Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heavy fighting. 100 SLA and 150 LTTE KIA.

The most decisive battle for Paranthan and Kilinochchi has now commenced. Around 5.30am today, the 57 and 58 Divisions launched a simultaneous attack on the "L" shaped LTTE bund surrounding Paranthan and Pooneryn.

These were some of the fiercest fights in recent times. While the attack on Paranthan and Kilinochchi continued, the 53 Division made an abortive bid to advance in Kilali but lost around 30 men with 10 bodies falling into the hands of the LTTE.

Close to 100 soldiers were killed and 300 others were injured in all three operations. 12 bodies were captured by LTTE in Kilinochchi (MIA). Many of the injuries to the Army were in the p3 category. The LTTE also lost around 150 cadres. Troops are now in control of the LTTE bunkerline and bund at many locations.

LTTE launched wave after wave of attacks using MPMGs and even 23mm and 30mm HMGs but the troops remained unmoved and have not let go of the bund. The 57 Division took the brunt of the LTTE counter attacks facing 11 attacks so far. Troops from SR, CLI, GW and GR fought valiantly.

The Army altogether lost 42 bodies, which were declared MIA. Some of these bodies, including those of the LTTE can be observed just ahead of the captured areas. Fighting will resume again with the first light.


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Peter said...


Intercepted radio communication revealed that 1, 500 LTTE cadres were killed.


Jet said...

defencejoker 150 LTTE dead

defence.lk 120 LTTE dead


Peter said...

defenceliar = plausible lies

defencejoker = laughable jokes

Rana said...


Thanks, sorry to hear losses.

It is only a matter of time before troops go beyond the earth bund.

Defencewire said...

and Tamilnet -200 LTTE KIA (meaning killed have been resurrected)


Last fight. In many placed, there's still no LTTE defenses beyond this bunkerline upto Paranthan, Kilinochchi.

Renegade! said...

SLA suffers third debacle in Ki'linochchi, 100 killed, 250 wounded - Puleedevan TAMILNET

Fighting erupts in fringes of Kilinochchi, Northern FDLs: 120 terrorists killed, 250 injured-DEFENCE.LK

"Heavy fighting. 100 SLA and 150 LTTE KIA.-DEFENCEWIRE

In the decisive stages of battle,seems like DW and Tamilnet figures closely match!!..However,the odd one out seems to be defence.lk!!m this time around..

Suranimala said...

Thanks DW for update .

Renegade! said...

DW, could u elaborate on what went wrong at kilaly?.did the SLA go for an amphibious landing attack?..also,during these operatopns and attacks,did we lose any armored vehicles to mines,RPG's,anti-tank missiles?..thankx

Defencewire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defencewire said...

We match with tamilnet ONLY when it comes to our losses when it SEEMS LTTE has done well. But we are different to tamilnet when LTTE doesn't do well or when tamilnet never bothers to release LTTE losses. We give the accurate figures to the best of our knowledge there as well. Unfortunately, defence.lk has lost its credibility long time ago. Tamilnet is losing its credibility very soon!

Defence Column said...

Thanks for the update.

LTTE fighting a do or die battle here. They wont be able sustain it much longer. We have to keep pressure on and on and on till they crumble.
These soldiers are fighting for our future. All of us should honor the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives. It would have been great if they were alive when we achieve victory. But without them we will not be able to win.

Rana said...


Usually when the loose a bund start digging another.

Why you think, there are mo more obstacles after this L sahped bund?

out_sider said...


How much, if any, amphibious capability is available to the SLA?

How many troops could be landed?

How many troops could be supplied if they had to be supplied from the beach?

Unknown said...

Peter, you said,

100 SLA injured in Jaffna Teaching Hospital. Mostly awaiting emergencyh amputations.

Ok, what is your source?

Unknown said...

Peter, No toilets to clean today..?? can give you a few contacts if want

hemantha said...

Kilinochchi battle (Video)

click here.

Defence Column said...

My honest opinion is these figures need not be disclosed in any media. we as a country has committed ourselves to achieve a goal. So lets achieve it rather than spending time on counting bodies.

What happened has happened, we need not talk about it over and over. Lets talk about our next move... Lets look to the future.. Come on people.........

Peter said...

For the first time in two years SLA has sent injured to Jaffna Teaching Hospital. More than 100 SLA are currently at JTH, most of them needing emergency amputations.

Unknown said...

Peter, yes that's the one.

What is your source please?

Defencewire said...


In MOST PLACES, there STILL isn't any bunds. Once a fortification like this is breached, there's no real time to build another of this magnitude in war. Mini bunds won't do when SLA get's over the major bund.

defence column,

We must acknowledge their sacrifices. They do not wish to be forgotten (though they know you might). They go forward knowing fully well that there's a high likelihood of death. This is what's called honour and self-sacrifice. If we do not acknowledge they have died, then what's the point?

Peter said...

Go to DN

Renegade! said...



Are these are BMP's or T-55's that were destroyed according to the reporter during Jayasikuru Ops?

Unknown said...

Peter in DN you said,
"My brother in-law works at JTH."

So why hasn't other LTTE news sources grabbed on to such an "important" news item that if reported has much credibility and is sure to prop up the morale of the LTTE supporters?

We have to take your word for it?

Jet said...


We have to take your word for it?


defencewire 100 SLA dead

defencenet 30 SLA dead

defence.lk 25 SLA dead

Unknown said...

Jet, you mean we have to believe whatever you guys dish out?

When the authencity of your posts are questioned all you can say is go to DN, go to DW go to here and go to there?

Peter said...

TN says 100s of SLA injured.
The hospital where they are admitted won't make much difference to TN.

If you have personal contact with anyone in the SLA who would be in-the-know just ask them. No need to take my word.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pussycats, why so much focus into SLDF toll? Why not talk about the pussycat life loss? Are they not worthy to talk about? Why not talk about strategically important locations falling to SLDF? Why not talk about the gamble you are loosing.

Unknown said...

How many LTTE killed.

Killinochchi - nought
Kilai - 0
Paranthan - zero

Jet said...

thambala said...

Jet, you mean we have to believe whatever you guys dish out?

When the authencity of your posts are questioned all you can say is go to DN, go to DW go to here and go to there?

believe defence.lk

100% truth

Unknown said...

"SLA Casualties at JTH after two years rises to 100. Most of them requiring emergency amputations."

That's a very nice morsel for TN and other LTTE supporting sites to pick up.

Anyway given some time I will confirm this claim of yours.

Unknown said...

What kind of jet are you?

Unknown said...


What are the LTTE casualties?????

Kilali - x
paranthan - y
killinochchi - z

We believe in you!

Peter said...


When you paraphrase don't use quotation marks.

For LTTE casualties, for the time being, we have to go with last intercepted communication of 150 killed and 250 injured. But I suspect, 1,000 LTTE cadres, that is half of LTTE's entire strength, have been put out of action.

hemantha said...

Peter and Jet,
Your earth bund is breached. Isn't it so, thangachchies?
In where are you going to hide when fighting resumes tomorrow?
Better be hurry. Find a toilet pit or something.

Unknown said...

Peter what are you saying?

150 LTTE killed?
2000 is LTTE's remaining fighting strength?

Gajamunu said...

It looks like army should focus on Killinochchi before touching Killaly. Everytime they make a move from Upper penninsula casualties sharply rise.

Gringo said...

[My honest opinion is these figures need not be disclosed in any media. we as a country has committed ourselves to achieve a goal. So lets achieve it rather than spending time on counting bodies.

Well said... no disrespect to the soldiers and families... but as everyone knows war is no picnic.

Our Valiant, proud soldiers would only want us to continue the fight and eliminate the terrorists, totally.

So far the annihilation has brought is great results, and the system works.... therefor we should not diviate from this path now.

hemantha said...

"defenceliar = plausible lies

defencejoker = laughable jokes"

Peter= baby monkey (who makes the same sound again and again)

Earthbund said...

When someone capture me again LTTE will build me over .. forget kili forget paranthan i became more important now days for SLA !!!

hemantha said...

Rena gade! Thambi,
"also,during these operatopns and attacks,did we lose any armored vehicles to mines,RPG's,anti-tank missiles?..thankx"

Sad to say, we lost 25 Mig29s.

Gajamunu said...

Earthbund said...
When someone capture me again LTTE will build me over .. forget kili forget paranthan i became more important now days for SLA !!!

