Thursday, November 20, 2008

Army advances 1km in Muhamalai, Kilali

After holding the LTTE's 1st FDL for the last 3 days the SLA today officially declared it had taken control of the 1st Muhamalai and Kilali LTTE FDL. The SLA increased skirmished into the LTTE FDL for the last three to five days gaging and gradually working away at the LTTE's resistance until finally holding onto the newly captured 800m to 1km area by today morning.

Casualties to both sides are high with the SLA suffering around 300 casualties, including those killed and the walking wounded. Casualties to the LTTE could be less. The narrow corridor of terrain makes it difficult for either side to advance, but the objective of this latest venture into LTTE areas seems to be to force the Tigers concentrated defenses away from the 58 Division, which is now 6km west of Paranthan.


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Anonymous said...


It is said LTTE used 'gas' extensively. Some said SLA is advancing towards Palei.?

hiru said...

Weerodhaara Rana Wiruwani,

Oba sadha amaraneeyayi !!!

Rana said...

Oh My God!

I don't know whether this is the right decision, casulty figer is far too high!

I hope the sacrifices precious lives of so many brave hearts will justify 800-1000m.

We will see it in near future.

They may all attened to Nirvana on their noble act alone.

TigerKiller said...

DW ,

so how many more such defence lines ( I heard that it is the first one )?

dsk said...

i feel sad about our casualties. hope the army is able to use more heavy weapons around Muhamalei,as this area was well known for casualties on our side.
But we should congradulate the 53,55th for their achievement.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW.

any news about SLAF? did they support the ground troops while the offensive push was on?

obvious question is what about nagarkovil. hopefully that will also fall soon.

SLA is kind of trapped here until they can establish on the mainland.

Moshe Dyan said...

yea; the casualty figure seems very high.

but if there is no loosing ground, that is somewhat OK. this deadly crossing has a price.

Moshe Dyan said...

there are 2 places called pallai. one is just a few kms from the FDL.

most likely SLA is there not near mainland.
that goes with puran appu's info as well.

Vajira said...

they have advanced in nagarkovil too. It will be high casualty on our side till they reach EPS. After that v can fully utilise these 2 experienced divisions to pray on the loosing tigers.

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

casualty figures are high for Aussies too, 6/139!!!

Kiwis are a fantastic job!

Saman said...

Just popped in for a good news.

Seems quite high number of casualties to SLA but this FDL has been a deadlock for too long. LTTE will soon claim "tactically withdrawn". Hope, mechanised devision would steam roll the sakkiliyas sooner than they think.
I think EP and Paranthan is next.

Vajira said...

SLA have destroyed 2 mortar launches as well. These r precious 2 the tigers. So well done boys!!!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana, yes mate! Wish I am @ home watching it! Vettori need to mop-up the tail quickly. Brad Haddin don’t like spinners!

Bravo to SLDF brothers!

I am talking to a friend of mine in SL to organize to sponsor a kid of a SLA deceased or injured. Guys, pls do ur best to help the brave hearts!

Dumindak said...

It is very strange that BBC did not report news of doctor killed by LTTE in the east.

king said...

I think considering casullty figures ..
ITs far too much price for 1 km land strech...

considering ltte strategy they always
inflict heavy casually on our side ..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

King : “considering ltte strategy they always inflict heavy casually on our side ..”

King, I am not sure what ur trying to say here. To me it was a very loose and misguided statement.

DW, any chance u giving us a bit of an explanation what exactly the strategy on this attack? And perhaps a plan B which we could have used to minimize the casualties?

Unknown said...

Link here..

The casualty rate in war

It appears that the media judges the success or failure of a military operation from the causality figures, like the score in a cricket match. It is very unfortunate that the lack of knowledge of media personnel has created this situation. This has resulted in humiliating the military forces in the eyes of the public and undue pressure on leaders both political and military.

It is said that the USA lost the Vietnam War in the living rooms of American citizens. Due to the heavy casualty rate there was so much pressure from the American Media on the President downwards to Commanders at all levels, they could not take rational decisions when it came to military operations.

No commander wants to sacrifice the life of even a single soldier. However they have to face the enemy guns, bombs etc and casualties are unavoidable in war. There is no war in history without casualties on both sides. What is important is the accomplishment of the mission. Success or failure of an operation is judged by the final outcome. If the commanders are put under undue pressure, their decision making will be affected and the end result will be either defeat or failure.

One classic example is the Jayasikuru Operation under the Chandrika Kumaratunge Government. True the casualties of the Army were high. However the LTTE too suffered very high casualties and was in a dire state. On their own admission, they were in the weakest state ever, up to that time. However the media, by design or otherwise, portrayed Operation Jayasikuru as a huge failure and put pressure on the political leadership to call off the operation. Not only that, due to intense negative coverage by the media, even the soldiers were demoralised to the extent that they, too, believed that the operation was a total flap. The result was that the LTTE got off the hook from the worst situation they ever faced up to that time.

Once again the LTTE is in a very weak position and the Media has started the same game again, wittingly or unwittingly. This appeal is, at least to the Sri Lankan Journalists, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OXYGEN TO TERRORISTS. It’s your children who will have to suffer for your sins.

A retired Colonel

Unknown said...

Ok Can you give a break down of the 300 by dead, p1, p2 and p3?

Vajira said...

breaching the 2 kilali defences are a huge achievment. Whatever the casualties we have v have to be concerned but this move had to be done by SLA as v have to unleash these 2 divisions asap.

Unknown said...

Do not disgrace our herioc troops.
I am sure the vast majority of troops have taken death head on for the sake of the country and future generations.

They wouldn't like to know that feeble hearts like us have got cold feet due to unavoidble casualties at this point.

So as the good Colonel says despite the great hard work done by our soldiers are going to retreat in our offices and living rooms?

Peter said...

Modayas, SLA did not overrun the FDL. The LTTE only made yet another tactical withdrawal. Modayas will always be modayas

Neethan said...

500 - 800 m is no man land between SL forces and LTTE, so this 800m means they just captured no man land ??

DW could You clarify pls?

hemantha said...

"breaching the 2 kilali defences are a huge achievment. Whatever the casualties we have v have to be concerned but this move had to be done by SLA as v have to unleash these 2 divisions asap."

Very good point by Vajira.

And DW says
"but the objective of this latest venture into LTTE areas seems to be to force the Tigers concentrated defenses away from the 58 Division, which is now 6km west of Paranthan."

Bingo. Progress of the other fronts will depend on this offensive. Unfortunately the casualty count is high. But, at the same time this would decrease the # of casualties to other divisions and will make their forward march easier. 53 and 55 are making these sacrifices for the progress of the other divisions. In the long run it will make their life easier too. As the 58 get closer to Paranthan, Notional Front too would be able move downward faster.

Moshe Dyan said...



as we discussed in april this year, the important thing in the NF battle is the ability to neutralise LTTE arti. in other words, tiger arti within 25 km MUST be neutralised. otherwise there is no point.

hope our fire finders, UAVs and SLAF are at work.

can our missle boats provide fire support from the east?

if there is vegitaion, i recon we should set the whole area on fire. that will expose, burn or chase away hiding tigers.

if the gas attack story is true that means quite close quarter fighting.

tonight will be critical. no doubt tigers are going to attack these new positions.

hemantha said...

"I think considering casullty figures ..
ITs far too much price for 1 km land strech...

considering ltte strategy they always
inflict heavy casually on our side .."

Are you the famous king Kekille?

cable said...


