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Infinity said...

I will repeat what I said earlier.

The last reliable source (Sunday Observer), stated that earlier today that the army was 2 km away from the south and 4-5 km away from the west.

2 km is a long distance for a single day in bad weather against experienced fighters unless the enemy is in a total rout. Must be careful also for a counter-attack ambush. So if this distance is correct then I think that it is doubtful that Kilinochchi center (like the hospital where probably the local HQ and logistics center are located) will be captured today or tomorrow before the speech.

But I hope I am wrong. Regardless, Kilinochchi will fall in the next few days which will shatter the morale of cadres and diaspora.

Unknown said...

Killinochi will never fall.

Dileepa Rathnayake said...

I'm counting hours, not days :D:D:D

Annonymous said...

Oh ho. I just wanted to warn our brothers about potential campaign to play with our patriotic nerves. I wrote the following post in previous article. And when I came back to blog DW has reported something in line with me. So here is a copy of my previous post.


Mates and Primates, [like AmmaGG says]

Good morning all, and wish you a great 27Nov, just a simple day.

Ah the day 27-Nov is to be remembered for something, ... an aniversary, ... of the wedding of Mr and Mrs Wijethilake.

Ugh, sorry it was some ppl I know, but.. what was that big thing some keep on talking about MAHA BORU Day - a day of a soil digging rat being born. F**k off. Wijethilake's wedding, although nothing special, was more significant, important and worth celebrating.

In simple terms my friends; If we are to remember every rat who is born until today we've gotta be mad. Oh cut the crap.

Let's not talk about Nov 27th BD at big scale. The rat himself has no presence of mind to remember it, his days and nights are marked with the on/off times of the generator which he got from NGO, and surely being counted elsewhere. Any chance to live will be if he packs his bag in time, and THAT is why he canceled the whole crap of celebrations this time. Need to catch the boat.

Nice poems lads, and I'm not a poet for your quality, but do not write them to mark a birthday of a rat, if so please write some poems for the rats in my roof who seem to be born Nov 10-15 this year. Please.

Preserve your poetry to write a Was Kaviya everyday, but nothing special for the totally unimportant day of Nov 27. Did you notice that poetry competition was suggested by another rat who had a bit of time to raise his head under MBRL fire?

This is the last year of Maha Boru celebrations as the lies are getting revealed in front of the die-as-buruwah monkey breed. And it leave them with much hatred for having being to spend money on both one Duwarka's uni fees and 1000s of lechchamis and hangachchies death certificates.

Homo-dravidians are a funny prmate species. Not only they are very arrogant but also they never have a gratitude. Karuna Amman who gave up his possible uni degree for the tears of 1983 victims and worked hard for the Eelam, turned into a culprit in one night. Mahaththaya Thilipan and all the rest of "traitors" became so as they just said that they prefer mutton kebab instead of super supreme. What do you think Velupille will turn into, after his possible escape from SL. 25 years of mayhem and finally he'll end up living peacefully under disguise. Where the F**k is the "promised" land? Finally the great sponsors of the project eelam will only be left to die as buruwahs of the century.

And this frustration has been spawning in the primate assholes [diff species, diff anatomy] of die-as-buruwahs for some time. But now it has come out as well. Ask Bhairav for an example. You cannot feed punnakku all the years. A day of revelation dawns.

So in another 10 years time, I think a little number of Prabakarans will gather in Erythrea South Africa or Malaysia to celebrate the birth day of their grand father who lives under thick disguise and total wrath of the frustrated brethren. If any day to remember that will be the day of liberating the Giranikke from the clutches of the monkey breed and hence officially marking the beginning of their gravity fall.

So everyone, let's not waste poetry and discussion on Nov 27th.

Ah, another idea, be very careful from the human disguised homo-dravidians. They tried many tricks to live a different life [for they hate their true life] but they are long way from Sakwithi for a clean escape. Right now I get a feeling that some are trying to live in the disguise of patriots and play with subtle emotions of ours. Let them sing, and primates play one chaku bucku harmonic. Before you embrace them, listen carefully.

Have patience. Kilinochchi DOES NOT have to be liberated on Nov 27th. As I told you we do not mark the days of rats being born. The day to be remembered will be the liberation of Kilinochchi itself, be it 27th 28th or what ever.

Long live SLDF.

Infinity said...

"Killinochi will never fall."

Strangely enough this seems to be a common illusion among many LTTE supporters. The psychological impact of the capture will be quite interesting.

Corey said...

real says:

"killinochchi will never fall"

- another hallucinating cardboard peelam warrior making a fool of himself.

Tee Hee !!!!!!!!

Annonymous said...

I came up with this idea to promote poetry and literature here. I am honestly proud of many skills we have here. Shall we start a poetry competition on Mahen of Nochchikudah?

He is a much better and decent guy than Thelebara piglot. Piglot is issuing vague statements of illusive counter attacks and surprises and bloodbath - but only the torrential rain is blocking the marching SLDF divisions. But Mahen was a brave kid who went all the way providing a clean target with a clear time frame to be achieved. Success or failure you ought to respect this straight speaking Mahen of Nochchikudah. If I was Mahinda I will give him the Nochchikudah as a ninda-gama. That is why I thought Mahen of Nochchikudah is a better person to write poems about.

Please post your poems.

Unknown said...

Infinity Mate!

The psychological impact of "NOT CAPTURING KILLINOCHI" for this long on Sinhala minds are more moral damaging than the capture on Tamils minds.

Corey said...


On your mark...
Get set...
Run like HELL.....

Unknown said...


hallucinating cardboard, tin cans, bata slippers etc,etc.........

these are the people handing in poor sinhala soldiers in body bags.

Keep up with your fairy tale dreems.

Infinity said...

Terror attacks in Mumbai; 16 dead, several injured

Very bad news for VP. India can hardly demonstrate to its own terrorists that, yes, terror works. Do enough and you will get a separate state etc.

Unknown said...


no wonder you are still in a kindergarden.

and you proved it once more.

Annonymous said...


Can you help me resolve my laymen mind struggling to rationalize the comments by many superior species of yours?

How can the tigers turn tables now?

Please be descriptive for an ordinary person to understand.

LKDOOD said...

NDTV : Upto 25 feared dead in Mumbai terror attacks

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Infinity, Corey, Annonymous Donkeys

It is our Monkey Day. We are having our party today. You all donkeys day dreaming. Killi will never be captured. I told this in my previous blog.

Corey said...


on YOUR mark...
Get Set..
Run bipolar mania-sufferers..., run like HELL....

Associated Press: "Rebels fleeing northern stronghold"

By the way, MD (APA certified), at your service.. I can see the signs of mental illnesses in you peelamists a mile away...

Try some lithium carbonate. after you stop hallucinating, YOU need to go back to kindergarten...

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Corey Donkey

It is our Monkey Day. You donkeys cannot spoil our party. I am awaiting for Our leader's speech.

Annonymous said...

Kilinochchi may be used for several purposes.

1. harvesting - hence prolong capture

2. attention diversion - TF3 is going right into tiger den, and they need as little attention as possible.

