrence between you and KR(kothapaya). I know you guys for you every one looks like LTTE when you are dissappointed with the attack.

Dont take this as victory. It is me who condemn that attack first here.

When you are beaten, find the faults to others or name them as tigers. Never ever try to correct yourself.

perein said...


V4Victory said...


I couldnt imagine when I read. Could you tell me when it happened. I know he had direct connection with Chemmani massacre. but i didnt know about this.

TigerKiller said...

"I know he had direct connection with Chemmani massacre"

True face of v4 coming out :):):)

Corey said...

Prabhakaran should surrender for any Indian intervention:Swamy
Chennai (PTI):

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Monday said if the present "killings of Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan army" have to be stopped by India, LTTE leader Prabhakaran must surrender before the Indian High Commission in Colombo.

In a statement here, he said, "if the present killings of Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan army have to be stopped by Indian Intervention, then Prabhakaran, the terrorist leader of the LTTE and assassin of Rajiv Gandhi, must surrender before the Indian High Commission in Colombo and leave safety of the Tamils to the people in India."

"We in India shall ensure that the safety of the Tamils is guaranteed," he said. "But unfortunately Prabhakaran is using innocent Tamil people, particularly children, as hostages for his own safety in his underground hideout," he added.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Perein,

I hope President see this too.

Tried and tested Japanese principle which can be applied to any context.

Dear Sam

Good batting mate. Keep it up.

All Patriots,
I have seen JP in real life.If these DiAssPora Web-hooligans met JP on one to one basis, his presence itself is enough for them to soil their pants. That's what happened to 200 or so ( If my memory is correct) PuttyTatts that got slaughtered by this Generals cunning.


ravana said...

hi folks,
vey sad news may he attend nibbana.what ever the political issues he's one of the person who makes VP wants to pee everytime.
anyway gyus batle ground back to noraml again.definetly end of this week we will have the second set of ltte team escaping from thr battle ground.meanwhile one of our SF team deep down in MUlathiv just gave few unbelivable tips.if the things happend according to the SLAF plan there wil be more suiside cases in south.specilay colombo.
brfore 15th you can hear one of beautifull news about one of LTTE leader.
hey any of you know what happened to sussei????huhu huhu huuu

Gringo said...

["Retired Ex Commando General assassinated by cowards"

... and the LTTE coolies everywhere and foreign 'experts' of Sri Lanka keep reminding us that LTTE is fighting to create a homeland for 'Tamils' who have beem margianlized by the majority...

he he he....

Apino Dannachess said...

While the lost racist Tamil DiAssPora is funding a blood thirsty war..see whats done by their brothers who are wise enough to live peacefully with rest of the Sri Lankans.....

>>>>>>>>>>>Center for the Development of Tamil Artists recognizes Sri Lanka President
Oct 06 (CP) Colombo: The Center for the Development of Tamil Artists presented President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a memento today to honor the recognition the President brought to the Tamil-speaking world by speaking in Tamil for the first time at the <<<<<<<<<<

ravana said...

hey one more thing beforewind up...

SLA need as much as mineral water people can contrbute t this.please

Unknown said...

Sri Lanka lost a great hero . As a Sri Lankan who loved his country I think u for the service you provided for our nation .

Also people this is hardly the time to be divided along party lines . this is the unfortunate thing about us , untruths half truths rumors and then division .

We have had many political leaders killed by these bastards . every-time there is a rumor that it is their political opponents . In the end it gets proven out who the real killers are .
I can only hope that our people would wise up and band together to eliminate this threats that really want to eliminate us . but may be that is hoping for too much .

perein said...

There must be a way to get these kind or request published official way, so people can act fast(With more info)
Where did you get your details please?

Apino Dannachess said...

I hope our Foreign Ministry will play the cards well.....

India summons Lankan envoy
Indian officials met with a senior Sri Lankan diplomat today to express grave concern and unhappiness about growing civilian casualties in Sri Lanka's decades long civil war.<<<<<<<<<

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Rawana,

Looking forward to hear that news....keep em coming

Cheers Bro

perein said...

