Sunday, February 1, 2009

SF hunts LTTE team as plane lands in Visuamadu

A 30-man LTTE team that breached the 59 Division FDL launched a string of attack this morning killing 15 soldiers in the process. The team had landed in Security Forces dominated Mulaitivu from the Nanthikadal lagoon around 6 a.m. undetected by the Army.

The team launched attacks on an Army Bus, Tractor and two Tanks causing damage to the four vehicles. The team then called in artillery at the FDL and coordinated a strike at the 59 FDL breaching it for a period of time until the Special Forces and Commandos were called in to secure the area. 11 Tigers were also killed in the counter attack, which is still ongoing.

Meanwhile an LTTE plane made a landing around 1.5kms ahead of the 58 Division's FDL at Visuamadu North. A heavy barrage of MBRL fire was immediately directed to the area. No movement was observed from the area following the attack. The Plane had landed on a tar road, further confirming the Army's doubts that it was not always using the landing strips discovered in the area.

In another development, a group of Tiger explosives experts on a mission to blow up the Iranamadu Tank Bund were caught following a daring amphibious operation along with a large quantity of explosives. If the bund was blasted, it could have caused irreparable damage to the area and made the progress of the Army extremely difficult.


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jontarox said...

tx dw....wish you all the very best

jontarox said...

can you confirm about da capturing of chalai?

Unknown said...

defence wire has chalai been taken

Defencewire said...

Chalai is complicated. There is one more bund until the entire area is under control but tigers are resorting to all sorts of tactics. It might take a further week to clear the area.

Unknown said...

there is a chance you can shoot down this plane this time....

Unknown said...

DW, who detected the plane first? SLAF? or was it the Army MI?

Unknown said...

Do you know the reason the plane to be landing so close or the reason why they would even take off/land such close range within the army?

sk said...

Puran Appu said...

Ratmalane indala sahenna gilan rata yanawa.

February 1, 2009 10:48 PM

don't lie

hik hik

Lahiru said...

hmm things seem become harder for our boys as land shrinking day by day for the tigers..

perein said...

Why would LTTE take a big risk by landing a plane?
Was it taken off from some where in Sri Lanka too?

Unknown said...

i will be disapointed with the air force if they dont get it this time.....

Mithura said...

thanx DW

how much damage can a 30 man team do to a full Div's FDL???....

i think it was a diversion for something... maybe for the plane? did this also happen at the same time?.. 58's FDL is up north?..

DW, do these LTTE activity seem to be part of any coordinated tactical efforts? what other possibilities for LTTE to do something really damaging? or are they just doing anything n everything??.. (no need to answer if a threat to OPSec)

well they have to put up a pretty good diversion at least to try n jump ship...


sk said...

every day defencewire like the other sinhala jokers on the internet make up stories to keep the fellow sinhala racists happy

'plane landing'

take off is from heaven

hik hik

in the meanwhile tamil tiger units are busy hunting the sorry lanka army

perein said...

Before we jump into some conclusions blaming SLAF or SLN let's see what evidance we can find.
How do we know this article really pasted by DW or not as a start ? :)

jontarox said...

you r absolutely right perein..

Ananda-USA said...

DW is always right about anything but SLA casualties and its operations. Sure, SLA casualties are true :)

He was the one who said no casualties from the dvora attack last week. Well, after all, SL airmen work only 9-5 schedule according to him.


sk said...

perein said...

How do we know this article really pasted by DW or not as a start ? :)

yes modaya

defencewire is hacked by MI

hik hik

sk said...

jontarox ponnaya keep worshiping defencewire joker

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jontarox said...

you dont know what da crap happening in sl bt you r actng like you know everthng...

Ananda-USA said...

I would not be surprised if this blogsite is closely watched by Gota's henchmen or ran by MI.

Unknown said...

its been a while since ive "been" here, looks like I did some cleaning before, looks like "new" jokers are in...hahaa,, time for some good hacking. sk, you got a big bank account?

velluprabhakaran said...

clown vaiko has landed in vishwamadu to entertain the dying LTTE MF's.

they'll laugh & choke on their cyanide capsules to death.

ha ha ha!

sk said...

Game moda koluwa

how is the game mud hut ?

join the moda army to get some money

hik hik

velluprabhakaran said...

plane landed to take another load of refugee sakkiliyas to west.

western toilets are guranteed to be clean for the next 100 years. ha ha ha!

Vajira said...

Around 10 days ago there was another similar incident which involved a LTTE aircraft. It had landed in Puthukudirippu following heavy fire from land and Naval troops.
There is information that atleast 2 Zlin 143 aircraft are dismantled currently. Only 1 Zlin and a single PC-7 is currently in operational order with the LTTE. Maybe this aircraft came from Puthukudirippu as well. Remember there is one more airstrip there.

Buster said...

Folks no need to get carried away with comments from Eelamists.The story published here is fairly true.Team is anything between 20 and 30.SLA casulaties remain at 19 killed and 47 wounded and the vehicles damages also true.But losing FDL and pulling back are little extra speculations meant to entertain Tamil diaspora.However 59th Div has recovered 17 dead tigers and the hunt is ongoing for remaining in the area by CR2 crew.I have no confirmtion of a plane landing close to Visuamadu.Perhaps by the time I received this info it may not have reached my source.Chalai has one more bund to clear SLA snipers belive they have killed 31 tigers.SLA has not fall back from their positions at any front but moving steadily forward with the assistance of SLAF...There will be an update in soon...Have fun folks...:-)

velluprabhakaran said...

30 man LTTE team has liberated mullaithivu, paranthan & killinochiya. next target vakarai & trinco. ha ha ha!

sk said...

rich & the ruling sinhala racists exploit the poor sinhala & send their sons to war

latest reports say many bodies on the way to the racist south

sinhala nation is brainwashed by the racists sinhala media & the racist government

buddha would cry if he lived today

Gamekoluwa said...

. We salute to our heroic brothers who gave there life today for our county for Us.

Battle front Latest news : soon SF and Commandos units are deployed sakilyas ran in to thick jungle … some one in front in this time said sakili bodies are all over the jungle…..  . BTW sorry ass di ass pooora sakilyas doesn’t know the deferent between Tractor and MBT.

අහිංසක said...

I heard another 2 1/2 LTTE team is marching towards Colombo to get GR and MR to custody during the independence celebration and to seize all the military HW.

Unknown said...

sk, did your mom die in black july?

hak hak hak

අහිංසක said...

@Sakkily sk,

Koiwelaweda BALU POOTTUWEN gala'une' ?

Ananda-USA said...

[BTW sorry ass di ass pooora sakilyas doesn’t know the deferent between Tractor and MBT.]

250k+ Govern forces use tractors for their military deployment into FDL...hilarious!

අහිංසක said...

@Sakkily sk,

How was the toilet cleaning activity in London went ?

The whole world knows you Sakkiliyas are filthy toilet cleaners and they don't care shit about you ! Truth Hurts ? Ha ?

velluprabhakaran said...

gud, gud. lots of dead sakkily mahaveer bodies for the jackals in wanni today. later we can piss on them.

next sakkily mahfools day 2009 nov. 27 will be interesting.

imran punday & malathi whore sakkily brigades will all be rotting in hell.

vaiko can give karunanidhi the mahaveer title & blow him.

ha ha ha!

velluprabhakaran said...

next black july in toronto & norway.

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අහිංසක said...

Fake Sakkily Ananda-USA came out for the toilet cleaning break....WTF you know about the FDLs ?

