Monday, December 29, 2008

31 SLA KIA in Chilawatte

31 soldiers were killed in fierce fighting at Chilawatte (Silawatte) in the general areas Mulaitivu on Saturday. 22 of those killed went MIA while the bodies of another 9 were recovered by 59 division troops. So far Tigers have recovered 17 bodies while another few are lying inside a minefield. Casualties to the Tigers is unknown.

A forward operating platoon, comprised of 11GW and 14 VIR troops, met with this unfortunate demise after having successfully crossed an LTTE bund cum ditch. The platoon CO tried to push on further but was met with stiff resistance in an exposed area with a large Villu capable of drowning even a bull. With the 59 less than 5km south, the LTTE bastion of Mulaitivu is now being heavily defended by an LTTE reserve unit reinforced from Muhamalai-Nagarkovil by sea.

In the northwestern flank, troops from the 58 Division are now 2.5km from Paranthan junction. The 57 is progressing steadily, but is taking time due to heavy trappings in the Kilinochchi build-up area. 11 soldiers dies recently when a booby trapped house was razed to the ground.

Meanwhile LTTE has resumed firing heavy volumes of mortars and artillery. Hevay fire was experienced at Chilawatta as well. One LTTE trawler and one ship chartered by the LTTE have unloaded their cargo for two successive days off the Mulaitivu coast. The ship is said to be of Canadian origin and probably owned by the LTTE that had set sail from Indonesia while the trawler had come from south India.

The large vessel has brought mortars and artillery while the trawler has brought in large quantities of medical supplies to treat wounded LTTE cadres as well as torch batteries etc. Powerful anesthetics and antibiotics used in the treatment of gunshot wounds was in short supply for the LTTE until now.


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deco said...

Seems its obvious that the LTTE is putting everything they got. How had they managed the ship to the coast when the sea is heavily guarded by the navy

CriMeWatCh said...

great news after a break...

thanks DW

CASC said...

Thanks for the update DW

Chinthaka said...

exactly deco why after having so many navy personel to guard the small area of the sea controlled by the ltte and we cannot stop arms flow.

Unknown said...

There was a article in the RIVIRA news paper that SLN is finding a LTTE cargo vessel.

Those small boats must be coming from that.

Puran Appu said...


Thanks for the update.

aj said...

whats going on how they sailed in to mullative coast ???wheres the sl navy and how reinforcement forces came through the sea????????????better keep wathing the coastline tooooooooooooooooooooo

wijayapala said...

Mayilravana Aiya,

"On page 85 the reference to (English translation) "pure tamil" is made. This is in the 11th century. And as the proper names were transliterated did that include the words "pure Tamil"?"

Yes- 11th century came before 19th century thus scientifically disproving your argument.

"Just to illustrate null-hypothesis again, let us propose two examples of hypotheses:"

I didn't ask for examples of hypotheses. I wanted you to prove that there was a Sinhala identity before the 19th century and you did not answer. If you cannot prove Sinhala identity then how do you expect me to prove Tamil identity?

"If you apply this definition then the null-hypothesis of a "tamil" identity cannot be disproved in my eyes until mid-19th century."

But this is where your entire logic is flawed:

a) You are ignorant of Tamil culture, as you admitted previously i.e. your eyes have seen very little of Tamil culture

b) Therefore you are not qualified to make an educated judgment whether or not there was a Tamil identity before or after the 19th century

c) Any (non-educated) judgment you provide will lack credibility, because it is based on a lack of knowledge and not knowledge. That is why you can only describe Tamil culture in negative terms (ie what doesn't exist) instead of positive (what does exist).

I rightly compared you to Dr. Mithra Fernando because he was equally as ignorant of Sinhala history as you are of Tamil history.

"1)No dynasty referred to as Tamil
or 2)No language referred to as Tamil
or 3)No territory referred to as Tamil
or 4)No culture referred to as Tamil

In that case your null hypothesis is easy to disprove:

1) There is no dynasty called "Tamil" since that term refers to a language, but kings have been evaluated in terms of their commitment to the Tamil language and literature as I demonstrated above.

2) The Tamil language has been referred to as "Tamil" from the oldest literature onward. There is nothing called "Tamyoli" which you have confused with "Thay moli/mozhi" (I corrected you on this before).

3) Tamilakam (again as I pointed out before).

4) The concept of "culture" did not exist in the ancient world- neither Sinhalese nor Tamils referred to themselves as having a "culture."

"I am on the other hand countering people like Thambaiah who have (rightly) restricted the emergence of the Sinhala identity to the middle ages for the wrong (aimed at attacking MahaVamsa and the concept of Sinhala identity itself) reasons."

And what are your "reasons" for talking about Tamil identity? If your opinions (since you have not established any facts) on Tamil identity are based on your irrational fear of a threat to Sinhala identity, as opposed to a genuine desire to actually learn something about the Tamils, then you are equally as misguided as Thambiah and Dr. Fernando and you lack scientific objectivity.

"I challenge the "Tamil" identity admittedly to protect the sovereignty of the island from being over-run by a modern day fascist Tamil-Dravidian state , true."

The problem is that Tamil identity has as much to do with LTTE fascism as Sinhala identity has to do with Sinhala racism.

"If I am getting so much under your skin that you have to accuse me of being anti-Tamil then we can stop our discussion."

It's not so much that you're getting under my skin that you are defeating your own purpose. If you want to protect Sri Lankan sovereignty then you will have to learn to accept the identities of all Sri Lankans, not just the Sinhalese. When you and other Sinhala chauvinists scream that the Tamils have no identity then you pave the way for thugs like Prabakaran to define Tamil identity on their terms.

You defeat your own purpose when you play a double standard, such as condemning the notion of race but praising Anagarika Dharmapala who entirely accepted colonial European notions of race and argued that the Sinhalese were a separate race.

As long as you see this from a Sinhala-centric perspective, you will lack the objectivity which the scientific method demands.

Rover said...

Yes, so sorry to hear of our losses. The arti shells had a lot to do. People get really excited when one of the TAFs make a flight, even when they don't inflict any damage; but often don't get excited when two ships unload lethal cargo that has the potential to kill hundreds of our troops and prolong the war.

Thanks DW for your update, and stating that we messed up in preventing arms shipments from reaching the LTTE, even when we only have a single seaboard to protect. Rather pathetic effort on Navys part, unfortunately I must say.

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Thanks for the update DW. Not a great news from our end.

I just wandering how the hell LTTP able to smuggle arms in Mulativiu. This is absolute crap in my mind. Because of SLN's inability to protect this tiny area, our SLA boys have to suffer. This cannot be expected from SLN. To be honest I don't think they are doing their job up to the SLDF's expectations.

Patriots what do you think?

wijayapala said...


"I usually refrain talking about this subject these days since there is a war."

I disagree- since neither you nor I are soldiers, we are not busy fighting a war and can discuss what should be the next step after the war. It is easy to play keyboard warrior but difficult to address the hard questions of what "Sri Lankan identity" entails.

I don't worry about how the war is going because it's out of my hands, and in any case the military has demonstrated that it knows what it's doing.

"1) We need people to understand Tamil aspirations (the very basic ones at least, not the political big dreams) and sensitive about it when they write here."

This one is relatively easy. This war did not start with mere "discrimination." There was a tiny LTTE before 1983 but it did not have the numbers or resources to seriously fight for a separate state.

It is only when the Sri Lankan state refused to provide security for the Tamils that the separatist war started in earnest. The LTTE was popular among the Tamils originally because it promised that they would have protection (and you can argue that the LTTE is becoming unpopular precisely because it failed to deliver security to the Tamils- just an unending war).

Therefore the most basic "Tamil aspiration" we can address is security- that the Tamils or any other minority should not have to worry about their safety because they have a different identity than the majority. That necessarily means that if there's some Tamil or Muslim jackass politician saying idiotic things, we should not develop an inferiority complex and kill minorities to make ourselves feel safer.

Rover said...

Without precise intelligence, it is still very hard to cordon off the Eastern seaboard.

There need to be a system, cenered around a mother ship, where the patrol boats do not have to come ashore after each beat. This will confuse the sea tigers about our patrol routines.

Better yet, would be a dedicated one or two naval surveillance planes equipped with flir. Beachcraft is only sent out into the deep sea if there is positive intelligence, I think.

Vigilante said...

Very sad to hear the losses lately.
The are too many too often.

This is from LNP

This is privy public information

The total amount caught in the operation to attack Katunayaka and then capture planes and fly them over to vanni on Christmas day has climbed to 42. This includes few pilots.

The operation in the south is infiltrated. It is believed that Suicide attack in Wattala is directly linked to these arrests.

Vigilante said...

LTTE big fish held in Chennai.

It is alarming how they managed to buy Amonium Nitrate in such a bulk amount.
Hope Swiss Authroities will investigate.

CHENNAI: The `Q` Branch police on Saturday arrested a Sri Lankan national who allegedly acted as an agent of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Chennai.

Police said that the accused Ameer Anthony Paranthaman of Jaffna had planned to transfer communication devices and chemicals to Sri Lanka via Rameshwaram. He and his wife had settled in Chennai and were running a travel agency.

According to an official press release, Ameer was apprehended on Saturday night at the Tambaram bus terminus and a satellite phone was seized from him.

Upon interrogation, he revealed that he had received two consignments with eight GPS devices, three satellite phones, two cellphone repeaters and 500 kg of ammonium nitrate sent by two LTTE agents from Switzerland.

Ameer had placed the communication devices and the chemical in custody of one Ashok Kumar of Acharappakkam.

He was awaiting a green signal from LTTE members Kannan and Prakash in Sri Lanka to transport the goods to them via boat from Rameshwaram, said the release.

Police seized the communication gadgets including GPS devices and satellite phones and the ammonium nitrate packed in 10 sacks.

Ameer was later remanded to judicial custody, the press release added.

Rana said...


Sinhala identity before 19th century:

If you have ever heard about "PAHIAN BIKKU", a buddhist monk who came to Ceylon from China or Tibetian ven S.Mahinda thero who came to Ceylon from Tibet, wrote about Sinhala identity before 19th century.

S. Mahinda himi said


Isn't our identity before 19th?

Saman said...

Seems our policy of zero tolarance on civil casualties and protecting civil infrastructure is coming at a huge cost to SLA.

SLN has been doing a great job but lately two incidents where LTTE managed to unload part cargo (including this)is a worry given timing.

