Monday, May 4, 2009

A game of wits and guts

As the Avenues of Approach led by the 53, 58 and TF-8 troops make the treacherous journey north to south along Valairmadam and Vellamullaivaikkaal, the 59 Division, which is the closest Division to the LTTE Leader Prabhakaran's final hideout, seems to be gearing for a surprise.

The recent temporary transfer of Brigadier Prasanna Silva, undoubtedly the best soldier among all the military commanders on the ground, last Friday as the field commander for the 59 Division is a classic case of the Army Commander winning the game of wits and guts over his 'counterpart'.

The 59 Division ended their offensive operations soon after the capture of Mullaitivu Town where they are positioned todate. The coastline from Mullaitivu Town north towards Vellamullaivaikkaal is a challenging terrain.

The Nanthikadal lagoon has to be crossed via the Vattuwaan bridge immediately north of Mullaitivu Town, which is booby trapped. Any attempt to cross this lagoon requires exceptional military genius; one that Prasanna has demonstrated again and again starting from a surprise amphibious assault on Vakarai to the 65km advance from Nagarkovil, via Chalai with very low casualties.

One of the very few, true Special Forces officers available to us (Direct enlistment as a young officer), Brigadier Silva has excelled in the use of 2 and 3 Special Forces units, specially the Combat Divers for sea-borne attacks.

The decision by the Army Commander to hand-over the reigns of the 59 Division comes as no surprise. The LTTE leadership, undoubtedly, is quite weary of this officer, particularly the Sea Tigers, who despite many attempts, were unable to set foot on the 65km coastline Prasanna captured and retains until today.

The move to appoint Brigadier Silva is particularly interesting given recent intelligence reports that the LTTE leadership was planning a daring escape towards the Mullaitivu Jungles, particularly to the Kumburupiddi Jungles north of Trincomalee Town. A platoon from 4 SF has already been deployed in the area as a precaution.

It is thought that Brigadier Prasanna Silva, as the head of the 59 Division, would be the best deterrence against such a move. If the LTTE was indeed planning such a move, it is high time they reconsidered their decision.

Brigadier Silva's little known (publicly) exploits included the coordination of LRRP/LRS operations from Vavuniya when he was a Lt. Colonel. A particularly camera and publicity-shy individual, Prasanna Silva is highly respected by the Special Forces and also by Military Intelligence.

A simple and down-to-earth man, Brigadier Silva often performs his own observations of enemy lines before any major assault and can often be seen making battle preparations under a tree or at some other location from within the battlefield itself. Any other one-star General would consider this unsuitable or unfitting his status.


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lankaputhra said...
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Unknown said...

thanks for the update DR

Mithura said...

DW Thanks, great post as always... How do you see regular troops being deployed for the last battle? Is it special forces all the way, in the uav footage we see a very dense concentration of civilians, how can this b tackled? How can we deal wit the mass cuisied which is predicted? Thanks

Kirigalpoththa said...

Brilliant move!

This man's military maneuvers are legendary!!

KB said...

Can anybody here confirm if fatty is in KMart area or WalMart area? I have heard it both ways, however most accounts say he is in WalMart. If we attack his location first we can fold this thing like the house of cards.


Unknown said...

DW .

Has the 58/55 made it to the karayamullivaikkal area ?
Also has the 59 the moved north already ? . I heard they had cleared the bridge ?

Unknown said...

This very good decision and Good luck to every body!!!!!!!!!.

Unknown said...


The bugger cannot be in the Kmart area , I heard the SLA is already there - but clearing ops going on ?

He is probably in the walmart toilet .

Unknown said...


it is not a surprise unless it has already happened . lol

KB said...

[He is probably in the walmart toilet .]

Ali. old boy, you are probably right. He probably dug his bunker under a public toilet in Walmart area hoping our chaps wouldn't come close due to the smell.


KillerT said...


Pls answer thse Qs.

Is the army in karayamuliwaikkal?

Has 59th started to move forward?

How many sqare KMs are remaining?(approx)

thank you.

PS-Prasanna Silva rox!!

Defencewire said...


Yes the Army has ventured into Karayamullaivaikkaal in small teams but no occupation of this area yet.

59 hasn't made a move yet.

around 5km2 area remains.

Defence Column said...

# LTTE takes heavy beating, troops capture earthbund - Mullaittivu
Link# More arrests in pro-LTTE attack on Indian Army convoy
Link# "Miliband and Kouchner went speechless" when questioned on duplicity treating terrorism, says Al-jazeera
Link# Pirith Sermon to bless country & War heroes
Link# Foreign media taken on a free ride by the LTTE
Link# 'Let the civilians leave', Akashi urges from LTTE

lankaputhra said...

Thanks , and good luck for P Silva.

How many sq.km2 to clear as of now?

why we are not using Navy for ground operations from the sea?

Apino Dannachess said...

Godspeed Brigadier ...and Good luck...

We hope you get the opportunity to make ham and bacon out that fat swine....

lankaputhra said...

Troops advance beyond the Karayamullivaikkal Junction. Northern Humanitarian Operation 4 th May 2009

Colomblogs said...

Having personally known the Brig. Silva, I am agreed to most of the points you noted such as his down to earth and publicity shyness...

However it is not wise to go saying he as the "best commander in ground"..each and every commander contributed in this ops in different ways with diferent difficulties.

And this further shows the SF's bold decision making. He moves the assets nicely and surprisingly to balance the libailities..

It is very likely, LTTE has to face a massive multiple frontal (including sea) attack. If it success, they may not have time even to send SOS to the TN

Defence Column said...

# Reference to Thissanayagam
Link# End game
Link# Tamil Tigers 'putting 11-year-old girls on the front line'
Link# Sri Lanka presses offensive against rebels
Link# British MPs start Sri Lanka visit
Link# Bitter at West, Sri Lanka looks East for support

Unknown said...

"However it is not wise to go saying he as the "best commander in ground"..each and every commander contributed in this ops in different ways with diferent difficulties."

I too am fully with this view...

KillerT said...

Thank Dw bro/Sir.Thank you very much

Defence Column said...

# Sri Lanka rebels suffer 'heavily'
Link# Choices - Ideas to win the war: Sri Lanka's Main Line Railway
Link# Maximise the use of artillery, air assets to finish off Tigers
Link# We did not circulate the document- UN Colombo
Link# Lanka hails Indian medical aid
Link# Be more creative to build a great Nation- Chief Justice

dhanushka said...


Daya Master had mentioned that LTTE has another aircraft.. any news on this ?

Thanks and thank for all the great updates.

LRRU said...

Whatever the Manuer may be all I can say is that we should finish the game by 16th

My Cousine in Mumbai said that Vaiko's support is neccessary this time to form a government; and definetely a Ceasfire whatever comes to power or even military intervention is possible if BJP comes to power

Best thing to do is forget about Prabha & clear as much as possible area under them & Fortify areas we hold now so we could even face an Indian intervention

Also it's advisable to have a deal with china & pakistan for a possible military pact if india unneccssarily intervene into our internal problem

Or go for a ceasfire & during the ceasfire assisnate Prbha & Pottu

CASC said...

Humility is a sign of greatness and Brgadier Prasanna Silva seems to epitomize that trait. According to the Nation, he shares the same tent as ordinary soldiers, eats the same food and shares the same facilities. In fact, Nation said that his tent is called "Samajawadi Kadaura" by soldiers. Another sign of greatness is the ability to empathize with ordinary soldiers and to inspire them to go to the ends of the earth risking their life and limb. The fact that Brigadier Prasann Silva has achieved what he has achieved with minimal casualties says it all. The late General Denzil Kobbekadua was another soldiers' soldier who stayed among ordinary soldiers and inspired them to do heroic deeds.
General Kobbekaduwa was never liked by his peers and politicians who were envious of his popularity but he was loved by the ordinary soldiers.

This is not to say that Brigandier Shavendra Silva, another tactical genius, is not one of our great soldiers. Brgadier Shavendra Silva, who is of a different mould, is definitely of our best commanders too. Tamil eelam would not have been reduced to 5 sq Kms if not for the likes of Bridagier Shavendra Silva and Brigadier Prasanna Silva.

Defence Column said...

# Southern medical personnel volunteer in the North
Link# Poster campaign against visiting British delegation
Link# More benefits to pensioners of armed forces personnel
Link# Basil visits Pulmoddai Indian army hospital with Indian HC
Link# Sri Lanka: Is the International Community really concerned about civilians caught in the war?
Link# Jabberwocky Hillary Clinton hallucinatory about Tiger terror

Fonseka 2010 said...


this is a good eulogy for Prasanna Silva

Buster said...

MULLAITTIVU: TROOPS who pierced a section of another LTTE earth bund in the stretch of land between the A-35 road and the NANTHIKADAL lagoon on Sunday (3) expanded their advance by another 250 metres as dusk fell on Monday (4) while closing in on KARAYANMULLIVAIKKAI.

53 Division troops commanded by Major General Kamal Gunarathna after tactfully overcoming LTTE resistance, later found four LTTE motorbikes, four T-56 weapons, two T-81 weapons, two GPS, two compasses, one tractor engine, 45 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 1900 machine gun ammunition rounds, one Canon still camera, twenty-four personal diaries, forty machine gun rounds and a few more LTTE items from the newly captured areas.

Unknown said...

Great article as always and great decsion by the army commander.... We have great deal of faith with Brgd Prasanna...

Defence Column said...

# What next in Sri Lanka after LTTE defeat?
Link# Daya Master to Parliament?
Link# Who Lost Paradise?
Link# Des Browne makes first visit to Sri Lanka since dispute with leaders
Link# LTTE has another aircraft, Daya Master reveals
Link# Tamil asylum seekers can stay in Britain after threatening to commit suicide if deported

onecountry said...

This is from

"A few soldiers sustained injuries in the fighting around west of VELLAMULLAVAIKKAL were evacuated for medical treatment. "

Looks like army is in vellamullavaikkal already.

onecountry said...

What is west of VellaMullaviakkal? I thought west of that is the lagoon itself.

Sam Perera said...