December 17, 2008 12:30 AM

Your days are numbered..!!

Jet said...

Grinco is another keyboard hero coward

time for keyboard heroes to join the battle

according to the army spokesman/ponseka/gotabaya there are no LTTE by now

all are dead

praba,pottu & other LTTE leaders are dead many times

how many air strikes ?


Unknown said...

At a maximum LTTE entire fighting strength stands at 2000 as of now!

How can we believe you?

Unknown said...

Peter aren't you throwing around random figures? What credibility can you have with such hasty posts?

Peter said...

இந்த அடி போதுமா? இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் வேணுமா?

We will know in 24hrs.

Unknown said...

Doesn't the same apply for your figures on SLA casualties?

Annonymous said...

[[Jet said...

Grinco is another keyboard hero coward
time for keyboard heroes to join the battle ]]

Hey Jumbo [Jet] this is bloody true. See the following news.


In case you may find reluctance in reading sinhala, what it means is following.

"LTTE plans to bring expatriates to COlombo an attack colombo using them."

Your name is called Jumbo[Jet]. Catch a plane and come ASAP.

hemantha said...

Earthbund thangachchi,
"When someone capture me again .."

Don't worry. They won't rape you. You are so ugly, nobody will come even closer to you.
Correction: This pig Jet might do it (goo kana sathane).

Earthbund said...

Earthbund thangachchi,
"When someone capture me again .."

Don't worry. They won't rape you. You are so ugly, nobody will come even closer to you.
Correction: This pig Jet might do it (goo kana sathane).

hmm .. i know i am more uglier than Haiti gals ... i escaped.. poor Haiti gals got raped by SLA ..

Unknown said...

Because its easy, when your leading fighters are wiped out, the rest will start to run, and LTTE will regain all the land lost in the last 3 years and more in just few days, just like what happend in the past :) don't you see it coming?

Unknown said...

Ok Kaavalan, big fish mouth,

Time for a deadline.
You say few days. How many days you want? Ha?

What is your deadline what is the magnitude of the damage you are expecting.

hemantha said...

"hmm .. i know i am more uglier than Haiti gals ... i escaped.. poor Haiti gals got raped by SLA .."

To tell you the truth Haiti gals were coming after our guys. The gals weren't that bad either. So our fellas couldn't resist. After all they were trying to "unite the nations" which was their job.

Peter said...

Haiti and Sri Lanka do make a good couple.

Pokirissa said...

Rape is nothnig new for you. The first thing you experienced in LTTE training camps was rape.

Unknown said...

Peter, you care to respond to my queries??

Peter said...

Go to DN

hemantha said...

"Because its easy, when your leading fighters are wiped out, the rest will start to run, and LTTE will regain all the land lost"

You must be dreaming. Your monkey brothers keep running away from the earth bund. Mulathivu is being encircled as I write this. This is a slow death thambi. You don't have even a single monkey left who is brave or smart enough to lead a large scale counter offensive from the front like Karuna did. Now your motto must be "do or run". How stupid.

Jet said...

STF said...

The truth

yes defence.lk is 100% truth

Earthbund said...

Rape is nothnig new for you. The first thing you experienced in LTTE training camps was rape."

so you were the other guy/gal was with me witnessing the rape ???? how sad .. no better job to do in SL eh .. well no wonders its SL ... no jobs ...

Unknown said...

So Peter you ask me to check DN and there you want me to check DW.

The queries are the last ones I posted above this post in DW.

tata said...

"do or run" ?

Run where? You can't run on sea. ;)

Annonymous said...

Earthbund sounds very much like ass is in rajive.

Peter said...

Haha. That was jokes.

Answer is SF's estimated LTTE strength minus number of LTTE killed as reported by DefenceLK.

You can also confirm this by asking anyone in the SLA.

Annonymous said...

Kaalaa varen,

Why do you bother so much about capturing what they lost in past 3 yrs? Isn't it few meters in Mavil Aru?

BTW, you seem to me as another primate who thinks that last 10 tigers can beat 250k strong SLDF.

Keep on navindraning.

Minikura said...

I guess tamilnet and super duper LTTP supporters think there are no LTTP causalities in these recent battles maybe based on SLDF is only able to penetrate them & not kill them.

See the super duper crack LTTP Special Forces in action


NOLTTE=Peace said...

We need to acquire these babies to advance through the earth bunds,


hemantha said...

"Run where? You can't run on sea. ;)"

Yep. It will be changed soon. "Do or swim. Can't swim? Oh shit"

Rana said...

Nearly one third of casualties from Kilali battle. I am dissapointed again. We have sacrificed too many brave hearts already on Kilali-Muhamalei axis. Without Kilali casualty number, KIA is acceptable due to the fact earth bund and LTTP hard core is getting killed.

L - shaped earth bund around Paranthan and Kilinochchi must be taken and casulties may be justified.

However, there is no point in sacrificing any more good soldiers on Kilali-Muhamalei front.

I agree with Gajamunu, we should turn Muhamalei-Kilali front into a defensive fortification until Paranthan and EP fall into our hand.

Paranthan and EP must be taken and will be taken soon. Then 55 and 53 can come down easily.

I hope SLDF will see that.

With deployment of TF4 aiming Oddusuddan and east of Oddusudan, TF3 should turn northwards aiming for Theravilkulam.

OR TF3 should go straight north aiming east of Iranamadu and try to tighten screws on Kilinochchi, leaving Oddusudan to TF4.

Good thing about the present situ is SLDF has many options and ZTTP has nothing but dance to our tune.

Well guys, your thoughts

Infinity said...

5 km out of the 12 km long earth bund captured at 5 different areas.

"the LTTE leader has given orders to stop the military advance at any cost and had brought hundreds of Tiger cadres from Puthukuduiruppu, Mullaitivu and all possible areas"


Neethan said...

Dear DefenceWire,
Could you clarify this pls.
SL army says , "However, the troops tactically came back to their original positions at the end of face to face fighting."

Is it really come back as a real fighter OR tail between their legs?


Jet said...

Infinity said...

"the LTTE leader has given orders to stop the military advance at any cost and had brought hundreds of Tiger cadres from Puthukuduiruppu, Mullaitivu and all possible areas"


dailynews 100% true


A.K.Paranthaman said...

150 LTTE killed. Please understand one thing. LTTE has got 12 + 10 =22 bodies of SLA in both Killi and kilali fronts. But when SLA or defence wire claims 150 LTTE had been killed, how many bodies were recovered by SLA? Nothing!!! It means the LTTE hand was strong in the recent battle. Lets understand that.

hemantha said...

"However, the troops tactically came back to their original positions---"

At Kilali, Army came back to it's original position.
At Kilinochchi, LTTE ran away from it's original positions.

Jet said...

A.K.Paranthaman said...

150 LTTE killed. Please understand one thing. LTTE has got 12 + 10 =22 bodies of SLA in both Killi and kilali fronts. But when SLA or defence wire claims 150 LTTE had been killed, how many bodies were recovered by SLA? Nothing!!! It means the LTTE hand was strong in the recent battle. Lets understand that.

no no

1200 LTTE dead



Jet said...

hemantha said...

At Kilali, Army came back to it's original position.
At Kilinochchi, LTTE ran away from it's original positions.

more moda talk

there is no more LTTE

100% true defence.lk


Earthbund said...

"Dear DefenceWire,
Could you clarify this pls.
SL army says , "However, the troops tactically came back to their original positions at the end of face to face fighting."

Is it really come back as a real fighter OR tail between their legs?



cool .. i think i am more useful to LTTE than SLA ...

Jet said...

Vigilante said...


Defencewire says close 100 SLA killed in all battles in Wanni yesterday. Can you please comment on this?


don't ask such stupid questions

defencewire is a traitor

defencenet, defence.lk & army.lk 100% true


hemantha said...

"It means the LTTE hand was strong in the recent battle. Lets understand that."

Oh yeh. LTTE is so strong it had to abandon 5km of earth bund which is going to be the beginning of another tactical withdrawal from K'nochchi. Pawam.

Jet said...

moda news for modaya


Jet said...


Oh yeh. LTTE is so strong it had to abandon 5km of earth bund which is going to be the beginning of another tactical withdrawal from K'nochchi. Pawam.

defencejokers are 100% true


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Army should acquire these to make the Peelam more Wetter!


hemantha said...