Well, earth-bunds/trenches and weather has taken it's toll yet fortunately battle ground situation remains well in our control.

May those brave hearts attain Nibbana.

Unknown said...

DW .

I think this is the same platoon that was being talked about by rawana . If I am not mistaken he said poonarian but that is not possible .

Did we get either the trawler or the ship . I think said something about the trawler ?

DoDo said...

Ok, DW says Tiger causalities are unknown and Tamilmutt has never known a Tiger death since the days of Mavil Aru. So that means LTTE Super Duper Commando's casualties are 0.00

Online Peelam Kakka Boi Warriors are exuberant once more. Out they crawl out from the woodwork and back to the dung holes when Paranthan is captured!:)

Sri Lankan said...

Guys SLA is on the offensive so obviously we will be loosing numbers but whats to remember is the LTTE is loosing huge numbers and SLA doesnt want to reveal the numbers which is wise as it will allow Praba to keep a count as well cos Praba is bad at counting he he

ReallyCold..... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ReallyCold..... said...


This is by far the best post that I have ever read on this blog.

What we see mostly here on this blog is everyday thinking or chit chat. You have provided very high level thinking and of cause possible solutioins.

Is the government aware of what you are talking about?

It will be harder for Sinhalese to relate to Tamils (or a minority) and realize their basic aspirations.

The war makes it difficult since we all are scared. The decision making therefore become self-centered.

The war makes both Tamils and Sinhalese insecure. It is hard for Sinhalese to overcome their insecurities and reach out for Tamils.

The war and the goal to elliminate LTTE is therefore a solution provided we have a vision for Tamils afterward.

wijayapala said...
" This one is relatively easy. This war did not start with mere "discrimination." There was a tiny LTTE before 1983 but it did not have the numbers or resources to seriously fight for a separate state.

It is only when the Sri Lankan state refused to provide security for the Tamils that the separatist war started in earnest. The LTTE was popular among the Tamils originally because it promised that they would have protection (and you can argue that the LTTE is becoming unpopular precisely because it failed to deliver security to the Tamils- just an unending war).

Therefore the most basic "Tamil aspiration" we can address is security- that the Tamils or any other minority should not have to worry about their safety because they have a different identity than the majority. That necessarily means that if there's some Tamil or Muslim jackass politician saying idiotic things, we should not develop an inferiority complex and kill minorities to make ourselves feel safer."

Unknown said...


there are no tiger casualties cus their soldiers are the self healing kind . Those huge cemeteries are for their dogs .. he he ..

Vajira said...


"I think SLAF should use Trico, Anuradhapura and Vavunia bases to take-off/landing Kafirs etc."

It is impossible to use any other runway than Katunayake for Kfir c7/Mig 27 & F-7's. The heavy payload utilised these days makes it impossible.
However,the Beech King Air 200T SIGNIT/ 200 HISAR aircrtafts can be dispatched from Anuradhapura and from China Bay Trincomalee for Maritime reconnaissance.

Unknown said...

Vajira ..

Didnt the navy get one of the vessels DW is talking about .

Rana said...


thanks, bro. Ignore my stupidity due to lack of knowledge on various air strips and crafts.

However, how about a daily few patrols in Mulative east sea to check all movements. Sea freights are very slow and take hours to come close enough to land to unload.

If we make 3 quick patrols per day, it may help us to identify floating containers.

Rana said...


Where are you? I am waiting to see your reply.

Pottu said...

DW, why SLAF does not have any capability to see through the clouds. IF they had they would have destroyed the unloading stuff on Mullativu shores.

Again, why SLN did not think, that LTTE would devide the shipment at the high seas and transport it in few loads ?

Rana said...


Australian cricket team is on its knees. There are going to loose seond test and the series too. I wish to in MCG now!

Pottu said...

This is for that Statisticians who are trying to make their null hypothesis invalid.

Visuddhimagga was written by a Dravidian (not tamil) monk who came from South India in early 6th century (in 500s), first learned Sinhala because Tripitaka which was in Sinhala was accepted to be purer than what was in India. So, that monk, Buddhagosha learned Sinhala and then translated it into Pali. At that time, Pali was a new language and Sanskrit was disappearing.

Got it. So, at that time, there were many Sinhala Books all about Buddhism.

Here after, I don't write unrelated subjects in DW. This is the first and the last time.

Gringo said...

[Steady battle progress was reported at the Wanni battlefronts at Kilinochchi and Mullaittiuvu on Sunday (Dec 28) as security forces are now engaged in the final battles for the LTTE's remaining major garrison townships. Fighting was reported in the outskirts of Paranthan, Kilinochchi and Mullaittiuvu, with the multi-pronged military advances made dismantling remaining LTTE resistances in the areas. ]

Good to hear this success... made possible due the priceless sacrifices of of our troops.

Never forget... we are fighting an award winning terrorist outfit and more sacrifices are a reality.

SLN needs to examine what happened and make sure that the lapses are not repeated.

25 plus years tolerance of LTTE is now making sure that the price we have to pay is higher... when liberating the NE. My goodness... imagine if we allowed another five years' peace talks! We will be DOOMED!
Better late than never.

Gringo said...

It's now time to put pressure on the civilians in Killi and Mula to rise up against the LTTE.... or risk getting electricity, water and phones disconnected.

We need to escalate this conflict... and consider blockades as an option.

Sri Lankan said...

Pottu amman is about to split he he

Vajira said...


Yes it is most likely the one which was carrying the medical supplies.


No worries mate, none of us are all round geniuses.
Yes, SLAF do carry out surveillance operations significantly in the Eastern coast.

Srilankan said...

Theruwan our dead heroes..may they attain nibbana.
I think the forces are being a bit too hasty..Now its a job for the SLAF.I wonder why these ports are not completely blocked by SLN.Destroying that Canadian ship is a must.When this war is over we can send a photo to that greek bastard who showed his arse to he can stick the photo inside the hole...I am disappointed with Canadian LTTE di-ass-phora not attending LTTE gatherings in Canada(Paradise).No contact with SLanka is necessary ever again for these shits who have prolonged this war for 30 yrs.

Unknown said...

Well with a wife that looks like his no wonder our roadside romeo is having all the fun he can have. OH yeah blame the lady as Mahindha is a saint.
Actress Sangeetha embarrasses President by holding hands in public

Unknown said...

Look at this traitor to Mahindha. He and the Supreme Court should be replace by the triple gem Mahindha, Basil and Gota. THERE IS NO CORRUPTION IN SRI LANKA.

Arjuna Ranatunga fired for not giving into Gamini Lokuge's corruption

Unknown said...

LTTE is use their child soldiers and saying their Sri Lankan. Look as long as their not fair then their not of goviyama origin and probabily are karuvae loving.

Prabha says that sinhalese going to rise against mahindha. I mean do you think goviyamas do not know what the karuva boys are up to. Why do you think 17 year old tennager boys are being thrown to the front as cannon fodder. Its because they do not need to conduct massive slaughter and get a bad name like the last 2 times.


Navindran said...

I am still dissapointed with Santa Claus for not bringing ealam. I am going slightly mad.

Anyway, I have now lowered the rate I'm charging for a blowjob to 1 Sing $. All proceeds will go to Thalaivars swiss bank account. If anyone wants any toilets cleaned in Singapore let me know.

Unknown said...

Could India not provide a muzzle like the one being used on Sarath now. I mean after he has been muzzled, Mahindha family pet has stopped barking at everything he sees.

Ranatunga could also be bought a muzzle or chain and kept quite. I hope the way things are going Sri Lanka does not get a big muzzle and end up being india's bitch.
India unhappy with Sri Lanka's cricket tour to Pakistan: Reports

Independent Sunday Times quoting SLC sources said that the decision by the Ranatunga administration to undertake the tour "had irked the Indian authorities" and the matter had been discussed "at the highest levels in Colombo".

Unknown said...

GutiKewa ask India, they man the radars and their navy decide on how the war should go.

If India and Pakistan go to war which side do you think Sri Lanka will lean. Its so pathethic that some people really beileve all the propaganda spewing out. I mean unfortunately facts are facts and it makes people like fools.

The report said that the Sri Lankan sports authorities were forced to go to the foreign ministry to get clearance for the national team's tour to Pakistan next month "following a nose-dive in Indo-Pak relations in recent weeks".

Unknown said...

Defencewire is Killinochi important or not. One day you say not, other day defencenet says it was captured and waiting to go in. Anyway more toy soldiers since the tea industry is in a full collapse. No jobs never mind always got the army right?
INTERVIEW-Sri Lanka tea sector to slow down in 2009

velluprabhakaran said...

pottu amman & soosai were castrated cos they were fucking madavadini. ha ha ha!

CriMeWatCh said...,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1094&cntnt01origid=60&cntnt01returnid=51

video clip

Unknown said...

Lesson to learn when getting rid of a guy.
1) Give excuse which have no meaning in Sri Lanka. After all screw ups minh air still runs. Hence Mahinda has not stepped down.
2) Do not anger india, corruption is part and parcel of sri lankan life.
3) After all the bullshit reappoint the whole management except the head whom you do not like because he is not giving you a cut.
4) Must appoint former management as they are your relatives or your friends relatives and will not attend your family functions if you do not reappoint them.
5)Humuliate the person before kicking him out.
A series of bungling administrative decisions are part of the reason behind his axing as well as that of the as the full Interim Committee team, although several of the old committee are expected to be given posts when the new committee is appointed, possibly on Friday.

Unknown said...

Really I thought same thing happen in so many places but mahindha still the boss.
This followed the equally embarrassing situation when it was known that the team had lost its sponsorship along with that of a clothing apparel manufacturer. Although tenures were called, the team's sponsor, a popular Sri Lanka tea brand had lost interest, as there was no longer any transparency in the boardroom.

Unknown said...

Arjuna Ranatunga now being treated like Janaka Perera. Lucky for him LTTE will not want him assinated. Else people here will shed crocdile tears again here saying a great son of sri lanka has been killed.

Well maybe the LTTE carried out euthanasia on Janaka Perera. After all he was humuliated and treated worst then a dog and not allowed into camps etc becuase he was not like sarath fonseka. Now Arjuna Ranatunga.

Sri Lankan said...

Yes its like Praba Treating Karuna and Pillayan like dogs. I guess Praba is living in self denial after finding out that his own son had slept with Thamil Selvan before he was blown to smitherines by SLAF he he

Unknown said...