"Humility is a sign of greatness and Brgadier Prasanna Silva seems to epitomize that trait. According to the Nation, he shares the same tent as ordinary soldiers, eats the same food and shares the same facilities. In fact, Nation said that his tent is called "Samajawadi Kadaura" by soldiers. Another sign of greatness is the ability to empathize with ordinary soldiers and to inspire them to go to the ends of the earth risking their life and limb. The fact that Brigadier Prasann Silva has achieved what he has achieved with minimal casualties says it all."

This is some great practice I see mostly in the new world, and we most certainly should adopt. We should give the opportunity to NC ranks to go for officer ranks after necessary training and exams. Without saying too much, this openness should be applicable to all the professions, engineers, doctors etc. The hope of a better tomorrow will keep us going long long ways when we remove these artificial barriers and give recognition to talent and dedication. Our country's system is naturally structured after the Brits and it is out dated.


Back to defence, do we really have to announce that there is plan from 59. Couldn't we do this with much discretion without all public announcements?

Defence Column said...

# 'India did not seek ceasefire'
Link# The Economic Key to Sri Lankan Peace
Link# Sri Lankan crisis
Link# Sri Lanka's other Tamils
Link# FM expects visit of Canadian Minister to strengthen bilateral ties
Link# Foreign Ministry denies news report

LRRU said...

Guys; pls share some light ....what would happen if war doesn't get over by 16th????

If india press for a ceasfire what should we do???

If india Militarily intervene what should we do????

Being Nobody said...
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Political Observer said...

Good move, Gen. F.

The sea option has to be used against the LTTE, both visibly and with stealth, and there are three obvious sides to get the LTTE from. It would then allow the Northern and Northwestern fronts some relief, as the LTTE would be forced to defend an area that is not a NFZ, that is the area just north of the bridge.

The LTTE will blow up the bride if the SLA go after it directly, unless there is away to remove the charges. It is likely connected via wire and remote control, and likely with redundant systems. So it will not be easy at all. I would suggest that it be left alone, as something the LTTE needs to worry about.

The three sea and lagoon beaches offer more opportunity. I also hope the landing craft will feature, as anything that stretches the LTTE lines is good.

I wish the Brigadier good luck.


p.s. There is nothing here that is not obvious DW. So, if you all must delete anything just remove what your group thinks is risky.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

The best option is to aerial bomb the area covering 10- 30 meters off the head of the bridge, without making any direct impact to the bridge.

It will certainly neautralize any none-remote control devices/wires attached to the bridge.

Then use signal jammers to neautralize wireless detonations.

Send special forces to the other side of bridge to secure and neutralize any explosives after doing all the above.

BlackPanther said...

I am sure the sea and land escape routes are secure. Is it the same with the lagoon.

Sri Lanka travel info said...

BJP not for sending Indian army to Lanka

The BJP today said it would not favour sending the Indian army to Sri Lanka to create'Eelam', a separate state for Tamils of the island as proposed by AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa.

"We do not favour sending army to Sri Lanka since we had a bad experience earlier (reference to IPKF in 1987). What we want is a permanent solution to the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka in a democratic way", BJP senior leader M Venkaiah Naidu told reporters here.

He was responding to questions on recent assertions by Jayalalithaa that formation of Tamil Eelam was the solution to end the ethnic strife and she would ensure deployment of Indian army in the island for this purpose if a favourable government assumes power at the Centre after Lok Sabha polls.

Naidu said that at this juncture, people especially Tamils, who were affected due by the war in Sri Lanka, have to be rehabilitated." More than one lakh people are suffering without getting food and medicine", he said.

He alleged the Sri Lankan government was not allowing the international media and other agencies to report on the ground situation in the war zone.

Naidu also alleged the DMK government had failed to put pressure on the Centre to prevail upon the Lankan government to bring about an immediate ceasefire there. (PTI)

Gringo said...
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Gringo said...

[NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka's beleaguered Tamil Tiger guerrillas on Monday urged Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to facilitate a ceasefire in
the island nation.

The appeal was made in a telephonic conversation between Ravi Shankar and B. Nadesan, chief of the political wing of the Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Nadesan said thousands of people "are suffering due to an acute shortage of food and medical facilities" in the narrow strip of land still held by the LTTE.

He said that the LTTE was "ready for peace and requested Ravi Shankar to do the needful to facilitate a ceasefire".

The LTTE plea came as the Sri Lankan military said it had confided the LTTE to an area less than five square kilometers on the coast of Mullaitivu district]

Nadesan dialled the wrong number.

He has to dial Obama... He's the man to bomb the Sri Lankans into submission and create that 'all - Tamil' PEFERCT paradise on earth called Tamil Elaam.

See... even Human Rights Watch suggests that:

[The current government is unlikely to take up these initiatives on its own. The United States and other concerned states have an important role to play in Sri Lanka's future. Otherwise the bloody fighting on the sandy strip will not be marking the end of the current war, but sowing the seeds of the next one.

Sri Lankans must be doing EVERYTHING right... in order to see this 'respectful' musings.

Being Nobody said...

Always had this feeling that Chagi G was under utilized. A welcome move and a timely one too.

DW, what's Nandana Udawatta's role now?

Puffy said...

MAN! that's a damn good article... anything about the 'Special Forces' rockz! I'm a BIG fan of Brgd. Prasanna Silva. If Im not mistaken, he is a 'Combat Diver' himself...

Almost all the guys in the SF worship PS. Infact, they love him more than they love the General... if you have the luck of talking to any SF Trooper, you will know what I mean ;-)

PS is the most suited commander to handle the terrain 59 is now faced with... remember the famous 'theappam' use and MBRL direct roll during chalai battle? ;-)

VP must be pissing in his pants now!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Thanks DW - Ela Kiri

I am pretty sure Prasanna will do the job... but still need support from everyone.

Always have a back up plan.

The Best is always the Best - let Roll Prasanna

Pottu said...

Soon Nadesan is going to ask the Fantastic Four to rescue the LTTE.

Gringo said...


We are getting HOT.... HOTTER... and.... and....

he... he... he...

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

I'm also very happy about the move by SF, regarding Prasanna. Prasanna and Shavendra, my personnal favorites. But respect all other contributors as well. As one said evryone has it's own styles/ways, and that is the best I saw in this phase of the war. So, no guessing what will each division do next. After all, what we know about his men than the great master Sarath Fonseka. LOL :)

May triple gem bless them all...

Sri Lanka travel info said...

LTTE and the Wanni Dogs...

follow the clip up to 00.51 sec

Rana said...

After two weeks, some good news!

Thanks DW.

Colomblogs said...
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Colomblogs said...

Gringo said...
Regd. Wasington Times Article

Guyz anyone is USA, pl. try to contact Washington Times and explain that There are no Fishing boats allowed in that stretch of the Sea near NFZ. This restriction was there for some time.
- So it is likely that when they can't go fishing, they can’t sell fish too. Unless Sweden sent some Salmon

- If they can sell fish mean there is a productive environment in NFZ for small business. Which means nothing to worry by IC and India?

If anyone meets Vartharaja, pl. asks him which one is the truth? Because it is impossible to believe a NFZ as a death zone and also as a beach front fish market.

KB said...

A delegation of five British lawmakers also arrived for a two-day visit that would include meetings with officials, the opposition, aid groups and a trip to the displacement camps in the north.

The delegation includes a former defense secretary, Des Browne, who was named in February as Britain's special envoy to Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanka rejected his appointment, underscoring its refusal to bow to foreign pressure on the war.

Bugger! Pommie bastards, Frog-eaters, Canucks, Krauts, Wops, Wogs, on and on, all lining up to pay homage to mighty Lankan leader. They come with the humble request to spare their little pet the 'Fatty'. But the mighty leader of blessed Lanka brushes them off like the annoying bugs that they are.


Achi said...

We need to deploy army or CD along the beach where we suspect VP might land if he manages to escape from NFZ.

Achi said...

And I dont think VP can survive in jungles without luxary bunkers as he used to have, when we consider he is a diabetic patient.Simple wound can be life threatning without proper medications.

truthseeker said...


MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

I love that guy Dayan Jayathileke:

He observes: "The civilian population of Cambodia was not saved by a humanitarian operation, but through the intervention of an army."

Thusitha said...

There is also the very dubious role of the church in this entire affair. It is a curious coincidence that most of the top cadres of the LTTE are Christians (examples Prabhakaran, a Methodist despite the Hindu name, Anton Balasingham and the suicide-bomber Dhanu). Many of the top non-Christians, curiously, have been captured and swallowed cyanide, have died in battle, or been liquidated by the LTTE itself. It is entirely possible that this had a role in Karuna's defection as well. And the LTTE has ruthlessly wiped out all other groups -- of which there were many -- representing the Tamil cause.

People are pushing the Christian Angle of the LTTE Terrorism. We should push this angle as well. If we push this angle we can attack the west by saying they are trying to save their beloved Christian Son. I am not trying to create a religious divide here, rather trying to use what ever propaganda we can use to attack the Western MFs. Some where I saw a statement "Ever Muslim is not a Terrorist, but every Terrorist is a Muslim). Now we can add to that "Every Chritian is not a Terrorist, but most of the Ruthless ones are Christians". No offence against Christians, but let us use this line of argument to attack the west. Yeah, we should try our best to tie the West, Christians and the Top LTTE leaders. I am sure lot of people from the West does not know this MF is a Christian. They would be very surprised and ashamed to hear that the killing machine is a Christian. The next point is Tamil Christians don't give a Tamil Hindus, hence the utter disregard to the Civilian Casualties in the NFZ.

Anonymous said...

Selvi - LTTE HR spokesperson surrendered to SLA.. HIKZ.. should be 'fun'..

Rana said...

(May 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) An air defence rehearsal is currently underway along the north western coastal area up to Colombo, an Air Force spokesman Janaka Nanayakkara said.

A low flying air craft could be observed during that period.
This may be little too late! However, it is better than doing nothing.

KB said...

[Selvi - LTTE HR spokesperson surrendered to SLA]

Bugger! I remember this shameless tart pontificating about human rights while her swine buddies were slaughtering innocent civilians left and right. What's the bet now she says she never liked fatty and the gang?


Infinity said...

An amphibious landing could more quickly end the war but seems like a huge gamble. Those who have seen the move "Saving Private Ryan" may have some idea of dangers. I guess landing now would be even more difficult. Not a long coast to guard, open terrain, no army bunkers or trenchlines, mines, LTTE artillery already targeted exactly, KTTE earth bunds, suicide bombers, suicide boats, civilians preventing use of bombers and artillery, civilians running to the beach and blocking roads, etc. Could be a bloodbath if anything goes wrong.