3. pressure on maveerer speach - a captured kilinochchi can be used for a vow of counter attck, but an uncertain kilinochchi leaves thelebara pondering on what to say.

4. Knock out punch - so far tigers had more places to cling on to. But during a very critical battle such as Oddisudan, Epass or Mula, you can declare the liberation leaving them in shock and depression.

Unknown said...

Mate annonymous!

they have done it before and what makes you think they cant this time?

perein said...

Thank you for the latest.

So what time tomo would be the annoucement please?
Surly that could give you number of hours to write more detailed article?

Unknown said...

Hey real,

Just see the effect it will have on your mind. The next day Giranika (Kilinochchi) is captured probably you will be in a shrink ward.

Happy dreaming!!!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Our gratitude and best wishes for the soldiers who are making sacrifices for the motherland.
Where is Mahen? He has suddenly disappeared. Must be in Nachchikuda.

I guess I'll wait till 24 Dec. to meet Bhairav, Mahen (if he is still aroud), Pete, Brown etc.

Remember Peelam boys. Even after the Bravehearts clear Vanni, our campaigns against you will not stop. Remember, SL is motherland for you too. For insulting her there will never be forgiveness until you openly ask for it and make reparations.

If you want to be patriotic brothers, there is still chance. We are a forgiving lot in SL. Trusting? Well, let's not go too far. We may forgive you but expect to be watched for a long time.

So, it's your choice; be watched or be destroyed (I mean figuratively- the class actions and exposures will happen).

Love you long time ( ;), ;) ).

Unknown said...

Hey Real,

Oh yes...
I forgot,
By then you won't have the reasoning power to see the effect it has on you.

Again Happy Dreaming!!!

Annonymous said...


This is the last time you are celebrating monkey day or whatever. Not because Thelebara dies, but his fugitive self will make you further disgusted after his flee. Die-as-buruwahs will regret the fortune they funded to the biggest TRAITOR of your species.

Telebara will be remembered for one thing. After Mosses guided jews across red sea, he has caused the biggest human migration initiated by an individual. The trouble making arrogant primates called homo-dravidians, have suddenly vanished from Sri Lanka and they have started troubling the ppl who gave them asylum. Tamils who live in SL, go through the test of primates naturally and the left over ones are humble beings like us.

Thelebara is the migration officer who conducted this important test on our behalf. Perhaps the president of SL should send some gift on Nov27th to his fugitive asylum when he makes his own migration.

If not for thelebara, tamils would be holding around 40-50 seats in parliment and simply play the king maker role between an equally balanced SLFP and UNP portions. And that would have given your primates the best chance not only for any political power for self governance, but also virtual governing of the majority too.

Thelebara saved us from this.

So Primates, have a happy Nov 27th.

Unknown said...


I must say one thing, in the future SL citizenship should be given those who truly love our motherland.

For those ungrateful people who dreamed of dividing our motherland, while enjoying all the privileges from eating rice from this soil to free education....

Living the rest of their lives as outcasts in white people's countries is more than a deserving punishment.

First is to completely eradicate the LTTE vermin from our motherland. Next make sure that the traitors who supported them get citizenship elsewhere.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi MayilRavana & Ritigala Donkeys

Killi will never be captured. The war will be dragged until 2012 by MR. By then all politians will be rich for generations. Sinhala politiccos after 1956 are not honest. Poor soldiers and poorest of all races are suffering for ever.

Look at how many ministers in the government. How much money is spent on them.

josua M said...

I think it will be better if we can make the AOI - blue area cleared soon.
Then we attack tera on south by using TF2,TF3,56 and 59.

Annonymous said...


"they have done it before and what makes you think they cant this time?"

My DEAD grand father was well and truly alive when I visited SL last time. [But he passed away recently]. Now what makes you think that he will not be alive when I visit next time?

BTW, I want to know HOW they do it. Not a promise that they WILL do it.

This is not a shrine for prayers [pri]mate. This is a place where people bring about analytical ideas on military matters.

Tell us;

"HOW are the tigers going to turn tables now?"

Rana said...


November 27th is not an important day for Sri Lankans. Our important day is yet to come. If monkies want to sing, play and dance, let them do anything they want.

We will contrate on the job at hand and our boys who are keeping their precious lives on the line for united Sri Lanka.

Normally, before fire goes out, we will see one last bright flame, then it is all gone.

We will celebrate then, hang on tightly.

Annonymous said...

hello Rana,

Glad to hear the idea. We're in harmonics here.

As I said, if we're gonna remember every rat's BD, hell, we need to have a one hell of cake maker.

Corey said...

Mahabooru words on mahabooru day:

"killinochchi will never be taken"



Haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!

LKDOOD said...

Terror attacks in Mumbai; 80 dead, over 250 injured

Ra said...

Wait o wait..

I am here to see monkey dances.

Lets start with real then lalith can take part as well.

Ra said...

Anybody interested in indian issue can view CNN

Unknown said...

Mate Annonymous!

Firstly, my deepest sympathy for your grandad.

Before I answer your question pls give few thoughts about some facts I am drawing your and fellow bloggers attention to.

1. Has the LTTE lost its fighting power by 80% as the GoSL claims. If that’s the case then how they manage to hand-in dead Sinhala boys in body bags? And how come battalions of SLDF are vanished from battle fronts?

2. The Tiger planes are still taking off from Vanni and carrying out successful operations against the SLDF and other major installations in the country. How?

3. After number of air raids on the sea tigers (may be few thousands of raids according to Lankapuwath then and now from the JOC in Colombo) how the hell they are still carrying out more attacks on the SLN.

4. Why we are yet to see any suicide attacks on the so-called marching troops and what happened to their suicide brigade?

5. The whole World knows the tiger number is more than 35,000 with full time fighting force. What happened to them and or why they are keeping quite for so long?

And finally we all know the battle front time table is decided by the leader in Vanni and not by the leaders in Colombo.

Ra said...

Lttp going to invade india?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Rana

It will be another 3 years before celebrate. It is not still sure.

Ra said...


Isn't it true that Thalaivar fucks the tamil girls before they are sent to fight?

Unknown said...

What if Kilinochchi falls? what difference will that make? you think the LTTE or Tamils moral will go down with it?

Common, remember, LTTE started with two AK 47 guns that was bought with selling a cow. They never held any land in the beginning, and even have fought against the Indian forces, and till date they have survived.

They survived only on the support of their own people, no country or government came to help them.

So you taking Kilinochchi will not make any difference, maybe for you but for us, it will only make us even stronger.

We all are waiting for our Thalivar's speech, and that will determine the fate of Sri Lanka in the coming days!

Maaveerar Vanakam /\

londonistan said...


30 years and nothing to show for it except death and destruction. How stupid are you?

Unknown said...


I think you should be asking that question to yourself.

30 years, with all the country and governments funding, and theft money from Tamils homes and bank accounts, and the Tusnami recovery funds, etc etc...

you still couldn't beat the Tigers!

ask yourself how stupids you guys are?

LKDOOD said...

top police officers killed in Mumbai terror attacks

Ra said...

My argument is Thalaivar fucks underage tamil girls.

How can you prove I am wrong?

Ra said...