"more moda talk

there is no more LTTE

100% true defence.lk "

What a dumb monkey you are. You do not even understand that you are repeating the same thing again and again or just copy pasting.

Jet said...

'NOLTTE=Peace' is masturbating while looking at weapons

Rana said...

NEWS ITEM: Indian fisherman transporting diesel to mid sea and selling at exorbitant prices to ZTTP!

Either, Indians should stop this or keep their mouth shut when SLN attackes those basterds.

T'naadu getting rich from diaspora money.

Jet said...


Either, Indians should stop this or keep their mouth shut when SLN attackes those basterds.

T'naadu getting rich from diaspora money.


those fisherman are from kerala

go back to school modaya

obama said...

LTTE may be seen stronger for the sakkili supporters. It is beacuse they were tactically withdrawing all this time and now faced a situation there is no where to withdraw. SLDF very well knows that sakili brigade is now concebtrated and are doing a do or die battle. Well it will soon turn out to be a 'die' only battle.

One thing sakkili brigade and its supoorting sakkiliyas dont understand is we are a more tahn 150,000 stronger frce with a legitimate government backing. Loss is great psychologically but not at all strategecally. We still can carry on but you cant. Sacrificing of even thousand or ten thousand of our brothers is worth if we could wipe out you subhuman, racist animals.

You have no life line left. Not from india, not from Norway, not from UK etc. You will be at themercy of mighty sinhala nation. Dont come begging on your knees for mecy. We would rather prefer you carrying a rifle and fight to death. Less trouble for us.

The war has begun. Lets see who could keep it up!

Achi said...

GUYS dn,dW and d.lk are mentioning almost same thing .
DN has given only Kilaly casualties 30+10 same as DW.

d.lk also says the same bcz the paragraph wr they have given casualties talk only abt kilaly.They also haven't given kilinocchchi casualties..

Read it again..

obama said...

You said we have for the first time taken our casualities to Jaffna hospital. Thats not true. We ahve done it many a time before.

Whenevr we went their they treated us with the hightest proffesssionality. They even took their own patients out of intensive care units to accomodate our soldiers. For sevaral reasons.

1, Staff there are employees of Government of Sri lanka. Paid by SL Gov. So any sri lankan has a right to go there.

2. Staff there including Consultants are trained in Sri Lanka mainly in Colombo. So unlike you 'frog in the well' they know how to be sri lankan.

3. Majority of Jaffna population now enjoys freedom from low cast sakkily brgade who ask for ther hard earned money as ransom, abduct therir loved ones to lick Prabakarans ass and then get shot in the ass by SLDF.

Unknown said...

Bastard LTTE jokers think they are having fun .

Their news services dont have the decency to declare the dead . They are dead anonymously for thalavir juice .

We dont post pics of your dead because we have basic levels of decency you dogs . You on the other hand have no dead and what ever bodies you recover are posted as if the victims of a serial killer .

Jet said...

Ali modaya

army posts pictures if they can get them

numb bitch

obama said...

All the low cast coolies seems to be having a field day today. Where were these sakkilies untill today. All this time the only thing peter could say was ' one mile to killi'.

Is SLDF finished? Sarath Fonseka dead? Gota dead? MR daed? Manmohan dead? India finished? Ranil in power? norway back in SL?

Not yet brothers. This war goes on. Untill you are finished. MR will make sure all the LTTE i sfinished. Prabakaran will make sure all the sri Lankan tamils are finished. MR actually have a lesser rle here.

Achi said...

Actualy Dw has given the smallest casualty figures(KIa+MIA)=30 out of 3 web sites, if u go by the words.
I think DW says, lost 30 men,out of 30 ,10 went to the LTTE hands..
Dw=30 approx
DN=30+10 =40 approx

But I guess DW also wanted to tell the same thing as DN even though its not clear..

obama said...

I made some phone calls to SL. Looks like we are about to launch an all out battle on all fronts. All the relavent hospitals are told to stand by. All out meida ban has been imposed. MR has apparently autherised a hitherto unused tactic/weapon which has not been used so far due to international pressure. A gift from Pakisthan. Lets see what happens now.

Unknown said...

Ado jet booruwa .

I have seen enough pics that were not posted . The Army does not post pics nowadays since the circus in toilet nadu .

So be happy and make merry like the brain dead morons you are till you feel your arse in burning . LMAO..

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the timely update.

the fact that SO MANY SLA soldiers have gone MIA means something.

it means the area they treaded was EVENTUALLY captured by the LTTE bcos LTTE has no practice of walking into SLA controlled areas and carrying dead SLA soldiers!

the total MIA to total KIA (as reported) ratio is EXTREMELY high which further strengthens the above.

one BIG reason as we have discussed many times is the inability of SLAF to provide REAL-TIME air support.

but i must congratulate SLAF for doing it yesterday evening when tigers tried to attack SLA positions west of paranthan apparently in a sea borne offensive. (refer defence.lk).

it calls it "close-in air support" for TF-1. that's what we need, whatever name used. this shows SLAF can do it and they have done it in a limited number of instances previously. i can't forget august 1995 welioya-mulaitivu which was JUST AWESOME!

last thursday and saturday SLAF carried out "softening" attacks on these LTTE positions. but you can't expect it to help SLA after 72 hours later!! by yesterday tigers had brought in their reinforcements.

i went for a series of arguments with our good friend long ranger over this too.

battle plan for paranthan, muhamalai, nagarkovil (too) should change.

killing 150 tigers is very good. but not at the expense of 100 SLA dead and more than 100 injured. anyway their sacrifices FOR US and FOR OUR COUNTRY is MUCH appreciated. don't get me wrong. battle planners and those who sacrifice their VERY VALUABLE lives are DIFFERENT.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, i don't like "all out battles" at this stage.

we should take time to better plan the next move.

anyway depending on the accuracy of your news item, my concerns may be disregarded.

Jet said...

obama said...

I made some phone calls to SL. Looks like we are about to launch an all out battle on all fronts. All the relavent hospitals are told to stand by. All out meida ban has been imposed. MR has apparently autherised a hitherto unused tactic/weapon which has not been used so far due to international pressure. A gift from Pakisthan. Lets see what happens now.


super modaya keyboard hero talk

Jet said...

the party will start soon


apiwenuwenapi said...

Killali... we got back to FDL.... ha ha ha

Kili- LTTP Lost the shape bund... he he he
PAranthan – LTTE Lost shape the bund ho ho ho...
Poonarin - LTTE Lost the bund hay hay hai
Iranamadu – 100s of peelamist lost the virginity as we fuck their ass... ha ha ha

Hey this is latest rap that wesabalieee MIA raping ( she had a gig near east ham joint )

And her we go….

Gosh wesapillay Mama……..ding do ding
What’u gonna do …. Bad boys coming (Mahasona Brigade)
I tell you
Here they come, here they come (Is it time to DIP?!?)

Here they come, here they come (Is it time to Run?!?)

Here they come, here they come (Is it time to DIP?!?)

Five O, Five O, there they go, there they go

Here they come, here they come (Is it time to DIP?!?)

gotta run, gotta run…. Run to the sea…. yo
From the bund to the sea.. from front to the back , where ever we run bad boys on our mama’s ass.. oh my god bad boys coming (mahasona brigade)

Hoo hoo hoo ape mama running, Ding don dong Peelam running… yo yo yo

Behind the story lines… since she got from dilon.. she sing NiCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEe

Next gig Jayas…@ wembley. Tickets from Wembley stadium toilets (Upper casts only) East ham public toilets and virtually any London toilets … meet banu, senu, kanu,and nanu
To be continue…….

Minikura said...

Ohh new weapons…
This will make it interesting & fun for LTTP super duper commandos.
Sources states that due to lack of fun involve in fighting, LTTP cracked commandos are hunting monkey in remaining Elam forests.

Chameen said...

1 life
100 lives
1000 lives

its a sacrifise someone has made..that we didnt do...
so we should honour any life that is lost in war..
doesnt matter SLA or LTTE....
We all are sitting infront of computers in AC rooms and writing things on blogging pages when those ppl are fighting for us...
respect them plsssss.....

Moshe Dyan said...