Bro, it's simple...
Should try to buy 10 weeks then let every one in North celebrate X-mas.

ravana said...

for me i dont think SLA never ask these things publicly...thats our duty to ask them what actualy they want.

sorry mate i cant tell you how iam getting these info.latest MI revealed that the their may be massive attck in a school or some place like that.therefore we need to be alert more.

Apino Dannachess said...

For those DiAssPora Die hard's, here is some thing from the past: do you see any similarities???
The Battle of Berlin, 1945

The final chapter in the destruction of Hitler's Third Reich began on April 16, 1945 when Stalin unleashed the brutal power of 20 armies, 6,300 tanks and 8,500 aircraft with the objective of crushing German resistance and capturing Berlin. By prior agreement, the Allied armies (positioned approximately 60 miles to the west) halted
Devastation in Berlin
Soviet troops at the Brandenburg Gate
their advance on the city in order to give the Soviets a free hand. The depleted German forces put up a stiff defense, initially repelling the attacking Russians, but ultimately succumbing to overwhelming force. By April 24 the Soviet army surrounded the city slowly tightening its stranglehold on the remaining Nazi defenders. Fighting street-to-street and house-to-house, Russian troops blasted their way towards Hitler's chancellery in the city's center.

Inside his underground bunker Hitler lived in a world of fantasy as his "Thousand Year Reich" crumbled above him. In his final hours the Fuehrer married his long-time mistress and then joined her in suicide. The Third Reich was dead.

Full text :

If you read the full text, the forthcoming end of your Eelam is very much similar to what happened almost 70 years ago in Germany.

So my friends, you may sing victory songs..over little incidents.....but for how long if I may ask?. It will be wise for you to keep your traps shut...that way you don't have to swallow your own words....but then again the word shame is not in your vocabulary.


Unknown said...

We have lost another great leader and a good soldier today! They shall for ever be in our hearts.

Rover said...


I fully agree with your views on Janaka.

LTTE feared that Janaka would be an even greater threat to them as a polico-military man than a purely military man. Despite retiring from the army, this was why he was killed. With his temperament and ambitiousness, Janaka would have gone on to be a president of SL.

"LTTE definitely has an axe to grind with him. His Special Forces recce teams were the first to detect LTTE teams preparing an assault on Janakapura. Along with Maj Gen. Wajira Wijegoonewardene, he managed to trap and kill 800 Tigers that night. This is the largest debacle the LTTE has ever faced."

You have left out a vital bit of information, perhaps on purpose, on where he got the initial intelligence about the Welioya attack. Anyway, only a very few people would know this. But that source is not longer active in Sri Lanka, but yet, it is unethical to reveal it. But these should be made available to the historians to say how exactly we won this war. This is not the time for it, so we should wait.

Observer said...

To All PeeLaam di-ass-pora,

If you think you are getting closer to PeLaam with these kind of killings.


Sinaha said...

He was an astute soldier, but I'll put his death squarely on UNP for NOT providing adequate security for him. Couldn't UNP afford to get past military men to provide security for him when the Govt refused?

Moreover, UNP made the need for security for him a national issue drawing full attention of the LTTE to him. Not all retiring Generals get security as demanded by UNP. Not even CBK got security as she demanded. Remember, there is a war going on and we need all able persons on the battle field

GoldenEagle said...

Our country is about to construct ATOMIC REACTORS using thorium.

Sri Lanka to construct atomic reactors

Exploiting vast deposits of ‘Thorium’ found on coastline

By Sandun A. Jayasekera

Sri Lanka is to construct atomic reactors to generate power exploiting vast deposits of ‘Thorium’ found on our coastline from Beruwala to Negombo as a solution to the power crisis facing the country, Science and Technology Minister Tissa Vitharana said.

Speaking to Daily Mirror on his return from Vienna after participating in the annual sessions of the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), Prof, Vitharana said the Sri Lanka delegation had a fruitful discussion with the Indian delegation on the sideline of the IAEA main sessions.

“The Indians have developed a technology to enrich Thorium as a source of energy to produce electricity.

“They are on the verge of commissioning a reactor for power generation in India using Thorium as main resource. The Sri Lankan delegation was able to convince the Indian scientists the possibility of constructing a Thorium reactor in Sri Lanka as we have huge Thorium deposits that run from Beruwala to Negombo,” Prof Vitharana said.