How can Thalaivar control his sexual urges when Mathivahini is out of the country for a long time? if he is not a ponnaya.

Of course there are tamil girls at arms reach.. eh.

No wonder who the hell is Kavalan, real and lalith's father...

Malin said...

Indai is getting some Terra medicine... Now is chance to Gotta to give a hand :)

Mahen said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

Malin said...

Guys it is said that LTTE counter attacked Kili in many waves but our forces managed to hold on.. (SF LNP) so looks like no flag hoisting tommorrow but very soon i guess..

Malin said...

Mahen Narichickuda?

Rana said...

Notice to all Mahaveera worshippers and other observers:

We are not interested in Kili, Paranthan, Ep, Mulative or any other place. We have one goal here.

Do not forget, we have one goal, that is:

Kiling vesapille and pottu. Kill all other pussycats who sticking to the guns. Free innocent people regardless of ethnicity to peacefully in Sri Lanka, where ever they want.

To achieve that, SLDF and all other sri lankans working together. We have no obligation to diaspora, T'naadu, India or anyother IC, NGO and INGO to do this or that.

Do not forget the above.

Mahen said...

Pansy Pirate Malin,

This is no time to be cheeky, as a consolation go jerk off to some veddha girl (boy?) porn.

Annonymous said...


So your point is that tigers have the strength to attack and THAT is how they turn tables.

You're grossly wrong. Tiger strength is not 80% saved. Right now the so called elites are being engaged. And more SLDF penetrate they have to expose big numbers.

Tigers consist ~5000 elites, other than that the rest are the civilian turned militants [by force] like that school teacher. Quality cannon fodder, but no real battle strength.

At the current rate of killing the tiger elite strength will be halved soon.

And after total disarray their attacking power diminish even if the numbers are saved.

I agree that TAF can make some impact. But TAF alone cannot win this war.

Your babes gave too much to SLDF looking for a chance to counter. Now the momentum is so high and it is PRETTY HARD EVEN TO COUNTER ATTACK USING ALL YOUR FORCE. That is the crude reality for you.

Some sensible eelamists are reduced to give up battle right now and come back in N years. Yes that is possible, but that depends on whether donkeys like JR CBK or Ranil will get power in SL. However that is stating that tigers cannot turn tables right now. Accept that truth [pri]mate.

FatPig knows that. And he is planning to bury the weapons, hide cadres and run away. And he expects the laborers teachers and fishermen to sacrifice their lives until they find time for escape.

[un]real, if you're out of SL, maybe you keep a room ready, a Stinky rat will need some shelter.

We prefer fatpig escaping. We like to see the monster you created eating your arse. And we like to see the humiliation and disgust of yours.


Nothing will happen if anything falls. Little by little the odd lot will be eliminated and SL will gain ctrl. For an ex whatever happened in east will happen in north too.

The rulers are turned to hit and run terrorists, hit and run terrorists are chased and killed.

So look at your great achievement after 25 years. You sold your god's vehicles to buy the demons equipemnts of two rifles, you ran the show for 25 years and back again talking about selling of cow and buying AK 47. What a shame?
This is back to square one with wounds all over body and mind.

You were a dignified nation, but today you're a complete bulk of refugees, locally in SL and worldwide. And a gang of thieves too. Is this what you ppl thought in 1983. A point for you guys to ponder on your big day.

Had it not being for tigers, today your lads are running the key role of our parliament. We ought to thank your thelebara for this favor.

Mahen of Nochchikuda,

The joyful scream tells me you captured Nochchikuda. Just tell me, is it inside your bathroom?

Guys need a brk, will chat after sometime.

Mates, keep on bashing primates. At a time of information blockade, primates becomes a delicacy.


Unknown said...

Thanks Rana for your clarification.

Don't cry foul for those innocent people.

If they wanted they would have came out long time back. Despite all the hardship they are facing by the Mother nature, they are still standing with the LTTE because they know the true face of Sinhala.

We Diasporas know the true face of Singhala too. So don't cry foul.

When you push harder and harder, it will explode once and for all. Tamil Nadu will raise and the Tamil diasporas will raise, the Youths in diasporas are already fed up with the Singala embassy and foreign ministry personals spreading of lies …

So push harder... and wait for the results! We all want this to be over soon!

Unknown said...


bla bla bla bla...

enough with your bullshit,

with a 100x forces, firepower and money, Sri Lanka has been starting the race againts Vanni for the past 3 years...

your brave commandos even said that they will host Lion flag in Kili today.. and we heard lots of bullshit from them, and what happend till date? how many of your Soldiers are wonded, dead and missing? do you have an actual count?

why are you so affraid of leaving NGO's, UN, RedCross and other medias inside the Tamils land? what are you scared of?

Anyways, I know I am asking the wrong people, just wait for the turn!

Nisal said...

Those terror groups in India usually blast multiple bombs during a short time frame. LPTE may try this kind of bombongs in future. We must be more vigilant.

tham said...

Dear comrades,

We are egarly expecting the liberation of the poor tamil people
who are under the clutch of the terrorists LTTE in Kilinochchi ans Mulaitivu. In the same time we appreciate the dedication of the poor suns of srilanka who are sacrificing their life for this hard task.
We want democracy and pluralism
Long live our motherland

Moshe Dyan said...

those who spread rumours,

please show some respect to our soldiers.

capturing sakkilinochchi is part of a bigger strategy to wipe-out tigers and (peaceful) tamil seperatism.

undue haste makes waste and what happens when the truth comes out? ppl get disappointed.

in the 1967 war in israel, the then defence minister didn't tell the nation the good news of annihilating enemy forces until the "time was right" refering to safety and security reasons.

that also enforced the credibility of the defence ministry.

let the news come from NEWSCREATORS!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

"wipe-out tigers and (peaceful) tamil seperatism"

- one militarily, the other politically.

LankaBoy_007 said...

gannawa kiyaa nachchiya 27ta kalin
kiw me ponna mahen den kohe gihin
alla muge eta deka nethi walla agin
ellamu moowa kilinochiye nagare medin

Unknown said...

Mumbai has had multiple bomb blast. I think bets are off whether BJP will win. Anyway as usual, bullshit over bullshit. Hindutuva revenge will come soon and very hard. BJP and RSS going to have a field day.

Rana said...

I offer you few verses from "GUTHTHILA KAWWYA":

Piraharan kotiya nivata
Sangee gena gal kulu yata
Wahasi basak keeya rasata
Diaspora natathi yasata

sadawa bankara nirathuru
bandawa lee kota yatikuru
wathiree bima pana yana thuru
kotiyo merethi dakimin tharu

tharuna gatawu dana sathose
gini aviyen pana vise
deka kotiyan duwana lese
sinasunai muwa rahase

kilinochchiya gaththa lesin
dum wetiyak gena surathin
Puwath nodena bamana mathin
Natuwe ayek pissu mathin

-- rana --

LankaBoy_007 said...

once kili captured we will appoint meeharak mahen as head naattaami in kili.he also can continue his beloved job, toilet cleaner as part time.peeter,lalith,real and shyam also can start practicing

bothaaaaaaaaaaaal.. pathareii.. toilet clean koranawa...pihiyaa muwaath thiyenawa...
bothaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.. pathareii..