".....is the inability of SLAF to provide ..."

should change to "SLAF not providing".

the USAF CRAP (whoever says) is TOTAL BULLSHIT!

i have posted pics from the 1967 war, etc. (fought over 41 years ago) by israel. the wreck caused by the AF on enemy ground troops and their equipment is LEGENDARY. KFIR jets had the benefit of the experience israel gained in these battles. even MiG-27s were manufactured later.

by numbers we may have less number of planes/copters than israel had then, but the avionics/variety and crafts are MUCH better; even explosives are much better.

desert/jungle thing also is no excuse as we know the area concerned is mostly open land. our avionic/UAVs work even in jungle cover anyway.

AT THE VERY LEAST the time gap between softening LTTE targets and the commencement of the SLA operation should have been reduced from close to 72 hours to less than 1 hour (the end time).

Moshe Dyan said...


i respectfully disagree with you.

of course there is no point in NOT RESPECTING the dead. the dead must be respected. it is the LIVES of living LTTE for whom i have NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER.

Rana said...

I agree whole heartedly with Guardian.

Dead is dead, there is no race or colour with dead, let us honour brave hearts irrespective to the side they belong to.

Rana said...


What Obama said is correct, it seems December 31st dead line imposed by India is also correct.

I don't want SLA to stop ongoing offensives.

May be SLAF stop bombing but army offensive must go on until every inch of SL is liberated and secured.

As at present we cannot afford to give them a breathing space.

apiwenuwenapi said...

Minikura = mini Dick.... says
''LTTP cracked commandos are hunting monkey in remaining Elam forests''

Monkeys?? All i can see are the shit scared Tamil peelam pussys shiting them self and fire like monkeys.. no class no style… toilet boys… what else you can do ha..????????

However 2 monkeys are analyzing
How they got their ass kicked.. and bla bla bla . that’s all
bring it on some new clips mate... not this 1972 monkey talks. ...
Let them come and mess with lions…...


Isuru said...

obama your original post sound bit of an overkill don't you think? you talk so much about a sinhala state, it is that kind of thinking in the first place that took us to this mess we are in today. we can keep our sinhala identity all right but the country is sri lanka and it belongs to all sri lankans equally. if we think otherwise there will be the second coming of a pirabaha in no time after all this is over this time.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


You remind me a type of low life type found on earth who gets pleasure when someone bore the back passage.. Such type begs and go after it at every opportunity.

You reminds me "Kuttu"!

..someone who "illan P*ke erragath"..You also doing the same ritual that Kuttu did few months ago..!

Pansilu said...

A little story from me:

God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining to his subordinate angels..............

"Look everything should be in balance. For every 10 deer there should be a lion. Look here my fellow angels; here is the country of the United States. I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension.... And here is Africa. I have given them beautiful nature. But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes. So you see fellows, everything should be in balance."

One of the angels asked... "God, what is this beautiful country here?"

God said "Aha...that is the crown piece of all. Ceylon is the most precious creation. It has understanding and friendly people. Clean blue streams, serene mountains. A culture which speaks of the great tradition they live. Brilliant learners with a heart of gold....."

The angel was quite surprised "But God you said everything should be in balance."

God replied "Look at the neighbour, I gave them and see how close the neighbour is"!!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Exactly true.. in 1980s they decided to bring us also to their level, and the rest is history!

apiwenuwenapi said...

Disagree…with Rana and Guardian,
How do u respect terrorist, whether dead on jungle, bus, or in suicide attack. Then you should respect (9/11 fuckers, London bombers, latest Indian asses, bin laden and all other lot) how do you respect blood thirst terrorist who are killing, civilians, politicians and moreover law obeying solders, a disciplined army , who are trying to free the land for give it to Sri Lankan true Tamils who are suffering 25 years of terror.
Shame on you guys.. terrorist are terrorist…period.

this is not a war between two country, not even a civil war… this is bloody stupid war between wild, crazy wesaballa… that’s it. So no respect to any of this shameless pussies.. Don’t even bring them near to our Heroes.. who sacrifice their lives on not even their war. They do it for our true Tamils. Tamils should go and fight with this monkeys… when the war is over Tamils should have SF’s photo and worship 3 times… this is my honest opinion …

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

G’Day boys and monkeys on drugs!

Sad to hear we lost many brave harts! That’s life! It would be nice if we didn’t had to go to this war, but again some sacrifices need to wipe out the LTTE terrorists from the earth!

Boys, do ur bit with helping out needy families.

DW said Fighting will resume again with the first light.”

So, boys fasten ur seat belts we are in for a rocky ride! Hopefully we will kill SunGoat soon and save many Tamil teenagers from the death!

hemantha said...

To me LTTE is a ruthless bunch of monkeys who are capable of hacking infants to death. When they are killed they are dead monkeys who were capable of doing the same while they were living. (Of course I do not disrespect a dead monkey. I just put them underground).

Unknown said...

The way defencewire reported i thought you were the G3 for the division. Telling the next attack will be at first light.

Anyway I guess Ranil should learn from Sarath and say muslims are tourist. I mean by Ranil uttering such words it sounds like his is an ideal person for a multi racial and religious country. Thanks god prabha can depend on his buddies the Mahindha family. Ranil=country destoryer?

Abdul Cader then raised a question. He asked if he was not being appointed as the assistant leader of the party, a post requested by him, because he was a member of a minority ethnic group.

Wickremesinghe responded by saying that 'Cader Hajjiar' was the leader of the Muslims in the UNP. "Let's discuss the matter after eating Hajjiar's biryani," he said with a smile.

Unknown said...

Those who call themselves Patriots sell all your overseas assets and move it to Sri Lanka. Or will you shamefully hold foreign currency and allow your Mahindha family to be forced to collect more commission to buy their daily luxuries.

Traders said that if the currency continues to slide at the current rate it will hit 115 by the end of the year.

Pansilu said...


You are also correct in a way but rana and guardian also correct in another way. Those who are dead either misguided, brainwashed, forced or mentally sick. However, when they are dead, it is only a lump of meat.

I have seen diaspora guys disrespect our fallen heros but do we have to do the same?

Both sides think they have a cause and believes their actions are justified.

However, to give your life on your belief is a ultimate sacrifiece, one can do.

Let us respect for that.

Minikura said...

Let them come and mess with lions…...

Yep, yep, yep a hurricane SLDF is in kili…….super duper crack commandos are tactically withdrawing….actually running at a “JET” speed….. (JET, JET, JET …please join them)

hemantha said...

Well said, Apiwenuwenapi.

Unknown said...

On independence prudence is needed for Eelam to set a correct financial framework. As mention before there are 3 people available to help the setup. Now for order I would suggest Glenn Jeyasingam Knight the former head white collar crime buster of Singapore. Though he has be convicted once, and all people make mistakes, when he was at the helm he was awarded the public service gold medal.

One more person is the

Defence Column said...

# CID withdraws application for notice on MPs
Click here

# Will Sonia Gandhi pardon Prabhakaran
Click here

# Battle for Kilinochchi: Army breach last defence
Click here

# SLAF steps up air attacks on Tiger strongholds Over 20 missions since Thursday
Click here

# The call for a Ceasefire and its dynamics - III
Click here

Unknown said...

Article on Gerald.

For medical services many poeple of Eelam origin dominate the feilds in Singapore and Malaysia. However able administrators are required example


Prof. Satkunanantham Kandiah, Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Singapore

Sam Perera said...


Can you please tell me how you would like to respect a dead terrorists (or whatever you want to call) after deliberately killing 100s of civilians in a suicide bomb? They may deserve the same respect if they were fighting with armed soldiers. However, I am at a loss to fathom that the terrorist who deliberately kill hundreds of civilians deserve some respect. It is not the cause that deserve our disrespect, it is the deed of deliberately killing innocent civilians.

In the past, I have seen another cyber character named "Pali" at another venue with the same convoluted logic. I have the feeling that you walking on the same path as pali.

Unknown said...

Prof Kandiah Details

Trinco and KKS need to be developed to ensure rapid growth of Eelam in the same light as Singapore. Agian a good pool of Eelam origin people are there to help. Dr Vijaretnam is quite old now but he still advises Singapore Port arm on their China Ports. He also was behinhd Changi Airport Terminal 1. He was given a scholarship to do civil engineering in the UK then as one of the scholarship board (Britishers)recongnised he was a good crickter. He left a pregnant wife to get his degree.

Dr A Vijiaratnam - First Pro-Chancellor, NTU, 1992-2005; Olympian, 1956; Only person to have represented Singapore in four sports - hockey, football, cricket and rugby

Pansilu said...