I just felt at this junction it would be nice to end the year with a person i admire alot. Its 20 years since the LTTE killed him. Opps i did not realise the sinhalese chuvanist killed their own too. Like SWRD when he was about to do the right thing.

Vijaya Kumaranatunga

Born to a middle class family, he understood the difficulties in life and was known as a man with a heart of gold, who was totally unaffected by fame and prestige.

It wasn’t only the southern community who noticed Vijaya’s leadership qualities; even the Tamil leadership acknowledged his capabilities and proven courage. In 1986, at the height of the ethnic conflict, when 6 policemen were taken hostage by the LTTE, it was Vijaya Kumaratunga who went to Jaffna to intervene and secure their release.

To date, he remains one of the few Sinhalese leaders who defied government pressure and death threats in order to have direct negotiations with all the Tamil leaders including the LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran. The party he founded remains the first party to start direct discussions with the LTTE to find a political solution to the ethnic conflict based along the lines of a federal solution

Sri Lankan said...

I would like to think of the many obstacles Sri Lanka has faced in its path to glory and development. Especially when we think of the iconic Tamil leaders like Anandasangaree, Kadiragama and many others who defied the terror virus spreading across uneducated but innocent tamils we need to keep in mind the many great things these intellectual tamil leaders have done to make sure terrorism is separated from tamils. And we need to keep in mind how the LTTE gunned the only person to date that could have become a prime minister or a president but was gunned down by the power hungry dictator called VP.

velluprabhakaran said...

can anybody name a tamil internationally famous achiever who wasn't promoted by Sri Lanka?

BTW the LTTE, recruitment of cadres, training of cadres & funding was done entirely by RAW india as part of the destabilisation plan of sri lanka. now india shout & form fronts against terror. when the boots on the other foot & kicking it hurts. ha ha ha!

tamils cannot create anything on their own. even their liberation fight had to be created by the hindi. all these fuckers know to do is worship animal gods while thrashing to death their own uni student dalits.

just imagine - worshipping a rat or monkey & then thrashing an intelligent uni student to death cos of caste? now how can we deal with brain fucked asses who believe animals are gods & their own so called low caste dalit humans should be treated like animals & killed if they try to get educated? also the way the so called educated dieasspora endorse & cheer the brutal sacrifice of tamil peasant kids while having a grand lifesyle in hiding? fools probably think it's a cricket match. can anybody tell me if tamils treat their own kind like this what can we sinhala expect from them? peace by talking?

also the way LTTE showed gratitude to indira (killed by sikhs) who created them by killing rajiv should have been a lesson to ranil. also premadasa who foolishly armed them. ranil never had the long term vision.

this is the unfortunate situation sri lankans are faced with due to shit imported by brits. no amount of common sense can be driven into the brains of these ungrateful uncivilised fuckers whose basic thought system is totally warped & flawed.

we are fighting not only the most dangerous terror outfit in the world but the most primitive as well. double trouble.

CriMeWatCh said...

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Hi Navindran

Now it is apparent that you are awake at this moment. After seen few SLA boys you seems get energized. We all know that you are going to put your piles of junk till you see the wisdom of silence. Please never get offended and carry on your work mate.


Ra said...


Would you like to see some videos of thangachchi's with soda bottles up in their c#¤t?

That would be a great addition to your collection.

Moshe Dyan said...


this conflict has NO political solution.

once in a westernised country there was a SL forum arranged by a regional governing body to find some common ground among the two groups that are at war in SL. so pro-SL guys talks, pro-TE guys also talked; each gave their version of history/conflict/genocide/1956/root causes and most importantly the present war.

obviously there was no common ground!!

i spoke again, last, concluding and thanking the organisers. i said, "as you can see even educated professionals from both sides couldn't find any MEANINGFUL resolution of the issues at war. that is why this cannot have a negotiated solution, war is the ONLY way out"!!!

Unknown said...

@Moshe Bro,

Well said!

Check this out!
Political Solution Madness,
Its Time for a FullStop

velluprabhakaran said...

to all patriots,

when we lost mullathivu in 1995 or so remember we lost 1,400 brave hearts. did the ltte jokers attain peelam even after cbk's disastrous truces & ranil's total surrender? NO!!!

Don worry boys, the LTTE will somehow find a way to self desruct! they are on a permanent sef destructive mode courtesy dundog. ha ha ha!

we feel for the brave hearts who voluntarily sacrificed everything for us. the war consists of a series of battles. u win some u lose some. but the outcome of the war's of paramount importance to the very survival of our race, religion & our entire future as a prosperous country.

a prosperous sri lanka's exactly what the dieasspora & probably india don want!!!

so we shouldn't let these incidents effect us in any way.

jaya wewa!

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


can anyone shed some light on panagoda maheswaran please.

Nadesan said...





Unknown said...

@Moshe Bro,

You can be happy coz we have more right thinking ppl!

Here's a more factual article.
Tamil Ethnonationalism and Terrorism

Lankaweb is a nice gathering ground!

Moshe Dyan said...


great and thanks for that excellent link.

guys, please refer to the above link by ritigala. it contains FACTUAL annulation of many tamilelam myths.

Moshe Dyan said...

"ethnonationalism" what a apt word to describe tamil racism which they think nationalism!!

Srilankan said...

JUst $10M?...this is cant buy a bow&Arrow with that!VP should make a deal with LTTE-thaamil di-ass-phora to fund the LTTE for the next say 50 yrs..they could inform their companies to make deductions directly from their ever so wonderful pay packets each month..WOW!!

Srilankan said...

Sri Lankan,
Mr Kadir would have been a very good choice of a leader in SLanka.The poor man had a Brain..very sad what happened.

CriMeWatCh said...

last_mile Uve got hurt.. Sorryy I dont need thangaththi's video. there are lots of Huththige nangila all over the country "reddha ussagena innawa hukapang kiyagena" miniha hamudawata gihilla rana wenuwen pana deela. geeni api wenuwen huththa denawa. its hard to find thangachchi.. easy to fing "Badu" all over the place.


Nangi indeevi balagenai..

Moshe Dyan said...

sri lankan,

a tamil with a brain!!

that is a FATAL combination as long as LTTE terrorists exist!

Nadesan said...





Ra said...


Thanks for the link.

Everyone should read it. Including Wijeyapala and ReallyCold.

Nadesan said...

SIXTY more lorry loads of essential items including rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil and medicine moved to MULLAITTIVU un-cleared areas across the NEDUNKENY Army roadblock Monday (29) morning around 9.30 a.m.. Those essential items taken in the latest food convoy of the WFP (World Food Programme) will be distributed among the civilians in MULLAITTIVU district by Civil Administrative Authorities.




Ra said...


Umbata therune ne ne gono. Mama kiwwe ape aiyala umbage nangilata gema dena video gena.

ha haa

Unknown said...

Three great Tamils killed by the LTTE (please add more if you know),

1. Alfred Doraiappa
2. Lakshman Kadiragama
3. Jeyraj Fernandopulle

What makes them great is that all of them advocated peaceful existence within a single nation.

There were others who were against the LTTE but took a "long term" approach for TE.

Long Term approach -> Political Autonomy-> Federalism-> TE. (Camel in the hut method)

DoDo said...

An Indian weekly publication has reported possible links between the Lashkar terrorist group and the LTTE. 'The Organiser' in its January 4th edition claims that there are FBI confirmations of visits by LTTE top brass to Kabul, Afghanistan to meet with Lashkar agents.

Aney..Saaadu Saaadu Saaaaaadu!

What goes around comes around.

Knock knock knock!!! Helloooowww....Frankenstein finally came to Dr. Frankenstein home!

May India burn a hundred thousand generations of scorching naked brutal wanton Terrorism from LeT, thanks to LTTE, their very own creation!

Saaadu Saaadu Saaaaaadu!

Nadesan said...

The UNP has accused the government of not providing proper transport facilities to injured soldiers in the Vanni battlefield. Leader of the opposition and the UNP, Ranil Wickramasinghe, told journalists in Colombo that Sri Lanka Air Force does not have enough airplanes to transfer injured soldiers. The SLAF was not given enough funds to repair seven Antonov aircrafts it had and as a result the SLAF currently has only two aircrafts, he said. -news-



Unknown said...

BTW I posted this link long, long ago but thank Burampiatha highlighting this recently,
Sinhala Place Names of NE

A nice article by Dilrook Kannangara a regular contributer to Lankaweb (LW)
Obituary Tamil Eelam (1922-2009)

B#1 said...

We will catch Praba by Feb. 7 - Keheliya

Hanas said...

Big Ranil Kalakanni Ponnaya told yesterday around 500 Killed and SLAF Did not have enough Planes.

My Foot before Rajapaksa took over soldier did not have proper boot.

What the f....k he is talking. He is the one who put our SLDF forces in the camp and freed the LTTE

Hanas said...

Mulliyawalai and Tanniyuthu gone now. Chilawatte also falls. SLA is on march to Mula now. They have laid the seige now.

Bad for Peelam

Nadesan said...

(BBC) The government hospital that was damaged in shell attacks on Christmas day evening is functioning once again, authorities said. Dr T Sathiyamoorthy, Regional Director of Health Services, Kilinochchi, told the BBC that the consultation room s in outpatients’ department was badly damaged in the attack. “The shell fell by the side of main building complex. The big explosive sound was dreadful and many window glasses were broken,” he said.


Nadesan said...

Dec 29 (Hindu) The ‘Q’ Branch police on Saturday arrested a Sri Lankan national who allegedly acted as an agent of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Chennai. Police said that the accused Ameer Anthony Paranthaman of Jaffna had planned to transfer communication devices and chemicals to Sri Lanka via Rameshwaram. He and his wife had settled in Chennai and were running a travel agency.



Ananda-USA said...

My response at

Karunanidhi, Ramadoss, Vaiko and Thirumavalan: Here comes your creation, the supreme monster and venomous serpent, Velupillai Prabhakaran fleeing Sri Lanka to roost at home in Tamil Nadu. Offer up your hoarded treasure, and your underage children, to be sacrificed on the altar of the Greater Dravidian Nation. Serve him without question, for he brooks no dissent. Mighty Vishnu, the creator and destroyer of worlds, in his infinite wisdom, has chosen Prabhakaran as his instrument to dispense justice to you, in ways both poetic and wondrous; justice for the awful pain, suffering and death inflicted upon the people of Sri Lanka by these rabble-rousing, unpatriotic, seditious citizens of mother India! Article:
['India will back LTTE struggle'
says Velupillai Prabhakaran.