Alpha said...

0 days left to recapture nachchikuda
Still waiting for a miracle....

ravana said...

hi guys,
dont fall into gov propaganda.kili is too far will be fallen but not as easy as many sla missing due to the is not easy to fight when several feet of you under the water.
best possible move is to active 58.mulathiv is so far OK.
any way if any of you see any one suspicious in our forces uniforms please inform to 119 or anyone in attack possibly from that side.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, having fun with poems ha? I am not a poet nor a singer, only poem/song I know the whole set of words/lyrics is my favorite song of all time “wattha pahala welle” : ))

So, Rana and boys who knows GUTHTHILA KAWWYA and all sorry about my song choice ! : ))

Wattha pahala welle
VP anicut wahapu wele
Mahinda mama awith ahuwa
Mokakda umba kale?

Mahinda mame, mama anicut wahuwa ne
Mama unath tharuna kale owa kala ne?

Bola huth#ge putho!
Mama anicut wahala natho!
Anicut eka ariye nathoth
(Dekata nawala) arinawa thota puke!

Srilankan said...

Get ready for a diffrent Slanka than you know.Pls dont ever return..stay in paradise..prtty pls..60 yrs is enough horeseshittery for anyone..

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

/Anicut eka ariye nathoth.../

Pukata mehum dekak gahala
Bada yannata beheth deela
Piraharan budi korala
Katata dunne nahaya wahala

ravana said...

srilankan i have only one to say

Unknown said...

It looks like Sri Lanka's desperate attempts to turn the tide is becoming increasing useless. Hope the Indian Army is much better then the last time it was in Sri Lanka.

Rajani and Kamal have indirectly caused Prabha to not celebrate his birthday. After all they said no celeberations, now he has too also.

My god luck can just be so much on Prabha's side now. I guess it was also planning and waiting. I feel quite sad for Sri Lanka. What it could be and what it has become. Even after the split I guess things will take time to settle.

Malaysia took nearly 50 years to eradicate her demons. Singapore pratices secularism by the way. Only idiots believe in the use of race and religion to rule.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana, ha ha ha !!! good one!!

Come on boys, cheer-up! We will get Killi soon!

Where are all the monkeys gone? Have they gone to fight for the monkey land??? Bet NO!!!

Get down from the trees primates, ur about to get civilized!

Unknown said...

"But I hope I am wrong. Regardless, Kilinochchi will fall in the next few days which will shatter the morale of cadres and diaspora."

Infinity you can hope all you want but honestly i personally never saw any significance to killinochi. Mahindha wants to win the election and needs the town. I mean LTTE lost Jaffna and still went to kill 1000 soldiers in ponneryn. You must be living a fantasy to think otherwise.

You know when you talk of dispora, i guess none can be better then the Jews. Look at the new chief of staff,Israeli Rahm Emanuel. He volunteered in Israel and was tasked to clean brakes really.

"Emanuel did not serve in the Israeli army, but was a civilian volunteer assisting the Israel Defense Forces for a short time during the 1991 Gulf War, repairing truck brakes in one of Israel's northern bases"

Unknown said...

Many here are hoping that the Sri Lankan economy wont collapse. Somehow the rupee will not one day fall when the reserves cannot support it etc. All these problems are self made by the Sri Lankan government and it cannot be wished away. Sri Lanka is moving into a spiral collapse and unless the political mindset changes its very difficult for the island to unite back.

Unknown said...

Its quite a pathethic situation when tanks are used to ferry casulties. I mean M113s are used as ambulances. However thats because armour leads so its under constant and heavy fire. Hence to evacute casulties, its necessary.

It also goes to show that the propaganda and lies are being exposed and the armed forces continue to fight for political reasons and not for real military strategic reasons.

Hiding the war casulties is another one aspect. If one is winning the war, why hide the truth.

Personally I think the M113 is one of the best IFVs in the world. Its light and easy to drive. Just two sticks move one or both forward and to turn, lock one stick and push the other backword or forward. Though now most armoured vehicles comes with some sort of steering wheel.

Its beautiful when it floats. Imagine such a large chunk of metal and she actually floats. Plus no additional stupid floation devices to add before the swim. Its also so adaptable.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran seeya, I know I make fun of u. But deep down, I love u!

So, ur medicine working now and ur coming to sense? U r absolutely correct this time Navindran seeya! “Only idiots believe in the use of race and religion to rule” How true ur words are? Only idiots like V.Prabakaran believe in ruling a Tamil only EEllaam!

Navindran seeya , can u send some of ur medicine to VP?

How true is this? “Malaysia took nearly 50 years to eradicate her demons” Yes, now Malaysia have finally realized all these Thamiza people living there could be a massive pain in the arse in the future and they are tightening the screw! About time!

Yes, Singapore practices secularism, they won’t let Thamiza people living there to worship sungoat!

Navindran seeya, for fcuks sake can u pls not talk about Rajani and Kamal anymore? U kind of painting them as a Gay Couple! Rajani and Kamal !

Unknown said...

One question, when you guys say may the triple gem bless the soldiers, do you mean Mahindha, Gota and Basil

Corey said...

Hi Guys,
What is the best web site that lists the URLs of news sites on Mother Lanka? (not the crap peelam sites that writes bullshit of grandiose peelam hallucinations). I wish to go to one site and click the URLs.

Gringo said...

[(CNN) -- Gunmen rampaged through a series of targets in the Indian city of Mumbai killing indiscriminately and taking hostages at two luxury hotels.

We should prevent these by making sure ZERO TOLERANCE for terrorism. That should be our policy no matter what.

Therefore, now is the time for our visionary leaders to design radical changes for the country.

Particularly, we should plan to develop the north and the east in a big way giving the families of the soldiers a scheme of land ownership (freehold /leasehold) in the NE. These areas, which are full of natural resources, had been neglected for unreasonably long time.

It will be mistake to just ‘hope’ for the peace.

Lot of work on the cards... in order to totally SriLankanization of the NE

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

NO, Navindran, Rajini and Kamal! ha ha ha

TropicalStorm said...

SLG not capturing K'chci is no big deal.

The Indians haven't captured Mumbai yet either.. Terrorists are supposedly holding hostages, a man shot and killed by accident by a cop was lifted into a civillian vehicle, the Rapid Action boys are sitting in truck twiddling their thumbs and a dog nadler was walking around with a naatu-tomiya on a leash. There's a lot of gesturing and shoutuing going on. A group of boy scout look alikes were pointing pea-shooters at a hotel, and the last one looked like ready to pee his pants.

Most of the cops are lugging .303 rifles, a few with semi-automiatic carbines. The attackers are said to be armed with AK47 type weapons and grenades. They've also used tow vehicle bombs, one to blow up a gas station.

The only coherant reports are still from western civillians caught up in the scene and barricaded in by the Indian cops.

From everything seen so far, the Indians have not been able to deal with this attack even after about 4hrs since it started.

TropicalStorm said...

There goes India's last sympathies for anyone associated with the term 'terrorist'.

AUS said...

Hi Amma Gahai/Gahavi

Anonymous said...