FDL are not a brand of any Urinals or commodes !

velluprabhakaran said...

some sakkiliya's have shat in their pants & run peeing. SF have followed their shit trail & found them having loose motions.

they were shooting while sakkily were shitting! ha ha ha!

අහිංසක said...

sk the toilet cleaner

අහිංසක said...

sk's mother searching food for sk

velluprabhakaran said...

deadly tamil weapon. ha ha ha!

Gamekoluwa said...

Ado sk pakaya...

ado even if we are from game we gota class u dick. .we brush our teeth 2 wise. know how to eat and take shower daily . you sakilyas live in AC house build by INGO fuckers still live like dogs. NO class. even you fuckers got your peelam in Canada... sakilyas will be sakilyas.... no class. You fuckers need a lessons… learn from gamekoluwa.i am conducting personal hygiene and grooming session for all the sakilyas. 2 hour crash courses on.. clothing coordination, how to use fork and knife. Etc etc… OMG yesterday after that mariya kade demonstrations around uk parliament , around 2 hours that smell left. (no joke .. yesterday was the lowest r visitors on parliament area recorded in 5 years.) sure that is due to that unique smell of peelamist.OMG….. More over the fuckers interview by SkY and Boru Broadcasting Cooperation .. cloth selection of sorry di asss pooraaaaaaa GEEEEEEEEEEES.. one example… yellow shirt, red hat, brown trouser white socks black shoes and the sakiliya is darker than black cab. And one ex malthee brigade whore bitch with one leg again darker than me.. wearing Luminas green Punjabi dress.

Ado … go and wash my toilet sk pundee..

velluprabhakaran said...

toronto & london coolie carnivals failed to bring ceasefire.

coolies assholes have got frost bite by holding it to whites in the cold.

ha ha ha!

අහිංසක said...

Click Here to see how the organizers made the ground work for the London LTTE Die-Ass-Pora gathering.

velluprabhakaran said...


man fuuuuuck!

u've really got some interesting photos of dieasspora sakkily life & their jobs.

i almost died laughing! enough laughter for years. ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

it's late. gotta go! see u around.

TropicalStorm said...

As low as some of these comments have gone, they are hilarious nevetheless.

15 SLA KIA, appx 50 injured. Multiply that by 10 and you already know the tamilnut story without even reading it.

gamekoluwa said...

a good stuff.....

gamekoluwa said...


supper stuff Bro....


GOTA said...

(LTTE) Cowardice beyond embarrassment

Vigilante said...

This attack reminds us, it is too early call that this war is over.

Looks like 59 drop the ball..

Vigilante said...

Fake Ananda-USA is at work.

This is most likely one of the following LTTE diehards..
Upul, Peter ...

KSF said...

DW Thx

Another big round of Diaspoora collecting round has started. Ponna vesa Sivajilingam ammanvuka already started knocking London tamil homes.

What took place nw is not a new development in LTTP. SL forces are well prepared for this kind of attacks. But what happen was during 48 hour breath taking time for LTTP could have arise such attack. We are fighting with world most cannibal terrorist forces. So this can happen anytime.

In no way it say this is a major setback to SLDF. When our army fighting with rifels and AK47 in terras hand results could have been different. Things have changed for better of our side. LTTP Ponnavesa ammavuka hetta had been cornered. No way they could come back. But more of this kind of attacks can be expected with some remaining die hard ammavuka cadres.

In my opinion when tiger vesa hetta try to hit back is better as then we are preparing more and more. Already ammavuka bastards lost 95% of land and had been cornered. Their only surviving method is ceasefire and civilians. THis is why ammavuka vesa diaspoora hetta including whores, prostitutes, and ponnas beg all around the world for ceasefire.

Do you think if Ammavuka (mofcker)Tiger ponna vesa hetta could strike back at our heroic SLDF they beg for ceasefire?

kalubanda said...

our guys shouldn't rush this thing, we shold not loose our concentration... forget feb 4th, if we do this rite i dont mind renaming our indipendance day to the day of total victory...

anyways feb 4th freedom is a freedom we got without a fight, but this one we are going to get with hard sacrifice.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

The following program explains the current war.

WHILE ( area held by LTTP > 0 AND number_of_LTTP_carders > 0)

1 LTTP stay with Civillian
2 Fire at SLA
3 SLA responses
4 Civillian & some LTTP get killed & injured
5 Dispora supporters & TamilNut publish no of casualties in the web & news papers
6 TN jockers & other LTTP supportes in other countries start agitating by protesting, fasting & other crap and asking for Ceasefire
7 International Community & India ignore
8 SLGO ignores, MR/GR/SF ignore & continue to attack LTTP and defeat
9 LTTP withdraws with Civillians (By force)
10 SLA takes over the town/areas
11 Mahen & Peter write stories about tactical withdrawals
12 Dispora supporters believe in tactical withdrawal and keep the dream alive
13 We read Mahen & Peter blogs and laugh from the ASS

Jump_to_sea() OR self_immolation() OR swallow_cn()

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Situation as at 02-02-09

VP's pressure 167 122
VP's weight 136 KG

Aiyamperumal 01 KM
Ampalavanpokkanai 01 KM
Chalai 00 KM 55 Captured on 25-01-09
Chilarattai 01 KM
Chu'ndikku'lam 00 KM - 55 Captured on 14-01-09
Chuthanthirapuram 01 KM
Dharmapuram 00 KM - 58 Captured on 13-01-09
IRANAMADU East 01 KM - 57 Captured on 15-01-09
Kaddaikadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 15-01-09
KALAMADUKULAM 01 KM - 57 Captured on 17-01-09
KULAWEDDIDAL 01 KM - TF 2 Captured on 12-01-09
Kalmadukulam 01 KM
Ka'ndaava'lai 01 KM 58 Captured on 18-01-09
Keridattadu 00 KM - TF 4 Captured on 12-01-09
Kevil 00 KM - 53 Captured on 11-01-09
Mamulai 01 KM
Marathampuval 01 KM
Masar 01 KM
Mullativu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 25-01-09
Murusamoddai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Olumadu 01 KM
Palamattalan 01 KM
Periyakulam 01 KM
PIRAPPAVADDUVAN 01 KM - 59 Captured on 17-01-09
Pu'liyampokka'nai 01 KM - 58 Captured on 17-01-09
Puliyansekkaran 01 KM
Punnainiravi 01 KM
Puththukudirippu 01 KM
Ramanadhapuram 01 KM - 57 Captured on 16-01-09
Sinnaittimadu 01 KM - 57 Captured on 18-01-09
Tanniyuttu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 12-01-09
Theravikulam 01 KM
Theravikulam 01 KM
Thonikal 01 KM
Udaiyaarkaddu 01 KM
Udayankattukulam 01 KM - TF 2 Captured on 17-01-09
Vaddakkachchi 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Vannankulam 01 KM
Vellamullivaikal 01 KM
Vellikandal 01 KM
Vishwamadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 25-01-09

VP's Asshole ?? KM

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Lalith's opinion poll.

Who will catch the Fat Pig

1 59
2 58
3 57
4 53
5 55
6 TF2
7 TF3
8 TF4
9 Other Division
10 Escape

Please make a selection in the Lalith's Opinion Poll.

I am collecting the names.

The winner will be annouced in two weeks.

TropicalStorm said...

What's going to happen next is ...what the western countries arehaving nightmares about. With the LTTE being hunted systematically in SL, they will run into countries with high tamil populations that they can harvest a living from.

Now starts the real devial dance for the diaspora poras. These seasoned and unemployed, unemployable killers will be moving into Toronto-puram, Londoneelam etc and the hardworking janitorial professional population will be expected to support them for life. Or else.