A team of Indian atomic research experts would visit Sri Lanka shortly for a feasibility study and work out a programme. The Indian team was expected to submit a report to the Sri Lanka government and the IAEA. The Sri Lankan government would discuss the subject with the IAEA and the Indian government, he said.

Chairman, Atomic Energy Authority, Dr. W. Abeywickrama who was also a member of the team

headed by Prof. Vitharana to Vienna said India had directed its attention to Thorium enrichment for power generation as enrichment of Uranium was becoming costly. “The feasibility study would show us how cheap we could exploit Thorium for power generation,” Dr. Abeywickrama said.

Sri Lanka has already exploited almost all its natural resources for power generation. The country would confront a huge power crisis in the future if Sri Lanka does not turn to alternative resources to generate power.

Out of 2411 MW of power generated in the country now 1207 MW is Hydro, 548 MW is Thermal and 3 MW is Wind supplied by the CEB. The private sector contribution is 653 MW which 86 is Hydro and 567 Thermal.

The combined capacity of Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project, Norochcholai Coal Power Plant, Combined Cycle Power Plant and Liquid Natural Gas Terminal at Kerawalapitiya would add another 2000 MW in the next 10 years to the national grid.

“We have to turn to cheap alternative resources for power generation as a sustainable solution to the power crisis that would come to a peak in the next few years, Prof. Vitharana said.

N said...


You are a genius and your arguments are great, your logic about outer appearance ‘black hair’, oh..where were you all this time? It’s a pity that our country cannot utilize your rational mind to the maximum.

According to you the following done by ‘Ponna Ranil’ was very beneficial for Sri Lanka right?

… handing over 1/3 of Sri Lanka to VP when the whole world declared war against terrorism. (US and other nations were voluntarily helping us but this stupid idiot Ranil did not have the common sense to make use of the situation).

… signing a non functional CFA which was violated by LTTE more than 6000 times.

… bringing out bunch of ruthless terrorists from the Wanni jungle and convincing the world that LTTE is a political party and they are the sole representatives of the Tamils.

….. by initiating the second phase of the Eelam master-plan and trying to make a bridge to Tamilnadu. (Phase 1. merge N&E, Phase 2. link N&E to Tamilnadu )

….. by criticizing all military achievements by our valiant security forces.

…. By having never said a single word against LTTE.

….by joining hands with pro-LTTE TNA all the time.

Your inability to analyze the facts impartially explains one thing and I don’t wish to hurt you by saying that … but unfortunately most of the others in this blog (except those LTTE imbeciles) are intelligent and they can clearly see through. My advice to you is just keep your trap shut if you want have some dignity, the more you talk the more you convince others of your level of understanding.

Delmar said...

To All DiAssPora Cousins....

A good Poem to sing while your heroes are dying for your dream:

I visit Canada, get treated regal,
So I stay, who care I illegal?
I cross ocean, poor and broke,
Take bus, see employment folk.

Nice man treat me good in there,
Say I need to see welfare.
Welfare say, "You come no more,
We send cash right to your door."

Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
Medicaid, it keep you healthy!
I go to college, for me it's free,
and now I have a Ph.D.

By and by, I got plenty money,
Thanks to you, Canadian dummy.
Write to friends in Eelam,
Tell them come as fast as you can.

They come in turbans and Ford trucks,
I buy big house with welfare bucks.
They come here, we live together,
More welfare checks, it gets better!

Fourteen families they moving in,
But neighbor's patience wearing thin.
Finally, white guy moves away,
Now I buy his house, and then I say,

"Find more aliens for house to rent."
And in the yard I put a tent.
Send for family (they just trash),
But they, too, draw the welfare cash!

Everything is very good,
And soon we own the neighborhood.
We have hobby-- it's called breeding,
Welfare pay for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!
Canadians crazy! He pay all year,
To keep welfare running here.

We think Canada darn good place!
Too darn good for the white man race.
If they no like us, they can scram,
Got lots of room in Eelam.

God Bless The Canadians

Corey said...