Convicted once is not good enough for peelam. If you can find a guy with minimum 07 convicted records including at least 03 of them to be murder, VP will consider him.

There is a fourth person who is better than your three on qualification and experience. I don't know whether, he will accept the position but you can always ask, my nominee is Asithri.

Moshe Dyan said...

rana, apiwenuwenapi, others,

guys, there is a difference between a living tiger and a dead tiger. as it goes, 'only a dead tiger is a good tiger'. so we should respect this good tiger (which is a dead tiger).

since, ONLY a dead tiger is a good one, that means a living tiger is not good. we should not show ANY RESPECT for living tigers.

if they want respect, they must earn it! i'm sure they can't earn respect EVER. so no point respecting them.

got it, mates???

permanant peace is JUST a few thousand tamill tiger carcasses away

Pansilu said...

Right Honourable Mr. Perera,


I mean those who die fighting face to face like real men not cowards who kill innocent civilians.

Moshe Dyan said...


so what?? we have no problem with that.

have you forgotten that malaysia had a bloody war with terrorists for almost 40 years??

this is sri lanka's war. wait till we finish the LTTE. mark my word. singapore will again look up to sri lanka!!

Defence Column said...

# ‘Joker’ is no joke?
Click here

# Asian Tribune asks President Rajapaksa to summon "SAARC Summit on Terrorism"
Click here

# Karunanidhi asks Manmohan to send Pranab immediately to Colombo
Click here

# BBC without Borders
Click here

Unknown said...

For the managment of the port, Tan Sri G Gnanalingam of Wesport. One of malysia's top 40 riches man and boss of WestPort. Eelam Port Coporation can have 51% whilhe he can have 49%.

He was credited for introducing innovative measures to win traffic during 1997/98 financial crisis that saw Port Klang achieving positive growth as well as fostered feedering to Westport as well as for his commitment to community and welfare causes.


Sam Perera said...

Ok Pansilu,

"I mean those who die fighting face to face like real men not cowards who kill innocent civilians."

Lets get this started. The same terrorist who die in fighting face to face went to my ancestral village in the past and killed (chopped, sliced, and beheaded) many innocent villagers in their sleep. If those scum die today "face to face like real men" still they are the same terrorist scum to me who deserve no respect. The only exception I give is that they give up fighting today and try to deviate from the old course.

Unknown said...

A good judicial setup is important. Numerous to list but a notable few. Singapore's highest appeal court started after Singapore broke away from the privy council. Since then there has always been a person of eelam origin at the highest court. Guess LKY who is a double first class cammbridge lawyer trusts the poeple of eelam origin to make sound judgements.

Philip Jeyeretnam the Past President of Singapore law society is also a Adj Prof on abitration and important for a new developing nation.

Justice V.K. Rajah – Judge of Appeal (one of Singapore's top three judges, including the Chief Justice)


Pansilu said...


I agree, fullstop.

Pansilu said...


Please stop the crap, will you?

Unknown said...

One area always neglected is civil defence. I guess there would be enough experience fighting the Sri Lankan government but another peron to seek advice from is. The singapore armed forces often draws its senior commanders from the armed forces.

The current Senior Asst. Commissioner is SAC Puniamoorthy

Moshe Dyan said...

பீடர் புள்டியாள்டி said,

"இந்த அடி போதுமா? இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் வேணுமா?"

அடி அடி தமில் புலி குள்டி!!!!

Unknown said...

I found this intresting post which should be immediatelt deleted. DEFENCEWIRE spring to action. I am actually shocked that there are poeple who realised this and actually posted it. I like the last part.


The 'Democratic' Period
Post independence period -

Paddy lands act which empowered the cultivators and made paddy lands useless to the owners
Establishment of the state owned CWE (Co-operative Wholesale Establishment) to compete with the southern traders in regional towns and driving them to bankruptcy
State control of the liquor industry
Private Schools established by Karava philanthropists in predominantly Karava regions taken over by the state and then neglected. Educational opportunities thereby deprived to rural Karava youth.
Promotion of the Govi Supremacy Myth by Sri Lankan Governments
Premier position given by Govigama dominated governments to the Govigama only Siyam Nikaya Buddhist sect .
Electoral divisions redrawn many times and the new divisions return more Govigama candidates than before
1971- Insurrection and the summary execution of large numbers of future Karava leaders
1972 - State acquisition of plantations targeting the Karava landed gentry class and the overnight impoverishment of that class.
State acquisition of additional houses targeting Karava residential property owners
State acquisition of Karava businesses
Neglect of Karava majority regions with no development and no opportunities for the people
Discreet manoeuvres to keep Karava politicians from reaching the top.
1980s onwards - The martial nature of the Karava propels many Karava youth to lead rebellious movements against the hegemony by a few families. Such movements are suppressed by the summary execution of large numbers of future Karava leaders by para-military squads.
1980s onwards – The decimation of fearless Karavs on both sides of the ethnic war

KB said...

Dear Patriots,
Since we have LTTE rats cornered in a reletive small area now is the time to pull out all the stops. Let's drop napalm-B, also called "super napalm", on the rats. Napalm-B is a mixture of low-octane gasoline with benzene and polystyrene. We can easily manufacture this locally. Unlike conventional napalm, which burns for only 15–30 seconds, napalm B burns for up to 10 minutes with fewer fireballs, sticks better to surfaces, and offers improved destruction effects. All the better to roast these terrorists.


Unknown said...

I am still reeling from the shock of finding this article. Looks like I should add a prediticion in wiki saying Muslims (karavas) blamed for the loss on both sides. Likewise muslim karava are blamed by the tamil and sinhalese people of suporting the other or not helping out in the war effort of either side. The FINAL SOULUTION of the Karuva problem for the Goviyama, Vellar and Kandyan Elite and their offshoots the Burghers and Colombo Chetty will be achieved. HIP HIP HOORAY.

1890s - Establishment by the British of a predominantly Govigama Mudaliar class and restricting high appointments only to the Govigama caste in 1897.

Late 19th century - Religious controversy led by Govigamas result in sharply dividing the Buddhist and Christian Karavas and both factions spend their wealth on fighting each other and moving away from the previous Kara-Govi caste conflict.

Late 19th century -Temperance movement, against the Karavas who by then were dominating the liquor industry. Movement led by D. R. Wijewardene , D.S. Senanayake and his two brothers F.R and D.C from families that had risen through arrack renting but were out of the liquor trade by then. The movement is funded by Buddhist Karavas

Early 20th century – Introduction of a spurious Lion Flag as the Royal Flag of Sri Lanka by D. R. Wijewardene, thereby obliterating the real royal symbols of Sri Lanka, the Sun and the Moon, the symbols traditionally also used by the Karava community. See Lion Flag.

Unknown said...

Even though 40000 jews volunteered to fight with another 60000 conscripted, Jews were blamed sucessfully for germany's failure.

A higher percentage of German Jews fought in World War I than that of any other ethnic, religious or political group in Germany—in fact, some 12,000 died for their country.[8][9] Ironically, it was a Jewish lieutenant, Hugo Gutmann, who awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, to a 29-year-old corporal named Adolf Hitler. When Hitler came to power in 1933, Gutmann left Germany and escaped to the United States.

Pansilu said...

Konappu Bandara (aka) Wimaladarma Sooriya,

I agree with you, if we can target terrorists cleanly without endangering imprisoned civilians, otherwise whole world will be against us, when they see pictures.

We don't have to get the attention of the international community when they are purposely looking away.

Unknown said...

Hence not to fret my dear goviyama, kandayan and vellalar brethen, people in Sri Lankan can easily be lied to and they will do so as by birth god has given the high caste the right to put their feet on the low caste. To divert their ineptness in running the countries tamils were used.

However the Vellalar like Karuna quickly realised the game and now is becoming a minister. Reward for slaughtering many low ranking karuvas like those policeman and his eastern karuva boys.

A lesson for all those who take their liberties with their karuva help. I mean do you think Rohan or Prabha are really karuva, they should had some high caste blood, else how can they think nad realise the abuse and stand up and fight. All due to some forefathers discretion. 250 Karvas dead yeaterday. Like the jihadist says if a innocent muslim dies during an attack they go to heaven. Likewise if some of that 250 were high caste they were just not smart enough to realise the game.


KB said...

Pansilu, dear chap, there are no civilians in Paranthan, Admapan and Iranamadu areas. We can drop napalm on the rats without any collateral damage to civilians. We should bring out everything we got now and blast away.

