Thursday, December 25, 2008

Prolonging the inevitable unsuccessful today

3 waves of LTTE attackers were beaten all ends up by the Army's 58 Division today killing an LTTE 'Lieutenant Colonel' in the process as troops came dangerously close to Paranthan. The 'Lieutenant Colonel' trapped and killed by the SLA is thought to be from either Charles Anthony or Imran Pandian Reegiments. His body was taken away by the fleeing Tigers. Except for the leader's loss, the exact casualties to the LTTE in this fight is unknown at this point.

In the Kilinochchi front, the now fully breached L shaped curve of the LTTE's massive earth bund has become a staging area for SLA attacks on the LTTE's last major bastion Kilinochchi. Troops advancing from the western flank of Kilinochchi are around 5km away from the town center by today.

Troops were also 5km away from Mulaitivu Town, which is not very well fortified at the moment. As the 57 aand 58 Divisions held down the enemy, the 59 was able to creep up on the Tigers in Mulaitivu before an earth bund was built at Mullayaveli.


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Leo Sadeepa said...
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Leo Sadeepa said...

Thanks for the update DW . Will this resistance continue or will it die down as Army commander has expected ? said...

Thanks for the Update DW,
Any detail about the brave MI-24 helicopter attack? and the name of the LTTE leader KIA?

Maverick said...

Thanks for the update. Good to know that the earth bund is fully liberated now and its very reassuring.

Not too far away now, 5km to Kili and Mullativu. So, we're having the option of going for both targets at the same time or select which one we want first.

DW, any ideas on casualty figures. Hopefully, that will go down from now onwards.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update DW,

keep em rolling...

Anonymous said...

/i joined the forum this month and i understand that there was someone else by thah name b4 me./

This explains. There was a guy writting by the name Thiru for more than one year and he was clearly LTTE element. But your comments were not pro-LTTE and that's why me and others misunderstood you, thinking earlier Thiru doing some drama.

/please check the handles b4 making such assumptions./

Handle is same (Thiru) your profile number should be different but no one has time check that and compare with that of the other guy.

/even last time i had a dialog with u, there were a lot of racist elements in u'r thought process./

Can you please quaote them.

/now tell me if i'm a "fake" thiru, r u an authentic "ninja"????
at least my real name resembles that./

Ninja is my handle.


Well it seems we have two Thiru's here. (One is old thaka-thiru.)

For new Thiru's info;

New Thiru's profile ID:


Old Thiru's profile ID:


Different profile IDs are not a proof to say users are different; But I guess thier langauge proves.

Here is some thing wrote by old Thiru; Enjoy..

/ thiru said...

well well welll, what do we have hear, another debacle on the killinochi front? a good "harvest" i must say, using the words of some modhayas in this blog....90 Mf's sent to hell in one day and another 180 sent home not being able to fuk their whore wives, ah well more the merrier for my tamil cock!......sooo modhayas asj urselves what happened to the much fanfare of the capture of killi?....the fact remains that although the tigers do tactically withdraw from areas of their choosing, the tigers still retain their military personel and assets to lay a beat down on the time of their choosing as well, 4 divisions of pussies and they still can't get thru to killi?, there's 10 sla for every tiger and they still can't achieve it? You guys are still seeing only the defensive effort of the crouching tiger to tire the invading modhayas and when fatigue takes over the much awaited offensives will start with MR begging for a ceasefire, and guess what modhayas, the tigers have done such a good job internationally to change their image and with a political change in America, India and Canada, no one is gonna be there to save the sldf.....Why do u think the tigers haven't started the much awaited offensives and the destruction of colombo?.....Is it that they can't infiltrate or are there cells waiting to destroy vital installations and vvip's as soon as the world has new leaders? This is a scenario to ponder for u modhayas, we as tamils know the answer to this and u will soon find out!/

Rover said...

umbe prashnaya mokadda?"

Sorry, seems like you are a new Thiru, I would be the first to shake hands with a decent Tamil.

Machan, umba Thaka Thiru nemey nam prashnayak nomatha!

Anonymous said...

LTTE X-mas celebration little bit upset in north. Guys, please be extra-vigilant in south. LTTE santa MIA..

100kg bombs from Mannar

40kg bombs from Vavunia

Rover said...

Folks, the poster campaign launched in Europe, highlighting the brutal nature of the LTTE attacking civilians, is said to be quite successful. But the LTTE agents have tried to provoke the people attending/organizing the campaign in order to bring it down.

At least one group in the US is also trying/planning to do a similar project, please ask around and give your support to such guys who are trying to do this.

Rover said...

It is a damned shame that Sri Lanka has decided to side itself with barbaric Islamic states like Iran and other middle eastern countries and other non-liberal states in disparaging gay rights. We blew a great opportunity to depict ourselves as a nation that condones liberal ideals.

Buddhism or Hinduism never discriminated against people with alternative lifestyles, such as being gay. However, disparaging of gay people is prevalent in Christianity and Islam.

Ironically, though the Quaran never says that Gay people should be put to death it is only a several Islamic state that impose death penalty against gays. However, the Bible explicitly states that the gays should be killed.

Anyway, Sri Lanka seems to be following the fundamental Christian and Islamic notions in not being liberal with alternative lifestyles. Oh wow, I thought.

Unknown said...

Could we at least avoid sexual orientation in this blog? It seems to have everything else already...

Defencewire, all,
If I remember correctly the Giranike town (Killinochchi) was mentioned to have about 7km radius.

If SLA is within 5km of town center SLA is already in the outskirts of the Killinochchi town? And engaging in Close Quarter Battles?

Unknown said...

Inside information...

Checkout the smiles in all the pics

Unknown said...


Welcome to the blog . I was a little baffled by the difference of views of you and our old thaka thiru . Did not realize you were a different !

May be you should change your handle , because there is no garuntee if our old thaka thiru will not reappear .

Rover said...


"Could we at least avoid sexual orientation in this blog?"

The post was only to highlight the fact that we are moving away from liberal ideals and trying to emulate the notions advocated by fundamentalist states and statesmen (like Ahmejadin, or whatever his name is, the Iranian president). We are TRYING hard to be what we are not, and getting discredited for that!

Sexual orientation has been shown, just like the race, to be determined by genetics and the environment. So it is wrong to discriminate against this, as much as it is wrong to discriminate against race.

So what we can do is to highlight the issues to those who are responsible to make liberal policies without siding with barbarians (be it may gay-rights or racial issues).

Rover said...

My intention is clear in my first post when I said

"We blew a great opportunity to depict ourselves as a nation that condones liberal ideals."

TigerKiller said...

thanks for the update DW

Rover said...

Common DW, why are you just providing just tit-bits of information, when there is so much to say without really jeopardizing national security? Increasingly I see that you are shackled from saying what you could say.

Rover said...

Thambala, Kilinotchi town is like a big playground (with a huge perimeter) without a fence. There are no real barriers that prevent the enemy from attacking from any side. So even if we capture Kili, it is really hard to hold on to it. Due to this very reason it is an excellent place for harvesting (both for the LTTE and Army). Army has been into the Kili town several times, and this is one of the reasons for the earlier speculation as to if the Army had control of Kili or not. Anyway, the realistic way to get Kili is to clear up the whole region, mostly Paranthan and Iranamdau, in which case, Kili will fall without a real fight.

lankaputhra said...

Merry Christmas !

thanks Dw

Unknown said...

ok.. to your last two post..

(about the gay thing.. I don't think I agree.. so lets agree to disagree and move on?)

Infinity said...

Pottu Amman relieved of duties


lankaputhra said...

Sri Lanka Army Task Force 3 troops found an airstrip built by the LTTE terrorists from a jungle area south of Iranamadu tank this forenoon (Dec 24).

ranilb5 said...

I have been observing how fast the region termed 'Influence Area' located above Vavunia is shrinking. Once TF2, TF4 and 56 reach A34 road LTTE will have to put their full effort at that region to resist SLA's further movement or simply give up.

It would be interesting to see how LTTE respond.

hemantha said...

Captured Air strip (video)

It is great to see the extreme positive attitude of Colonel Subhashana Welikala.

click here.

Bhairav said...

Ananda-USA da sellout,

As I said before, with few odd incidents you can't generalize that US marines get all their body armor from their loved ones.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ananda-USA, Sujeewa

Heh Heh Heh, Haah Haah Haah

I am very honoured brothers, to be placed in the same league as you guys. Who was the genius who said it, "Puka Seethala" or "Punchi"?

Just because we look after the young brother, Asthiri's arse doesn't mean we have to lick it. But if the label sticks then so be it:

Asthiri's Arse Lickers Club

Haaaa haaaa Haaaa

I don't know where you are from Sujeewa brother. But I am from the land of the Beautiful Sheilaghs, The Great Brown Land. So betweeen me and Ananda and Asthiri, we've got the Atlantic (west) Pacific and the Southern Ocean covered. How about you? Maybe between us we can "Lick" the Earth clean.

Heh Heh Heh

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thanks DW,

(DW- It sounds good with a Southern American twang)

Our Grand Chess Master is just pure genius. There are many reasons I am proud of him that cannot be mentioned here (my brothers of a similar ilk would understand what I mean) as gloating is not our style. On the other hand he must be assited ably by many lieutenants.

Shakespeare or his Aattha, Kalidasa could not have dreamed up a better finale.

Music please:
"I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

'tis gonna be a bright bright bright, Sun Shine(y) day"

PundaEelam said...

ha ha

PundaEelam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PundaEelam said...

DW how many sri lankan soldiers have been killed since war begin (1983)?

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


"We blew a great opportunity to depict ourselves as a nation that condones liberal ideals."