Uthayam Editorial:

‘He Must Go - & He Must Go NOW for the Sake of Tamils’- Uthayam Editorial in Australia

2008-10-03 10:47:34
AS, I write this Government forces are closing in on the last bit of territory held by the LTTE in the Vanni. Everyone was expecting the LTTE to pull a rabbit out of their hat and turn the tide. Other than throwing a few canisters of CS gas they have not produced anything to prove that they can fight the Sri Lankan forces. There is hardly time left either for the LTTE to inspire confidence among the cadres to keep on fighting. The last remaining cadres can fight but for what? The advance of the Sri Lankan forces has driven the last nail into Prabhakaran’s promised Eelam. It is now clear that the last battles are fought to protect Prabhakaran and his status and not the Tamil people trapped in a losing war. All reports indicate that the LTTE, apart from losing territory, has lost manpower and firepower. They have now lost even the prestige they had by holding on to territory. The LTTE can no longer boast that they are running a de facto state.
The LTTE, of course, has the capacity to fight. But that is not the issue. The issue is to ask what they can achieve, or hope to achieve by fighting. They no longer pose the threat they did when they claimed to have parity of status with the government. They have lost all what they gained by signing the Ceasefire Agreement which they tore up hoping to get more. There is no one to blame for the present plight except the LTTE leadership, its advisers and the Tamils in the diaspora who had dumped millions into a useless cause.
In a desperate bid the LTTE is turning to the diaspora. The diaspora, on the other hand, was banking on the LTTE to keep on winning militarily. Now they are feeling useless. They have nothing to show for the millions they poured into the Tamil war chest. Their money is useful still but only to construct more graveyards. The LTTE too has nowhere to go except into more graveyards. The tragedy facing the Tamils is that after fighting for 30-odd years we have nothing to show except graveyards. Our people have no proper food, clothing, shelter or water. Our people driven from place to place have no rest. No security. Nor the basic freedoms to live with dignity.
At last the time has come for us to go through an agonizing reappraisal of our condition. At last now we must have the courage to admit that we were wrong. We must admit that we took the wrong path. We must apologise to our people for misleading them into taking up arms. We must recognize now that the only way to save our people is to abandon arms and to sue for peace, if the leadership of the LTTE has a positive answer they must tell the people how they can win with arms or what can be done. Their only answer comes out of the mouths of guns. The Tamil people have heard that and are tired of it. Above all, they know that guns are not going to deliver them the goal promised by their misguided leaders. We exaggerated our power to change the world. We were told that we had changed the world when we killed Rajiv Gandhi, when we killed Sri Sabaratnam and Pathmanaba , when we killed Amirthalingam, Neelan Tiruchelvam and our entire Tamil leadership.
But what is left for the Tamils now? We have a leadership that cannot step into the world because they are banned. We have a leadership that cannot step out of their house because they are hunted by their enemies, some of whom are among our own people. We have a leadership that cannot give a piece of bread, a grain of rice or a drop of medicine to our people. Our leadership depends for the basic essentials on “Sinhala- government”. If we cannot win militarily, if all our strategies have ended in losing everything we had, if we are nowhere near our Eelam, if the money we donate go to more deaths and destruction of our people with no end in sight, if we are still dependent for everything on the “Sinhala -government” which we have blamed from day one then what are the options available to us?
The last hope of the LTTE is the Tamil diaspora. The future of the Tamil –people is also in the hands of diaspora. It is no longer in the hands of the LTTE. The toothless Tigers have lost not only power but also lost the respect of the world. The LTTE had never fallen to this level before. Nor is there any sign of LTTE rising from this level to the previous high levels. There is no hope for any political entity that has lost the respect of the international community. We delude ourselves when we get one or two parliamentarians to raise a question or two in Western parliaments. But what good has these question done to the cause of Prabhakaran’s Eelam? The Western powers that matter have banned us. And the more violence we fund the more it is going to kill and destroy our people and bring down the image of the LTTE in the eyes of the international community. The fact is that the LTTE has run out of solutions. Violence is not going to be solution any longer. IN fact, it is going to be the problem.
Prabhakaran has also ceased to the solution. Instead he has become the problem. No solution can be worked out as long as he is in command. He has become the messenger of death and not hope. The time has come for the Tamil people to decide whether they’ve had enough deaths or do they want more? No sensible Tamil who have gone through these harrowing years will want to live under the enormous pressures of uncertainty, suffering, destruction and deaths.
Since the LTTE leadership has not viable solution to end what they began they must take the Tamil people into their confidence and tell them what they can achieve realistically in the present circumstances. If they have no positive answer then they must find a new leader who can lead the people in a new direction. By all accounts, it is clear that Prabhakaran has passed his use-by-date. He has nothing new to offer except death and destruction. Our Tamil people have had enough of it. They must find a new leader who will bring them back to their senses and lead them to peace security and prosperity.
What is at stake is not the future of Prabhakaran but the future of the Tamil people. He is no longer relevant to the Tamil question. He has done his best and his worst. He has now left the Tamils in a situation that no Tamil had experienced ever before. They now do not have the glory of the past in which they held their heads high nor the hope of a new world. The longer Prabhakaran continues in the saddle the more will be the despair of the Tamils. He must go – and he must go NOW for the sake of Tamils. If he doesn’t go then it is up to those in the hierarchy to make him go. He has humiliated the Tamil people enough with his false promises. Our people have a future only in a world where there are no false prophets like Prabhakaran. To rely on Prabhakaran is like the lamb relying on the tigers to save their future. (Courtesy: Sri Lanka Guardian)