When we captured Muhamali & kilali s before LTTE used to launch mortars/arti continously with the help of well defined grid maps of their own FDL and Army had to abandon them due to casualties by Arty/mortar fire. Aren't LTTE firing mortars now? if so how are we holding on could you explain the difference between previous attempts and present situation

Unknown said...

I heard another 200 million dollars lost defencding the rupee recently, maybe even just today alone, that works out to 1.1 billion US dollars. More soldiers need to be scarificed for mahindha mama so that he can hold power and called elections. I hope he wins with an overwhelming majority. You deserve the people you elect.

Indian Rupee fell close to 50.5 to US dollar today.

Moshe Dyan said...


value your comments, mate.

but there is a small problem.

forcing tigers' defences away from 58 will require few more kilometers advance which will be equally tough.

paranthan was within arti reach of SLA, both 58 and 53/55 (possibly 57 too?).

Pundeyeelam said...

People,People..Come on Now, This is Muhamalai we are talking about. I was Expecting More Casualities than this. Muhamalai is an Open area. You can spot a cat or a dog for kilometeres. you think fighting in thick jungle is the most difficult thing?, no i dont think so, fighting in an open terrain is the most difficult one.

Puran Appu said...


I totally agree with you.

SLA will hit like nothing when they unleash these 2 well trained, experienced divisions. I think the 53rd Division is one of the deadliest Divisions of Sri Lanka Army and as well as the 55th Division.

53 division got a Commando Brigade, a Special Forces Brigade, air mobile brigade and the deadly Mechanical Infantry Brigade and it’s been lead by one of the battle hardened Brigade Commanders, Brigadier Kamal Gunarathne. He was the former 55th Brigade commander and commander of the air mobile brigade. He knows very well about Both Muhamalai and Nagar Kovil. They too had plenty of bad experiences on previous attempts to break these Lines.

So this time, they will not repeat the mistakes what they did before and hope they will make it to EPS very soon. So far, they look pretty ok. Even, DefenceWire reported that they’ve been holding the 1st Line for 3 days so we can say that they succeeded this time.

Moshe Dyan said...


that is my concern too. the battle is actually fought upto 25km from FDLs.

if FDL + 25km goes back, yes we have really advanced. otherwise not REALLY. but this changes when SLA reaches the mainland.

Moshe Dyan said...


we know that. i call this HARVESTING.

we should HARVEST as many tigers as possible.

but at the same time, we need to capture places of strategic importance. look at it as an investment.

Rana said...

When ever our casualty figures go high, I don't like it.

In this, I think you guys are correct. Our achievment is not 800 to 1000m, this break could give us more than 20km very soon.

Any way, I have my faith on our generals and SF.

dsk said...

"I heard another 200 million dollars lost defencding the rupee recently, maybe even just today alone, that works out to 1.1 billion US dollars. More soldiers need to be scarificed for mahindha mama so that he can hold power and called elections. I hope he wins with an overwhelming majority. You deserve the people you elect."
we don't care as long as Army pounds the LTTE.economy is important even for wars,but what is the use of an economy while breast feeding terrorists?btw Navindran,hope one day you will be wise enough to rise beyond western economic rhetoric,which is backfireing itself on the west these days.
if you think a huge army has no economic value, look at the US.isn't it their largest economic asset?

B#1 said...


when u free, can you check the mails?

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

It is nothing else but the manpower. Experienced manpower is what LTTE lack in abundance. If the National Front(NF) is active, LTTE has to allocate large # of experienced cadres to that front.
I think that the NF has moved more than one km. Now LTTE has to mine the fields and when the NF moves forward more it has to repeat the same thing. As 'The Long Ranger' mentioned earlier our casualties are mostly due to the mines and mortar fire. Setting up those needs lot of manpower and LTTE has to get them from the other fronts.

dsk said...

Moshe Dyan,
unfortunately you are right. this is a largest invesment for future generations.add to it the fact that we will all die one day.Futhermore the killing will stop foever once the LTTE is gone.
but the word HARVESTING isn't proper because many of the LTTE carders arn't their by choice like that lucky english teacher,and i feel for them as well.

Pundeyeelam said...

Yeah cry baby cry.
You are right, Our economy is in a very difficult situvation just like finding a sinhala toilet pit cleaner apart from tamil thambis like you. Oh..also Coming up next in our Difficult economy is Fall of Kokkavil, Paranthan , Killinochchi.

cable said...

This is what i suppose if i may quote LongRanger is meant by Defence in depth i think 53,55 will have to push for at least 10-15 km till they really break through the bottleneck I remember LTTE had major Arty positions in Soranpattu which is still considerable distance away.

And one more reason for this offensive is even though theortically A32 road can be used to reach jaffna. In a practical situation a ferry from Sangudupitty to Karetivu will always be under the gun so to speak from Arty & Mortar guns deployed in Nagarkovil & kilali.

I am sure there must be more reasons which only the battle planners know which prompted them to launch this operation.

cable said...


i think these areas have been mined a long time ago. they have had a lot of time to prepare and national front always had the priority among requisitions both men and material hence the defences are i think the best we are going to face. This is why we never made much headway on this front even the gains we make i think will come at quite a price.

Sadly we will never know the true stories of the sacrifices made by the boys of 55 & 53 hope at last if/when this war is over somebody will write a book.

hemantha said...

There were indications of LTTE thinning out their cadre concentrations at NF during the recent past. But they can't do that any more. Each and every own casualty also will weigh heavily on them.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"300 casualties."
Tamilnets 3 reports on present Muhamali confrontation gives 213 casualties.
Perhaps thats why TN suddenly started giving figures again. I'm sure SLA will also publish figures if a large number of Tigers are verifiably killed.

cable said...

Comparativly if we look at the advance of the TF-1(58) after getting through the massive earth bund near nachikudah the progress has been lightning fast. This is due to LTTE not having defence in depth and the less priority it had on the A32 compared to the national front. Basically after Viduthalthivu LTTE hedged all their bets on the 25km Earth Bund (This may be due to resource issues too)when that was breached there was no stopping TF-1

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...


What you said is true.
To function A-32 smoothly, the arti threat from the LTTE should be eliminated. To eliminate this, it’s important to take up to EPS.
The biggest advantage, as soon as the 53rd and 55th divisions reach the mainland will be that at least 25,000 more well trained and experienced troops will be available to crush wanni. This will ease the pressure of the 58th and the 57th divisions as well. Just imagine how it’ll be?

Vajira said...

Puran Appu,
Great point u make. It is known that 53 & 55 had instructions to move southwards soon after pooneryn was liberated. The biggest advantage that our boys getting is the fact that there are no 130mm artillery raining on them from k point. And the other is the obvious fact of lesser manpower experienced by terrorists.
You're dead right when u said the 53 division is one of the deadliest divisions v have. I think the dimension of the whole war is going to change once these 2 divisions reach the mainland.
After being trapped in kilaly for 8 years they r on the verge of cutting themselves loose. Brig. Gunaratne & co must be licking their lips. All you boys take a deep breath and fasten u'r seat belts, as 2 day's feat by SLA HAS STARTED THE BATTLE FOR ELEPHANT PASS!!!

cable said...


for sure!
the LTTE personnel deployed along the NF are from what we know experienced,battle hardened cadres who they do not want lose easily. so every cadre killed will almost be an irreparable loss to the LTTE

hemantha said...

"i think these areas have been mined a long time ago."

Yes, closer to the front. As you go deep density would be less. (I would love to get some input from an expert in this regard).

"hence the defences are i think the best we are going to face."