Heh Heh Heh,

"Blew" is the operative word. Sorry bro, couldn't resist it.

As I am not a Sri Lankan, and have not lived in SL for many many years, I have been at times taken aback at the Values and Morals which have taken root in Sl in my absence. However, I respect the right that SL people have in shaping their own moral code. I just hope that they don't go extremist like some of the countries you mention. That would be a pity for the effort we put in to shore up its image.

BTW, sexuality is partly genetically determined but I think race is a construct of 19th century heady European thinking that somehow , they were genetically superior. The only valid "genetic" groupings that I can see are called "Haplo-Groups" depending on where your nearest original ancestor was whom you share with other humans. There are Paternal and maternal ancestors.

My maternal ancestry is very much a South Asian one which can be traced to have been within South Asia since the original mother arrived there (her age is considered over 60 000 years). Her genes are wide-spread throughout the World with another daughter group which is similarly wide spread, giving rise (in particular) to European maternal lines.
On the other hand my direct paternal ancestry is much younger, also found not far from maternal origins but is also wide-spread throughout the World, and associated with an important event in human history. He who gave me his genes, also gave his genes to many in the middle east. The particular South Asian subtype is whom I belong to. This South Asian group which could be as old as 20 000 years shares paternal origins with Jews and Arabs.

Now what I have illustrated is only two threads in the multitude of threads that make up our ancestral genes. I think it would be hard to find any individual who is not completely a mixed bag in terms of various ancestors who have contributed to her/his genes.

We have to be very careful of accepting genetic theories of the artificial concept "race" because this inevitably has led to commission of atrocities apart form having been invalidated repeatedly.

Ethnic origin, on the other hand, while possibly associated with specific haplogroups, is also largely governed by social milieu. The Sinhalas are an ethnic group by todays standards and includes all the Haplogroups of South Asia (in different proportions) to the ethnic group that identify themselves as "Tamil".
But these two groups are perhaps closer in haplo-composition to each other than any other South Asian group bar the "Kerala-Malayali" group, I would suspect.

Sorry to clutter a defence blog with "genetic" stuff. But I guess since War is often called both on genetic and cultural grounds, I just wanted to indicate that "genetic" grounds are bunkum.

Territory and survival of Culture is everything in War.

Pansilu said...


Some people may have addressed you with couple of others does not mean that you are in the same league!

You last post proved it. what ever said and done Sujeewa did some good job here. Ananda too to a lesser extent but you have long way to go.

If you try little harder, you just might be able to stand up with them.

However, don't forget, I am not trying to write any lengthy memos here on any subject. I am just reading posts that are worth to read. your last post is not worth to read, so I browsed and dump it.


ReallyCold..... said...

So MayilRavana, you want to be Sinhala Diaspora like Asthri and the rest who behaves like Tamil diaspora towards Tamils in Sr Lanka?

I don't mind copying and pasting western values in Sri Lanka as long as they are positive towards our society.

I am not sure you know what it meant by 'Moral Code' when yourself associate with those who are with questionable morals.

Sunesun said...

Mayil, it is ok to pollute.. once the war is over we need to break down these 'puhu manna' theories of superiority, from both sides.

ReallyCold..... said...

"Captured Air strip (video"

One of the important the military spokesperson saying is that the trust in their higher leadership has produced higher morals and number of war victories.

This was something we never had during the initial phase of this war.

While SLF are being self motivated from bottom up, LTTE force has been forced to fight this war.

Moshe Dyan said...


re: gay rights, etc.

i think it was a good decision by SL. avoiding the "extremist" branding is not the way to do things.


the two later religions

chrsitianity - do not allow it

islam - do not allow it as today

the two older religions

buddhism - although not banned as such, almost all buddhists societies in the world, ESPECIALLY in SL, taboo it

hinduism - although not banned as such, almost all hindu societies in the world, ESPECIALLY in SL, taboo it


dick fits into the cunt; not to an arsehole; cunt doesn't fit into another cunt either.

so both views reject it.

i recon SL made the RIGHT decision.

so it doesn't matter whether we arrive at the same decision as iran, adolf hitler, etc.

but had the HOMOSEXUAL clan been in power (RW,MW,MS,UD,M(malick)S, TA, etc.) things would have been different.

ReallyCold..... said...

"Captured Air strip (video)" - again the way the Army Lieutenant speak to the camera is very eloquent with no derogatory words. That is much contrasts to the verbose by some of uncivilized patriots.

It looks like SLF has gone through much better training than the freelance armchair patriots you find here.

Moshe Dyan said...

tigers planned it for the christmas day hoping that SLDFs would be soft on them for the sake of christmas!


good planning by SLDFs.

1. kili.
2. mula
3. paranthan

all are at almost similar stage of defeat for the LTTE. MFs would be baffled as to where to concentrate MORE at the expense of the other.

a clever strategy by SLDFs to show their numerical superiority in PRACTICE.

some LTTE suck-kili-aiyas were boasting about troops getting stretched as in jayasikurui and then tigers would attack. the arul suck-kill-aiya from lankaguardian still plays this BS theory.

now whose troops are over stretched????


ReallyCold..... said...

Questions for those who are intolerant of same sex relationships:

How do you know your Dad is not one?

Don't laugh at gays, your brother might be one - a Comedian.

There is a saying: 'the hand that slice the pumpkin will slice the melon as well.

If your fellow citizen is intolerant of something none threatening, he will find a way to be intolerant towards you as well.

ReallyCold..... said...

:earth bund:

What is the significance of the earth bund? Is it because the area flat?

Why is it built L shaped?

Where does LTTE get heavy equipment to construct airstrips and bunds?

Bhairav said...

[I am not sure you know what it meant by 'Moral Code' when yourself associate with those who are with questionable morals.]

Mayil wants to smoke weed with Assithiri in his off-times, cigarette with the rest of the crew.

Infinity said...

ReallyCold, you said "While SLF are being self motivated from bottom up, LTTE force has been forced to fight this war."

Sorry, your LTTE is ruled by a dictator who denies any rights or liberties for the tamils. He could have had far-reaching federalism when he negotiated with the UNP under the ceasefire. Of course, this would have meant democratic elections and no guarantee that his son would inherit the tamils. Could not have that. So he started this war so he could take Jaffna and then declare independence for his personal monarchy.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hello Machan. You should try it with some Tequila. Woooooo Hooooo.

Goooood Morning Sri Lanka!

Heh Heh Heh

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

Mosquito said:
[islam - do not allow it as today}

A survey among the Afgan men few years back revealed that 90% of the men had sex with same sex man one time or other in their life. So much for Islam - they can bend any rules in the book if they can have animal pleasures.

[dick fits into the cunt; not to an arsehole; cunt doesn't fit into another cunt either.]

The pencil lead penis Chena boys have, can fit into any hole.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hey Moshe,
How are you brother. It looks like we share some genes. Heh Heh Heh.

BTW, I have absolutely no problem with Gays. If GSL has passed legislation banning it then this is an unfortunate backward step.

Buddhism has nothing to say about Homosexuality. Doesn't mean that it would condone their persecution. Remember, the purpose of a security officer is specifically to protect the weak and vulnerable. All minorities are vulnerable and deserve the unstinting protection of the security forces, with one proviso- that a member of a minority or a group of them are not working against the welfare and security of the country and its people. Then all bets are off.

All bets are off for compradors of Lanka. That includes gay ones.

Corey said...

See this heroic Sri Lankan pilots story.

Even after twenty “Five-Zero” bullets hit his helicopter, fired by LTTE, he has never withdrawn till he completed firing his last rocket to destroy LTTE bunkers. Even after his cockpit got covered with smoke, he had never given up. This is the level of Moral now our soldiers have.

Ananda-USA said...

The earthbunds built and defended by the LTTE are taking many lives of our brave soldiers. It has been difficult for the SLAF to target the backhoes used to build these trenches and bunds at night.

I have a suggestion: focus on destroying the fuel supplies instead.

Without fuel, the earth moving equipment is useless. Additionally, all other machinery, such as tractors, boat engines, generators, etc that use fuel would be immobilized as well.

While earth moving equipment can be found at the bunds under construction, how can we locate the fuel supplies? Here SLAF surveillance and military intelligence analysis of tractor, boat, bicycle and people movements can help.

Also, there are chemical sniffers that can be fitted to UAVs and other aircraft that can detect minute amounts of chemicals in air samples from their unique chemical signatures. These can detect not only fuel hydrocarbons, but also explosives. If the SLDF does not have such a capability at present, we should obtain it, because gun-running and bombings are likely to continue for many years even after this unhappy war ends.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Another very good suggestion by you.

Have you received your pressie yet.
Merry Xmas. Let me know if you like my warped sense of humour.

It comes from a decade of battling racism on my own terms as an adolescent "stranger in a strange land".

Ananda-USA said...

The L shape of the earthbund at Kilinochchi has been built in that shape to defend 1. the Western side with the vertical leg of the L, and 2. to defend the Southern side crossing route A9 near Iranamadu with the horizontal foot of the L.

It has a smooth corner at the junction of these two portions of the L instead of the sharp corner implied by that characterization of it.

Ananda-USA said...


Mata Oya ewuu Siva Lingaya hambunna!

Obata Hamata Subha Aluth Avuruddak Wewa!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Ha ha Ha
I'll be in touch in the coming days with goodies and suggestions.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Have to go and do some work on the farm; what, me being a Chena boy and all.
See you guys in a few hours.

ReallyCold..... said...


Why the helicopters aren't effective in breaking down the bund defense system?

The ideas you have can easily be passed to millitary high level (I am sure some of them are reading here as well).

Pansilu said...