It is unlikely that the income from squeezing the janitorial professionals from Jaffna may not provide a lucrative living standard for the LTTE killers. in order to achieve their desired standard of living, they'll have to use the skills they have gained over the past 20some years.

So now we are looking at potential for sky rocketting crime in these areas. Guns, drugs and human smuggling is expected to increase, as much as street crime will go up when these guys find employment with grug lords and others who are always on the lookout for special talent.

Sri Lanka should allow the migrating LTTe go where they want to.

Vigilante said...

From Island.

Tamilnet claim denied

The army yesterday dismissed a Tamilnet report that claimed that there had been a successful LTTE attack on three main battle tanks on the Puthukkudiyiruppu front.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Is there any response from Karunanidi about MR's invitation to visit Wanni?

Or is he now NIDI (Sleeping)?

TropicalStorm said...

Brian Seneviratne to replace Velu as head of eezhamistani people. This will show the world that the eezhamistani struggle is non-racist and high places are available for anyone with the right attitude.
Foreign minister of the glorious republik will be Eelarick Solheim, Attorney General, the Fien gentleman from Yankeelam.

Sunil Koswatta said...

Sri Lanka should consider the current climate as a hostage-taking situation. The world's most ruthless terrorists hold close to 100,000 Sri Lankan citizens hostage. It is the duty of the Sri Lankan government to rescue them. Sri Lanka should declare that it would not negotiate with hostage-taking terrorists, by taking a page from the western and Indian books about hostage rescue operations. Terrorists must surrender by releasing all the Sri Lankans they have taken hostage, unconditionally.

Upul said...

Breaking News:

59 Division in complete disarray. LTTE has been advancing beyond 3 km frontline. Today morning attack on 59 division has resulted in collapse of command and control.

In the past 2 weeks successive counterattacks on the 57 and 59 division has led to hospital overflowing in the south. extensive losses to both divisions has resulted in 53 division being moved out from mankulam.

Rana said...


Thanks about Mulathieu incident. However, plane landing is incomplete and need some details.

From, where this so called plane came?

Is it an internal flight within present eelam boundary or came from somewhere else in SL?

Is it come from India?

And what is the purpose of landing?

Is there anybody else to shed some light on the above questions?

Replies are welcome!!!

tikira said...

Breaking news
53 division re-stationed at nakarkoil as tiger elite units rapidly mooving towards their former frontlines....
59 division collapsed
1673 killed ....
5200 caught alive..
This is few minute ago
ho ho moda lanka...chena boys gone crazy

Weera Puran said...


What are u talking about? Is this true? How do we believe you? what is the souce of info?

Please confirm again, r u joking or serious?

Anonymous said...

yes,i can confirm,that our heroic LTTE-units started a major counter offensive today. Chundikulam and Visuamadu-West have been retaken and our forces rapidly advance to Nagarkovil,Iranamadu-tank and Mullaittivu

Weera Puran said...

Hello CJ, I dont like to use the bad language.

LTTE is hot heroic. Look at the so called leader is living in a jungle like a rat in a hole. I think u need to look at the dictionary and get the meaning of heroic. Got it?

Next thing is u will never ever achieve ur dreams of taking a peice of our land.

Finally, U can never expand ur boundary. it will be smaller and smaller untill the rat pig die and the rest surrender to our HEROIC guys. That day is not far.

I hope things are clear and u can understand.

I rest my case.
Thank you.

ifuckprabasdaughter said...

'''' lttp is taken mulathiv and iranamadu and colombo''''

cj.. aka cundi joker .. if u are near anuradapura come to my house my dog bruno like tofuck peelam sakiliyas ass's. wp came and just got out of the balu putowa.. you are welcome any time...
boathhhhhallll pathereyyyyyyyyyy....

ade appa
kakusi tama hodanawa......ama dama gooo tama kanawa doaraiee...
now Jagath Dias matheya puka palanawa doarai.. eya wehilu dani neee... doarai .. thalivar is in so much puk pain doarai... dont fuck so hard doarai... please ane doarai

Anonymous said...

SKR from V'madu

Unknown said...

!! Please Stop The War !!
!! Please Stop Killing Civilians !!

kevin said...

Please get on your bike! You are getting a bit stale and you had your say yesterday. Perhaps you are sensing defeat?

Moshe Dyan said...

"act responsibly or get chased away!"

uncomplicated, straightforward and to the point. well said GR!

we should think about stopping the flow of news from vanni.

putu has become the new kilinochchi. another bloody battle is expected.

the stupid political target to end the war by the independance day is not going to happen now. good for the interfering politicos.

tikira said...

!! Please,Please me !!
!! Please Stop Beleiving !!

Moshe Dyan said...

we are now facing the music for not harvesting enough in our previous battles.

we predicted this would happen when SLA was following the "chase-away" strategy big time in their rush to grab land.

had we harvested MORE, especially retreating tigers (which is easier), today's problems would have been less intense. ppl in vanni would have a better chance of escaping as there would be less tigers to stop them.

Rana said...

Kataragama Mahasen of the Yaksha tribe, as legend would have it, which strode our mother land 25,000 years ago and showed off his prowess during a sura-asura (celestial divines Vs worldly Humans) battle, Ravana’s grandfather Pulathisi, Rawana himself, Acharya Pandula, Parakrama Bahu I, Dutugemunu and the Dasa Maha Yodayas, Vijaya Bahu I, Puran Appu, Leuke Disawa, Meegasteene Adikaram and Wickremasinghe Mudliyar, Mahinda Rajapakshe, Gotabhaya Rajapakshe and Sarath Fonseka with Jagath Chula Dias, Nandana Udawattha, Shavendra Silva etc have in common?

Some genes for sure!

However, million dollar question is whether MR, GR and BR Company will be able to achieve long lasting peace and development activities together to direct the nation towards a desirable righteous society which is free from corruption and wastage.

Anonymous said...

LTTE broke through several SLA-lines near Mullaittivu,make rapid advance on the town.Hundreds of SLA-soldiers surrender in shock

Moshe Dyan said...

my battle plan. (a hardpressed harvesting strategy)

1. civilian movement has stopped now bcos there is nowhere to run. we should do a population density map updated every few days.

2. based on 1, identify areas of LOW population within the 250+km2 area.

3. capture those areas using extreme force (heavy arti barrage/air attacks)

4. burn down forests as required in low population areas. ultimately the area will further reduce without much LTTE resistance.

5. STOP trying to take strategically important places like putu for the time being. bcos there are LOTS of civilians here. follow the strategy of taking whatever that can be easily taken.

6. constantly monitor movements in the tiger area (by air) and attack ALL identified tiger movements. kafirs, Mi-24s are fantastic for this job.

7. deploy snipers and harvest as many tigers as possible. capture areas of higher elevation. (there are very few such areas but they can be taken)

8. attack ALL movements at night except ambulances, UN vehicles. existing IR cameras onboard our jets/MILs are sufficient.

Anonymous said...

i am the real CJ and all i can say is,that Chundikulam has been taken only in Fake-CJ´s dreams after he has taken drugs.One question,guys: Why didn´t the website of the SLA not update the battlefield-map for one week now,although Visuamadu has been taken??? i don´t understand it

Rana said...

Amma Gahai,

Kiwi's have beaten Aussies in first ODI!
Two run outs made Aussies struggling at 5 for 55!

Anonymous said...

There is one CJ (ID:01775546506559781128) and he writes both pro-SL and pro-LTTE comments and also claim he is both real and fake.

Hiranthe said...

Thanks DW for the update.