Gringo said...

[COLOMBO: Tamil United National Front (TULF) leader V. Anandasangaree, in a letter addressed to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has suggested that an international agency acceptable to the government be selected to visit Wanni and persuade the LTTE to allow innocent people to go free, with an offer of general amnesty to LTTE cadre who surrender with arms.


Sangaree... don't be a party pooper and ruin your name and our party. Your job is to play along with us.

Our victory cannot be diluted now. Not you... not IC, not UN... not anyone.

We want a clear, square and fair FULL VICTORY... and nothing but FULL VICTORY... no matter what. Our champagne in this auspicious hour is red hot blood of Velu + Tamil terrorists.

Nope... we are not allowing a third party to boast later... that they created OUR peace. What is their price? Are they coming in FREE? We are not stupid.

Always remember... Sri Lankans are a most peaceful, harmless, accommodating, happy and tolerant folks... We were STRONG ENOUGH not only to absorb 25+ years of beatings by the most extreme terrorists.... but also to pound the daylight out of those award winning Tamil terrorists, now begging to be rescued.

So, please... Don't take our tolerance for granted.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

My comment on an excellent article by
Raj Gonsalkorala
A well balanced article by Raj as usual. The writer asks sinhalas to do soul-searching. I can speak for myself.

As a boy I was ashamed if I heard ridiculing or villification of Tamils. Today you see very little if any of this.

I was ashamed that there were Sri Lankan Tamil residents without citizenship. This has been corrected.

I was sympathetic to the Tamil language. This has acquired official status.

I was ashamed most of all for the assaults on innocent Tamils. This has not happened since 1983.

I was taught to blame SWRD for all the tension between Sinhala and Tamils. Or JRJ for going on marches. Or Dudley for reneging on agreement with SJV.

I asked Tamil friends to consider that we are of the same blood. I was answered that they were from aristocratic background of South India (I don't know what that made me).

Years later after having decided that it is better to give Tamils half the country (or at least Jaffna) if they really believe themselves to be different, I realised one day that they are my people too when my heart spontaneously ached hearing about child-abductions. Then I resolved that we should free our people. They have now been largely freed.

In the meantime I have read a bit more history:

Eelam call came in 1919-20.
Universal Franchise opposed in the 1920's by Tamil leaders.
50-50 proposed (meant 50% seats to minorities and 50% for open election -i.e. sinhala+any minority candidates) in the 1940's
Tamil State party founded in late 1940's which proposed separate Eelam in 1955.
SWRD brings in native languages act to oust English. This is in line with linguistic regions proposed by Nheru in the same year.
SJV and Sunderalingam (among others) oppose Native Languages Act in conjunction with the Social Disabilities Act (including reasonable use of Tamil)and persuade SWRD to include reservation of arable land in the East to Tamil speakers (in the guise of opposing "colonisation" by Sinhalas- How do you colonise one's own country?)

JRJ marches to prevent the agreement between SWRD and SJV (saves the earlier onset of Eelam).

Federal Party members threaten to walk out (in the 1960's) if Tamil children are not segregated from sinhala children (Tamil kids in the south were attending sinhala-medium schools).

Temple entry riots in Jaffna+ recognition of Tamilnadu state (1968)

Vaddakkodai Resolution 1976.

The list goes on from here on.

Reading these truths has made me angry. Angry that I have foolishly believed propaganda villifying Sinhala people and Sinhala leaders. The duplicity of Tamil leaders and their aim (along with some English speaking Sinhalas) to maintain the elitist position they (the Vellalar Christians) had in the Colonial Ceylon became evident.

The time to ask the sinhalas to soul search is over. We have been soul searching since 1956 when we were asked to be ashamed of learning in our mother tongue and for expecting the language of the land to be sinhala. We have compromised and compromised to the point that one president was willing to give 10 years unfettered dominance over the north and east to a terrorist leader.

Well, guys like me who would have gone along with all that at one time, have had enough. Especially, living in foreign countries, we can see more clearly now the injustices that have been perpetrated on all Sri Lankans in the name of pleasing one minority.

Well those days are over. It is time that Sri Lanka became one country for all Sri Lankans. All citizens should be able to go anywhere, live any place and be treated equally by any official in this fare land whether they are Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Gay, Hetero, Male, Female or Transsexual. In a country which does not recognise divisions such as Goyigama, Karawa, Salagama etc. A country which no longer needs to practice affirmative action as sufficient numbers from all walks of life have access to education and opportunities. A country where there is no discriminatory laws such as Thesavallamai restricting land holding by people labelled low caste.

SL ASSHOLE said...


I told those LTTE boys that one day I would tell the world what they were doing,” Manjula (name changed) a distraught Tamil woman in her 50s told The New Indian Express. Having escaped from the No-Fire Zone last Thursday, she witnessed the LTTE’s capture of some 600 teenagers who were hiding in a Vailagnarmadam church last month.

“People had gathered there to hide from the army shelling, and also from the Tigers who were trying to recruit youngsters. But one day the Tigers arrived in 12 vehicles, firing their guns in the air, and forcibly took away around 600 girls and boys who had been hiding in the church. They were screaming and crying, but we were helpless,” she said.

“I have lived in both Jaffna and the Wanni. The Tigers have never behaved like this. But in the past few months they have beaten people and fired at them even as they were escaping,” she said. “Imagine the pain of mothers who have given their children up to the Tigers in recent times.”

However, Manjula says she saw some of the captured teenagers again. “When people moved towards army-controlled areas after April 19, I saw several of those youngsters. The Tigers weren’t able to control so many of them, so several slipped away, the boys tonsured, the girls covering their heads to hide their chopped locks. They merged with the masses escaping the NFZ,” she said.

Several Tamils still admire the LTTE. “Prabhakaran is the only man who stood up for us. Only he is willing to lay down his life for this cause,” an elderly Tamil said.

There is praise for the Tigers’ administrative and fighting skills. “They had everything when they were running the northern areas of Sri Lanka — schools, hospitals, post offices, even a Meteorological department!” one Tamil from Jaffna exclaimed.

He added that the Sri Lankan government had even taken a page from the LTTE’s book by “naming streets after soldiers, caring for the soldiers’ families, and even using the Tigers’ military tactics.”
Several Tamils also defend the LTTE’s raison d’etre. Killing rival Tamil leaders, assassinating politicians and telling Tamils to boycott the presidential elections are mistakes made by the LTTE, but “they didn’t start out this way,” is a common refrain.

Even Manjula, who witnessed the Tigers’ worst during four months in the NFZ, said there were also acts of kindness towards civilians trapped in the NFZ. “The food ship hadn’t come in for one month and people had nothing to eat. The Tigers prepared ragi kanji (porridge) for us,” she said.

“Every day you saw queues for the ‘kanji’. They also gave families passes to leave by the Red Cross ship even if only one member was injured.” “And you know what? They will never catch Prabhakaran,” she says, an element of pride peeking out from beneath her anger at the LTTE chief.

Defence Column said...

# Endgame
Link# Govt. seeks aid for IDPs
Link# Crack down on Tiger groups
Link# Taliban hold villagers as human shields
Link# Tigers 'conscripting children to fight Lankan army'
Link# Lanka must re-brand post conflict- Envoy

SL ASSHOLE said...

Chemical weapons used by Sri Lanka against Tamil civilians in no fire zone

Chemical weapons used by Sri Lanka against Tamil civilians in no fire zone


Colomblogs said...

With immediate effect President must appoint a New Minister as "Minister for Foreign Delegates to Wanni".

Mervyn is a front runner for this post.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Buddhist Mobs Attack Churches in Sri Lanka

Buddhist mobs have attacked several churches in Sri Lanka, threatening to kill a pastor and ransacking a 150-year-old Methodist church building in the capital. Four Buddhist extremists approached the home of pastor Pradeep Kumara, calling for him to come out and threatening to kill him. The pastor said his wife, at home alone with their two children, phoned him immediately but by the time he returned the men had left. Half an hour later, Kumar said, the leader of the group phoned him and again threatened to kill him if he did not leave the village by the following morning.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Why not ask your Hindu blood sucker Govt to lay down arms and surrender? You think Tamils are you sub-servient and slaves. They should do what you order. I salute the Tamils, for their pride and self-respect. I am not a Tamil nor from TN, but I have seen the suffering of Tamils for over a decade. Ask your Hindu blood-scking Govt to stop drinking more Hind bloods. You shall pay heavy price of it. We Hindus shall not tolerate the butchering of our fellow brethens. The world has wake up to the barbarity of Sl govt. Its matter of time, world will recignise a Tamil nation, You can't keep it together any longer

SL ASSHOLE said...

Is Srilanka a democratic nation?This is the most corrupted family run business with the mad Gothabaya killing everyone bringing the truth out.Karuna,Douglas and other murderers are the ministers.Srilankan cabinet is the Largest in the world with many of the ministers have no portfolio.

Defence Column said...

# Effectiveness of Indian Coast Guard questioned
Link# We did not circulate document- UN Colombo
Link# BJP not for sending Indian army to Lanka
Link# Moves to destabilise the East says TMVP
Link# President summons parties: TNA rejects
Link# Business Community should condemn foreign intervention: Rajabdeen

SL ASSHOLE said...


I am a singhalese - I think our gvt did enough bad things to tamils in the name fo fighting terrorism. If tamils were treated equally to singalese why would tamils support the LTTE ? Tamil people were the most affected by war even by Tsunami but unfortunately our singhala leaders disapointed a lot of tamils by not helping them to reseltle and to find a fair solution for them. If our gvt is against the terrorism , what Kanura and PIlliyan are doing in gvt positions ? They are the least popular tamil leaders in Sri lanka , why do the gvt brings those criminal into power when there are so many true tamil politicians are there. Everything is doggy- this gvt is making people more and more extremists - only future will tell the true of everything

SL ASSHOLE said...