Agreed. And this would be an extremely concentrated offensive LTTE is going to face too.

"--if/when this war is over somebody will write a book."

There will be many books. We will see in the future thousands of grand fathers and mothers telling those heroic stories to their young grand daughters and sons.

Malin said...

This push could be to unsettle what ever plans ponna VP might have had. If he was going start on counter attack he must think twice now. Though we have suffered in this battle unlike other times its victory.

I agree with the fact that making the NF active other division will have easier time moving forward. Only worry is that are the live sacrifised worth what we have gained. this is why war is bad even if we win we loose. we loose the people we love.

Nadesan said...

The tails of Muhamale and Kilali Tigers will be cut soon with....., Know 58 Division will reach very soon to Paranthan...

hemantha said...

Some observations made by Dr. Johnpulle.
"The war has come to a decisive stage pretty much without the offensive support of two premier divisions, namely 53 and 55. These divisions played a key role in capturing Jaffna and retaining it. Past two and a half years of war was fought without them! Once these two divisions reach the mainland, things will turn nasty for already besieged tigers. These two divisions can, within a matter of days, add more than half the present offensive troop numbers to the battlefield which is an earth shattering bonus for the 57 and 58 divisions. Essentially the battle for the north will be jacked-up by double strength. LTTE obviously knows this and that is why they are fighting tooth and nail to stop these two divisions from reaching Elephant Pass. However, with superior airpower and firepower, it is a matter of weeks until Elephant Pass falls.

The numbers game corresponds well with the much avowed wipe out strategy of the government as well.

More they advance, shorter the FDLs become!

A very strange phenomenon is at work in the present phase of the war. Forward defence lines mainly stretch from A9 to east in more or less straight lines. In the Jayasikuru operation, army positions were like isolated settlements exposing them to the full brunt of the LTTE. Now FDLs encircle LTTE held areas! This is a remarkable achievement. The frontal layer of the army facing the tigers was much longer a year and a half ago than today. This further releases offensive troops to carryout assaults on tiger positions while their behind is fully secured by defensive formations."

hemantha said...

Johnpulle article
click here.

mboi said...

50 ltte dead for 10 sla

MrBrown said...


Friend..did u read the news source..? Do u think BBC reporter went to muhamalai and counted LTTE's bodies.. it is our Nanayakara who released the count.. it is same whther u read it in or BBC as along as the news source is defence ministry.

some relaible source say..casualty count in SLA would be around 1500 dead + walking wounds .. you giys can varify with hospitals. Many casualties are still in Palaly also.

Rana said...


Tamilnut is crying with its head line! Trying hard to win Indian and International community sympathy.

Rana said...

Brown arse seems to be happy with casualty figures.

Brown arse, why can't you talk about pussycat casualties instead of SLA.

MrBrown said...

Guys !!!

difference between the previous operation and this is; last time we withdrew after heavy casualties since we knew we may have more..but this time even after heavy casualties we try to keep it..
other than that there is no difference.

MrBrown said...

''Brown arse, why can't you talk about pussycat casualties instead of SLA.

I am not happy with the count. infact my heart goes to their families since i knew how hard is to lose one in ur family..
but u guys are enjoying with mere 800m lands which includes more than 500M no man zone.. never thought and feel anything about the soldiers family..

Ra said...

Who is your Nanayakkara?

MrBrown said...

do u think Mahinda mama or Gota of SF will feel for soldiers casualties..? they are embarassed to release even actual counts..

just think of poor soldiers kids.. who will be their father anymore..? there are many in our society to be husband for soldiers wife.. bit certainly no father for their kids..

MrBrown said...

'' so how many more such defence lines ( I heard that it is the first one )? ''

There are 3 more...and not sure what would happen to this even

Malin said...


Truth is SLA may have suffered heavy casualties. but doesnt mean 1500 dead. Dont be an idiot. max we could have lost about 300 SLA but from what i hear upto now its around 100 - 150 SLA KIA (unconfirmed). Lets face the truth no matter what way we look at it it was shame that so many people has to die. But thier sacrifise is not a waste. Brown please dont mock those poeple who have died in the name of this country. I can only imagine you as a LTTE coolie if you not you are traitor to this country. Just like that ponna ranil

Rana said...

To All Patriotic Guys,

This brown arse is a Ranil ponnaya's stooge shouting anti govt slogans gain political milage.

Do not try to entertain him.

These traitors do more harm to SL than pro LTTP supporters.

Rana said...


Coming elections UNP will go six feet underground and RW ponnaya will loose his leadership too.

MrBrown said...

I did not say 1500 KIA..
I said total casualties 1500( KIA + all category wounds).. You can varify with hospitals..

PHANTOM-X said...


Our causalities are on higher side and look who's jumping...Mr.Brown the ponnaya. He is in jubilant mood...!!!
we call it in Sinhala "Kubbo form wela"...In this case "Ponnayo form wela"...!!!

Katch said...

Hey guys,

SF has out thought everyone again. Everybody thought the 58 will go for Paranthan next. Even in the poll conducted by Long Ranger all thought Paranthan. ltte may have reinforced Paranthan in anticipation.

But 53 and 55 were unleashed! I think Great strategy cos ltte would have spread their fighters think.

Sad about the casualties though. We need to make sure that their families don't suffer.

MrBrown said...

[ But 53 and 55 were unleashed! I think Great strategy cos ltte would have spread their fighters think. ]

Well I would say LTTE does not have problem with carders. I am sure and heard that they have enough carders in the reserve which may be used for type of unceasing wave action.. well dony under estimate LTTE for ur won fantacies..which would backfire later. HAve u guys wondered why LTTE did not do any offensive action from Mavilaru till poneryan.? Do u think LTTE dont have a capacity to strike back in a big way atleast for once..? well there are waiting for some thing big.. may be in political way or military way.. but for ceratin there will be some type of unceasing way operation which might absorb thousdands of soldiers life who are spread in Vanni.. or might back fire to LTTE.. . I am not sure whthe LTTE would suceed their goals..but for sure.. we need to lose few thousands SLA for LTTE offensive...count on me.

Infinity said...

"Ave u guys wondered why LTTE did not do any offensive action from Mavilaru till poneryan.?"

They have had many attempts. All were cut down by superior firewpower such as MBRLs.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Mr Brown Kakka,

The only unceasing waves LTTE is going to launch is continous ramming of VP's ass. We will call it unceasing raves.

Vajira said...

The only unceasing waves operation their going to do is towards the sea in Mullativu. They have tried many times to try offensives. Just imagine if they pull out cadres from Muhmalai/killinochchi/mullativu they wont be able to hold on even 4 an hour amidst SLA onslaught. So u can also join the unceasing waves and perish in the mullativu sea.

Pottu said...

You are a bigger looser than Ranil W. Why do not you visit Ranil and play 69 with out any bites.

Bora deyyee thoo Maluu banee nattuwa ghillaa Gagee Panapiyaa...

It's a shame people like you exists. Hope what you earn does not feed any of your kids. Else they will suffer too.
(That's only if your wife has not got shagged by some one else to have the kids due to your ponna approaches)

PHANTOM-X said...


LTTE "Unceasing Waves" will drive us back to our old positions....ane huke...!

Pottu said...

Ado brown para huththo,

VPta pukay arino kota thogey pukata amurudha? Thota butter kaalak evanna dha? Wanniye butter hingayak thiyanawadha? VPta butter madhi wela wage, tala thel pawichchi karapun buttet wenuwen.