This blog is really good and vibrant now. Everybody contributing and harmony everywhere.

Then anytime "kasippu simiyon" will come to disrupt everything and make the place smelly like public toilet in "Kotahena".

I sincerely wish and hope that low level scum will never come here again.

Pansilu said...


//The pencil lead penis Chena boys have, can fit into any hole.//

mate, you have displayed your short coming to the whole world now. No wonder why you feel so lonley brother.

Pansilu said...


//my worped sense of humour//

You have humour? Why we don't see it? We see only heh heh and hoh hoh, Sorry, we can't call it a humour, it is only a foolish noise by a pretender who is trying hard to be a fake member of non existing eilte group which is shit scared to "kasippu simiyon".

hemantha said...

Dry weather will prevail over the most part of the island on 26th of December 2008.
-Department of Meteorology

Ananda-USA said...

Talk about the fox looking after the chickens!

Karunanidhi says he will arrest people who openly support the LTTE. Now VCK is organizing a conference supporting Eelam & the LTTE. Let us see whether Karunanidhi, who pens poems lionizing Thamilselvan, will arrest LTTE supporters...

[Thirumavalavan openly supports the LTTE

Express News Service
First Published : 25 Dec 2008

CHENNAI: VCK leader Thirumavalavan on Wednesday spoke in support of the LTTE and accused the Congress of using him to play politics with the DMK.

Speaking at the E V R Periyar memorial function organised by the Dravida Kazhagam, to commemorate the 35th death anniversary of Periyar, Thirumavalavan called for moral support to the LTTE. “A ban on the LTTE does not mean that we cannot talk about it. We need to be clear about this. Lack of clarity on the issue and its history is causing people to be afraid and to avoid the issue. We need to extend at least moral support to the LTTE.” “Support to the LTTE is important for an independent Eelam and it can be achieved only by Prabhakaran.

Tamils need a separate country in this world and that is Eelam,” he said.

He also said he was not afraid of going to jail,”Even if the NSA (National Security Act) is used it is only for a maximum of one year that I will be in prison. Even if all the laws of India are put together and used it will not be more than a year in prison,” he said encouraging the audience that it was not too dangerous to support the LTTE.]

hemantha said...

"You have humour? Why we don't see it? We see only heh heh and hoh hoh, Sorry, we can't call it a humour, it is only a foolish noise by a pretender who is trying hard to be a fake member of non existing eilte group which is shit scared to "kasippu simiyon"."

Stop bitching.

Ananda-USA said...

Thirumavalavan announced (in TN)...

[Tamils need a separate country in this world and that is Eelam]

My response at Expressbuzz.com_Tamil_Nadu

[Amazing Logic! 80 million Tamils live in Tamil Nadu, yet they want the only Tamil-only country in the world to be in Sri Lanka!

Why don't you guys create an independent Tamil country in India where you belong, and leave the rest of the world alone? However,
be sure to say Pretty Please when you ask India for permission to destroy its integrity!

This is the kind of hyprocrisy that has made these people among the most hated in the world!]

Pansilu said...


It is not bitching, it is called criticising hypocrisy!

hemantha said...

Once upon a time in China, two monks had to cross a river on the way to another temple. They saw a woman who was waiting on the bank being unable to cross the river on her own. One monk (the wiser one) picked the woman up, crossed the river and put her down on the other bank. The woman gave lot of “pin”.
Then they were on their way to the other temple. But the other monk did not like what has happened. All the way, he was bitching about the incident. Finally, the wise monk said
“I put that woman down on the other bank. But you are still keeping her on your shoulder”

Pansilu and ReallyCold,
You two are acting very similar to that not so wise monk. Put it down and move along.

wijayapala said...


Welcome to DW. It's good to hear another perspective although I'm sorry to see you ran afoul of Arse-ithri. He's our village idiot so you don't have to take him seriously.

"Capturing him alive is the most foolish thing we can do. I'd capture him dead."

What's wrong with capturing Thalaivar alive?? There will be more propaganda value for him to be paraded around alive than being a martyr of a corpse.

Ananda-USA said...

Patriots All,

Me' Udawana 2009-wana Wasare' Di, Oba Hamata Prithimath, Pun Kalas Piri Ethiri Yana, Aluth Avuruddak Wewai Mama Pathami!

Rathna Deepa Janma Bhumi
Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bhumi
Me' Ape' Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumiyayi
Mathru Bhumiyayi

ReallyCold..... said...


Your name has been flying around, you must be famous here (or notoroius) :)

I enjoyed having fun with stimulating last remaining brain cells of certain people.

"Capturing him alive is the most foolish thing we can do. I'd capture him dead."

This is my view. We want to close this chapter. Prabhakaran alive will bring lot of distraction to us and I want a quick closure and move on.

Remember what they did to Rohana Wijeweera and how quickly JVP (Military front) came to an end.

There are lot of Sinhalese who are driven by hate due to the war and having Prabha is like fuel for these people. You get a taste of that on this forum as well right after a defense news.

Pansilu said...


Good story, brothet, though I have heard before long ago.

The problem is as wijayapala said this village idiot being praised by so called intellectuals is not going away.

If that is the case, I will keep intellectuals also on check.

ReallyCold..... said...


“I put that woman down on the other bank. But you are still keeping her on your shoulder”

This is a very good story and words of wisdom indeed.

Have you heard of kakkutu bana?
Basically the guidance of one crab to another on how to walk straight?

I refuse to take words of wisdom when it is used as a weapon to control someone's behavior if the person delivering the message is not following the same.

Ananda-USA said...

ReallyCold said...

[Why the helicopters aren't effective in breaking down the bund defense system?]

It is not a deficiency of the helicopters, but of the ordnance used for the purpose, and the ability to deliver the bombs accurately onto the bund.

It is cost effective only to breakdown and create narrow channels in the bunds with High-explosive earth penetrating bombs that can get below the bund and lift it off when it explodes. Air-blast weapons are not effective in removing earth. I posted a rather lengthy article related to this at this blog with reference to the WW-I offensive in July, 1916 at the Somme, in France.

BTW, I have submitted my recommendations to MoD/SLA already; they might have a good laugh, or they might act upon it. Who knows? Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

ReallyCold..... said...

I want you all the stop the nonsense and racial remarks and watch this clip carefully:

This is the unsuccessful legal case for the Homeland.

ReallyCold..... said...

Ananda, thanks.
I am not a warfare expert.

I have found ways to reach high level government officials in the past and some of them are more open minded than I thought about accepting ideas. Usually the real guys don't laugh at them, they will be thankful if it is something they haven't thought of by themselves.

Pansilu said...

Really Cold,

Brother, That is a good place to use our village idiot. Imagine he is abusing that self appointed, misguided half blind woman talking for diaspora money. She will do anything for money, including selling herself to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately our idiot can shout at our own brothers, not the real threats.

ReallyCold..... said...


These self appointed patriots are actually following footsteps of Prabha unknowingly even though they hate him.

Prabha's ideology is motivating by fear. That is the dumb person's wisdom.

The most effective motivation comes from inspiration. Usually wise people employ that. Unfortunately that is heavy stuff for people with two brain cells.

Pansilu said...

Really Cold,

Then he has to be a ZTTP cooly, pretends to be a patriot and disrupt this blog.

We should ask him to do a pure sinhala posting!

Even Wijayapala, Purely Speculative, Rana and Swarnajith
had doubts about him being a real patriot.

Well well "kasippu simiyon" can be a hard core black tiger after all.

Ananda-USA said...

ReallyCold said...

[the unsuccessful legal case for the Homeland]

In most ethnically diverse countries of the world, you can look at smaller and smaller units of land, and find some unit in which the five criteria laid out by Ms. Parker, the LTTE-hired attorney in that video, can be satisfied, even though the population of that small ethnically-culturally-linguistically-pure unit would be a minute fraction of the population and the land of that country as a whole.

By that definition, Chinatown in San Francisco qualifies to declare itself a separate country worthy of self-determination. So does, Little-India in London, many Muslim dominated areas of India, Christian-dominated Goa, Hispanic-dominated southwestern US, and many regions of other countries suitably sliced-and-diced ad infinitum into a chop-suey, and served up for self-determination to keep the lawyers and would-be separatist politicians and supreme leaders happy.

I am afraid that fish won't fry in any court of law!

DoDo said...

Except for the leader's loss, the exact casualties to the LTTE in this fight is unknown at this point.

Divaina reports 18 Tigers killed in the Sinna Paranthan attack.

DoDo said...


Check out the bearded solider in the top left most pic


He looks a real lean mean killing machine.

Thank goodness he's on our side!


Adrenaline_Grin said...

Guys, i don't comment here often but i do check this blog regularly.

I've noticed the quibbling among "patriots" over the use of language among other things.

I think both factions, if i may use that term, have a point.

I usually read the interesting if not informative comments by the likes of Hemantha, Sujeewa and Ananda-USA to name a few off the top of my head.

While i believe dis/misinformation and propaganada by the terrorist sympathisers should be countered, i am not quite sure what good clowns like Mahen, Bhairav do to their cause besides making themselves look like - to use the words of a great general - "a bunch of jokers".

At the same time, I i think the use of foul language is unnecessary and juvenile. I usually skip those comments the same way i ignore the idiotic remarks by terrorist supporters here.

But Pansilu and ReallyCold give it a break. Your whinging is getting old and it's not very productive. I think your point has been noted.

Like Hemantha said, let's move on.

ReallyCold..... said...

If you remember what LTTE did after Tsunami, they were showing the world that they have the ability to govern themselves - one of the items in the case for Homeland this video describe.

LTTE fail miserably on that item however due to child soldiers and killing of Tamil people.