The logic of terrorism arises from the logic of a state to build in in its constitution mandates and effective institutions to take care of the rights and freedoms of ALL sections of its subjects. Hence terrorism is sought to be justified when a state has no such mandates or fails to translate them into reality. In the case of the ongoing Sri Lankan horror, what started as terrorism with the failure of state due to arrogant politicians to ensure justice with dignity for the Tamils, is now being the prospect of being continued due to the support from large Tamil sections even from outside Sri Lanka, even if the LTTE is wiped out.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Recent reports indicate the Sri Lankan army has begun using chemical weapons against highly congested civilian areas within the no fire zone. With just 11 days left before the Indian elections conclude, Sri Lanka is under intense pressure to finish off the war or face a possible Indian intervention after the elections. In response, Sri Lanka has been transporting large numbers of gas masks to the front lines, and has begun deploying chemical weapons through artillery.

Chemical weapons were extensively used around April 1st, during a siege on Anandapuram, but after that attack, the government returned to using standard explosive munitions. This week's return to using chemical weapons appears to be in response to a failed amphibious assault carried out by the Sri Lankan navy in which there are rumors that LTTE submarines may have intercepted troop transport vehicles attempting to land in the no fire zone.

Pandula said...

SL ASS, please rename yourself to eeelam ass (even when you pronounce you look like a donkey with that wide open mouth)

ok, that is enough about your handle.

but, seriously what do you guys smoking these days ?

Defence Column said...

# CM fast turned out to be damp squib: Jayalalithaa
Link# Ottawa Gives $3 million in Aid to Lanka
Link# Lanka fighting a tough and difficult enemy- Russia
Link# UN concerned at ongoing military operations
Link# Sri Sri asked to mediate for ceasefire
Link# Canada won’t support LTTE It will continue assistance to Sri Lanka:

Matara Peramuna said...

SL ...hole,

You are really an Asshole. You don't deserve to live in SL if you think SL is not democratic. If you live out side then why you worry about SL. Anyway, your dream peelam is only a mirage. What ever you say or try won't help to prevent the Murderer (Tamil Traitor) stepping into the hell. So go and hang your self.

Hiranthe said...

DW, thanks for the update and we can be now bit feel comfortable since the Fat pig Sun Goat can not escape to the Jungle

Pandula said...

Luck follows the brave !!

but, We are truly lucky to have you leaders.

I wish can sit beside them and lean something.

Anonymous said...

/With immediate effect President must appoint a New Minister as "Minister for Foreign Delegates to Wanni"./

wow.. how come MR missed this so far..?

SL ASSHOLE said...

You racist sinhalese will say anything hide you countrys war crimes. there will be investigation into all the killings the criminals will be executed one way or another.

Your failed state is being expossed all over the world.You son's of monther bitch lanka are going to payfor all this with more war and destruction.

Defence Column said...

# A friend in need
Link# Reining the NGOs, INGOs
Link# A river for Jaffna – the Arumugam Plan
Link# Who is afraid of the Diaspora?
Link# 'TNA MP will also be rescued'
Link# Top Tigress spills the beans

Rana said...


No point of having any sort of conversation with this arsehole! Save your time and effort. This type of arseholes are learned it by the hard way. White vans and unnamed grave yards are meant for these scum’s.

Moshe Dyan said...


look at thai-thamilelam (mother tamil elam). she is screwed in all holes by massive 152mm arti. all those are infested with maggots like you creeping. call it war crimes or whatever you will, but we cannot stop our fun.

Anonymous said...

Suresh AKA SLasshole,

Its understood the monkey frustration.. what about some hunger strike or self immolation..? SL may get some more aid..

(Ottawa Gives $3 million in Aid to Lanka - news)

Vey successful monkey protests. HIKZ..

Moshe Dyan said...


ASS (ananda singari) is a tamil elamist. have no doubt. tamil elam is the problem NOT the LTTE. LTTE is only one manifestation of it. of course he is peaceful which is good.

MR knows that and handles him accordingly. all hell will break lose when ASS is forced to team up with the EPDP and SLFP for elections in the north!!!! the tiger cat will jump out the bag then.

MasterOfAll said...

Hi All,

PLEASE READ THIS..especially Tamil Diaspora who support LTTE.


Defence Column said...

# ‘Suicide attacks won’t halt final push’
Link# Troops close in on Prabhakaran
Link# Political kryptonite : The Tamil Tiger flag has become a source of national discomfort
Link# Saving Private Prabha
Link# How UK can help SL
Link# Mr Miliband Prevaricates

Moshe Dyan said...


i'm increasingly facinated by your strategy of filling up part of the lagoon or pumping out water after closing the opening.

it sounds like a herculion task, but getting the NFZ is also one of them!!

Moshe Dyan said...


that is a fantastic comparison!!

had the vietnamese army NOT used violence against polpot, bugger would have killed even more!!

this has a double benefit for us.

1. it equated vezapillai to polpot - a very well known maniac monster

2. it justifies that ONLY military power can save civilians.

Damith S. said...

hey guys, check out this link,

think its done by some of Prasannas relatives.

Defence Column said...

# Sri Lanka expects the visit of Canadian Minister would strengthen bilateral ties
Link# Sri Lankan Government gave special protection to M.I.A.’s father against LTTE!
Link# LTTE asks Ravi Shankar to facilitate ceasefire
Link# UK MPs meet Sri Lankan leadership
Link# Over 3000MT food 'delivered'
Link# Sri Lanka rejects Canadian call for a truce

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Don't use fire-power -

SLN vs pusea tigers
Also note above site... how Norwegian Navy cunningly supporting pussycats.

They are more concern than us..unbelievable - Sakkili suddas.

Sam Perera said...



i'm increasingly facinated by your strategy of filling up part of the lagoon or pumping out water after closing the opening.

it sounds like a herculion task, but getting the NFZ is also one of them!!"
It is not a Herculean task at all for the Challai Lagoon. This will not dry up the lagoon but reduce the water levels. Basically, we pump the water our at a higher rate than the input rate. In the time we had Puthumathalan NFZ, 55 had the access to almost all of the openings and 58 had partial access to Nanthikadal inlet/outlet, which is partially blocked. If we tried it, we could have lowered the water level by several decimeters making it easy for civilins to escape. Instead of a few paths, they could have had thousands. Any way, it is a done deal.

When it comes to Nanthikadal, the job is much tougher since it is very deep in certain areas and we don't have the full access to the inlet. Lowering water level by a few decimeters may not be useful for civilians to walk across.

Nevertheless, we have mobile pumps large enough to empty these reservoirs if they is no inflow at all.

Defence Column said...

# Foreign journalists indulging in malicious reporting: Army
Link# Jayalalithaa gets anonymous threat letter
Link# Canada ups aid to Sri Lanka by $3M
Link# Senior rebel killed in fighting with Sri Lanka troops
Link# Rajapaksa for political solution to ethnic Tamils issue
Link# LTTE 'will not be finished', says Ramadoss

Ananda-USA said...

MayilRavana said...

[ Well those days are over. It is time that Sri Lanka became one country for all Sri Lankans. All citizens should be able to go anywhere, live any place and be treated equally by any official in this fare land...]

Bravo, Brother! Well said!

I became the ANGRIEST when it became clear to me, two decades ago, that self-serving political leaders were leading Sri Lanka to its destruction by their INABILITY to THINK CLEARLY & REFUTE devious arguments of others.


SWALLOWED by hook, line and sinker the propaganda of the Tamil Separatists


BRAINWASHED our people that we have DONE TERRIBLE WRONGS to Tamils

DISCOURAGED our people and Armed Forces into thinking there is NO MILITARY SOLUTION to violent separatist terrorism

WITHHELD the means necessary to win this war from the Defense Forces


CLEARLY, aristocratic descent alone does not embody the necessary PERSONAL QUALITIES. The son or the daughter may not have the leadership qualities of the great father or the mother. Buffoons and Bunglers should be recognized and set aside early.

As in the case of NAPOLEON himself, and the NAPOLEONIC FRANCE he created and survives to this day, MERIT and ABILITY must be the basis for the SELECTION OF LEADERS in SRI LANKA... irrespective of their birth and social status.

My ANGER is directed AT THE LEADERS who MISLED OUR PEOPLE and FAILED TO DEFEND our COUNTRY and our PEOPLE in the recent know who they are!


Nilambare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the intersting pix.

pusea tigers!! lol!

basically SLN has multiple roles.
1. troop transport
2. military cargo trans.
3. humanitarian cargo trans.
4. hunt illegal fishing/immigration/entry/exit
5. save distressed vessels
6. attack terrorists
7. patrol seas and land
8. evacuate civilians
9. provide protection for ships
10. safeguard ports, etc.

pusea tigers only 2 easy tasks.

1. terrorism
2. escape

SLN + SLAF + SLA strategy towards pusea tigers should be to,

1. TOTALLY destroy pusea tiger infrastructure.

2. have enough capacity to handle anything remaining.

in the sea the harvest strategy should change a bit to focus on EQUIPMENT than CADRES. TOTAL destruction of pusea tiger infrastructure/equipment is the way NOT harvesting.leave harvesting to ground battles.

Nilambare said...

Ananda-USA and MayilRavana


Well said. We need to keep arguing against mono-ethnic, race-based regions/states. That does not work. And should not work.

EVERY Sri Lankan must be able to live, work, study and do whatever they want anywhere in the country without any problem. These LTTP coolies' claim for a separate state should be vehemently opposed.

We need to promote 'Sri Lankan' identity above anything else. Differences based on ethnicity, religion etc are private matters and are best left at that.

I keep saying it is they who have to come up with a LIST which says what opportunities that they currently do not have that are available only to the majority. That's the challenge for them. This political 'solution' should be about that. Let's see first what is on the list.

We can't have the pendulum swinging just one way.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

DW said..

[ The Nanthikadal lagoon has to be crossed via the Vattuwaan bridge immediately north of Mullaitivu Town, which is booby trapped. ]

Why are we agonizing over the capture of the Vattuwaan bridge from Mullaitivu North to NFZ South, that has been rigged for demolition?

Instead, we should launch an assault in many speed boats across the canal (few minutes transit time, perhaps at night) with MBTs and MiG-24 helicopters providing cover fire from across the canal or the air, to suppress any artillery, RPG, HMG, or cannon fire directed against the assault boats. A path can be cleared of mines across the landing zone just before the assault by directing an artillery barrage at it. By now, we have LARGE NUMBERS of disposable captured LTTE boats to use for this purpose and as pontoons (see below).