Unceasing waves thoge aachita, gihilla arapun unceasing waves thoge patta wesita.

PHANTOM-X said...


The Peelamists here and abroad use the word "Tactical withdrawal", every time they get defeated.

The Truth and the reality is they cannot hold on to key positions against our tactics and fire power.
one day they will have to use their so called "Hard core reserve"...!
We will be ready to greet them...!!!

kappetipola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kappetipola said...


i have no idea how you got 300 casualties .i could say it is not correct again like you said once Air Force pilots left 5pm. and when Trinco base bombed by un-identified terrorist air craft you published where the bombs droped exactly and how many died. thats close info but not correct.

DefenceWire make sure your blogg is in public forum and different level of people reading cuz of publicity IT crowd given to your blog.

so when you publish some sensitive information get some responsible about your news details and figures.

i repeat.300 is incorrect .its more less and wont publish in this public forum .

hope you are trying to cater Terrorist and Peaceful Civilians at the same time. we understand that. your trying to publish balance news and happy both sides at the same time.

if you want publish the correct info. but giving wrong info will help the terrorism and stat for new terror tactics.


Saman said...


What do you think about this,

Could this be a stage play or a genuine position of Jaffna Tamils. At least, one would think, if LTTE has any say, this could not have happened.

Mohammed Zubair said...


Its stage play, those are Douglas Devananda's men. Jaffna Tamils may support the govt. and SLA but they will not openly express it for fear of reprisals. Devananda's men have no such fear.

MrBrown said...

'' Could this be a stage play or a genuine position of Jaffna Tamils. At least, one would think, if LTTE has any say, this could not have happened ''
anybody with bit of commonsense would not beleive this.. I was told they could be SLA in civil uniform and EPDP guys.. I wonder whther there is no women in Jaffna..

MrBrown said...

[ Devananda's men have no such fear. ]
I doubt it..ask Devananda..? They all are living behind SLA in Jaffna..cant go in public peacefully..will be slaughterd.

Alpha said...

How about Tactically withdraw© from this blog and Tactically Relocate© on VP's A$$ as every peelamist did for past few years.

Katch said...

Mr. Brown,

Yes,yes. ltte have thousands of fighters in reserve so nothing to fear. They will stage their famous counter attack after forces take Killi and Mulativ. Their feared foreign legion will come from greater Toronto and recapture the whole of elam!

The sky is not that high and pigs can fly!!

Admit it, VP has been out thought!
When SF said he was going for killi he went for Poonaryn, when he said he was going for Paranthan he went on the national front!

MrBrown said...

'' MrBrown,
How about Tactically withdraw© from this blog and Tactically Relocate© on VP's A$$ as every peelamist did for past few years.
sounds like I am pain in many of you guys arse.. learn to digest truth... otherwise it will make u mad.. there are two side for every incident. we only hear one..

it is like Jaffna people celeberatng poneryan victory..

Katch said...

I also heard that kokavil is about to be taken if it has not been taken already. The bad news is that the rains are also coming.

Katch said...

Mr. Brown, Why don't u practice what you preach for a change? Remember that there are two sides to a story and ltte is not doing too well even if you don't want to believe it!

Pottu said...

You are pain on your own arse too..Pukaa Denna booruwa like you should be hanged.
Dan ghilla thogge Gani Pukka denna widiyaa bala Gennaa Athee Ghapiya.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Bless the soldiers. We will have to be determined to look after their families well. webmaster still has not replied to the query about the problem with the security on the donation page.

Sarath Fonseka (grew up in Ampara, later went to Dharmashoka in Ambalangoda and then to Ananda) appears to have been schooled well about all conditions and strategies necessary for this Sri Lankan War. No doubt that this brilliant strategist and his lieutenants will go down in the annals of Military history not only in Sl but the World as well.

Thanks for the reference.
sorry I haven't had a chance to visit the blog comments for a number of days. With regard to you question about providing evidence that Archaeology has demonstrated evidence against a "tamil nation", I could produce much evidence but the following article might be of use:

Chera, Chola, Pandya: Using Archaeological
Evidence to Identify the Tamil Kingdoms of
Early Historic South India

asian perspectives . 42(2) . fall 2003

The author clarifies that there was no "Tamil Country" and that "Thamilakam" was nothing more than a vaguely defined region with no identity deserving of a nation.

Line 11 of Hathigumpha insciption:

"And the market-town (?) Pithumda founded by the Ava King he ploughs down with a plough of asses; and (he) thoroughly breaks up the confederacy of the T[r]amira (Dramira) countries of one hundred and thirteen years, which has been a source of danger to (his) Country (Janapada). And in the twelfth year he terrifies the kings of the Utarapatha with .................. thousands of
Tramira= Dramira sounds plausible but a long bow to draw to equal it to "Damila" or "Tamila". I admit that I am not a linguist but a humble lay observer.

The Tamil Purist Movement: A Re-Evaluation
K. Kailasapathy
Social Scientist, Vol. 7, No. 10. (May, 1979), pp. 23-51

to quote passages:

"it was P Sundaram Pillai (1855-1897)who
introduced some of these ideas into Tamil literat~re.~In his dra-
matic poem Manonmani_yam (1891) .....
Sundaram Pillai paid
homage to Goddess Tamil in a diction that was charged with
emotion and ecstasy.

Sundaram Piilai
made the following assertions: (a) Deccan is a distinctive division
of the country (India) (b) Dravidam is pre-eminent among its con-
stituents, (c) Tamil has universal recognition and fame, (d) Tamil
is like the eternal God, (e) Tamil is the 'parent' of a11 the Dravi-
dian languages, and (f) Unlike Sanskrit (which became extinct)
Tamil is a living tongue (ever young)......

It is true that Sundaram Pillai was also drawing on certain
Tamil literary sources which were jealous of Sanskrit and had
portrayed Tamil as equal or superior to it. In fact, it is evident
from the Bhakti poems of the Pallava period (circa seventh century
A D) that Tamil was beginning to be cherished as a sacred language
and hence equal to Sanskrit.1But it is in the works of the
late medieval authors like Kumarakuruparar, Sivapragasa Swami,
Paranjoti munivar, Karunaipragasan and the author of Tamil
Vidu Toothu and others that we hear strident voices contemptuous
of Sanskrit and placing Tamil on a divine pedestal..."

I can also provide further evidence to the infrequent reference to Tamilakam in the early literature (which is not considered a nation in any case)

If you apply the same rigor to "Tamil identity" as the likes of Tambaiah and Roberts (not to mention their white counterparts) have subjected Sinhala identity, then one cannot but come to the conclusion that such an identity did not emerge until the late 19th century. When considering such rigor for the sinhala identity it is evident that such a common identity among the common people was emerging by the middle ages. They were calling themselves Sinhala and their enemies "Demala" including "Parangi Demala".

Why do I post this on a Defence Blog?

Well, I think the War has to be on several fronts. One is to oppose the erosion of Sri Lankan identity which was once known as Sinhale. While I respect a decision made by a section of the community to identify itself as "Tamil" what I cannot stomach is the attempts by various authors from such a community (from Ponnambalam Arunachalam onwards) to turn the names of Sri Lankan kings (i.e. Sinhala dynasty) into "Tamil" kings when there was no such entity which identified itself as such except in the eyes of the Sinhala Kings and their monk scribes (i.e. the considered "Damila" to be "others"- later, after Chola invasions to become "enemy").

The other is to oppose the myth of Tamil Eelam by exposing the real truth of history.