P K Balachandran
First Published : 29 Dec 2008

COLOMBO: The Tamil Tiger chief Velupillai Prabhakaran has said that India is set to support his struggle to get for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, the right to self-determination.

In an e-mail interview to the Colombo-based weekly Lakbimanews, the LTTE leader said that an environment in which the Indian government would support the Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka was being created. “We are working to rebuild our contacts and relationship with the Indian Central Government through political and diplomatic channels. The environment, in which the Indian Central Government will support our struggle, is in the making.

Most people may not know this, but I believe some people are aware of this,” Prabhakaran said.

He said he would “fully reject” the suggestion that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and the mainstream Tamil Nadu political parties had climbed down from their radical stand on the Sri Lankan Tamil question, leaving the LTTE high and dry.

“The people of Tamil Nadu and its politicians support our struggle irrespective of any political differences between them. None of the leaders there has given up the struggle in support of us.On the contrary, they are continuing to stage protests in support of us.” “All the political leaders of Tamil Nadu are supporters of our freedom struggle. They have immense love for our people and us. I would say that they raise their voice in support of our struggle without any ulterior motives,” Prabhakaran asserted.


The LTTE leader said that the belief that the group was on the verge of a defeat was misplaced.

Asked if he had any time table for securing an independent Tamil Eelam, since he was ageing, and there was no sign of independence, Prabhakaran said, “Ours is a freedom struggle. It has no time limits or age limits.”

Suicide bomber kills 8

At least eight people were killed and 17 were injured on Sunday when a LTTE suicide bomber exploded himself in front of the Civil Defence Force office on Hekkita Road in Wattala, the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said. Among the dead were five CDF personnel.]

CriMeWatCh said...

last_mile said...


Umbata therune ne ne gono. Mama kiwwe ape aiyala umbage nangilata gema dena video gena.

ha haa

umbama balaganing.. kalathuraking lebena ewane. umbalaga nangila hemathenama reddha ussagena innawa balanna umbalatama epawela.. shame shame wesige puththu

B#1 said...

Crimewatch said,
"umbalaga nangila" :(

Are you Tamil?? Kallathony??

To tell the truth, lot of my friends have sinna veedu, most of them are Jaffna ladies.

CriMeWatCh said...

B#1 Anna kutukkama irukkiriya. neeyum oru tamil punda mahan thane? punayandi.

Anonymous said...


After long time.. SL and TS also..

CriMeWatCh said...

#1 M

To tell the truth, lot of my friends have sinna veedu, most of them are Jaffna ladies.

hope ur friends are sinhalese...

Anonymous said...

@ Keheliya - Why Feb 7? DO we have an election on that day?

Ra said...

Lets see what we got to insult.

Liberation : can't insult ( a noble term)
Tigers : can't insult (poor animals)
Tamil : can insult ( but it will be racist, so we dont insult tamils)
Eelam : can insult ( no body would care if insulted)

We definitely insult LTTE and its supporters. If you can't take it, quit!

B#1 said...

Ninja, Yes machan for long time I couldn't read DN & DW.

Reg "Keheliya - Why Feb 7". There can be something which we don't know. And recently VP told to "Makku" like crimewatch that he never going to escape from the country. Let us wait and see.

CriMeWatCh said...

lets see how long u can insult...

puka hodanna danne nethi sinhala maha jathiya tamils lawa "toilet cleaners la kiyala kiyanawa".

Tamils la ekale heduwe umbala puka hodapu nethi nisa. den tamils nemei thopilage ammala ABANS eke proffessional vidihata KAKKUSI HODANAWA.

den tamil toilet cleaners behethakatawath hoyaganna lebenne ne denaganing wegilage puthraya.

ohoma yang.


Its happening upside down SLDF capturing land and Dieing in mas scale. M's cant understand. even they M's don't like to see their own peoples dead bodies since it hurts for u all.

as far as ur view. PA & MR boot licker's are sinhalese and RW and others are terrorist or LTTE supporters.

Unknown said...


[Tigers : can't insult (poor animals)]

Indeed its a sad thing. Real tigers are being hunted for their pelts and body parts for Chinese medicine.

Renegade! said...

17-year-old SLA soldier killed in Vanni battlefront-tamilnet

What the fuck??

Ananda-USA said...

Gun-running LTTE boat destroyed by SLN had very low height to avoid detection by radar. There are a new boat design for delivering ammunition from Tamil Nadu.
See video: Battle Map shows reduced "Area of Influence" with all area below Puliankulam-Muliyawaili road as cleared area.

Renegade! said...


The SLA is taking unwanted and unnecessary risk, by changing their highly successful small-team operations and now are going in for mass-scale assaults,on heavily fortified and defended Tiger defences..I wonder, is the SLAF still hampered by bad weather for close support ops?,,where are those 3 new Mi-35N night-capable attack helo's when they are needed most??

The SLA all of a sudden, due to pressure from politicos wants to go hard and fast not minding the surge in army casualties..of course, it can be argued casualties are inevitable,but why do we have to sacrifice so many precious young lives as cannon fodder in these battles??..the pix of the young soldiers with id cards in tamilnet is so sad and heartbreaking..i'm sure tamilnet is still banned in sri lanka??.except for ppl who know how to use proxies..

CriMeWatCh said...

last mile

I don't insult people. but see small children's joining cos of money.

Unknown said...

ආනේ මම අර CriMeWatCh කියන සක්කිලියව හොය හොය හිටියෙ. ඕකා හොරා! ගිය පාර බාල්දි කක්කුස්සිය හරියට හෝදලා තිබ්බෙත් නැහැ.

Ra said...

"lets see how long u can insult..."

until pink colored area is captured.

After that no Eelam.. no insults..Everybody will live happily ever after.

Nadesan said...

A justification to Child Soldier recruitment
To the international community..

Now we are constructing fortifying defences around a 300 square kilometre area in the Eastern Wanni region to safeguard ourselves from the SF.

In this regards, we are facing so many problems. We do not have cement to construct bunkers, therefore, we dig using heavy vehicles provided by NGOs. But this Rajapakse barred all these NGOs and thereafter we do not have enough money and materials to construct our defenses. Further, he is destroying remaining heavy vehicles using his AF.

Therefore, we have decided to recruit 8,000 school children (approximately 15-16 years of age) who have sat for their OL exam recently to complete this work and then to defend it.

Thus, the international community should accuse the Government for recruiting child soldiers to the LTTE but should not blame to the LTTE.


CriMeWatCh said...

බුරම්පිආතා said...

ආනේ මම අර CriMeWatCh කියන සක්කිලියව හොය හොය හිටියෙ. ඕකා හොරා! ගිය පාර බාල්දි

Ane tho yanne baldhi kakkusiyatada?

chik witharak

Ra said...


I don't read Tamil.

Everyone joined Army willingly. There is no forced conscription. As I remember someone else (Ninja?) addressed this issue specifically. I suggest you go and read past comments.

As you already know we lost 1500 soldiers in 1995 (?) in Mulative. So even if you show 5000 dead bodies we will not stop until we get the Sri Lanka cleared.

Then you can either live as a happy Sri Lankan or go back to Tamil Nadu.

DoDo said...

Ooooh please Sinhalams, stop the war!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it, oh please!!!!!!!!!!

We Ultra Smart 80 Million Tamilians show you "NIC's" of "Child Soldiers" (courtesy of our NIC forging division for Suicide Bombers), we come to DW and weep over your "dead Sinhalam underaged village bois", shed bucket loads of tears over the "disastrous change of military strategy", masquerade as patriotic Sinhalam's and we do our best to divide you Sinhalams (so that we can make better Sinhalams out of you)...what more do you want us to do? ....Can't you see, you stupid Sinhalams that we Ultra Samrt Tamillians are sooo concerned of YOU?????

Please please stop this war! we are soooo concerned of your underaged Bois, even though you don't give "respect" to us ultra smart Tamilian terrorists!

SOB! SOB! Weee Weee Weee! Waah Waaah Waaah! STOP THE FRIKING WAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We wanna keep our "pressssciosss" Puthikudiyirruppu Berduma "Amude" Triangle!!!!!

Boo Hoo Hoo

Unknown said...

CriMeWatCh සක්කිලියො

[baldhi kakkusiyatada?
chik witharak]

හි! හි! තෝ හිතුවද තොගේ සක්කිලි නෑ‍‍දෑයො තොපිලා මෙහාට ගෙනත් දාපු පර සුද්දො වාගේ කොමෝඩ පාව්ච්චි කරන්න දන්නව කියලද?

අල්ලපු තේවත්තෙ ලයිමෙ බාල්දි කක්කුස්සියයි හෝදගන්න ඕනේ බොලව්! තොගේ සක්කිලි නෑ‍‍දෑයො ඒකවත් හරියට පාව්ච්චි කරන්න දන්නේ නැහැ‍. මොනව කරන්නද සක්කිලියොන්ගේ අසූච් අරන් දාන්න සක්කිලියෙක්ම එපායැ.

Suranimala said...

Moshe . I am 100% with you . Negotiation will be wasting of time and money . For this conflict war is the solution .

Anonymous said...

vanakkam modayas
if you believe toiletnet's claims then why are you moda tamils the first ones to come visit here?

keep sending your moda money for moda peelam so leaders could send their kids to study in uk

Moshe Dyan said...

ritigala and suranimala,

of course there is a COMPLIMENTARY political solution too. but that has NOTHING to do with tamils, tamil aspirations, tamil grievences, or anything tribal.

the political solution will be nothing but an EXTENTION of the military solution, PEACEFULLY!!!

Anonymous said...

DW good update but bad they got our weapons

"Tigers display weapons seized in Saturday's fighting in Mullaiththevu"

lets hope this wont continue..

Chinthana4Lions said...



We all know what been happening for the last 30 years...

IT was ENOUGH time (30 Years) to work out anything by peace talk and shit like that...

WAR is the only solution for Terrorism like LTTE...

They dont understand any other language but war...

They asked for it, we give it. after all Sri Lanka is famous for hospitality dont you think..

SO lets treat our enemy with very well welcome package with a BLAST..heheheheheehe

Chinthana4Lions said...