In case the bridge is blown by the LTTE, or its NFZ-end is too heavily defended preventing access, preparations must be made to install a temporary "Bailey Bridge" at some point across the canal away from defended areas. Such a bridge can be installed within a few hours using floating barge-pontoons to support modular portable bridge sections.

Moshe Dyan said...


"We can't have the pendulum swinging just one way."

but we MUST have the clock moving ONLY IN ONE direction!! - clock-wise.

1. equal rights to all citizens (which is already given). remove obstacles.

2. ethnic integration ESPECIALLY in war ravaged areas.

3. SL rulers must be aware of the "EXCUSE CREATING" syndrome of tamil elamists and have to do things accordingly.

e.g. (an extreme example to drive the point home).

instead of standardisation taking a district approach, it should have rather taken a ethnic groups approach. like how premadasa planned to give govt jobs - on ethnic population % basis.

had this been done, no fcuking bastard could have shouted against standardisation as a 'root cause' of the war (which is BS).

the reality is that was NOT a root cause. even after standardisation tamil students have a MUCH HIGHER chance of studying at uni than muslims and sinhalas. but what matters is the "EXCUSE CREATING" syndrome. STILL, EVEN AFTER knowing this, some idiots hold that view.

so what matters MOST is a FOOL PROOF, TRANSPARENT justification that fairness is maintained. actual fairness DOES NOT matter so much.

in future SL leaders MUST take this into account whenever they do something. bcos strengthening SL, developing SL is DIRECTLY against the interests of tamil elam.

the GOLDEN RULE - tamil elam & sri lanka: one MUST die for the other to survive

Nihara said...

Guys, LTTE sympathisers have started a mud slinging campaign against Sri Lankan government & the Buddhist community to attract international community’s attention.
This is another tactic used by LTTE as there no other hope for them…
Please see the following link:

Thusitha said...

Nihara said...
Guys, LTTE sympathisers have started a mud slinging campaign against Sri Lankan government & the Buddhist community to attract international community’s attention.
This is another tactic used by LTTE as there no other hope for them…
Please see the following link:

Most likely they are trying to take advantage of a situation.
But if this is true, people who do this should be given capital punishment for creating communal violence.
Should not tolerate this kind of behaviour by anyone, otherwise another black July can happen and we would be back to square one.

Ananda-USA said...

Nihara said...

[ Guys, LTTE sympathisers have started a mud slinging campaign against Sri Lankan government & the Buddhist community to attract international community’s attention.
This is another tactic used by LTTE as there no other hope for them…
Please see the following link: ]


Thank you for posting this TOTAL FALSEHOOD propagated by the LTTE.

I provided the following "feedback" at that site; hopefully they will act on it.

[ The article you have published at Christian Today about Buddhist Mobs attacking Christian Churches is TOTALLY FALSE. Why do you publish such articles provided by LTTE agents who are trying to discredit Sri Lanka with outright barefaced lies to pit Sri Lankan communities against each other.

You should review articles and delete non factual outright propaganda submitted by separatist terrorist groups with agendas that have NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY.

This is completely CONTRARY to the compassionate kindness towards people preached by Jesus Christ.

PLEASE DO NOT PROPAGATE FALSEHOODS to aid monstrous bring your own website into disrepute. ]

TropicalStorm said...

People in Australia; check out who publishes the rag and get them updated. If not, tell them of a possible law suit.

Moshe Dyan said...

how does the NFZ get so much diesel and petrol???it has been a LONG TIME since the NFZ (since inception) had access to petroleum.

now the use is anyway VERY LESS bcos the roads would be < 5 km and it is one way trafic. a person can walk from one end of the NFZ to the other in less than an hour.

but boats likely to consume more fuel than land vehicles now. so it makes sense to bomb fuel storages in NFZ.

civilians have stopped coming to govt areas in boats now. so its only terrorists using boats.

CASC said...

Sam Perera said... DW,Back to defence, do we really have to announce that there is plan from 59. Couldn't we do this with much discretion without all public announcements?

Hello Sam,
The fact is that the Army has used the public domain in the past to spread false information and disinformation that has been beneficial to the military mission.

The only person who knows the outline of the final battle plans is General SF himself.

Take for example the last major civilian rescue mission. Two days before that mission, Brigadier Shavendra Silva contacted a well known news website and indicated that his mandate was over. Anyone reading his statement would have thought that he planned to go into retirement. With hindsight we now know that the 58th Division with the Special Forces brigade and the Commando brigade played the lead role in that operation. At this point, the LTTE has no idea whether the Army will come from the sea, across the lagoon, from Karayamullivaikkal Junction, across the bridge, an air drop of some sort, a combination of the above or none of the above.
The remaining small group of LTTE cadres can't be vigilant for ever. The army could simply wait it out till the other side suffers from sleep deprivation and nutritional problems, and then walk in. The possibilities for the army are endless, and opportunities for the LTTE are very limited.

Spearhead said...

TamilNut is going bananas again !!!

Moshe Dyan said...

bruice fein idiot is making fun of war crimes!!

from toiletnet.

"Bruce Fein, counsel for a US-based Tamil activist group, in a letter sent to Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) Hon. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, and made public Monday, urged him to open investigations for war crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes against four high-level officials of the Sri Lanka Government. Fein said he had sent copies of the Model Indictment for Genocide currently being reviewed at the U.S. Department of Justice, to Ocampo's office.

"Under Article 15 of the Rome Statute, on behalf of Tamils Against Genocide, a non-profit organization of the Tamil diaspora in the United States, I am writing to urge you to open investigations under the Rome Statute of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan presidential adviser and Member of Parliament, Basil Rajapaksa, and Sri Lankan Army Commander Sarath Fonseka," the letter said.

"The quartet should be investigated for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide of Sri Lankan civilian Tamils unconnected with the conflict between the government and the LTTE. See Articles 5-8 of the Rome Statute. The Government of Sri Lanka is unwilling to investigate itself. See Article 17," the letter further said. "


basil rajapaksa for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide!!! why not wi ja mu lokubandara????

this is fun!!

surely this fein idiot doesn't believe in what he does.

"see article..."

it is simple legal practice that you don't tell a judge/tribunal, etc. to SEE this section and that section!


what a big joke.

Spearhead said...

LOL yeah; I thought everyone would get a kick out of TamilNut's current fron page!

The jokes never cease, do they?

KillerT said...


59 has commenced the northward march!!!!!

Upul said...

59th doesn't exist, maybe another group of soldiers - nevertheless expect eulogy for them.

Spearhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matara Peramuna said...


Thnx for giving the Great news.
Did you get confirmation on this news?

Unknown said...

5th MAY

You can visit the link above and leave your good wishes for him.

I wish him all the courage and strength to hunt down FAT Praba and his hallucinating cadres, to bring lasting peace to our island nation.


"If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
'Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch"

"Humility is a sign of greatness and Brgadier Prasanna Silva seems to epitomize that trait. According to the Nation, he shares the same tent as ordinary soldiers, eats the same food and shares the same facilities. In fact, Nation said that his tent is called "Samajawadi Kadaura" by soldiers. Another sign of greatness is the ability to empathize with ordinary soldiers and to inspire them to go to the ends of the earth risking their life and limb. The fact that Brigadier Prasann Silva has achieved what he has achieved with minimal casualties says it all."

Give a good kick in FAT Praba's FAT ASS.

Matara Peramuna said...


What were you smoking?
Can't you remember the Great 59 Brigade?

priyashantha said...

Werala dige uthurata yana weera puthe
Wiyaruwa natana maga maruwo hathara athe
Wanniya dedarawaa diriyen punchi sithe
Waguraw damila koti unu le rathata rathe

The Noble Tripple Gem bless our soldiers and our country.

Have a happy B'Day Prasanna. I know you will.

Being Nobody said...

Toiletnet is a decent web site. Try

heee heee heee

It is factual and informative and 100% environmental friendlier than the cyber polluter Tamilnet.

BTW guys, with prasanna's new appointment does anyone know where Maj. Gen Udawatta has been appointed to?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

59 hasn't wait much.. has started the mincing machine!

Anyone for Pork Mince?

Unknown said...

[59th doesn't exist] in Toronto. latest news is VP is shitting bricks to shopping bags in his under ground bunker.

Matara Peramuna said...


Forecast countdown:It is a severe Storm warning!

Moshe Dyan said...



soon will reach the top in google search.

Moshe Dyan said...

priyasantha the poet,

poetic ++

excellent! excellent! excellent!

btw do you know brig prasana de silva personally????

Moshe Dyan said...

"Russian Ambassador to the UN and incoming Security Council president Vitaly Churkin told reporters at the UN a short while ago, while being concerned about the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka his country recognizes that Sri Lanka is fighting a tough and difficult enemy (LTTE) which is branded in many quarters as a terrorist organization."

thank you russia.

support of the president of the UN security council is MORE THAN symbolic.

glad the mexican swine flu idiot is soon out!!! he brought SL twice to the agenda.

LRRU said...

I repeat all Operations can run only till 16th

So, better start and finish now than regret later????

Kings said...

guys, I have an idea... let's make some srilankan flags and distribute. I am voluntered to take part of the cost.
when you travel in USA, you see most of vehicles carry USA flag with proud. we also try to do the same.
We can suggest our government leaders to consider some incentives whoever carries flags with cars or... anything... for carparks the same. when we practice this for sometime, we all srilankans will be patriots.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

where did Mr Prasanna Silva study at? does anybody know?

dogooder said...


may the lord be with all our valiant soldiers and bring them safely back to their loved ones.

Push said...

Read this:

A visceral mistake

LRRU said...

savinda at Ananada

Nilambare said...

[Bruce Fein, ..urged him to open investigations for war crimes]

Has this idiot propsoed anything for VP? The first question he will get for his request is that? LMAO..

Maybe he thinks VP will be the judge. LMAO

btw, I heard he has increased his fees dramatically given his services are not going to be required soon..

Pierre said...

sorry i am naive. I know the govt has declared they are not using heavy weapons. I trust that is cos it can harm civilians.
If we have identified the possible location of Velu, cant we fire tear gas to disperse the civilians like they do at unwanted gatherings and target Prabha with aerial bombing. No one has given an order for us to stop using heavy weapons or aerial bombing. Excuse me if my knowledge of warfare is atrocious.

dogooder said...

good idea.. then again you know what these donkeys are going to say afterwards right? Chemical attack on civilians or some garbage.
But I say just do it and deal with the consequences after!