There is some method behind their madness.

Adrenaline_Grin said...


Yeah, i noticed that too. My sentiments exactly.

That's one bad boy you don't want to mess with!


ReallyCold..... said...

Adrenaline_Grin, if you paid attention, I have moved on and only about 10% of my energy is being given to self appointed patriots.

DoDo said...


Yeah, you get goose bumps when you look at the guys eyes. Not the kind of person you wanna mess with certainly:)

Again, thank goodness he's on our side. I think he's commando from the TF1


Moshe Dyan said...


hello there mate.

ok; lets agree to disagree on that. we have many more important things in the battlefield.

Moshe Dyan said...


how come small dix killed your sisters brintha and boonthevi and your mother just by poking inside???

Sri Lankan said...

Guys anyone know when Killi will Fall???

Ananda-USA said...

ReallyCold said...

[If you remember what LTTE did after Tsunami, they were showing the world that they have the ability to govern themselves - one of the items in the case for Homeland this video describe.]

But lets look at what they have done with the Tsunami funds and the billions of diaspora funds they have received: they built cemeteries, they bought loads of weapons, and they built bunkers and earthbunds, they supported Prabakaran's family abroad in the style they have become accustomed to.

All this time, the only decent structures in uncleared areas are those built with largely Sinhala tax-payer rupees by successive Sinhala-dominated governments of Sri Lanka. The GOSL provided all the food, fuel and all other essentials, all the medicines, provided and paid for the doctors, the administrators, and the of charge...while they bombed us to bits and hacked us into pieces.

So I would humbly ask, where is this much trumpted compassion for the Tamil people by their so called "sole representatives" that agitate for self-determination? Where is that management expertise, the responsibility to uplift the people? Where is the "self-determination" for the hundreds of thousands of people now imprisoned as slave laborers and cannon fodder in the Vanni? Why can't these bleeding heart politicians and laywers intercede on their behalf with the LTTE to say "Let my people go" away from the war zone?

I think we have to confront these people with the reality of facts versus the fiction of their arguments.

Infinity said...

ReallyCold, "If you remember what LTTE did after Tsunami, they were showing the world that they have the ability to govern themselves"

Almost all governmental activities in LTTE territory, like education, hospitals, and so on, are provided by Sri Lanka.

LTTE contributes by among other things having done a complete ethnic cleansing and having a secret police absolutely prohibiting all forms of freedom of expression, movement, and association for the tamils. As well as racist propaganda and glorifying of child soldier and bombings of civilians of other ethnic groups. As should be expected in a system without any checks on those with powers, according to UTHR, local LTTE chieftains become corrupt, arrogant, and haughty feudal lords living in luxury mansions expecting their local serfs to obey their slightest whims.

Rover said...

Thanks for your progressive views. I too condone that identifying races along genetic lines is not really appropriate. But for the people who want to carry on with their racial identities, genetic and environmental (cultural) factors/data are important.
However with the current rapid panmixing of genes (through intermarriages, global travel, globalization, leveling of the playing filed ect.) the human genes will become more or less homogenized. This is kind of scary from an evolutionary perspective; as there won't be populations with a unique genotypes to face possible sweeping extinctions of other populations. This is why diversity needs to be appreciated and not disparaged.

The tracing the colascence of maternal lineages you talk about have been possible because mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited and is not subjected to mixing when sexual reproduction occurs. This does not mean that the fathers didn’t hangout with the women, and followed the same patters of origins and dispersal as women; it only means that we are not sure about what the fathers did (as we lack effective genetic markers where paternal lineages can be traced back through evolutionary –that is deep - time).

It would be really nice if we could think of all the people as peoples who originated from the black mitochondrial eve that traversed the Rift Valley in Africa. But as you know there is a long way to go for us to really unite humans along these lines. For example, fundamental Christians get excited about the mitochondrial Eve, but they do not want to recognize her as being BLACK, and certainly they argue, she can’t be that old!

Anyway Miles, nice talking to you…

Rover said...

"This is why diversity needs to be appreciated and not disparaged"

Should have said "This is ONE of the reasons why...."

Ananda-USA said...

Dodo said...

[Check out the bearded solider in the top left most pic]

I addition to his fierce countenance, I noticed the Buddhist "Pirith Noola" on his right hand.

Here is a braveheart who does indeed live by the soldiers creed:

"God, if in the heat of battle I forget thee, do not thou forget me."

May the Triple Gem Bless & Protect him, for he fights for you and me.

Bhairav said...

[I usually read the interesting if not informative comments by the likes of Hemantha, Sujeewa and Ananda-USA to name a few off the top of my head.]


How come you went for Hemantha whose comments mostly cut and paste from Colombo newspapers, Sujeeva whose posts mostly just to get an attention from his so called expert review panel of DW, which is nothing but modaya itself and Ananda-USA another sellout who considers anything rosy if it is from US, most importantly you downplayed our resident analyst, da Mosquito, who has 30 years of expertise behind him?

Obviously Pansi and reallycold went over the limit as grumpy old men were given airtime, for me, Assithiri is much better than these whiners. LOL!

Adrenaline_Grin said...

ReallyCold, good on ya!

Adrenaline_Grin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CriMeWatCh said...

Wish you all a Happy Christmas!!!

Bhairav said...


Merry X-Mas you too!

How's life in Colombo?

Adrenaline_Grin said...


Don't want to get into a name-calling match or into any kind of conversation with you.

But just for the record, like i said, the commenters i mentioned were from the top of my head.

I usually ignore the comments from those who blatantly advocate terrorism, racism, misogyny, hombophobia, fascism, and a whole bunch of other things.

I don't try to read too much into the characters here or anywhere else. This is the internet and as far as i am concerned everyone's just a handle name.

You take what you want. It's your choice. Whatever floats your boat.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Rats have been making a mess while I've been on the farm.

Thanks brother Hemantha for your comments. Much appreciated. I must say they are well trained rats. This is the power of aversive conditioning. Punchi was whipped by me and they have been both been whipped badly by Asthiri. You just have to mention "A" and they go scurrying. And guess who has been attracted here when "A" is mentioned.

Wijayapala Bro. Well spotted about the comment on killing VP. Although, it does put you on a different league to Laurel and Hardy.

The typical LTTE stooges have left the building but one still has to be weary of those who would have VP killed.
What for. This War is not about hatred. It is about protecting the motherland. The very jokers who encourage killing of VP would be the ones to go crying about HR abuses if he is killed even accidentally.
I am with Wijayapala (for once) about the wisdom of that stupid (or snakey) statement. VP would be much more valuable to GOSL alive than dead. There is a lot of information he would spill which Lanka could benefit a great deal from.

BTW Wijayapala, why have you not replied to the trick I played on you? Are you not a fan of Sebastian Rasalingam. Heh Heh Heh.

Anonymous said...

/The problem is as wijayapala said this village idiot being praised by so called intellectuals is not going away./

Who is this 'villege idiot'? How can one seperate villege idiots from idiots (from cities)? I know some 'elite' people in cities think villege people are idiots as may be, they have not seen a computer etc.. This is same as our di-ass-pora friends saying us 'singala moadayas' as they live in luxary condition opposed to poor SL.

/Well well "kasippu simiyon" can be a hard core black tiger after all./

Who is 'kasippu simiyon'? Many people drink kasippu mostly becuz they are poor, together with other reasons..adiction etc.

You guys are fighting for some 'liberal gay..' thing. But I see usgae of 'village idiots' and 'kasippu simiyon' as insult against vilege people and poor people. (Mahen saying us 'chena boys' is much better and nothing wrong in that- I like it.)

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ha Ha,
So you are trying to appear nonchalant about the contributions from Sujeewa, Ananda-USA and Hemantha. That in itself suggests more attention should be paid to them.

And don't try and pretend you are not pleased with your two love-birds, Puka-Seethala and Punchi.

Isn't it time to go back to the temple?

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Nice one. Yati paththenma gahuwa. ;)

Anonymous said...


Whenever people made rational, logical and sound counter arguments against LTTE elements they switch the mode into one line replies basically saying we will kill singalas modayas.

Wijayapala once replied to peter in detail and after that peter writes modaya and 1 mile to kilinochchi only.

/for me, Assithiri is much better than these whiners./ -Bhairav

This was my guess too. LTTE elements however reply quickly when Asithri uses colorful language - as I guess, they can easily inderstand what Asithri says rather than complicated arguements from people like Wiajayapala, Sujeewa, Ananda, MD etc. No wonder our intelligent tamizians like him and hate/ avoid people like Wijayapala.

Bhairav said...

Whoever killed, i mean the pilots of SLAF, the innocent cows in Paranthan SHOULD get the same treatment.

May be one of their birds will be shot down in the coming weeks or months as those pilots will receive the same fate as cows got.

Bhairav said...

[This was my guess too. LTTE elements however reply quickly when Asithri uses colorful language - as I guess, they can easily inderstand what Asithri says rather than complicated arguements from people like Wiajayapala, Sujeewa, Ananda, MD etc. No wonder our intelligent tamizians like him and hate/ avoid people like Wijayapala.]


Are you "Muslim" aka SONI by any chance? You were in the Assithiri's bandwagon few weeks back now jump into WP's bandwagon as public opinion poll favors WP suddenly.

Rover said...


"buddhism - although not banned as such, almost all buddhists societies in the world, ESPECIALLY in SL, taboo it"

Tabooing and chopping off of a head are two entirely different things. Furthermore, Taboos have a temporal aspect. The current society in Sri Lanka may Taboo (since it is highly influenced by Victorian Western regressive notions - especially that of fundamental Christianity and also of Islam - as I said in my earlier post). None of the Buddhist religious text mentions homosexuality, and the notions of tolerance that Buddhism espouses would not discriminate against a minority.