I won't harp on these views any more but hopefully bloggers will understand why I have this debate with you. Please understand that this does not mean that I oppose or despise the culture and language represented by the word "Tamil". I just don't think that that is what the owners of this culture and language called themselves. Plenty of visitors have mentioned Chera/Kerala, Pandya, Chola and Sinhala/lion-people. But no visitor had ever used the term until the 19th century when "Tamul" graduated into "Tamil".

How is the cricket?
I think I can possibly contact you through one of your colleagues (NZ is a small country). Please don't post any more personal info.
If I can identify you I will send a cryptic message through a third party and you will recognise it. It may be useful to know each other in future.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

No matter how many KIA or MIA in all fronts we will not go to a ceasefire.

Brown can dream that we get scared about our casualties and declare a ceasefire.

This is a war. We accept some soldiers could die! Its only people like moda Brown who read Tamiznut in the morning think we are afraid of loosing some soldiers. This war will be over when Vezapillai is KILLED and NE is colonized with Sri Lankans.

We expected army to move on Kilali and Muhamalai areas once Poonerin was taken. Despite casualties we shall/should keep the momentum going on these two fronts.

In coming few days we will see so called elite terrorists coming in to the scene. We will see Brown proudly present us figures. :-)

Soon we shall see LTTE crushed. Until then Brown can join Mahen in monkey dancing.

InSight said...

300 is way too much for such a small distance. im not sure the operation can be called a total success. SLA may suffer more casualties in the days to come and the fighting will be hard till EP because SLA cannot maximise the advantage of their numbers in this choke point.
things may however change if the SLA take paranthan first.

InSight said...

it cannot be clearly said that this is more successful than any of the other operations that have been launched here in the past only the coming days would tell....

Katch said...


It will be tough going initially. However, we should build momentum. For an operation to be called totally successful we would have to have zero casualties.

Wonder if Puran appu can confirm if Kokavil has been taken?

InSight said...

attacks rarely build momentum, more often than not they lose momentum.
all attacks are known to gradually fizzle out in intensity leaving room for the enemy to counter attack. it has been 3 days now. hopefully the LTTE will have had many casualties and may have lost the will

why the SLA cannot use their superior arty, MBRL, airpower, to their advantage in this narrow strip is beyond me.
esp since the risk of civ casualties is minimal

Mohammed Zubair said...

Beware of this guy Insight, he sounds like an Eelamish supporter.

Everyone now and then you have Eelamish peoples pretending to be patriots here and trying to show that our victories are empty.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Friends, LankaENews claims that large number of soldiers died after capturing Muhamalei FDL because big size bombs which were planted in their bunkers were blown up by LTTE.

Is it true ?

Sri Lankikaya said...


another valid point in the johnpulle article that yu thankfully gave the link

"Apart from the troops fighting the war, people play a critical role in the war. Their willingness or otherwise to bear the brunt of the war underlies the ability to sustain the war....."

Malin said...

Sadun lot of things could have happen we dont know. But what we know is we took the FDL and we also did suffer some heavy casualties. But at this point we have to expect these things since we are attacking well fortified abunkers. Even defencewire is not in position to tell us everything undestand that. so guys try to scoop up information hear and thier and try to get a balanced view.

Vigilante said...

The SF@LNP has to say this.

Looks like very heavy SLA casualities.

the impregnable muhamali ltte main FDL fell to the govt forces in the final trust in todays morning battle.ltte despite a fierce defense could not hold on to the SLA onslaught.the fighting came as one of the biggest costs to the forces.I`m not going to mention the casualty details of the forces for the last 4 days here in the mattle of mk and kilalai.but what was fought was the most horrendous battles 4th elam war has seen so far than any other place taken so far.

the top brass were of the opinion that the battle was an unavoidable prerequisite and thus had to be made.they too were aware that the costs are greater but was a move that had to be the battle that ensued it came to light just how much badly the ltte wanted to hold on...

ltte cadres were found dead inside their bunkers chained to it...the tigers gave every go to defend its `National Front`...this victory is neither the presidents nor the commanders...

this victory belongs to the hundreds of sons of soil who paid the sacrifice most would not even see in their lives for the motherland in muhamalai and nk in one of the biggest ever battle fought by the armed forces in the 4th elam war...

its their tribute...this battle`s victory is theirs...

Mohammed Zubair said...

According to Tamilnut, this news is more important than the loss of their FDL.

Malin said...


Check out his coments also there is more info...

සිසිර කුමාර said...

"ltte cadres were found dead inside their bunkers chained to it..."

Where is crimewatch?

Infinity said...

If what SF@LNP writes is correct, then the prize has been high but the LTTE will have used and now lost many of their very best fighters. Those that survived are likely demoralized.

Infinity said...

"ltte cadres were found dead inside their bunkers chained to it"

If correct, pictures should be posted, excluding the bodies. Will be illuminating for the teenagers in the diaspora with romantic illusions.

Katch said...


If you think attack is not good because of the possibility of a counter attack, WHAT DO you suggest?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Damn !!

I saw it just now.

300 KIA or 300 out of action [KIA + severely WIA]?

It is a killing truth about M-NK line. I have been opposing this idea in this blog and everywhere [some even laughed]

DW says that it was done in support for 58th. In fact 58th's current mission is in support for 53/55. As I gather it at laymen's level [that is where I'm] there have been two options, one has to be made essentially.

1. 58th capture paranthan in order to help 53/55 march

2. 53/55 challenge EPs in order to help 58th march

So assuming SF made right choice, option 1 is heavier in casualty than 2?? Does that mean 58th will wait longer until significant portion of EPS is captured.

It seems like ~8km to go and there certainly will be more casualty. At least for good 4km the going will be as tough as right now.

It is not easy for SLAF to take a big portion of this attack as pussycats are not moving very much. I think the final battle has to happen at ground level.

It can be a good trick, BTW. I mean the march thru EPS as many would predict now, may be a diversion for some other biggy. SF is a shrewd customer.

I hope our guys will pull out some trick as it is not easy to think of a huge toll even for the sake of this crowned fortress.

Malin said...

Guys where is mahen... hmmm.. may this was not in his plan for 27th?

Malin said...

This attack is calculated one. I heard somewhere they estimated even more casualties. But the important thing is we marched through the most defened LTTE defence line. That means they know that if army decided to march they can crush any defence. But this comes with greater sacrifice. Tamilnut is quiet which we can assume LTTE didnt do well at all. I mean even though we suffered i guess they suffered more than us. Hopefully. Big things are gonna happen soon. this birthday is some VP will want to forget if he ever live to tell the story.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Why EPS now?

I would say Vezapizza should feel the pressure in all directions.
Earlier he might have thought Northern front is safe.

Soon all tigers will start running towards a center point X. A point where they would want to have the final battle fought.

Katch said...

Yes, from what I heard casualties are a lot more than 300. Any news from Kokavil? 57 has been quiet for a while.

සිසිර කුමාර said...


I suspect Tamiznut is silent on recent battles mainly because they were ordered to work on bringing a ceasefire. Now their headlines always have a political weight.

MrBrown said... says..''Army maintained active defence in the area during last few years thwarting all LTTE attempts at Jaffna peninsula. The distance between Army FDL and the LTTE's was just 500m before the operations commenced. Now, troops have covered this stretch and heading further Southwards. ''..

so they have captured only 300m..lost 1500 (KIA + injured) littlke too much.. 3 soldiers/m..

Infinity said...