Unknown said...


You are very correct.I know Genaral Janaka personally.Calling this brave solidier/one of the best military tactician our mother land/SLDF produced a tritor by this sajiv and few politacal ball suckers is a really sad.

I was with him in Walioya camp and had dinner with him exactly 9 days before the attack which he managed to killed 800 ltte remember when i called to congradulate him next day morning , he said he was awaiting for the exact numbers.

I went to Walioya camp to do a small survay about the base hospital he was buiding and how we could help.

We helped with some millions.And i was lucky go aroung camp complex that day on a military jeep to see Janakapura,Nelunwawa, Wijayapura sattelite camps and observation post just a km away from the base camp.We was lucky to make small speech to the young Lt who was studying on that high ground along with his soldiers for his law exam.When i told them even though we are away from the country our soul is with you people.I still remember how chearful they were.Most important thing he told me,though i crushed the JVP saman if tomorrow JVP comes to power as a man in uniform i will follow their orders to protect this country.I got on hand experience about arti that day.Jusy after lunch he asked me go the camp ground where 2 122mm arties were positioned. They fired 2 rounds.Those were thundering across the Mulathive jungle.I asked the young arty officer(captain) why. He said they do harassing some time in the afternoon and in the early mornings.When terras resting and sleeping. And he showed me the location they targeted on the arti maps.

Bastards he is not a traitor.Don,t insult our brave soldiers you fucking politico ball suckers.

Defencewire said...


So this is what LTTE has been feeding you. That we killed only 150 and raped dead female corpses. that General Perera was responsible for Chemmani.


We don't need to discuss here the modus operandi too much. Just to highlight the leadership that made things possible. People will know these things very soon and children will learn them at school.

Vanni Tamil said...

Stop All offensive against Tamils -INDIA

Looks like the news editor had a dream :)

PHANTOM-X said...

Tamil Tiger suicide bomber kills dozens in northern Sri Lanka

Unknown said...

Dear defencewire!


So this is what LTTE has been feeding you. That we killed only 150 and raped dead female corpses. that General Perera was responsible for Chemmani.


We don't need to discuss here the modus operandi too much. Just to highlight the leadership that made things possible. People will know these things very soon and children will learn them at school."

it seems like no one wants to discuss what happened during the time of JP was in all are looking things in one angle and the angle you want to vision.

what about the people who lost every thing during his time. he made a lot of people suffer. he must pay back one way or nother.

and what actions has been taken by him or the Gov of srilanka to ease of the pain of the sufferers? nothing.

you all do what ever you want to do while in power and come back clean as a politician to earn your bucks.

no one is perfect in this world. defenitely JP.

and you all want to make the poor school children learn about him in their history subject. one thing for sure. their history book will be getting bigger and bigger before the end of this Government, coz the book is gonna be added with stories of MR,GR, BR, SF and many more to follow.

good luck kids.

Apino Dannachess said...

Hey Real,

You talk as if your "Camp" was all innocent and all....

Grow up! This is a war and people had suffered.....mind you on both sides.....War, we did not friend.

I don't have a crystal I will not comment further. But what I do have is patience .