KillerT said...


I don't have a source to get confirmation.

Unknown said...

Dear DefenceWire,

5th MAY

I wish you could publish this so that everyone can wish him.

Ananda-USA said...


Attack...they the Best Defence.

The GOSL, or better still Patriotic Sri Lankan Diaspora Organizations, should retain Human Rights attorneys to prosecute operatives of the LTTE Diaspora for War Crimes. Return the FAVOUR in SPADES!

After all, our main problem now is SORTING and SIFTING the MOUNTAIN of evidence captured in the Wanni!

B#1 said...

[I know the govt has declared they are not using heavy weapons. I trust that is cos it can harm civilians. ]

Yes, because of this fuc?ing declaration, we have lose lot of lives of our soldiers when they try to capture the earth bund with small arms. Huge casualties were reported on that day.

Suranimala said...

Nilambare said...

Happy Birthday Prasanna! I'm sure you will have a greater b'day next year in a peaceful SL, due your great work, with other Viruvoos, of course.

You are a great hero for all of us.

Jay said...

Guys you have to read this
Scientific reasons why peelamists lostSo Funny!

"No, the blame for the LTTE’s great debacle lies squarely on the well-padded shoulders of Prabhakaran himself. The simple but awful truth is that he has committed the most heinous sin a guerrilla can ever commit — he has become fat."

Puffy said...

I think it's high time Brgd. Prasanna Silva is promoted to 'Major General'...

Lt.Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Brgd. Prasanna Silva and the whole SL Army makes me proud to be a SRI LANKAN...

Thusitha said...

Ananda-USA said...

Attack...they the Best Defence.

The GOSL, or better still Patriotic Sri Lankan Diaspora Organizations, should retain Human Rights attorneys to prosecute operatives of the LTTE Diaspora for War Crimes. Return the FAVOUR in SPADES!

After all, our main problem now is SORTING and SIFTING the MOUNTAIN of evidence captured in the Wanni!

It is not the LTTE cadres we should go after, it is the Diaspora. These are the people who really committed the crimes by funding LTTE. Also here we should Target the people with cushy lives who has office jobs and nice families. No point going after hard core LTTE cadres without any attachments or families. Should ruin their lives as the way they ruined so many our our Sri Lankan Innocent lives.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Received this lovely article by an unknown Author, really ROTFLMAO.


As the dream of a separate Tamil Homeland fades away in Sri Lanka,
Tamil homeland experts are finding new evidence in Australia's
Northern Territory, that they say was once an ancient Tamil
Kingdom.The Northen Territory is home to Australia’s largest
population of Aboriginal people, the NT offers a rich array of
Aboriginal culture with its 40,000 year old traditions – including
basket weaving, spear fishing and story telling.

Experts found the evidence, as a hiker discovered a well preserved
Vada and Dosa parcel buried in a cave. Carbon dating in a German lab
has found this package to be at least 27,000 years old. Tamil
historians in Tamil Nadu say rock paintings of short dark men and
women , on the cave walls suggest they were Tamils. They say the cave
found in the World Heritage site, Kakadu National Park was orginally
called Kakaduthurai during the Tamil Kingdom. They also say the iconic
Uluru was a holy city called Uluruppalam.

Plans are now underway by the Tamil diaspora to establish a homeland
in Northern Australia and as further evidence surface will be expanded
to cover whole of Australia.The new flag will be the same except the
soon to be extinct Liberation Tamil Tiger will be replaced with the
now exticnt Tazmanian Tiger. The most difficult for the rest of the
world will be to understand the already difficult aussie accent with a
really heavy Ds and Rs and accommodating the influx of white
Australians seeking asylum in Sri Lanka.

Major Australian city names will be as follows.








LRRU said...




sanath said...

i know, you are fond of Prasanna.
me too.but equally admirable the people like jagath, shavendra, and Kamal.
these guys are genius in their work and their untiring efforts are evident today.
Long live the national heros.

U know Who! said...

this is a test run this is a test run this is a test run

B#1 said...

this is a test run :) ???

Blast kills one in Buttala
At least one person was killed when a claymore mine exploded targeting a tractor in Buttala a short while ago. Police said the tractor belonged to the Pelawatte Sugar Plantation Company.

U know Who! said...


Could somebody explain to me the following?

LTTE has carried out so many barbaric terrorist acts against its own people whom they alleged to represent solely!

LTTE has assassinated Indian premier Rajeev Gandhi in 1991!!

LTTE assassinated SL president R. Premadasa, wilfully injured SL president C.B.Kumaranathunga and assassinated SL ministers Ranjan Wijeratne, Gamini Dissanayake, Lalith Athulathmudali etc etc!!!

LTTE is responsible for thousands of innocent unarmed civilian deaths by suicide bombing, cold blooded shooting and hacking to death!!!!

LTTE is responsible for drug trafficking, credit card frauds, money laundering and extortion!!!!!


Then how some major western countries are against Sri Lanka wiping out this blood thirsty murderous syndicate once and forever?

dogooder said...

Dr. Pattavelu. VD, HIV said...
[Then how some major western countries are against Sri Lanka wiping out this blood thirsty murderous syndicate once and forever? ]
My guess is on, all this happened in a far a way poor country they could give two shits about. To put it bluntly.

LRRU said...

Tamilnet is begging for Parippu this time NOT from india but from US

ඉයන් said...

Dr. Pattavelu. VD, HIV said...


Then how some major western countries are against Sri Lanka wiping out this blood thirsty murderous syndicate once and forever?
MONEY! That’s the answer. Praba's game was a money making operation. Killing few soldiers or sinking ships and promoting it on youtube and collecting money. When the village thug collects ransom/protection money he keeps the OIC, IP, to DIG well-oiled. Similarly LTTP has been paying journalists (BBC etc.), Visa officers (UK, Canada, Australia etc) , politicians (TN,UK etc),UN. These guys don’t want the money flow to stop. If LTTP is no more there are no extra funds for them. They don’t want this to be over. Diaspora same their refugee status, bogus visas and passports, genuine visas by the corrupt visa officers, retention money until they get jobs all these are paid by the LTTP and its worldwide operation. So when KP is put in charge of the international operations who is the master briber everything is working smoothly. Well coordinated protests, insignia, all western states acting, media houses etc etc. world run on money and VP mastered it. I would be surprised if the west or TN with west's backing attempt to create and ealam in SL. Time to be ready and organize the masses to fight against such an attempt to the last person.

U know Who! said...

Dear Dogooder,

Mate, everybody in this world is not belongs to black and white category. There is another category called grey category. Especially most of politicians are belonging to that category. They are neither black nor white; they are some times as black as Mafia or as white as Dalai Lama.

Sri Lanka with the blessings of MR, GR, SF and many others fighting with these dark but mighty forces relentlessly for last few years are continuously bamboozled with international industrial and commercial mafia called legitimate western governments. Pukehran may e an 8th grade drop out and a cold blooded murderer but he some how managed to develop some powerful friends through his rightly placed politicians and lobbyists to the high echelon of international politics.

One good factor in favour of MR and GR is, their on the right side, LTTE is on the wrong side. However, do not underestimate throat severing international politics which they play day after day to survive.

Our gallant heroes MR, GR, SF and others require blessings of all truthful deities to win this war properly.

I sincerely hope, they all have necessary charisma and courage to do so.

News.Kid said...

DW, thanks for the update on Prasanna. The guy is a tactical genius, and has achieved much in the liberation of the East (from Mavil Aru onwards), Muhamalai, Chalai etc with minimal causalties to both his own men and civilians.

We are glad that we have some exceptional commanders on the ground, each of whom has played a vital role with "The Grandmaster" Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka moving the pieces deftly.

One of the senior commanders told me recently that he was promoted over 16 more senior officers by Lt Gen Fonseka. Rather than promoting people based on seniority, our Army has become more merit and performance based today, under Gen Fonseka.

It takes different types of personalities to have a successful army. And I am glad that under Secretary of Defence Gotabhaya and Gen Fonseka, different personalities have been able to thrive and make the fullest contribution at this critical hour.

DW, thanks for bringing Prasanna's contributions to the public domain. Being the shy individual he is, not too many people would otherwise have been aware of his key contributions to our motherland.

Ananda-USA said...

Case against 20 army officialsMay 04, 2009

Police personnel taking two youth after the clash between DMK and PDK supporters, in the city on Sunday.

COIMBATORE: The police have registered a case against 20 army personnel on Sunday for assa ulting the public and mediamen after PDK and MDMK men damaged their vehicle at Neelambur.

According to a senior police official, Sulur police have filed a case under three different sections against the army men for unlawful assembly, assault and causing injuries.

On Saturday morning, rumours spread that India was supplying arms to the Sri Lankan government and that the arms were being carried on road to Cochin port, from where they would be sent to Colombo. Believing this, the PDK and MDMK activists had gathered at the bypass to stage a protest and waved black flags against the military vehicles.

As a truck went in high speed, they could not block it. But they succeeded in blocking the other vehicles, and they broke their windshields. ]

Ananda-USA said...

‘Attack on army a danger signal’May 05, 2009

[ KARAIKUDI: The State and Central governments should treat the attack on the army convoy in Coimbatore as a danger signal, Union Home Minister and Congress Lok Sabha candidate for Sivaganga P Chidambaram said here on Monday.

He told mediapersons in his native Kandanur near Karaikudi that the forces of division that were kept under control in the past 20 years in Tamil Nadu have come out courageously and even attacked the Indian army personnel. This should not be taken lightly but the Centre and State should take serious note of it, he added.

When asked if action would be taken to proscribe these organisations, Chidambaram said that he would not make any comment, as he was the Union Home Minister. But appropriate action would be taken after analysing all the facts, he said.

When asked if Prabhakaran, the Liberation of Tigers Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader, would be brought to India if arrested in Sri Lanka as requested by India, Chidambaram said that was not the priority, what was important was that the innocent Tamils should be saved from the war zone.

On the allegations by the Opposition parties that Congress was responsible for the present plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka, the minister said that in an independent country, everyone was free to ask any question and carry on propaganda. But the Congress was also effectively answering them and that he could say no more than that.