Remember, when our late great king Wimaladharmasuriya went to war with Portuguese he didn't hold back. If he had lost, our way of life would have been extinguished. We have to win our battles using everything we got. Otherwise our nation will not survive.


Rana said...

Amma G/G,

OMG, your friendly seeya has gone completely off the rocker!

You may have to do something before he bust his gascut again.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Moshe, agreee mate. Bullshit in guardian. We're not in a homage paying trance. Kill as many as possible.

As a principle we respect dead and that's why we don't bulldozer the bodies like in Rwanda. But it becomes funny when we say, "kill as many as possible" and "we respect dead".

I only pity those who die opposing terrorism, in either side.

sinhale said...

I am amazed at the time and effort we spend trying to talk to these toilet cleaner internet tigers! Why are we asking them about SLA casualties and their source of information, which of course will be fabricated, and any idiot knows. Throw these ‘Kallathonies’ out of our sites. They are here to infect and infest our blogs with their coolie viruses. Time to do to them what our gallant boys are doing in Wanni. Kill these foul smelling old farts first and ask questions later.

FreedomFighter said...

Looks like SLA is lost around 500 men per week. Last week 120 dead 380 injured now 140 killed 370 injured. Previous weeks also saw large battles where around 4000 been removed from battle field. I think its just shows the strength of LTTE to with stand 20 time larger force. I salute all those brave tamil freedom fighters in the battle field. You are our hero's.

Unknown said...

I just had a revelation. I had to pen in down. I realised the real reason for the resistance for Eelam. Finally there will be a nation with a Karava leader. No longer will they be dogs to be kicked around. Worst the east karavas split into tamils, muslims and sinhalese will united. This division as defined by the colonial master and their leftovers ruling Sri lanka will
be over.

This will create problems in Sri Lanka leading to karava uprising supported by brethen in Eelam. Like the Shias in Iraq being supported by the Iranians or the kurds in Turkey being supported by brethen in Iraq or by the pasuthun in pakistan supporting their brethen in Afghanistan.

Look at how the oil rich sunni led nations fear Iran and Iraq. They were okay with Sunni Saddam killing shias and other low births. Now they will join Israel if needed against the Shia led Iran.

Though it was fun to loot Sri Lanka and blame the Karava Prabha or JVP karava lovers, the high caste need to wake up and replace the buffalo farmer with someone like Ranil. Yes he is a colombo chetty and of Indian tamil descent but the dangers of an independent eelam for the well being of our future family and lifestlyes are in danger.

Even the United States Elite realised that it was fun to loot the country for 8 years (* trillion!!!) they were willing to go for a black president. I mean how much difference does bush and mahidha have. Mission Accompolished in the east when the STF are still dying. Ruined economic policy. A failed culling policy named the 'WAR ON TERROR". Failed foreign policies. The list goes on.

Unknown said...

Defencewire maybe like karuna intially i was misled. Now i get the game. Do you want me to start economicwire or politicalwire to help the Final Soultion on the karavas. I mean from now onwards Defencewire=TRUTH=SAVIOURS

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana, I can’t stop Navindran seeya as some one have gave him a cocktail of “Viagra + RedBull + Punakku” ha ha let him run and run and run and run… until ….yeh…blow the gasket again! lol

How about some reading until monkeys run out of steroids?

Ravana and boys: real? Or a legend??

This is a question or a yarn for a change lol (none defense related, sorry about that) for the boys. Monkeys, pls don’t try to respond to this as it is too much for ur narrow minds and u may end up getting a brain hemorrhage. I have a separate question (Q2) for u!

My question or my dilemma is that the Ravana and boys story a real or a legend? Does a gr8 civilization with such high technology existed or not?

I believe it is real and this technologically advanced civilization did exist (in India too on Rama’s side)!

Proof? We have a story!

Any physical evidence? No! at least not yet found. Why? Here is my theory!

We know Pharos existed on gr8 civilization in Egypt. How? We found pyramids and they have written information in huge stone walls! So, we know where to look and how to dig/look for information.

From Pharos to Caucasians or White People technology have improved immensely. Now, we don’t store our way of life and information in huge stone walls (some times we do write our stories in the Toilet walls and that’s just till we complete the sh#t) but in small USB drive/CD or even smaller computer chips/devices (Intel).

So, if Ravana had superior technology to the White People then where did he store information or the technology??? Something smaller than a USB or a CD or a chip??? Or may be they did have all their information/data stored in the “thin air” and access them in some type of wireless technology may be built in to the body???

So, is that why we can not find where Ravana stored the information? We don’t know what to look and where to look. We might figure out in few years time when we get advanced in technology from today! So, if ur in SL and digging for relics (or teenager in LTTP digging trenches to get killed) pls don’t throw anything that looks like a part of a toy car made in China! It could have the cure for Cancer stored!

That leaves, where are the buildings or cars or ships or planes or what ever???

Again, Pharos built pyramids using massive stones of 1000’s of tons. Now we built skyscrapers using smaller and more re-cycle materials. The buzz word in the new millennium is “Green” and environmentally friendly and 100% recycles materials.

So, in few years time and most probably Ravana built the whole empire (and also Rama who pinch the technology from Ravana, just like what China doing now) on 100% recycled and environmentally friendly materials and powered by fuel cells or hydrogen base power cells. Cars, planes and ships were built on kind of same stuff and they must have lived a 100% Green life! (Don’t mixed it up with SunGoat living and humping in the jungle, he is not living 100% Green life, he is just hiding from the SLA. Lol)

Here is a defense bit for defense enthusiastic blogers : )) Stupid Rama blew the whole thing with a weapon like a nuclear missile (and then Atlanteans and Rama blew each other with same weapons) the whole civilization got in to a nose-dive to destruction and with out any maintenance and lacks of brains to advance or developed and it got 100% re-cycled in next thousands of years to come! May be after that Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa start-up from the scratch!

Then that creates the question, Did Ravana had a same weapon like Rama? I bet he had (may even had a superior weapon) but he didn’t used it. Why, because he is the smart and the good guy! Rama is the stupid thug, but because Rama won, Indian fcukers made him the good and smart guy! If “Hitler” was Indian then they would have a “Mustache God” by now and Rajinikanth will portrayed him in the movie blockbuster titled “The day the Earth stood still for Mustache God”

Anyway, Q2 for the Monkeys! (pls take ur time when answering) ha ha ha

Q2: Best way to kill SLA and innocent civilians using suicide cases? Or in other words how to win the wet dream by blowing ourselves???

PS. Yes, I believe in Aliens, Supernatural, Dreams, Mythology and Astrology but HELL NO, I don’t believe in Peellam! Only an utter fool and mega loser would only dream of living in a mono-ethnic, racist, 2 acres land humping the same bland looking species to the eternity……..!!!! fcuking boring!!! lol

Unknown said...

Navindran can you stop posting meaningless drivel on this site . Nobody reads your crap so go to sleep after jacking off

Widana said...

I did an extra toilet cleaning shift today, so I earned a bit extra to have a glass of kasippu. It is even better than Thalaivar juice. I haven't been able to afford a drink for a long time. I am feeling excited today, so will post some garbage. I know nobody reads my garbage, but since my dick stopped working there is nothing else I can do.

Widana said...

Ali, I just said, I can't jackoff because I can't get it up.

I'm not Bhairav said...

Hi, I'm not Peter, but somebody else hijacking Peter's identity in order to catch Peter's and other terror supporters attention.

In-spite of the victory in this battle, the Sri Lanka supporters are talking mostly about the casualties of the SL forces and regretting about their deaths. Also most of the LTTE supporters are joyously commenting about the casualties of the SL forces. There isn’t a single LTTE Diaspora supporter in this blog, who gives a damn about the poor LTTE front line fighter who had got killed.

Peter, Navindran etc. come on guys at least remember them in a silent prayer before going to bed. I being a Sri Lanka supporter, without fail at least twice a day remember and offer prayers to all our beloved forces who have sacrificed their life to bring peace to Sri Lanka. At the same time I also offer my prayers to all the misguided tamil youth who were forcefully recruited and died as cannon fodder to delay the Army march. I know most of my family members do the same. I'm sure there are more Sri Lankan supporters offering daily prayers to the dead LTTE terrorists than the entire diasporic supporters would ever do in their entire life.

Infinity said...