Peter said...

The funny thing about Manalaaru attack, in which LTTE lost 6, 000 cadres, was that Pottu Amman, who led the attack, also got killed.

Poor diaspora are still believing LTTE lies that only 200 odd cadres died and that Pottu Amman is still alive.

Did you know Janaka Perera was so great that the Americans asked him to be in charge of their operations in Afghanistan.

Also, don't forget all the other useful facts given in the Mahavamsa.

Rover said...


"We don't need to discuss here the modus operandi too much. Just to highlight the leadership that made things possible. People will know these things very soon and children will learn them at school."

I am glad that the initiative is there within the army, through gentlemen like you, to say without exaggeration, exactly how we did this. But yes, we should wait on until this problem is fully resolved to say how our forces did it, and the numerous and as yet unmentionable sacrifices of the personnel (from foot soldier to the top brass) involved.

Real and Mr Brown,

You poor little idiots. You should be glad that our top officers are smart gentlemen, (hence SLA has evolved into one of the most disciplined fighting forces in the world, despite the unconventional warfare unleashed on us by the LTTE), or you would have so many stories to say as during the time of the IPKF.

Of course, the kids should be taught what terrorism is, how they unleashed terror on us and how our forces fought back, to liberate not only Sinhalese, but also Tamils. They should also be taught how to appreciate diversity of languages, cultures and societies and the forces that act to bring these down (and how to fight such forces). This is the only way to prevent another catastrophe such as this war.

Anonymous said...


If one is LTTE and we know him and he writes here insulting JP I don't think any one even bother to reply. Of course LTTE diaspora must be happy about killing of JP and 25 civilians. Nothing new about that.

So you make a new profile one pretending as pro-MR/war/sinhalese and insult JP on his UNPness. The other pretend as pro-UNP and blame on MR/GE etc.

I am very postive no sinhalese insult a war hero like JP no matter what is the party politics. Please don't take baths just becuz a tiger gave you a buket. (baldiya dunnata naganda epa)

Unknown said...

Mate Rover

some correction in your comment,
no tamils asked you guys to liberate them. mind it.

and dont give us crap like "the SLDF are world class and well diciplined blah ...blah. we have seen the real side of it and the world knows more to come from it.

taliking about diversity......destroying temple statues and doing census and bundling them to their native places in the island, do you fucking call some one doing this cultured.

get a life mate.

Rover said...

Little man Real,

"no tamils asked you guys to liberate them. mind it."

We are not liberating them because they are Tamils, but because they are Sri Lankans, and they are being taken for a ride by the VP moron. But don't you know, they have been asking, since VP failed majestically. That is how we get most of the intelligence ect. Do you know that when army grabs the little knicker that VP is holding to, the CIVILIANS willl point out who the real terrorists are. Then you will see for yourself if they want to be liberated or not.

"we have seen the real side of it"

You've been asking for it for 30+ years, and now you've got it. So please don't complain. If taking on the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world is not an achievement, what is? Aha, now you don't want to back track and say that LTTE is not the world's most ruthless terrorist (or rebel or whatever you prefer to call it) organization do ya?

"taliking about diversity......destroying temple statues and doing census and bundling them to their native places in the island, do you fucking call some one doing this cultured."

Yes, I wouldn't call VP cultured, that is why we will take him out, so that all Sri Lankans can live in peace. VP didn't even bother to do a census, and he just killed the Moslems and and Sinhalese living in both N and E.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

We lost a great military man whose actions contributed first major defeats of LTTE.

Rover said...

Real Little,

"if the tamils are srilankans tell me why the fuck are you dealing with ariel bombing in the north. why didnt you do it during the JVP era?"

Access. JVP did not control an area as to a point VP and his pack of dogs did. Anyhow the Terrorist JVPers were also taken down without prejudice didn't we? So SLDFs treat all Sri Lankans the same way. But step out of the democtratic path that we strive to walk, and you will be toast. That is why the JVP is also back in the logical system rather than being terrorists.

"you have no idea about the LTTE and whats gonna be their next move.

What would it be. A suicide bombing targeting civilians, a dung drop from the TAF, or a ceaseless waves type operation? Surely it is not a operation like which Rommel did, using 100s of tank formations, or something like Hanibal did to the Romans! Little man, we now know what VP can do and can't do, and we have increased our confidence limits on what could go wrong, so relax.