Dear Infinity,

You mentioned that the Sunday Observer was the "last reliable source. I hope you meant it as a joke. If you believe anything that Lake House newspapers says, you can't be living in the real world.

AUS said...

Hi Amma G/G,

It seems you live very close to Dandenong. I live at Clayton South.
If you like I would like to contact you.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

AUS said...
Hi Amma G/G,

It seems you live very close to Dandenong. I live at Clayton South.
If you like I would like to contact you."

Mate, only If ur not a terrorist ! ha ha just kidding mate!

Yeh, I am kind of live close to Dandy. Beer for sure mate!

Saman said...


Good try mate. What else can I say :-). Name fits the poem. I, for a moment, thought you were going to write,

Watta pahala wele
Prabha galak kapana wele
Rajapaksha nade
Ariya uge ****

Apith Kolambata lagai

Moshe Dyan said...

thalaivar the president, the prime minister, the legislature, the judiciary, the media, the god and the creator of tahamil elam addresses you.

due to unavoidable circumstances and the refusal of my new vanni kanni, suganthiga, to translate any more words, his speech will be short. and sweet.

anbulla ammakal, appakal, pillaikal, tamileela makkal,

thamileelam potatrum kastama. no doubt. but elloru thamil makkal support tamil eelam. naan, ungal udiya thalaivar, will make your dreams come true.

konjum konjum set-back ikukka. but puli pathunguvathu paaivathatku!!

makkal, never forget that puli pasithaalum pullai thinnaathu!!!!


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Saman, lol! api Galle…

Wada bari unath gama Galle! : ))

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lankapura said...

I couldn't resist a paru kawiya for Thalaivar's birthday:

(Kunu harupa honde, ganan ganna epa)

Mulathivu kale inna wandirige patiya
Bella lokui Alle gomara katiya
Wanniye kello billata dee me kariya
Kollo gahai Bunkaraye hora kotiya

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malin said...

A very good morning everybody... Navindran seem to be crying more than usual today.. must be with a heavy heart since they could not hear punnaku speech...

Moshe Dyan said...


fantastic poem mate!!!!

i feel ashamed about my poem.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe, lol thanks !! try again with a new one!! : ))

Lankapura: Awesome!

hiru said...

“Many here are hoping that the Sri Lankan economy wont collapse”
According to you guys and UNP, how many times Sri Lankan economy has collapsed? Keep counting man. Our economy has done well despite various negative obstacles such as Tsumani, Terrorism, credit crisis…and what ever you name it. It is the reality not the talking

“Somehow the rupee will not one day fall when the reserves cannot support it etc” your dream day (one day) answers the question.

kevin said...

India is now showing it’s true colours.6 hours since the incidence in Mumbai at it seems everything is chaotic outside the Taj.They seems to be hopeless in putting out that fire. Fire fighters are utterly hopeless because they seems to spray the water for a short time and give up and the flames seems to be still leaping about. Security people seems to be just milling about doing nothing. I suppose it’s India.

Bhairav said...

[My dear Sri Lankans and monkey fcukers!]


You cracked other day that Buddha himself preached that you can screw one at a time as long as you do not invite more than one village gal in any given time.

What else you want to tell today,Mr.noisyfuk?

Lankapura said...

Thanks AGG, your waththa pahala remix was great.

Bhairav said...

[There goes India's last sympathies for anyone associated with the term 'terrorist'.]

As I said many times, India is sitting on time bomb.

hb said...

Navindran said
Only idiots believe in the use of race and religion to rule...

Well said man. Looks like after a good dose off continuous tactical withdawals you have finally understood the truth.

B#1 said...

Moshe, nice speech (in Tamil)
:) keep it up.


Difficult to believe this.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, this poem thing get me in to hysteria! I can not resists not writing another one! DW, pls don’t delete this! I am in my pinnacle of creativeness ha ha ha

Boys, this is Double beat song. So read with the beat in ur head! Lol

Prabakaran renna giya, Prabakaran renna giya, Prabakaran renna giya
T56 puke giya

JR’ya duwa awa, JR’ya duwa awa
T56 ganna giya
JR’ruth puke giya

Premadasa duwa awa, Premadasa duwa awa
T56 ganna giya
Premadas’th puke giya

Chandrika nona duwa awa, Chandrika nona duwa awa
T56 ganna giya
Chandrikawa puke giya

Mahinda’ya duwa awa, Mahinda’ya duwa awa, Mahinda’ya duwa awa
Dekata nawala puka baluwa

Puke mukuth nathai kiya, Puke mukuth nathai kiya, Puke mukuth nathai kiya
Puke arala gedara giya!!!

Once again, I am really sorry for the song choice! Ha ha ha

Bhairave, I am in gr8 mood and ur a only a low life to me. Blogers, pls ignore above comments from low-life load Bhairave puffta and pls don’t post any reply. Have fun boys!

Rahul said...


you can visit for all the SL news sites

Push said...

@ Amma GG,

Nice to see you again. We missed your posts so much.
I Disagree with you on the following.

I am not a poet

Yes You Are

B#1 said...

lol........ :p
You should not stop with this. Please one more...

Chathura Prabuddha Ganegoda said...

Ohoma yao ohoma yao thava tikai
we will never back down.Killinochi is
in our hand dont cry for it.Poor tigers Just lay down ur wepons and surrender.Thats the best thing they can do.

Wicky said...

India should immediately start Peace Talks with Terrorists. That's what they ask us to do. So they too should follow the same path ;)

India this is what you are getting back for what you gave to others...

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro AGG,

Agree with SLpower, indeed you are a poet....and you should consider your earlier works for publication.....keep em coming bro. Your vitriol is nasty on our resident Monkeys .....Nayata Andu Kola wagei.......

hiru said...


Nice song man..but you mis RanilP before Mahinda

Ranil giya diwa daanna, Ranil giya diwa daanna,Ranil giya diwa daanna

Gedara aawa Walla nathiwa

B#1 said...


Well said mate. Its very interesting to know what Sirasa Super Star Rajini, Kamal, Vijekanth s' opinion about terrorist now.

Lankapura said...

hiru, ROTFL :-D

Unknown said...

I must say you have got real talent!

Other poets also here.

I would think Munidasa Kumaratunga would say "Negee ena kavi savi getwawya!"

Wicky said...

where are those ppl who talk big abt India's power? The Super Power still couldn't finish a bunch of terrorists...they r still inside the hotel..what a shame....

bfore sending stuff to moon, try to protect your country and help millions of poor ppl suffering in india....

Unknown said...

Guys this is very strange coincidence. on Nov 27th Bombs are suppposed to go off in Sri Lanka NOT in India!!!

Very strange, very strange indeed!!!

I must be imagining things. Surely LTTE couldn't have a hand in this..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, thank u for the kind words! I am glad u got my joke! It is indeed very hard to be a Joker when ur not a Thamiza! Ha ha ha

DoDo said...

I humbly request Rajini Kanth to evoke his superhuman powers and save India from the Daccan Mujaheddin!

Fly like Superman, Walk though walls, Kill all the terrorists with one bullet (do that trick that made Newton faint...please please pleeeeaasee)

Nisal said...