Chidambaram said that from the information he received from the constituencies where the elections had been completed in three phases, he understood that the Congress alliance was leading. When the fifth phase of the election is completed, Congress would continue to lead in all constituencies, he said adding that the forecast by his party in Delhi would be correct. ]

ඉයන් said...

Other biggest failure of GSOL for last 30 years in communications. Look what VP did. I saw a you tube video how the videos of their military successes are shown to 5 year olds, and from the childhood they are nurtured to look forward to join the fight. Also from 1983 riots of which videos appeared in the west within 48 hours when there was no youtube to all the latest TV channels and reporters. Using bribes and feeding information they are miscommunicating for ages. Until late 1980's (until Premadasa's time majority of our ambassadors to the west were Tamils. They have books with re-written history of the Tamil kingdoms and Sinhalese discrimination. How many little children are there are protests tallies and seminars? Ask a Sinhalese origin youth from UK, USA, and Australia who is around 20 they will not know anything of what happened. We have any websites now but who at the age of 30'sin the west would read them? Only few. Anyone who has studied communitarian knows the process, and we need to start even now. The issue is not going to go away after the war. In another 20 years many of you who are here will not be there. The youth would not know the history. We need a ministry with the head of Gota's stamina (hard to find) to put this in place.

U know Who! said...

Why somebody has to post same trivial (useless) writings twice in the blog?

Is he mentally retarded or what?

Ananda-USA said...


A change in the UP storyNeerja Chowdhury
May 04, 2009

If there is something that strikes you when you travel through Uttar Pradesh to cover the elections this time, it is the number of people who tell you that they would like the two main parties, the BJP and the Congress, to revive in the State. They express a sense of disillusionment with the regional outfits, the SP and the BSP, though both parties still have committed vote banks. It is not as if they have not seen the Congress or the BJP in power in the past, but that seems a long time ago, and the wheel is coming a full circle. But there is every sign of Mayawati losing the goodwill she had generated in 2007. Going by the 2007 results, the BSP should have notched up more than 40 seats in UP alone. That does not seem to be the trend at present.

When upper castes had cooperated with Mayawati in 2007, it was to throw out the hated government of Mulayam Singh Yadav, which had become synonymous with extortions, kidnappings and the rule of mafia. But it did not follow that the upper castes would vote to install Mayawati as prime minister of India, even as the BSP is projecting her as a PM-in-waiting.

In the last two years, Mayawati has proved to be a disappointment when it comes to delivering on the main promise she made during the course of the Assembly elections — to set right the law and order situation in the State. People feel she has proved to be no better than Mulayam and has for instance given tickets to a large number of candidates with serious charges against them. There is also a reaction building up to the way the ‘system of payments’ is getting further ‘institutionalised’ in her rule, be it for the connection of a telephone line or the clearance of a project or the transfer of an official.

Mulayam Singh Yadav is also losing ground and the Muslim support he has enjoyed for 20 years is no longer firmly behind him. The Kalyan factor, which was meant to consolidate the OBC vote behind the Samajwadi Party, is becoming counter productive because the SP’s core support of Muslims is moving away. The Muslims are hurt and angry that Mulayam should accommodate someone responsible for the demolition of the Babri Masjid. His entry in the SP the first time might have been forgiven, but not this time. For Kalyan Singh had shown no signs of a change of heart. After he had rejoined the BJP, he had spoken not only about building a temple in Ayodhya but also about reviving the movement for Kashi and Mathura.

Azam Khan, who was a founding member of the SP along with Mulayam Singh Yadav, has mounted a blistering attack on the party for re-inducting Kalyan Singh. He was responsible for SP candidate Jaya Prada’s victory in 2004 and may bring on her defeat in 2009 in the high profile constituency of Rampur, where the film star is pitted against Congress’ Noor Bano. The defeat of Jaya Prada, a protégé of Amar Singh, would lead to an intensification of the war within the Samajwadi Party, weakening it further.

It is clear that neither the BJP nor the Congress had an inkling of the changing mood in UP. That only goes to show how out of touch they have been with the ground reality. Had it gauged the shift in mood, the Congress would have got its act together earlier. If its decision to go it alone in UP was to revive the party, as is being made out, the party would have finalised all its 80 candidates four months in advance and not find itself scrounging for good candidates at the last moment. The truth is that the Congress has been confused about the strategy to adopt, whether to go in for alliances, as it did in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, or shun alliances, as happened in UP and Bihar.

Moradabad is a classic example of people beginning to look at the Congress with new eyes, and yet there is uncertainty about the party’s ability to cash in on that goodwill.

When Congress candidate and former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin took out a ‘road rally’ through the narrow by lanes of the Muslim dominated areas of the city, people I talked to at random, spoke of voting for him because he was a fresh face, was world famous, did not need to work for recognition or money, therefore he may ‘do something for us’. More important, they said, they had tried the SP and the BSP and there was no sunwai in those quarters.

Azharuddin’s poll campaign is being managed by his private secretary who has been with him for 20 years, by a relative, and a large number of youngsters milling around the factory cum residence of a local exporter, being used as his poll headquarters.

The trouble is that the Congress no longer has the election machinery to convert the goodwill for Azharuddin into votes at the booth level on the day of reckoning.

The BJP has stayed away from emotive Hindutva issues in UP this time, barring the brief interlude involving Varun Gandhi’s Muslim bashing. Though the BJP leaders did not dissociate themselves from Varun’s diatribe, they did not give it encouragement.

In Ghaziabad, BJP chief Rajnath Singh was trying to demonstrate that his poll appeal cuts across castes and communities and he is even making a point of reaching out to the Muslims.

The BJP has decided that its ‘one pole’ politics of Mandir wahin banayange has not paid it electoral dividends in recent elections. Instead, its campaign on developmental issues has yielded results in states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

It may be part of a calculated strategy for the BJP to deliberately keep a low profile so as to lull the Muslims and prevent them from uniting in favour of one party, which is what had happened in Delhi in December 2008, bringing Sheila Dikshit to power for the third time. On the other hand, a divided Muslim vote in UP can help the BJP notch up more seats.

The party has also understood that the mood of the country is against anything extreme at this juncture, with the country facing new and grave challenges on the economic and security fronts. This was another message of the Delhi poll when the voters did not take kindly to the kind of media blitz the BJP mounted, targeting the minorities by innuendo, after the terror attacks in Mumbai last November.

The main story of UP is the beginning of the revival of the Congress and the BJP.

The subtext of the plot is the warning it holds out to Mayawati against her style of functioning, to the SP leaders whose graph has taken a downward dip because of the miscalculation in taking back Kalyan Singh into the party fold, and because of the turf war that is on within the SP.

Despite this, the BSP may still emerge as the number one party, and the SP as the runner-up, though the Congress and the BJP will not be in the single digit territory.

For, just as decline of an organisation is a process, so is its revival. More so, when there are no tall leaders who have the capacity to sway entire populations

About the author:

Neerja Chowdhury is a political commentator and a columnist with ‘The News Indian Express’ ]

Nirosh said...

The LTTE is conducting false propaganda to cover their defeat and to find a breathing time to regain their lost power. In this regards a well organized network is assisting them to control the international Media. Recently an e-mail was sent by a doctor who is working for LTTE with some images attached. It would very well have been ignored, but made the headline of BBC South Asia.

I think we need to have some kind of an online source to counter attack these propagandas in a timely manner. Let this be a such initiative....

Answer to BBC [Hospital 'hit by Sri Lankan army']

Suren said...

Dr Pattavelu asked ''Then how some major western countries are against Sri Lanka wiping out this blood thirsty murderous syndicate once and forever? and Ian said it is Money!

No, least of all Ian.Money is not such a major factor to the West or US unless it is some valuable natural resource like diamonds (Sieerelion) or of course oil.

The few main factors why they support LTTE terror inspite of KNOWING facts against them are;
1.Votes - these politicians in the West are as corrupt as any politician in the world to get votes by hook or crook;more so in the West & US where you can't buy votes by a bottle or a job like in our country.Every other mean so becomes so paramount to them therefore one of the easiest ways would be to play god to asian & african countries to get diaspora votes. Look at all the ardent MPs behind London diaspora;Labour & Liberal MPs fighting for their electoral seats;especially Liberals,the so called third party looking for any avenue to get a vote and this is a goldmine for them.This is true in Canada,NZ or Australia.For all purposes Gordon Brown is going to lose the coming election therefore electoral victories in these marginal seats with diaspora votes would be very valuable at the final count to them.
Then mix it up with the CRUSADE these Western countries did throughout the centuries - to know that SL is a Buddhist country;that gives all the venom they need & are blinkered to any other reasoning. Church approval or disapproval is so paramount to these governments and you know which side is church.They don't need any other reason and this coupled with the votes bank ,they will send the British army if at all possible to annihilate SL.You can remember how 'God' Vatican played during the Madu liberation period; and with projection of JHU and anticonversion bill etc etc these countries have enough ammunition to break SL's neck.

Of course other important factor for the West & US to work against morals would be political gains;see how they support Tibet cause to trouble China or Iraq/Afganistan wars to get a foothold in the rich middle east or to get close to Russia through Afganistan.Now Pakistan has also become a veritable colony,India is under check hereafter.
I do not know SL is politically considered important to them but with recent China involvement through Hambabtota project or Mannar oil reserves etc may play some significance for them to ignore any reasoning to get a foothold in SL.You might have seen the recent one full page article by Jeremy Pagein the TIMES on Chinas involvement in SL.

Therefore the THREE main factors are

LRRU said...

Des Browne speaks with Mahinda & Basil;

I like Basil in the scene cos that man can carve out a deal......just as he did with JVP, UNP, Muslim Congress, India & China......

Lets see the outcome?????

Reminder Deadline for Operations 16th ?????

ඉයන් said...

Great One! A MUST watch


mozice said...

The 59 division has commenced their advance north. Its going to be like a chess game now, and the Prabha will be checkmate

Nilambare said...


That was a classic!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Nirosh, what about converting Lankapatriots into one. It is a all-at-one-place blog for this subject

Nilambare said...


I have a question. We are not short of people/delegations/requests for a ceasefire to "allow civilians to leave". They ask for a longer pause.

Have these people got an answer to what is next when civilians are not released. Fatpig will never release civilians anyway. What is their response as to what the Gvt should do?

Further extend the ceasefire? They are just trying to be seen as doing something to satisfy their Tamil voters.