Dont worrry macho, they got our weapons, thats ok,,but they dont have enough Sackckilyas to use them soon hehehehe dont you think..?

well 32 of our lions gave their life for our motherland,,,,,God bless them..

Peter said...

Is DefenceLiar asking for a white van ride?

CriMeWatCh said...

ane yako tho hithagena ethi ali puken awa kiyala. thopith indiyawen apu hinganno thamai bolaw

Peter said...

Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins


How many laps?

Ananda-USA said...

The Kilinochchi-Paranthan-EPS fronts are supplied along the A-35 road that crosses many streams and rivers. If the bridges across these rivers are destroyed with bombs dropped from aircraft, and are continually kept in a disabled condition as they are rebuilt by the LTTE, the LTTE's ability to resupply this front with heavy loads of ammunition for mortars and heavy weapons using vehicles will be severely degraded.

I wonder whether this is being done.

Chinthana4Lions said...

Crimewatch sackckilya...

its ok , you can cry now, its ok to cry...

cuz we understand you sackckilyas..

cuz when some one is clost to his death, the way you act is similar to that...thats how nature works bitch lolzzzz :)

take this punde crime hahhahahah

Nadesan said...

Hi Ananda,

Good idea, then main problem is not our heavy vehicle & Heavy Guns movements, but how can we tactically withdraw fro Kilinochi..??

Please do not give this type of ideas to SF.


Nadesan said...

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets have raided LTTE defence line observed in west of Paranthan this afternoon, 29 December.

The target was engaged at 4.15PM in support of troops of Task Force 1, Air Force spokesperson said.

Earlier, the Air Force fighter jets carried out four successive air raids targeting LTTE positions in Kilinochchi front.




Nadesan said...






Hiranthe said...


Have this Ship and the Trawler been destroyed by our Navy?...

velluprabhakaran said...

Selected paragraphs about the meaning of "COOLIE" from


When it first entered the English language, "coolie" was a designative term describing a low-status class of workers rather than a pejorative term for them. However, in the wake of centuries of colonialism and the social inequalities thereof, it has taken on not only the characteristics of a slur in the general sense but also that of a racial epithet. In this last sense, it has been applied to Asian people regardless of their professions or socio-economic standing with obviously insulting intent.

For example, by the 1850s in Trinidad, the annual Muharram or Hosay festival that came over from India was being called "the Coolie Carnival." Through the Caribbean, as well as in Sri Lanka, South Africa, and elsewhere, the word soon came to denote any person of Indian origin or descent.


East Indian coolies on a Trinidad cacao estate, circa 1903.
The term coolie was applied to workers from Asia, especially those who were sent abroad to most of the Americas, to Oceania and the Pacific Islands, and to Africa (especially South Africa and islands like Mauritius and Réunion). It was also applied within Asian areas under European control such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Most Indian indentured labour was recruited for the British colonies through "Colonial Agents" who travelled to India. In India, they engaged the services of arkatias or recruiters who knew the places to find likely enlistees. A male/female ratio of 10:4 was sought, but women proved difficult to recruit for overseas and allegations of deception and kidnapping seem plausible. "Emigration Depots" were set up in Kolkata, Madras and Bombay although the latter was closed rather quickly when abuses were made public in India.






Jambudipa said...


made a post on your site buddy. i wrote the following post. hopefully my post will not get rejected as it happens in most tamil blogs. i hope you are different. - cheers.

mullativu has strategic importance not because it has any ltte bases but because it sits smack bang in the middle of A34/A35. its not a staging post for military ops but good to have for supplies. all smuggled military items probably land in the lagoon then taken to padurukkuppu.

why is it ’strategically important’ enough for lttte to capture and not for the army?

alampil is circumvented the same way k-point was. once mula is captured, where is the trapped cadres going to run to? back home to tamil nadu? */

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Wishing Defence wire and all who blog a Happy and wholesome 2009!

~There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy~ George Washington.

KSF said...


Can you please give me some updates of Tiger casuality. Since I am operating through emails news reaching at very slower speed.

Also I am short of ammavuka tiger flesh meat. Before it come to my bunker look like others feed flesh meat. So sad in my life these days. More sad is when I think how diaspooora ladies suffer without seen my killer face.

Sometimes I doubt DW is on our payroll?

Anonymous said...

Sujeewa, Ananda-USA, Wijayapala

My kind suggestion is to have your own blog like Peter and Mahen do. You can promote it via DW, DN and DC. You can do more than commenting.

Ra said...


Does anyone know Vezapillai's birth time?

Puran Appu said...



Keep on counting the laps to Kilinochchi. Looks like MULLAITTIVU and Paranthan will fall before Kili.

Keep on counting, this is what we wanted.


Puran Appu said...

59th Division almost at Nanthi Kandal Lagoon. Heavy fighting is reported near Nanthi Kandal Lagoon.

MULLAITTIVU we are coming soon.

DW too reported about clashes near Chilawatte.

MULLAITTIVU and Paranthan before Kilinochchi...


Anonymous said...

/Israel is now in "all-out war" with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that rules Gaza, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel's parliament Monday.

"We have stretched our hand in peace many times to the Palestinian people. We have nothing against the people of Gaza," Barak said as Israeli warplanes carried out a third day of strikes on the Palestinian territory.

"But this is an all-out war against Hamas and its branches. The restraint that we have demonstrated is the source of our strength when it is time to fight."/

SLAF.. time has come..

Anonymous said...

Peter should start counting miles to Paranthan and Mulathive too.. before he is too late..

I like to see..

1 mile to Kilinochchi
1 mile to Paranthan
1 mile to Mullathiv

While the super intelligent tamizs counting miles to K'chi modayas have gone to Mullathiv and Paranthan.. Ha Ha

Puran Appu said...


Good one.

Puran Appu said...

Explosion, at Ratmalana. Lankadeepa reports.

Unknown said...

why cant we respond like israel over hamas gurrilla in gaza. everyone accepts the israels right for defence aganist terrorist. why the srilankans govenment doesnt follow israel and save our soldgers. we should use MBRL to kilinochi at this stage.

Unknown said...

hei puran appu pls update the latest regarding the rathmalana explosion

Anonymous said...


Periya Paranthan news was via your contacts in SLA? Becuz I didn't see it in media.

Gringo said...


oh...mommy...mommy... why is our Kingdom of Elaam shrinking this fast? Why cannot we scare away moda chena boys by showing some dead bodies, some fake Idc cards and of course a good dose of Mahinda bashing?

Oh Peter puthey... who asked you to get your head out of sand? What are you talking about? UN is just days away from recognizing Elaam!

Okay, mommy.

Puran Appu said...


It's taken today. Confirmed.

Puran Appu said...


I saw it on May be a sound mine blast at Ratmalana base by some stray animal. It happens all the time.

Thiru said...


state run singala news said about the capture of periya paranthan more than an hour ago. but army didnt say officially, like "nedunkerni".

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...


There you go.

Thiru said...


state run singala news said about the capture of periya paranthan more than an hour ago. but army didnt say officially, like "nedunkerni".>>>

Thanks Thiru.

Anonymous said...

/A small explosion targeting an electric transformer near Golumadama Junction in Ratmalana occured a short while ago. No casualties have been reported, Police said./

Hm.. No one killed.. Not very happy news for di-ass-pora..

This can be a diversionary tactic..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Puran and Thiru

Anonymous said...

Dear monkeys, This is your super intelligent LTTE maaveerar who successfully killed 8 people. You should know him.. click here

BlackPanther said...

DW, As I've mentioned before the sea line which we have to defend is much less.

A coordinated effort with the SLAF can help defend this vital area which can be a decisive factor to many SLA personnels lives.

Small air craft to monitor seas is an option.

Increasing sea patrols of the area is another. We need small craft for this since the only job would be to monitor the seas. Any suspicious activity could be reported and intercepted by equipped boats.

Is banning all civilian activity in this area an option (as curfew) so that it will make it difficult for the terrorists to pose as fishig boats?

Nisal said...

According to SLRC news we are very close to A9 (ie. Paranthan junction?)

ReallyCold..... said...

One of the thing I want to see going forward is the strong Sinhalese leadership in Sri Lanka at all fronts. That leadership shouldn’t be achieved through suppressing others or minority Sri Lankans. If we had that leadership about few decades ago, we would have solved any issues that lead to this mess. We were only interested in abusing the power and fulfilling our egos than being visionaries. I bet over 90% contributors on this forum doesn’t even know what takes to be a visionary. We are privileged to have the access to one of the best words spoken ever in this entire planet. Less than 1% of us use it. One of the things that give rise to a strong leadership is the moral foundation.

There is a new business organization in Colombo trying to develop business leaders. They went into a Sri Lankan university and asked a question “who is a leader”. Some of the answers came out of our undergraduates were like CBK, Ranil, MR etc.

I ask this question from my fellow readers here. Who is a leader and name few of them.

It is appalling to see the choice of words by some of our brothers here. If you are a Sinhalese, I can understand how angry it can be if you pay attention to some of pro-LTTE Tamils are saying. That is exactly they want out of your mouth. Your negative reaction pro-LTTE propaganda is a result of their ability to control your brains.

You don’t look cool or make a better patriot than the rest by addressing a Tamils using words like ‘sakkiliya’.

Your leaders want you to be dumb so that they will listen only to what they have to say. That makes their lives easy and make their belly even bigger. If you can’t speak anything other than so called Defence or Battle issues, you are suffering from lack of creativity. That is a direct result of our poor education system from K through University.

After reading this, if you start calling me names and associate with LTTE/Rani/JHU/JVP/NGO/Boring, consider that as the self-diagnosis for having a shrieked brain without Alzheimer.

Gringo said...

[After reading this, if you start calling me names and associate with LTTE/Rani/JHU/JVP/NGO/Boring, consider that as the self-diagnosis for having a shrieked brain without Alzheimer.

Sorry... we have no time for these now. One leader, within 3 years... have shown 'what' leadership is necessary to dismantle a 30 year old...virtual terrorist enclave.

We will wipe out all Tamil terrorists to the last one and then only will give attention to all 'analysis'... because we have to 'live' today for any future analysis... and Tamil terrorists want us dead... today.

So goodbye.... until our goal #1 is achieved.

ReallyCold..... said...


"Sorry... we have no time for these now. One leader, within 3 years... have shown 'what' leadership is necessary to dismantle a 30 year old...virtual terrorist enclave."