This is the first defence line. But since the army is now holding it, unlike on previous occasions, LTTE mortars and artillery have probably been severely hit. This, and the loss of many experienced fighters, and the moral impact of after earlier victories losing a battle at the Jaffna front, will hopefully make taking the next lines easier.

Malin said...

I guess this attack is to divert attention from the other fronts. ex. if ltte was planing a counter strike now they have to re-think thier stratergies. one good thing SF has done is attack where no one expected. attacked kili took pooneryne. attacked national front and now ???? just have to wait and see.

Malin said...

MrBrown its not the distance that matters but the objective.

lankaputhra said...

Highway To Hell
November 20, 2008: The army has six divisions fighting in the north against the LTTE. In the west, the 58th divisions advances along the coast. Next to it, inland and advancing on the LTTE capital of Kilinochchi, is the 57th division. Two Task Forces from the 58th division, are to the right of the 57th, covering large areas of front. Coming up from the south, in the center of the island, is the 56th division. On the east coast is the 59th division. In the Jaffna peninsula, which is cut off from the rest of the island by LTTE territory, are the 53rd and 55th divisions. The 57th and 58th divisions have made the greatest gains this year, liberating nearly half (the western half) of LTTE held territory in the north.

The LTTE runs a highly organized police state in the territory it still controls in the north. The LTTE decides who works for the NGOs, and these aid organizations are persuaded, or coerced, to do what the LTTE wants. The families of those who get NGO jobs via the LTTE, are obliged to provide one or more teenage or adult men or women for the LTTE combat units, and these "volunteers" are expected to be diligent soldiers, or else their families will suffer. These families also provide most of the suicide bombers.

Unable to stop the army advance, the LTTE is trying to manipulate public opinion in India, and throughout the world, to get the Sri Lankan government to accept a ceasefire. They do this by stressing the suffering of Tamil civilians living in territory controlled by the LTTE. These civilians are basically hostages, with the LTTE threatening to kill anyone who tries to flee to government territory. LTTE fighters at the front line have orders to keep the army out, and Tamil civilians in. While many of the civilians are all for more Tamil autonomy in Sri Lanka, they also find themselves trapped by the LTTE and its determination to fight to the end. To make that happen, all adult Tamils are now subject to involuntary military service. Most of these fighters barely know how to operate their weapons, but the LTTE has found a way to make them useful even if they are killed. If some of these fighters are hit by an air strike or artillery, their weapons are taken away, and pictures taken to show "civilians killed by Sri Lankan military." The LTTE also puts many military facilities in residential areas. So if the place get hit with artillery or air power, there will likely be civilian casualties that can be used to try and change Indian, and world, opinion against the Sri Lankans. The LTTE wants a ceasefire badly, but the government is demanding that the LTTE surrender its weapons before that happens.

The capture of the Poonaryn peninsula now allows the army to attack the heavily defended LTTE capital of Kilinochchi from three sides. Kilinochchi is heavily defended, and the army does not want to take a lot of casualties taking it by direct assault. So the battle is proceeding like a siege, with the army wearing down defenses and taking the defenders bunkers one at a time. Meanwhile, troops are beginning to take more LTTE territory on the east coast. The LTTE is having a hard time maintaining the front lines across the island, and the army is pushing through in more and more places, especially to the sides of Kilinochchi.

November 18, 2008: The navy sank two LTTE smuggling boats off the east coast, killing at least six rebels. With the west coast now controlled by the army, the navy can concentrate all its efforts on patrolling the LTTE controlled part of the northeast coast.

November 17, 2008: The government seized $650,000 from an NGO that was acting as a conduit for charitable contributions used to support LTTE military operations. Now that most major nations have declared the LTTE a terrorist organization, it's a lot easier for investigators to find out where the LTTE money is coming from, and stop it.

November 16, 2008: The army has captured the entire west coast, cutting the LTTE off from any seaborne resupply. This also means that the Poonaryn peninsula, which is just south of the larger Jaffna peninsula, can no longer be used as a base for LTTE artillery (which could then cover most of the Jaffna area with fire). In any event, the LTTE has little artillery ammunition left, because the navy has sharply reduced the LTTE smuggling operations. The army withdrew from the Poonaryn peninsula in 1996, after defending an army base there from LTTE attacks, which cost the army several thousand soldiers killed, wounded or captured. The capture of Poonaryn also opens the west coast highway (the A-32) which restores the land link to the Jaffna peninsula.

November 15, 2008: The two divisions on the Jaffna peninsula (the 53rd and 55th) are now attacking south against LTTE defenses that have been depleted by the need for reinforcements in Kilinochchi. After a few days, the army had taken the first line of LTTE bunkers and moved forward. There are two other lines of bunkers, and the LTTE is probably building a new third line. The army is seeking to open the A-9 highway, which goes from the Jaffna peninsula, south

Vigilante said...

LTTE claims 200 SLA killed while 300 wounded.

Pottu said...

Mr Brown,

It's not the size of your penis that matters, but how you use it. But since you don't have one, you need not worry.

MrBrown said...

'' This, and the loss of many experienced fighters, and the moral impact of after earlier victories losing a battle at the Jaffna front, will hopefully make taking the next lines easier.''

Yeah u r right. U better go and have peaceful sleep while 1500 families mourning for their beloved ones..

U know why this much casualties than the previous ocasions..? in previous ocasions worst was 600(KIA+ Injured) since they withdrew they minimised the lost.. this time we wanted to hold the place and payed a price of 1500 as of now.. not sure what is waiting tomorrow..

MrBrown said...

[ It's not the size of your penis that matters, but how you use it. But since you don't have one, you need not worry ]
sounds like u have small one..dont worry.. but dont go to lose the one you have.. this is what happened today at muhamalai.

Infinity said...

MrBrown, you own invented numbers are not very interesting.

You also ignored my argument.

Malin said...

Brown you will see what will happen tomorrow. Same old shit SLA marching forward. I know you dont like it but thats the truth.

Katch said...

Mr. Brown,

If advancing on the national front was not a good idea, what is? Do u have any idea?

Malin said...

Yeah he has an idea give everythiing back to LTTP...

Katch said...

:) Seems like he has run out of ideas!

MrBrown said...

'' If advancing on the national front was not a good idea, what is? Do u have any idea? ''

I would say a quick move to Paranthan junction or a suprised landing some where close to between EP and Paranthan via kilali lagoon...we need people like Kopekaduwa.. why wasting our big Navy... It is like Fonseka is follwing military book..

priyashantha said...

Like someone said this Wijayapala aka Wesa-balla never comes when SLA win a battle or in need of support. How true?

I checked all his history. He has never supported our boys and girls in uniform. Only talks political bull that is also wrong history.

This proves that he is not a patriot. Never mind there are patriots, traitors and inbetweens. But why act like a patriot when you are a traitor.

When our soldiers need us we should be there in victory and in difficulty.

"nethi kalata nethi neyo, ethi kalata mokatada?"

This is the acid test of patriotism and Wesa-balla has failed it.

There is a limit to acting. When your fighters lose ground to the army, how can you always act like a Sri Lankan patriot. Your beloved LTTE fighters have also died. How can you hide that and act.

athe maattu!!

"singha hama porawagath booruwa"

An ass in lion's skin.


Katch said...

Paranthan was anticipated by everybody. There was a small element of surprise attacking the NF because ltte expects us to withdraw after advancing. This time the army did not withdraw!

As for an amphibious assault, the risks are too great as any fool knows.

Now you know why you're not leading this Army!

Infinity said...

Task Force 1 captures LTTE Airstrip – Paranthan

MrBrown said...