I have not read enough about how Hinduism views Gays, so won’t comment on this. Hope someone else can.

Interestingly, the only countries in Asia that were signatories to the UN gay rights resolution were Japan and Nepal; both predominantly Buddhist countries (not sure about Nepal though, it has a lot of Hindus as well). Thailand would have also supported the UN resolution if it had a functional government. So the countries that are taking initial steps in Asia towards the tolerance of gay-rights are Buddhist/Hindu countries. So your above statement is false/questionable.

dick fits into the cunt; not to an arsehole; cunt doesn't fit into another cunt either."

A very primitive notion - someone who have no idea whatsoever about humanity, human society or sexuality would say something like this.

If you accept the primitive notion that the ONLY benefit of having sex is to have kids, you are right. For humans, sexuality is a very complex term.

Furthermore, some people, just like some animals are predisposed to be homosexuals. Remember the classic example is the one that was done using drosophila where they discovered the x28(?) gene, where the male fruit flies possessing that mated with males. However, later someone found that when you provide only females to those males, they mated with the females, pointing out to the fact that environment also plays an important role in determining the sexual orientation.

Anyway, as I said earlier, twice, the idea for highlighting this issue was to persuade our people/rulers to adapt progressive and liberal policies without siding with barbaric Islamic states and the non-liberal autocracies. In the long term, these will affect what we are and who we are, when reaping the benefits of winning the war, and planning for the future, where we can live peacefully with ALL MINORITIES. I don’t want Sri Lanka to become a non-liberal autocracy, or worse a theocracy.

Bhairav said...

[If you accept the primitive notion that the ONLY benefit of having sex is to have kids, you are right. For humans, sexuality is a very complex term.]


I totally agree with you. I'm all for gay rights except they cannot adopt kids. It will be nightmare to see gay couples pushing the strollers to the park while blowing each other's dick at home. Gay couples can not be good parents to any kids given the way they practice the sex.

Unknown said...

This is great news DW! So finally we will see an end to LTTE strongholds by April 2009? The other cluster LTTE pockets hiding in the jungles will have a natural death without supplies!!

Do you think the Indians will intervene again though?

Adrenaline_Grin said...

ninja, i hear you. but i am not quite sure why we need to bother with the likes of peter et al. a waste of time and there's very little harm that they.

i'd rather counter the smarter ones who leave well-articulated and thought out comments to international newspapers and other media sites. those are the guys who need to be countered and not these jokers full of "1 mile" and "red bird" comments.

Anonymous said...


/Are you "Muslim" aka SONI by any chance?/

What's your problem with that, if I am muslim (I don't know soni?)?

/You were in the Assithiri's bandwagon few weeks back now jump into WP's bandwagon as public opinion poll favors WP suddenly./

I guess you have not read every thing I wrote or didn't understand what I wrote.

FYI, I am not in any one's bandwagon. I support both bandwagons when they are good for SL (example, when Wiajayapala and Asithri attack LTTE elements) and I oppose when they do bad for SL (example, when Wiajayapala and Asithri fight against each other, when Wiajayapala distort history or write against my personal view. ). You might missed arguments between me and Wiajapala and few times with Asithri too.

BTW, hope you are now good at weighted average. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rover said...

"I totally agree with you. I'm all for gay rights except they cannot adopt kids. It will be nightmare to see gay couples pushing the strollers to the park while blowing each other's dick at home. Gay couples can not be good parents to any kids given the way they practice the sex."

Ha! Ha! Bahirav, you've got an imaginative, but yet dirty mind! Most of the gay men/women I know don't behave this way, popular media depicts it this way.

One of my postgrad advisers was a gay woman. The most decent human being I had ever known, and very very smart too. I would have had no qualms if she raised a child!

Bhairav said...

[One of my postgrad advisers was a gay woman. The most decent human being I had ever known, and very very smart too. I would have had no qualms if she raised a child!]

It is fine with Lesbians but gay men raising the kids.

Anonymous said...


Agree. FYI, peter came up with some 'history' based homeland arguments and after few counter arguments from Wiajayapala he disappeared, this happened few months ago. Peter is not stupid, he is cunning so he avoids Wijayapala and writes just 1 mile only here. He comments on int. news papers blogs too.

IMO, peter ratnadurai and Upul (AKA revy in LNP) are much better than Bruice Fien as far as thier pro-LTTE stance in concerned. Di-ass-pora paid a lot just becuz of his 'reputation' but actually I believe both Peter and Revy are better than Bruice Fien in writing for LTTE.

So, I honor if you neutralize LTTE elements in int. media rather than here. That's what most important and I requested this from guys here good in English some time ago.

Anonymous said...

@Gay.. I fully support gays.. in this way others (and me!) can have more women.. assuming lesbians are not growing.. Ha Ha

I am missing AmmaGG here..

Adrenaline_Grin said...

to add to my previous comment: not only are some of these comments by the more intelligent terror supporters in international media sites misleading but also dangerous because they only go on to confirm concerns and suspicions held by international community and could sway neutral outsiders towards their cause.

most of these foreigners are usually left-wing bleeding-heart liberals (nothing wrong with that, i consider myself of their ilk too) but tend to be naive, ignorant and in search of some "worthy" cause that would help change the world without having a clue of the actual ground realities. i know, it's broad generalisation but this is what i have found out personally.

That's why i like what Ananda-USA does. I've read his excellent counter comments at these forums. We need more of that.

And here's an example of what i mean. This is an editorial in the influential Boston Globe newspaper and you will agree that the editor has no idea what he or she is on about.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

ninja, consider it done. i do write to international media - especially important ones - whenever i have the time and know that they have got it wrong or show bias in a story regarding sri lanka. cheers!

Ananda-USA said...


The Sethu Samudram Canal project, advocated by Tamil Nadu, proposes to create a sea channel through the Palk Strait, lying entirely within Indian sea territory, that would enable ships to avoid going around Sri Lanka to ports along the East Coast of India.

In my judgment, the Sethu Samudram canal will be built no matter what objections, if any, that Sri Lanka raises, because it will be built in Indian territory, with Indian funds. Sri Lanka should be looking to proactively cope with the fallout of its construction.

This project will have significant Economic, Security, Environmental, and Political implications for Sri Lanka, that Sri Lanka must anticipate and prepare for. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to discuss this issue here at DefenceWire.

Economically, this would reduce the need for ships to berth at Sri Lankan ports, and afford porting alternatives to ships crossing the Indian Ocean. That would reduce future income for Sri Lanka. This economic impact would be offset to a very small extent by increased utility of ports on the West coast north of Mannar, the Jaffna peninsula, and the East Coast north of Trincomalee. I think, it would negatively impact any income to be derived from a rapid expansion of the Trincomalee harbour to handle ship repairs and ship construction in the future, as I had proposed in an earlier article at this blog, and elsewhere.

From a Security & Political Perspective, we must anticipate India placing greater emphasis on security of this region, because this channel affords India a method of more rapidly transferring military assets by sea between the East and West Coasts of India. As such, the Federal Govt. of India is likely to back this project very strongly. However, that is conditioned on Tamil Nadu remaining within the Indian orbit; given the separatist tendencies of Tamil Nadu politicians and their Aryan-phobicity, that is by no means certain. Also, these considerations could explain the consistently persistent support by Tamil Nadu politicians for Eelam in Sri Lanka: They may be anticipating an existence separate from India, and want to permanently secure both ends of this sea channel for their own use by incorporating Eelam as a part of a future Greater Dravidian Nation (GDN). THe southern and northern sea coasts of such a GDN independent of the rest of India, will be able to communicate freely along its entire coast only if the Sethu Samudram canal is built.

This also underscores why Sri Lanka must never devolve power to the North and the East on an ethnic basis, because the GDN will rely on the ethnic Tamil leaders of the North and the East to enable them to secure the Sri Lanka end of the Sethu Samudram sea channel. These objectives can be realized only by keeping the Eelam pot boiling in Sri Lanka, even after the current war is ended in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is essential that

1. the population of Sri Lanka is homogenized as quickly as possible to eliminate ethnic demographic concentrations that can be exploited by its future enemies,

2. that Sri Lanka develops a large and permanent defense force, including a strong coastal defense, that is capable of preventing any encroachment and insurgent activity along its shores. This should include a large and highly capable permanent defense force of 500,000, supported by a 4,000,000 man National Guard including every able bodied adult in the country.

3. Sri Lanka moves rapidly to develop and capture for Trincomalee the premier position as the preferred place in the Indian Ocean for ship repair, and shipbuilding, and container shipping. This may require a substantial investment in iron, steel and specialty metals manufacturing, and fuel storage and refining facilities as well.

I have laid out here a partially fleshed out rationale for Tamil Nadu interest in supporting Eelam in Sri Lanka, that goes beyond the well trumpeted support for fellow-Tamils, and what Sri Lanka can do now to cope with these future developments.

Let us discuss this issue!

[[India-Centered Perspective from article:

Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project proposes linking the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping channel through the shallow sea sometimes called Setu Samudram, and through the island chain of Adam's Bridge, also known as ram sethu. This would provide a continuous navigable sea route around the Indian Peninsula. The project involves digging a 44.9 nautical mile (83 km) long deepwater channel linking the shallow water of the Palk Strait with the Gulf of Mannar. Conceived as early as 1860 by Alfred Dundas Taylor, it recently received approval of the Indian government. Government of India plans to break limestone shoals called Ram's Bridge or Ram sethu as part of implementation of this project. A few organizations are opposing damage to Ramasethu on religious,environmental and economical grounds. Many of these parties or organizations support implementation of this project using one of the 5 alternative alignments considered earlier without damaging a structure considered sacred by Hindus. Current alignment is planned as Mid-ocean channel which is unprecedented. Other famous shipping canal projects like Suez Canal and Panama Canal projects are land based channels.