First, a person leading a millitary victory can not necessarily be a leader. If I use your argument, Prabhakaran would have been the strongest Tamil leader ever up until last three years.

2nd, if you say you are busy with the war and don't have time for rest, what you are describing is your mental handicap to do multi-tasking. Sorry to hear that buddy.

Thiru said...


well said. i consider u a patriot of lanka.most people have difficulty in recognising one. in this blog a person who is called patriot should b a racist. moderate singala people r called traitors. Thamil people r called sakkilli.

i think a leader is a person who makes the correct decision as opposed to the popular decision.

in current lanka i promote 3 leaders from the main ethnic groups.

Rajapaksha (encourages national harmony)

V. Muralidharan (doesnt speak about devolution but talks about development. which is the key to ethnic harmony.others are all waiting to be chief ministers )

Feral Ashroff(talks about unique lankan identity)

Chinthaka said...

Guys what do you think of this artical in the tamilnut. I think he is 18 years to 2008.

17-year-old SLA soldier killed in Vanni battlefront
[TamilNet, Sunday, 28 December 2008, 16:14 GMT]
One of the Identity Cards recovered with a dead body of a young Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier revealed that the SLA trooper killed in the offensive forefront in Mullaiththeevu district on Saturday was a 17-year-old boy. LTTE officials displayed photos for reporters in Vanni on Sunday. According to the Article 1 of the the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, signed and ratified by the Sri Lankan government, the government (State Party) should ensure that members of their armed forces who have not attained the age of 18 years do not take a direct part in hostilities.

Chinthaka said...

sorry he is 17 years

Anonymous said...
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Bhairav said...

2008: Year in DW

DW: Pilots of SLAF work only 9-5 schedule.

DW : "one mile to Kili" has become the most spoken phrase for last 3 months.

DW : One too many rescue missions behind the enemy lines.

Some memorable moments were from the Assithiri vs Rana turf war.

Rana said he will use all his resources to find out about Assithiri's whereabouts in NY and go for a kill.

Assithiri said that Rana will be given "White Van" ride within the 2 hours of landing at KAA by using his high-profiled connection with the SLA top brass.

if anyone wants to add more fun moments from the year of 2008 in DW, please go ahead and add it

ReallyCold..... said...

Sinhalese Child Soldier on

If the ID is correct, he is less than 18yrs old. If the SLF has guidelines not to take soldiers under 18, someone is doing something wrong somewhere.

This is where true leadership in Sri Lanka should come in. Pull all soldiers under 18 from the battle front if it is illegal in Sri Lanka.

Tamilnet is exposing SLG hypocrisies by being hypocrites.

Sinhalese underage soldier may not have been kidnapped from his parents by the government. There are thousands of Tamil children kidnapped by LTTE on the war front.

There are Tamil mothers still in tears when their children have been forced to fight. I don't see we have Sinhalese mothers in tears since their children have been kidnapped by SLG for the war.

ReallyCold..... said...

Bhairav, you asked for it my smart friend.

"if anyone wants to add more fun moments from the year of 2008 in DW, please go ahead and add it "

Bhairav said...
“The pencil lead penis Chena boys have, can fit into any hole.
December 26, 2008 4:40 AM”

Anonymous said...

/I ask this question from my fellow readers here. Who is a leader and name few of them./

What about Sunday Leader and Morning Leader? Ha Ha

RC, FYI, We try to keep our discussion within the scope of military issues even though we often go beyond and talk about politics, history, economy and personal attacks.

/Thamil people r called sakkilli./

Thiru, I haven't seen a single person here calling tamils as sakkili despite all the reward towards singala modayas from our intelligent thamizhians from your side. Whoever use the word 'sakkiliya' refer LTTE and as per our standard not all tamils are LTTE.

Me and some others oppose this usage simply becuz as I understand 'sakkili'is a caste and I think it is unfair and an insult to those people belong to that caste using the name of their cast for LTTE.

Problem is some people want to insult LTTE but there are no words in dictionary suitable for that. If you need to insult some one you have to use some words which have bad meaning and it has to be lower level than of which you want to insult. For Sri Lankans, they don't know any thing worse than LTTE so no words to insult them. But if you say a 'tiger' to some one it will be an insult unless he is one and it is unfortunate some people call others tigers just becuz they have a different opinion.

Anonymous said...

/if anyone wants to add more fun moments from the year of 2008 in DW, please go ahead and add it/

Weighted average..

ReallyCold..... said...

Sakkili Vs Patriot battle.

Buddhist wisdom for Defencewire contributors:
Najachcha sakkilo hothi, najachcha hothi patriot, Kammana sakkilo hothi, kammano hothi patriot.

We are all sakkilis since we all clean up that by ourselves. Those who don’t like to clean bathrooms in Sri Lanka don’t usually have no problems doing the same in abroad specially in Arab or White countries.

Bhairav said...

2008 Honor Roll goes to ....

1. Assithiri was given one of the most prestigious awards available from DW as The Commander in Chief of Online Special forces, thanks to his consistent work of mama jokes. Most importantly the expert review panel of DW unanimously granted this award.

2. Another Honor Roll goes to Moshy Dyan as the most influential defence analyst of DW given his 30 years of battle-field experience.

3. AGG has become the ambassador of Buddha's sex and the city files.

Anonymous said...


/Buddhist wisdom for Defencewire contributors:/

Again, the common theme of the blog is military issues and some of the guys here are hindu, muslim and christian and they may have less interest on buddhism. Also, those who don't know pali may misunderstand your comment just below the pali gatha as the meaning (translation) of it.

Anonymous said...

/2008 Honor Roll goes to ..../

1. Mahen was promoted to Col. from Lt.Col for retaking Nachchikuda before Nov 27, 2008.

2. Another Honor Roll goes to Peter Ratnadurei for counting miles, modayas jokes and for his fond of body bags and fertilizer.

3. Bhairav has become the best student of Moshey Dyan for successfully completing the weighted average course.

Isuru said...

How often have an oppressed population has risen up against terroism? I don't think starving population is going to get anything done other than pressurise India to pressure us more.
Talking about electricity I heard about quite a few fatalities from our side by electic shocks!!!

Anonymous said...

/ReallyCold said...

Sinhalese Child Soldier on..

Pull all soldiers under 18 from the battle front if it is illegal in Sri Lanka./

Yep, check this GSL may be in real here

Isuru said...

When I read this report I realised that the end is lot tougher and longer than majority of we key-board heroes (including my self) here think.
I know that there are a few real heroes here as well but the majority from both sides seem to be the former.
Therefore the following questions arose to my mind. I hope some of you well informed minds can help me resolve my doubts.
Q1: I heard that our latest offensives have directly used as much as 7,000 troops at times in addition to air support. But still the LTTE with less number of troops seemed to have had more pace when they thwarted Jaya Sikuru with unceasing waves. what is it that makes is harder for a conventional army like ours to lanch an offensive against an outfit like LTTE. I can randomly pick a few out of my head like worry about civilian casualties and not being able to resort to heavier fortifications like earth bunds due to civilian concerns etc. But I need a more scientific answer for my query.
Q2: Is there any risk that this could drag on for the whole of 2009 with no end? If YES then do we run the risk of facing financial ruin and the possibility of lack of political will of the people in the south. I heard that we are facing an oil bill of arond 1 Billion$ to Iran in January. $ is trading near 115 LKR in some markets already. Lot of Sri Lankan businesses are feeling the recession and most wage earners don't get any form of increments and are tight to the bottom. I don't see how another round of high infaltion of around 30% resulting from Forex rates can survive without causing lack of political will from masses. I don't want to spoil the party here but we need to talk about risks facing us as well.
Q3: How does our offensive differ from Jayasikuru last time? Is it rest assured that LTTE cannot at best claim the land in Wanni back from us in the foreseeable future? I think claiming back East or Jaffna is beyond the scope of LTTE in the foreseeable future so my concern is only Wanni.
You informed minds please educate me.

hemantha said...

As 58 div get closer to Paranthan it will make the battles against Kili easier as the good soldier mentioned in the video (Thanks Nisal). Now it can use the road system in Paranthan and North western Kili for MBRL and artillery movements. And the front would get wider and wider. Earlier there was a rumor that the LTTE is making another earth bund parallel to A9 just west of Paranthan. Even if this is true it may not be as strong as the main one we breached earlier. So this front will get wider as it move forward and as it reach A9 it will be already in Kili on the south and will end up closer (3km) to E’pass from north.

I remember somebody stating that the battle for Puthukkudiyiruppu would be the final one. (Was it you Sujeewa?) I doubt. We might fight this battle parallel with the one for Mula. (My guess. But will depend on the ground situation.)

Infinity said...

isurujosh, regarding the Jayasikuru comparison the LTTE has not had even one successful large scale offensive or counter-offensive capturing or recapturing a significant area since Pakistian supplied the army with MBRLs in 2000 and the LTTE human waves and hopes died before Jaffna. Our firepower is now far to great for the LTTE to succeed with a conventional offensive. All that their attempted large scale "human waves" accomplish is that it is much easier to kill them in the open than in the trenches, so let us hope they continue trying.

Another difference is of course much greater manpower now. In the previous war the eastern provinces and even areas like Pooneryn (no, it was not captured by the LTTE in a battle) had to be abandoned simple due to manpower shortages. In contrast, now it is LTTE that have to give up areas like Puliyankulam and Nedunkerni with little resistance due to lacking resources.

Most important is however the much better morale and leadership in this war. In the previous wars the army could loose 1000s of men in a single battle during one or a few days due to collapsing morale and leadership. Nothing even remotely like this in this war.

Regarding your hopes for an economic collapse, even if this occurred, the military already has made investments and has the material resources necessary to finish the war. This is already done and cannot be reversed. Regarding soldiers, if there is massive unemployment, that will only increase recruitment and lower wage demands. Not to mention that the LTTE will most likely be destroyed as a conventional force in the next few months.

hemantha said...

Awasan Satana - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 29/12/2008 (Video)

click here

Troops Capture Periya Paranthan (Rupavahini video)
click here

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I remember somebody stating that the battle for Puthukkudiyiruppu would be the final one. (Was it you Sujeewa?) I doubt. We might fight this battle parallel with the one for Mula. (My guess. But will depend on the ground situation.)

Hmmmm I am wishing that Puthu will fall BEFORE Mula/Kili. For me the next most important node is Puthu.