Glad we've got someone of the calibre of GR.

Unknown said...

Dr. Pattavelu. VD, HIV and the DoGooder

An answer for your question, "why western governments support LTTE?" can be found here:


Suranimala said...

What we should do to this type of Srilankans?

Chinthana4Lions said...


What the issue with 16th?
Dont worry, we will finish the game, no matter what, India wont able to do a usual.

Miss Information said...

Blogger B#1 said...

[I know the govt has declared they are not using heavy weapons. I trust that is cos it can harm civilians. ]

Yes, because of this fuc?ing declaration, we have lose lot of lives of our soldiers when they try to capture the earth bund with small arms. Huge casualties were reported on that day.

Where were these huge casualties reported? I have read nothing on any MOD related or GoSL related website to substantiate your claims.

Could you please direct me to one single article anywhere that says anything at any time about huge battlefield casualties for any members of the armed forces in the last two years... other than Pro-LTTE websites.

I am not saying it hasn't happened only that if it has the GoSL has not said so... so where did you read this report?

Do you have a link for it?

The GoSL are on the record of saying 100,000 hostages were freed without a single shot being fired.

So the forces had huge losses but didn't fire a single shot in return?

Perfect example of why the GoSL media black-out is hurting rather than helping their cause.


Gringo said...


The body language of the British tells a volume about that.

Another re-confirmation that the 'Kill More.... Achieve More' principle works like magic.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is how Diaspora and Indians treat their own. Shameless vultures.


Cops rescue 8yr-old Sri Lankan girl from captivity

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have rescued an eight-year-old Sri Lankan girl who was apparently being held against her will in a house in Puchong here late Sunday.

MIC Youth coordinator T. Mohan said the girl, Salomia Prem Kumar, was rescued after vital information was provided by a 14-year-old Sri Lankan boy who was also rescued last week.

He said the girl was supposed to be reunited with her aunt in Paris but was instead brought to Malaysia in May last year.

Mohan said the boy, Dilruckshan -- who was reunited with his grandmother S. Pushparatnam last week -- had provided the information to MIC Youth recruitment and membership committee chairman G. Kumar who had then relayed it to the police to take the necessary action.

He said Salomia was under the care of a Malaysian woman, Santhi, who had also looked after Dilruckshan for the past eight months.

Police had detained Santhi and her brother-in-law when they rescued Dilruckshan last week.

Mohan said Salomia had claimed that she had been beaten up and asked to do housework as well as the laundry during her captivity.

“We believed she was not given enough food and had also been threatened by the woman,” he said.

He said that both Salomia and Dilruckshan were sent for a medical check-up at a government hospital and were confirmed to be in good health.

Mohan said the girl’s mother, S. Thangamalar, had made arrangments to send her only child to her sister who is living in Paris through a travel agent in Colombo but the girl was instead sent to Malaysia.

“We are not sure whether Thangamalar is aware that her daughter is in Malaysia. We are making arrangements to contact her in Colombo,” Mohan said.

The girl’s father Prem Kumar had died several years ago.

Mohan said the two children were being put up in an orphanage and would be looked after by the MIC Youth until they obtain the emergency travel certificate from the Sri Lanka High Commission for them to return.

He said that MIC Youth was sadden that there were Malaysian Indians who had resorted to “milking” money from people who were suffering due to the internal strife in Sri Lanka.

“We hope the police will take stringent action against them if they are found to have done wrong,” he said.

Puffy said...


I think the recent increase in these visits by white bastards to SL has something to do with Tamil Nadu elections!

May be they are trying to slow down the progress of our operations as much as possible, by organising such visits, until the TN elections are over.

They must be hoping that we would not go for any major onslaught while they are in the country, fearing of high civilian casualties or some other major disaster, which would attract unwanted international pressure on the GoSL.

I hope this is not the case...

But from what I hear, everything is going on as planned, without much media hype!

Chinthana4Lions said...

Good video...we need more like this.

Chinthana4Lions said...

ඉයන් said...

Not on SL not on defence But this is funny and sharing with u


Mahen said...

New article is up in EFT.

Nirosh said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,

That is a great idea.. I will comment more on this later..

just have to step out..

Unknown said...

if our soldiers somthing like this?

check this out

Sananjayan kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Syler said...

A pannel discussion with some good responses.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

isanka said...

A true legend.... The gladiator.... A smart fighter with an unbreakable record... a challenging hero Brigadier Prasanna De Silva, we all wish you a very happy birthday.

Defence Column said...

# Kill or be killed: 11-year-olds forced to fight for Tamil Tigers
Link# Documents of LTTE Intelligence Unit seized
Link# JHU demands 50 billion pounds from UK
Link# Sri Lankns in Cyprus make donation for war heroes
Link# 'No let down in food distribution to NFZ, over 3000MT delivered- WFP
Link# Mr. Miliband Prevaricates

Defence Column said...

# Troops close in on last LTTE hideout, amidst stiff LTTE resistance
Link# LTTE triggers claymore mine, civilian killed- Konketiyawa
Link# "Attack on Army convoy is a dangerous trend"-Chidambaram
Link# Employment opportunities at SLT for disabled war heroes
Link# 'Canada won't support LTTE terrorists' says Minister Oda
Link# LTTE attacks fleeing civilians at Vellamullivaikkal

Defence Column said...

# Kill or be killed: 11-year-olds forced to fight for Tamil Tigers
Link# Documents of LTTE Intelligence Unit seized
Link# JHU demands 50 billion pounds from UK
Link# Sri Lankns in Cyprus make donation for war heroes
Link# 'No let down in food distribution to NFZ, over 3000MT delivered- WFP
Link# Mr. Miliband Prevaricates

gamed1956 said...

Brigadier Prasanna Silva
Dear Sir
A Happy Birthday to you..
Your next birthday, you will be a national hero, who cntributed immensely to liberate SL from the scourge of LTTE, the invincible terror organization.
We are proud of you Sir,
May God bless you and your team.

Unknown said...

It would be extremely counterproductive to bring in religous divisions in to the conflict. We already have too many divisions and the challenge is to get rid of these. It has to be realized that Christians, Muslims and even some Hidus have contributed in this fight against an aberration, which is none other than the fat pig.

Defence Column said...

# Seized camera reveals dark secrets of LTTE
Link# $20M in Tiger weapons seized
Link# Prabhakaran hiding in no fire zone: Army
Link# Rewiring our Sri Lanka strategy
Link# UN: Civilian's needs to guide humanitarian aid efforts
Link# Sharry Aiken: Sri Lanka's predictable crisis

samm said...

Rama's report did not talk about any further progress to NFZ

Why is it so difficult???

Unknown said...

Who is this traitor Dias Pora that people keep talking about? If it is a Dias he must be from Moratuwa. But I cannot believe a Dias could be a traitor. Generally, the Moratuwa people are great patriots, Puran Appu being a prime example.

CASC said...

Why the LTTE failed from Hindustan Times

"Leading a sedentary life in the jungles of northern Sri Lanka, the LTTE leader often found time hanging heavily on his hands. Like so many of us, Prabhakaran succumbed to the temptation of eating the hours away. Starting with jackfruit and pumpkin idlis, he moved on to jaggery dosas and sweet pongal rice, though he soon abandoned these patriotic recipes for more sinful savouries. Cakes and ice-cream followed and some say he even dumped rasam for sweet French sauces. But it was when he started on chocolates and Black Forest cakes that the bulge really began to grow and soon he was the proud possessor of the largest revolutionary paunch in history."

Anonymous said...

WTF is this???????

Spearhead said...

some ulgy ass sea-vehicle, I guess, probably to transport the top shots via sea
...dang that thing is 360 ft long ???

onecountry said...

It maybe a trojan horse to hide under water for a day or two and then come out and attack.

Ananda-USA said...


Activists cry for Hindu
May 05, 2009

Kathmandu: The Hindu Rastra Bachau Samiti (HRBS) (Save the Hindu nation committee) has warned of staging series of protests to pressurise the Constituent Assembly to include Sanatan Hindu Rastra in the new constitution.
HRBS has announced to organise a mass gathering at Tundhikhel on May 10 and a protest rally on May 18 in Kathmandu. Organising a press meet here today, Bharat Mani Jungam, vice president of the HRBS, said, “We will carry on with protest programmes until the new constitution is drafted incorporating Sanatan Hindu Rastra.”
He said they were collaborating with other Hindu organisations to intensify the protest. Citing that 80 percent of the population was Hindus as per the Census 2001, Jungam said, “It was ridiculous of the nominated House to declare the state secular in May, 2006.”
The religious committee has also announced staging sit-in protests and hunger strike, besides submitting signatures to the CA.
Satyabar Swami said secularism neglects the religion and love for mankind. “Crime, violence and destruction are on the rise thanks to the negligence of the religion,” he added. “It was the ploy of Christians to declare the state a secular one where social corruption and immorality threaten the civilisation.”

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TropicalStorm said...

Extremination of second tier LTTE leaders is also happening systematically. Though the Army does the shooting, it looks like a-la Tamilsellan is happening, to eliminate the guys who may get in the way of a surrender by Velu.

Some speculation abt a deal to fade away into the distant unknown with abt 1bn in hard cash and nver be heard again, has been offered to the govt.

Velu's contacts also are said to have offered info on top notch targets as a good will gesture. It does serve two puroposes; makes the govt comfortable in knowing that the game is over, and serves Velu with a chance of a safe passage.

Certain overseas groups are backing this proposal and have even offered to stop hostile actions against the SLG if it agrees to the exile plan.

The only adament opponent is said to be Gota.

U know Who! said...

With aching hearts and tearful eyes, the world watched what happened in USA on 11/09/2001. Those innocent civilians who lost their lives without even knowing the reasons for such calamity didn’t die in vain. They have opened the eyes of international communities to see utter cruelness of terrorism. Even with that people like Erik Solheim, David Milliband, Bernard Kouchner, Des Browne and Hilary Clinton have not seen enough or blind to the reality.

However, one of the smallest nations in the world, called itself Lanka was undergoing even brutal assaults on humanity at the hands of LTTE for more than 25 years.

The present SL government just about to wipe out terrorism from its soil but some western politicians are trying their best to save tiger clan from inevitability.

What a hypocrisy they preach and practice.

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