''because ltte expects us to withdraw after advancing. This time the army did not withdraw!

and we paid for this..

priyashantha said...

All good soldiers go to heaven.

May all injured soldiers recover soon.

May the noble Tripple Gem guide them to recovery and good health.

May they live long and prosper.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

We should observe a minute of silence to honor the dead soldiers. As we are commenting, I urge every contributor to send in an empty comment.
Its a symbolical gesture. Hope it works... Thank you!

MrBrown said...


Ra said...

There was an element of surprise when forces marched in to MK. Haven't your heard "Hit the enemy where they least expects" ?

MrBrown said...

ok i paid my tribute as u said..
the question is who is going to take care of their kids.. i know several people in our community to take care of their wives.. problem is the kids.. GOSL should impelement a effective system to all soldiers kids.. we only see few pics in websites for advertisement.. but not all the family get those benifits.. Gov should put some deposit in to each kids account.. well now our currency become like a paper..since mota rala is printing currency. i heard he moved a printer to President palace

Katch said...

Great news about the captured airstrip! How come our uav's didn't spot it?

Mr. Brown,
Payment happened both ways. Can u imagine what it would have been for those ltte fighters chained to bunkers with no option but to die? The bunkers were mined to be blown up!

MrBrown said...

'' MRBrown,
There was an element of surprise when forces marched in to MK. Haven't your heard "Hit the enemy where they least expects" ?''
if it was least expected front and infact a suprise for LTTe.. how come we lost 1500... have u got any commonsense?

Ra said...


Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ra said...

its not 1500. Are you hallucinating?

Infinity said...

MrBrown, you own invented numbers are still not interesting. Spare us your strange attempt to claim to be pro-Sri Lanka.

You have still not answered my earlier argument above.

Katch said...


Lankapura said...

MayilRavana, interesting information, keep it coming.

MrBrown said...

Guys,,I am sure we lost around 400KIA and have injured more than 800..

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Mr. Brown,
You are right, there is little being done to look after the children of the war. At least this government is seen to do more for the soldiers than ever. Hopefully, the victims of the war in the north and east will also get something one day. To me we seem to be far away from taking care of all the victims of war and reducing the mentality of way in thsi great country.
Again, i repeat my appeal to send in an empty comment to honor the dead....

Ra said...

400 + 800 = 1500 ?

Katch said...

It's not 1500 dead and 1500 is what u pulled out of your hat! Most of the injured will return to the battle field.

Infinity said...

There is a picture of the captured airfield at Looks like it is paved. So much effort in constructing it, good capture.

Ra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pottu said...


"sounds like I am pain in many of you guys arse.. learn to digest truth...
otherwise it will make u mad.. there are two side for every incident. we only hear one.."

Yes there are 2 sides. One is Ranil polishing your teeth, other is Ranil cleaning your arse.
Now F**** off.

kappetipola said...

SL ARMY in Paranthan.

Terrorist Air Strip captured .

thats good way rather than crossing heavily land mined muhamale .

Pottu said...

Mr Brown,

I thought it was you who was going to take of the war widows and their children. How are you going to satisfy the widows with your non existent penis? It's a reasonable expectation that a man has a penis.

koly said...

MrBrown said...
'' I would say a quick move to Paranthan junction or a suprised landing some where close to between EP and Paranthan via kilali lagoon...we need people like Kopekaduwa.. why wasting our big Navy... It is like Fonseka is following military book.. ''

Who is this Kopekaduwa? Are you advising LTTE? Wasn't your Big Navy already wasted down to the bottom of the Indian Ocean last year?

perein said...

Here we go somthing new..

Task Force 1 captures LTTE Airstrip – Paranthan
Task Force 1 now marching towards Paranthan LTTE stronghold has captured one of the LTTE airstrips located in the Nivil area this afternoon (Nov 20).

According to the defence sources in the filed, the airstrip is about 200m in length. Troops have established their forward boundaries about 9 km from Paranthan and engaged in clearing operations at present, the sources added.

The LTTE terrorists are the first terror outfit to procure airpower introducing a new dimension to the global terrorist warfare.

MrBrown said...

'' I thought it was you who was going to take of the war widows and their children. How are you going to satisfy the widows with your non existent penis? It's a reasonable expectation that a man has a penis.''
dont bring ur problems here and get a free solution for it. Lets only talk about common national problem. I know u hinted already u have got small one.. as long as ur wife did not see any others..U can tell her u have got a big one..:-)

Katch said...

Let me borrow this from Ammagg;

"Boys girls and anyone in between" Goodbye, I'm out of here.

perein said...

Does any one know where about is the Nivil area in Paranthan.
Can any one notice the strip using below link?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Right now EPS FDL is at a delicate balance. We are standing the risk of retaliation. This is not a stable position.

We shud NOT stop there, but move down and capture the next levels of the FDL. As long as their FDL is not cleared, the risk of retaliation is high and arti positions remain at large. Now that we started it, should finish after neutralizing the danger of arti and capture another 2-3 km of the stretch. That will start them "tactically" [my ass] withdrawing from EPS.

It is a choice of, say, whether to make 200 casualty a waste [since we may have to turn back if we stop here], or to make it a 400 casualty on success and eventual victory of EPS.

I hope our brave hearts will make the pussycats learn the lesson of their life in this battle. Note that fall of EPS is a big knock out in the mind of anyone.

Lankapura said...

Brownie, who is taking care of the children and widows of the 200 army persons gunned down during the CFA? How about the civilian victims of bombings?

koly said...

Nivil is about 10km west of A9 between Nallur and Periyaparntan.

Check is this link for map.

Forward elements of 57 are operating in general areas south of Adampan and Jayanthinagar. 4SR operating in Puthumurippu.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pls ignore Brown, everyone,


perein said...

Thank you.

Defencewire said...

Let's do this one by one

1. There are 21,000 troops ready to go on the offensive in Jaffna
2. Of them, 60 KIA around 150 P2 and P3 and around 90 others P4
3. Pallai not captured
4. 800m no-man's land was crossed and Tiger 1st FDL captured. A further 100-200m was cleared
5. Couple of Pasilan 2000 guns destroyed
6. APCs and other armoured vehicles intact
7. SLAF assisted the SLA several times

silentknight said...

@ DW,

similar breakdowns at opportune times appreciated.

after all, it you whome most serious patriots turn to for credible news.


Vajira said...


Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vajira said...

60 soldiers have laid their lives down. Not 1500!!! today marks a significant victory for SLA. 53&55 Unleashed after 7years. Casualties were expected as they had 8 years to secure the defence lines. V should use the momentum and march on and join the mainland. If v do that asap v can save much more lives of troops than the amount our heroes sacrifice by annihilating the tigers. So this is a significant day 4 the country.

peter ponnaya said...

Addo Mr. Brown,

Pஅல பகயொ யன்ன, னிகன் குலியட கஹின்னெ னெடுவ, வெஸிகெ புத

Infinity said...

India aid sends all clear for Sri Lanka war-analysts

"Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said on Wednesday that India had not given Sri Lanka a deadline to finish the war before May elections in India."

Sandun Dasanayake said...


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Thanks DW, good relief.

I hope the WIA will not have severe effects.

Any idea about followings.

- Usage of chemical weapons
- Were any Pussycats tied at bunkers
- Why UAV+MI24 can do most of attacking [asked by many, I answered, but need someone's expert answer]
- how many more guns do they have [rough estimates]
- How far is the rest of FDL?

Thanks in advance.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Friends, Lanka E News & Pissu - Mongala are insulting our solders in a big way.