Pussycats have openly named the adjacent jungles as their final battle ground. And this is one reason why I like to see it not being so.

Hope TF3 & 59th will fly.

Peter said...


was updated earlier in the day.

hemantha said...

"Hope TF3 & 59th will fly."

I wonder where the TF5 is going to be deployed. It should be ready now.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I went to the Blogsite of "Peteratna"!

It was more like a blogsite of a "Modaratna" and came back again!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I wonder where the TF5 is going to be deployed. It should be ready now.

Right now TF3 has shown all interest to walk along the east of Iranamadu tank, towards Puthu. So there is a need for TF3 to have a backup, just like 57th and 58th came. 59th is still too far. I think that TF5 will be providing the cover up for TF3 and they both [together with 59th] capture the eastern shore before they withdrawal from cities Kili/Mula.

hemantha said...

Yes! Quite possible.
But I thought it might join 59, so 59 can move up from west of Mulathivu lagoon (name?). One never knows.

tikira said...

Ratnadurai said,


was updated earlier in the day.'

mmmmmmm not interested,
thank you.

Gringo said...


Good 'bog'site...!

Peter said...

ArmyLK: Lorries take food to Vanni

BBC: Lorries take bodies from Vanni

Gringo said...

[ArmyLK: Lorries take food to Vanni

BBC: Lorries take bodies from Vanni]

That's why Hotel International Community cannot deliver the Elaam pizza. Their mouths are zipped.

They are totally confused. Who has taken hostage whom?

Well done GOSL.

Lanka Dakshina said...

MD bro

About panagoda maheshowaran , he is yet another terrorist who has given hell to sri lankans

We are cleaning up the generations of terror heroes, let be this the last

"Confrontation with the armed forces intensified in August. But before that, on 2 August, a plan to blast the Katunayake airport misfired. The plan was hatched by Panagoda Maheswaran. He was born in 1955 to a well-known business family from Pungudutivu. Maheswaran's father, Thambipillai, owned a chain of stores, including the popular vegetarian hotel Dawalahiri at Maradana. His family sent him to Queen’s College, London University where he did a degree in civil engineering. He returned to Sri Lanka in 1980 and joined the GUES and then EROS. He worked with a group at Trincomalee and planned a failed bank robbery in Kinniya. He was arrested and detained at the high security Panagoda Army Camp. He cut the iron window bars of the room in which he was kept and escaped in early 1983. That daring escape earned him the appellation Panagoda and an aura of respectability and admiration among Tamil youths. He was arrested on a tip-off from a Muslim house at Peloyagoda and detained at Welikade.

The 5 feet 11 inch tall and well-built Maheswaran witnessed the prison killing of the first day, 25 July, and prepared his colleagues to resist if they were attacked. Improvised weapons were kept at hand and the collection of the curry gravy was done on his suggestion. His colleagues who escaped the second massacre of 27 July speak glowingly of the bold fight he put up. He was one of the leaders who planned the first Batticaloa jailbreak. He cut models of handguns which the Sri Lankan media mistook for real ones and reported that handguns had been smuggled into the prison.

Panagoda Maheswaran stayed back in Batticaloa and founded the Tamil Eelam Army (TNA). He led the robbery of the Kattankudi People’s Bank in January 1984, the biggest bank robbery in Sri Lanka until then. Six young men led by Maheswaran walked into the bank at 9 am when it opened for business, took the manager hostage, herded the other employees into a room and cleaned up the safe vault. The bloodless operation netted for them Rs. 36 million in gold and jwellery and Rs. 240,000 in cash. But the security forces which launched a massive crackdown managed to recover a portion of the gold and jwellery which had been wrapped in polythene bags and buried in tins in the back of the house in which they lived.

Maheswaran escaped to Jaffna with part of the booty and then to Tamil Nadu. With that money, he set up a training camp on the Tamil Nadu - Kerala border and a transit camp at Vedaraniyam. His fame attracted about 400 youths and he set up a TNA camp at Vadamarachchi. He set up a motorcycle brigade in which his cadres, known as Panagoda’s boys, rode fast dressed in similar safari suits.

Panagoda Maheswaran’s urge was to do something spectacular and shocking. He shifted to Chennai, rented a house at Neelankarai, a suburb, enrolled at the Madras Flying Club and underwent a course as a pilot. His ambition was to charter an aircraft, load it with bombs and drop them over selected targets in Colombo.

During training, Maheswaran changed his mind and modified the plan. He decided to blast the Katunayake airport. The change was mainly due to his newfound Indian Tamil friend, Saranavabhavan, a member of the flying club. They worked out a plan to send two suitcases packed with explosives, timed to explode after the suitcases were loaded into the Air Lanka carrier to London and Paris. Maheswaran collected a group of people who could assist him. They were: Vikneswara Rajah, a former officer of the Sri Lanka Customs; Thambirajah who contested the DDC elections in Batticaloa as a TULF candidate; Chandrakumar, an Indian police constable working at the Meenambakkam Airport Security; Vijayakumar, a peon at the Air Lanka Office at the airport and Loganathan, a porter at the airport.

Panagoda Maheswaran manufactured the bombs in his Neelankarai home. He packed them into two suitcases. He bought a ticket for Air Lanka flight UL-122 from Chennai to Colombo on 2 August. He chose that flight because the Air Lanka Boeing 737 aircraft departs from Chennai at 21.50 hours and arrives at Katunayake at 22.50 hours. In an hour, it proceeds to Male, the capital of the Maldives. Two other Air Lanka aircrafts, one to Gatwick/London and the other to Paris, normally stand at that time on the tarmac loading baggage. The flight for Charles de Gaulle airport via Muscat and Vienna was scheduled to depart at 23. 30 hours, while the flight for Gatwick, via Dubai, Zurich was scheduled to leave at 23.50 hours.

The blasts were timed for 23.00 hours when the three aircrafts stand quite near each other on the apron. Singapore Airlines Boeing 707 would also be there at that time. The blast, if it had occurred at Katunayake, would have destroyed three Air Lanka aircrafts and the Singapore Airlines craft, the tarmac and portions of the airport building,

By a quirk of fate, the bombs exploded at 22.52 hours at the Meenampakkam airport. Panagoda Maheswaran had purchased the ticket in the name Kathiresan. He checked in at the Air Lanka counter at 20.10 hours. Porter Loganathan carried the heavy suitcases past the customs without any checking. Vikneswara Rajah had made the arrangements. The suitcases weighed 35 kilos excess and Maheswaran paid the excess charge of 300 Indian rupees. Maheswaran waited till the suitcases were taken to the cargo loading area and slipped out.

Vijayakumar of the airport security then performed his part. He removed the baggage tags which read CMB meaning Colombo and tied the one that read LGW on one suitcase and the one on which CDG was written on the other. LGW denoted Gatwick airport and CDG Charles de Gaulle airport. That was to assure that the suitcases would be loaded onto the Gatwick and Paris-bound planes at Katunayake.

Maheswaran did not leave the airport. He waited with the public and had an eye on the suitcases. They were not loaded into the aircraft. They were left at the cargo terminal. Then the airport announcement shook him. "Attention please. Passenger Kathiresan bound to Colombo, please identify your packages." It was repeated a few minutes later. The aircraft took off without the suitcases as its owner had failed to identify them.

The suitcases were moved back to the Air Lanka office. The customs, suspecting smuggling, sent them to the left-luggage counter till some one claimed them. The transit passenger lobby outside was crowded with Sri Lankans, mainly women, who were waiting for the connecting flight to Bombay. They were on their way to Abu Dhabi.

Maheswaran realized the danger. He panicked. He went to Guindy, where one of his friends lived. He telephoned the airport customs and told them to remove the suitcases from the building. He warned them that there were bombs in them. He was taken to be prankster. Maheswaran telephoned again. Airport officials started debating whether that was a ruse by the smugglers. Maheswaran’s third call was taken seriously. Two officials tried to pull the suitcases out of the building.

Then the bombs exploded. The time was 22.52 hours.

The explosion caused a catastrophe. Thirty-three persons were killed and 27 injured. The dismembered head of a woman was thrown many meters away and a leg got struck to the ceiling’s iron frame. The entire concrete hood of the arrival lounge collapsed, pinning down all those who waited there.

Twenty-four Sri Lankans died, some of them blown to bits and burnt beyond recognition. Eighteen of them were women and six men. Two of the dead were Customs officials.

The story reached Colombo that night itself. Jayewardene, Athulathmudali and their propaganda machinery sprung into action. They considered the tragedy a propaganda boon. They have got the opportunity to push India into a defensive position. The information the Sri Lankan intelligence service had amassed about the training facilities India provided to Tamil armed groups had been put to maximum use. Newspapers pointed an accusing finger at India. 'You are training the terrorists and you have suffered from it,' editorialists preached.

Jayewardene rushed a message to Indira Gandhi condemning the carnage. In it he had this dig, "Whilst sympathizing with the families of all those who have died or have been injured as a result of this blast, it is clear that we who are committed to a democratic way of life and to a democratic process in finding solution to problems must cooperate to fight terrorism which has become an ugly monster challenging the very foundations of the international community and its values."

Indira Gandhi replied, "I condemn as much as you this outrage. Both our governments should take all steps to prevent the recurrence of all such forms of mindless violence."

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. G. Ramachandran was highly disturbed. He called the bomb explosion "a ghastly act committed by cruel minded persons."

No group claimed responsibility. Tamil armed groups and India played down the incident because of the embarrassment it caused them. They tried to show that that was the work of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

But the Tamil Nadu police did its job. Policemen raided Maheswaran’s Neelankarai home and seized a similar bomb. They arrested Maheswaran and later Vickneswara Rajah, Thambirajah, and seven other Indian Tamils. They were charged before the courts in March 1985. The three Sri Lankans - Maheswaran, Vickneswara Rajah and Thambirajah were released on bail, They jumped bail. Five Indians - Saravanabhavan, Vijaya Kumar, Loganathan, Chandrakumar and Balasubramanian were awarded life sentences.

Panagoda Maheswaran fled to Bangalore and was arrested in 1998. His and the TNA’s contribution to the Tamil freedom struggle was negligible. His talent and efforts had been wasted.

Lanka Dakshina said...