[[[ Miliyaa said...

where are those ppl who talk big abt India's power? The Super Power still couldn't finish a bunch of terrorists...they r still inside the hotel..what a shame....]]]

India is going to declare a CFA and about to start negotiations with terrors.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

DoDo said...
I humbly request Rajini Kanth to evoke his superhuman powers and save India from the Daccan Mujaheddin!

DODO, mate, any request to Rajini or Kamal or to Obama or to Viako or to any big name has to go through Navindran seeya! U just can not request it like that when u like! : ))

Navindran seeya will be back tomorrow morning (he is in “80 years and still stiff” blog now) to DW and then u can put ur request to him.

Nisal said...

BBC radio headlines (Today morning)

* Rebels attack Indian commercial capital
* SL Army attack rebels' defacto capital


Apino Dannachess said...

Saambaru version of My bonnie.....YO Monkeys sing this and get over your sorrows......

My Peelam lies over the ocean
My Peelam lies over the sea
My Peelam lies over the ocean
Oh bring back my Peelam to me

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Peelam to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Peelam to me

Last night as I lay on my pillow
Last night as I lay on my mat
Last night as I lay on my pillow
I dreamed that we got Nachchikuda back

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Nachchikuda to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Nachchikuda to me

Oh blow ye the winds o'er the Obama
And blow ye the winds o'er the Vaiko
Oh blow ye the winds o'er the Recession
And bring back my Peelam to me

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Nondiya to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Nondiaya to me

Oh Obama have come over the ocean
Oh Vaiko have come over the sea
Oh recession have come over the ocean
And I got my Nachchikuda in a dream

Last night as I lay on my pillow
Last night as I lay on my mat
I stuck my feet out of the window
Next morning my Canadian neighbors were dead

My breakfast lies over the ocean
My lunch lies over the rail
My Vadai supper lies in great commotion
Will someone please bring me a pail

Alpha said...

DW is a 'KAWI MADUWAK' now. :)

frackster said...

ladies !!!
there is word that 40 + commandos had laid down thier lives trying to retake Kili, and the assault was directly supervised by gen SF !!! any truth to this ??

උදාන said...

It's my Birthday
It's my Birthday

I'll Take you all to the Candy shop

aha aha

to the Candy shop

swije said...

Hi DW,

There aren't any difference between you and the Defence Ministry Site. Both are backing GOSL. I know that you are not going to publish this but this for your knowledge.

You two are trying to get a boost from our DEAR HEROES from south. Nevermind, you can do it for one or two year. Then people will know who you are and the true traitors of the country!

උදාන said...


Whats LTTP? isnt it LTTE?
I think I'm confused now...

Malin said...


No idea man no one is giving any information.. there should be casualties but number we have no idea.

mboi said...

two decades ago india bankrolled and trained fledgling terrorism in south asia. now india is being ravaged by extremists taking up the same tactics taught to the LTTE by indian spies.

Malin said...

@යකඩ පැන්චා

Liberation tigers of tamil peelam

Malin said...

@යකඩ පැන්චා

Are you new to this blog?

Asithri said...

[COLOMBO (AFP) — Security forces ambushed and killed scores of Tamil Tigers in northern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, adding its troops were poised to take the rebels' political capital.]

Boy o boy…the fcuking ambushes are simply bagging “prize catches” I am told…did I not say how the SF airborne catz were cherry-harvesting the LTTE whore bastards/bitches with unbelievable and bountiful success a few days ago?...yep, I hear it has gotten even better now as per the latest info…the story I get is that largely speaking, the LTTErs have lost their nerve…yes, they do fight at times, but a phenomenon that the frontline bravehearts are seeing is that many times it appears the LTTErs are walking into these ambushes (and even ferociously delivered SLA fire-steams) with a sense of finality and fate…yes, not really hoping to win the engagement, but to die and “get it over with” (and this has been confirmed by some captured LTTErs, especially females)…

Truly a pathetic state of affairs I hear for the LTTE whore bithces/bastards…

Time to kill the parasites mercilessly…to dawn a better Sri Lanka tomorrow!

OaO Asithri

Lankapura said...

Last one.. my tribute to Mohideen Beg, a true patriot.

Satan wiramayak genalla
Kaley kotiyo gamata awilla...
Satan wiramayak genalla.

Ranil mama puka sodala
Prabhakarn pukey arinawa
Ranil mama puka sodaaaalaa
Prabhakarn pukey arinawa
Dorey hilen horen balala
Solheim uth athey gahanawaa.aa..aa.aa

Satan wiramayak genalla
Kaley kotiyo gamata awilla...
Satan wiramayak genalla.

Dakune desin sebalun enawa
Kari kotinta guti beta denawa
Dakune desin sebalun enaaa..wa
Kari kotinta guti beta denawa
Prabhakaran wana gatha wenawa
Dan langadima boo gatha wenawaaa..aa..a..

Satan wiramayak genalla
Kaley kotiyo gamata awilla...
Satan wiramayak genalla.

උදාන said...

Well I have to Agree with swije on this...

This is little better than

There aren't any difference between you and the Defence Ministry Site. Both are backing GOSL.

swije, Still don't you think this is way better than tamilnet and other pro LTTE sites? They are nothing but BIG FAT liars. Aren't They? They just making cardboard heroes.

උදාන said...

Malin Yes machang
Thats more appropriate...

උදාන said...

Yeah Mate
We just need to hear the 'sweet truth'

Just hide the shit under the carpet!

උදාන said...

I hope your infor is untrue.

Dinesh De Alwis said...

three soldiers serving in the general area of MADAM were caught in a water current Wednesday (26) around 8.30 a.m.. One soldier managed to survive holding on to tree while two others went missing.

Search operations in search of missing soldiers are on.

Asithri said...


[So you taking Kilinochchi will not make any difference, maybe for you but for us, it will only make us even stronger]


I see you said the same thing since MavilA…yes, you motherfcukers have certainly gotten stronger I can see!

As for..
[We all are waiting for our Thalivar's speech, and that will determine the fate of Sri Lanka in the coming days]

[When you push harder and harder, it will explode once and for all. Tamil Nadu will raise and the Tamil diasporas will raise, the Youths in diasporas are already fed up with the Singala embassy and foreign ministry personals spreading of lies …]

Again, really? Of course your “Thalivar” will promise to deliver you the moon and in as far as “rasing” I would say that the only thing that you can raise at this point is your LTTE racist whore-mother’s vettiya….believe me…you have lost all your trump cards!

Stupid arsehole…stop uttering bloody poppy-cock nonsense here that makes your whole Tamil race look like a bunch of idiots (you are an deep insult to the intelligent Tamils that I know!)

OaO Asitri

Asithri said...

Mayilravana to Wijepala aka Thmileelam Wijepalan

[I notice that you didn't take my baits in Sinhala. Are you ignoring me on purpose or don't you read sinhala?]

Of course, did you just find that out just now? Wow!

Yep, this “wijapalan” cannot read/understand Sinhela…he is really a “thamileelamist” pretending to be a Sinhela under “wijapala”….

BTW, his mother was a whore and his father was a pimp in the racist "state of thamileelam”…and his job was/is to rewrite Sri Lanka's history!