Just noticed this interesting map of the area captured by the 59th-. Some days old so does not show the recent capture of part of the A34.


VP is now calling cadres from all directions to slaughtered at the Kilinochchi killing grounds. The breached earth bund will no longer protect them from tanks, special forces, and accurately directed artillery fire. Maybe a good time to use the fuel-air bombs the airforce have, if the weather allows?

Unknown said...

Sorry navindran .

try this . snort a line of coke and take 10 pills of viagra and then put a sock in your mouth . the coke will make you feel like you did get it up , just like that state of peelam .

after that light a candle under your dick .

let me know how it goes - advice like this is not cheap in the real world you know .

KSF said...

Hi My loving ammavuka brothers,


I am extremely happy these days. My boys dying so fast and army close to Killi.

I once promised my ammavuka tigers if I stop this war they can kill me (just boasted) Now yeah I can just run after this ammavuka vanished.

Thank you here fighting with singala. But I need you in wanni. If you still want web war in this blog can you atleast send your wife , daughters and vesammas to killi or wanni. Many things to do here.

I just got a call from Mathivani and durga from South africa Diaspora ladies sad because they getting dry day by day just because I could not go to salute my fallen ammavuka tigers. How can I do that. I am busy in my bunkers.

Last days many killed inside my bunker because I shited and pissed everywhere when I heard appakmaaam lost. Bloddy singala coming to catch me.


enapppaaaaa tangactchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii





KSF said...








KSF said...











luder27 said...

stop enabling the likes of peter, Jet..etc You know and I know and most importantly "THEY" know where this war is heading..

Please..stop replying to their post, its just not worth it..

Ananda-USA said...


Yes, the large loss of life among our troops is sad, but we knew that this final stage was going to be bloody.

Moshe is right, the more Tigers we harvest at Kilinochchi, Paranthan, EPS and Kilali the less we will have to fight later. They have a harder time replacing their losses than we do.

Moshe is again right on the need for, and the inadequacy of close air support, at present. We should have sufficient air support in the air as well as on standy by, round the clock. The forward observers and UAV intelligence assets should have more streamlined communications with the SLAF, and direct contact with the aircraft pilots, to call in air support as needed, and to correct the targeting from ground-level observation of the strikes.

This is just the TIP of THE ICEBERG that will Hit the LTTE.

HAVE FAITH; We will PREVAIL, Bigtime!

CASC said...

My heart goes out to our brothers who have given their lives for their country. They have given their precious lives so others may live. May they attain Nibbana !

This situation may be similar to what Cornelius Ryan called the "last battle." The SLA with a size approaching nearly 200,000 men can absorb these types of casualties unlike the LTTE DW has indicated there are no more barriers between Killi and Paranthan. If this is true, then this action is a necessity to bring this war to an end.

Push said...

Ok Peelamists...SLA always losses. but LTTP newer losses.

SLA is always pushed back by LTTP.

Nice dream...Don't awake.

Puran Appu said...

Guys, take a look at this.

'My brother is in no danger' says Prabhakaran's Sister


Ananda-USA said...

Puran Appu,

Yes, I read that article and noted that line.

That why I believe that there is a high probability that VP has already fled abroad; and is perhaps responsible for the pro-LTTE agitation we see in Tamil Nadu today.

Indian intelligence services should take note as well; the man they want may be residing in their own bosom, sheltered and protected by some of their own treacherous citizens.

KSF said...










DoDo said...

From today's Divaina newspaper

- Only 3 km from the Bund to Kilinocchi town center

- LTTE building another bund from Kili-Paranthan to EPS


Puran Appu said...


Indian intelligence services should take note as well;

You are very correct Bro.
India should know that they got the biggest threat from the LTTE than for us.

Do you really think that if they get the Eelam (We know that they will never ever get), they will stop from there and be happy.

Then, they will move to Thamil Nadu for sure. What will happen if they start it there with 80million tamils (Majority supporting the LTTE?). India will be gone.

I think India knows about this well. Thats why they are keeping their hands-off from Sri-Lanka. I think India too wants to get rid of the LTTE so badly now.

FreedomFighter said...

This war will not end until tamils get what they demand, the right to self determination. The occupation of forign land by any forces has never been successful in world history.

Shit Lankans leaders or the 4th failed state leders think they have the best army in the world better then US or Russia or India. What a stupid people and idiots run shit lanka. They beg from these country for help and then they insult them. I hope no one will help when shit lanks forces run for their life like they did before.

FreedomFighter said...

Shit Lankans should know that unlike you the Indians know its better to deal with tamils then double cross ing shit lanka state teaming up with Pki's and Chinese. In the event of WW3 shit lanka will stab India in the back. Only people who can be the counter weight will be eelam. Shit Lanks did it before nad will do it again. If shit lanks is true friend India they would have listend to India's requests to solve the issues peacefully.

Puran Appu said...

Dealing peacefully with LTTE is impossible.

koora said...

to be honest, though it is worth lives but still prefer kill all LTTE with one to one, this way we all communities can lead a peaceful life in SL

Puran Appu said...


I dont want to comment about what you are saying.

What you see is always not true. You see one thing, but So many things are happening behind it.

You all will get to know about it in the future. After LTTE is gone.

Puran Appu said...


Not only LTTE, now we have to kill mercenaries as well.

FreedomFighter said...

There is no doubt that for India that Pkistan - Sri Lanka - China is the Bermuda Triangle. Shi Lanks is much happier in this relationship then any other. Its natural fit for shit lanka. Because sihales always hate tamils thats 2000 year old history.

ISI have good connection with shit lanka. Shit Lana would facilitate ISI agents to carry out Acts of Terror in tamil nadu as part larger ISI plan to unsettle India before asking for handover of Kashmir.

koora said...


koora said...

Jet we will be readied soon

Unknown said...

@Freedom Fighter

This war will be won!

After all you live in London don't you?

koora said...

sorry to reach you in Killin occhi1

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana mate, I got to ask u a big favour!

Do u still have ur connection with CEB hierarchy? Reason is, as war is almost over and when North get liberated and LTTP wiped out after VP get killed I know there are lot of power lines (Electricity High-tension lines ) will go to North and East soon.

As CEB sub contract all these line building and maintenance, I want to put my (company) name in the front of the list. All I need is u to put few good words about me just to get a head-start.

Anyway, we can talk about this when we meet for drink in Melbourne!

Sinhabahu said...

Ananda USA Said

Moshe is right, the more Tigers we harvest at Kilinochchi, Paranthan, EPS and Kilali the less we will have to fight later. They have a harder time replacing their losses than we do.


Ananda there is a limit to CAS in extreme close quarter combat you really cant distinguish enemy from the friend .Where ever the demarcation can occur yes but pounding concentrations behind enemy lines yes

FreedomFighter said...

LTTE are tamils and their our brothers and sisters. The more tamils or LTTE you kill, that just not going to end enything it will make tamils hate sihalese for ever and ever, we will never ever forgive or forget what sihalese are doing to our people. They can not be any pease.
Say if you think you can reocile aftera war with guns pointing at our heads do u think thats going to give peace to your country. Keep dreaming and keep going the wrong way. Not even god can save
shit lanka and its sons.

Unknown said...

[ Because sihales always hate tamils thats 2000 year old history. ]

Who came from southern India and invaded Sinhale?

Who came aboard Dutch ships to work as farm hands in Dutch tobacco farms? Who came to wash the dishes of the British?
Aren't these very people claiming a mythical homeland?

Remember the free education you got (thanks to the majority Sinhala taxpayers)?

From Yapapatuna to Devundara, Sri Lanka was the land of the Sinhale. If you have a problem with that, we are extremely grateful to countries like UK, Germany, France and Canada for accepting ungrateful garbage like you.

FreedomFighter said...

Looks like its the LTTE which harveting SLA, these days. Any way only harvestinmg SLA can do is if they put down their wepons run to they home and harvest their own lands.

When are you sihalese going to throw shoe at your own leaders ?

Unknown said...

Sri Lanka is the land of the Sinhale and it will always will be, no matter how much you try to Tamilize it, it will not work!

Again, thanks to all the countries for accepting ungrateful people! Just don't be ungrateful to them you were to Sri Lanka for funding your education. By the way hope you are not already into the credit card frauds in London.

Rana said...


Sorry guys, I disagree,

VP has to be still in, he is the glue that keep them together and fighting. Still he has a hope of few more things that we may not know.