Dear Bloggers

I read some posts by some of our dear Sri Lankans here and I find the content highly desired and appreciatable, and people turning this to share the history and knowledge

Specially when few years back LTTE re-wrote the history of tamils by using German Goebbels there

If I remwember right, LTTE distributed there version of history book in North and stoped the version provided by SL Gov

I always ask people who provide information to the cause of Tamil "so called freedom fight"

1) when you were born
2) Who is Alfred Duraiappah

Those who dont know the the recent history or people learned history from LTTE

here is a little extract

"(1) First Military Operation

The first military operation of the “ New Tamil Tigers' was carried out under the command of Pirabaharan on July 17th 1975. Alfred Duraiappah, the then Mayor of Jaffna and S.L.F.P. Jaffna electorate organizer was the first victim. He was shot dead when he came to worship at the Varatharajah Perumal Temple at Ponnalai. After the successful operation the Tamil Tigers escaped in the Mayor's car after snatching the keys from the driver.

The credit for planning, executing and leading the first operation successfully goes to Pirabaharan. This incident became a strong warning signal to those Tamil traitors who wanted to betray the Tamil people’s liberation struggle. Above everything, this incident gave confidence to the freedom-thirsty Tamil youths in their long and difficult march towards Tamil Eelam. Many youths joined the movement in the fight against internal and external enemies under the able and trusted leadership of Pirabaharan. "

People like Peter are the by products of brain wash which happened for nearly 2 decades in the north and specially offshore

The modern generation of tamils doesnt know any thing or the differance between a freedom strugle and terror group fighting for survival

From 1956, in the history there has been errors made by subsequent sinhala leaderships.
but thats by no means a reason to fight against 2500 years of ethnic identity.

From Hitler,
polpot ,
idi Amin

these all; people use the gun for their survival,as far as I am concern , the self determination of tamils should be given to Tamils by means of national politicals, not by building a country inside another

Sooner or later SL army will clean up LTTE and they will obviously turn in to a hit and run team.

There in no records in History , that any one win a battle who kill opponenets or same ethnic group for thier political needs or survival

End of the day VP may be just a Wikipedia entry just like his predecessors on the worl such as Hitler,amin or Sadam

One Sri Lanka
One nation

Moshe Dyan said...


thank you heaps, brother.

more than i expected!!

Moshe Dyan said...


you are a late learner, mate.

anyway better late than never!! some guys still believe him.

ReallyCold..... said...

Freetrade and Moshe Dyan

I nominate you for President and VP of foolish Sri Lanka.

Where were you guys when LTTE was beating the heck out of us?

There are lot of people here for good and the bad time.

We are not the typical crowd who is cheering our cricket team they are winning and hooting they are loosing.

Try to rise above the typical Island mentality.

If economic refugees are bad, so does Green Card lottery winners.

wijayapala said...


I know that there was a Sinhala identity before the 19th century. I want to see how Mayilravana ayya proves it, as he wants me to prove that there was a Tamil identity before the 19th century (which I've already done).

wijayapala said...


"The first military operation of the “ New Tamil Tigers' was carried out under the command of Pirabaharan on July 17th 1975. Alfred Duraiappah, the then Mayor of Jaffna and S.L.F.P. Jaffna electorate organizer was the first victim."

That wasn't a "military operation." That was cold-blooded murder of the most cowardly type. Duraiappah had no bodyguards and was totally defenseless.

The Duraiappah killing made SL Tamil history, just as the killing of SWRD Bandaranaike by a Buddhist monk made Sinhala history.

wijayapala said...

Dear Mushe,

"you are a late learner, mate."

It could be worse- the MOD could actually be taking your half-assed "defence" preachings here seriously. That would be a quick war to lose the war.

Unknown said...

Thank you Really Cold -- Also Rana don't waste your energy with the imbecile Wijayapala

Wijayapala this is to educate your “little” brain…I shall send you my tuition fees bill later…Now before you type stupid crap here…READ…READ…READ…and learn before you talk cock..!


1]. A Concise History of Ceylon from Earliest Times to the Arrival of the Portuguese in 1505 – by C W Nicholas and Senarat Paranavitana.

Colombo University Press, Colombo, 1961.

2]. An Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon in the East-Indies – by Robert Knox.

Richard Chiswell, London, 1681

NOTE: (rerp. Tisara Publications, 1966). Knox, son of the master of the British ship ‘Ann’ was a captive of the King of Kandy from 1659 to 1679. His account of that captivity is absorbing and historically priceless.

An abridgement, Robert Knox in the Kandyan Kingdom, edited by E F C Ludowyk with photographs by Lionel Wendt (Oxford University Press, London, 1948) is more accessible than the original.

3]. Ancient Jaffna - by Mudaliyar C Rasanayagam.

Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 1984

This book has been discredited as a history book in the last 20 years by many tamil fools who cannot face the facts written there in…

4]. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, trans. James Legge. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1886. (repr. Dover Publications, New York, 1965).

An account of the Chinese monk Fa-Hien (Fa Hsien) of his travels in India and Ceylon in the 4th and 5th Centuries AD in search of the Buddhist books of Discipline. Interesting descriptions of life in 5th century Anuradhapura…



5]. A Reign of Ten Kings - by Nalini de Lanerolle

Ceylon Tourist Board, Colombo, 1985

An easy informative comparative study of Sri Lanka and world history, useful for placing events on the island in a wider historical context.


6]. Glimpses from the Past of the Moors of Ceylon - Edited, Marikar, Lafir and Macan Markar.

Moors Islamic Cultural Home, Colombo, 1977 – A collection of newspaper articles on the community, its origins and history.


7]. The Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao - by Joao Ribeiro

Trans. P E Pieris, 4th Edition, Lake House, Colombo, 1948. – Generally considered to be the first European account of the island, by a Portuguese soldier who served there from 1640 to 1658.

AND do not attack MayilRavana because I like his style...

So, once again...BUGGER OFF..!

Unknown said...

Now I'm off to bed...Wijayapala, I shall teach you more, once you have read the above.


Moshe Dyan said...


vesapala is trying to rewrite history in favour of his SUCK-KILL-Y tamil elam project. but PEACEFULLY.

he comes from a family of UNPAID SLUTS!!! i never respond to him but he comes after me like an UNPAID SLUT.

as i say, VESAPILLAI is now coming from the mouth of VESAPALA. the more they lose the war, expect more of this nonsense.

Lanka Dakshina said...

Looking for evidence of Sinhalese

here you go, but dont accuse this is written by a sinhalese

* Mahabharata, Book 1, Chapter 177

When the sage Vasistha was attacked by king Viswamitra's army, Vasistha's cow, Kamadehnu, brought forth from her tail, an army of Pallavas, and from her udders, an army of Dravidas and Sakas; and from her womb, an army of Yavanas, and from her dung, an army of Savaras; and from her urine, an army of Kanchis; and from her sides, an army of Savaras. And from the froth of her mouth came out hosts of Paundras and Kiratas, Yavanas and Sinhalas, and the barbarous tribes of Khasas and Chivukas and Pulindas and Chinas and Hunas with Keralas, and numerous other Mlechchhas.

In the ancient Indian literature, cow is a symbol of earth or land. Thus the myth mentioned above simply means that, these tribes gathered for the protection of sage Vasistha's land, against the army of king Viswamitra.

Lanka Dakshina said...

Oii Wijepala

"The first military operation of the “ New Tamil Tigers' was carried out under the command of Pirabaharan on July 17th 1975. Alfred Duraiappah, the then Mayor of Jaffna and S.L.F.P. Jaffna electorate organizer was the first victim."

This is the LTTE represent their freedom fight
The content is not my opinion , i just extracted it to make kids educated here.Neither I am trying to preach any one

My say is "Dont open the mouth , unless otherwise you dont knpow what you are talking of"

Lanka Dakshina said...

I would be rather happy see the pulli set come and join the party now

could do a history lesson !

Moshe Dyan said...

lalith koti-wela's seylan bank has gone bust! those who deposited their hard earned money in this crook's financial institutions learnt a bitter lesson (if they didn't learn it a few years ago).

there was a time when he OPENLY sided with the tigers.

this collapse has NOTHING to do with the global financial crisis. it is a specific finaincial mismanagement issue of a ceylinco group company and "wise" thinking to overcome that.

pro-sri lankan entities MUST takeover 99.9% of the sri lankan economy one day. that is my dream for SL.

Unknown said...

Moshe & FDL, I'm off to lay my tired head down...These suck-kill-y folk are trying hard to claim a piece of the world as a country for they have always been "stateless citizens".

Good day...

PS: If it's going to be a history lesson, I shall gladly join once I'm back in the awoken world.


WipeLTTE said...

Watch so called LTTE Air Attack Kelanithissa video.

This video seems authentic to me. I do not why they would release such a video NOW. Are they planning on VIP air attack?....

Let me know what you guys think?

Lanka Dakshina said...

I told this defense column idiot not to copy paste stuff from other e media and behave like a BASIC IDIOT

All people come here has net access and read all e media, so dont try to show up your nudity

No matter which country you are , presenting duplicate content , you are violating the copy right infringments of the originical publishes, and certainly you look like a damn idiot

its better for you to build a port site of yours and link it here , that will atleast create an interest

Use your head

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Above link is for the said quotation..

Sam Perera said...

All patriots,

We seem to be giving in to attempts by wijayapala the parasite to hijack the blog. I suggest that we let him carry on a monologue of his distorted version of SL history. He possesses many qualities of failed and obsolete socialists in Sri Lanka such as hijacking others agendas. Hopefully, he will setup a blog to discuss his own distorted versions of history soon than distracting us from the main focus.

ReallyCold..... said...

I am not a historian and therefor I can't dispute what anyone trying to say without investing my time going through books.

Why people get angry and has to feel like Mervyn the thug when someone is expressing his views?

Why can't you counter them using your brains than swinging your tails?

If you are happy and able to digest Defence punnakku, how come you have trouble doing the same for History punnakku?

Thiru said...


please dont insult defence column. even though u may not need these we're so used to having his news leads in this blog.
its much better than heroic defence advice scrapped up by some elements.
DC makes us stay more in this blog as he brings us everything to us.
copy and pasting urls's is not a copyright infringment. it is only if u reproduce information without giving credits.
if u dont like the show, change the channel!

Gringo said...

[“Not only would we inflict heavy losses to the army but we will win back lost territory", proclaimed Bhanu in the presence of Prabhakaran]

Haaaaaa? I thought you never wanted real estate?

Kill more... achieve more!

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