:( :( :(

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

I hope your infor is untrue.]

What info?

About who his real father was?


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

OK time to do the "chocolate sandwich" with my cow in red & yellow...

:)) :)) :))

Catch you patriots later...

Oao Asithri

උදාන said...

මේ මස විසිහත්වැනිදා
අපේ අය්යා පබා කරන්
හොඳට පුක පුම්බා
ඇරියා පඩයක්
රට කලම්බා...

அன்னா பபா, මක්කයි වෙන්නෙ?
ඇයි නැත්තෙ සද්දයක්?

මහින්ද උන්නැහෙ ඇරියද පුකේ?
රිදුනද මගෙ වස්තුවට?
අඬන්න එපා මම එවන්නම්කො ටොපියක් ඔයාට.

උදාන said...

ඇල්ටීටීඉ පකයන්ට කියවන්න බැරිවිදියට ලියන්න පහත ඇමිනිල්ලෙන් උපදෙස් ගන්න. ස්තූතියි.

BTW සමාවන්න මගෙ නැහැදිච්ච කුනු හබ්බ වලට.

Malin said...

Hey Moshe

there is pesonal blog attack on you 1n revy's page on LNP. Guess those cowards are too afraid to come hear and attack you directly..

"Joke of the Day - Courtesy arm chair general Moshe Dyan of the defenceblogs"

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the info mate. never been to LNP - a total waste of time.

yea. bloodyrav is too scared to go at me here. so he has found a safe place to vent up his bloody spleen.

i take it as a sign of fear for moshe's strategies!!!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe ( Malin) ,

Moshe, mate stick to ur guns and lets c those clown got enough guts to come out and attack in DW!

Adrenaline_Grin said...

it will interesting to see if tamil nadu will be able to continue making noise about the war in sri lanka in the wake of the terrorist attacks in their own country. and i hope sri lanka would use this situation wisely to continue its offensive against the tigers.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

i suppose any plans by the tigers to carry out bombings in the south might have been jeopardised by the attacks in india. it would poor form for the tigers to carry out terror attacks at a time the rest of the world is shocked and appalled by the ones elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

hb said...

[frackster said
there is word that 40 + commandos had laid down thier lives trying to retake Kili, and the assault was directly supervised by gen SF !!! any truth to this ??

If there was any truth in it, Tamilnet would have reported that 400 SLA Commandos killed by the LTTE.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Anyway, time to go! Thanks all for the happy hour and monkeys for the entertainments! I will throw a nice big Banana to the best behaved monkey tomorrow!

Valavan said...

Ye ye,
India should never get into Srilankan internal problem

Why the fuck mahinda modepakse is begging for arms and going to temples to pray for war.

Comon guys, better go and do something useful for your family, instead celebrating for a phanthom victory.

Hanas said...


Indian Primeminister Manmohan Singh requested Mr. Karunanidhi to send Rajini Kamal, Vijay and Vijayakanth to Mumbai to fight with the terrorists.

According to Tamil Net All four have been absconded from their home. At last they have seen at thrisha house.

What a cardboard heroes.

B#1 said...


According to latest reports there was a fight in between them [Rajini Kamal, Vijay and Vijayakanth] for a demand to handle the situation alone.

Rana said...

Guys in SL,

Try and post any unusual activities on monkey day. Any idea about monkey leader's once a year speech?

hiru said...

pig to shit at 5.40 pm today

Hanas said...

Dear B#1 Karunanidhi mediate and agreed to send Rajni which now Rajni turned down citing tamil people in Sri Lanka

CriMeWatCh said...


i like dat. good one

Hanas said...

The Fat pig will tell today as following.

Since our people suffering from the SLA and the Rain it is our duty and our right to attack Colombo and South with Suicide bombers and I personally told Sun GOD to send the rain to Colombo as the devastation in Vanni

This will be my last speech. Bye Bye Peelam. Jayaweva to Mahinda. Mahinda please forgive me. I misread and elected you as a president of Sri Lanka. I bullied to the extent. But you were patient initially. I should have came to the negotiation table. But Tmil Media and Diasspora Misled me to war.

I sincerely hope you can make the wanni peaceful and prosperous.

Guys note that pirabaharan speaking at two extreme situations because he lost his mind now. He have multiple personality problem.

hiru said...

Attacks in India
The United States and Britain led global condemnation, with Washington describing the attacks as "horrific", and US president-elect Barack Obama pledging to work with India to "root out and destroy terrorist networks".

Suranimala said...

Hello. valavan and kaavalan
Ok tell us your solution?:)
Kavayyo (kalaavalan or kala varen)are you sure Giranika will not fall?according to you east also controlled by lttP. Dont tell me that lttp is able to kill some one in the east because of that it is controlled by that case US must be controlled by osama:)

valavan you like Czechoslovakia type sorry mate .Those were separate countries united by some one for some reason . Remember this is one country and can not divide .

hiru said...

Indian attacks....
Attackers targeted British and American passport holders....

"Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the "outrageous" attacks would be met with a "vigorous response"

learn from us PM...consult Gota

Hanas said...

Must be LTTE behind the attack. They re searching Gota in INDIA as Gota also holding American Passport.

Hiru You are right. Let these country ask us how to fight terrorism. If they still talking about human rights fine let them face attack after attack

Sithsala said...

geez, what's up with these poets...

had to stop reading halfway, as couldn't take it any more...


gedara awa .... :))))

keep it up boyz

Rana said...

Well once this koti nonsense is over, say after another few months, we will be the consultants to India on counter terrorism.

ha ha ha

BJP begging Mahinda for assistance to eradicate home made terrorism.

he he he

Gota get the big post Counter Terrorism Director (CTD) in Dellhiand RAW will be under Gota.

ho ho ho

Katch said...

Awesome kavi guys truly awesome!!

Rana, AmmaGG, Lankapura, Lanka boy and others, your creativity is just out of this world.

I think we should meet in downtown Killi once the dust settles for a kavi reunion :)

Keep going !!

AmmaGG, we would like an encore mate!

Unknown said...

Infinity you can hope all you want but honestly i personally never saw any significance to killinochi. ]

seems like lpte boot licking loonie retard Navindran has already made back up plans if Reelam de-fucto captial were to fall


Unknown said...

GOSL should have sent a crack commando team to help poor indians to take out the terrorists... :)
seems like though india supported terrorists they are not as nearly as good as our folks, when it comes to taking them out...
SF boys from SLDF would've made short work of those loonies in Mumbai out for civilian blood

Selva said...


Today is Mareevar Naal, the day of remembrance of our fallen heroes. Countless number of heroic cadres, civilians from both sides have died in this war of liberation. Now more than ever we should push our leaders to come to the negotiating tables to talk about peaceful seperation. We can co-exist in perfect harmony under two seperate states.

All Eelam citizens in Ceylon and abroad, please remember your fallen cadres and brethren in your prayers tonight. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

perein said...

When are you hoping to catch the same boat as those loosers?

සිසිර කුමාර said...

All terror supporters like Mahen, Syam, Peter, etc etc must be disappointed by the impotence of Vezapizzai.

These buggers were expecting Veza to launch a major assault on SLDF before 27th.