We should not lose our concentration. That is what GOTA was telling all the way. On top of that we have Cricket (although I also watch through internet) and other political activities in the country which will lost the concentration of the whole nation.

This is not the time for anything else other than getting rid of this Peelamist bastards.

I totally agree with Moshe that enough harvesting has not been done in the last few months. It may be the maximum possible we do not know as Vessaballa is learning from our strategies and avoid getting harvested by our boys.

Feb 04 is not an important day as this day. Sudda fellows left our country but did not divide it…(only ruled by division while they occupy). This liberation operation is more important as 3000 years of our history will get destroyed by the bastard Ealamist Velu and the killer band.

Let it be any day within the next few weeks…dictated by the ground conditions and the war heroes at the war front…

DW, please provide the requested additional info by many members on the Plane landing matter. Is the Fat Pig Velu still here? This plane could have come from TN to rescue him…We should gun down anything taking off…We should keep our MI24 Helicopter Gun-ships ready to chase the buggers and attack…or else any other better way which the experts would think appropriate.

Anonymous said...


@planes - If true, either LTTE leaders and their families are flying in zlins to safe places (probably ships belong to Norway some where in int. seas close to Mullathiv and then to safe places in Europe) OR TAF is operating domestic air travel between Pudukuduiruppu (air post PTK -ha ha) to Vishvamadu.

Anonymous said...

1. Cricket
2. Elections

Both divert the public attention and make things easy for LTTE to go for some attack in Colombo. There is no doubt that SLA is winning but we need to minimise own casualties while LTTE's only hope now is survive few days more and do more damages to SLA before they die. (i.e. Play the match few more hours and also reduce the margin even though they lose the match..) Of course, except for the diasspora donkeys - peelaam is closer than ever..hik hik.

KSF said...

Please Cricket madness stop posting cricinfo here.

Sam Perera said...


Can you please get the army to empty all the reservoirs in the conflict area? No water, no floods, it is that simple. Otherwise we have to guard these dams all the time.

Sam Perera said...


Where did these planes come from?

KSF said...

Sam bro,

Idea is great I also think the same. We can get the water again. But not our SLDF gems. I think gov must do something for this. At least for the time these LTTP carnivores annihiliated.

DW, just got the new as some high profile LTTP bastard trapped in the vishwamadu north. This is the most reason plane landed that area and another reveal as it has brought some urgent medical supplies.

Moshe Dyan said...

sam & ex-sun-god,

mates, we cannot do that.

the rainy season in vanni is ending. thereafter about 9 months of VERY dry weather.

may be selectively we can reduce the water level in some tanks.

e.g. tanks that are in deep SLA territory in vanni are safe.

Upul said...

we'll see the power of 70 million tamils angry at the despicable military junta headed by mahinda rajapakse very soon...

Moshe Dyan said...


you may be right.

1. that cripple (toilet selvam) was killed in visvamadu

2. vezapillai's x-ray base (that was straffed like a IPKF gurka banging a hot thangachchi) was also in vishvamadu north

3. tigers' MOST desperate measures (blasting tank bunds) were concentrated around viswa

Rana said...


Any truth in cj's claim? and the connection between cj's claim and DW's Mulatieu news?

Moshe Dyan said...


70 m tamil madu fellows are no threat to us. they only commit suicide!!!

Upul said...

According to BBC, the maps is incorrect and on the ground evidence confirm this.

Tharmapuram and PKT are still under LTTE control. remains of the 58 made an expedition into visuamadu but were completely beaten back.

Both 57 and 58 division are now less than half their full strength.

55 Division however remains undepleted but are known to run at the first sight of enemy attacks.

KSF said...

One who suicide in Tamilmodu is no wonder as when u show one banana in tamil nado one million will fight to grab it.

Upul said...

VCK and others have been trainning brigades of TN youth for war. Be prepared for a new front...

Upul said...

Once Sonia bitch leaves office, hindutva will takeover. BJP has promised to help hindu tamil overcome budhist sinhalese.... so sorry lanka has NO chance of winning.

tikira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JWick said...

""Weera Puran said...


What are u talking about? Is this true? How do we believe you? what is the souce of info?

Please confirm again, r u joking or serious?


tikira said...

Breaking news...Out now..
59 division loose 1677 soldiers within 3 hours confirm..
Large number of chena boys surrendered ....
GOSL is about to declare a truce before noon....
moda chena boys will hear this through media within the next couple of hours

Moshe Dyan said...

given the ability of tigers to flee by air, i recon we should deploy an interceptor or two in palali, vavuniya or anuradhapura.

distance traveled by a zlin by the time our j-7s reach LTTE area
= 200*350/2000
= 35 km

additional distance due to time delays in take-off, detection-to-decision time (assuming 15 minutes but will be much higher)

= 15/60*200
= 50 km

total distance travelled by the zlin
= 85 km

might be well outside SL's air space or radar area.

mi-24s cannot easily take on a zlin-143 due to the small speed differential, unavoidable delays.
the only way it can shoot down a zlin is by being at the right place at the right time anticipating the zlin.

distance travelled by a zlin by the time a MIL comes to the scene from VAB, AAB or PAB (minimum)
= 75*200/320
= 50 km

then if the MIL pursues the zlin, the distance it takes to catch it
= 200*50/(320-200)
= 83 km

total distance = 133 km (the zlin may well be in tamil madu!!!)

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Top of the morning to all!

Finally I managed to escape (actually LTTP did let me go) after LTTP took me hostage with 5000 SLA boys after 30 men team breached Melbourne FDL. On their way from the jungle to Melbourne they destroyed 2 Tanks, 2 Bicycles, 2 Tractors, 2 fighter jets, 2 Arti guns, 2 cars (BMW) and 2 humping turtles.

The plane landed in the jungle was “driven” off a cliff from TN by Rajinikanth and silently glide to jungle and landed and then kind of got fcuked-up by MBRL. It was for the new movie titled “I am legend part 2 – Pukekara-“main actor ofcoz Rajinikanth about the life of Praba.

The LTTP boat fighters from “bust the tank” operation 1 now stranded in the jungle with their boats have asked LTTP “tank busters” to bust Iranamadu tank so they can sail their boats back to the sea. The stranded LTTP boat fighters are desperate for water (to sail ofcoz) they have been pushing their boats along A35 looking for a lake but no luck.

The grand plan was to bust the Iranamadu Tank and electrocute the flood water with all the generators they got from Norway and electrocute and BBQ all the SLA boys (100,000) in the FDL. And then let go of all the Kimbula/Crocodile (not Kimbula bannis mmmm bannis! I mean bannis!!! ) to the flood water so they can swim to the SLA command center and eat Brgd. Prasanna Silva and (I can not remember other big boys names.. sorry) rest of the bigger boys and perhaps SF who was meant to do a surprise visits to Mulative. All the Kimbula was given a photo ID of SLA big boys and was trained by LTTP underwater welding team (who were too busy welding a fcuking thing which sank the Titanic).

But unfortunately the LTTP tank buster team lead by “buster” who was slowly walking in to the Iranamadu tank bunt in the dark stepped in to two humping Kimmbula/ Crocodile! : )) now that’s fcuking funny! Ha ha ha it is ok to watch two humping kimmbula but step in to? Lol apparently the one on the top grabbed “buster “by the balls and the one on the bottom (they were doing “missionary position”.... They don’t do “doggy” according to Steve Irvin the crocodile hunter) laughed so much she/he dislocate the jaw watching this comical event! Ha ha ha

But hey…. LTTP learning very fast! They have avoid the biggest mistake they did in their last “get killed” mission! What is it? think… think… think…. Ok I’ll tell u, this is real defense analyze boys…

This time LTTP sent only “Men”! According to DW “A 30-man LTTE team” No “women” (no cry) this time! So, no humping before the “get killed” operation and actually they managed to penetrate (literally) FDL! This is worrying guys!