"as you can see from the battle front, every thing is on hold. why? did you think why? no you wouldn't. coz you people dont have that sense as yet ....i should say.

Yep, seemingly on hold. But there is a lot going on beneath the surface. For one thing, we don't want to hurt the Sri Lankans who are trapped ect. And you wouldn't know about it of course.

after all this people are still not taking a minute to think."

You wouldn't imagine how much some of us think! I won't elaborate on this point of course.

"no one wants this war. definitley not my self. i want to see my country all in one piece."

I agree with you on that mate. So since it is the SLDFs that needs to go only several kms to finish this thing off for good, support the SLDFs I say.

Sorry, in a bad mood due to several things, hence the pee contest.

Dear Apino,

I saw your links on the laser stuff, good digging, greatly contributed to what I said.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

All you tamil Diasporah pals. Dont you think it is time to give up keyboard war and carry yourself to your arm chair relax and think?

What is the moral course of your life?

- You earn hard money and fund the fireworks which burn in SL

- You feel the hurt of 1983 [indeed some of you guys were treated bad] and still lick those old wounds.

- For, say a 1000 deaths and 100000 homeless in 1983, you have sacrifices generations in Wanni, in order to get the revenge. More you push your bro and sis in Wanni towards the war machine of SLDF, deeper your wounds get. It is your cancer. You are the sufferer.

- For ~70yrs you dreamt to get back what remained as tamil kingdom after chola invasion. 30 years you fight a bloody war. What is your gain? Your puusycats are playing Kabadi, with SLDF, by running away from where they are and trying to make some sadistic damage by pinching them. Where is the damned homeland? when will it happen? You think it will, you day dreamers?

- For 30yrs you campaigned funding numerous foreign politicians, and literally flying kites for your "course". You just won the human right vultures and isolated politicians to munble about your right. Does anyone support your "course" in a great way? Compare with tibet, or burma. Hell, dont you feel that you're even more alienated outside of SL.

- Every day you day-dream of a mistic attack from the pussycats. A Ceaseless wave of infinity. Grow up. It was a time your kitties did that. Now they face MBRL, MI24, MIG family, Kfir and SF units. They have a thinking SLDF command who sees their every move. How many "ceaseless" were ceased now? Accept the truth. They cant win it. Give up. You cant jump to moon. Jumping up 30 yrs still wont make it happen.

- And you start crying. "Sinhala wont give us the homeland". "Bad bad sinhala". "SLDF pls kill yourself as we can't". Hell. Let's leave the bloody history and rights aside. You took gun to get your homeland. And you proved that you cant. So die with grace or surrender. Dont cry.

Now think of your creation.

- mass graves for poor kids in wanni

- Death to some sinhala ppl here and there [note that your total "harvest" of innocent civilians and SLDF does not even tally with the impact of tobaco or alchohol].

- Taking revenge for 1983 from those who were not even born then.

- Funding a monster of VP, who pokes the T56 in your own butt, in the lookout for money or cadres. He's eating you with your own money.

- You make your ppl suffer. In our end we feel least of it compared to the grievences of your people.

- You are hopeless, angry, and determined to prove something unprovable. Desperate as you knock your head on the rock of SLDF until you die.

We pity your self-destruction of your own ethnicity. Diasporah is the architect of genocide. It is not suicide as you are living under the comfort of a developed nation. You genocide your bro and sis stuck in Wanni.

Keep sending money. Keep fuelling Prabha. We can bear the cost of this war by every means, and we know that we survive even after you finish the final man and woman of wanni.

Diasporah, are you so obsessed with the revenge and desperation that you lost reason and moral. This is like heroin. You need conciling my dear bro and sis. You are bloody blood addictd.

Keep sending money.

aqua said... you really think the LTTE did this?

a corrupt-ass politician in A'pura did want to get his competition eliminated... so along with general perera and his wife.. that johnpulle and his wife also were killed according to what i heard.

IF this was the work of this politician...bertie i believe his name is.. he either does not have much of a conscious and will rot in this life time or the next...
or he will drive himself to his not so pretty death..

this is just sad

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