If he choose to jump out, his senior members will develop distrust and start accusing each other. Within few days, other will come to know that the leader jumped out leaving them to die. That will be the end of peelam.

No he is still there, hoping that something will happen internally or externally to save them.

He can always surrender arms and come to negotiations through foriegn organisations like red cross or UN as a last resort. Then we will have problem of killing him or leaving him out of negotiations.

MR should give him a deadline, now to surrender and guard all exits as much as possible to prevent him going into a country like Norway.

I think what ever happens, he will not let others to brand hims as a coward. If he ever decide to jump out, it will be a strategy to comeback and start all over again.

SLN has a difficult task of keeping him inside and forcing him to fight and die.

SLDF should kill him and his complete immediate commanders by covertly or overtly.

Unknown said...

Long Live MR! The Modernday Great King of the Sinhale!

Hail the line of Dutugemunu!

FreedomFighter said...

I do not argue with idiots who come up with silly billy facts. Tell that to any tamil who come from thamil eelam and they will think you are totally an idiot.

Unknown said...

Rana bro,

VP should be eliminated! Period. Its also vital to confirm his elimination.

Ananda-USA said...

Dinky Winky said...

[Ananda there is a limit to CAS in extreme close quarter combat you really cant distinguish enemy from the friend .Where ever the demarcation can occur yes but pounding concentrations behind enemy lines yes]

Yes, I think we agree that there is a limit beyond which you can't differentiate friend from foe from the air.

However, a large fraction of the fighting is at ranges greater than 100 meters, particularly when the LTTE cadre are firing from the protection of earth bunds and easily identified bunkers, and assault rife return fire is ineffective. At these ranges you can deploy close air support (I mean cexplosive-shell cannon fire, and rocket/missile fire, not much larger gravity bombs). This is especially true when concentrations of new reinforcements being fed in to the front can be identified.

In any case, we agree on your basic premise.

CriMeWatCh said...

as per DN - SLA recapturing Kilinochchi

DN - September 23, 2008
Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi

57 division units are currently only 3.5km

DN - October 19, 2008
Fighting rages south of Kilinochchi

nearly 30 SLA soldiers being killed and around 140 being wounded in the past two days alone

DN - November 28, 2008
Troops move into Kilinochchi

DN - November 25, 2008
Kilinochchi under siege

Both parties have suffered heavy casualties with around 50 SLA soldiers being killed and 120 more being injured. 10 other SLA personnel have gone missing in action (MIA)

Asithri said...

A serious fact...a folly...a calamity!

It is a fact, determined through mathematical modeling, that LTTE MFs need to have a kill ratio CONSISTENTLY of 20:1 in their favor if they are ever going to forcefully carve out this "thamileelam" from the rest of SL!

This is a model that has been vetted even by the most renowned math experts at some of the best-of-the best Univ’s in the US, and validated as correct.

The plethora of factors that have gong into this model training are truly significant....some of the more obvious ones being ...the population base/number of Tamils under LTTE in N vs. the rest of the population base in SL as far as the recruitment base is concerned, LTTE armaments vs. SLDF's lethal arsenal (including air power), the recognition of SL as a sovereign UN member state and the ability she has to procure lethal weapons and have them shipped to SL officially (vs. LTTE having to depend on TN coolie-fishermen to bring even the just the basic "war like items"..etc. etc..

What amazes me is how this Diaspora Tamils continue to disregard this stark disparity vis-a-vis this highly unbalanced situation of prowess and how the moronic gooks still continue to do the monkey-somersaults at the first news of a handful of SLAs dying!

In addition, they have buried their head in the sand over the fact that India will NEVER EVER allow a separate, racist, fascist, "thamileelam" in SL!

What an idiotic community these MFs have turned out to be! So much for the "brainy" Tamils that we all used to hear of when growing up in SL!!!


OaO Asithri

Unknown said...

Guess Tamils in South Africa, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritious all have homelands in their respective countries?

Guess Ampakamam, Vellankulam, Chunnakam has a Tamil meaning? (or tamilized Amba-gama, Bellan Wewa, Hunu Gama)?

Eelam comes from the word Seelama (Sinhales Island) so isn't Tamil Eelam an oxymoron?

Can you at least show a toilet stone constructed by a Tamil in the North and East of Sri Lanka? A stone instription in Tamil? A single piece of archeological evidence of a Tamil civilization in SL?

Idiots are the people who believe in the myth of Tamil Peelam. Anyway for people who marry dogs, believe that marrying donkeys can get you rain, elephant face gods and worship penises its no surprise.

Asithri said...

Puran Appu

[Jet, Whats wrong with you men?]

Not men…just pink-fairies!

The bloody so called “men” just dropped the weapons and ran…leaving the fighting to the “thangaatchis” and grandmas!

Wow! Some brave-men community this is uh?


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Gem of the Day!

[Peter, Still thrwating SLA at Mavil Aru?]

ha ha ha...!!!

I loved it...


OaO Asithri
December 17, 2008 8:55 AM

Asithri said...

Moshey to Roshan (the imbecile!)

[abductions/"involuntary disappearences" are standrad counter-terror methods.]

Very pragmatic…very well said bro! There is a fine art behind this…I have heard first hand stories about this subject (i.e. near misses of LTTE suicide-bomber catastrophes) and I am convinced that it is methodology that is mandatory!!!

Roshan the Idiot…still trying to figure out the difference between Bengal and Bengali? Arsehole…did you figure out the difference between your arse and your mouth? LMSSAO!!

Hey RW=LTTE supporting ponna-whore-bithch…I saw your attack on humble OaOA when he had signed off the blog….cowardly-ponnaya….why don’t you come at OaOA when he is present in the blog and see how he will “soothe” you uh? Go look in the dictionary at the words/terms “castration” and “high palpitations” before you come okay? LMSSAO!!!


The type of filthy RW-Ponnaya=Thamileelamist motherfucker, undercover traitorous whores who even go to the extent of cussing even in Sinhela at LTTE just to prove their bona-fides, that continue come out of the woodwork and defecate in this blog when our bravehearts are just about at the threshold of victory, is truly amazing! Where were these SOB gooks earlier??? Yes, they were all in the TamilNet, Puuthanam, Tamilcanadian, etc. sites, having an orgy…now that they know they are KAPUTS, they have decide to leave those sites and come here – for a do or die attempt to hoodwink the patriots!!! Yes, it is amazing that they all appeared here as Avatarars all of a sudden!!!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Sujeewa K

[Asithri in shares, are you?]

Yes brother, I was for sure…made a killing (ethical, I assure you! :)) when the going was great in IB and then I branched out to off-shore govt-to-govt type of an investment models via a consortium of “synergistically minded” nations…this is where I had much travels over the last 24 months, setting things up…now it is stabilized and not dependent on the worlds stock market indexes per se, as far as I am concerned in what we do...yes, what we do, we do without involving/hurting the G7 public (at least not directly if you get the drift)…wish I can elaborate more…of course, not here as you’d appreciate…

Greets to you and yours mate….

OaO Asithri

Puran Appu said...


I too beleive that Fat Pig is still in.

Nice comment Bro. Very valid point.

Any news about mercenaries who are fighting for LTTE?

I heard about this from a junior officer.

Unknown said...

"Tamils in all countries but no country for Tamils" - TRO

Forgot Toiletnadu? The "Tamil Homeland" created in thanks to the Gov. of India by renaming Madras State.

Better be thankful for all countries for accepting coolies and ungrateful bogus refugees!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Burampi, Rana, Moshe,

Pig should be disposed in most covet way possible. Absolutely agree with burampi.

Next joke after "piss talks" will be this "surrender". Surrender and do what?

1. imprison? then the supporters will turn him into a mandela.

2. Capital punishment? One hell of an outcry. Possible riots. Another 1983.

3. Hand over to India? to be released before TN eletion.

4. Disarmament? Laying down weapons is a financial loss only. They can procure them with the huge cash cow of diaspora.

5. Take into politics? He will use his para militaries to win and gently gain independance

Either we ought to assasinate him in hiding, or we have to arrest and then dispose. Surrender can be misused.

If he flees, well, that is a better option than surrender. Since he will become a huge liability on diaspora, and gradually SL tamils will find him a traitor. So one punishment we can give him is to make him live in hiding and one day die as another polpot.

Puran Appu said...


Jet is really crazy.

Wandurata Dali Pihiya ahu wela wage.

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