Hey again, all these NGO fcukers who would cry for anything, why don’t u cry against this discrimination act against women by LTTP? Women suppose to treat equally! No more “men” only LTTP teams anymore! Let them hump before they get killed! pls! That’s the last thing u can do to a sorry ars@!

How about that fairdinkum stupid sh#t fcuk commit suicide in TN? I think all Thamiza people should follow his lead! Hey don’t get me wrong! It is kind of a noble(prize) thing to do! When ur so dumb it is hard to figure-out what happens after u killed urself! Eerrr…. Something like that!

Only 70 million to go(+ rest of the die-ass-pora clowns)! Petrol price may jump to the highest in decade when all monkeys in TN start bathing petrol! Ha ha ha

Anyone got a light? I just feel like Shhhmoking!!!! : ))

Upul said...

no I am not joking. My news source is in Tamil.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Amma Gahai,

Kiwi's have beaten Aussies in first ODI!
Two run outs made Aussies struggling at 5 for 55!

G’Day Rana, how r u going? Yes, I am glad finally NZ did it! How pathetic is Haddin to do that? Apparently, fcuking Ponting haven’t seen the “incident” yet! LTTP should make Ponting their media spoke person! Ha ha ha or may be Ponting was reading TamilNet for last few years! ha ha ha

Upul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

SLA general doesn't know difference between a paintball gun and thermobaric weapons.

moda chena boy become general:::

Upul said...

Again caught lying through their pants. Only moda chena boys will believe.

You know they think they were born of lions.....

JWick said...

"" Upul said...

no I am not joking. My news source is in Tamil.

Yea, Yea. That is why we know you are joking, just like Tamilnet!!

Jambudipa said...

upul thosa wadai,

get your people to lay down arms so that killings end. the eelam project is over my friend. unborn will pay for sacrilegious behavior of your kind.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

chena boys got lots of lttp gifts - todaay....

Watch gonna do when the bad chena boys..

Rana said...

Amma Gahai,

G’day bro.

Ha ha ha two humping kimmbulas!

I see lot of vigour and vitality in your writing, mate. Good on you!

Don’t step into humping kimmbulas, good one huh ha ha ha

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

upul kitchen boy,

if the army spokesman gona said 'thermobatic rifle' its indeed foolish.

but you miss the bigger issue. why your femidom figher training combat warfare with kiddy paintball guns? dont they know firing BB .5 pellets wont prepare you for 7.65 ak-47 rounds?

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

All diaspora clowns are having orgasm after a while reading TamilNet joke. No offense guys, enjoy while you can.

By the way I think we haven't give enough credit to TamilNet guys and way they used diaspora clowns to get them jumping around to their tune. :)

Moshe Dyan said...


yes, it is a complement. even some of our military strategies are based on farming techniques/words.

e.g. harvesting
pesticide (wrongly termed genocide by TN)
colonisation & relocations (wrongly termed abduction by TN)
slashing & burning
scorch-earth attacks

only difference between us and them is that we are at the right end of the digesting system and they are at the wrong end!!!!!

(simply put it, food production and toilet cleaning)

Anonymous said...

Hey Panhinda

Why you disturb Upul? Did you forget how he entertained us after the super flood which killed 10,000 SLA, 15,000 surrenderd, 1500 dead bodies found with 58 all gone MIA? Upul is the no 1 entertainer just after any kind of tamilnut punnakku dose and why you attack him..? Many here had a lot of fun the day after that super flood.. thanks to this joker... let him do his job..

Anonymous said...

/How about that fairdinkum stupid sh#t fcuk commit suicide in TN? I think all Thamiza people should follow his lead! Hey don’t get me wrong! It is kind of a noble(prize) thing to do! When ur so dumb it is hard to figure-out what happens after u killed urself! Eerrr…. Something like that!

Only 70 million to go(+ rest of the die-ass-pora clowns)! Petrol price may jump to the highest in decade when all monkeys in TN start bathing petrol! Ha ha ha/

Ha Ha Ammagahai special...

Jambudipa said...

moshe, ninja - touche

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

ellalanfarce has been updated, and newly promoted colonel Bhanu managed wake from death.

He is eternal and reminds me the hero Rajanikanth! :)

HM said...

How to sponsor the education of a child of a fallen/disabled soldier

1. You can now easily sponsor a child of a fallen/disabled soldier through the sevavaitha scholorship program

2. Your contribution will directly go into the child's account (It does not go into a fund and there are no involement of 3rd parties)

3. Stipulated monthly amount is US$10 (Rs750-1000). You can contribute more if you like.

4. Duration of the scholorship can be decided by you. It can be 1 year or more.

5. Sevavanitha will provide you with the child's details along with contact info. You can contact the family directly and verify all the details yourself before depositing funds. Process is very transparent.

Please email me at for the application form and a detailed description of the process.

Ogre said...

Dear friends

I am writing from Colombo, so the news is may be fluid and changing.

the news you saw on DW is old, past 24> or more.

as I know and gather from two pieces of information. LTTE landed evacuation plane that was flown low SE between radar lapse area then landed around 1 am. in the meantime a coordinated attack was launched, partially destroying one tank and dismantling the track of the other. The group also killed few of the tank crews and injured few guarding the area.

this happened, right about the time the plane landed or was making headway. LTTE tried to call in arty but was not followed and missed marks.

Operational HQ provided a tactical solution to this and now everything is under control. All services are aware, tactical troops have been deployed.

The plane as of now SL time has not taken off. but good cover has been laid and it seems LTTE suddenly made these with some highly skilled people.

Full military assessment is ongoing. I would like to correct DW the number of LTTE killed is over 35. the group was part of a two platoon black tiger group that suddenly sacrificed themselfs to the plane could land.

again i cannot post our tactical reply to this situation. It is up to DW to speculate. But I can assure you we got em all.

Capturing LTTE territory is basically performing good maneuvers, this because they do not have enough cadre to guard all of the strong points anytime. get the right choke point they can not stand it.

As before our operations depend heavily on surprise.

Death By Bullet, 42/3dSF

Anonymous said...

From Mahen..

/We have submitted the Sunday Column to international relations officer Mr. Pathmanathan and waitting for his authorisation.

Will update you soon as authorised the article./

The first duty of newly appointed international relations officer.. hik hik

/During the last week alone 380 young boys and girls joined the LTTE to bolster its man power to defeat the invading Singala Army./

Under the tamil eelaam law no one under age 8 has recruited. The oldest boy is of age 12 and girl age 11.

/The LTTE suffered a severe blow this week as the Elephant Pass hero of the LTTE Colonel Bhanu was struck by a sharpnel in his left thigh. Although the nature of the wound was not fatal the prevailing diabetic condition of the Colonel has raised concerns of amputation. We would like to inform our readers that the best medical attention is being given to the war hero currently./

Any one knows which hindi movie script Mahen is using??

Hiranthe said...

Thilanga Sumathipala has joined forces with MR government.

Regardless of Thilanga's personal qualities and other matters, it is a winning point for the nation.

IT is a big blow to Ranil Master.

Also he comes with a largely circulated news paper. It also defeats the claim that GOSL are harassing journalists.

Welcome on board Thilanga. Now think about our country…Good move mate.

(Now you can open as many branches of "horse racing" betting places and also Casinos in the newly liberated Vanni to keep idle, rehabilitated LTTE monkeys occupied so that no future Peelamist politicians can buy them any more…ha.. ha..)