Now who are the modayas?

Rana said...

Yea, I see a gutless coward attack on Moshe, in LNP revy's page.

Moshe, I am with you mate, you are a true friend of Sri lanka and I will be with you to the end mate.

Do not worry bro, you are our general for eternity. We never forget our friends who helped us in difficult time.

I am confident that Moshe can look after himself esily but we owe him some garatitude for the service he did for our cause.

I am asking all patriots to help our friend Moshe in his difficult hour to over come cowardly shamful attack directed to him at the last moment.

one for all, all for one!!!

I am asking only that, now don't say no!

Selva said...

Perein Son, sarcastic comments, vile jokes and filth isn't going to help resolve the conflict. What you need to do is to lobby your leaders to come to the negotiating tables. This is a more productive use of your time than dreaming up ways to character assasinate someone you have never even met.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Rana, could u send me a link? (regd your last post)

සිසිර කුමාර said...


Why negotiations now? It's going to be over soon. (at least for Vezapizza)

B#1 said...

[What you need to do is to lobby your leaders to come to the negotiating tables.]

Yes we will do it for you. But first let us to finish the terrorism (LTTE) from the country.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Selva do you support war?

Unknown said...

Prabha has got the best birthday gift ever thanks to the bomb boys. An RSS man, Outwardly looking normal but trained and thought in RSS schools. Guess what he is wanting for hindus to take up arms. Inject that Hindus are being killed in lanka likewise and what reaction do you think he gave.

Another Marathi guy wants Shivraj Patel to be kicked out (actually he said something worst). Again Hindus being killed in lanka and whats his reaction.

God I feel so sad for Sri Lanka now. I can bet the 6 state election will be BJP's massive victory hands down.

perein said...

(Unwanted) Uncle Selva,
I do agree with you about the sitting and discussing the matter. Why do not we do that while fighting continues. That will would be fair right?

Few quick reasons we would like your self to join TS as well as well as Balasingham are
*) You are destroying innocent Tamil kids future
*) You have already destroyed the infrastructure in up north which happened to be mainly used by Tamils
*) Have killed enough people while living out of Sri Lanka having a luxury paid holiday.

those are only few points I can quickly draft for you.

Now I hope you will rest in hell soon.

Selva said...

I do not support any sort of violence. But continous state sponsored oppression for over 60 years has led our otherwise peaceful people to take up arms againts the oppressive regimes. Basically, we weren't given a choice, it was either liberation through an armed movement or serfdom ad infinitum.

KillerT said...

Hey guys,
When the pig shits at 5.40 (acording to hiru) how can we get that.I mean the shit speech.Is some one goona translate and publish it on this...if not where can i get that????

CriMeWatCh said...

Gotabhaya uncle said last year that the FAT PIG wont celebrate his next birth day. HE did it so far. worried

Infinity said...

Selva, what "liberation" has VP given the tamils? There are no rights at all for the serfs in his hereditary dictatorship.

B#1 said...


Can you remember what VP promised you last year in his mahaweerer speech?

Unknown said...


Sam Perera said...

Selva the LTTE Terrorist,

"Now more than ever we should push our leaders to come to the negotiating tables to talk about peaceful seperation. We can co-exist in perfect harmony under two seperate states."

You asked for 50 % of the land for a small ethnic minority, you are not going to get it. You asked for disproportionate share of power, you are not going to get it. You demand for a separation and you are not going to get it. You wage a terrorist war against my country to get a 1/3 of land and 2/3 of cost line for small ethnic minority, you are not going to get it. Demands, talks, terrorism, then pussy cat talks, still you are not going to get a bit. This land belongs to all Sri Lankans and we will never give piece of for exclusive ownership of an ethnic minority. I have seen some funny terrorist in disguise all over the place and you will not get a thing. You have a choice, be a citizen of Sri Lanka or perish in your terrorist struggle. Please keep on dreaming.

Cricket Fan said...

Ape eka aye uge hakara kata arala neda?

Ammapa mama muu wage ekek haduwane

Muwa haduwata wada hondayi mama sarame ariyanam

Moshe Dyan said...

AGG, rana, malin,

mates, i don't give a damn about this coward who is talking bullshitt where i don't tread.

its like vezapillai hiding 30 feet underground and teasing those who are above ground.

OTOH this confirms that humble moshe is a power to recon with!!!!!

appreiate your concern mates.

Moshe Dyan said...

AGG, rana, malin,

mates, i don't give a damn about this coward who is talking bullshitt where i don't tread.

its like vezapillai hiding 30 feet underground and teasing those who are above ground.

OTOH this confirms that humble moshe is a power to recon with!!!!!

appreiate your concern mates.

Cricket Fan said...

Ammapa bolan mata hithenawa sure ekatama ape kolla Sarath Fonsekata kiya athi 'Aiye mama namennam aiya kamathi deyak kartanna kiyala'.

Sarath ithin kolu karaya nemene, gath katatama ba kiyanna athi. Eka thama muu Sarath ekka ochchara mala.

Mage kolla unath mama kiyanne.. muu nam sunakayekuta dawa upan ekek.

kappetipola said...

Guys . Monkeys and donkeys.

any idea how come Mumbai bomb blast on Praba's birthday . is it just a letting them (India) knw abt LTTE??

any link with Vaiko and this blast. cuz there are possibilities to hire small terror groups.

RAW still have kind of direct connection with Praba. otw how they knw Indian havent any threat from LTTE???

Push said...

පරීක්ෂා කිරීම සදහායි

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Mangala Samaraweerage Thaththa

Meka hambawune ohe aralatha nathnam vena ekek ohege pavule aralatha?

DNAaran balanna

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi kappetipola

India cdo not spoil our monkey day. We always get India support.

Probably SL donkey army didsomething in Mumbai

CriMeWatCh said...

B# thambi

i don't listen to them. like u all.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Mangala Samaraweerage Thaththa

"Mage kolla unath mama kiyanne.. muu nam sunakayekuta dawa upan ekek."

Very bad , very bad, dont insult your wife. My appa is same always insult my umma. He never called me son.

You know when someone become a LTTE amma vuka Killer, we change his name.

Early he is Mangala Samaraweera


He is joined us complaining now nobody like to puk him except Ruwan Ponnahendez, Ravi Jayaponna, Shiral Jakponna, Range Banponna

Push said...

කොහොම උනත් මහින්ද ට හොද වාසනාවක් තියෙනවා. සාක් වලට කලිනුත් එහේ පිපිරුවා. ඒකෙනුත් අපිට වාසි උනා. ආයෙත් සක්කිලිනොච්චියට ගහනකොට එහේ පුපුරනවා

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Donkey supporters

SL donkey still far away from Killi.

Where is that Badminton man?

Sri Lankan said...

Guys listen up..... if you ask me....Real and Lalith needs to voice their opinion according to Article 14.... is that correct guys?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi CriMeWatCh

Whom do you listen to?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Sri Lankan

What is it? I have no idea.

hb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi slpower

What language do you use?

Sri Lankan said...

Its freedom of expression created by parliament to allow anyone to speak freely without being shot :(

So guys listen... Lalith and Real have a right to say what they believe in....

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