Due to shallow waters, Sethusamudram presents a formidable hindrance to navigation through the Palk strait. Though trade across the India-Sri Lanka divide has been active since at least the first millennium BCE, it has been limited to small boats and dinghies. Larger ocean going vessels from the West have had to navigate around Sri Lanka to reach India' eastern coast. Eminent British geographer Major James Rennell, who surveyed the region as a young officer in late eighteenth century, suggested that a "navigable passage could be maintained by dredging the strait of Ramisseram [sic]". However little notice was given to his proposal, perhaps because it came from "so young and unknown an officer", and the idea was only revived 60 years later. Efforts were made in 1838 to dredge the canal, but did not succeed in keeping the passage navigable for any vessels except those with a shallow draft.

Possibly conceived in 1860 by Commander A. D. Taylor of the Indian Marines,[citation needed] the project has been reviewed many times over the years but no decision was ever made. It was part of the election manifestos of all political parties during elections. The Union Government of India appointed the Sethu Samudram Project Committee in 1955, headed by Dr. A. Ramasamy Mudaliar, which was charged with the duty of examining the desirability of the project. After evaluating the costs and benefits, this committee found the project feasible and viable. However it has strongly recommended land based passage instead of channel cutting through Ram's bridge due to several advantages of land based passage like Shifting sandbanks, Ability to prevent navigational hazards etc. Several reviews of the proposals followed. Finally, the United Progressive Alliance Government of India headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the inauguration of the project on July 2, 2005.


The strategic advantages to India derive from obtaining a navigable sea route close to the coast, with a reduction in travel distance of more than 350 nautical miles (650 km) (for larger ships). The project is expected to provide a boost to the economic and industrial development of coastal Tamil Nadu. The project will be of particular significance to Tuticorin harbour, which has the potential to transform itself into a nodal port. The State Government has announced its proposal to develop 13 minor ports, including Ennore, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Thondi, Valinokam, Kolachel and Kanyakumari.

Development of the canal and ports is also expected to provide increased maritime security for Tamil Nadu.

Other Arguments

Safety, requirement of Constant Dredging, question arising on its suitability for Heavy Ships, time spent due to slow speed that would be necessary for passage in the canal, cost aspects... were some of the arguments put forth by Captain (retired) H Balakrishnan of the Indian Navy has to say about the project in an interview to Shobha Warrier of Rediff: In the case of the Suez and the Panama canals, ships save thousands of nautical miles in sailing distance and hundreds of hours in sailing time.The difference with the Sethu Samudram project is that the ships will probably save a few hundred miles and at the most two hours in sailing time.

Issues to be resolved


Some naval hydrographers and experts suggest that the project is unlikely to be financially viable or serve ships in any significant way. The savings for ships that originate from Kanyakumari or Tuticorin is between 10 and 30 hours. For ships from other destinations like the Middle East, Africa, Mauritius and Europe,the average savings by using this canal is just 8 hours.

At the present tariff rates, ships from Africa and Europe will lose $ 4,992 on every voyage, as the savings in time for these ships are considerably lower that what is calculated in the DPR. This loss is significant as 65% of the projected users of the canal are those from Africa and Europe. If tariffs are lowered to a point where ships from Africa and Europe will not lose any money from using the canal, the IRR of the project falls to 2.6%. This is a level at which even public infrastructure projects are rejected by the government.

Depth envisaged for this canal is designed for ships with weight of 30000 tonnes and less. Most of the new generation ships (with weight more than 60000 tonnes and tankers with weight above 150000 tonnes) cannot make use of this canal.

Cash crunch for the project

Axis Bank Ltd. was appointed “loan arranger” for the project in 2005.Since its inception in 2004, costs have skyrocketed to at least Rs 4,000 crore, interest rates have crawled higher and old loan terms have lapsed.Even before the first dredger began its work in 2005, costs had already spiralled to more than Rs 3,500 crore. The loan sanctions, valid only up to Rs 2,400 crore, lapsed. To secure more money, Sethusamudram Corp. Ltd would have to return to the drawing board, draw up new reports, sit with parliamentary committees and receive fresh approval.


The Environmental Impact Assessment carried out by the Indian government On July 2, 2005, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh unveiled the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project.The Project would disturb the ecological balance and would be the reason for the death of corals.It is also an important fishing ground for the state of Tamilnadu.There exists an Biological park in the vicinity of the proposed project.

Political and economic

There have been concerns about the impact of dredging. Nevertheless, the economic benefits will be mutual for Sri Lanka as much as it is for India by reviving minor ports in Sri Lanka. The underdeveloped region of Northern Srilanka is currently occupied by LTTE. Sethusamudram project could potentially allow economic benefits to this region. This is being viewed with mutual suspsicon of both Sri Lankan and Tamil leaders. Further it is expected that in addition to Colombo, new ports to be developed near Jaffna. There has also been criticism expressed, on the basis that the project could damage relations with [Sri Lanka].


This land bridge is the site of the famous Lord Rama's Bridge, making it a historical, religious and cultural monument of great significance. For this reason, many, including chief ministers of states, oppose the project.

While the age of the Ram Setu is disputed it's importance as a religious symbol in the minds of some Hindu's is not. Nevertheless, the Govt. of India through Mr. Nariman submitted before the Supreme Court of India on 22 july 2008 that “Kamba Ramayanam also expressly says the bridge was destroyed by Lord Ram so that no one can cross over to Sri Lanka and ships can sail through. Even the Telugu version of Ramayana says Lord Ram destroyed the bridge.”

End of Article]]

Ra said...

Ad Grin,

I have noticed boston globe posts (about SL) are much more similar to bbc. Thought its infiltrated by some lttp goons.

Adrenaline_Grin said...
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MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


I have read ('bleeding heart liberal" or not) editors and journalists of Western Media write patently ludicrous LTTE/Tamil Diaspora propaganda as the truth, for 3 decades.
They have not changed their stance during this time. Maybe it is worth trying to change their view, but I personally would not waste my time unless it was of strategic importance for SL.
When one considers their mindset and psychology (I have lived among them fro nearly 4 decades and understand this well) it is clear that they have one view about "White dominated" countries and another view about "non-white countries". Their prejudice is very clear on this. It is hard to change this deep felt prejudice.

There is another reason why I would not waste my time. That is because, it is the Sri Lankan expatriates (particularly Sinhalas and Burghers) who have to be convinced. Most of them will when confronted with the truth, come around. Why? Because, deep down, they love Lanka. It is the investments from these expatriates that will help Lanka.

Time and effort is much better spent if you target these people.

There is a very good article on the "Information War" in Sri Lanka linked on the Defence Column site.

I have mentioned before, an extermely dangerous and insidious tactic that has been used increasingly to convince the Sinhalas, that they are Tamil.

i.e. Your ancestors were Tamil, Even DutuGemunu was Tamil. The Civilisation belong to Tamil ancestors. "Sinhala" is merely a false Tag that was developed by a group (?Buddhist Monks, ? elitists etc.)

The proponents of this information war pushes this view (subtly or not) using often circular arguments:

Legend of KumariKandam mentions an ancient civilsation which was inundated.
Because there is one mention of "tamilakam" in Sangham literture and because the Mahavamsa mentions Damila, it must mean that the Kumarikandam civilsation (legendary) must have existed because why would the word "tamil" appear otherwise.
Because, "tamil" must have been a real "race" then KumariKandam legend suggests they must have been very ancient. Thus they must be the ancestors of all the great civilsations of which there is only one ancient one south Uiijan that has archeological continuity. Since this civilisation occured in SL then the ancient Lankans must have been "Tamil" (i.e. it is suggested that they actually called themselves that and identified as such).
Furthermore, any archaeological findings in Southern India must necessarily be "Tamil".
Even if Mahabharata called them Pandyas, Cholas or Dravidas, this is all re-interpreted to mean "Tamil" which not once mentioned in Mahabharata (not even as Damila- Only the Buddhists and Jains used this word). On the other hand Sinhala occur multiple times and are associated with Lanka.

But these guys ignore these facts completely and relabel everyone "Tamil" which is now being extended to the sinhala. In this great project of making the "Tamil" nation the "Pandya" and "Chola" identities have already been subverted. Cheras or Malayalis are fighting tooth and nail to retain their identity.

Sinhala identity if subverted would naturally lead to establishment of "Eelam" as a prerequisite to "Dravidastan".

The reality is that the "Tamil" or "Dravida" nation has no identity that it can bring up in ancient times independent of reinterpretation of mythology and circularly labeling archaeological findings as such when there is no clear mention of "Tamil". Why is it that one is compelled to believe that a whole host of names such as "Demeda", "Dramira", "Dravida" etc mean "Tamil" when the words "Sinhala" is mentioned unmistakably unaltered in Indian literature. Even 'Sihala' and its connection to "Sinhala" is apparent to the man on the street.
Even when complete foreigners refer to the people of the island they refer to the "Lion People" (i.e. Chinese).

Getting us to doubt the real and evident (from innumerable sources) identity of the sinhalas so that a mythological "Tamil" identity can replace it is an insidious process. This is a direct attack on the independent and sovereign Lanka. A recent article by one A. J. N. Selvadurai on Sri Lanka Guardian exemplifies this approach.

Call me paranoid, but don't call me stupid. Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you!

Adrenaline_Grin said...