Anonymous said...


There has to be some weak points with 59 guarding the lagoon area. Territory is very complicated in this Mulathiv coastal areas and hope SLA do no mistakes.

If a plane is landed while they attack 59 that means three birds from one stone as they did some damages to SLA as well plus propaganda. Even when they don't have any area they control suicide attacks, black tiger attacks (on land and sea), hostage taking, etc are possible. Better be prepared.

Are you saying HQ tactic is some thing in addition to sending SF team as DW said?

Ogre said...


ops detail i cant (i will GET SHOT)

but a tactical solution has been devised and it is in operation.

DW job is to post speculation/truth/smoke

but thank you DW for breaking the news. it has been a quite busy 48 hours, with no f sleep.

Nisal said...

Thanks Ogre - the war hero - for info.

Anonymous said...


ok ok thanks.

Hiranthe said...

Ogre said...
Dear friends

I am writing from Colombo, so the news is may be fluid and changing.

the news you saw on DW is old, past 24> or more.


Thank you for the latest update mate. It gives a relief that the plane has not taken off....

Ogre said...

Let us talk about LTTE.

as the communication lines to LTTE are cut from wanni except occasional sat loads (which cost $$)

now what is LTTE thinking?

what is the objective behind this?

military reversals are not possible now.

is this to recall SFs on reserve in colombo or just a diversion

KP is now leading ops according to what does that mean? did he put rescue package to take out prabhakaran?

this is why We needed those MIg 29's

former RAW associates behind this ops?

there is another opinion, bringing in unexpired fresh Insulin supplies and other medical supplies, evacuation of EROS leader or Bhanu...all options.

VP is staying because he wants to?

Anonymous said...


ok lets say radar can't cover but why UAVs can't find it as remaining area is kind of small?

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Residents of Jaffna held a protest today calling on the LTTE to release the civilians held back by them in the Vishvamadu, Puthukudiiruppu area as a human shield.

Reports -

We need to put more publicity on these events guys, this is the real truth behind fake Genocide!

Upul said...


If the offensive operations has gone so well and the ltte land area is as small as claimed to be then, why is there complete censorship of the war in the Vanni ?

Why is Iqbal Athas not allowed to report his defence column ?

The fact of the matter is the Rajapakse govt has a lot to hide. Over 15,000+ sla were lost to gain control of Killinochi alone. Rambutan admitted 3,800 were killed in October - November alone.

20,000 - 25,000 sla deserted last year.

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

I think some typos in Upul's comment, Here is the correct one,

"The fact of the matter is the Rajapakse govt has a lot to hide. Over 150,000+ sla were lost to gain control of Killinochi alone. Rambutan admitted 30,800 were killed in October - November alone.

200,000 - 250,000 sla deserted last year.

Rana said...


Thanks for your update, Machan.

Take care when you are ib the front buddy!

Jambudipa said...

Did they bring something in or are they preparing to take something out is the question. If the size of the aircraft was large then its more likely something was incoming. if it was a smaller plane, it more likely something being flown out.

Ogre said...


our UAV can cover 24/7 any location in SL

you try flying a plane and see if US can track it.

the plane has to be flying at 200 feet, if you take draft and other uncertainities it is very difficult.

lot of people do not know about our new equipment and capabilities, i will not give it out here.

again this the problem with India because they do not allow us to buy 3D systems or install them covering south india.

when you go up to 500 miles/hr speeds you got to see it on radar early enough get assets up in time.

again nough said, cheers. i will deployed in the next month back to north. see you after then

Ogre said...

iqbal has a drinking connection with ole gens

he buys booooooze they tell tales

but we have a handle on his sources and he no longer needs to hang around.

the self professed analyst did not know what 2D INDRA stood for.
just cus your english is good it dont mean you can write rubbish in newspapers.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the info.

but we don't want mig-29s. even with a mig-29 we cannot do better.

if we place our interceptors close to where the action is, that solves our problem. check my calculation above.

i hope the independace day will be a low profile one giving priority to safety of VIPs. there is no point in showing off.

if the said plane had landed in the vishva area, we can narrow down the surveillance area to check it by UAVs, etc. but this should have happened immediately. blindly shelling the area is not going to help.

it may have brought in a small quantity of essentials too!!

sinhale said...

The World Renowned Toilet Cleaning Coolie LTTE Jokers are desperately trying their misinformation campaign even at this final hour. Do you seriously think that any sensible person beside the Tamil DIE-ASS-PARAYA will believe your ridiculous cooked up stories? One thing for sure... The LTTE grave has been dug.. The LTTE dead body is being lowered in to the tombe.. And you the dedicated terrorist coolies will be tracked down and made to guard your filthy LTTE leadership bones for the rest of Eternity.. Guard those bones well inside the tombs because we will seal those tombs forever and make sure that you Terrorist-Pora(parayas) will never be allowed to raise your dirty viper heads again.. Remember.. we have reserved some courtesy white vans for you to join the Funeral..

Nisal said...

[[Upul said...


If the offensive operations has gone so well and the ltte land area is as small as claimed to be then, why is there complete censorship of the war in the Vanni ?]]


Who told offensive operations has gone so well and the ltte land area is as small? I didn't say so. Did I say anything wrong?

I know you have access to very credible news sources. I just posted few examples for the credibility of your sources.

So, please continue reporting true news. Please don't stop. I'm with you.

Moshe Dyan said...

appointing a INTERPOL wanted criminal to head its "international diplomatic" division to handle matters with foreign governments shows how "super intelligent" the LTTE is!!!!

Ogre said...

again mig is beyond ltte...needs


we are working according to a plan

you will have your surprises soon


for those who love military stories...we call them WAR PORN...snippets of war and stories..can be really addictive

it is called porn, because you either love it and addicted to it or hate it.

so far we have visual/electronic confirmation

the purpose? i think an evacuation plan or med supplies
a small plane load of weapons will not make any change at this point.

i will let smarter people in SLAF do the calculations.

we are grunts, and i should be stopping this

Cheers and Triple Gem bless you.

Upul said...

Btw, the new and improved tactics used by SLA to gain ground:

SLA military police are armed with machine guns at the back sla trenches. If sla troops don't move forward or run back, they are gunned down by the sla military police , just like what russians did ww2. Over 20% of sla casualties were due to these cruel actions.

Army deserters are used cannon fodder. To clear mine fields, deserters are retrained and sent first to simply dash across the minefield. If they survive, they are given full sla privileges. if they are dead, they are listed in mia.

sla soldiers with extreme injuries are shot on sight. (1) so they don't cry/scream for too long and make other soldier less motivated (2) end their pain.

This has been calculated to be cheaper for the sla, rather than using air ambulance to carry them back to colombo or anurdhapura.

CTB buses are used to ferry all injured to the hospitals but don't have access to enough nurses or doctors. Over 50% of injuries result in amputation. Simply because its easier to perform and will save the life.

If a whole company of sla are killed their bodies are burned on site in mass graves and reported as mia to avoid paying compensation.

Karu said...

If the story is true, this is negligence. Even a Sunday local paper had mentioned that there are intelligence report suggesting that LTTP is planing an attack on Mulaitivu by landing from the sea. But anyway this is nothing considering the achievements our guys had. It is a do-or-die battle for the LTTP. They will resort to more act like this. But ultimate victory is ours...

Upul said...

if you don't believe me, this was all reported by mangala samaraweera's defence watch.

So this is some of the stuff rajapakse has to hide.

Karu said...