Patriots have to do something for that.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Notice how all the LTTE maggots have gone incognito today.

Peelam Peter, Meeharak Mahen, Thaka Thiru, Bloodyrav, Wijayapalanthan, Shart, Koli Kuttu and last but not least One Ball Shyam have all disappeared (polla thiyala).

Maybe they are busy preparing for the Nov 27th event.

Vajira said...

All patriots,
Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka will be going live tonight on ITN @10PM-12pm. Watch that. He will give a good insight!!

Unknown said...

There is no way 58 can get to paranthan without 55 and 53 breaking out . Remember the big guns are there they have to be taken out somehow .

I think the SAL is right . it was unavoidable . If somebody thinks we can destroy these bastards without casualties they are in la la land .

Vajira said...

For the 1st time in Elam war 4 SLA has claimed that their target now is to capture pallai and EPS shortly, after 2days success. It was reported in SLRC report few minutes back. So time 4 LTTE to think of "tactically withdraing" HA HA HA!

hb said...

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Helping a beloved soldier’s son/daughter for the education is the least we can do for them. So dear patriots lets please do our bit to the fallen heroes who will not be there to see the peaceful Sri Lanka which they sacrificed their lives for.

Defencewire said...


This part is the narrowest part in the island nation of Sri Lanka. LTTE can build many more FDLs using this narrowness (in fact, they already have another line behind. This type of this would have to be repeated many times over but its going to cost us. This is why years ago, the tigers were pushed back to this location. LTTE too could not advance any further due to this narrow path. But this time is the right time for SLA to advance. It puts tremendous pressure on the tigers in Jaffna. The SLA is asking them the question 'where would you now deploy your men and assets and focus your strategies? because we are coming at you from two directions. we have got you surrounded in kilinochchi. What is your next move?'

But the plan is quite clear. The move is to cut off all supplies and contacts with Kilinochchi at Paranthan and to get the Tigers out of this bottleneck and virtually impregnable (if smartly defended) Elephant Pass. This is good strategy. I am not trying to justify the loss of lives. It is inevitable in war (duwana vaahana hepenawa).

We have the UAVs up over the area but the area is full of sand and Tigers don't spend their time in bunkers but reinforce whenever there's a battle. They hide whenever they hear arti or MBRL sounds and can only be engaged through cunning and surprise. But a few guys with 12.7mm can hold down a brigade at some locations because of a clear line of sight of us advancing, specially in large groups. Some news has reached us that they fired a few canisters of tear gas. But again, it is the terrain that gives any defender in this area the clear advantage, whether its LTTE or SLA.

perein said...

Thank you for those updates.
What sort of LTTE numbers of heads do we face in Muhamalai / Kilali please?

Defencewire said...


We really don't have exact estimates but since they have 3 field commanders there, it could be a sizeable number.

Corey said...

To Hallucinating brown:

Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada stop LTTE Suicide Bombers Day celebration in Toronto

...supporters forced to help peelam are not afraid to talk AND act anymore.

Vezapillai will have to battle his own tamils in mulativu soon...

enjoy your bipolar tirades for now... (not for long)....

by the way, thanks for the $710,000gift... from the 'tro'.

Tee Hee !!!!!!!!!

Corey said...

brown, (and other 'disappeared peelamists):

it is about time for another tin can flyover.... the dia$pora is losing their morale, fast....

....meanwhile, brown keeps trying to scare us with lies that his hallucinating mind is conjuring up...
keep trying, loser...

perein said...

Can you kindly keep all your links to one or 2 postings please.
That could help most of the bloggers here.

lankaputhra said...

hb thanks for info I really want to sponsor a child...

Corey said...

Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide-insight


-Let's see if our peelamist friends have what it takes to read the above article till the end....

I don't think so....

SLSolar said...

To everyone having problems ignoring certain posters - from either side of the fence, CollapseComments add on with firefox will help a lot. You will need to register to install it as its still in development, but it will save you a lot of hassle

kevin said...

Could you be kind enough to post a link SF’s TV declaration tonight?
Good luck to our forces and I hope the 53 and 54 will over run the EP.No doubt at a very high cost, mustn’t under estimate the strength of the terrorists. I hope the politicians in the south will make available all the air transport and all necessary backup available to support the battle casualties, make all facilities available to our forces in the North. Good luck to them.

kevin said...

That Airstrip that just captured, our security forces should not destroy it or damage it but use it as an airstrip for future defence purposes.Gosl should have a strong military presence to discourage any attempt to create another separate state anywhere in the island.

kevin said...

There’s a protesters gathering in Parliament square by the tiger terrorist supporters now.

Pottu said...

Kevin Uncle,
Try this please.

kevin said...

Get Vp to ring MR mama and come to some settlement without breaking the country they we can live happily ever after.

kevin said...

Pottu, thanks I will bookmark that

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Thank you very much for the long reply. It covers most of my concerns.

Yeah, it is pretty tough out there, to the party on offensive. And I was also having the same idea that 300-400 ppl [even 150], half of which civilians, can hold up 1000s of SLA in this line.

It maybe a stupid Q, but just wondering why we do not utilise the night very much. How possible is it for the troops cross it in nights.

Looks like Paranthan is not going to happen as guessed in near future due to the gun ranges of EPS. So we cannot talk about an attck from down either. So it looks like a must for 53/55.

It is pretty hard to take that we will have to capture 3-4 times harder stretch with equally multiplied casualty, but every expert seem to conclude that it is the ONLY WAY.

FCUK the ones who betrayed EPS.

ravana said...

rana said,
When ever our casualty figures go high, I don't like it.

In this, I think you guys are correct. Our achievement is not 800 to 1000m, this break could give us more than 20km very soon.

Any way, I have my faith on our generals and SF.

now the hair comes hurt huh..yes it how we going to celebrate poneryn..three days ago when i describe this real one believes.see my last post.there no q? SLA have to advance from muhamali to nagarokovil.otherwise TF 1 will get the same treatment.thats why i ask you guys to closely monitor the map before any the 6 front sit at present.

Achi said...

I'm not happy about the way we are using SLAF in national front.I think they should keep on poundin arti positions through out the day until troops find a cover.

And i don't know whether a tank can withstand to a direct arti fire.If it can then we can use more tanks.So troops can get cover behind tanks.Else if we can carry something like 5*5*4 thick concrete closets to the front line we can minimize casualties.

Pottu said...

Uncle Kevin,
Trying my best to bring VP to ring. But VP boss does not want to loose all luxuaries.
Boss does not have real skill, cannot shoot a dead deer either...
Can you arrange MR mama to drop somthing on VP's head.

Keep that URL book marked, but add it to diff folder to your usual. You can watch some Ela SL dramas using the URL.

ravana said...

SLA casualty are well over 88 as at 4.30pm(sl time).most of them because of tigers has some kind of bomb system in side there bunkers.most of our brave soldiers trap inside there bunkers.

as i d described earlier this is the decisive phase of war.its an need save your men.with out these braves who is going to the front.

perein said...

Can you please describe your finding about Ravana's (November 20, 2008 10:10 PM) below comment.

SLA casualty are well over 88 as at 4.30pm(sl time).most of them because of tigers has some kind of bomb system in side there bunkers.most of our brave soldiers trap inside there bunkers.

Corey said...

spineless jackass mangala samaraweera exposed:

just by lookin at his picture, you can tell he is an insincere crook.

too bad he is a so-called leader of a political party.

Unknown said...

Which LTTE terrorist is this?

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