I am not surprised, the Globe actually uses that now-infamous and proven incorrect assertion by the World Food Program guy who was quoted by the BBC as saying that conditions in Sri Lanka were as "basic as that in Somalia" to back its editorial.

Just goes to show how little the newspaper knows and how "thoroughly" they had researched the situation. Judging by the "quality" of the editorial that would probably amount to hardly any. The editors probably read all the international wire reports and BBC updates from the last two weeks that were compiled by some oblivious intern as "research". It's poor, lazy journalism like this that gives the profession a bad name.

Thiru said...


thanks 4 clearing things out 4 me!

Anonymous said...


You are welcome. I appreciate if you use, say Thiru2, as your handle, to avoid further confusions.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Another possible issue regarding Sethu. In Bay of Cambay, an indian scientist has identified evidence of a underwater city dated to about 10 000 years ago. This is pooh-poohed by the mainstream historians but the scientist who is not a historian is using most modern methods to gather his evidence. Interestingly 10 0000 years ago the mini-ice age ended. It likely that in those days, like today, if there were cities, they were maritime. Sri Lanka was connected to India by Sethu. What if there was a maritime civilisation based around this region? Where would the survivors go if this civilisation based on the Western Seaboard of India got inundated.

Well I presume that those from around Cambay would sek higher ground say from Uijjan northwards. Those in the south would presumably would seek similar high ground. Interestingly, in the early 1st millennium BC, there were no major cities between Anuradhapura and Uiijan.

If there was a greater Indian civilsation which was "pre-iron-age" (one of the reasons why the existence of such a civilisation is doubted) then Lanka would need to be in the equation and evidence would be in Sethu.

But pleeeease don't call this Civilisation "Tamil". Raksha yes, Pandava yes, Kaurava yes, but don't permit modern day fascist nation builders a look in.

Hunter said...

Pottu Amman removed as LTTE Intelligence Chief

hemantha said...

Once you asked me about the borther of a certain person in LNP. Here he is.

Hunter said...

Guess Pottu Amman was the brainchild of LTTE.. Now no more the Head of LTTE brain. More internal conflicts!!!

Reeri Yaka said...

I'd rather like to have pottu being the intelgnt leader given the fact that he has failed to carry out attacks... he he...
Guys... 5Km to both towns. Which will be bagged first or which is more important?
I'd rather like to see TF3 moving noth on the eastern bank of the Iranamadu Tank and make a flank attack. If it can happen before 57 and 58 move into killi town, given the fact that killi is fortified with hard core LTTP cardrs, harvesting would be much higher isn't it?And more fruitful...
Capturing Killi in the new year eve only has a massive political gain and some moral lift, but as most of the blog readers mentioned, army has other important business around it...

Nisal said...

Mulliyawalai LTTE terror bastion under-siege: terrorists sustain heavy damages- Mullaittivu


ravana said...

hi guys,
wish you all merry x-mas & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


Isuru said...

If i am informed correctly, harvesting is an integral part of our strategy. Despite my opposition to it on moral grounds I think it is a "necessary evil". so I think we should not rush to the towns and establish before we achive our "daily targets", if you know what I mean.
If I remember right some SLAs had been to Kili town from time to time since October. It's not a matter of arriving at a town it's a matter of establishing control in and around that they refer to as a "capture" of a town.

Vajira said...

Mulliyawali's capture will be secured within 48 hours. Tanduwan is also under siege from the troops of TF4 who are heading towards Oddusudan.
Expect the 1st week of January to be filled with good news.

Pottu said...

I'll be revealing my split-up with earlier lover soon.

Reeri Yaka said...

Exactly... That's y I said TF3 (And TF4 both) has a major role to play when 57/58 keep so called hard core cardrs busy at west of killi and Paranthan fronts. Low attention on TF3/TF4

Anonymous said...


I see some people say he, UpulJ is brother of JagathJ, but I don't know its true or not.


Huh If true.. this is so funny.. the serial loser firing another loser.. Who will fire the sooriya thevan?

@ Killing vs capturing VP

The best thing would be SLA get him alive when war is close to end, get all the info, prove if possible in court, sue other related individuals including the di-ass-pora monkeys based on his info/ evidence and finally get killed due to accidental fire or some self defence fire.. just before handing over to bog brother. (But this is unlikely to happen though..)

Never forget.. VP (and also pottu) are our insurance policy against our big brother and TN jokers.

DoDo said...

I say, things are looking bright for Peelamists all of a sudden!

Pottu fired, Kilinochchi and Mullativu both only 5 km away, Oddusudan, Mulliyaweli about to fall, kurumbatti runaways captured and more about to fall.

Shah! What a way to celebrate the New Year.

By the Glory of Sun Goat, lets us all hysterically ejaculate....Tamil Peelam! Tamil Peelam!! Tamil Peelam!!!...its a comin a comin!!!!...aaaaaahhh!!!

Isuru said...

If we don't harvest these "hardcore" ones then we are in for a very pro-longed and nasty guerilla war after the conventional war is ended. Don't ever forget that the diaspora money will not stop flowing. A recent visit to the Tamil town in France that is home to about 500,000 Tamils will prove to you that diaspora money will not stop flowing. It is a well connected Mafia that collects money over there and that network is still pretty much alive.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


"The best thing would be SLA get him alive when war is close to end, get all the info, prove if possible in court, sue other related individuals including the di-ass-pora monkeys based on his info/ evidence and finally get killed due to accidental fire or some self defence fire.. just before handing over to bog brother. (But this is unlikely to happen though..)

Never forget.. VP (and also pottu) are our insurance policy against our big brother and TN jokers."

Yes bro. I see you understand why some guys would rather VP is killed. Pottu's database must be accessed. It is an important strategy in this final phase. Whoever, is the LTTE cadre delivers this database safely to SLDF/GOSL hands, needs to be richly rewarded. I hope GR will ensure that this message is clear.

I think we should see beyond harvesting now. Conversion should be the name of the game.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thanks Ravana,
My young bro. Heh Heh. Much anticipated news. Let us use the LTTE assets (men and material) as wisely as possible. The data mining will reap rich rewards.

Heee heee.

LONGOFF said...

Hi, all you Sri Lankan patriots
I need a big favour

DW if you don’t like this, you may certainly delete this comment.

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Thank You! – Your good service is highly appreciated..!

Love to all and peace on earth!

PS: You may also leave a comment on the bottom of page if you like. Ta!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Done. Adigar's House. That is definitely attractive. I would particularly like to look at the Monkey Puzzle. Heh Heh.

Ra said...

For those who are paranoid about revealing IP addresses:

I would not do what Longoff asks.


Srilankan said...

where are the battle hardened LTTE kakkussi-huttha divisions we were promised by these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons earlier..where the fcuk are they men??..where?

LONGOFF said...

Hey, Last Mile and everyone else

I'm not interested in your IP Addresses.

If you want to know who I am, then please visit my LIFESTREAM
here and check me out!!!

I'm just a guy from Mt Lavinia

Thanks MayilRavana

Srilankan said...

i mean other than up ypur arses..where? yako koheda??ube ganige hutthe the?

lankanews said...

Mulliyawalai falls to army

Mahen said...

Rover, is this your way of coming out of the closet?

Peter said...

Good morning patriots.

Peter said...

Wish your festivities were as merry as mine.

In the spirit of the season, generous donations were made to a righteous cause.

Peter said...

Just wondering....

....One mile from Killinochchi?

Peter said...

Post-ICRC ride, “Defence Column” has been reborn as “true srilankan”.

Peter said...

Saturday, October 18, 2008
The race to Kilinochchi begins

"Troops have now bypassed the line and positioned themselves to the rear of the bund.

"With this lightening strike, the earth bund has lost all its significance as a defensive measure designed to delay troop movement towards Kilinochchi Town.

"For the Army, the attack demonstrates a new urgency to capture Kilinochchi before the rainy season continues into November. Kokavil and Akkarayan are renowned for their susceptibility to flooding during the northwestern monsoon season. Kokavil is especially vulnerable due to its low-lying terrain. The tank at Akkarayan and the nearby ravines are also susceptible to overflowing during the monsoon. Experienced soldiers who have fought in this terrain, like Maj. Gen Chula Dias for example, should know this terrain by heart.

"The 57 Division's thrust to capture Kilinochchi must and probably will go into high gear from now onwards. The Army must not get bogged down in Kokavil for the entire duration of the Monsoon. The Tigers on the other hand would want the Army's advance in these areas to be delayed as much as possible, through both military and political tactics. But the LTTE's military capabilities are crumbling as we speak."


Rana said...



Blog is almost like "MALUKADE", now we have all sort of people visiting here.

Tourasim promoter is the least expected!

It seems, so many bloggers have changed their identities, new names but familier theams and rythems all over.

Well, well, SLDF progress have slows down, and promises every where that soon all will be over.

I sincerely wish and hope that new year the ZTTP cancer will be surgically removed for ever.

Boxing day shopping in Melbourne is not easy. Chadstone mall was similar to "BOGAMBARA ESALA MELA" couldn't find a table to have a decent lunch not to mention parking competition.

Anyway thanks X-mass is over!

Rana said...

Peterathnadurei is a different man now, almost admitting ZTTP has lost it.

Paranthanman has open his eyes to the reality after X-mass donation to the leader.

well, leader has fired a dangerous man, pottu. pottu will not stay still.

I would pay a fortune to see the duel between vesapille and pottu.

Anyway, this way or the other things will be over soon.

We can live happily ever after.

Suranimala said...

Not a good news for lttp friends :)

BlackPanther said...