{Blogger Upul said...

if you don't believe me, this was all reported by mangala samaraweera's defence watch.

So this is some of the stuff rajapakse has to hide.}

ha..ha. ha..

There is at least one follower for (Awa)mangala

Nihara said...

thanks for the updates.

Jambudipa said...


many questions still remain. where did the aircraft arrive from? if its from SE, then maldives perhaps? how big was the aircraft, what type? was it a fright capable or not?

vezha probably not preparing to flee. he would be as good as dead if he does. he sacrificed 30 tamils for whatever consignment that arrived. it cannot be medical becuase the gvt hospital in pudukkuppu have the essentials. it sounds more like one-way trip to me.

the consignment is meant in someway to help them fight off the military. it could be electronic device or heaven forbid something dirty.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks and god bless you.

((c) gringo)

Rana said...


This Upul fellow is day dreaming in absence of real news. This is a common disease among Diaspora clowns who believed in eelam state until recent reversals. Now they are praying and expecting miracles from sun goat.

Moshe Dyan said...


these q.s may never be answered. but if the plane had landed on a road (as dw says), it cannot be anything bigger than a zlin, a cessna or similar.

TF it wouldn't have brought much in it. also it couldn't have come from SE asia. possible locations are,

1. tamil nadu
2. maldives

Rana said...


Anything sizable enough to bring military assets or take more than 8 people cannot land on roads. May be they are rehearsing with Zlin to do a suicide attack. Their foreign pilots may have gone and local fellows getting a takeoff/landing practices for something big.

What do you think?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hero Ogre, welcome back.

I may contradict some comment that "there can't be many things in that plane". Size is immaterial. A free shipment like that may contain a powerful weapon. I wonder how we missed to bombard the plane. The key reason ppl rejected this airborne logistic protocol was the ability to bomb before unloading. If we allow this, the possible loss of shore will not cost them at all.

Too bad for 59th. You ought to suspect your own traces at minimum. 59th themselves landed across lagoon didn't they?

On top of every operation there is an increasing importance to capture the stretch between Chundikulam lagoon and Nanthikadal lagoon. 593 was around there for one life time now. We need more support for them. It will take some time for the shoreline to move, both 59th and 55th are moving towards each other in two fronts.

Great if someone moves along the landside of Chundikulam lagoon and shake hands with 593. We have to break their region into two. If we do so, that will leave them in a super dilemma to choose which side. We should not leave them w/o choice. We should always make them debate and make mistakes, and jump here and there until the last moment.

Even certain death w/o choice makes one more dangerous. It is easy to destroy someone running for life, than the one cornered.

And those who wanted a photo finish for 4th Feb same saying goes. War is not for silver screen, leave your petty politics out of war.

GOTA said...

Future of Tamil Tigers

C. Coin said...

DW, Ogre,
thanks for updates. i saw a news report on cnn with civilians crying and tigers trying to help them.. wonder who did the video. i think video is staged act. tigers are shooting civilians who are trying to flee. prob they videod the same civilians to make a defamatory video against SLDF. if this tactic succeeds, it would be a bad example for terra groups around the world.. a new weapon.

C. Coin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...


small aircraft -> max flying distance and load capacity small. since it sounds like a small aircraft then it must have been from TN or Maldives or another island close by. it could not have been heavy either.


would they sacrifice 30 black tigers for a training flight? probably not. but if things are desperate remote change they may.

kavee said...


Nothing more to be expected from an offspring of a traitor Arul Pragasam

SLkoluwa said...

Ogre Sir... Thank you very much. I can sleep now.. i waited until get the correct news.. So i can sleep now. I salute you SIR for supper way of reporting!!!!!!!!!!
Soon you came to the blog all the sakilyas MIA. its just like when our lion boys come to the battle front... pussycats start running to the jungle. ...
Upul gona,
Got the news sakiliya..
entire 59 division is POW. Happy now
okay kitty kitty kitty, go near to 59 ... they will give you mani pittu... .
its 3.30a.m in London.. Heavy snow around London..Biggest snow fall after 6 years. ...

Moshe Dyan said...

from tamilnet,

"Meanwhile, a source at Vavuniyaa District Secretariat told TamilNet Monday that it was a premeditated massacre as the military was given instructions by the SL Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to isolate hospitals from civilian access by artillery barrage."

no, it was not the SL Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who wanted to "isolate hospitals from civilian access", it was me!!!

if in doubt check my posts in DW 2 months back! i used the exact phrase, "isolate hospitals from access"!!!!

give credit where it is due, toiletnet.

(for tamil madu supporters only, fortunately for the tigers my suggestion was not implemented.)

ok, another one.

govt should have IMMEDIATELY blamed the LTTE for attacking the hospital. ICRC & UN did NOT mention it was done by SLA, so we had ample chances of blaming the LTTE.

it does NOT matter ICRC & UN would know the truth. they won't reveal it (at least now) bcos they want to stay. no journalist can reveal the truth INDEPENDANTLY either!!

next time, please please blame the tigers for EVERY similar attack. they have a LONG history of barbabric attacks than SLDFs and their past record will grill them.

kavee said...


Two possibilities, for having a group of 30 as a decoy for a flight;

1) effort to pluck VP (tactical withdrawal, by betraying and leaving carders for death)

2) Nadu or Viko to get into the LTTE zone, dragging GoSL into an international conflict. This is the only means left for the LTTE to get India's attention.

Moshe Dyan said...



i watched a documentary on ww2 imperial japan's war strategy. if you look beyond the nitigrities and complexities, LTTE is closely following a similar strategy with necessary changes in the context.

very likely.

kavee said...

There is a possibility of a TN joker to land in the LTTE death zone, either by Air or Sea. It is the task of SLN and SLA to have a watchful eye.

Moshe Dyan said...

and also LTTE may stage a pearl harbour. not so much with planes but black arseholes.

Vajira said...

Chalai earth bunt overrun. Atlast!

Jambudipa said...

kavee, yes good point.

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kavee said...

Wall Street Journel says;

As a child, Ms. Arulpragasam rarely saw her father, Arul Pragasam, who was involved in the Tamil-separatist movement -- though she says he was part of a more political faction than the violent and better-known Tigers

She is trying to do what her father was failing. Good effort trying to sprinkle water to the dying LTTE menace.

Puran Appu said...

Chalai LTTE earth has been over run by 58 and troops consolidating their positions. - Derana

Unconfirmed sources say 55 will link up with 58 within the next 24 hours. Can some one confirm this?

Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa Kokawala said..

I'm not a web savvy. I hope someone can start this.

Sujeewa, some time ago I asked you to contact was regarding a related matter.

We are working on such a site.

Please contact me at . Thx.

Rana said...


We don't know exactly whether black tiger attack and plane landing connected to each other. It is only a speculation. Last week also there was news about a plane leaving from Mulatieu area. SLAF should check all nearby islands that are west to the Jaffna peninsula for landing strips.

boyrocky said...

Puran, Vajira,

the earth bund was infact breached yesterday evening around 7 PM.

i broke the news in the previous thread as well.


"Now who said Chalei captured?"

defencewire himself said so.
but the good news is 55 has just been able to breach the 8 feet tall sand bund between chalai and 55 FDL. chalai to be fall soon. may be within a couple of days depending on the amount of mines buried.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said...

we are now facing the music for not harvesting enough in our previous battles.

Yes, Indeed. This is the penalty of not cutting out pockets of LTTE, surrounding them and taking the cardre. We had chances to do this at Paranthan/Kilinochchi, in the Jaffna Peninsula, at Oddusuddan, and by isolating Mullaitivu.

Instead, we rolled them up into a smaller contiguous area, allowing them to systematically withdraw from the fronts.

Now, we have to pay the price of their gaining refuge among the civilians forming human shields.

DoDo said...

Peelam map updated in


KillerT said...

Check out the updated map at what the 58 div has done to the LTTP pussies.The most unfair division in the SLA has slowly crept up to the coast without anyone knowing.My god these guys are not giving them a single chance.Keep it up boys..

Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa Kokawala said..

I'm not a web savvy. I hope someone can start this.

Sujeewa, some time ago I asked you to contact was regarding a related matter.

We are working on such a site.

Please contact me at . Thx.

Ananda-USA said...


The plane that landed could have brought in a consignment of shoulder-fired Surface-to-Air missiles (SAMs) for use against the Mi-24s & Mig-27 jets and some portable radar jamming equipment.

These could have two purposes:

1. To aid in the subsequent escape by air of LTTE leaders

2. To prevent attacks by air against artillery and motar positions in the remaining confined area where they can be more easily detected when they fire or are moved.

Jambudipa said...

ananda, good point.

kavee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kavee said...

Mathangi Arulpragasam (Oscar and Grammy nominated singer, from Movie “Slumdog Millionaire”) is on heavily discrediting GoSL and our forces. Video

If she wins either Oscar or Grammy, she will be on a rampage tarnishing GoSL, on the limelight on stage, getting instant attention of billions of global viewers live.

Her Farther

Wall Street Journal : As a child, Ms. Arulpragasam rarely saw her father, Arul Pragasam, who was involved in the Tamil-separatist movement -- though she says he was part of a more political faction than the violent and better-known Tigers. SWJ Link

Karunabudhi said...

Lalith said...

Is there any response from Karunanidi about MR's invitation to visit Wanni?

Or is he now NIDI (Sleeping)?

yeah yeah...... im kinda sleeping...... Prabha mata January wala something eka dunneth nehe thawama...... once i get my "something" i'll response..... if prabha gives me more, i can even organize a big protest...... poor tamils


Moshe Dyan said...

dear mr president,

please stop pleading tigers to surrender. by renewing your call to surrender, tigers intepret it as a weakness of SLDFs. this helps boost their low morale.

thank god LTTE didn't give a flying fart about your plea. my worst nightmare is a situ where LTTE cadres are surrendering in large numbers.

mr president, don't take short-cuts. and for god's sake no hitchhikes too!!!!

CASC said...

Lalith's opinion poll.


I am guessing the 58th Division.

I am great fan of Brigadier Shavendra Silva. He is Sri Lanka's equivalent of a General Patton or a General Zukov.

There is fan clubs on Facebook for Brigadier Shavendra Silva, Gen Jagath Dias, and Brigadier Nandana Udawatte.

Upul said...

Any monkey with flash editing knowledge can edit that map to make ltte held territory shrink.

whatever remains of the 35k sla will be wiped out, no question about that now with western air help....

Rover said...

Folks, seems like we cornered the LTTE team and got them using FA-bombs!

අහිංසක said...

Thanks Ogre for your update !

Tripple gem bless you ! our war heroes !

Ananda-USA said...

The Rats are Abandoning the Sinking Ship1

TNA breaks links with LTTE
By Chris Kamalendran

"The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), hitherto sympathetic towards the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is set to undergo major changes with some of the Members of Parliament already in the process of settling in foreign countries and others set to return to their original electoral bases in the north and east to continue moderate politics.

The Sunday Times learns that at least six TNA MPs who have been openly campaigning for the LTTE have settled in London and a few more members in the process of doing so, party sources said.
The members who have settled in London are S. Jeyanandmoorthy, P. Ariyanethiran, Thangeswari Kathiraman (All from the Batticaloa district), Padmini Sithamparanathan and Selvarajah Kajendra (from the Jaffna district) and Vino Noharathalingam (from the Wanni).

All these members had figured prominently in campaigns of the LTTE in European countries with some of them spending more time in foreign countries than in their own electorates, the party sources said.

One of the MPs from the Batticaloa district had visited 16 countries last year, but failed to visit his electorate during the past four years, they said.

However, three of the veteran TNA Parliamentarians, R..Sampanthan, Mavai Senathiraja and K. Thurairathnasingham are re-establishing their positions in the original electoral bases in Trincomalee and Jaffna in a bid to revamp their party activities.

Mr. Sampanthan and Mr. Thurairathanasingham are based in Trincomalee while Mr. Senathiraja is from Jaffna. All of them are members of the moderate Tamil Untied Liberation Front (TULF) which was virtually forced by the LTTE to contest under the TNA at the last parliamentary elections in 2004.

The Sunday Times learns that the government is backing the move for the return of moderate politicians with the aim of restoring political administration in the north, following the military successes.

At present, only the EPDP, which also has its military wing, has a strong base in the north. Last week Mr. Sampanthan told our sister paper Sunday Lankadeepa that the LTTE was not important.

“The LTTE is not important. We are not worried about its victory or defeat. We don’t have any link with the organisation,” he said. In a related development, a hartal campaign called by two TNA MPs in the north and the east to protest over the plight of the civilians in the Wanni on Friday was abandoned suddenly, prompting another TNA MP to make an announcement that the campaign has been cancelled.

The Sunday Times learns that the two TNA MPs who called for the hartal had not consulted the TNA leadership before making the announcement."

Ananda-USA said...


You think LTTE can survive?

Rover said...


"If she wins either Oscar or Grammy, she will be on a rampage tarnishing GoSL, on the limelight on stage, getting instant attention of billions of global viewers live."

Perhaps it is better to let this woman die a natural death (not her personally, but her fame). Let other terrorists try to emulate her and then see what the West thinks then!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Upul said...

// You think LTTE can survive?

Every rightful Eelam Tamil is a Tiger and most Tigers are Tamil.

So thats why Rajapakse pursues genocide on the tamils to destroy the LTTE.

But Tamils in TN aren't silent spectators. They are not stupid to stand by while congress helps the sinhala racists through covert means.

Vajira said...


The radar issue is not relevant at this point of time. We already have the JY-11 3D radar system covering the southern part of Vanni adequately from Minuwangoda.The problem was the SLAF Mi24/35 fleet was not equipped with sufficient radars units to track LTTE aircraft.

Anonymous said...

/ Upul said...

if you don't believe me, this was all reported by mangala samaraweera's defence watch./

Haaaak Hak Hak Haaaaaaaaaa.. I fell down from my chair...

Rover said...


"They are not stupid to stand by while congress helps the sinhala racists through covert means."

Yes, they are not stupid enough to stand by, but smart enough to fall from tall places and land on their heads, while some others make smoke screens to attract the attention of the press...

KillerT said...

I just now saw a plane(of SLAF) closely followed by 2 Mi24s.The 2 Mi24 s were flying extremely low.I could easily identify them.Yesterday also I saw a plane followed by 1 Mi24.but that was flying a higher than 2day.About an hour ago I saw 3 helicopers(As i saw not Mi24,They were black ones) going very close to each other.I live in a city close to CMB.Is there something going one?does someone have anything about this??

Anonymous said...


Actually my question was why UAVs can't find the plane where it is landed (and if it is still there) as area is small to monitor. Anyway thanks for the reply.

Upul said...

thats just feb 4th rehearsals

Veeran said...

TAF is transporting thousands of tigers to bury SLA in viswamedu

Unknown said...

killer t

those may be rehearsals for the independance day celebrations

KillerT said...

ahh i totally forgot about it.It can be rehearsals or transportation for independence day celebs.

Thanks Indika

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