The Kili front can be a harvesting ground for the SLA. But the toll is high, proven by the number of our casualties in the past few weeks.

What if TF1 and 57th DIV put pressure on the Kili Paranthan front without entering this region whilst TF 3 or 57 advances east of Iranamadu towards Kili and cutting it off.

Simultaneously, 59th taking a V shape formation to put pressure on mulaathiv and the West of the Mullathiv town.

What are your views?

Rana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rana said...


Brother, tomorrow 27th Dec. Can you come to my place around 6.00PM?

We can have a good one and half hours with couple of drinks.

You may give me a call or post an affirmation, bro.

DoDo said...

[Meanwhile, soldiers operating under the same Division met stiff resistance during their advance in the general area of KULAMARIPPU Thursday]

Oddusudan is attacked from 3 fronts

TF3 from Olumadu, TF4 from Nedunkerni and 59 Div from Kulamarippu

Oh my poor Peelam:(

Rover said...


"Rover, is this your way of coming out of the closet?"

What is biting you? Have I talked to you before?

Heh! Heh! Wasn't in a closet, just didn't have time to get involved here, got a bit of free time over x'mas break, that is why I am here. Problem?

Nadesan said...



Nadesan said...






Jet said...

Sudden changes in moda army higher positions

Sudden changes in moda army higher positions have been done at a time, the military activities are advanced with an accurate resolution was stated. Such changes would be in force from January 1st 2009.
On this category, Jaffna Military Commanding Chief, Major General G.A. Chandrasiri, who had been functioning for the past period, is transferred to Colombo and his vacant position is substituted by Major General Manthaka Samarasinghe.

Unexpected changes too have occurred in the military higher positions in the 52nd army battalion. But the reasons for the changes were not known.

Jet said...

dog fucker K.B.V.P. Sisira modaya

Jet said...

war will start soon

get ready to run modaya

Jet said...

heavy casualties for the moda army

Leo Sadeepa said...

oh jet , Where have you been all this time , war has already started and SLA is at Kili , calling sisira in that name proves your ethnicity as well ...

If it helps you to cool down Army is Still at mannar and trinco !

Cool down jet ! You need not to be a jet engine !!!

Leo Sadeepa said...

Jet , excessive use of the term "modaya" and "moda" proves that you are another LTTE pimp ... May god have mercy on all idiots like you

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hmmm after some time again. This blog is pretty active BTW. The first comment page of newest post is almost filled.

Mayil, I'm not anywhere close the ring if fire which you and Ananda dwell and Asithri can drive off [if he wishes to cross the continent]. I'm in the tiny island which you all are talking about.

However, I'm glad to be in the same group with you and Ananda, but I seriously didn't see that specific comment grouping us together. Nevertheless that is all I'd like to say about it. I am no longer interested in that discussion.

Bhairav seems to love gate crashing into this discussion. But he has to write something meaningful to get a proper answer. There is no point of replying a looser calling me a modaya since they call anyone a modaya as a habit. As SLDF get closer they will be left only to call us modaya. It is their mantra of defeat.

Thanks DW. Glad to hear about the happenings. Looks like the writing will be on the walls of Kili and Mula soon. I personally prefer to see the final battle in kili, Mula, EPS whereas Para, Oddu, Puthu, Challai etc are captured and three final nodes are separated and surrounded. That is the best way for least SLDF casualty and most Pussycat casualty. Nevertheless, the genius general knows best and it is never an issue how it comes for the victory.

DW, I think we deserve some update on Pottu Amman rift which news papers keep on reporting. If true it will be the final crack of Titanic. We should make sure that both pieces sink w/o floating.

Cheers all. To the glory of SLDF.

Jet said...

operation jayasikuru 2 going on


Nadesan said...



Jet said...


"We will teach a good lesson to the forces in this Kilinochchi battle,"

"We are waiting for the time, place and setting to launch a offensive."

"Our military capabilities are intact and we have no difficulties in acquiring weapons,"

"We have confidence and we will regain the swathes of land."

remember these words modaya

Nadesan said...




Jet said...

"From previous operations, the army learnt it the hard way. Battalions of infantrymen advancing into LTTE-held territory could be disastrous. Hence, a different strategy of small groups of elite forces is using now. But, in the southern neck of the peninsula and Killinochchi fronts, this tactics could be also a graveyard for Sinhala youths, which was proved in this week.

The Sinhala people of this country have been the targets of a sustained propaganda barrage claiming that everything was hunky-dory for the regime in the ongoing war against the LTTE. But the recent battle shows that it is a bubble and it will burst in any time. The Sinhala people need to be Pay attention regarding the government false propaganda or Pay the price"

Nadesan said...




Nadesan said...





Navindran said...

Pottu is a traitor.

I was never very happy about him handling our leaders red bird...

Jet said...

peccko says

Latest SMS spam to phones in SL:

"Women soldier vacancies exist in the volunteer force of S. Lankan army.Application close on 31st December. Contact 0602188558"

May be A'sthree' should apply :-D

time for moda sinhala keyboard hero ladies to join up & feel the kiss of death

velluprabhakaran said...

why do we have to sacrifice so many brave, patriotic, well trained & well fed voluntary soldiers to brain washed uneducated LTTP morons carrying weapons?

Killinochi should be flattened by sla multi barrel, heavy arti & SLAF with fuel air & napalm bombs. would save us a lot of trouble & lives. would cause massive destruction to LTTP brainwashed cadres. when there's no capital to fight for they'll put up shutters in this neck of the woods.

we could rebuild a new city with a sinhala name later.

Navindran said...


Singala liar. Moda chena boys are incapable of killin superior tamilians. All those mass graves are where we bury those who have been punished by our Thalaivar for misplacing his favourite butt plugs. I also lost his butt plug, but I blamed it all on Pottu (never liked that bastard). Now see what has happened to him.. haha.

Vigilante said...

How pathetic are some of these opposition politicians/parties in Sri Lanka?

When the labour govt. in UK came up with the proposals to solve the Northern Ireland issues, the Consvervative party whole heartedly support it.

When the GOSL tried to do that, the opposition is pulling the rug under the GOSL feet?

What is more pathetic is to call the Wanni liberation as a some kind of a joke.

Guys, make sure you don't vote for these loosers in your lifetime.

We should determined to keep the UNP in opposition for antother 20 years.

Jet said...

sinhala modaya velluprabhakaran

join up modaya

more places available

Vigilante said...

Now check this URL..

Click here

Navindran said...

"sinhala modaya velluprabhakaran"

Blasphemy!!! How dare you blacken the name of our leader by questioning his ethnicity!

It is true that our leaders father was angry with the moda sinhalayas after a his wife was found with a chena boy. However, nothing was ever proved.

Nadesan said...


Jet said...

army official told me that he has seen this blog & he can't stop laughing after seeing posts from defencejoker & her keyboard hero fan club

modaya here have not even fired a weapon but talk strategy


more boots are needed on the ground in the moda army

time for you modaya to join up

Peter said...

One mile from Killinochchi?

Peter said...

December 2008 has the least number of stories from DefenceLiar.

Any coincidence with kissing Killinochchi?

velluprabhakaran said...

jet, all nov. 27 mahafools including u should immediately start a montesori for remaining pandyan & malathi cadres so that they can learn ABC, leave the hanuman race & join the human race.. ha ha ha!

Jet said...

oh !!

praba injured

Jet said...

many kissed killinochchi

bodies are still coming to sinhala land

some don't want to kiss

on holdiay, no return

more criminals


Nadesan said...




Jet said...

oh !!

praba injured

Peter said...

Didn't Fonseka promise to capture Killinochchi by New Year?

Or was the end the whole war?


Wasn't Killinochchi within kissing distance?

I think it was captured for Moda Army Day on 10/Oct, and then on Tamil National Heroes' Day on 27/Nov.

ReallyCold..... said...


"I think we have to confront these people with the reality of facts versus the fiction of their arguments."

This what exactly we need to encourage people to talk about. Educate themselves with facts than expressing foolishly just to satisfy ourselves.

velluprabhakaran said...

top secret photo of vesapillai resting at bunker home.

Jet said...

moda army has moved large number of soldiers from jaffna to vanni to fill the moda army shortage in vanni

Jaffna is a target

Peter said...

A lot of moda army camps have been vacated in Jaffna already.

I've got family there who say that the coastal area from Karai-theevu to Mayiliddi is now almost empty.

A sea landing at Mathagal would do well. Tigers can then move criple KKS-Palaali with arti from Nagarkoil and small arms from Mathagal >> Sandilippai >> Thellipalai.

Any how, Tigers always wanted to take back Jaffna and SLA is doing all the work by moving troops to good for nothing fields.

velluprabhakaran said...

it's not some rutnam or some shit that replaced pottaya amman.

mahafool peter has replaced pottu amman. defense sources were wrong.

hb said...

ReallyCold said...
the way the Army Lieutenant speak to the camera is very eloquent with no derogatory words. That is much contrasts to the verbose by some of uncivilized patriots.

You should also watch the videos which shows how SLA soldiers receive civilians who flee LTTE areas and enter government areas. There is nothing but brotherhood, kindness and freindship in the manner in which they welcome these brothers and sisters who have been under LTTE for a long time. Many of the freelance armchair patriots who utter rubbish here bring nothing but disgrace to our soldiers and their sacrifices. Most of these idiots have no problem when spending huge amount of money for booze and cigerettes, but would rarely contribute even $10 for the welfare of our forces and their families.

onecountry said...

sisira bro:

Are you really mad talking with idiots? I would not waste my time no matter how tempting. We modayas cannot reasong out with genius LTTE pigs. Besides, the one who calls others modaya is the biggest modaya of all. :)

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